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FISHER'S |^||^gg o^&Sgj 313 E. Broad
Special Stock Clearing Sale
Wc nre closing out odds .-ind ends of this season's stock in our Juventle
Department, and tlic opportunity to secure high grade Clothing for the
little man at just half thc original price is now at hand. This bring the
Opening season of our new storc, vv?_ liave no old stock, and to keep this
departmcrit frgc of odds and ends we are willing to sacrifice prices. Wc
hnve carefully inspected our ehfirc stock, nnd where but three to four
Suits ot a pattern were found, tliey were put aside to be offerr-d, begin
ning to-morrow, nt ju-.r oric-half their real worth- It is reasonable to
imaginc tliat tln- SliiL. in this sale are the best s-lections of thc senson,
else llie lots would not have been broken. Our reputation for legitimate
methods stands back <,f this offer* We would advise an early inspection,
a.*- the variety is limited. as listcd below:
Boys' Kriickcrbbckcr Suit-. J7 Snit^ in this lot; bizc
8-year to 17-year; ninc patterns; worth $12.00; QC AA
Boys' Knickerbocker Suit-, 0 Suiii in this lot. i/.c
I!-;.i-.ir to 17-><ar; Iv.o patterns in tvoolen
fabrics; one loi of Cordur6y$ii.ts; worth $3.00; (PA AA
Bnys' Knickerbocker Suits, 5 Suits in this
h.t, size 12-vtar t'j l'7-y'ear; one pattern; worth (PO PA
$5.00; now .*. <???__._?_'
Boyb' Knickcrbockcr Suits, 11 Suits in this
lo:,. >i/c 11-ycar to 17-year; four patterns; mr f\r\
ivortli 910.00; now.,. OJ.UU
Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, 29 Suits in this
lot. size 8-ycar to 17-ycar; six patterns; worth Q*y AA
$6.00; now *.,. ?J)t5?UU
Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, 1.3 Suits in this lot, size
11-yr-arto 17-ycar; three patterns: worth $.3.00; <P"| CA
"Mothcr'si Friend" Blous
50c value; Monday
'iil-.', three for
j> io &. <_road St.
Spring Hats
Are now ou display in our east
(Contlnued From First page.)
J-utioii and the Indlctmen ti had noi
been ononnously expen.lve tn the State
n.t- county wlll probably be abo n i0
r<?nts. whlch representi about the:
amount of money which lt costs to'
supply us wlth tho sheets of paper on:
whlch tho actual lndictments were
type'wrltten. We hlreil no extra nun
ln the proffcutor's oflice, either ln the
legal department or on the lnvestlgat
Ing side. The grai .? Was ln reg
?esslon We had no sourcc for
.. !:?-.??.-, n.. fund, even
_h we had ne-rded one. What 16
llghtly called 'Jer__y justlce' may be
sirnple. but it has proved Itself most
tf'.cilv- in thc past."
I.lnluc ti? fur Ilnttle.
Chlcago, february 26.?James E.
Bathgate. Jr.. an Eastern agent of the
Natlonal Packing Company, and. tbe
only one of the lndlcated meat packers
now within tho state ot New Jersey.
to-day placed himself at ihe disposal
of Prosecutor Garven. of Hudson
county. whero the conspiracy indfct
ment was voted.
Developments of great Importance
to tho packers may follow thls step.
for It affords th* opportunity for a !
test case to deteraslne the valldity of j
thc Indictment. Although twenty-one i
indtvldual defendants aro natnod ln the i
blankot Indictment the prosecutor j
may proeee. agalnst them onc at a
time. It ia now belleved the packerr.
lntond to bend all their offorts to
have tho indictment quashed ln the
case of Bathgitc. Thero are three
possible outcomes from buch a robvo.
Either thc New Jersey court would
quash the entire Indictment or quash
the part rcUtlng to Bathgate. or else
uphold the blll.
Even if tho b-11 wa3 quashed only
so far as this one defendant ls con-!
cerned the victory would be complete
for the lnterests of the packers, and
would open the way for further at
tacks on lt. If they are sucressful
ln showlng !n the case of Bathgate
that tho Indictment is fundamentallv
faulty', the wbo'e prosecutlon -would
be defeated.
