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To get a tlilng, bo lt power, place dr
propcrty, Is one thlng: to mako a good
uso or lt Is qulto ahothor, Mark Twaln
<<ays of tho suffrngolles, "Ect 'ern auf
fcr," but thoy sccm IncIlnOd to mako
othcr people do bo at present, and who
can prophoay tho end of such an
upheaval of tho bod-roe|{ of Chrlstlan
Thcrc ls cortalnly nothing new un?
der the sun, Miss Amella Bdwardes, the
Egyptologlst, tolla 11s that about forty
two conturlen ago tnc womeri ot Egypt
got the uppor harid of thc mon so coni
pletoly that even thc Phanioh dared
not loy taxea, nor go lo war, nor dj
?ariythlng Important wlthout tho con
?<ent of the mnjorlty of tho women In
hls kingdom. Kvorytblng was In thclr
hands. They owned all thc proiicrly.
They ownod the men, the aervants. the
children, tho right of way, tho com
mcrce, thc army, the prlesthood, the
country, the court. When an Itifatu
?ted Egyptlan yoUth was afllanced to
thc ohject of hls heart's wlldost idol
atry, all that he had becamo from that
momont hers. She tbok Instant pos
seaslon of lands, Uocks, h'erds, gold.
sllvor, caravan, bootb in tho bazaar,
wlnca, allks. Jcwelu. All was hers by
law, and dlvorca was iinheard of, and
thero was no court of appeal, for she
wus that, too?judgo, jury, complaln
ant, dofendant, overybody. A small
itim of pln rooney waa usually, bnt
not neccssarilv nor unlversally {jrant
ed tho enamorcl swain for tho b<'te|
nuts that he llked to chew; tho carpcts
hc llked to slt on whllo he ato tho
pillow of patienco, humlilty. meekness,
!n the prcsenco of the stout hourl. who
v. as "as fat as a sheop's tall"; thc eof
fee hc llked to drlnk. thc ta^'s bc or
derod Improvlaed In tho tnarkot place.
Man was as a camel?-hls stibjugatton
wa? complctc. and woman, llko s gad
fly, drovc hlrn?to dlstractlon, and he
longcd for death. But aftcr twenty-flv'e
ycar* or so of frinlnlno rulo hc saltl
to hlm*c|f, "Ry all tho goda of Kftypt,
T'll spent my own monoy, tnlnd niyWjwn
biialnoss do my own rtghtlng, havo rny
own latchkov nnd my own way, and
put wornan back wheic she bciongs?
only thls tlme It shnll bc undcr lock
nnv kcy." Ho taught thope :<r
dltlous doctrines to ev>ry cnslavod
lord with n pcacock fan in tho land.
nnd thc hiimhlost of thc follahecn
bearkeped with raptnro. They rosc as
one man: zetiana.? and harcms were
("inn packod with ex-goycrnors; prlcsts,
JudgcK. dctors. lawycrs and soldlers
a.d slave rlrivors; thc ucv ??s turned;
ond thore they ,->rc ?0 thls dayj Noth
lnp rcmains of thrlr formor grc.itncsn
but hioomors.
Eet the ra:?h b"ings who aro spnrt
lnj; the dlvldod sklrt tn lsiri beware.
for thl? is not fletlon, but hlstory! It
i* thc hlhtory of pettlcoKt tyranny. an
intolprablc hurden for thc best man
that ever Jlved, as innru- of us can tcs
ttfy who havo bccn tho gray inaro car
ncollng and pranoln-r and roarinj; in
th? charlot that tho hcavonly onos
jiicant should be drawn by thc goldm
Jiorsfs "f tlic stm, or, -.vorac ptllL turn
ing ovor thc ro'tii to tho ehlldron or
thc tcrvan's when. v.-carj <,f hcckllng,
contradloting, browbeatlng, eommand
Ing. she, llkr Jove. would faln nod
Men havr a qulto wo.rlorful faculty <<<;?
eomlng out of boUhijr wator with clcan
bands: they can deal as S.ixon< havo
rver don*- ("thc rncn with short knivi - i
wjth any great cmergrncy. with ?< di
r^ott^',!", anj rury and force and a
powcr to immedlately subside and
Kood naturedly maintaln what Ihey
have manfully ssalned. that wohsen
rnlght try forcver to Imltatc, In valn?
