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advertisein theTimes
Dispatch reach the
buying public.
The Time?-Di?patch
" prints all the newi
and printa it fir?t."
Republicans Are Wast
ing Time and. Accomp
lishing Nothing.
Administration Progr-am Likcly n
to Fail, and Mcmbers Are Al
rcady Talking of E&rly Ad
journmcnt?Scssion Is Bc
ing Taken Up With In
Waahlngtnn, Jantmry 30.?Littlo
headway haa been made in the two
tnonths Congress haa boon In aessloh
toward thc onactnicnt of important;
legltdatlon whlch In dcmandcd by|
rroBidcnt Tafr; yet on evary slde aro
hoard prodhtlojis ?f an oarly adjonrn
ment. Thoughtful mombora of Con- j
grosa aro asklng each other what klnd
of receptlon they wlll mect ir thcy go
to tho White Ho'use on Aprll 15 or May
1 with plans to r|uit wprk for tho snm
Iut, lf the admlntatratlon proBram Ih
Tho quostion |x ono whlch oongreg
iilonal loadertt admlt Ih glvlng them
deep concern. Tho abaenco of urianlm
Jty of thought on almo.tt n11 0f the
Prcaldent'H measures ?;. ?ueh >" to make
cxceedlngly dlfflcult tho wo'rtk mappeu
out for thosc who have the btlla In
chargo. nilla to croato a court of coni
m*rc? and amend tho ralfroad ratij
lav7F, to esUblish poatal savlnga banks,
to valldato wlthdrawala of publlc landa
?wanted for eonaervatlon purposea, andi,
to legallzc natlbnal chartera for cor-! ?
poratlons dolng Interatato buRlneaa.
whlch h.ivo hocn placod at thc hcad of
the "Whlto llousi. Hn)i'-d:ilc" have all
rnct with determthcd opposltlon.
Wiilrm VrP Muildlrd.
From a polltbal polnt of view Re
publlcan watera aeemingly are hecom
lng mii'ldlr-d by the *evcral investlga
t'cna whlch ar.. in progress, and tho
minority membera appoar nt>t unwii
llng to lot thl? proceduro contlnue |n
drtinltely. Iniiuirics aucfa as that belng '
nsado Into the !iffair.s of thc Interior i
l-cpartmrnt and tho Fdrestry Kervlco ?'
natiirauy are havlng somc cffcct on
piana to cnact land laws and leglsla- '
;ion for Ala ka. and ovon boar tov]
fotn" cxlent upon tho Arlzona and Xcw I
Mexlco Statehood blll. Othcr lnvestl- |
gatlons, mich as thosc rolatlng to
? second-clasa mall matler and thc poat- I
ni,,ce deflclt and tho. causea of tho in- I
creaeod coat of llvlng, aill tend to I
nilnlmlze the chancea for a complotc i
rodeinptlon of Republlcan catnpalgn j
Tho rian most In favor with Rc '?
publlcan lcadora Ia for a rcarrango- j
mcnt of tlm Taft pollcles, placing llicm
In ordcr of execiitlve profcrenco or In j
?ucii ecnucnco aa, it ia thought, would
most bcncflt thc majorlty party. It
haa been dcclarcd that no progrcsa
wlll bc made ao long im Fomo of the I
loadera are pushing interatato rora- j-;
merc-: leglalation, others conacrvatlon j
pollolea, stlll othera poatal savlnga i
bankF, Foderal incorporation lawa, or j
yet other of tho numcroiia meaaures;
on thc Whlto rioUBO calendar.
Plnycd Asnlnut ICncli Othcr.
At the presont tlmo the Houso Is ,
occtipk-ii with aiipropriation bllla, and ]
ln tho .^onatc there arc two adminls- j
tratlon meaaures?thc postad aavlngsj
bank blll and tho Alaskan loglslatlvc j i
council blll?hclng /ilayrd agalnst ench [
othcr. Opposltton haV developod agalnat J
both bllla. and Rcpublican lcadora say
that tho present tnctics affect the
chances of both. The S'tntchood blll
also Ia ready for consideratlon. and.
in addition. tho arrny appropriatlon
blll will be reportod to-morrow.
Committeea" of both branchca of
Congresa anticlpato a busy week. Sev
cral important. hearinga wlll bo con- | p
tliiued in the Flouae. They lncltidn h
that in relalion to the post-ofHce'i^
doflclt. InterBtate commerce bills, ln- j
cluding thc administration bill, whlch, lijj
by tho way, wlll rocelvo aittontlon by.'t
tiio Sonato commlttee hm well; charges t
of extravagance made by Etopresenta- j i
tlvo Hltohoock, of Nebraska, agalnst
Secre'tary Balllnger, as woll as tho
Jolnt hoarlng in rolation to the I3al
linger-IMnehot controversy.
SriiMitioii* E.vpeeted.
Wnahingtcin, D. C, January 30.?
"WJion the cross-oxanilnatlon of F-.ouls
R. Olavla lioulnsC'to-morrow afternoon
beforo tho Halllnger-rlix-hot (.'ongrcs
slonal Investlgatlng Gommittdo, lt ia
expeeted that aorao new arid atrlking
fcaturcs will bo brought jout in regard
to tho charges whlch have boon made
?igalnBt varloua indlvicluals hy Mr.
Glavls In hts tesllmony beforo tho
committee, tho laklng of whlch was
flnlshed yestcrday.
