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Made Prcsidcnt of Women's Sec?
tion of Japanesc-British
Former American Speiids Much
Time in Gowning aud Bc
j jewcling Her Dog*-.
i| nv cHAitLEs p. xpnenoss.
[Spcelttt CablO toTheTlmcS-Dispatch.'
London. Fobruary 26.?The Mar
, chioncss of Dufferin nnd Ava, wlio
was Mrs. Flora Davl., of New York,
lias .lust ncecptcil the prepldoncy or
ihe Woiheti's S.btlbh of the Japane.
l'riti.'h E_hlbltlori, bt whlch the
Duchess ur Marlborough l.s also " ,
metnber of the women's committec. ?
Notwlth'atandlng that sho was recently
compclleu* to tindefg-o a Ion?. rest ??ure, |
the Intciirls giving a sbrle.s of weekly ?
dlnnors -lurlng the present Season,*) J
?whlch wlll bc attended by nll the
bocinldoin of thc Atiglo-American
rtvorld, , .
Lady Dufferin ls a .strlking pcr
Jsonallty; with her beautiful pluk nnd
'?white complcxion nnd fluffy golden
lialr -he Is a picturc of youth nnd
liealth. She paya frequent country
vlslts to her compatrlots, tho Countess
Craven. Lady Cunard and Corn, Coun
tess of s-tafford. Tlic marchioness is
cngrosscd in the educatlon of lior threo
daughters, tho Ladies Ursula, noris
and Patrlcla. all of whom, llke their
.nother. are Intensely muslcnl. While
she remalns ln thc background, she
ls the real manager of the Dufferin
fortunes. Iler husband, who ls a
BpOrtsman and gental. has no groat
ablllty, and is nsslduous in lrfS dcyo
tiou to hls wifo und children. Ilo haa
in no way attuched himself wltli thc
promotlon of financial companies1.
which broke. thc heart of tho late
Marquis of Dufferin.
A Diaiiioiid-Dcckcd Dor.
Nbtwithstapdlrig this well dcvelopcd
buslness acumon, and thc fact that
.he is thc mother of thrcc lovely girl--,
Ladv Dufferin dlsplays a most pro
nounced cccentricity o? lavish arfection
for her i>ct dogs.
One of these, ;i little creaturc called
Flo.Mc, has coasts and caps for every
yarylng weather. On warm days Flos
*.-ic appears in a raost niodish chiffon
pown, ruffled and flouneed, and haa
n parasol carried over head by a
.pcclal maid, Flossle has sapphire
carrin_-, ln her little furry ears and
b dlaniuiKl l.racelct about her left furry
pa**". When the drives out Fhe sits on
the rlght ot hr-v mlstrosa in thc seat
of honor.
American hostesacs have been re
.ponslble for -..:>.-: of thc social galetyl
of the *-.-ec-k. Mrs. J. .T. Astor lias given'
a .erles of dtnners in her Hill .treel
house, and has had the Couiites. ot
Bssex staying With her. who. after
vlsiting the itivlera in March, intend.
entertaining for thc flrst timo elabor
ately at Bourdon Houso, in Davler,
fttrect, whlch is now bolng redecornted
end furnlshed.
Mrs. Chauncey is back in her homo
in J-lertford Street, Mayfalr. Thls
pretry widow ls constantly ruriibred
io be engaged to cllgible, titled men
by thc gOssips, but her friend.-; dcclaro
s-iic wlll really make a mar.rioionial ;
plungc this reason.
A dinner whicli shc gave this -noel:!
was a great _iicccss. her guests in- j
cludlng thc German ambassador, Lord j
and Lady Arlington, .Airs. Drexel, the I ,
Hon. .Mrs. Ronald GrevJlle, Lord Sack-| ,
ville and Sir Charles Cust, a friend i i
of thc Prlnce or ".Valcs. I ;
Lady Arlington astonlsjied thc party [
by appearing in a gorgeousjy enibrold
ercd gown of orange tcamed with bar- <
bario jewcls. lle?- voluptuous Oriental | 1
beauty had never been seen to greater '
advantage, but Mrs. Chauncey, in palo U
Muc covcitf. .wlth crj'stal, was voted '
the beajity.-of tiie party, I c
The Hon. Mrs. llenry C'ovcntry. for- '
"Jr.--, McCreery, Is making' her I j
uto in Grosvcnor Square al- i [
gorgeous as ...rs, Drexel's. M
Mrs. fcrances Dana Wlnjlbw of {"ew d
York arrived on Wednesday wlth her''
hahtoorne daughter. Mrs. Winslow |
end Thclr Majestles' second i
March 1. when Mlas Winslow
presented ln thc American
firtlo by tho Russlan ambassadress,
the Couu;r;.s Sencoehdorff, in the ab
Bonce or the Rcids. who have gono to
Tho Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe
wlll entcrtain a party of guests at
l-lcores Castle for the salmon fishlng
on the-.. Tweed during the next I'urt
?Klcklru" Called UevastaUug,
The universal verdiot ol thc London !
crltics is that save for an occaslonal |
oasls of cacophony, any one wlth "an I
ear' for muslc could enjoy "i_lektra,"
which was presented by Thomas J
Beecharn at Covent Garden. The
crltics bewall ihe fact that thc at
tendance on Monday and T'ncsday
nfghts did noi show any sympathy
lor tho vc-nture, ln whicli so many
J'ngll.sh people are cohcerhod. In thls
connc-ction lt is learned that Queen
Alexaudra. who attended thc* opening
pcrformajicc, nnd wli'b.o inusical tasios
are a llttlo old-fashioned, frankl'y rid
lnlitud t,, her frlends ln the Innor
court clroloH lhat Ui? opera was dis
tasteful io her, .-nid thal thc crashlng
dl8cords of musical reallsm affected
her very unpleasautly,
lt is also well known th_t ihe grand
op,.-ra syndlcate, whicli i. heuded by
Henry Hlgglns, who married ,m,-,
Breoso, of New vork, is Jealous pf
whatever success Mr. \u
had, and liencc is
very cordlal suppor
and "Tribtan an,d Isoldo" are th,
inusical toplcs of conver-satlon. Oi
,ji-.y woman, whose artlstic :,?,?,
tipn haidlv e.uala her eccentrtr
"Oh, you should really l.car
tra.' the muslc i. so devastatl..
