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Indoor reason of Work on Ma
chines Ends With Good
Now Haven, Conn., Fobruary 13.?
Wlth tho departure ot tho Vnle crew
from tho g.ymnaslum to the harbor, the
Indoor drlll of thc oarsinen has been
closed, and the second period nf thclr
yoar's Irnlnlng Is at un end. Thev had
i?ti unusually long fall hciihou oil tho
harbor, and, nft.er a six weeks' rest.
wero put nt work three Weeks ago on
rowlng machlnoH ln thc gymnunlum.
The maehlncs wero the most hlghly
perfected of any ever tried by Yale.
<:oach Kenuedy thlnks that rowlng ma
chlnes of tho present style glve better
results by nearly GO per cent. than tho
old tan!< rowlng did, aud the results
from the machines Just trlec! have put
tho crews Into the best condltion of
any seen here.
Tho vnrslty elght haa been put on
the harbor made up In thn following
order: Stloko, Wnllls; No. 7, Wodell;
No. 6. BUcklngham; No. 5. Van Sln
d'ren: No. 1, Bogue; No. 3, Van Blar
COmi No. 2. Ilydc; bow, Bral-nard.
Eor the present thls may be ac?
cepted as the order of tbe Yale crew.
Thero has boen little change In It since j
fall work was Inatiguraled. Ehrman.
who wns used at stroko last fall, has
been dlsplaced by the veteran, Bon
Wallle, who did no rowlng during the '
fall nnd has rcported after a six
months' rest ln the best physlcal form
hc has ever shown.
Captaln Wodell has come from No. 3
Up to No. 7, nnd Is pultlng a tlptop
oar. Bogue, who ls at No. I, la brotht-r
or Russell Bogue. 1503, who stroked
two Yale varsity wlnning crews. Buck
inxhaiu. although only a class oarsinan
until tlils year. is. llke Van Sinderen,
nf the husky football type of athltte,
and their pre.cticc assures slnew for
"Yale which will be found pulllng a
l.eavy oar when tho four-mllc finish
wlth Harvard is reaehed thls year.
Van Blnrcom is a veteran. as ls Ilyde.
hnd Bralnard waa In the shec mosi of
last season.
Tho Yalo navy has Just boen pre
"ented wlth a twcnty-llvo-foot naphtha
launch for use ln coachlng thc crews.
3t ls design.d as an ouxlllarv to tho
launch Ellliu Yale, which Will bo re
tulned for general coachlng. Tho power
boat, which has been prcsented by an
unonymotiB alumnus, will ho of spe?
clal advantage In coachlng the crew
on tho Quinniplac Rlver, when tho
harbor Is too rough for sprlng and
winter rowlng. The launch Elihti Yale
is too heavy to follow the crew up
the rlver more than half a mlle. Tho
J.ew power boat onablcs Coach Ken
American Fox Hound Packs Com
parc Poorly With Those
of English Brccd.
New York, February 13.?The Weat
i .: :rr Kennell Clui, cxhlblt at Madi?
son Square Gardcn came to a close
yesterday, and it wa? the best sesslon
oi tho .how, for thc hollday crowd
trooped along in great iiumhere. More
than likely lt was the dnaj act of Judg
li?g the English foxhound packs thut
brought thc crowd; as there was a
-,am around the ring. The appearancc ; j
of tho packs was thc real sportins i s
fcatiifo of thc show, and as the packs ?*
came into thc riug tho econe was sttr
ling. There were the dog.5 full of llfe
arid ca?i-r for the chasc, the huntsraan
and whipper-ln arrayed ln tho tlcld
coats of red and with whips cracktng.
J'our huntsmen and whlpa sported the
orthodox red, whlle one had a rlg of
green and another woro black.
A. II. Hlgglnson, M. F. II.. of the
Mlddlesex Hunt, was the Judge, and
each pack in turn was p&radcd ln front
or him. After thc six packs went
througli thclr facings it narrowed
down to a choice between thc Geiiescc
Valley pack and the Brandywine pack
of Weatchoster, Pa. They wero brought
out trlco before Hlgglnson picked thc
Brandywine, and he placed the Genes
seo rescrvc. The prlze for the class is
5150 or platc of that value.
