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0 n e o f M a n y Accom
plishments of Profes
sional Lobbyists.
OSvidence Shows That He Was
Invincib.e at Albany in Leg
islative Matters?More Sen
sations Sprung in Story
of'Graft Received from
Insurance Companies.
New York. March 21.?Blt by blt,
thero was unfolded at the flre insur?
ance inqulry to-day the story of tho
career ot "Wllllam II. Buckley, the Al?
bany lawyer who for years was a
leglslatlvo agent at tho State Capltol
for tho flre insurance companles. j On
tho face of the documentary evldence
produccd, Buckley was well-nlgh In
ylnctble at Albany. If tho letters
which were entered on tlie records
contained statements of fact?and for
thc most part they were letters cx
, changed be.wecn Buckley and the lato
Gcorgo P. Sheldon, who was presldent
of the Phcnix Flre Insurance Com?
pany. of Brooklyn?Buckley'a power.
?wlth tho Leglslature was well worth
the money he admlts he received.
Buckley'a lnfluence at Albany went
?ven further, accordlng to hls own
?words. Ilo was able to learn ln ad
.vance of a declslon ofthe CourtofAp
jieals. he aald. and would keep Sheldon
lnformed as to what was coming off
in the court.
Mllea M. Dawson, a consulting ae
tuary of New york. sald under oath
ihat Buckley had lnformed hlm that
he could not get favorablc action on
b. blll ln which hc was Interested un?
less he paid some money to the "boys."
Buckley Aroun.d.
When evldence was produced show
Jng that E. K. McCall, now a Stato
Supreme Court justice. had wrltten
Buckley'a name above hls own on a
check for J3.500, which was one of
the three loans made by the Phenlx
Flre Insurance Company,'of Brooklyn.
through Sheldon to Buckley, the lat?
ter became greatly aroused. He sald
that Mr. McCall knew nothing at all
?f the transaction, and had merely
nctc-d ln the matter at hls request. He
nd-nilted that lie had not indorsed
the checlc and iden.__i___---.tliK- hand
writing in which hls name was wrlt?
ten a? that of Justice McCall. When
seen thls afternoon, Justice McCall
sald ? that ho never had any relations
or transactions whatever with Mr.
^Sheldon or with liis company, or wlth
any fire insuranco companv except
thc .Munlch.
It was late in the afternoon whon
tho letters relatlve to the Court of
lAppeals were read. There were twd
of them. The flrst dated Aprll 29.
1303. was from Sheldon to Buckley.
lt read in part;
"I noto that the Court ot Appeals
has * declded that tho franchise tax
law ls constitutlonal. I wlsh I could
have got on to thls early enough, for
1 am satlsfled that thls is one of tho
thlngs that have been hanging over
tho market, and if I could have
loarned previously what the declslon
waii likely to be there would have
been money in thi.*? for all ot us.
Whonevcr anything like this ls pend?
lng in Albany, it will always pay you
to advise mc, If you can, of the "prob?
able outcome."
Buckley repllcd the next day as fol?
"I am sorry that I dld not know of
any interest to you to have Informa?
tion about the franchise declslon. I
told somo of our frlends two weeks
ago what lt wouljl be. but I was ad
.vised from very important quarters
that as the declslon was constitutlon?
al. lt would not have much effect on
the market, and I didri't think it ad
visable to say much about it. it it
had boen the other way, you would
?havo beon advlsed, because I knew of
your Interests ln 'blg gas.' ln the fu?
ture I wlll keep you advlsed."
A Drtimatlc "Moment.
It wns a dramatlc moment when Mr.
Dawson appeared on the sccno unex
poctodly to be sworn ln as a witness.
Dawson. wlio was consulting actu
ary of thc Armstrong commlttoe, which
investlgated the lifo Insuranco com?
panles, sald that ln 1905 ho drew up
a blll rclating to the mothod of valu?
atlon of llfo Insurance pollcles whleh
afterwards was mtido a law on thoi
reoommondation of the Armstrong
committee, although it failed tho flrst
year. Ho went to' Albany and had
tho bill Introduced.
"Whlle ln the, lobby ot tho Senate,1
. he contlnued. "Buckley, whom I had
known for some years, camo to me
Ho told me that tho bill wouldn't pass
unless money was provided 'for tlie
boys.' He sald that 'tho boys' thought
I would get al llberal fee and thought
I ought to dlvlde with them. I told
hlm I wasn't thero to brlbe any one.
