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rlnth of undergrnund PnrlK. It threat
cna ruin nnd dostrurtlon overy where.
What new* disaster will como to tho
Ti-Aier-logged clty before tho Selne bo
filnn to fall no ono can prndlct. Al?
ready (he damiige ls nfflclally estt
mated at $2fl<i.000,000, and every hour
odds mllllons more. The entn-ptropho
rromlscs to cxceed tho limits of n na?
tlonal disaster and become intorna
tlonal. T]ie death roli also ls growlug
at a frlghtful rate, and when th* epl
demlc whlch now appnars inevltnble
hreaks ont, \1 wlll nin Into thoiisaiidH.
Alrcady ponrlet fever has appeared
among the rcfitgcrs nt Ivry. ??
Hold Cmiict to Hlnnie.
Among tho suporstitious thcrc Is talk
of the destructlon of Paris ns a result
of the oppoarancc of Halley's comet.
Tho authorltles aro bending thelr cti
ergics to the rescue oC tho lmprlsoncd
nnd the f=uccor of tho homeloss. ThQ
publlc. suhscrlptlons opcncd by the
newspapers hnve reached nearly $100,
030, whllo the Red Cross and other
rellef societies have ?one nobly to
The e.xtent ot the flonds In 1'arls
may he Judged by tho fact that about
hnlf tho length of the quays within
1 the clty nre under water, whlch Is
pouring Into tho streets, and thousands
of laborers and soldiers nre worklng
likc niadmen to bulld cement wulls to
hold back tho current. The Forelgn
Oflicc and the Hotel Palals D'Orsny
have becn abahdoned; as the ceilar*
aro full of water. The. Contlnental
Jlotel and many residences in the nrls- j
tocratic quarter are rapldly bclug
cvacuated. Thcro is ten feet of watct
ln the stibway station In front of the
Garo St. Lazare, and tho slnking of
the square throntens to carry down tho
ndjacent bulldlngs.
As the result of n conference Par
llament wlll he asked to authorlze an
extenslon of tlme for commirclal paper,
becauso of the gcnoral disorgntilzatlon
of business.
An Oll Fniiilne,
Be.-ldes the failurc of tho gns and
electric lighting plants, Paris is oon
frontcd wlth an oll farntne. Scoroa of
oll barges from Roucn aro tled up ln
the Selnc, an.l thc great depots of dls?
tributlon in thc outskirts ot Paris are '.\
?flooded. Thc oll reflneries at llouen i
nre endangored. The sltuatlon ln tlio I'
provlnces is no hcttcr than ln thc city,
ns they are suppllcd wlth oi! ftamj
An oracial bulletin to-night stated
Ihat tho water ot Pont Royal wlll
reach the thlrty-fool mark to-rnorrow
mornlng. The prospect for the Imme?
dlate futuro ls grave. as it Is estlmated
that the Solna to-night and to-morrow
wlll rlse from two to three teet. More?
over, lt ls fe;ired that thc hlgh tlun
which is getting in, beginning to-night,
wlll aggravato the situalion. pouiins
ln additlonal volumc of water and add
fng strong pressure to that whlch l?
already lnvaldlng the city under?
Reports received hcrc from Rouensay
that the quays and lields for manj'
miles arc under water. Ilalf thc town
of Plaisance', in tlie Department of
Gcrs, is suh merged, and hundreds of
Tofugccs are making th.t-ir way to
Paris. Extcnslvc floods havo occurred
in Clrondc, whero tho rivers continne
to vlsc at ;;n alarmlng raie.
Scverc Morm lu lln]y.
Xaples, .lanuary L'fi.?Driven by tho
Tiurrlcane, the sea at several points hns
destroyed the streets ;<loii!- the harbor
front. Reports from the country
nround Naploa descrlbo violent hnil nnd
ruin stornis, wlth a cohsiderable fall
of snow.
The rlver Arno, in Tuscany, a dls
F "During the last two
years I suffcred terribly
vvith rheumatism. I could
get no relief until I tried
Sloan's Liniment. It
stopped the pain and sore
ness at onee. I heartily
recommend it to others."?
Mr. J. P. Antclii". is, 36 E.
Court Street, Cincinnati, O.
" Sloan's Liniment is a splendid remedy for rheumatism.
