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Hand Bags, Suit Cases and Trunks
For Easter and Spring at the Rountree Store
These are in the newest shapes and sizes, with every improvement?every modern attachment?that could be added; and they
have the Rountree superiority?the magic force of worth. Isn't a trunk or case or hand bag with the Rountree and Richmond trade
mark good enough for you? _______? _ /
Our Wardrobe Trunk is the Trunk of Greatest Convenience
Hand Bags
To Match
Any Suit
The Hand Bagsjhat we^have
on display for Easter and Spring
are the loveliesfc ones you have
ever seen in this store.
And that means they are the
most beautiful ones made!
These Hand Bags are in every
color?every shade.?to match any
costume desired.
They offer a wide range for se
lecting something individual.
. t? ?___*
It combines the good fea
tures of the trunk with those of
the ward robe.
With a Wardrobe Trunk you
need have no mussed or wrin
kled garments. You can hang
them up, and the minute you
are ready for any garment you
can get to it without removing
any other article in the trunk.
The Wardrobe Trunk is
strong ? it requires no more
room than the clumsiest, most
out-of-date trunk to be found.
Let us show you the line, as
well as our general line of
Trunks of many styles.
This Trunk is radically different from and better than the ordlnary Wardrobe Trunk, although of standard
general construction, made of three-ply board or fibre veneer, well glued and riveted. There is a rigid bow
handle reinforced with steel on the upper end of each trunk to prevent standing the trunk on the top end.
The garment carrier operates on side arms, which not only permits an easy sliding movement, but rigidly
supports the carrier when fully extended. The annoyance of numerous tapes and catches to lock the follower
is obviated by our patented spring pressure attachment, a simple and practical device, which firmly holds the
garment in transit, whether the trunk is partially or fully packed. The Wardrobe sides are equipped with dust
proof doors, which .are fastened with spring bolts easily operated by one movement. Made in a number of sizes,
styles and qualities, for both men and women. Each trunk contains a cdmplete Wardrobe on one side and a
full set of drawers on the other side. Steamer and Getlemen's Trunks all contain silk hat and jewelry boxes.
All Ladies1 Trunks contain hat and jewelry boxes. _,
Suit Cases
That Last and
Look Well
After many a hard trip or jolly
They are leather and they are
made right/
They are scientifically arranged
so as to afford the greatest
amount of room.
They are light and "handy" to
carry on any occasion.
They are here in large variety,
each one with the Rountree good
ness sticking out on it.
Select one for Easter.
hat Is Your B
rann worth??TaftVk Valued .at $1,500,
Knowledge of Other Men and Its Equivalent in jyioney
Haa u $1,000,000 brulu.
AVho has the tfemlnliic l-raln wlth. the
greatest earulng iiower.
Has a 91,500,000 brain.
Haa n .*?5,000,000 bralu.
WUose brain wlll be .vortti ?SUO,000 to
litu? as lung nn hc llvc_.
' How much is your brain worth?
Consldered as accuriiulated prlnclpal./f
yloldlng you the annual Income . rep?
resented by your salary. for work aot-*
ually done by yourself, what ls lts
value t6 you ln dollars and cents?
. President Taft has a $1,500,000 brain.
The oalculatlon I3 a slmple one. Nor
mal Interest reallzed. on money saved
ls" 5 per cent, If that big bone strong
box, whlch rests upon Mr. Taft's broad
shoulders, were fllled elther wlth $1,
500,000 ln 5 per oent. securltles, or wlth
, tho gray matter whlch'lt now contalns,
the Incomo from tho one accumulatlon
of principal or the other would be the
same?$75,000 a year.
Baoh blt of knowledge stored ln the
human cranlum ie as gopd as gold
stored ln your. strong box, and the all
Important problem. ls how to invest It
after 'its accupiulatlon?now to mako
It work tax you.
Now, contlnutng down the govern
men't's pay table from tlie top, let us
see what dollar mark Uncle Sam puts
upon the brain of each of hls hlgh
For tlie-Clile_,Justlco of tho Federal
Supreme Court a $260,000 thlnking or?
gan wlll sufflco; for assoolata justlce,
a $350,000 ce'robral system; for Vlco
Presldent, Speaker or Cabtnet offioer, a
$240,000 case of gfay matter, ahd for
Senator or Representatlve, a $150,000
brain. Of course, these flgures repr.
,eont bOttom rates only whore publlo
offlce ls the only source of lnoomc.
D?iv?>'? Woitli ?l}T0,OOO.
Admiral Beway'o "domo of tUought ls
worth $370,000 to hlm whllo ttg la on
?hore duty, and $337,000 whlle he ls on
jeo-'V-futy, and ln hls case alone, among
rmvftui offlcers, the value will never be
tnai-lifca down?for he wlll nover be
Ccfmniander Peary's frlends want
Song/ress to mark hls brain up to $120,
300, I yleldlng $6,000 a year, a retlred
rcar-l*.dmlral's pay.
