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Jluilness Ofllce...,..911! K. Maln Street
Maneheater Uureau.no.i Hull Street
rctrriibuiB Bureau...... 109 N, Sycamorc Street
l.ynciiburg Buteau.215 Kljrhtli Street
BV MA1U One Slx Three One
POSTAGKPAItt Year. Mos. Mos. ? Mo
Dally with Sundiiy .... fci.00 JJ.OO UM ..Vl
Dally without Sunday . 4.00 2.00 1.00 .35
Sunday edIUon only ... 2.(10 1.00 .50 .2>
Weekly (Wcdncaday) .. 1.00 40 .25 ...
lly Tlmes-DIspatch Carrter Dellvery Service ln
llichmond (and aubutba), Manchcalcr and Pcters.
One Weelc
Dally with Sunday. 14 cents
Dally witliout Sunday. 10 ccnia
bunday only. 5 cents
Entered January 27. 190.1, at RIchmond. Va.,
as eecoud-class mattcr under act ol Congress of
Maich J, 1879.
Saturday, december 25, ioop.
Mixic is comlng lnto Hs own as tho
iavorlto patriotlc alr o? Amcrlca. At
Jcast surh is the publlshed oplnlon of
O. G. T. SonnccK, who has Just' com- |
plotcd a hlstory of our natlonai songs,
"Yankoc Doodle," "Hall Columbla" and
the "Star Spangled Banncr" are all
?well cnough, ho malntalns, but "Dixlo"
i;tanda first in tho csilmatlon of the
" Tho learned wrlter in qucstion glvcs
no cxplanatlon of this state of affairs
und offcrs no reason for the lastlng
famc of "Dixle." As a matter of fact,
nonc is nccded. No one who has 11s
tened to tho othors and bas then
hcard the strains of "Dlxic" wlll -have
tho least doubt as to the rooson. The
others lack the fundameiital fcaturc of
martlal muslc; they are ncithcr stlr
rlng, Insplrlng nor appcallng. "Yan
keo Doodle," for cxamplc, dcsplto its
hlstory a"d honorablo ropntatlon, ls
about as foollsh and wcak a song as
ever a crack-brainod muslc master por
pctrated on a sufferlng ' audl'once.
"Hall Columbla,'' though of a some
what morc cxaltcd style, is bettcr
Kiiltcd for tho scdatc Washington's
lovce than for the fleld of battle.
"Amcrlca," of courso, ls borrowed, and
"Tho Star Spangled Banncr," for tho
jnyerago songsters, is impossiblo.
"Dixie" is diffcrcnt. lt has a spirit
piul a scntlmcnt bencath its jingled
clialccL In every sense It is "flghtins"
muslc?music that makes u man; rc
."ioico us he gocs to battle, and music
lhat insplrcs the man of pcacc. But
after all, the charm of "Dixlc" llcs
Jn Its assoclations. lt Is, so to spcak,
b spcaklng pugo from that past ln
wlilch bravc men fought agalnst heavy
odds. To the vctcran It recalls tho
batllcfield; to those who knew not the
war, lt glvcs the spirit of the day.
"Dixlo" descrves its ncwly carnod
tlistlnction as the song of tho con
tpicrcd that won tho conquerors.
Vlctory scems to have scttlod on tho
Knntucky tobacco growi-rs. Durlng
this wcek's "brcaks" thoy havo rs
celyed the hlghest prices on rccord for
thelr crop, and havo had the satlsfnc
tlon of almost dlctatlng terms to the
Amerlcan Tobacco Compagiy. Thcir
vlctory ls a hard-carned one, comlng
nt the end of long war and turmoll.
For many scasons tho trust and" Its
Mibsidlary manufacturers praotlcaliy
choso Us own terms and paid the
plantcrs what It pleased. Tho rcsult
was povcrty, discontent and short
Tho turn of tho tidc was not the out
comc of the nlght ridlng. These ruf
fians, in fact, dld more harm -than
sood in dlviding tho forces of the
growors and in l4creatlng dlssension.
Tho day was roajfy,.?yon''Dy tho patlcncw
of the plantcrs and by the support of
the merchants, who allowed uccounts
?.o run on for months whlle tho farm
< rs wcrc fighting. This support, added
to thelr flrm purposo to bldc thelr
tlme, at length brought ihe trust
Both the result and the mcthods
form a new chapter in American agri
culture. Ncvcr beforo on so large a
vcalo have tho produccrs been ablo to
cope on equal terms wlth the manu?
facturers. .\cvcj- beforo hay a farin
crs' trust conquered a manufucturors"
trust. The questlon naturally arlsos
whether this vlctory may not presago
others under tdinilar conditions. If the
tobacco growcrs can succcssfully unitc,
why cannot tho cotton plantcrs, tho
grain farmcrs, tho cattlc ralscrs?
g The answer is to bc found iu tlie
ueculiar condltlons surrounding tho
Kentucky tobacco market. The rarra
crs who won this vlctory ralscd to?
bacco that cannot bc had elsewhere.
and they thcrcforc had a particular
advantage whicli selclom lalls to the lot
01 any farmc-rs. jn the same way, the
KentuckiaiiB livcd in a comparaUve'.y
.small arca, whero disctpllne eould bc
exaot and wherc unity could bo morc
readily ussured. n similn,- condltlon..
should, by any c-hancc, aid the organl
aailori of otlu-r ianners, a "trust-busi
ing" farmers' trust mlght bc posslble
Otherwlse it must walt for a now .lay
of production and a new metnod o?
I Tne People of RIchmond are always
interestcd in tho progress of our nogrc
populatlon. Tbe morc generous of the
whltes have shown thelr interest bj
ajdlng every effort to Improve the gen?
eral condltion of the negroes; tho citv
os a whole, has dealt falrly wlth tliou
and has encouraged them.to thrift ant
Sdod order. H the results of thli
policy havo bt-en rc-ftl and lastlng, thi
whites have themsclvis to thank ai
woll as the negroes.
The most reccnt proof of what Rlch
niond negroes aro doing ls seen ln thi
Atlditor's r^port, whero theit- propert:
li llRtr-d. Pcrhsps few cltlpen-a will b
prejparc.J for this sliowlng. Nf-grocs li
thls clly rettirnod renl estate to tho
vtiluc of $2,057,517, and porsonal pro?
pcrty ln tho stitn of |47i),400. As an
uvmenco of good buslness ablllty and
frugal, carcful savlng, this rocord do
scrvcs tho comnicndntlon ot the on
tirc clty.
