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New York
Stock Market
NEW YORK, November 4.?To-day's
ftoek marlct wns a two-sldcd nffulr,
ln thnt some stocks were KtronR and
some wero weak, The grent bulk of
Ihe secilrltles. however, was Inort, and
the prlce movement wns llstU'Sn nnd
ttulg-nlflcant. A recurrenre of strungih
In Unlted Stntea Steel and a conges
tlon of practlcftlly (he whole actlvlty
of tlie lat.r market ln thai secuflty
dld not have a favornble effect on tho
tone or the speculatlon. The enormous
dealtngs in that stock were lnrgely re
Slionslble for the swelllng of the dsy's
iransactlons to above ihe uvernge for
t-eebnt days. The rallroad stocks gen
eralry and somo of tlie hlgh-prlced In
dustrlalB Intely sharlng tlie laiger ae
tlvlly i,f tlio market were Inrllned to
bo heavy, Tlu- volunte of now stoclts
und botida projected wlthln n short
llnie past: the kimwledge thnt' almllar
large requlrementa He before foreign
niavkets, and the actlve and growlng
demand for money for comrnerclal use
comblne to Inculcnte cautlon In the
ns*. of the credits for speculntlve etn
ployment. The vlolcnt spoculatlon ln
p.-cgrcSK ln the cotton market and
n.r i!-t>- :ih to its out come .offer a
paiallel case whlch is nccepted as an
object lesson in conservatlvc finnnclal
Bonds were heavy. Total sales, par
valiie. were $4,652,000.
?Unlted States 4's, roglstered. decllned
1-4 per cent. i>n call.
Total sales to-day, 1.135.S0O stia'res.
NEW YORK. November 4.?Money
?u call Fomewhat easier; :', S-41V4 per
cent. Buling rato, n 3-4; closing bld.
r T-i: offered at 4. Time loans easier;
sixty and nlnety days, I 1-204 a-4 per
rer,t. Six months, 4 1-2 per cent. Close;
Prlme morcantile paper, 5 to 5 1-2 per
cent. Sterllng exchange weak. wlth
nettial business ln bankers1 bllls" at
$4:[email protected]$4.3315 for sixty day bills, and
nt SI.ST10 for demnnd. Comrnerclal
bills. $4.S2 l-4<fj>M.S2 3-4. Bar allver.
50 1-2.
R'chmond, Va.. November 4, 1509.
Vlrglnla Centurles?3,000 at 92%.
Amerlcan Tobacco Company preferred?10
tt 100.
fforth Cnrollna 4s. C. 1510. 99
Vlrglnla 3s, Old. C. and R., 1932.... 90->i 9114
Centurles, 3-3. C. and H., 1991. 92 92H
Richmond Clty 4s, It., 19.0-1930.... 100!. ...
Rich. C'ty 4s, C. nnd R.. 133S-1940.. 1001. ...
A. C. L. R. R. Con. Tr. 4 p. cl.... HS
e, C. L. R. R- Ctfs. ot Ind. 4s... 103 101
C and O. R. and A. Ccn'l M. 4V_s.. 103
Heorgta Pac. lst 6s, C. 1922. 114
CJoorg-la. Sou. and Fla., 1943. 10S
'Ja. and Ala. Con. 5s, 1945.104
Norfolk and West. Ry. 4s. 1S90.... 93
Nor. and West. Ry. Foca. 4s, 1914. 91
Jilch. and Dan. Gold Ca C. 1915.... 105
Southern Rallway lst oa, 199).103
to. K. Dcv, D. M. 4s A. 1950. 79
Va. Ky. and Power Co. 3a, 1934.... 90
Va. Ry. and Power Co. pfd....100 63 6Sij
Va. Ky. and Powor co. com?100 lTVi 1M.
Atlanta and Charlotte.100 150
Atiantlc Coast Llne corn.100 137
Chesapeako and Ohlo....Nov....100 .9
Nonolk and vVestirn com.lOu 9.
Ricn.. Fred. and Fot. com.100 _i0 ...
R., K. and P. Dlv. Oblte.100 -7
Souihcrn Rallway pfd.100 70
Southern Rallway com.1'*) 31
Arnencan Natlonal.100 l.o
Broad Street Bank. 23 241. ...
Bamc of lclchmond.10j 126
Clty . *? 34'. SJ
Flrst Natlonal'.100.63
Mcrchanta Natlonal.100 560
Nutional Bank ot Vlrglnla.100 lb.
Nai.onal State Bank.UO 1S1
1'ianter. Natlonal.100 510
EBMngi Bunk or Richmond. 25 61
Union Bank of Rlcliuiond.50 102
Virginia Trust Company.Iu0 1C0 ...
Vlrginia Flro and Marlne.25 ?S
Amerlcan Tob. co. pfd S p. ct,.100 100
' Aniorican Lucoinoui'o pfd.115
fl.morl.an Locomoilvu com. 03
amcrlcan 3?b. i p. ct. butnds. SO
amerlcan Tou. 6 p. ct. bonua. liu
la.-Car. Chem. pfd. - p. ct.,..100 120 121
Virginia-Caroluia chem. com?100 50
Quotationa for inleroat-paylng bondB ar
tt a pricb, to whlch Intereat must be added
Incuino bonds and cernucates ot [ndobtod
ness are flat.
NEW YORKfr 'NovejinDer 4.?There waa .
