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Vtrgtnta ys Sponsor at Reunton
CY^jC ??<? ?-tav
nnticlii'T of Mnyor aml Mr... D. C. Rlchardnon, of (faln cl*r? itIio ham been ap
_M>tatcd apoQitor for the State of Virginia at tbe Moblle It cunlon of Confeder
nle Vrteran.s In Aprll.
ING, commandlnp tlie Virginia
Division, United Confederate
Veterans, has appointed Mlss Louisc
Rlchardson, of thls clty, as sponsor for
Virginia at the reunlon of Confed?
erate Veterans to be held ln April at
Moblle, Ala. Mlss Richnrdson ls the
attractive daughter of Mnyor and Mrs.
Davld C. Rlchardson. of Richmond, and
is one of the most popular members ol
the ybunger society set here. She wlll
most creditably rcpresent thc State o(
Vlrglnlu, not onlv by her own charm
Ing personality. but as the daughter
of a Confederate soldier, whoso hon?
orable record ls her cherlshed heri
tage. Her father enlisted when a
more boy in Parker's Battery, the fa?
mous "Bov Company," so highly culo
gtzed by General Stephen D. Lee, and
served wlth consplcuous fidelity, Mlss
Richardson's maternal grandfather
was a member of the Thomas Artll?
lery, and most gallantly served hla
A nuinbor of brilliant balls and rc
cc-puons will be glven for the sponsors.
M.1 Moblle wlll be gay with entertain- ,
tnenla and charmlng affalrs ln honor|
oT tbe, beautiful glrls from lill over'
the South who wlYl attehd tho reunlon. I
Urtiirneil to Ptallndelpliln. 1
Mrs. .1a.mes Halsey and daughter,!
Mlss Elolse Halsey, who spent several I
?weeks ln thls city and have been re-1
cont guests oC E. 0. Smlth, ln Fred?
erlcksburg, Va., left Inst Wednesday
for thelr homo in Phlladelphla. Mlsa
_Dabney Halsey wlll romaln in Rich?
mond untll after Easter, when she wlll
Jeave for Phlladelphla.
Iu .Itlnnllc Clty.
' Jlrs. Anna Branch Cabell ls spend
jjJVC^T Mary T. Goldman**
' x Gray Hair Re.torei i
Tradj M?i_ tUiliUred
roitore.. orlilnjil
ln nilM.hraltlilulnian
erln (rom 7toHdaja
Entlrely dlfforcntfrom
_n;lhiu_ cl_<e. Il?<U?-t. 11
Is pormaneat. Doc. n *
oral. Has no sedlraent, _. .
gr__*y?i.V <ia pure und clenrn. wntt..
Don'texp?rli__ient?U-?o ..hnt lhnu_,andflof others
bavefounu *afoamiMtisfm-tors Sf.njplwaiulcouib
abtolntelyf t-c. Hennre to ni^ntion nrifflnal color
of your helr. MAKV T. OOt.DlIAN, Goldman
Bl_?.. Bt. -Paul. lllnn. The Inr.e bize J1.U0 bottle
aolabr all dealen, incluUini.-; [It]
A Short Shirt Tale
A man we know told his friend
he had a good thing. That when
ever he sent an ordinary shirt here
he got back thc swellest garment,
one much better than he ever
bought. Thinks some one elsc
must be the sufferer. Not at all.
It is only our superior way of laun
?dering. Send us your shirts and
see what a swell finish we give
Eagle Steam Laundry,
723-5 West Cary. Phone Madison 4824.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief--P.rmi_.en. Cure
Tail, Puiely veget
?ble?act aurely
but gentljr ou
the liver.
cu_.ein-.L- _ _,
Beation? iaapiore t'-p c ompleuoa ? tirialitcn
the cyei. Small hu, Small D_m, SauJl Price
"Senulm- must bear ?lgptuur*
ig- the sprlng months at Atlantic
Ity, where she wlll be Jolned shortly
; her son, James Brancli Cabell. Mrs.
im-s R. Branch and Mlss Mary Cooke,
ranch are also at Atlantic Clty, and*
re at the Berkshlre Inn, where they
111 remaln untll after Easter.
t thc Tea Room.
