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or If iho prlco goes down enn wlth
drnw tho supply atul hold It untll he
Kfts ready to aell,
ln order tn show New Yorkers how
lo live oeonnmlenlly In splie of tho
ravngea of ihe ment trusl, Mrs. r-'nfln
Loehltigor announcea ihnt tin- ofTico of
tho Amorlcan .suffragette, No. 122 East
Twenty-thlrcl Ntrrnt, wlll bo thn ht-ml
ijtiarters fnr meniis und recipes that
do not lnclude meat.
"We have Xo boycott meat," Mr.**.
Doeblngnr says, ''untll retail bulehei-.i
band logetlK*. for the co-nperatlve
purchase of ment lu aomo way thnt
wlll put down Ihe trusts. Mnanwhlle,
as wo have to tn live. let us llvo oll
thlngs which wlll hc aa beneiiolal lotia
as meat and wlll cost Inflnltcly less.
"llrrc arn two monns for dintmr
whlch do nol lnclude meat. ono elab
ornte and ono very slmple and reason?
"For tlie formal dlnner: Cronm of
caullfiower s'oup, brolled whltcflsh,
Maitre D'Hotel sauce. frlcd snlmon,
tomato snuce. crcatned asparagus on
toast. Hollandlnse 8S.UCC, oyster pattica,
stuffed tomatoes, baked macaronl Au
Gr.itln, Boston baked bcans, baked
stuffed pototnes, frled homlny, carrot.
and pcas: shrlmp salad, orango pucl
dlng, vanilla lec crcam, ettfee, chccsc
and crackcrs.
"The slmple dlnner," Mrs. T,oebin*-;or
asscrts. "wlll cost a mmv trlflo. Wllh
haddock at fl. or at most 7. cents a
pound. any one can serve thls meal:
Cheese tnast, potato soup. hnddook
?gtenk. wlth butter and lemon .anco:
boiled potatoes. carrnts creamed or
Au Gratln: bread puddlng wllh appte
?tuffing: tea or coffee."
The walls of the offlcp of the Amer?
ican Suffragette will be covered after
to-day wllh recelprs for dishes con
talnlng no meat whlch tho public is
Invlted to Inspcct and follow out.
Here are some of the recipes that
Mrs*. Loeblnger specially recommends,
eiijier because she has trled them per
sonaliy or because they are reasonable
and reasonable:
Ba'K?d rice. wlth nuts?Molsten .twn
cups of boiled ric- with fl hatf-cun of
water and the Juici of half a leifion.
Flavcr w;:V. <???."/ " ? ???::?? '?'' ??'??'????'
and mlx thoroughly with a quarter of
a cup of finely eround Brazll nuts.
Cook in baklng dish in cover untll a
rich brown.
Potato and nut cakes? ?3-?ce tno
cook in n l:""-"- "?'??-?? ? "?' '? ? ??:..-: .,
small or.Ion. Boll and niash six large ,
potatoes and add the onlon, a table- i c
t-poon of mllk- ?a!t and pepper an s
half-cup of pounded nut rneat.?any I
klnd may be used. Drop the cakes !?
from tbe spoon on a hot grlddle and .
brown on both siccs. These are dell- J
clous -U-d r._urishing and ra'.lu-r ur.us- j
uai. . 1
"One of ihe best possiblo Coods wlth?
out rr.ea.ts." Mrs. Loeblnger says, "ls a ,
ba-ldock soup. If thi. if properly made
y. forms a sybslantia! meal for a work- ,
Ingrr.an wlthout anything else. No j
one couli cat a more nourishlng ina
<*<-_rT m ?"-*.. Crc'1-ic-f..s :::-':? ?' "
any c.real. comblne-d wlth chopped
orpoimdrd nut meats. are
end are not found on many tables. But
j, __.. -v-,-- t<( jower tht- present outra- .
c, r F priees of meat we wlll have "
^-.-V _ tl ngs, a--'5 serre them un- i
'. "'.-";.-- -iwr.. 'lhat may take
irinc I? Uftfttn.
lumbia be
;-.--- n> the
F " "
| ?:-* 01
but the
from fi
ulatora ot tne i
be held in '""
T'n!' a ai - ' ' ?
by bi ?? ??? ???
p'.- <?'? ---?.' . t,
trusl ''.,"?? -??? - '"'
under "?"?;-. to ..-...-- ?-? _'j*rt?;
Mnifn-n Or***itil/l_iK.
Here's a picturo for all the
vorld like our $28 nnd $30 t
Uits that are now selling at
Study it; couldn't you use one
tt that price?
Many patterns.