In rnjolclng over theso flgures, one
or the eolored pupora of the clty tnkos
occuslon to polnt out tho inorul to Its
rendors. It anys:
"Whllo tho Industrlous, wcll-bo
liavcd, good-mcnnlng eolored ncoplo
nre Improvlng thelr llnanclal condi?
tion anrl lndlroclty nddlng to tho nia
lerln.1 weulth of the communltles lu
whlch they live, the lawless, dtsreput
able eolored people are bulldlng up
brush ilres ln our rcar hy thelr out
rngootifl conduct, and thls wlll tond to
dostroy much of tho product of honost
toll. For tfils rcason, we should study
out some method to curb nnd control
tho wlld. dlssolute eolored clemcnts,
whicli cause us so much concern nnd
no nnd of nnnoyance. We cannot rely
cntlrely upon the pollco power of the
rcspectlvc commuultlcs In whlch wc
live to do it. We must do much of the
work ourselves, and our orgnnlzatlons
owo lt to thcmselvcs and to the race
and to tho government to mnkc an
linnest persistont effort to reform nnd
reclalm the mnss of poverty and crlme
whlch causes the Assoclated Press dls
patches to teom with the dlsreputable
actlons of manjj of our people who
might be i-estrnlhed and taught better."
This Is good, sound sense that must
appenl to every rlght-thlnklng man In
the clty. Tlio negroes, as n -whole,
should not- properly be Judgcd by tho
conduct of the worst clcment; but, as a
mattor of facl, they aro oftcn
dudged. If thls condition of affaira
Is ever to bo corrected, it must be
through tho nction of the negroes them
nelves in frownlng upon the crlminal
and unwortliy clements in their mldst.
Tho city wlll be glad to sec the
better class of negroes movlng in thls
dlrcction, nnd wlll choerfully boar
witness to the progrcss they havo al?
ready made. Ton ynars ago lt was prnc
tlcally tmpossible to securo evidence
agalnst a negro from those of hls own
race. At that tlme a nogro might bo
hidden wlth frlends in Jackson Ward
and could almost latigh at the pollce.
To-day there are many negroes who
would unhcsitutlngly exposo such a
crlminal, and there aro others?many
of them?who would not be party to
conccallng them.
Thls of Itself aliows an upward move
ment and Indiciites how the better men
among the negroes aro strlvlng to
galn tho conlidence many of them dc
Amerlcan wnr clouda have a liappy
way ot fading away. rtalsed by yel
low journalists and fanncd by intein
perato Congrcssmen. they have loomed
up wlth surprlsing rcgularlty ln re
cont years. Not very long ago tho
hcatcd minds of incautious orators saw
danger ahcad in our rclatlons wlth
England. Confllct with tho mlstress
of the scas was Incvitablc. Troops
woro galhering in Canada; fortrcsscs
wero bclng ercctcd on the lakes; only
some ovCrt a*et was neccssary to sturt
the storm. A littlo lator. it will be
icmcmbercd, troublo with Gcnnany
was forecast. The Kaiaor was the
natural enemy of Amorica, and was
but secking tho stratcgic moment to
vent hls grudge.
Both of theso clouds passcd without
a sprinklc of blqod, without a thun
<lcr' of artillcry. ? Bascd on nothlng.
these rumors carno to nothlng. Then
it was that tho Japancsc cloud loomed
large. lt was casy to sco troublo in
tho Oricnt. Japan was bent on con
qucst; her tecmlng mlllions were seck
ing an outlct; her growing commcrce
was dcmanu.ng new ports. Formosa
was hcrs; the Phillpplncs were before
her. But gradually thls cloud -went
salllng by, to the aniazement of proph
ets and to tho dlscomfiturc of calam
ity-howlers. The sun of pcacc still
Mlnister Lchlda's intervlew in Wash?
lngton, day before yesterday, Is well
calculated to diaperse any clouds that
inay have' liiiRcrcd. Of course. Mr.
Uchida is a dlplomat who speaKs hls
mind only in clpher to hls govern?
ment. Tlio pooplc are not his confi
dants. Desplto this fact, howevcr. his
calrn dcclaratlon that tho immlgratlon
question is settled wlll convlnce many
doubtefs. The nlatter is very simple,
hc avers: Japan will not pormit those
classes to-leavo Japan whlch nre un
welcome ln Amerlca, and wlll thcroby
remove'all causc for international frlc
MuLual concossion is tho sole basis
for poaco among nations, nnil Japan's
actlon iu this instance is the surest
guaranteo of her desire to prcserve
amicablc relatlons. W"0 feel sure that
this i-entiment wlll be reclprocated,
and that thls country will maintaln,
now as always, frlendly lrtcrcourse
with the Ensrland of tho Orient.
It requlres no seer to dlscern the
coming reform in tho asscssment of
taxes. The flght which tho papcrs of
the State have been waglng for months
is rapidly bringing re3Ulls. Follow
Ing the sttttemunt from Senator Kco
zeli that he cansldered tax reform thn
most hnporlant lssue before the As
sembly, came tho unltation for ault
able assessors iu the varioua dlstrlcts
or the Stato. ln Frederlcksburg, for
examplo, tho press urged upon Judgo
GoDlrick tho iieceislty of appolntlng
men who would obey the spirit and
tho Icttrr of tho law In llstiug real
estate for tusatlon. They appt-ur
thorouglily Batlaned wlth tho judgo'a
appolntments, and oxprosa the oplnion
that, Spotsyivatiia, iHada wni.be a;i
ti-jsed at their fulr mark.et valuo.
