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jJTwcnty-six Optnions Handcd
DoAvn on Opcning Day in
More Than 150 Expected During
Scssion, Which AJay Run
to Christmas.
The Unlted Statea Clrcuit Court of
Appeals convencd yesterday at 12
u'clock for the Novembor term. Cir?
cult Judges Gorf und Pritchard and I
District Judge Connor wero ln attend' !
anca. The court announced and hand
ed down opinlons in twcnty-slx cases.
The argument calendar Is the long-est
ln the hlstory of the court, and lt Is |
llkely that the torm may lnst until j
Dlstrlct Judges Brawley aiid AVnd
dlll wlll also be ln iittendance at tho
Ncvomber term. More thnn 150 out-of
town lawyers wlll nttend the court.
The followlng case is ln the call for
argument to-day:
No. 899. N. B. Dotson, nppellant, vs,
Charles M. KIrk et al., appellces. Ap?
peal from the Circult Court at Ablng?
don, Va., to be argued by George E.
Penn, of Ablngdon, Va., and Roland
E. Chase. of Cllntwood, A'a.
I'lr.Ni Day'* OptnloiiM.
Followlng- ls a list of cases ln which
cplnlons were handed down and or
ders entered yesterday:
.No. 756. The Rochester German In
surance Company et al., nppeilants, vs.
-Nora Martln Sehmldt, appellee. Appeal
from the Circult Court al Cliarleston.
K. C. Oplnion by Judge Pritchard, J
Reversed and rcmnndert with Ihstriic- i
tlons to dlEmlss the biil for want of i
ei.uity jurlsdlction nt tho costs of tho |
uoniplainiints bolow.
No. 774. lda G. Jacloson. nppellant, ]
vs. Henry C. Jackson et al., nppellOfls. |
Appeal from the Circult Court at I
Parkersburg-, AV. Va. Oplnlon by Judge !
Goft. Aflinned, witli costs.
No. 788. South l'unn 011 Company,
appellant, vs. J. T. Mlller et al., ap
pellees. Appeal from, tho Clrcuit
Court at AVheeling, \V. A'a. Oplnion by I
Judge CJoff. Reversed; and remanded j
with dlrectlons to dlsmlss- the bllls.
No. 803. Chesapeake and Ohlo Rail
way Company, plalntlff ln error, vs.
13. B. Hawklns. sherlff, admlnistrator
of Harlow AVIntersteln, decenscd. de
fendant in error. ln error lo the Clr-,
cult Court at Huntington. W. Vu. I
Oplnlon by Judge Morrls. Affirmcd, \
with costs. Goff, circult judge, dls- j
? No. 814. Steamer Mount Desert, ap- j
pellant, vs. Smlth & McCoy and Nor- j
folk and Mrtrlne Company, uppellecs. j
Appeal from the Dlstrlct Court at Nor- i
fqlkv A'a. Por curiam oplnlon, Af
rinned, with costs.
No. S1S. Abrahivm Aoord et al., ap?
pellant, vs. AVestern Pocahontas Cor?
poration, appellee. Appeal from the
Circult Court at Charleston, AV. Va.
Per curiam opinion. AHirnied, with
No. 819. John AA'. Brown and Buena
W. Brown, appellants, vs. Juhnson SV.
Beacon. appellee. Appeal from tho
Clrcuit Court at Clarksburg, \V. A'a.
Oplnlon by Judge McOowell. Reversed
and remanded with dtreotlons to dis?
mlss for wa*nt of Jurisd^tion. Cost3
in thls court to be paid by appellants.
New Trlal Orilercd.
No. 824- Atlantlc Coast Llne Rail?
road Company, plaintiff in error, va.
C. L- Farmer, defendant in error; ln
error to the Circult Court at Plorence,
15. C. Oplnion by Judge Pritchard. Re?
versed, with costs, and remanded with
dlrectlons to set aslde verdict and
grant a new trial. Morrls, district
judge, dlssenting. ?
No. 830. Henry R. AVorthlftgton, a
cofporatlon, appellant. vs. Mack Manu
facturlng Company et al., nppcllees;
appeal from the Circult Court at Nor?
folk. A'a. Opinion by Judge Goff. Af
tlrmed, with costs.
No. 844. AV. C. Carpenter, bankrupt,
et al.. plalntlff ln error, vs. J. N. Cudd
et al., defendants ln error: ln error to
the District Court at Cliarleston, S. C.
Oplnlon by Judge Morrls. Afflrmed,
jvlth costs.