Tho American foxhound packs -were
brought in immediately afterward, and
ln slzo and appearancc comparcd poor?
ly with the English dogs. However,
thc prlze of $130 or plate of that value
was won by thc Loudoun Hunt, of
Leesburg, Va., wltli \V. II. Smlth as
master. Only two packs showed and
the rcserve went to the same nunt.
Tho $100 prizc for the best pack of
beagles went to the AVindholm Beagles,
Cliiidren Cry
Are dcpresslnft. painful and unnoyinft.
Bo not nefilect a cold. Treat it at once
and ward off serious compllcatlons
that wlll assurcdly follow ncglect.
Act qulckly. They reduce fever, relicvc
all acblmt pains, do not depress the
hcart. They are thc greatest of all
speclfics for colds. Fully guaranteed.
Pricc, 25c per box?mollablc.
834 East Maln Strcet.
p Wood's Early Ohio C
Seed Potatoes
are being- planted in increasing
quantities each year by the largest
and most successful market-grow
ers. This variety makes uniform
ly largesized potatoes, of excellent
shipping, market and table quali
ties, and is proving to be one of
tho most profltable and reliable of
early-cropping potatoes.
We are headquartors for the beBt
Maine-grown SCC(1
Second Crop ?_ _ _
Northern-grown POl cuOeS
Wood's 30th Annual Seed
Book gives full descriptions and
information, with the bighest tes
timoniala from Buccessful growers
as to the superiority of Wood's
Seed Potatoes. '?/'
Wrlte for pricea and Wood'8
Seed Book, which will bo mai|ed
free on request.
h Seodsmen,. Richmond, Va. ?j
Wcatiicr may come carly or
late, but you will nccd good
dry oak for gratcs and wood
licaters. Originail growLli,
large block, pinc or oak and
fine nlab to make a modcrate
tempcraturc. I am tbc wood
man and have every concciv
able prcparation for a wood
fire, but if you want Lump,
Anthracitc, N'cw River or
Coke, 1 bavc thc burning
1201 W. Broad.
Branch Highiand Park.
tu-dy to follow lt threo mlles up the:
nver and will help sprlng coachlng.
Yale expects to hpvo neany lour
weeks Instead of threo at her tralning
fjuarlors at New London thls year. lt
Is practlcally certaln that tbe crew
will bc allowed to go to tho l'hames
as soon as recitatlons elose. and, as
they elose a week earller than usual
thls sprlng, the stay of the oarsmon
will bc lengthencd to practlcally four
weeks bv tho demand of Harvard that
the race be rowed June 30. thc day
after Harvard coromencement, which
Is elght days after Yale coinmcn.a
The Yale oarsmen are now plannlng
to go to New London on Wednesday.
.lune 1. and. under this arrangement.
they will have tweuty-ninc days there
before the race arrlvca, June 20.
? ?i? .
Iili-liiiiond Mnn Chosen,
(fpcclal lo The Tlmc*.Dt_patch]
Charlottesvllle. Va? February 13.
Tho Goncral Athletlc Assoclatlon of
tbe Unlverslty of Virginia hns elected
Rlchard Brown Suunders, of Rlchmond,
as assistant manager of the football
team for next year. air. Saunders ls
a flrst-year man and a member of the
Junlor law class. He lias had experi?
ence In tlio conduct of student athlo
tlcs, and will make aianagcr McDon
aid an able assistant.
wned by Harry T. Petcrs, of Isllp. L.
The res?rvc was glve;: to thc Som
rset Iieaglcs, of Somerset, N. J.
Thero wa_ a big gathering of polo
nd hunt folk Insia. tho rlng when
!ic speclal match between the Gcncsee
'alley pack, wlth W. A. Wadsworth as
laster. and the Mlddlcscx Hunt, wlth
.. H. Hlgglnson as inaster. took place.
