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rurlnj? miKsllcfi for usrr agatiist thc
police and slrcet cnrs,
The dlrcctor ulso IkfiiccI nti ofllclal
Jiotlco to Industrlnl establlshments
ihroughout the city, calllng ntteiitlon
lo the "dtity nf provenUng tho f-'treots
from belng fllled wllli groat, orowds,
whlch ntny InMuenoc ncts ?if dlsor?
der and lawlessncss'l>y irreeponslblo
Ilow dctermlned Is tho nltlliide of
Ihe Rapid Translt Company against
ftny conipromiso tncasuro ln tho pres
*>nt controvorsy, was se't forth hy Wll
Jlam H. Shclmerdinc- n director of the
corporntlon to-day. He snld:
. "It Is evldent that It would be thc
easy nitrl chenp coursc for thc company
10 compromlse now. But It would also
he the unwlso and cowardly thing* to
rio, and the board to.a man ls oppoacd
to any 'scttlcmont' that does not ln
nuro pence for tho ftitnre on a bnsla
? ihat cmbodtes recognltlon of thc fnn
damental rlghts of Ihe publle and
ihe company."
Wlll Piish Blot CflftCM.
That thc city Authorllles intond to
push rtot enses with ull tho speed
possible, was shown thls nfternoon
when the grand Jury rotumed Indlct
ments against Clarcnce O. Pratt, na
tionaL *rganlzer o{ tlie Carmen's
Vnion. and John 3. Murphy, president
of the Ccntral Labor Unlon. Bbth men
wcrc arrostcd last wcek" nnd held In
b'atl, Pratt spondlng a night ln a
Ccntral Statlon ccll.
Pratt ls charged wlth rioting. In
clting to riot and consplracy. It ls
charged Ihat after he had a'ddrosscd
a moetlng ln Labor Lyceum Ilall, hc
jnarchod at tho hcad of nhout 200
striklng motormen. and condtictors,
who attaeked a passlng car. Sevcral
pcrsons were hnrt ln tlie dlsturbance.
The strikers, when Ihe attack was
hiade, were on thelr ivay to anothcr
hall. Pratt is not charg'-'d with com-'
mitting violencc hlmf.elf, but is charged
tinder tho Inw wlth belng a riotciybe
oause he was in tho- crowd that was
Murphy ls charged with incJting to
riot on thc strength of nn intervlcw
with hlm that nppcared in ccrtain
l'hlladelphia newspapen*. In thls in?
tervlcw. Murphy was criticizing tho
Etate police, and is roporlcd to have
"If one man ls shot ln Kensington.
there wlll t'oilow a carnlval of riot
ond bloodshcd that wlll Blartlc Iho
.Tuneau, Alaska, March S.?Twenty
three rhiriers were kllled last mid
night by an' exploslon of a Dowdor
magazlno ln' the 1.100-foot level of the
Mexlcan mlne. one-'of the grouo of
'I'readwell gold propcrtles on Douglust
Jsland. Kight men wero scriously in
jnred and four of these may die.
The last shots had bcon fired by the
nlght .-:hift twenty mlnutca beforo the
exploslon took place, and the men vere
assembled at tho elevator to' go' on
top. ; The magazlne, wltlolt oontaineil
?75 p'ounds of nowdor, was tlilrty feet
Xrom the placo whore the mer. wore
His Arguments Crcatc Favorabl
Impression an Congressioira.1
Believes That He AYas Honcstl;
Elccted From Fifth Vir?
ginia District.
[Special to Tho TlmeR-DIspatch.1
"Washington, D. C? March S.?.Tudg<
33. W. Saunders convln.ed all who hearc
hlm arguo hlr. .cIdc of ti:c Parsons
Saunders contest case before tlic Elec
tlons Committee to-day that he li
plenty ablo to represcnt the F'.fth Vir?
ginia District ln Congrcss. hanfillnfi
,the evWcncc and srgulng the law ir
a most ^mastoVfu! way. Every state.
men.t made .was baefced with a record
There was no hcinmlng and hawing ir
his rpecch, but a bold, clear presenta
tion of the tcstlmony nncl clean-cut in
terpretatlon of the law governlng the
case. For hours ho stood, book Ii
hand. and addrcssed his fellow menv
bers of the House, sneaklng for his
rightp, croating a good tmpresBion-:ot
jone and all.
In the flrst half-hour aftor he eom
Jnenced he brleny stated tho facts a:
fie saw them, tclling liow the sicle o
the contc-stant had Blinink ln t'nc cours(
?of tlme from the flrst newspaper ac
tounts of what he sald he would prove
Ihrough the offlcial notice, to tho roar
?hallng of tho cold, uiuh-teliing Icga
Xo Stepport for Cburgca.
All cliarges of eonsplracy, he nr
gucd, fell because ot* lack of support
there not bcing a shrej of tcstimon
to Ucar them out.
Mr. Parsons's chargc that the Dcmo
crats had entered into a plot to brin
out Mathews, the lunatlc, kceplng hl
candidacy a secret, save from Demc
cratic clectors, fell because the rr.v
ords tihow tbat two wecks before tl
electlon the Dynchburg News, a Den
ocratic paper that circulates ln tl
district, published the fact that Ma
hews's nanie would be on the tlckt
and tho Henry Bulletln,. one of tl
strong local Democratic papf!rs ln tl
Fifth. a wtek bofore the electtt
printea the story of Mathews's cand
dacy and cautioned voters about marl
lns thelr ballott--.