J^opt nie atyako all nlght."
The bitlertM. oompluiril about Uie
opera. ls the total ilarknese of >he
niidliorluin and tho noe'ft of a ligluod
Jntervai for lho proper display of
nov.* hc
nibst u.i
will ,
lum has
giving finy
thc enter
the Amerl
ndtnMTg roix wivks.
MI>!i.m> of London I'nvors n Inrtnlght's
Vni'iiiion Eacli Vear,
[fipneiat Cable lo Thu Tlnu-s-nispatch.]
t.ondon. Februarv .''".-The bachclor IJIahep
Of London, np.uking nl U-thnal Grcen
c-omlng tn whloh pluce, he snld. wnu llko
coming homo ugHltj,?sald thal every wife
and husband would bc better lf they hnd a
fortnlght's hollday awny (rom carh other
every year.
Men dld not always reallre, he sald. what
dellnnte creatures women were, nnd a wife
should bn free for nt least a fortnlght n
year from the cares of home and children.
rich catiikdhaii oxxtib,
Elahorate I'reparatlnnn for WeMmlnster's
[Special Cablo to Tho Timcs-nispntch.]
I.ondon. Februnry BO,?The intlmatlon that
SYestmlnster Cathedral ls to bo conaecrated
nn June 23 has been followed by many rlch
_ift3 for tho henutlflcntlon of Its intcrior.
The gilts lndu.de altars for Ihree of the
chapcla, many othor artlclr.s. and money
nmountliig to S6".000 for decoratlon.
The construction ceremony will be elab
oraie nnd Impresslve, but few people be?
sldes thc clergy wlll be able to see It.
There nre fourteen altars in tho cathedral,
nud Arehblshop Bournn wlll b*. nrslsled by
a correspundlng number of blshops, who
separately consecrata oar.h nllar.
Doctor riniln Patlent Hutl Hld Tleoe ln Hls
rsperl.il Cable to The Tinirji-Dlspnloh.]
rarlH. February 20.-A man named Mau
rice Hencdlct hns been arrested on a very
curlous chnrga of robbery. lionedlct some
tlmo ngo ".-is under treatment at St. Louls
Hospltal, Tho patlent v.-as Miffcrlng from
n dlsonse of the nose. and to euro it thc
doctors hnd recourJe to u composltloii con
tainlng radlum. The doctor dld not tell the
natient that he carried aboul on his noso
1120 worth of radlum, but Bcncdlet found It
)ut for hlmself.
Ono day tho doctors dlscoverod that tho
>lt of radlum had dlsappearcd from tho
latlcnt's noso. The latter prolestcd he litwiv
lothlng about lt. filnce ho loft tho hospl
al thc pollco have kept nn eye upon hlm,
nd yosterday M. Jlamard found thn stoien
adium carefully hldden ln tho linlng of
3cncdlct's coat.
Sxciting Scene in French Cham?
bcr Draws Quick Action
by War Minister.
[Special Cable to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Paris, February i6.?There was a
,-iolent lncidont In the Chambcr of
"?oputlcs between General G. .7. Toutee.
yho wai" chief sccretary of the
ilinistcr of War, and Captaln Sevour
md, who ls attached to tho minlstcr's
?ablnet, and acts as parliamcntary
Tlie war budget was under di-cus
?ion. and Captaln Sevourand. ln rjufto"
i natural way, handed to the Minister
if War sonic do-uments which hc rc
(Ulred to answer a question. General
i'outec*. who was present, took umbrage
lecause the captain liad not flrst
vanded the documents to hlm, BO that
io might pass them on to tho min?
ister. Golng up to tho captain thc
general spoke to hlm angrlly, eventual?
ly ordering hlm pcremptorlVy to "clear
out," adding that the captain had no
risht to comrhunlcate dlrectly with
tho minister.
Even 'I'rlcd lo I*u?b lllni Oul.
Tlie captain stopped to tell sevoral
deputles what had happened, when
General Toutee again rushed up cx
cltedly. and told the captaln lo "get
out"' ln most violent terms. even ptit
tlng his liand oh the captain's shouldcr
as though to push him out.
Doputies at once became very ox
clted over the gcneral's action, which
they regarded as exceedlng tlie
limits of hls offlce. -and a hasty con?
ference of tho mernbera of thr govern?
inent was called, whilo a deputy de
manded to Imorpcllatc the government
on tlie means of making higher ranks
respect tliose below them in the same
way as hnd boen dono for the lower
urrades. The deputy ex pressed hls in
iigrnation at lhe action of General
Irnle General Is Ousled.
Hereupon General Brun, the Minister
?f War, asCended thc tribune aml said
ie regretted the lncidont and had iu.
vish to exaggerato it. "But ln vlew
>f the effect," he continued, "I rojeret
o announce to the Chumber that Gen
ral Tdutee Is no longer attached to
iiy mlnlstry."
Thjs anh'ouncement was greeted with
om! ap'plause. and the inoident closed.
jut for llie prompt action of tho Min
ster of War, it is probablo that
leputles wotid have made thc question
ine of conflclenco in tlie government.
liissiaii Expedltlon Iintls Library In Cen?
tral Asln.
[Special Cable to Thc Times-Dispatch.]
St. I'elersburg-, February 241.?Tho Russlan
xpcdltlon into Central Asla. dlspatchod two
cals ago, under Captaln KOzloiT, has just
eturned aftar spendlng acveial mon tha ln
hc "Blacl! Clty." the rormor capital or
ilongulla. known on tha map us Chorechoro.
Thls town flourlsh.-.l from tho oloventh
0 llie lotiitc.uUi centui-y nnd the oxpcdl
lon dlscovcred ln one of Its rulnod clolatcra
i library of 1.000 printed aud 400 manu-oriui
.'oiumes, wrltten ln Chinese, Mongollun,
.lanchu. Tibetan. Arablc nnd Iwo languagcs
ivhose Identlty has not been dlscovcred so
tSpecial Cable to The Tlmea-lMspatclt.]