No. 849. George A. IIowcll, plalntlff
In error, v?i3'ohnV,H. Ware et al? de?
fendants -ln wrori'in error to the Clr
:ult Court ni Greensboro, N. C. Oplnlon
by Judge Goff. Reversed, with costs
and cause remanded witn directlont
lo set aslde verdict and grant a new
No. 854. Norfolk and Portsmoutr
on all retuse destroys
the breeding-ground ol
disease, and flies will
go elsewhere in searcl:
of filth.
Sold eyerywherc. 10c. 25c, 50c & $1.0
New Stool and Scarf
included. Free
? Delivery.
Fifth and Grace Sl?.
Our location saves
you money.
___r Afto atrOAD ars.
In Elastlc Ribbed and mediuni
weight wool,
$1, $1.50, $2, $2.50 and $3
Norfolk and New' Brtinswick
light-weight Wool Underwcar, $1,
$1.50 and $2 a garment.
Wright's Flecce Lined, $1.00
grade, 79c.
Heavy Fleece Lined, per gar?
ment, 50c.
? ' ? *"*
Tractlon Company, plalntiff ln error,
vs. Hugh Gordon Miller, defcndant ln
error; in error to the Clrcult Court at
Norrollt, Va, Opinion by Judge Mo
Dowell. Reversed, wlth cosls, and re
manded wlth dircctions to set aslde
verdict and grant a new trial.
No. $78. Sluart Wood, plalntiff in
error, vs. Ballard Preslon Brownlng
efal., defendants ln error; In error
to the Clrcult Court at Cliarleston, W.
S'a. Opinion by Judge Prltcliard. At
firmed, witn cosls.
Ni>. SSO. Charles Thonipson et al.,
appellants, vs. M. Mauzy, bankrupt, ap?
pellees: appeal from the Dlstrict Court
at Clarksburg, \V, Va. Opinion by
Judge Keller. Appeal dlsmlssed for
want of .iurlsdictlon of thls court to
entertaln lt.
Water Cnme .Afflrmed.
No. SS-. German Alllanco Insurance
Company, plalntlfi' in error, vs. Home
Water Supply Company, defeiulant tn
emir; In error to tlie Clrcult Court
at Greenville, S. C. Opinion by Judge
McDowcIl. Affirmed, wlth costs.
No. 885. Maryland Coal and Coke
Company, platntlff in error, vs.
tjuemulionlng Coal Company, defendant
In error; ln^rror to tho Clrcult Court
ut Baltimore, Md. Oplnlo.i by Judge
Keller. Reversed, and remanded Wlth
dircctions for entry of judgment ln
accordance wlth ihe opinion of tlie
court. Costs ln thla court lo be equally
No. 8S8. Quemahonlng Coal Com?
pany, plalntiff ln error, va. Maryland
Coal and Coke Company, defendant ln
error; on cross-wrlt of error from the
Clrcult Court at Baltimore, Md. Per
curiuni opinion. Affimed, with costs.
No. _S7. Unlted States of Arnenca,
plul.itlff ln error, va. WalRor Jcnklns
and J. K. bhuler, defendants ln error;
ln error to tho Dlstrict Court at Ashe?
vllle, N. C. Opinion by Judgo Prltcli?
ard afflrmed. McDowell, dlstrict Judge,
No. S'JO. Danlel J. Davis, plalntiff
in error, vs. M. C. Davis. allas Jlatiitj
M. Davis, defendant in error; ln error
to the Circult Court at Wheellng,, VV,
Va. Opinion by Judgo Keller. Re?
versed, wlth costs.
No. Sl?i. H. 3. Odbert et al., appel?
lants, vs. Wllliam Marquet, Flrst Na
llonal Kank of New Cumberland, anij
i P. Isl- iicott, appellees; on appeal ant
i cross-appea! from the Civcuit Cuuri
ui Parkersburg, W. Va. Opinion b.s
Judgo .vlcDowell. The decree of tlie
trial court of September _9, 190S, in ac
far us It is ln favor of the Flrst Na
tlonal Bank of New Cumberland, anc
I'orier M. Scott, Is uffirined, v.ltl
costs; tho cross-appeal of Wllliau
Marquet ls disnilssed, and causo re
, inanded for such furthcr proceedlngi
< as may be propcr.
No. S47. B. I. simmons, appellant, vs
Henry I. Clreer, trustee of J. C. H
Ciaussen & Company, bankrupt, ap
pellce; appeal from ihe Dlstrict Cour
, ul Charieston, S- C. Opinion by Judg,
Morrfs. Afflrmed, wlth cosls. " Prlien
urd, clrcult Judgo, dlssentlng.
