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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, February 12, 1910, Image 6

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2j$6m?..........?? E. Maln Slrrrt
/j,_jj?ter Bureau.1103 Hull Street
t^lfgirc Bureau.10.1 N. Sycamore Street
PtdrMi"* Bureau.....215 Kiclilh Street
'^ubi?.???? ~~
jj^pY MAIC
cOl'lUi Sunday ...,
, Infflthout Sunday ,
, latlcfUUononty ...
'?tlot (Wednesday) ..
One Six Three One
Year. Mo- Moi Mo
JG.00 SJ.OO 11.50 _i5
..00 2.00 1.00
2.00 1.U0
1.03 .50
.50 ...
J* ...
j.. ^Imei-Dlspatch Carrier Dellvery Servlce In
,and Und suburbd, Mandiester and Pctc.-a.
pan 0n, w--k
-Jnf'llli Sunday. H renti
<:?*jllliout Sunday. 10 cenu
loc,0"'*. 5 tecta
. of -
tho J?nuary 27, t?aj. at RIchmor.L Va*
lhc<d-cl-u inatiet under att of Coc_reti _?'
-.liarl. 18*?.
"??St-KlJAY, l-'liHUL'AIIY 1-, 1910.
?*-'on__....:_ .__?__..___
' vatlASrij Tl) IIO A CttACK."-.!.
thc -tiii.xcj. . j
,""--ig Common Councll sliuwcd ils |
?t0; last nighL by passing thc ordl
' u_ for consolidation wlth Munchcs
*Jfift tlio face of an opposition that
?""vbijowerful and lnfjtienti.il, lf not
"coi' reI,rc?_,'ntntlve.' We nro con
n,d* *'lat *ls declsion is indorsed and
XiiWcd by un ovorwhelmliig ma
*H? of "the citizen- of Hichmond. In
? ?-..orninl course of evonts thore
an, only remtiin ihe concurronce
trt> Aldermen und the popular voto
,! . . uichcster to mako consolidation
. ?- ,'ive for all tlme. But tinfor-I
|n(?ly opposition hay dovclopcd al i
diust moment from a small group
_/5e<imlnent citizen.-5, who dcclaro lhat
^'wlll Insdsl on carrying tho mal
';olt> a vote of thc peoplo.
M-iro mlght bo nothing nerious ln
''flcclslon, barring tho troublo and
? toj
_n;ae' wcrc Jt noL for tl,e tarX tlial
,.",- II involvc wc do not know how
w' dolay. l>eluy happens to be
H'to Hlchmond's intercsts just now;.
dlAke _'p the now llst of quallflod
"atv, to get up thc requlred petltlon
c'*j call and hold thc ciectlon would
-'^'llkely tako threo months' time.
; mfwoultt mean that tho new nopu
\\*l could not posslbly get Into the
? t!ctr States census, and that has
_e(onc of thc chief aims rtichmond
?' ield heforo her from thc begln
t.t- Consolidation mlght win threo
.''. tlc over,'hut the frnits of victory
v*l bo lost. Thc final dclay would
-^ycripplod and broken it.
iri; Councll last nlght properly re
ch| a proposal to submlt thc issue
vute of thc people. lt secnis to
at thc small band of cltlzcns who
^.v,.i nia=s-iu':eihig thc other night
vtV do a graceful thing l,y with
abng their intrntlon i" work f??r
V?a vou-. We ln-Hv\e that they are
"'.bomed to deteru, and that thc ;-ole
arf of l,ieir work would v,o thc
cilng of thc pla s upon whieli ilv
a9;itlcs havo ho lanpr beon at work
, "^'consolidation movement has bt-ei
'00 ,
- ' for a year or moro; thc term
r _o>scd havo been known in geuera
wiany monlhs; aud ln all thls tlm
'.. r<iave. never heard tho voiccs o
.. ]" citlzcns raiscd ln protcst. Thcl
?-,tesiilon comes at tiie final an
* vial moment. All thc mouthpioce
-'' tlubllo oplnion aro against then
'_"' fl,hc commerolal associatlons. al
:- -. ^.newspapcrs, tho merchants un
- - &-lins mcn's organizations aud, t
e: the number, ull llic Importau
''-."" ?ing houses of Richmond but mie
. ."oursc, every eitlzon has u righ
?;'_,)ld his own vlcws und try to pm
vhls own lcgitltnatc intere:<is. Bui
vircumstances being what they are
^hanco to furthcr prlvato interest
_,? so small _!\n.'\ the opportunity
':wmage tlio publ-K.--iui"crc.--t being j-u
tl, -we tliink the.st' citizens could
. *^ gcnerally wcleome thlng by bub
. ? ":injr their own wlshes iu what
- as so cvldcntly to he. the wl-hcs
P3C majority.
,,i_sii vijowim; tiik imilmaiu
J.( l.AW.
_ji heartily congratuhiio the Com.
E?e on Vrlvilcgos and Klcetions ?'
cvise de<islou to report tho llyn
*ary bill favorahly, coupled witl
anfavorable report on all lho olhc
rary bills. -. There was a. liill be
I'lho comniiltec liaving lllegiliinal
tis to belng ?'ollicial." intismucli ti
fa.s frunioil by a small subcommll
Ibf tho Slutc I'liiumittcc. and th
Ss uluiwcd tholr lndcpeiidcnce a
E as their soutul judgment In rc
<ng tlils offerltig along with tl
? rs. lt thc State Coinmittee trlc
'cgistcr its hostility to the T>r
ldca, as some obscrvcrs hu>
Ight. by lmtting forward a hl
< was as near nothing as thc hi
j-nilml could evolve, it clearly ove
^i<:d Itself. If it had offered a be
?and strougi-r la.w, its offoriu
?it have found favor, but beeau
>ut forward only thc imporfc
,ment of a law, the legltlatlve coi
>ce has pussed it by nltogelln
3 I>oal and West bllls went t
'i way.