"he latter, rcsplendent ln red coat and
elvct cap and wlth whlp in hand.
rought his dogs into the ring, and hc
;ot cjulte an ovatlon. The dogs wore
irought by tratn from South Llncoln,
ifasi , this morning. The Judges wero
VInthrop Rutherford, of Allamuchy. N.
f.; Dr. Lestcr Jones, of Culpeper, Va.,
tnd Charles aiatlisr. of Philadelphla.
riie packs were composed of five cou ?
)les, and after belng cantercd around
he ring were examined and shown sep
trately. The general verdlct around
he rlng was that Hlgglnson did great
vork In showlng hls dogs. They had
l llttlo more weight and wero more
rlgoroua than the Genesec hounds.
rhcre was a long consultatlon between
he judges. who In the end gavo the
irlze to Higginson.
Thc dlscusslon over the French bull
logs?the class where aiadani FI FI II.,
iwned by airs. W. C. Lippmann, was
i.aten by Mlrotte dc ta aiarc, owncd
ly airs. Arnold Lawson?was extended
o yesterday morning. Arnold Lawson
lad somothlng to say to the statcment
hat he condoled wlth the Llppmanns
n that ho said ho was sorry Madam
"I FI II. won from hls wife's dog. As
hero was nothing doing in the ring
n thc forcnoon. tbe fanclers, critlcs.
ympathlzers and partlsans found
?lonty to do around the cages of the
tar dogs. Some thought aiadam Ft FI
U had a right to the prlzes; others
bought dlfferently.
There was a long llstof special prizes
.nd tho awards for these were posted
The schedule helovr wlll be presented to tlie Icngtic meeting here ubnut Mnrcli 1 by AV. D. Brntllcy, of Richmond, nud If he has hl.s -tvay Jt irlll be tlie one adoptcd for the coming scasou
In the Virglula State League. It wns "greeil at lhe last meelliig thnt each elub should preparc a schedule, nnd have It in the hunds oi" the other clubs oue mouth before Presldent AVelN
issued the call. The schedule proposed by Mr. Bradley ls nmch Himllar to tlmt folloivcd Inst yenr, tglvlng Itlchmond r.ll Snturiluy nud holidny gniiics. There In no doubt but thnt other eltlcN
wlll try to chnngc the schedule in thls respeet, but Mr, Uradley Ih couiliteul tbtit he wlll secure what he wants In thls dlrcctlou. The -*?*hcdule, ns nrrnnged licre, ovoltls nll contlletlng dntc
nt Portsmotith nud Aorfolk, nud gives these two clubs just as good n sbowlng as lhe teiinis have ever hnd. "N'onc of the other clubs have mnilcd thclr schcduU_ to lllchuionil, and uutll
thls ls done lt cannot bc prcdlcted ho,v ijjg- ? row ls likely to result over thc dlscusslon of dates.
'.t'iames at Homo...,...
Abroad .
Mileago .l
Saturday at Homo.
Katurduy Abroad.
Holldays at Home.
Norfolk ....
Roanoko ...
Danvillo ...
21 (james
21 Gamea
22 Games
27 Gaiiioa
21) Games
Games at Homo. 61
Abroad .63
MlloaRO . 1,433
Knturday at Homo . 9
Katurday Abroad.12
Hollduys at Home. j'
Richmond ,
Roanoke ...
.Danvillo ...
,, 21 Games
.. u3 Gumoa
.. 27 Gumea
..21 GllllU'H
,. 21 Gumns
Games at Homo.
Abroad .
Mlloaso .- ?
Katurday at Home.
Katurduy Abroad.
Holldays at UofnoT?.
Norfolk ..
Roanoko .
Danvillo .,
... 21 Games
,,, ;". Games
.,. 21 Game*
... 2-1 Uamos
... 21 Uamos
. Ganics at Home.
Abroad .
MileuKo .
Katurday at Ho
Katurday Abroai
s^Wolldays at Ho
.... Sl
. i.ioi
lvncururg plays
Richmond .
Norfolk ....
Roanoko ...
Danvillo ...
Games ut Home.
Abroad .
Mllealjo .
.Saturduy at llotuo..
