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The Timea-Diapatch
"printa all the new*
and printa it firat."
Merchanta who
ad vertiae in the Timea
Dispatch reach the
buying public.
Cunninghaih Deposited
Liquor Money to'His
Own Credit.
Charter Provides Suspension for
Failure to Transmit Funds
Weekly to City Treasurer.
Mayor Awaits Action by
Board of Aldermen
Tuesday Night.
What Charter Provides.
"The nald colleolor I* exprcsaly
protithltert from keepins; the money
of the clty fn lil? linnda or In the
hands 0>f any prr*oM or corpornllou
to bU une'beyona the tlme for tUc
pnymeot of Ihe Mitme Into t"r city
treamirr, aud niiy vlolation ot UiIh
provUlnu nIihII nuliject him <o liu
medlate remoral from nftl _??.??
CAREFUL, examlnatlon of records
at tho Clty Hall shows that Ctty
Collector Frank W. Cunningham,
who recelved $2,000 ln llquor llcenses
In May, which was not delivered to
the treasurer until Septvmbcr 28,? de?
posited the four certtned checks of
1500 each In the bank to tho credit of
"Frank W. Cunningham. Collector." .
Instead of turhlng them over tho W??d-|s
nesday followlng as requlred by tlie*
clty charter. Por hls falluri) to corri
ply wlth the law he ls subject to re
tnoval from olllce by Mayor Rlchard
Na Actlou by Mayor.
The Flnance Cointnltte??, whlch Inves
tlgated thls Irregularlty on hls part.
uent a report to tho Common Councll
on Monday nlght wlth the statcmenc
that there was no evidence of wrong
doing. The report wbb recelved wlth,
out comment and sent on to the Board
C|f Aldermen, whlch wlll conslder lt
B?*t Tuesday nlght.
In'the meanUine, Mayor Rlchardson
Jias taken no action. thls belng due to
the fact that hc deslres to be advlsed
by the Councll, the matter now being
ln BOinewhat Incompleted form. In
vlew of tho fact, however, that Cap
?*' taln Cunningham cashed tlft checks
and placed them to hls own credit ln
bank?ai th,s offlcial record shows?it
ls d?c'are<1 t,,at tne Board of Alder?
men will demand more light. and P?a
?lbly an Investlgatlon.
Thls money has slnce been pald. and
?whlle the ctty has lost nothlng more
than the lnterest on $2,000 from Aprll
,to September 28, Mayor Rlchardson r?
lterated yesterday hls purpose of dc
mandlng tho payment of lnterest, if
tho facts showed that tho clty was the
Got Facts From Bank.
It" was polnted out by members of
Councll that thls fact would not bo
hard to determlne, as Clty Accountant
? Crenshaw, who first reported tho Irregu?
larlty to the chatrman of the Flnancc
Committee, had,been.to the banks and
had the rccory from the clcarlng
house, which showes that Captain Cun?
ningham dld not put tho checks ln hls
vault and loavo them there, forgettlng
to dellver them to the proper offlclals,
bs hls frlends havo malntalned.
-Thero has been no case ln recent
tlmes at the Clty Hall where more pres
sure was brought to bear to keep the.
matter qulet. Frlends of Captain
Cunningham took tho positlon that he
had dono nothlng crimlnally wrong,
that the money was pald over before
the City Accountant dlscovered it, and
that any publlcity on the evo of tho
electlon .would bo dlsastrous from a
party standpolnt, . and. that nothlng
. could be galned by an exposure, when
the Flnance Committeo has the Collec
tor's assu&anco that "It would not
happen agaln."
However, the Finance Committee ex
onerated Captain Cunningham, but sent
the record on to Councll for Its con
? Ideratlon.
Aa to Term of Suspension.
One curlous polnt developed yester?
day was tho arginrrent that even if the
Mayor should suspend, tho Collector?
aa the charter provides?the suspen?
sion would only hold until Janua.ryl,
. after which tlme Captain Cunningham
could take chargo of the oftico agaln
; tor four years, to all the fwrm. for
. whlch ho wa.s elected on November 3.
Thls arguinont dld not soeni to satls
fy everybody. The polnt was llkewlse
raised that' the legislature of Virginia
can abollsh tho Collector's offlce, with?
out regard to hls recent electlon for
four years. The one point,. 'iqwever. I
' whlch ls clear ia that members of
the Board of Aldermen wlll demand
moro : llght - and Informatlon tlian ls
' contained'ln the brlef statement of the
,.i Flnance i, Committee, whlch accom,'
panles the report of City Aocountatit
;? What Charter Provides.