^ tho four prlmary bills submitt
?hc Leglblaturo, tho Kyrd bill
Hcdly tho most co'inprohenslve, t
J. viKorous ahd the bon. U t=mrl
as doeidedly tiie nt-arcsl uppro.-t
I pftrf'.-et prlmary la.\v we have >'
.? lu Virginia, and it still Is th:
Jgh it lias boen weaht.ncd a go
in Its progrcsa lutvard (tiiLeime
lt, tho com>ulsury fr-aturo \v
:*lnatcd by thc patron lilniaclf. Tl
) tn tlio nature of tt tub to t
(le. We ourttclvcy lik-jri the co
ory featuro mucjt better in th
. but. opposition to jt was v<
fig, and tho saerlth,; of it tvas ;
Iblo under tho eireuinstanees. N
ViiiumlMeo h;.s laehi'd <m two o
,uii ndmeiilf-. both of wiiieli 1 < n,|
V.Ct from the lorr.r and value of
.,] (Jiio of these?borrowed from
.1 blll-?tH to tho.effect fhat priru
t-gn olllctaU tilia.il ho ai'P?inted
nutoral boartLs. .ton Hats fi
mltted by tho pnt-tlcs, nnd thnt In cnflo
only one pnrly imliis a prlmary tItd'i
ofllchi-lH slmll all ho .lrriwti from that
pnrty. Thn urlglnnl J.lyrd hill provld
ct| thal thc oflk-lnlH In piiniary clec
tlons sliould hc lhe ."iime ai those ln
a. regular election, which seems to us
a better nimngemcnt. But thls ls ?f
mlnor Importaiicc, compared to the
other anieiidmcnt. whlcp wc conslder
very bad indeed.
The Byrd hlll laid down tho Inw ns
to who Ih ollglblo to vote in a prl?
mary, which Is what every prlmary
law should do. lt provldcd lhat no
person could vote iu a party prlmnry
uiilcss hc hrul vote,* for certiiln speci
tlcd eandkhites "f that party ln the
last genorai clcctlons; provldcd thnt,
if Iho appllcant had not votctl In the
last general clcctlons al all, his plcdgo
to support tho nomliiecjj ot lhe prl?
mary ln thn cnsulng clcctlons should
be held sufllclcnt to entltlc hlm lo Vote
in tho prlmnry. Tho committee ame.nd
mciit virtually canrols thla lunt
clause l.y iniiklng the special pro?
vlsion for men who dld not vote ln
thc last election appllcable to all mon,
with wlilchcvor party they voted, and
thus entirely iiulllllos an,i vltlales tho
othor rcstrictlvc provlslons.
Il provldes "that when qiiestioned
by tlie judges, If he shull pledge hlm?
self to support tlio nominccs of the
liarty In the cnsulng election he shall
be'allowed to vote." Thls coulj hardly
he worse. lt not only permits, but
dlrectly lcgullsses tho votlng or. Re
publicans in ? Democratic prlmarles.
Under thls provlsion any qunlfflcd
Votcr could present hlmself at the
election booth and npon giving the
pledge mentloned above demand the
right to vote. If thc judges qucstionc(]
him about hls previous and probablo
future nfllllHtious, hc could decline to
answer. HiH hlaukct privllcgc covers
nnd protccts hlm: it is noiio of thclr
business': and though hc may be
known ns a HCelong Republican and
opciily annouiice that hc ?lnlends to
contlnue so after that particular elec?
tion Is over?in which hls party has
no i-andldatc. and thercforc he has
nothlng to lo.se by helplng out some
Ucmocratlc friend?the judges wlll hc
compclled hy law to vote him. Now
thls ls simply ahsurd. Rcpubllcans
have no right nt all to tako part ln
Democratic prlmarles, and for Dem?
ocrats 1o enact laws coiiipelllng thclr
udmittanco is prcposterous. Demo?
cratic prinmrios aro for Democrats
only, and no translcnt willlngness to
vote with Democrats, for once, to gain
a special end. can bo acceptcd as
changlng n Rcpubllcan's spots. Wc
! have just sccu how thc present lasity
l ls abused. ln thc Fourth District con
I gressional race, where Rcpubllcans
l notorlously altcrcd and swellcd the
I Democratic vote, though in all prob
; abillty they dld not change thc re
\ nill. We don't want io leg.illzo this
! kind ot political hybrldistn, which
would hc the sure forerunner of thc
deruat of Democratic candidatcs in ii
Democratic prlmary hy Republican
votcs. Thc Legislature should by all
niean.s kill thc committee amendrnent
und move in just thc other way. lt
should keop thc other parts of thc
Byi'd section Intact and provide for
thc appllcant who dld not take part
l in tlio last election that he must make
I a statement that hc Intcnds lienec
f(.?rward to vote wlt), the party Into
wlioso prlmary hc sceks admlttancc.
The Times-Dispatch hopo.s that thc
Legislature may thlnk these linport
nnt conslderatlons worth thclr atten?
tion. Mciintimc this paper congratu
lates lhat body upon having before lt
a bill calculatcd to give Virginia o
prlmary law worthy of the name.
?'I'hc Corporation Commlssion wil
miss Captaln Wlllard. Ile brought tc
his work in that Important trlbunal i
mlnd naturally well equipped anc
ripened by oxporienee wltli afCulrs, an<
lie enhanced hls usefulncss by clos.
study until hc beciimo pecullarly lltted
ln tlicory and ln practlce, for the dis
ciiarge of l.is hlgh dutles. Whilc un
ussuining .jn liiaiino,. and puttlnp for
ward no clalms for hlmself, hc has, w
oeiiove, come to hc reec.gnlzcd by th
puiiiic and i,y his colleagucs as th
most thoroughly vcrscd member of th
commlssion on technicai questlons o
rallroad taxatlon nnd control.