- '**?Sl
iere to-day tlie court would di
lur avtentlon to the subject of
esent investigatlon.
g a FOurce of profound regret
rp days later there b?gan wide-'.
newspaper publicalion of mat-i
rportlng to come from Wash- j
and expresslng the intentlon
termlnatlon of certaln govern- j
:.?tionarles th?-r<- as to thls
lli -.-. and allcglng In that con- :
;r purpose vith rerpect to |
lividuals resldtng in this ?
asaoming kere
behind *...e pub
ilistic enterprise,
ly no attention
it will be four
r- f.-aln from
r*F >-.{ rcatters
I tc
.......... - ?. ? aai pre*crlbed
; .'??: ? petition amons
..?-, ,-;????. ? rstaie ^nd Inter
atlonal tradi joraraerce, I deBlre
? :??;?! that it Is not with
lae '? ?. ot Ppngreas, nor
? ttempi to *>as wlth trade
, ? ? . Blcb ii wholly intra
>?. ...,-., -jp-.n the fact that
."... . .... ? ? interXere wlth com
...-?:. ;. State, the court con
.-. IU perceive that Inttnt Is of
' ,. ence al thla offense, tliat ls to
....?- be a coiij-cloue pur
. ?-. ? ? -f tbe accttaed to sup
compeUUon by co-pperallon to
, ... . -;..(. jaw doea not concern
. . .. ??. ,,,,-r,. colncldence of conduct
; the abwnce ot aueh intent."
oiilh C?ii1<-??i-k Tlm< He Klllerf HrrBH
Mir Waa alecpInK*.
Atlanta. Ga: Jan iary ~* -?? The ai -
dren Mieeplng with
been Bcnti-nood lo
h almost on tlu- eve '!
waa granled u ro- *'
?S5S ,i
Woman s Power <
Over Man h ^feH
Womrm's most glorioui ciidowir.cnl i>, the pom-r <^^'iV'rV'?'''--^^''.-u
to nv.at.i-r, ,!-)d Kid ti:..- -.,;,? ami !,,... ,| |,,.,, ,,, , ?^ ..,".?. Vff,' .'t.'y '? ' J}\
worthy man. Whci :.hc lus.es it und >.-i'.l |,..-c. ,,:i, X/w--''. %-jV'iV?^/.'ri
no onc in thc wide wprld can Uiiuw thc heart iii'uny ?""' ?.. '/?'*'J->V
she endurcs. Tbe womun who 6u(Tars frora wenk? (?') '? .,-?,?'***''
neus and derangenient oi her special womanly or- 'v'-^''' H:.*'; ?-'
ganibm boon losei, the powcr to t,wuy the h,;Ur< (,| };'.'-.' ?$vT-fjP'5
a man. Her generel health huflers. auu hhe lot.es Vdi^l&%!a?i
her good looks, her -jtlructiveiier,\r hev uiniubiiity
and her power und prestige as R womon. Dr, R.V. c'ierce, <ii Buffalfa' M Y with
thc aiMstuncc of his ?td of able nh-pieiiM, bus presorihed for .nb'oMrcd nTany
thousnnus of women, Hc has devsed u auooeiUul remedy i(,r wJSS'Kth
nentt, 1t? known a, Dr, Pimo'i Favorite Prci.crip.iun. I, (, " (i ii a
jpecitic for thc wCttWneMCe and disorders peculiar to womcn. lt hurlnoi ei'u.
itlei, atrenithens und |,cel?, Medicine dealers ?ll it. No l??% &?&
?dv?e you to accept u nubmtute in otder to paako a little lnr$qr profit,
llt. Pttne's Pli&**oi Pcllcts rtzulate tcd Urcugtheu Stvriisch, /.hcr ?ad llowalt.
Norfolk Will Raise $5,000 To
ward Statc Industrial
f Hnnclal to Tlie Tlmos-Dlspalch.l
Norfolk, Vn.,, January 34,_Flve
thotisntid dollnrs wlll bo raised and
-uibscrllied us Norfulk's portlon for
tho ostabllshinciit nf a Stato IiicIuh
rial Jlome for tlm care nf unfortunato
md wuyward girls. That tho amount
v 111 bc cnslly nnd qulckly rulscil thoro
s llttlo ilinibt, judglng by tho gen
iral interest and cmthuslasm mani
.'ested to-nlght at the moeting for
he purposo of taking steps to join in
he movoment.
Tho meetlng was tho outcomo of tho
work of Dr. James ? Buchanan, of
tichmoncl, who has been ln tlie clty
several days Interestlng the leadlng
buairies- aml moneyed menattho com
liiinlty In tho projoct.
lt was held ln Epworth Chureh, and
ittendcd by several hundred citizchs,
ill manlfcsting deep lnterest. F. S'.
lloystcr presldcd, nnd Dr. Buchanan
irosnnted tho clalms of tho imfortu
mtc and wayward girls, atlrrlng every
icart present. J?o polnted out tho
lecd of such an Instltutlon In Vlr
flnia to savo theso women from con
Inomcnt ln ordlnary jalls and work
He revlewed whnt had been dono ln
ltichmond, DanVUlo and Lynchburg,
ippcallng to Norfolk to do her sharc.
Captain John' I> Uoper fullowcd Or.
