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ot Alabama. Tho first two nre mem?
bers of tho old OOmtnlttce, and nn?,
doubtodly wlll ho nccorded similar
honor on tho new. ^.
Thero. Is a goneral demand among
tlio Democrats that Underwood, who
Is Leader Clark's flrst Heutenatit on
tho floor, shoiitd ho glven a placo.
? The fourth Democrot has not yet boen
even ? much dlscussed.
? To nttempt to prctllct whom the Re?
publlcans will select would bo the
mcrest speeulfl.tlon. Besldes Speakor
Cnnnon, Dalzell, of Pennsylvanla, and
Smlth. of Iowa. are the present Re?
publiean members of the Rules Com?
mittee. By tho terms of the Norris
funendniont, Spoaker Cannon ls special?
ly ollinnte.d from the now eommlltpo.
The Deniocratlo leaders sald to-day
thnt thoy nntlcipated no dlfticulty In
having thelr caucus' seloollon for thls
cnmmlttco rattflod hy tlio House, as
,tho Insurgont Republicnns hnd glven
them a pledgo to support the Domo
crntlo nomlneos, partly In consider
ntion of thc unanimous vote of tho
Democrats for tho Norris rosolullon.
But tho highly Important matter of
the solectlon of this new Rules Com- ,
mlttco wns of socondary consideratlon
ln the talk honrd to-day as to -whfther
tho war within tho ranks of thn Re?
publiean party tvns to contlnuo or not.
Scnntor Goes tn gnnntnrium tn Take
"ncsl Cure."
Atlanta. Ga., March 20.?After a stay
of two days at thelr Jiotne in Trenton,
S. C, United States Sonator n. It. 1*111
man and Mrs. Tillman arrlved in this
city to-nlght. Tho Senator wus drlvcn I
inimcdiatcly to a local sanatorlum,
where he wlll rcmaln untll lie has re
covered from his recent lllness. J
Physicians at thc sanatorlum. nfter I
nn cxamlnntion ta-lilght, sald that tho \
honator's condltlon wa.s much Improv?
ed. and that he camo horo to tako
the "rest curo," after which, It. Is ex?
pected ho will bo fully recovered.
U'oklo Dcclnrcs Thnt the Convontlon
nf 1908 Stands.
Tokio, Mareh 20.?Dotnlls of thc
litory publlshod 1n the United States,'
to tho effect that? .Tapan had proposed
nnd outllned a new agreement wlth
the American government, havo beon
.received with much surprlse here. Thc.
Forelgn Ofllce denics the report posi?
tively In this statement:
"Thoro ls not the slightest founda?
tlon for such a story. A new agree?
ment ls absolutely unnecosanry. Tho
agreement of 1D0S covers all ques?
tlon.. outstanding between the Unllod
Strtte's and Jnpan, and has been and
wiU bo adhered lo both In splrlt and
in the letter."
Soldlcr* Klll One antl Woimcl Severnt
Polnte-a-PItre, Guadaloupe, March
ao.?Followlng thc nrrcst of several
rloters incident to tho sugarcane-cut
t?rs' strlke, who were accused of huv
Ing pillaged the Blanchet factory at
Los Mlnours. a mob gnthcrad before
tho pollco station at that place to
protest agalnst tho action of tlie
gendarm.s. A gendarme wns nttacked
by the mob, whercupon the soldlors
.Ired upon the rloters. killing one and
?wo und int; .several. Order has now been
re-es.abli_.he_., and the sltuatlon is
Mnnlli-.ti, |u llnynllMK.
Parls. Mareh 20.?The Duke of Or?
leans, ln a manltesto to th.-_ Uoyultstsi
of France, apronos of Ihe scandal arls- I
Jng from the lUnildatlon of ihe re- \
liglouR ordc-rs, declares that renubllcaii
instltutlons aro responslble fnr the cor
ruption of men. "ln thls instance."
lie says. "the llauie'-'tor with tho
money stolen from tho church pays
hls mistresses."
Ponkc PursucH Murdcrcr.
Marlon, Ark., March 20.?Over 100
nrmed men are searrhing for Charlev
Jones, an escupod negro murderer. who
was seen on Dunlgan's Island. opposlto
this city, yesterday. Since the search
began yesterday. cltizens froin all parts
of this county havo beon Jolnlng In
the man hunt, and a cordon of armed
men has been thrown around the en?
tlre laland/to -prevent tho negro's es?
Curtallinent Ordered,
Rocklngham, X. ... March 20.?Cur
tailment. to three days a woek for two
weeks and complete shutdown there
after untll further notlce Is tho de
rision of tho directors of tho I-Iannali
Pickctt MlU, who have a $40,000 stock
of manufactured ynrns on hand. Dur?
lng the shutdown an nddltional weaver
room, costing. $100,000, will be added
to tho pla?<.-' - ;?;_?;
?Tour More Mllls of Paper Company
AVIII Not Open To-Day.
AVatertown, N.Y., March 20.?Four
more mills of tho International Paper
Company. cmploying 160 men, wlll not
open hero to-morrow mornlng. Late
to-nlght the union voted to strike.
It is now estlmated that at Ntagara
Falls. Glena Fnlls, Palmer Falls, Bel
lows Falls. Fort Edward, Ltvermoro
Falls and thls clty, 2,500 employes are
now out on strlke.
James R. Keene Is Now in One
of Tightest Places of His
New York, March 20.?.Tanios R.
Keene ls faclng a erlsls In hls long
career as one of thc greatett flnandul
operators In Wall Streot. He ls con
frontod on tho ono hand.by the power
of the Federal government ln Its en?
forcement of thc liankrttptcy laws. nnd
on the other by a dlstlnctly nicnaclng
nttltude dlsplayed by thc governors of
the New York Stock Exchange.
