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Formal Spring Opening
To-Da} and ToMorrow
You are Invited to Inspecl
Our Spring Silks and Dress Goods
The newest; the best, thc crcam of the market is here.
With an eve single to your purse and taste, we have made
a selection superior to any previous. The fabrics, thc
weave, the color combinations and the prices will delight
you. Come to-day or this Aveek and inspect our grand
Shantungs come in for their share of popularity tliis season.
These Shantungs are yarn dyed, thereby giving thc popular finish
and lustre?
Black Tussorah Shantung -:.-..
Black Serge Shantung.
Black Pongee Shantung.
Pongces in thc natural shade promises to be among fashion's
lcading numbers this season. ? Wc are shoiving a wide range of
these fashiohable Silks. Tlie prices range from 59c yard for 28-inch
Rubaiyat, and run gradiuilly up to $2.00 for a Motora Crystal.
$1.00 yd.
Black Motora Shantung.1 d_ 1 C (\ ?, J
Black Diagonal Shantung.f ?DI9D\I VQ?
Black Cotele Shantung.J ~ J
Chency's Foulards will bc cxceedingly popular this season for
both strce't and evening dress. Wcarc showing bcautlful lines of
these Silks, 23 inches Avide, in all the new shades for spring, QtZn
at, yard.;- ?^C
Cashmere de Soie is another popular Avcavc, and is used for
both street and evening dresses.
16 inches Avide .59c
28 inches Avide .?5c
TAvcnty diffcrcnt shades to select from.
Taffctas, plain and changeable, fifty colorings to choose CQr
from in a strong, lustrous Silk, at, yard. ?Jt/C
Mcssalines, 16 inches Avide, very lustrous, both street ^IQp
and eA-ening shades, yard. **' *?*
Foulardsi 23 inches Avide, in rings, dots and figurcs, at, CQ
yard. OU{"
Imported Suitings, 44 inches wide, in the hcav pastel tints,
as alcazas, neAv tan, limoges, reseda and lavender, tf*1 CA
Crcam Stripc Suitings, Avith black stripes in various Avidths,
from V. to 2-inch stripes; these are in much demand; avc
have the neAvest and most complete line, at $1.00, $1.25 fl* 1 C A
stripes, all pure silk and avooI, at, yard
and tan, at, yard
Shepherd's (
small and medium size checks, at $1.00, $1.50 ane
French Serge, 38 inches Avide, all avooI, black, navy, CA.,
Copenhagen, ccru, mulberry and reseda, yard. ?JUC
Homespun Suitings, 54 inches Avide, in plain C* 1 CA
Bannockburn Suitings, 54 inches wide, in jg'rey <P"| OC
Shepherd's Check Suitings, 54 inches wide, in <J*"J *7C
Mystcry Involved in Bold'Critne
Committcd on W.est Broad
With Throat Cut, .Victim Aids
Police i n
Almost wlthin thc shadow of the
Second Police Statlbn, late Monday
night, or early Tuesday morning. Hcr
bcrt Minitrce, of 400 West Cary Stroet,
was murderously assaulted, ncar Bel-'
vidore and Broad. streots, by a man, or
incn, of whose Idcntlty the police
Itnew little or nothing until yesterday,
when the victim was ablo to glve a
ilosrrl]itlon of his assallants. Two ar
rests followed, and front statemen'ts
made last riigUt; lt seems that li, N.
Holt, of 511 West .Marshall Street, dld
tho slashlng. while his allegcd compan
lon, Edward Beasley, looked on.
Physicians say Mlnltree's escape
from deatlt is mlraculous, and his
wounds are such that his deulh now,
although he ls ahio to go about the
streets, will not be a surprl.se. 'Mltii
tree sald. yesterday he would not rest
until. thosii who cut him were under
arrest. antl t;'u wing almost .superb u
inan strength, he alded in seaiehlng
ihe streets Cor the ao-called hlghway
men. Holt w.ts polnted out to offlcers
cf the Second fctatlon at II o'clock yes?
terday ufteiTOon, aud a lialf hour later
wns behlnd the bars, He refuses to
dlscusH the case. and said nothing
when Mfnltrci- swore in his presenco
that hc- handlcd the knifc.
Mystery Surrourid- Caic
There ls a olt of mystery surround
lng the cuse, as Minltreo clalnis he dld
not know the man before they met lu
West Broad Street Monday night,
while from cthur sources it ls iearned
the tivo hav'p often been .seen togelner,
Hoon aftir nc appoared against Holt.
Minitrec left tlie Statlbn house sutls
lio<T. and it is probahlc ho will not
hc able to appear ln Police Court for
a sveek or more, The wouml was
deep and ih'1 blade* so'emed barely to
.avmd strlking vltal place.:.
Mlnntre.e ran into _ restaurant after
the stabblng and wa? treated by u
physlcian from tho City Homo. Holt
has recently llved on East Leigh
Street. He ls not marrled, but han
a mother und sister dependent on lilm.
