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ey cas Exriosioi
CConllnucd from Ftrsl Fage.)
"to-nlght, wilh 1'n- shricklug-'wtves .in-'i
children of the dead nnd Inlsslng,tnln
ora erow-dlng about ivaitlna rcporls
iioin tho iftucuei?.
Four or the dead have been Identl
110(1 na I'olion's:
.1. ,\. Rlchimlaon, bfackarntthi Ra)
Uennett. Mntthew Moyri, Wllllam rtnn'o
j.-sve Jongbnn wh? rdacuod allvc, fiul
ia so hadlv iMivned llirtt hls r<-<-ovcry
is doubtful,
ii ia believed that tho cxploslon wn-i
cauaed by n trnclc repalrer golng lnto
r.n nbandoned room wlth an uncovcretl
lamp, a? ti?- room la ahattered altnoal
1u atoms, nnd the body of the repnlrer
ls nowhere to be aeen. Inquest wlll I ??
ll< lil ,it once.
The Browder MIric togather with
three othera In thls vlclnlty, was re
r-rnt!v purchased by n ayndlcate of Ten
neasee and West Vlrglnla eapltaltala,
C. _. M. Freer and T. B, ColdWell, Of
Memphls, are now holdlng the protier
ties, as trustecs, pendlng the formn
lloh or a company lo tnl<e over the
rom- propertlea.
The nitne is not on flre, and the fans
ore worklng. This glvcs riso io tho
hope that nll the hodles may bc re
dovored by dnyllghl,
I.nrBt- Force Engngcd lu Ilomeiw- work !
nl Colorndo MInc.
Primero. Col., February 1.?To-nlgh( ?
ln Primero, where yesterday the llvea i
ot seventy-nlne mln'ers were snuffed
out by an cxploaloh ln tho main slope
of the Cnlorado Kuel and Iron Co'tn
pany'a inlne. the bodles of forty vlc
tlma lie In "the temporary niorguc In
Btalled ln the machlne ahop.
A large forco Of men ls still en?
gaged in restorlng ventllatlon through?
out the mine, and hundreds of people
mo llngerlng about tlu- mouth of tlio
shaft waltlng the recovery of more
Some of the oflicials of the company
have turned their attentlon to rellet
v. ork. t'oroner Gullfoll hns Impanelcd
a jury to Invcatlgate tho cataatrophc,
and fclatlves und frlends of the iden
tifie.i dead have turned their attentlon
to preparatlons for their btlrlal,
The dlsastor is believed to have
been cauaed by an exploalon of flre
damp, ignlted cither through the
crlmplng of a cap for a fuae or the
lightlng of u match surrcptitlously
darried Into the worklnga.
Immedlately followlng the report of j ,.
the cxploslon, a column of dust and
smqkc poured out the main entrniico.
Large pleces of timber wero thrown I
from the entrancc more than 100 fect.
and with such terrlllc force that h ! 1
string of cars ln" tlie mine mouth was |
b'lowu from the track. i .
The. liuge ventilating fans wlthin an j
hour were put ln operatlon and rescue r'
parties were forclpg their way lnto I R
the gas-filled worlilngs. The roscuers L,
followed the niulii ventilating shaft G
loi several hundred yards, galning on- ,,
tranco t* tlie inain slope through a j\
cross cut. a
It wa.- nov untll tlie rellef party \ .
reached enlry A 7 on the main slope
that they tound tho llrat ovldehcea
of tho destructlon wrought by the cx?
ploslon. Here probably a dozen bodles
were encountered. hut the rescuers
pushed on ln the hope of flndlng slghs j t
?ti life. A little further on, near tho 1
mouth ot entry A S. the party in charge I
of \j ' A. Jlnnly. local min? inspec-lor, .
c.iine ncross fceorinrdo Vlrgen, the only j
surylvor, shortly after z o'clock thls
As if waklng from a deep sleep Vlr
gi-n opened hla eyes nnd sald: "Plcase,
army f go homo now?"
Vlrgen was hurrled to tlu- tempo?
rary hospital. To-day lie had niifii
elently recovcred to Joln the rnnks of
watohers around the mine , entranee.
Up to thls evenlng those still mlas-i
Jng were glven up as lost. Kesrue i
?work was pushed. wlth freauent rc- J
licfp, untii to-nlght the advance gimrd
Lad pushed vrlthln 400 yards- of the
face of the rnaln slope.
To-day orders were isaued through
ollicials of the Colorado Supply Com
riany, n subsldlary of tlie colorado Fuel
nnd Iron Company, lo i.-sue provlsions
to fomllies of tlie victlma untll a per
mancnt a-ystcm of rellef could he ob
tained. .^ .
Work .,of y.?ldcni.lRcation proccedetl
Flowly. the only .means helng to check
the mlsslng nunibera carrled by euch
niiner wlth the company's roster.