Mr. Keene Is not under tho jurlndlc
tlon of tho Stock Rxchange, for hc Is
not a member; but hls brokers are.
Beyond nll thls, Mr. Kceno Is throat
cned wlth a sorlos ot lawsults tn de
termlne how far he may bo held respon?
slble for tho cirenmstance.s whlch prc
clpitoted the failure of thc Stock 1.x
change firm of Roberts, Hall & Crlss
ln tho collapsc of thc llocklng pool.
It beeamo known in' thc street yes?
terday that the governors of tho Stock
Kxchango hnvo by no means cpasi.il
thelr Investlgation of tho Hocking
scandal, but are deterrnlncd to go fur?
ther ln thc Inquiry whlch led to tho
virtual expulslon of II .nry S. Hasktiia,
of Lathrop. Ilasklns & Co., antl Clif?
ford Wnshburn, ot .1. M. Flske fc Co..
both of whlch firms were proclpltated
Into bankruptcy as a result of the col
lapse of tho pool.
Kept I.nrge Siima on Deposlt.
Mr. Keene has mnny brokers. ln
one of these brokerage houses Tho
Tlmes-DIspRtch representatlve learneil
yestorday that during the panic of 1907
Mr. Kceno had so large a sum ot
money on deposlt that it was a matter
of courso wlth hlm to drnw out a sum
of money In tho nelghborhood of $100.
000 a day without turnlng a. hair or
ruflllng the. equanlmlty of the flrm.
Thls Is clted n_ an lnslanco of the. vast
emount of lloatlng money Mr. Keotin
has always malntalneU at hls linme
dlato dlsposal.
Thp, governors of tho Stock E..
change Imd before thoni yesterday n
number of tho 160 brokers who are
known to have pxecuted orders ln
Hocking Coal and Iron stock. .Among
those summoned was the firm of Pop
per & Sternbach, long regarded ns Mr.
Kcone's personal brokers. As manager
of the Hocking pool, Mr. Keene placed
the orders with Henry S. Ilasklns, tho
door manager o'f ihe pool, who ln turn
delegated thelr oxeeutloh to Hugh F.
Crlss, of Roberts. Hall & Criss, the
floor speclallsts tn Hocking.
AVhon Keene was examined beforo
Commlssioner Aiexander In the tTnltod
States courts last Wednesday he tes
tlfied that hls brokers had sold hls
Hocking stock without hls knowlndge.
Mr. Kceno dld not spoclfy whlch brok?
ers had done thls.
Further Action* Expected.
Wall Streot is lnterested in tho
report that the firm whlch Is said to
havo executed the orders, appeared
before tlie governors of the Stock Kx?
chango. Thoro Is said to be consid
orablo dlscrepancy botweon tholr
statcments and those of Mi*. Kceno
glvon on the wltness -stand In the
Federal courts. The discrepaney is
givlng the governors of thc Stock Ex?
change serlous fcod for thought, and
tbe Streot learns that further drastlc
action may be expected.
The special commlttee appoluted by
the credltors to examlne tho books df
Roberta, Hall & Criss, who are.Iolin G.
Saxo, Charles I> Andrews and James
II. Wainwrlght, havo made a report In
which they recommend that suit be
brought ngalnst Mr. Keeno or against
othcr mevubei's of the _l__J-lng pools
for a stibstantial settlement of the
claims of tho erodltors.
This commlttee further reports that
It doos not bcllevo tho insolvency of,
the flrm ls duo to Mr. Crlss. who ls
vory popular In "Wall Streot, but to
the manlpulatton of James R. Keene.
and that Mr. Keeno and the members
of the pools should bear tho losses of
Mr. Crlss and his flrm. Mr. CrlBS hav?
ing acted merely as the agent of tho
Credltors. of J. M. Flskc & Co. have
likewisc thioatoned to britig suit
igalnst Mr. Keone lndlvlduallv.'
Vcronaul 11ns Narrorr Kacape When
Ihillonn KxplodcH.
X.os Angeles, Cal., March 20.?Henry
?avage. an aeronaut, narrowly esca.ned
Ioath to-day when his balloon exnlod
?d and ho foll 300 feet. The balloon
jurst beforo Savace cut loo. ?. hls para
hute and hls body startlng down llko
i. meteor. But ln descendlng tho oara
;hute opened and checked the fail. The
-tnpty gas bag enveloped both para
:hute and man and dashed them to the
Hriiat. Savage was pnconsclous ??*-->-n
Dlcjted up, but recovered ln a few
Former Councilman Kept Under Guard Where
None of Those Accused Can See Him?Goes
Before Grand Jury To-Day.
Plttsburg, Pa.. March 20.?That for- ,
mcr Councllman John F. Klein, by hla
c.nfeselon of tho allcgo councllmanlo
brlbery, whlch has been slmmerlng
slnce June, 3 008, has caused many un
easy inomcnts to present and former
ofllce-holdora was apparent to-day
about tho Clty Hall and the Fort Pltt
Hotel, where dotectlvcs, the Voters"
League olliclals and the assistant dis?
trict attorneS are said to havo suits
of rooms, ln which they have beon
quizzlng mon said to know of tlie
graft plot, ln addltion to what has
boen told by Klcin.
Kleln, in hls confession, ls said to
Implicate sixty or more former and
jircsent Councilmen, and for twenty
?four houru detectlves havo been scrv
Ing notice on tho men so named. In
the meantlme, Kleln's friends and fam?
lly have not heard from hlm. Many
anxious onos sald to be destroue of
reachlng hlm before to-morrow aro
pointed out about tlio corrltlors ot the
hotel. lt is not denled that Kleln l_
hold lncommunlcado ln lt suit of
rooms, guarded by two dotectlves. Dis?
trict Attorney Blakely wlll not deny
that Klein ls not at the hotel. and as
Ht-rts, "thu .Commonv. .alth ? wlll shov
its hand to-morrow. You may look
for tuisatlonal dovelopnic-ntti then."
