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U U Ul DAll.Y-\VLI-:iU.Y---U:s'DAV.
ItltlMl Ortks.518 E- M-In Stree:
itieherter Bureau.1103 IIul! Stteet
eraburs riur&ui.103 N, Syeam-re Street
'nehbur. liurnu......-15 Elglith Street
7 _iY MAlL One SU Tlires One
UdgC UlgpoSTAGKPAID Yeir. Mo?. Moi. Mo
Was N'? withs-n-^y ? ? ? ? ii,0? Si0J il,i0 JS
llly without Sitnd-y . 4.01 2.03 1.01 .35
nday edIUon only ... 2.03 .1-00 ,50 ...
tekly fw"ed_cid_y) .. 1.03 -SO JS ...
HREE Pby Tlmei-DIipatch Carrier Delivery Setvloe In
ditnond Und euburba), MauchMtir and Pete.-j.
-. A. J,||y wkh-unday.'..,.?_ nnti
On I-Ii9t,*r wKlieu' Sunday.. 1? ?n"
"nday enly. 5 ""'??
Years, -
itered January 2", 190J, at Rlchmor.d, Va,
Kcoiid'-cl-M mittci under a.t of Con.rsn oi
After a Vrch 3. is?!;.
lourt yeste FruDAY, MAItCII 11, 1910.
ho dofendi . _._._,
?|uItaMo!!^si-i?vi.Vfi Ot'It Illir.DIXG lilXE.
he United-|-|K. httlldlng-llne will--stand. The
hn recoval . ,,
mee policjr>rcnie Court Jias said so. r,ver>
ludspeth. )(| rejoicpH except the few prbperty
dalhtiff i -.-- '?' .' ,
rom tho vlders who reekon- door -space- abovo
go. and h.mlv nm] s)?e ' a'b'o've ?' syrrii'ri'etri'l
Ince, hla ? ? ?
mount of ereafter. under the rullng of the
Tho inst?rli no man wlll bo permlttctl to
,-cre to.thtjjj beyond thc ctistomnry line of
icwCo- thls- street, except uii.li ilte consent
Iff dccldct three-fourths of tlie property
oted an ,i,jers 0n thc srjunre.
uitehasC<This <!<"?i0" rcaltirins tlie posltlon
ny of tlukeii by the City Counclt and puts nn
Judgo lr?i i? nll dispute over thc ordlnance.
?^*: hil_'-ew property-holders have enred''
rhcthcr't! vio1n,c> tlie Provlslons of the bulld
iroofs of g code on thls subject, some owners
ourt. Ol^vo ruinetl the heiuty of n wh.ole
rhether tl . crossln(~ t|lc building llne.
rer? ? furr
imo, are P tlle princlplo that every man has u
ourt, butght to do what he plcascs wlth his
? rcasonavn property, some owners ot real
.uI-hor?tyCltlle ,mve ilUcnnf,t"'1 t0 carr-v th,'il'
'ited a nIIIdl"Ps Oiit.to the street line and
he polnt,ivo trled to place thelr front ateps
i the clly streets, roga nllcss or
he^urT1""-^ ri?ht'Q' Everybody bu. the
ows: . ,'cedy party hns been tho loscr. Pre
"That liontly tlie abuttlng pi'operty-liolder
ase had ;g nIs bullding serlously damaged,
if^the ^ll1 lts snIe value grcatly roduced by
irought le crection of a bnro wall next to his
he dcatr,rc), or n|B entrance. As long as
lefendanl , t, subject was |? joubt,
or the i ? , ,,
"That i aggrieved propcrty-holder had no
ho paper.Mir.ince that a suit against tlie man
md marho broke tho bullding line would
or^torsCofvo him the* "amages lle deserveil.
ls conter'l'lic declslon of tho court will mean
on in th more bcautlful P.lch'iiiend. We ean
lielleves l , that in Ule. rvest End, where pri
proof of ?,
furnlshed11" c-1"7-0"8 own lll(! property they
suit was t ln, wide luwny wlll face thc street,
for tbe diui piota "'.' grass aud flowers to
I ot"'dcaU,'i^h,?',, lh" sU'-ts on K,U11"'"' aaVS. |
( pany pri ?' t'-i" hope that narrow streets will
c suit, sta. glven a new w'ultli, and that
cashler sjoomy ijlUd avenues will be llghtened
^tatemet ? .... ,.
JTollows:'* :i dislant bullniiig llne.
Jj "'He We have bullt too- elo.se in Klch
I about I-ond. We havo been too soclable or
AVTshlni:'0 slin?>' Pr to? an'^P"8 to gct dow'ii
' Jeapied AV" soon. We would not leave space
-?lieavily. jiv.-ocn us and our neighbors. Honce
,:iot liadlf. old pnrt of llle 0tt>- ls congested.
lieard ai ~
i "We sent'1"0 even In tlie recently bullt sec
^nireaus ons, houses are far too close togethcr
ing rew,r comfort or for beauty.. Theso must
? ,.. .nnaln, but a new bullding line through
to make"' annexed tcrrltory wlll glve us
I and excroad, beatttlfui streets for llio most
? all his isautlful clty ln Airierlca.
, lilm to . % ?.
BeGn' a8rimi-:ATE.\i;i> ixbusstuiai. bak.
' _ P. M. Tho Fl'HtKlelphla strikers are mak
\ After His great threats and the State Fed
}| searcheeVation ls- backing them. The carmen
?i there bjave Joulul "iat ,iie fraction company
ij clrank v'iH not be intlmldated, and they have
3, hotel. I-Iscovered that lajclessness on their
_? ce-s""1^1"1, or 0M thv %?rl- ?^' tholr s>'inlia
Lr' "Thls l!lzeri! wil) n?t ha'sten a settlement ln
31 part ofieir favor. When hope vanlshed at
w, ITudspctomc they appcalecl to organlzed labor
"' ^"ndtt' U,e State throu&" t)lu Federation.