The furthcr fact, he argued, that tl
condltlon of Mathews's mind w;
brought to tjie attcntioii of the Atto
ney-General of the State and the Se>
retary of the Comnionwealtli before t!
tickets were pr'utcd by hla polltic
frlend and supporter. the secretary i
tho F.leotoral Board of Franklin ooui
ty, ls evidence that the Democrats d
not conEpirf to have Mathews ruri,
ls a fact, he sald, that Mathews ci
culated a eard, proclalmlng his cai
dldaoy, and tbe records show that 01
of his arinounocmciHs was recelv'ed l
the Republican cleri; of Grayson coui
ty.-ln one end of the district. and thi
others were rectUeii eisewnere. Tl
nws had been preity thoroughiy cl
Fulty npprt?fnt?d.
In ? anewer to the ehargo that tl
electoral boards of the district hs
failed to glve the riepubllcans minorit
?representatlon ' aniong tho jiidgo.s, 1
dectared that the ovidence coinpiete
tHiyOn* -BR0MO fiUININE,'i that i
Cam JoMlnpw Ocy. Grl^?2 Day
Rain Coats and Top Coats
that are so easy andgood look
ing that good looking boyswill
be glad of them for ohilly,
dampj Spring days.
They are new thlngs, just
come in, and now is the time
to look them over.
P.aln Coats, $<?.50 up.
Top Coats, f5 up.
New Suits for Sprlng are
openlng daily.
Rlchmond taoys are in for
nobby spring things to wear,
and our store is the place to
find the best assortment.
Prlced lowcr than simllar goods usu
ally scll for.
Surel The smart Spring
Reefers for girlsare in-modes
and colors that mothers wlll
not ti*y to resistl
?:i.n? up.
cntire country," and "there are men
In the northeast who can shoot as
stralght as nny trooper."
Nclther Pratt ndr Murphy tako the
ndlctincnts- serlctisly, cleclarlng tho
Jlty governnient can go as far as lt
standing. but cvcry man was killed
or Injureil.
Moht of tho miner.M were foreigners
and only three had familles.
The inaii in charsro of. the magazlne
had locked the door and was stand?
lng wlth the othcr men. He was killed.
Two hor.se.s ln the nitne Were stand
in.tr sfldo by skle. One was killed. but
the otlier when found warf munchlng
oats tindisturbed.
The mine was llttle damaged and
tho bodleu were recovored. '
Scvcral other miners at w*ork on th<*
same level, but at some dlstaucc from
the-inagiizlne; were not Injured.
rcpelled that. In all caacs a Repub
llcan Judge had blen appointed, and,
in some instances. the Republlcans
outnumberod the Democrats. At one
place In Carroll county all three of
thc Jutlges and both of the clerks were
Republlcans, and the vote stood Sfi for
Parson and S3 for Saunders. At Heh
ron Preclr.ct, the same county, all of
tho Jurigcs and one cf the clerks were
Ccntlnuing, Judge Saunders took up
the ccntentlou that thc State Logis
lalure, by the act of 1006, had ex
hattstod its powcrs to nrrange thc
cbngroBSlonal districts and hooted at
the idca.
IIo argued that the action of the
Ooneral AssomMy was ln full accord
anee with tho Stato and Fedoral Con
Judgc Saunders had sUldled his case
thoroughly, and no detail was too ln
slgniflcant for hls consideratlon. He
went to hls task full of facts from
the rocord, full of law, and eonvlnced
that he was duly and properly elected,
and hls efforts recoived thc undlvided
attention or the commlttee,
Scnator Thurstbn closed for the con
testant, coverlng some of the ground
loft untouched by Messrs. Carrlco and
Montague. H. rc. C. B.
ClMr Product from Ba*ins 1o Be Miorvn
Along With Ileul Jamet.
R!.chmond"? new clear water plar.t -has
i bcen in oporntion more than two months.
I and from the first wcok tho b?at reeulta
liavo been obtained. Beginnlng thia mornins
! aampks of James Rlver watcr in lts naturai
I condition and watcr from tho city Itcscrvolr
i wlll bo placcd on cxhlblt in a store vindow
! at Fourth and Brond ytrcoto. Offlcials of
! tlio dcparlment wlsh to show tho r>uh!ic
thc turbid or muddy eonrtltlon of tho ??raw'*
or rlvor v.-atrr whlch Richmond would now
| bc roo'elvlng but for tho Settllnc Bajin. sldo
| ljy nldc with samples of tho oleared and
t purMed product from tho coafiulatins
IPlant. Each bottlc wlll bo marka-I ln larcc
'ilRuics, indlcatlns tha turbldlty. Samples
from the river and res'rvolr for cach day
thls mor.th are to bc oxhlbltcd.
Many Rlchmond pcople have already for
KOttcn thc. muddy watcr suppllcd for sono
latlonc. but from thc exhlb'Uon wlll bc
ablo to .luiiKo for themaclvoa of tho resulti
I obtained by the new pioeors. Dlreotor ol
Biuins E. >.'. Esekiel owerts, that tho watci
'.u be clcar and purn aj nomo cltlcs obtalr
from fll'i-r plants. Chcmlcal annlyaca havi
shown that thcrc Is absolutcly jio traco o
altlm in thc watcr dollvered. Lcjb than oni
eraln-pcr gallon ',s bctnp uscd at this time
and around cach particle of alum tho mu<
coaRiilatcs u.-itll tho wholo ls proclpltatct
to thc bottom.