If the Indictment Is held valld the
packers wlll hnve stlll further oppor
tunltles to test the serlnusness of the
case agalnst them, wlth Bathgate play.
Ing tbe role of tno de'ondant. Prosecu?
tor Garven mlght or mlght not pro
cced wlth the tr'al of the case with
Bathtratn ns the only defendant. lf,
bo did thc hc.t Jcgal talent the
Sent to DciuouMrntc <lic Merlts _f
r.vrnmld l"t*e Cure.
Whnt lt Him Ooue for Other. It Cnu
Do for Yon.
Wo have tostimonials by tho hun?
dreds showing all stages. klnds and
degrees of pllo.s which have beon cured
by Pyramld Pile Cure.
If you could read thoso unsolloitod
letters yon would no doubt go to tho
nearest drug store nnd buy a box of
hyramld Pifo Cure at once, price fifty
Wo do not ask you to do thls. Send
us your name and adoross and we will
send you a samplo by moll free.
Wo know what tho trial package
wlll do. In many casos it has cured
piles without further treatment. ic it
proves lts value to you, order moro
from your druprrlst. at 50c a box. Thl_
ls falr. Is jt not? Simply lill out froo
coupon bolow and mn 11 to-day. No!
knlfo and its torture. No doctor und!
hls bllls.
Flll out tho blank llnos below
wlth your name and address, cut
out coupon and mail to tho pyi.A
Bldg., Marshall, MIch. A sample of
the great Pyramld Pllo Curo will
then bo .ont you at once by mail,
FREE, in plaln wrappor,
Clty and Stato.
pack ers c-in eroploy would fight llie
case to tho hlgbest courtH. There i?
also the chance thnt Mr. Garven would
re< ise to proceod wlth the case unless
the mon "higher up" ,n the meat In?
dustry?the Armours, Swlfts and Mor
rlses?triemsi ives were on trial.
Wlll llijlit Kvlrotllllun.
A l/i-r.r contest i. in Slght oV_r the
exppcterl move or the State or New
Jersey to extradlte the chlcago beef
The Indlcted mllllonalros. through!
their attorney*, are preparlng to tight
extraditlon to the last ditch. A law
ver ror one of the largest packing con?
ccrns to-day put tho .:ase thls way:
"Tlie Chlcago packers have transact-j
ed no builnes- personally In Ner Jer?
sey: therefore It ls physlcally lmpos-!
slble for them to have commltted any
crlme !n that State. Consequently they
are not fuglllver. from justice antl can?
not be extradlted. lt is true that tho
charter of thu Nattor.al Packing Com-,
pany requires that the annual meot-}
ings of the corporation shall be held in j
Jersey Clty, but everybody knows how
such meetlngs are held. Some attorney
votes the proxjes. and that ls all there
ls to lt. The stockhoiiiers of the Na-i
tlonal Packing Company never go to j
Jersey City personally to hold meet-;
"It has teen shown ln Cook county j
that unless a man sought from another1
State had been ln the State In which
the alleged crlme was committed he j
could not be claased as a fugitlve frorn ;
Justice. Even In consplracy cases thls".
rule has held good."
Mis, FrotliluRham Wlll Have lllgh
Plnce ln Husulnn Ouirt.
ISpeclal Cable to Tho Tiraee-D:sp_'.ch.]
Paris, February 26.?lll.s Mary
rrothingham, of New york, whose
muslc studles here have been seriously
lnterr-jpted for several monlhs bv the
energetic love-making of Cour.t Alex?
ander Koutosoff Tolstoi. a nephew of
the world-wide famed Tolstoi, is to be
married to the Russlan nobleman on
Monday. She will be the llrst Ameri?
can girl to serve as a lady ln walting
at tho court of the Czar.
