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-.. t
Ex_CUtivc Rcturns With His
Signature Vast Voluin*
of New Laws.
put Few Vctoes Among Bills
Reactied Up to This
'???* Governor Wllliam Hodgc_ Mann has
Returned to Clerk John XV. Willlams,
j-feeper of tho rolls.of Vlrglnia, with
. f'.ls approval, a largo batch of now
;_}iW8. ln certain emergency cases tlie
il't-ts take effect from tliclr slgnature;
HSJit wlth tho greater'number they are
lljffectlve as Stato laws nlnety days
;-i j'om yestorday. There are still a num
;]|er of bllls ln the hand., of thc Gover
f j for, whlch he has not had tlmo to
i; bills havo been signed ns follows:
Senate Bills
',JTo amend nnd re-onact nn act to
?I'ovldc for worklng tho roads, repalr
Sg bridges nnd opening new roads In
? he county ot Augusta. Patron, Mr.
;>To regulate thc taxatlon of bonds
?i-ued by thc oitie.-, towns and rjoun.
!i?s of the State or Vlrglnia. Patron,
r. Echois.
i;To amend the law as to the .appor
'onment of dclegatct* In T.l!-_al.ctn
;-tv countv. Patron. Mr. Holt.
".fo dedlcato as nnd for a publlo
;>tect or hlcrliway, upon ccrtnln oondl
.>ns, a strlp of land composlng th.
I.uthwest corner of tho Capltol Sqitnrc
,!}-t oxceedlng lifteen fcot at the polnt
i its greatest depth. Patrons, Messrs,
>lkos and Harnion. ? ;
."For thc rollef of tlie estate of Janios
... Phllllps, deceased. Patron, Mr.
j)To ralse the tax nn flro and life in
hrance companles. P-itron, Mr. Folkes.
liTo repeal a Jolnt resolution entitled
'isnt resolution transferring n certain
V'i ini of tho State of Vlrerinia ao-ninst:
3?0 government of the Unlted States
9 the Mount Vernon Avenuo Associa
N_n. charte'-ed bv this Stnte. nnoroved
?ich ... 1SSS. Patron. Mr. Folkes.
KTo amend the law in regard to for
rj'fii corporations. Patron, Mr. Hol
raha, i
(iTo amend the law ns to lncorpora
','?_!. Patron. Mr. Holland.
f Providlng for the reirulation and In
I >--cton of public laundrlo-* nna public
,'ish houses wlthln the cities of tho
nj-te. Patron, Mr. Lesner.
? tloiids nnd Brlil-CC_.
BH.6 enablo inenrnorated towns nnd.
??ties to contrlbutc to the buildlng I
a impt-ovcmi.nt of public roads and
?'.d_.es l.ndlm. to such towns or clties.
EBtron, Mr. Strode.
To amend "un net reqiilrlng hotarles
' Ihln thls State to affiv to certlflcatc-*
acknov.-leflgm. nt hereafter taken l>y
-m noon wrlUnus which nre adtnlt
?l to record tlie <late*when their terms
tittlce svlinll cxplrc." so ns to liro
c tor Phowlna n cliuwro --f namo in
Jtftin cases. Patron. Mr. Strode.
'uTo provlde tor the lsculng of county
uls for permanent road or v?rldi,o)
irovement ln the countles of the |
ie. Patron. Mr. Strode.
0 provido fnr the annolntmeht of a
jvimmisFloii unon th'. .reform nnd re
i^*inn of the. t/t:;. and ns-scs *._.. nt laws
i \'Irginla. to define Its dutles. t>ro
?'le comnensatlon for Its members
s'l to m.-iko nn npproprlatlon thcrefor.
Brori. Mr. Klng.
i"o authorlzo tbe couneils of clties
make allnwnnces or compensntlon
clerks of cornorotion or hustlngs
Patron, Mr. Holt.
nmond an act to Incornorate
iesvlUc, and tn provlde for the asr
..ment and collectlon of such taxes
.?mny l.e fleem.d proper by the Coun
of the town. nnd to anproprlnte
Briey out tlie taxes so levled aml co'l
jted and nnply tho R.tmo to the huilil
. improvement or rooalr of sald
Id3 or tho pavment of any Indebted- j
thereon nlreadv crctc-.l on thej
road leadlng from the town of
exville to Belt Hiir nnd known as |
.loneavillo nnd K',.n Hur 'Plke. nnd
issue certiflcates of indc_tcrtne__
the purnoso of building. rensfrlng
rnnrovlng said road or anv of Its
jets. roads. alloys or ..idewnlks.
,ron, Mr. Noel.
airthori*.-o the Town Council of
I town of Clnrksvjlle to nurehase the
'standing bri-Ig-e .cortlficnt.-.. Issuen
:ithe said tov.-n 'sr Clar_;sville nnd
lired bv dee(] of t-rur,t on tlie steel
' bridge acrnfs tiio D>in and Staun
Rivers ut Clorksvllle, Meeklen
? countv, Va., tlie anoroacbes ap
i.tenant thereto. nnd tlio tolls niul
j.;nues therefrom. aud to cancel and
:/o the same, Patron. Jlr. 151am.
iio autliori*.? und empower the board
jjupervisors of Mecklenbure county,
to *purchase l'*ie high way itoll
je across tlio IJan and Staunton
i'ers, ot Clarksvllle. Mecklenburg
Va., aud to declare and niuln
tlie same as a free bridge. Patron,
,0 amend tlm Code in relatlon to
le depoKitaiie.i. Patron, ilr. Sale.
b tax express enmpahies. Patron,
; Harman.
Siuulny TrninH.
amend the. Code rpstricting the
..ing of railrdad trains on Sunday.
?on, Mr. Carter.
% amend an act to amend tiie Codo
tiug- to cerllflcates to be lssued by
clerk with marrlage licenses, the
rn to be made b/ persons cele
ing tho marrlage. Patron, Mr,
) ameud tho Code ln relatlon to
assessment of lands and lots, so
;o provido for the assessment ot
ding timber for taxatlon. Patron,
amend the Code regulatlrig the
?tice of medictno bnd surgery
on, Mr. Gravatt, by request.
authorlze the Washlngton and
iburg Turnplke Company to take
esalon of certain turnplkes aban
?d as sueh, and now iwed as county
$ ln the countles of Loudoun, 1'air
and Alexandrla: *?rnl- also to tdke
ension of a poi'tlyn of , a- county
ln Fairfax county, and to im
c said abandoned turnplkes* or
sty roads, and sald. porUoii of a
_ty road, and to convert tlie same
a modern and blgh-clasi. tuni
- for the publU* convenleni.e,'where
oll may be churged to pay for tho
tructlon, operation and mainto
:o of the sarne, Patron, Mr. Thom
CarncKle Foundatlon.
cnable the Unlverslty of Virginia
scept and be embracert wlthln ^ho
fit? of the Carnegie Foundatlon for
ua of tbe most valuable qualittcs of Mothor's Friend ia
it aafe-guards the future health of tlie mother. It Ib a
leut to te applied externally to tlio hody, tho ubo of
i lobrlcatea tbe museles and tendona, eoftens tho glanda
lucts^preveuta lnmps forming ln tho breasts, and rclieves the pain, nervoua
?^naowea, and otb0r troubles from which so many expectant mothors suffor
l Motber'BPrlend ifi-nsedregularlyit flts and prepares the system for an
and natural consummation of tho torm, Women v/ho massage with thia
linlment aro always eaved much suffering when baby comes, and recover
'ftuickly. an* without W effects. Mother's Friend ls sold at drug stores.
t for our freo book foi; expectant mothors.
tlie Advanccincnt of Tenchlng. Patron,
Mr. Efirly.