There is notliing its equal."?Mr. J. P. Culver, Glenoby,
Tenn. '
quickly relieves sore muscles, stiff joints, toothache, lumbago,
sciatica, sprains, cramp or colic, sore throat, hoarseness and
pains in chest or lungs? very penetrating. You don't have
to rub it in ? just apply it.
Priees, 23c, 50c, and fl.OO.
The Literary Di&esl of Noy. 0, 1909, Devotes Piye
Columns to a Revicw of
ie Last -.xpsoiit ot jacu 5ie
AJVlomentous Incident of Second Manussas.
Free cxtr.Hi.. are gjven from Un- narratiycB of Ur. VVard,
of JVUssissippi, aiul Snim Cussons, of Virginia, lt is the
1110.1t Chnlling episode of the war, aiul the most fateful. De
lails will be ntailt'd on request hy .101 IN CUSSONS, G'len
Allen, Virginia,
Here are two Winter coats
wlth the changeable collar?
mighty practical in ourcllmate.
For lighter weather lighter
overcoats ln the odd greys,
For rainy days here is the
English fad, "sllpons." and
hore are our own styllsh wet
proo' garments.
For dress occaslons--tlie ox?
ford medlum weight silk-lined.
All variationso! correct styles
Your purchase money ls slm
ply kept on deposit till you are
sure you are satisfied.
Andthe "sale" prlcesare very
attractive to men who know
fine garments when they see
Fulldress Suits, $38.
Tuxedo Coats, to match, $20.
'?fMm&aorj ourr/rrrKs\
latch frrun Florencc snys, Is rlsing nt
in alarmlng rate, nnd a number of
?lllugos havo been flooded.
Snfety of StenmorM Thrcatened.
Gc-noa, January "iti?The storm here
ook on such proportions as to threaten
he safety of the sieainers in the har
lor. The resldents of several of tho
uburban quarters have left their
lomes, fearing that they would be
iwept away. At places the sea walls
iave broken down by tho hlgh waves.
?_?,000 llclplenn ou Housctops.
Charenton, France, January 26.?The
lood sltuallon hero ls appalllng. Ivry
ind Alfortvllle arc cspecially affllcted,
helr streets belng under water. Thou?
sands of resldents tliere have been res
??ued, but 2:1,000 stlll rumain helpless
on the housetops.
Spnln In Grlp of Gnlc.
San Sebastian, Spain, .lanuary 28.?A
ftcrce gale ia raging in this section.
All ihe mountaln strcams are greatly
swollen, and many houses have been
I-Isliiiic. Ilont Wrecked.
Bllhno, .lanuary 26.?A lishing boat
has been wrecke'd off thc coast in the
storm, eleven men tieing drowncd.
l.fiisuc for Hlghway Improvement
ARk? Appropilulton of $1,000,000.
St. Augustlne, Fla., January 20.?
i Asklng an approprlatlon of $1,ono,000
l Cor the establlshment of h Natlonal
I Commission for Hlghway Improvenn-nt,
ihe drat't of h blll which wlll be sub?
mitted to Congress, was approved hero
to-rlav iit tho. flrst annual convention
of tho Internatlonal League f?.f Hlgh?
way Ipiprovement. A committee was
I named to go lo Washlngton to urgo
tlie passage of the proposed legislatlon
I Tlie draft of the blll provldes for a
l commission of eight members?ono
Senator, one Congressman, four clvil
ians, to bo appointed by the President.
and one representative each of the
Post-Ofilco and Agricultural Dopart
monts. Thc commission Is to be
charged wlth the duty of havlng rur
vcys made for a natlonal system of
good roads. Presldent Taft Is sa'd t0
lavor tho scheme.
Graft ln roud-building. cspeclally ln
connectlon wilh the purchaso of ma?
chlnery and bridge materlal, was de
nounced in several specches,
Representativos are present from
iiinotee.n Siatcs. Colonel John A. Stew?
art. of New York, presldent, urged tho
organlzatlon of leagues in every con
gressional district
.i_..jon HBsnv d. wniTCOMii,
CContlnued From Flrst Page.)
to the last, an<t Ita heavy vote for Mr. j
Turnbull was dcclalvo,
Aslde from Mecklcnburg, lt v,*a?i
really n battle for favorcd. sona
throughout tho dlRtrlct, and tlie votc
of each candldate ln ihe countles i
whlcli knew hlm l>e? was flatterlng.
