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Timei-Dispatch and
reach the buyiryr publlc
The Times-Dispatch
" prints the news and
prints it first."
-_?___ HfTIIL.
Senator Daniel Is Lin
gering Between Life
i and Death.
There Has Been Little Change ir
Condition, but That Is for the
i Worse?His Physician, Dr.
Waugh, Still Hopes for
Restoration of
fSpccIal to Tho TJmoB-Dlspatch 1
Tons xv. c. ciiowki'xg a.m> c. c
night issued tiir i'oi,i,omsc
Chancea Agalnat Ilecovery.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.l
Daytona, Fln., Mnrch IM.?United
State* .Senator John _V. Dnulel, ai
Vlrglnln, who, Iwo weeka n?to, wna
atrirken wllh parnlyali., and .vlth the
except ion of hrlef lutcrynla. haa heeu
In a alale of conia for the pn.t fonr
daya, contlnuea to llnger bcitrcen llfe
niKi death, wlth cba'ricea atlll lnrnply
aicnliiKt hla recovery. A altght im
pmvcnient reported thla mornliic wna
later In the day ftuperarded ity an ofli?
cial hulletln nnnouuirlnic tlie preiience
of a ntore profound atate of comn.
At 0 o'clock then- had beea no
cbanKc lu the Senator'n condition alnce
2 o'clock.
N'ot So Encouraging.
[Specia,- toTiioTlmca-DIipatcli.]
Haytoua, Fla., MnrCh 21.?Whlle the
doclora1 builetln laatied nt 8:30 o'clock
fo.niKht any* thnt Senator Dnuiel'a
condltlon r.-in nln _ m_c-l.ti._cri!, they
had hoped that to-nlght would nboir
a more declded Imprnvcmeut (han
really exintn. YeaterdUy iiml enrly thla
inornluK lt looked ua if llio Senator'a
condltlon tihii ImprovinK, hut aenln to
nlght thc coinn l? nliout un profound
??? any a<nKe of liln illnean. Ve?
terday It nppenred thnt hc nm revlv
ItHt from thc comn, but thls evenlng It
ia nearly back to wherc It ivna iliree
daya ago. He continue*. lo take nnur
lahinent, nnd hla puiac nnd lcnipcru
tttre nre nenrly normal.
Dr. IVaiigh Hopeful.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.l
Lynchburg, Va., March 21.?Dr. E. A,
"Waugh, of the Lynchburg Sanatorlum,
?who had been wlth Senator John War
wlck Dantc-t at Daytona, Fla., since
last Wednesday night. this bcing his
Becond trip, roturned home this morn?
ing at 5:30 o'clock. Hc does not ex?
pect to return to Florlda.
When seen hy a reporter of The
Times-Dispatch at hls ofllce at the san?
atorlum, Dr. Waugh appeared to be
hopeful that Major Danlel would rccover
from tho attack of paralysls, and there
is llttle. doubt but this will ho true if
thero is not another rccurroncc of thc
cerebral hemorrhagc which caused hla
present trouble, or if there is not an?
other and entirely different hetnorrhago
of the brain.
Dr. Waugh stated that Major Daniol's
present condltlon, which is a marked
Improvement when compared with his
condition when ho saw him upon hls
arrlvel at Daytona last Wednesday eve?
nlng, ls due to tho remarkable condi?
tion of.thc heart and kidnoys of tho
"These aro perfect,"' deelared Dr.
Waugh. "If Senator Daniel's heart had
not been in perfect condition and his
kldneys had not performed their func
tions perfoctly, there could have beon
no hopo for hlm, and death must havo
occurred within twenty-four hours from
my arrival at his bedsido laat Wednes?
"When I left Major Dnnlel," Dr.
Waugh wont on, "thcrc was stlll a
marked condition of tho coma, but .thla
was not absolutely profound. HIspulso
and respiratlon wero as good as could
bc. Ho kceps hls eyes shut nearly all
the time, as thoiifjh ho was undor tho
lnfluence of an anesthetic. Oecaslon
ally he wlll get hls eyes hair open, hut
thls is only for a brlof time."
Stlll Very ScvIouh.
Dr. Waugh says Major Daniel's con?
dltlon ls yct vory,' vory sorious, and
while tho improvement has. been un?
doubtediy very marked, ho is stlll in
an unsatisfactory stato, . Ho says that
when Major Danlel haa roplled to ques?
tlons ho has required a great offort to
arouse hlm. Ho was arousod enough
to call hls wlfo by namo; to toll in ro
sponse to a questlon that hls name was
John Warwlck Danlel and that ho llved
at Lynchburg. A number'.of offorts to
|,get hlm to say the nanu/o. tho Stato
he llved ln or the State ho wus thon in
were *?'tiltl.e,'_'-0, ho would only reply
tliat ho llved at Lynchburg. .
Dr. Waugh says Mewitor .Daniel's
nourlshmont ls HU.Hcie.it-, and tlie phy?
sicians- wore enablod to lucreuHc "thls
durlng tho last twenty-four hours ho
wrs thoro, but hc stutos that if tho.
.(ontinuod on S6cond.__ge.i
--_niiKri..irlnii. Afler Sevenly-Flve
Yi_?i'H, Expec.a lo See It Agnln.