IT Capmin Willard's rcsignatlo
means that be intcnds to rotlro froi
puiille, ntc, which wo slnccrely hope
tioes not. the Stato wlll he even
ncavicr loser than is the commisslo
now. Reprcscntlng as ho does ? cla:
of men not usually found ln publ
otttco, Mr. Wlllard has had unusual o]
portunltics for good, and ho has show
a most commendable desire tu ninl
tho mosl of those opportunitles
sorvlng- Iho Cfiuimonwoiilth. At a tin
s when virglnia's government nee<
moro men of his cxuepllonully hl;
character and standing, sho can ill ?
lor.:l lo spare hlm from hor publlc 11
Siskiyou le not the name of a Tu
ecl man ear or a two-for-a-quarter ci
ls lar, or yet again of a patent rheum
iieitlsun curc. li is the cognomen of
i-d | proposed new member of the galaxy
-li ! states, to he carved out of ccrla
ot I paris of Orcgon und California. (Va
il. fornia Is a largo .Stato, equal lo abo
nd! ii\c Malnes and seventy-tive . Del
warcs, and because of its posiiion
well ns its size ls not thorough
ils I honiogeiicous and unifled. Before iu
hc \ wo havo read of plans to split off t
Southern b.a.11 of it into a ncw Sta
with I.os Angeles as Its capital, t
that plan has nevcr^gotten very ,1
forward. This Vival movement, i
tnchcil to the outlandlsh nud bi
haious naiiic, shows thal Oalll'ornli
io an, disi-utl^hed with their Culifnru
lhe ship iu thc Nurtli ns well' um
Ihe Koutli. Apparontly .Southurn Qref.
ury ls also Insurgtnt aud half-ready to
by cedo und merge.
ubij [There tjvlU be-ii convention fit
itmotifr those Interof-led lo dIScii&s nmj
fnrther HiIh odd pittn. How lho con
vontlon will bo mado up nn,i. wlitit
weight Itn "miiiko" will earry, wo don't
know, rresumably nnyborly can nt
lend who happons to havo notWnff
better to do. A ploblHcite ought to ho
hold In the nffcctod dlfltrlcts. and, If
It woro. we belleve that tho majority
would ho found ngalnst tho change,
Wo hopo so. It ls dotibtful If tlio
country wnnts any more subdlvltlod
Slntes?even wlth tho oonsnnt of tho
nuhdlvlded?though wo'll probably flnd
il deslrnblo to trim Toxns some day.
Cnllfornla. Ib young as woll ns hlg, and
wltli incroasing maturity her soat
tercd B.n(i dlsagreclng populatlon will
dotilitlcss loorn to dwell togothcr In
nnlty. A compound Callfornlti-Orc
gon Slutp would not bo genernlly de?
slred in any t-aso, we thlnk, and pur
lictilnrly when alllloted wlth hucIi un
unehrlstkin niime. "Wc could put up
wlth n. State named Columblu. or cvou
Glory-Ilallclujah, but Slskiyou ls com
ing it a little too strong. "The Sen?
ator from Slskiyou" mlght dlsturb tho
composuro of even thc Iron-bratncd
llnolypors who set up thc Congres
slonul Record.
Ki-nm tho born-old town monitor. tho
tionteel Old Lady of Govornor Street,
tliere comes a stream of drcary prose
deslgnod to provo that freo Institutions
and iundn.montal Democratlc princl
ples nro resolvable into simply "thc
nost method of handling the liquor
trnlllc." Never falterlng in our conll
dehco thol any mouthpiecc of the Antl
Saloon League can always "Und
wayjr* wo plod through ihi.s sort of ?
arguriicnt wlth composure; though
should kr cvenlng-and-the-ncxt-morn
ing conB -,v>ornry thlnk lt woll to cor?
rect it<a .jablo mlsstatoment as to
Tho TiliBj- /-/lspbtcb-uallcsed "favorite
sloga.n,"^t would* douhtlt'ss como nenr
er livfng np to lts own loudly vlrtti
oiis war-cry. Mcantlme, no prohlbl
tiomst nood ever nave nny troublo ln
provlng anything so long ns hc ls wlll?
lng to assume, ns tlils wiitcr deler
mlnedly doos, that thc root of tho great
evlls of drunkennes.s ls tho financial
"appetite'' of anti-proliibitlon. cities
llke Ktehinond. I'rohlbltionlsts flnd lt
convenlent to Ignoro the fact tlmt the
root <>f tho drink cvll ls the fleslily
appetite of lndlvlduals, where alone It
can t>e much mltigated, and you can
search these industrlous paragraphs
till you aro wcary nnd never catch u
nint of this obvlouK and baslc trutb.
A college proressor doclarcs that a
workingmun can llve on '.0 cents a
day. This Is on tho undorstandlng, wc
suppose, that he buys i,is food at night.
"It is indeed a morose porson," con
lesses tho Jacksonvillo Tlmcs-Unlon,
? who cannot hnd aniuscment In Flor?
ida." Tho Legislaturo mlght try a
:aw lerbiddlng tourists to laugh.
Some. ot our congressionai orators
ought to be Interested ln comets.
wiueii. aLso, nro largely made up of
vardaman thinks that thc trusts aro
opposing him for Senator. but maybo
it's only tlio peoplo.
warKis uaynor?
.Major Mciiuihlir- ChniiKc of nnse SUn
'l_ill<f>r? of Ihe SouIblnnU.
It ls an aunouncement of more than
ordlnary interest that James Calvir
HemphlU. editor - in - chief of thc
Charleston News and Courler, severi
his conncetion wlth that influentia:
journal to become the edltorlal heac
of the Riehinniid Times-Dispatch. It h
signiticant from many polnts of view
For thlrty years Major Hcmphlll hai
been a parl of thc Charleston news
paper, havlng in 1SS0 become a loca
rcporter. 13y iils itulustry anci talenti
ho forgod his way through thc va?
rlous rounds or promotions of a dall:
newspaper until lie hecame lts guid
Ing head.
r-'urtlierinore, the Charleston editoi
approaches his .sixllotli blrthday. It l
allogether nniisual for a man of hi
age. South Carolinian at that, to mak
.o vital a cliange. Coupled therewltl
ls tiie Interestlng facl that hc goo
from South Carolina to Virginia. I
would Bcem lhat the Old Domlnion i
drawing hcavily on tho Carollnas i
taklng to be. tlio head of her institu
tion, the IJiilversiiy of Virginia. Ed
Wln A. Aldorman, a native ot Wll
mlngton, N. C, and of her leatlln
newspaper, The Tlnies-Dlspatch, Majc
llemphill, born in Abbevlllc, S. ?