Buckley sald he dldn't like to have
mo speak of lt In that way. The blli
dldn't pass."
' Mr. Hotchklss turned to Mr. .Buck?
"What have you to say to thls?"
"I never sald a word to Mr. Dawson
of money for 'tho boys,'" ho sald.
Buckley's oplnlon of his own abillty
to lnfluence leglslatlon was shown in
sovoral of tho letters which ho wrote
to Sheldon. In one he spoke of tho
unearnod llabllity blll, which was a
'?blll intended to ropeal the law whloh
exemptod. relnsurance reserves of tax?
atlon. In hls letter, Buckley sald: "I
agreed to allow the blll to bo reported
to tho Senate. It wlll probably pass
that houso, but glvo yourself no con?
cern about lt, as lt wlll bo blocked by
the Rules Committee. Thore is po roa
80n ' whatovor for you to have, any
concern ahont, matters horq ln any
partioulair," ? ? .:"'?'
HenVy F.vans, presldent of tlio Con?
tinental Flre Insurance Company. was
oh the stapd to-day long. enough to
isay that ho conlrlbutecl $2,500 to, a
.fund Sheldon raised m 1001 to'-defoa.
Je*'lslatlon advorse to tbo comsanles,
Former' Councilman Topples
Over When Asked About
/Bribc Money.
Six Grafters' Stories to Pittsburg
Judge Accompanicd by
Plttsburg, Pa., March 21.?The con?
cesslons of slx nien who appeared be?
fore Judge Frazer to-day were accom?
panled by sensations. The climax came
when .Georgo B. Anderson, a former
select Councllman, falnted as the
court asked hlm lf ho had ever re?
colved money for hls vote.
Robert K. Coehrarie, formerly
member of Councils, admitted recclv
Ing $S0O to vote for thc bank dcpoal
tary ordlnance and 1500 for the ordl?
nance vacating South Seventh Strect.
Hls admlsstons startled Judge Frazer
who wanted to know how it camo that
ho recolved so much for voting for
these measures whllo other Council.
men received much less. Coclirane was
unable to mako a satlsfactory explana
tlon. He Inslsted that he had dls
trlbuted none ot the money. .Itidge
Frnzer rcmlndcd Cochrano that thi..
was a scrious matter and he would
have to take the ease under consldera?
tlon. No suspension ot sentence waa
granted Cochrano and he left the court
room a dlsappointed man.
Wllliam Brand, former President ot
Common Council, whose statement to
the dlstrlct attorney was so unsatls
factory, had his llberty cut short to
day. He was sent to the penitentlary
to besln servlng the elghteen months*
sentence for bribery, on whlch he was
convlcted some months ago. Dlstrlct
Attorney Blakely Inslsted that Brand
dld not teli the whole truth. and that
he was shioldlng some one. 1
Former Councllman John Taylor,
who was impllcated ln the graft scan?
dal by Dr. W. ll. Weber ln hls con?
fession. brought suit against Weber
to-day for $25,000 damages. Taylor
has made a public denlal. and says
Webcr's statement ls untrue. Indlcted
Coqiicllmeji to-day began to come for?
ward and glve bonds In court for their
a-ppearancn-when- called for 'trlal, Hlg*
nlfylng that they were going to put
up a flght for freedom.
The grand Jury made no return
when It dlsbanded for the night
8:30 o'clock. and although lt was
thouffht that tha Jurors had prepared j
a report, no Judge was sitting to re?
ceive It and a recess was taken untll
to-morrow. 1
Hou.ie f.iiii.iiittpc to l.ook Into Chnrgra
Iu Connectlon Wlth Sl.Ip Suli.ldj-,
Washlngton, March 21.?A '? resolu?
tion, declarlng In substance that there
?xlsts a lobby for the purpose of con
Itictlng a campalgn In behalf of the
*hip subsidy blll, and asking for the
-ppoiptment of a commlttee to Inves
.lgate the matter. was adopted to-day
?y the Houso Commlttee on the Judi
Tho resolution. whlch was Intro
Juced by Iteprosentativo Steenerson,
Df '.Mlnnesota. declares that certaln
Jtibllcatior.s. whlch aro named, have
nade allegatlons that Congress has
??eon debutiched bj* forelgn steamship
nterests, which seek- to prevent th*e
mssago of .1. bill to encourage the
Vmerieati mercha.it marlne.