No. 002. llattio L. Johnston. admin
Istratrlx et al., plalntlffs ln error, vs
State Mutual Llfe Insurance Company
defendant In error; In error to th'
Clrcult Court at Charleston, S. C. Pe
curiiun opinion. Afflrmed, wlth costs
No. SO0. Marry P. Corcoran, H. B
Wessel et al., appellants, vs. Tho Na
tlonal Telephone Company of Wes
Vlrginia; appeal from tho Clrcul
Court at Wheellng, XV. Va. Opinion b;
i Judge Goff. Reversed and remundei
No. 8 50. Clarcnee M. Kemp. appel
;-j lant, vs. The Dotrolt Heatlng an
Llghtlnp Company, appellee; appea
from the Clrcult Court at Baltlmoii
Md. Opinion by Judge Goff. Afl'lrmei
with costs.
No. SG0. The Buchanan i Companj
appellant, vs. James Jane Adklns ot al
appellees; appeal from the Clrcu.
Court at Abln&don, Va. Opinion b
Judgo Goff. Altlrmeil, with costs.
No. S.5?Steam ttig Dnuntless. ?^.
pelant, vs. Erastus D. Gladdtng et al
uppellees; ap.eal from the Dlstrli
Court at Baltimore, JId. Opinion h
Judgo Guff. Afflrmed, with costs.
Order* Kntered,
Court made and entered the follovt
Ing orders:
. No, 805?The New Jersey and Nort
Carollna Land and Lumber Compan
et al.. appellants, vs. the Gurdner-Lnc
t Lumber Company et al., appellees; ai
) penl from the Clrcult Court at Wl
. mlngton, N. C. Case restored to tl
?I doclcet.
j! No. $2-?Charles 11. Fllnt, plalntl
jj in error, vs. B. G, Collln and F. M. Hm
; Donald. trading as Collin & MecDonui
I defendants ln error. Reslored to tl
No. S.5?Augustus L Palterson et a
plalntiffs In error, vs, Iaeger and Sout!
ern Rallway Company, defendantt,
error. Restored to the uocltet.
No. S.7?Danlel A. Davis and Elllo
5dj. Eildredgo, eKccutors of Orls K, 1,1
redge, deceased, plalntlffs ln error, \
Bes..mer City Cotton Mllls and John
ymlth, defendants ln error. Bestor
to the doeket. ,,
No. 884?Flavius B. "Walker, alleg
bankrupt, appellant, vs. Ja.ob Frani
trustee, etc, et al? appellees; appe
from the District Court at Norfolk, A
Appeal dlsmliisod wlth costs. upon m
tion of counsel for appellant.
Advanced for Argument,
No. S.7?Lewls P. Wingert. appellai
vs. FiUHt Natlonal Bank of Haget
town, Md., appellees; appeal from C:
cult Court at BaUlmore, Md. Up
niotloh case Kel for argument on N
vember .3, 1909.
Henry F. Wlngort nnii Charles
Llttle, of Hagerstown, Md., nnd D,
H. Arnold, of Bllclni. XV. Va., were a
mltted to praetice lu this court.
Cou'rt adjourned uutll this inoriil
at 10 o'clock. ? ?.
(iiiiulril A li.Hiilutf Dlvorce.
[Rpeolul toThu Tlmes.Dispatcli/1;
WINCHKST1.R, VA., Novemlser ?!.?
the Corpuratlon Cniirt here.' to-ifuy,
tirmi deiire? was ? entered, .graiitlny,
ubsolute dlvorce to. Mr*. Einrna K.: Nj
nan from hur husbartd, Henry Noom
Mr, Noonan'ls nnii of Ihe'ti't'stt-kiio1
lioi^ewau lu the ,YaUe>\ '? ' ?, .?
Virginia Anti-Tubcrcnloste
Lcague Will Bc Fornicd
Tibis Anderson to Bc Brought'
Back From Atlanta?Su?
preme Court Cases. j
At noon to-morrow, ln the temporary
fiuarters of the State Department of
Health, on Capitol S'trect. tho formal
organlzatlon of the Vlrglnlu Antl
Tubercutosls Leaguc wlll tako place.
A temporary organlzatlon ls already ln
Among the ofneers to be elected ls
an exeoutlvo secretary, whose tlmo
until the beglnning of the year wlll
be occupicd In suporlntendlng the dlB
trlbutlon, sale and accountlng for tho
Christmas stamps of tho Amerlcan Red
Crosa Sdclety. Thls work is regarded
us the most Important feature at thla
tlme of the campaign ln Virginia
agalnst tho whlte plengue. A large
amount of work has to be done in
the way of urouslng lnterest In the
sale and use of tho stamps, followod
by kceping close track on the agents
ln cltles and towns, ln malntulning an
adequate supply. The sale of stamps
will begin at Thatiksglvlng and end
at Christmas.