A check of bodles rccovered reveals
?that forly-seven have been removed,
leavlng thlrty-two still in the work
A large force of men ls at work dlg
Bing graves in the cemoterlea of Trin
3dad, and to-morrow the bodles rccov?
ered wlll he bttried. The bodios of nine
Japaneso tnincrs wlll bc burlcd ln the
Cathollc Cemetery,
Three drays have been transfornied
lnto temporary hearses for usc. to-mor. I
row to convry thn bodles from tlu- i
train to .tho ccmctcrles. Seventy cof
Jlna were broiiBht to Primero to-day JJ,'.
and to-night. and this supply wlll be I ra
further Increased to-morrow, bc
I r
T?? ^linern [tcsciied.
Peoria. 111.. February 1.?While firci
was raging in tho shaft In the upper
?works a roscue party imtered the es
capc shaft of Sholl Mine, at South
Bartonvllle. a mlle away from the inain
ahuft, and brought two mlners, nearly
dead from silffocatlon, tu tlie surfaee.
The firc ls believed to have had an
Ineendlary orlgin, and started in the
ttpplc at ,r.::io P. M. All the upper
works and wooden eonstruction in the
main shaft were burned. The blaze
-was extlngulahed by volunteera two
hours later. Only thr two men wc-ro
ln the mine. The mine is owned by
Hholl Brothers. of Pen.-ia. An Inves?
tlgatlon wiil be started,
tiriiih of ii Ite-iii-i ii il i uliircil >Ian.
Wilson Jones, aged soventy-slx, for , Dt
thlrty- yeare the trusted jnnltor of the '
Clty Bank, dled al iu> homo on North I
F!rt Street "ii Saturday. His funeral 'CC
took ida'-e from the l?lgh Street Moth- ] '?*
?diet Chureh yesterday afteruoon, \vu- !
poii belonged to Ihe Mlaaeg Murray, and }.'*
ftfty years fipo was butler in the home x,
of Miss Martha Murray, who realded Hi
on Graco Street between Slxth and G?
B^venth. lie came froin a family hlirh. ' v<
ly reapoctod by its ownera, 'vv
Has kept on eelling because it has
kept on curing, aud it lins kppt oii
Curing liecause its high standard
of merit .has been conscientiously
Cict it to-tlay in iisii.il liquid ioiin t,t
'thocolatcd taljlcts called Sarsatabs,
?vho cnn'l lionr."
Is it possible that YOU have
not heard of our twen ty-elght.
dollarsuits we're now selflng
at $17.8B?
Somo of the patterns are
loud enough to speak foptherh
sol ves.
Other patterns are subdued
enough for n defeaied politi
cian, but the majorlty are ln
refined tones for tiio partlculor.
Special vnluos for men who
wenr 42, 44, or 46?
$15 Stu'ts or O'coat-i at $9.83.
Sale of Shirts?
$1.00 Shirts at65c.
$1.30 Shirts at 98c.
$2.60 Shirts at $1.45.
Soft or stiff bosoms.
intlnued From Flrst Page.)
Itlc. is (lilcT-Tcil lo inclll.lc iii tliell
? |.nrt Ihe evldenco tnkcn."
naurgctits PriinilKc lo Supporl Pollcies
of A.liiiliilitinllon.
Wasiilngton, Fcbruary 1,?Tbe iiii.-in
inous declslon to support tho admtii
stration's program of lcgislatlon was
eached ?.' a eonfererico of the "Insur
:ent8" of tho llouso of Roprcsentatlyes
eld here last nlght. Represcntatlvca
lardncr, of Massachusetts, and llaycs,
i Callfornia. v,-cre authorized to in
Orm Presldent Tnft. to that effect. Tho
li ratlon's program of leglslation
mbraces among others those of rail
oad lcgislatlon, conservatlon, postal
ivlngs banks and antl-lnjunctlon
The actlon was taken, It ls stated,
> order to glve deflnlto assurance to
'rcsldenl Tnft and to ihe country that
he "lnsurgents" wero unanimously in
avor ni all progressivo leglslation
idvocated by the Presldent. it is a
:onspl<Stidus fact tiiat tlic shlp subsldy
md l-Yd?rral liicorporallori recoiii
ncndatlons of tbe Presldent are
lol Includod in tho ll.st. nnd it was
tat.d by ono of tho "lnsurgents" that
here had been no endcavor to reacli
n agrcemont upon theso subjects.
Tho "insurgonta" dlscussed tiie
ucstloii of .-. Republlcan .-.-.iicits on
lie proposition of uinondlng the rulos
f thc ilou.se and of .Jcposing thc
peaker from thc chalrmahshlp of the
:ules Commlttee, and it ls stated there
?as practically a uuanlmous under
.anding to ihe effoci ti.at the "insur
c-nt.s" would not caucus on tho rules
icstloii. They stand ready, however,
> act whenever tlic matter is preacnt
1 on thc floor of ihe iiouac.
A. .Ilillcr, Ine., Wcll-Kuown Drug
l-'ii-in. lu llnvc \ffnirs Ailjusted.