Saglnaw, Mlch., Mnrch 21.?Seventy
flvo yoars ago W. S, II. Wolton, now
nlnoty, watched from tho lillltop In
tho outsklrts of Owosso for the llalley
comet. Wlth hltn woro a ntimbo. of
frlonds and rolatlve.i. They have pass?
ed away and Walton has not seen tho
comet slnce.
But lf Provldence Is kind Welton
wlll wltneas a similar phonomonon
May 10. Ho now ls organlzlng a par?
ty to go to tho samo hill with hlm
and aeo tho comet scheduled for that
date. '
Welton is as woll as when he flrst
saw tho comet. Hls slght Is good. Ho
does not roqulro glasses.
flrllrcmrn. of Mlnlryty Formed Dc
_ ecmber 10, IOOO.
Rome, March 21.?Tho Italltan Cab?
lnot reslgned to-day.
Tho rctlromont of the mlnlstry,
whlch was formed on December 10.
IDOD, wlth Baron Sldney Sonnino as
Premler, was due to the reallzatlon
that the government'.. mercantlle ma
rlnc subsidlcs measure was doomed to
defeat. - ;?
The fail of the Cablnet, though It
had been expected, occurred at a crltl
cal moment and unfortunately on the
day of tho arrlval of German Chan?
cellor von Bethmann-Hollweg, who
thus flnds no government wlth whlch
to confer. Premler Sonnino remained
ln power lOo days, tho cxact duratlon
of hls mlnlstry of IDOD.
The Itallan mlnlstry's protrram an?
nounced February li provldcd for a
Jfi.000,000 subsldy In ald of Itallan
shlpplng. The government alao pro?
posed to glve to the Itallan Lloyd
Steamship Compnny a twenty-five-vcar
subventlon for tho transportatlon of
mall. The proposals proved unpopular"
and led to stormy sccnes In the Cham?
ber of Deputles during whlch thc Cab?
lnet was sharp ly crltlclzcd.
Oillcers Come Soutli lo Prcpurc for
Trlal iif \\ iirdln.v .-l?lrr?,
N'ewark, N. J., March 21.?Prosecutor
Mott and Detectlve Hargan returned
to-nlght from the South, where they
hav? collected data for use at the trlal of
Mrs. Carollne B. Martln. Mrs. Mary W.
Snead and Mlss Vlrglnla O. Ward law.
tho three Wurdlaw sisters accuscd of
tho murder of Ocey W. M. Snead. tho
East Orange bathtub vlctim.
The prosecutor vislted Soule College,
I in Tennessee, which was formerly con
I ducted by tho threo sisters, and where
I Ocey Snead was a student, and places
I In Vlrglnla where the defendants for?
merly llved. Persons who knew the
Ward law sisters and Oeey Snead were
questloned, but Prosecutor Mott would
not di.-'. ii.-.. what he learned.
Owlng to lhe illness of Police Ser?
geant W. H. O'Xelil. one of the princi?
pal wltnesses for the prosecutlon. the
trlal crobably will havo to be post?
poned for several weeks beyond April
11, the date set for it to begln.
t nrtlni Sajn I)-tnll_ Are* ArriioRCd
fnr ..Icctlng Wlth Itoinnn Omnt.
Boston. March 21.?Carlo Cartica,
tenor In the Boston Opera Company,
has. he says, been challenged tn flght
a duel by tbe Conte Arturo Cfnelll. of
All the detalls have been arranged.
Tho singer says. he has chosen raplers,
and tire dayof thc"combat wlir be"
June 4.
As to tbo cause, Signor Cartica de?
clares, "there are things too dellcate
to be mentloned ln oxplalning the
meeting of men on the fleld of honor.
If a lady is Insulted a man wlll de
fond her, but wlll not allow her name
to bc used."
Mayor Gnynor Jiicllmmiit Over Abiisc*
of Tlmt lii.iluitloii.
New Vork, March 21.?Mayor Gaynor
took hls flrst step to-day toward re?
forming the Rogues' Gallery. "It is
incredlble that such thlnsrs can exist
in a free country," he burst out when
informed that an innocent man had
been arrested, held overnlght with?
out permisslon to communlcate '.wlth
hia famlly and then lined up lhe"" next
morning at headquarters wlth the
day's glst of crooks to bo photograph
ed and measure>I. and he announced
that he intended to take up forth -
with reforms in the Rogues' Gallery.?
? ???
Senntor Illlliunn Tnkes Chcerful View
of Hla Conditlon.
Columbla. S. C, March 21.?Senator
Benjamin R. Tlllman has in mlnd to
spend the summer restlng in one of
tho qulet London suburbs,. accordlng
to hls famlly physician. Dr. J. W. Bab
cock, of Columbla. At times the Sona?
tor ls a. llttle depressod by hls condi?
tlon, the physician says. but on the
whole ls taking a chocrful view ot tho
outlook. lt has been declded that he
will not roturn to Congress at the
present sesslon.
Broihcr of rtegent to Study American
Military System.
Washlngton, March 21.?His Impe
r'ial Hlghness, Prlnce Tsat-Tao, brother
of the Prlnce Regent of China, iR on
his way to the Unlted States to study
the Auierican military/system.
In an offlclal lotter received at the
Stato Department lt is announced that
the prlnce wlll reach Honolulu on
Aprll 16 and San Francisco In the lat?
ter part of Aprll. It is sald that hls
stay in tho Unlted States will bo short.
Ho wlll be'accompanled by a large ret
Inue of attaches and servants.