Forccnat: Virnlnln aud North Caro
linn?Fulr wenthor and mlltl tcmpcrn
ture 1-Vlduy nnd Sntuvduyj llglit, va
rluble m luit.-i.
S A. M. tempcraturo . 5
H'umidlty.j 10
Wlnd, direi.uion .Eaf
Wlnd,- veloclty .
"Wcathor .Ll. ral
P.alnfall .0
12 noon ternpernture . ,1
S P. M. temperature . tl
Mcan temperature . fi
Norinal temperature . 4
Excesa ln temperature yestordav I
Excess in temperature slnce March
1 . C
Accum. excess iu teniporaturo
slnce Januarv 1 . 7
Excess ln ratnfall sliu:e Marcli i. l.S
Accum. exeebs in nilnfall slnee
Januiiry 1 . 1 .]
(At S P. M., Eastern Standard Tlme.)
riace. Thor. ll. T. IVeather.
Mohile . 74
Cliarlotte . 118
New Orlea.ns..., "2
Asheviile . 6ft
Atlanta . 70
Charleston ..... fio
Jacksonville ... C2
fiavannah . cr:
Wilmington .... fi?
Galveston ..,.. 06
?Raleigh . 02
Norlolk . -IS
llatleras . ;,n
Trinipa. 01
Key West. 72
March 1, 1910.
Sun rl^ea..., 6:30 1HQU TIDK.
buu seu..... fi;(?j Mornlng.,i,.10;-l
Cily Enginccr Chargcs That Con
Iractor Is Rcsponsiblc for
Bad Scwcr.
Atkinson Sharply Called to Task
for Failurc to Report
Clty Knglneer Bolllng dted wlth tha
Council Commlttcc on Stveets last nlght
a wtitten repon on the troubles wlth
tho new deep aewcr on tho sottth sldo
of Broa,] Street, placlng the blume on
the contractor, I. .1. Smlth and Com?
pany, for fnlllng to flll ln tho tun
nels after the pipo Avas lald. Tho
report was ludorsed by Asslstant Clty
Fnglnoor Jackson Bolton, who ltud
dlrect charge of Iho Avork, and sharp?
ly censures II, S. Atkinson, thc.ln
spector on the Job fov tho clty,'for
fallure to report the nogllgenee.
Mr. Bolllng cxplalnod to tho cotn
mltteo that the pipe belng or great
depth, had heen lald by a seties of
cuts about twelvc' feet apart which
were tunnelod.
The excavatloh atvi refilllng contraet
was glven to l. .1. Smlth and Company,
nnd the pipe was lald by the clty forcc.
Accordlng to the report, tho work wa.i
apparently ptoperly done from Sevcnth
and Clay to Broad. and thence west
wardly on Broad to Thlrd, that p'aft of
the sewer belng now in use. Tho
stoppage has been between Thlrd and
Fou8h.ee. The report of Mr. Bolton
showed that at threo places between
Second and Thlrd the tunnols had not
been filled ovor the pipe, ana the pipe
buckled in the tunnel. so that carth
entcred as tho cuts tverc belng refilled
and the pipe llne was choked. Mr.
Bolton reportcd that he had cleared
the ,iine to Flrst Street, and that tho
ony dlfnculty now ls between Flrst
and Fouuhee. The cost of maklng ex
cavatlons and replacing the plpo llno
wlll' bc several hundred dollars. Tho
report was referred to a subcommil
teo, conslstlng of Mcssrs. Lynch, D/i
vls and Zlmmermann, to hear from Mr.
Smlth and to report flxlng the blatne.
Mr. Smlth was present last nlght, b'ut
made no statoment.
AVnnt.Illda on Scwcr.
The Clty Bnglncer was authorized to
advertlsc for blds, to^ be returned on
March lfi, for tho constructlon of tho
matn newer deslgned to drain tho whole
scctlon of tho annexed terrltory west
of the Boulevard, lying between Cary
Street and Broad Street. The ostl
matcd cost of tho sewer Is $14.1,080.
Mr. Bolllng reportcd thnt ho had been
greatly dclayed In securlng blds forj
the constructlon of the Dooley ravlne
sewer through ob.lectlons ralsed by Ma-!
jor Dooley, wlth whom ho and the Cltyj
Attorney have been nogotlating. Un?
der the unnexatlon order of 1306, Major;
Dooley's estnte, "Maymont," was left i
out of the corporato llmlts on condition
that tho clty should have a right to!
censtruct a sewer down a ravlno which I
forms the natural drain for a large
area of the clty lylng south of Caryj
Street, west of Randolph, includtng
!"WlUlam Byrd Park and the ground;
, about the htreet car barns.
Major Dooley is now making certaln;
-1 clalnvs for the value of a sprlng which ;
ijmay be rut off by the sewer construc
ijtton. for the keeping open of a natural!
| oreek and for payinent for any trees!
??] damaged or removed. The sewer Is tho !
i largest cvor construoted In the. clty [
and wlll drain an area which ls great?
ly in need of rellef. havlng practieally
no natural dralnage. The ncgotlationfl
were left In the hands of tho Clty At?
torney and Clty Hnglneer, wlth tho
undorstandlng thnt If a prompt settlc
ment ls not effected condemnation pro
ceodlngs wlll be instituted.