A decree wns entered ln tlic Law
id lSquity Court yesterday appoint
g Thomas W. Purcell, formorly hcad
tbe flrrii of Purcell, Ladd & Co? as
Celvor for thc firni of T. A. Miller,
eorporatcd, proprlotor of n drdg siore
519 Kast Broad Street. Tho receiver
to takc over the buslness nnd con
ct ii until the further orders of the
urt, nnd to report on the assets and
ibUltios. Mo furnlshcd bond in the
hi of J 10,000. The receivership was
rorccnsli l-'ur Virgluiii?Falr and
irtner Wednc.silii) ; ThurN.Iny, Iiiercas
K e.louilliie.iH nml ivnnncr; posMbly
in hy uiglit; llght, vmii.ble irinilN,
comlug inoilcrnic ...iiuili.
l.'or Xoi'tli Cnrollna?I-'air YVcdncNilay
d probably Thursdayj rlntng teniper
iirc: llght, vnrinlile wlnds.
A. M. temperaturo . 26
nnidiiy . o::
Ind, dlrectiori.N.W.
ind, veloclty . m
oather .Clear!
ilnfall .0.;
noon tomperature . US
P. M. temperature . -ll
ixiniuin temperaturo up to 5
P. M. ll
nlmum temperature up to f>
P. M. 2(1
san tuinperatuie. :i:i
.rniai temperaturo. ::s
sflclency ln tomporaturo yester?
day. fi
srlclanoy in temperature slnce
March 1 .'. -ITS
icuni, excess ln tomporaturo
slnce January 1 . "7
*ficlenoy ln lainfall slnce March
1 . (<.",::
isniTiovs ix r.Mi'on'i'AN'i' citiks
.t 8 P. M.. Kasteru Standard Tlme.)
Place, Ther. ii. t. Weathor.
1 Cloudy
; Cloar
5 Clear
i Cloar
i Clear
! Cloudy
i Clear
i Clear
i Cloar
1 flour
3 Cloar
i Cloar
I*. cloudy
VIIWTI ItK \|,M.\.\ \t.
l'.-l.i-.iary 2, 1010.
un rt?e?- 7 ib- liiuii tiih:.
."h i-ctK. ',.?'.-. Mornlng... .io.it
loon rlaojB. . 12 :_ 1 Kv.-nluc_U:07
rranted on applicatiott of the vaughan
lobertson Drug Company and others.
Phe iissets aro estlmated at from
;io,ooo to $in,ooo and the llabllltiea
iboul $16,000.
T. A. Miller, presldent of ihe failed
rm, ls secretary nnd treasurer of the
Jtato Board of Pharmacy. and is one
f tho best known druggists in Pleh
eprcaentnttye Morclicnd Uellcven Flcld
ls Itcndy for Hnrvcstcra.
W'ashington. D. C? l-'ebruary 1._
lepresentatlve Morehead, of North
arolina. one. of tho Itepublicans un
spectodly elcctc-d to Congress from
lat State in J90S, ls trylng hard fca
npress the Presldent wlth the rlpe
ess of th0 polltlcal flcld ln the 3outh
or the Kcpubllcans.
"North Caroilna ls more fertlle
round foi ihe Itepublicans to-day
iau Indlana." dcclared the young
orth Carollnlan. "Wo have a splen
id chanco to elect six Republlcans
j the Ilouse this Novembcr, and we
re sure of fivc under proper condl
ions. The business and mlddle classes
f the South are looking favorably to
ie Republican party from a natlonal
oint of vlew. They sympathlze wlth
ts purposes and promlaes. Then, too.
hey are tirod of the rrng-ridden
lemocratlc organlzatlons; freqUently
?lth the boss-controlled Itepublican
rganlzatlons. They want Indopendence
nd reform in politlcs in tho South,
nd they wlll go to any good party
hat preaents iheso foaturos."
Mr- Morehead haai submitted to the
'resident tentatlve plans for th0 up
ulldlrig of tho Ttepubllcan party in
forth Caroilna and elsewhere. These
re dependent upon the right sort ot
omlnationa to Federal oiflcea and
pon the nioral lnfluenco of the Presi
c-nt along certaln llnes.
ev?- Vork Aldcrmcu I'ns Llvely Tllt
Wltli Ullttnnt UelegaUou.
New b ork, February 1.?Joseph
chlosa, a New York butcher and an
lderman, was routed by a band of
illltant suitiagettes, who vlsited the
ldcrnianic chamber of tho Clty Ilill
lis afternoon to urge the passage of
u ordlnance requlring all foodstuffs
laced in cold storago to bo labclled.
ahloss, who opposed tho resolutlon
-i t w-i? floor, mcritally colllded wlth
ie suffragctto delegatlon in a commit
io room.
"Go home aud mlnd your homes and
tblcs, What are you buttlng ln on
i" Aldermen for?" he shouted.
"You can't make a fool out of me,"
^ contlnucd, "I know what I am tallt
S about. inc-sc women ought to bo
their homes. They havo no right
ittlnir around, trying to tell us what
? do."
"Judglng by your language," sald
is. Sophia l^ocbingor, "you. havo not
>ne much to change our opinion. You
?ti very far from boing a gentleman."
Other Aldermen surrouiided Schlosit
. thls polnt and tho women departcd.
icc-l*rcsldciit Sceks to Influeuce Wc?r
Vlrglniii Volcrs.