,'1'ho case wlll be. called in Police
Court to-day. and wlll probably bc
po.stponod. Holt if. charged wlth n
Iiiirro*! ln Kevlrul ScrvKd.
jioyVW 1.- Biiil preacbftl lu.t nl.lit l)*foi
?? larcu rongrflKBtlon at th<: Second Uaptie
fhiirrh. Or?:at lllteren is b..liiK laken'l
tli- revival .-rvlcc. now la progrr.i, thoi
Jigvlng hcnn tlve pcreon- rtip-lvod for m?m
Wtl.ip 1am niiilit. Prof, Hrjaut ha> chur.
nf the muiic, wltleh Ii l)?ln? rn-d-' t> kvd
ri?t f?-lurw of tlit .urvle-s. The muetlns
.i*lll wj-tt-u. -aeli.-ltht lltl. -Wte?,
Chancellbr of Knights of Pythi;
,.. Will Be Guest of Virginia
Suprcmo Chancellor H. T. Brown,
Texas, head of the Order of Knigr
of Pythias, will vislt the domain
Virginia March -? and 30, and t
kniglits of Richmond aro preparlng
greet him Avith full honors und
grand coremonlal meetlng. The met
ing will bo held tn tho Grand Lod
room of the Masonlc Tomple, and
special commlttoe ls at work urran
Ing for thc most brilliant and elal
rate demonstration of tho secret wo
of ihe order ever glven ln thls sc
tlon. The untform rank and.the pt
nphernalia of all thc loages ln the cl
wlll be cmployod.
A\\ tho Pythlana of tho Eastern ln
of the State are Invlted to attend, a
a sjmllar meetlng wlll be hold
Lynchburg the nlght ot the _0lh,
which the Pyihians of tho XVasu
half of the State are expected.
Suprcmo Chancellor Brown wlll
accompanlcd by .-Suprcmo Hepresen
tivc J. T. Bonner, of 'rexns, und otl
ofllclals of the ordor. Ile wlll be ti
dered a bnnquet, at which spealt
will bo Mayor 1>. C. Rlchardson, i
preme representatlve of Vlrgin
Orand Chancellor of A'lrglnla R
John Hallowell.Dlckenson and othc
Thc supreme chancellor wlll be 1
guest of Mr, Dlckonson durlng 1
stay here.
A'ptcriin ot SptiulNli.Aiucrlcnn AVnr
liotlrt'ti hy Governor Miuin.
Flrst Lloutenant Samuel A. Shi
rarh, adjutant of thc Thlrd Battall
Flrst Reglment Virginia A'oluntec
of Danville, has been retlred at
own request by Governor Mann. 1
rewignatlon was forwarded to 'Danv
yesterday by Adjutant-General And
son. I.ieutenant Shadrach is ono
tho oldost men ln point of sorvico
the battalion, and ls a. veteran of
Spanish-Amerlcan War.
Clny Wuid At'tlvi'-,
l-'joni prgfltnt intlicullnit- a ainnll ai
fiindldatf. for \hn. Clty Council will
inliK: at Monroi; llnll .Mamiriu- nl.ht
placo thi'lr i:laiin_ bvforu thn r.KUh-1' m
j Ing of ihe Clay Ward Acttvoo. Thls la
opcnlrig of tho campalsn. and Ih uxpeotct
Ibrlng out a l?r_e. number of moinb-ri.
- (
By Decisivc Ballot of o' to 3,
Council Declares for
.Soti-hside Citizcus Will Push
Prompt Election in Time
for Ccnsus.
Mass-Meeting to
Work for Union
A mn_t.-mcctlu|r of citl.cn* ot the
Vlrtii Wnrdof Mnnclie.tcr for tlie pur?
pose ?_ iirglnc: .oiifltilidittlon. .vill be
hcld in thc linll ?< Slxth nml llull
Street*. to-iilf-rlit nt S o'clock. Thc
niccling wlll be nil<lre*_cd by ?cv
eral of thc nio.l promlneut incn of
thc clty, and .rlille It In cspeclully
for the Flrat Ward nnd conaolliln
tlon, nll ,IU_.ii_ nre vrelconic,
tvlictlicr resldcnlH of the -rrard or
not, nnd Irre.pccllvc of thelr vlews
011 (hc unlon.
Dcspite tho fact that the opposltion
contcsted every point and dolaycd thc
meeting in every possiblc way, the
Clty Assembly of Manchester last night
adopted the ordlnance for tho consoli?
dation of Rlchmond and Manchester, as
ccrtificd to it by Clty Clerk Bcn T
August, of this clty, Monday, by n votc
of 9 to 3, every, member of thc Assem?
bly being present. Tlio recorded votc
Aycn?1? R. IlriMvn, C C. .lonci., M. .1
Campbell, II. A. Nimnull.v, XV. AV. Work.
man, A. A. Ailkins, J. ?'. ..nellltiK*, W
B. Ilrndley nnd W. 1>. KcrRUMMou?_?
Noci.?,1. L. Wiikcllclil, T. E. Tayloi
aud President J. D. llcnma?ii.