The committee rccommended to the
Council for adoptlon an ordlnancc
amending tho franchiso of the Rich
mond and llenricp Rallway Company,
changlng from a double overhead trol
ley to a single trolley of the same type
as now in use by the Virginia Rallway
and Power Company, and wlth the same
system of rail bonding to prcvent elec
trolysls. Anothcr ordinanco changinr
tho route of the car company through
Chimborazo Park ls stlll In the hands
of a subcommittec
Ai'Hdcmy of Muslc?Coban'a "The
Auicrlenn Idcii/'
Uljuii?Thoiuna- K. She'n Jn "The
Uella."' B
Two small audlences at the Academy
of Muslc yeslftfday sat through two
hours of "The Whlte Sauaw." It would
be easy to claborate and dwell upon
the hopelessnens of tho whole thing?
upon the stlltcd hcro who oxaggor
ated an. art'ectod ? near-English aecent
until ho spokc of Indlans as "sarva
ges," and un.iustly accused his swoet
heart of havlng set a "trop" for hlm:
who worc boot tops. not loggings, and
patcnt loather shoes ln the depths of
tho Mlchlgan -voods, and who, although
he-wau also tho stage manager, stalk
ed through a door wlth his swcot
heart tralllng alontr behlnd hlm; upon
a French Canadlan trapper. who, when
he thought of lt. read his llnes wlth
a French acoent that smacked of the
"scole of Stratford atte bowe," but
usually spoko Knglish of tho plalncst;
and upon tho llnes thomselves, which
compelled ono character, ln a scene
lald In the heart of a great foresl ln
the yeat- 1S20, to say "Ho is the llmlt,"
and another to remark playfully, "I've
got hlm golng." But what la the use?
lt has gono now: lt dldn't last but tivo
hours; comparatlvely few peonle saw
It; and, besldes, It ivawn't any worse
than "Kast Lynne" or "Her Amerlcan
The names of the members of the
company are omltted in a splrlt of
klndllness. \\\ p, q.(
Cohnn'a Plny To-XIglit.
Manager Otto Wclls, of the Norfolk
Academy of Music, telophoned last
nlght that "The Amerlcan idea." Geo
M. Cohan's clever musicnl shOAv. in
which Trlxle Frlganaa. is belng fea
tured, had played to a big audlonce at
that house, and that tho critlcs wera
enthuslastlc ln thelr pralso of tho
plece and of the company. The house
warmed up-within a mlnuto after the
curtaln rose, and from that tlme until
tho flnal drop manifested Its hapny ap
proval by. hoarty 'laughter und loud
"The Amerlcan Tdea" wilb be se?n
here to-nlght. and to-morrow nlghit
and alternoon.
Board 'of Tluberles In Scsslon.
The State Board of Fisherlcs wat In ???
sion yoaterday morntng at Murphy'n ITotol
for some t|mo for tho purnose of reoritanl
?.atlon for tho now' flacBl year. All of the
old membors of the board have heon roan
polntod. Aeoouuta wero audltod. Aboitt 915.
tiOO of the rerolpta for tho flscul y?ar Wlll bo
tuineil ln . to tlic- Bt?ta Treasury. Tho o.v?
tcr Induatry naa repoited ?s havlng a pios
peroua hoskoh,
KAV50 01NTMKNT ls guaranteed to
cure any caso of Itchlrig, Blind, Bloed
s. Jngi or Protruding Pilos ln;',6Uttlfcdft>'s
Look well as long as they
last?-last longer than ordi
jiary collars and cost no more
. - 15c. ?ach-2 for 25c.
k tffitMtt, Tubaiy k Cc, MtkMB A
Maiiy Scuators Take Fling at
Postal Savings Bank
Patched Up and Amcnded, Its
Fate-Will Bc Scttled
Washington. March 3.?Taklng ad
vantagc of the prlvllego rescrvod in
Itu agrcement concernlng the voto on
the admlnlstratlon po.stnl savings bank
blll, the Senate at o:H0 P. M. to-duy
took a recess until 11:30 A. M. to
morrow-, wltllOllt dlspuslng of the
Thc agrcement for a votc during the
day was iiuallflcd by the uso of the
word "leglslatlvc" before tlie word
"day." The taking of a rcccss pro
longs the day in a leglslatlve sense,
and at the same tlnie Icaves the agrce?
ment inviolate. There is every rea
son to bcllevc that the bill wlll be
disposed of before the close of the.
calendar day, to-morrow.
The blll to-day was under general
dlscussion under the gulse of conslder
Ing amendments, and it was sharply
crlticteed by niany Senators. A large
numbcr of amendments were adopted.
Most of them were along llnes horc
tofore agreed upon, but thero was
one innovatlon. Senator Pnge had
offered an amendment embodying u
provislon lnoklng to tho establish?
ment of a reservc I'und In conncction
with tho postal savings.
Mr. Cummins attacked thls provislon
and procured the eliminatlon of the
reserve provision. IIfs reason for the
ihangc was the. fcar that the pro
i-lsion would tend to concentrato thc
ftind?. His modlfication was adopted.
Ainong the amendments adopted was
Jne suggested by Senator Smoot in
jeeordance with last haturday's con
ference of P.epuhllcan leaders, regu
latlng withdrawal of postal funds and
llmitlng the power of tlie trustees In
the. matter of maklng investments to
Iho authorlty explicltly granted in tho
blll Itself;
The Smoot amendment and the Cum?
mins modlfication led to much general
lebate. which wlll be continued to
Sunator Smlth, of South Carolina,
found in the blll "an adroitly framed
forerunner of a central bank," and
opposed It as undemocratic and un
repuhllcan, and Senator Slmmons, of
North Carolina, was afrald it would
so operate as to deprlve the various
communltles of their own funds.