Washington, D. C, , February 1.? j
ce-Presldent Sberman'. to-day iiijeet-|
hls Influehce into tlio senatorlal
ntost In West Virginia, wliero Sona
i- Scott's ro-olectlon la being opposed
? Representattvo I-Iubbard. Tho pro
edlng is so unequal that it. wiil prob
dy attract considevable attentlon iu
ashlngton polltlcal clrcles.
The Vlco-rPrealdent laaued a state
ont, ln whlch ho says:
"West A'lrginia would Indeed be
lOl'V-alghted if she failed to nvall hor
lf of tho opportunlty to rotain the
i-vlces of a business man who at all
uies has looltod after tho Intorosta of
io Stato ln overy way possible to ad
mco the great deVolopment that is
iw taklng place. Such a. Senator is
r. Scott, and in my opinion 11 would
? a mlsfbriuno to no! contlnuo In tho
mate such an earnest Ropubllcan and
i influontlal a leglslator.
Tho Vloe-Presldent then pald a warni
iimte to Mr. Suott'a loglalatlve caroor,
id sald thai the report that there in
campalgn lu progress to prevent tho
Mialoi's return seeins alniosi Incred
lo to hint.
nj'ei-fl of Senaioi- C'nrniiick t'lu-ry Ap
iicmI io Suprcma Court,
Nashvlllo, Tenn., Fobruary 1.?Tho
otlon for ii new trlal for Colonel V
Cooper and Robln Cooper, oqnylctod
ui sentonccd io prlaon for twenty
iara for tho murder of foriner Unlted
atoa Senator 13, W. Cai-inack, was.
illcd boforo Ihe Supromo Court to-day.
he oiise blda lnir to hecomo Ihe most
iluminuui ono,over filed, The two de
indanta wcro iu court wlth a scoro of
?lnthcs aud un liiuiosing nrray of
mii.'ic]. .ludgc -i. M- Audei-soii oponod
? r tie- defenso to-aay. Thoi decisiou
cty One "BSIOMO CtUININE," tbat to
^axative Bromo Ouihine
nrea ? Cold fn One Day. Grfpui 2 Days
on every
News of Manchesler
Manchester Bureau, Tlmes-Dlspatch,
1103 Ilull Screel.
Al Belvidere Hall last nlght Unity
IIIvc. No. 7. Ladlca ..1 the Maccat.ees.
of thls city, gave a dellghtful banrjuet
and german. The Ladlcs of tiio Alac
sabecs of the World was foundcd in
1892; has three great hlves, 2,740 su
1 bordlnate hives, and 152,000 members.
The benelit.s disbursed slnce tho begln
nlng of the organlzatlon umount to
$7,168,172; tho bonetits ot tho last fia
cai year, $770,60L H-: natlonal oftlcors
are: Supreme Commander, LlUInn M.
Holllster, Detrolt. Mlch.; Itccord ICeep
or, Blna M. West. Port liuron. Mlcli.;
Finance Keeper, Nellie C. V. Hepp'brt,
Akron, O.
The proparatlons for the banquet Io
be giveh by Hestla Conclave, linprovcd
Order of Iloptasoph.s on tho occaslon
of the annual Installation of ofTi-'Ci-s
to-morrow nlght, have about been eom
pleted. Tho order was founded ln
1S7S, has S.17 conclaves and 70,789
members. The supreme provost of the
order is Thomas B. ilicks, of Itich?
To-morrow nlght also Davis Councll,
Xo. 27, Jr. O. F. A. M.. will hold Its
twentieth annlVersary celebratlon. This
order was foundcd In 1863, has tbirty
two State COUndlS, 2,001 subcounclls,
and 201,9S7 members. Benellts dis?
bursed slnce orguiii?ntlon umount to
$7,000,000, of whlch $709,533 wa3 dur?
lng the last tiscal year.
Indianola Tribe of Red Men, Xo. 52;
of this city, Is growing rapidly, and
cxpect to have an enrolment of tlllrty
on its thirtlcth annlvorsary in Aprll.
Thls is onC of the oldest organi'/.ations
ln the world. its foutiding datlhg back
to 1763. Its mombershlp is 475,450, and
the benefils disbursed slnce its organl?
zatlon umount toupwnrd of $2C,0OO.0u0.
II.ii.iln_ Season Xearly Over.
The true sporlsman of Chestorfleld
county has enjoyed tho pleasuro of
httntln'g a great dcal durlng Ihe past
season; as game has been very plenti
ful. Owing to thc excellent game lawa
exlsting in tliis State pot-hunters liavo
not been able to exterminate the game.
Many Richmond men tako the opportu
nlty now and then to shoulder thelr
guns nnd go In ciuest of partrldges ln
thc county. Cary Shepherd. of Rich?
mond. sald tho other day that the
birds flcw from the covey with great
rapldity. and that the coveys were un
usually largo. But with .ianuary a
"has-l.een" the huntlng season around
Manchester is about over.
Councll CommlttccK.