While they votcd to put thc mcas
ure up to tho poople. Messrs. Snolllng:
and Campbell stated thnt they won
urialterably opposed to anncxatlon an<
would votc and work against it in ai
election. The others opposed did no
approyc ot thc method of placing I
before thc people.
Kltsbt Is tor Dclay.
The matter did not get to a voto un
tli ufter 10 o'clock, although thc meet
ln? wus called to order a few minuto
j after 8. The llrst dclay was brough
I about by tho opposition, and tho an
I nc.atlon contlngency retaiiated bycon
| sumlng its allotted time. Thoso tac
| tles brought out much wrangilng an
naturally carrleil tho meeting into th
discu.sion of subjects entiroly irrele
vant to tho questlon ln hand.
Tho small Council chamber was ftllc
to tho polnt of auft'ocatlon with cltl
zens iuterested. lt was beyond a dout
an annoxatlon crowd, and every poir
made by their sidc was cheercd t
the ccho. Numberless times it wa
ncccs. ury to susp.nd tlie debate unt
thc boisterous approval of tbe specti
tora was riuleted. Time after tlrr
ciue?tions were put to members of ti*
Consolidation Commlttee. GeneraH
tho replies were so clear and plai
that tiie eheorlng broke out anew.
The chango madc in tlie orlginal o
dinanco by the Conference Commltt
of tlie Rlchmond Clty Council waa pr.
sented by Chalrman Brown as a
amendment. and carrled by the san
voto as tlie maln motion. Imined
ately after this. Mr. Brown offered
Joint resolution providlng that tlio Ci
Attorney of Manchestor be dlrcctcd
tako as soon as po.sible tlie necossai
action to effect consolidation. Tli
was carrled with but one dissentii
votc. Tlio Board of Aldermcn wlll
called to pass on thc questlon elth
to-morrow or Frlday night, the nros
dent not now belnig sure whether
not It Is legal to mako the call un
three days after tlie meeting* ot t
KlBht to tlie KIuInIi.
It was easy for tho most casual o
sorver who attended last night's met
lng to bc sure that tho llsht ln Ma
chester would be one to tho llnb
As before, thoso who havo been wor
Injr lor consolidation declared oper
tliat they would leavo no stone u
turned and would be untlrlng Jn th.
efforts to get out and Influence eve
votor possiblc. On the othor liai
members of ihe Council heretofc
| reported as belnz against lt, came c
J openly, glvlug tnelr reasons, und sa
1 ing ihat they would uso evory hc
1 orable method towards defeatlng lt
the general election. It ls stated
a weli-known fact that tho an
annexutlonlsts, who have been woi
ing for a long tlme, have effected
strong organlnatlon and have eninloj
Willis C. Pulliani as thelr attorney.
Wiien tho Assembly was called
order, tho order for a speclal meeti
was read, showlng tliat over the <
position of President Reams, it li
been ordered on the pctltlon ofMess
Bradley, Brown, Jones and Workm:
Kntire Ordinunce lt, Itvad.
After transactin. a small amount ot bi
noss rclatinK to tho clty, Chalrman Brc
of tho Annexatlon Cominittcc, inoved
adoptlon or the ordlnance. Mr. Snclllns- r
to hls feet, aaklng; it" tho committeo 1
made a roport to tho Council slnco Its Jc
sesslon wlth tlio Ftlchmoud committeo.
Brown ref_i*ml hlm to tbo papnr then
thc hunds of tlio clork; and .iiRgestcd t
tho questlon wbb put ot tho r.que.t of
Pulllam. Thls provoked somo ' dlaouBs!
personal privlle.es and the llke. Wl
quiet was restorcd Mr. Brown ortored as
amendment tho ehan.es i-i_ae by tlie c
ference commlttee of Htchmond. Mr. Wa
lleld, who had provipusly oausod tho read
of tho entlro ordinance, asked that tho
sembly hear tlio amendment, whlch ?
read and roread.
Mr. snelltngs took tho floor, -.ytng that
thought tho soven months" law as it exts
before tho present Leglslature mado
chango to thirty days wus rlght, and t
It Bhould not havo been changed.
Bradley sald that the orlulnal law *
made almply to block tlio prosiesn of mc
uients llke tlils. and injo.ted a few rema
to tho off-ct that he belleved tho ineas
would go through wlth llttle opposltlor
placod In tho hands of tlu? people, Hla
poin-nt malntalnod that tho nuw law '
taken tho pooplo unawarea. and that lt
wrong to placo lt beforo them now.
A Good JLegal Paper.