Whlle the flrst work ot the new
soclety wlll be handllng the Red Cross
stamps, the organlzatlon wlll be made
perrnahent, and it Is expected that It
will pt-ove the most potent factor in
thls State In tho wartaro agalnst
tuberculosis. .. j
Tllit.i Anderiiim Wlll ShinU Trlal for
StcnllnK Tlirce.
AVithln the next few days there wlll
be issued from tho Governor's otflce a
requlsltibn for Tlbls Anderson, wanted
ln Dlckcnson county for larceny. lt
appears that Anderson had a fondness
for other people's mules, It belng
chnrged that on three separate occa
alons ho hraved not only the law and
the dlspleasure of the lawful pro
pi-letors, but also the feot of the unl
mr.l.s, ln hls dcsslre for posscssion of
tho long-eared boasts of burden.
In order to escapo npprehenslon, and
turther to get lnto close eommunlon
with mules of tho army varlety, An
cterson volunteercd his services to
Uncle Sam, waa acoepted and sent for
duty to Port JlcPherson, Atlanta
where ho is now heUl in bnrracks. l
Some slight Irregularlty nppenrlng
is a Avonderful food-medicine
ior all ages of mankind. It
will make the delicate, sickly
baby strong and Avell?Avill
give the pale anemic girl rosy
cheeks and rich, red blood. It
will put flesh on the bones of
the tired, overvvorked, thin
man, and will keep the aged
man or Avoman in condition
to resist colds or pneumonia
in the Avinter.
Sond 10c.. nr.mo of pnper Bnd thls nd. for our
l?>aittlful Sarlnps Ilnnk nnd Clilld'a Sketch-Book.
Each bunlc coiitalnii n Onod Luiik I'outij.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 I'earl St, New York
Tf you want eggs durlng tho
wlnter you must reed Animitl
Foods, such as
Meat Meal,
Beef Scraps,
Blood Meal,
Bone Meal,
to take the placo of the ln?
sects, wui-mii, etc.i which poultry
get in summor. O A' S TM R
SHELLS and GHIT aro also
prlme necessltles;
Wrlte for l'rlc-es niul Cittalogue
J35 telllng what to use for Success
and Profit with Poultry.
T. W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen,
Tilelunond) Vn.
Wo carrv cornolote stocks of
t:yplier"n JuuulmlorN aim
UroodcrKi Poultry FooiIh,
IO^k PrnilucSl'S, t.lri' nud
Jiiseet I'o-wileriJ, Poul
(ry Itcmcdles, B|c.
Helpful Cativloguo mallod. free.
We feel sure we can glve you
the groatest Ratlsfactlon. There
;s an addef stlffnoss and a
cliarming domestle tlnlsli put
upon our work tha>t enhnnces
the appearanco and longthuns
the lil'o of your Unon. Send a
trlal package to our laundry,
and you wlll have tham qulolcly
and oarefiilly done ln a satls?
factory nmnner at tho followlng
Shirts, cuffs attaclied, pleatod
or plaln .l?o
Collurs .2 1-So
Royal Laundry;
Rlchmond's Pride. 'Phonee
Madlson 1050 and 6216.
This Wisconsin Woman, Cured
o. a Lingering Illness? Now
Recommends the Tonic
Mra. D. Haldomafi, of No. ?90 Wcut
wortl. avonue, Milwaukee, WIs., was
curuu by Dr. Wiilinma' Pink Pills of a
liug.riiiglllneH., wliioli bttftted tlio dde
torn. Her faitli iu tlie pills is naturally
very great aud the follosviiig stateixteut
of Jier cuso is glveii in tlio hope tliafc ib
rnuybeof valueto others who stillstift'er.
"Wlieul was twenty-two yonra old,"
she says, ' 'L wns in a coastiiig accidcut
aud nearly lost ra y lifo. For the foLlow
ing* two years I was a miserablo iuvnlid
and hadgiVcti op allJiopoof over get
tiug well. My right sido was iujnrod
aud after tlio uccideut I failedrapidly.
I becanie -vory thiii, pale, ncrvoua aud
felt conipletely vroru out. I wus cou
flned to bed for days at a time. Theu I
would bo ablo to got around for a 'wliile
only to have to go back to bed. I oan
hardl_/ describo how I felt. Tlio pain in
my right sido was oonstant day and
nighb. My lieart palpitatod on tlio least
exertion. My tippetil? was so poor tliat
for weeks I ate notliiug but oraages.