The Firo Commissionei's and Ceme
terv Committeo hold short sessions in
the Council ehnmber last nlght At tho
former meeting past bllls were ap
pr.dved for payment, and othcr roullnc
buslness transacted.
At the meeting of the Comelery
Committee, at whlch M. A. Campbell
took the ebalr, the bills, uilnutes and
roports were read and adopted. Tho
yearly report of cemetcry. submli'ed
bv Superlntendent Jones, showed re?
celpts to lotal $2,310.95 and dlsburse
monts $2,170.30.
Out of Dnngfr.
Llttle Selden Post, who was so badly
of the court may not be handed down
for some tlmo.
The defenso's counsel are baslng thelr
hopes for a reveraal on twenty-two ex
coptions ns errors, but have assigned
other causes besldes tho prlnclpal er?
rors alleged, whlch lncludo undue pro
judlco by the trlal judgo by hia chargo
on tho Stato's theory of tho crlmo.
Also fallure to chargo Kohin Coopcr's
independent intent, permittlng tiio jury
to hear of colonei Coopcr's alleged
shortagc whllo clerk of Maury county.
tho exclusion of Governor Patterson's
testimony as to Colonei Cooper's men
tal state before tho shooting; tho ex?
clusion of ccrtaln editorials attacklrig
Cooper; tho cmphasls tho court put on
tho theory that Carmack was shot in
the back.
Aikuii.Hii.s seuaiiip Vigorously Attncks
Poslal Snvlng* Ilank Blll.
.washington, d. C, Fobruary 1.?-De
laring ii to be a measuro in the in
orest of the -natlonal bariks, tho higii
..?onlsm was aroused
by tho refusal of Senator Carter, in
eharge or t|i,?. i.j^ to entertain an
amondiiieut , iim|nattng the roqulre
inent. that savings funds be dopositod
only ln imnks sub.1ect to supervlston
nnd examliuitlon. Tho Ai'knnsns Sen?
ator explainod that thero was no su
pervlsion of tho Stnto banks of his
State, and tho offect of tho nioaaure
would be lo i0l) ,hcm 0f all thc busl?
ness gnnvin-,- ,,?,. 0f postal deposits,
An ayo an(] tio voto on hls amonilmoir
wns deninnded bv Mr. Pavls. lt was
voteddow,,, ? ,0'.,T
riui niea.sui-e wns reuil ln full. an.l
wonator Cartcr than nsked for nu
ngroomeni that when tho vote on lt
should |,C ,.,kl,u [( Bll0Ulcj bo hy ay.es
and lu.rs. The rorjucst met with vlg
oroua opposltlon from Senators Bacou
and Gaiiing,.,., aIll, ulf)r0foro was with,
'ii-awu. The Senators objeoting doclar
cd tho manncr of the vote should be de.
termlned when lt was reached by Sen?
ators then prosent
After extetide.1-'dobate M''- r,;l,',cr
gavo notlce 11.?_t to-morrow he would
ask tho Senate to agree to volo on tho
"III next Monday. but afterwards, on
rerjiiost or M,. (jailIncor. he constNtc.l
biirneil with hot gravy a few weeks
ago, Is entlrely oui of danger, and hls
pnrents say he wlll soon be all right
agaln. No acrloua rcaults are fenred,
und only a sllght acar wlll retnaln to
mark tho placo of the burn.
Ceuaua Enimicrntorw,
Postmaster Smltll ,wlll soon doslg
nato tlie ccnsus enuraeratora of thls
clty. Th- ccnsus wlll I... completed in
thlrtv days after Aprll 1 '<? All reeords
wlll he of Aprll l" Candidatea from
ccrtaln polnts ln Chesterfleld cotinty
wlll bc examlnod in l'.ichinond.
Funeral of Mr*. Cox.
The funeral of Mrs. S. I'. Cox took
place yesterdav afternoon at 3 o'clock
from Cowardin Avenue Chrlstlan
Chureh. ReV. C. O. Woodward, lornier
lv of Manchester, now of Cllfton
Forge, and Rev. Mr. I.anc conducted
the sorvlces.
Frnctnred Hla IIlp.
Clyde M. Chalklev, a young man. of
1919 llalnhrldge Street, is suffering
from a severe fracture of thn hip re?
ceived Monday ovcnlng at 5:.10 o'clock.
He was on board a IIull Streot car
whlch coillded wlth a wagon ln front
of R. A. Patterson's offiee Mr. Chalk
ley was unable to walk yesterday
mornlng- Ho ls attended by Dr. iilli.
Mrs. Mary Slmms Baitey his sold
her realdonce in Maaon Park, and wlll
make her lionie in Richmond,
Fnnerul nf 1 iifn.ii.
The funeral of the Infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Moody, who dled
Monday afternoon ai i:'i>) o'clock, at
the home of Its parents, 816 Maury
Street, took place yest'-rday afternoon
at .'. o'clock.
The .Misslonary Society of Ualnbrldg:
Street Buptlst Chureh heard a very
interestlng talk from Mrs. Durham
yesterday afternoon in the ehurch. on
tho "I.ife or" Lilvlngston."