Mr, Wakefleld asked Clty Attorney dc
wyn lf he thought tho document wai
t-ood legal paper. "My opinlon ls that lt
rcplled Mr. Ooodwyn. Mr. Watsctio d c
tlnued obstructlve taetlcB, instBtlns tnat
opinlon opposing that ot Clty AUoi
Pollard, of Itlchmond, rondcrod ln
openlnR of tho __ht. bo read. Bovoral m,
. ora begged that it be dtsponsed witli,
numerous: crtcs of "questlon" wero h<
unions ihe uimiibers and _poelator?. *i
dent ru-ains rulod that tho papor wai
order, and lt waB laborlou?ly wudod tnro
wlth by Clork Nunnally, whtio tho wai
crowd yawned. When It waa ftnally com.
od Mr. Brown brought out that tho let tor
dated January 1. and that "?? ?rd_n'
had beon adopted by tho eommlttocB J
uary 17 of thls year.
Mr. Ooodwyn cxplalnod ihat whl - ho
not approve of alltho polnlB made ln
ordlnance, or know how they would st
U-foro tlio -courts. ho thought .that th
quarU'.s of tho dlffer.n. <-_ and tho i
im-iurtimt onos wero, eoncoded lo _iane,
ter. Then came a klnd of lovo fcail, ln
which ItoaMy overy raun expl.iwed lils vote,
or rather tho vote ho n?n about to malto.
MrmbcM Kxpluiu Thelr Volcn.
Mr. CBinpboll wns opposed to consolltla
tlon nnd deelared thnt Ho would wortt
agulnat lt. jfo Intended to vote for Bubmit
ttntr It to tho peoplo. however. because, aa
thelr repro.ontalUe, ho ih?u?ht hy wns do?
ing what thoy wnntetl. Mr. Hnclllnn. -ald
ho would do the aamo thins. I'rc.ldont
llonms and Mr. WnUeflrld tlliln'l UUo tho
wny II waa belttR hnn.Wl to Ihe people. nnd
stated that thoy would vote "nn' at all
tlmcH. Tho Inttcr sald. though. thnt wero lt
Prevalencc of thc Disease H<y<
Did Not Surprise Health
Drs. E. C. I.cvy and AAr. B. Foster, __
the clty Health Department, last
nlght explalned thelr predictlon of the
prevalencc of moasles before thc
monthly meetlng of the Richmond
lAoademy of Medlcfne and Surg-cry.
AA'eeks ago, when there wore only
elght cases of the disease in Rich?
mond. the ofllclals of the Health De?
partment prcdicted that many more
would occur, nnd last nlght, nccord
ing to records, there wero seventy
well developtd cases extstlng.
All cuscs tire trnceable to a specl
men in tho .lolui Smlth School, where
. ono scholar Is ssild to hav_ dlstrlbutot
thc germs among his classmates, wln
. ln lurn passed lt on to others.
Records show that Uic dlseaso ls
genernl ono year, decreases sllghtli
?? for thc next two, and appears agalr
ln thc fourth year.
. It has unfaillngly lncreased In tht
llfth year. nnd this Is the llfth yea
for the discn.se in Kichmond. Measle
' is contnglotis only by contact.
Dr. I-cvv tfink occnslon to say thtt
? tho milk sttpply in Kichmond at nros
? ont is all tha! cotild be exp'e.ted, aiv
r he attrlhutes thc low rato of Infan
mortalltv dlrectly to this improvemom
? He sald his efforts will be ln futur
" to Instruet mothers and nurses t
5 use even grcater care in handllng mlll'
J Dr. George K. Bnrksdalc read a pa
1 per on tho mortallty ln appendlcitl
, cases. and thls wns dlscussed by Dn
t llogc. Call anrt Robins. The meetin
, was ono of the most Interestlntr an
*? Instructlvc ever held by the society.
! St. .loliir.N~l.oili-- <o Attcnd puiicrnl.
i St. John's U)dge. No. ?,G, A. X'. nn
"i-'Ai M.. hns been called to meet at tli
- Masonic Temple thls mornlng at 1
s o'clock to attcnd ihe tuneral of Edwar
t K. Fcnnell, which wlll tako place st
_:il o'clock from "nl~ rcsidence. 190
I Floyd Avenue.
Policeman Dreamed Amount of His Gas Bill, ar
Turned Over; Saw Himself a Sergeant
Once, but Awoke.
_| AA-. "Botl." Dugan. whose tour of
" j duty as a police ofncer Uecps him
?"-Ipariuding up and down Main Street,
!C from Eighth to Twelfth, for at least
}~ twlve hours oul of c^ery twenty-four,
"found tlme Monday for a nap. and
!e whlle aslcep dreamed that l.ls sijs
'"bill for the month would total $2.1 .
a ' Arislng In the afternoon hc related his
:y ; dream to his wlfe, and asked for thc
;?l February blll. It hadn't been prc
ls ' ..?,.?,' Willing to place a llttle slde
ltv bet that my dream wlll come truc.