Sj Is not on1'0 Iattcr lioui" announces that lt will
nj '.>f the dill a general strlko for Amerlca un
n p,etn^a,ss t]le carmen's clalms are qulckly
" arei'n-t'rbltrated' u wiu proclpitate a goii
II is arginral lndustrlal war. lt wlll close every
^'be wasn,]. in Amcrica. It will throw every
ihe queUSlneHS lnt0 conlubion- Jt- wlll wln
flitlon he f|Slit in Phlladelphla if every
falls to'iionist ln Amerlca sufters.
"it r?l Thls is all b'J?c?ml)e. The State
<-luiremccdcriitlon coixla not call such a strlke
ried ou-' iL <ieslred to do so. Tho unton men
jjroof <f that State have no moro rlght to
plaintWlU out the union'' men of New Vork
tbe stat .. ,
on tho an llle>' have to demand that rubber
he wasi'.owers ln Congo pay hlgher wages.
tlnued ,t most, they can only call on the
until Etationai Federation for such a general
^;rikc. ' Here, wo may be sure, they
M..JI1 meet wlth cool hcads and calm
The real leaders of organized labor
now thelr mon. They know that
,nlon men are not fools. Except ln
A^ire cases wherc sympathy aud ex
j-mement carry the day, thc laboiine
i- tbe C0H"U mQyc -lowly. in thls case, they
1 Of ine'ia ,novc v''il1' espoclal care. The
t Friencl11'"'' is "ol "lV0rlu flghting for. Tho
'on tho"1"" whkh socks ''ecogriition in I'hll
1 ache a''11'11'1'^1 is m,t ono oi tiiose which
in eve:as U'U'U' 01'"aul;,-etl labor what H is
nMothe:'*'iav '" Amerlca' '-Tho carmen are
OJCpanc'er<"'!y laborers' whose places may be
a'for balk<" 1,y otllc*r mcn wlln !l lcw du>'s'
n Irug Bilini"g' T1'cy havo non<i of the
>ehi!lcal knowlcdge. and none of tho
>ecial expcrlenco whleh enable some
^^hIoiik to wln thelr way under any
jjnditlon. I'or ihe Xational l-'edcra
ion io Kitncilun :t general s'ympathetlc
Ii-ike on uccnunt of'thls union would
o, to. app'rovo a class of labor whlcli
cort' "0t '" Iin,: n',th ,)u'grcatem uscfii!
ess aiul ihe greatest strength ut the
Wo may sonio day have an lndustrlal
'Hc ln Amerlca. Many able men Uilnk
liat 1 lt ? day of such a war ls not
ar dlstani. lt wlll not eomo, how
ver. over the qulbblca bctwoo,n a
ic&X company and half-skllled labor.
t -will jepi'cseut thc final stiuggio bo
L ,.won the best paid, best equipped'tand
ahlcst workors nnd tho men whom
they serve. In ..uch a wnr, cbmpeleheo
wlll hc the leaf.
tiii; co.v.ikrvatou of commo_v
f-ic-tiator Pnll<->* "went before tlio
Leglslature of {.otith Carolina, and
that hir-torie Stiito:-*' rlghtre State was
_o e::citcd after llstonlng 10 hls elo
qttenco that It rushed pcll-tncll Into the
blttnder of voting for thc amondmenl."
That la what thc Norfolk Landmark
inys about tho effect of thc Tcxan.'..
tvofk In South Carolina; but we do not
think It Ie qulte rlght In saylng thnt
Mr, Ballry Influciiccd the course ot
.hat State. South Cnrollnu Is obi-csscd
)f what ls called tlown thero "parly
?egularity." Tlio Lcglsluturo of thnt
.lato would havo votcd for thc amend
lu.-nt if Mr. D-.lley hud not .-.pokon u
vord on tlio subject. lle dld not spenlt
n Alabdma, we bellove, nnd Alnbama
,-olcd tor it without aerious dlscusslon.
ijouth Carolina would vo'.c for any
.h'lng thnt Is lu thc Democratic plat
_orm, particularly it it havo tho Bryan
"0, K." on it. South Carolina ls al?
ways dolng strange things, and novel
proceeding.. are always ln order down
there. lt is nll tho more gratltying.
thcreforc, thut Vlrglnla ls keeplng
CaUli with herself and her history nnd
Lrndltlons in these record-breaklns
Wo iisroe wlth our Tldewater con
emporary that "Virginia does well to
tss'tntie lendershlp in the conservatlon
<C conimon sense." Not everythlng
hat is wrltteii in the Democratic plat
orm is Dcmooratlc. Free ..liver was
iot Democratic, eentrnlizntlon of power
t Washlngton is not Democratic. I'opu
l.-ni ls not Dctnoerncy. It is lioped
hat Vlrglnla wlll hold her placo as tho
dnScrvrttor of common senxo. Thero
s no other sense likc it, for tho good
if thc people and tho dlgnlty of thc
Aii ituportont arrest has been made
n France. Due*., u, nnin eniployod
)>? the Govcinrncnt ns a llqiiidator for
ionie "f the corigrogntlons ilespolled
if tliclr property by the confiscatlon
iot of l?Ol has stolen $1,000,000 of
kc funds that came Into hls hands
n the dlscharge of hls trust. Hc haa
:onfessed that the shortage will
.mount lo thut much, and hns" ox
'lalne.i thut he lost it all in spccula
loti3 on tho Bourse. Ho was llquida
or of ten oongregation.'., tho most im
.ortntit of whlch was tho Chrlstlnn
trotliers, which has 1,000 cstablish
lents in France and Algerla. Hc w_
lso connected with the liquidatlon of
ho Misericorile mlssionarles, thc Plc
us Father.., Marlaniste--, Oblatcs, jte
emptlonists, Oratians and thc Ladies
'f st. Maur, and lt looks as if hc
et them oft llght. Why ho didn't
.ake more, wc do not Unow, except
that the hlgh-ch.ss Frenchman i3 al?
ways polite. lt is noted Sn the tele
graplilc dispatches in all seriousness
that; anothcr man has been put lu tlie
placo of Dttez whose chief clalm to
dlstlnctlon appears to bo that he
"llquldated the affairs ot the Panama
Catial Company." lt might bc well
for Seltz ;o sunimon him as a wlt?
ness for thc defense in the case of
tho New York World when it is calleo.