Mr. Turnbull carrled BrunswlcK, '
C-reenesvlllo, Luncnburg and Meclc
lenburg countles; Judge Watklns car
ried Amelia, Nottoway. Powhatan and
Prlnce Edward; Mr. I-assitcr carrled
Petersburg and the county of Dln?
wlddle. whlle Mr. Cocke was victorlous
ln the countlet, of Prlnco George, Su:;
_cx and ijurry.
A total voto of 6,102 is shown by
the preaent returns, while tlie quali
fiecl voto of tho district ia about 8,600,
thus rlihciosing a conslderable falling
off from thc full party strength. tn
the last gubornatoria] electlon -t.-Ofi
votes were east in the district for
.Ittdge JIunn.
The cotntnl.*t_ion<?rs of elections ln
thc varlous countles and the clty of
Petersburg will meet at thelr reppec
livc courthoiiBCE to-day an<j officlally
canvaas the vote.
Sllmulanl Kefiise-l, Chlld Dlei.
TroMi, utah. January 2i".~ The drugsista
nf UiIk clty havlng entered into an agrcc
nient amon_ thomsolveg nclthor to sell nor
glvo away llnuor for sixty day., T. J. Hmlth.
was unablo to proeuro whiskey or brandy,
declared by u physician to be necessary to
save ihe llfe of Hmtth's two-yoar-old son.
The chlld dled yesterday from pneumonla.
'Ihe prescription whlch the apolhocarlon ru
f?setl rb fin waa lndorsod by tho presldent
Of tho Clty Council imu one of tlio c.un
Forecnwt: VlrBln-Jn?Partly eliiudy nnd
wnriiicr Tlnir-*diiyi Krldny falr; mod
ernte to hrisk -??-utbivosit and vre_it
.Vortli Carolina?Gcncrnlly fnlr, wr-tli
modcrntc tempernturc Thumtlny ani!
Frlday; ii-odernte ?v?-?t -ivlud*.
S A. M. lemporaturo . _f
Mumidlty . -'?
Wlnd, qirectlon .S-W
Wlnd, voloclty -.?. '.
Weather .Pt- cloud;
Ralnfall . i
l*_ noon temperature. ',',?
" P. M. tieinperaturo . ?"?'
Maximum teniporaturei up to 5 V. M. 3!
Minimum temperature uptoBP.M. ii:
Mean temperature . 3'
Normal temperature . 31
Deficiency lu temperature yester?
day .
Deficiency ln lemporaturo slnco
March 1 . 40
Accutn. e.xcess ln temperature since
January l . IS
Deik-i.niy in ralnfall Blnco Maroh
l . 7.0
Accum. deficiency In ralnfall since
January l. 6.3
i (At s p. M., Kastern Standard Time.
Place. Ther. Ii. T. Weiultei
Buffalo . t
Detroll . S
Clnclnnatl . n
! Vlolisburg ..... <i
l Oklnhoinn City ? ? -
1 Gulveston . o
' I'iti.-i.ui-n . I
: VTellowstone _ i
I Memphla . Ti
i Charlotte . ?"'
Waijhlpgton _ a
hftvannah . ?'
.tu.'lcsiinvillc ... :
Tampa . t
KaiiHaH Clty,... i
.lupltei' . <
Ivl V WrM . I
.MnlllU ._ 1
:.? ??.; Orleans-,? ? ? '
Nortolk . ?
Hut teraa ,-. i
IHuloish .
AuhavlUe .
N?:w York Clty. .
Oharlo-ton . ??'? <<'? "i"1'
Autfustn . P? ?'- Cloudy
I -
MIXI \'ll IIK vi.ni ww.
January _7, 1010,
;:.,? ,.?.;.:,_ -, .1:1 liaill Tll>K.
Sun nets. 6;27 Moi-nini.. . . . (1
Woon llii-a.. 7:2- l_vunln_T. . . . 6.
Washlngton. D. C. January _$.?Am
b&ssadors from the Unlted Statea to
forelgn countrios should bo bettci
paid, aerordlng to presldent Taft, who,
ln an after-dlnner address to-nlght to
the Natlonal Board cf Trade. deciared
that it was a shaiuc that wlth all
tlie wcalth of the United States nohofly
but a milltonalre could to-day artoid
to aecept a post as Its ambassador.