Thodutles of the Mayor in the prem?
lses aro clearly set fortlv in the char?
ter of tho clty, sectlons 40 and 50 be?
lng. as follows;
'?The aald Collector ?hall make re.
port' In wrltlug, under oath, to tue
Audltor, weekly. or oftener If requlred,
1 the amount of all uioneya eolleeted by
> hlru, aud ahaH-pay the same Into, ihe
, Ctty Treaaury lu the manucr herelu
before provtded, At the end ot each
Bacal year he ahall aubiutt to the Ctty
Councll a ?taten_5H< of all uioneya col
lected durlng the' year, and tbe par
ttoulsr warrHut, u??<-?_mcnt, nr ireount
? Upon whlch collected and tbe balance
t?t ntoneya uiicollectcd oa the warranta
ln hU hauda pr returned to the AurtJ
lur, ud i eo|i; of auch atatement aball
aUao be flled' wlth the Audltor of aald
' etty. ? ,
"The aald Collector la expr?__Iy pro
. Mblted from keeping tbe mouey of the
ctty lu |i>* hauda, or ln the banda of
? ?ay pcraon . or corporatlon to hla viae,
tteyoad the tlme preaertbed tor tbe
v - iCofitloue4 oa Fkii Vwo^ciilunui l.\~
Collector in Limelight
i'o Dellef Kntermltiril That Kx-Pre?l
dent Was Killed In Afrtrn.
NEW YORK, November 6.?Anothe
f those apparently ahsurd rumors tlia
iob up almost every tlme a promlncn
nan.gets out of dlrect touch with th
vorld went sklpplng over the countr;
o-day concernlng former Preslden
loosevelt. Thls wtll-o'-ihe-wisp ha.i
t that Mr. Rooseveltv had been ltlllei
n Afrlcn. and because of the danger
>f Afrlcan hunting freshly Imprlntei
?n the public mlnd by Mr. Roosevelf
nagazlne artlcles, there was some un
a.-inefia until Douglas lioblnson, Mt
loosevelt's brother-ln-Iaw, sald em
ihatlcally that he took uo stock li
uch reports.
Mr. Hoblnson branded the-flrst vngU'
eports of the day as falso, and whei
nformed to-nlght that later ruinor
md it that he (Mr. Robinson) hai
leen advlsed by cable of Mr. Roose
oHt's death. ho authorlzcd another vlg
frous denial. If anything had hap
?ened to hls lllustrlous brother-ln-lat
dr. Robinson was suro he wouid hea
if It lmmedlately, and accordlngly h
ilaced no credit ln the report. Maga
:ine edltors and other assoclates of Mi
^oosevelt In New York took thls sam
It was polnted out also that the Co
onlal i Offlce ln London wouid b
iromptly udvlfc-d of any mishap to Mi
ftoosevelt, _nd as nothing had bee:
leard there, thls was taken as an ad
lltlonal Indicatlon that the runior wa
tierely a news sprlte from the fleld o
:he slxth sense. Accordlng- to Ittee
sable dispatches. Mr. Rooscvelt I
lunting- on the Guas Inglshu plateat
ind will return to Londlana In abou
Ive weeks.
tlenrd Huinor Tlmmdny Mulil. .
A atrange featura connected. vK
tho sensatlonal rumor' from- Londo
.?esterdav that Theodore Roosevell ha
>een killed in AfrSca was the fact tha
h Boraeway thls j-eport got lnto mor
>r less general clrculatlon In - Rlch
nond Thursday nlght. At 7 o'cloc
>orao nervous person selzed the tele
iliono nnd anxlously lniulred of Th
rinies-Dlspatch lf- the former Pres!
lent was dead. And then throughou
he evenlng other persons sbught ln
formatlon on the same polnt. The ru
nor was. not dlgnlfied by publlcallor
iMhough the rumors yesterday brok
ooso more persistently.
jovernor Glanscock Peraunnlly 1'rolect
.Vrtrroesfrom Mob VloSenc*.
GASSA^AY, W. ? VA., November 6.
rho- two negrocs who woro untier ar
?est here In connection'with tho brute
issaiilt on Mrs. Albert Lockhold a
Sxchange. near here, last Wednesda:
;arly thls mornlng were taken froi
the Jall hero, placed aboard a speclt
:raln and-started for the county prlso
it Sutton, W: Va. ?