Iloiul Iin|iro\ ement.
Tlie supervlaors of tho roads of
Mancheste.r and Chesterfleld aro dolng
all ln their power to lmprove tbo
hlgnways, and the result of their cf
forts is not lacklng. The subject of
"Charlties, Corrections and Good
Roads" ia an lmportant question ln
the mlnds of tho suporvlsors and lo?
cal authoritles. T>iy say the number
of crlmlnal arrcsfci call for stringent
vagranoy lav.-s, and their vigorous
enforcement. Tho co-opcratlon of rnu
nicipal and county authoritles to utll
izc tlio labor of atile-bodied tramps, va
grants, paupers nml short term prls
oners ln road and publlc Imprdvo
rnents is a much-dlscussod question,
and thoso Intorested .-ay that such
labor can bo usod economlcally and
wlth good results on quarrlea. grave.l
plts and rnck idle in i.arlng the
matorlals and loadlng ii upou work
trains or wagons und in the actual
:qnstructlon Of roads and streets. The
authoritles are of the opinion that
-here ls a large army of ttlncrary men
ivho drlft from place to place, and
ivhojhe by begglng or steallng. \'
he Commonwealth can enact sultahle
aws provlding for this publlo work
ind then seP that the law Is enforced,
'.m?iii,,,'|,orvLs!',I''s feo1 Fure that better
iondltlons wlll result.
not to do so. Tho bill was still under
eonsideration when the Senato ad
lourned untll to-morrow.
Vbnnt llnlf of Two IllncUs ln South
eiiatern Ncctlon Dcatroycd.
Ualtlinore, Md., February 1.?Fir?
itarting betweon 1 and 'J Q'clbck thls
ifternoon flestroyed about half of two
ilocks in tlio southeastern section of
ho clty, and ate up property worth
nore than .-$250,000, of which $200,000
alls upon Eiscnhauer, MacLea & Co?
umber dealers, whoso insurance to
als 3100.250. The Bcnnctt Pottcry
Jompany lost $50,000, which Is fully
overed by insurance. The romainder
d the loss is dlvliled in small amounts
inong the .1. II. Dukor P.ox Company,
ho B. Kegan Sons' Coinpanv, hox
nakers, and tho Standard Oll Coinpanv.
Tho liro started among bales at
lacklng straw in tho stable vard of tlie
Sonnott Pottery Company, adjolning
he luniber yards of Eiscnhauer. Mac
.ea and Company. to which the ilames,
Irlven by a hlgh wlnd. cominunlcated
i-lth tremendous rapldlty. The whole
if tho large lumbar yard was in a few
uomnnts a roarlng furnae.o, and at
me time the flames jumped acroas -i
trcet sevonty foot wlde, endangbiing
he tanks of tho Standard Oll Cnm
iany, ln whlch :),000 gallons of lubri
atlng' oll were stpred. The flre throwfi
00 persons out of employment,
?lilillsiuM-.N Aascrt Tlinl lliglier Poslnge
Wlll Force Tliein Out of lliislurHH.
Atlantn, Oa., Fobruary 1.?Doclarlng
hat the nroposed increase in postnK-e
ates on iniiga/.lnes and other seeond
laaa mail matter would practlcally
orca thom out of business, ropre
entativea of elghty mugazlnes pub
Ished ln Atlantn. through their or
anizntion, the Southern Magnxlne
'ubllshQi's' AasQclatlQli, have appealed
0 Southern represontatlves ln Con?
ress to do all iu tlieir power to "avorf
hls real nnd threatencd danger to the
?olfaro of tho Amerlcan people."
o All Whom lt Jifay Conceni:
Take notlce that I wlll apply to tlie
tirlge of tho Husting.'i Court of the Clty
f Richmond on tho 10TII DAY OF FEB
yABY, 1010, for a retail liquor llcense
t No. I North Etghteentli Street. Ill
io r-lly of Kiclinioiid, Va,, under the
rovlslims of tli? sttttuto law of 'thls
tate iu hu'Ii caso made and provlded.
.luiiuuiv zfi. lt?.n. U ul_WE.
Sensational Dcvelopments in
Court-Martial of Paymasr
icr Auld.
l f?pi
111 o n I..
tlnl w
cl.'il toTheTinics-Dlspnlch.l
.. Mnss.i 1'chruaiy I.?.Pevolop
o-d iy at tho Auld couit-niar
o even more sensational than
f yesterday. Dr, CowloS, the
, complaliii.nl. was accilsod or pracllclng
i medlclno wlthout a 'llcense lu Mnssa
chusetts, havlrig failod bIx ilmes to
| pass tho State ixainiriat lons. Tho nc
: etisatlon was rhade by Dr, Bdwln ll. Hai
I v.'v, chalrman of the state Bour.l, who
; rilso lecliirod that be hnd suspectod
i Dr. Cowles of erll.blng in these cxaml
natlons, and had hnd hlm watched. Dr.