Tho Mayor has consented to perform
the clv!) ceremony ln hls offlce early
Monday morning, and the rellglous
ceremony wlll bo celebrated at hlgh
noon ln the Russlan Church in tha
Hue Karu. Both families opposed the
marrlage untll a few days ago. and
when eonsent was granted preparatlons
were hurrled so as to be flnished be?
fore the beglnning of the orthodox
Bent, whlcli opens Tuesday.
Mlss Frothlngham ls the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frederlck Froth?
lngham. Mr. Frothingham is a broker,
with orTice3 at 20 Broad Street. New
York. Miss Frothlngham waa untll re?
cently a student in Barnard College,
and came here to develop her musical
talents. She was making rapid pro?
gress ln her studles untll tiie courtship
began. She is twenty-four years old,
whlle tho count is nlneteen vears her
The bridegroom ls a son of Count
Paul Koutousoff Tolstoi, formerly of
the Russlan embassy at Paris. now
counsellor of court nt St. Petersburg
and chief hunlsman io the Emperor.
As a lady ln walting Miss Frothlng?
ham wlll have rare prlviloges. Sho
will be the flrst American girl to take
a serlous part ln the Russlnn court.
(Inlekly Snppresa 'I'hrealencd Race
CIlisli Ht I-Iilorado.
Eldorado, Ark., Fobruary 26.?Fol?
lowing the wounding of three' white
men, the formatlon of a mob and an
attack on tho negro section of tho
clty, Eldorado to-nlght is under con?
trol of tlu* mllltary, and what threat
ened tn develop Into a serlous raclal
cliish has been suppressed, for tbe
tlmo belng, at least.
Thls dlsorder began ln the early af?
ternoon, when a White man was croi**d
ed from the sldnwalk by a negro. By
stander.s took a hand, and tho negro,
drawlng a knlfe, made a luiiga at ono
of his ndversarles. No one was lnjured,
however, and tho negro oseapod.
Early to-nlght a posse of eltlaens,
Ktartetl a search for the negro, and |
when thoy entered a resort of negroes
tliey begun a fuslllade of shots. Three
of the party?Osoar Ke'ynolcls, Edward
Reynnlds und Roscoe Jtfontgomery_
were wounded, the last named probably
The mob nuickly formod. and had
begun the destructlon of negro cohl'na
nml property whon Governor Donaghey
was appealed to, aud the local tnfiltja
company was ordered out. Tha rlottng
thon was short-llvecl, tho crowds dls
perslng at tho approach ot the sol
slr .lohu ninghnui Approves Sepnrate
Morril Ciidca for Man nnil Wife.
[Special Cahla to Tlio Tlme3-Dlspatch.]
Bondon, Fobruary 2ti.--Slr John Blng
ham, prosldent of tho Dlvoreii Court,
spoka here to-day beforo the Royul
Divorce Commlsslon, which haa been
Investlgatlng tho subject of divorce
In the L'nlted Kingdom. Ile came
out /latly for the double standard of
"A Wloo wife." paid Sir John, ".should
shut her ey.-b to many thlngs. I do
not think a slncle act of Indlscre
tion on the part of the man has any?
thing llko the same slgnificance as
tha same sort of an act on the part
of a woman. All men know thls per
fcctly well. A trlillng tndlscretion on
the part of a man may be more or
less accldental, and would ln no wav
!??? inconslstent wlth hls love and es?
teem for hls wife. Indlscretlon on the
part of a woman is qulte lnconsi.tent
with her love and esteem for her hus
"Close tho Kaloons and vou come
near to cioslng the doors of the Dl
v-rce Court."'
[Special tp The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Cnapel Hill. N. C. Februarv 26?The
preiirr.inary contest for places on the
team to represer.t Carollna in the de?
bate wlth Washington and Lee Unl?
verslty was held thi- afternoon in the
DI Mail. The contestants were H. E
Stacy, E. W. Pharr and W. R. Ed
monds. The question waa concerning
tbe Federal charterlng of corporatlons
doing an lnterstate bu?lness.
Thc ludges were Professor E. K.
Graham. Dr. C. L. P.aper and Professor
P. fct. Winston. They declded in favor
of H. E. Stacy and W. R Edmonds.