J0 said "Bott.," before leaving homo, I
e.r thlnk I've hlt thc amount exactly. I
;l" saw that blll collector. whom I have
?,V dodc-ed so often. come up the stops
111 and rlng tho bell. T thlnk I turnod
,e over ln my sleep, when ln my dream
1 saw him slip the piece of paper
under tho door. I mlght have dono
Pulling Scares Off Intruders Who
"_ Make Second Attempt to
eil Break In.
Awakcned last nipfht by a nolso Ir.
",. his back yard, T. U Pulling, of T. 3-,
ad Pulling .- Co., 1815 West Cary Street
n'- ran to a window. and saw a man
""' croepinp; along the slde of his wood
isl- houso. As it was a second attempt
?vn, at robbery within the last two weeks
th- ho tl red at the crawllnK llprure. bui
oso mlssed, and the rnan leaped tu his
1UU feet and ran. A second later anothei
'lU man ran from the blg ico box. wher,
"'?? Mr. I'ullinK keeps his oysters, and Mr
, lD Ptillins sent a shot after hlm, too.
'""? Mrs. Pulling was tho flrst to ln
"?? arouscd by tlio nolse. and she awaken
?"; ed her husband. At tho tlme of th.
x?? Ilrst robbery the mlscreants broko inti
*n tho ice box antl stole llve Kallons o
l"~ ovster:-. Thev were cvtdontly looKInt
in. fo1' oysters last niKht. But that.tlm.
ii, thoy wero surprisocl and drlven off.
Mr. Pulling: telopltonod to the feecom
Police Station, and a mounted ofllce
w-i! not long ln coming. He tooi
a report of the attempt, and tho polic
wlll try to run the housebreakers lv
_.1n< of Those AVho AVIII Innpect A'nrl
<>im Di'iiiirtincntN ol' State MHItla.
Tho Department ot the Fast ha
deslffnalod tho followlng offlcers t
Inspoet the Virginia volunteer.v. Lleu
teiutnt Charles O. Trcat, Fourth Fiel
Artlllery, Fort Myer, Va., for tho (lel
artlllery; Major John U Hayden, Coas
Artillery Corps, Fort Monroe, A'a., fo
tho coast artlllery; Major Fred X
Reynolds, Medlcal Corps, Fort Monroi
Va., for tho modleal department an
hospital corps; Captain Franklin S. 1
Ilutton, Twoltth Infantry, Fort Portei
N. Y., for tho Infantry, tho divlslo
headtiuarters, Adjutant-Gencral an
Asslstant inspcctor-Genoral's oflice:
brlgatlo hcadquartors, ordnance rtc
partmont and signal corps,
Alr. riirlHtiun to Prenelt.
Ttov, AA*. Asbury Chrlstlan wlll '-'or
duct the revlval servlcos at Asbnr
Plnco Methodlst Church to-nlgh
Thoso meetings are belng hold liy th
congregatloiis of Park Place, Laurt
.Streot, Epworth and Asbury Plac
MethoOlst churches Jolntly..
liuiiUiTh ln Spoak.
A mnptlnR of thi- lllelitnomi Chnptor .
the Amerlcnu lnstltute of Bankiinr wlll I
hold Thursday nl.lit. Cleortto Allen, of N?
Ynrk, tlie oduentlonal dlroutor of tho h
-tliuto. and Mr. Plerco. of fqw Vork. >
tho exccutlve counoll of the In.lltulo, wi
dellver uddre-.ei, ,
dependcnl on hla ballot ho would vote fo
tlio ordlnance rnthcr than seo the paopl
il.prlv.d of thelr rlvhts. Mo??r-, Brown ?n
Brndley closed wlth strong, and convlncln
spoechen for tholr cause, nnd Mr. WakeOcl
atlll fightlng, cloaed tor tho opposltion.
By thia tlmo overy one. Including th
most' ni'dont ilfrhtfirs for nnd agalnal, war
tlrod out, nnd tho prenldent got tlm
anoiiRh to put thn questlons, whlch wor
carrled, by tho voto glven above. mnid th
greatest d.monslrntlon by tho crowd. Anitui
those present from tUchmoml wrro A??l*'
ant CIty-Attorticy Andorson, CouncUma
Ollbert K. Polloek nnd Onor.e McD. BI_K<
Some Who Have Sold Their Car
in Trouble Through Old
Automobilists were specdlng ycstei
dav but not in their machlnes. Th
tlme the owners of cars were "bo
footing" it to thc offlce of thc Secr<
tary of thc Comiiioiiwcalth. where eac
cnr must be reglstered before it
allowed to run witbln the borders <
the State. The causo of thls actlvlt
Is that thc recent energy of the Hoi
rlco county nuthorities has resultc
in hrlnging many InnocontH into dli
putes with magistratcs and constablc
Otllcer Bondnll took thc numbers .c
20. automobilcs last Sunday. bnt It s
happens that many of theso ha.
chnngod hands slnce the orlginal pu
chase was lnader* wheicns tbe pre.ei
opcrator h.-is not assumed tho rospoi
slblllty of thc registration. Soinc .
those reported have escaped punisl
ment, '"* nt least liavc delaycd a trli
by a'technlcallty, as no owner has y
been found who will as.uinc rospoi
slblllty for a machlne he does not enj<
tlm pleasure of "specdlng" ln.