In tho menntitpe Councilmen havo
been seen cnterlng tho roums whero
?1..._-_-_..-_.. _.--JUl?L-..l_i__._--_-jjj_-gg
Ltiative Bromo Qrihine
C_m? CoM taQo. Day. C_rtptn2 Dvy?
the asslstant district attorney and a
stat. of stenographors aro said to be.
It is plannod. accordlng to reports, to
havo those named hy Kloln appear be?
fore tho grand jury to-morrow. Tho
foreman of the jury !.. Harrisbn Is'es
bit,. a former natlonal bank examlner.
and now presldent of tho Bank of
Kleln'a assertlons In his confession,
as they havo como to llght, aro sald to
bc most startling. Ho "kept books"
on all monoy paid out by hlm to othor
Councflmen on tho bank doposltary
Drdinnnces. To somo Councllmon Klclii
sent tho monoy in regl._terr?l lotters.
The recelpts for these lettors wero
During hls trial and previously Kleln
hajj pcrsisted in tho statement under
examlnatlon that he kriew nothing- of
any bribery. It was then belleved that
he was protectliig Konio ono, and ho
stuck to thls posltlon until almost at
tho threshold of the Stato prlson, whleh
he was to onter to-morrow.
Whlle ho was confldent that hls
family would be cared for, he wns
loath to mako any disclosurcs, but
when thoso he protectcd deserted hlm
and were permfttlng hlm to go to
prlson and leavo hl* famlly faolng
starvatlon, then wlth pressuro brought
to hear upon hlm by tho Voters' Civlc
Leaguo, which began tho bribery In?
vestigatlon, anft tho district attorney,
Kleln weakened and told the wholo
It 1? reeognlj.ee! that Kleln ln sub
stantluting his confesBion beforo the
grand jury and ln court must neces?
sarlly admit thnt ho commltted pcr
.iury, but lt Ib broadly hlnted by the
county prosecutpr's offlce that Kloln
wlll be dealt wlth lenlently, und pos
elbly wlll not serve a. day ln prlson,
Used hy
is used for illustrativc lectures
on musical form and analysis
by the Northwej.tern Univer?
sity School of Miisic, Evanston,
111.; the Chicago Conservatory,
the Centralizhig School of Mu?
sic, Chicago, and the Columbia
School of Music, Chicago.
Schools and collcftcs Invitetl to in
vcstifjnte. Cntaloguc froe on nppli
Tl FLY TO Ffii
Court Refuses to Hold Aviator or
His Aeroplanes by In?
New York. March 20.?Louls I'aulhan,
who has broken tlie world's record for
helght in a heavler-than-alr machlne,
but who attracted Interest hero chief ly
by refuslng to fly high, was successful
ln the courts yesterday. 111.. former
manager Edwln Cle.a.ry, who brought
Paulhan to thls country undor a con?
tract to pay hlm $2-1,000 u month, lost
In hls efforts to obtain an Injunction
restrainlng tho Frprichman from tak?
ing his aoroplancs out of tho jurlsdic
tloli of Ihe court. Me also falled to
get an order for the arrest of tho avia?
Clenry only smlletl when thls decis
lon wds read to him. Paulhan had
nothing on him.
"Why, that prellmlnary injunction,"
said he, quietly, "just gave us time tu
start suit for damages agalnst I'aul?
han for brcach of contract antl to get
out a wrlt of attachment on tlie aero?
planes. If Paulhan wants to take tho
aeroplanes with hlm he must tlio n
heavy bond. Conse.tuently. so far
my ieKal action Is concerned, I don't
care whether Paulhan boards a steam
shlp or stts quietly in Now York."
Cleary does not know where Paulhan
Is, and does not seem to care niueli.
If tho Frencbnian has sllpped' i'roni
the country, he did lt quietlyy and ho
dld not sklp away on ono. of his aero?
planes, becauso they are all safely
stordd away. Cleary has as his coun?
sel Clarence J. Shearn and Frederick
N. Van Zandt. He was ready last eve?
nlng ln the. Knickerbocker Hotel, ln
faoo of hls apparent dofeat, to smllo
cheerfUlly and inslst he .stlll has the
best on' Paulhan.
"I paid Paulhan." sald he, "$12,000.
and yet hc inslsts that I owo hlm $30,
000. and hls renson for refuslng to fly
was that I had not kept to my con?
tract In paylng him $24,000 a month ln
advance. You seo, when I brought hlm
to thls country I agreed that hls sal?
ary should stnrt on January 10. Wflcn
ho reached California I paid him $24,
000 down before ho" mado a. slngle
night. After four weeks thero. T got
other engagemonts and paid Paulhan
$12,000, but by thls tlme the Wrights
had got out thelr injunction against.
him, and I dld not fool justlfled in pay?
lng hlm $24,000 ln advance whon 1 dld
not know whether ho would fly.
"I came with hlm to New York and
T paid him $0,000 before hc mado
fllBht hero. antl at tho same tlme I
had to put up $0,000 as an indomnlty
to tho Wrights. The three fltghts
Paulhan. mado cost mo $10.000. Stlll
Paulhan lnsisted on gottlng $24,000
tn advanco bofore ho made a slngle
fllght here, nnd ho wanted .0,000 for
weeks when he could not fly, because
of the Injunction agalnst hlm.
"If Paulhan ls a wlse man ho wlll
come around and agreo to fly. but ho
is surroundod by persons who have
dlstorted hls view of thlngs."