.uchanan, declaring that he had sub
icrlbed $10,000 to such an Instltutlon
lome months ago, on the agreement
hat S-0,000 more was to be raised, but
hat it fell through. lt was his belicf
hat Norfolk should aubscrlbo at least
5.000. Dr. Buchanan announced thut
i 1,000 had already been pledged. The
ollowlng committeo was named to
iresent tho matter to tho peoplo and
ecuro the $5,000 lt had been ngreed
hould bo raised: Cantaln John I
toper, F. &', -'"oyster, Captain AV. E.
'aylor, J. W. Hough, Captaili B. P.
?oyal and Dr. L. S. Roystcr. The can
as_ wlll begin at onee.
Ienial on Cruiser at Norfolk
Left $71,000 by Uncle in
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
N ?rfollc. Va.. January 21?Otto H.
oste. second-class firenian on the
-ulscr BIrmingham, to-night contlrm:"
le report that he has fnllon heir to
fnrtune of $71,000, left him in the
11] of hls utii le, John Buyer, who re
tntly dled in Germany. The death of
is uncle occurred last week i:i Ham
Fo3te. when seen to-nlght, say that
. resldent of Bostnti. and en
sted there, tigning a second t-nllst
? nt and has a year and a half more to
?rve. He was born in f-ommerville.
asa Ho declared that he would con
nue hIK st-rvice in the navy, djjspite
?_ in
ien ii'.tified last
!e tiie old rnan'F
at nurprise to
that hi= uiicj<r
his uncle was
Boston, accu
atid returned
agn and set
u him In t-orr.o
eek of the
ill he h'-d
ir. lt camo
1. although
s rich, and
ler than himselC
money He de
I_ weU-known in
German Inhabl
of the BIrmingham
gh--st terms of Foste,
e is a good man. even
Mon lie occuples on
ley are pleased wlth
to attempt to secure
.dvancc Date of Making Law
Operative if Court Fails of
-Vashlngl .- i ?. '". January -..-?If
. ? ; 11 mt Court of the United Statea
IIh to render a declslon as to the
.-.*.- tionallty ot Ihe corporation
pro . lons ot th- Payne taiirr act
>fi n March l, the dato by whlch the
t ..*.-. on tho lncome ot eprpprationa
. | be flled, Congress may be asked
1 Ktend the date for Ihe law becoin
'?? he 1 uli ln which the pplht arlses,
ia< 6t Btella i'. l-'Imt, as gencraj
lordlan of tho property <>t Bam.uel N.
.,..<- .ir.. :i minor. against tlie Btojio
raty Companyf of Windsor, Vermont,
as ili-cld'-d In th? lower court laat
^ollcltor-Ceneral Bowcra to-day
'U?-d tho Buprenie Courl for pennln
oh tor the governm.nl to Mubnilt oral
-guments and br'lefa In tbe Vermont
tie, Al the samo tlmu Mr. HOwcrs
tVi'aA tlial Iho ca*o be advanced for
n early h
I.OWerK t-a.4. lu hls hrlef llial|l>
tnong ti"- speclilo rjuestloni ol i-it.ii- {?
,t imporiunce which ui'ti Invoived im I
ii- general Inouiry coiicorniin tho
-mstltutl.iiality of ihe- tuxlna law aro]-/
Whether the (ax li* dii
Liiuilnnai sense aml li
01 opporiioncd smonii
roportlon '" tholr i>'>;
ln II..- i.nit- I
old iiecaiiBo]
u .tttles in' .
?1- Wllh Ihi : I. ?-i.il ' ? im*. .??'-". ?
Whi ii.'-V the. I..'. ln in alftl in 1 0 far
?, ti,.. ,. 1 .... ??-... oi ni ..I poratlon in iy
0 QUrlbUtObll ? ? - -" 01 ni.inl.-11-.l; .
onda held by I.?i pprfttlon ?"' pu--.
1 in, ln, In.i ' -',-"-' ''
iv hethi 1 ihc las ls |rival-- "? ,l'"! ?'
.1 tiubl.i-i-vi-.- corporations \
',.,,mm.-.i hy .1 i-t,ii...
-,. ii.ii,, 1 u,,. mxlng i"i muKes --.'i, 1
m roni, ?'. tlnctlon Uetwi.porp ?. 1
.,,. ,,,, tlp ono h ind ?'??I'' |)Ai ??" " IiImh '
11,1 i,,,ii-. iduah >,M Mn ..Mi'-i ii n'l. '?> ?