The Presldent also spoke In ravor
of the purchase by the government ot
homet abroad for our representatlves
to forelgn countiies. He asserted that
whllo tho country was ln name a do
mocraey, It made It appear llke a plu
tocracy for It to send abroad only men
of great wealth, because men of
marked abillty but limited means could
not afford to aecept tho Dosltlons.
The Increase durlng the past ton
years In congresslonal anrl otner sal
arteH were mentloned by Mr. Taft, who
deciared tliat our forelgn representa?
tlves also should be remembercd.
Other sp'-nkers at thc bunquet wei*'
Senor de la Barra, ambassador froit
Mexlco, who spoke of thc wonderful
development of thls country and of hli
own country as well, and ot the friend
fchlp exlsiiny between them. Membei?
of Congress and other promlnent guest
were present.
The board to-day wavmly indorsci
President Taft's approval of leglsla
tlon for the upbullding of an Amcrlcai
merchant m.-jrine, and also the Pres
Ident's recommendatlons for posta
savings bank. RIvera and harhor"
ltnnrovrments were urgerU*
The board decllned to favor a pat
eolfi post measure, malnly for fear o
creatlng a further deflelortcy in th
post-offlec. n voted unanlmously
however, Cor 1-cont lettor postage tt
Bpply ln the same clties as such lette
mall orlelnatcs. Reclproclty wit
Canada in qualified form was appiover
and the efforts of tho State De
partm"nt to improve the constilar ser
vlce were v.-nrmly Indorsed. A11 of th
officers, Including President Frank 1
La I,anne. of ihe philadelphla Board o
Trade, were re-elected.
Wiisluir. (,,,, p( rjif january 26.
Charges i. Delegate Wlckerslium tho
Prcsldeni Tafi a.nd former Prosiden
Roosevelt j1U(] maintained In Washlng
un lobby ln the persons o
ruor W. B- Uoggatt au
lih-linrdsoii, an army offl
lead of the Alaskan ftoa
ure rovaaled hy piooi
1,,-duy of ?? exeoutlv
,-? tiic Konate Comniltte
.11 n-liition to tho Alai
... couhcll 1'Hl. <'ounu
dr. l-loggatt tlmt Judg
"ls liumbiigglnK Curtllc
lluutloii. .
cuimultleo took hoi'Ioui
|,,na soeiiiod tO havo be,
, motivos ot ti.e i';-"^.',1;;1
i.U-nt hy >luf'Kr
ton an
Mlljor '
cer, wb
made |
on Ton
kan I..,
Bliam's i
ln the
j and thu
?,.'r?l,a'ir, iVa'rt o>TOeaM?{!
ution fiii-tliori'il by Muj
,.?, ?r tho tlnggcnlipni
, |.,-,.sl,|enL ?"?!. ,.r" .'.
.,-., i-ospoi.slble loi t e
iii-o_, Further ?!?"-*n
'""I thlH ?? ,l"u; -wic
,|? ,,|||)lli- IJoIeftUte \\ i
i- ItlchoydHQ.n ln Wasiimi
loni hns nc. right tomal
sl hero." ? j ?,? i:
i,, tn0 uctlvlt'os u n*
Widely Known Civil Engincer
Passes Away'at Advanced
Age of Eighty-threc.
Major H. D. WJiItcomb, a wldeiy
known civil englneer, dled yestorday
mornlng at 10:15 o'clock at the homo
of hls eon-ln-law, Dr. Ilugh M. Taylor,
6 North Fifth Stroet, ln tho eighty
thlrd year of hls ago. Ho waa atrloken
Sunday, nnd tho end wns not unex
pocted. He wns born at Kastport, Me?
X^obruary 19, 182G, and was graduated
-rom Bowdoln Collego in the class of
1847, wlth degree of civil englneer. In
18-10 he moved to Richmond, und for
twenty-flve years was in tho employ
of tho Chesupcake and Ohlo Rallwuy,
whlch ho constructed through thc Vir?
ginia und West Virginia mountalns.
in 1-6. he was mado superintendent
of tranaportnllon and the followlng
yenr chlef englneer of tho systern. lu
1SB1 ho waa made general superinten?
dent us woll. a posltion ho held untll
Durlng tho war he waa In charge of
transportatlon of troops und Bupplies
over tho Chesapeake aiul Oliio, holdlng
thc rank ot major ln the Confederate
In 1870 he reslgned thc superlntcn
dency of tho road to devoto hls atten?