Justice Nowburger sald he found
nothing ln tho contra?jt between Paul?
han and Cleary that showed Cleary has
any proprlotary Intorest In the aero?
planes. He polntcd out that Cleary's
remedy was to bring suit.
Ktns'.i DiiHR-ilcr* Scml Vseftil Glft tu
n I,ei>er IJ<i?pltul.
Bethlehem, Pa., March 20.?At a
bandage rollinsr bco horo forty repre?
sentatlves of the twenty-threo clr
cles of Klng's OauKht.rs connected
wlth the Moravlan churches of the
Uethlehems rolled 024 bundles, constst
ing of 178 yards each. maklng nlno'and
one-thlrd mlles of, bandaf.es.
Theso wlll nll be sont to the Mo?
ravlan lener hospltal at Surlnam, South
Veuernblo Womnn Sliookci'l nt End of
JtryoiiN Jourucy,
Chester, Pa? March 20.-?Mrs. l.llan
both Seymou'r, an aged w_imnn, of 2..2S
West Slxth Streot, roturnod from
AVilkesbarro. whero sho went to be
married to Rev. Danlel Savage, a re?
tlred Methodlst mlnister,
Upon her arrival thero sho was ns
toundod to learn' thnt her prospecllvo
husband wns dead. Tho veuprablQ
clorgyman, who wns sovonty-llvo yoars
of age, was strlcken wlth pneumonia
nnd dled on Wednesday, a fow hours
before tho arrival of hls betrothed.
To Act on Klliiik. Oi.hc
Clncinnatl, O., March 20.?lt was an
nounced hero to-ilny by Chalrman Au?
gust llermunn, of tho Natlonal Base?
ball Commlsslon. thnt a meotlng of
thls body would he held durlng tho
coming week to tuk" tinnl notlon on
tho ca-so of Johnny Kllnir. Tho exnet
dato 1ms not been set, but will prob?
ably be on Thursday.
i.nKltMit Players Wln.
San IMvgo, CtU., March 20?Fngllsh
polo players won a vlctory ut Coronndo
to-day, when tho team of tho Twoii
ileth Hiis?ars dofea.ted tho 1'Uversldo
toam, ia to 2! ?
PII.BS Cl>H._I. IX 0 TO 14 DAYS,
PAZO OINTMI.NT is guaranteed to
curo any caao of Itohlng, Bllnd. Bluert
Ing or Protrudlrig Plles ln 0 to 14 days
or mopey roftuided. 60c,
Artists of Renown and Fine Or
chcstra to Accompany
Wednesday Chorus.
Muslc lovers oC Rlchmond and vl
clnlly aro -bcglnnlng eagerly to cour
tho days untll tho annual muslcal ta
tlval of tho Wodnosday Club, whlc
wlll ,bo hold ln tho Clty Audltorlui
Aprll 25 and 2fi.
.ludglng fr.iiii the comments hoar
on all sides, tho nttondanco thls yen
wlll far ocllpse any jjrovlcus rccon
Among tho principal artists to b
heard will bo Mme. .Tomolll, who san
horo for thi! flrnt timo last yoar, an
who mado the blggest hit. mado her
b.v any artist In rccoitt concorts.-Mn..
.lomolii walkod lntu tlie hearts of he
nudlencos by hor excollcnt slnging, an
wlth hor ready respoiisc to tho man
encoros. flrmly introncriecl horscl
thero for nll tlmo. Ono of the nuiti
bors for tho first night wlll b
GbunocVs "Gallla." wlth Mnie. Jomell
Tho program for tho two nlghts an
tho matinee Is fllled .vith a varlet
of pletislng Kclcctlons cnlculatcd ,t
suit the tawto of inuslc-lovcrs every
where. . And thlp, thc sovontconth an
minl festival, premlses ln every way t
surpiiHS any .heretoforo glven by th
club. For seventoon yoars the cln
has laborod In Its offorts to glve a
annual serles cf concorts wlth sololst
of ronown and nrchcstral accompanl
ment. Tho expenses have always boc
groat, tho dlscosiragemonts nnmcroin
nnd frequently thoro havo beon dcficlt
on iircotint of tho lack of support h
thc public.
>-nw V'.ie .Mulllorltjni,
Last yenr tho club declded lo u -
tho now Clty Audltorliimi whero, wlt
abtindant capaclty for seat ing, tho peo
j ple could bo arranged so that nll mlgli
i enlov tlio concorts. Thls plan provo
! ontlrely satlsfactory. On tho secon
night ovory sc.it ln the vast bulltlin
I wns occupied; and now thc omcluls an
j m.ml'er. of tho club feel that.tho or
ganizntlon Ih just boeinnlng. to fulf
Its mtssion?that of brlnglng tho bes
inusic to tlio pcoplo and intorpretln
It wlth tho best sololata and orchestr
availablo. Improvements are beln
madc to tho intorior of thc Audltorlui
and wlll bo completod in amplo tlm
for the festival. The Wednesday Clu
chorus, undor the careful tralning-an
dlrcction ot Tall ;_sen Morgan, thi
year premlses to outdo anything eve
atteniptod before, bocnuso Mr. Morg-a
has hnd moro time to train tho choru
and show what the members can d
Tho children*.. chorus. too, wlll sho.
notlceablo improveniont thls year. Th
Plttsburg Festival Crchostra ns we!
as a scloct 11st of soloUts wlll com
blno to make thls font.val one Ion;
to be remomberf-.
Some o-f the Artl-it*.