Cnllfornlu CniiltnllNtM Pay 3125,000 for
100,000 Acrea,
Washlngton, March 21.?What ls sald
to bo tho largest transactlon ln real
estate ln Panama slnce lts Independ- 1
onco is reported ln tho purchase by I
California capltalists of 100,000 acres
of "lands on tho Bavano Rlvor. Tho
price 1s sald to bo $125,000. .-r
The lands are sald to bo rlch in tlm
ser apd rcsourcos.
?ilrnlii of Special Leglalatlre Seaslou
VrovcH Too Grcnt.
Guthrle, Okla., Maroh 21.?Worn by
he strain upon him caused .V< the
lfty-ntne duys ot tho apucia] sesslon
it tho Leglslature, Governor Charles N
?laskell ls a slck man. His phy'sl
_ian has ordore.d the Govornpr lo go
o bod, and he ohoyedr-,?i? '< ?
Vow A'orkevs llellevcil to Iluvc .Shipped ]
Nlnety Women I-rom I'nrln.
Antworp, Maroh 21;?The American
?onsuhito horo ls engaged in an at
. empt to trace two Now York whlto
.Iavo lmportors" who ui'e beliovod to
iavo shippod nlnoty women from Parl_
in outgolng steamors.
Brltish and contlnental ports are bo
ng watched, and tho Amorlcan and
:.anadlat> -^uthoiitles liavo been notl
led to'aerntli-lzo olosoly all incomins'
.a__e_g_r__, ^ y\
..'? > .('?'? ?>: >. .-?? /? 'U
Dead Are Crushed and
Mutilated Almost Be
yond Recognition.
Accident on Chicago Great West?
ern Indirect Result of Minor
Freight Wreck?Coroner Is
Thrown From Ambulance
and His Back.
I Marahalltown, Iowa, March 21,?More
than two score persons were kllled and
almost as many more were lnjured to
day m the wrccklng at Green Mountaln,
of two Itock Island trains runnlng ovor
the Chlcago Great Western tracks from
Marshalltown to Waterloo. Several of
the lnjured may dic. Practlcally all
of the dead and lnjured wcrc from Iowa
and North and South Dakota.
Several of the dead are so horrlbly
manglcd that identincation may be
Every surgeon In Marshalltown,
Urcen Mountaln and Giadbrook ls do?
ing everything posslblo ln emergency
hospltals ln Marshalltown to relieve
thc suffcrlng of tho lnjured.
Around thc varlous undertaklng
shops tlio cltizens throng wlth tear
stalncd faces, each.anxlous to get somo
details of those who are wlthin.
Frelght 'Wrcck the Cnuae.
A little freight wreck on the Rock Is?
land last nlght at Shellsburg was the
Indirect cause of the Green Mountaln
dlsaster. The Rock Island was block
ed, and it became necessary to detour
over tho Great Western tracks.
Two trains, sent from Ccdar Rapids
to Marshallto.wn, were coupled to?
gether and tlio two locomotives placed
In front of them. Both locomotives
wore runnlng backwards. The com?
bined train consisted of thirteen care
A Pullman was next to the locomo?
tives. Then came a smokiiig car and
a day coach. .ln the latter were many
women and chlldren.
The doublcd train was going about
twenty-flve miles an hour when lt
reached a cut flve miles from Green
Mountaln at tho top of a hill. In thla
cut the tender cf.tbe front .locomotive
Jurnped the track. Thls threw tho
head locomotive Into the sides of tho
narrow cut. Tho clay of the sldes was
soft, and tho englne-went Into it and
stopped almost instantly.
Thc sudden stoppage dltched tho
second locomotive. and the momentum
of the heavy traln crushed the day
coach and the smoklng car against tho
heavicr Pullman. The smoklng car
and day coach wero telescoped, and
hardly an occupant of cither car es?
caped death or injury.
Whllo tho last ten cars remained on
tho track, the shock threw tho pas?
sengers sprawllng from their seats.
Conductor Willlam Worst dispatched
trainmen back to flag a followlng
train. Other trainmen were hurried to
Giadbrook and Green Mountaln for
Bodlca iu Grueaome llowa.
Unlnjured passengers began remov
ing the dead and lnjured. Tho dead
were taken to an adjoining. pasture
and lald on tlie grass. A rellef traln
from Marshalltown carrylng surgeons
and Coroner Jay arrlved' two hours
after the crash. By that tlme the
bodles were lald on the grass in gr.ue
somo rows. The slght that met the
eyes of tho surgeons was horriblc.
Phe dead were crushed and mutilated
ln- many cases beyond recognition.
Heads wero severed from bodles, arms
md legs were cut off. Here lay a
Weedlng trunk; there. a head wlth the
_gony of death on the stlll counte
nance. jj
A second rescue traln relleved .the
flrst, which brought a load of lnjiired
to Marshalltown.
Coroner Jay, was hastenlng ln a
Red Cross ambulance* to tho hospital
ivhon ho was thrown to the pavement
is the ambulance roundod, a corner,
ind rendered unconsclous.' It ls be?
lleved that hls back is broken and
:hat he cannot llvo.
The hospltal in Marshalltown was
soon flllcd. Then othor bulldlngs were
iressed intn service. ,.
Tho- removal of the hodies showed
hat nearly all the dead were in the
lay coach and tho smokiiig car. It ls
(olioved that only two of tho dead
vere ln tho Pullman.