London, February 26.?lu tho annual
"Catitlonary Usi" just issued hy Truth
more than 1,000 uamos of ludlvlclualsj
organizations and llrmg ure glvon "on!
lhe broad ground lhat the necesslty
for cautioii oxlsts ln any dealillgs with
the partles mcntloned," aud tho volutnc
ia uot b>- any means exhaustivc.
The llst gives detalls. of frauds said
?<? havo boen uoinmltied by so-calletl|
rellglous and phllanthropiu liodlou,'
gglug-lettor wrlters, medical quacks, i
bucketahop keopera, wiid-rat eompa
"slx-pence-a-sharc" movements
tl varlous other fornis nf swlndllng.
Ono Indlvldual etyllhg hluiself a
? i: i._. i: i Rov, Blahon" ltd aald to cpllcct
rnonej foi Iioruh IniUituiioiis. l-'onner
ly n prlvate ln tho army, ho later "he-1
?uilie asaoelated wlth u yan? oi bi.gua
A cur
e tlmt
(?-,ii: wav of cavnlng a livinf
nt a woman, wjip, osteiiBlbly
i wririaneni home for an unolo
?llllng to pay $fiu? quarterlv in
a-1. i.ii half hor travellng ex
i be i - in tt. enablo her to call
??<?; in,. home.
Thiilienlli Ceiltlll*}' Cold.
>? ? ?ble i" 1 hi Tlmaa-Dlipatclt
i Pehi ?r>- :a -a pollco offic;.
un.-. r iins
ubor,' r.-is,
oiU iu a
v. '01 kiucii
iey ol th..
u.ofio i:ng
f tho bulld.
Iioli- sold I'Mccii. The ow
ing siatte that ht sent ihe ueaaure to _n_.
Nobles and Tradespcoplc After
Portion of Former Mrs.
Joseph Srnttih's Money.
Rejected Suitor Demands Hir
Share for Giving Dcl Drago
Fair Field.
[Special Cable to The Tirae3-Dlapatch."
Parls, February .6.?Since tho re?
turn of tho I'rlncc Dc-I Draga, tho hus?
band of Mrs. Joseph smlth, of tho Lton
Brewory, N'cw York, tho most oxtrav
agant and extraordinary commisslons
have been dcmandcd of hlm by hla
"fricnds" and by thc tradespcoplc wlth
whom hc did buslness.
Among those who touched large
commlsslons was Count Bonl dc C'as
tellane. Ills claim is based upon the
fact that hc Introduced tho Prlnce Dcl
Drago to a well-known goldsmith and
jewelcr in thc Rue do lu l'alx, whon
tho princo placed a heavy order for
sllver for hls manslon ln tho Ruc
Bassano. Count Bonl, who learned
tho art of "raking off in tho daya
when ho disbursed Anna Gould's cash,
received a commlsslon conunensurato
with hls ablllty and standlng as a
It camo nono too soon, tho count's
funds belng very low. In a fow weeks
ho will lose hls stipend of $3,0UU
yearly whlch he gains as deputy,
thero bolng no hopo of hls re-election.
Count Bonl's commlsslon ls duo more
to his social efforts than to anything
else. Prlnco Dcl Drago. though thc
grandson of a Queen. hns no such
standlrig in Parlsian socletv as Count
Boni. even ln hls fall.
Thc Marquiso do Castollano, Count
Bonl's mother, is one of tbc old no
blllty, and at hls request she Invlted
tho Prlncess Josephlno Smith Dcl
Drago to a rcctplon at her houso in
the Ruo Constantine. Tho flood had i
put out tho gas and electric llghts.
and thc functlon was given in flood
fashion by tho llght of'wax candlcs.
The Ainerlcan prlnce.3 thus met al?
most all of the old nobllity of France.
as well as many Italian arlstoerats.'
11 is belleved thls will open the closed
anceatral palace of tho "Four Foun
talns" at Romo to Del Draso and h|3
hlihcrto unacccpta.blc wife.
More [temnrkablc ( omiiil.<-.lon-.
The prlnco Is now ln Rome pleading
with hls irato parents to recelve hls
American prlncess, since she has al?
ready been accepted by tho best
Parisian society.
Another big commission has been
paid to Count Dlsonl, who was former?
ly ln tho Italian diplomatic servlce. lie
introduced the furniture dealer. He
asked .5 per cent.. but flnally tool:
15 per cent. commlsslons.
Thc most curlous of all ts the com?
mission asked for by the Vlcomto de
Pontac dc Bordeau. This nbblefnan is
trying to compcl Prince Del Drago to
pay hira a pereentago upon thc entire
Llon Brcwcry fortune, in other words,
a. matrinioiilal commission. De Pontac
himself was a suitor for thc. hand of
Mrs. Joscphine Smith when Del Drago
entered the fleld, and polnted out that
he, belng a prince, while De Pontac
was only a provinelal visconnt, the
latier's chanco of winnlng the Amer?
ican wldow was extremely slight.
Do Pontac, reallzlng tne force of
the argument. withdrcw from the con?
test. He now says he was promlsed
a commission, but Del Drago shrugs
hls shoulders, for tho French courts
have declded that a contract for ser?
vlces 10 bring about a marriago is
"Immoral," and cannot be enforced.
Another I linngc in "Cliantcolcr."
Jladamc Simoue. the leadlng lady in
"Chantecler," is about 10 present her
young husband, Jean Casimir-Porier.
tho son of thc lato Prcsidcnt of thc
French republio, wlth a plcdge of her
affectlon, aud Rostand is in despalr to
flnd some one to replace the cx-wifc
of M. Lo Eargy in thc role of the hen
On tlic other hand, M. Gultry is
cheering up, as hc bclieves that his
protego, Yvonne dc Brey, will be given
Mme. Slmono's role. Mcanwhile thc
distlngulshod houso of Caslmlr-Pcrrirr
Is recclvlng congratulatlons from all
sldes. Among the reasons advanced
against tho marrlago of Mme. Slmortc
Benda-Le Bargy with young Perier wa.s
the dlsparity of age. and tho conse
quent dangor lest the great French
family should dle out. Tho lnterestlng
event ls so near that thn hen pheasant
will be ohllged to leave the Theatre
Porto Mt Alartin in a fortnight. Mme.