We wohder nt tlie moderatlon of
thls embczzler and our sympathles are
with him. Possibly he thought that as
the Government had stolen the proper?
ty from the Churcii. It could not mnlu
much of a row about hls taking hh
.liare of tlio plunder, und there would
ie a great. deal ln such a view. A
Government which has .stolen so frce
y itsclf should not begrudgo one of
t;i trurttc.l agents llke. frcedom in
hu appropriation of what dld not be
qng to him.
There has nevor been in the history
if the world a niorc dishonest act
han tho atealing of the Qhurcii prop
srty in France by the Government of
.hat country. The fact that lt was
I'hurch property makes the theft all
he more/dlsgraceful and tinpardona
jle. Our sympathies aro wholly
vith thc thlef, Ducz. To steal
roni the Stato what tho Stato had
stolen from the Church could hardly
io called'' a niortal sin.
Something ls radically wrotig in
""cnnsylvanla. The best laid sehemes
tiavo gone agley. Carcfully worked out
plans must have fallcd, The Judge
.nust have beon honest or the Jury
nust have come from tho upper part
of the State. The Commonwealth's
attorney must havo mcant business,
and must not have been influenccd by
the pollticians. Any and al] of these
must havo boen eotribincd in the atart
iing issue: two of thc Capltol grafters
aro actuully to bo sont to prison.
We must confesi- to a dcep sonso
of surprise. Ever since Trcasurer
Wllliam Berry, of tho Quaker State,
discovered in 1006 that tho new Capltol
was honoycombed wlth graft und
rotton with peculatlon from collar to
doinc, wo expected that a flnal coat ot
v.'hlt'cwash would cover it all. As dis
closure after dlsclosurc was made, and
as greater graft led to lesser theft,
and so forth ad infinituni, we had no
hopo that a slnglo convlctlon would
come. How could We hopo for such
a. 11-iins-.* Pennsylvania was Pennsyl?
vania, and if nll tho guilty men in.
volyed in the gruft wero sent to prison
und properly strlpcd, thore would bo
many vacant ..cats in the Loglslature
iind few lobbylsls left about the Capl
tol. Nqr did our hopet. brlghten whon
wo lcarncd, back in 1907, that tho
totiil grafl would amoutit . to .-moro
than $$,000,000, We know that thc
proverh about putting a man ln thc
Sennte for stealing a railroad and put?
ting unothcr ln prison for stoallng a
loaf of broad hud been" orlglnated ln
Pennsylvania. Wo knew how thc
proverb would work, ?
We wero not dlsappolnted ln most
of tho .cases, As the investlgatlng not
of the Logi_ktturo nnd of tlio grand
I Jury. dragged on through mlres ol
roltcn polltlcs and rlvitlcts of graft
wc saw ono nfler another of the guilty
mon .Up through tho looso* meshcf
of tho law. A m.v nignths later ll
bogan to look as though the big flsh
ha,i all escnped, whllo only a few
stickers rctnalned In the net. Thon thc
tlmg-nct hcld. Tho guilty incn .-.craiii
bicd and thoy fought. They ploadcd the
law and they devlsed now legal
(?tiibblc;*, Two of them could find no
escape, nnd consoqucntly thoy have
liegun' thelr two-ycar scntonces ln
the. Eastern Peuitentiary.
There Is nothing particularly wholc
somo about thls ondlng of thc famous
Capltol frauds. In fact, most people
will feel -u Iurklng synipnthy for thc
two offendcrs who, whllo doubtlcss
guilty, wero not one whlt more de
scrving e)f conflnctucnt than perhaps a
score of others who mannged to escape
prison'. Thon, too, tho spectnclc of
incn dcfcatlng thc ends of Justlce for
three years is scarcelv calcttlatcd to
act ns a moral deterrcnt. Had they been
common fclons, theso men, nnd scores
llke them, would havo served thelr
jall terms long ago anel would now bc
back iu tho world striving to livo
down their dlsg'racc.
Thc result ls little better than an
aCquittal. It does scarcely moro good
than lf tho condemnoel men had been
allowed to enjoy their booty wlth the
other polltical vulturcs who befouled
the Capltol and besmlrched the gllt on
lts donie.
tJnc of the greatest States ln thc
Unlon ls North Carolina.
"Carolina, Carolina, Heaven's blcssings
attend her,
Whlle wo'/livo we wlll chcrlsh, protect
and tlefend her."
Thls is apropos of nothing excopt
our deatro to "get in rlght" wlth tho
people of this town who como from
tho dcar old State, "first at Bethcl
and last at Appomattox," a modcl
Corpmonwoalth in the charnctcr of Its
people, In the wealth ot Its resources,
in the gonius of its soldlcrs, in the
extent of ? its territory, and in the
worth of lts women. Some of the per?
sons who are lacking in a saving sense
of humor are incllned to think that
tlie llttle things that tippcar in the
newspaper.'. from tlme to tlme are in?
tended as rcflcctions upon thls splen?
dld State; but they wero nover more
mlstaken. Thls brlef statement will
"put them wiso," as tho New York
World would say.
AVhat we'want is to get ln closer
touch wlth our North Carolina neigh
bors, because they are a most deslr
ablc sort of people, and all of them that
we know, and we know some hundreds
of thousands of them, would fit exact
ly into tho populatlon ot Richmond,
thc fairest city in all thc glorious
galuxy of American communitics, sit
tlng scrcnely on lier seven. bills?we
belleve that is the number, more or
less?at'the head of navigation on the
James Rlver and walting and wishlng
and worklng for the people of all the
world to ? como up, or come down, or
come across to this town, which a dis
crlmlnatlng Heaven has kissed wlth
its favor.