Before 6 o'clock thls mornlng th
tiegroes. surrounded. by natlont
guardsmon from Sntton and deput
merlffs, and accompanled by Governc
31asscock, members of his staft an
tho Mayor of thls place, departed. B
uslng unfrequented thoroughfarcs th
largo party reached the tracks of Lh
:oal and coke raUroad wlthout troubl
Here a spcclal-traln of work cars wa
In waitlng, ?.nd/ about an hour late
whon the track Tmd been 'cleared. gh
lng tho speclal rlght of way, the trl
lo Sutton, tho county'seat. was made
That a doublo lynchlng dld not tah
place hero ls' due malnly to the ciutc
actlbn of Governpr Gla-sscock. Wlie
tho populacc'dlscovered.- thls. mornln
that tho negroes* wero out' of the
reach thero was displayed a keen fee
ing of regret. Crles of "Klll the m
groes!" were heard ln varlous parts-i
the town, and for a tlmo Itwas feart
that a race war was: Immlnent. _.ate
however,''conditions grew q_ulet.- Tl
eye's of the town are. now turned ti
wards Sutton. A large number of li
cal .people. have started for that plac
but unless'alded by" resIdents.ofSuttO
It |s not b'elleved there':is:furtlier.dai
ger of a-double "lynchlng. ; . ;. ..'?
Before leavihg hero the - Goverrii
thariked -tho Mayor for hls efforta
prevent the lynchlng, 'and agaln e:
pressed his determinatlon to put a stc
to, the practlce of lynchlng in We
Virginia. '
UnWcrsIt- Studenta Don't Know Natu
o"f rromlnent Offlclala.
PROVIDENCE. R..I., ,November 5.
Nono. of tho Uwenty-foiir ' members
Prof. wllfred'H. Munroe's'hlstory cla
at Brown University, composed of se
lors and junlors. was. able "to-glve co
roctly tho full names bf/the-Presldo
of the Unlted' States,--a justloe'iot V
Supreme Court of.tho .Unlted Stati
tho Governor of Rhode Islarid. a'Justl
of tho Supreme Court "of Rhode Islai
and the Mayor ot Provldence when t:
qilestlons wero proposed' aa' a test-1
Prof. Munroe deslrod.to make an.e
perlment based on tlie recent^attem
to secure. a constltutlonal anieudmo
ln Maryland. reciulrlng from vote
ablllty to answer' correctly questlo
slmllar to these.
"ElBhteen of the twenty^four. mei
bers of tbe olass gave. correctly) t
Presldenfa full name, and two kn<
only hls last name. No on? succeed
ln glvlng the. full name of a Justloo
th"e Unlted States Supreme Court, Se
onte'en'had--?. nama partly oorre
Sovon could.not glve ? even ? tho ? lt
name bfa justlce.
.' ? i ' . ,'.*,' ' '' ',
Robbera Stlll at Large.
'?The two robbera who yestord
struok down' Cashler: Dobaon, of t
Canadlan Expross- Company, and <
caped with $14,000 ln cash, are sl
at large. Of eight suspacts rounded
all- were able; to establiBh '"allbls a
wero released. The robbera evlden
planned . thelr ? escape with an mu
oare as every other .move.ln the darl
robbery, a.nd". are '.now belleved 't'ol
across the border ln<the Unlted Stat
m-?... ; ? i".r.y.... .,.y. '.?---?
Waablnston Nuoaet Route to Callfom
Tourlst sleeplng our tour. tlmes weel
wlthout change. Personally conduct
Berth,' |I.B0, ?30'SuV Waltt au?U
President Joy-Rides
Over Savannah
Race Course.
Passes Under Arches of Etectric
Lights' Making City as Bright
. as Day?Senator Tillmai.
Takes Part ! in the
Presidential Re
CHARLESTON'. S. C, November G.?
Arrlvlng here at dtiBk thls even?
lng, Presldent Taft had one of
the most plctiiresque rcceptions of his
trip. At the head of a processlon of
automoblles, and escorted by an Im
posing array of mllltary organizations,
lie passed through the jjrinclpel busi?
ness streets of tho clty under arches of
electrlc lights that gave an illumlna
tlon nlmost equal to day. The slde
walks held an lmmenso throng, aud
the Presldent's passago . from the
Unlon Statlon to the homo of Mayor
Rhett, where he ls spendlng the nlght,
was marked by cheers.
Mr. Taft ls no stranger to Charles
ton. He has been here flve tlmes ln
recent years.
Hls receptlon to-night waa a repeti
tion of the cordlal welcomes the Presl?
dent had recelved elsewhere In the
To-nlght he was the guest of honor
at a banquet tendered to him fcy the
clty. It was arranged wlth especlal
regard to the Presldent's comfort. and
the only set speeches were the intro_
ductlon of the Presldent by Mayor
Rhett and the response by Mr. Taft. in
whlch he oxpressed hls gratlflcatlon at
belng ln Charleston and hls regret that
he could not make a longer stay. Tho
Presldent leaves to-morrow morning
at 8 o'clock for Columbla, and wlll
reach Augusta, Ga., to-morrow nlght
for a stay of two days.
Pltchfork Preaent.