Reproaentatlvo McLaclllan, of Call
lornia, an,i Kinkaid. of Kobraska, who
swcro Jnterestnd in certalu Alaskan
coal olalms, .aocordlng to testiniony
gtven by Mr. Glavls yestordny, oithor
persoually or throilgh frlonds on tho
Investlgatlng oomnilttoo, wlll put Mr.
Glavls. It is boileved, through a grnol
ing examlnatlon ln an effort to frce
thenipolvos ffom all talnl of siisplcion
Mr. Glavls dcclarcd yostorday that -Mr,
BaUtnger, aftor belng ('oniinlssloner of
the l?and Oftlco, haj aqted as attorn'oy
for Klnkald. Tn regard to Mr. Mo
I.achlan, Mr. Glavls toRtllled Lhat ^rr.
Tialllngcr had BUggeslod to hlni that
tho Invcstigallon agalnst tho t'allfor
nla. Congressnuin be not put'sund, aa
thero had been "ton much <3C thal port
of llilng ln tho past."
.Tunt what nnglo the oross-examlna
tlon lo-morrow wlll ttiko has not boon
dlsolosorl hy Ihoso who ar'q propnrlng
tn take an nctlvo parfln tho procoed
Ings, bul Ihe bellef Is gonenil tluit
nomn vigorouH statoinontK aro llkely
to bo inade an,[ some tmportiint do
velopmonts In tho altuatlon hro^ht to
InUil I'lNlol Ilnol.
Middlehoro, K.v., .lanuary :!(!.?ln a
pliit.ol duel al lOdgowood, uear horo
to-da.v, 1'ioputy .Shoi'iff Gorilon (ijveus
and Benjamln Oatllff, a inlnor, wore
both mortally womidrd. t'rlvena waa
attemptlng tii arrnsl Gatllff on u charge
of tllaot-aorly couauuU
o?i of Uthven, fliinrtrr of n Mllr lionR,
UrlllK f)HK tnr VtotlfllN,
riiorry, III., January 30.~-Tho Uttlo
aal mlnihg to'wti of Cherfy la Bt^cllng
solf lo undorgo tho drdoal of ox
iinmtlrin that Ih exppptod lhli< Week,
iiiowliiK the promlaed nnfpailng to
lorrow "r TuPKday nr the St. I'iiiiI
lllio ln whlrh Hip bodlPH of iTinrr- than
rm mtil inlnrrH have beeh pnloinbod
inro Nnvpmbpr 13. wlK-n flro eauaed
10 death of abdul 3B0 trrnn'.
A ?now,-Btoi*m ln blowlng and tli*
>cygeri*helmel men bavo not arrived
?om llin Knlvr-ndly of Jlllnols, so the
ro:<ppils lo-nlght arr that tho ll<l
?hlnli haa kipt (Iip mlnp r|onfd ror
ivo tnontha wiil not bo prlod off tho
hafl rrtotilh h^rorf Tuertday. As |t lf<
o( certalri lliai tlm flm ln thn mlnc
i oxtlngulahnd, nothlng deflnlto to
?ard:< llin rdebyery of thp bod|ps wiil
o planncd unttl pxppnw. prolecled
Ith oxygen-helmots, havo. p.vpiored
u> shafi.
The edridltlon of tho bpdleg is ?aun
lg a? mtich fconcern a* arp ilic r?ti
Inoerlng problems attendant on un
tpplng the inlno, It hag been sug
csted tluil much gruesomeneBg rould
r avoided by dPMroylnw tho bodloa
i the inlno gallerleg uith chemlcala.
hlH propoaalf unofflclally roado, nas
let wltli blttpr oppocitlon from tho
'IdoWB, inothcra and rhlldrpn of tho
ead nilners. They plpad to bn al
>wed to look oitcc inorp on the form
f a beloved relatlve, to glvp that hody
Chrlatlan burldl and to rccover golne
erfonal token.
Tentative arrangpmentg aro ln pro
rosH for burlala. Men havo been en
aged to dig a row of graveB ncarly
? Hiarter of a mllo long.
InlMor Thlnkn II Woul.l Prove *ohi
lloil ii f lligll Prlcc*.
N'pv,- Vork, .lanuary 30.?Otto Foelk
r, now ln tlio Honse of Reprcaenta
'??'?.", who, whpn Stato Senator, was,
iriicd frorn hls glekbed to caflt the
ecldlng vote on th^ Ilart-Agncw rau
lg blll, wiil lntroduco a bill ai WhhIi
lgton to BUsnend thp tarlff on ineals
>r ono ypar. lic bolieves the nrlce
ill theij comc down wlth a rnsh.
Alderman Frank Uowllng wlll In
?oducc this wp(k an or'dlnancd alm
i? to makc It ItnpctHslblo to gpll gtor
^?c <--;-j;^, tnout and HkIi and othor
."?l:- as frcBh. TIip ordlnanrp wiil
rovldo that all rold storagp goods
IU8t bo *o labeled and ta<eKPd wlth
!ie date on wblch th/>y wpnt Into
Rev. Henry Frank ln an addroes on
'ip boycott, dellvered at thp Rprkciey
'hcatro to-day. advlnoil :>"iln?t ah
ientlon from meat. "Do not. utaryp to
rlKhtrn tho tnist.s," ho f-ald. "but
trlkn to friKhtPn tliom. A stranco
Ituatlon," Iip contlnued, "when b>
00,000 of pooplc aro cripped at tho
Itala !>y fift>.'?n men who :ir? defyln?
ic courtg. I/Pt all tho workcrs ln
i-ory glanghter Iioiihp ln thr- land unit<!