tlon to its extensloiT'tlirough tlio Al
leghunlea from tho headwatcrs of the
Jamcs to tho Kanawha, and finally on
to the Ohlo Itlver. a work which was
acccunpllslied under hla dlrect Btiper
viston as chlef englnoej*. and com?
pleted ln 1873. The followlng year he
wa.s appolnted by President Grant a
member of the i;ntted States Commls?
slon to examlne the waterwaya ot Ku
rope und report a plan for Improvlng
thc mouth of the MISBlB-lppI, whlch
rcport was uilotccl and carrled out un?
der the suporvlston of Captain J. B.
Work od JiiinrB Illver.
At the same time Mujor Whltcomb
waa in charge of Uio Gov-rnment work
In the improvement of the Jamea
Rlver. He reslgned that posltion ln
1S80 to return to rallroud construc?
tion and bullt th? Kanawha aml
Michigan Hallroad. ln Wcst Virglnla,
now a part of the Hocking Valley sys?
tern. In 1S.:i ho again took charge of
the Jamcs Rlver work for thc United
States government. and i-ontlnued untll
hls renrement to private llfe In 1.00.
Major Whltcomb wns a member and
at one tlmo a dlrector of thc American
Society of Clvtl Kngincors, and also
a member of I.ove Lodgc, A. P. and A
M. Hls wife died in 1887. He la sur?
vlved by four children: Mra. Hugh M.
Taylor and Mrs. 1-dgar D. Taylor. of
thla clty; Mra. O, !_. Nlcolaon, of Wash?
ington, and H. Ti. Whltcomb, Jr., of
l_"i-"t Oranffc, N. J.
The funeral wlll take place from All
Saint's Kplacopal Chureh, ot whlch be
was a veatryman. at 3 o'clock thls
afternoon. Membera of Dovo Lodfji*.
will meet nt the Maaonic Tetnple at
2 o'clock to attend the funeral in a
Tho pall-bearera wlll bc: Actlve?
Fred Valentine, Jamea N. lloyd, Mann
Valentine, Colton Chappin, Ur.. John
Dunn, Charles K. Bolling. Thomas N.
Carter, Otla M. /..frlend, W. F. Powers
and John N. Carey.
Honorary?P. Ii. Mayo, John Tyler.
Colonel T. U. Tl, Talcott, Pecatur Ax
tell, George XV. Stevcna, C. P. E. Bur
Bwyn. John ?. Purcell, Dr, P. A. Irv
Ing. S. H. H-wcs, Judge Georgo L.
Orip A_f?'ts Old Wound und I'liemnonlu
l>e velops.
Clnclnnatl, O.. January ...?Judsc Albort
C. Thompson. of ihc United Btatei Dlatrlot
Court for the Southorn District or Oliio,
dled carly to-day. _>>
Hla last illncss started wlth s<lp .?veral
weeks aiso. Thin uffected an old bullot
Wound ln the lung?. recelved in th. Civil
War. Ile finally develop.d pneumonla.
Judge Thomp-on w?j born lu 1.12 at
Brookvllle. l'a. After bolng wounded Ht thn
second battle of nuil Run ho realgned from
the army aml moved to rorlsmouth. wher.
ho aerved threo i.rrus In Con-*r.-i- from that
dl-trlct, and in 1-58 was appolnted Judga
of the. Cnitcd Btatea District Courl at Cln
I.oiiIm FcIIhclmcr.
After a long illncss, l-oula Fellhelm
er died yesterday at hla home, 1027
Wcsl Grace Street. 1I0 waa llfty-ono
years of ag?, nnd was well known
aa one of the, most ptpsnerous Broad
Stroet iderchanta". Ile was promlnent
iti inauv fraternal circles.
Mr. Fcilhcimer Is aurvived by hi
wlt'e and one daughter, Mlas Flsie Full
Itelmer; two brotheis?V. l'ollhctnier,
of Philadelphia, and 1. Fcllheltnci*. of
Maconib, 111.?and threo slatora?Mra,
1*:. Kllng, of Kansas Clty; Miasea Ber
Uia and Acoba Kellhelmer, of thla city.