Katurday Abroad.
Holldaya al Homo...
. 7
byncliburs ,
Danvillo ...
.... 27 Game.H
.... 21 aamoa
.... 21 Giimea
,.,. sii Onmoa
.... 23 Gumea
Games at Home.,
Abroad .
Saturday ut Honio.
Saturday Abroud.
Holldaya at Homo.
... O.S?
Norfolk .
.29 Games
Ru.llll.lv ..
.. 21 ijamrm
.'. 27 Gomos
., 23 tiaincd
early yosterdny. Among tho dogs to
gfiln extra decorations were Sablno
Rareblti tho cliamplon dog of tho show,
and ho was easlly lirst for tho s.cro
tury's cup for tho bcot fo.\ torrlor of
tho show. Thls prlzo wati donatcd by
Uob'-rl V. McKlm. Tho president's cup,
for the best toain #>nt?r?i] it. tho team
clasHcs. fe|| to tho Brooksldo J.cnnchi,
"t I'ye, N. Y., wlth lts team of ilcld
Brooksldo Fniitana, a cocker spanlcl
bltch, owncd by Charlea II. Mnson, of
Port Washington, L. L, camo In for
trlplp brackets. Bhe won tho cup of?
fered by P. Seavor _*age for tho bost
cocker spanfol, and furthcr down tho
llst captured tbe cup given by Horman
B. Duryca for tho best sportlng span?
lcl. Edward Bement had ,,?, ?? a cup
for tho best cocker Bpanlcl, nnd thls
was a glft for Brooksldo ITantana A
pointor named Lady Guilford, own-d
by J. aiusH Arnolt. of Tuckahoe N
Y., got the treaaurer's cup for tho 'best
polntcr puppy. Tho prlzo was given
by II. K. Knapp.
Tho chalrman's cup, given by Wil?
llam Rauch, for thc largest and best
exhlblt of any onc brced ownod and
exhlbltcd by one person or kennol, |n
terested the exhlbltors. Thc prize fell
to thc Red Brook Kennels of Great
Neck. L I., wlth a team of poodles.
Mlss Algler and Miss Graco are tho
proprlotora of the establlshmcnt. Wln-1
tFpcdal to Tho Tlrace-Dlepatch.]
Charlottesvllle, Va., February 13.?
In splto of dlscouraglng conditions
and an unfavorable outlook at thc be
glnnlng of thc year, aianagcr Fred
Harrlson, of the Virginia track team.
has arranged a schedule that invites
comparlson with any in recent sea
sons. In place of tho Yale meet of
last year a dual incot on I_inibcth
Eleld has been arrang^a wlth ailke
Murphy's protcges, and thero is a
probablllty of a like meet wlth Har?
vard at the same timo thc baseball
team is here for sprlng prac.tice. The
Federal games meet, scheduled for next
Saturday, will have no Virginia cn
trles. Both Georgo Washington and
Georgotown, Vlrginla's two warmest
Hc Is Still Regarded as the Cham
pion Featherweight of
There has been a pronounccd slump
in the affalrs of the featherweight cir
clo for several months, as well ac in
most of tho other dlvislons. Yet it is
Intcrc-sling to note tho way Abe Attell
goe3 on year after year citnglng to
his tltlo wlthout tho least oppositlon.
Abe 13 like Topsy ln that ho Just grew
Into the featherweight champlonshlp.
The flrst twenty?seven men who
donned the mltts and faced the little
Callfornlan went to sleep or qult, and
among them was Eddle Hanlon. who
afterward.j becarne famous as one of
the toughest llghtwelghts that ever
rlimbed through tho ropes. Llght
years ago Attel] met George Dlxonand
fought him a fifteen-round draw, and
thca came Buddy Ryan, who. after the
bout ,grew so big hc attempted to take
the. welterwclght tltlo. Attell met
Harry Forbes when tiie latter was ln
his prlme and securcd an even brcrak.
When Terry aicGovern found he
could no longer make tho bantam
weight he turned tho crown over to
Danny Doughcrty, his pal, who lost It
to Forbes, and Attell promptly knock?
ed out Harry and won the tltle ln 1001
at St. Louls.