Slmone's husband has resumed the
practlce of going early to the flower
market evory morning and buying
flowers for her as hc did ln his studeiit
days at Sorbonne, when their wooing j
began. The Casimlr-Perlers aro striv
ing heroically to wln over tho mother,
so that tlio baby may be born In the
famous famlly manslon, whlch has a
row of sixtoen wlndows ovcrlooking
thc Place des Etats TJnis. They urged
that it wlll bo wholly iinbcconilng for
a child whose grandfather was a pres?
ident 0. France and whose great
grahdfathor was a Prime Mlnlster 01'
Louis l'hllippe to be born in a
hotel or lpilglng-hou.se.
?Mrs. TevlN "lelv**** "IiiK.k \cn Coiiiiu.ni
Mrs. Cprnella Constancc Baxter
Tovls-Mclveb has demonstrated an un
expectcd athletlc ablllty by wlnniug
I several prize-- at Cannes. nnd ospeclal
l ly by carrying off tho Grotna Green
pri_o tor polo. Instead of uslng ponios
the players wero inounted on donkcys,
which gave a peculiar novolty to thc
iTart McKeo's appeal from tho do
clsion of tho dlvoreo court
pendlng, but tiie falr Cornolla
belleve that her winnlng of th
Groen prl-se is an Indication thnt sbonor
or later she will add one more lo her
long llst of names.
I'icro des Deschanta, prcsidcnt of
the Golf club of Laboulle, made a
speclal jpurnoy to cannes to witness
her iriumph. Indeed. it is to him
that sho owos hor athletlc prowess, as
ho eoached her in golf at the fnsh
lonable linka near Vorsallles, The
Deschanta money wns inado ln trade.
but golf and lavlsh entertainnicntH
havo got hlm into tho best set in
Among thoso who congratuhilod Mrs.
McKeo on her polo victory were Prin
eoaa Ghlka, formerly Miss Siugor. uud
tho DucllOJS do Vlsotl, who w.'is Mlss
Anlta Stewart.
|;|,OOI>|000 ritr Huilmtiil-t.
tSpeolal Cable to Th- Tim, s-Dispateli.J
Cap. Town, February _a.?Tlio Iniuratat,*
i',,ui'-r,.iii-fi nl Bloemfont?|n hna uuihoii.,-,1
tha expenditura ur ?3.c,no,ooo ln ooiineotlon
wlth tlio railway requlrements o( tlio four
iS Still
? frlends
1 Grottna
Ti.nl bt ul AdrlUKAlli ?'f l?0ll?? IiiKperliir
Cnlllll)' llcnra senlctii-e.
rSneclal Cable to The Tliiics-Dlspnl. h.j
Caicuttn, February 26.?Blrondranath
Gupia, the Bettgull you til who miir
derod the pollco Inspector, . Shamsu
Aliitu, fri Um Hlch Court, has bccn
nentenec.l to drath by tbe Chief .lus
Tho mtirdcred man had played u
large pnrt ln brlnglng tlie Allpore con
spiratora to Juatlce, and two prevlous
attempta lind been mado on lils um.
Thn nssnssiii Is nlnoteen years of age,
nnd when arrested atlmlttcd that he
liad boen rlepnted by a society to
whloh ho belonged to conimlt tlio mur?
nirendranath Gupta roTuaed legal
asslstance during hls trim, and after
the aentennp wns pronotinccd lio wan
removed from tho dock : millng.
Swl?* Vohc'H na Dlallosfulalicil AI?jbm1_
iu ii IJcforc Geosmphlonl Soclety.
[Special Cablo to Thc TlmccDIspateh.. '
Genevu. Febru.uv 26.?At tho meet?
ing of tlio Geographica] Soclety ot
Herne recently, a w<n-drcssed young
man wlth an Arabic name presented
hlmself to tne committee, statlng thnt
ho held a hlgh post ln Abysslnia, and
was a friend of tho Emperor Menelllt.
lie wus warmly recelved, and wns
present at the rcceptlona, banquets
nnd meetlngs of tho soclety, spoko
eloquently, nnd nt great length on
Abysslnia and Its people, tne Oustoms,
coatumos and morals "f It-tblopln, to
the vonerable professorg and thn nub
llc, on wliom he made an excellent
lmpressloii. Kor threo days the young
man was rctcd nnd couid not attend
to all hls social Invltatlons,
lt has now been dlscovcred that tho
"Abysstnian" was a Swiss wltli a large
lmaglnatlon, who had carefully studi.-d
Abysslnia ln books, and who had the
audaclty of an impostor,
"Just Like 'Getting Married,'
Only More So"?Expects
to Fool Press Again.
(Special Cable to The Times-Dispatch.]
London, February 26.?Bernard
Shaw, ln a conversation about theatri?
cal ntattei-3 In general, was inducccl
to say somethlng about hla ncw play,
"Mlsalllance," and its posslble effect.
"Mlsalllance" is in tho Hat of new
plays to bo produced at the Repertory
Theatre (Duke of York's).
"You may remember,*' sald Mr. Shaw,
"that the campaign against my plays
oixlmlnatcd nearly two years ago ln
an unprccedented outburat of denun
c.lation when my 'Getting Married'
was produced ut tho Hayinarket
Theatre. One London daily paper de
scribed tho curtaln as falling amld a
storm of htsses, lhe bald fact belng
that there wero six curtaln calls and
no hisses.
Hcleuseil tlie Mnnngor*.
"Thc effect was, for tho nioment.
very serlous. Tho hooklng at the
Haymarket Theatre went down tn the
lowest point ever reached In the. r?
corded hlstory of thc theatre. T im?
mediately released all tho managers
who had undertaken to produce tho
play elsewhere.
"The. pressure which had been put
on me for some years in Germany
to produce my plays there in the first
instance. and so avold the reports of
illsastroua fallure whirh lnvarlably fol?
low my London .productions, was re
doublod. It seemed for thc nioment
Unposslblc to expect nry newspaper
r_a._>' to go to a play so furlously
denounced as intoler?bic.