The funeral will tako placo to-inor
row ut noon froni tho tnortuary chupel,
Hobrow Ccmetory.
Pall-boarers: Actlve?Mr. Wheat field,
Mr. Goodo, Mr. Aruold, Mr. Nachman,
Mr. Rublna, M. I. Blnswanger, Mr.
ICuspriuro"-, Mr. Reinhard. Honorary?
Sam Bendtielm, I.con Detticboch, Theo.
Nelson. Dr. II. H. Lcvy, I. Stern. M,
' I Thuihlincr. Warx Strauac, A. Groentree.
1 MIn* Maggle Gwllt.
Mlss Maggle Gwilt died nt her home
yesterday, Thn funeral will tako place
<hls afternoon at 3:I.ri o'clock from
Chrlatlan'a undertaklng rooms. The
Interment wlll bc mado In llollywood
Mr*. Snrnli B, llolihx.
Mrs. Saraii E. Hobbs dled yesterday
at lier home, 102S Bggleston Street
artcr un lllneaa of .threo months. _hr
was iUiy-elgln. yeara of age, und li
aurvived by onn daughter, Mrs. Sadli
Tho funeral will take plai.e from tlu
homo thls iifiernoon nt 3 -'elouk. Tlu
Interment wlll bo mado In I-lvervTon
Colonel Wlllluin wood Flnney,
ISpeeiiil to Thc Times-Dlsputcli.J
Petersburg, Vu., January "iti.?Col
Wllllam Wood Flnney died in thla citj
laat nlght. aged eiglity-unc yeara, lli
wus the son ot Captain Wllllam Eln
ney, of "Kllock," aild Ellzabeth Crieh
ton Wood, and was born at "Prospoc
Hlll" May 10, 1820. He attenfled prl
vato achoola In Powliatun, Rloliniond
Cumborlancl, Goochland aiul Hanovei
und malrloulutt'il at the Vlrglnia Mll
Itary inslltuto lu July, 18.3, .Huu ui'te
lila slxtoonth birthday. AfUn* gradu
atlng lie taught u.t Wurronton Acaciemj
but ln lSiiO trnvuled lo C'ulltorniu l
?IW; im* gold, ln 185S he began hl
. I ongliieorliig' uaveor 1" l|i? Wcst aud li
?| Mexlco, Liitur lio was ono of thon
J" I who founded tiu< famoiis PQriy Kxproai
I3 ] wiueii played ?uch ari Important par
': I beyond tlie MUhIssIppI,
At the boglnnlng at tho wav Mr, Fln
ney was mado captain '" lll<* tjiiui'tar
maater'g depurtmont of thfl Provlsloun
Army <<t viiglniu, wlth tho tronps un
BOph K. JoliiK-ton, lio suugbl. exeliiuu.
Herved 4u that -uptmity under Gonei't)
Jmikaou nnd later under General Jo
apeli |o. .loiuison. he souglit excluuig'
Inl<< the line, und rocetved a oommli"
altni of lleutenant-oolonol uf tho Flft
Virginia Infanlry. Colonel Flnney"
war I'OCprj entitled him tu tlio respec
of his eninraili.fi who held him in tli
__, hlgliii.-it (iHteoin. Ui.-; reuiaius will b
laken tu Powhatan ooiinty b'rlda
DiuritiiiK. leavlng Uleluuoml at 1
O'plqek mi ib? Cliesaiieuko and Ohl
traln, ^?
llo ls aurvlvod by hlia wife, by li.
mtttf Attftiit*. 34!lj mtb 35ti| Btxttte. Nsm f atk.
daughters?Mrs. Martin Johnson, Mrs.
E. C. Kent, Mrs. Charles Kennon,
Mlsses Edlth, Ethel, Constnnce and
Serona, Flnncy, and by hls son. Bcnja
mln Flnney.
Dnvld Ilnllp)-.
f Speclal toTheTirnos-Dlspatch.l
Charlottesvllle. Va., January 26.?
Davld I'.alley. for half a century an
employc of the Southern Railway, dle.t
at an carly hour thls mornlng at hls*
homo ln thla clty, aged slxty-four
years. The remains wlll be taken on
the mornlng train to-morrow to lii_
former home at Culpeper, Va., wlicre
the funeral wlll take placo from the
Catholic Church at 2:20 o'clock ln tho
afternoon, the service to be conducted
by the Kev. Timothy J. Crowe, pastor
oir tho Church of the Holy I'araclcte,
thls clty.