My head acbed a great dcal and I was
unablo to sleep at night.
"I was treated by threo doctora nnd
no two o-'themagreod as to ruy troublo.
One said I had neuralgia, another sttid
an absocsa was formiug aud tho tliird
declared I had cousainptiou. I doo
torod coiistantly for a yeiir and a balf
but without avail. Oiin evening my
mother read nbont Dr. Willianis' Pink
Pills and deoided I should try them. I
faithfnlly used scvcral boxes aud was
able to get a good night's sleep. I cou
tiuued usiug tho pills aud was entirely
relieved of tlie pain iu my slde and
gradually gaincd iu fleshandstrength. I
cousidcr rnycure by Dr. Williama' Pink
Pills ns nothiug short of marvelous."
The tonio treatnienfc with Dr. "Wil
liiinis' Plnk Pilla by builtlitig up the
blood so ?ijit. it eau uoarish aud strength
on tbo vreakeheu uervous system has
mado liumlrcds of tiures iti tho most
sovoro nervotis disordcrs. This record
of etircs shonld nierit n. trial for the
romedy which ib gnaranteed freo from
opiates and is entirely hnrmleps.
Dr. TVilliams' Pink Pills aro sold by
all druggists, or sent by liiail, postpaid,
on receipt of price. 60 ceuts per bnx; six
bnxps for $2.50, by tbe Dr. WHliams
Medicino Company, Schetiectady, !N. ,Y.
lu tlie papers from Dlckenson county
they- w,ure sent back by Govuindl
Swausun by tho handu of Shorlf:
Flernlng, tor correction. And.rsoi
wlll bu hold until the arrlval of tht
Vlrginia olflctr.
dt-iuot Uu ItiiKlni'KH SIcre.
Tho Natlbnal Alutuai Flre Insuranc*
Company, dblng businu.s under tht
laws of the jjta.10 of Dolawure, has tu
lloense to- tiui.ssact iia uffairS ln this
tiiilte. li.fonnu.uon to tiiis effoct was
issued yesterda,y by tho dtate JLiureai
of xnsuia.iee to lnquirers llyliig in int
iiastern _>hqre. who had requcsted .
.tatement regurdlng it.
KIctlou in Stmc Llbrary.
The btalo Llbrary hua just pub
It-hed its tiuarteriy bullelln, wluci
containa j?orty-four pages of title. o
flctlon, all tbe tlctlon lu the centra
coliectiou belng lisied. bjiruilar book:
in th". iravolmg librarlcs are not li
the llst.
The llbrary does not go in for ilcttoi
to any extent, outtsido of the work:
qt Vlrginia uulhurs. Wevortlieless, i
rnrge munber of boolts, of tnls ctass ar>
On tho shelvos.
Sehool for Iiullaua.
I Vlrglnla euueatts' nui otny her whlt
J atid culured c^-..dien, but also tlio off
sprlng of the redrheh. The ercctlo:
ot' a publlc sehool builtllu_f haa begu:
I on the Pd'munkey Indian r-servauoi
| iu I.ing Wllliam county, under tlie su
I pcrvision of Uie Siuto Board of Ldu
catlo'ii. The indians are fui'iiisiittig th
iabor and the rougii lumber, and tl.
atatc is piov.ding ihe beiter lumbei
the finiahirig- und tlie fuvniture. bec
retary Stearnes, of LJiio Board of Fduos
t.on, ox.yccis to vlaftt tlio new bulid
ing wlttiln the hext fow days.
lt., P. und P. Cause May Do I.leurd .
Deceiulier?Doeket Et> Lurgc.
Ono liiindred und slx^ cases aro c
ihe priniud doeket ot v tho Suprorr
Court of Appeals for hearing durln
the term begrinnlng next Thursday. ?.
these, ten are on tho Commonwoali
j doeket, ono is a Corporatlon Comml:
sion case, four are privllegeu caaes, ar
ninety-one are on the regular argi
nxent doeket,
Undoubtedly the most tmportant ca:
of all, from the sitaiulpoint of publ
luterest. is tliat of the Commonweal
va. the Rlclmiond, Predericksburg ai
Potomac Kailroad Company, involvl:
tho rlght of the Stato to lmpose fra
cl-ilso taxes agalnst the rallroad.
It is not probable that thls ca
will bo roady to be heard in lta regul
ordor, -which is No. 9, of tho Commo
wealth eases, but lt. ls expected
aecuro a hearlug later ln tho ter:
probably next month.
In e.ght Commonwealth cases t
Stato ls th.e appoUue, and ln the oth
two it is the appellant.