Kortunately a curlous thing hap?
pened. All the people who saw the
llrst performanco kept coming again
and again. untll tlie word passed
round that I had fooled the press
again?though I protest I had no ln
tention of doing it. Tlio situatlon was
saved, and the play pullcd through
.lnst I.ike "Getting Marrled."
"I now wi.sh it to be known a.s wlde
ly as possibic that 'Mlsalllance' is just
like 'Getting Married,' only much more
so. I have carefully cliari-hed, re?
peated and exaggerated every fcatur0
that the crltlcs denounced. I have
again gone back to the classlc form.
preserving all the unlties? no division
Into acts, no chance of scene. no sllly
plot, not a scra'p of what tho critic,
call art ion: nothing biit Shaw and
some very good aeting.
"I shal] be sorry to seo my old col
leagues leaving tlie theatro angry.
weeplng, broken men. But lt does
them good, and as they wlll spend the
rcst of the yeap aedulously advertis
ing me as tn0 most brllliant of beings.
I bear no malice."
nn luvii
be takei
now unii
SUots .Made Posslble b.v Ken
able tn Tho Tlines-DIspatch.]
bruary 26.?Phblographa of a
i have been made posslble by
enabllng X-j-Hy snap-shots to
ie loncr cxposure?hlthcrto tho
culty iu radlograplllu work?is
nry. as the "sunlo uereen" (as
new inventlon is called) reduces tl...
exROSuro io a twontl.th of what It would
otherwise bo.
A three-seconds cxposure, Instead of n
ininute. W|ll bo used in ordlnary work,
m i '1"8tanta-lieou8 snap-shots are easlly
ootainabi] wltli powerful modern X-ray ap
paratus, Blurred photoRi-aphs, duo to pa
tl.-iua morlng, or even brcathlng during
| ine long- cxposure formerly necessary, uro
l thus n nn,,-; of lhe past.'
tillK, T
of \V
and i
of n
An i.
la ver
Gn ii
tlio 1
?u? i
at p
I've i
'"' ' nbl to Thc Tinics-Di.-iHitch.]
''"! ! ubruary 20.?"Tho Fortune
"' a' py0 forucr, AVest Smith
*"' "I'i clty in ii. having asaoclu-1
??'?ni Uiu Great Fire bf London,
??"'????? lul Iho reriiavkable tlguro
??"d< 'I fat boy on the si'lc ot tlio
ng. 1ms finally closed Its doors.:
' ? l't i-j ti lot into tho wall of the
',*,.": tlio CoQklanei side proclalms
li Pyo Corner, whero tho
of London ended, afteri
[JJ nlghl and dny from thu L'd to
? "'? Si ptomber; 1668,"
01 " lious foik soUed on lhc curl
?incldenco that tho flro orlglnatod
I'bilnp, Lnno nnd icrmlniitud ut i
""l i ns bolng a dlvlno warrilng
?"' 1|"- sln of giuttony; they thoro.
eroi led tht.s ovorgoiged yopngB
I'nnuod him iu colors, nnd iu
" ".eiieiith: "This boy ls in 'n.'iii
'" "ii of thn lato t'lro of London,
"'"' '' by tho sln ot* giuttony,
Moin.iii Driillk.
Lu Tho Tim.'S-liiBpati.'li. ]
ry 26.?]i\ tho whole of lier
tald Mrs. I'hlllp .Siiowdmi
tha KiiiK's \\'?'igll liouso
reet, she nover aaw n
ur n tvomaii In a drlnklliB'
Object Lcsson in Picturc of Stir
ring Events Will Bc
To End in Glory Portrayihg Em*
pirc Whose Power "lias
Xot Wancd."
[Spcclnl C.tble to Tln Tlmes-l'lspntch..
London, February 26.?Tho Pageant
of London. whlch is to bo performed
thla summer, wlll be a nobio object
lcsson of stlrrlng events. and wlll at
tho beglnnlng revivo In llving plcturea
tho days of Roman london. There
are still Standlng parts of that Roman
wall whlch was lald When the hawk'a
eyes of Koman generala gazed over
the Valley of thc Thamcs.
Ono will see sacrlflce offrred to
Dlana, and understaiid why ln the
Brltlsh Mtiseuni to-day thero are
crumbllng llttlo statues of the great
goddess, found ln tho Sllme of Lon?
don nmdbanks, Taen tho old ghosts
of Saxon London wlll appear on the
Tho Saxons had to flght for their
llbertles agalnst tho Danos, who, agaln
and agaln, burnt up to lho gates of
london Bridge, and could get no
further. But at last, as tho old
nursery rhyino tolls, "London Bridge ls
broken down." nnd over the lake3 of
tho Crystal Palaco tho epeetators WlU
?o>, a in,Hl,*l of the great bridgo break
in the middle, and Its defenders hurled
into thc water, where thoso who aro
not drowned aro prodded by thc spcars
of thi- fcroclous Danea .torniiris- tho
last defense of London. The Vlklng
Club of London ls to arranco thls
scene, -.-hich wlll end with tho pass
Ing of tho dead Olaf up thc river.
"Last of thr Sninn?,''
iraroid, ''the last or tho Saxons,"
marche* out of thc city with hls Lon?
don archers, but come;) not back agaln.
It Is 'Willlam of Normandy who comes
next to London, wlth those knlghts
who share ihe good land of England
for tholr spotl.
Xorman Shtvalry reigns here a!."o,
and the eltlzens turn out on holldays
to watch tli.-- jousta in Chcapslde. Tho
Llon of England ! thero. i;dward IH..
and hls beautuu! nueon, Phllllppa, and
to the applause or a great multltude
tho vlctors of the lourney recelvo their
Ko the pageant wlll pa*s on from
scene to scene. There witl be a eheT
for old Chaucer as lie rldes Olit wlth
his Canterbury Pll.rims, and for Db'k
Whittington as ho goea wlth young
Klng Riohurd to face Wat Tyler and
the sturdy rebels of Krnt.
llenry V. wlU come in trlutnph t-?
hls loyal lotkIoti after Aglncourt, and
surely somewhore behlnd hlm we shall
seo ,-,ld Falstaff. 'that ton of flnsh,"
and Bardolph of tho flamlng noso.