?eriautlona] ?-tireiMc "ln thu cotton market to
day us a reault of general llqu'aatioii fol
lowing per.iBi.nt rumoia that the blg .bul
leaders had Imuidaiea tnelr long ilnea. Th
market tounti very llttle support, und th
close was weak at a net QOCllno ot 27<_.t
pouits. gcnerally *Li r? 61 i.oints lower on cui
renl crop deltverles.
The opening was eaay al a declinu of 11 \
13 polnt., anu Bhortiy after tho opeiiing ac
ti\e nionilis were 21ii25 points net io\v?
lu responsa to lowor Eiverpooi caoies un
BolUng xor a reacllon by local profea.lonal
(.ovennii by forcgn straadiera furnlshed tl:
markot some aupport uurlng the mornln
und allghc rallitfS occurrcd, but latur ili
volume o? lio.uiaatlon became enoimou;
imlIi outslde longs frlghteneu by thu coi
lir.ued ubseiiee o? bull support und rumoi
lhat the lcaaing opoiutois liad sold on
fcilop orders were .-aughL on tlio dcciino, an
lh? market durlng the rost of tho day wi
fcen-anonally weak. January contraets su.
off to 14.3b und .May to H.7b, or 5m 53 poin
nc-t lower and from 54.57 poinls betow ll
high records of tho previous day. La
priccB were at tlie lowest. The tact ihi
leadlng bulls did not como to the suppo
of the markel on ihe break waa laken I
many us cunflnning rumors regarding tl
Pquldaiion os ihe blg long llnes during li
past two or three da..a. and whllo th.
waa no partleular change In the ricwu aent
monl wsb evidently very much unsetue
Bome thought iho heavy aolilng reflucli
tlie possibiliiy of a 1c-bs bnllisli report fro
the Nali.nal Glnnera' Assoe'ailon btitwoi
now and the end of the week thau hi
been tulkcd of earller, bul no ligures we
ctrculattng. whle a. crop cBtimute Isaued 1
tn EnglUh oxperl placed the yleld at u
der 11,000,000 balea. Southern apot marke
reported early were unclianged to 3-11
Rocolpta at the porta to-day were 63.:
bulua agalnst 69,486 last week and 62,234. ia
? year. For the week 40e,000 bales agalnst 41
171 last week and' J8S.S08 laet year. To-da:
recelpts at New Oileaus 7,918 bales ugan
16.367 lasl year; at llo.sion 18,604 bul
igainaL 1..--S last year.
Cotton futureu oponed easy und oloa.
Open. Hlgh. Low, Clo;
November .14.'".7 14.53 I4.5S 1"4
December .14.<? 14 S7 11.4s 14
January .11.90 15.00 H.53 14
F<rbruary . 14
Mart-h, .15.0S 16.1T 14.10 14
April. .... u
Uay.15.10 13.23 14.73 14
Thomas Branch & G
(Established 18J8.I
New York Stock Exchanj
Mew York Cotton Exchanj
Private Wires to
Principal Marke
_Offtcial Range and Sale of Stocks in New York.
By THOMAS BRANCtt & CO., <3ankera and Brofcorfl.
SAL138: Bld, Asked. SALES: l Bld. Anltnd.
i Open. Hlgh. Low,
I 7,!>00 Amor, Agrl. Cliom. Co... 4SV&.
W Allla-Chalinem . 164
2,700 Allls-Chnliners. prd. 64
143,400 Amolgamnlod Copper ... SS-'H
ri.'.'OO Ainorlenn Can . 12'i
2,100 AiTiorlcan Can, pfd. 8274
0,700 Am'er. Car nnd l-'oundry. iO'i
SM Amor. Cnr niul Fotin., pfd 120
1.M0 Amerlcan Cotton Oll. 70
!"-i Ainnrlcnn Locomotlvo ... 63!ft
iniAnior. Locomotlvo. pfcl... 110
:'".;,>i Amerlcan Sim.ltliifr . I'&'.A
1,890 Amor. Beol Sugar, com.. IS'A
3,700 Amerlcnn Stig-ar .1.13U
1,050 Amer; Tel. nnd Tol. Co... 111%
25 Amerlcan Tobacco, conv ?Hf>,._
2V0 Artieflcnil Tobncco, pfd.. )(X>
5,106 Anacpndn Coppor . 4!"i
28,210 Ati'lil'son . 124%
1.2IX) Atlantlc Coast Llne.137
4.C/H) Bnltlmnre and Ohlo. 117ft
4fv) Hrooklyn Rnpld Trnnslt. 77
400 Cnnnillan I-iicltic . 1S4H
7,100 Central Leather . -iWi
0.C00 Chesapeakti nnd Ohlo...; 88V6
3,22."> Chlcago fiioal AVestern.. :.<>;?;
6,500 Clil;,i Mll. nnd St. I'ntil... 107?S
100 Chlcngo and Nortliwcst.. Ii0%
43.100 Colortulo Fpel nnd lron. 40-^
325 Colorndo nnd Southern.. ."0
100 Col. nnd Sctiih., lst pfd.. S0
1.000 Col. nnd South.. 2d pfd.. 70
1.000 Consolldntod Cns . 144
4iX) Delnwaro niul Hudson... 1S0 '
1,000 Den. nnd ftlo Oran., eoni. 40H
100 Deff. and Rto Griui., pfd. SIVj
'?'?I Plstlllers' See. Cor..,*;,.. :?
B,oW Erie . 33^
300 Erle. 1st pfd. -IS
Erie. 2d pi'd.