Tho Corporatlon Commisslon case
that of tho Danvlllo and Western Ha
iviiy Company against Lybrook ot al
by, etc.
No. . of the prlvlleged eases Is styl
Beury et als. vs. Davis.. Jr. This is
land sult, Invoivtng a large amount
property. Tho record is so largo th
it had to be prlnted ln. two volumes,
Aged Dlckennou County JIurderer
Serve GlKliieca Vears.
Sherlff Tandy J'. Flonxlng, of Dlckc
son county, came to Richmond y<
terday, bringlng Elljah Wright, l
convlcted murdererx of Wlllii
Scyphera. "Wright is a man of t
vanced years, and has no hopo tl
he wlll survlve his elghteea yeRrs
imprlsonment in the penltentla
However, he prefers llfe tn the Sti
prlson to death on the gallows, for
appealed from a sentenee of capl
punlshment and secured a uew tr!
tho rosult belng tho penltontlary si
Wrigfht's crlme wiis commltted pr
to the passago of th? law providl
elootrooution for murderers, eo.that
would not huve come under its p
vlslons. He was about the tenth p
80i) heralded ln' newspapers -as "
last man to bo hmig in Vlrglnla," i
s'plte tlie faot tlntt lt la posslblo fl
yearn hence to hang a man lu t
Stato. for a crlme commltted bef
the'law sllpulatl.rig electrlc death %\
hito effect." ? .
PiilU-eniiiu HiiyucM Ilucl..
"Long Tom" liaynes, tho Capltol i
| llceman, roturnod yesterflny from
nicltonson county, whoro ho hafl spent
tho pa?t two weeks at tho undnlilo of
lilii mothor,' wlio ls nlncty y?jurs old.
.Pollcornan Haynes wonl hoino bellevlng
that ho waa on routo to hls niother's
deathbed, but sho hns reaovercd, and Itt
up and about,
At PellmKm Co?fcri!"ce,
State llcalth CarnmInsloiier 13. <J.
'Williams. Ih now at Columbla, S. C? at
tonillng the pellagra conference. Ho
wua unablo to nltond Ihe boglnulng of
tho seuslon.
.loui-imi nurgcrniCH I'rltitcd.
Volume VII. of tho .Tourrial of tho
Houso of HurgOKgeH hna just been pub-.
llshed by State Llbrnrlan 11. R. Mc
Ilwalne. Thls volutno contalns tho
proueedlngs of two nn6ambllea. The flrst
of theso was ln sesslon beglnning ln
1742 and runnlng through 1117, and tho
other mot ln 1748, and lasted until tho
end of 1740.
Those atteemblles ? In Colonlal days
had no deflnlto length of term. They
wero elected slmply as representatlves
and served until elther they or tlio
Governor of the tlme got tlrod of tlie
Kltiiatlon. Somotlmcs tho Governor,
when the Burgesses falled to coniply
with hls wlshos, thought he mlght do
better with a nowly-clectcd Asaombly
and dlssolved the body. Thus ono of
the assombllea whose procoedlngs are
prlnted In tho new volume lastcd nlx
years. and tlie other only two years.
S UMf to
nr all
Police Benevolcnt Associati;
Has $55,000 Safely Invest
ed to Help Needy.
Eleven years ago the Police Benev
olent Assoclatlon. through the ofTorts
of members of the force and certaln
publlc-splrtted cltlzcns, was estab
llshed, with no more tnngiblo assol
than tho purpose of Its members
make It'nn organlzatlon that wouid In
tlme bo self-stistainlng and fully capa
ble of tnklng caro of those memhors
of the department who nftor years of
servlce wouid be unablo, by irifirml
tles of ago or dlsease, to contlnue tholr
actlve, labors. Yesterday Presldent L.
Z. Morrls cullcd to order a body well
organl/.ed and admlnlstered, Bhowlng an
invested capital of 555.000. drawlng
the hlghest rate of lnterest from gilt
edge securltles, from which nlne men
were recolving the pension of $30 por
month. All thls has been accomplished
wlthout State or clty ald, und the as?
soclatlon is now sald lo bo the best
organlzatlon of its klnd in the Unlted
Slnies. For tho last seven years the
n3soclation has been carrylng from
four to nlne men on tho pension roll.
Smnc Oniccrs Hlccteil.