) a general Mrlkp for an Increase of
'acr?K proportional to tho Incrrapod
o.?t of llvtng. Thpy ivould onlist the
ympathy of thp eritlre nation. and
thor Htrtkei would follow nntll the
eneral Industry of thn nation wonld
p fi> affected that the tru.?ti< would
avp to lower tbe prb-pa of foodstuffs
?oiice Uope <o t'lcar l p Vnn /.andt
Clnctnnatl, Ohlo. January "0.?The
rrcpt of slx porsona ln connpctlon wlth
hc death of Mrg. Jesso Van Zandt.
rlioac body, bound and KaKBfd and
Iterally roa^tpd ovpr a r-hs-- stove, waa
ound ln tho kiu-hnn of hor home yon
prciay, waa a dovelopnVnt ln the Van
'-anilt rmirdpr ca.sp to-day.
Thoae arrested arr Charloa Bi?rry,
Jdward Rattmann, Patrirk I^angon,
id.i Frlendahlp. Mrr. Ford and the lat
er's fourtecn-yoar-old daughter, Ul
Ip Ford.
Tho polloo assprt that thcy have In
ormatlon that Jesao Van Zandt. hns
and of tho murdpred woman. who ia
pIub held uii susplclon. spent con
Iderable tlmo rccontly in thp hotise
.lth thp pprsons arrestod. In company
itli Agnca Berry, aistor of ohe of tho
lon arrested, and that It Is belloved
hPlr teattmony wlll dovelop aomethint
n whlcll a fonnal charge agalnst Van
andt can be baspd.
\'a7i SSatidt spent to-day ln ja.il. and
uiitinued to assert hls lnnoeence.
ii IjImiIiIpcI I.auiK-li They Arc Ituii
Dntvn by Tow iioai.
Memphls, Tenri., January :io.?Float
ng helplessly in a dlsabled ganoleno
lunch, ihree men wero drowned when
he lauiich was run down by the tow
oiit Bntorprlae; off Ilopofleld Point
o-nlght. The dead:
Alhprt Schorinerer, aged thirly-two.
Joseph Dietrich, aged thirty-threo.
ilarry Hurst. aged thirty.
Charles H. Aufrotli, a fourth occu
ant of the ill-fated launch, savod
Itnself by selzlng the gunwale of a
eavtly-laden coal barge whlch the En
erprlse wns towlng.
He heard hls eonipnnions crylng for
pIji at* the launch was swept undor
he barge, but waa powerlesa to help
hom, The party had been duck hunt
Captatn A. .1. Nlcollr, master of the
o\v hoat, was In tho pllot house al
he wheel when the launch struck. Ac
ordlng to hl? atatomeait he dld not
ee the launch until it waa withltt a
ew yards of tho bargos. IIo on
leavored to locato tho thrco drowned
nen wlth a acarchllght, but wltho.ut
lliuTK aud Bniployerg Wiil Claah on
Wnse <Vue?Uou.
Iridianapolls, Jnd., January .'10.?Ono
if the groatpst Industrial battles ln
he hlatory of the linited Statoa lm
lendu, Is the bplief of leaders of the
Jnltod Mino WorUora of Ainerlca. The
:onvontion of tho organizatlon wlll
idjourn to-inorrow uight, and It Is
H-obablo that a majorlty of the 1,100
lelpRates wiil go to Tolodo for tho
olnl conl'erenco wlth tho bltuminous
?oal mlne owners of Western Penu
lylvania, Ohlo and lndlana, whlch wlll
>pen Tuesday, Inasmuch as thls eon
'eience wlll cleolde tho basls of unl
orm eontraets In all tho other districts
)f the Unlted Btatos and Canada.
The operators, according to tho rc
lorts, wlll not yield to an Incroase in
iVageg, The sentimont in tho Natlonal
Vliners' Union Is mianlmoiisly for a
;enoral strike If the operators rerviso
in lneroaso of at least 10 por oont.
rhe ? Western Ponnsylvanla mlnora
Uaud for a 20 por cont. Incrouao.
Body of Wlllliuu Gobel Ilurlrd on An
nlvcraary of Ilrothcr'a llurdrr.
C'lncinnntl. O.. January 30.?On the
.eutli annlvorsary of tlio aasasallliUlun
if Willlatn Oobcl, tlir funoral of hls
brothor, Arthur Goebol, who illed in
F'heonlx, A,fl7,? January 20, was held
ai Cnvtnglon, Ky? thla afternoon*
Averriiig tlial It waa neither the
iIiup uor plaen to say nnythlng that
rt'iiuld ien<l to urouso pollllcal rancor.
.'oinntoiiweaUh Attornoy Kobort B.
KrauUUn, who dellvprod tho funeral
nation, declared that tho "lnillot
ivhleh kllled Wllllam Goohol, together
wlth tho Mberatlon of all of those
Jiargod wlth tho nitirdor, Just as oor
ralnly kllled Arthur Ooebol." Arthur,
no aaid, dlod of a brokmi hoart. Tlia
jucjy wju t)0 loisen to JTranblort,
Ten Thousand People
Weep andLaughWhen
Veteran Comes Home
Vast Throngs Mcet Train at Sta
tions Along Way and Make
Journey From Prison Tri
umphal Tour ? Met at
Knoxville by Delegation
From Chattanooga.
