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||W -M- W I fllll-- l_ W ? -BW
Some of the Livcly Things Going
On in "VTirginia and
uVcw Factorics Going Up and
Many Old Ones Being
rroderIck_bu.g people havo already
bought over J1C000 of tho Sitotsyl
?vnnla. county road Improvcment^bonds,
and thc JI 00,000 isHUC ls but a week
or two old.
Saluda. tlio county seat of Mlddle.ex
county, Ik soon to havo a bank. Roa?
noke clty capital, together wlth Mld
dlesex money. Ih lnterested.
Tho Cltizens* Kavlngs and Trust
Company, wlth 5200,000 of capital, wlll
etart buslnosa in Norfolk thls week.
Tho Norfolk Portland Cement Cor?
poratlon Ih buildlng a plant wlth a
capaclty of 1.000,000 barrels of cement
per year, and wlll bc ready for busi?
ness by May 1.
Thc Lynchburg, Amherst and North?
ern Railway Company proposes to
bulld a thlrty-milc road from Lynch?
burg, vla Amherst Courthouse, to
elther Sandldges or L-twosvllIe. Three
Htool brldges of a hundred feet length
wlll be an cxpenslvo feature of the
road. Thc prellmlnary survey is now
belng made.
Cape Charles is to have an Important
new lndustry, if tbe roport that the
Now York, Philadelphia and Norfolk
Railway ls to bulld Immcnse shops
thero thia year bo true.
Poeahontaa Is to ' have a. $100,000
orphanago and hospital, and It ls to
bo a magnlficent flreproof buildlng.
The Shenandoah Club, of Roanoke,
wlll erect thls sprlng a $10,000 annex
to thc already handsome clubhouse.
The Roanoko clty courthouse ls too
small. and blds are now belng In?
vited for tho erectlon of a largo ad?
Lynchburg has contracted for a
$15,000 crcmatory to he bullt tbls
The Covlngton Machlne Company in?
tends to spend $75,000 this year ror
r.nlargement and improvement of thelr
already immenHc plant. They wlll In
. tall a scparate plant to furntsh elcc
trlcity for operatlng machlnery.
Honakcr Is to have an electric plant,
to be erected and operated by George
AV. Douglas, lato of Pennsylvania.
The wldeawake town of Roxboro,
Jt. C. Is going to Issue bonds to pave
lth streets and sldewalks. and doea
not propose to make any half-way
Job of lt. I
Wadesboro, N. C, has caught the
Ftreet Improvement fevcr, and wlll on
Aprll 4 have an election on the ques?
tlon of a street Improvement bond
W. A. Klllngton, of Chapel Hlll, N.
C, Is establlshlng a big ho.lery mill
at Sandford.
Tho Shamrock Mllls Company, of
Wlnston-Salem. wlll thls sjrlng build
an addltlonal two-story cotton mill,
which is to be 100 by 200 feet.
... Tr Induntrlr. .Started In Vlrdnla,
West Vir_.lni_ nnd North Carolina.
Chattanooga, Tenn., March 12.?The
aecompanj'ing llst. authorlzed by Thc
Tradesman. lndlcates the moro Im?
portant new industrics csta-bllshed In
Vlrglnla. West Vlrglnia and North
Carolina during the weck cndlng Wed?
Castlewood?520,000 bank.
AVeems?510,000 rcalty company.
Richmond?$10,000 concrcte works;
$15,000 prlnting company.
Brlstol?$50,000 realty company.
Holland?$50,000 fcrtlllzer company.
West Vlrglnln.
Flemlngton?$10,000 /)II and gas
Parkersburg?$2-1.000 oil and gas
company; oi] company; tl00,000 oil
Jeffery?Manufacturers wagon rlms,
hubs, etc.
Charleston?$1,000,000 electric rail?
way company; land company.
Rockvllle?Telephone company.
Huntlngton?$100,000 rcalty com?
North Carolina.
Salisbury?$20,000 harness, wagons,
Wilmlngton?$50,000 paint factory.
Andrcws?($20,000 water and llght
Faycttevllle?$50,000 drug company.
l'nrty of L?-cturer_ Wlll Be ln Charge
of Ci.iii.ii1k .ioucr Kolncr.
[Speclal to The Tlmos-ptspatch.]