Now c'oinoa iho anncuncoinunt that
Judgo Apderso'n,' of the Cllfton Forge
clrouit, has culli'd a: ..onfurence of a.11
me aascSBOra wlthjn hls JuritfaijuVon. to
discuss tho in.ethods to, b'e'emplbyod,
1 Ho considers that itn-y, wlll be better
able, after oul-Ji a.ooiifereritT, io rnake u
unlform vuluallon at a luir flgiinj,
This HtrilcMs u? ii? an udiiilrablo huk
gestion. Ot courtio, tlu- law ren;uif??
that the assessom ot a glyiri dlntrlet
conft-r together before maklng their
retun.s; but thia law la i,y ,,., inoaqa
onforcod. Jiidge Andoraou'a p|au
i would ut Uact Inmu- a cortuet undyr
(standlng bclwccn tho asscssorB, untl
would sociiro a comparntlvc unlfortu
Ity ot tuxcH in a cotisldcrnblo scctlor
of llio State, lf othcr jndgon wlll tnkt
up tho samc Idea, untl if tho naseusort
wlll make any cffort to Hccurc u falt
busls of asHcssmcnt, tho cxlstlng nvllf
of tho systotn may bo much rcduccd.
Thcsc incasiircn, however,aru mcrc
makcshlfts. Tiio cslabllshmcnt ot u
itix commlsslon, wlth powcrs to supor
vlso and adjusl tho asscssments, wlll
alono glvo tho .Stato a falr nystom of
tuxalloit, Wo conlldently bcllovo that
tho Bcglsluttirc wJll croato such a
commlssjou, and wlll put an end, once
and forover, to asscssments that allow
onu man to pny a tllhc of his Just
taxes, whlle another bcurs his full
burden. *
We aro ngaln trcmbllng on tho vcrgo
ot war, announccs RIchmond Poarson
Hobson. Somo people would rather
havo a war than have Hobson always
tnlkltig about. one.
Eggs nrc fearfully hlgh, but even
thon they mnko bctto^ eggnog ln RIch?
mond than clsewhere' ltr the univcrse.
Thcrc's a powerful glut of straw
borrlcs on the mnrkct. It's not sur
prlslng. Who wunts them when they
sell for only n. dollar a quart?
If Watson's crnzy and It Cook is
demented, the next hero of the hour
had bettcr sturt ln an lnsano asylum
and bc dono wlth lt.
It Is a wonder somebody has not.
askcd lf Mlss Spry wus a blt shy ln
chrlstenlng the Utah.
Madrln cannot even say Zelaya left
hlm wlth tho jug to hold, much less
the bag.
Mr. Bryan Is slck. Vocal troublcs,
of course.
Seiv York (iim, In FninouM Artlclc, UIs
eussed Chlld'n UiicHllnn.
[Several years ago the cdltor of the
New York Sun received a letter from
a llttle glrl asklng hlm If there is
a Snnta Clnus. His answer at once
becamo a Christmas classlc, and thou
sdnds of requests aro mado each yeur
for Its rcproducton, whlch followa:]
"Wo take plyasurc in answerlng at
once and thus promlncntly the com
munlcatlon below, cxprcssing at the
samc tlmo our gratlflcation that Its
falthful author ls numbered among the
frlcnds of the Sun:
" 'Dear Edttor: I um elght years old.
"'Some of my llttle frlcnds say that
there ls no Santa Claus.
" 'Papa says if you seo It In the Sun
it's so.
" 'Plcaso tell me the truth; is thcrc
a Santa Claus?
" '115 Wrcst Nlnety-flfth Street.*
"Vlrglnla, your llttle frlcnds aro
wrong. They have been affeced by the
skcptlclsm of a skeplleul ago. They do
not bcllcvc except they scc. They think
that nothing can bo whlch is not com
prehenslblc by thelr llttle mlnds. All
mlnds. Vlrglnla, whether they be rrion'a
or chlldrcn's, urc llttle. ln this great
unlverse of ours man is a mcrc In
nect, an ant, ln his intellect, as com
parcd wlth the boundless world about
hlm, as measured by the Intelllgcncc
capablc of grasping tho wholo of truth
and knowledge.
"Yes, Vlrglnla, there is a Santa
Claus. Hc cxlsts as certalnly as love
anti gcneroslty und devotlon f.xlst, and
you know that they ttbouud and glve
to your llfe Its hlghest beauty aud joy.
Alas! how drcary would bo tho world
lf there wcrc no Santa Claus. It
would bo as drcary as if thcrn were
no Vlrglnias. Thero would bo no
childllkc faith thcn;..no poctry; no.ro
manco to make tolcrable this cxlst
enoo. Wc should havo 110 enjoyment,
except in sense and sight. Tho ctcr
nal llght wlth whlch childhood fllls
tho world would bo cxtlngulshed.
"Not bellcve ln Santa Claus! You
mlght as woll not belleve ln fairlos.
Vou mlght get your papa to hlrc men
to watch all the chlmneys on Christ?
mas Eve to catch Sana Claus, but even
lf they dld not see Santa Claus comlng
down. what would that provo? Nobody
sees Santa Claus, but that ls no slgn
that thero ls no Santa Claus. The
most real thlngs ln the world aro
those that nolthcr chlldren nor men
can see. Dld you cver sco fairlos
danclng on tho lawn? Of course not.
But that's no proof that they aro not
there. Nobody can concelvc or Imaglne
all tho wonders thcrc aro untll seen
und dntil sceable ln the world.
"You may tear apart tho baby's
rattle und see what makes tho nolso
Inslde.' but thero ls a voll covering
the unseen world whlch not tho
Btrongest man, nor oven tho united
strongtli of all the strongest men that
cver llved, could tear apart. Only
falth. fancy, poctry, Jove, romance,
can push aside that curtaln and vlew
and plcturc the supernal beauty and
glory beyond. Is It all real? Ah,
Vlrglnla, ln all this world thero ls
nothing else real and abldlng.
"No Santa Claus? Thank God, hc
llybs, and hc llvcs forever. A thou
sand years from now, Vlrglnla; nay,
ten tlnics ten thousanU years from
now. ho wlll contlnuo to make glad
tho hcart of chlldhootV"
OpUmlxta Not Alnrmcd, in Vl'eiv of Xa
tlon's I'mvcr to AMitlilillHtc.
The wrctched condltlons of thesteer
ages on many of tho trans-Atlantlc
liucrs, as revcaled by reccnt reports to
the Federal govcrnment, do not check
the flow of lnunigranis tp this country.