After hearing the varlous reports the
associatloh declded thnt it could not
do better than retain the officers whu
hnd so falthfully nnd efllcleritly ad?
mlnlstered its affairs for the last k?v
eral yenrs. so the liicumbents wero rc
electod, with the exceptlon' of tho
board of dlrectors, which rjow staniiu
as follows. Flrst blstrk-l?-G-. H. Mat
thows, C. A. Sherry, C. W. Atkfnson,
C. M. Johnson and A. 13. Duke. Sec?
ond Olsttict?W. A. Shields. E. C. Tate,
C. B. Samufl, II. A. Plllow and O. I*
Olarkson. HcadquRrters? Lrfiuls W'or
ucr. Georpre E. Pollock ulid C. B. Glb<
son. Cltlzens?li Z. Morrls. S. II.
Uav.-es, James N. Boyd and AV. S.
The annunl report of Pros'dont Mor
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No. 11 Remington Billing
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Allucbmeiil (
RemingftoQ Typewriter (V
706 East .Main Street,
rls follows:
"Tlie fllght of tlme has brought ua
to another annual meetlng. and you aro
assemblud to hear and revlew the ac?
count of our stcwardshlp. Each of
these nieetlnefs demonstrates moro and
aiore tho u.sofulnoss of our assoclatlon
and tho good Provldenco which lnsplrcd
itn creatlon. Look about you and you
must becomo sonslble of the many dls
tresrlng mlaerles Incldeut to tho ln
iiriiilih-a of a?o among thoso -who an?
wlthout provislon for maintonanco
whon tho productlvo period has passed.
"You nro spared the antlclpatlon of
"such fato when discase or ago shall
unflt you to follow your avocatlon, be?
causo you know that the funda which
we nre uccumulating aro held aa a
sacred trust to tako caro of you In
your decllning years. Not only that,
but you ore hclptug your oomrades to
enjoy comparallve comfort whllo they
are with us. nnd abovo all, it slltnu
lates you in the dlscharge of your duty
as the guiirdlanu of tho llvea and prop?
erty of your follow cttlzcns, who have
shown, und wlll contlnuo lo rnunlfeat,
thelr approbatlon by sccondlng your
Alnc M<-ti nn ttnll.
"N'o rnnttt-r how tho cynlc may sneor
! or the so-cnllcd reformer may crltl
clzo your ptirposos, you can sllence all
such r.-.lk when we ahow that we are
takinpr care of nlne men. caeh recelv
Ing $U0 per month. and thal wo have
invested funds amountin;.; to $55,000 to
insurft tho perpetulty of benefita for all
J tlmo to como. No ono can tell what
I tha future may havo ln f=toro for hlm,
but we do know that tho.->e who boaat
of thfc.r strength are sometlnies sW'ick
en with dlseaso which may necessltate
thelr retlrement from the foroo.
"Durlng the paat ye.ir threa men
have been added to our list of penaion
ors, nnd we aro informert that we ?nay
oxpect nn increafc-e of thal number ln
the near future. In tho face of our
lncreaslng reriulrements lt is certalnly
gratlfylng that our funds aro alBO be
ing augtnented, for we aro ahowlng ac
cretlpns thla year of S'J.OOQ ln Invc-st
"So we can face the future with bo
rono conlkicnco, knowlng that our af
falrs are mimlnistered with care and
wlRdom. ln this purely bencvolont
work of ours I thlnk lt eminently prop?
er to say that if there nre uny stlll
among- you lauking In enthusiusm ln
thls labor of love, it should be the duty
of his comrade8 to gulde hlju to see
tho rlght.
"My friends, I feel that no asso?
clatlon has ever been atarted ln thlt
communlty on better llnes, nor one
that has been more successful or de
sorvlng greatcr commondntion. Only
thlnk of the good that wo' aro dolng,
coupled with the iiubstantlnl gnin ol
capital, an<3 all thls without any ald
from elther the clty or State govern?
ment. Our annual barbecue was hold
on July 21. and excellcd all previous
affulrs in attondance and enjoyment.
It ls a day of general rejoiclng and
touching of olbows with your fellow
cliizens, who by thelr presonce heartily
lndbrso your work.
"R. A. Siowers. ono of our Ilfo mem?
bers. dled durlng the year, and I deeir
lt Just to hls memory to say that he
always showed tho deepest lnterest ln
' our wclfare by hls voluntary ald al
all times. In his death we lost a
most slncere frlend.
"The Board of Police Commlsslonen
aro always kind and conslderate, and
our relatlons With them could not bc
more satlsfactory. Captaln Georgo E
Pollock, our accomplished secretary
dlscharges hls dutles with characteiis
tlc zeal and efllcieney. Sergeant Georgt
H. Matthews, our treasurer, is wol
known for hls loyal devotion to oui
cau.se and needs no pralse from me.