Mr. Balley marrled Mlss Hannah Sul?
llvan, of Casanova, Fauo,uier county,
who survlves hlm wlth slx chtldron
Mrs. I> L. Whitestone and Mrs. K. 1_
Orlfflth, of Culpeper; Jcrry, Cleveland,
Wllllam and Alfred Balley, anu Mlsses
Hannah ftnd Clara Balley, of thls city.
Captaln Koartuako Ivt-inper.
Alexandria Va, January 20.?Cap?
taln KoMclusko Kemper, former Mayor.
corporatlon uttorney and superlntend?
ent of schools of thls clty, Is dead,
aged sevonty-four years. For thlrty
two years ho had boen a practlclng at?
torney hero, was past grandmamor of
the Masonlc fratenilty ln Virginia, and
promlnent tliroutjhout tljo State In Ma?
sonlc clrcles. A native of Warrenton,
Va., Mr. Kemper, Joitied tho Confeder?
ate army at thc outbreak of the war,
and served at Port Sumter, S. C. Ho
was a graduato of the Universlty of
Virginia. and a brother of Edward II.
Kt-nipcr, audltor of the Southern llall
5Ir?; Heln'cen Mclnturn*.
[Speclal to The Times-Dispatch.]
Woodstock, Va., January 2?3.?Mrs.
Rebecca McInturlT, wldow of Eevl Mc
InturiY. a Mexlcan War veteran, dled
at her home, one mlle east of here to
dny. aged elghty-flvc years. Three
sons and four daughters survlvc her.
Bnrl Hllej.
Bluefleld, W. Va.. .lanuary 2*>-?Knr!
Rlley, a young attorney of this clty.
FINN'EY.? Died, at 7 o'clock Wednes?
day mornlng, at the residence of hls
son-ln-law, Mr. K- C. Kent, Peters?
burg. Va.. COI* W. XV. FINNBY, ln
tho elghty-ilrst year of hls age.
Funeral notlco lator.
FELd-HEIMER.?Born In Chambcrs
burg, Pa., November 1, 1*359; dled
Januarv 38, 1010. 7_ FELLHE1MER.
Funeral ou FRIDAY. January 2S,
al 12 M.. from Mortuary Chapel,
Hebrt-w Cemetery.
, Pall-hearers*. Actlve?Mr. Wheat
fn-td. Mr. Goode. Mr. Arnold, .Mr.
Nachman, Mr. Rublns. Mr. W. I. Bln
awanger, Mr. Kuspnurez,' Mr. Rcln
hard. Honorary?Sam Bendhelm,
Eoon Dettlebach, Theo. Nelson, Dr.
H. H. Dcvy, I. Stern, M. Thalhimer,
Marx Strause, A. Greentrce.
GWIUT-?Died. Wcdriesday. .lanuary
Funeral THIS iT~hurs<dii>M AFTER
NOON at 3:4B o'clock frcm E- '1.
Chrlstlan's undertaklng rooms. In
terinncx ln Hollywood.
HOBBS.?Died, at lior home. 1038 ,Bg
gle.ston Street. January .6. alrlS.
BAKAII B. HOnBrf./ after a three
months' illncss. 'Sho wss ln her
fifty-ninth yeur. and is survlved by
one daughter, Mrs. Sodlo Davis.
Funeral from the abovo number
THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON at i
o'clock. Interment wlll bo ln Rlver?
vlew- Frlends and acquaintanccs are
Invited to attend,
MARABEE.?Dled, at the residence ci
hls mother. Mrs. E. N. Marabla, 110!
Bryan Street, at 2:30 o'clock Wed?
nesday mornlng, January .6. 1J10.
thlrty-llfth year of hls age
Funeral notlco later.
I SCOTT.?Dled, at Bluo Rldge Sumifllt
Pohnaylvanla, yeaterda-y (WeiJnes
day) afternoon. RICHARD CEARK1-.
SCOTT, JR-, formerly of Petersburg
Va- , -,,
The funeral wlll tako place ln Pe?
tersburg TO-MORROW (Friday)
January 2R.
TAYEOR.?B-lcd, at 1:15 o'clock A. M.