Some 3,000 Btcerago passengers came
ln by a slngle shlp last week, and thuv
roported that the rumor of good times
in Amcrlca?somothlng equlvalent to
the old fable of gold to be plcked up
in the streets hero?had sprcad
through Europe and that a llood of
Immlgrutlon was now startlng at its
sourccs ln a thousand wldely scauorccl
vlllages over the conllneni. Fortuiiate
ly many of those who came last week
wero golng stralght through to fanim
in the West. lf thelr followcrs aru
for the same destlnation they wlll bo
absorbed readily cnough. It ls the
congostion of Ihimlgrants tn ctttos
whlch rnakos trouble,
Tho trouble ls not tncrely that tho
oitlcs urc llkcly not to have work
cnough whlch the new arrlvals can do,
thus maklng many of them dependont
upon charity, but that tbe clty schools
aro wolgbtod down with the tremen
dous task of Amorlcanlv.lng tho chll?
dren of these Iminigrnnlu, who havo to
Icarn the Hngllsh languuge beforo thoy
can kcep up wlth tho oourHB <>f study.
Tho rapldlty of this ArnorlcanlKatlon
has long beeu a mar.vol to obscrvei'H.
Hut there haa latoly come tOHtlrriony
that It l? muclt moio Ihoroughgolng
than tho most. ontlmlKtle dared tq bu
llove, aud that lt nfrects physlcul us
well as mental characlerUtlcs. a ri?
purt rccently made to tho tmmlgratJnn
ComrnlHslon ?r m<iaBurerrt?ntu taken
lit-re anVonsc linmlgrantH an<i thelr clni
drei, born In thla c'dilnlry ahows that
the HhapQ of the hmdM of the Amurl
can-born ohlhlron dlft>rn iiirlhlnglv
from that of thnlr Huroponn-born mi
rpitts, The (Xp'-i'lfrii-ut'-i wcrc condiict
ect wlth Sli'llinii* iiml Ilebrews from
the East of ElirOPO by 1'iole-HOi- liosiil.
ol Columbla. Ile luportH that tho
'Mblreii of loug-licaded KI'-IIIihih :iio
much mora rourid-hoadod tlitm iht-Ir
imrenta, whlle tho (aee* ?t iho chll?
dren ?.f rourid-hesidert llebrows liuvo
notlceably. Ipngtbunoq, HtailMtleH. urc
now belni; collectdd among RohernluiiH,
IliingarlanH and Beotoli. Tbe shapc ot
'li<- bjead has been suppOxcil (o be tbe
lun phyidrnl ch?ractorl?Uc ?? be
rhaiiKefl i,y ^i>vltoninerit.---I<rook|yti
UiuiIh t.nrai, Ntlltn iviiilinih.
W'o havo prlnlod llic abovo in ordor to call
Iho ntlcntlon ot our Icsialutorn to llio old
aoldlers nnd tliolr doBcenclanta and llic 8<-'?
ornl publlo to tho eruaaly Inndequuto pto
vlslon ln tlio wo'y of ponalrfna that la madu
l>y thls Hlnto ror tho neody, worlhy and
?nllnnt f.'onfodcralo aoldlcra, aomo of whom
nre In abjout poverty nnil BUlterliiB Xor tho
Imllapenanblu comrorta ot llfe. Wo yrofesa
ln public ton tho roatrum; und ln prl
vnte erenl lovo and udmlratlou for tlio aol
'dlera and senmon who rulthfully aorved nnd
fouglit for tho Confcduiatc causo, and It la
up to ua to ahow tho vorlty o? thoso pro
fesaions by maklng- much largnr approprla
tlons In tho wuy of penslutiafor thelr nontls.
SV'n npprnl to tho old Boldlera. tholr dc?
acendanta, all campa and orBunlziitlona of
Confedcrato aoUllcm, nnd to ihu newapnpera
In the State to tirgo now upon the LoBiaitt
lure tho allownnco of much latKor penalons
to thoao pcrsona who fnll ln sald claBaca
tluin la now nllowed tho'm. Thia incrcuao la
Brently needed becauao of tho greatly In
cronaed coata or tho noccaaarlea of llfe. We
know thnt many or our pcoplo, espcelully tlio
wlilows. tho fatborleHa chlldren, tlio nged
nnd liiilrm nro now taxcu to tlio tull dxtont
of tholr enduranee, nrul wu aay lf auiCicianl
revnnue ennnot bo rniacd by taxatlon, thnt
la rcaaonably oudurablo, to carry on tlio
Bovcrnmont of thia Stnto na lt la now run
(to any nothins of thn Increnae ot nppro
prlatlonfl now beins urged by tho variuua
dcparlmonta of the Stato), lot tho aalarlea
of all tho offieora ln the Stato be roducod,
or requlrc moro work of theso offlolula and
tllspcnso wlth Bomo of them In ordor tliat
tlieso aoldlera may bo properly enred for.?
Gordonsvlllc Oazotte.
Prohlbltlon nnd Fopulnr Scntlment.
l'rom wlint we eun Icnrn tlio Ktatc-wldo
acntlmcnt la rapldly growlnR in Hiillfax,
aud the Indlcatlona nro that thoro wlll bo a
sttong eflort made to hnvo the qucatlpn
submllted to the vote of the pcoplo of VTr
The News la not In favdr, howevori ot
any movument that la not backeu up by u
atroiiB public aonllmont. If tho acnllmont
ln the State nt larue la aulTlclent to cuforco
tho law agalnst the oalo of liqitor. then lt
wlll be wlnc to move on cautlously?"Kcatlna
t.cnte" would be a good motlo for the antl
saloon forcea; but move aa far as you can,
nnd hold to what la obtnlued. lt la only a
malter of tlmo, and a Bhori time at that.
when tho tcrrible stuff wlll be a thlng ot
the past.?South Boaton NeWi.
Judge Wllllums'a Dcclalnn.
Wn aro Indccd s'ad to know tliat Attor
nby-Qeneral-oIcat willlama wlll ?o to Weat
Vlrginla without rcqulsltlon pnpera. Wo
rould not tlilnlt that .hidgu Willlama would
<lo otherwlae, thoutrh lila Iodb sllunro on
the queatlon nnd tho many roporta to tho
contrnry caused much uncualneaa amonB hla
frlcnrla nnd aupportcta In tho Btato.?,
Scottavillo Knterpriae.
Stato Antl-TuberculoNla Aaaot'latton.