To authorlze tho sulmilsslon to tho
legal voters of thc clty of Wlnchestur
of tho questlon whether or not thoy
wlll favor tho Iseuance by sald clty of
not moro than one hundred and twen?
ty-flve thousand riollarn nf "gravlty
wator bonds," nnd to authorlze tho 1s
suonce by sald clty of not moro than
ono httndrod and twenty-llvo thoufand
dollnrs of sald bonds, If n majority of
those votlng voto ln favor of such
lssuancc Patron, Mr, Ward,
To authorlze Mny county which Nliall
nlono coniitituti. a Jurllclnl clrcult to
lncreaso tho salary of Uic clroult Judge.
Patron, Mr. Lesnor.
To nmend nn act lo providc for State
money uld In uddltloa to convlct labor
for tho Improvement of publlc roads.
Patron; Mr. Ward.
To omend nnd rc-ennot nn act entl?
tled nn act to provlde n retirement
fund for publlc s-hool teachers, ap?
proved March 14. 190S. Patron, Mr.
Scliool Fuuiln.
To flje thc minlmum payment made
from the Stnte school funds to the dl?
vlslon superintendent of schools. Pai
ron. Mr. Strode.
To provlde for the re-ohtimeratlon
of tho Inhabltnnts of the clty of Roa?
noke, Va. Patron, Mr. Hart. .
To establish a court of law and |
chancery for the clty of Roanoke, Va.'
Patron. Mr, Hart. |
To amend tho Code as to who mny ,
practice dentlstry. Patron. Mr. Carter.
To amend the law as to tho com- |
pensatlon of clty treasurers where tho;
amount of the clty levy eolleeted ls.
over $25,000. Patron, Mr. Holt.
To amend "an act to authorlze the
trustees of the Oravel Sprlnjr Even- I
gelicnl Lutheran Church. ln Frodorlck
county, io recelve a donatlon of $1.0001
and Invest tho same." Patron, Mr. I
Wa rd. I
. To amend thc law as to a tax onl
c.illaternl inheritance. Patron, Mr.
FIMi, Oysters and Game. j
To linposo n license tax on cortalu I
persons and doviees engaged In Osh
ing, crabblnir. clammlng. otc, In artdl
f.ion lo that now proscrib.d by law,
nnd for the further protection of fish.
crabs, clams. etc.'. and to repeal all
acts or parts of acts Inconsistont
therewlth. Patroii, Mr. Lesner.
To amend an act to provlde for the
Issultig- of county bonds for permanent
road or brldge improvement In the
magUterlal dlstriets of the countleK
of thc State. Patron, Mr. Strode.
To fls tho amount of bond requlred
of the citv pheriff of Richmond. Pat?
ron, Mr. Folkes.
To authorlze any county ln the State,
In thc dlscrctlon of Its local road au?
thorltles, to use Ils apportlonment of
State money aid upproprlated for the
Improvement oi publlc roads In the
construction of brldnes, ond provldlng
how such money shall be cxpendea.
Patron. Mr. Ward.
To require thc reportlng of cases of
Infectlous, contae-Iovis, communlcable
find danserous disease lo boards of
henlth. l'atron, Mr. Halsey.
To amoiul ar. act to tncorporate the
town of rall.-; Church. Patron, Mr.
To amend the law as to thc nayment
of taxes by (Iduelarlcs. Patrons,
MeKsrs. Folkes and Ilannan.
To amend thc Codo r.y to the tlmes
for holdlng- regular terms of the courtH
In thc several uircults, und sivlng ju
rlsdlctlon to courts during reccss.
iyhejther adjourned for the purpose of
openlns: or holdinpr another term. or
part or portlon. there or btherwlse,
which the Judgcr, of tho clrcult cotn-ts
now have ln vacatlon. Patron, Mr.
To ai'^Vmrlze clties of- thls Stato to
make addltlonal allo wancc or com
pcnsatlon to covYvmlsslnpers of the rev.
cnn.. Patron. Mr. Holt.
To amend an net for worklrie and
keenlna ?.n order (ho r?uMlc roado of
Meeklenburg county, and to provldo
for the levy nf taxes for that purpose.
Pa'rnn. Mr. Klam.
To refund to the Home for Xeedv
Confederate Women tnvea H'eirally
nnld noon its pronerly; Patrons, Mcssrs.
Ho'lainl and Saunders.
To amend tlio inw as lo jail.q nnel
coiirUinnses. Patrons, Messrs. Llncoln
nnd Hnrt.
To provlde for mihrpltttng the anes
tion of crrantlnir license to mnriufac
ture nrdent snlrlto In th? a.iallflpd vot?
ers of tlie cllv of ".Vlncliest-er and ?be
c.-untj- of Frederlck. Patron, Mr.
i Ward.
Ti-lonrrnnh Tnxcn.
To amend the Itiv n.? io the taxatlon
of telegraph and tolephone companles.
Patron, Mr. Carter.
To nmend the law as to the procod
tire of oorporntions in paylng taxes.
l'atron, Mr. Keezell.
To amend an act authorizlng boards
of sunervisors to contract loans for
the crectlon of court houses, clerk's
ofllce and jalls, so ns to provlde for
eroctlon in case of bond issue. Patron,
.Alr. Walker.
To authorlze an executor or adminls?
trator of a deceased person to cxeeute
on behalf of such deceased person a.
deed to real estate sold by such de?
ceased person durlng hls lifetlme under
a wrltten contract. Patron. Slr. Hol?
To repeal an act to establish a dis
pensary for the sale of intoxicutlng
liquors ln Jerusalom maglsterlal dls
tri-t, to prohliilt all except manufac?
turers ot apple and peach brandy
wlthin sald district to sell such liquors
ln thc district. Patron, Mr. Holland.
To amend tho luw an to the taxatlon
of standlng tlmber. Patron, Mr. 1.1am.
SeutN for BimiloyeN.