Attell demonstrated what a wonder.
ful fighter ho is by meetlng Young
Krne. Battllng Nelson, Kid Ilerman. |
Tommy aiurpby, Freddy Wolsh, Owen
i aioran and Tommy O'Toole. The Ter
j rlble Terry McGovern had been
| mothercd by Young Corbott and was
j out of the runnlng when Corbett be
. gan to take on beef and found he no
i longer could mako 12S pounds at G
o'clock the day he fought. Thls was
too near the llghtwelght Umlt, and
while Corbett was meeting Jlmmy
Britt, Eddlo Hanlon and Battllng Nel?
son. Attell pounded on the press and
j was granted by a sort of general opln?
lon thc featherweight claims.
throp Rutherfurd presentrd a cup for
thc beat brn.cc of ptipploa or novlccn
of nny breed, and lt wns captured by
John ti, Bates wlth hls Irish terrlers,
ICndcllffc Tlpslor and Kf nniaro Cllncher,
Alcadowvlew Lass, nclonglng 10 tho
MeadowvloW Kenncls, of Plalnileld, N.
J., won tho cup put up for thc best
Kngllah settcr nnd dowit.ed by Lewls
A. Eldrldgo. The colllon had thrlr
turn for tho cup offered by p. 0. Do
Korest, the honors golng to imna Su
perlor, a rough coatcd dog, tho prop?
erty of tho Imna Colllo Kenncls, of
Wo'st Slmsbury, Conn. The oup offered
by Charles ai. Chapln for the bc*t Alro
dalo torrlcr was secured by Hedgeley
Fllrt, shown by atrs. Willlam H Mul
rord, of Wyncote, Pn. Lansdowne
Molksham, ownod by Georgo Blel
Bteln. proved to bo the beat polntor
bttch, nnd sho earned the speclal given
by Walton Ferguson. The best dog
of thls class was ainrks Hush, by tho
same ownor, and he got tho cup offered
by Willlam P. Thompson.
There was olso a cup offered by
'?'ranccs R. Hitchcock for tho top
notch polntor ln the field trial class.
U was won by Georgo J. Gould, wlth
l'tiriough intster.
Harry Payne Whltney patronlzed
tho Wpst HIghland white tc-rrlcrs wlth
a special prizo, and It was won by
Itaughfell Talisher, owncd by Andrew
rlvalp, withdrew from compotition,
and the management fecls that noth?
lng ean bo galned by partlclpatlon.
HoBtlllty towards thc authorltlen that
havo thc moct In charge ls disclalmcd
by Mr. Harrlson. Thc games arranged
are as follows:
March 6?Oeorgetown mcctat Wash?
March 30?Dual meet with tho Uni?
verslty of Pennsylvania.
Aprll 2?.Southern intercollegiate
meet at Charlotteavlllc.
May 14?__al meet with Johns Hop
klns at Charlottesvillc.
Managcr Harrlson also has several
other dates ln vlew. Athletes wlll be
sent to the big Intercollegiate mcct at
Phlladelphla tlie last Saturday In May.
"The Tlme, thc Place nnd thc Glrl.*'
Constructcd primarily along llnes of
dramatic value, "Thc Tlme, the Placo
and tho Glrl," which opens an cn
PHgement at thc Academy Friday
nlght, has proved a sanc comedy with
muslc. Iu the ellminatlon of thc usual
hodgc-podgc featurcs, thc collabora
tors, who aro responslble for thls of
f'-rmg, llrst built a cohcrent story, and
then made the muslcal score incidental
"The Time, the Placo and the Girl"
Is clalmcd to bc the most successful
offerlng lhat IVill Yv*. Hough, Frank K.
Adams and Joscph E. Howard have
turned out. Thls Is Indicatcd by tho
play's holdlng thc record of the long
est run ever made ln Chlcago.
The scenes are laid at a sanatorium
in Vlrglnla, whence Johnny lllcks. a
happy-go-lucky gamblcr, ani' hls pal.