All tbe speeches were of high class.
The Carollna-Tt'ashlngton and Lee
debate. wlll be held about the middle
of April ln Greensboro.
The prellmlnary comest for the
Oeorgria debate wlll be held one week
from Monday. Those who have en?
tered for the contest are Nev McVeelv,
C. E. Mclntosh. A. H. Wolfe, J. H.
Boushall and F. V. Cox.
The Carollna-Georo-ia debate will be
held here in April. If Carollna should
wln both of these debates her record
would be 21 vlctorles out of .9 de?
Toaeharil, ln Splendid Match, Defents
Star of Yale Team.
_..YT_Iff .York' febmary 26-Gustave
Mtzhugh fouchard won the natlonal
Indoor champlonshlp ln the lawn ten
nls singles to-day, after five s<*ts of
as heartbreaking- work as he has ever
engapced In upon the courts. He de?
feated R. A. Holden. Jr.. champion of
the Yalo team and a Westerner In his
junlor year, by the score of 6-2, 4-1,
3-6. 6-8, 6-3. In every way the match
was a fittlng final to the eleventh
holding of the champlonships upon the
board courts of the Seventh Regiment
Armory, and It was wltnessed by tho
largest gallery of fashlonable en
thusiasts ever assombled there.
Dr. rtoynter nt Clinpcl HHJ.
[Speclal toThe Tlmes-Dispatch. I
Chapel Hill, N. C. February 26.?Dr.
Hubert A. Royster, dean ot the tlnt
versity Medical School, at Ralelgh, and
one of the foremost surgeons of the
South, delivered an address on llve
medical topics beforo the Medical So?
ciety of the unlverslty to-night.
On and After March lst the Price of
Order from Your Carrier or Phone Monroe 8 and Ask for Circulation Department
i Dctroit Shows Many More liowl-1 i
ers Than Did Pitts- I.'
Detrolt, Mlch., February 28.?,_ee.'
I retury Bangtry, lu charge ? ?! r-t.trlc- of
I the tenth anriunl tournamenl <>{ th(
I Atnerlenn Bowltng Congress, to be ;.
! neld here. h'Oa an'ri'Ollriced lh.- following ',
i number of cont.'stiuit-: ,
i There ar" (0. flve-men toams; 039 i
; two-ni'-n tenmsj -t.*? tv Indlvlduals. '
These llgureSi Mr. Bangtry says, show '
'an increase over the prevlous record ''
I mnde nt Plltsburg. ?t thirty In the flve- j
! m?-n teams; ItfO In the two-men teams,
.-in,l i?'.r, tn the Indlvldual class. Du- j
trolt'a 1lFt.?, it ls sald, ihow the larg- l
?i-t advance In single eutrles In tho l
l.lstory of the American Bowllng !
1 The total money paid in for each ,
? ? nl for thls tournument ls:
i',vi--iiii ii teams J 10,000 t
Two-men teams $9,890, nnd Indlvld- n
uala $10,035, making a k:-;.mi totnl of
(30,035; With thd reduction or ir. ner
cent, which goes to the local tourna?
ment assoclatlon; 12G.S39 loft an
prlze monoy for tho ? onte il tnts, '
Chlcago, wlth slxty-two teams, Icadal
outslde cltles ln entrW.
Woolums and Pendili Signed
by Manager Smith for
First Base.
[Sppclnl to Thc Tlmes-DiBpatch,]
L>_chbur_. Va.. February 26.?Presldent
im?. of Denver, Col., _nfl John
:,f Baltimore, tor trails at rtrst base!
r wltli the Ioml Kara. Both of j
n havo had only _o_iI-prore??lonaI I ?
_ but thoy ari: bighiy recommend- [
inagor ;.':ntth.
B.?iire-??eH Heitrel al Tbreatencd Break
Iloiween Gleason and Ulckard.