To amend-'an act to require cm
ployeis of femalcs ln stores, shops,
ofliees or manufactories aa clcrks, oper
atlves or lielpers ln any business, trado
or oceupation, to provlde seats for such
female employes, and provldlng a pen?
alty for failiiro or refusul ..to provldo
such seats. Patron. Mr. Wlckham.
To amend the Code rolatlng to how n
.person ls llcensed to pracu.c law In
the State ot Ylrgtula. Patron, Mr.
To authorlze and license Incorpo?
rated country clubs chartered and or?
ganlzed as soclnl clubs to keep on
t;and at such club house of such club
ardent splrlts, aud lo sell, glve or dls
pense tho same to the members of such
corporatlon or club, and thelr bona Qde
guests, lmposlng license taxes thercon,
and to prescribe pi-na.lt les. Patron,
Mr. Harman.
Tu require manufacturers, bottlcrs
and dealers ln soft drlnks to pay a
licenso tax. Patron. Mr. Owen.
To provlde for compromlse, settle?
ment and r\lea9e of Stato and county
taM:.. and l.vlcs, ln certaln cases, and
to provlde a riiethod iind remedy there
for whero grants of lands hnve boen
mado by thla State, or by colonlal dov
I ornors of - Virginia prlor to tho
organlzation of the Commonwealth
of Virginia, and subsequent grants
were mado which- are contetr-td
partly or wholly. wlthin the
boundarles of such senlor grants. Pat?
ron, Mr. Thornton.
To amend an act to provlde for the
consolidatlon or annexation of clties.
and to ratlfy and eorjflrm notlces al?
ready glven which con form to tho re
nulrcm.ntsi of thls net. Patrons,
Messrs. Ilnrinan and Folkes.
To amond an act to provlilu a charter
for the town of West Point. Patron,
Mr, Gravatt.
House Bills
To amend "on act to provlde, tn
cltlcB containing 70,000 lnhabltnntB or
more, for the electlon of n. spoclal
justice ot tho peuce, to bp known as
tho clvll justice, to prescrlbe hls Jtfiia
dlctlon and dutles, and to ilx hls com?
pensatlon; and to uuthorlzc the issue
by other Jusllces of the pence ln sald
clties of warrn.nts cognlznblc. by sald
clvll justice. Patrons, Mcssrs. Cooke,
Cox and Harwood.
Extendlng tho tlme for collectlng
taxes accounted for by tho clty and
county treasurers nnd not returned _de
linqucnt. Patron, John W. Stephenson.
To nmend tho Code ln reference to
tbe compensatlon of land nsscssors. j
Patron, Mr. Clomant.
In relatlon to certaln proper sant
tary arrangementa to bo provided ln
factorles, . workBhOps, mercantllc es?
tnbllshments or olllces, and Imposing
penaltics tor fallure to providc such
arrangements. Patron, Mr. Cox.
To amend an act to provlde places !
of abode nnd for thc safe custody and
proper guardlonshlp or chlldren wuo
nro vlclous or depiaved. or without.
proper places of abode. or proper guar- I
dinnshlp. or control. or who shall bo
111 -treated, neglocted, or desertod by
parents, guardlan or other custodlan,
or v. ho Bhall be exposed to Immoral
or vlclous Influences nnd tralning.
To require Atho llconsing and ndft
quate= Inspectlon and supervlslon of
persons una corporntlons conductlng
mnternlty hospltals and lylug-ln asy
ium*, and of those engaged ln plactng
dciHitute chlldren In family Iiomcs.
ruiron, Mr. Stcarnes. *
To amend an act :o uunish as for a
lulsdomeanor a person usiug abuslvc
language to another. I'utrun. C-. B.
? To amend tho law as to the number
of commlssloners of tho revenue. Pat?
ron. Mr. Wlssler.
Coanolliiiilloii ot Cl?le?.
To amend an act to provlde for tho
consolidatlon or annexation of clties.
Patrons, Messrs. Toney, Cox, Harwood,,
Wingo and Casey.
To authorlze thc clty of Portsmoutn
to issue bonds to establish water works
to furnish a Bupply of- water and to
.rente a board of commlssloners to
establish such system of water works.
Patron. Mr. Parker.
To amend the law as to thc collec?
tlon of transfor fees. Patron, C. A.
Johnston. .
To approprlato $225 to monument
fund of' the Immortal Slx Hundred
Confederate Voterans. Patron, Mr.
To aniend and re-enact sectlon 19 of
the Code of Virginia, 1887, in regard
Lo exomptlng land of the United States
from taxatlon, and to exempt tho
United States from tax on deeds.
Patron. Mr. White.
To dlrcct thc Board of Charltles and.
forrectlons to ascerta'ln tho facta cnn
cernlng the weak-mlnded, other than
Insane and epllcptlc. In the State of
Virginia. and authorizlng the employ?
ment of a clerk for that purpose, and
ipproprlating money for same. Patron,
Mr. Stearnes.
To approprlato certain sums of money
from the Virginia. Stato treasury in
lld of dUly organlzed Confederate Me?
moriai Assoclations of thls State hav?
ing ln chargo and that expend _uch
moneya upon cemotorles containing tho
Rrave's ot Confederate eoldler3 or sall
To protect tho fur-bearlng anlmals of
Prlncess Anno county, Va. Patron, Mr.
To authorlze tho slnklng fund rom
mi&sianers of Virginia, ln ihcir dlscro
tlon. to purchas.J thc fr:ct!oinil ccr
slfioale.. now ouiotandlng cr h?r.after
hitno.',~:>t both the Uiddiobcrger and
century lssurs. Patron, Mr. Danlel.
To a'mend tho charter of ilm town of
Salem. Patron, A. M. Bowman.
To providc a new charter for the
town of Wythcvllle. Patron, Mr. Rob?
l>l?l>eunnr_v At*t.
To itpeal certaln acts In ralatlon tc
tho cjiabllshnient or a dlsp otisary ?n
thc town of Pulaskl. Pit'iaski couniy.
Patron. Mr. Trollnger.
To authorlzo the board of supervl
sors to approprlate whatever sum or
sums of money that may be necessary ,
out of any funds belonglng to t>aid
county, or'to make a ope.lai levy nnd
approprlate the money d.rlvod ti.ere
Croin for the compl'tlon of or iho
.rectlon of a monumen; to tho Con
fedtinte soldlers of sald county, m ou
iho publlc square at the county seat,
and to approprlato from tlmo to tlmo
nufilelcut of the county funds to per?
manently care tor, protect and pre
serve tho same. Patrons, Messrs.
Yarrell and Bell.