Toni Cunnlngham. flec to cscape ar
iest, tho result of a physical encountcr
the prcvious nlght in Boston.
'?Thc Glrl from Kcrtor's.*'
Rennold Woir, the dramatic crltlc.
deelartd "The Glrl from Rector's" tho
most entertalning productlon he had
ever wltnessed. In hls revicw of its
premiere at Weber's ^?usic Hall, in
New York, ho said: "I have seen it
once?only once, naturally?but I shall
seo lt many times before it qults Now
York. lt should have a record run.'"
The "Gild from Rector's" will bo
seen at tho Academy Saturday nlght.
[Special tn Thc Times-IHspatch.]
Charlottesville, Va., February 13.
Carl Taylor. tho slx-year-oid son ot
Mr. and Mrs. Phlllp Taylor, of Keczle
town, was opcrated on at the Univer?
slty of A'lrglnla Hospltal a few days
ago in an effort to relicvo his thront
and allmentary canal from thc effects
of frightful burns made by concentrat
cd lye, which hc swallowed about sev?
en woeka ago. It is now belleved that
the chlld has a chance for his llfe.
Tho canal was found almost closed at
four places. the opening at one of.
these points belng larger than a straw.
A tube was tnserted In tho neck, from
?which' there ls a constant discharge,
and another was placcd In the stomach.
ICarly the past week is ivas believed
thc boy could not llve. He has rallled.
however, and the surgeons now believe
tic has some chance for his llfe.
Entire Time Being Taken Up at
Christiansburg With Crimi
nal Cases.
tSpeclai lo The Ttmcs-nisn.-ifch.i
Chrl.Htlunsburg, Va., Fobruary 13,??
Clrcult Court has beon ln session hero
slnco February 5, nnd will continue
untll tbc 18th, when nn udjournment
will have to take placc ln order for
?ludgo W. W. MolTett tn bcglll tho
Floyd court. Wlth thn exceptlon of
tho lirst two days, which wero taken
up wlth tho Jall Investigation, tho
entire term will bo conaumed In tho
trial ot crlmlnal cases, thc crlmlnal
dockot belng tho heavlest lu many
yoara. A- speclal grand jury returned
tweive Indlctments for felonies, two
belng for burglary, ono belng ngalnst
a young white man of thls placo, Eu?
gene Brackens, who broko Into the
residence of airs. Lllcn A. Guerrant
Friday nlght and stolo a quautlty of
wine, nnd was apprehonded by ills
tracks In tho snow yesterday morning.
Ho at first donled tho eharge, but
later confessod, was promptly ludlctod
and commlttcd to Jall wlthout ball
by tho court.
Probably tho most puzzllng caso
which ever carre beforo tho iiuthorltlos
of thls county wlU bo tried aionday, lt
belng a chargo of burglary agalnst a
negro, Harrlson Black, who entered
tho dwelllng houso of Dr. J. E. Wil?
liams, professor of mathematlcs at V.
P. I., a short timo ago, whlle Dr. Wil?
liams was ln Wlse county on a hunt?
ing expedltlon. Tho negro was a
walter ln tho prlvate dinlng room of
tho mess hall, and walted on tho tablo
adjolnlng that of Dr. Willlams's fam?
lly. On tho morning before tho al?
leged burglary, Dr. Williams left the
dlnlng room wlth his gun, dog and
sultcaso for tho traln. Black was at
hls table at dlnner. but falled to ap?
pear at supper. telllng another walter
lato that afternoon that ho was drink
ing a llttlo and was golng to Rad
ford, and sont word to tho head walter
to get another man In his place.
airs. Williams, who Is a daughter ot
tho lato Coionol W. M. Patton, locked
all the doors to her resldenco about
5 o'clock, went. to tho hall for suppor,
after which sho went to tbe station
to meet her mother, Mrs. Patton, who
arrlvcd In Blucksburg about 7 o'clock
from Lexlngton.