Tw-.lvo numbers wero changed ye
tcrdny by the Secretary of thc Con
moiiwcnlth. and the day before thc
wore others.
"I sold tlie thing because lt got n
into trouble," said one fornier au
owner, slurririgly. "and now I a
batil.d tr, court to answer becau
. omebody else has not been contcnt
keop witbln thn Henrlco speed limlt.
.Many who h;ivc applicd for a chani
at thc secretary's offlce have not bc
summoned to court, but take thc st
as a precautionary measure, lest
any tlme Olllcer Bendall shall produ
n warrant.
thls instlnctively. becauso wc all h;
a way of tlghtlng shy of theso moi
Nellher Mr. nor Mrs. Dvigan tliow
agaln of the dream. until yestcrd
but when the ofTlcer awoko from
.sleep of flve hours lo get his dln
before startlng another tour of eli
he was fireoted by his wlfe, who i
medlately sald the husband had h
to the Clty Hall and seen tho gafc
count on Mr. l'ace's books. But
Dugan denlcs this, nnd cllngs to
statement thnt he saw the amoui
two dollars and forty-four cent
wrltten out, ln his dream.
"Only ono dream I ever had fa!
to make good," says thc prlvat
"and that was when 1 saw my
dressed out In the unlform ot a. i
geant of police. Give that one ti
?though. and [ bellovo lt wlll pan
, just as tho gas bill eplsodc dld."
Lloyd McAlister Charged \A
Robbing William G.
Pettit of $50.
l.loyd McAllster, a young while n
was arrested last night by Detec
Sergeants AVren and Wiltshlre o
charge of belng one of two mon
on Monday nlght robbed AAMlllam
Pcttlt ot $50, tlie money belng in
?10 bllls.
According lo Pettlt's story, ho
cnticed into a room somewhere' in
neighborhood of tlie Main Street
tlon, and there set upon by the
men. Ho made a stubborn reslsta
and in the strnggle his clothes \
falrly torn from his back. They
hlm down and held him, and then 1
went through his pockets. After 1
had "cleaned hlm," they let hlm gc
McAlister was picked up by the
deteotlves after thoy had been on
trall somo tlme. They are stlll lt
Ing for the other man.
Three WnrrnntK Tor llotiKObreuldnc Si
011 Trlu in dull.
Threo wnrrants. charging hou-obroi
nnd robbery, wero yesterday served
Otls Goode, allns Sam Mllls; Rogor G
nnd 1-llu Thomna, allns Ella Frccmnn,
orcd. all of whom nre now In Jall.
wnrrants chnrgo them with brcaklng
A, I-utto'a tnllorlng c.tnbllshmcnt on
Main Street, from whleh plnco thoy nro
to havo stolen $93._i worth of clothtng;
C. P. Brown's place, wherc they aro al
to havo gotton *81 worth of etuff, and
Gom Chantller's place, where thoy aro 1
od to tiave gptton ?"!'?'-'? worth. Orifflr
tlio woman wero caught by Dctective
geant \Wtltsltlro. Acting Doteetlvo K
nnd pbllceninn Smlth, and Mllja waa
tured In North Carollna, whence he
brought baelt by Acting Doteetlvo Kell
Cnudldatc for Couuell.
John Krug. of Lee Ward, has
nounced that ho wlll ho a cand
for tho Common Council at tho s|
electlon. Mr. Krug was a cand
two yoars ago, but was defeated
though ho carried his OAvn preclni
a good majority.
t'nllcd 011 Ihe Audllor.
lt. S. Major, clei'k ot Charles
county, wns a callor yesterday a
olllce of the Stato Auditoi', llls
Incss was oflicial.
Illsliop Itnnihilpli lu I'rcai'li.
Itt. itev. A. Al'. mmdolph, D
Bishop of Southern A'lrglnla.
'preaoh tit Holy Trinlty ISnlS'
Church thla afternoon at 5. o'clock
Is amply repaid here by reduction of prices.
Suits and Overcoats at $14.75 worth up to $30.00
Tan Top Coats at $?1-75-worth up to $25.00
Boys' Knee Pants Suits at $2.95 worth up to $8.50
Gans-Rady Company
Government Inspcction of State
Militia Is Vcry"
First Rcgimcnl Hcadquartcrs
Gone Over by Army
All State troops are now passlng
through tbe throes ot Inspectlon, and
raw rooklcs are ttembllng in antlcl
pativc anxiety for thc sound of tho
dcep bassoon of the captain's voice at
ho lisks them how long they havo been
In the service. if they know anything
about guard mount, and lt they could
j hit tho biill's cyo once in a hundred
18! It is rather a trylng time for all con
.^icerncd, and many a man is affllctoi!
se with a bad case ot nerves as the arm.
to : ofllcer halts ln front of hlm and take?