Staunton, Va., March 12.?Hon. G. XV,
Kotner, Commlssioner, of Agrlculturo,
will run an institute train over tho
Chosapoake- and Ohio Road, atopplng
at Staunton, on March 17.
Tho lectures wtl, aa usual, bo held
in tho cars. Tho lecturers on thls trlp
will be tho commlssioner hlmself, and
Professor S. XV. Fletcher, of V. P. I
on frult growing: AV. W. Sproul, of
Augusta county, on potatoes as ? a
money crop; Profesor S. B. Heiges.
Stato experlmcnt farm, on improvlng
corn crop; W. D. Zlnn, on live stock
-titl soil improvement; August StabJer,
on legumes to lniprovo land,
Cooil Hniliiess ln Crevrc,
Crcwo, Va., March 12.?Sprlng busi?
ness has opened up unexpoctcdly brisk
iu tho town of Crcwo. Wlth the Nor?
folk and AVestern shops full of .vork
and tho full contingent of workmen
on tho pay rolls and splendld crops
made in the good farmlng section sur
roundlng, rhonoy ls plentlful, and the
merchants aro enjoylng a run of busi?
ness wlth the opening of the eprlng
that they hardly looked for, Tho post.
offlce receipts for tho past two month.
and the bank clearlngs show declded
Improvement ln business of all klnds
Crowo has cnti.ely rccovered from the
yianic of two years ago, and tho town
will show a marked advanco in thls
good year 1910.
Uiilldlnc |u I,u .vrencoille.
I__wroncevlllo, A'a., March 12.?It ls
likely that at no tlmo in tho history
ot' the town was thore as much that is
cncoui'ugtng natleeablo on tlie surfaco
as just now. Buildlng is going on In
every part of tho town, and the mer?
chants say they havo tiover had a
better outlook tov sprlng business,
Lawroncovlllo haa Ceased to bo a
sic-epy town. for business actlvlty ls
.notlceablo on overy hrtntl.
. _ ?
Tlio "Titxleaa Tov.ii."
Scotlsvlllo, A'a,, Maroh 1_,?Tho tlg
ures taken from tho books of tlie com
n.lsslonor of rcvenuo for thls dlstrlct
show that during tho past year S?ott_
vlllo has brolten tho rocovd ln tho
matter of expondlng' Its business. A
larger territory than horotofore is now
trading wlth thls "taxloss town," 'and
the merchants are maklng cutitomera
from reglons that nevoi* boforo know
Kcottsvllle in a commercial way, The
now flourlng mllls lin-va beeri a ._,_._.
ln brlnglng new business to the town,
they belng litrgo buyer^ of grain,
(Contlnued rrom Plrflt PagQ
00 by 200 feet, to bo ertulpped wlth
oslery knlttlng machlncry .drlven by
F. M. Boyd, of Chester, B, C, and B.
I. Held. of Nowbcrry, S. C, wlll form
$25,000 company to cHtablisn a 100
mchlno knlttlng- mlll ftt Chostor; wlll
icludo dyehig and flnlshlng enulP
lont, and entlre Plant wlll bo drlvon
y olectrlclty.
Morgan t_umber and Manufaeturlng
lompany, Charleston, XV. Va., waa ln
orporated wlth 1100,000 capltal stock.
United Telephone Company, Austln.
ex., was Incorporatod wlth $300,000
apltal stock,
Albany Power and Manufaeturlng
lompany, Albany. Oa? wlll expend
"0,000 for an auxlllary Bteam plant ot
Bcck Steam Laundry Company. At
inta, Ga., was Incorporated wlth $30.
00 capltal stock.
Tampa and Atlantic Constructlon
rompany^ Tampa. Wa., was lncor
lorated wlth $150,000 capltal Btock.
Kltto Laundry Company. I/Ou**vllIe,
:y.. was Incorporated wlth $76,000
apltal stock.
F. W. Cook Bottllng Company, New
Irleans, La., waa Incorporated wlth
50.000 capltal stock.
Central of Georgla Rallway, Sa
annali, Ga., ls proparlng to award
ontracts amountlng to about $250,000
or drodglng sllp 1)00 by 225 feet,
?rectlng warehouse 100 by BOO feet,
Yellow Chlcf coal Company, Meek,
Cy., was Incorporated wlth $150,000
iipital stock.
XV. and II. Lumber Company, Cleve
and, Mlss.. was Incorporated wlth $80,
i00 capltal stock. _
Etowah Stono" and Or? Company,
Inniston, Ala., was Incorporated wlth
125,000 capltal stock.