100 Fed. Mln. nnd Stn.. pfd.. S7
DOO General Eloctrlc .162%
4.KC0 Great Northt-rn. pfd.143
. 3.C00 Great Nbrthern Ore ctfs. E3
100 Illln.ils Central .14SV6
11,000Int. Metropolitan . 20 M
Open. 'l.ljrli, Low. Clo.iinrr.
3,000 Int, Metropolltan, pfd., SO". 50?* (509. wi'.i. BO
Int. Mer, Marlne, com. ... 7 i
100 Int. Mer. Marlne, pfd.., 22% 22% 22% S-JU't 22
:?K) InlernallonarPnper .... 15% 15% 15% IV, 36
lon Int. Paper. pfd. n_ 02 . (j. <;i% K2
2,900 Kan. Clty South., com,. 43% 43% 42% 43% +3
too KaiiHas Clty South.. pfct 70 70 7o TO 70
.1,000 liOtilsvllle and NnshviHn 154 ir? 553% 154% 154
120 MunhnUim . 14211 112% '342% 112 143
105 Metro. Street Railway.. 24?j 24% .1% 23 24
8,000 Mo., Kan. nnd Tflxns,.,. 47-71 4SM 47% 47% 47
? 200 Mo., Knn. nnd Tex., pfd. 74V. 74',. 74% 74% 74
6,-00 Mlssourl Paclllc . 69T4 71% 601. 70 70
U.1W0 Nntlonal Lcnd . S9% 00% 88% 50% 00
8,630 New Yorfc Central.135 335 133% ltS% 134
400 N. Y.. Out nnd Western -IT 17 46% 46% 46
2,100 Norfolk nnd Western... 95% 05% 05% 0or-k 06
2,000 Northern Paclllc .148 14K% 149 US US
700 Pnclllc Mall . 4114 42 41% 12% 42
D0.C60 PennByLvanln .346% 147 116% 140% 147
1,700 People's C4an .1IIV_ 111% 11 IVi 114% 114
1,400. Pressed Steel Car...... 64<J., 55 54% 61% B4
Pressed Krecl Cnr, pftl. 107 108
400 Ttv. Steel Sprlng, com... Rl.% 51% .'.]% 51 52
39,300 Rendlnff . IC2% 163% 162?/, .13% 16-i
14,700 nepublle Iron and Steel 48% 49% 47% 48% 4*
500 Kepubllc 1. and S? pftl.. 106% 307% 10C% J0ri% 107"
27,3(0 Rock Islnnd . 40% 41 40% 40'i 40
n.600 Rock t-lanti, pfd. eo% S2 so% n si
1,300 Sloss-Sheffleld . 01% 01% 01 91 92
12,900 Southern Pnclllc . 129'! 120% 12S% 129 129
8.400 Southern RallWay . :tl 31%' 30=5 30% 31
200 Southern Ilaitwuy, pfd,. 70 70% 70 69% 70
10 Standarrl OU . 702 7"2 7?2 701 703
200 Tcnnesseo Copper . 36% 30% 36% 30% 30
1,700 Tex a s Paclllc . 35% 36',f) 35% 35% 35
44,000 Unlon Pnclllc . 201% 202% 200% 201% 202
1.000 Unlted Stales Rubber.,. 51 51% 51 51 ol
805,600 Unlted States Steot. 90% 93% 00% ?2% 9j
6,000 Unlted States Steel, pfd I2S% 123 12S 12S% 1SS
0,300 Vn.-Car. Chcmlcal . 50 51 40% 50% ,i0
Va.-Car, Chemlcal. pftl. 120% 121
400 Wahash . 20 20 20 33% 20
2,800 Wnbash. pfd. 5- 52 51% 51% 61
50i0 Western Unlon . 77% i7% 7i% 77 h
Totai sales for day, 1.073,500 shares,
Allls-Chnliuers lst 5a. SPi
Ame'rlcan Tobacco 4s. SOVi
Amerlcan Tobacco cs.109
Atchlson conv. 4s. V12\b
Atchlson conv. ,"s. U'3
llaltlmoro and Ohlo ls. 89
Brooklyn Rapld Translt conv. 4s. ,s5!4
Centrnl ot Georgla 1st Incomes. 81
Central of Georgla 2nd Incomes. 79*?
Chesapenkc nnd Ohlo -114s. 103
Chesapeake nnd Ohlo ref. ?). 103
Chlcngo, B. nnd Quincy Jolnt 4s. 86*5
Chlcngo, B. und Quincy gen. 4a. 99^
Chlcago, R. I. and pao. R. H. col. Ba.... 92H
Chlcago, H. I. and Pac. Hy. rfg. 4s. 90H
Colo. nnd South. ret. and cxt. 4hs.... 97>J?
Denvor and Rio Grnndo 4s (asked). 8654
Juna .15.12 15.12 18.13 14.70
July .15.20 15.25 14.75 14.75
August .14.50 14,50 14.53 14.30
September . 13.50 13.11 13.12
October . 12.94 12.85 12.70
Spot cotton closed Qulet, 25 polnts lower;
miiidlinc uplnnds, 14.95; mlddllng gulf, lo.-O;
8a les, 243 bales.
Cotton, qulet; mlddllng, 14.85; net recelpts,
33 bales; gross recelpts, 5,670 bales; Bales,
243 bales; stock, 112,768 bales; oxport to tlie
Cunttncnl, 76 bales.