" I hls gun for Inspectlon.
ge The niclimond Ilowitzers wem
en' through Us scmi-annual ordnance ln
ep .-p.ctlon yesterday by Colonel O. B
at Mltcham. V. S. A., chief ordnance ofll
ce j cer of tho Department of tlie East, sta
tloned at Oovernor's Island. The ln
spection of tlio quarters and of the ord?
nance, the lattcr of whlch represent:
an outlay of $100,000 by the Unitcc
.States government, was most rigid ani
Psevere. Every gun and cai.son and al
the liorsc equipment was uncovcret
and subjected to a minute examination
for the government keeps an eye al
rl ways on lts property, wbcrcver It ma:
^ be statloned. with tlie regulars oi
only the voluntecrs. Every picce o
ordnanc and every bit of inatorlai I
listcd and kept traco of, and if any
thing Is mlsslng or if any or thc plecc
show dlrt or rust, there must be. ;
satlsfactory cxplanatlon, lf there cai
be one.
All In PInce.
But the irowltrcrs' equipment wa
found to bo In spotless conditlon. an
all tho material was intact. Every
thing ln thc oillcers' quarters was als
found to be in shipsliape order, an
the report on the appearance and up
keep of the Howltzers and tliclr cquir
tnent wlll probably show a hlgh per
Captain AV. M. Myers and Captain 1
M. Worthain were wlth the Inspectlo
ofllcer on hla tour. and they feel satif
tled that thp command will be corr.
mended. A detall of ten men accon*
panled tlie ofltccrs to do the unllmbei
Ing. The inspcction lasted from 8:3
A. M. to G P. M.
Companles A and B and ofllcer:
quarters and all property of the Firf
Reglment, Vlrglnia Voluntecrs, wer
Inspected by Captain F. S. Hutton, c
the Twelfth infnntry, U. S. A.. on Mor
Mday night. Companles C and F wei
inspected last night. All but two me
of the whole battalion were presen
and the attendance was regarded ?
excellent. The oHleers' qua'rterH an
the conditlon ot the property wero als
found to be in good conditlon, an
Major L. 'I'. Price was very muc
pleasc-d at thp appearance of hls mc
and at the general conditlon of tl
equipment. The companles wero St
spected ln heavy marching order; th<
ls to say, they were equipped ready i
go into tbe fleld. The Inspectlon wi
rigid. ,
l-'irxt Ftcgimcnt Inspccteil.
Major Fred B. Reynolds. of tl
Unlted States Medical Dcpartmer
from Fortress Monroe, Inspected tl
medical corps, under Major Truman .
Parker and Captain C. B. Cook. Tl
wholo corps wns present.
In hcadquartcrs were present MaJ
Price. I.ieutcnant Snead. hieutena
Cousins and Battalion Quartermast
"Walkcr. Company A Is In commai
of Captain Herbert, Company B,
command of Captain Stack; Compai
C, in command of Captain Wallat
and Company F. in uDinmantl of Ca
taln Stone.
Headq.uartcrs and Company A, of t
Ttlchmond I.lght Infantry Blues, w
be inspected by Captain Hutton t
night, in tho Flrst Reglment Armoi
and Companles B and C will be I
spected to-morrow night nt the sar
rvoll j place. Companles A und c liad thc
I last drill before inspectlon last nigl
and every man In both -.companles w
present, to tho groat satlsfaetlon
tho oillcers. Tlie battalion will be i
spected tn heavy marching order.
? Her
, al
t by
New Krnine Tcnciiicntw ou I_e_<
Street Autbnrl.ed.
The followlng pormits.for bulldin
and ropairs woro lssued tn tho ofll
ot Buildlng ? Inspector Bock yestc
Mrs. Eva C. 1-mmorsou. to erect
two-storv frame tetiement for t'
dwcllings. 3801-06 l.cster Street,
cost $3.500..
Henry llolzgrefe, to eroct a t?_
story brick tenement for four dwe
ings on the north slde of Floyd A\
nue, betwcen Sycamoro and Strawbei
Streets, to cost $10,000. -
D. M. Lea. & Co., to repair brick ff
tory, 1910 East Maln Street. to ct
F.tato of Josotih Bryan. to repi
brick tactory, 810-11! South Toi
Streets, to cost $3,300,
. ChnrlcK .Vcihrrg l)l_ml__f<l.