Youngsvlllo Sugar Cane Syrup Com
mny, Youngsvllle, I-n., awarded con
ract for addltlonal machlnory costlng
(Contlnued From Flrst Page.)
)up. much to the dcllght of the farmei
sellers, all of whom went home hlirhli
ilcascd wlth the srood prlces obtalnod
Ilenvy OITeriiiK- at Bcdford Clty.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Bedford Clty, March 12.?The weelf
has been a very busy one ln tobaccc
markets, sales aggrcgating close t<
100,000 pounds. Kotwithstanding thesf
heavy offerlngs, prlces havo remalnet
firm in all grades, and showing bettei
condltlon toward tlie close of the week
Prlces ln tho lower grades have ad?
vanced over tho closlng sales of las'
woek. Wrappers are scarce, onl}
a few small lots belng offered. Swee
alr-cured tobaecos for lnanufacfenrlnf
purposes are In great demand ant
prices are noi.c.abiy hlgher.
llrnvy Itrraks at AltarUln.
JSpcclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Altavlsta. Va., March 13.?Thn loca
tobaeco market ls enjoylng the hcavles
breaks ln Its history. Tobaeco ls com
Ing here from flve countles, by bot.1
rallroad and wagon. Growera are at
tracted by tne excellent prlces real
lzed here. The best prices thls weel
wero 30 cents.
2,000,000 Pouml* Sold nt Danville.
[Special to The Tlmes-DIspatch.l
Danville, Va., March 12.?Sales havi
been large thls week. and the ware
houses sold more than 2,000,000 pound:
of tobaeco. Notwlthstandlng thls, th'
market was active, and prlces a
strong at the close of the week a:
they have been at any tlme durini
the season.
Considering the soft weather th<
growers havo had, the tobaecos oftorei
were ln exccptlonally good order, am
nothing was neglected. Medlum t<
good llllers showed up rather mon
plentlfully, and wrappers were corres
pondlngly scarce.
The better grades of cuttlng lea
and common and medlum wrapper:
showed some llttle advance, but price:
on the other grades were about thi
same that they have been for sorm
tlme. A falr business has been dom
ln redrled tobaecos.
Prlces Are Satlafnclory.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Pamplln Clty. Va., March 12.?WhlL
the tobaeco break has not been s<
largo on thls market thls week as 1
was last week, lt has been very good
and tho prlces have been qulte satis
factory to tho farmers.
nig Sales at Chnthnm.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Chatham, Va,, March 12.?Sales c
tobaeco on the local market have fc
the season passed the 3,000.000 poun
mark, and from present Indicatlon
will go beyond 4J30O.OOO. Prlces hav
ruled well and satlsfactory to , th
Petersbu-K Tobaeco Market.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Petersburg, % a., March 12.?The salt
of looso tobaeco thls week aggregate
between 700,000 and SOO,000 pounds, th
lncreased recelpts showing the goo
effect of tho lato warm rain. The wee
was a strenuous one, causing all er
gagod ln thls llne of trade to ris
early and retlre late. Prlces were we
malntalned on all grades, durlng tl
week'. and thc planters seem well sal
isiled wlth thelr returns. The lnrges
buyer on the market Is the represel
tativo of tlie Amerlcan Tobaeco Con
pany, a careful, watchful buyer, yc
liberal ln his deallngs with tho plani
ers. Very fow lots are taken ln. Darg
recelpts nre expected next ?week.
Quotatlorjs: Common lugs, $5.50 <
$6.75; good lugs. [email protected]$9; short lea
[email protected]; flno slilpplng, [email protected]$l!
wrappers, $15 035.
(Contlnued From FTrst Page.)
other clties and towns that wil| sho
a proportlohato Incroaso porhaps, ai
thon come tho farm and mlneral 1am
and tho rallway propertles, etc.
neod surprtso no one lf tho values a
placed thls year at two hllUons
AKricultiiral Development.