So complete was tho destructlon of
ho smoklng car that not a slngle up
Ight' ch.alr was standlng. The floor
;lone remained as mute witness of tho
rlghtful impact of the car ahead. Tho
lay coach llkowlse was torn almost
o spllnters. Tho baggage car, which
vas behlnd the day coach, was jammod
n the front, huit was not torn to
AU Vletlma Hcmnvcd.
Before dark the bodles of all the vlc.
Imswwff removed, elther to St. Thom
.s Hospltal or to Morfues.
To-nlght, the sceno of the wreck pro
entod an uncannv sight. Tho filck
ring torches of the wrccklng crews
eemed to ho reflected in the crimson
troarfis thrit dyed the ground on elther
Ido of tho track. By mornlng lt is
xpected that the track wlll bo cleareu
nd traln sorvico may be renewed.
The bodv of Professor L. W. Parrlsh,
if. Cedar 'Falls, toachor in economlcs
.t Stato Teachers' Colloge, was one
>f 'tlie flrst to be taken from the rulns.
.ortally wouwlcd, hc .was rushod to
vard the hospltal, but ho dled ln tha.
todc . nowBlown In Automobile, but
Would Not He Intervleweil, -
Kansas v Clty, Mo., March - 21.---J. 13,
,|Uis, presldopt of tho Weslorn Ex
luingo Banki waa able to' leavo hls
,ome to.day for the flrst tlmo ?lnoo
e wos. attaoked at the Cudahy, honie
ere two weeks ago by J.-.P, CudJ.hy,
ho packer,' anfl badly cut arid pum
ie]od. - Mr. ..lllls,., whose wounds ap
oared to have.hedlod, rode downtown
ri-hls motop car. Ho decllned to be
Forty Members and Ex
Members of Councils
Under Indictment.
All Day Long Judge Sits and Re
ceives Confessions ? Con
sciencc-Stricken, Accus
ed Men Teli o? Bribes,
and Resign From
City Government.
Plttsburg, Pa., March 21.?Forty pres?
ent and former members of Seiect and
Common Councils, under Indictment on
a charge of brlbcry, and ten more wlth
suspended rentences and held in $"-00
bonds upon thelr own confession of
sharlng ln a pool of $102,000 to influ
enco the votes of the municipal bodles,
ls the rosult of tho flrst day's probo
of the grand Jury, followlng the sen
satlonal confession of Captain John
Kleln, former member of Councils, who,
?as chief dlsburslng ofllcer of thc fund,
churacterjzed hlmself as "chancellor of
the exchequer."
All day long Judge R. S. Frazer sat ,
as a commlttlng magistrate in the (
Crimlnal Court room, nnd hls desk be?
came a "throne of grace'" to the many
Councilmen under susplclon who
swarmed beforo tho Judge to be
"washed of their sins." On one floor
of the court buildlng tho grand Jury
would hear the consclence-strlcken
Councilmen, who then would go be?
fore Judge Frazer and take the Im
munlty bath offered last weck by the
dlstrlct attorney.
Ten Confesa Gullt.
Up to thn adjournment of thc court
for the day at 6 o'clock ten had con
fessed thelr gullt. In most Instances
thc amount of money they confessed to
acceptlng as a hrlbo was not over
5100. One man got $500, another $2.0,
whlle others got but $..1.10.' ^
As fast as present Councilmen ap?
peared, after they had relieved their
consciences. they were ordered Imme?
diately to reslgn from tho clty gov?
ernment. and ln every Instance the
letter of reslgnatlon was wrltten ln
the district attorney's offlce and mailed
to Mayor W. A. Magec before thc guilty
ones left the buildlng.
The greatest surprise of the day
camc late ln the aftornoon, when Dr.
B. II. Weber. membor ot Silect Council.
iflfeared beforo Judtf. Frazer and made
a confession almost as startllng as
that of Kleln. Dr. Weber told of re
.elving $10,000 In a shoo box. Six
thousand dollars of thls, he sald. ho
?ave to Kleln for members of Common
Jouncll, whlle he kept $1,000 to "flx"
members of' the upper branch. Later,
tccording to Weber, lt was found nec
.ssary to secure moro votes, and moro
noney was raised, and when this was
iivlded it was found that tho addl
:ionnl Councllmen's shares were but
From YnrlouH I'rofoi._iuu..,
The men Indlcted are from varlous
jrofesslons. Some. are pvofesslonal
lolltlclans, ono a prlvato detectlve.
.aloon-keopers, physicians, marketmen,
allors and real estate men are record
;d in the list. One man. C. C. fcjehad,
vho is a marketman, is also a mem
jer ot the Leglslature from Allegheny
:ounty. .
While beforo the grand Jury, Dr.
Weber was unablo to remember all
Ciie men to whom ho Wad paid money,
but ho checked them up, by having
tho 11st of Councilmen read to hlm
from a clty manual.
The ways ln whlch the money was
delivered t othem were many, as de
scrlbed by the confes'slng Councilmen.
Some had lt thrust Into their hands
whlle standing ln public places, some
received it In the mall, whlle others
had envelopes adroltly sllppcd into
thelr pockets whllo they admlred ad
jacent bulldlngs.