airs. Williams. together wlth her
mother nnd slster und aiiss Vawter,
then walked to her residence and rc
malned In tho slttlng room down
stairs untll the draymen brought down
tho baggage, when sho went up to
her bedebamber with thc boys who
carried tho trunk, turned on tho elec
trlc llght and found the negro Harri
son Black on her bed, apparently
asleep. The alarm was given, and
oOlcers hurrled to tho house and ar?
rcsted the negro before he arouscd and
hurrled him to Christiansburg In an
automobile to prevent posslblo vlo
loncc. Thc negro clalmod he bad been
sent there by anothr negro to look af
tc-r tbe hoating plnnt, but tho other
ono denies it, as he hnd nothing to do
?ith thc furnaco hiniself, and Black
had not even been ln tho basement.
He entered tho houso by ralsing a rear
window, which hnd not beon locked,
lowered lt ngaln, but did not fastcn lt.
Great Interest is manifested ln tho
caso. and a largo number of wltnesses
from Ulacksburg will testlfy In tho
trial aionday, and the case will bo
stubboruly contested on both sldcs.
[Speclal to Tlio Tlmes-DIsputch.]
Charlottesville, Va., February 13.?
At tho most hotly.contested election
which has taken place at tho Unlver?
slty of Virginia in ten years Thomas
Slator Scttle, of Fllnt HIU, the camli
datc of tho Washington party, was
elected first speaker of the Universitj
of Virginia Debating Congress, de
fcating Willlam Grimsley Doarlng,
of Sandy, the candidate of tho Jeffcr
son party, by a voto of 53 to SI. Other
officers chosen were: Roy aiontoilnro
Sterne. of Anniston, Ala., clerk; Owen
Randolph Easley, of Lynchburg, ro
porter, and Willlam Proscott Foster,
of Franklln. La., sergeant-at-arms.
As the Debating Congress Is com
posed of tho two llterary socletles of
the Unlverslty, known in the congress
ns thc .Icfferson and Washington par
tles. lt will scrvo not only to foster
Interest in tho two organizations, but
will also be promotlvo of a friendly
All of the now famous Sun-Cured Leaf Tobacco known
to tho world is grown In a few counties near to Richmond.
Every pound of lt is sold in Richmond, and the Richmond
manufacturers get the cream of the crop from year to
year?what outside factories get is simply the "leavings.'?
ls MADE IN RICHMOND?indeed, it may be said that
none is gcnuine that is not
Made in Richmond
Is the BEST Sun-Cured Chewing Tobacco made ln Rich?
Therefore GRAPE is the best Old Vir*
ginia Sun-Cured Chew in the World.
Some people are sometimes fooled by spurious branda
of sun-cured, so called; but no sensible chewer can
always be fooled into trying a thlng that an impecunious
dealer may try to pass off upon him as "just as good aa
Grape." No alleged "sun-cured" can posslbly be "just
as good as Grape."
Be Sure You Get the Real
Made in Richmond by
REMEMBER: The name Patteraon on Tobacco stand*
for Quality.
rlvalry between the two partleg of op
posltion. Tho congresa Is to bo ro
modclcd after the Natlonal House of
Represcntatlvcs as far as practicablc.
and tho same rules of proceduro wlll
bo obscrved.
At thc next meeting of the congress
tho question for dlscusslon will bc in?
troduced by the Jelterson party, thc
subject for debato being, *'Resolved,.
That tho Taft Admlnlstratlon Sfiould
Be Censured for Its Action ln the Ball
inger-Plnehot Controversy."
GRAND JtitY iM)it*Ts '
[Special tn The Times-Dispatch 1
Newbern, N. C, February lS.-I-Tho
criminal term of Craven Superlor Court
closed In a great rush yesterday af?
ternoon, with a large number of cascs
stlll on the dockot. Thn ono week's
civii term beglns Monday morning
lhe grand jury brought ln bllls against
lhe present Mayor of the city. C. .1.