Although Virginia Tias very lar?
varled and Important Interests outsl
of -agrroultui'o, stlll agrlculturo h
beon, and ls, {}or greatest'and most li
portaut Interest,, and ls the occup
tlon of tho great majority of hor pe
plo. Sho ls- essontlaily an agrlouUui'
State. The prlnclpal agrlcultural pv
ducts aro tobaeco, corn, ivhoat, oai
buckwhoat, harloy and tlio natlvo ai
cultlvatcd crasses, which, togeth
wlth tho clovors, yleld an abundan
of hay, Peanuts, potatoea, frults ai
alj ntanner of truck are,' of court
farm produots also,. and the Increa
ln these products in tho last tlilr
yenrs has been hoyotid oomputntlon.
Ton yenrs ago tho'value of tlie VJ
gtnla corn crop wa- but a llttl* over'bu
$1.0,500,000. Last yeor It waa $35,500,- wl
000, and witli thc Intcnse Interest gi
nroused In corn ctitture wlthin the past tli
year lt ls safe to guesa that tho value ur
of thls year's crop wlll bo fully $40,
Comparntlve Flgures.
Tho followlng are the Increase. In
value of crops wlthin tho past nlno
years; Wheat, $2,000,000! oats, $500,- I ici
000; hay, $3,000,000; tobaeco, $1,000,000; pc
potatocs, $1,200,000; poaniitSi $1,000,- nt
000; all trucks, $8,000,000: orchartl i gl
-rults, $.1,000,000; dairy products, $5,-1 ut
500,000; llve stock, $30,000,000; forest | el
products, $0,500,000; mlneral output,' te
$8,000,000; mlsceltaneous crops not ln-|of
cluded above. $900,000; poultry and cr.
eggs, $2,000,000. It would make too 00
long a story to go Into dotalls as to
what Old Virginia ralses. It ls sum
clcnt to say that from tho sea to the
mountalns almost everythlng that Is.
necessary for the comfort of man and
beast can bo taken from the soll of
thls State.
Mlnlng and Mn_ufnct__i_i_.
Wlthin a genoratlon Virginia has
become a eonsiderable mlnlng State. ln
1880 less than 30,000 tons of plg iron
woro made ln the State. Last year 325,
000 tons wero mado, Thirty years ago
no coko ovens were ln tho State. Last
year 1,500,000 tonsof coke were made,
A generatlon ago only 40,000 tons of
coal wero mlned irt Virginia, but last
yoar*s output waa closo to 5,000.000
tons. Tho Iron oro mlned has grown
from an Inslgnlflcant figure twentq
years ago to 700,000 tons last year. A
generatlon ago there wero very few
cotton factorles ln the State, and no
very large ones. Last year there were
In operatlon 320,000 splndles and 3,500
looms, nn Increase of 150 per cent.
since 1900. Tho raw cotton consumed
last year amounted to 37,000,000
pounds, an Increase of 145 per cent. In
nlne years. That seerns to be golng
"Wlth Its magntflcent waterpowers
yot undcveloprfid lt ls belleved that as
the days go by thero wlll bc more cot?
ton factorles In the State, and lt may
bc that wlthin the next decade Vir?
ginia wlll lead ln the manufacturo of
cotton goods as It leads In many other
llnes. Virginia folks are Just be?
ginnlng,to catch on to thls enterprlse,
and there Is no tolllng what thoy may
do ln the next ten yoars.
Other IHk Wealth.
In Charlottesvllle and at other
polnts there are extenslve woolen
mllls, and somo of these mllls are put
tlng out cloths that charm thedresslcst
of men and women. Tho sheep In
dustry ls growlng in the State, and
whlle it Is a fact that It is at present
largely conflned to the business of fur
nlshlng mutton for tho table, the time
may not be far distant when Virginia
farmers may be growlng sheep to fur?
nish wool to many factorles ln thc
clties and the towns wlthin thc bor?
So far I have been talklng only of
the thlngs that come out of the ground.
What about the wealth that comes out
of the water? Well, that ls Immcnsc.
There are ln the State. or rather on Its
Eastern border, 2,365 square mlles of
water area, lands that border on the
Atlantic, and includc the noblcst ex
panses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Vir?
ginia estuaries. These waters produce
annually about $5,000,000 worth of
t oysters, rrabs and fish. ln the catching
- and packlng and canning, ot which
nearly $4,000,000 is invested.
Foreat Wealth.