District Attorney Wllliam. A. Blake
ly to-day cxtended the tlme llmlt by
twenty-four hours wlthln whlch tlme
_thers may como wlthln hls lmmunity
pvroposltion. Aftor that tlmo warrants
will be issued for oll who have falled
to appear and these'wlll bo vlgorously
prosecuted. ">
When court adjourned for the day,
Lhe grand Jury haa declded to hold a.
light sesslon to consldor the evldence
Ihat had been placed beforo lt durln
:he day.
F?rty-Oiie Xaincs Presented.
At 9:30 o'clock Judge Frazer wau
.?alled Into court and a presentment
?ontalnlng forty-ono names, tjiose im
dicated ln tho conspiracy by Dr.
iVeber, was handod to the court, who
ipproved tho presentment, and thon
he indlctmonts wero returned, wlth
ho excoptlon of ono case, ln whlch
ho councllman had notlfled tho DIs
riot Attorney that ho would appear lii
he morning to toll hls. story. Tho
ury was then dlsmissod, but ordered
o report and- contlnue tho invostlga
lon to-morrow. In all tho Indlctments
ho men aro recommended to morcy,
irovlsional upon thelr comlng Into
onrt volunlarlly.
Those who fail to appear by noon
o-morrow wlll be brought ln on war
ants and for thls omergoncy. tlie
ounty dotoctlvo forco has beon taken
f? routlno work and is belng held in
eadincBs to sorvo tlio warrants.
Whllo many of tho indlctments worc
uiilo ln connectlon wlth tho passage
f tho ordlnance naming banks as clty
oposltarios, fully ns many moro ac
opted.brlhes lj}_?onnoctlon wlth tho
rdinanco ln whlcfo thp clty vaeated
outh Sldo Stroet. for tlio use of a
lantifacturlng concern. ?
During'tho day Dlstrlct Attorney
Inkely niade-.a statemejit to tho publlo.
xplalnlng that ho had Kllen's .full
Snf'esslon and. that lt had boen c'or
oboi-ated hy other qanfosslons to lts
Kloin, whose-confession "klnked thoJj^o
rops out,1' .was to-have' gono to tho
enltontlary to-day to begln, his slx
oars' Hontoncb. , Whon askod <f Kloin
?as going. Dlstrlct Attorney Blakely
(Continuod on Fourth Paeo.V'
.They Will Resist Suit
Seeking Company's
Mational Packing Company and
Ten. Subsidiary Concerns Are
Accused of Having Violated
Sherman Antitrust Law. '
Investigation Has
Lasted Eight Weeks.
Chicago, IU., March 21.?Eight weck_
?ftcr it had begun its Investigatlon fot
tlfbged vlolatlona of the Sherman law,
l Federal grand Jury to-day rcturned
ndlctments agalnst tho Natlonal Pack
ng Company nnd ten subsidlary con
Immediately after tho announcement
>f the indletment beforo Judge K. M.
-vindl.s the government flled a suit
icoklng tho dissolution of thc Natlonal
Packing Company. The inttcr action
s known as a suit in cnulty, and be
ildes those indicted, .*u\teen flrms and
ntlividuals are mndc defendants.
Wlll Flght to Ullllf.
In a statement issued on behalf of
he Natlonal Packing Company, Ilalph
Irews, lts general counsel, to-nlght
Ivcs some Inkling of thc determlnatlon
j flght the government to the llmlt
Us statement follows:
"Thc company was organlzed In
larch, 130.1, for the purpose of cco
omlc opcration of certaln subsidlary
Drporatiotu, named jolntly wlth it ln
ie Indletment returned to-day by tho
ederal grand jury for the Northern
'Istrlct of Illlnols. its organlzation
?as dlrectc-d by the best counsel ob
tinable, who then belleved, and now
elieve, that lts organlzation and tho
peration of Its subsidlary companles
i no way transgresscd the provlslons
C the Sherman act. and ln thls respect
ls similar to nearly all the large cor
oratlons of the country.
?The total percentage of tho business
one by the corporatlons controlled by
io National Packlng Company forms
ut a small part of the wholo volume
f the packing industry. This propor
on could not constltute a monopoly In
ny sense of the word. Instead of op
rating to 'rcstrain the trade' of its
ubsidlary companles. as alleged In
ie indletment, it ls a fact that the
_>mpanlc_ have all shown a healthy
lcreaso since the formatlon of the
atlonal. The company ls operated hy
_ o.fflceris vurely ob a'cotnpetlUvo and^
idependent factor ln the trade.
"The Indletment roturned to-day and
ie bill in equity flled to-day by the
Istrlct attorney are dlrected at tlie
?ganization and operatlon of thls
impany. These operatlons have at all
mes been frank and open, and we are
mfldent that the courts will sustaln
ir contentlons with respect to their
gallty." .
The Dcfenilnnt.i.
The' defendants to tho bill aro tho
ational Packlng Company, G. H. Ham
ond Company, Hammond Packlng
-impany, Omalia Packing Company,
owler Packing Company, Anglo
merican Provlslon Company, United
ressed Beef Company, St. Louls
ressed Beef and Provlslon Company,
"estern Packlng Company, Colorado
icklng and Provlslon Company, Now
M-k Butchers' Dressed McJt Com
_ny, Contlncntal Packlng Company,
-tnour & Co., Swlft & Co., Morris &
... Edward Tilden, Louls F. Swlft, Ed
ird F. Swlft, Charles P. Swift, L. A.
irton, Prank A. Fowler. J. Ogden Ar
Dur, Arthur Meeker, Thomas .T. Con
rs, Kdward Morris, Thomaa'E. Wil
n and U. H. Heyman.