The War of tho Roses and the
pasMiig of mcdlaevalism wlll appear
on the llving scroll of hlstory. and
then comes that great qulckenlng of
London llfe and of London idea?. when
the vill Ir, rolled back from the Xew
World, and when the citizcns of Lon?
don see Sebastlan Cabot, who salled
wlth men of Bristol city "Westward
Ilo." and cam? bark to ll?nry VII
wlth a tale of great discovcry.
Tbcn Comcn ??llluff" Klng Hal.
"Bluff" King Hal. pluckln'g hls red
beard, and countlng up his miirdered
wlves on hls fat fingers, wlll slt
watchlng the sports of his mcrrie men
ln London, and thc archers of Flns
bury Felds tip their arrows wlth
wh'tttlos so that they slng as they
Tho Vlrgln Qu.cn follows in the
golden days of England, and sho wlll
bo seen passlng to her coronaU.n wlth
all those gallar.t gentlemen who mado
lovo to her in verso and proso. and
hid their wlves from her, and turned
the other chcek, or sworo in tholr
fepadc-beards, when she boxed their
Shakcspearo and his player? at
Banksldc show tlio gloiies of the Kn.
theatre in it:, grcatnoss. Poor
o Prlncess Pocahontas. received
lamlc with hls lolling tonguo, and
that gallant "dog Steenie," on
se shoulders he lcans, will he a
remlnder of the emplre's blrth when
Raloigh dreamt of an Imperial Kng
land, and lost his head in trylng to
" the dream eome true.
The pageant passos. Old London
give. place to the new. wlth great
piaguo and great flre. History moves
qulckly. Thero is no time for all the
great scenos. London hears tho news
of Wolfo's hcroic death on the Helghts
of Abrahani, and of Oauada added to
the euipirc; and Captaln Cook leaves
Loptford for tho South Seaa. It Is the
way to Australla and xew Zealand.
London glves lts blood and lt3 money
in tim great French War, and after
yvaterloo London goes mad wlth jov
and settlos: down to tne great peace.
EiiflM in ?.. Pageant of Kinptro."
So, through the centurles, London
rvhiys her great part in English and
Imperial history, and thls pageant
whlch summons up old ghosts wll! end
as It should end, wlth -Tho C.atheriug
,,r tho Overseas Doniinlons* and th.
Mother Country," and a pageant o'
emplre, showlng London stlll great
still lho throbblng heart of a .,r,ai
peoplo, whoso destlnles are not" yet
ended. and whose power has not yet
wancd. .*"?
Brlefly, here ls tho plot of the -rent
Pageant of London. whloh will i)0
enacted this summer at tlio Crystal
Palaco, wlth Frank Lascolles as
pageant master.
Savn_Q Cnnlncs Serve Xuv.v iu, Shore alllI
Du.k .Guarda,
[.Speclal Cabio io Tho Tlm.-.-l.ii.patcli. 1
t.ondon, Fobruary -".-?Ortlelal watcliiioca
are now on thu payroll of Hi, Brltlsh navy,
Theso canlno guards aro _i.ition.ci ai iii0
vnrloua shore -latablUlun-nta and dook
yards, wliera llioy aro t?ld ?ff Ib rangi* cov
ernment property durln_ the dark houra and
provent any iinautliorlzcil person from trca
Tlio ih,.a an- of a Hpceial mlxed bread,
cobbhiln. tlio points of collto, Aircdnlo and
retrlovcr, and nro bred by MaJbr Richard?
son, who dovol-s hls llfo to hroedln. ond
trahpne does for pollce, detocllvo nnd am
Uulanco work, Keon aeent, alerttic.a nml
navn.-r. nre tlio promlnent charactor'stioa
Ot tiie navy clo.s.
nk's '?I'roiif'' ln 'ln?eiini.
Cftblil l? Thn Tlnie.i-Ul.pnli-1,. |
on, Pebruary 2a.~VUltora to Co
niny now aoa tlic Irnuscrlpt ot
fi. Coali'a North Polo dlarlos uud proois,
whloh th- iinlvrmuy 1-ondeO over io thu
o i ot of poli? to pluco ln lts musouni. Tl,.
c'llef haa flloil tho iUlo_od prooitf of ihu
.Norlli pok. iliscov-ry wltli papers uiul docu
njotUs iclatiin,- tu srund i'ui-_orlos, Uiofts,
I'rof. OnrMnng Mnkea Tlnd on Hllo of An?
cient .Mi'iul.
Calro, Februnry SR?I'rof. Oarsdnng has
dlseovered on the slte of Iho ancient Morot.
thn later capital of tho Ethoplan monarcha,
a sun temple by IJi-gurrienes, mentioned by
DlbdorUB. The temple. ls n milo,un atruo
tiire, gliowlng Oreok innplrallon, nnd con
tiilnlng Bculptures represent Ing King _r
gnrnencs vlctorles nnd a triurnphal pro.
ceStton. The bulldlng Includcs u eanctuury
llned wlth brllllanlly enamolled tlles.
Thn discovery shows thnt the Inventlon of
tho Moroltle serlpt was duo lo Frgamencs,
the nlphnhet belng modeled on tho Urcek,
It nleo cstoblishcs the vulue* of tho MuroiliD
Further excavatlons which havo been enr
rli-rt out on tlie slte of tbo Temple Amtnoti
nt Meroe provo that tho bulldlng waa
qraiiil.-r thiiii had been iintlclpatod, and wus
restor-d by Notog Animon. Mnny Inscrlp
tlons and stntues huvo been found.
Fninlly of Three Sot Snaro to Captur* a
Domest lc.
(Special Cable to Tha Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
"Rerlln, February :6.?As an instance of the
lncreased valtiatlon of domestlc services.
tho following advertlscment, whleh appear
ed ln a daily paper, may be rjuolod:
"Wanted, a companlon for the liome (not
n. servant) by a famlly wlth three ehlldnn.