[Special to The Tlme.^-Dispatch.J
Boh Angeles, Cai.. February 20.?Jlm
Jeffrles put on a glum face to-day
when told of the threatened break
between Promoters Oleason and Klck
"I am sorry that lhe boys can't get ] o
along better. San Francisco I- a great ! <-*
tight city, and I would like to sea my j
battle with Johnson pulled off there. 1
l hope they wlll get everything fixed I y
up soon." was Jlrn's statement.
The blg boy put ln another busy ] 1]
day to-day. He had a long run over l vm
Ihe hllls back of hls home ln the | s
morning, and in the afternoon went I a
back to hls favorlte stunt of sawlng | J)
"Thls ls just the kind of work 1 ?
nec-d to harden me up." sald Jeffrles. "I J
am more than satlsfled with the way
f am shap'.ng Into condition. The hill j ,
cllmbs and the road work ar? put- ? ..
tlng my wlnd ln good condition, and i J;
thls wood chopr;ln? and wood sawtns ,.
Is exactly the kind of work I need at i i.
thls early stage of the same."
Jeffrles ls due for a fishlng trip J ?
with San Pedro friends to-morrow. . *'
Monday he wlll increase hls daily j*
tralnlng labors by Dt'ttinsr up a punch I .
Ing bag ln the barn back of hls home. i ''
He wil! hamraer the leather bag every j f
afternoon from now on.
The McCarey dlamond fcelt. emblem
atlc of the world's bantamweleht cham?
plonshlp. was formally turned over to
Frankle Conley this afternoon. Conley
and Dannv W*>Vist?r wore nracti."l'v
matched to-nlght to meet ln a forty
flve round bout for the bantamwelght
tltle. The Anril date for tne Conly
Webster match was left onen.
Most Prove to Wlley It Ia Good Mem?
ber of Finay Soclety.
Washlngton, February 26.?The
frozen fish wlth the fllmy eye is to
be the next subject of Investlgatlon bv
Dr. Wlley, chiet chemlst of the United
The particu.ar fish referred to is
"shad." the shad which is shipped to
Washington ln cold storage. lt has
been reported to Dr. Wlley that cold
storage shad is shipped to thls city
under the guise of real fresh fish,
which is a vlolatlon of lhe pure food
It is recognized that bad fish is the
worst possihle enemy of a sound and
healthy system. It is understood that
Dr. Wiley had called to his attention
some cold storage shnd whose eyes had
practlcally dlsappeared ou aceount of
age, during a period of eold storage.
italiaFrun to earth
PrIsouer Salil to Have Been Tmpllcntcil
lu Petrosinl'H Murder.
New Orleans, Ba.. February 26.?Said
to be wanted for alleered comp.llclty in
the murder of Bieutenant Petroslni, of
the New York nollee force, in Paler
rao, Italy, Gulsenue Calamla, an Itallan,
was arrested here thls afternoon bv
local detectives and authorlties for
tho United States Immigration Depart?
ment. He was taken into custody upon
request from Washlngton.
M i- sftld thal Cfllomln lofl Palornid
immediately aftor tho laveatlgatlott
? i l'i 'i-" ini' death ovornl months
sgo. Potroi ini was kllled, i tippoi odlv,
1 ini rrtbi r ,,i ti bnmk Hand ffttng
? hich he '?-.,.' ? , nklflg tO run down.
'? I n hat ii-.iini "ilnn ?Cillamla ls al
getl '.i havo had u-nii the l-i-tro
ini klllivifl is n&t ltnim-n. I.o camo I
., Not* Orleans rrom New York, lt
? sald, Hc r< ? 11. ? <i in mako anV stalo
nenl concerning &(? arrlval hero. It
? presumed thal ho wlll bo held ln
ho parish prison nwniting orders or
.nockeil Dovrn l>> Wngon Whlle Try
liiir lo <:ron. Street,
Rlchard Taylor, colored, h paratytlc,
ittempfed Itt'sl nlghl to cross In front
<f a wngon drlven by Allen Hyman,
rolored, and wai knocked down and
?un over. 11, was round to have a
evore scalp wound, and i >r. Davls, of
hi clty nmbulanco, ,'--i-- summoned to
kttend i" hlm, 1 he phyi Iciati patched
iim up and he was tiblo to go homo.
l> man Was arrested,
Dr, Davlu wai also callod to attend
..',.i, freeman, colored, who waa .-truck
n the head wllh a bottle by an un
-"not* ii riegro. tle thnughi ' al ilrst
!..n he w : ol and li t< d on Ur.