Chattanooga, Tenn., January . 30.?
With bands playing "Dixie" and "iiomo, j j
Swcct Home." Captaln Joseph V. Shlpp j
whs greeted hero at fi o'clock this
cvenlng by at least lO.ftOO of hls fcl- *
low-cllizens when hc allghtod from s
tho traln that boro'hlm to hla home v
from Waehlngton, whcro. he had just 1
complotod a sentenco In priaon for c
contempt of court ln connectlon with i
the lynchlng of Ed. Johnson, a n'egro. |
It waa tho most unlquo receptlon ever i
accorded a prlvate cltlzen of Chatta- j.
nooga, and prohably one of thc most B
unusnal occurrenccs in the hlstory of I
the country. j ,
For morc than an hour beforo the r
traln arrlvod the terminal statlon -waa {
crowdod to Its utmost capacity and t
tho streets snrronndlng thc statlon s
were Jainmed with a throng of peoplo
such as haa ncvor before aasemblcd in _
this city. . I .
Men Weep and r.nujvh. . , |
Thero waa nothing else talkcd of |
but Captain Shlpp. As trains pulled j r
into tho ahed the eager crowd burst
forth ln checr after eheor, and necka |
werc cranod for a gllmpSo of the *
old soldler. for whoae comlng they r
were anxiously awaltlng. f "When li ? fl
was finally announced that hla train ' r
was late thero worc murirnlrs of im- i c
patlcnce. At last thc Washlngton ] H
traln cropt slowly Into the shed. Im
medlately the bands atrnck up "Dlxio." ' s
and Instantly the surglng throng waa I
In a statc of frcnzy. Men wept. shouted (
and laughed almoat in the same ?
breath; womcn bocame frantic, and c
all made desperato ef forts to reach ^
the alde of the grizzled veteran, but f
bo dense was the mass of huinanlty \
that there was lmroinent danger of.' t
panlc and posslbly injury to women j 1
and chlldren. I i
As Captaln hhipp walked slowlv '. t
down thc: lenKtli of tho shed he waa j t
RrecWd by his aged wlfa, who sohb^d f
quletly upon hls breast for a momeut : t
as Bho embraced her husband who had
been so long absent from her sldo. I
Thls greetlng over, thc bands played n
"Home. Sweet Home,". and again pan- j I
demonlum broke forth. The Rtrains j t
of the pathetlc music werc drowned in t
the wlld cheers that werc sent up. I v
Captaln Shlpp was bo nioved that he ! <
waa unable to speak. He ralsed hls, t
hat and bowed rlght and left to hls : t
admlrlng frlcnds as offlcerR opencd a i 1
way for hlm to pass through to the
waltlng carriage. Ab hc passcd along!
the streets the crowd closed ln behlnd : I
the carriage, the deafenlng oheers 8
contlnuing untll ho reached hls home. '? t
Ex-Deputy Sherlffs Nlck Nolan and : t
Luther Wllllams returned with tholr , c
former chlof, and they, too. were ! I
glven conslderablo attention by thelr l
Thronga Grcet Train. ? 1
A delegation of scventy-five Chat- j 1
tanoogans went to Knoxville this I J
morning to moct Captaln Shipp and! I
accompany thc party back to thls j ?
city. At all statlons along thc route i
vast throngs gave thc party rousing i
reccptlons. At tho smaller towns
country folk had drlven In all sorts'
of vehiclcs, and the statlons wero i
awarmlng with peoplo. Whcnever the ;
traln stopped thero were loud demon
stratlons. and at scveral placcs Cap?
taln Shlpp appeared and acknowledgcd
the greetlng of hls frlends.
I^ate to-nlght Captaln Shlpp. havlng
tocovorod from the excltemont of hls
remarkable receptlon, made a brlef
statemont. Hc sald:
"I am cxiremcly sorry that I waa
unable to speak a word to thc thou
sands of frlends who so cordially
greeted mo at tho statlon to-night. I
was totally unpreparcd for such a de
"Whilo we were ln thc Washlngton
prison we were glven treatment of
which rio one. couid corhplaln. Tho
prison ofllclals werc as klnd and c<
slderate as they posslbly could have
been and kcep wlthin the prison rules.
1 have no crltlclsm to make. My cn
forccd stay In Washington was as
pleasant a3 could be ln tho eircum
?'I have ninde no plans for the fu
Grndualc of Sniitb Collcge Seex Inslde
of .Inll.
Phliadolphia, Pa~. January SO,?Mlss
Margaret Gruenlng, a graduatc of
Sml.th Colloge and a wcll-known suf
fragette, was teloasod at mldnlght
from Moyamenslng prison, where ahe
had been lockod up for more thnn ton
houra on tho charRo of inclting to
Mlss Gruenlng, who Is a daiighter
of Pr. and Mrs. Kmll Gruenlng. of New
York. is one of tho organlzera of tho
Pennsylvanla Suffragette League. With
inany other suffragettes sho ln taking
an aetlvo part In t.'\e atrlkc of the shlrt
walst operators.