The womnn of tho house is very nctlve, nud
only wants a companlon lo dlvlde tho
housework wlth her. Al thls companlon ns
sIstK In tho houKowork, we are willing to
pay her, nf cnurBC, but that Is no reaioil
,-'i :.,,u shjuld look upon her as a hlred
"??There lf plflrtty of work ln our house.
but there ls also much Jolllty. We oftei,
havo rrlends lo dinner. nnd lf our compan?
lon wants tn bo our guest. well and kooiI ;
lf ohe prefers her own frlondc. there ts
nothlng to prevent her. IVn wlll not at?
tempt to lord over our companlon. Bn? !?
a frce. worker, mlstress of her Indlvldual
Rcmarkable Book Deals With
Wcck-End Partics, Drinking
by Women and -
[Special Cable to The Timei-Dispalch.]
London, February 2o.? Thc vanltless
of twentietli century llfe are nttacked
In a rcniurkable book .lu3t publlshed,
entltled "Tiie Church and Llfe of To
Day," wrlttcn by a number of bUhopa
and hlgh churcli dlgnltarles.
The compllers have been Innulring
Into certaln pnases of ntodern llfe
which arc consldered ciueatlonable from
a Chrlstian vlcwpolnt, ^niong thom
pOl UiCl-Ufl I'l^uti ur. ,.*v.^.... ,,v...._. _. ,
cinematograph show.--. dcmorallzln.*; I>e
rlodlcalB, sales catalogucs, lntemper
..-c women. non-observancc ot Sun
Norfolk ls ono of tha happy hunt
Ing grounds of the week-endcr. and
from thc Blslu.p of Norwleh c<
-,..;:ig ccnaure of the week-end
"I': j-.- without hesltatlon." Ue write:,,
"thnt the growlng practlce among
wealthy men of coming down Into
Norfolk from London. bringlng wlth
them their guests. and turning tho
week-end into a time of festlvlty is
having an lnjurlous effect on tho com?
munity. ... I have heard storles
of Sunday dinner?. of hampcrs of
champagnc: yes. and of men actually
praetlelng thelr sklll as tnarksmen by
shootlng at class bottles on tho tejrrace
of a Sunday."
"Little Tlmc for Clvlllly."
"There Is no tlmo for courteay. lit?
tle for bare clvlllly." says thc Blshop
of Barking in niourning lhe deeay uf
manucrs. "Thc tlckot examlner slaima
the wiekot in your face as you rush
down the Btalrs to catch the train.
or lf you just get through, the por
ter shouts, 'Hurry up, there, lf you're
going.' "
Dean Plgoit. of Brlstol. eondemna
vanlty in rellglon. Instanclng churoh
parade and the fashionable weddlng.
He writes:
"Llsten to the buiz of conversatlon
ln God's houso before and after tho
servlce: notico the uticr forgotfulnest
of the sanctitles ot God's house: the
comment.- on tho dresses duly ehron
lele-d ln the soclety naaers: the oppor
tunlty avalled of for a dlsplay of the
latest up-to-dafo fashlons."
Hoiiirii Wlio Drlnk.
And anropos of charlty. he observes,
"H would seem as if nothing nowa
Ja.vs cuii be done or attcmpied wl?u'?'.ii
i charlty dinner. charlty ball, carnlval,
fancy falr. basiaars, dance. theatrlcals,
bridge and whist drlves. crystal gaz
Ing, fortune tellitig and kitidred popu?
lar, largely countenanced efforts to
ralse money for the poor. for orphan
ages. for thc sick ai"* dylng."
Hegardlng intemDerance among wo?
men of lhe Ieisure class, the Bishop
of Groydon relatc.s tliat lu? was in
conversatlon recently with a inedleal
man ln one of the lnrge re'sldentlal
towns in tho South of England, wln,
told hlm that at that nioment he had
no fower than twolve ladies on his
Ust \rho thought nothing of con
suming u bottle of chamnngne at a
Bjtt.Ingv arifl were slowly kllllng them
selves by drink
[Special Cable to The Times-Dlspntt-h.]
London, February 26.?The fourth
great Internatlonal II<,r*e Show, to be
held in London next June, wlll again
broak tho record ln tho matter of tho
prlze llst, as well as othor thliifis. Thn
amount to be set apart l'or awards wlll
bc $65,OQ0, compared with scu.ooo last
year nnd with the J3o,.00 appropriation
l'or thc Now York show last November.
The wlde Jump, such a popular fea?
ture when won by Lioittenatit Hether
Ington at "Madison Squaro Garden, will
be Introduced for the llrst tlmc In tho
Ivondon show, Mllltary jumplng, iu
fact, wlll he again tho great fbature.
Another novelty wlll bo a class for
mountod policemen.
Ainci-lcan exlilbitors wlll again bc
present ln strong force. Judge Moore
and C. A\\ Wataoh wlll return to the
scene of thelr triumphs, while two
nowcomera frotn across thc Atlantic
wlli be Paul Sorg aud R. P. McGriinn,
of Philudolphlu.
??_-? -
Qermans Llkoiy to Iteplace Siibre wlth
?Short Mde-Arm.
[Special cabic to Tho Tlmos-Plspatch,]
Berlln, Fobruary 2G.-.\ccordliig to a state
nieni inibllshed lo-nlght it Ih probiiblo. that
lliu tierman cavalry sabro wlll shortly dis.
appe'ar and bo rcplacod by n nciv phort side.
nrm. whlcli can bo uscd as u bn.vonet wlth
llio new pattorn cavalry carblne.
Tlie mllltary nuthorltlea consider that for
cavalry ainied wlth_jlio lanc? for llghtlng
nt closo miHitera on hor_obat-U. nnd with
thc cni-blnn and bayonot for flglulng on
fool, the suhre would beeomu siipnrl'luous.
Thn vnlue of tho earblno combined wlth tho
now Bido-arin for cavalry work has nlready
been proved ln flghtlng ln Oormnn South
west Afrlca,
New House of Commons Stormicr
by Far Than Its Prcdc
With Great Parties Equally
Matched Xo Onc Can tell
Safest Course.