WIJU ls lnside Genoral Wood's cra
nlumi ls worth to hlm $176,000 ln gllt
5dg?4l 5 per cent, bonda, for lts ylelds
lilm *$,S00 a year, and before he re
Ures^ fourteen years hence, lt wlll have
_eon marked up to $224,000, yleldlng
Ul.aBC. a year.
As tfc- a3 the President, Vlce-Presl
lont. .Cablnet and other temporary offl
3frp of the government are concemefl,
tlVese values are not permanent. of
:our.4ei Thus President Taft's bralp,
llthotjph yleldlng hlm as much to-day
is w.ftild $1,600,000 lnyested ln good
seour^Bes, may come down to one
thlrd -ij0. one-fourth, lts valuo after he
leaverf *be Whlte House. But ln the
caso cfff-the Supreme Court justlcea and
. rmyf t-fid navy otfloors, thelr bralns
wlll U,i_Jpreclate llttle or rtbne ln value,
ne?-n._?fc.er how old they become. Tlio
materfcn ln'Chief Justlce FuUer'a cere
_ral <xtnvolutions wlll be worth $260,
000 to tylm as long as he^llves, whether
lio retires or not, and no matter lf he
should loso hls reason .altogether, and,
In slmrtlur manner, hls assoctates ou
thc bcclch raaj- rest apsured that thelr
skull rfUlrigs' are worth, $250,000 to
each of i thom as long as they breatho
tha br^itlt of Ufe.
II\K_n_ li-_-en_l__B ln Value.
The >-oung Uoutoiiant. leavtjs tho
cloors dr. West Polnt wlth a hoadpleco
on hls Vajiouldevs -worth #34,000-9 hlw
ln Invested principal ana yleldlng hlm
$1,700 a year, and aa he mounts tho
gr^des of flrst lleutonant, captain. ma?
jor,' lletitanant-colonel, colonel and
brlgadler-general, hls thlnking organ
gradually rlses ln value to $40,000,
$4S*,*000. $60,000, $70,000, _4&0,000 and
$12Q,000, respectively.
If he remalns a brlgadler-general
twenty-flve yoars the value rlses from
$120,000 to $168,000, whlle lf, as Jn the
case of General Wood he becotnes a
major-ginoral early ln llfo tho rlse wlll
bo to $224,000. And Should the grade
of Ueutenant-general bo revlved. he
woullj havo a cerebrai organ worth
upward/of $328,000, and yleldlng hlm
.upward of &15.00D a year, dependlng on
how long he remalned in actlvo service
undds that rank,
Slmllarly the mlnd of the naval offi?
cer gradually lnereases ln value from
$28.(5)0 (yleldlng hlm $1,400 a year)
when ho Ieaves the Annapolls Academy
to $1.76,000 (yleldlng blin $S,?00 per an
num) when ho flrst bocoines a rear-ad
mjral. And Its worth thereafter ln?
ereases 10 por cent. for each year.thnt
he flics hls iflag beforo ??.-trement.Jivhen.
a permanenT valub of 7_ per cent. of tho
last prevlous figure Is ilxed. ?'
Tho other day a young man waa ex
plalnlng to some protestlhg frlends
why ha closlrod to become a warrant
ofllcer M the navy. "The pay ls suro
for llfo," he sald. "I wlll oommenoo
witli $1,125 a year?equal to $22,50Q In
mortgageB.hr bonds?and I wlll wlnd
up my active service wlth. $2,250 a year,
or the interest on $-6,000, Thon I ,wlll
i retire, and throughout niy old age I
wiU imye J1.T00 a yoar, .whlch wlll bt
I as much to me as $34,000 tn securltles.'
^(10,000,000 Worth ot Braliu Under Ou
Sometlmes the president, Vice-Prest
dent, Cablnet, Supreme Court. Senat
and House of Kepresentatlvan?all o
tho heads of government. executive
leglslatlve and judlclai?meet togetho
ln the great hall of the House of Rep
resentatlves. What an accumulatlon o
braJns wo then have?gray matto
worth, on thls 5 per cent. basls, a tota
of $59,948,000 in principal and'yleldini
to Ita possessors $3,991,400 per annum
And thls estlmate omttB all assistant;
and under officials. The value ot tht
vast total of corebral substance l
equal to that of 2,900,005 ounces, 181.
250 pounds, or 00 2-3 tons of pure gold
The bralns of Congress alone an
?worth $74,000,000, by the governmon
And speaklng of the value of brain
in the precious metal, lt might be ln
terostlng to stato that President Taft';
are now worth 31% tons of pure gold
Tuft's Drulus Worth 131 Tlmea Thcl
Welght lu Oolil.
JNow the brain of the average male o
our raco welglis 49M ounces. Suppos
lng Mr. Taffs, whlch is vory large, t<
wolgh 55 ounces, we may flgure lt ou
that lt ls worth over 131 times it
Avelght In gold, , -
But what Interests th^ reader evei
moro ls to know the equlvalent \n
por cent, stocks and bonda. of the mea
ln hls own humble oocoanut.
Hero ls u llttle. table or.salarles aiv
equlvalent brain values, heglnnlni
.wlth the $30-a-month man ov womar
'wlth th? brkli. worth' $7,300 inveatei
at tho interest named:
Salary per year. Brain value.