Tho State Antl-Tubcreuloaia Asaoclallon
haa jiiM Issued an c3tluiule which placca
tho new cnaca of conauippllon contraeicd
In thls Statu during tho your drawlng to a
cloao at l'.'.ObC. A alniilar alarming ralo pr'o
valla ln other Statea. L'ndcr the prcaent
syatom of truatlng ruborcular paticnti many
inclpiont i-ascs admlt of a eure. But thia
la not so Important aa furthorlnc mcthoda
of proventton. Thi8 is tho chiot work of
tho Antl-Tubcrculoala Aaaoclatlon of Vlr
Blnla, and of tlio other Statea. . . . Thoro
la no commcrclnllam buck of thls tight upon
tubcrculosis. for it la world-wldc. Tho
rupld and peraiatcut spread of tbe disoaao
among all natlona, and tho dlftlculty of ef
fcctlng a cure throush the uao of modlclnea,
have arouscd a convictlon that unlea8 tsome
thlng la done to check the progresa it wlll
eventuatly work nn exlcrmlnation of cor
talu racca.?Roanoke Tlmcs.
The LcBlalatlvo I'oll.
l-'rom the rclurna of tho poatal-curd In
qulry from tho Lcglslaturo no Stato-v/tdo
prohlbltlon mcaauro wlll llkoly bo pa'aacd by
tho Ineonilng I.tglalaturo. 'iho pon Inuicaiea
that u large mujorlty ot the mombora ot
both tlio Ilouso and Senatc urc for locai
optlon a8 asaiuat Statc-wido prohlbltlon.
Tho State-wtuo prohlbltlon aeiuiment iu ovl
dcutly" grbwlng in thia State, but tl haa
not grown lo sho polnt where the law can
hc tnaotud, aubinlttinK thn quistlun to tho
people. Wo bollcvo this aonthncnt will con
tlnue to gruw. but bow rapldly and wllli
what succcbs tlme alone can tcll. The prca
eiit incmbera of the Leplelaturo were not
elected with the expectatlon of pasalns
Buch a law, nntt it ls &afo to state thnt they
will not tnkc Gie Inltlativo in thlo inattcr.?
Salcm Tlmcs-Ueglater and Senlinel.
Clianscs in ArrnuKCinciitu at t'npltoli
IncreaNC Lawnuttora' Ense.
When vlsltors in the gallcry grow
tlred of hearing Senat.ors talk they
can go downstairs and seo Senators
eat. Tho senatorial carpentors have
been bvisy during tbe reccnt reccss re
arranging the Senatc dlnlng-room.
Lawmakers and vlsltors, short of tlme.
may no longer stand up to the plo
countcr and hurrledly bolt a sand
wlch and a glass of mllk. That grcal
Amerlcan lnstltution, tho lunch coun
ter, has been abollshcd in the Senatc.
Guests must take seats at small tablcs
untl await tho pleasurc of a corps of
lelsurely nngro walters.
Better provlslon has becu mads for
the luxurlous Senators. They havo a
dlnlnp-room reserved for thelr exclu
slvc use. It is entered by swingtng
doors. with oval glass wlndows so fa
miliur in the cartoon skctches of the
Senate and House. Through these wln?
dows strolllng vlsltors inay pecr and
obserye Senators at luncheon.
There ls no longer any Justiflcatlon
for tho uso of the term "the great
unwashed," In rcferring to the members
of the House. The baths ln tho now
ofllce bulldlng, provlded for the law?
makers of the lower branch of Con
grc-sa, are running full blast, and it ia
easier now to keop cloau tltan to get
a penslon bill passed. Kow after row
of simplo prlvntc baths aro provlded.
each oqulpped with a massive porce
lalri. tub, artlstlc clressors, plenty of
Frtiicii plate mirrors and hcavy coarse
bath towels. There are noedlo sprays
for those who llke something fancy ln
the way of showors. They aro so ad
justed that tlio statesman can rogulate
the attack upon hls person of hun
drnds of tlny jcts of water of any tem?
perature deslred.
For thoso who have plenty of time to
spend on the tollet sumptuous Turkish
baths are provlded. Hot rooms and
stoani parboll the vlctlm to the propcr
dc-grco. Then he ls taknn in charge
by export rubhers and massours. A
corps of husky nogro bath attendants
ls on hand to take the grecn Con
grrissmcn In chargq. A dozen or more
restlng rooms, ntted up with cots and
pneumutfe muttressos', provlde restful
retreats for tlred lawmakers who want
to forget tbe enres of slatc in peace
Iful slumber. A big oxcavatlo.n hns
I been dug for a nool. but water has
| not been tlu'nod into it.
i "And It's all free, sah," says the
| eolored bath superlntendent.
After a free Turklsh bath and rub
'down the statesman may stroll Into the
j offlclal b.irber sliop nnd get a free
halrcut, shatnpoo and.shuve. Thon.lie
J may saunter over to tho Houso in tho
'luxurlous undorground tunnol, safo
.from tho hltlng wlnds. He stops at
the stationery room und gets a supply
I or wrltiiig niateriuls, freo, drops into
j hls seat In tho House, writeR his let
tc-rs and franks them, Then he figuros
un tho mlleag'o clue to hitn und do
cldin that he has savod enough over
tho cost of hls railrottd fai'.o to buy all
hla Christmas prosonts.
I'lulne* n iueuib"r of Congross Isn't so
hiul, aftor nll. ?P.rooklyn Eatrlo.
A coiwenicnt and cffectlve rcm:dy for Cousha and
1 Icwcncu. IiivaliublelnBroi.chlaUndLung'lroublca
inii lo ISinfjera and Spcak?r? for ekarlng the volce.
Untlrdv lr?e from oplatea orany harmlul ltigrtdiemt.
Price, 25 ctnta, 50 cent* and $1.00 pet box.
S.unpUs in.iiltd on rcquest.
IOHN I. gROWN fc SON. Bo.iton. Haa,
Mnny- a auccessfuW
iMlvcitbliiK eumpidnu
haa oiii;iii.iiod iluougli
the ertorts of this Uvc,
Richmond Advertla
ing Aiiency, InC.
Mutual liulldlug,'
Rlchmond, VlrglnU.
likUiljliuhed tvol a
Don Eiirico: Riispoli Makes
Paupcr of His Anicrican
Wife. - ,
Ptirchased Property With Dona
Etigenia's Monc}-, and Left
It All Away From Her.