The tea room ln the palm garden of
ie Jefferson Hotel presented a most
harming and attractivfe ^appearance
ppterday. Graceful vases of American
ieauiy roses decorated the tahles, -whlch
ore crowded during the entire after
oon. Hoste. ses for the afternoon wero
Irs. St. George Bryan and Mlss Evelyn
tordon. Asslstlng In servlng the
:ucsts were: Misses Berta Hamilton,
.lsle Ingram, Posle Meredith, Helen
idams, Edlth Taylor, Gertle Camm.
Mrs. Egbert Leigh was hostess of
>ne llttlo tea party, and Mrs. "Walter
lubard, one of tho most charmlng ad
litlons to Richmond soclety this sea
on. was guest of honor at another
able. Somo of those seen were: Mrs.
lohn Lcnry. Miss Cocke, Mrs. A. D.
Vllllams, Mlss .Tnne Rutherfoord, Mrs.
',. W. Splcer. Mrs. Thomas A. Snjyth,
.liss Juliet Martln, Misses Lcna Miller,
Ilalro Smlth. Graco. Neal, Helen La-.
lirop, Ellzabeth Gaines, Mattie Bas
kervllle, Carollne Armlsteaa, Carollne
Rennolds, Mrs. Bcnson, Mrs. George
D. Gaines. Mrs. Barksdalo Lathrop.
Mrs. BaskorvlUe, Mrs. Perrln, Misses
Fahny Hohson and Dabney Halsey. of
Phllttdelphla, and Mrs. Robert Cabell
Clirii Pnrtjr In Itirinlnj.-l.nTii.
Mlss Ellen Llnn Molton was hostess
nt her home In Blrmlngharn to tho mom
liers of Wednesday Morning Bridge
Chib, whom she entertained at a bridge
luneheon. Tho St. Patrick's idea was
developed throughout the details of
tho ovent, and at tho close of a serles
of games, the guests were invited Into
the dining-room. where they were en?
tertained at a lunchion, which showed
the tones of green and white. Green
.arnatfons formed tlie centroplece, and
he favors were green siiake bracelets
Tho hostecs was gowned in a llght
-!ue broadcloth costume. Her guests
.vere: Miss Sadle Glllespy, Mrs. Foi ton
IVimberly, Mlss Mary Ruth McLester.
Ulss Mary Ware, Miss Wlllio May
3atos, Miss Donald Seals, Miss Estells
vTabb, Miss Mabel Wheelock, Miss May
3elle Roden, Mrs. Harrington P. Heflln,
md Mlss Lulu Virden, of Montgomery.
Jluuer on llourd nattlesblp.
Brazlllan Vlco-Consul and Mrs. Bar
:on Myers, together wlth a party of
_ersonal guests, were tendered an ele
;ant dlpner aboard the Brazlllan bat
:teshlp Mlnas Geraes In Hampton
Soads Wednesday afumoon by Cap
aln Nevee and the offlcers ot that
ihlp. the dlnner belng in compllmen
ary roturn of the brilliant receptlon
whlch Consul and Mrs. Myers tendered
Jie offlaers of th? Mlnas Geraes at
:helr home ln Norfolk last week.
Dlnner was served ln the elegantly
ippolrited dinlng room on tho Mlnas
_eraes with decoratlons conslstlng of
lerns, smllax and cut flowers, a mag
ilflcent cluster of early lilacs formlng
?ho centre pioco of the maln tablc;
xt the head of whlch sat Captain
s'eves. commander of the Mlnas Ge
les; Vlce-Consul Myers occupled a seat
:o the rlght of Captain Neves and
-aptaln Azovedo, the Brazlllan naval
ittache. from Washlngton. occuplea a
soat at the othor end or the table
Those who wero guests wlth Mr. aud
Mrs. Myers at the dlnner Included
Captain and Mrs. Hope, U. S. A. of
Fort Monroo; Mrs. Holt W. Page. Mre
Norman R. Hamilton. the Misses Ma?
and Ellzabeth Galt, Mlss Vlrglnla Gar
rlson. Mlss Mary Hayno. Misses Kath
erinc and Frances Myers, Miw. Caper
ton Preston. Misses Laura and Hcnale
Tuokor and John Baldwln.