Like .lohn C. Calhoun, ho is Scotct
Irish, and dlsplays thc tcnaclty of pui
tl poso, tho couragr- of convictlon and tl
forcofulness of character which ha\
11 mado that. vlrllo stock master hulldoi
1 and workera in an advanced civil
Major llemphill is a college grai
unto, havlng taken his degree at Er
klnc College. a Presbyterian institi
tion of his native State. Like mai
great men, ho taught school a sho
timo beforo findtng hlmself. A fc
munthH employed in tlio tasks of tl
school room sufficed. lio launch
Btralghlway into journullsm, cditing
noxvspapcr ln his natlvo town. Sln
ls that timo he has been dillgently
?h work untll ho has reaehed a hlgh po:
. tion of eommaudlng iufluonce
. " I Southern journallsm.
ln tho positlon so ably fllled thc
past years he followc,i a long llno
wortliy mon. Six years ago yesterd
the News an_ Courler eclobruted ?
100th annlversary. Wlth Just pride a
commondable entcrprlso it publish
an odltlon in honor of the event, t
hlstorlcal valuo of which ls inestim
ble. Thc Courior was fotinded by ti
New Englande'rs, Lorlng Andrews a
Aaron S. Wllllngton. Andrews lill
nn untlmely grnve, but Wlllingt
contlnued connectlon with tho par
up to tho tlme of hls dealh durl
tho Civil AVar.
.In this couuei-lion it may bo not
how great Southern ncwsp&po
fotinded by New Englanders, ha
conatltuted a perslstcnt type, surv
Ing ln thc maln to the present tli
The changes havo boen, aa wlth 1
Courior, ln connectlng tho namo
some other journal. For purposeB
lllustratlon it In sultlcleut to ment
the I.oulsville .lournal, now tho C<
lior-Journal, and Georgo X>. Front!
the Mohile ri.glstei- itntl Thttddeus Sl
ford; the Now Orleans I'ieuytino t
Georgo W. Kciuuill; tho Galves
News a nd Llllard Hlchardson.
Nashvllle tho namo Natlonal Ban
was ftretuaed by two Baatonlans, v
hogan tho publlcatlon of thel- J>a
oujjn i832,*?Chatta-i,po_*a Kimvb,
Borrowed Jtngtes
?When It'a tlmc ln leavo tlio blnnl?*-?s.
And (fot out upon tho floor,
That's ao cold nn any loobois
Near thc frlirtd n-rcrnlniirt sliorci
Btnrt tho Itltolion nro to blHZlnR.
Put tho fcnltle on and no
Out to fced tho cowb nnd lioiscs,
W?dln' throutrh thn ilrlfkd snoiv,
Thon lt Ib I fccl a tiirnlu'
Of rny lovo'for country llfo.
And thoro eomcs a Ulnd or ycnrnln
?For tho clty und Its strllc.
When thn wnter bnsln's froncn
To tho liltrlir-n tablo tlglit.
And Iho wlntry wlnil'a n-whlzzln'
TliroiiKh a brokcn wlndow llsiu:
When thcro's frost upon Iho dnnrknob
And ut overy crack nnd ohhik.
With my artlrB by thn cook Move
Frozen solid to tho r.fnc?
Then n clty flnt Kcmis liollcr.
Where tho stcBm heat tluohn iill nlfiht,
With n Janltor Iu tho. hnsciiii'.tii.
Scoopln'.In tho aiithrnclie.
?Chlc-aso News.
Tlu* Allernatlve. ?
"'..ot's so to the theatre?"
"I'vo 'nothlnR to ivonr."
"Then we'lt ro to thc opcra."-I.i|'l*iiHOU'8.
A Moltirr'A Anxlelj.
Willle: "M:i. cttii't- t go out on tli" strcet
for n llttlo whlle? Tommy .loi.-s says ihoro'i
a romcl to bo sccn."
Moi her: "Woll. yes; but don't >ou RO too
nenr."?Boston Transcript.
A 1-lat Cnlamlty.
"Good lieavons! What Is tlio tnatter?".
"The pcoph. on tho secniirt *<?*>' havo
gone away nnd loft thoir mito-plano play?
lng."?I-*lli-Rcndo Ulactler.
Shr l.lkcs It So.
"Ilow old nro you, my denr."'
"Klght at homo; soven nnil a half when
l go by trnln, nnd slx when I f" out with
ninmma."?Don Vlvant.
llnd and Bloom.
Vdii uscd to say, dad, that I van a bud
dhiK gonlus."
"Well. you turned nut to lie a bloonilnjr
Idlot."?cicvoland Leader.
Tho Very Ilclp Wanted.
"I would llko lo help you, my poor man,
but. I haven't much work to plv.. you."
"That'll full me down to tl"- ground,
ina'ain; I don't want inucit."?.-'ourlrc.
lle'll Keep lliu.
"I should very much llko ln know how
you mado thal $:.'. Iho. othor dny."
"Can you keep a accrot?''
"Oh, yes!"
"So can I. rsond-night!"?("oniic Cuts.
IF tho BallinRer-Plnchot investlgatlon
Bhould lasl nliv-tcon years. aa a cnininlt
tcininn prodlcts. would Alaska last that
long or would lt hc gobbled by tlio tiuggen
hotins In advniicu of tho llndlnK of tlio
court??Loulsvlllo Courler-Journal.
Tho Insurgenls are now tacklns Presl?
dent Taffs policies. Yes, but wlint does
thnt leavo Concr. simai. Tactful charlcy
Townsond, of Jllchlgan, to back??Detrolt
Speakor Cannon might paraphraae a. cer?
taln woll-worn axioru and exclaim. "I carn
not who ls KUilty, so 1 can name hls judgo."
?Wilmington Stnr.
"Comot Al!>ln" is not expected to even
again appenr to Inhabltants of tho carth.
In other words, it ls oxpoclod to drop as
far out of sltcht as Rudyard Kipllng oi
Antllonv Hope.?Chlca-o llccord-Hcrald.
Evprywhoro wc aro warned to bewarc ol
rold-atoraRO food?, shortwnight and bo!
voal. Why botlier wltli burglar Insurancc?
llrooklyn J_nRle.
Halley's coniet will not dcflt-et tho eartl
a bit from its paih. ih.-roby rescmbllng ?
great many ot us.?New- York Mall.
Ilow much would Citlzen Wlloy's airy re
flections on farmers and e'gRo brlng it sol(
by wci_ht??Wasbington Post.
Penry thlnks Itoosevclt would bn a gooi
man to sond out for tho purposo of discov
erlng tho South Polc?Ch'cago Itocord
llflp for Vlrnrliilu Consumpllves.