hveii thc Rrvolutionary DaughtorF of
Jtovolutionary slro would falnt, fly,
ille of rtich sooncs as havr tllted thc
world with hcrcco nnd cxtondpd terrl
torlos tor ages pat>t. It la no dlserodit
?o her to 'av rr-. Sho may scorn to
rocVc thc cr.idlc?tbo ldon ls m?"t with
? nlffs of dl.--appr.>val and a Nlagara of
r.orvcrtod oloi|i]cncc a' wman Miffrag"
rnnvontlons?or she may nol
Pomohow mon do not xtk>* to thf
his joys and troblr hlf oxpenses ovon.
man nowadays who plncs to double
hls joyp and oroblo hls 'sii'n'cs rvrn.
much loss marrv an cnterprislng p>t
son who has got to rogulate thc uni
vcrso. altcr tho channcls ?f trado. In
vent a now rcllglon. smash ln thc hafs
?nd wlndows of varlou* publlr ofnc|als
nnd placos, Koizo the l<cnch. tho bar.
th" pitlplt. and olthor extermlnate or
rulo. prefcrably exterminate, that fcar.
fui usurpcr, tyrant nnd unulterable
railuro. man. P is too largo a con
tract; too oxpensivo a luxury; too had
n bargafn. Men. kooplng thclr most
Valuablc assot. common sonso. <,ro thls
rloarlv. The wretches actually prcf.-r
n kltid. good. contlo croaturo. who
thinks woll of some of thc viows that
they respoctfully offor. occaslonally
takes their advice. as they would ox
port tcstlmony of any kind, and is not
No imilulurs, and they are many, of?
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Main and
Broad and
Third ''
above nonSUltlng tiie wIhIics and oboy
Ing thclr dlreet cnmmaifda In rnattcri
or linportnnccl
Tliey say, ?'] ani not as great a fool
as I look" eheerfully. They admlt
brazonly that they prefor to put thclr
honor, their affalrs. their homos, their
ohlldren, ln BUCh hands; which ls
strange, Isn't It? But not unnatural.
Advooates or "opori?door dlvorccs,"
Saloon-smashlng, brtck-battlng, oratlng
hySterlcs and ragos tnust admlt these
aro not the foundatlbns upon which to
hulld hoinc.s?all that Is left to us of
heavonl The soft answer that turn
etll away wrath: the llttlo thlngs that
some women leavc undone. or olse de
splse, "that glve to one heart ease";
the careful settlng of a brcakfast table
for Home hardworked, reflned husband
"with turtle soup lastes, bul only a
mutton broth pockel"; the sewlng on
of the seorned bntton, tho denounced
darnlng of stocklngs, the lovlng,
watchfii] care of baby, are all a inlllion
timos more valuable to tho famlly. and
the country and the world, than all
the convcntlons that were over held
by the e.manclpatcd.
Women may or may not do these
thlngs. It ls qultc certaln that they
eannol handle the axc. the spade, the
blll-hook, the cannon, the plstol, the
sword, the gun, the traln, the englne,
the arrny, the shlp (good as she la-at
riggltig), with anything llke the same
God has Himself settled that ques
tion for all eternlty. Rlp Viin Wlnkle's
kobold women are what we want Just
now. "Ol what suffra?cttes dey vould
make." rt must have been ln a spirlt
of prophecy that he asked: "Is dere
any more of you women vOt Is doaf
and dumb?" O! the endless assertlon
that Is not a'rguhient; vlolence that ls
wholly suporfluous; chatter and the
twittcr that Is not conversatlon, has
the whole quefltldh alrcady given to
la long-sufferlng, pcace-lovlng, con
i tcntcd publlc, slck of agltatlons atu>
j agltators, reforms and reformcral Mrs.
! Poyser's famous spoeoh has lost Itst
point: "f'rn no denyln" the women are
r'.ols: ihe Lord made Eve to match
the men." Men ean't bo mated with
such folly. They will not. to use a blt
of slang. stand for It. The wlsest of
the suffragettes, an Bngllshwomah,
Btecped ln the effete. but effective
tradlilons of the pasi, gavn to tbc
party this blt of sound adylco: "Wear
your most becomlng clothes." Sharp
WOinan that: She dlstrustcd the
bludgeon. She know what becomlng
?Iothns have done in the subjugatton
of man! If the party conslstcd only
of Harrison FIsher girls. In black
Velvet aud plcture bats. chlffon searfs
and patcbes. there Is no knowlng what
mighr not bapp< n. Pundlts, Benedlcts,
bacholors. Prcsldents, Cougres.?os, Na
polcons of flnanee. Konorals', admtrals
mlght. yes, certalnly would, yleld un
condttlonatly. Egyptlan slavcry would
bc an accompllshed fact. But Provi
dence tempers Ihe wlnd to tho shorn
man. There is hope; all is not lost.