..lm. Mnrthn .Jlpln.v'_. Work.
Mrs. Martha fl. Gielow, who has won
more than local fame by her songs and
stories of tho Southland, is dovotlng
her tlmo and talents to tho welfaro of
the children of the Southern moun
talns, b-ays the Loulsvllle Courter-Jour
As the foundor of the Southern In
dustrlai Educational Assoclation, or
ganlzed ana Incorporated, wlth he-id
quarters ln Washlngton, p. C, tor tho
promotlon of Chrlstlan and Industrial
educatlon of the Impoverlshed .unwlu
cated people of the rnountalnn, Mrs
Gielow haa addod a higher glory to
lier career as wrlter am] IntorpfetPJ
of folk.lore. Those who hay*nl\
heard Mrs. Gielow ?l?g her famoua
eradlo songs. "Blow, uillo Breo^'
*nd "Go to Sleep on Mammy'? B?__
Jit?rwime'" ^ **$*!%
Tho power of hor oratory on thi
"Conservatlon of Amerlcu's Mountaln.
cers ? and tha llving ,??? of g*
work has placod lier foremoat on th.
leotur. platform as well, General
Y.oodford, ex-mlnlster to Kpaln, had
sald that tho work of the fiouthem t,'
dUHtilal Educational Assoelatlori t? Ih
greatest missloti movement of tlm can
Keyser's two-clasp
doublc finger tip Sili\
Gloves; black, loHtteand
colors, special. . . 48c
A Superb and Unrivaled Display
of Easter Millinery Now Ready
Our Beautiful Millinery Salon, Second Floor, Holds a
Wondrous Display of Chdrming Hats.
Our interprctations of thc dew Hats are lovcly-?distinctivc
?in style, yet not cxaggcrated, and wonderfully becoming-^art
finding its expression in sensible, practical styles. In addition
to the showing of imported models, our own clcver designers
have contributcd many beautiful Hats of marked individuality.
The opportunity oi sclecting becoming Hats for Eastet' is
greater than ever?so many different effects are approved,. in
both large and small Hats, at pr ces that are very rcasonable.
Special Showing of Ready-to-Wear and
Trimmed Hats at $4.98, $6.98, $7.98
A beautiful display of Hats, that choosing will bc.undoubt?
ediy a pleasurc, in all thc newest shapes and colorings. Priced
very modcrately.?First Floor. '?
Untrimmed Millinery
A complete assortment of ajl that is up-to-the-minutc in
Attriactive Untrimmed Hats for women and misses. There are
Neapolitans, Smooth and Rough Straws, Chips, and a number
of other equally fashionable Untrimmed Hats.
The Easter Outfit Must Now Be Given Serious Thought
Only six more shopping days to Easter. Wc are ready with an immense array of all that's
new and beautiful in Womcn's Outer Garments.
Not for many years have worhen of fashion had such a wide latitude'for their indi'vidual taste
in street garments as thc styles this spring offcrs. So noiriccable is this divcrsity that a trip through
our department is a succession of pleasant surprises. Wc have considered practically all possible^
demands, so that there need be no hesitancy in coming here foj: your Suit or Dress. It is here?>.
and, moreovcr, you will have the knowledge of knowing that thc garment is correct in every degree
in designing, making, color and price.
$20 Suit, Special for Monday, $15
Gray stripc mannish worstcd, now the popular rage;
34-inch lengths; plain tailored effect; trimmed in buttons;
new plaited skirt; has every appearancc of a custom
tailor-madc garment. As ah Easter'
?5. offcring special.
A Special Value at $25
Fine French Serge Suit, in thc colorings of new blue,
yiolet and tan; three-button coat, strictly man-tailored;
lined throughout with peau de cygne of contrasting
shades; tan embroidered dctachablc collar and cuffs.
new plaited skirt. A Suit worth a great COB AA
deal more, but wc spccialize at. ?9___?)_UU
Special $10.00 Easter Suit
A shipment of twenty-five Worsted Serge Suits came to us
yesterday; plain tailored with moire facing; colors blue, black,
old rose; all sizes. They are equal in quality to the usual
$15.00 Suits, and there will be no more at this price.