To providc for an electlon by thc
ciualifled voters of Waverly maglstorial
district to detormine whether or not
intoxlcatlng liquors shall be sold ln
anv manner wlthin the bounds of sald
district, nnd if tbe result of sald elec?
tlon ls against tho salo of llquor, to
abcillsh tho dlspensary ln sald district,
or It the result be ln favor of the sale
of llquor, to preserve tho present law
ihereln; aud to provlde for blennlal
clectlons in sald district on sald queu
tiens. Patron, Mr. Yarrell.
To amend the law as to the com?
pensatlon of tho superintendent of tho
poor. Patron, Chas. A. Johnston.
To authorlzo the council of thc town
of Suffolk to borrow money o.nd Issue
bonds therefor. Patron. J. IC. West.
Eniployjuent nur..-iiuH.
To regulato employment bureaus or
agencles, and to providc penaltics for
violation of same. Patron, Mr. Casey.
To amend the Cods ln relatlon to
who are exempt from j.ury service.
Patron, Roblnson Moncure.
To amend the Code tn relatlon to
how owner may corroct mlstakes and
obtaln nn Incluslvo grant for lands.
Patron, John W. Stephenson.
To amend an act for the protection
of stock breeders and owners of 11
censed stalllons. and to oxtend the
breeders* llno twelvo months from tn*
delivery of a llve colt, or untll tho
prl.o agreed, upon for the season by
the cwner of the stalilon or jackasa
aud tho owner of the mavs or jonnet
bo paid. Patron, Mr. Col.man.
To authorlzo the truatee. of tho
New London Academy to convcy the
rcul and personal proporty vested in
them to the county school Jna&vdu of
Beflfcrd and Campbell coiuiU.h. and
provldlng tor tho matntone.noe and
manegemont of the aridemy. Patrons,
Me?:sis. West, Page and Williams.
To authorlze tho school noard of
Poep Creek maglsterlal district, No. 2.
of the county of Norl-jll.', t'< borrow
moniy for the purposo oi school im
prov*>raer_ts ln sald district, and to
Issu-j bonds therefor, not cxceedlng
$20,000 ln amount. Patron, Mr. toll
'lo. authorlze tho achool board of
Washington maglstorial district, No. ...
of the county of Norfolk. to borrow
monov for tho purposo of school lm
provompnts ln sald district. and to
issue bohds therefor. not exceedlnu
$40,000 ln amount. Putrons, Messrs.
Owons and Sllveator.
School FuuiIh.
To authorlze the Bohool board of
Butt's Road maglstorial district, No.
4. to borrow money for tho purpose of
schooi ? lmprovements in sald district,
and to Issue bonds therefor, not ox
cecdlngly $5,000 in amount, Patrons,
Messrs, Owens and Sllvester.
To authorlze the school board of
Western Branoh maglsterlal district,
No. l, io borrow money, for the pur?
poso of school lmprovements ln sald
district, and to Issuo bonds therofor,
not exceedlng ln amount $60,1)00.
To authorlze the school board ot
Tanner's Creek maglstorial district.
No. c, ,to borrow money for tho pur?
pose of school lmprovements In sald
district, and to issue bonds th.refor,
not cxceedlng $50,000 ln. amount. Pat?
ron, Mr, Owens.
To amend an act to provlde fo?- the
opening and worklng of roads" and
Uceplng tlie same Ip repulr, and pro.
lvlde lup ercctinir unil m_ili,l_,l?l_,_.
show the beneficial effects of
Scott's Emulsion
almost immediately. It not
only builds tip but enriches
the mother's milk and prop?
erly nourishcs the chlld.
Nearly all mothers who
nurse thelr children should
take this splendid food-tonlc,
not only to keep up their own
strength but for the benefit
of the child as well.
Seod I0o.. name of paper ?nd thi. _<t. for ear
lioautlfcil Sa.ln.s Bank snd Ohlld'B Sketch.
Book. ?ichbdnkoonUInt?Q_o<l_.uekPeony.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl St. N. Y.
brldgos in tho county of Culpeper.
Patron, Mr. Bell.
To repeal an act entltlcd an act do
clarlng the Cowpasturo Rlver a publlo
highway. Patron, John W. Stephen?
To amend tho Codo having refcrenco
to the pcriodlrni appolntment of as?
sessors to assess lands nnd lots. Pat?
ron, Mr. Good.
To estnbllsh a "State Boord of AC
countancy" and prescrlbo Its dutles ,
and powers; to provlde for the grant- ,
ing of certlflcates to accountants who j
qualifv under tho provlslons of this
act, and to provido a penalty for vlo- |
lntlon of this act, Patron, Mr. Stch- ]
blns. I
To amend the Code In relatlon to i
omltted lands: how re-cntered and as- .
.essed. Patron, Mr. Sper-.ard. by re- |
qust. i
To anpropriato the sum of --._... to ,
pay deficit in tho rost of buildinqs nt '
the Vlrglnla School for tlie Peaf and '
Bllnd. Patrons, Me_-._. Templeton ana
1 Kemper. ? _'?_'?"??_?
To amend tho law in regard to the
sinklng fund. Pntron. A. M. Bowman.
To provlde that the books of entry
and survev of tlie several counties ann ;
cities of the State shall be kent ln the.
clerk's offlce or other pafe placo and j
providlng penaltles for fnilure to do so. j
Patron, John W. Stenhenson.
? To mako venlre foctni. n public re?
cord. Patron. Mr. Whlte.
To autuorize the Stnte Board of
Health to adopt. nrovmil-ratp nnd en
force rules nnd regiilations for the bet.
torment and prot. ctlnn of tbe pu_llc
health of thc Stato of Vlrglnla. Pat?
ron. Mr. Cox.
To amend the law n_ to forfeitlng
posse-ssion ln ense ot def_"lt fn. rent
to nromlRes used fo- r_sl_entlu.l pur
pos.es. Patron. Mr. "Whlte.
-/ Kj:ntnl??ntl?ii of pllols.
To amend the Code entIM?d exnnil
natlon of ollots. patron, A. M. Bowman.
To amend tbe net for the protectlon
of ti-h in Washlngton county. Patron.
Mr. Buck.
To reneal nn act nosped tr, provlde
for maklng or rennirliier divlsion fences
between cotern.lnous land owners tn
th* county of Russell. Patron. G. B.
To nutborize tbe citv of WWIamB
burg. In tho county of James Citv, to
sel. an<T di-nnse 0f fhe lot of ._>n] slt
uatc on Fr.inois Strect In sald' citv.
known a? the "Colored School lot." and
to ruc_ tltle to same. Patron. II. U.
An net to autborlr.c tlie elty ot WIN
llprnshursr *o f?i1 thf lot of lon.l _lt
u.'-te on the past slde of Enalttnd
Street In said citv. known as a nart of
Ireland Street. anrl tn nass tltle to
same. Patron, H. T.. Steohenson.