. Governor Ansell and Senatorn Tlllman
and Smlth arrlyed ln Charleston thls
afternoon to asslst ln the welcome to
the President. and were among the
guests of honor at the banquet to
night. Thls- is the flrst presidential
receptlon "*ln whlch Senator Tlllman
has partlclpat'-d tn a good many
years. ?Untll Mr, Taft' was tnaugu
rated Mr.' Tlllman had not even beon
a caller at tho White House for a long.
long tlme.
On hls arrlval the Presldent -was es?
corted to Cltadel Green, the old pa?
rade ground of the South Carollna Mll?
ltary Academy. where the major por
tlon of the mllltary escort was drawn
up. At Mayor Rhetfs resldence an In
formal receptlon was held before the
? Presldent Taft had a btisy day In
Savannah before leavlng there at 2:30
P. M. for this city. Durlng a mornlng
sall down thd rlver to Fort Screven
be wltnessed an accident. In whlch it
was thought at flrst two mon had been
kllled. As lt turned out, one man. a
negro, lost hls arm Jvm another hla
eye. The two men wero flrlng a sa
lutc to the President from a small
cannon drawn up at the water front.
A premature exploslon occurred as
the negro was rammlng home a chargo
of powder, and In the cloud of smoUe
whlch followed the report of the can?
non the President saw a man flying
through the alr. The man fell into
the rlver. The ramrod whlch he had
held shot across the bow of the revonuo
cutter Tamacraw, on the deck pt
whlch the Presldent was standlng. ? Mr.
Taft called attention to the accident
at once. The man struegllng ln tho
water was rescued, however, and the
Presldent later was relleved to flnd
there had been no loss of llfe
llltn Hlgh Places Only. ,
' The rlver trlp ended. the President .
partlclpated ln a parade through tha
streets and parks of Savannah. durlng
whlch he must have be.on greeted by
practlcally the entlre population of the
city. Ho then went for a fast spin
over the automobile courso where the
Irand prlze race of 400 mlles was run
last fall. "In many ways lt was the
most ^ectacular ride the Presidopt has
??er had? veteran automobllist that he
l8-The average speed for the^ twenby
five mlleswas forty mlles an hour^and
on the stratghtaway stretches the speed
r,f thp Presldent s car was held upw
fortv-elrtt mlles an hour. Returnlng
'S hls -traln from luncheon at tho.Thuu
,?,i,nit raslno the Presldent made a
short? dasChatn?heVate of flfty-two mlles
anHe?made' thls speed over that por
tlon of the course, however,. whero
.lB grand prizo cars averaged moro
than 100 mlles an hour. Tho record
for the 400 mlles of that race was
65.5 mlles an hour. whlch atanda as
the Amerlcan road record. The Presl?
dentwas accompanled by ^Governor
Joseph M Brown, Mayor Tledeman. of
Savannah, and Captain Butt. and wlth
hls grap.cap pulled down pn hls head,
he soemed to enjoy the ride Inime.se
Iv The chauffaur reduced speed but
llttle in taking the- sharply bar.ked
tUThe" automobile rido was lnterrupt
ed to ? permlt the Presldent to stop
for a few mlnutes.at the Bethesda pr
Phan Home, where he madea llttle
sneeoh to the boys, telllng them thero
was no reason why any ono of them
should not become President of the
Unlted States. ?? -., ' _ L ''_
The Presldent also stopped' to ad?
dress abody of students ifrom a negro
sehool. and, returnlng to tho clty, he
passed ln' roviow of all the publlo
sehool chlldren of the clty. Wlth thelr
enthu8lastlc cheers ringlng ln hls ears,
he. boarded hin train for Charleston,
nlackburn Jfot to Returu.
. VBRSAHiLI-B, KY? November 5,?At
a receptlon glven ln his honor ta-nlght,
Joseph C. S, Blackburn, Governor of
the Pahama Canal Zone, declared hls"
?? Intentlon of remaining: Ih Kentuoky,
?t and sald the Canal Zone had lost its
v- charm for him. -.
st. ? ? _;-??=$-:
_?t ??'?-. ' .'I
ohn Stewart Kennedy
Generous to Many ?
OF $60,000,000
tetired Banker Desired to Leave
"Some Expression of My Sym?
pathy With Religtous, Charit
able, Benevolent and Edu
cational Institutions"
of America.
wTEW YORK, November 5.?John
^ Stewart Kennedy, ono of Aine
?* rica"s Uttie-known rlch men,
.ho dled of whooping cough ln- Jils
rew York reslaence on Sunday laat,
3ft bequests of more than *v!a,ooo.ooc
o rellglous, cha.rlta.ble and educationa!
?istltiitlons in hls wlll. flled for pro
ato here to-day. Tho glft is the larg
st single contrlbutlo^ of its klnd evei
lade, and the b?sneflclarles Include
ducatlonal and church Instltutlom
rorth. South, East and Weat. ln the
odntry and severa.l abroad, slxty lt
Nearly half of the $25,000,000 gocs
0 institutions connected with the
>resbytexlan Church. of which Mr.