Whlle Bho was dointr plo.kot. duty
on Frlda-y nlght. ln front of a shlrt
walst factory In tho northeastefn sec
llon of l.ho city, a. rlot ocourred bo
tweon tho strlkers and glrls who aro
still at work. Mlss Gruenlng, togetho,
wllh a number of st.rlkers, was arrest
od and.i locked In a polleo alatioji over
nlght. At the hpjLrlng in tho mora
Ing sho was hold-V) S5?? ha,ll in de
fault, of whlch sirr waa taken to l.ho
prison ln the van with other prison
ors, Iler frlends dld not loarn of bor
arrest untll lato lasl. nlght. when Ijall
was ent.ered.
Proluible PMNlnral t.'nll.
ISpeoIal to The Tlmos-'Dlspatch.}
I'eterabiirg, Va., January il(l.?H is
uiulerstooil lliat tho ooniiu|ttce on sun-'
ply of tho pulnlt of tho Tabb Stroel
Proabytcrlan Cluirch Is prepared to
rocoimnond a Buccopspr to tho lUiv. j,
S. Foatcr, D. D.. who reslgnod pasloral
churtra of tho churuli lo ucoept a oall
,to BlrmlnKham, Ala. It 1b roportod
that the oholco of the oommlUoe Is
Dr. Ktrlbllng, of Wayneaboro, and that
hls tmmo wlll bo subuiltled to a cun
gregatlnnal rneotlng, wllh the,. recom
mendallnn that a call bo extended to
ihe lEiitpi
Snglish Parties Prepare
for Work of Next
-Icrcditary Principlc Wiil Bc
Abolishcd and Pecrs Bc
Forced to Show Their Fit
ness for High Position.
Joint Cabinet Is Pro
London, January 30.?Wlth Prpmipr
Vsqulth on tho Contlnent and Chancel
or Lioyd-George closely followlng him>
he polltlclan* are all reptlng on their
irrns. rilsnisslng what llnes of battle
.1)1 bp takpii up In the next Parliament.
Php moral generally drawn from tho
dectlons lg that the country ilons not
vant radlcal ehangos in the Honse of
.ords or ln the governmont poiicies.
rhe spirlt. of conclllation, thcrefore, 1j
ibroad, and schemes for a cornpromise
ro being dehated.
The Oonservntive papers propose the
nost lntfrpBtlng plan, that a jolnt
ablnot be rhogon from the mogt mod
srato men of both parties to carry on
ho governmont for about two years,
md that a truce be declared on party
lUCBtlona ln tho meantlm*. A royal
ommisHlon to Ittvestlguto the country-.;
Iscal policy and to niako reeommenda
lons regardlng tarlff reform is pro
Rogehery .Vot I'opular.
I,ord Rosebery'a namo is put for
rard for the premlershlp In the com
irornlse Cabinet. but Rosebery haa for
i long 'tlmo rcfuaed offlre, and hls
iopulartty now is at a low mark be
ausc of hii course on the budget is
The reform of the IIoubc of Lords
ocms to bo tlio ono thing aaaured.
Joth parties support it. Both the
.'onservatives and tho Lords them
elves arc wllling to adopt moderate
hangea immediately. lest reforms
vlilch would knoek the fouodations
rom the upper houae, bc carrled.
The result is Ukely to be the aboll
lon of the hereditary prlnclple, and no
onger shall the second and succeed
ng pcneratlons be given a vote pxccpt
hoso who shall provo their fitncan
o lpglslate by ';i-rvlcc in the Hou-f
>f Commont, ln clvti offlee, or in tho
irmy or navy.
The Llberals want to deprlve the
louse of Lords of the power to veto
iny blll whatsoevcr. Their favorlte
dan would be tp compol the Lords
o adopt any bill sent tothem for the
hlrd time by the UouSo of Commons.
vhlch, whlle rriaktng the House of
Commons consider a rejected bill care
ully, would give that body the power
o pass any leglslation on which lt
tad determlncd In ono sesslon.
Wlll P?g? Budget.
It is taken for Kranted that the
louse of Lords wlll pass Ihe budget.
Jtice tho country has decldod agalnst
he Lords. on the faco of tho electlon
pturns, but tho Cabinet may bo
ibllged to erase the whlakey taxos
n order to gct the votes of tho Irlsh
Beyond the reform of tho House of
'-?ords and the passlng of the budget,
Parltamont is not llkely to get far
?vlth anythlng. The Trish members
irobably wlll obtaln the Introduction
of a home rule measure, but the Con
ncrvatlves wlll oppose that solidly.
md a numbcr of Libcrals also aro
pledsed agalnst homo rule.
b'everal Cabinet changes are proh
lble when tho new government Is
formed. Richard Burton Haldano, Sec
rctary of State for War, may become
head of the navy. John Burns, prcsl
flent of tho local governmont board,
probably wlll succeed Hcrbert ,1.
Sladstone as home secretary. Winston
Spencer Churehill wiil takc the placo
vacated by John Burns.
listradn'a TronpN Wlll Go lo KiiRaur
Matlri/. at Greytown.
Bluellclds, Nicaragrua, January 30.?
General Bstrada has learned that 700
of tho Madriz troops aro ontrenched
northj of r.reytown, and as a conse
auenco hc, together wlth General Ma
tutln. is arranglng to head an oxpo
dltion to that distriet. It Is expectod
that the two generals wlth 500 men
wlll leave lierti to-morrow mornlnp on
tho stcamers Scnator and Blaiu:a. Gen?
eral Estrada wiil direct the- troops
on the Sonator, whieh was recontly
ohartored by tlio provislonal govern
ment. There ar.4 rapldllce fruns aboard
tho Blanca.