Ilarvey deel.-irad t'uit Cowles, by prac?
llclng witlioiit IioIuk; reglsterod, wns
j llnblO to a heavy flne and sentenco, for
I tlius vlolnllng the fltnte laws relatlng
I to tho practico of medlclne. Another
j wltncss deolared that Dr. Cowles hnd
I charged $25" per day for treotlng tiie
I wltnees' brother, who was affllctcd
J with pareslw and dled.
The.'c uetalls aro belng raked up by
the defensc ln thc offort lo show that
LDr. Cowles was not a flt porson to at
lend riaval dnnres. and that tbe ofllcors
j wore JiiBtlfled in ordoring hlm io leave.
| Mlss Virglnia swift. daughfor of Ad
i inlrai Swlft, the conin-.andcnt. was ri
! wltncss, and osscrted that slie had
I been glven to undcrstand that Dr.
Cowles wus not n flt person to osso
clatc with tho navy yard sot.
Mlss Dorothy Hesleri the "woman ln
ihe case." testlfied that Dr. Cowles had
sought elandesttne appolntmonta with
her, but declared he dld not insult her
nt a dance November 27, as had been
stoted hy others, Including Miss Swift.
She sald Dr. Cowles had been asked
to return her pboto, whlch he had
taken from her unclo's home, nnd not
recclvlng any reply. she had told Dr.
I Robnett, who had telephoned Dr.
Cowlos about tho matter. Mlss lloslrr
had refused to meet hlm alone or to
accept candy and flowers from hlm.
She had also refused to call tipnn his
wlfe. She IdentlJled ihe letter wrlt
ton by Dr. Cowles when ho roturned
the photograph.
"A WotnnnVi Flghl."
"Ifs a womun's llght." sald a naval
ofricei- as iie loft ihe court-martlal
procec-dlngs to-day of Paymaater
George p. Auld. after liearing the wlfo
of the man whotn tho young Rurllng
ton oflleer Is sald to have nssaultnl
tostlfy that she mnde a npeclal trlp to
"Washington to get Secretary of the
Navy Meyer and Senator Lodgo to
press the charges agninst Auld.
Women predomlnated ln thc court -
room to-day, whllo the presenco on the
wltness stand of half a dozen young
womon of tbo naval danclng set gavo
the stald proceduro of a riaval court
martlal a declded fetninlne touch.
From the testlmony to-day It ap
poared that the rjuarrel which the men
took up originnted over a photograph
of Miss Dorothy llcslcr. of Kvanston.
111.. which Dr. E. S. Cowles. of Boaton.
Is sald to have cnrrio.i ofr from the
room of Dr. A. S. Robnett, who ls
eoupled with Mr. Auld ln thc charges.
and who wlll be trled later.
Dr. Cowles sald that he carrled the
plr.luro off by mlstake, and that when
about to return It Dr. Rohnett callod
hlm by telephone and ordered hlm In
emphatlc language to return the pl.
ture at once or take thc Consequences.
Dr. Cowles nccepted the latter alter
natlve, and sald that Mr. Auld carrled
out the or.dors of Dr. Robnett, whlch
resiiitod in the alleged assault on Do
cember 11 at the now famous hop.
Thcn Mrs. Cowles went on ihe stand
She testlfied that she was surprlsed to
learn, nearly a month ufter tho Inci
dent, that the matter had been closed.
She. dld not pause In Boston to ask
why. but went stralght to the fountaln
head ln 'Wosblngton, whcre she lald
tho Cowles slde of the caso before
Secretary Meyer. Ile sald, she. testlfied,
that the affair was tho most scanda
lous that had ever been brought to
hls attentlon.
Secretary Meyer asko.i |jnr, >-hc sald.
not to press thc case too hard, as he
said Rcar-Admlral Switt was a friend j
of hls. Sho Is cxpectcii to finish her !
testlmony to-morrow.
Appeal for I'ardon of Man AVbo Ia
Proniincil Iiuniedialc Kmploynicnl.
Washington. D. C, i-'ebruary 1.?
Presldent Taft, Attorney-Gcneral TVlck
orsham and Pardon Attorney Finch, of
the Department of Justlce, wlll take
up to-morrow or next day what Is re
garded as one of the most intcrcsting
pardon appeals that iias evor como up
for conslderation. Upon their decision
in tho matter hangs a nuin'a chanco to
Household Premium Coupon
FEBRUARY 2, 1910.
NOTICE.?A complete set consists of 30 cou?
pons of consecutive dates, only one coupon of each
date wiil be accepted in each set. You can begin
saving on any date, just so they are of consecutive
dates from the day you start.
Salaried People
Do you rcalize the importance of ready cassh? Splendid invcstmcnt
or biisiness opportunities are almost daily prcsenled, whiclt you have, no
dottbt, been unable to grasp for lack of ready money.
Begin tho year 1910 by saving some portion of your salary each pay
day, Doposit il iu the SAVINGS DEPARTMliNT of thia strong instilu
tkm, together with tlie 3 per cent. compound intei'Cht we pay, it wiil not bc
long before you wiil have a sufficient amount to cnablc vou t<o better yoursclf
wlicn llic (ippoitunity comes, One ilollar wiil starl an' aecount.