Just the same, however, the people
of Mceklcnburg county dld not anti
cipate our own inimortal Thomas Jef?
ferson in tho Declaration of American
Indepondence, and there are othet
things with which somo othcr people
outsldc of North Carolina have had
something to do. This does not mean,
of course, that North Carolina has not
done moro than any> other State, not at
all; but that some of the rest of us
'have been trailing along after her
and occasionally getting ahead of her
In fact, lf not in flction.
Seriously, Richmond is indebted to
the Old North State for many of lts
most distlngulshed men?lawyers, phy?
sicians and mtnlsters?and only the
other day ono of the greatest of the
rellgious Orders in the .world, wlth its
hoadquarters ln North Carolina, deter
mlncd to plant a great educational In?
stitution here. Then. look at the North
Carolinians who havo gone Into busi?
ness in this town: Morgan, who is at
the head of the Vlrglnia-Carolina con
cern, one of the biggest Industrial on
terprises in the country, and Borden,
his assistant, who haa just asked u.
to joln hls church, and Millcr, thc
vico-president and cashier of thc _FIrsl
National Bank, and Jackson, tho head
of tho Virginia Trust* Company, and
a host of othcr North Carolinians whe
i havo settled right down "in our mldst,"
who think that thls- is the f Inest jilace
ln the world, and who cxpect to own
tho.most of it beforo they get through.
Then thero is that other distlngulshed
Tur Heel?primus intcr pares?thc
chief figure in the educational llfa ol
thia State, one Edwln A. Alderman, ol
thc Unlverslty of Virginia, and tlu
Rev. Dr, Moore; the president of tht
Union Theologlcal Sominary, so thai
botwecn Morgan and tho rest of the
Industrial and monoy klngs and tlu
educational hierarch at Charlottcsvilh
is that touch ot orthodoxy, whlch g-ives
North Carolina in Virginia a most de
lightful fiavor.
Onu of Dr. Aldorman's stock storles
Is that North Curolina is a valloy uf
humllity betwoen two mountains oi
conceit, South Carolina nnd Virginia,
and the liumblo aro belng cxaltod al)
thev tinje, as thoy ought to bo, ant
aro maklng moro money and moro and
moro tndnoy by it, ovory day, M'ay our
tight 'hand forgot lts ctinning if evci
wo say anythlng witli whlch any North
Carollnlan can legltimatcly find fault,
Thls ls thc town for them to como to
because they cannot bo hero vcry long
boforb they wlll know tliat they are
Speaker Byrd dlos liard, Llko most
men who are seldom wrong, ho doos
not llke to nduilt a defeat, and conse
quonUy ho '3 dolng everythlng ln hla
power to socure the passage of hls
oil blll beforo tho curtaln falls and
the aotors scatter,
We tvlsh hlm no ..uccess in thls ven
?'ture. He Is wrong. Hla blll ls wrong
.1 ln princlplo nntl wrong ln uperntloii,
'' Jt is hot a tox upon tho pt'OflM of Uio
t rlch corporallon It Is rlc-lgned to rcaeh,
. but tt is n tart-on every gallon of oil
ihat tho poor'man uses. ic lt ronchcd
ithe Standard Oil Company rtlrcctly or
i, Indircctly, und ulmed to miike thnt cor*
poratlon pay a IcKiUjnute tax, wc should
?; wish Speaker Byrd'a blll Godnpocd und
I would gltully support It. It does not
reach tho company, however, and does
not cxclte tho company ln thn sllght
est; The lawyers of tliat eoneern know
that the nieasuro wlll not cut a cont
from the srosn prollts ot the company
or rcduce dtyldends a mlll. They
J know thnt lt wlll fall on (hc consumcr
,'. and cnn he <pa!d without tho least
;jdiniculty by nicrely ralslng the price
I of th? oil.
The Assembly has herctofore rcfusetl
to onnct thls hill, nnd we hopo Its
members wlll stand flrm until the
end of tlio sesslon. They cannot af
'ford to go .before their coiistltuents
und defend, votes glven n measure
which would tax thn poorest of thc
cltlz'etis under the gttlso of taxing thc
rlchest of thc corporatlons.
Wo -c'ar that the Chlcago Trlbune lt
somewhat lacklng In the. faculty ol
differentintlon. Doesn't It see. if tli'i
United States Government would pro?
vldo for the pnyincnt' of all the Con?
federate money, that It would be en?
tlrely praetlcablo for the .South to take
care of all its veterans? We woult
have thc Goiernment at WashlnKtor
lo tlo no more than thls-, and surely
after nearly half a century oC tra
tcrnization, thls Is not a j;rcat" deal
to ask. Besldes, thc samo printlng
house, tho Walker, Bvans nnd Cogs
well Company, that prlntcd tlie old
Conrederato money ls stlll in active
opcration at Charleston. South Carollna,
and posslbly has some of thc old platcs
ntIII in stock.
Tho Trlbune has prob?bly heard the
story that has been told on tho Hon.
C. G. Mommlnger, Secretary of th.:
Confodorate Treasury, who ls said to
liavo answered, when asked the
questlon of "WJiat ls the vol
I ume of Confederate Treasury notes
Is.sued?" repjled: "lt is elther S-IOO.
000,000 or $l00,000,0Uo,000; I have
forgotten exactly which." The Trlbune
wlll seo that wlth tlio platcs stlll ln
a falr state of preservatlon and wlth
tho same printers, or thelr succcssors,
ready for active opcratlons, how coni
paratlvcly easy it would be for us
to get back at least a part of what
the Government at AVashington has
taken from us in the way of p-ensions
and other thlngs for "saving thc
We are not nsking- for more than we
aro entltled to; and to prove that this
ls so, we should bc willing to have a
clause lnserted Jri the bill provldiiiK
that "all Confederate money nrlnted
slxty days after the passage of thls
Act shall be regarded as altog-ethcr
sptlrlous and Its utterance after that
perlq.il of tlmo shall be punished as It
for counterfeltlng."