Amerlcan widow of young Don
Enrlco Ruspoll (whom sho
married whon ho wus attached
to the Ituilun ombussy at Washlngton
In 1902, Cardlnoil Martlnclll, then Apos
tollc Uelogate. performlng the cere
iiiony), wlll cxperlence a very hard
llght ln upscltlng his will, by the
terms of whlch he leaves his Uno resl?
dence at Romo and tho Chatcau of
Ruspoll, on Eake Ncml, purchuscd, ro
storcd and furnlshcd with her monoy,
to his older brother, Don Bartolomoo.
The chatcau, or custlc, Is one of tho
most celobrated of tho great mcdleval
fortrcssos of Italy. Porchcd on a cllff
ovcrlooking tho Bake of Neml, whlch
was known to the unclcnts us "Dlana's
Mlrror," Its battlcmcnts und towcrs,
taken in conjunctlon wlth tho lako,
form a superb plcturc, famlllar to
almost every Amerlcan tourlst. , The
huge pile was bullt, as lt stunds to
day, by tho Franglpanls, whose strong
iiold lt becamo. From them It wus
tuken by force by the Orstnls, und torn
from them ln turn by the Colonnas,
passlng. always by vlolence. to tho
Plocolominl, the Coucl, etc, untll about
thlrty or Torty yeara ago lt was pui
chascd peaceably by the Torlonlas. But
the peasantry on tho estatc refused
to have miythlng to do wlth such par
vonus as tlie Tojlonlus. accustotnod as
thoy had been from timc Immcmorlal
lo be ruled over by patrlcluns of
nnclent lineage. The Torlonlas had
nothing but trouble wlth tho placo, and
wero glad to get rld of It by sale.
to tho lato Don Enrlco Ruspoll. who
jiurchascd It with his Amerlcan wlfo's
money, and spont much more ln rc
morlng It, and ln cqulpplng It with
modern convenlcnces, comfortB and
luxurles. and maklng it his prlncl
pal homo. In the watcrs of tho lake
are buried the fnmous pleusuro galleys
of Emporor Tiberlus, sclicmcs for the
rcfloatlng and rccovery of whlch have
for years oecupled tho attcntlon of tho
Itallan government and of archoolo
glsts from all parts of the world.
In her cndeavnrs to upscl her late
husband s wlll, Donna Eugcnla Ruspoll
wlll Und arrayed ugalnst her the cn
tirc Ruspoll family, with all thelr ex
tenslvo oonncctlon, whlch Is an cx
trcniely powertul coinblnation. added
to whlch the Itallan trlbunals wlll
nuturally bc disposed to apply tho
strlct letter of the law, slnco lt favora
thelr own co'untry-pcoplo. at thr- ex
pense i>f a foreigucr. Donna Eugonla. I
who hallcd from Oakhlll,. Go., and i
whoso maiden namo wus Bcrry. i
brought to her second husband, En- I
rlco Ruspoll, tho blg fortuno bequcath
cd to her by hsr llrst husband. a ;
WCalthy tobacco-grower of tho South. I
of the name of Bruton. But sho wus j
disappolnted whon young Ruspoll re
.?dgncd from tho dlplomatlc service. und
took up his residence at llotno, to
Und that, contnii,}- to what she had .
Kupposed, ln- was not a prlnce, and
that sho was not a princess; in fact,
that she bad no tltlo at all. but merely
an hlstorlc namo. Ho was merclv Don I
Enrlco Ruspoll, of tho prlnccly houso ',
of Ruspoll. nnd It is only the head
Of the family, Don Alessandro, wj-.o Is
entltled to Ktylc himself Prlnce Rus?
<?ave Awuy Ikr Moucy.
As sho soems to have ncglcctcd to
have her money settled upon hcrself at
the timc of her mnrrlagc, ho becamo
the chlef owne'r thereof, nccordlng to
Itallan law; so that he has been at
llberty lo dlspose by wlll, not only ot
the beautiful chatcau and catate on
Eake Ncml, whlch he purchased wlth
her money Iti his own name, but also
to bequeuth a conslderablo purt of her
ensh to his two brothers and slster,
tho latter of whom is married to tho
French Duo dc Gramont.
Of course, this Is very. unjust from '
an Anierican polnt of view. But lt ls
Itallan law. and the rcsult of the for- '
iner Mrs. Bruton belng so lnfatuated ,
wlth tho embassy attacho at the tlmo
of her inarriagc that she neglocted to
adopt tho ordlnary prccautlons for the
safoguardlng of her pecunlary Inter
ests. As they were soparated for somo
tlmo prlor to his death, tho nartlngi
havlng been brought about through
her disappolntmont at falllng to rc
celvc at Romc the honors, the dlgnitles
und the soclal posltion to whlch sho
Imaglned ahc had become optltleu
by her mnrrlagc, it was only to be ex
pcclod that young Don Enrlco left her
as llttle us he could of/'her own money,
uhlch had become his when he led her
to the altar at Wushington. ,
Tho Ruspolls trace tnclr descent
from the anclent Scotch house of Ma
rlschal. members of whlch entered the
service of Emporor Froderlck T? and
came in his traln to Italy. sottllng at
Home, at Bologna and at Orvioto. Ono
of them, Don Francls Marlscottl. mai
ried, In l?r>2, Vlctorla Ruspoll, the last
Burvivor of the Slenesc houso of Rus
poll, and obtalnod from the Papaev tho
authorlty ,tc> .adopt hor name aiui her
armorlal tearlngs, ulong- wlth her vust
uossessions. From that tlme to this
his descendants have passed from hon
or to honor. Tn fact, there Is hardly
a dlgnlty ln tho gift of the Vatlcan
whlch they have not received: and the
head ot tho house. Don Alessandro
Kuspoll, ls the grand master of tho
feacred Hospicc and grand chamberlaln
Ito the Pope, that ls to say. one ot the
princlpal lay dlgnltarles of tho court
of tho Vatlcan.
.Many Ainerlcnii Marringex.
It ls to hlm that those rare Ameri
cans who havo been granted tho hon
orary rank of chamberlaln of the cdpe
and sword aro obliged on thelr arrl
vul ln Rorau to notify their nrCHcncc
in the Eternal Clty. Theroupon, they
are invited by hlm to take part in
any cereinonles occurring durlng thelr
sojourn, arrayed tn the. plcttircsaue
costuma o? tholr ofllco, designed by
Mlohael Angclo, and whlch has never
undergont! any modlfleution to this
No houso of tho Itallan noblllty has
contraoted a groutor nuinbor of ulll
unccswlth Amcrloans tlian that of Rus?
poll. Tlius the late Don Emmanue!