In the matter of lumber it may be
safo to say that Vtrglnia ls furnishing
moro lumber just now than any Slate
along the Atlantic coast llne save per
haps Georgla and Florlda. That ls be
cause Virginia soll has grown lumber
that is especlally ln demand. The old
field pinc of the Southslde sectlon Is
sald to be the only tlmber the oil and
soap makers can find that wlll make
packlng boxes that will "keep" ln the
troplcal reglons. That explalns why
there aro so many box shook factorles
In Southsldo Virginia. Last year more
than two bllllon feet of lumber was
cut and manufacturcd ln Virginia.
Conslderably less than a bllllon feet
were cut In 1900. Perhaps 60 per
cent. of thls tlmber was plne, and
while lt may not seem to be a good
thlng to cut out so much tlmber, a
saving point ls in the fact that the
Virginia old fleld plne grows mighty
fast, and tho probabillty ls that wlth?
in a decade, certainly wlthin twelve
years, thero wlll be more "sawable"
plne trees where the cuttlng and the
sawing ls belng dono to-day.
Ylritlnln Bankera.
N'ow to accommodate all of thls
business, banks are a necesslty, and
Virginia energy and enterprlse have
provided them. There is probably not
a county ln tho State that has not a
local bank to look after Its business,
and ln many countles there are several
local banks that are In easy touch
with the largor banking instltutlons
of the clties. Some of these are na?
tlonal banks, some State banks and
some private banklng Instltutlons.
The natlonal banks in the State to
day have resources amountlng to
$115,000,000. The State and private
banks have assets amountlng to over
$50,000,000. The deposits ln the Vir?
ginia banlcs, natlonal and State and
private, are to-day somethlng like a
bllllon dollars.
Unllway Grcwtli.
The service ana tho good service of
rallroads are necessary to handle all
of tho blg business outllncd above, an_
the rallway corporatlons have not
been slow to meet the omergency, as
the followlng flgures wlll show: In
the good year 1SS0 the total rallway
mlleage wlthin tho borders of Vlr
glnlawas 1,893 mlles. Ten years later
tliere wero 3,795 mlles of rallway in
active operatlon. Last September
there were 4,548 mlles ln operatlon,
and at that date and since that date
not less than 5,000 workmen have been
building now trackage ln the ? State.
To-day there are not less than 5.000
miles of railway In operatlon wlthin
the borders ot Virginia.
Thero ls always a great deal of
klcklng against the rallroads. As n
matter of fact. wen a pollticlan or
a Populist or any other klnd of a fel
low wlth a hob-nalled U'vor wants
somethlng to klck against ho hanls
Ioft and flres at the railronds and oalls
them comblnes and trusts and bloat
ed monopolles and ali that klnd of
thlng, I used to have somethlng- of a
hob-nalled llver myself, but old
fashioiied blue mass and some othor
llver worklng and regulatlng medi?
cines have brought mo to grace. We
can't get along without the rallroad*
Wo nro bound to hnvo them, and IU Is
money ln old Vlrglnla's pocket that
there aro to-day .2.055 more mlles of
rallway ln the Stato than there woro
thirty years ago. Some other tlgures
beforo me (ell the wonderful growth
of schools In the old Stato. but that
subloet hns boen fully cl?->11 wlth tu
(mother doparlment of The Tlmes.
Dlspatch, and shouUl T use the tlgures
here lt would. be but to. ropeat,
A S uni inl ur- l'|i,
To sum ? up tho facts and flgures
abovo set. forth, lt may bo said that
the aggrogata output ot' Vlrglnla's
rarms, factorles, mtnes, flsherlos, etc,
fo'ots up certainly not less than $350,
000,000, wlvlali ls nn Increase of not
less. than $125,000,000 since. wo coin
menoed to work on the twentleth cen?
tury, '
And yet tho distlngulshed Baltl
morean, Rlchard II, Rdmondsi spoke
it a solemn and lnter.Rtlns trtith
Hon he aaldi "Vlrglnla liaa hnrdly be
in to reallzo upon lts natural poton
tlities." Mr. Bdmondfl has been flg
Ing a llttle, and ho'.ays: "Vlrglnla's
,000 Bquaro mlles support a popu
tton of only 2,050,000, or about fifty
raona to the squaro mile, whllo thero
?o nearly 400 poraona to each of tho
)00 aquaro mlles of that other Atnnr
*n Commonwealth, Mosaachuaetts. Ita
ipulatlon of 3,200,000 has practically
ilhlng of tho advantage that Vlr
rtla poRSORfie-, elthcr AS to lalent nat
?al reflourr.oa wlthln itaclf, or as to
osene8R to food supplies and ma
rlals (or lndustry. Wlth tho denslty
populatlon equal to that of Massa
uisottfl, Vlrglnla would have 12,000,
0 Inhabltants. It ls eapable ot mak
g that number of people happy as
That ls as truo as goapel, and a
r .cnt Amen tfl all that noed be added.