Easter Dreteses Specially Priced, $ 1 5
Dresses of Ch&ngeablc or Solid Colored Taffeta, point lace
yoke neck and frc_)t, outlined with derign of braided taffeta: full
plaited skirt. An fcxccptional value and priced spc- (?"! C ?\(\
cial Monday for. *D 1 D.\J\j
Easter Qffering in Dresses, $22.50
Extra Quality*Dress of Rajah, in natural, new blue and laven
der; square lace y-pke, headed with self-colorcd embroidered bands;
folded girdle; plaited skirt. This is one of the most
popular models thjis season, and suitable for all occa- 6JOO C A
sions; special. n>_?_____je<Jlvl
The New Spring Waists for Easter
A gathering'/of new and beautiful Waists, which in
conception and.fcxecution present the cleverest ideas of
the skilled designers.
Tailored WaSst- of black and white stripc taffeta,
trimmed in black- buttons down centre front; a good <PF f\(\
value at .-.. V*JoUU
Dressy Waisfcof colored chiffon, ncatly trimmed in soutache
braid and crochebjbuttons; plaited ruffle to one side; waist mounted
on white chiffon.nn pearl gray, green, navy and black; 0*7 PA
special.._?. _D i ?DU
Very Dainty* Waist of cream x>r white embroidered net, yoke
formed of heavyia'pplique, cascadc of lacjs on side front; C"7 QO
special.%.,,..,..,._. y) I ? t/O
Everything for Baby
If you dcfti't think the baby is an important factor
in retailing "visit the third floor, where Baby Clothes
and Fixingsiare sold. No end of beautiful things, fas
cinating stytes, sheerest, softest, filmest materiate, and
at prices that- women who ply the needle for baby are
best able to appreciate. A few specials quoted:
Child's Bortnet of very lacey Tuscan straw, trimmed
with ribbons and roses; colors, pink, blue and white; <?<% AO
6pedal.1. iyc*.JO
Others fro_r*$1.98 to $8.00. .
A beautifuj assortment of Baby Caps, trimmed very A Q
prettity in diffdrent designs; special. *lOC
Others, trijmmed with Val. lace, embroidery and
ribbons, to ecll up to.
Children's.Bonncts of dotted Swiss, trimmed with
ribbons and flolwers; special.
Others frofli 75c to $5.00.
Showfag of Reefers at Special Prices
Childrcn'ej Piccadilly Reefers, in checks, red, navy, gray and
tan; lined and.iinlii.cd. Prices range froin $2.25 to $7.50. Sixcs
(rom 2 to 6 yifcirs.
Beautiful; ushowing of Piccadilly Reefers, in navy blue, gray
and red; somb. prettily trimmed in anchor ejesigns; Bizca 6 to 14
years; from $*50 to $12.50.
Children 'at Party Capcs of red and navy, hood lined with white
and red satinirpriccd specially at $7.98.
Beautiful Showing of Easter
Ribbon wearers are artists as well as weavers, you
will agree. As one peep at our beautiful Ribbons
will show. Don't miss seeing the new Chanticleer
Persians, in the Chanticleer shades of cardinal and
Wilhelmina blue.
In our immense stock you will find every new weave, incltid
ing thc Changeable Ribbons that are so fashionable for trimming
millinery, sasnes and hair bows, dressniaking and other purposes.
S-inch Shepherd Plaid Ribbon, in navy, black, brown and
red. Regular 38c yard value; special, 25c.
6-inch Dresden Ribbon, in all colors and shades. Regular
35c yard value; to-morrow, 29c yard.
6-inch Moire Ribbon, in all thc new colorings. Regular 29c
value; to-morrow, 19c yard.
Novelty Jewelry for Easter
New importations from Europe in Jewelry enables
us to offer. you simultaneously with New York the latest
novelties of the day. A few of the many novelties:
Beautiful Hne of Mesh Bags, in both gold and silver, plain and
carved framc, assorted mesh; priced from $2.98 to $30.00.