Cennedy was an actlve member. Oth
r large beneflciarlea Include the Ame
Ican Blble Soclety. the Metropolltar
luseum of Art, the New York Publlj
llbrary. ,the New York Unlted Charf
les, Columbla University, and Roberti
:ollege, Constantlnople. ?
Aslde from these glfts, Mr. Kennedj
eft approxlmately J35.000.000 to hlf
vlfe, hls relatives and a great num
ier of friends and employes.
The wldow's share wlll be abou
1C.000.000. All of the testator's. em
?loyeB receive glfts of from $500 to $2,
>00 each.
The charltable, rellglous and educa
ional Institutions which receive thi
argest bequests are to sharo the rest
lue of the nstato left after definlti
rlfts of approxlmately $12,000,001
lave been pald out;
Some of the Gltta.
Their sbares are estlmated by coun
iel for the executors aa follows:
Presbvterlan Board of Forelgn Mls
llons.' $2,250,000. ,.,._? . ,
Presbyterian Board of Home Mls
dons. $2,250,000. ,?
Presbvterlan Cbyrcb extenslon -fund
12,250,1100. ' ^ ? A .
Presbyterian Hospltal, >.ew York
'.250.000.. . , ,, ? , .,
Robert College, Oonstantlnople, $1.
Presbyterian Board of Ald for Col
eges, $750,000. ^-.-.V .A;
Metropolltan Musoum of Art, Nev
Cork $2,250,000.
New York Publlc X.lbrary. $2,250,000
Columbla University. $2,250,000.
Unlted Charltles, New York. $1,500.
Amerlcan Blble Soclety, $750,000.
Charltv Organlzatlon Soclety, Nev
STork, $750,000.
Among the nuraerous small glfts an
:he followlng:'
Yale Collego, $100,000.
University of Glasgow, Scotlani
?'?where from my lnfancy I reslded un
itl I came to thls country"). $100,000
Tuskegee Normal and ludustrial In
ititute.' $100,000.
Hampton Normal School and . Agrl
mltural Instltute, $300,000.
Anatollo College, Marsovan, .Turkey
150.000. . /
Syrlan Protestant College. Belrnt
rtirkey, $25,000.
Amerlcan School at Smyrna. Turkey
120.000. ?
Centre College,. Danvllle, Ky., $35,000
Berea College. Kentucky. $50,000.
Presbyterian Board of. Relief for Dls
iblcd Minlsters, $304>00.
There are also numerous bequests o
from $5,000 to $25,000, generally t
ocal rellglous and charltable organlza
Qulet and Unoatentatlous.
The long list of glfts ls prefaced 1
the wlll by thls paragraph:
"Havlng been'greatly prosperous 1
the buslness which ;I carrled on fo
moro' than thlrty years ln thls. 'm
adopted country. and belng deslrous o
leavlng.some expresslon oc.my sym
pathy with Its. rellglous. charltabh
benevolent and educatlonal instltutlom
1 make these glfts."
Mr. Kennedy, whose death on Sun
day occurred, .with only, brlef commer
by the press, was one of the mllllon
aire ? phllanthroplsts whose ? glft
though "mea-wred. . ln mllllons, wer
mado with as llttle glare of publlctt
as posslble. As he gave quletly. s
he had llwed unostentatlously, an
made hls prlncely fortune with HtU
blaro 'of trumpets. Besldcs -;belng
banker, he was..one of the country'
chlef bullders of.rallroads. a patron r
art and educatlon,'and ln hls:own qul<
way one. of New York's foremost a/1
vocates of sclentlflcally organlze
Many of hls great benofactloris prol
ably-never were made publlc, but li
flgured ln recent years as the glver <
the N300.000 Home for the Unlte
Charlties in this clty, of $1,000,000 t
the Presbyterian Hospltal, $250,000 t
the'School of Fhllanthropy, $500;000't
Columbla University and of $400,000 1
a nurses'- home for the Presbyteiia
Hospltal. '
, Many even among the well Informe
had llttle Idea as to';the real wealth i
the retlred banker. ,On- Wall -Strei
Mr. Kennedy had the: reputation
keeplng the largest cash balance i
hls bank : accounta of ? any . New Yor
flnancler. .
As .banker and Irivestor, ho alwaj
showed great. lnterest tn the dovelot
ment of the Nortnwest. ,
Drurantlc .Sulelde.
PARIS,. November 5.?A man who.
belleved to bo -elther an Amerlcan <
an Engilshmnn dramatlcally committc
sulelde ln a Montmartre cafe to-ntgh
Ho had asked the orchestra seven tlmi
to play. the . waltss, "When ? Love Dles
and as the last stralns dled away I
placed a plstol to hls head and sh<
himself dead.