Total to-day at all ports?Net recelpts,
65,93s bales; cxporl to Great Britaln, 55.512
bales; to France. 10.293 bales; lo tho Contl
nent, 29.M3 bales; to Japan, 1,600 bales; atock
882,454 bales.
Consollnnted nt nll poris?Not recblpts,
335,378 bales; oxport to Cirent Britaln, 134,865
bales; to France, 24,722 halca; lo iho Contl
nent. 117,112 bales; 10 Japan, 1,600 bales; to
Mexleo, 353 bales.
Total slnce September 1 nt all portB?Net
rccelpls. 3.148.143 bales; export 10 Great
Britaln, SI3.S7S balea; to France, 404,899 bales;
lo the Contlnent, 893,432 bales; to Japan,
8,061 bales; to Mexleo, 5,805 bales.
NEW OBLEANS. LA.. November 4.?COT?
TON?Spot cotton easy. 3-16c. lower; mld?
dllng, 14c. Salcs on the spot 625 bales aud
975 to arrive. Futures opened steady at a
deeline of 136*16 polnts under very poor
cablen. From tho tlrst call boars and ttiosa
liulls who havo recently aold and started
worklng for a reaction had full chnrgu ot
the market. They uold Bhort lienvtly and
on eaeh drop of 10 polnts uncovered stop
loss orders on the long eldo. Iting Bcalpers
and rojm iradors generally followed tlu
operatlona of those working for a fall ln
prices and greaily Increased tho volume ol
selllng,. which becamo heuvtesl In the last
hour of trndlng, when the market tell to a
level of fully {3 a bale below yesterday'a
closlng, iho moro actlve dellvorlos showlng a
loss of ?1(963 polnts. The market closed
bntely sleady. 60& 61 polnta under yesiorday.
Futures closed barely sleady. Closlng blds;
November, 14.09; December, 11.33; January,
14.49; March. 14.73; May. 14.S3; Jul>, 14.89;
September, 13.00.
NEW YORK, November 4.?FLOUR?Dull
and nornlnally lower. Rye Flour?Steady.
Buckwheat Flour?Dull. Cornmeal and Rye
?Qulot. Barloy?Dull. Wheat?Irregulur;
No. 2 red, 41.25Vs asked, domestlc. olevntor;
No. 2 red, $1.2u34 asked, to arrive. f. o. b.
afloat. Optlons steady at HCftc. net do
cllne. December, $-.10'.;; May, $l.i?H. Corn
Steady; No. 2. 69VsC. elevator, domestlc; ai
70c. dellverod nnd at 70c. t. o. b. afloat. Op
. tions hi&Vio. net lower. December, 69c; May
- , GSi.c. Oats? Qulet; mixed. 260/32 pounds,
i nomlnal.
> Beuf and Cut Meats?Steady. Lnrd and
j Pork?Flrm. Tallow and Rosln?Steady. Tur.
' pentlnt?Qulot. Rlco?Flrm. Molasses
1 Steady. Sugar?Raw, steady; falr rednlng
" ?3.Hi; reflned, steady. Coffoo?Steady; Rio
" No. 7, 8v.(?S-\c. nomlnal; Santos, No. 4, S^c.
J mlld, -qulet; Cordova, BifBVjC Futures
0 stoady, not unchangeel to 15 polnts lower
" Builer?Unsettled, but prices unchanged; re
colpts 10.776 pounds. Cheesti?Ftrmer; !???
' clpiB. 5.058 boxes; State, fall creamery, spe
clals, 10:i^ li 17'_---; do. common to good. 12'~<ti
1 ]5"-iC. EggB?Flrm; recelpts 11,000 crates
Stato, Pennsylvanla and nearbv, hennery
r brown. gatnered, [email protected]; refngerator, spe
clal marks, fancy, 251126c.; do. firsis, 24023c
'? Potatoes?steady and unihangod. Cnobagei
f ?Easy nnd unchanged. Frolglita and Pea
B nuts?Unchanged.
u ('oUonseed oll was wcnker, closlng at i
'? net,. declina ot 5? 19 points under hoavy
;" proftt-taklng, influenced by Iho blg declin>
!" In cotton, Longa were the best sollera wll!
, scnttercd commission houso buying. Tota
a sali-s, 38,800 barrc.U. Novembol 6.00r6>7.0<>
?* January, 7.0007.01; March, r.OriOf'.OS; May
u 7.145J7.15; prlme crude, 6.07?6.1."!; do. sum
?" m?r yellow, 6.80<6p7.05; do. wlnter yollow
?"? C.90(Hs7.05; do. yellow, 7.05{j7.J0; do. sunime
'; whlte, 7.10?7.30.
CHICAGO, November 4.?Wheat prices 01
the Board of Trade dropped lo nnw low lov
c!s to-day on renowed lkiuidation ln th
December dellvery, but made a complet
? recovery and closed '.?c. lower to $Je. hlghei
compared with the llrial flgurcs of tho pre
vlous sesslon. Corn and oais clOHed sleadi
an'd proValona wero llrm.
Tho leadlug futures ranged as follow*:
Open. Ulgh. Low. C'l0k<
Dec.l.OlTa 1.02!t l.Ol'.i 1.03
' May . 1.0-V& 1.02>i 1.01% 1.02',
; July . 5S|,(j tSH 5SU 58!
? May . iW!i 60% 60% 60'
July . 6014 60?? 60',i 60;
Dec. 29>; 39'i 39 39'
May . Wa 42 Wa 41'
Julv . Wi 39H 3UU 39i
( M.ESS PORK-Pcr bbl.