January 26, at tho residence of W:
mother, Mrs. Celesto M. -Taylor
HOWARD C. TAYEOR, aged thlrtj
Funeral servlce3 from St. Peter i
Church, Elghth and Gra*o Streets
THIS (Thursday-) Al-TERNOON. Jan
uarv 27, at 2:H0 o'clock. Frlends ln
vlte"d to attend.
WHITCOMB.?Dled. January 26, at th.
residence of Dr. Hugh M. Taylor
Funeral front All-Salnts' Churel
THIS (Thursday) Al-'rEIWOON at ;
o'clock. Interment ln Hollywood.
?rt?"frt_s COUPON OUT
JANUARY 27, 1910.
NOTICE.?A complete set consists of 30 cou?
pons of consecutive dates, only one coupon of each
date will be accepted in each set. You can begin
saving on any date, just so they are of consecutive
dates from the day you start.
n_v*rl_.e'ii Pharmacy. .Ilrook Avenuo and Clay Street
? T"Wrlfthi liruS Co., I.ombimiy und ?V.01'.*** Sueet
J no V V-uVr'_ I'hotmucy.\... WIU Wcst Main Street
i?Jm.nn'i Prufl Store.AlilijlHootith and Hroad Str*??
..._."-" .Crn-c.. -. .--00 K?. lelfth Stroot
Wood'a Pharmacy
pVnnla<# Druit Store.3900 Wllllumsbuitt Avenue (Kultoni
l <f Abhott'- ??<>??.....,....,.H0J Mul? Streot (Mancheater)
llcvurly llnirl-on's Stor..,.109 Kycnmora Stroet ('-".tersburai
and at tho .'romlum I-epartinent of The Tlm?--l>lsputch1 916 liast Mnln Street,
UIiTlunniiil, Va.
dled to-nlght nbout 8;*t0 o'clock from
a eomplioiitlon of dlseascs. Mr. Rlley
was a native of Elma, Ohlo, havlng
come hore about two years ago. He
hi.d recently returned from a Rleh
moud hospltnl, where hc had been un?
der treatment.
Mrn. Vlritluln Day.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Warrenton, Vn., Jnnuary 20.?Mr:'.
Virginia Day, aged seventy-twu years,
dled at her homo here last nlght aft'-r
a llngorlng llltiens of several months.
Tho.deceased Is survlved \,y two daugh?
ters?Mrs. _J, Bevcrlv Slater and Mi*"
Annie Day?and one non, D. Turncr
Day, of New Yorl:. Sho wa* tho wldow
of Dr. Douglns Day, a prominent phy
I-'uiiprnl of Mlas IVInnVld.
IHpecInl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Alexandria. Va., January 26.?The
funeral of Mlss Madora winflcld, who
dled Monday. took place fhls afternoon
from her home, U'OO Wilkes Street.
Rev. Edgar Carpenter, rector of C5rae.i
Episcopal Church, conducted the ser?
Arthur II. Wretia,
[Speclal to The TimoK-Dl*-patch.J
Alexandria, Va., Januarv 28,?Arthur
H. Wrenn, a former resldent, forty
two years old, dl^d thls mornlng nt a
Washlngton hospltal. The body was
brought here thls afternoon for burlal.
Jobu Dry.
(Sptclal to Th? Tlnus-Diipttcli.]
Wadcsboro, N. C, January 2B.?John
Dry. ono cf tho oldest cltizens of the
county, dled at hls home hero thls
morning after a tdiort lllness. Ile was
a natlvo of Stanly county. ,
atlmulntc the TORPID LIVER,
slrengthen the dlgcstlve organs,
regulnte the bowels, and are un
cqualed as an
Tn malarial disirlcts thcir virtues
arc wldelv recoifnlxcd. os they po&
sess peculiar properties In freelng
thc system from that poison. Ele*
ftantfy ?utjar coatcd.
Take No Substitute.
Specials in
Odd Diners
This week wc offer a number of
Odd Diners from broken sets,
which wc have markcd thcap to
sell thcm quickly. Good to mix in
thc living room or "library. t">,.
Golden Oak, Early !-:nsli*li ttntl
It is vour chance.
Sydnor & Hundley,
"Furniture (or thc Home
709-11-13 East Broad Strcet,
Cut Flowers, Roses,
5 West Broad Street,
Orders illled promptly. Shlpped
'I'l.o.ic Madlson 305*.'.

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