GREENVILLE. N.C. November 5.
A fatal autoinobllo wreck occurred
near here lato thls afternoon, when!
motor car. which was occupled by E. G.
Flannagan, J. I* Flemlng, Harry Skln
ner, Jr., and. S. C. Wopten, prominent
cltlzens ot Groenyllle, turned turtle.
In trying. to pasa.a lumber wagon,
Mr. Flannagan, who . was drlvlng. the
machlne, lost control and crashed with
terriflc forco lnto a treo by tho road
Tho machlno turned a soraersault
Mr, Flemlng was. thrown on hls head,
breaklng his neck andkllllng hlm al
most Instantly. Mr. Flannagan was
caught under tho machlne and badly
crushed; three ribs belng broken and
serlous Internal Injuries sustalned.
Sklnner's skull was fractured, a.nd ho
Namea .of Thoac Who Wlll Nomlnate
?Executlve Ofnceraof Roml.
NEW YORK, Novembor 6.?Tho com
posltion'of the speclal committee of
Seaboard A!r Llno dlrectors who are
cbarged with the task of nomlnatlng
tho executlve officers of the road was
made known. to-ttay. It ls as follows:
Li. F. Loroe, presldont Delaware and
Hudson; Y. Vnndenburg-and Ernest
Thalmannr of the banklng "house ;of
Dadenburg,- Thalmann & Co.; B. P. Yba
kum, chalrman of. the board' of the
St, Dbuts and San Franctsco ?Railroad;
S. Davles Warfleld. presldent of tho
Gontlnent'al - Trust Company, of Balti
more; John S. Williams.-presldent of
the-Georgla. and Florlda.Ral]way;N. S.
Meldrum,; of the banklng. house of,
Blalr & Co., New York; Wallace B.
Donham, vlce-presldent of tho . Old
Colonv Trust 'Company. of Boston. and
Franklin Q. Brown, - vlce-presldent of
tho Gebrgla and" Florida Railway. The
dutles ? of ?tho committee, in .addition:
to. recommendlng t men for the varlous
oftlces, also ? embrace revlslng tho by
laws and dcftnlng the authority? pf the
officers. " .
The committee; wlll. lt Is expected,
sub'mlt Its recommendatlons. to the
dlrectors ,at thelr meetlng to bo held
on November .11..'" . . .
Van Wyck to Be ?Boas."
NEW YORK, November 5.?It was
sald to-nlght that leadtntr' Brooklyn
Democrats have declded upon former
Supreme Court Justlce Augustus Van
Wyck as the successor of the late
Patrlck H. McCarren'ao leader of tho
Brooklyn. Democraoy.
Mr. Van Wyck, who was defeated
for Governor of Now York State by
Theodore?Roosevelt, has- been- ln .prac
tlcal command slnce'-McCarren's death
by vlrtue of hls posltlon as chalrman
of a "provlslonal committee," appolnt-:
ed early ln tho municlpal campaign
for the purpose of fuslng the war.rlng
olements In the Brooklyn Democratlo
party. ;
? ? i. '
Father Tabb III. ? , '
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.] ;
BALTIMORE. MD., Novembor 5.?
Rev, John B. Tabb, tha poot priost.
known all ovor the country by hls nom
de plurae of Jay Bee-T.ee. ls 111 at St.
Charles Collego. near HJlllcott Clty.
Md. It wns sald to-nlght that he/was
ln no lmmodtate danger. Father Tabb
is nearly bllnd.
TimeS'Kspatchi Gdo'espond
The annual meetingof the Times-Dispatch CorrespOndents' Assocl?
ation will take place atMurphy's^H 1." The
President of the United States will address the correspondents on next
Wednesday morning.
Harry Skinner Dies on Special Train, Charter
ed to Take Him to Richmond
for Treatment. [
was othcrwlse badly bruisefl. Ifo di?d
as he was belng taken oh a speclal
traln for. treatment to Richmond.
Mr. Flernlrig waa Stato Senator from
Pltt county, and Mr. Skinner, tho soh.
of Unl ted States District Attorney Har?
ry Skinner. '
Fatber Haatens Home.
\VII_MINGTON. N. C. November 6.?
Colonel Harry Skinner, Unlted States
dlstrict attorney.for tho Eastern Dls?
trict of North Carollna, had arrlved.to
nlght .to . attend ; the celebration ln
honor 'of Presldent Taft on /Tuesday
when .informed by long ? dlstance tele?
phone'of. tho traglo doath of, his "son
at. Greenvllle, N. C. ' Ho. left to-nlght
on a speclal Ualn for hls home ln re
sponse to the dlstresstng. news.