is joniii-fG cincLES.
u_lne_a CoBtlniie* Good, _.o-**irltfci?t_mn
K Advanced Season and llnd Wealher,
lt la quite cvldcnt that when tho re
II merchants in Vlrglnla, North Car
Ina and a dozen other Southern
ates, who buy thelr goods ln P.lch
ond, wero maklng tholr sprlng or
>rs several wecka ago they wero ul
a-cons'ervatlve, and In very many
isea they did not buy as largely as
ie big crops and the generally Im
-oved conditlon of the country called
>r. It Is true they bought largely
id llberally, as has been heretorore
!t forth ln thls column, but the fact
?mains that the Rlchmond.Jobbers of
ry goods, shoes, mllllnery. hats, etc,
re thls season fccolvlng nostcrlpt and
Hng In orders much earller than ls
sual, and theso postscrlpt and flll ln
rders aro keeping tho shoe men and
io drj' gooda people and thc hat doal
rs and tho mllllnery and notlon folks
ualer than they ustially are at thls
*ason of tho year. They are not com
lalnlng about lt. They rather enloy
elng busy, for somo of them arguo
iat It means tfia't the folks to thc
outh of us are beglnnlng to find out
io fact as they never found It out be
3ro that Rlchmond jobbers can do bet
r-r for them than the wholesalers far
iier North.
Be all that as It may, the fact re
lalns that in all of the whlesalo clr
les business has been decidedly active
ie past week. Tho shipments of gro
eries havo been very larg*e, much
irger than for the corresponding week
f last year. and the produce- dealer?
avo also had a busy week. The whole
_lo druggists report good business,
nd the hardwaro men- wero porhan
ever busler at this season of the vear.
Altogether, tho jobblng trade keeos
p remarkably ?eir and the long-look
d-for "early sprlng1 rest" for tlie Job
ers seems to be several weeks off yet.
(Contlnued ITom Flrst Page.)
now *was falling, and lt goes without
aylng that at least a small majority
f these prospectlve dealg will mate
lallze when the spring breezes begln
Over the IUver.
Not less.than a hundred people madt
he pllgrlmage the past week to Ches
erfield county to find out about Har
owgate, that ls to say, the half ant
'ull acre and flve and ten acro homt
sites that are there for moderatt
.rices. Some day in the not far dls
ant future Harrowgate is going to b<
l splendld seml-agrlcultural clty-town
,'Uiage settlement that wlll be a Jo*,
md a comfort all the year around.
And then there Is the vlllage o:
Bensley, whlch has had lts share
md perhaps for a new proposltlon
nore than Its share ot the suburbat
jusiness. Over $7,000 of sales hav<
aken place, and bids are being asket
'or for bulldlngs whlch aggrcgate 1
Ittle more than $27,600.
The company ls also asklhg for bld
>n plans for a schoolhouse and als<
or a store.
During the past wlnter many mile
Jt new roads have been opened u
ind are . now belng planted wlt!
ledges, and lt Is expected that in tw
nonths the entire road system of th
.'lllage will be completo, and the out
;ook for the future is exceedingl:
The company having charge of th
Woodland Heights property, also 01
the south slde of the Rlver James
-eport Increased business for the pas
sveek and iijquiriea that lead them t.
look for even larger business in th
immediate weeks to come. Four lot
were sold thore yesterday, and jus
as soon as weather will allow worl
wlll begln on at least one new rosl
dence in the dead centre of tho villago
There has been good business in al
of the suburbs that are active. Som
of them are pretty well fllled up, am
do not need to expand much more, I:
fact, have no ground to expand upor
The slmple fact ls that much groun.
around P.Ichmond whlch two years ag
was called suburban is now rlght i
the clty, and has all of tho cltyfie
alrs and all of the clty closeness. Rich
mond ls growing and tho suburbs ar
Glnter Park.
The demand for lots ln Glnter Par
contlnues aetive, and building opcra
tions increnso as tho spring opens.