IVc trust the Legislature wlll pass tho bll
appropriating finidB lor tho enlargcment o
thc Stato Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Ca
tawba. llonnokc county. Thu Assembly o
1S0S gave S40.MHI per annuin to the Ktul
Board of Health. half of which sum was t
go to tho ostabllshment and malntcnanc
of an cxpcrimcntal sanatorium for con
sumptlvos In the mountalns of Vlrginl;
Thla sanatorium ha3 mado ^ood. Thc Htat
board botight the old Roanoko Jtcd .Sulphu
Sprlngs and transfonuud that property int
a sanatorium. Kunds were so limited tho
only thlrty-clght patlenis could bc uccom
modatcd at thnt tlmc Uut since its open
ing in 7\lay last lhe sanatorium has treato
about 100 patlent:<. Almost without exeef
tion theso men and worm.-n luva bccn cure
or greatly Improvcd, and havo been aei
back to their lionn-s prepared and able I
tako ?up""t'hclr work Iu lif.-. It seems a plt
that such a valuabh- work should not l
onlarged so as to care for al least 130 pa
tlcnts. Thero are ai present not less tha
30,000 consumptives in the Statc, 5,000 (
whom are dyini; <very year, and iriar
thousands of whom have no hopo in tt
world except that off.ri.-d them by tt
bounty of the State, as il.erc are no priva
or munlcipal sanaio.iums wheio they mi
be trcated. The Stute Anii- Tuberculosis A
soclatlon by a unnnlmous vot.i haa put I
self on record as favorirn- liils approprl
tion, and willlnRly guaranties lhat tho woi
dono by tho State ai catawba Is sclentifl
curativc and ueoaomhul.?l'oitsmouth Sta
The Yorktown Mililary llond.
Hon. John Lamb hns introduced a blll
Congress provldlns roi- n.e bulldlng of
mllltary road from Yorktown vla AVIIIlam
'eibur? to JumcstoH-n. Tlu b.isis for such
rajbllt llca in tho fact ihai these. threo poln
1- are thc most hlstorlcul la llio nation, ai
lhat the Kedernl govcnuneiit has roserv
tlons at both Yurktuwu and Jamestow
With concerted action on n.e part of o
Vlrglnla dclegutlon, and such other Sout
crn men in Congress as are Interested, t
gothcr with tho assisia.ne ot varlous patl
otlc bodles, tlu. appmnrlaiion necessa
might bo soeuivd .asily. nut tho schcr
ot conncethiR places of hisiorlcal Interc
would r.ol be co.npi.M,. without Rlchmoti
Thero are really four cardinal points, u:
tho least iniporiaiit. is ..oi t,ur bcuutil
capllul city. A road d?wn tho Penlnsu
l'rom Itlchmond woul.l ...eel the millta
road at thls pine.-. Tourista coming
Itlcbmond would thet. cimu by motor c
lo thls city, thence io Yorktown nnd Jami
lown. lf our people on n.e Pcnlnsula w
bestlr themselvcs this s.-lie.no of hlghwn
can bo accouipllslH-d. kVi.? Newport No
on tho east would s.-e ti... advaniago of au
hlghway connectlcns, and ii would not
Ioiik before tho road would bo oxtonded
that dlrectlon to iuchnin u10 hlatorli
points on Hampton Ituuds?Wllllamabii
Tho Scuato Tax Ulll.
In accordancc with mnijorn Ideaa rcgai
Ing taxatlon, as h.-.s i?.,.? f,B(,Uently tn:
gostod ill these coluinns.. |3 tho tax CO
ir.lsslon meiiHiire i,i?,r,,.(| ,)y tno f^om
Kluanco. Cominltt.-c. and whloii, lt Is und
slood, Is n coinbliiaiic.il ,M ||,,, vlowa Of Si
ntora Strodc und i-.m^.. As summarli
brlofly ln the l!ui,i?.,n,i 'rimoti-'Ulspat
tho salieut fuutur. s .,, nu. m,.uauro aro
follows: . . . Tlu- ,,?iy ra-niclBiil tl
would Moem pcitin. ni if u.at tho propoi
commlsslon aliould h,. r.-nuircd, ln addlt
to tho oniployinenl of a iax cxport and
hoarlng of witness.s. ,? ,-omparo our ayat
Wltli thoae of other siui,. and to havo i
port toBtlmoiiy. h. otii,, WOrcis, it sho
bo glvon every oj,p?rll?lUy to rovj8a
ayatom rliilu whlh- u ,? at lt.?Lynohbi
(':ir .licntclc crn
li.., largo inanulac
tiiiei-., ilistithutors, cor
l?>r.iiioii?. rallroads ntld
i iniportalit advef
Khhmund Advertlsi
'nn Atfoney, Ino,
l-Mutiiil Buildlng, ,
l___3 !_,.'..*_i___j__
His Fricnds Say Hc Must Have
Cast That for Him
Lord Clinton Onc of Oldest Pccrs
and Largcsli Landowncrs
in England'.
LOIID FAIRPAX, tho only Brltlsh
pcor who was born as itn Ameri?
can clttisen, recolvcd ono solltnry
voto at tho ciectlon of thc slx
teen reprosontatlve pecra of Scotland,
which took placc, wlth old-tlmo pomp
nml coremony, In llic Palace uf lloly
roo'd tho other day, and Lord Falrfax's
nionds are bitntoring hlm a goo.l deal
nbout that ono vote. Inslsting that lio
must havo cast It hlmsclf. Thc Scotch
peors, on tho occaslon of cuch gonoral
eleetion, choo-c, ln obedlenco to ti
summons from the crown, sixtoen of
tholr membors to reprcscnt the Scot
tlsh peerago In tho House of Lords
at Wostmlnstor. The sixtoen who huvo
just been selecleU are: The Enrls of
Mar, of Rothes, of Morton, Mar and
Kollio. of lladdlngton, of Lauderdale,
of Carnwath, of Northosk and of Dun
donuld, Vlscount Falkhtnd, and tho
Lords Saltoun, Sinclalr, Borthwlck.
Balfour of Burleigh, Belhuvon, and
Scmplll, thc latter defeat Ing T^ord
Torplitehcn, who has hitherto tlgurcd
us ono of the reprosontatlve peors.