Jan.19.S5 19.90 19.S2 10.85
May .19.50 19.?5 19.17 19.50
! LARD?Por 100 Ibs.
i Nov.12.20 32.32 12.?0 12,32
Jan.11.62 11.70 11.00 11.70
May .11.30 11.30 H.1'5 U,3u
BHORT R1BS?Per 100 Ibs.
Jan..10.110 10.30 10.27 10.31
May .10.20 10.22 10.17 10.20
Recelpts?Wheat, 162,S00 bushels; corn, 142
,500 bushels; ouls, 345,000 bushels. .Shlpmonl
I?Wheat, 57,800 bushels; corn, 170,500 busheli
loais, 3SI.500 bualiei.
! BALT1MORE, November 4.?WHEAT
Steady; spot, i-ontraot. }1.14; southern. jl.l
laouthern on grade, Jl.Wyl.14. Corn?Klrn
? apot, contract, old. 6Se. asked; new. C5',ii
j bid. Oais -Klrm; No. 2 mixed, 42VaW43
! Ryi?Dull; No. 2 Western, domestlc, SO1-'-'
i Slr.
JG llK-tunoml. Va., Novomber I. 1909.
rg | WHEAT?Cnr luts.
> I Nn- - red, Wenteru. <*I%1."'
'o. 2 rod, Virginia.,.'. 1.23 oj.24
ii--lmn <l>?-; lois).!!!!.!. I.'o -_ i,j(
No. 2 mUed.
Denvor and Rlo Grande rcf. 5a. MVa
Lrle prlor llon 4s (bld). Sl
Erle General 4a. [?
Erle conv. 4a. serles "A". *J
Erle conv. 4s, serles "B". <*
Interborough Metro. 4>4s. W
Inier. Merc. Marlne 4?.s. ?0
Kansas Clty Southern lst 3a. >-%
LouIbvUIo and Nash. Un. 4a (bld). S9U
MlsBourl PacMc 4s. 81
New York c*"trBl <3a'b. '"?. "*'*
Norfolk and Weatcrn lst con. 4a. S9
Norfolk nnd Western conv. 4a. 101',.
PennBylvanla conv. 3V.B (1915). B5H
Pcnnsylvanla coneol 4a. 10'Ji
St. Loula and San Fran. fg. 4a. S415
St. Loula and San Fran. gon. 5a. 89
St. Loula -Tweatern con. 4a (bld). ~.hi
No. 3 mlxed. ?T
Vlrglnla (bag lota). 65 @ ?3
OATS-Car lota.
No. 2 mlxed. 4-1
No. 3 mlxed. ? *3^
No. 2 white. & ??>
No. 3 white. *4
Wlnter seed (bag lota). 50 (81 61
KVB?Car l<_ts.
No.. ? s2
No. 3. ? 80
Virginia (bag lots). 76 4J 80
(Salea at Union Stock YardB.)
Richmond, Va.. Novomber 4, 1M9.
Report of the livo Btock market for the
week endlng November 1.
R?celpts?Caltle, 613 head; calves, 119 head
?sheep, 403 head: hogs, 2.117 h?ad.
Bost steers, 6c; medlum to good. ?tH.'S'e,..
common to falr. 3S4e.; best hellera, 4:h.c.
medlum to good. ~%tMttc.; common to falr
3B.T}?c.; best cowa, 4c; medlum to good, 3*J
W3J4C! common to falr, .VjWoC.; bulla, tfi
3%c. Cowa nnd calvea. J.Off43.00 per head
Calves, 5 8 7c; oxtra, 7"~e.; best aheop, IViSj
j<?.c; medltim to good. 3!ii?4c; commou t<
!'alr, [email protected]; beat lamba, 6>_c.; medlum le
! good, o^^fic; common to falr, 3%@6c.; bea'
hoga, Sc; a lot of eytra heavy and fnt, S54c
medlum to good. 7.60Q7KC.; ahoats and ver;
? 'ight hoga. "tf 7V_c.
! CHICAGO, ILL-. Novembor 4.?CATTLE
i Recelpts about 5,(00 head. Market for bea
flrm; othera steacly. Steera. $3.60a?.t0; cowa
! jrt.50S5.tt): helfers, [email protected]; bulls. !3gl.7D
pfllves, S33S.CX); atockera and foedera, S3.75S
5.50. Hogs?Recelpia eattmaied at 14,000 head
Market I0_rl5c. hlgher. cholce heavy, S3?:
8J].%; butchera, 17.05?8.10: llght mlxed, 87.5
iri 7.75; cholco llght, 57.SO0S.OO; plgs. J5.75J.
7.10: bulk of aales, JT.SOTfS.0O. 6heep-Re
ceipla estlmatrd at 15,000 head. Market 10'.;
13c. hlgher. Sheep. i3.50?o.-3; lambs, 56.25.
7.23; ytarllngs, $3.50<8!5.30.
NEW TORK, November 4.?BEEVES?Re
> celpta 1,549 head. Feellng ateady. CalveB
Rece'pta 2S2 head. Veals, $5:3:9.25. Slieo
and Lamba?Re-elpts 2.S15 head. Kheep sol
at 52.30<34.50 per 1(0 pounda; lambs, $->..",0f
7.10; cuM8, 54-50. Hoga-Recelpts 1,613 hon.
Foellng nomlnally steady.