?i. i: Pro -? r. ???? niti was hurl at the
(hesupeake and 01 lo electric plant t-y J
i i,'-!iiii falling ,,n hls hand. Dr. Davls
reated hlm, and he Wenl to his home
.t 1300 North Twentiotb Strcel
"rlver '.nacketl Off Wn.m Wlillc Try
Iuk ti) CniMi Track,
nto a nearby store, where the ambu- |
ance was summoned. Dr. Davls ro- j
ipouded, and Clayborne was taken to |
li,* t.'ity Hospital, where he was un- i
Lblo for somo time to glvo hls name.
!?? waa hurl in tbo head, but Dr. Davis
iays th.it hls Injuries are not serlous r
md ho wlll recover.
Flre on Jadali Strcel. jl
An alarm of fire was turned ln early j ,
lii- morning from Leigh and Judah
"treets, 'where a small stable had
? .. abla.e. The flre war. not cs
enslvo, ar.d was soon extlnguished
y thc firemen.
Mrs. Fnniij Ii. I'.iriiiim:.
.Mrs. Fannie 1.. Farthlng dled Friday
t the residence of her mother, 2405
.' Street. .She ls survived by her bus
and, XV. ti. Farthlng. The funeral
-ill tako place thls alt.rnoon at 3:30'
'cloi k from Unlon Station Methodist !
burch. I .
Mrs. Cntlierliie *I< :Miill? ?.
Mrs. Catherlne Ann Mc.Mullen dled ! {
esterday afternoon at ",:.5 o'clock aL I ,
er home, 80. West Clay Streci, ln | i
er fifty-eighth year. She was tho
"i.e of Joseph II. McMullen. She is j
urvived by her husband, eight sons.
nd twenty grandehlldren. The funeral I
-ill take place from St. Andrew's Epis- I '
opal Church, Tuesday morning at 11 I *
'clock. ! i
Dr. C. A. Uoard.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. I
Bedlord City. February L'6.?Dr. C.
_ Board, one of Bedford's oldest clt
ze-n.s, dled at his home here to-day. ,
Ie was born neariy seventy-elgbt
ears ago ln Btdford county. rle
raduated ln medicine at the Univer
Ity of Virgrinla, and practiced his pro
ession in the vicinity of Stewarts
ille, until the beglnnins of the Civil
\ ar, when ne was appointed surgeon
a the Confederate army. Havlng
erved through that period, he located
a Chlcago, practlclng medicine untll
urnt-d out ln the great lire of lisil.
Ie returned to Virginia and settled in
tedford City.
For several terms he served as
Iayor, and was fcr many years school
rustee. ln 18ii6 he establUhed the
ieatord Democrat, w-hicn he cdlted
ntll 1S92. For thirty-five years he
.ils clerk of the Strawberry Associa
lon. He was one of the most active
upporters of the Baptlst Church and
n earnest worker in tho Sunday
The funeral servlces wlll be con
ucted from the Baptlst Church on
iunday afternoon, Rev. W. S. Royal
Illciatln_, assisted by Rev. C. W. Col
Willinm G. Gnlues.
[Speclal to The Times-Dispatch.]
Spotsylvania. Va., February 26.?
Vlliam G. Gaines dled in Huntsville,
lo., on February 14, aged sevoniy
ears. Mr. Gaines was a native of
irginia, and served four years in the
onfeclerate army as a membor of tho
'Ifty-fiflh Reglment, Virg-inia Volun
sers. He w-as dangerously wounded
i Pickett's famous eharge at Oettys
urg, and survlvlng the war, removed
-> Missourl, where hc Ilved till tbe
ime of hls death. He leaves a widow,
3ur sons and throe daughters.
.James "rt. Trnyiiur.
"Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Spotsylvania, Va., Fobruary 3R.?
araes M- Traynor, aged flfty-tlireo
ears, and son of the late Thomas P.
"raynor. of Spotsylvania. died of
yphold pneumonia ln Baltlmore on
v'eclnesday. Mr. Traynor wns for
?any years a residont of Spotsylvania
ounty. but moved to Baltlmore. He
> survived by hls mother, a wldow,
ne brother and four chlldren.
Mrs. G. K. Fitch.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch]
Luray, Va., L"ebruary 2".?Mrs. G. K.
'Itch, aged about slxtv-seven years.
led at her home In Luray to-nlght,
ollowing- a brief illness. She was a
Ilss Grovo, ana Is survived bv a hus
??M?__M-B?' '?*'*'j__j_______|
Mrs. Moore i< a hntiFcwife of excellent
stahdtng in the community where she
resides, Every one acquainted with her
knows her to l.e a woman tliat can be
relied upon for veradty, Just consider
what she has said.
First. she was suffering wilh catarrh
so b_dly that her hearing wns .almost
destroyed. She was a miscry to herself
aud her friends. She had tried many
physieians and medicincs, nut nonc of
them gave her any relief. She was com?
pletely discouraged, and considercd that!
lier health was gone. Xow, this was her
Then she says, "After using two or
'.hrec twttles of Peruna I began to im
irove." She kej>t on taking Peruna
intil her hearitig was perfect ly restored
ind lier catarrh cured, and she is now
-lioying the best of health.
Such a case as this ought to be her
ildcd all over the United States. There
ire thousands of other people that are
.uffering as she was. There is every
eason to believe that Pcruna would
rcquently accomplish thc same result
n this class of chronic cascs.
iand and four sons.
Mr*. Ncttle Cllft.
[Spoclal to The Times-Dispatch.]
Frederlcksburg, Va., February .6.?
Urs. Nettie Cllft dled yesterday at her
lome ln King George county, after an
llness of only four days, aged twenty
four years. She ls survlved by her
lusband and one daughter.
O. G. Cox.
[Special to Thc- Times-Dispatch.]
Peaeh Bottom. Va., February 28.?O.
_. Cox died at hls late homo, near
Marlon, Smyth county, Wednesday
light, of pneumonia, aged about forty
-.AMKIN?Dled, at her resldence, No. j
200 Fifth Avenue, Chestnut Hlll, at
1 A. M., Sunday, February 27, MRS. !
BEKNIF. FOUD LA11KIN, aged thir
ty-two, wife of Ander.on E. Bamkln
and daughter of the late J. T. and
Adelaide Elliott Ford.
Funeral notlce later.
CIIADKBEY?Dled, Saturday morning,
at hls resldence. ln San Antonio,
Texas. W. J. C_.ABI.__:., SR., fathor
of Mrs. Kdward G. Chalkley. of this
FARTHIXG?Dled, February 25. at the
residence of her mother, 2105 N
wife of W. N. Farthing.
Funeral SUNDAY. February 27, at
3rS0 P. M.. l'rom Union Statlon M. E.
Church. Friends and acquaintances
requested to attend.
UcMUBBIN?Dlcd, at 803 West Clay
Street, February 26, at 5:25 P. 31.,
beloved wife of Joseph H. McMullln,
In her flfty-elghth year. For a num
hor of years she had been connned
to her home, a patlent Bufferer dur?
ing this long itlness. To the last
she proved a faithful wife and a
true mother to a large family of
sons itnd grandchlldren. Husband
and elght sons and twenty grand?
chlldren to mourn thelr loss, and wlll
preserve a grateful memory of her
caro and lovlng affectlon. Archer,
Joseph, Albert, James, Arthur, Wll?
liam, Charles and Upshur, sons.
The funeral wlll tako place from
St. Andrew's Church TUESDAY
MORXING, March 1. at 11 o'clock.
Friends of the family are cordlally
Invlted to attend.
Bynchburg, Phlladelphla, Washlng?
ton and Buffalo papors please copy.