The blll for dlssolutlon of the alleged
jst charges that prior to April 1"), 1302,
?mour and Company, Swift and Com
.hy and Morris and Company were
rtles to an unlawful combination to
: prlces and festrain trade in fresh
eat; that on that day. suit was
ought by tho United States under
e Sherman antitrust law to prevent
elr vlolatlons of the law, and that as
result of that suit Judge Grosscup, on
ibruary IS, 1902, illed an oplnlon stat
g ho would grant an injunction in
cordanco wlth tho prayer of the
vernment's blll. Tho final ordor In
c case, however, was not entered un
Aprll ., 1303. In the meanttme, on
xrch 18, 1003, tho Natlonal Packlng
impany was organlzed, all nf tho
3ck ot which was owned by the Ar
Dtir, Swlft and Morrls interests, the
rtles to the orlglnal allegcd combi
.tlon. On thc date of lts organiza
>n, the blll states, thoro woro turned
er lo the National Packing Company
? the Armour, Swlft and Morris intcr
ts control ot a number of packing
ncerns, which provlous to that tlme
id been competitors not only of tho
?mour, Swlft and Morrls Companles,
it of each other. The Indopondent
ncerns. which tho blll^chargos weve
rriod over- to' tho Natlonal Packlng
impany, are the concerns named as
fondants in tho Indletment returned
the grand jury to-day.
IJea.roya Competition. '
Tho blll charges that the necessary
ect of thn union of theso Interests
tho managoment of the Natlonal
cklng Compony ls to deatroy conipe
Ion, not only among the constituent
mpanlea of tho Natlonal Packlng
mpany, but also between those com
nles and the Armour, Swlft and Mor
i companles. Tho prayer of thc blll
that .tho managoment and control
thc Natlonal Packlng Company ot
subsidlary companles muy be de
ired to bov ln* vlolation of tho Shcr- .
uTTTct and unlawful' upd vold, and
it each ot tho indlv'dual defendants
d the.Natlonnl Packlng'Company and
i Armour, Swlft and Morrls Cornpa
;s may he enjolned from oxorolsj'ng '
y control whatsoovor over the sub
llary companles ot the Natlonal Pack
j Company; that tho subsidlary com- j
nles may beenjolned from paying any
/.Idcnds, to tho Natlonal PackinSj;
thtiany, anrt that the dofeiulants may
cnjQlnod ? and proltlhltod from car
ing on.uny Interstato commevce. uti
suoh tlmo as they have satlsiied tho
urt that they aro no' longor party
any unlawful concorn ln roatrulnt j
trado. |l
Amle.il.ir Arrnngeiiteiit Mnde ln Went
ern Itnllronil Trouble...
Chicago, in? March 21.?All ouos
ttons ln dlsputo between thn 27.000
flremen on Western railroads and the
railroad inniiuKers wlll be omicably
.ottlod, nccordlng to an arrangcment
reaolied to-tlay through tho ald of
Ln Ited Stntes Commlssioner of Labor
C, P. Nelll.
Tt was agreed bv W. S. Cartor, pres
ifient of the l.rotherhoorf of Locomo?
tlve P'lremen and Enginemen, and a
commlttee reprosentlng the men und
the general managcrs* commlttee, rep
i-i'sentlng the forty-seven railroads In
volved, to settle the controv.rsv In
tho followlng ninnner;
Thc questlon of sonlorlty or the pro
motlon of old-tlme flremen ovor' now
rnen and the riuestlon of representatlon
by the unlon of flremen who have been
promotcd to bc englnemon are to be
eompromlsed beforo nny arbltratlon ls
The demand of the men for an In?
creaso In wages ot 12 1-2 per cent. ts
then to be submltted to arbltratlon
undor the Erdman act.
The general managers to-nlght ls?
sued the followlng statement:
"A settlement tif the whole matter
probably wlll bo made to-morrow,
whlch wlll bo satlsfactory to both
Mr. Carter said he had no common t
to make.
Ink Wells Fly i? Hungnrfnu C'liam.ior j
of Depulles.
Buda Pcsth, March 21.?Stormy as
havo been sesslons of the Hungarian
Chamber of Deputies, the Magyurs to
ctay otitdld thenlselves, and ink wells.
books and other hnndy mls.slles wero
iiurled at the heads of the nitnlsters,
untll tho latter took refugo In lllght.
Both Premler Khuen von Hedevurv
and Count Zercnyi, Mlnister ot Agrl
crulttire, were struck by flying Ink
wells and their heads cut.
Troublo had boen brcwing for some
tlme, and the Premler and mlnister.
unable to make headwav against the
opposltion factlons, this morning dis?
solved the. chamber by royal decree.
Thls wa.s the slgnal for a rlotoua out
burst by the oppositlonists. who clalm
tnat the dlssolutlon was unconstitu
tlonal. Thoy began by shoutlng down
l remler Hedevary and wound up by
stormlng the trlbunal. \
For a tlme the mlnlsters wlthstood
thp bombardment, ln which all of
tho loose puraphcrnalia of the chamber
was used, but eventually thev were
forced to beat a hasty rotreat. their
lllght beirji. coyered by thelr sup
porters. Tlie bleedlng heads of the
Premler and Minlster Of Agrlculture
were patchod up by surgoons.