Richmond, Va., Novombnr I. 1909.
r>ark Ftred (Reordered)?Old.?Recelpt
nomlnal and onnrket qulet. Recelpts of nei
primtngr Very llght and diim.tml good a
quotatlons. Brtghls.?Recelpts c.mtlnuo fal
and market qulet, but flrm at prl.'OB quotet;
Sun-Curofl.? Nothlng dolng In old. Recelpt
of new prlmlngs very llp-ht and market ac
tlve it unchanged prlce-.
Prlmlngs.I 3.00 if $ 3.3
Lugs . fi.Wl ?_ 7.0
Short leaf. 8.00 f. 10.0
Medlum leaf. 8.50 B ll.C
Long leaf. 11.00 fj 14.f
Wrnppers and aelections. 12.00 a 16,(
New primlnga. SO (3 1,1
.MOKERS?Common . 7.00 {J K.I
Medtum . 0.00 ffl ll.C
I Fine . 12.00 (D 12.C
! Cl/'TTKRS?Common . 11,CO 5*12,6
i Medlum . 13.C0 <g> 14.5
1 Flne . 10.00 @ 18.C
1 Fancy . 18,00 31 ZO.C
I FtLLERS?Common . 8.00 (0> 10.C
i Medtum ...;. 11.C0 O 12.C
| Good . 12.60 <3> 13.6
I FLno. H.00 @ 1SC
? WRAPPERS?Common . 15.00 >S> 17.t
? Medtum . 18.00 @ 20'.
Good . 25.10 Sl 30 C
Flne . 32.50 il 37.i
! Fancy .40.00 ? 4o.<
i r.ugs. common to good. 5.00 {J 6.J
Lugs. good to prlmo. 8.00 Q 9.1
Short leaf. 8.S0 ? U.i
Long leaf. 10.00 y 12.!
Wrappera . 12.50
New primlnga. *0 it 4.1
'? I (.Reported by RodgerB, McCabo A Co.)
PETERSBURG, VA., November 4.-PEA
NUTS?Spanlsh.?Market qulet ai 51.15 pf
buahol. Vlrglnlas.?Machlno ulcked. .Vjt
2:tic; ahelllng Btock. 2c.
NKW YORK, Novomber 4.?Where cotto
iroods havo been wltbdrawn <rom aalc
prlces hnve been further advancod on thoi
to brlng them to tho levol of 15-cent co'
ton. Flnlahed cloths are now belng bougl
at hlgher prlces. Jobbeia are dolng a betu
bustucsB in ploco gooda. Llnlnga aro noiv b<
ing sold for next yonr'a deilvery. Yarn
havo been marked hlgher. General rota
trade la geiting very closo to the propoi
tlona of a normal mcrchaudtsa year.
"WILMINUTON, N. C, November 4.?SPH
ITS TURPENTINK?Flrm at 55c; rocelp'
19 casks, Hoaln?Recelpts 53 barrels. Tar
Flrm at 51.90; recelpts 143 barrois. Crutl
Turpenllne? Flrm at $2,605^4,00; recelpia
SAVANNAU, C.A.. Novomber 4.?SPIRIT
TURPKNTINE?Flrm ut odi.e; sales 5
cualtH; recblpta S02 casks: shtpmenta 12 caak
HoBln?Flrm; aalea 2,096 barrela; recelpt
:t,2S3 barrela; ahlpmonta 839 barrea; atoc
142,643 litirrela. Quoto: B, D and E, 5100,
Steamar Brantlon, ilarnoy, Norfolk, me
chandlaei 'nntl pnasenge.ra, Old Domlnlon Lln
Sicamer\pocahoiuaa, GraveB, Norfolk ar
Jamea Rlvvr larullngB, morchandlaa and pa
soiiger*. S'kglnla Navigatlon- Company. \
StL-umor Atiroia, Furman, Peleraburg ni
James i(lvei\ iniidlngs, nierchaudlae and pa
songers, PhllUpa Llno. ''
Tug Ktandiird^Oll Company,. No, 13, Bur
Ualtlmoro, bargo or-oH,-?tnndard Otl Co.
Steamor Brandon, Ilitrn.ey, NiiVolk." tno
chatHlIs,. nuil piiHsengiira, Old OonlliilouLlil
Steamar Atiroia. Ftiriiian, Januifl.., R-iv
landlnga' and petersburg, uiorchundU'il-'ai
paaa-nBora, Phlllipa Llne.
Tug stantlard Otl Company,^Ko. 13, Bur
St. Loula S'weslern lat gold 4|. (H"i
Seaboard Air Llno 4s (asked). 8S
Southern Paclflc col. la. 91
Southorn Pnclflc conv, 4a.102*4
Southern Paclfic R. R. lnt ref. Is.... 91%
Southern, Railway Z* (bld). 10S??
Southorn RnlHvay gen. la. 81
Unlted Statea refundtng 2a, reglstorcd.. 100
Unlted States refundlng 2a, coupon...... Ws
Unlted Statea 3a. reglstered. 1'1'i
Unlted States ia, coupon. 101'i
Unlted staios ia, reglstored.1U>%
Unlted Btatel la. coupon. 116%
Unlon Paclflc conv. 4s.,. 115
Unlon Paclfto lat and ret. la...... CT'l
Unlted Statoa Steel 2nd Sa.105V4
Vlrslnla-Carollna. Chemical 5s. 97'u
Wabnsh lat and ext. (a. J2I?