Tho honors nf all thoso pocrs are cx
cluslvely Scottlsh. that ls to say. they
do not carry wlth thom, ipso faotp
scats in thr, Iimue of Lords. and thc r
placc there during the new Paill -
nicnt now uboul to bc opciicd. will bo .
entlroly owlng to their cleetlon trt
tlio olcctlon, however, scotch peo * who
havo already tietits ln the Ilottse ot
Lords through Ihelr possession of i-.n?
llsh peorages. or so-called pecr.-igcs of
the Unlted Kingdom. are pcrmlttcd to
tako part, and among those who \oted
at lloiyrood tho other day were tho
Duko of Montrose. wlio prosided-. tlio
Dukes or Bucclomh. of Itoxburgho and
of Atholl. Lord Rnse-bery. I.orrt i.las
gow, JLord Breadall.ane. and seveial
others. Eigbtcen peors were ln al
tendanoo. and thirty-seven others had
sent their votes ln writing; tliat is to
say, there wero less tlian three-scoro
poers represented. -ivhlch bears strtking
ovldence of tho fnct often polnted out
in these letters that the Scotch pocr
age Is dlmlnishlnp; in nunibers and ls
gradttally disappcarlng as sin-h,, owing
to the fact that tlio sovercign. ever
since thc act ot unlon, some -i."> years
ago. haa beon precludcd from creating
any Scotch puerages.
Tho ciectlon took place in ihe i>rcs
ence of the prlnclpal Judges and law
dlgnitaries of tho Northern kingdom.
and of tho Lord Provost and chief
city offlcers of Edlnburgh. The dean
of the Chapel Royal opencd thu pro
ceedtngs with prayer, and they wero
brought to a elose wlth a bent-dlctlon
pronouueed by thti dean of ihe S.otch
Order of tho Thistle. Thero was the
cu-tomury protest during the roll call
to lho Earl of Mar and Kelllo being
ealled before the Earl of Moray, on
the ground tliat thc earldom of Moray
was of prior crcation. and there waa
also tho customary protest of the Earl
of Mar agalnst the Earl of Mar and
Kellie belng called by thc former title.
These protosts wero duly entered on
the mlnutes of the proceedlngs, and did
not lead to any further trouble or di_
turbance. ln fact. they never du.
A IHg Landowner.
Lord Clinton, who has just rentcd
hls Bioton Park estato ln Devonshire
to Willlam Northrup McMlllan. of St,
Louls, for a term of yoars. a. placc
extendtng over sonic l-'.OOO acre?. wlth
splendid fishing in tho Rlver Otter
wlilch travcrses the cstate, is one ol
thc biggest landowners in England
be.ldc-s holding one of the oldest peer
ages In tho Unlted Kingdom. Indeed
thero aro only four that aro son lor tc
hls barony. which was created in l_r?N
and of which he is the twenty-lirsl
holdcr. As ls the caso wlth the ver>
few other peorages by writ, it deseeiub
through the female, line, and in thi;
way has passed through marrlago fron
tho original house of Clinton Into th*
Trefu.sts famlly. to which Lord Clintoi
bolongs. Lord Clinton has no son. Iiul
only two daughters. the elder of whom
tho Hon. Harriet Trefusls. has just be?
come engaged to young 11. N. Fane. ol
tho Coldstrcam Guards. son of tiie lat<
Sir Edmund Pano. who was Brltlsl
mlnlster at Copenhagen.
If tho Hon. Kllxaheth were an onI\
chil<I sho would inherit her fa.ther't
barony of Clinton at hls death without
any trouble. But as she has a sister
tho barony will fall Into abeyance am
rcmain there untll tlio so-called abcy
anco is tormiuutod. Thls ls done ii
the following fashion. If there is oni
person who through succosslve death
ends by reprosentlng tiie claims of tln
vnrious sisters, he can clalm from th
crown a termlmttion of tho abeyanc
as a. matter of right. Or cise tho sov
orolgn can, at any moment that h
chooses, bring thf. abeyance to a clos
by issuing a patent,- vostlng tho hon
ors in one or another of tho sisters. o
of their heirs, without rogard to pri
mogenlture, just according as ho see
itt. In almost every caso, howovei
such a.s theso, the inonarch walts fo
all tho hrirs to ttnitc in regarding on
porson as their renresentativo befor
calling thf, peerag-e ln qucstlon out c
abeyance lu hls or her favor.
Thero aro peorages wlilch have bee
in abeyaneo for centurles, such as, fo
instance, the barony of Camoys, whlc
was ln abeyance, from 14-6 untll 183
Thoso abeyances aro rostrlcted to th
anclent English baronles by writ, au
owo their origln to tlio fact that 1
olden times ih_ soverelgn depojide
upon the baron to attend hlm in lli
wars at thc head of hls retalnors. Sinc
women wero unablo to fulfll this in
portant duly, tho monarch as a rul
preferred lo walt ln the case of
baron who had left no son untll or
or tho other of tho daughters had
son or grandson who was (|ualiflcd t
fulfll tho mllltary dutles of a peer <
the realm. Thls Is wlvy formerly tl
crown somotlmes Ignored the eldt
daughter of a poor, moro ospeciall
if her progony was rostrlcted to girl
and terminuted tlio ttbeyance ln favt
of the son of ono of lior younger al:
ters. Thls qucstlon ot abeyance
restrletcd oxcluslvely to tho ancloi
English baronlos by writ, in which cai
utono feininlno pri mogenlture counts fi
nothing, although lt detorminoa tl
successlon of tho Brltlsh crown, ai
also of nll tho older Scottlsh poeragc
In fact. where femlnlno primogonitn
oxists, there can bo no abeyance.
If I have dwelt at somo length upt
Ihls iiuestlon of abeyaneo of Englli
poorugos, It |h bocauso lt is a matt
about whloh most English peoplo thor
solvo.s aro singularly Ignorant, ai
concerning which tlio utmost misa
preiiorislon prevalls.