To amend an net to f-rnvM* a new
chnrter for tlm city of Roanoke In re?
latlon to lustle_K ct the jjcaco In sald
citv; P?tvnn. Mr. Keyser.
To amend an act to Incornornte tbe
citv of Newport Xews. Patron. Mr.
Simcrlnt- tident ot 1'nor.
To reneal oeetiorn of the Cmle in ref
e.roneo to certnln .o-oort-*! of the Snner
Intendent of the Poor and the Audltor
nf Puhiic Accounts. Patron. Mr.
T<^ organizo eountv and citv honrd*.
of n'nor oomini.?--ioi.prs-. and rRnuirincr
ror.nrte from sald board.**. Patron, Mr.
rro am_nd and re-ennct seetlon 7 of
cbanter 1 of tiie act coneernlnar como
rntions ???htcb heonmd n law on tho in*h
dnv of M*i<*, 1fin3, po n* to mako the
snme cr>__istr-nt wlth other . "etinris
om! nrovi. lons nf that act. Patron.
Mr Houston.
To punl-h ns a mi-domeanor a per?
son who shall enr-e. _l>n?e or use vul
crnr. nrofa.no or Indooont languneo over
nnv telenhone In this State nnd pro?
vlde Tiiinlshment therefor. Patron. Mr
To nrn^nd nn net to ml.1 an Indenend
Plll seeflon to th? Co,l_ nillliorirlntr a
HfiW school eenujjjjjf to he tn^en rrhen
ever the bonniiSyu.. nf _ dlstrlct are
cl-innged. Pntron. Mr. Brown.
To nrnvide for the evnmlnntion Of
tho boni<s of lond assessors bv the
clerk of court: assessor to a__l_t In
pynmlnatlon: how e_rorn cr"*roet. i. ?
nomnens_tlon to eio>-itq. Patrons,
M-__rt?. "W. ?t aml Tinrhnm.
Tn amend tb_ r'n,i? <,-i relatlon tij ? _
strnlnt of una.ltered horses nnd bulls.
patron, Mr. Ratllff
To amend tho Code resrulatlng the
nrnctlce nf medielne nnd surgery. Pat?
ron. H. tT. Stephenson.
To nmond nn aet lo tneornomta
Gordonsvlllo. Patron. x\r. Tallaferro.
To amend an net to authorlzo Cnno
Charles to Issue honds and horrow
monev thereon for tbe mirr.o_n of
M-eetlnc- and pfmlnnlncp a puhllo sehoo]
huildlng in nnd for the sald town.
Patron, Mr. Pli_.hud-Vi.
Itoord <-,f K.i>l>nli>.lnic.
To amend an not in p-tnl.1l_h n Ktnlo
Board of Knihnlming. tn provlde fnr
the. hetter nrntectUm nf ]|fp nnd t-.oBlth.
to nrevent the snrend of contntrlons
dlfeases and to reculnte the nrnellee
Lump In
Stuart's Dyspep?
sia Tablets will
aissolve it at
Enjoy every meal.
Eat y our too d\ vith
zest. Don't kill
your stomach.
Keep it alive and
properly workin^.
Send lor tbe fre?
trlal packade. F.
A. Stuart Co., 150
Stuart EVldfUMar*
shall, Mich,
Whero. 30 c(s. full sized pkrf.
of ombiilntlng and tho caro and dlspo
sltlon of ihe dead. Patron, Mr. Cox.
To rteflmi dentlfllry, to regulate Iho
prnclloo ot tlie namo nnd to provlde
pon/iltlos tor tho Violatlon of Iho pro
vlwon of thls act. patron, Mr. Grlgsbv.
To allow compe.mitlon to tho "Vlr
glnla Hotno and In.luBtf.nl School for
Glrls" for carlng for rIHn commltted
to Ils'custody nnd conlrot undor u
commltmeiit of a court, Judge Or jus?
tice. Putron, Mr. Baker.
To approprlato $ori,000 or so much
thereof as mny he necessary to pav
tho ponBlons of soldlers and tho wld
ows of soldlers who ure on tho penslon
llst and whose penslon.? havo not boon
paid. Patrons, Messrs. McRao and
To amend sectlon 80 of an act tn In
corporato tho clty oC Newport News,
ln the county of AVarwIek, and provldo
?V, ch?_T.01' t"orofor. apnroved January
10.1801). patron, Mr, Steamcs.
.Jr?, Jn'?y*do for nn enumerntlon of
thu inhobltants ot tho clty of Newport
News. Patron, Mr. Row.
.-To authorlzo tho Board of Supervls
ors of Alleghany county to borrow thn
sum of $80,000 to bo usod ln bullding
a new courthouse and in bullding
brldges in each of tho magiHteriat dis?
trlcts of sald county, nnd for that pur?
poso to Issue the bonds of the county
for the. sntd sum of $80,000. Patron,
Mr. Spessard.
To amend the law as to local as?
sessments ln clties and towns. Patron,
Mr. Harwood.
Tn authorlze the Council of the clty
of Portsmouth to Itwuo bonds for grad
Ing, pavlng and oth_r street lmprove?
ments. Patron. Mr. Parker.
Whlle Blave Act.
Tn relatlon to pandcrdlng, to deflne
and prohiblt tho same, to provldo for
tho punlshment thereof and for tlro
compotency of certaln evldence at tho
trial there'or. Patron. Mr. Byrd.
To amend an act to amend and re ?
flnact an act of Assembly entltled an
act to autnorlze school boards of the
several school distrlcts In tho countles
of this State to h/irrow money and to
Istue bonds for tfio purpose of erect- '
ing and furnlshlng school houses, and ;
to provlde for the payment of such.
bonds ard the Interest to neeruo therc
on Patron, II. U. Stephenson.
To provldo for tho apnortionment of
achool funds and for taking tho cen
siip of chlldren tn school distrlcts ?>lt
uated ln more than ono county. Pat- .
rop Mr O'iver.
To authorlze the district school !
board of Grafton school flistrlc, of
York county. Va.. to borrow the sum
of $4,00o and to Ifsiio bonds therefor
for thn bullding and equipment of a.
n*w high r.'chool bullding ln said dis?
trict. patron. II. V. Ste.nh.nson.
To establish a publlc free school onl
the grounds of tho Negro Reformatry
Assoclatlon of Virginia. ln Hanover j
county, and to provlde for tho conduct
ruid malntenunco of tho same. Patron,
Mr. Page. I
To ratlfy and conflrm a contract for
rho sale of a lot entered Into between
il-.p. special board of directors or tho
Southwestern State Ho?nltal and D.
Ilutton. Patron, Mr. Wisaler.
To permlt the boards of suporvlsors
to adopt the special law of nny otber
county as to good roads. Patron, Mr.
Srersf rd.
Turnplke Companles.