Senator Gallinger thought that in
case of war the bank depositors would
raalco a dead rush to withdraw thcir
funds. Mr. Beverldge belleved the
govcrnment would tako care of lts
own crodit when the omorgency ar
rlved. Senator Balley expressed the
opinion that tho money of the poor
shonld not be the first to be 'callcd
for ln tlme of war. "The poor do the
flghtlng; they should not bo asked
to buy tlie guns," he sald.
Baltimore and Ohio Officials Fail
to Make Peac'e With
Baltimore, Md? March 3.?To-night all
thtngs nre at a pauHc botwe?n tho officials
of thc Baltimore and Ohio Railroad^nd tho
committeo represcntlng tho conductors and
trainmen of tho road who havo boen ln
ncgotiatloii fo.? somo tlmo past on mattcrs
relatlvo to wages and aervice condltlons.
To-day thc commlttocs formally notlflod
President Wtllard nnd the othcr offlcers
who havo been in conferenco that tho men
cf thc unions had rcjcctcd, almost unani
mously, the countcr proposltlon of the rail
road as against lha deir.auds of tho men.
Proalaent Wtllard has callod upon Chalr
man fKnapp, of the Interstato Commerce
Co-mmTaslon, and Commissioner of Labor
pharlca p. jfelll to act as medlatora,' and
one or both of ihcae wlll bo ln Baltimore
to-morrow. ShoulU they fail ln thelr efforts
to bring ihe two paVtles to the controversy
togother iirbhratlon under tho Erdman act
wlll probably be resortcd to, In whlch ovent
tho medlatois wlll Belec| a third, and wlth
hlm wlll constltiito the board of arbltra
tion. _.
Rresidents riarrctson and Lee, of tho two
unions to whlch tha mon belong. havo notl
llcd the mcdlatoi-s that they wlll postpona
all action mstll n A. M. Baturday, March 5,
ln order to allow tlmo for the excrclse of
tholr frleiully offlcea.
It is reporiod here to-ntght that tho rail
roads throughout tho East are iooklng wlth
capoclal interest upon tho presont struggle,
and that some of them have urged tho Bal?
timore-nnd Ohio to tight to.the last dltch.
promlshig all needed ald ln tho way of
mon and money, it |s Ba|d that tho countor
proposltlon or tho Baltlmoro and Ohio ln
ftsponsa io tho demnnda of tho inon con
caded coinpiiancc wltli tho law >u tho mat
tor of labor, but tho Conceeslons lij regard
to pay wcrc so trifllng as to amount to
It ls clalmcd that tho record of tho unlona
involvod show that they wlll probably not
;V? 7 out f"r absolutctiy full compllanco wlth
thelr orlglnal rlcmanda, Whtlo thls glvcs
nop* that a nrlko may bo avejted, such a
rpsiut is rcgardod aa Inovltablo unlosa the.
ratiroad modlllea lts counter propositlon
Rudy Kol Yel llVeovcrciI.
rSpccjal tn Tho Tlmes-Dlspatclt.1 ?
Mohcirin, Va., Marcli II.?The hody of
Oscar l.niio, who wns drowned in
North Mehcrrln RIvcV on Tupgddy last,
h".s not i?.,,n found up to t'o-ulgl"t.
Partlos have heon soarchlng for tho
oody of the youiig man Kince ho was
drowned, r.nd tho river has boen
roauh''a tOV B^vc*'"l mllea,, hut V,'M\> "9
(Contlinied From Flrsl Page.)
Tiiive murdor ohargog pontilfig ugralnHt
them, Dttrrell Oates iiiid "Dlubber"
Roblnson, tihould ho 'imngod by the
mob also,
A rnafcH Avas mndc to the county
Jflll, The Sherlff nnnotinccd that the
men Avnntod Avore not thcrc and ul
lowed eomrnltteea Kclectod by tho mob
to BO'arch tho prlson. Tho ncgrocs
could not l>o foutul, but ullll tho mo?y
coiti,] not bc natlslled. They uatt'orcd
at tho Jall aoor wlth a slccl rali un?
til an ofllcot- nred a blatik shot Into
the ground in Tront of them.
A commltteo nnnounced thnt the ne
groes weVq not In tho Jarir and flnally
the mob moved aAvay.
Splrtteil Aavht,
It developed that deputy sherifTs had
taken the two nogroea out of tho clty
In automobtlcH, and a report by wlrp
aaya they passed through Fort Worth.j
en routo to "Wentherfonl, Texa.s.
The mob announcod plans to board
n traln and pursue the nutomoblles,
nnd whlle they were at tho statlon
mnklng Htioh arrungo'iicnt? a report
Avao startcd that one of the ncgroes
Avanted Avas In tho Clty I-Iall lock-up.
Then thcHtsandfl of ntcn tvent to that
place, searchlng the buildlng, but dld
not (lnd tho nogro. By that tlme lt
Avn.s Ir.to In tho nftcrno'en, and the mob
Natlonal Guard offlcers Avere called
on thhi nfternoon for nsslstnnce, and
a few mllltlamcn were on the streets
for a whlle. Extra precautlons have
been takon to prevent further riotlng
In llic nbarnce of cfluiuel the ca.10 of mnli
clpua woundlnjj aftalnat AVIillnm Wllkca,
Thomna Prloe and Everctt Eolinmicn waa
poatponcd In tbe HuatliiRg Court yeaterrloy.