Wlth regard to Bicton, which h
now boen leasod by tho McMlllans,
was for many years tho homo of Lo
Clinton s aunt, old Lady Ttolle. frc
whom ho Inherlted it. Sho waa a ma
terful woman, of tho most, despol
character, whoso occentrlcities durii
hor noar half-century of wldowho
woro tho lalk of th0 oountrysido
tho West or England. Sho was pop
liirly known ns "thn Tlgross." and
tlm^ latter vears or her llfe seldt
left tho n.u-lc of Ploton. owlng to t
ntanlfosttitions of m wlir whluhs us
(o greet tho npiieiminco of her or
ilage in tlm noU-hboiing towns tt
vHlngos- "Ith nll that, sho was ve
gonerous ln her ehurltlos, and will l
maln ?1 lastlns rocord ao tho onrto\\
of tho Corniah blshoprlo o_ fPru
|?whl?li, rolBht no* liitva heett to; w4
..,;<.'> . ..'?.. -r
hot blscult,
lsm(. hot breads,
Ng-f&f pastry, are
and lncreased
ln quality and
Bake ttie food at home
and save money
'and health
ence to-day had lt not beon for* her
K-irt of jr.oo.ooi).
Blcton wi_4 acciulrcd by Ceorire Rolle.
a wealthy London merchant. ln thc
rc-lRrn of Henry Vlll., and hls dcKcend
ant, Johvt I'Uilic, of Jtlcton, was creatcd
Ijord Itolle at thw i-iose of thc clprh
ttentli century, and dlcd ln 1S12, wlth?
out Issue. IcavlnB all hls propertv t?
hls widow, who waa a Mlas Trefnsld,
ilatiKhter of tho sixtoenth I.ord Cllntnn
and aunt of tho present peer of that
name. ln hls wlll he dlrected" thnt on
her ilcnth all hls vast cstntes xhould
Ko to her youngcr nephcw, tho Hon.
Mark Trefu.ils, who waa to assumo tho
nanie and urnis ot Uolle, Instead of liiM
own, and lhat If ho dled wlthout la
suo thoy should ifo to hla eldor brother,
the prexent Lord Cllnton, who, tho
owner alrendy of 20,000 aorca In Dev
onchlro and Cornwall, and somo 20,000
acres ln Klncardlneshlro, which he
Inhorlted from hls mother. one of thn
Forbeso.s of PltHlljro, 1m now ono of tho
nu.gt Important terrltorlal masnates ln
tho IVnlted KlnKdom.
(CopyrlKht, lft 10, by tho Breptwood
Daily Queries and Answers
Address all communlcatlons for thls column to Query Editor,
Tlmes-Dlspatch. No mathematlcal problems will be solved, no coins
or stamps vaiued and no dealers' names will be given.
Iteptihllcnn Vote Aenlnut Swniiwon.
1'loaso glvo me tho vote of the Re?
publican candidate agalnst Governor
Swanson. and also thc vote In the elcc
tlon last fall. K1CADKR.
Thc vote in 1005 was; ftwitnson,
83,514; l.owl.1, 45,79a. The vote ln the
la?(t i-lection was: -Mann, 70.7C0; Kcnt,
AdvnnlnKri of Iiiiittlj*-rntlon.
1. I'lci.-o toll nn- tho advantages of
Immigration into the United States.
2. What ln the annual number of
1. Tlu- clilof advantakcs of Imniigratlon
aro tlu- incrca.se in our population,
with a coiisequent .?-?ettlliig of unpopu
latt'J aroas, and the development of
our agriculture; ainplo labor for
our mlners and rnanufaeturers; the
Inllux of now blood to Htlmulato the
llfe ?if thc natlon. Wo might add thut
thore :ire c(|tuil disadvantages.
2. Tho number of inimigrants in 1909
waa 7". 1,786.
Corn Cob Syrup.
Ke.idi-r. TettiiiKton. Va.. Klndly fur
nishi _ the following roclpc for makin_
corn cob svrup: I'lll a kettlc two
thirds full 'of cle.-tn cobs and cover
them with cold wotor. Let them boil
half a da>?or a whole day will not
hurt them. lf tho water boils away
add more water to the cobs untll you
have ns much water as you want to
mako into syrup Let the cobs stand In
the water until cool. Then removc the
cobs. Straln tho water through a cloth,
and add brown sugar?one pound to
one ptnt of water. Let thc sugar and
water boil untll tho syrup ls as thlck
ns vmi want it. One can portlon tho
amoimt of sugar to water to suit tho
Toll T.ntT*. ., ,,
1 Is thero anv law rcgardtn;: the
"toil" a roller mlll doing business ln
the county can charge its patroii.s" lf
si. please puhllsh same. Our mills
;>ro eharglng us about ono-slxth for
R,'-n< W^at'voar dld General Houston
roslg-n hls offlco aa Govornor of Ten
;: Can you tell me what became ol
hlH wife. from whom 1^(|Vf^.r^,t^n
1. 'Where toll ls taken dlrectly. It
Voice of the People.
The l'ope und >tr. VnlrhnnU".
Editor of Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch:
Sir?i underatand thc Pope s refu.sa
to Klvc audlenc. to Mr. Fairbanks -wa
because the latter was schcdulcd ti
address tlie American Mclhodlsts it
the clty of Itome, and that His Holt
ness objeetod to the prosclytlng h:
Mcthodists In the Roman Cathollc fold
From tho stanrjpo-lnt o? one who ha
no church alllliatlons thls scctrfH a llt?
tlo lnconsistont and llloglcal on th
part of Pope Leo X., for, lf 1 mts
take not, misslons for convertinK non
Roman Catholics are being contlnuall;
conductod here and abroad. To justlf:
his attltudc the Pope, It appears t
an onlookcr,- mtist recall hls mlsslonn
rles to non-Roman Catholics. "1 as]
for to know." AGNOSTIC.
Richmond, February 0.
[According to Archbishop Ireland'
statement of the case, thc Pope's oh
jection was not tr> prosclytlng- as sucl
but to tho mannej* in which thls par
ticular association ls allegcd to b
carrying- on Its work,?Editor Times
Colonel SInsBlc'it Ite-speelH to tho Antl
Soloon . "Leaifuc.