'ORTER?Dled, February 23, at 12:30.
nt the resldence of her parents,
MVKTBE _EDIA, Infant daughter of
John M. and Mabo] ioung Portor.
Dearest darllng, thou hast left ua,
And thy loss we deeply feol;
But *tis God who hast hereft us.
He can all our sorraws heal.
iNEAD?Dled, at Ba Crosse, Va., on
the 25th. MRS. MARY E. SXEAD,
formerly of 2211 Pleasant Street.
Burlal ln Oakwood YESTERDAY
at 3 P. M.
Says Health
Gone, Saved
by Pe-ru-na.
n Winter when Coughs, Col
and Catarrh are Rampa
Peruna Should be in Eve
Mrs. Wllliam C. Moore, Mt, Ste
line;, Ky., writcs: "It c;ivcs mc gre;
pleasure to recommend Pcruna t
those suffering with catarrh.
"I had catarrh of nosc so bad
my hearing had almost left me.
was miscrable, both to myself ai
those around. T had tricd mat
physicians and mediiirles, but wit
out success. I felt that my heal
waa j-onc.
"But after using two nr three bc
tlcs of Pcruna I began to impro\
aud after taking ten bottles my h_i
ing was restorcd, my catarrh rure
and I am now enjoying thc best
"I feel that this remedy ought
be in overy household, for it is a ble
sing to suffering humanity."
Give It a Trial.
Just buy a bottle. Onc or two da
use will convince you.
Suffered Ten Years.
?vlrs. Cordia Rrown, R. F. D. No.
Rogersville, Tenn., writcs: "I had
tarrli of the head, and had been troub
with it for ten years. I tricd various re
_die-s, but they did no good.
"I at laat bought a bottle of Peru
and began to feel better as soon a:
began taking it. I was very thin z
wcak, and hnd a bad taste in my moi
and a choking and a tickling in
throat, and was about exhausted ev,
way. but soon gained strength and fli
hy taking Peruna.
"I can safely recommend Peruna to
who are wcak and run down, as the b
tonic I ever tricd."
years. Hla wldow and several ch
dren, two brothers and four slstc
Burvlvc hlm.
Mrs. l.iMiiHU Grmly.
[Speclal to The Times-lJlspatch.]
Brlan. Va., February ...?M
t/oulsa Grady died yesterday morni
at her home, near here, after an 1
ness of several weeks. She was sovc
ty-four years old, and is survived
six children.
Charles I". Klng.
[Speclal to The Times-Uispatcb.]
Durham, N. C, February 26.?Chat
R. Klng. of thls clty. dled sudde
.his morning at 1:30 o'clock. He i
"fty-six years of age, and leave:
wife and two sons. He had bee
resident of Durham twenty-two ye
TRENT?The funeral of THO:
TRENT will take place at _I_ i
mel SUNDAY. February 27. a
LEWTS?In lovlng memory of my d
brother. WILLIE B. LEWIS. v
dled three yoars ngo to-day, Feb
ary 27, 1307.
"Gone. but not forgotten."
W? mlss our darllng Willle;
W'e mlss hlm more each day:
Homo seems not the same to mam
Since our darllng went away.
Everywhere wo go wo mlss hlm;
Mlss him more and more;
But we hope to meet our darl
On that brlght and happy shoro.
MITCHELL?In loving remembra
of our brother, DANIEL T. MIT(
ELL. who died February 27. 1903.
Seven long years have passed awi
And stlll we miss thee, more
But we hope some day to meet t
On that brlght and ahinlng ah
Whereas, tho lato BENJAMIN
CRCMP, a member of tho flrm
Benjamln T. Crump & Co., has b
rcmoved from our mldst by de
It Is
Resolved. That by hls doath
have lost a friend of sterling wo
and excellent buslness qualltles.
Resolved. That the sympathy
the employcs of tho factory be
tended to hls widow and fam.
committlng them In this hour
their bereavoment to tho kindly ci
solatlons of Him who doeth
things well.
Resolved, That a copy of th>
rosolutlons be sent to hls widow a
famlly, and prlntod ln the Sunda

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