Cnr! Bernthnler wlll havo dlrocflo
of the orchestra, whlch wlll embrac
forty mon. Besidos Madsnic Jomcll
the artists wlll bo Mmc. AMcc Merrltt
Cochran, soprano-. Mlss l_IUIa Snellinp
contralto; pr. Franklin Lawson, tenor
Frank Crbxton, bass; Franz Kohlai
viollhist; Frilz Ooernor, cclllst.
Tlie cinli Is tinder the managemen
cf the followlng board of governors:
J. S. Bryan, ,T. G. Corlcy, E. H. Cosb.
W. D. Duke, W. r>. Gordon. A. Ti. Wlt
liaiiis, B. H. Grundy, F. C. Hahf, Ti. T
Harrisor. W. C. Mefcer, and Arthu
Thc ofllcers are Goorge W. Stevens
president; Ho.nry T. Moloney, vice
president; Meade T. Splcor, secretary
Eugcno Jones, treasurer.
Counclliuan Selpli I.enrt.. ITiinvnlllii
Flght to Hnve It F^uccil.
What has bocomo cf thc ordinanc
pn-.sed about four yearB ago roqulrini
the abutting property owners to fene
tho dock? Somo tlme ago Councllma:
Sclph, who has busled hlmself and wor
rled himself about the enforcement o
the ordlnance, started tho agltatloi
again, but was not successful. Th
pollco, though they summoncrt a num
bcr of poople to court, have boen abl
to accompllsh nothing, because i
sooms imposslblo to a3certaln wh
reaily owns the property. aithoug
thoro is some ono who seems qult
wllllng to sell it to tho city.
Slnce tho passago of the ordinanc
unl'ortunate.*. have contlnued to wan
der to the foot of Sovcntecnth Streel
topple over into the dar.c waters bo
low to bo counted wlth the "dlsap
poared from home" untll In due cours
of timo tho corpsea rose to the surface
were identlflod and burled. Tho nu
protected dock haa perhaps cost raor
llves than all the rlver front put to
gother, but in spito of efforts to hav.
it fenced, lt remalns as -when flrs
C'txpld's KxpresK I.onvcs Prom F.lhi
Station Next Monday ..lorning.
Along with the birds, buda and othei
slgns cf spring, Mrs. Glll announce.
the vernal trlp of the _><-lmonlal Ex?
press for Kaster Monoay, starting a:
has beon lts wont for these nianj
years. at. 0 o'clock, from lts accustom
od sido track at Hanccck and Broac
Streots. Sho makes tho announcomen'
ao thnt all thc lovelorn couples whe
have tucltly named that tlme as theli
innrrliigo day, may-settle it ln theli
minda that the good old train wll
run as usual, raln or shinc.
lt is sald that during tho last . .*_
days, tho good woman's telephone ha:
beon busy wlth anxious Inquirlos frotr
lasaies and their snvnlns, maklng surt
HO that thoro would bo no hltch. "Thej
aro all aliko," says Mra. Glll, "then
was ncvor a young couplo that dtc
not havo many mlsglvlngu up to th*
vory tlmo tho parson gavor them hit
blossing. As far as I am conccrned
you can teli thom. all that there wil
bo no trouble."
Of courso, sho -would not say ho*..
many brides and grooms, wlth theli
new Easter toggery, sha wxsuld hau!
to Wnshlugton, but thc load will be r
big ono. It can alao bo taken as ci
Qort-Unta- that Mrs. Glll fwlll have
u-arked every ono of fr.o "dear tning.*.'
beforo tho trnin reachos the capital
Sho wlll toll about lt when slie geU
haok while oountlng over the dollarc
for tho orphun boys,
Trmli'h Counoll IihIoi-hcn Ilcsolutloi
CnllliiK for Hls ItoniovBl,
N.ewark. March 20.?-A resolution ii
favor of tho retnoval from thb'-bei.ct
of Supremo court Juetlco Charles Gar;
rlson has boen lndorsed by thci l.sse?
Trtulos Council. Thls nev'tfon agalns
tlu. justlce was taken becauso, tho res
olmion snys, "ho declared that tho sun
of $8,soo awardod to.a llttlo glrl whe
lost a icg by belng run over t?y a tr'oi
loy car was too much ln vl_w of tU*
t'act thnt tho jury had pot takon int<
conslderatlon tho groat advanco mad<
ln tho mamifneturo of eork legs."
Tho resolution was sAnt to Uie Ea
oex Trades Council by. tho Camdoi
| Ct-ntrai Labor Unlon, which hns nskoc
I for tho co-operntlon of .nll labor bodlo.
i ih tho !>tate ln a movomont almin* tt
[havo Justlce Gurrjson romoved, ,'
Cured by ths Marvel otthe Century
B. B. B.-TeMd for 30 Years,
Drlve* out blood poijon In ony nlage perma
ti.n.ly, wltlitiiit dearily inorr.ury, wlth pure Bo
nnicni tn?redlentn. To ptove it we will n.iid you ?
K you have Ulcer., Enlliig Koren, ttdiln* Mu
morp, .SwelllngP, Muciis l'ati.lirn, Itoue Itollit. of.
fciulvc Plniflcii or Ertiptionn, take II. II. H. (tlo
ttinlc Blood llnliti). All ?yinptonu liral quickly.
Blood Ih made pure and rich. <-oniplrtcly clmneliiR
the entlre body into n clnin. healthy rondltloii,
I honllnK every eore nnd rtoppliiK nll nelics, palm
, and Itching, ciirliuc tho ?'iri>t cafe of lilowl poiion
I (llrcrtioiiH for home cure. WVMPl.ii I'REE hy
?'wrltlng lllnod Bnlm Co., Atlanta, Ca. Free
| medlcal mivke jjlvcn.
Mllllnm .t. Ifollnml.
ISnoclfll lo The Tlniop-DlMpatch,.!