Four Men Injured When Steatuplpe
Broke, Durlng Speed Test.
PORTSMOUTH, N. H.. Novomber 5.?
As the ,new > battleshtp North Dakota
wancompletlng: her four-ho'urs', endur
ance run at a ,twenty-one-knot galt off
tho Nojv. England coast. to-day wlth
the battlesbip spoed champlonshlp of
Amerlca almost'tn her grasp ,a boiler
roora accident roljbed her ofTtholaurels
andr^HBnt her '? sourrylng Into thls port
to" land -four Injured men. . The-blg
ship, nevertheless, exceeded ; her con?
tract requlrernent of twenty-ono knots
an hour/ maklng 31.71 ln tho .flrst two
?hours,. 21.64 ln tlie thlrd h'our and'21
knots flat as she hurrled ? ln . on the
fourth 'hour to' thJs'port, The Injured
men are ? Wllliam H. '? Grange, water
tender;'? John Soyden, <\oaI passer;-A.
Petersen,,fireman1 and PeterMcConnell.
flremao; Souden : was badly 'soalded,
and .when landed ? thls afternoon '? waa
sufferlng Intensely.
-On; tho flrst two.'hours of-her trlal
to-day the North Dakota's englnes de
?veloped 32,000-horsepower,
She-was enteririg the'fourth-hour of
her test when a seven-Inch tube ln one
of the lower rows of bollers blew out
?and fllled the room wlth steam. ? The
eriglneers irhniedlately cut oft four of
the _our,Leen ' hotlers.
As soon as the- extent of tho Inju?
rles of tho' flremen had < been ascer
talned. the North Dakota' was sw.ung
around and headed back up ? the coast
fpr: thls port, whero lt was known that
a^-good harbor could be.reached shortly
after the explratton of tho tlmo llmlt.
AU' four of. the Injured men bravely
urged the.englneer force to disregard
thelr Injurles and keop the battleship
on- her ? work. Under the ten bpllers
twenty,-one knots was'malntalned for
the balance of the time, and at ? -l
o'clock the .North Dakota steamed Into
thls. harbor_a?Bi*i.sent the injured men
ashore. ^f
The de^'---':.:- tube was replaced and
arrangemonts were made to leave at
mldnlghtfor the. twenty-four-houc run
at a speed of nlneteen knots an hour.
Lo-ia Wlll Reach Ualf * Mllllon, and
100'Men Out of Work.
[Speeial to The Tlmes-DIspatch.]
NEWBERN. N. C.f November 6.?
3:30 A. M.?Gutted by flre, the enttrt
shops of the Norfolk and Souther.
Rallway. was destroyed at 2:30 o'olool
j thla mornlng, Everything was destroy?
ed ' excep t the palnt department Al
cars- and locomotives were conaumet
ln tho flames and the-? total loos wll
amount to approxlniatoly J500.000.. On<
hundred and fifty men aro thrown ou
of employroent,
.m" > ' '?' ???? .
Edltor Dead.
UTICA, N. Y.. Kovember , C?DeWIt
C. Flnch, an associate of. ICorace Greole;
on tlie New York Trlbune, and latei
edltor of the T.ewls Cou.ity l>*raoera
for many years, dled to-nlght at hl;
homo.. in Lowviil.. aged elgUty-two.
Screams to Jury, *'Watch
Her Faint When I
Even the Enemies of Mme. Stein
heil, Accused of Murdering Her
Husband and Stepmother,
Cheered Prisoner and
Hissed Savagc Ques
ISpeclal Cable to The Tlmea-Dlapatxh.]
Pjuti*, Aovcniner .'?.?tviiea. eourt
oiieued to-aay, the Uilnt day ot
tlie trlnl of tue -Tragle ivtdow,"
i.iuie. Marguerlte Stel nhell, , for the
murder of her liuaband aud afepmothe'r,
Alme. .Inpy, it waa piainly ivlileut tnat
tui; temtlc Hirmu i>aa iieglamuic to trll
ou all. The ni-.rvea ot tne urealiUiig
Judge and l'roaecutor Viacouiit de
Vullea aud tlie m-uuuxul prliunirr were
ou edgc.
To-iuiy the glonray ball wnurc tne
woman in on trlal for her lite wlt
ncsaed nrawllug acenea uuil nut-urata
of vulgur abuie thnt wouid. dlngruuu a
At one tlme tlie preaident ot the a?
alsea aboutcd at the top of hls volce
to the Juryi
"I am golng to aak thls nomu ?
queatlou. Watch her well. Se? what
a clcver actreaa ?bc la. Tlie momtal
I aak the queatlon ahe lrlll lalnt. i
Wntvh for the taiiitlng." j
The black-clad woman, half-cronch- '
lng la the dock, geatlculated . wltdly
| and acreained to the Juryi
j "Thla la lufamoua. It Ia unfair."