McCartliy, and also against Aldormen
J. II. \\ nddell, II. M. Groves. B. B
Hurst. Kugene Williams., W. T. Hlll
nnd II. II. Tooker. an emplove of the
city. Thoy are charged wltli vlolat
Ing tlie clty charter nnd also soctlon
;li>72 of the Code, which prohlblta cer?
taln persons from buying nnd .sotlliiK
to the city. Tho bill was hrought in
latc, and all of them insisted on an
linmediato trial: but as it was not pos?
slble, thc effort was at omo mado to
get the Governor to call a special term
of court to try tho cascs.
wonic wi__ tiEGirv soov
fSpcelal toTho Tlmes-Dlspatch."]
Lynchburg, Va., February 13.?Ap
parently all oppoaltlon to tho locatlon
of thc State Epllcptlc Colony, on the
slte ln Amherst county opposlte the
clty. which waa bought tn' tho hosnl
tal board a ycar ago for that pur
poso, has dlsappeared. and there s-eems
to be no further douht about thc es
tabllshment of a colony in Amherst
undcr a special board, which wlll be a
part of tho Stato Hospitnl Board, as
is true of tho boarda of the variot
insano hospltals of tho State.
Work Is being dono now on tl
grading for tho spur track to connei
tho colony slto wlth tho Norfolk ar
Western Rallway, and it Is now bc
llcvcd hero that by next autumn son
of tho oplleptlcs ln tho btato hospita
will have beon removed to thls co
ony, whero they wero tntended to
somo threo or four yoara ago. a
would havo been but for tho tlght
the Staunton board to locato the co
ony at or near tho Staunton hoaplta
Grnnd Jurora lor March Term.
Lvnchburg, Va., February 13,?Tl
grand Jurv ordered for the Fedor
court for lts aiarch term here ls
Amherst county. J. E. Flotcher
T. at. ITesson; Bedford county. Harve
U Coldwell, Edward W. aioseley. W.
Plymale and J. E. Wood: Campbe
county. Peter Ainslle, J. A. Arthur. t
J. Cotter, T. J. Hughos. L W. Rus
and W. A. Withors; Cumberland count;
C. C. Carson and A. S. Sponcer: Fit
vanna county, N. E. Beall. P. J. Butle
J. P. Erney and W. W. Williams; Ne
son county. G. W. Cabell. W. T. Canad.
C. II. Smith and P. P. Thacker; Koct
bridge county, Georgo Patterson.
[Speclal to The Times-Dlspa.tch.1
Leesburg, Va., Kebruary lo.?MIS
Ncttle Gavor, of Hlllsboro, thls count>
und Georgo Washington Bowers,
promlnent citl/.on of Hlllshoro. wer
married yesterday at the brlde's resi
denco in Hillsbcro. Tho ceremony wa
pcrformod bv Rev. air. Dorsey, pasto
of the Northern Methodlst Churcl
Hlllsboro. aiiss Gaver is tho daughtc
of Chcster C. Gaver. of Hlllsboro,
well-known capltallst and a dlrecto
of the Loudoun Natlonal Bank of Lees
burg. They will resido In Hlllsbor
after a short Southern trlp.
F"nllH From Tclcgruph Pole.
[Spoclal to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
Salisbury. N. C, February 13.?Fall
ing thirty feet from tho top of
telograph polo, ono mllo from Salls
bury, yesterday afternoon, W. W. Eavt
an envploye of the Western Unlo
Telegraph Company, was serlously lr
Jurcd, and was later taken toi
homo at Unlon, S. C, for treatmeni
A wiro to which ho was suspende
gave way, aud ho fell with grea
vlolence to the ico beneath.
rrlecsi -Sc to 91.50.
ACADEMY? Saturda J
The Girl From Recton
Prices i 50c to 51.50.
Xext Week?'*Thc Suuuysldo o
Haiieoek's Sulphur Iteuicdien,
LIQUID _MAr__;,,_.
For l'rzr.MA, Itch, Ringworm and
all skin utlm.nt-.
A maglo wondor for Ilemorrholds,
Piles, Sores, Swelllngs, Inflamed or
Cbat'od purts.
USK IT. For salo by- druggists.
Wrlte us for Booklet ou Use_ _f
Sulphur. *
Manutactured by
Baltimoro, .Md.

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