U'ln-.lsor, Vn., March 20.?Wllllam S.
Holland, ftt ono tinio ono of tho must
jpromtneni crlminal laivyers In l.nstern
Virginia, who was strlcken wlth pdraly
sls ln November, 1005, and hnd n?vov
coniplotoly rooovered, died at hls homc
In IVlndsor ot 11 o'clock thls mornlng
very .suddenly. Ilo had just rettirnetl
from n short wnlk, nnd sat down nnc!
uomplnlncd of headacho, nnd wns dead
before medlcal attendance could bc
summoned. Mo was In his fltty-slxth
year. ltc was born In Iflle of Wlght
county, wns n graduato of Kichmond
College, aml was for many ycars
Commonwcalih'a nttornoy of Islo of
Wlght county.
Jnhu I,. Ogtealiy.
[Special to ThoT_m.B~Dl8pa.cl_. 1
Lynchburg, Vn., March 20.?John 1...
Oglesby, aged scventy-six years, thc
oldest m_rhber of Marshall I_o'dgo of
Masons and the oldest Mason of tho
clty ln point of actual mcmbershlp. dled
Inst night, after an lllneaa of several
weeks. He was engat.e<l actlyoly In
tho tobaeco trntlo up to a fow weeks
ago, havlng for years been statlstlclan
for the nssocliitlon. Tho liltifss whloh
eaused hls death was tho ilrst ho had
suffered slnco hoyhood. Ilo wes born
In Bedfcrd county, nnd for several
years was a passenger conductor on
tho old Virginia and Tennessee Kall
roud. He was a member of tho Lynch?
burg Homo Gtiard during the Clvll
War. Four suns nnd two daughters,
all of Lynchburg, survlve hlm.
Mrn. l-_.lv!rn ParrlMb.
[Special to The Tlmes-l.ilspntch.1
Mlneral, Va., March 10.?Mrs. I.lvlra
Parrlsh, wldow of II. .1. Parrlsh. of
Bumpass, dled thls afternoon nt 1:30
o'clock of iiuoumonla, aged alxty.nlne
years. Hhe ls survived oy two sons and
flve daughter??Robert T. and Jamea
11. Parrlsh, of Bumpass; Mrs. K C. Ter
rell, of Beaver Dam; Mrs. Harrls und
Mrs. Bnjjby. ?.f BumpasB; Mrs. Lucy
Boyd, of Hlchmond, and Mrs. XI. E.
Bumpass, of thi3 place. The burlal
wlll be held Tuesday at 2 o'clock at the
home cemetery, ln Bumpass.
_Uri?. Cnlhcrlne Ellzabeth Ilnlril.
Mrs. Catherino- Ellzabeth Baird flled
vesterday Ht her resldenco, 2244 Baln
brld;ro Htreet, Manchester. Sho was
fifty-tive vears of apo. Sho leaves one
sister, Mrs. Louiso ilieky, of Newport
News: ono daughter, Mlss Almiv- Ualrd,
antl threo sons. Wllllam. Carroll and
Bernard Balrd.
The funeral wlll take placo at 10
o'clock to-morrow morntnj. from the
Sacred Heart Ca.ihedi.il, and tlio inter?
ment wlll bo made ln Mount Calvary
Ivran Muellrr, .Ir.
Iwnn Mueller. Jr., dlod yesterday
mornlng at tho rcsldence of hls pa?
rents, 410 Wost Broad Htreet. Ho wa.s
thlrty-two years of age.
The funeral will be held thls after?
noon at 4 o'clock froin the resldenco.
Tlie Interment will bo made ln Oak
Ptinernl of Mr?. 'Williogliniii,
The funeral servlces of Mrs. C. T.
Wlllinghnm wlll bo held thl? after?
noon at 3:30 o'clock at, the grave in
Hollywood Cometery.
BAIRD?Dlod, at her rcsidertee. 2214
Bainbridgo Htreet, Manchester, at 2
V. M? March 20, MRS. CATH_.____G_._S
ELIZABETH BAIRD. in thc flfty
pixlh yoar of hor ago. She leaves ono
sister, Mr.?. LouIko Hlckey, of New.
port News. and one daughter, Alma.
und three sons. Wjlllam. Carroll and
Bernard Baird, to mourn thelr loss.
Funeral at 10 A. M. TUESDAY
from Sacred Heart Church. und In?
terment ln Mount Calvary Cometery.
MUELLER?Died. at the rcsldence of
hls father, Iivan Mueller. Sr., 410
West Broad Streot, at 12:10 A. M.
Sunday, Marcli 20, IWAN* MUELLK.R'.
-7R., aged thlrty-two ycars.
Funoral THIS (Monday) AFTER?
NOON at 4 o'clock from tho resi
dence. Interment in Oakwood.
Forecasti Viiyplnla?Pair and cooler
Monday; TucNday fnlr, wlth rixlng
temperature; ll*hf, vurlable windM.
North Carolinn?Poxtly cloudy Mon
dny; Tuesday falr; llght, varlable
Falr. Thermometer at mldnight. S0.
(At 3 P. M. Eastern Standard Tlme.)
I'lacc. Ther. H. T. "Weather.
Charlotte . r,2 70 P. cloudy
Charleston . f,8 fig Clear
Jaclcsonvilio ... 60 70 Clear
galdffh ,. 02 72 Clear
Savannah . ss 72 Clear
4?,l0V,1U<_. r,s 62 Cloudy'"
Wilmington - r.G 62 Clear
Norfolk . 60 70 Clear
Hattcras . 64 64 Cloar
Juplter ......... 54 64 ciear
I_oy West..- ns 74 Cloar
Atlanta . 60 66 Cloudy
T,a"1,_a . B3 74 Clear
?tIobu? :. B? T0 Clear
Now Orleans.... 72 .75 ciear
Palestlne . 76 so ciear
_ ?' , - , . March 21, 1910.