The bo.vs are alloged to-jinve nttaaked J. D.
K'idd nn Church 1II1I laat Reptomber. Xldd
npprarcd In court yesterday, Ltiit his head ls
at 111 ln liandaue*. and lt Is bellovcd hla
tnliul wlll tic permanently Impaircd na a re
stik or tho Injurlfs. Mlss I.nura Unbank.
who waa wlth Kltltl vd)i?n thn nanault waa
made, 1? k wltiifss at;nlnst tha youncj men.
Tho trlal wlll bo held nosM Tliursduy.
llotcl Mny t'hmiKi* Jlunda.
[Soeclal to TheTlmen-Dlspatch.1
Norfolk, Va? March .1.?It is under
or partles rcprosentcd by Mr. Johnston
stood that Attorney Henry A. John?
ston has sectired an option on tho
Lynnhaven Hotol property, owned by
tho Atlaritlc Trust atul Depoult Com?
pany, and that the hotcl may chnngo
h&nds Avlthln the next nlxty days, tho
pricc sald to bc $'J0).0"0. The party
have not been made publlc.
Snmuel II. Coivlluc
[Special to The TImca-Dlspatch.]
I.ynchburg. Va,. March :i.?Hamuel B.
Cowloy, aged (lfty-two. a natlve of
Merccr county. \V. Va., is dead here.
Ho Avas engaged in tho tlnnlng busi?
ness and loave.s an adtilt famlly.
Georjse W. Dudlcy.
[Special to TheTlmes-Dlspatch.l
Lynchbnrg, Va.. March '?'..?Ueorge
W. Dudley dro.PDCd dead last nlscht
at his homc on Elchth Street. leavlns
fivei'chlldren. tho youngest beinn two
years old. He survived hla wlfe onlv
a few months. He catno here s!.\
years ago from Pularkl county.
.I.iiiu-s Illle Morton .lloirla.
James Hlto Morton Morrls dled on
SatUrday, February U6. at U noon at
his home in Loulsvllle, Ky., wherc he
Avas an influential and well known
citizen. lle is survived by his Avlfe,
who was Miss Fanny Craik, and six
childrcn?Mra. F. M. Bclley, of Brook
lyn, N. y.; Mrs. C. CotcsAvorth Pinck
ney, of Rlchmond; Mlssos May and
Jullet Morris; Rcv. James C. Morrls,
of Memphls. Tenti., and J. H. Morton
Morrls. of LouIsA'ille, Ky. He also leaA-os
ten grandchlldrcn and a Avldo clrclc of
frlends and acqualntances.
His early years were spent in Phll?
adelphla. Avhere he attended the Unl
versity of Pehnsylvanla. He had made
NEWBILL?Xear Mehcrrin, Va., Octo
NEWBIL.L, retlring as usual. sleot
tho sleep that known no earthly
waklng, and cassed to her eternal
"A summons v,-as given?
A aulver?a pau&e of the heart!
A vislon of angcls?then heaven."
The call waa so gentle, tho ro
spouse so nr'--it, that oven her
evor-vigilaat ehlld, sleoplng near.
knew not of the home-going until
She Avas tho daughter of Captain
and Mrs. Ro. H. Branch. lonc gono
before, and wlfc of the lato General
N. P. Newblll (a natlve of Virginia.
though for niany ycars rcsldl"tr ln
Texas). The heart of her husband
t'afely trustod ln her, and to hlm
slie gave the Avealth of her -leve.
sympathy and help he so much nced
ed ln his life. .
It ls Irnpossible in thls briof.snaco
to compass such a llfe. There ?ur
rotinded lt no halo of conspicuous
publlsity, but countless tracos of
lldellty to dutics and intelllgent con
viction of her rcsponslblllties. Shc
Avns the centre of her homc and
charmlng hospljality. The slmplicity
of her life was the expresslon of
that gemiincness of character, Avhlch
avqs one of her attractlvo nativo cn
dowments. Tho Chrlst life Avas al
Avays reflcctcd ln hors. Sho pos
scssed a strong and cultured mlnd.
well storod by st?"- and careful
reading; oxquisilo taste and lovo of
the beautlful. She avbs a tvne of
Ood's noblest handlwork; the beautl?
ful embodlmcnt of a Chrlsttan
(laughtor, sister. wlfe and mother..
The shadows that fell across her
path,' though many. never dlmmed
her hope or Impalred her faith in the
God she trusted;
Sho is mourned bv her only sur
vh-lng child, Miss Fannio NoAvblll:
Mlss Anrjlo Branch, her sister. of
Prince Ed-.vnrd eounty, and Mr. Wm.
P. Branch, her brother. of Texaa- a
host of relatlves and sorrowlnir
Removed by dlstance from her OAvn
church, the Episcopal, she Avas ever
helpful in evory good work. Her
salnted splrlt Is enloylng eternal
bllss. To livo in the hearts of tbn<;o
we leave behlnd us is not to dlc
Sho walts to welcome.us.
'"there ls no doaih for such a llfe_
Tho star goes doAvn to rlso uoon a
fairer shore;
Around the throno of God in hea\'en,
Bhe'll shlifo for ever more."