' ivimlhi ? tlu ? ? nntlonii MtHiiitfrati i] | 1
? n, 1. kialiin ure siistalnablc, l
i-h|,.[ ,lui (li ,- I- ull> 1 ItiMUlri -I lf Ui". I
., - . , ||rl | (tl I.IiiihIiiI If Ittlt I ll I
. ,1.. 1,, 1,1 ini.. 1.-1 Tho i"-ii' "?" ' 1
1, ., (J u| :-,,. ll ., r ,,,,,.- ||,I|-I,I 111 .,
i, ai imrilmi 011 thn pin ii'-i' c".riM ?! ' 1
?1 in ,,,,.i ifiui iin luiiii. 1 uniliu 11 1 1
. ' im nt. '
U W III 1)1 *.l>l. lillllll lllHI* (II I .i
t.t-i'-liHIiti, AhmiicIhIIiiii,
Wiud.ini'.ii.i:, ii. (.? .iihiii.hv, :: I I Im i
.i- usunU'-l LliIiiKd ni,.,iii in uli, Il(iti i
*i. ui ,-i.i> 1,1111 of ill- .;iiU"niii Cunuci
Prompt Service
Best Material
Skilled Workmanship
Lowest Prices
Give Us a Trial
Ph'one Monroe 2830
and we will send for your
Albert Stein,
King of Shoes,
Fifth and Broad
? ?ii ?,.????.? i iii i wu 1,1? ?wm
ii tlon Assoclntlon Is thnt I follow Vr
'.Hot hy hls own deslre," said tlliTord
Mnchot last night. after tlio nnnounce
lent of hls election to that position
ad been mnde.
"Thc Natlonal Conservatlon Associ
tlon ls not ln polltics. It bolievjs
hat Vonservntlon ls a great moral 1b
ite, broadcr tlmn any pnrty or scc
lon nnd moro vlta] tlinn rihy polltlcal
ucatlon or measuro now beforo us.
"Ileroafter 1 expoct to dovoto what
nergy I have to tho nssoclalton, as I
Id to the forest service ln tho past.
belleve the Natlonal Conservatlon As
ociation offers tho best wny to help
lie causo of con.aervation."
C'hnrtcra Grnntcd by Stnte.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Raleigh, N. C, January 24.?The
tcystone Fintahlng Mllls, Inc, ro
elved a charter from tho Stato to?
ny. with $250,000 capita] authorlzed,
nd $25,000 subscribed, by J. I r. Tatc,
ligh Point; J. M. Cook, J. W, Mur
ay, and others. Tho mlll and prln
Ipal offlco aro to be near Burling
tin, Alamanco county. Four other
harters wero Issued to-day?C. Y.
[olden Co., Wake Forest, $2,100 sub
i-rlbed, for mercantile business; West
Ind Club Co.. Concord, $3,000/ sub
crlbed, by J. XV. Furr and others, for
ocial club purposes; The It, K. Dra
er Co., Weldon, capital $25,000, for
lercaritilo business; Stono Moifntaln
lub. Grnnlte Quarry, $1,000, by XV. T.
,'arnhart and others, for social club
JoMeph II, Flclcber,
Josoph II. Fletcher dled at his home,
.'1 South Harrison Strcet, liito-Sntur
ly night.
The funeral wlll tako place from
nrk Place Methodlst Church this
orning at 11 o'clock.
Mnt. .1. II, Ilnnnry.
Mrs. J. B. Bonney dled at the honie
her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Bellwood,
Chestertleld county, Sunday nlght
. 8:15 o'clock.
The funeral wlll tako place from tho
Bideiice thls afternoon at 1:30 o'clock,
Ile Interment wlll bo made at Centru
Deatb of l-*ntli?*r Weslarp.
Rev. Bernard Westarp dled Sunday
renlng at fi:15 o'clock"nt hln home,
IS N'orth Thlrly-slxlh Street. He was
irrherly rectot" of st. Anthony's Church,
felcago. Kather Westarp came South
??>iit lifteen months ago owing to
illlng h?nltl\ Ile was horn ln Oelda,
'< Iphalia, Germany*. july 4, ISlS.arid
;.n r rdained to tho prlesthnod Decem
?r 24. 1S55.
Tbe funeral wlll be held from St.
ary'j! Catholic Church; corner of
ourth and Marshall .Streets, to-mor
>w morning at 10 o'clock, wlth re
Jiem hlgh mass.
Colonel Edward McConnell.
[Special to The Tlme.<--Dlspatrh.l
Roanoke, Va., January 24.?Colonel
dward McConnell died here last nlght
fter a llnt-ering lllness. Colonel Mc.
onneli w,--h one of tlie most widoly
nnu-n clvll englncors in this Stato
nd the South, Npt only was he known
i hia own country. but he was nt ono
perlntendent of eonstructlon for
rallroad in Jamalca. Durlng his for
gn aervlec he waa eonsultod by tho
?'"?'?' of Egypt, and had under con
fderatfi , <?-, r from thnt govern
lent. ;(.-? wag chief engfneer of many
' ' ' " '??? Kf'-ma of railroads of
'"day, when they were In tlieir Inelp
n'-y, x rirl !i. ;, ;.0 dovelnped many coal
llno propertlea in thls fifate and tho
?oy. ir.- ?..,,. ;, graduate of tho fa
ioii;< claim ot j ?..-.; ?t tho Virginia MU
I oreciiNti t Irciuin?I'nrtly cloudy
ueMuay; WcilucMdny fnlr uud lvnmicr;
glli netl ?,,,| i,?rj|,?P?( mIikIh.