The ?nrld will probably contlnue to
make its dinrnal revolution about lt:
axls cverv twenty-roar hours protty
much as usual; 'bis poor old planet n'
ours has seen a power of rows. and
roforms. and H doean'l gn excltcd ln
i] ? Icai ' orer a new one.
There is a rn-etiy old l?f;end ahout
the sexe? that many of you will readlly
reeall. It tolls of a terrlble quarrel:
of a total se.paratlon between men and
women; of n chasm that nothing could
brldge: of a .>-tern determlnatlon to
have done with each other forever. The
| man must and would keep the maln
Innd. The women would tako an Island
t">me tnll^^ dlstant. and dlg and plow
snd sow and bulbl In pcace. plenty.
Jr>... over a mlghty good rhidanco. Well.
lt was done. p.oth sexe.- felt nothing
but rcllcf at flrst, for they wer,- never
meant to qttarrol, and both had been
perfeetly mlserablo. But In a year of J
nothing but sulks and sighs and hard ,
work woman changed ber mlnd. She]
never did it before. She will never;
do it agairi. But she did it then. and j
she crled out: "O! I am so tired of
women, I am nearly dead: I never
have anybodv to do anything for me.
or to contradlct, or to dress for. or to
wheedle, or to fasclnate, or to love, or
to klss. r am golng home." With
this she leaped into the wjUcr and
started for the mnlnland as fast as she
ronld swlm, and lo! ail tho Infurlated
and outraged foliowori in ber waket
Meanwhile tho men had by another
route come to exactlv the same con
cluslon. "I am so tlred of nothing but
men. men. men: I might as well bo
dead. That ldiot .Tones has told m<?
that stupid ioke of hls 5o0,non times
nt least, and always expects me to
laugh. Brown gets all the oysters.
Smlth Rfts all the lobsters. Thompson
Jins got the besl of everythlng on the
Island. and when I am slck there Is no
to nurso mo, to
orled ono dlKConsnialc.
Into the ocearf, JTpUo'we
ho sprang
by evnry
blossed man on H?. malnland, and mld
way they mct tho Injured and Ind *
nnnt falr! Together they ? ? rn' ? 1
bv sldo back ,o thclr formor ho.ncV
and that goncation of peopio nover I
qilarrelod agaln about anythltig and
llved happy and eontent cv>t after in
Tru.e 1 ovc's I,ar* -Malean,, f*5al.|
creatod Ho them."
Wilmington Social News.
[Special to.The Tirries-Dlspatch.]
Wilmington, N. C, January LTi.?Tho
formal dance seaaon for Wilmington
cloard thla week untll after Lent, tho
finale comlng with tho January danco
of thc L'ArloHc German club. The de
llghtful event took place Wcdnesday
nlght ln the Masonlo Templo ballroom,
and tho german was lod by Robert
Caldor, the club's leader. About two
aeoro couples partlclpatod, and among
the visltora wore Miss Gwynnc, of New
Jersey; Miss Eleanor Baker, of Phll'i
dolphla: Miss Marjorlo Robertson, oi
Columbia, S. C, and Mrs. Thomas Sc
tle, of Afihevllle. Misa Robertson ls
I the guest of her friend. Mlsa Hchn
j .^trango, whllo Mrs. Settle Is the guest
j of her cousln, Mrs. W. A. Wright.
A dcllghtful aftalr of thls week was
| a bauquet glvcn Tuesday nlght at the
C'Olonlal Inn by Post G. North Carolina
DIvlslon, of the Travclers' Protectlve
Association; ln honor of Natlonal Rep
resentattvo T. Schuyler Eogan, of St.
'? Eouis, Mo.. who camc on a vlslt to
| tho local post. J. S. Punchess prc
slded. and thore were many happy
I toast-responses, these bHng made by
i Mr. Logan. W. B. Coopcr, presldent of
| thc Am-rlran Natlonal Bank, of thls
I clty; CoIIoctor of tho Port B. K. Kelth,
and ;?. B. Rogors, also of thls clty;
Herman Oanse, of Baltimore, and Eu
1 gene If. Clowes. of thc Vlrglnla divi
slon of tho T. P. A.