Bstrada has been- waiting for an
opportunlty to 'ja.ngago tho M'adria
fcrees at Greytown, but up to tho prea
ent they havo romalned withln the
limits of tho clty, practlcally under
Ihe protepetlon of Great Brltaln, whose
ropresentatlvo recontly issued an ul
llniatum tlvit no llghtlnji wonld bo
pormltted lu Groytown on accounl of
Ihe larjje numbcr of Britiah aubiools
there, Tho [Jnlted states crulqer Ta
eoma and tho Brltish cruisor Soylla
aro now at. Oreytown.
Stnrt? for Uclglum.
Mexlco Clty, January 30?Jose Santos
Zelaya, formor 1'residont of Nlcaragua,
who has been ln Mexlco Clty slnce tho
last of Doccmber, left to-nlght over
the Mexlcan Kailway for Vera Cruz,
1'rom whloh port ho wiil sail on Feb
ruary 4 lu a Spanlsh stoamer for Bel
FranciBCo Castro, who was niJnlstef
lo Mexlco undaf~Xho Zolayan govern?
mont, and rpslgnod several wooks agp,
loft to-nlKhi. for Hallua Cruz, whore
he wlll tako a boat for a port in bal
vador, golng from tlioro to Managua.
Ifo was accompaniod by tho secretary
lo /,elaya, who wlll arrango for moni
bera of Jiolaya'a famlly to loavo Nlca?
ragua at an early dato for Rrnasols.
Zelaya refnsod to say anvlhiug lo
nowspapcr coripspondonts hoforo leav
ing Moxlco Clty lo-nlght, fiirthor than
to state that Brusaols- waa hls doatl
Samuel ToKermiH |)Cm|.
HoltlmoiP, Md.. January, 30.?Sanuio
II. TtittorBiill. for nit\ny yeara sunreim
secretary ot tho Improyed Ordor oi
lloptnsophs. dled auddonly io-nlwin a
l,l.s homo ln Hils olty of heprt fnilure
He was bprn forty-tour yeare aff0 u
London, .January HO.?David Lloyd
George will vlsit thc Unlted States
next sutnmar aa thc guest of Amerlcan
Welshmen. Ilo wlll be accompanicd
by SIr Samuel T. Evann, the solieltor
Scnate Llkcly to Reach Vote anrl
Pass Tax Mcasurc by
Scssion. However, Is Young and
There Is No Tclling What
Might Bc Donc.
Were on?asked what laws wero llke
ly t<> he cnacled by tho Gcneral As
sembly during the comlng week, ean
dor would compel the admlssion that
thcre isn't mtich In slght. The scsaion
Is still young, the measures on tho
calendar are for the most part lo'cal
bllls or are designed to correct unim
portant real or Imaglnary defects in
the Code and were roported flrst be
cau-e there was no opposltion to thcm
in cominlttecs.
There are, of course, exceptions. Thc
Sennte is still hammerlng away on tho
Fletcber blll designed to provldo a tem
porary plan of tax ermallzatlon.' A vote
Is likely to bo reached on Wednesday
or Thursday, pprhiips eatller, and thero
ls Bald to bo littlo douht of Its pas
sage. The only other bill on thc Sen
at calendar whlch ls of State-wido Im
portance is that largely Ihcreaslng tho
Stiito license taxos on dcalers in and
mnTnufacturers of Intoxlcatlng liquors.
Thls wlll ln all pfobablllty recolve
early attention, for thc Klnanco Cotn
mltteo is anxlous to got favorablo ac
tlon on Its bllls designed to enlarge.
revenuis, boforc it fnriuiibitos it.s ap
proprlatlon blll. In polnt of fact, tho
committoe rrietnbers sny that tlieso bllls
rmist be enacted fiefore they can or wlll
report a bill whlch glves tho state's de
partments and Institutlons the support
they need., ,
ThliiCM M?> llnppen.
Of course, nobody can toll what may
brenk lonse. To pafa'phrase F.dwards
of old. when a legislator "takes hls
stand upon the floor, a few remarks to
make," there is alwaya a plcasing pos
slhlllty that he may say somothlng
whlch will unleash the dogn of
rhotorlc in the hosonis of hls fellows
nnd causo something whleh wlll makr
good copy. So when, tho sosskm over
they. llke "falr Inos," go into tho
Wost. thoy aro recelved with plaudits
by Idolatrous oonstitiients, or olse with
a. frlprld Inqulry as to what they
coniplished with tholr talk.
Tho avorago legislator fails uttorly
to ngreo with Iforaco in the propotri
tlon t.haf overy ' productlon ahould lie
for nlne yenra In Innoouons rlesuetiidc
heforo It. aeos tho light of day. To
tho contrary, tho rule Is that nut of
the abundance of tho hcart tho mouth
spoakethi and tho lawumker says
oxactly what ho thlnks. ifow it nitght
read ln 1010 does not trouble hlm,
for tho chancos aro nlno in ten that
he won't bo In tho same scal then. So
he goes on, lllto Addlson's upholstoror,
"deposing prlncos, setlllng thc bounds
of klnkdatnu, halanclng tho powor of
Kuropo wiih great justlcr. and itn
Le^Ulatora Work liarrt.