Among tlie resldences let during tli
past week was one for Frank AV. Duk.
on Semlnary Avenue, and one fo
Charles G. Taylor, Jr., on the same ave
nue. S. M. O'Bannon ls having plan
mado for a resldence to be built 1
thls suburb, and wlll begln work b
it during tho next few weeks. W. I
Morton ls maklng improvements to hl
residenoo 011 Hawthorne Avenue, and t
S. Fensoiu wlll let the contract for hl
home during the present month.
Thc Old nccoriU.
Wlthln thc clty llmlts theve wer
qulte a numbor of Intoresting ree
estato transactlons, ln the maklng 0
which scme of tho agents had ti
What are you doing with your surplus cash? Some people spend it for things they. do not
actually require; but wise people putit in the bank, where it will grow at compound interest.
Wc cordially invite you to open ah account with us.
Banking by Mail accounts invited.
Interest Paid on
Saving Accounts
BRANCH-4 East Broad Street, Richmond, Va. 12 N. Ninth Street, Richmond, Va
Ably managed. conservativc in policy, and popu?
lar with a clientcle that is growing daily.
Why rislc your savings when they can bc dc
positcd in this. THE OLDEST, STRONGEST
SOUTH, and thus cause thc climination of all
worry and uncasincss.
Wc pay 3 pe> cent. Interest, compounded semi
annually on all savings accounts.
Correspondcncc invited.
UNION BANK OF RICHMOND, ll07E.Mai? S..,Kcbmoid,Vtu
An Additional
In addltion to having Cap?
ital and Surplus amount
ing to over $000,000. Re
source6 more than. $1,800,000,
and a management com
posed of broad-gauged
bankers. whose ablllty and
Integrity are well. known,
thls bank ls organized un?
der the strlngent banking
laws of the Unlted States
Government, whlch affords
an added assurance to de
posltors that thelr funds
are safeguarded wlth tha
greatest care and conserv
dlve Into a good dea* of anclent his
torv In order to make the record cloar.
E. A Catlln, a venorable roal estato
dealer. who had an Idea that he was
already old enough to know Rlchmond
history "by heart," was a llttle set
back the past week when he had to
hunt over deeds and records for a
century in order to make tltle to II.
S. Wallerstein lor some valuable prop
ertv In what used to be the heart of
Klchmond. This property Is at Twelfth
and Broad Streets, frontlng 96 feet on
Capltol Street, 138 feot on Twelfth
Street, and 9- feet on Broad Street.
It has been in ono famlly for somo
thing llke a century, tho orlginal
owner, so far as the' records show.
being Jacquelln Taylor. and the prop
ertv has r'emained lil the name of hls
descendants untll the salo recorded
above to Henry Wallerstein. Anyhow
that man Catlln got tho tltle lixed
all rlght, that is to say all rlght
t-nough to cnable hlm to put ln thc
legal bill for commlsslons.
Active Inauiry.
The inquiry for real estate during
tho weck passed has beon somewhat
Int.nse. and if tho weather conditlons
had been more favorablo the proba
'billtles ?re that the agents would
have sold a great deal more of clty
p. Jperty than they did sel 1. As it was
business was fairly actlvo, and- wh e
some of the agents say they made llt?
tle or no sales, none of them are dla
couragcd for they say that the vlgor
ous niul perslstent Inquiry leads then*.
tr. think that there must bo big busl
nos? .Hist on ahead. *'?,.
Perhaps tho blggest sale of the weok.
or it may be sald, the blggest combi?
nation of sales, ls reported by Pollard
& Bagby. They sold a mlghty big lot
of Leo Dlstrlct property to H. S. Wal?
lerstein and W. H. Adams, who, in thls
case are sald to bo the representa
tlves of a recently organized syncll
cate wlth a whole lot of capttai and
a big llno of credit. The property the
svndicnte obtained the past week con
s'tsts of soventeen houses and lota in
Leo Dlstrlct, sltuated on Stuart Ave?
nue and Addlaon Street. The property
was formerly owned b.v tho Broaddua
estnte. roprosontod in tho transactlou
by Eugono E. Bronddus, and lt ls un
derstood thit the AVallorsteln syndl
cat. paid for tho property tho nlco
littlo sum of 590,000.
Flgures Tliat Are Vnlnalile.
Mr Purcell, of tho new real cj*. atc
firm ' of \V. E. Purcell. Jr.. Com
panv, furnishea tho .ollowlng flg?
ures, showlng the clearlngs of renl
estate for thp months of Potfruary;
Old clty llinlts?