Ruspoll, who was for so many years
Mayor ot Kome, marrlod Mlss Jose
Phlne C'urtlH, of New York, slster of
tho Marquls dc Tallcyrand-Porlgord,
and was so great an adinlrer of tho
United Statcs that ho gave the namo
of Gcorgo Washlngton to ono of his
.soiis. Uls oldest son, Don Mario RiTs
poll, was attached for several years to
tho Itallan cmba^sy at Washlngton: ls
now statloned ut Mudrld, and married
tho Marquls. de Tullcyriind's daughter,
Palina, that ls to say, a woman" who
is half-Aiiioricaii. Don Paolo Rus?
poll married Mlss Rosallo vau Zandt, of
New York, wldow of Josoph ICarrtck
R|ggs, of that clty; and, Ilnally, Don
Cumlllo Ruspoll, who makes his home
ln tlie oldFalconlerl Palaeo atltome, l.aa
as wlfo a hulf-Amorican In tho porson
of the (laughter ot' .Baron Albert Blaiui.
formorly Itallan envoyat Washlngton,
and oC Mls'ii Nutiille Tnrry, of Now
York. Somo of 'tho Ruspolls havo mar?
ried nioiiibcr.s df, tho'houso, of Bonn
parto, others havo ?contrnctR<l niatrl
iiiiuiliil alllaivccs wlth tho llourbons,
one ' liran.eli,'of,-tho house forms part
of tho 4t.rlstoo.racy of, Spaln. nnd hns
Jpherltod. I'hrouglV h'ls mother tho
grandozzfi, as woll as the dukodoms
nf Alcudia njid.of Bueca, bostowed upon
his tuatcnml grandfiUhor, Manuel Go
Tho apprcciatlon shown our cfforts durinft the
past year, and espcclally durinft thia holiday season,
Is most dratlfylnii to us. ,
Wo thank our frlends, wlshfnfl one and all a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
AiMreaa all eosamaalcattaaa fnr tala eolnaia 4a Hxtrry Raitar, Tlaaaa-,
Dlaaatcfc. tfm malbematleal araalema ?'III ae aetvea", ao cslaa ar ataataa
valaed aa- aa altalera* namaa wlll be ?rlvaa.
Crncka ln a rioor.
Plcaac publlsh the best mode of
stopplng up cracks In a floor. By so
doing von wlll obllgc a conntunt pa
tron slnce 1851. B. M. C.
Wo presume that tho crncka to whlch
you rcfer nre located In tbe lloor of a
dwelllng-house. If they are not large.
they can bo bCHt filled by a hard var
nlsh of shellac. If the crncka nre very
wldf. It would be well to put In a
coatlng of plaster Parls flrst, and then
a coatlng of shellac. Small cracks. of
course, can enslly be closed wlth lloor
>V>ek of Prayer,
It Ia expcctcd that the flrst week In
Jannnry of each year be obaerved as
a week of prayer. Pleaae tell me tho
orlgln and object of thia practice.
Wo nre not famillar wlth tho orlgln
of thls practice. though It is of rccont
date. If any of our reudera know lts
history, wc would bc glad If they
would glvc us the detalla.
Kkldmnrc Fninlly,
Mrs. A. A. Skfdmorc. Townsond l:
O., Northampton county, wrltes that lf
"G. A. II." wlshea to communlcate wlth
tho famlly of Isaac Skldniorc that she
Is hls wldow.
Tlic Plrat Woman Maaon.
.1. P. Babbington has wrlttcn to us
that hls mother, Mra. Kathcrinc Bab?
bington, was admltted to the Bitic
lA)dgc of Mu^ons. Ho haa wrlttcn an
Intcrestlng blography of her.
Selllne to Mlnor*.
A Is a farmCr and B ls a merchant.
A has three boys under agc. and has
Instructed B not to sell to them. After
thls instructlon. B solla to the boys,
nnd be ls now trying to hold A rc
doy. who flgurcs in history as "tha
l'rlnce of Peace."
Ilonored by Kmperor.
Empcror Willlam has bostowed upon
Iho Aero Club of Hcrlln. the rlgbt to
style Itsclf "the Imporlnl Aero 'Club,''
whlch end'ows lt from hencoforth wlth
on ofllclal standing. both at home and
abroad and at the aarne tlme rntltles
lts rncmbcrs to the usc of a nniform.
Only two other clubs have recelved by
patent pormlsslon to adopt the prcflx
of "Imperlal," as wcll.as the armorlal
bcarings of tho soverelgn, along wlth
hls crown: natncly. the Imperlal Yacht
Club and the Imperlal Automobllc
Club, of both ot whlch orfranizallons
tho Kalser ls an cxtremnly actlve
mombev. Hc has conceded to the mem?
bers of each of these In.stitutlons a
unlform of IiIh own deslgnlng, and hc
has already sevcral- proje'eta before
hlm of i nniform for the memberH of
the Aero Club, the unlform comprls
ing full dross and worklng garb. Tho
oap Is to hc adorned wlth a German
eaglo, lts ontstretched wings, hoivevcr.
belng those of the aeroplane order.
(Copyrlght, 190r?. by the Brentwood
Voice of the People.
The Mlaslng Mnk In Ihc Kducnllo?al
Edltor of The Tlmcs-Dlspatch:
Slr.?In your Issuc of "Wcdncaday,
December 15, you have an artlclo
worttiy of most eareful study, from
P. II. Huhank, Ktna Mills. I mysclf
um a coIIokc man, and pursulng my
chosen prolcssion or calltng, yet thls
very pursuit throws mo every day
wlth the tnlling, uneducated masaes.
A eareful study of twenty years mlxtng
and mlngllng -wlth the maases, of
hcart to heart cxpcrlencc; of shak
ing hands and looking Into dull fac.es
and lielp1ess eyes, hus long 3incc con
vlnced nic that tlierc was truly a
mlsslng Ilnk in our cducatlonal
syatcm, a gap whlch can bc and ought
to be filled up at once. Wo have tho
machinery. we have tho chlldren, and
lt may be sald. we have- the money.