To, authorlzo boards of supervlsors
ii tho re3ppcctlvc countles and turn
<lke companles to make contracts wlth
ivatcr companles or other companles
ir persons to lay llnes of water plpo
ilong the rcspectlve turnplko roads
md public roads in thls State. Patron,
I. XV. Stephenson.
To authorizc turnplke companles
md other corporation.. ownlng turn
Mkcs to make changes ln th*. allgn
ment of turnplke.,- and to valldatu
;hanges hcretofore made.
To amend tho Code ln relatlon to
he establlshment. proper constructlon
)-nd permanent improvement of h.
iiihllc roads and landlngs for building
ind keeping in good order and repair
if all publlo roads, brldge?, causcways
md wharves.
To amend an act to providc for the
mprovement of public roads ln, Char
otte county, to authorizc thc ls'suancn
_>f county bonds for the purpose and
:o apportlon tho proceods :,t sald bonds
imong the seve.-al magistor-il "distrlcts
.nd to provldo tor thc i_t.nrnlssa.Moh of
tho Issue of bonds by an clcc .!???.
Patron, Mr. Adams.
For cstablishing wjthln tno corpo
?ato llmlts of the. clty ot Kadfortl. Va..
upon what is known :,s *.hc "Adajn.
.ite." conslstlns- of about forty acres,
.r upon such other site wlthin the cor
i-orate llmlts of tho clty of Radford,
is may bo selected by the board of
trustees, provided for ln thls act, a
State normal and lndustrlal achool for
whlte women. Patron, Charles A.
Hotcl Hill.
To regulate tho conduct and ro
cqulpment of hotels, to provldo for tho
Inspectlon thcreof nnd pen.altles tor
violatlon of tho provlslons Itcreof.
Patron. Mr. Harwood.
To amend an act to providc a now
charter for the clty of Brlstol. Pat
.?ons, Messrs. McChesney and Buck.
To amend the law as to welghts and
rneasures. Patron. Mr. I_,lon.
Maklng it a inlsdemeanur for per?
sons to unlawfully uae <-r uvar any
[nslgnia or button of nny n&'tciu.lon
r>r socloty or trades union or any .
.outhern cross ot honor. Patron. Mr. '
To amend the law as to the method
of sccurlng changes ln chartors. Pat?
ron, A. M. Bowman.
To amend ihe Code relating to as?
sessments of lands, lots and Interests
thereln, and improvements thereon.
Patron, A. M. Bowman.
To conttnue ln force and to agaln
approprlato the ten thousands dollars
heretofore approprlated' for tho crec
tlon of a monument on tho battlelleld
of Gettysburg. Pa., to enmmemorate
tho servlces ot Virginia troops In thc
battle on that field: also to approvo
the deslgn of the monumont selected
by tlio committee. appointed, aud to
authorlzo and dlrect sald committeo
to contract for the erection of sald
monument, and to approprlato tho
further sum of forty thousand dollars
for that purpose. Patron, Mr. Jcn
To require all water companles, heat,
llght and power companles and gas
companles to pay a franchlso tax,
property tax, and to furnish certaln
reports to tho /Stato Corporatlon Com?
mlsslon. Patrdn, Mr. Byrd.
To aniend an act to put Into effectlve
operatlon tho provlslons of tho Con?
stitution rolnting to the creatlon, ap
polntment and organlzation of tho
Stato Corporatlon Commlsslon. Pa*ron,
Mr. Byrd.
State Accouutaut.
To establish a unlform system of
bookkoeplng and accountlng. and for
tlio appolntinont of a Stato accountnnt
and deilnlng ihls dutloa, and to provldo
tor tho cxnmjnatlon of the books of all
oftlcors IntruBtod wlth tho collectlon
;ind receipt, iustody and disbursement
of tho reveni_.es of the Stato. Patron,
Mr. Throckmorton.
To amend tlio Codo in reforonco to
Injury to hlrbd horso or vehiclo by
reckloss rldlnfl, drivlng.. etc. Patrons,
Messrs. Tallafirro and UU.
To authorlzofcltles a-nd towns to per?
mlt, undor cortaln condltlons, awnlhgs,
llro-escapes, shuttors, and so torth, to
ovorhang streets. Patrops, Messrs.
Cooko and Deal.
To establish \he Virginia State epl
lopttn colony. \Patrons, Messrs. Jen
nlngs nnd Myer?.
To make an aipropriatlon to provldo
for tho erection tof a- tablet to Patrlck
Henry, Patron, Mr. Bell.
To -amend an lact to protect sheep
and other stock m th? countles.of thls
Slate, bo as to nrtend the tltlo thereof,
so as to provldolfor paylng a llconge
tax on dogs. PatSron. J. E, West.
To amend tho *.w as to the annual
llstlng of deeda. \Patron, A. M- Bow?
m More niad I-Owit.
To amend au ak for worklng tho.
roadu o_ tho couutr of Ijoudoun. Pat*
roii, Mr. Danlel. 1
Io confer upon tjho board of super?
vlsors of Loudoun pounty all the au?
thor ty vestod in tko "local road au
thorltloa' undor apjaot to provide/for
Stato money ald tn tiddltlon-tp convlct
labor for the Imprpvernent of publlo
roads, except tho pdwer to levy taxes
for road purposes and to prosoribe cor?
taln dutles of the riad bourds of said
county. Patron, Mrl Dan|el.
?_,lVn,!,i_.ne.lu| Hn nct V-PPt'Ovod January
i*0*-}.0,00*, to.prohlblt Uio killing df fish
ln Cltnoh Rlver, Iii tlie county of Rus.
o61 . with dynamlto oil othor exploslves,
and to presorlbo a plinlshment there?
for. ratron, a. B. Joknsop,
Tq amem. thQ law\ as^ to unlawful
entry and flotBlnor. pAtroh. Mr, Hvans..
^A Trrumph inSugar Making!
clty ot Radford, und to repcnl all othcr
ncts or parts of ncts ln conllict thcre
wlth. Patron, Charles A. Johnston.
To amend an act to provlde for au
thorlzlng county or clty school boards
to sell or exchanife public school prop-1
erty, extendlng tho same provlsions j
to dlstrlct school bonrd. ratron, Mr.
Ilj-rd l.lqunr l_Hvr.
To amond an act to dellno and rogu
Iato the sale, dlstrlbution, rectlfylng,
manufacture and distllllng of Intoxlcat
ing lltiuors and malt boverages, and to
Imposo llcense taxes thereon. Patron,
Mr. Byrd.
To authorlzo the board of supervisors
of lele of Wlght county to levy nn ad?
dltlonal capitatlon tax for the benefit
of tho public free schools. Patron,
Mr. Jordan.