A Good Home-Made Remedy for Kid
neya, Bladder and Liver. -
The followlrig prescrlption ls prob
ably used moro than nny othor for
kldney, bladder or llver trouble, Ml.x
together slx ouncos good, puro gln and
one-half ounco fluld extract ? buchu,
then add one-half ounce murax com
pound. Tako thls mlxtttro ln doses of
one to two teaspoonfuls threo tlmes
a ilay after meals, Thls prescrlption
qtilokly vollovos and cures the inost
stubborn casos nnd pruvents sorlotis
trotibio llko chvonlo rheumatlsni, dia
betes.ancl Brlght's disoase. Tho above
Ingrodlonts cnn. bd secured from any
BOo.a^drueeist^ ? v^^
/ NO. ?13.
Roctor of Mtiaic, Amerlcnn composcr of intcrnntionat fnmc,
Dlrcctor of the New Enftland Consorvatory of Muslc, miys:
"For some yenrs 1 havo ohscrved wlth lntereat thc proftrcss
and dcvclopment of the
I'liinofortc I bcllcve you have now brouflht your planos to n
deftricof cxccllcncc UNSURPASSRD by nny Ruropcan or Ameri?
can Instrurnents. Thclr t xqtiUltc qiiullty of tonc nnd perfectly
.lympathetlc nction are n duilftht ullke to thc virtim.vi and
crcalivc artist."
Sclls for more
monoy llmn
wlll brlnrj.
F/MePwm fji.
-ry\E WANo:
??* THE SOVfl*
hls liome In Loulsvlljo for many y?ars
pn.st. wheto he v.r.s octive ln cliurch
work, havlng simg ln thc cholr of
hls cliurch for uearly slxty-two years.
He was biirlcd in hlH cholr vestmcnts
from Christ Cliurcli Cathedral, In
l.ouisvllle, last Monday at 2 o'clock.
Rcv. Charles E, Crnlk. D. D? dean
of the cathedral, ofllclatlng,
Mrs, A. I,. Mnrey.
Mrs, Annn Curry Marcy, tho wlfe
of Dr, A. I/. Marcy, dled stiddenly last
night at lier rcsklcnco, IS Kast Maln
Strcet. Annotincement of tlie funcral
urrangeihente wlll be mado later.
Mrs. Mary K. ."Hosx.
[.Ineclal to Tho Tlmcs-DlspatchO
Wnshington, N. c. March 3.?Mrs.
Mary K. Moss, one of Wushington's
oldest eltlzens, dled at her home on
Hast Maln htreet, about 9 o'clock last
ovcnlng, nfter a short lllness. Mrs.
Moss was eeventy-one ycar3 of nge.
She Is surylved by the followlng chll
dren: Frank A. Moss. Beverly O. Moss,
Mrs. II. N, Blount, Mrs. P. H. Short, |
Mrs. Henry Riimley, Mrs. E. T. Jcn
nette and Mrs. It. T. Oallagher. and u
number of grandchlldrcn. The
funeral wlll be conducted from the
resldenco to-morrow uiornlng nt 11
o'clock by her pastor, Rcv. II. R.
Soarlght, and the Intermcnt wlll be ln
Oakdale Ccmotery.
Hev. Alirmii Hiigmi,
[Speclal to Tho Tlrn'-o-Ulapatch.]
Floyd, Vh., March 3.? Jtev. Abram
Hugau dled yesterday morning. H<i
was about seventy-two years old and I
ltad been a local preacher in tho
Methodist Kplscopal Church, South.
for tba past forty-flvo years, und
bchool trustee slncc thc beglnnlng of
the public fichools. Iln servcd falth
lully as a Confederatc soldler. and
was captured near Waynesburo, In
March, 1865. when Early's army re
treatcd, and was a prlsoncr at Forl
Delaware ttntli .Itine 1865.
He leaves his wlfe, v/ho was Miss
Sallle i,\ Orsan, of Bedford county.
three datighters and a number of
grandchlldren, und a large number of
rclatlves ln the county.
MIin Snlllc ItoberlH.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.}
Concord. Va., March 3.?MIsh bullic
Roberts, the daughter of Sollle Itn
berts, a farmer. llvlng flve miles east
of here, dled at her hotno Tuesday
morning, after an lllncus of some six
or flght months. Slie was twenty
fivc years of agc.
Mr*. Kllln Snrcent.
ISjecial to The Tlinca-Dlspatch.)
Froellng, Va.. March 3.?Mrs. EUIs
Sargent, aged twenty years, of Isom.
thls county. is dead. She was the
daughter of Preston Moorc. Her hus
ba:ul and one cl.ild turvlve lier.
Itufllu R. Cnrtrr.
[Speclal to The Tlmcs-Dispatch.l
Bowling Grcen. Va.. March 3.?Ruflln
R. Carter dicd to-day at '.ils home near
here Ir. the eighty-second year of hls
ago. IIo was a Confedcrate soldler
and scrved In the Forty-soventh Recl
ment. He ls mirvlved by llvo chll
dren?Bugene Carter nnd Wlllle Car?
ter, of thls county: Battalle Carter. of
Manchester: Mrs. Annle Hum. of Ches
terlleld county. and Mrs. Vlctorla Hen
dorson, of thls county. The funeral
servlce and lr.te-rmcnt wlll take nlaco
at 3 o'clock Frlday evening at the
famlly burylng ground.