?*<oi*ili i nrollini?f?|p 'I'ncxdiij-j Wed
cHiinj fair ?,,,) vvnrnieri llgltt nortli
nd iiurlhnem wlndn.
. .??*lu' ,f,*'? YBSTJBnb'AY.
?,!"' ? "I'-1 lion .South
?'"?'"" r ?....'.'.'.'.'....... 'ciottdy
'tt'nfail .?. o
i noon tenip, raturo . . ,. '13
, l- *M- "'mi-'-t-iiiure .-.?PP. 12
axlniiitn ii ipemturo uptofi i*. M. 47
ilnlmiiin ? ; ? ,u,,.,, ,,,, t0 r, p. M. ;;r,
??"???" <"? :? ' ... . 41
ormni t ... ,,,,.,. . -M
?".' ' oriituro yestord-i.y. . ;i
"'.'.'' ' ' ' H iiipcratiiru ainco
March 1 . . -iss
';""' ' ln icmporatiii'o slnco
Jpnuai. 128
'"'?''' ;i I'lnfall slnco March
1 . 7.01
";111"- ?<? ?" I. ncy ln nilnfnll
"i"" -: ? nm. f . <us
t>(Vlifll(i\s ,.v lAi'i.ORTANT CITIB9,
A,',, * ' -'-1 ? liiulorti Htnndurd Tltnp.)
','.",'' i*hor. II. T. Wealhor.
!"1'11' . BO flH Clear
',"- ' '? - na c.it rJlonr
"?':?? ;ih ' .\> Lloftl*
""'' | .',(( 02 Ilfilu
..'l'11' i;u 70 OlOUdy
liinliigir, j,,, ,|(, (jjotidy
., i iih iiniii
:,2 ,1(1 i't.'l itl
1 ' (,(l .74 I':"11
;,(i no Oieai'
in 42 Ita in
1 " M r,n I'nlii
???' ' in ,T! It.-llll
na iti'in
iijj Cloudy
? l -ii ? cioiidy
mi Ull ci'-iir
Ifinphl .,,, |,j Clriir
,',"; ' II 10 .11) Clciir
lliiloll, ;1H ,,? Wll l II
iii 12' qiotti'
? : ! I IH II linl"
-1"''! Vt | |,|,;"a(,HUNA".
i ;* i ?
llinii 'r|l'h;.T,
Mui'iiliiM ? ? ? ? V'JZ
CivcilliHi. ?-m. ?"**'
A Trlliiiie lo Cn.il. J. C. Ocnl.
R Ih Chrlslmna, J.oo. A manllo of
Fintw li-ifi booomo hla wlndlng uliret.
In Dohannn Ihcrc la ciulottidn llko
lhat whlch rolgnsd on earth bo
fnrn atight. or 0nd'a creatlon Imd
rocplvod tlm hroaNi of llfe. Stntely
nh the iitui of Iho forest ho hnd walk*
c,l many ypai-H ainongst'us, wlth u
lirlpliig hand over exlentlod lo tho
un.ortunuto, wlth his cars ovor npen
tn t in cry of dlstross. Tn the daya
nf li s youlli ho Kave nll the slrongtll
nf hls ymmA tnanhoo-i ln bnuic-s ior
?'., ,i ?\?(l ',ml lovablo Southland,
.?,ii. .,'!".? of lh? I-oglslaturo of hla
nuivo hlato ho hait faced the pro
_.,?"" .',,f -"oyornthent wlth ?. mlen
siiggcstlve of vlklugs and of kings.
?m tho capital of the Stato ho arouscd
..._ i.nue uiui evoKed tne reverence
<T tlio nrlsiocratic descendahta of
Coioniai virginians. For thi-i we nf
Russell feel all the ninrc prlilc and
reverence. BUt moro also are wc
proud of hlm been uso lio was a frlend
tn man. Aro thoy alone to have our
pride and reverence, who, cinthed ln
purple and flno llnen, Kn fnrth from
palatial mnualonH to tho hlghcst seat
,it tho aynagoguo, and thero pray
long and loud for blcsslngs upon tho
human race, -whon almost wlthln
SOtind of thelr volce milv hc heard
tho wall of wldows nnd orphans,
bomn down by tho opprossor wlu
sltilT.s liis pnckels wlth the shekels
thnt ahoula glvo to tiiem tho bread
of llfe; and where also may i>e heard
Ihe cry tor succor nf tho children nf
the poor tiukc-d and hungry, looklng
wlth pallld facea through wlndows
upon the luxllrles of hlm of tlie
ii,any prayers? Why should wo not
revern hlm who, ihough he took tmt
tho hlgh sent In t ti - - synagpgud and
ln public placi s. uttercd no prayers
lniid and long for blesslngs itpoti the
needy, yet <>r whom lt may ln truth
he sald;
"For I YftiK an hungored nnd ye
uravo Tiie mc-at: t was tliirsty, and yo
gave Me drlnk: 1 ""ii-* a stranger,
and ye t,>n*< j],. In: naked. nnd yo
clothcil Me: I waa sl,-k. and ye vls
? Ited Mo: 1 wa.s jn prison, and yo
canir- unto Me."