Count Zcrenyl sufTered the more sc?
rious InJury. and may loso the sight
of one eye.
I'nlon Lcnders Declare C'onipnnlos Are
Meeting llemanilN of .Men.
Kansas Clty, Mo.. March 21.?Pros?
pects for an early settlement of the
leather workers' strike, whlch went
Into effect to-day In all parts of the
Lnited States except tho Eaat, to-nlght.
accordlng to leaders at the national
headquarters of tho Untted Brother?
hood of Leather Workers, ls brlsrht.
Reports show that more than a dozen
large houses have already signed a
new agrcement, and many others are
plannlng to moot the demands of tho
strikers, so unlon leaders say.
,,,-The -strikers-demand, an elght-hour
uay ahd a 15 per cont. increaso ln pay
for plecowork. About 6,000 men are
said to bo aftected.
. -? ??, -
Man Wnlks Iu und ..S'dH at \au__ht Ar
rnngementt. for Funeral. *
Seattle, Wash., March 21.?An Incl
dent that served to brlghten tho som
bre atmosphere about . the morgue,
where the unclalmed bodies of -ithe
Welllngton avalancho victlms are be
,.n-**r U.-?-1!- occurred yesterday when
Joa. Blnier, a timbor cruiser, walked
in and pulled a tag bearlng hls name
oft body No,.33. Sevoral friends of
Binbier had Idontifled tho body as hlsp
and a lodge of whlch ho is a member
had mado arrangements for hls fu?
neral to-mor^ow.
I.enten Coutrlbntlon Ilccelvcd by New
York Clly Cnniptroller.
New York. March 21.?A ^enten con
trfbutlon of $500 to tho "consclonce
fund" of New Vork City, was received
to-day by Comptroller Prendergast in
a letter eontalnlrig threo $100 bllls and
four $50 bllls. In dollcato handwrlt
ing, an unsigned note read:
"Pleaso credit to consclenco fund."
Four days ago the city received $i25
from a ptiost, to whom the money had
beon glvon by a consclence-strlcken
Fifty-Ouc Per Ceut. of XnUveM of
Amcrlcnn Siimon Itiive Hookworm.
Pago Pago, Samoa, February 7 (vla
San Francisco. March 21).?Fifty-one
per cent. of tho natives of American
Samoa aro suffering wlth hookworm.
accordlng to Medical Offlcor P. S. Ros
stter. Tho epldemlc ls so wldesproad
that a spoclal health board has been
appolnted to enforco sanltary rcgula
Grand Jury Rcturns Truc Ullls Agniust
Alleged. Mcuibern of llnnd.
HopklnsvlIIe, Ky., March 21.?Indlct?
ments wero returned hy the Chrlstlan
grund lury to-day against Dr. Davld
R. Ames, Guy Dunning, .!. D. Malone.
Newton Nlchols, John Roblnson and
Irvin- Glass, charglng them witli beiner
members of the "nlglit rlder" band
that i-alded' Hopkinsville. December 6,
1907. * Proporty to tho value of $150,
000 wns destroyed in tho raid. Sev?
oral defonders of tho town woro shot
and others whlnnod.
Ivins Fevillnnud ? nnd (.uceii Klenore
Go to CoiiMliiutluople,
Constantlnople. March 21. ? Klns
Ferdinand and Queen Rlenoro of Bul
garla arrived horo to.-day tn vlsit Mo
hammed V.,' Sultan of Turkoy. Thla
is the' tlrst appearance In Turkey of
Hls Majestv slnco hls assumptlou of
tho tltlo ot Klng, and slgniflcanco ln
sttuched to tho vlsit, whlch. It is hopod.
foreshadows tho etid of the stralned
relatlons whlch ' havo threatonod to
ihrow the Balkans Intcv-tirrmoil,
New Stock Approved.
Chicago, IU.. March 21.?At a spo
slal mcottng of tho stockholders of tlu.
Pullman Comparo' hero to-day the ls
manco of $20,000,000 now stock ae-alnst
iccumulatod surplus to be dlstrlbutod
rratls among the stockholders of ree
>rd Aprll 30 was approved.
Fevcp CluNeii ffolioola.
Bluoflcld, W. Yn? March 2t.?On ac
icuint of tho provalence of. scarlet fo
i-er ln thls clty, tho Board.of Educa
;lon at a mootlng to-nlght, ordered all
:ho sohools cloaod liuloflnitely. Flf
oim.* oases of tho dlseaso has be^n ro
House Passes Quiet Day
After Saturday ;s Great
Many of thc Insurgents Still
Smarting Under Cannon's
Taunts, but Even They Are
Softened by Partial Re
traction?Another Out
break Still Probable.