Novelty Chatelaine, made of sterling silver, all have pencils,
vapity mirrors, powder boxes and pen knives; can be attached or
carried from finger or bag; from $2.50 to $20.00.
Beautiful Imported Lavelicrs, exquisitely wrought'in the new?
est designs, mceting the demands of current fashion,.in both gold
and silver, from $2.50 to $8.98.
Beautiful showing of Foreign Rhincstone Hair Pins, inlaid
with assorted stones; prices, $1.00 to $3.98.
New Bracelets, carved and plain,- both wide and narrowl
priced from $1.00 to $6.75.
The Newest in Neck Fixings
It has always been our aim to have Neck Fixings
different dainty designs out of the ordinary. It is doubt
ful if you will find in Richmond such another collection
of Neckwear as is on sale here.
Imported from St. Gall Embroidercd Dutch Collars, some with
plaited edge, others with baby Irish effects; newest things in plaited
Jabots, in nets and linfcns, elaboratcly trimmed in lace aild CA.
embroidery; special.,.,..? OUC
Ribbon Roses, in assorted colors, to be worn at neck; OC
special.?. _bpC
Wc have given careful attention to the selcction of
novelties in finer grade Neckwear and Scarfs, and we
call your special attention to the Jabots, Collars and
Scarfs ranging in price from 75c to $10.00.
Gloves for Easter
The spring outfit is incomplete without Gloves. We
carry a complete variety of dependable qualities. The
growth of this department shows how thc Richmond
public apprcciatcs this.
Ladies' Two Clasp Glace Gloves of soft French kid heavy
spear point stitching on back, in black, white and ffl CA
changeable; special. V * w"
One-Button Chamois Gloves, heavy spear point stitching;
the washable kind, with lots of good wear attached; <M AA
special. OI?UU
Chamoisette Gloves, two-clasp; a good, washable kind OC|?
for spring or summer; special. _?_?/\,
Parasols for Easter
Altogether charming are the Parasols this spring,
in the new Pompadour style handles, in plain and carved
to match the covers. An immense variety to select from
to match your suit or dress.
Beautiful showing of Pongee and Rajah Parasols, in assorted
borders, and others embroidered, with fancy and plain d?9 AO
handles, $1.50 to ,. ?P_l?_JO
Taffeta Silk Parasols, in solid colors to match your spring
costume, tn the new long handles; has strong steel <PO CA
frames; priced from $1.50 to. . vJOaOV
Black and White Taffeta Silk Parasols, to bo worn greatly this
spring; comes in burnt and mission handles; priced from ff C AA
New Models of Every
Good Corset Awaits
Your Selection
This store does^a splendid Cor?
set business, because each model
it sells is selected and fitted with
the utmost care. We have fitters
who associate their work with that
successful influence of study, pa
tience and endeavor. Is there
worider Kaufmann's selections are"
sought eagerly? This service ' is
ready for you.
Madame Irene Corset..$5.00 to
(Sold exejusively by us in Richmond.)
C. & B. Corset.$1.00 to
Warner's Corset.$1.00 to
Nemo Corset..".-".'.,.$3.00 to
Amerlcan Lady Corset .......... .$1.00 to
tury, a greater ?crusado than the cru
_adu of Joan dt Are, for Uh alm ls
to re?tor_ to tho--natlon by educatlou
upllft c.000,000 iof tho natlon'K own
children. r*- -
.11 U? JeuulaJCK lf_n__?_
Mx_. J. V. F^azl-t'H l.rid?o pojrty
Wediit_<lay af-i_?l _on at hor hollMj. ln
Atlanta wa* aji_?_nJoyab)o nffalr, ua*
aembllng tw_lv??a'ourj(t wornon to m_.l
Ml_. JonuliigH, of IvvnclibiirK, Vtt.7 .Ui.o,
guest of Mlnn Jlol.-CUi. Mill. r.
Tho docorui.-iui' wero un ?.f__llv?
use, uf Joric(UII#s und f'*rn_, <nni tlm
acore cardu wlir* nlrl_' l._?dit_ Th.
i-rl*.?, liilh (.tr/'fiUiit-n and a brl-K_ __l
wer. wnn by Ml?_*? l_lm_r _n_ Mj?HI?