Whon tho day Of .innlhllatlon of all
thlngs terrestrlal shnll come. theHo
aro tho words which separate otcr
nal hcaven from i ternal hell.
Ho, yo Interpretera of Holy Wrlt.
yo cxpounders >>? theology nnd ye
promulgators of creeda, show u3
why. If thero shall bo nny dlmlnutlnn
of rcward to him who has dono
these thlngs!
"There nono shall work for money,
And none shall wn.-)< for fame;
For <>nly the Master ahall pralso us,
And only the Master shall blame.
"I would not slt in the Kooffcr'a sent,
Nor Imri the oynlc's ban:
Just b't mo live by the side nf tho
And be a frlend to man."
Now, lono and mnurnlng conipan
ion. hercft Of the presonce of hls mn
tcrial form. crownod wlth thn frost
or years. you shall not wait In valn:
yo,i shall not llsten In valn, for nut
of the gloom of ni-rht shall shino
tlio rftdlanco of hls lx-nign connte
n.ince, and always ??llstcning. love can
hear the riistlo bf a wlrig," nnd vot
further. shnll ihere come unto you
the hlossli.gs of them whom in tholr
hour of need h? turned imt away
c ir. s,
Itary Tnstltute. and t-oon after began
hla actlve career aa a civil engineerj
wlth a pogltlori on tho old James Rlver;
Canal. no waH consldered the leadlng
nuthorlty on tunne] bulldlng In the
United Klatea, aml ns such actcd as
advisor in aomo of tho romarkable
featn of that claas of engineering. \
rallroad tie .-md ,. safety pin are the
inventlon.s of hls fertllo braln. and both
have heen adopted fnr futuro us,. by
the leadlng rallroads,
Colonel McConnell wus born in Rich;
mond March 14, is.it;. n,; leaves be
sides hlu widow four sons ancl two
Colonel McConnel] was proud of tho
fact that ho wns tho ilrst captain of
tlie ".ouaves of Richmond. p'rtor to
wnich he wns captain of Company r,
t-ixty-llrst. Vlrslnia Vnlunteers. ' He
w;iy prom.ited frorh the z6uavea to bo
eolone] ,,f a r.egltrient, nnd had just re.
eefved hla command from General
KOhert i:. j..e u-lien the evacuatlpn of
Richmond waa commonced, Tho
Zouavos wns n famous company, and
included the [lower of tho cttinenshlp
of ltichmond. After tho war he was
often called upon as a consultlng en?
glneer ln the rehuildlng of tho city.
Wllllnin si. Xewcomb, ^
tSpecIal In The Tltnes-Dispntch.j
wincheater, Va? January 24.?Wll?
llam JI. Ncwcomb dled to-day at hla
homo :it Berryvllle, Clarke county, af?
ter two weeks' lllneas, aged slxtv-nlno
years. Ho wns a nativo of Frederick
county ancl enlistod wlth the .Winches?
ter Rlfles, ln tho Stonewall Brlgade,
at tho otitbre&k of the CIvll War, serv
In-; uri'tll tho siirrender. Ife leaves a
widow, Mrs. Bertha Brown Neweomb:
ono son, one daughter nnd a slster?all
of Berryvllle.
Fiinoml of Mr*. Thnuins I*. fienlrj*.
(Special lo The Tlmos-Dispatoh.]
Roxbury, Va.. January 24.?Tho fu?
neral of Mrs. Thomaa P. Gentry waa
conducted Saturday at Woatov.r
Chureh, in thls county. Mra. Gentry
was slxty-clgJU years old and had beon
teaching in tho public schools in
Charles Clty for thirty cohsqcutlvq
.11 th. l_Uu Siioll,
LKpeclal to The Tlmes-l.lspntch.l
Hnrrlsonburg. Va., January 24.?Mrs,
1.1 la Snoil. wife of Arthur ... Snell,
dlod yosterday afternoon. sho is sur?
vlved by her litisbnnd, two young
iliHighters ancl n son. Mrs. Snell waa
thirty years nf ngc, n nallve of VVilkps
bariOi Va., and leaves ono brnther aml
thrco ulstcrs.
.llrt*. Martha f?< Htiu-Ucy
[Bp-oiol m Tho TlmeB-DI-iintch.l
l-'iodcrlcksburg. Va., January 24.?
Mrs, Martha Garrott Ilumlley dled a
few dnvH uffo at tho homo of her son,
,1. A titin-ctt, at orange, of parftlyals,
;.i Boyenty-aoven years. Sl>; chll
riroti antl n number of granrtcliildren
survlve hor.