Tho "knlghls of thc grlp" of W||.
niing'on are getting in fino trlm for
I cntertalnrncnt of tho Grand Councll
I of tho Carollnas of tho Etiltcd Com
j merclal Travclers. The local councll.
i Cajie !?> ir. No. 374. has namod an oxc
I cu'tiVG eommitteo to mnke tho pre
j llmlnary arrangemonts for thc event,
which will take placo here in June.
Tho Wiltnlngfon local Board <>! i-'irc
Underwrlters' Assoclatlon hold its an
! nual oiuliig Wcdnesday, which oon
slstod of an oyater ronst at Wrlghts
! vlllo Beach, and a social meeting af
i< rwards. Thc special guests ,.f honor
: wore Martln S: Willard, secretary and
treaaurer of thc Carolina Insurance
Ccmpany. and hls cntlro officc forec
and J. P. Hazzard, siamplng < \<;\; f?'r
tho assoclatlon of Wllson.
Thc members of thi
Gulld. r,f st. John's Epl
ontertained in dcllghtful
nlght with h Japanesc
rd in pantomlne, thls 1
i by a recf.ptlon.
Miss Kllse Klddor
vlslt in N'e-.v Yr.r!<
Plbrencj Kl ider an<
i now vislting in r?-r
; Misses Isabcl Small bc
fVtevenson are |||r. ~-,i
i do?, tu Wllllamston.
j A unrnbor of sorial rvrntr< are orj
tapls for noxt wrok. including an In
jorrnal Btnoker by thc Brotherhood of
M- ?'?'."" Church; Monday tiight, and
!?'?? '.-=?.?:??. ?... i,:. ti,f ;>'--,--r i.'iiri,
lira borosip, I-'riday .afternoon and
cvonlng at tiic Orton Hotel.
The most Important event wlll bo
a blg publle receptlon Monday nlght
trom 9 to 10:30 o'clock, given In honar
of thc committee from Congrcss that
wll vlslt Wilmington Monday on Its
tour of [nspectlon of thc North Caro?
lina waterways. Tho committee it Is
oxpected wlll Includo both Tarhbol
Senators and tho Congressthan from
that distrlet, Hon. Hannibal !.. God
wln, and wlll reach Wilmington Mon?
day In chareo of many promincnt
Qltlzens tho coinmlttoo will spond thc
day on the Capo ETear Rlvor, golrig
down on tho rovmue cuttor Sominole
and will roturn late ln thc afternoon
itortained at a dlnner, and thon
*ts of honor at the do
:opal Church
mannor last
'edding. act
Ing followcd
left to-nfght lo
Clty. Misf
Suo Princc ;i
sacola, Fla.. and
if.. ;<nd Chrlstlnc
ta of Miss Gor
to bo
Roanokc Social News.
ll ll
-. of
\\ ednesday
Tlmos-Dlspalch. I
MrsUBRon?i,. V.''.1" ,-,iV1i):"v -"'?Mr. and
. r,r? ,K', I''lirl;l* ontertained at
a l.irgc and brilliant receptlon last
fersonSStrnn :'"'-ir i'1*"^ "" ?out" ?"
guests m, .' l',"""!' '" the'r house
Sr^eat1^?^ i^'T" plar0t,CO Bu^"'
bSg^ye^d^H^^-Ss "at
brldgc ycatcrday afternoon at
homo. near Vlrglnla College
to?iii.na' .U'; ';oc;du'in, Inforhia'lly
flSt" r, f6W fri"?'1:; at cards ves
ion S,reet'.;rn0"" at ""'' h?",C 0n 5*o!
Thc Southwost S'hakesnoaro r"i?t,
**&? TiieJ-cluBbUriks?' s^dviilg^rt
Mr and Mra. .7. Braxton JennlnE-s ?t
Buchanan, wero married
morning at her homo.
n^7^1r?lorrn^U;o a^rtne
^n pevira? $? no^efo^olng
ternoon. --uocaaay at
stitute Ais''y- P?3d Fox- of Hollins In
.stiiuto, is spendlng aome tlme with
her parcnts, in thls clty. V Uh
ls ?he -g'tost^' Slrsaicy' i?/ r^nv"Ie'
Church Avcnue. ' 1,ox' on
%t^XCKe H Wednes
inghamJ' Ai^M Ije.wis went t0 Bi:-m
tho in.i?la", Monday to uccompany
i.r w e,malns of ller ne ce, Miss Navins
A?,.?Su?day' after a hl'ef illness.
d..v? i,,LuroIon, H' Cocke sP?nt several
nr in OharlpttesviHe thls week.
k?Mrs. urahaiu Claytor. Sr? who ha,i
been vjslting her daugbtor, Mrs. Griffln
Callahnn, has returned to her homo ln
Bedford City. She wus accompanled
homo by Mra. Calluhan, who wlll spend
sevoral weoks with her.