But anybody who Ihlnks that the
nfomber. of l.ho Vlrglhla Qeooral Aa
aombly haa slxty days of uoritlnuoiia
frollc'when hc roinoa ln Rlchmoad Is
vnstl.v mlstiikoii. Whou IA) doos hls
duly, as neaily evcry op,Q of thoni
does, he worka hardor llian ho wouhl
at home. '''' ll,ls ooriimltloo meetlngs
Innumeiabla. Immenso voluntOH pf do
ta.li whlch iriii'sl bo gone through, and
he nuist ?vdv l>? on tho ulert wjii
confrontcd with any one of tho myrltid
quesllons whh'h CupO hlm.
'lmportant oonmilttee inoottnga aro
noliPduled fpV Hds week Otj imtny snh
jeota. PrlrpurloH laxatton, aupvoprltV'
"~" (Cuiuluued oc Sooond Pago.)
foneral; W. Abraham. M. P., and Wil
lam .lones, M. I'., and acrording to
he Druld. the organ of the Welsh
icople in Atnerlca, a bannuet wlll be
{Ivon ln hls honor, whlch Presldent
faft ls eXpectcd to attend.
Governor-Elcct! Takcs Oath of Of
fice in llistoric Capitol
Xcw Governor to Rcad His ln
augtiral Addrcss Before
Joint Assembly.
In the prcsence. of most of the hlgh
offlclals ln tho hlstorlc Capltal, whero
so many of tho men whoso namcs aro
writ hlgh ln the world's lilatory have
ralscd tlioir volces, Judgo WllHam
Ilodges Mann wiil to-morrow be sworn
in and wlll begln hls four-year term aa
Governor of Vlrglnla. Immedlatoly
after taklng the oath at noon, the new
Governor wlll bogln tho delivery of
hls lnaugural address.
Both houses of tho General Assembly
wlll meot at 11 o'cloek, and wlll at
that tltne transact the usual mornlng
hour's buslness, Flalf an hour later the
Invlted Kuest.s of Governor Swanson
nnd Governor-Flcct Mann, wlth the
heads of tho Stato dopartments, mem
bers from Vlrglnla in Congross, judgos
of the Supreino Court. of Appeals,
Fcderal. Clrctilt and clty Courts and
membiTs of the Stute Corporatlon Cotn
lnlsslon, wlll gather ln the Senato
chafnbor, enterlng through the north
door of tho Senato lobby. In tho mean
tltno tho former membcrs nf tho Gon
eral Assombly, ex-Governors and their
wlves. wlll enter the hali of tho Ilouse
of Delegates.
Jolnl Scgnlnn to Ite llclri,
At tl!30 the Scnate wlll repair to
tho House chamber. Ten nilnutes later
the Invlled guests of the Governors wlll
be asslgned to aeats. Then the jolnt
Assombly wlll recelvo tho ofhclals in
the followlng order: Stato ofllelals
and Mayo'r of the clty of Rlchmond,
judRos of Clroult. clty and Federal
oourts, State Corporatlon Commlsslon,
members of the Ilouse of Reprosenta
tlves and Sonale of tho Ilnited States;
Supreino Court of Appeals or Virglnla.
It. is antlclpated that by the timo
these aro soated the hour of noon
wlll have arrlved, whon Govornor
Swanson and Governor- Elect Mann
wlll enter tho chamber wlth tholr sec
retavles, escorted by tho lepislativo
Pr.iver wlll be offered by Rev.
Theoderlck Pryor lOpes, after whlch
the oaths of ofllce wlll be administered
to tho In'cotnlhg Stato pfficfals in the
followlnj; order: Asher W. Harnian,
Jr., State Troasurer, by .ludge R.
Carter S'cott; B. O. Jarnea, Secretary of
tho Commonwoalth, by Judge Goorgo
M. liarrlson; Samuel W,' Wllllams. At
tnrnoy-0?-noral, by JudgO Stnfford G.
Whltt'e: .1. Taylor Bllyson, Llrutcnant
Governor, by Jlldge Blehard 11. Cnrd
wpII; Wllllam Hndgea'AIartn, Governor,
by Judge Jamos Knlth/
Pollnwlng the lnaugural address and
;, bonodlqtlon by Rov. John P. liyde. the
jolnt Assembly wiil adjourn.
l'rn|W>rty-llnldcr 4'lalius Tllle From
I'ftitre of F.eirth to Solnr Syntrni.
Cedar Gnivo. X. J., January ;?o. ?
'fjqulro Kamnielhor, iustico of tho
peaee here, b.dlevos thai,hr- holdH litle
to hls proporty from th'oTcohtro 0( thti
md'tli to the cqntro of the sulur sysloni,
and murn ovor. ho does not fclptond to
be drlveh Inl" anv of Ii fftr a feuce
post bv collapaed -nylhk nittchlnoa,
Ilaarlng ihat a noljjlibor hurt >"in
ploted an aeroplano of hls own tn
vrnllon and would shortly iry It ont,
the 'squlre nosted to-day ihls uollco:
"All aviaioih are heretfy, vyarned not
lo lly tholr inaehl.N'S over (hls prou
erLv uiulev DeauiU' of. liuurisauuian' "
Situation in Paris Seems
Graver as Seine
Houses Tumbling Down, and
Many Persons Are Rescued
From Roofs Where They
Have Clung for Days.
Ghouls at Their Work
of Robbery.