Crowd Cheera Hrlaoner.
M. Aubiu, the prlaoner- couaael*
Juniped lo hls n-et Hnd crledi
' "S'o, Mr. Preaident. You go too faat
and too far." Mlngled cheera for tha
prlaoner and alaaea for the Judge -Ued
the court room.
It waa the moat aavage, the most
brutal attack the Judge had yet maae
on Miw. Stelnhell, autd even thoae who
had been her enemlea prevloualy were
her f rlenda now. Bnt the wldow did -
not falnt, though ahe atood waitlng the
legal aword thrnat. Her face waa whlta .
with anger, nnd at laat the presldent
had almoat aubeceded la maklng her
look llke a womaa who could klll.
In another tnoment, the Judge eri
dently havlng declded not to' put tha
queatlon, she had taken ? agaln the caa
aid eyea and low voice of a good llttln
She then went on to explain the tan- .
gled matter of the atolen jewelry, whea
auddenly the Jndge arott aad ahoutedi
"Ton are a llnr, llarl*'
With ancfa aeenea. the laat day'a ea
aml?atloa of the prtaoner waa conclod
cd. Her defenae waa remarkable for
the - energetlo varlety : of the ' anawcra
which ahe gave to every attack aad
even the aaraaeat abuae.
Thoac Black Domlaoea.
Tho day began with a dlscusslon ot
the llttle Hebrow tbeatre where tlio
gabardlnes?which Mme. Stelnhell said
wero slmllar to those worn by tho
murderers^?were stolen sbortly beforo .
the crime. They had beon rented,
strangely enough. for a performahco
of "6aln and Abel." and vanlsbed tha
nlght of the crime.
Here Mme. Stelnhell. Interrupted,
saylng that lf the police knew of thla
clue on the nlght of the murder, thoy
had never made any move^to." flnd out
who stole. the. gabardlnes, |
"That ls of no lmportance," sald tho
presldent. "They were usea by a band
of strolling players, who come and go."
Plea to the People.
The questlon of how much money
was stolen from the house then came
up. Here the wldow. made one of hor
wonderful ploas to tho jury. which ls
composed ot worklng peoplo and
"Wo had no great Income," she said,.
"but also .wa had no debts. I. .worked
and mado all my own clothes and hata
and costumes for rnodela-. I even mado
some of my husband's clothing. I am.
of the people. 1 have always loved tlio.
plaln people, and suroly they wlll not
desert me now, when I am deserted by
all the great and powerful." :
Leavlng tho questlon of tho stolen
$1,300,' tho presldent then; went back
agaln to the mornlng that she waa dls
covered tled up to her bed.
"It. la susplolous that you did. uot
ask for your husband." he sald.
"X dld ask to havo hlm' come' to me.
I trted to go to my mother, but waa
prevented by the maglstrates and po?
lice, What you really havo agalnst
mo ls that 1 am stlll,allve. There la
no legal evldence agalnst me. It ls alt
Calla Her Aet* Infamooa.
The famous affalr of the pearl she
hld ln her valet's pocketbook and
which later eaused nls arrest was then
taken up by the presldent, Thls la
the chlef evidence agalnst her.
When the trlck waa dlscovered,. she ^
was arrested, and the tnnocent man.
Remy Goulllard. freed. Even thls das-.
tardly action she explalned with somo
plaualblllty. Remy had stolon some
lettera and stamps, and alt her friends
among the journalists and tho police
suspected blm. Shearranged that the
pearl b? found ln his possesslon that
he mlght, be forced to cuiu'ess.
"It waa Infamous." sold Mme. Steln?
hell in a low volce, "and 1 bltterly re
grot lt. But I know that Frwch
judgoB use elrallar means lu extortlng
oontesslons (tha judge storraed ln pro
test) from thelr beat friends," sho con?
tinued. *-? ' 'O
She was not permltted to go further
and tell tbe name of the Judge who,
aad taught her the ;lnqulsltlon moth?
ods 'of the police, ',-,
.-"'.?! waa Mad,"'
' Mme. Stelnhell sald that sho had alsa
acoused Alexandre Wolf, the son uf,
hor sen,-ant, ot the orlme bec_tise eh?
had heard tlia-t ,116 had * largo sum ot
money the day after the murders. -
Ih a word, her defenso waa: r,Tw^a
Badgerod day and nlght by the po?
lice for.ayear, thls la net such a PJU^
able defense as lt eouml* wheh'!;lllty
wonderful personalSty of thla^woroati,;,
her eloquence, her exti-ord^riSry- ch?rwi;i
oC wc-rda artd, gosturos. aM , tho ???>?/

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