That ought to be satisfactory to our
Tnsurgent contemporary, which never
Insurges at tho rifht tlme and when
Its Insurglng can be of the least help
or hurt to ?? anybody.
AVe have not the least personal In?
terest In the matter: but we are rather
glad that Mr. Cudahy beat up Mr. Lll?
lls. We do not thlnk, howovcr, that he
should have hlt his wlfo ln thc cyc?
that was wholly unparliamentary and
agalnst tho pcace and dignlty or thc
1 Stato as aforesaid, but, as for Llllls,
tho pork packci- dld not glvo hlm any
more than what was coming to him.
According to the reports prlntcd In
such papers u? the Houston Post hc
trlmmed him to suit our taste.
Mrs. Cudahy says that there was
nothing out of tho common between
hor and Lillis, and we are too, polite to
even thlnk that she would extravagatc
about thls or any other matter; but she
will agree with us upon reflectlon,
doubtloss, that sho exposed herself to
much siispiclon by her conduct in run?
nlng about wlth the gentleman whom
her husband and his chauffcr wcl
comed to tho Cudahy manslon. The
Cudahys and the Llllises havo been or
very Intlmate terms for a good many
years, but there is sald to have been
estrangoment hetween the men recent?
ly, and thero can bo no doubt that thc
former intlmacy has new been broken
Lillis wlll not prosccuto Cudahy foi
bcatlng him and Mrs. Cudahy wlll stay
at thc Cudahy hont>e wlth her five ch.ll
1 dren and will not suo for a dlvorco.
It is all very interestlng.
AVo do not know much about such
j thlngs down South, glory be; but wc
are attracted by them ln a philosophi
cai way. Down hero the formulae "to
1 liavo and to hold" and "oleave thee
only unto him,'- etc., etc, liavo a very
[ distinct meaning. That is ono of thc
many rcaso'ns why wc llko ourselves
better than Wo llko anybody else, and
that is ono of tho reasons why wo do
not syrnpathizo deeply with Lillis in
the punishment which Cudahy put all
over him.
If Brother Barham wlll permlt, we
should llko lo say that Bcmocracy
is not dtvided wlth rospect to Mri
Bryan pursonully, but wlth rospect tc
Mr.,Bryan polltlcally. Thero ia a nlce
dlffcrenco here; but we believo that
lt ls very clear.
"Are polltlcal meetings sanc'tillod be?
causo ministcrs of tho Goapol tako part
ln them?" asks iho Potersburg Inclox
Appeal. ,W0 know tho answer. but we
won't tell just now.
Coramcntlng upon tho robbery of n
Sunday school box by ono of the
brlghtest puplls, tlm Columbla (S. C.l
Roeord remarks ln a splrlt of unbo
coming Jovlty: "You never heard ol
any such outragoous thlng as thls
Wc can place pulliliK^
ocpy for you in any.
newspaper or maga
-iue in America. Effi
dent service at minl?
mum ratcs. . ?
Richmond Advcrtla
ln_ Ailency, Inc.
Mutual Bullding. f]
even ln Rlchmond, untll the horoto
forc tipi-lgiii youth of thc rlghtcotm
clty were forccd to rcnel after nn
itnorthodox Dcncon." That retnlndn un
what a flno thing It woitlii be lf all
tho Hnnday school childrcn In town
ehotild hc rcqtilrod to read thls great.
newspaper every elny.
Hpcaklng or the editorlal articlcs
In tho Potcrshtirg paper, the Norfolk
Laiulmork says "they always make
us think." Good. Anythlng that wlll
make tlm l.artdmark think must bc
oul. of tho ordlnary and ought to ha
Wc agreo entlrely wlth the Norfolk
I,.elgcr-Dl.ipatch that "a mtghty pro
loat should go up from evory part Of
thc Stato lf there ls scrious talk of
cuttlng down thc sum to bo cxpended
ror arood ronds." xVo.U. thc sum has
been cut down and It is tlme for thc
howllng to begin. Thc fact Ih, ho much
ot thc tlmo of the Leglslature has
boen wastcd ln talklng about whls
ltey that many other miittcrs of moro
Importniiec to tho State havo been
"The white men of thc Nlnth Dls?
trlct, without rcgard to party." says
the Suffolk Evonlng Ilerald, "should
constdcr lt a jjrpiid prlvilcge to voto
for Stuart fo'r Congress, lf for no other
rca-jon than that he ls a whlte ninn's
man, and has never been assoclateel
politicolly with a party Ihat hobnohbed
wlth und fawned upon the black man
for a long sorle.s of years untll Mr.
Stuart and hls assoclates oC thc con?
ventlon ellmlnated liim from tho elec
torate." Thut Is the rlght sort of talk,
and It ought to reach thc Intclligcnt
voters of the District, blood belng
thlckcr tlinn bolltical nllianccs.
There la great excitement ln Cliar
lotle, North Carolina, becauso of the
erectlon there of a soap factory. We
can understand how such an institu?
tion would be vlcwod with. alarm in
that comnitinity._
Andy Carnegie thlnks that "we need
more llke hlm" (Plnchot), although ho
ndnilts thnt Plnchot "ls Incllncd to
walk so straight somo times as to
loan over backwards." Wo do not
agrce wlth Andy on thls proposltlon.
One Plnchot ln a generation or two
ls qulte enough fe>r our common coun?
try. But when dld Mr. Carnegie, now
that ho has mcntlonod lt, ever know
Mr. Plnchot to walk so straight that
hc loaned backwards? lt was not In
tho Balllnger investlgation, surelv.
That was a trumped up affair for the
exploltation of the Forcstry scrvicc,
and the especial elevation of the man
at the bottom of lt.