Rev. lt. II, Sanford.
LHpoclul In The Thnos-Dlspatcl*..]
Newport Nowa, Va), Jiinunry 24.?
Rov, lt. li. Hiuii'iit-d, fcirmorly pastoi* of
tlin Tiihciii'iclo Baptlst Chureh. tliccl
to-duy aftor ll brlef llmo.s. Jlr. San
tiiiil, who waa n|.\t.v-tlii'oe yeara old,
auffercd ii strnko of pm-alysls last
Wednot-diiy. Hc hnd bo'ou In foiiblo
lii-ultli MOVorftl yeara, nml was forced to
glyQ up hls actlvo iniMlnriil work. ll<>
w.ii- tl Cniifirlirntc vilcrun, nnd tlio
Ininl cuiupti of Votoi'fltis, {?on_ und
TO I'llli; ,*i f'Ol.l) IN ONK l-.-W
Taiio I.AXA'I'IVI- lllttiMCI QuitllllQ Tali|i)tli,
jiniMKiHiH ii-i'iinu monoy a' li rail. to ?ur?
|__,\V< '-l.i.KL-'.li'^-.i.Uf-iUiu-iica-.ttcliL'i?.*... ?? ?-JCi..
L1_ ..'j-jm. U?.^rr;
Take a Trlp to
or any part of the great West
on the
St. Louis-Golorado Limited
Leaving St. Louis Union Station daily
at 2.00 p. m. over the
Wabash and
Union Pacific
The Shortest and Safest Route
Electric block signals ? dining car meals
a la carte-?-perfect track.
. For Hteraturc, informatlon,
rates, etc, call oa or address
ED SWIFT, D. P. A. S. C. Milbourne, G. A.
Wabash R. R. Co. Union Paclflc R. R. Co.
Carew Bldg. 830 Chestnut St.
Clnclnnati, Ohlo "Philadelphla, Pa.
Daiightora wlll attend tho funeral,
whlch wlll hc hold Wednesday from the
Second Raptlst Church. -Thc eeremony
wlll be conducted hy rtev. j. r. Rid
dlck, aaslsted by all of tho mlnlsterH
of the clty. Confederate vatcrans will
bo paU-beurers.
Mrs. Vlrglnln Johnaon.
[Rpfldnl to Tha Tlmca-Dlspnteh.]
Frodorleksburg, Vu., .lanuary 21.?
Mrs, Virginia Johnson, who was mar?
rled Innl January to Captaln T. V.
Johnson, of Gloucester county", dled
Thursday at the homo of Captaln I'hll
Iluark. in Mlddlesox county, aged twon
ty-one yeara. She. la mirvlved by her
himhand. mother, four brothera nnd
threo Klatera. ?
Mra. M. \V. iiiu-t.
fKpcclal to The Tlmca-Ulipatch.]
Danyllle, Va.. January 24.?Mrs. II.
w. I In rt. u widety known rosldent of
thls clty, dled thls afternoon at 7
o'clock nt her home on Church Street,
after a. long lllness. Sho was in the
alxty-fourth year of her age, and had
heen a resldent of thla city for many
Mr*. Mnrgnret S. Young. %
ISpeelal to Thc Tlmos-DIspatch.J
Staunton, Va.. January 24.?Mrs.
Margaret 8. Young is dead. aged
olghty-ono years. Sho waa tho wldow
ANDERSON'.?Dled. Januarv 21, 191<?,
at r, o'clock P. M..nt Cuckoo, Coulaa
county, Va.. MRS. NANNIF. ANDER?
SON. wldow of >!r. Robert Anderson.
"fred seyenty-four yeara.
BONNEY.?Died. at the residence <.f
her daughter. Mrs. A. R. Bellwood,
ln Chesterfield county, Sunday, Jan?
uary 23, at 8:4S I*. M. MRS. I. B
Funeral sorvicea from residence
1:30 o'clock. Interment at Centraiia.
FLETCHER.?Dled, at his late resi?
dence, No. 521 South Harrison Street,
Saturday, .lanuary 22, 11:30 P. M.
JOhKI'H !!. FXjETCHER. Iu the
aixty-fourlrl year of hia iig<-. Mr.
Fletcher was for a number of years
ongagod In the stono contractlng
business. Ile leaves a Wldow aiid
eleven chlldren tr, mourn his loss.
ills funeral wlll take place frorh
Park IMace M. K. Church THIS
(Tuesday i MORNINQ at 11 o'clock.
Frlends and?acqualntancea Invtted to
QHARIvKS.?The fnnernl "f XV, V.
QUARLES, who departed thla life
Saturdav, January 22. at 10:3Q P. M..
wlll tnke placo from l-'lfth Street
Haptlst Church TO-MORROW (Wed
. nesday) AFTKRNOON. .lanuary 26. at
2 o'clock. Frlends Iiivlted.
WESTARP.?Died, Sunday. at 6:45 P.