ChnrloB XV. WeHiorg, whllo, who i
ohtirgod wlth aeilllng liquor without a
rpnsp, waa illmiilBs.d ln . tho I'ollce Co
y.st.rdHy uiiirnng. ll wns ' shown that
hud . bouglil tlm boor moroly to colobr
tho blrthduj* of hls nlitui,
Joseph Loo, oolorod, wna sontencoil to f
months' enrli nii tho cliarsos of gloallnf
watoh froni 11. Cohon nnd .ocks and i
from tho Wiltahtro Company.
mu ciHunn
Committee to Approach Atlantic
Coast Line as to Better
La_t Sundny the Norfolk and AVe?t
crn nullway eonimcnced the opcra
, tlon of a new accommodatlon traln on
; Its llne between Petersburg and Lynch
i burg, leavlng Petersburg at i(;IO A. M.
tltillv and reachlng Lynchburg at 10:10
! A. SI., und returnlng, leavlng Lyncb
' burg at 1:20 P. M., and reachlng I'e
; tersburg at S:30 P. M. It ls very do
! slrable for Richmond to make connec?
tlon wlth thls traln ln some way. ns
i It would place tlie business men, espe?
clally the wholesalers, ln much quleker
touch wlth tlie people and the busi?
ness Interests of the southsldc sectlon
from Petersburg as far ns Lynchburg,
nnd also between Petersburg and Nor
' . folk.
Indeed, It Is of so much Importanco
j that tlio Chamber of Commerce has
; talten hold of tho matter vlgorously, and
. ' yesterday nfternoon tho Jnlnnd trado
? I committee of the chamber. of which
? 1 K. f,\ Lalrd is chalrman, held a. spccliU.
. ! meetlng In the olllco of Trafflc Man.lgoT
. : 1.'. S. Goodman to consider tho tines
. i tlon.
Thc members ? present. besldes the
"chalrman. were T. M. Carrlngton. M.
' A. Chnmbcrs, T. Pcvton Glles antl .1. l-\
t '? Uylnnrr.
I ! After dlscusslon, lt was declded to
l j take thc matter up at once wlth the
i| Atlantic Coast l.lno, and. If posslble.
, i Induce that road to put on a P.lchmond
1 Petersburg traln to counect with the
new Petersburg-Lynchburg traln. Such
a traln would liavo to l<>ave P-lchniond
about 5:30 ln the mornltig, antl lt ls
belleved would be u most popular traln
in that it would cnable Richmond busi?
ness men to take early mornlng con?
nectlon "t Petersburg for points both
east and west of the Cockade Clty
along the Norfolk and Western. trans
nct business, and return home hy noon.
or at least by nlght. As Ujfi trains
now run. it Is dlfllctilt to "transmt
much business from IticJiniOnd ln one
day. a night stop-over belng ln most
cases absolutely necessary.
A subcommlttee was appointed to
vislt Mr. AValters. chalrman of thc
Atlantic Coast Llne board of director-.
take thc matter up wlth him, and vig
orottslv urge this accotnmodation t"
tho business interest of ltichmond. Mr.
Lalrd, bv vote of thn committee. was
made clialrman of the subcommtttee.
with power to name his assoclatcs,
which he wlll do to-day.
llutlupcth limurnnce Ca?e Mny Be De?
clded Thln Afternoon.
Thc suit for $20,000 brought by tho
Securitv Bank of Kichmond against
tlie Eaultable Llfe Assurance Company
for the recovery of the pollcy of a
man named Hudspcth, who dlsaoncared
elght vears ago and has not beon
honrd 'from since, was not comploted
ln the Law and Eoulty Court yestor
dav. , . .
The dny's sesslon was taken un wlth
the argument of instructlons to the
Jury. which were not completed, and
at a late hour yesterday afternoon
court was adjourned to meet agaln
thls mornlng at 11 o'clock, It is ex?
pected that the case wlll be declded
thls afternoon. The action has been
ono of tho most Interestlng and com
plicated that has ever been before the
Law and T-qulty Court. Accordlng to
law, Iludspeth was legally dead March
5 of last year. The Insurance com?
pany. however, refusod to pay hi_
l.lcenncd in Vlrainlii.
Llcenses to do business ln Virginia
were grantcd yesterday io the Provl
dent Llfo and Accldent Insurance Conj
pany, of Chattanooga, Tonn., and tho
Elliott-Flsher Company, of New Jer
scy. The latter flrm is cngaged in
manufacturing and selllng typewrltcrs.
Good Time
To see Avhat a good "staying"
breakfast can be made Avithout
A Little Frult,
Saucer of Grape-Nuts and
A Soft-Boiled Egg, *?
Some Nice, Crisp Toast,
Cup of well-madc Postum.
That's enough, all very easy of
digestion and fulWto the brim Avith
nourishment and strength.
Repeat for Luncheon or Sup-?
per, and have a meat and vege^
table dinncr either at 'noon or
eA'ening, as you prefcr.
Wo predict for you an increase
iiv-physical and mental poAvcr.
"There's a Reason"
Read "The Road to Wcllville," in pkgs,;
j.caHed.hy-somfr'l.'the Uttleh.alth-cli8olc.il

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