Baltlmor*. cll barge, Slandard Oll Co.
Trrnsttrj Statement.
?WA8HINGTON, D. C, Novamber I.?The
SKuctfoiT Balta, JEfjteJJta|.
My Tlie Vnlentlno Auntlon Co.,
(ilS Kust Broad Stront.
jioom fuhniture, LAC_ our.
cortitnsncing nt io::ui o't'loclt, nt our
aucttoil fjftlPiitoriiTis, No, 018 Ennt Brond
?Strcot Lndlos Invlted,
ftuctfon j&aless, jfuture 23h?&
By Rlchoson & Criuchflokl,
Real Estato Aicentn anil Aucllonoors.
No. 825 St. Paul St.
No. 1 09 W. Baker St.
Thlg property ln tho oroiini of sinnll
property ln Jackson Wsird; ls rontod
to ?rood tenants, nnd wlll pny hntid
aomely on tho prlce expectetl. For
ono dcslrliifr more property thla loca?
tlon ln Ideal,
TEIi.MS; Mberal nnd at sale.
ftcnl CEstatc for ftent.
Franklin Street
Furnished House
condltlon of the Trcaaury at tho beglnning
of bualncss to-day waa aa follow*:
Trtiat Fund*.
Gold coln.1876.011,889
.Sllver dollars. 187,741.000
Sllver dollara of 1890. 4,03:,000
.Sllver certlhcatea outatandlng. 137,741,000
Oenpral Fund.
Standard allver dollars tn goneral
fund .$ XUS.Ml
Ctirrent llabtlltles. 113,839,993
Worklnsr balance In Treasury ofllcea 28,617,647
In banka to credli of Troaaurei of
tho Unlted Btatos. 87.148,025
Subaldlary allver coln. 17.801,683
Mlnor coln. 1.485,148
Total .balance ln general fund. 86,230,683
rV ?' ii ii .'. ii'if. .7/1.1 i . in- .'!/,? MiKfowi
?.' W ? ? II .'. in ?l fl ___?_? >./??.l'l>'nlll'TWi1*~*^l. .. W> ____-?
ffiS*- , , " . "~ ^ -' r _\ S ; -3:>:;; j ..
#*_???&*????;?.#'''-,' :.: 't^-./.V ? _**&saXS?r',8r**Sv i ?'?''" "-" ";< ? ':'V "'''??'- ?'?'?'V*-;;.
ftiESSfadt-^i^r. v *"C:_ , __#_S^_^?^ao?_, .<>? >,???<'.- -,. .,.-. .?;. -,. -..,'.
BALTIMORE, MD., November 4.?
That Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cle-ws, Jr.,
of New york, havo flnally separatert
Is admltted by Mrs. Clews's sister, Mrs.
John C. B, Pendleton, of thls clty, who
says thnt, although she wlll not dls
cuss tho matter, it ls a fact that the
separatlon has taken place anil ls (lnal.
and that a dlvorco probably -wlll re?
EffnrtH aj neeonclllallou.
NEW YORK, November 4.?Mrs,
Henry CleWB, who returned from Eu
rope Monday with her son. Henry
Clews, Jr, sald yesterday that she
f could not deny that ono of tho reasons
sho went to Parls with hor son was to
try to effect a. reconclllation between
hlm and his wlfe, who was Mrs
Frederick Gebhard when he marrled
her, nine years ago.
"That mlght have been my object,"
sald Mr, Clews's tnother, when sho was
asked if she did not go over to patch
up the trouble. "My son's affairs are
not yet so ordered !is to make a publio
statement posstble."
Mr. Clews, himself wouid not dls
ous3 the probabillty that legal sti-.ps
wouid be taken beforo long. Ho sald
he had heard that his wlfe complalned
of lils wearing- a velvet palnter's Jacket
" lnto hor drawlng-room whon she was
q ! cntertalnlng and to dlnner.
| Mr. Clews waB twenty-two years old,
3 or seven years younger than his wlfo,
? when they wero marrled ln 1001. Mrs,
'? Clews, who was Loulso Morrls, of Bal
tlmoro, obtained a dlvorco from Fred?
erick Gebhard.
Her Soclnl Actlvltles.
Ab J,he wlfo of a young- man who
preferred to ba an artlst ratlior than
'?) H08 E. Maln Street.
."..' ''?? U. L.'ltOD-N, Miinafior.
Prlvate wlrej to New York. Chicago aud Ne\
t,'Orlean*. ,
a banker, Mrs. Clews has not found lt
necessary to retlre from ijpclal ac
Her name has been featured. In tho
accounts of varlous soclety affairs, one
of which was a costume dlnner at the
Elkrtdge Hunt Club ln Baltlmore sev?
eral years ago. Mrs. Clews went as
a bathlng glrl, and when some onosug
gested that she was afrald to go near
tho water, she denied IL Then a tub
full of water was brought in, and in the
excltement that followed Mrs. Clews
was duclced,
At Bar Harbor, on a "dare," Mrs.
Clews climbed down an elementary
country flre escapo, some one havlng
remarked that no woman could do it.
lt was sho who, on another occaslon,
ln company with Harry Lehr. Jumped
lnto a fountaln on the way home from
a ball.
Stylod the Llvlug Galalea.
Mrs. Clews. lt ls related, appealed to
her young palnter-seulptor husband
becauso of tho delicato pallor
of her skln, her dark ha'lr and oyes.