M.. at hls home. 2n.t North Thirty?
slxth Street. REV .BERNARD WEST
ARP, fonnerly permanent recior of
St. Anthony.'s Church, Chlcago, 111.
Father Westnrp came South about
fifteen months ago. owlng to falllng
health. After much sufferlng, tho
end camo quletly on Sunday lust.
Father Westarp was born at Oelda,
Wcstphalla, Germany, July 4. ixir>.
He was ordalned prlest December
24. 1S63.
Tho funeral .servlces will bo held
at St. Marv'a Church. Fourth and
Marshall, TO-MORROW (Wednesday)
MORNING nt 10 o'clotat. Interment
will he iu Sl. Mary's Cemetery. Thn
falthful are kindly reciiiested to ai
tend the solemn requicm high ninss
to honor ono who labored long and
successfully ns prlest of Ood for the
palvution of souls.
stlmuiate thc T0RP1D LIVER,
strcngthen the dlgcstlve organs,
regulate the boweis, and nre un
equaled as an
In malarlal dlstricts thcir virtucs
nre wldely recognized. as they pos
ssss peculiar properties in freelng
thc system from that poison. Ele?
gnntfy sugar coated.
tfake N" S-ohstitute.
of Frank M. Voting and slster of tha
lato Major Henderaon M. Boll. Bhu
leave*. flvo children?Mrs. Vost. wlfo of
Ex-Congrossman .Tareob Vost; Mlsseif
Bcaslo and Rebecca Young, of Stattn
ton; AVIlllam A. Young. of Kentucky,
and John JI. Young, of San Francisco.
Mrs. 81 ro Hnrve'y.
ISpccial to Tho Tlmea-Biapatch.]
Appomattox, Va.. January 24_Mrs,
Slni Harvey, of thls county, dlod yea
terday, Sha leaves her husband, one
daughter, Mra. Tom cock, and several
sons. Tho funeral was held at tho
old homo to-day.
Run ou MriIi-hii Ilank.
Mexlco Clty, January 21.?A run on
tlie United Statea Banklng Company
of thla clty started an hour beforo tho
close to-day. Twenty accounts, ng
groKatlng 200,000 pesos, wore with
Offlc-lals ln chargo declare tho Insti
ttitlun ls solvotit.
.Mrs. Tlionm, lt. Miller.
(flpuclal to Tho Tlm-i-I'inpatch.i
Frcderlcksburg, Va.. January 24.?
Mrs. Thomaa B. Jllller. daughter of
Mr. and Jlrs. S. F. Jllller. of Mathews
county, died at her home. after a brlef
lllness. She ls stirvlvrd by her pa?
rents and her husband.
Mr*. .nnn Forr.
(Special lo The Tlme-i-DI.patch. j
Appomattox, Va., January 24.?Mr?.
Anna Fore, near Red House, dled thls
mornlng at 10 o'clock. aged twenty
slx y^ars. Slm leaves her husband, S.
J. Foro, and an Infant.
To Fully Enjoy
Your Evenings at Home
You Must Have a
Sixty-ctRht yeais of
cpntinuoua piano huild
ing under the care of
two gcner.itions of one
family has cnablcd us to
produrc the best Piano
of its time.
Sold by its makcr dircct
to the home.
Chas. M. Stieff,
Manufacturer of the
the Pianos wlth the
sweet tone,
205 East Broad Street.
Richmond, Va.
nDf-DCV fnrcid; cjulclc rcllct; removei all
UnUrjl awolllne In s lo 20 days; S0 to 60
days effi-cts permanent cure. Trial treatment
glven freo to Mifforors; notlilne falror. "OH.
H. H. CiREl-N"- KONS, Box K. Atlanta, Ga.
JANUARY 25, 1910.
NOTICE.?-A complete set consists of 30 cou?
pons of consecutive dates, only one coupon of each
date will be _iccepted in each set. You can begin
saving on any date, just so they are of consecutive
dates froni the day you start.
ii.v.ildiie'- Pharmacy.llrook Avenue. and Clay Streot
l.. V. Wrlght Drug Co.l.otiiburily and Droad Streot
Ino V Uuuer's I-hurmacy.1215 Wctit Main Street
lluih-ni-iin's Uiu-J Store.Rlfllltcehtll nnd llrond Streets
Wood's I'liurmacy.3-00 Eust Ul*th Street
Pcoplo's I.rtift Store._.*.. ,3100 Wlllliiinsburil Avenuo (Fulton)
I. (J. Abbott's Storo.110.1 I-nll Streot (Manchester)
Hoverly Ilurrl-on'- Slore.109 Syumiioro Street (l*oter_bur_l
und nt tlie I'remlum Uepoitmotit of The Tlimin.DUimieli, 91- East Main Street,
Klchmo'iii, Vu, ?
^W_gW?l,TT_PU,-_A'_.;--__-_^-"w-*??_--'' "???.'"- ' "? ' "?" .""****** ? __-' ' ? '

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