[Sp'clal Cable to Thc TlmcB-DIapatch. J
London, February 20.?Brltlsh poli?
tics promise to bo moro excltlug than
they liave boen for years, Compared
wlth the last Parliamcnt. tho new
House of Commons ls as the maclstrom
to tho Mlsslssippl.
The two (,'rcat parties?the Liberula
and the Unlonlsts?aro almost e.ually
matched, but the forty Laborites atvell
the Liberal current., plvlng lt n <!'?
clded superlorlty ln force and volume.
OutnIdo of these two moln currents
the Irish party is dlvldert Into two
antngonlstlc sectlons. whlch chafo an _
foam, amj what wlth cro-_-currcntP,
cddles and whlrlpools, no ono es
aotly knov.-s what la the safest cour.e
to steer. Xo member of tho Liberal
mlnlstry has had nny experience ln
steering ln such etormy waters.
All last week tho air was full of
confllctlng rumors. At ono timo dls
solutlon eeemed ininilncnt; that scaro
passed, but the outlook Is vory etormy
and both parties are at >ca. The
Unlonlsts are ^roplnsr bllndly for n
democratlc policy, and nearly all aro
commltted to a reform of thc Lords
Some of the leadlng Conservatlvo or
erans declare thi
mont must be r
polnt; others arr
troductlon of rq
tho uae of stato
ant proprietor*.
iduccd to .1 vanlshtng
clamorlng for tho In
lal olcctoral dlstricts,
funds to crcatc pe.: -
Uicrease old a.tf pen
aions and any other soclallatic n
they see lylng around.
Pnrllea ut Loui-rrlirnd.,.
Tho protectlonlsts are at open war
among themselves. The Agrarlans ,!? -
mand food taxes; the Induatrlallsis
protest It would be fatal to tax bread
und meat.
The Llberals are nlmost nn hope
Icasly dtvlded on tho qtn stlon of what
should bo done wlth the I.ord-. To
reform it. i-ay th.-- P.-dtcit.-. i ? >
trcr.aihcn lt and better end than mend
It. The mtnlsteri-, oh th-* otlier hand.
:ire for ending tiie hereilltary eham
her ln otder to put an electlve Sei
ln lts place.
Mr. Seeley. who la the or.'.y mcml
of tbo mlnlstry v.-ho has expressed
perBonal opinion. leclai l in
nf a smaller second thaiubcr.
franklv democratlc minlsters keep
their counsel. but lt is belleved they
are thlnkiiiR of produclng a radl ?'
blM based on the following llnes:
Flrst. Abolltio'n of the hcrcditary
Second. Tho crea'lon of an elected
Scnate with from 2"0 to 300 members.
Third. The second chamber to have
no risht to amend or rejc.t any flnan
:ial bill.
Fourth. When the two housca dlf
rcr they will fit and vote together.
Fifth. As an alternative. tho veto
-if tho second chamber shall be 07cr
ruled if the liouse of Commons pas es
tho same blll ln two auccosslvo s<
It lf pos?lb!e that I' will also bo
proposed that If the "*enate rc
any bill ln onc Parliamcnt, It shall
not be allowcd to rcjeet such a blll
If it la ticnt up ngain by thc new Par?
liamcnt after the nuestlon haa been
submitted to tho olce.torg. The dan
cer la that if the Cablnet attempts to
Improvise a great constltutional re?
form blll lt may produce some half
bakej measure whlch wlll be too much
for tho legislation of the country.
? iH-ini'--* to Haillciillniu.
The Irish Nationalists Laborites and
most of the Scotch ar.d North Country
Ptadicals look askanco on thc.-c pro-,
posals. They want to abollsh the yeto
md stop there. without tneddllng wlth
refo.rm:\ but they all proceed upon the
assumptlon that tho .prorogatlyo of
the King can be as a crowbar, but
they are reckonin-r ' without their
hosts, for tho Kin-r will refuso abso
lutely td make any new peers until
he Is satisfied there is no other way
Df carrying on the government of the
If the Llberals reslgn the Unlonlsts
wlU tako offlco and appeal to tln
spuntry In Ce name of tlio Klng and
the Constitution,. und they will wln,
Hence the absurdity of all the hcrolenl
rionsens*; talked about of marchlng
stralght upon the mouths of tho can?
As Is natural in such stormy waters.
the minlsters aro pretty seastck', but
they aro not so sick as tiie leaders of
the Irish party. "Willlam O'Brlen, after
launchlng his attack, has gono back
lo Ireland to support the candldaturo
nt Maurlce Healy. lio Is woll plcased
wlth the effect of his speech. ir
\morican Irlshmep fall baek on their
ild rule of rofnsing- BUbscrlptlons until
ihe Xatlonalist party is united tlio
Indopendants and Xationallsts wlll by
i falr trial of strength discover in
whose hands thc leiulcrship lics.
? lll'Ll'S FOlt
[Speclal to Thc Tlmcs-Dlspateh.]
London, February .0.?Two notable
men-7-Slr Iliram H. Muxlni, ehemist, ina
hematiolan and In ven tor, and Dr.
Frederick ,T. Furnlvall, loxicographer
ind philologlst?havlng celebrated re
?pectlvely their saventloth and elglit'y
lftl. blrthdays havo boen asked their
ocoipts for loug llfo and tho success
ivhicli oach has attnined" in hls own
?poclal sphcro of work. Theso aro
.helr rcconunondatlons:
Sir Hlrnm Mnxtni.
Avold tobacco.
Avoid alcohol.
Never waste a moment.
Always be anxious to Hnd somclhing
jsoful to do.
Mo accurato nnd persovering.
Rlso oarly and retlro to bed beforo
Tho man wlio watehes tho clock' is
Intitig- dlsastor.
Kvery roiul lends somewhero?flnd
mt whero ll onda beforo you tread It.
Don't bo a nioro copylst. Do some*'
,lllng 110 ono has done bofore.
Or, l'lirnlviill.
Never drink.
Never smoko.
Havo a liobby.
Rourt nnd think. rteadlng wlthout
Lhoiifiht la usolcsa.

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