One adrnlrer had called her "Galatea
Come .to Xjife." She was hls insplra
tlon, hia prlnclpal modol. Hls flrst
portrait of her stlll ranks as one ol
his best works.
But ln Paris the gambols of art stu
dents dld not appeal to her, and she
favored tho dlctntes of tho "Faubourg"
rather than the eccentrlclttes of the
Quatler Latln,
Seveaty Fer Cent. (ilniicd.
MEMPHIS, ffENN., Novembor 4.?The rejp
ular monthly report of tho Natlonal Giriners'
Assoclatlon, isauod to-day, states that 7C
por cont. of tho entlro cotton crop waa
glnnod up to Novomber l. Tho report, in
adiltiion, atates tho Esyptlau crop ia 25 pei
cent. ahort of what waa oxpoclod rocontly.
Olvldoml Declared. '
NEW YORK. Novembor 4.?The dir'eclore
ol tho Amurican Cotton Oll Company, whieh
haa plunts ln slxtoon dlfforent Statea, toi
duy doularod an. annual dlvldend.of 8 pai
cont. on tho common Btock, nn lncroase oi
?j per cont. ovor laat yeur.
PITJI.ADKIiPHlA. VA? November .,?!.?A
ooiitt-ronco botwosli a uominllloo ropicsmit-.
ln# tho Nortli t.'aisillua Cotton Mariufoatur
cra' Assoclatlon nnd cotton yain commlBBlor
ii.iin of thl? clty, Now York, Boston anc
ftenl Cstnte for jftalt.
?enl Catate for ftale.
?JBest Corner Lot on West Grace St
at a bargain.
$4,250 wilt buy nice Home on Ken
sington Avenue.
$500 casL
We Solve the Saving Problem
In the depositing of your savings the earning power of your money
should be of vitalconsideration.
We pay 4% interest, coinpoundcd twice a year, ngaints the insignificant
three as offered by other banks. This fact should place this bank first in the'
minds of conservative investors.
Wc offer absolutc strength, modern facilities and the benefits of the
most able and careful business management.
Glad to open an account with you, in which event we offer every assist
ancc that should charactcrize the policy of an ideal banking: institution.
Capitol Savings Bank,
907 East Maln Street,
The Bank that Pays 4 Per Cent.
No. 1111 E. MAIN STREET.
"The Boy
With a Bank
Becomes a
Man With
a Fortune."
With the banking facilities of the
Main Street Bank
The modern young men and women
all f eel the advantages of entrusting
their money with a live institution.
Start an account now.
The Main Street Bank ?_TS!_t
Life Insurance Co. of Virginia
on dettrably located bualneaa or reeldence property
For terms and conditions call on or addresa
"Stronjj as tho Strongest."
Open an Account With tha
Savings Bank of Richmond,
1117 East Maln Stroet,
R. A. PATTERSON, Preaident.
JAMES M. BALL, Caihier
The Union Bank
of Richmond
Provldence, waa hold here to-day for the
purpoae of conslderlng hlgher prtcea for
cotton yarns Uecauae of tho advance ln Ihe
raw materlal.
Tho cotton aplnnera of tha South are re
reported to bu in sympathy with tho North.
Carolina'B dologation'a appeal to the coinmla
slon men for a htgher prico for yarns. Tho
splnners say they can make no prorlt at the
I present prlce8.
j Tho conforanco Ib aecret. WhIU no hliher
prlce Ia llkely to be agroed upon tmmedlate
j ly. accordlng to soino of thoso in attendance,
tho meetlng may have the offect of eatab
lishlng a hlgher quotatlon for yarna in the
near future.
Inveetlgutlon of Roanoke Electlon Judges
Stopped by Illness.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
ROANOKE, VA.. Novomber 4?The Invea
tlgatton of alleged crookodnoas on the part
of oloctlon Judgea ln tho recent local optlon
oleciion, which waa adjourned several daya
ago until thlB evenlng, hns agaln been post
ponod becauao of abaence of a membor of
the electoral board from tho clty and tho
aortoua lllnosa of anotlior membor of the
board, Tho caso may be rosumed to-morrow
The III membor la R. H. Angell. who la
mifCorlng from blood-poiaonlng, followlng
tho lanclng o< a boll on hls hand some
daya ago.
College Hill Baptlat Church nt Lynchburg
' [Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
LYNCHBURG. VA., Novembor 4.?College.
Hill BaptlBt Church wob monaoed late to
day by a flre which deatroyed a wood-houao
iiputting lt on the rear. Tho ohurch Ignited
several tlmea and the flremen had hard
w.brlt- to prevent Ua doatruotton. Tho dam
'|igo "Ib several hundred dollars.
icould Not Jlrimk Open Snfe nt McCoy, W.
Vu., However,
[Speclal to Tho TlmoB-Dlspatch.]
ROANOKE, VA., November 4.?Burglnrs
last nlght hroko lnto tho poat-offtce at MoT
Ooy, W. Vn., but wero unablo to open thd
r uafo ln whloh tho monoy and alampa were
I hold. A atoi'G ln which the post-offlco is
located waa robb'od ol muoli morchmidlae,
The United
States Mails
may be used by peraons
?who are not ln a positlon
to convenlently transact
thelr banking ln person.
Deposlts may be sent by
post - offlce money ordor,
express money order, bank
draft or personal check
made payable to "The
Amerlcan Natlonal Bank."
We Invlte nccounts subject
to check?small as well ns
larg-e?and pay lnterest on
savings deposlts.

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