Improved property.$ _70.S..7.S
. A'aeant property.
.\niie_c-i section?
Improved .properly.
A'aeant property.
Suburban lots and Improvo
Suburban Rorcago.
150,SS1 11
.S.225 00
320.722 71
117,920 00
212,401 50
Total for tho month.$l,l_G,9S8 17
'l'i> Grow Suiiiittra l.enf,
Tho 'Ainorlcan Suniatrn Tobacco Com
n'anv hns reeoiitly boen incovporateil,
lt la s.iid. wlth a capital of $7,000,000,
Tho company ia coinposed of* varlous
iinus und iiicllviduul., who aro largely
eitgagod lu. tho muiiufacturo of clgars
and hundllng fiuumtrn, antl Cubun leaf
tobacco. Somo of thom are Now York
ora and somo are of Florlda aud some
of Oubu. Tho oompany hua ucqtilrod
;i5,000 acres ot hui_ <n ,F[prtd. .and
South Geprgla. ?_.._._._.. .....:''
Virginia Trust Co
The Advantages of a Trust Co. as Guardian
This Company, bcing a corporation,, is always unprejudiced,,.?,"
that it never neglects thc affairs of a minor or' iricompetcnt' or allbwa '
its fcelings to bias its judgment. Moreover, bcing by law compelled
to administer each trust fund scparately and apart from its banldng'.
assets, there is no possibility of its mingling thc funds of its;wards
with its own?to which indlvidual guardians are so prone.
H. W. JACKSON, President.
JAS. N. BOYD, Vlce-Pres. JNO. M. MILLER, Jr., Vlce-Pres.:
L. D. AYLETT, Secretary. JNO. H. SOUTHALL, Treasurer
;apital, ? .... $400,000
iurplus and Undivided Profils, $175,000
Would be pleaaed to recelve the account* of cor
oraUons, lirms and individuals.
Interest allowcd on deposits ln Savings Depart
E. B. ADDISON, Vice-President, .
1. XV. SINTON. Cashelr.
totional State Bank
Formerly the State Bank of Virginia)
Capital, - $500,000
Surplus, - $350,000
JOHN S. ELLETT, President.
WM. M. HILL, Cashier.
JULIEN H. HILL, Asst. Cash.
Deposits large and small rcceived. In
ercst allowcd on savings dcoosits.
Those Books
"''hat keep the records
jf your business trans
actions.. Have you con?
sidered whether or not
they are abreast with
the advanced methods
of accounting, and
whether or not some
thing that you should
know is left out.
Think it over.
Public Accountant,
61S Mutual Bldg.
Branch Cabell &Co.
1115 B. Main St. Phon:? Noa. 45 and T9M
Members New Yorlc Stoele Excha-ge, Ne*
Yorlc Cotton Exchon.e and Chicojo Board oi
?Phone 6321.
Accoantlner, Audltlng-,
Organlzlns, Systematlilngr.
21S Mutual Bullding;,
(1 A buys options on 10,000 bu. of
tgJLJJ wheat. No further Risk. Each
lc movement from option price makes
$100; 2c, $200; 5c, $500, etc. Wnte for
free circulars.
Colonial Stock and Grain Co.,
We want to tell you wlieroln T*UT
aiul CAIiIj tartllne: excelsi tha niarglnal
niothod, .without tho' marglnal cost and
without tho mai'Klnnl rlsK. 'Bxplana
tory hoolilot und price llst VRKB.
AMO$ DltEW CO? 51Venrl Street, ??'. Y.
Facts are what you want
to deal with. One fact that
you could always rcmember
is that you can begin now to
make yourself independent,
if not rich.
The fact in this conncction
is that by starting with, one
dollar or more savings ac?
count in the Bank of Rich-,'
mond you pavc.the way to
fortune. Remember this that
The Bank of
is ready and willing to help
Ninth and Main Streets,
303 East Broad Street,
3914 WilliamsburS Avenue,
Twcnty-fifth and Broad Streets.
A bank ac?
count provides
you with the
most con ven i
ent way of hand
j - ling your funds.,
Capital andiurplut
Consultlng Accountant, ..'_;
Business Systemati.pr.
910 Mutual BuUdtoi,
Mad. 6844. Rlchmon*, *_.

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