Parla, .Tniiunry :|0.? WTilIn th? mmt
lituulnent perll ln over, the fnll of the
Sclne alncc yenterday mornJna; haa
menntiretl only 151-2 Inohc*. At thla
rnto ll wotild requlre n fortnlght for
the rlver to rcaoh ll? norninl level.
Fortunntcly, tldlngH from the flooded
Hcctionn nhove Parla gtve hope of a
more rapld auhaldence after to-nior
tn the mcantline the altuatlon In
I'arta and In many places throilKhout
thc country ahovrs IKlle linprovement.
Indeed the rnvnuM of the flood withln
the city neemed actually to tncreaae
to-day. The vrater waa hljcher ln
innir of the nireeto, rvhlle the sltun
tlou at the Inuniiated lownj between
Pnrls and St. Gcrmaln wi? dlattactly
A stream of water twelve feet deop
was rushlng through Gennevilllers
and Colonibos, maklng the work of
rescuo and auccor moro dlfficult evcn
than yeaterday. Several of the houses
collapaed, and many persons were ta
ken off thu rooTs of thelr homes, wherc
they had been cllnglng for days. Hun
dreds aro roported wlthout food and
sheUer, and all riay an army of troops
and clvilians workc^ ln tho flooded
terrltory bringlng auccor to the dls
tressed, and dlstrlbutlng provlslona by
boats to the thousanda of vlctlms sur
roundod by water, who rofuscd to qult
thelr homes.
Wlthln thc city Itself great throngs
of slghtseers, tn the brlght sunshlne,
basieged the cordons of, troops whlch
frlnged the flooded dlstrlcts.
nancor of Cave-in*.
On account of thc dangor of cavc
In.s from thc preasuro of the boillng
watera bonoatli. hundreds of polnts
were rlgoroualy guarded. Pumplng
ehglnes, belchlng forth amokc and
sparka, added to tho thrills and Savo
an impresslon that a unlversal con
(lagratlon was raging.
To-night the city was plungcd ln
darknesa, rcllcved only by the camp
llres of tho soldlers at thc water'a
odge, or the fllckorlng torch of s*ome
lloating sentinel.
Tho Champa Elysees, ordlnarlly a
pathway of brilliant llght, to-night
had hand lanterns strung along the
curhs. The usually gay boulevards
were wrapped In sllence and dark?
nesa. and thc rcstaurantB and cafes
wero reducotf to dim cand1o3 and Ve
netlan lamps.
Most of the thentroB wero closod,
but thc Comedio Francaise, with both
Its electrlcity and heat gone. was
open. Jules Claretle, the manager, ox
plalning to tho meagr'e audience be?
foro the curtaln rose that he ennsid
ercd the Natlonal Theatre of France
should not closo its doors.
AUhough there is rfo intentlon on
the part of the govornmont to declaro
martial law, tho completely submergod
dlstrlcts, aiich as Javel. are ln the
hands of tho mlUtary. to prevont plllng
lng. The soldlers bavo urdera 'to glve
short shrlft to erlminals caught ln tho
tict of lootlug. Thua far. thero have
been no such cases wlthln the city, but
Ihe dangor is great. as the Fronch us?
ually keop thelr rhonoy and valuablci
ln thelr homes.
Thlcyea n< Work.
Outside of Paris, hnwevor. many de
plorablo Instanees of lootlng have been
roported. A band of thlovcs has been
at work In the vicinlty of Charcnton.
but the soldlers have been shootlng
ihetn at slght. Tho SSouavoa last nlght
ktlled Iwo of the plllagcrs at tnvry and
two at Brlo, Thoso ghouls have now
transforred thelr operations to the do
vtisted reglon beTow Paris. many at
tempts to plllage tho deserted villaa
und homes helng roported.
The papers reioijnt iiwny deeds of
herolstn of prlests at Alfoi'tvllio. who
contlnued the work of resene hetween
mldnlghl and dayllght. when tho ani
diors, |ackles and llrrinon, afler sev?
eral days wlthout rest, had becotne eN
haustod. Slsters of Chartty rowed to
houses glvlug iissfstunea In several
onses of sta'rvatton.
Besldea the ald dlstrlbutod dlreetly
by ihe Rovernment and tho munlol
palltv, moro thun $250,000 from the
ftind' ralsed by tho r.ewspaper.a has
been handed over lo Ihe varlous ic
ltef HOcletles and the (Oeal nuthorl
tle? of the varlous towns and vlllagffl
ticMi- Paris. The press refers gratefully
to tho Bpontaneoua help cntning from
abroad, and ntakes partlcular memlon
of the evhleni-eB of svmpaihy in the
Unlted States.
ln I'Uinhle IMItln.
A pitlable fenturo of the llood In
GennovUlera I* the pilght of ihe eoi
ony of 6,00p rng plckera, one-fourih
of whom are ohlldven. Thev aro the
pooVeat of all the Paris po'or, and earlv
oacli mornlns they croaa the Selno to
sori tho refusQ barrela of, the great
olty. Thelr vlHa/ga was a clustor of
mlsorable hovois of plaater and earlh.
thniked with heaps of l.ou??, ragB and
Inm, and odds and enda,
Cpon the bui'sttng of the dam 'ho
torrents of the Seine swept aw?y
everythlng, Thjoae <>f the rag pickcra
Who had remalne.l tn the vlllage,
? na.tch.od up their childreu and il?d tot
thelr llves, most uf Uioia auaatUy eUd.

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