-<*jr. __.?_ J -l^tltt|fi? v.uj> mstnlta ?,
pl.'.?<. of ambrolderetl Ilngcrle, and MIbh
Millcr oiik MtocklngN,
Mr... Fraslor won gowned ln black
_llk auri lace, atl(j Ml?u Eriiklno Fi'a
/.\ur w-.f*__{i rf.d cloth tfown trlmuied
Wlth IKjt.
luriirniuit t? juoiimond.
M.k. Edward C'hi'lBtlan und her
Utmriitn-r, minn DoroUiy ChrlBtlitn, who
Wve beon _i._ii(ilng H.ve.a. wenlo. lu
A.__t_vj||i., ti, o,, tupoot io return to tho
slty ttbotii ttxi luiit of Murch. Ml-i-i
ffilon C'hrUtlun, who hittt Iwmi apond
ln? tho wlnter lu Wutthlngton, D. 0?
wlll -i-hini |? m<.hm.j|i4 mnno tlm.
ihl_ v/.i.k.
?f*.?i_.. r. I'lHldiiKofi und IiIm d|Uigh.
'.'. Mliui i;iin(, i'/tiki,iii<iii, 'wlll'rotum
fo iiuttiugwtj t-uiiy itt Mity, nftof hiiv.
lng wpent the wlnter in Colorado.
Ileueptlou for Ml_? M__?u.
Invltatlons wlll shortly be lssued to
a rocoptlot) to bo glven ln honor of
Mlas Ellon McElroy Mgon, tho charm
Ing debutante daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. D. Llgou, of Whlte
Hall, nisur ElUcott Clty, on Saturday
aflornocm, Aprll 2, from 4 to 0 o'clook,
nt the homo of her grandfather, Dr,
Wllllnm Oovano Rtdout, 00 Duko of
_llou_u_tor S't.oS*-,?AtinapQlls. Shnrlng
tlm honor- wlth Mlas Mgon wlll be
lier cou?|n, MIwh Margarot Thompson
Pitrktsr,' tho attractlvo daughter of
?Vi-tftuln Jamea l'. purkor. Unitod States
l.nvy, and Mr_, Parkor, of Norfolk.
r.'aptuln I-yrkei' ls .npw Uv command. of
Ihn navy yur.j at Norfolkt Invltatlons '
V--U ._? llwlioa ta c-oiiutitple-i upi
young men, wlth fow exoeptions. It
ls an lnterestlng fact that tho beautl?
ful old Coloplal homa of Dr. Rldout
ln Annapolls has been ln the Rldout
famlly for seven generatlons, and la
ono of the landmarka of that oharm
lng old town.
Liiuchenu Tuesday,
Mrs. Isabel Bllble entertained Tues?
day at luneheon Mr. and Mrs. Brassler
and Mlss Emma Brazlor, of PhlJadel
phla; Mrs. Mollle McDowell and Misa
izora DeWolf, of Hlghland Springs,
Mrs. Brazler ls a ntece of Mrs. Bllble,
and has been spendlng somo daya ln
Rlchmond and Hlghland Springs, en.
route. lo Philadelphia, after a wlnter
lii Cuba and Florlda.
IVouma-M Club,
Tha Woiaw'3 Club la looltlRg <??.
ward wlth much pleasuro to Major J.
C. Hemphlll's addreas to-morrow af
tornoon at half-past 4.
Major Hemphlll wlll talk about 'Tha
Preas,*" a subject whlch many years
of edltorlal life have partloularly fitted
hlm to dlscuss.
The Llteraturo Clasa wlll meet on
Wednesday afternoon, when MI. *
Danl-l's. subject wlll bo "John Ruakln;
Modern Painters"; and on Frlday-af?
ternoon .Misa Wlnston wlll meet tha
ctysa ln Current Events as usual.
Hecitalat tbe Jefferaon.
Muslo lovers aro looklng forward
wlth muoh pleasuro to the piano rooltal
to be given by Misa 55elle Mlnor ln tht)
Jefferaon Audltorlutn on Saturday,
1-Coiitti.uod oa 'rijlrd .j?^go..X

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