Former Governor Glenn ls kept very
busy these dpvs wlth hls engagemeiits
In tlio mlsslonary lecturlng ftold. He
is going to Washlngton next week to
protect against the shipping of lluuor
into dry States, and after that hc will
go to Now York to aeldrcss thc mlri
isters of the metropolls.- Wc hopo that
he will teli them that it Is their chief
business tr> preach thc Gosnel and let
politics alone.
Evory time u Domocrat is elected
Mayor of ono of the big Northern
cltles some Impresslonablc .pernou
nomlnatos hlm for President. Thero
is talk now of making Judge Gaynor
tho next Democratic candldate. Tlio
South is full of Democratic Mayors?
why not nominato somo or all ot
Four tons of cold storage eggs were
selzed by a Government pure food In?
spector in Boston the othor day, und,
after thoy have beon trcated wlth car
bolio acid, they wlll bo sold to tannlng
establishments. Why not sell them to
Pinchot and Glavis? Why thls wastc
of a valuablc product ln the use of
which theso two grcut Amcrfcans are
expert? Why not conscrvo all our re
We were ontirely mlstaken in sug
gestlng yesterday that T.-chalkovsky
and Breshovsha should bc exlled to
North Carolina. Thero would bo no
fltness In that whatevcr. What ought
to be done with them is to send them
to Doko, Fairfleld county, S. C, where
they used to livo, and whero they are
very well known.
There is probably no trttth in the
report that Mr. Roosevolt wlll run for
Vice-President on tho tlcket with Mr.
Taft at the next election. Why not
make thc tlcket Bryan and Roosevelt?
That would touch up tho boys in
Svcrdrup is said to havo dropped Dr.
Cook. Well, what if he has? Dr.
Cook doesn't caro. He got as near to
thc Pole as Svcrdrup ever got, and
ho has told all about it, his story,
whlch was written flrst, conformlng in
_U essonttal particttlars to Commander
Peary's own story. Drup, Srap, drop.
A suggestion to thc New York Times:
Have a dinncr in tho Tower and ask
Svcrdrup and Captain Loosc and tho
othcr fellow. Probably Matt Honson
would be wllllng to wait on tho tablo
just to glvo tho affair an appcaranco
of vcrlslmllttudc.
? A brass tubc, tho one that Dr. Cook
left at the North Pole, has been found
In tho James River just below tho
ftflls. Everythlng ls comlng to Rjeh
mond these days, which is not re
markable, seelng tliat Richmond is
reaily the heart and soul of thia
mundano sphere.
Two Scotch lmmlgrants wero sent
back to tho old country from Now
York the othcr day so that they could
got marrled over thero. Why wero
thoy not eent to Houston, Toxus? Any
body can get marrled there, and is al?
ways sorry for it after lt is over.
Hcnco the-red-headed wldows.
Dr. Mary Walker upsot tho Suffra
gottea at Albany tho othov day by in
sistlng upon _peaklng whon sho was
not down on tho programmo. Tlio ehalr
tnan knockod her out witli ono blow
of tho gavel, and thus it was that the
orlginal lady who bellevos in*Woman'.s
Inalienablo right to wear breeohos, if
sho wantH tp, was sacrlficed ln the
liouso of her friends. But, now.'that
it has become qulte tho thing for tho*
women to wear tho tmisers,: what.-i
tho uso of any special legislation on
tlio subject? What's tho uso of : law
when usago has establishcd. t,ho prin-.
ciplo? ,;..' '?'?'-..'
Congratulatlon.. to the ?Senators of
Vlrglnla who carrled tholr sovcrojghty
under their iitvn hats und voted against
the Inoonio tax amondment,
Daily Queries and Amwers
Address all commnnlcatlons for thls coluran to Query Edltor,
Tlmes-Dlspatch.' No mathr.matlcnl problems wlll be solvcd, no coins
or stamps valued nnd no deajcrn' names will bc glven.
Footlinll 1'iitnlltlo-.
Plcasn toll mo how many men wero
kllled plnylng football durlng tho last
seiiHOti. t A ULADl-lt.
Twonty-elght were kllled and scv
cnty were Injurod.
.IFnrrlnge ut ."lllmira.
Ig there any Htate nenr A'lrglnla ln
whleh n couple cnn secure u marriage
Ileeiific, both under twenty-onn years
of age? ItEADI.B.
If the man Is twenly-ono and the
glrl Is slxlucn they may be marrled ln
tho District of '.'olurnbla. All thc od
Jolnlng States requlro that tho man
shall bo of age. ,
Pen-lon run.
1. Has thc- ernergency penslon blll
become n law? If so, when wlll lt
take effect?
2. ls the wldow of an ox-Confcderate
soldlor who helonged to Company B,
Twonly-llfth Virginia Battallon (which
was called Clty Battallon), entltled to
a penslon? lt not, plensc explaln why.
1. No, the blll wlll hot bo passed at
thls sesslon of tho Assembly.
2. A'es, If sho fullllB tho other qual
Moudily Knrolnieiit of Sclioul-.
1'lease tell me how to Hnd the aver?
ago nionttily etirolmetit of my school.
Vou can secttro thls Information from
tho report of tho Superintendent ot
I'ubllc Instructlon.
A. TIiiNbnnd'a full.
Ib there any law by which n man
can sue hla wlfe for his work on her
furm when ho pn\-s no rent nnd wlll
not bear any of thc expenses, and they
Just mako a llvlng? Please glvo me
the law. SUBSCftlBlCB.
There ls no statutc law on thls sub?
ject, where a man has no contract wlth
nls wlfe for wages and llvca on her
property. llc can have no clalm in
court for thc payment of wuges.
Debntlxig Stlll.
AVe aro ko.uk to have' a debato at
school, and our suhject ls: "Itesolved,
Thnt Monday is better for tho weekly
hollday than Saturday." I am on thu
nogatlvc alde, Plcnse glve some rea
*ons why Saturday Is better. E. B.