To submit to tho voters of Stnfford
eountv the questlon of chargtng toll
to others than rcsldentu of sald county
for traveling over tho Falmouth bridge
over the Rappahannock Rlver, whlch
connecta tho countles of .-.tniTord and
Spotsylvania. Patron, It. C. L. Mon
To amend an act for worklng aml
keoplng ln repair tho public roids In
Norfolk county. Patton, Mr. Sllvester.
To refund out of tho treasury of tlie
Commonwealth tho siim of $7.60 to
Thomas !_. Moore, Dlstrlct. Attorney
tor the ..nlted States Dlstrlct Court
for thc Western District of Vlrglnla.
Patron, Mr. White.
To provido for subml-slon to the
people for approval and ratiflcatlon tho
proposed amendments to section 46 of
Articlo IV; section 50 of Article IV;
section 110. section ll!? and 110 of thc
_onstltutlon of Virginia. Patron, Mr.
To authorlzo the boards of supervisors
in tho several ccuntlCH ln tbls State to ap
proprlato money for tho establisljmant.
.-'ulpiiK-iit and malntcnanee of asrlcultur.il
ichools, and to ratify und conllrm nny np
jropriatlona alrendy made to euch achoola
_y tho board of inip.rvi-ors In any of tho
-ountles ln thla Stuto. ratron. Thomas 8.
To amend tbe Code in relatlon to llghtlng
;oeks. dogs, ctc. Patron, Mr. -.Ilvcater <by
To amend ?n act to protect and advance
_3rlcultur_ by rcgulatlng the sale an.l
imrlty of commercial ferttl.zora and th.
juarantco nnd conditlon upon r.-bicli they
ire to be rold. Patron. Mr. pltts.
To amend and rc-ciiact acctlon 1C.0 of tho
_odo ot Vlrglnla ln reforence to tlio pro
eedinea beforo n loinmiaalon to nace'rtnln
nsanlt... Patron, Mr. Kemper (by requ.su.
To amend an aet to empower bonrda of
itipor-liors to enaet spoclai aud local leg
?slatton to protect tho public roads and
.rldges from obatruction. cneroaehment and
njuryj to m?ke. vlolations of aueli .nact
ncnti r mUdemeanor, and to provido pen
ultlcs- I'ntrou, J. XV. Stephenson.
1'iiy of _.uper?l?on?.
To apiend *be Codc iu relatlon to the
:ompcn_ation of supervisors. ratron. J.
To amond an act to repcal tht charter o?
ihe. town of Frnlthflold, and lo grant a new
charter to tlio sald town. I'airon, Mr. Jor?
To prohlblt tbo trapping of fo_<*s ror thp
upaco of two y. ars ln tho countles of iipot
aylvunln, Staftord and Kins* George. Pa
trons, Messrs. lt. C. I* Moncure and Cole?
To furthcr prc.servc and prolcot the camo
In tho county of Patrlck. Patron, Mr. Purr.
To authorlzo tb0 Town Council of Manas
?as to pav nn nnnuity to I_aao 1". Uu_dv.lii
ind U'llm'a E. Baldwln. hls v.lfe, In consld
rr.ition for donatlon of property for tho
l-ene.it of sald town und Eastern Colleg.
I'atron. Mr. Llon.
To amend an act-to provlde n now char
.cr for Graham. Patron, Mr. liatllff.
To ami-nd ?n act to provido for worklnR
iml kceplng lu repair tho pul-iic roadB and
>rldg,.s, and to rcgulate tho inanner of
ipenliig new roads ln the county of Mont
;omorv. Patron, Charles A. Johnston..
To amend the Codo as to tho times for
lOldtng regular terms of tho courtsJ* tlio
icveral clrcults. and givlng Jurlsdlct|on to
?ourts during recesn, whether adJourneU for
ho purposo of opening or holdlng another
crm, or part or portlon, there or othcrwls-.
whlch tho Judges of tho clrcult courts now
ia'*e in vacation. Patron, Mr. Rew.
Rti__rll County Itoads.
To repcal chapter 1- of the Acts in re
'ard to tho worklng of roads in Russcll
?ounty. Va. Patron, O. B. Johnson.
' To repoal chapter 250 or tho Acts ln rc
-arrl to the worklng ot tho roads lu Russcll
-ounty, Va., approved August 26, 1SS1. Pa
ron. O. B. Johnson.
To repcal chapter 0.1 ot tho Acts ns to the
vbrk'lng of tlie roads In tlie county ot Rus
icll. l^tron, G. B. Johnson.
To repcal chapter 4S2 of Iho Acts as to
.vorklng roads in Russcll county. Patron,
3. B. Johnson.
To rcupcnl chapter 237 of the Acts as to
roads In Rusaoll county. ratron, G.
lohnson. .... .,.,..,
To i-oapel chapter 110 of tho Acts cntitled
in act to nmend and r_-cnnct an act --n
iltled an act to provido for worklng' and
___plng In repolr tho roads and brldgt-a
il Russcll county, and to authorjzc tlie
Board of Supervisors to borrow money for
iald purpose. Patron, Q. B. Johnsonrr
To amend an act to create a road board
'or the county of Fauquler, and to provido
;or tho worklng of the roads ot said coun
v aud to provido for the buljdlng and re?
pair of bridges ln sald county. Patron.. Sir.
?ToC'_mend th? Codo relatlve to appolnt
?ent of coronors. Patrons, Messrs. Harwood
- To am-nd the Codo relatlve to dutles of a
eoronen Patrons. M_wr__ Harwood: .end.
UTornroVido for an en'umeration of tho in
iabluS. of the county <*. E"^ ? f * ?
ir of porttons thftrcof. Patron, Mr. Fitz
nUffH* -^Starke Kestored.
To rcstoro John W. Starke cx-socond
ioutenant of Company B. Scvontlelh Refl
teutenant ot Voluntocr8 a?fantn-). to
Sod .Undlng in.tho militaryft?rr? of
th? State ot Vlrglnla, an,d place hlm on
iho'retlred Hat ot.samc. Patron, Mr. Har
A^,d'amend nn act to cstablisll a goneral
-old fund fo? the permanent Improvemcnt
_? roads and bridges of Dlnwlddle county,
i creato S road board for lilnwiddio coun
'v Ha prcBcrib. IU powers nnd dutles. and
o' 9"vid n_r tho appolntment ot t'.?".nt>|
iupe.rnte_.lent of roads, and to regutato hla
^r-m^Hn m_ cSnlng public cor
,oratlZ!%lrln. ^ttX,*"J?*??
H dolayed tralns, etc. Patron. Mp- P^ers.