Washington, T>. C, March 21.?-Tha
Houso passed through its flrat day ot
business followlng the gredt.' eruption
of last week wlth remarknblo quletude.
nnd to-nlght when adjournment camo
there was an air of calniness and amlty
prcvnlllng that to thc observers ot
events in the past week was almost un
bellevable. Pcacc appcared ncar, and
thls notwlthstandlng that less than
ten days dlstant thero ls tho selcctlon
of a new Rules Committeo to be undor
taken, wlth all Us cmbarrasslng com
Thcrc wcrc clements that contrlbuted
to to-day's pacidcatioti. Tho Domo
erats. satlsfled wlth tho sltuatlon as
lt left them after tho four daya of thoy
fierce strlfe, were con ten t' to let mat/
ters drift for a whlle. '
Tho Itcgulur Republlcans, rcallzlng
from the outbursts in the press from
varlous Insurgents over the Saturday
nlght speech of Speaker Cannon. when
he called thom "cowardly members,"
that party harmony was to be gained
only by the most dlplomatle tendor of
Uio ollve branch, wero most adrolt ln
thelr relations to-day with tholr Insur?
gent brethren.
That division of the Insurgents which
voted for the oustlng of Speaker Can?
non from tho speakershlp was eml
nontly satlstied to-day with.ita effort,
and, like the Democrats, willing to lot
things drift quietly.
One DiMcnrdnnt Xotc.
The score cr so of the Insurgents who
had voted for the retehtion of tho
Speaker in tho chair, only to bc reward
ed wlth a wltherlng blast from the
Speaker, supplied the only dlscordant
note. They reached the Capltol ln a
decidedly wrathful and mllltant frame
ot mind. Several of them, llko Repre?
sentatlve Norris, of Nobraska; Madison,
of Kansas; Hayes, oC Cajifornia. and
two or three others, sparod no wor.__~
ln volelng thoir Jndignation at the waSy^i,
tho sltuatlon affected them.
Two or three of them talked- loudUr
of contlnued warfare, of a further llght
upon tho rules of tho House, upon
Speaker Cannon. upon the Regulars ln
the selection of the new Rules Commit?
tee, and along other llnes of Insur
gency. But notwlthstandlng thelr loud
crlea of renowed reucllion, they wero
met on all sides by smiles and concll
iatory words from the Regulars. ,
Not tho least influence In produclrig
a sortof general alr of forglvoness was
tho word that came indtrectly from the
room of Speaker Cannon to the effect
that the Spoaker had modcrated in hls
attltudo toward tho men he had de
nounce_rSaturdny night, and there waa
almost a certainty "tbat tho Speaker
had been misquoted in his remarks," or
somethlng. of that kind.
One of the strongest of the day'3
tondcncles toward peace was the nomi
tiation of Majority Leader Payne for
i placo on the new Rules Committee
oy Representatlve Norris, the leader of
the Insurgents and author of tho reso
iution which preclpitated tho recent
;var. Representatlve Norris said that
is Mlnorlty Leader Clark was to bo
n. momber of tho committeo, he be?
lleved Mr. Payne also should be on tho
Itancnr Dlsappear*.
Half of tho Houso appeared to flnd
somethlng humorous In the situation,
md the bltterness aud rancor of tlio
Dast few days appoared gradually . to
lisslpate. AVhethor lt has ln It ariy
?reater signlflcance than that of a
nore incldent of one leglslatlvo day
:annot be foretold.
Tho Ropubllcan caucus on the seleC
:ion of tho now Rules Committee, lt
ivas announced by Representatlve
Durrior, chalrman of the Republiean
:aucus. would probably bo hold, Satur
lay nlght.
Nearly all tho Insurgents, both thoso
tvho voted for and agalnst' the Speakor
ast Saturday, announced that they In
.ended to entcr tho caucus. Represen
:atlvo Hayos, and one or two others.
jarly ln tho day deelared they would
not, under any clrcumstances, enUi*
the caucus unless they had assurances
as to who tho new members of tho
uommltteo would' ho and that they
would be men satlsfactory to tho In?
Many of thc Regular Repuhileans
rolunteered thn oplnlon that tho In
iitrgents should bo ropresented on tho
Uules Committee. A t'cw, but only a
few,' asserted that they should not
iave rcpresentatlon. Leadors of thc
Insurgents . sald thov would hold no ,
noetlnff beforo the Republiean caucus.
f thov had anything to say." They
hought thcrc was no need of lt.
Ileuiocrntlc Ciuiciin Cnlleil.
The Democrats, through Mlnorlty
.onrter Champ Clork, actincr for thelr
uucus chalrman, Representatlve Olnv
qii. of Alahama. who Is absent. ealleit
heir caucus on tho Rules OommlttC'o
inestlon for next * Wednesday. night
.'hree of thelr solectlons are sure lo
io Rcprosentiitives Champ Clark, of
llssgurl; Fitzgerald, of New Vork. anrt
Jndorvvood. of Alabama. Nothing but
manlmlty of sentlment ls expected In
h* Democratlc meetlng. , .
Some of thc committees hegan -wjirk
gain to-day, antl hv to-morrow it wa*
xpoeteet tho .gf+Hd.iii(r nut of le*riHla
lon. Includlng tho measures ,"f Presl
ent Taft, agaln wlll be In full swlng.
?>A'miorlng? of Old Muu'm Mind,"
Washington, D. C, March 31.?
Speaker Cannon's speech before the
lllnois Ropubllcun Assoclatlon last
laturday night, ln which hc called tho
nsurgents who voted agalnst thV
luticson rofohition a lot of 'cowardly
iiomliers,' was but tho vaporinijK ot ?
n old man's mind." emphntleally rte
lared Representatlve Norrla, ot Ne
raska, to-day.
"lt represented." he nald. "tha stat*
nonts of a aentlo old mon who 'wa,.
Illert wlth venoin und veiiRcance be.**

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