Thla la an open questlon. Saturday la
nerhaps better because It ullowa a day
3f recreatlon before the day Of wor
nhlp comcji.- if tho hollday were on
Monday we would begln the week of
tvork after a frolh; or a day. nnd would
mrdly be ln as g-ood physlcal condltlon
is It we had a hollday on Saturday.
tt ls also bottor because all business
,nv nraetteallv decroes Saturdav a? a.
nollony. To chango thin law would bo
to crcate much confttnlon.
A. Ceineterj*.
A owncd a Hoctlott In a cemotery,
whoro ho and hls wlfe now lio burlad,
and. whleli A during hifc llfetimo ratled
to JneloBO. Tho childrcn now dcslre to
curb ln thls section and erect a stilt
ablo tombatone. Thoy aro told by tho
cemotery board of dlrcctors that before
permlsslon wlll'be glven thoy wlll havo
to? pay for tho prlvllcge. Has thls
board a rlght to prcvenl the erectlon
of those. tombHtonoB, nnd if not. what
courso is open against. sald board?
2. Can a church own a ccrnctory and
sell sectlons therein?
3. Tf so, may the church sell salel ..ac
tlons condltlonal that tho purchasor
rnust pav during hls llfetimo nn annual
tax to tho cliurch, and falling to do so,
forfclt tho section? h-QUIRY.
1. lf A owncd h!_ sectio*. In fec we
do not think thc board can kcep hlm
from crocting a monument or curbing
in tlio section, providlng tho curbing
nnd moniiment. conform to thoso ln
use in the comot.ry. Huit would havo
to bo brought against thc man to show
ho hiiej no such rlght.
D. Yes.
3. l'CH.
..liiiib-l-ml Oillcers,
1. WllPa voter have to bo a icsldcnc
of un Incorporated town ono year be?
fore hc can vote for municipal olllcera,
though ho has been a resldont of thei
county and is cntltlcd to vote Iu county
_!. lt nn election hns been in a magls
terlal district of a county for one year,
and inoves into nn incorporated town in
tha itnmc dlstrlct, is hc rce-ulrcd to bo
a resldent of tho town one year beforo
he can voto for ofllcera of thnt town?
_. Pleaso cxpluln what conHtltutes an,
"aotunl resldent" of an Incorporated
town. W. T. B.
1. If the town Is Incorporated nparQ
from tho county, a yenr'a residenoe i.i
reeiuircd. See tho Con*.ti'tutlon, Section
2. Yes, though he may tnovo from
one precinct to another in tho county
or town anil vote ln thirty days
3. An actual resldent is commoitly
conHtrucd to mean a man who has hl._
bed and llves In a glven place most ot
hls time.
Viitliur Agnln.
Can a voter who ls ellglble to casft
hls voto for members of tho General
Assembly vote on comlng Into a town
embrnced in the saiiio**""(fl*octn<.t without
re. Idcnce of one year?
If tho town Is unlncorporateil tha
man run vote ln thirty days. lf lt Is
lncorpornteil npart from thc county ho
ls re<iulred to remaln there a >*eat
Kings, Queens, Emperors and Notables Were
Visitors at Famous Salon.
LONDON* ls loslng another famlllar
landmark through tho demolttlon
of a manslon which, although
officlally known as No. 1 Strat
;on Streot, ls in reallty No. SO Plcca
lilly, and whleh Just a hundred years
iK<>? that ls to _ay, ln thc nrst davs
)f Aprll. 1S10, was ihe scene of a stege,
n which the Coldstream Guards and
hc Royal Horso Guards wero among
:he beleaguerlng forces, while the forr.
>p rather the house, was held by the
nte Baroness llurdett-Coutts's father.
?>lt Krancls Burdctt, su'pported nnd
mcouraged by the I^Ondon populace. ?
Slr Francls Burdctt, It may be rc
nembered, whlle Radlcnl member of
r'arllnment for AVestmlnster, assalled
he House of Commons wlth such vigor
n connectlon wlth its treatment ot a
mbliclst of tho name of John Galc
loncs. that he was commltted to the
rower on a warrunt of tho Speaker
'or breach of the prlvlleges of tlio
louso of Commons. Slr l-'rancls de
dlncd to admlt tho authorlty of the
Speaker In the matter, and barricaded
ilrnsclf ln his house on Piccadilly?
hat Is-to say, the house which la now
iclng demollshcd ln order to mako
vay for an apartment bullding. The
lego lasted tour days, and resultod
n a good deal of llghllng and somo
Ittle bloodshcd, which won for tho
loyal Horse Guards the nlckname of
'the Piccadilly Butchers," and cul
nlnated ln tho house belng ultlmatcly
tormed by the troops und ln Slr Fran
ls belng carrled off to the Tower of
..ondon, wherc he remafned until tho
irorogatlon of Parllument, some weeks
? ter, put an end to the Speakcr's au
horlty, and consequently ;to his own
aptlvlty. Unless I am. much mlstaken,
t was the last occaslon ot any ono
iclng commltted to the. Tower or Lon
lon as a prlsoner.
lt Is a remarkable lact that al
hough Just a hundred ycars have
lapsed since then, the Brooklyn-born
on-ln-law of Slr Prancls Burdett,
lamcly, Mr. AVilllam Ashmead Burdett
'outts, ls to-duy representlng the
amo constltuency, namely, AVestmln
ter, ln the House of Commons.
Itlch lu Tradltlon.
Orlglnally the mansion now being
orn down formed two houses. ono of
vblch was occupled by Slr Francls
3urdctt and his daughter and the
ither by his fathcr-ln-law, old Tom
^outts, the banker, who marrled en
iccondcs noces Ilarrlot Mellon, tho ac
ress. After Tom Coutts's death, hjs
vidow, helress to all hla rlches, mar
?led the Duke of St. Albans, artd when
;ho dled bequeathod her great fortune
ind tho houso to her husband's grand
laughter, #ingela Burdett, stipulattng
hat she should aasumo the namo or
3outts ln addltlon ln hor patronymlc.