YTet many of our schools. many that
ought to be best. aro practlcally fail
urcs. There is a reason. It ia not
found in tho wisc and cincient rnan
ugement of our State department, nor
ln the Indlv.uual fallurcs or dcflclen
cies of the rank and fllc of the teach
ing corps of the State; nor yet In the
inubi.ity of the mastscs of the chll?
dren to learn. But lt Is found, 1 thluk.
in that Jsllont, suffering. sclf-sacri
ficlng miiltltudc of men and women
who are asked to furnlsh the materlal.
mako all the sacrlflces, and then
never bo consultcd. or. ln other words.
be ignorod by the powers that be.
Slr, Mr. Bubank is rlght. Clrcum
stancc-s made many of our fathera,
sponslblc for the claim. Can B legally
make tho claim? C..
A cannot be hold rnsponalblc for tht
dcbt of these mlnors under the clr
cumstancea namod, In your lettcr.
A SiiiiiIj- Depoalt. ,
A strntn of blulsh gray aand haa bcer*
found under a tlepoalt of what la
known n? crawfish floll. The aand does
not appoar to have the aamc amount
of Krlt as bar sand. and la compara
tlvcly amooth to the touch. Ia thia
sandy depoalt the right thlng to uso
In mortar, whother mlxed wlth bar
aand or not? "O."
Wo refer thls to our contractor
Margaret aiikIIii.
Klndiy tell me whether Margaret
Anglln haa ever been here. date and
In what play. RBADBK.
Margaret Anglln has been ln thia
clty, but none; of the theatrlcnl folk
remember when or In what play.
Onaiia Bnnmerator'pi papr.
Wlll you plense toll me what pay
tho persons taking the cenmis wlll
get; alao. wlll all applicanta havo to
taki* examlnatlon? B.
The law rcqulrcs that censua enum
crators ahall rccelvc. when paid by
the day. not lesa than $3 and not
more than $0. When paid by tho
names llsted. they muat recelve not
less than 2 cents nor more than t
centa per name. Bxamlnatlona are not
always hcld. If the aupcrvlsor thinka
them ncc<>ssary, he can, of courae, ra
qulre them.
Valur of l?00 Tobnceo Croa.
Pleaso kIvc me tho total value of
tho Bouthern tobacco crop thia year.
X. .Y '/.
It Is cattmatod at ?7;.6"0,0!>f>. *
succecd in part without an odticatlon.
Wlth tht- i.atural lovc of fathcra,
goaded by an expcrlencc that la paln
ful, wc would faln belp our boya and
glrls at a real aacrlflce to better fit
ihetnsclves for llfc's strugglcs. But
when wc seo no honorable ambition
klndlcd In our boya; when thelr cd
ucation Uoea not lench them to plow,
dltch, chop and do general farm work
better and wlth more zeat becausa
they are cducatcd. but rather seo a
growlng dlsposltion to shlrk thesu
thtnga altcgether, we atop. Wo havw
forgoiieii thot the hahd t'ip.t r.ocka tho
cradlc rulca the world. Let school olfl
clala froiu the hlghust to tht- lowest, let
tcachera of all grades, Ignoro If they
wlll the most inslKriKicant parenta
and patrona. They muat pay the prlco
iu Xailurc. Let fnctlona and dlacord
run wlld. and sectanan aplrlt, favor
itisui and self-intorust prevall, and
wc pay the price ln dismal fallure.
Mr. Bdltor, if you were on the In
slde, you, could scarcely polnt to a
frcc school of any c.onaoquence In tho
State that ls without lts factlons and
discords. Why? ln the vast majority
cf cases. tho part iu haa been over
Icokcd. Home relatlvc or speclal
lricnd wants to tcach. It la a ma
tirlal propoaltion, a pecuniary con
sldcratlon. The years are sllpplng
from our chlldren. They are thrust
out into llfe v... wornc than no In
tellectual tralnlng. But let. us ai-k.
"Whose la the school. wlth whatevef
advouiago it may oifcrv" I anfcwer.
mine anu my neiglibor'a Jolntly. Not
one wbit less his than mlne, nor mlne
than hla. 'then let me asa, why can't
my boy havo a course ln aclentiflc or
up-to-date larming, as well a? geo
graphy9 Why may not my glrl have
a course ln music, or sewlng, or cook
tng, as wt-Il as higher maihematlcs. or
pcuagogy? The misslng link! Tho
parcnts need teachlng. The t-.ta.tc has
given ua new methoaa; you muat alao
glvo us the mon and women In all
these posltions, who. aa the State'a
agents, will in a kind. unselflsh and
sympathetic manncr teach us that tha
men and methods of thirty, yea. tw?n
ty years ago, wlll not autllce. You
must tcach us aa loyal clttzens that
wc are Important factors ln the
system. You must kindle a holy am?
bition in the bosom of every boy and
glrl to bc and do the best in their
placea ln llfo You can do thia
through the parents. Brlng the fac?
tlons togethcr. None are to bo de
spiscd or Ignored. Let arts and
soiences have thelr rlghtful place, but
let us have the manual and experlmental
alao. We have a hlgh school in our
community, yet there are the fewost
numbcr of good papers taken and
read. Suppoac the valuable edltoriala
appearing daily 'n your paper were
intelllgently road and pondercd in
half the homes in any rural coromu
ulty? Who "can cstimato the power
for good? "EXPBRIENCE."
Chatham, Dccem-bcr 10.
And there were in the same country shopherds abiding ln the field, '
kecplng watch ovcr their flock by night.
And. lo, tho angel of the Lord came upon them. and tneglory ot-tho
Lord shone round about them; and they wero sorc afrald. '
And tho angel sald unto them. Fear not: for, behold, 1 brlng you good
tidlngs of great joy, whlch shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day ln the city of Davld a Savlour, whlch ls
Chrlst the. Lord.
And this shall be a slgn unto ypu; Ye shall flnd "he babo wrapped ,
ln.swadd|Ing clotbes, lylng in a mnnger.
And suddenly "thero was with the angel a multltude of the heavenly
host pralslng God, and saylng,
Glory to God ln tho hlghest, and on earth peace, good wlll toward
men. ?
St.Lukc. Chnptcr li.. Versos S-14.
We take this opportunity of wislung our patrons a
Prosperoiuis New Year
and also-to tliank them-for their generous' patronage of'
our store.
lo Oslfo
23 West Broad Street

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