Sun rlses- 6:14 HIGH T1DP3
Run sets. 6:21 Mornlng_ l'-se
Moon sets-3:52 Evenlng_ 1:55
tS IW?J,_^ 1 I- 1 m^^^a*^*^*?
Scrofula disfigures and
causes life-Iong mlsery.
Children become strong
and lively when given small
doses of
Scott's Emulsion
every day. The starved body
is fed; the- swollen glands
healed, and the tainted blood
vitalized. Good food, fresh
air and Scott's Emulsion
conquer scrofula and many
other blood diseases.
TO* _?!._ BY AM. nilUOOlSTS
Bi-nd10o? numtof papor nnd IhU ?d. foropr
>,e?utlhil Sa.lny. H?nk and Ohlld'i Bketoh.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pwl St, N. V,
Battle Ground Will Be in Ninth District, Where
Henry C. Stuart Has Opened Warm Cam?
paign to OustC. Bascom Slemp, Vir
ginia's Orily Republican
For the most part, lt nppears, Vlr
glnia's representatlves in the neict Con?
gress wlll bo tho same as ln tlio pres?
ent ono. Wlille ehnnges aro posslble,
or perhaps probablc, In two or three
distrlcts. lt would seem that jnom
of tho Congressinen wlll have no op?
posltion for ronoinlnation.
Tho battle ground in tho State for
tho year, of* course, wlll bo In tho
Ninth District. ?Tho candidates thero
nro already nettlcd, slnce Henry C,
Stuart hes been niimod by tho Demo?
cratic conventlon, an.-l th?rt. ls, appar
ently no douht thut Conr_TPS..miiit
Slomp wlll be renomlnated without
opposltion. Tho single rtepubllcan ln
thu national House from thls Stato ls
roiilizlng tliat the blggest flght of hls
politlcal career Is ahoud of hlm, for
hls committeo has already met and
lald plaxs for the campalgn.
Meanwhlle, the Democratic cam?
palgn has been begun. An adjunct
committeo ha?. boen named, and has
hold a meotlng, at whlch plans were
madc to seo that evory Demcerat ln
tho dlstrlct fjets nn the registration
books nnd ls quallflod for thc franchise.
Tho leaven put in tho polltical lump
two yoars ngo by ex-Senator Byars,
thon tho Democratic nomlnoe, In hls
flght to ntilllfy tho enormou.i campalgn
fund whlch everybody l.elloves ls
poured Inlo the dlstrlct every year by
tho Republlcans, ls belleved to bc
hearlng frult,
Slnnd* Wlth Cannon.
Agaln. tho trouble.. 1 rt Congress aro
not likely to add to .Mr. Slemp's
i-lrength. It is being noted that dur?
ing tho fight cf tho past few dsiyu the
Vlrglnlan voted on roll calls wlth thu
Speaker. exceptlng when he was
paired for a tlmo wlth .Mr. Carlln.
Whllo thc Nlnth Dlstrlct Republlcans.
nre to sonie extent wedded to the Idea
of a protoctlve tarlff cn tho mlneral
wealth of thnt section, they are for,
the most part af a progresslve set,
and lt ls bolleved they wlll not view
with favor the action cf thelr reprn
Hcntatlve In nlignlng hlmself with the
rcactlonary wing of the party. Es?
pecialiy so, cinco it appears that th*
cause is one whlch 1? Ucstiii-d to
doeper oefeats as tlme gop. on.
As to tho Interests of the SouthewBt.
the Rcpubllcnng know as well as do
the Democrats that Mr, Stuart ls as
dovoted to them as ls any man. His
own affalrs are large enough to mako
hls interests ono with thosa of hls
Sn far as' fightlng the Republlcan
i? conc.rned. the cnly flght outsldo oC
the Nlnth Dlstrlct will be ln the Tenth,
tho mlnority party bcln-r ? negllglblo
quantity clsewhcro in thls State.
Whlle Congressman S.-uindcr." may
have Democratic opposltion,. the gen?
eral Improsslon Ih tbat ho wlll not;
but that hc wlll have another oppor?
tunity to flght for hls positlon. Statu
Scnator -Parsons, the contestant from
that district, ls quotcd as saylng that
unless he ls seated by Congrcss ho
wlll not agnln bo a candldute, but nt
thn samo moment it. was announced
from hls dlstrlct that hls Republlcan
supporters wlll lnsl.it upon hls noml?
nation. It is likely to hfi the old flght
of ii.08. Thls year. wltl: tho trond of
fl'lnss settlng toward the Democrats
nnd on the eve, most peoplo are con?
vinced ot tho election of a Demccratlc
House of Representatlves. there would
)X.em to bo llt?tlo doubt of Mr. Saun
dors's re-electlon. thls tlme by a decl
slve majorlty.
Many AVnnt Honor.
Perhaps the most Interestlng ncrop
nniong tho Democrats wlll be ln tho
Second Dlstrlct. Already Congrosaman
Harry D. Maynard haB two opponcnts
?ex-Congrossman Young and Hon. J.
T Deal, tho latter belng a member cf
tho present Houso of Delegates from
tho clty cf Norfolk. Beslrtes, thc
friends of Senator E. B3. Holland. of
Suffolk, aro dolng all they can to urere
hlm to announco hls candldacy. All
four of thoso men command large fol
lowlngs, and tho flght In the prlmary,
If all of them partlclpato. wlll Indced
by a pretty one.