I'hat wna ln 1S37. and from that time
lorth tlie two nouses were thrown into
>nc. lt waa from tho balcony of t_ir
.?"rancls Burdett's house ln Piccadilly
.hat tlio late Baroness Burdott-Coutts
vltnesscd tho coronatlon procession of
-e.orgo lv., of AVilllam IV., ot Queen
/ictoria, and of Edward VII. -On the
iccaslon of Klng Edward's coronatlon
irocesslon, tho baroness had by her
ildo on the balcony her old frlend, Ad
niral Slr Henry Keppel, who waa
ilnety-two years of ago at tho tlme.
Tho baroness, whose wldowed Amer
can-born husband ls barely slxty, nna
ivho herself only dled about three
,'ears ago, used to rolate that she well
?emembered her grandfather, Tom
.outts, who, born qtilto early tn the
'elgn of George II., was grown up at
.ho tlmo ot' tho Amerlcan War of In
lepondence, and had been on terms ot
frlendshlp wlth Dr. Johnson, tho great
Lord Chatham. Garplck, etc. Tom
-outts was vory hospitablo, and. even
in his day hla Piccadilly houso wns tho
i-ondezvous of somo of tho most lmpor
lant men of his tlme, wlille_Slr Prancis
Burclott's houso next door was the
hoadquartcra- of Radlcallsm, although
his son-ln-luw* to-day is a pronouncod
But lt was durlng tho reglme or ttm
lato Baroness Burdett-Coutts that the
doublo houso on Piccadilly became a
great social centre. Up to the tlme
ot tlio biu-oiioss' marriage, Quocn A'lo
torla was a frequent vlsltor there, as
wero also tho prosXjnt Klng and hla
consort; whliu among tho habltues ot
tho baronoas' salons, at SO Piccadilly,
and among thoso who wero most fro
quently to bo found at hor hospitablo
board, wero tho royal French Duo
rt'Aumalo, owner of Chantllly, who ia
croditeel wlth having proposed for he.
hand; Louls Napoleon, afterwurds Em
poror of tlio French; tho first Duko' ot
AVolllngton, who ls also usaertod to
have. boen ono of her sultors; Lora
Beneonsflold, Palinorston, AVllberforce,
tlio Abolltlonlst;. tho Great Mettemloh,
aurlng his stay ln London; Genoral
Qordon. of Khartum, and last, but not
lonst, Henry Stanloy, tho oxpioror. In?
deed, lt ls probahlo that thoro ls no
prlvato house in London which for the
pasb hundred years or mor? has liaa
Us thresliold orossed by so many celo
brated personages, and which has becrt;
tho sceno of so many notablo gather*!
lng?, a_ that which Is now in tne
Itands of the wrcckcr.
The Ilullerfly?V richtcr.
ln none oi the noticea e>t tiic deatn
if the late Due do Talleyrand-Pcrt
Sord, who for near half a century wus
>ne of the plllurs ot tho French tur:.
the rounder of the National Steeple
:hnso Soclety of France, und of tii>?
olub do la Ruo Royalc, and the Alct
blades of Parislan life, have I seen any
mentlon made of hls connectlon wttn
tho army. Yet ho was a vcteran of tho
Jrimeau War, In whlch hu took part
is an olllcer of Culrasslers. afterwarus
.erving wlth do Gailiret In the crack
;avalry reglment ol thc Gulde_. __lor*
?jvhr, when tho war of 1S70 broko out,
ie voluntecrcd for duty, was auaehea
to the staff of Admiral de la Roncicro
e Noury, who was one of tho defcutt
*irs of Parls, anel dlsttnguishcd hlmselC
jnder nre to such a uegrce tnat.hu
.vas decorated wlth the Cross ot tno,
Lcglon of Honor, for conspicuous gai
antry on tlie battli-fleld. lt is wclt
.hat thcBi. things shouiel bc rcinombcred
*jf -hl-m at o. moment when there seems
:o bo a dlspositton to regard hlm ua
lavlng been nothing more thun a aicrij
isoless buttcrily ot fashion.
Naval College for Krancc.
Frnnce'a navy was untll about ilfteeit,
-r twenty years ago thc favonte scr
I'lco amung tlie houses of the old
French artstocracy, cspcclally those ot
:ho West and of thc tjouth of France,'
Srlttany ln particular belng largely,
?eprl-sentcd in thu commissloncd rauks.'
riiunks to thi.., there is probably no*
.chuiastlc Institution in the lnnd tliat;
las graduated so many noblcs of an
:lent llneage, tltlcd and uniitled, as tho
.rain'ing ahip Bordu, at Brcsl, on whlch
ill officcrH of the navy undergo u thrce
,-ears' course berore belng appolnted;
Tho announccment, theretore, thatj
\dmiral do Lapeyrore has declded tb~dc?:
iway wlth tho Borda, and to establisra
n ita stead a naval college on shora
it Brest, wlll uttract wlaespread at-.
;en.tlon. Thc udmiral is followlng ItV
:h_a matter the example of tho Engllsh
tdmlralty, whlch not long ago abol
shed thc tralning shlp Brltannla* nnd
:ransferred thc cadots to what is nowi
tnown as the Naval Collego at Devon
port. whlch ls bullt on much tho saiuo
lnes as Annupolls, Tho buildlng ot
:ho new French naval college has al
?eady been begun on the Polnte, at
Brest, and a sum of 3,000,000 franca j
las boen voted for tho purpose.
The school-shlp system was llrst cs .
-abllshcd ln Frnnco Just a hundred
/cars ago by Emperor Napoleon, who
-Igned a decree at Fontalnebleau as
slgnlng two men-of-war to the servlca
it Brest and ono at Toulon. Louis"
X.VHI. abollshed them, and organized
. naval collego at Angoulome. But
n 1S:',0 Klng Louis Plilllppo sent back
-he naval cadots to a school-shlp uC
Brest, namely, thc Orion, whlch terv
,-cara later waa replaced by the Bordu,
ind tho Borda has been used for tha
lurposo over slnce.
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