??.-??.- .
Gordonsville Social News.
[S'peolal toTho Timos-Dlspateh.]
Gordonsville, Va., January 29,_-Mrs
und. Miss ilolloway, of New York, are
visltora af the home of Mra, Vlrglnla
Osbbrne, near town.
p. E. Jeffrlos, jr., of Charjottesvllle
waa ln the-cMy thls week on bus
iness, ..??;??'??>, '"*'
W, A. Ealmr has returned to Roan?
oko, iiftcr spendlng sevoral days thi*
week wlth-IUs uitrents in thls clty
Mlaa Eula Bernard, a-ftor apon'dlnn
tho paat wook with Mlas Kdna Kuber
haa returned to her home iu Ri,.h
mond. ""?"
pr, Magrudcr, of Cliurlotli[\iviUo.
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Jones Bros. & Company, Inc,
1418-1420 East Main Street,
was on a professlonal vlslt here this
Mrs. A. B. Martin has been spend
Ing the week with her daughter, Mrs.
C. B. MorrlS, at Somorset.
Ilarrls Davonport was a ?;ucst th
first of the wcok of his inother, in
K. !?'. Faber has returned from a
vlslt to frlends at Sbenandoah.
Mrs. Dora R'obertsbri, of Cllfton
Forgr. ls a guest of Mrs. Bctttc Mc
Dr. If. If. Kargeant Is vlsltlng his
son, i-"rank Sargeant, at Pendleton.
Powhatan Social News.
ISivcial to The Timos-IMspatch.l
Powhatan, Va., January 2D.?M. p.
Bonlfant spent several days ln the vll
luge 'his week.
Misses Bowers and . fiaunderf?, of
Powhatan Instltute, visited Mrs. K. D.
Turkcr this week.
Mlss twuclle l.igon. of this placc.
is vlsltlng frlends in Rlchmond.
Miss Mattie Silnian ' speni. several
cays in Illcbmond last week.
Mrs. .1. A. Tilman ylslted her son, Dr.
J. K. Tilman, this week.
Bon Air Social News.
[Special toTheTimes-Dispatc'n.l
Bon Alr, Va., January 29.?\ large
dclegation of our ropresentativo wo?
men here attended the lecture given
at tho Jefferson on Tuesday night by
Rev. Anna B. Shaw on "Kqual Suffrage."
Mlss Ayllffe YVhcrry is at her home,
"Coraland," near here.
Mrs. Willlam Rllcrson was here this
Mlss Kli-abcth Smith was the guest
on Thursday of Miss Cary Talcott. in
Miss llermlne Moore was the recent
guest of Mlss Lucy Mason, in Rich?
Misses Bmllle and Dorothy Smlth
One Ought to llavc a Good Appetlte.
A good appctitc is the bcst sauce. It
tocs 'a long way toward helping in the
ligestivc prore*s, and that is absolutely
sssential to health aud strength.
Many persons have found that Grape
Nuts fciod is not only nourishing, but is a
Teat appetizer. Even children like the
taste of it, and grow strong and rosy from
,ts use. . .
It is espccially the foocl to make a wcak
itomach strong and create an appetite
br dinner.
"I am 57 years old, wntia s Tcnn.
;randmother,' "and have had a \yeak
itomach from childliood. By great care
is to my diet l enjoyed a reasonable de
;rec of health, but never found anything
o cqual Grape-Nuts as a standby,
"When I have uo appetite for break
ast, and just eat to keepitp my strength,
take 4 teaspoonfuls of Grape-Nuts with
;ood rich niilk, and when dinner comes 1
itn hutigry. While if go without any
ireakfast I never feel Itke eatmg dinner.
irape-Nuts for brcakfast secms to make
i healthy appetite for dinner.
"My httle li-months-old grandson had
xsen very sick with stomach trouble dur
ng the past suntmer, and finally we put
lim on Grape-Nuts- Now he is growing
ilump and well. " hl'n a*ked tf he wants
lis niir.se or Crape-Nuts, he brightens up
md points to the cupboarq, He was no
roublc ta tvean at all?thanka to Grapo
S'uts." Read the llttlc book, "The Road
0 Wellvillc" in pkgs^
"There's a Reason.