What may hnppen In the Tenth ls
a matter of conjecture. During the
politlcal talk of the past week, thls
dlstrlct has beon conslderably ln the
public eye. Tlie feellng ls now, how?
ever, that Mr. Flood will agaln oon
sent to serve hla constltuents. Tho
name of Senator Aubrey E. otroda ls
belng wldely used as an opponent. A
short timo slnce a number of. the
friends of tho Amherst man-said that
they -would try to secure hls consent to
a eontest, but he has mado no formal
announeement. Stranger things have
happened, and thero aro thoso who be?
lleve he wlll try concluslons wlth tho
powerful statesman from Appomattr.x,
Tljoro sqoms to be llttle dolng In tho
?other distrlcts of the Stato. Xpbody
mentlons opposltion to Congressman
Wllliam A. Jones, of the Flrst Dlstrlct.
Mr. Jancs now holds tho record for
tho House, for next March ho wll
have enmpleti'd hls twentleth year,
I,ook? Mlii' I.nnib.
Although thero hns beon from tlme
to tlmo talk of candidates In the Thlrd
Dlstrlct. tho averagt. liinn who talks
nnys that ln hls opinlon Captain T.amb
wlll havo no contost oyer hls seat thln
There aro dnubtl_n8 plenty of jj.od
men In the motropolltan dlstrlct who
would accopt tho positlon lf forced to
do ho, but nono Is In slght at present
who wishes to take IiIh chance at dc
ft-atlng the only ex-Ccnfodorato soldler
In tho Houso from Vlrglnln.
Recent i-ondlll'.iiis ln tho Fourth Dis?
trict mako developments thero uncer
luln. CoiigresHtiian Turnbull has beon
In hls seat less thnn a weok. Ho won
lt after a lirird flght, ln whleli thero
wero throo othcr candidates. SIncfi the
death of Congresstnan Daaslter no onu
luts hnd nn opportunity to bulld up
much of an organizatlon. Nobody has
ns yet snld that ho would try for thls
1 nomlnation.
Congreasman Carter Olass, of. tho
Slxth1 Dlstrlct, and James Hay, of tho
Seventh. wlll, It Is understood, havo
oiisy nnlllng. Not a breath of oppo_l
tlon, It |s belleved, wlll cross the peace?
ful politlcal ekles cf these distrlcts.
From tlme to tlmo there has beon
talk of an ?tv-iplrant to eontest tho
Elghth Dlstrlct wlth Congreflfiman Car
lln, but so far1 nothing has ccme of It.
Prominent cItl_!*nH from thnt part o(
the Stato who wore In Rlchmond dur?
ing tho recent leglslatlvo sesslon dld
not hesltate to oxpress the opinlon that
tho Alexandrla man woultl contlnue to
bo tho lndlvl.lunl drnwlng the xraallest
amount of mlleage of any person who
sita in the Houae of Representatlves.
Itnllronil Hrnd ..rlili Cnlquc Feature
for i.ong Tour.
New York, March 20.?With a pri?
vate car Htterl out Uj. a chapel for r*
llgt'oua and song sorvlces nnd attarhert
to Lhe rear of hls speclal train. Arthur
H Stlllwcll, president of the Kansas
t.'lty, Mexlcan and Orlent Railroad, ac?
companled by offlcer?, dlrectors and a
Fcorc of distlngulshed American and
Engllsh stockholders. left New York
to-day for a tour of hlH road, whlch.
when completod. wlll extenri from Kati
*a__ Clty to Topolobampo Bay. on tho
Paclllc COAst of Mexlco. Among thoso
who_ will accompany hlm Is Pear.Ad
mlral Sir Percy Scott, of thc Brltish
Nn vy.
Discusxlntr his tr_#> Presld-nt Stlll?
wcll sald: "It has been our cu3tom for
several years to Invite our Engllsh
friends over for an Inspectlon tour."
.Senator Snyi. Crrlnln Article* Are
I.lfteil Above .Vormnl.
Erockton, Mass., Mnrch _!0.?Dlscus
slng tho tarlff and the cause of hlgh
prices, Senator Henry Cubot JLodgc.
speaklng at a Republlcan rally laat
night. sald:
"I have no doubt mycelf, although I
awalt tho result of tho Inquiry of tho
commlttee of whlch I am chalrman,
that at the present tlme there are cer?
taln at-tlcle.s which nro lifted above a
normal market price by comblnatlons to
control the market. lf lt can be proved
that such comblnatlons exist, creatlng
artificial prices by artlflctal means, I
am ln favor of any leglslatlon which
will remedy such an evll."
Senator I_o;Igo doprccated the report?
ed movoincnt for another rovlslon of
the tarlff cn tho ground thnt It wns
unnccessary and would penallze busi?
ness. He defended lhe Payne tarlff act
as ono of rovlslon downward.
I'lremen llnvc. llnril Work Fightlua.
Illnze 1CO Feet Above Itlver.
New York.vMarcli 20.?A flro 1_<> fe?:
above the l_a'st Rlver cn tlio new Man
hattan Bridge. gavo the flromcn ono
of tl o toughegt jobs thoy have had
thls year. Not untll some of thom had
cllmbed Into the Iron work of the
brMgc, dragglng lengths ot ho ie after
them. dld they succeed ln pqtttng it
out ."rom above.
o he flro waa Btarted tn a nlle of
chemlcallv treated wooden t'.es' b.v a
red-hot rlvet dropped by a vvorkman
frotn aloft.
Champlon* Rendy to Trnin.
Hot Springs, Ark., March 20.?Ths
PItteburg world champlons arrived
hero to-day to start tralning for tho
1910 season.
Children Cry
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Grass Seeds,
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D1GGS &BEADLES, Seed Merchants,
Branch Store:,603 and 605 East Marshall Street.
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MARCH 21, 1910.
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