To amand an aot to. empower tho Board
if Supervisors of the county of Franklin *o
. rovWo for repalrlng and keeplug ln.order
iho roads and brld.e_ il? that county. Pa
llpr-vldVng ?t?-r tbo iesue of bonda for tho
erectlon of two Iron bridges ncrois Isew
River, ln Gilcs county. Patron, Martln Wll
TO amond an act for worklng and kecplns
ln repair tbe roads of-the" county of fa*e
well, and to provido for the dl-trl_uUon afid
dUburaemont of <i.ll fun.de accrued unde;
aaid act...as amoniled and re-pn_ctedi-wblch
_avo not been expe.ndod for tho purposes
orovlded thereln. and to provlde.for malu;
dinlng ?id Improvln? tho roads of lase
well county, PfttroV. V. Ratllff.
To allow certaln money belonglng^to the
Bniifleld Academy to bo expendod for the
-on-fltof Greenesvllle county Hlgh School.
i.ntron. Mr. Yarroll. . ,.
to Srovlde tor a. reductlon of four day?
-_.t. ?onth for Kood behavlor from the tim?
??p whlch they wor6 sontenced to jall ot
_n lail nrlsoners worklng on tho convlct
., nd m auo-rv forco, nnd rcqulrlng the Su^
theli *?*,cr?,r.*n', i,.T general oounty levy
imnually, out. 'P' 1"? J*v' ot moncy for
of tho Mid counly. *??'?* V.nT.itun. U
aald county, Patron, Mr. Bo|l.
Nctv, Town Charter.
To provtd.- n now charter for thn own
of Pula_-.il, Va. Patron, Mr. Trollngcr.
To authorlzo Rnstvlllo to Isauc bonds and
borrow money for tho purposo of hulldlng
macadamlzed or stono atrecla through tha
town. Patron, Mr. Fltzhugh.
To authorlzo Albomarlo and Bucklngham
countles lo purchaao tho toll brldge aerot
Jamta Hlver st Howardavlllo and to main?
tain and opcrnto tho same as a freo brldge,
and to Imu. bonds for that purpose. Pa->
tron, Mr. Mclimt.
To authorlzo tho Board of Euporvlsors ot
tho county of Franklin, Va., to a.ll or to
mako sufli contract nn they may deem od
visabln for thn trannfer of Uic atock ovrricd.
liy tho sald county ln tho Franklin ond
Plltaylvanla Rallroad Company, and tr>
authorlzo tho rald board to appoint proxlea
to ropro_#nt tho stock owned by tho aald
county ln aald rallroad cornpuny In anv
meotlng or m.etlngs of tho atockholders' ot
the sald company authorizlng tho direc?
tor* of tho company lo l.aae or sell tho
?ald road. Patron. Mr. !.???.
To amend an act to roqulre tho Board of
i.-i_ .rviboru of Wnrwlek county to tox tl?_.
sale of a.-ilcnt aplrlla and malt llquor* In
Nowport Maglstcrlal District, ln sald coun?
ty. Patron, H. U. Stoph.nson.
To amend tho chnrur of Iho town ot
Holland. Patron. J. E. Weat (by r.quost).
'fo authorlzo Nowport News to Issuo bonde
for achool purpotes. Patron. Mr. Hte.irn?r
To repeal an act to ttuthortso and sm
power th0 County Court ot Cumbarlan'4
county, and the judgo ther.of. in vac&tlon,
lo take uhurgo and control of tho clcrk'a
offlce. courthouac, publlc aquar. nnd Jall
and lot around tho jall ot aaia county. Pa?
tron. Mr. Mcltae.
To authorlzo tho Council of tho clty ot
Portsmouth to Imu. bonds to bulld achool
houaea aud for other achool purpdaea. Pa?
tron, 51 r. Parker.
To havo thc treaaur.r of rr!nce?a. Anr.a
county f it rngularly at tho county scai.
l'atron. Mr. Ilaum.
Itocklughnni County Itnau..
To authorlzo tho Board of Suporvlsors of
Itoeklnghant county to Vftatillali and con
>tritct, as a Htate-mon.y-ald road. tho
Broadway nnd Brock'a Oap publlo high
???? a\ ; to laiu? and nvll bonds of thc county
>t Ilocklnghom to thc extont of one-half
)f tho eetlmated coat of such road. and. to
rstahllsh and chargo tolls upon auch road
for tho purpose of paylng olT such bonds,
ln lleu of tlio aesesament of tax for sucU
purpose. Patron, Mr. Good.
To amend an act provldlng for tho mak
ns. changlng and wortdng of roada In th .
.-" (Contlnued on Seventh Page.)
Governor Mann Vetoes Two Sec
tions of General Appro
priation Bill.
Under tho clauso of section TO of
thc State Constitution which provldcs
that "tho Governor shall have tbe
power to voto any partlcular ltcm or
ltems of an approprlatlon blll, but tho
voto shall not affect tho Itom or itcm.i
to whlcli he does not object." Govcr
nor Mann has vetoed two clauses lu
.he general approprlatlon blll as passed
ay the Legislaturc.
One of thoso provldcs for tcrmlnat
Ing the contract which the State ha.
wlth tho Miclilo Company. of Char?
lottesvllle, for selllng State reports.
Tho amendment was added ln tho
House. upon recommcndatlon \of tho
Llbrary Committee, under tho lrnpres
slon that thls action would cheapert
tho cost of tho Virginia Reports to tho
lawyers, and at thc same tlmo mako
a proflt for thc State.
The reason for thc veto Is thc sama
as that given by the Governor ln hla
.bjectlons lo tho semi-monthly wages
blll. lt is that the matter contalned
ln tho clauso Is not mentloned In tha
tltle. Therefore. pursulng tho Hamo
reasoning. thc Mlchlo Company had no
notico of tho proposed change-, and thes
Insertlon of the new mattor, and had
thereforo no opportunlty to appear
md oppose t_io._propp8itlon. The con?
tract will thereforo remaln ln forco
for the next two years. Instead oC
belng termlnateti on July 1 next. aa
provided ln the blll. .
Tho other clauso vetoed ls that on
page 13 of tho enrollod blll, refcrrlrig
to thc approprlatlon for contlnulntr
the publication of the Journal of tho
Houpo of Burgesscs and for travellng
IlbrarloB. Thls is a mc.ro mlstako, as
thc same item was repeated ij) tho
same languago, and was ovidently*
lievor intended to appear twicc.
Governor Mann. has not yet com
pleted hls consideratlon of the bllla
passed by tho Legislaturc. _?
Packed only iri cans to "protect the
Flavor and Strength.'
Your groccr will supply you.
Importers' Coffee Co.,Ltd<
New Orleans, La.
< - - ? i
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut ou| cadurtic- and (wgstircs. They ara Wttlal
??hanh?uaoectsuiy. Try _^^.
P..?._? Tcgcuble. AtZd
mnir oo ihe Kvrr. J
diauaato Ma. andj
laoUM tbe ddicala ,
membnae of
(W| HaaJacks aa_ bflnatiil. ai nJUioii. know.
Small Pill, Small Doia, Small Pric?
u'ennlno must beur slgnntur*

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