Planters National Bank,
Main and Twclfth Streets, Richmond, Va.
Capital, $300,000. Surplus and Profits,$1,200,000
with thc Ara-Notch in
place of the bothcrsome
bllttonhole 15c. oac_-2 for 25c.
Cluctl. Peibody & Co., Maker*
ARROW CUFFS 25c. a Palr
coi.ic out of the penltentlary, wherd hc
Was sent after convlcti.ir. ot tnlshand
ling hanic funds, and Imuiedlately stcp
Into a posltlon of trust with tho 1'enn
sylvanla Rallroad Company.
Tiie man Is W. M. Marvoy, of Pitts
burg, i'a. ii<- was ii bookkoepcr ln tlic
Enterprlso Natlonal Bank, of Alloghc
ny, whoso glgnntlo faiiuie severai yoar?
ago startled thc flnnnclal world. Thr
Enterprlso was consfdercd to bc ar.
iiiiusuaiiy sirong flnnnclal Instltutlon
untll one mornlng tho cashier waa
found doad with a bullet holo ln his
forehend. He had commltted sulclde
and left a noto telljng how he ba>l
looted thc bank. Iiarvcy was one of
hls rlght-hand mon and was sent to
tho penltentlary.
Belleylng Ilnrvey i?. be more slnned
agalnst ihau sinnlng, hls frlends went
to work in hls behalf. ShOrtly after
Presldent Taft was Inaugurute'd Har
vey's snntenee was commuted. With
tlme off for good behavior hls terin
wlll explre ln So/rrembor.
But ln order t? obt.-iin tn,. promlsec
position with tho Pennsylvanla Raii
road Company, llarvey must Kot out ot
the Western Pennsylvanla prison
where he 18 serving l.i.-< tlme, befon
the 201h of this- month. |.'?r ?n that
day ho wlll be forty-flvo years 6ld, nnd
tho Pennsylvanla company omploys no.
body v.-ho has reached that age.
Represontatlve William ll. Graham,
of Ailegheny, has taken a kecn inter?
est in Harvey's case. ifc ls now in
PIttsburg conferrlng with thc United
States attorney there. Pardon Attor
ney Flnch received a vlslt not long ago
from Marvey's nlneteen-yoar-old son,
who came to tolk about hla father'??
case. Mr. Flncli told tho young man
und Repros-nlativij Graham to brlna
a cortlficatlon from tho proper officlala
uf the Pennsylvanla Rallroad Companj
that llarvey would be glvon employ
ment lf releas.d beforo he became for?
ty-flvo years old an.l thal he would
take thr. matter un to tho presldent.
Representatlve Graham and vounr
Haivy ar<- oxpected In Washington
to-moirow with all the papcrs In th.
:asc. Tho Unlted States attorney and
tbe wardop of ihe penltentlary havi
:ertifled that Harvey's cOnduct durlns
ils Imprlsonmcnt has been aboveques
:lon. Iila prison re.-ord is perfect Th*.
josltion tbe Pennsylvanla (''onipanv i
loldlng for liltn Is tli.it ..f cashier In
)ne or Its freight statlons.
llrcinln Coinmlasion May Wlihdrnvr
stniue* ,.r Wnnblngton nnd I.rc.
Tho Virglnia commlsslon which has
lad chargo of eelecting the two stat
ics to be provlded by Virginia foi
itatuary Hall, ln the Capltol at Wash
ngton, will meet in Washington on
Saturday. It i? not known whothcr
iny action wlJI bo taken in view of the
irotcsts from certain quarters ov.-r
he placlng is tho Hall ..f r'ame of
i statuo to General Robert 13. I.ee. Ti.e
ommlsslon la made up of Ex-Governor
iwanson, Henry T. Wlckham, George
_ Chrlstlan, Thomas D. Gold. of Ber
yvliio; j. c. Feathoraton, of Lynch
iurg; George _. SIpe. of Harrisonbiirg;
I. C. Rlce, of Blackstone: E.iward Lylc,
ormerly of Roanoko. now of Atlanta.
nd bon P. Iialacy, of Lynchburg. Aa
companlon to the Valcntine t ;atuo
f L>.o, Virglnia has placej in S'.atu
ry Hall u replica of Hpudon's Waah
ngton. I-'rom cxprcaslons by members
f the commlsslon lt Is probable that
f one of thn statues is v.ithdrawu,
oth wlll be withdrawn.
1'i.Mpoueil lo 'lli.iri.Inj.
Be. au.se of thc absence of ono of
ho attorneys ln tho case, the appli
atlon for a dlssolution of the l-'ire
icn's Rcllef Assoclation, pending be
ore thc Eaw and Equlty Court, was
oatponed yesterday mornlng untll to
torrow. Tho only queatlon at issue ia
s to how thc fund of ahout $20,000 is
j be dlstrlbuted?that is, whether tho
ivlslon shall bo cqually bctween tho
Sl members, flremen and non-llremcn,
r whether It shall bo on tho basls of
>ngth of moniborshlp aud number of
ssessments pald.

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