Ever reiul the ahovc Ictter? A new
j'noi appdWfs f.rom tlmp to tlme. They
(rc getiuine, true aiul ftiU of huinan
One of .\npoleoiT? fauious eoniinaii der* hnd the inlsfnrliinc to lose one of hln Iors, and vrnn forccd to Bluuin
nbiiui on a linib of wood. C'uu you nrraimrc tbc tliree arlioles In tbe eirclc, no that they will form a boot junt
llkc tbe one he tina onf
and Miss Mary Kerguson were with
Miss Elizabeth Veltor last week at
Dr. B. B. MoCluer was tlio guest
on Sunday of Mrs. Alan Kerguson.
Mlss Nannje Powors was tho guest
of Mlss Mary Ellctt, ln Richmond, dur.
ing tlio week past.
Miss Edlth Scoffin was the guest on
Sunday of tho Misses Moore.
Miss Uarriet Coeko, who recently
visltod tho Misses Cringan, in Rlch?
mond, is now home again.
Mlss A-ugusta Barfleld has been
staylng here with Mlss Bessle Cooke.
Miss Maude Millor has been stopplng
with Mrs. Withers Millor, in Ricli
Mrs. Albort Wllllam.s and datightor,
Anno Konyon, are with relatlves at
l-Ianover Courthouse.
Louisa Social News.
[Speolal to Tho Tlmos-Dlspatcli.j
Louisa, Va., January 29.?Mr, Van
(lergrll't, of New York, is vlsltlng hls
sistcr, Mrs. 1'iank Beale.
Ohustlne l.ougan left for lilchmoad
\\'i dnesduy to attond tho marrlago of
hls slster, Mlss Willlo Louguu,
Mr. Hounrd. ol Klorlda.
Mlss Rosabel i luii t t;r and Mrs. J.
C. Kruueisco returned Thursduy from
l.viuliburg, wherc they uttendod th
marrlago of thclr brothor, M. S.Hunter,
and Miss llattle l.cc
Mrs. A. T. Oordoil loft for Itichuiond
Mrs. Willlam MeLeiulon will spond
several days ln Louisa hefore rcturn
Ing to South tarollnu.
DeWit Social Ne\\*s.
IS'piM-ial toTlirTiine.--l>is|<alc!i.|
DoWllt. Va., JftniittTJ' -!i.?Mr. utiti
Mrs. Ilnw.ird Jatnos and Mrs. th orgr
Voutiff, ot l'ttorshurg, spent unu day
Annwer Jnnuary -_-;t.
this week with relatlves here.
Mrs. II. IC. Butterworth has returned
from a trlp to Be'tersburg.
Mlss LIsate Butterworth left this
mornlng for a trlp to Scotland Nook
and other pluees to vislt relatives.
Mrs. .0. T. Slmmons has returned
frotn a trlp to lUchmoud.
Miss Myron Clnhlshn, from near this
pjuco, has goho to KarmvlUe,
Davld Mooub Barhor left to-day Cor
Washlngten and Uae Unlverslty 10
take a course in law.
AfSpoolal to Tho Tlmoa-Dlspatch, |
Jrlan, Va., January 110,?Frank Jcii
kVSs and Mlss Mnhol Ma iisfb-ld Wi'i't
mXrrlotl at Muvral, W.'diicsil.iv nltor
iiinn at ;:.?'." o/cloch, tho eoremonj bo
nft nerronnod by ihe U?v. v. it. Willc
tliUpn. Mr..
Brian Social News.
ind Mto. .Iiutknts left lin
medlatoly for Richmond on a bridal
Mrs. M. V. Woolridge, of Poindo.tter.
ls vlstting Mrs. J. N. Walker, at Brlan.
Mrs. Luoy M. Stovcr, of Glenover,
was the gueat Saturday and Sunday
of Mrs. J. N. Walker.
Bmmet nnd Allen Talley havo gone
to Wost Virginia to engage ln rallroad
B. M. Rhea, of Cliarlottesvillo, was
it Brlan tliis weok.
Remedy for Piles
My fricnd', perhaps you have
ised many remedies for piles, and
ave been faked many a time,
"liis remedy is made in Richmond,
'a., and is sold by all good drug
ists under u full guarantee or
?pur incmey refunded. If your
ruggist don't keep it, send 50c
iy mail and it will be sent to yot;
1 once. A postal will bring you.
free samplc. '?
tiikc. m. johnson co.,
Riqhmotid, \'a,

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