Irn E. W'liltr.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlppatch.1
Bowllng Grcen. Va.. March 3.?Ira K.
Whlte. who dled at hls home -ear
Whito's yesterday in the elghtioth year
of hls age, was hurle.d to-day in the
family burylng ground. He was a
Confederatc soldler. and served In
Company H. Thirtleth Vlrginla Regl
ment. He Is survlved by two sons?
WHllam George Whlte, of the county.
and R. E. Whlte. of Newnort Nows.
Tholuii* B. Iteauiy.
[5-pecfal to Thc Timcs-Dispatch.1
Frederlckshurg. Va., March 3.?The
remalns of Thos. B. Reamy, formerly
a farmer of- Stafford county. and a
brother ni Treacurer \V. D. Reainy. of
that cotinty, but for sotno ycars con
nectod wlth the United Ktates Agricul
tural Department at Washlngton, were
brought here to-dny from Washington
nnd taken to his homo ln Htufford for
interincnl, Mr. Itc-nmy havlng pasaed
awny from blood potnonlng. His leg
Avas arnputated a short tlme ngo wlth
a hopo of offectlng a r.ure. Mr. Reamy
v.-.'is acvonty-four ycars old, was a
Confederato vctoran, and la survived
by hln Avldow und throe daughtcrs, one
of whom ls Mrs. T. C. Montague, of
thls clty,
Joacpli II. .Ini'kaon.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-DlKpatch.l
Bedford Clty, Va., March :',.?Josonfi
B, Jackson, olghty-one years old. died
at the Natlonal Elks' ifome. ln Hed
ford Clty, on Wednecday. Ho Avas u.
incmber of Phlladelphla Lodge, B. P
p. E., No. 2. For sioven reara he had*
been a hlghly-respectod und csteomcd
inmate of the homc, and had contrlb
ntcd urtlrles of lntcrcst to the local
papers. The remnlns Avcre taken to
Phlladelphla. tho homo of his dauuiitor.
on Thursday.
MORRIS?Entered Into rrst SaturJav,
Fobruary 2*5. lOio, at his honie, ui
Louluvllie. Ky.. JAMICS HITK MOB
TON MORRIS. ln the sevcnty-elghth
year of his age.
MARCV?Dlod, sud'lenly. March 3. 1910,
at her residence, ls Eas*. Maln Street,
AXNA CL'RKY, the AVlfo of Dr. A. 1..
Funeral notlcc later.
Chlcago papers pleaso copy.
AM.EN?Dled, suddenlv, F.03ERT
WELLFOUD am.kn. cldesJ uon ot
tho latc Wllllam Monroe Alicn.
Funeral THI8 (Thursday )AFTER
NOON at :!:ao o'clock from No. 17
East Marshall Street. Intcrmcnt in
.ShockDe Cometery.
Frlends and acoualntanccs Invltcd
to attend.
Norfolk and Portnmouth ' napc-ia
pleaso copy.
Don't Wear
A Truss
After Tblrtr Years Experlcnce I Have Pro-.
duced An Appllance for Men, M'ooirn
or Cblldrrn That Cures Rupture.
I Send lt On Trlul.
1{ you have trled m?il everythlng e!?e,
cnm? to mf. AATiere oihTa fall la where l
have m>* greatest auccesa. .-i-r.d attached
coupon to-day and 1 wlll aend you frce my
lluatrated book on Rupture and Ita r.ure.
ahowlng my Appllance nnd glvlng you prices
and namea of mony people who have trled
lt and were cured. It 1* lnstant rellef whon
all othera fall. Remember I use no aalvea,
no harneaa, no llea.
I aend on trlal to prove -what I aay la true.
Tou are the Judge. and once havlng aeen
my lllmtrated book and read lt you wlll bo
aa enthua'astlc aa my lruDdreda of palienta
whoao lettera you can alao read. Flll out
free coupon below and raail to-day. It'e well
worth your tlmo whether you try rny Appll?
ance or not.
C. E. Brooka. ?318 Brooki Bldg., Mar
ahnll. Mlch.
Pleaae aend me by mall In plaln wrap
per your llhiatrated book and full lnfor
matlon about your Appllance for tha
curo of rupture. .
Nama .
Clty .State.
Don't take automobile tiret "for granted"
?Goodrich or any other kind.. Look up their re
cord. That is the one and only test of tire merit
worth a moment* consideration.
The Goodrich record ia over ten years
long, includes ijx Glidden Tours and most of
the endurance contests. It proves the
Kcasehdd PremiuinXoupoa'
MARCH 4, 1910.
NOTICE.?A complete set consists of 30 cou?
pons of consecutive dates, only one coupon of cach
date will be accepted in each set. You can be'gin
saving on any date, just so they are of consecutive
dates from the day you start.
. _/?$hk. ^^fty ^S^ /#5k -_
Whilc ncarly cvcryoncis convinted of thc Valuc of saving as a protectio
for thc futurc, or as a means to sccurc the capital nceded when business op
portunity presents itself, too many postponc thc preliminary step?the start
ing of a savings account. . ?
But Ic't the start be niade and then the saving becomA a good habit and
the habit grows as the savings accunuilate and great is.the later satisfactioh.
A start is not difficult?a savings account inay bejbegun here with as littlo
as $1.00, on which wc allow 3per centi compound intcrest.
Capital, $300,000,00. Surplus and Profits, $1,200,000.00

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