Editor of Thc Times-Dispatch:
Sir.?Tho Antl-Saloon Leaguo ha
beon ln oporatlon for some years i
Vlrglnla. H has always denled thu
it was a political organization, bi
so' many of its members have bee
Democrats that many of our worth
citizens havo supportod it under th
Improsslon that it was ln reality
chlld of Dcmocracy. In early days II
domands woro fow and reasonable, bi
as it has grown ln power it has bt
come rank and radical, and whllo dc
nying the patornlly of elther part:
Democratic or Republican, it assuim
to dletate to all partles. A politlci
party ls an. organlssatlon essaying t
direct and control the policies of go\
ornment. This is what tho Antl-Saloo
League has long beon ondeavoring I
do, antl lt ls tlmo for tho fact to 1
mado plain, nnd tlmo for tho peop
to undcrslaml Its slgnlllcanoo. Evoi
candidate lor publlc ofllee has bec
summoned to thc bar ot' lnqtilsltlon, at
reiiulred to tiuswcr iulorrogatorli
framed by thc high prlests of proh
bttlon; and tho lash has-beon free
upplled to membors of tho Leglsh
t'uro, ln tho interest of move and mo;
drastlc leglslatlon. Untll rooont
"local option" and "homo rulo" wo:
professod to be fundamental tenets
tho faith; but in tho heat of faml
dobato and fraternal contest ln tl
last convontlon, where, as woll as
havo beon ablo to gather ? from tl
reports, all was harnionlous alscot
tho true comploslon of tho fiiithful w
sufllclontly dlscloscd to rovenl the fe
tures of goiinlne prohlbltlon warrloi
It i's ovldcnt?-perfoctly evldent?th
niithinu short uf absoluto prohlbltl
\vill ever satlsfy tho mllltant membe
nf the Anll-Huloon Loukuc, Lot l
uitisk. thoroforo, bo wliolly dlbcardt
and lot them stand and flght und
their own fla_, tho bannor of prot
""Tho' call comos for .Democrats w
^ll)oUov<JvTn iTomooriv; to l*t> true
.'hall be chargod at not more than one
elghth part of the grain uscd for flour.
one-slxteenth part of the grain used
for hccoihIp. The mlll may gTlnd supor
flour for four and one-half bnsholjt.
extra flour for flvo bunheds. and best
for flvo and one-half bushcls.
-. During the carly months of 1S.9.
". Tho books of reference stato noth?
ing regarding the fate of Houston's
wifo boyond the fact that ho frcqucnt
ly repe.atcd that ho did not loave her
fnr any causo afteoting- her moral
Northern I,nnd_.
I- In what county north of the Masoti
and DIxon line, In which thero la no
town, is tho land most valuablo for
agrlculturc or for grazing?
2. What is the average prlce per
acre? A RKADEI..
I and ?_'. To answer these uuestlons
would requlrc about three months ot
careful study and Investigation.
I'nre Wnt-r.
Will you lnform mo of the name and
date nf a periodieal. within the year,
lontalning an article by a medlral au
thority on tho vlrtuo of pure water?
M. W. B.
Wrlte to the State Department of
Health, Rlchmond. Vn., and ask for
u copy of its bullctin entltled "Good
Water in Town and Country." Thla
1h the most recent -work on the sub?
Coaccnled AVeopon, I-tc.
Please answer lf carrying an empty
plstol concealed and no bullets on the
person constltutes a vlolatlon of tho
law agalnst carrying concealed weap
oiis. -A. R- ai.
You have no rlght to carry a weapon
concealed. whether it is loaded or not.
I'nll-d Slnlert* Slnmp- ln lSlir..
Pleaso tell mo tho namo of tho man
whoso bust was prinled on the United
States -tamps in 1893. "CUIUOUS."
If you will tell us which denoml
natlon of stamps you havo in mind
wo will bo glad to glve you tho tle
slrcd Information._
their colors. I/?t thero be nn longer
confuslon nor fusion. The former is
always tho mnrk of weakness, and ,tho
latter Its proof. Unless the Demo?
cratlc party has men of princlple and
huokbone i't desorves to-bo lald in tho
dust. ln princlple I belleve prohlbl?
tlon. apurt from local ootton, to be
immorai in effect, and tho prollflc
mother of worsc cvils than those It
nltcmpts to correct. It is dragglng
the churches from tlicir hlgh estato
into the degradatlon of polltlcal mtre,
and Into Uie provlnce of nltercatlon
and public and prlvato brawls. and its
tendencv In Virginia Is to destroy
represeritative government. to undcr
mlne our free institution.s, and to breed
conlempt of law. And all thls ln the
namo of virtue and religlon!
I say lt wlth reverence, but .Tesus
Christ Himself could not pleaso tho
Prolilbltlonists. and would bo labeled.
scorned and docriod by them as 'an
undesirable cltlzen" lf Ho wero *alk
ing our streets to-day. Sp the. Phar.I
sees wero wont to proclalm Him -and
Hls followors as gluttonous and as
"wlneblhbers": yet I had rather bo
with Him, eating and drinking with
puhllcans and sinners. than to occupy
a seat of honor high up in the syna
goguo with thoso whOVri II; donounced
as "whltcd sepulchres." It is to b?
hopc-d that members of tho Legisla?
turo will remember thc tradiUons of
thclr fathers, and that tho majority
will uphold tho princlples of tiuo
Domocracy wlthout fear or subservl
en.n'speaking of the opposition tothe
amendments proposed to sect on 14 of
tho Byrd liquor law, the author ot
the bill says'the former s.^nS11^
as a "stalklng. horse" in behalf of tho
sale of cldor. But speaklng of' stalk
ing'liorsos. what ls tho wholo bill but
the Kigantic "stalklng horso* of pro
hibltlon? Democrats had botter stlck
to tho Democratlc mulo.& -IASS_E_?
Richmond, Fobruary 10.
Clvde AV. SiiundeM'a Pce.
a Editor of Tho Times-Dispatch:
Sir?Do I understand-from your ro
port of iho Yoder trial tlmt.Mr. Baun
lors. an oniceholder or the clty ot
rtichmond, ? roooived $1,000^ from tho
Bol .
lUehmoud, February 9.
Gentleman of
Executive Ability
?with 18 years' exporlenco ln
ti s. A, and anroad, no\y on
gaged ns ottlco managor ot
Nortolk conoorn, desires a
ciiange. .
Will conHlder positlon as
managor or superlntendent.
Ai reteronoos.
*?'? U, O, A?
Caro Tlmes-Dlspatch,

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