363 .'.?? 7,200
4S0.?. 9.603
600.??'?*???? 12-000
720.? H.?0
360 '.'??.;. 19'200
1,000 . 20-?00
1,200.'???? 21,000
1,500 '. 3?.?00
1,800 . 36,000
2,000 .'. 40,300
2,500 . 50,000
3,000 '. 60,000
3,500. 70,000
4,000 .:.'. 80.000
5,000 . 100.000
A FIve-MUllon-pbllar Bniln.
TUe Amerlcau wlth tho largest sal?
ary 1? sald to be the _vell-l.no.vn mln?
lng "englneer, John Hays Hammond.
tne Prosldant's close frlend' and eol_
crony. Hls Pay ni18 been varlously
stated, a eonsorvativo estlmato belng
*_:DO,ooo a yrar. If ho recelves this
sum hls brain ls worth as muoh to
hlm as is jo.000,000. tnvoatod at 5 por
cent. to a multlmillionairo's Idle son
llvlng on the incomo of hls fortune and
lulllng tlme.
Bamliel Untermyer,. of New Tork,
was reported the other day to havo
received $775,000 tor four years* legal
woric on a blg copper case, and lf thjs
ngure ls correct, hls brain ,during those
four yeara was oarnlngr for hlm as
mud.1 as $3,875,000 Avould have earned
lf weil Invested. .
Rlchard . Wansfleld's annual proflts
from hle piays were estlmated at from
$150,000 to $200,000 per seoaon durlng
tho-last yeara of'hl? llfe. and lf thls
ls so lio nad a $3,000,000 brain, wnua
Davld Waraold, if ho really earns tho
average' of $250,000 a year, now so
persistently attrlbuteu to him, ha8 a
brain bearlng tho stamp ot Mr, Ham
monij's?$5,000,000. \
Moat Valuable Femlnlne Brain.
And the most valuablo fomlnlno
bralh ln thls country 13 sald to be Mlsa
Maudo Adams'e. whleh must be marked
up to $3,500,000 lf it earns for her hor
reported $175,000 per year. Julla Mar
lowe ls sald to have earned $30,000
when sho played romantlo drama, but
only $50,000 since she took up Shnk.
snearcan roles, which?paradoxlcal as
U may seem?looks like a drop from
$1,800,900 to $1,000,000 in cerebral
Thon comes a wholo llat of stars at
reputed earnlngs of $50,000?Mrs. Fiske,
Otls Sklnner, Johu Drew and the lik _-.
which would mean that there ls hld
den away under thelr scalp3 a cold
*1,000,000 worth of that raw materlal
out of which thoughts aro made. But
we must not trust too Impllcltly to
theatrlcal flgures?flnanclally as welf
aa anatomlcally spoaking. Paddlng ls
ovon moro ln vogue ln the pross
agents* offlce than ln tho dresslng
Thero are many hona-flda cases of
mllllon-doUar bralns, however, ln the
transportatlon and lndustrlal world.
Jamos McCrea, presldent of tho Penn?
sylvanla l.atlroad, has a cerebral systexn
of sijcl. value, earnlng for hlm $50,000
a year.und a eonsiderable llat of hls
brother. rallway - pres^donts recelvo
equal amoiints, had we but apace to
nitntlon thom. '
Tho other day wWlo. I waa gather*
ing maueriai i-i 11119 ai n-io _- ,??__.?
contemporary suggested that I in clud ?.
tlie salaries paid to forelgn rulers,
and thls I wll do, but necossarlly ln
a presentatlon of facts supplemental
to those relatod to our subject proper*
Thls ls bocause royal salarles ar. the
earnings not of bralns, but of blood?
blood whoso valuo 13 largely watered
by sentlment.
Thus tho blood ln the velna afld
arteries of the octogenarlan Emperor
Franz Josoph of Austrla earns as much
for hlm as would $77,500,000 lnvftsted
ln 5 per cent. mortgages. for tha
ylold la no lesa than 8,875.000 a year.
And the bluo and red fluid wlthln the
system ojfe Emperor Wllliam' reachea
almost thJrsarao value. or $7?.___,200,
his annual salary belng $3,846,121.'And
Klng F.dward's and Queen Alexandra'a
vltal fluld ls together worth us muoh .
to them as $59,000,000 tnvost-d Jn"
"traction 5's," thelr annual salarles
amountlng to $2,950,000. ' .
The Klng at Italy's blood is worth
to hlm $53,000,000 well. tnveated, for
lt brlngs hlm ln $2,650,000 a year.
whllo that of Klng Alfonso of Spaln.
regardlosa of lts heredltary talnta. la
wbat ho depends upon for hls. $1,763,-'
000 a year. whose equlvalent ln prin?
cipal ls $35,300,000,
And tho red and whlte corpusole*.
tho serum and the other niaterl?la
whlch compoae the crlmson fluld pul
suting^ through the heart of the n*w
King of tho Belglans ls worth to
hlm $1^.200,000. for the wages paid
to hlm' for the royal job amount
to $.60,000 a yeaf, ,
(CopyriKht, 1910. by John Elfretk

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