"To my colleagues of the board o
dlrectors, I wlsh to extend my grate
ful thanks for thelr ever-ready assist
ance und counsel. In concldslon,
want to agaln impress upon yo'u thi
Jmportance of belng unlted, ono am
all, for the benoflt and furtheranci
of otir objects. By maintaintng a solii
front wo shall contlnue to grow ani
leavo to postorlty an esamiile worth;
of emtiiatlon."
Tho treasurer's report showed thal
tho lncreaso for the year. had hoer
$0,000, and that the assoclatlon now
had Invested $5.5,000. Recelpts for tlu
year from members of the force
amounted to J3.S12; llfe and contrlbu
ting mc-mbers gave 58,(501.50. Pen
sloners aro now recelvlng 53,240 an?
nually, Recelpts from the barbeoui
.were 51,604.04.
In the spoechea that followed tlu
regular buslness, Commonwealth's At?
torney Mlnetree Folkes spoke majnlj
ot tho personnel of the ffcrce and tlu
nchlevenients of the assoclatlon. HIclv
mond, he sald had many things ti
be proud of, but nothing more than thi
mon solectod to tako care of lier clt
Izens and thelr property, He especial?
ly referred to tho spirlt shown by thi
mon in taking charge ot metnbors wh<
had passed the years "of usefulness
calllng lt tho nrost beautiful exampli
of the brotherhood of man. .?
Commlssloner Landerkln, who wai
cnllod on could not spcak on nccoun
i of tho condltlon of hls throat.
Commlsslonar Chrls. Mannlng. rosi
to tlio ocension, as ho genernlly dnos
snylng thnt he had boen ucnused.o
belng evcrythliiB' that man ouuld asplr.
lo but an orator, but he gave th
members some sonslble talk oonoorn
i InffUhu relatlons of the Board of Po
\ - v
licr. Commlssloners and the assocla*
Mr. Morrls Introduccd Commiasloner
XV. Dougrlns Gordon as the handsomoat
man on the board and wlthal a sllver
tongued oralor. Mr. Gordon modestly
disclolmcd both. He spolte of tho
force; that lt was made up of olean,
honest rnon. who dld thelr dutles aa
they saw them, acceptlng no rake
ofC;i or Imlucements from people ln hlgh
placca or low. "We do make miH?
takes," he sald, "every ono does, buf
they nro mlatriKes of Judgment and
not frorn the Improper conccptlon ot
rlght and wrong."
James N. Boyil discussed'the strldea
made by tho assoclation slnce its or
ganlzation, and made the predlctlon
that before thu youngcr members of
the forco reached mlddlo ago, thero
would bo money cnough ln the as-o
clatlon's treasury to take care of them.
ull. There were about 100 pooplo ln
the Ilustlngs Court room. where tho
meetlng was held.
ArrcKtcil for llrrnklnir Shi?wca?e.
Robert Spunccr, altas Spencer amith.
was arrested last nlght for forclng ni)
ontriuico to a tmoweaso ln front of John
Copelnnd's store ln Seventeenth Street
TI<? Is alleged to have stolen cioihlnu
nn'd shnes v<_1?",?jS r.t $24. _
Steinway Piano on
Ship ''Wiihelmina"
Verllv rtfehtnond concerns reallze no
limlt to thelr lield.of operatlon.
Thls fact has bc?en> vlvldly broupht
to ir.liul agaln by the succcsa. of tlio
well-known nauslc house of Walter l?.
Mo.es _i Co? selllnj; o Steinway Piano
Tor uso on the Mutson Navigatlon Coin
pany's magniftcentl v equlpped new paa
s??nger ssteam.r "Wiihelmina."
Thls splendld passenyer fhlp has
Just been completed at a mammoth
cc3t at tho N'ewpori Nc-ws Sblpyards,
and ls one ol the ilnest passcnircr boats
alioat. It will piy rcgularly between
San Pranclsco and the Orient.
The Matson Navigatlon Company
have the tnarkots of the entlre world
and hundrods of dlfferent makes from
whlch to choose a plano, nnd they add
another hlgh trlbut* to tho Steinway
ln selectlng it over all others.
In and out of Richmond, through
Vlrglnla fend North Carollna. as w-ll
as in other States. JJessrs. Walter D.
j Moses & Co. are contlnually selllng
Steinway p'anos to that class who rec
o_rnl?e nnd will purcnase no other.
It niight be sald In passlng that
Walter D. Moses & Co. are exclusive
agenta for tlie Steinway ln Vlrginia
and North Carollna.
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tress from Prspepsla, In
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Write for booklet with tea
timonials from 50 noted
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Oldest Music Houae in Virginia
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At $12.50, $15 and $18
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