Fornier Governor Herrick, of Ohio:
lohn Hays lJ'timmond, president 'of
he National I.eague of 'Republlcan
littl-:., nnd lt. V. Schwerin, vice-presi
lent, of the Paclflc Mall Steamship
Jompany, are named, among others. ln
he resolution as members of the Ttler
rhant MarSne League, organized to
trgo the passage of the shlp subsidy
In.k_.ninn'.. llullet Find* n Vlctim
liiMtcu.l of thc Mark.
Clnclnnatl. O., March-24.?Rc-enact
ng of tho drama of AVilllam Teli
hootlng tho apple off the head of hls
on had a sllghtly different sequel. as
iroduced yesterday in a shootlng gal- j
ery In this clty. from the origlnal in i
Iwitzcrland In tho long ago.
In tlio affair yesterday, D. H. Bunce.
. local marksman, declared ho could
hoot tlie ashes off a clgaretto held
.otweon thc llps of Harry Lackon,
?-hbso home is In Montreal, Canada. {)
.Lacken agreed to tho trlal. and stood r0
nder tho electric lamps near the tar
:ets. Bunce (lrcd, but the bullet dld
ot touch tho cigarette. Instead lt
assed through Lacken's Up.
The wounded man was taken to the
Ity Hospital. He wlll recover.
iovernor Wlllson Declile* Second Pn_
Nnge of IlcMolutlon I.t'_tnl.
Frankfort. Ky., March 24.?It was
nnouneed .that Governor Wlllson has
eclded that tho Kentucky Lcgtsla
tire's" threo attempts to adopt the
'edoral ? Income tax resolutlons wero
roductivo of at least ono passage.
wlco the! Leglslature adopted tho
osolution, only to have the Govor
or'send lt baek on a toohnlcality, and
urlng tho thlrd attempt at passago
ie Leglslaturo' adjourned.
Representatlve Ollle James arrived
ere last night from Washlngton wlth
plnloits of prominent lawyers, ln
itidlng Senator Boot, thnt tho second
assago was logal. It was sald that
Ir. James was prepared to make a h.
.st in tho courts, but the Governor gl
ad already declded to eertlfy the 11
ii-Piuentu Are Siunli neeauae of Early
; Day of Church Fetist. '
New York, Maroh 31.?Easter lllles
:e tho latost commodlty to joln the
velllng list. of thlnga "scarce nnd C:
gh." ? p(
Tho steamer Oceana, which arrived b|
i-day from Bormucla, brought ? aodiir io
gnment far. below tho .average for uri lu
?rlvlng steamor ln tho week procod- tli
,g Easter. Othor recent shipments la
_ve alijo been small. , rc
The earllness of the' date on .vhlch
aster falls thls yoar and the short- ac
jss of tho Eermuda .crop ara roanpn*. M
l_U for U_q gmau suaa-y.. ?_>_
Favorable Report on Ad?
ministration Bill Or?
dered by Committee.
Split Is Along Party Lines,. and
Mirtority Report Will Be Sub?
mitted ? Many Changes
Have Been Made Since
Introduction by
AVashlngton, March 24.?The admln?
lstratlon rallroad blll, embodylng many
changes ln the exlstlng law, and
largely amended slnco lts introduction
ln the House by Mr. Townsend, of
Mlchigan, was ordcrod favorably re?
ported by thc House Committeo on
Interstato Commerco to-day.
The committee split on party llnes.
All the Republlcans voted for the blll,
includlng Chalrman Mann. Thc absent
Republlcans under agrodnient were re?
corded ln tho afllrmatlve. Tho Demo?
crats voted agalnst the blll. and they
wlll present a mlnorlty report. The
bill In its orlglnal form now is pend?
lng ln the Senate.
Qucstloii or Caucu* Open,
The report from the House commit?
tee wlll be presented wlthin four or
flvo days. Chalrman Mann sald to
day he was unable to say when the
measure would be brought up on the
floor of the House. and whether or
not there wlll be a caucus on lt ls
yet uncertain.
"The blll speaks for Itself." sald Mr.
Mann. "In addltlon to the creatlon of
a. commerce court It contalns lmport
tnt provlslons which add to the pow
*rs of the Interstate commerco Com
nisslon over the regulatlons, practlees
md rlghts of rallways and decldedly
.trengthens the means adopted by the
?overnment for the regulatlon of the
rallroads. It prohlblts the absorptlon
3y one road or water llne of a compot
ing llne, except when authorlzed by
Iho commerce court. It forblds the
issue of stocks or bonds, except for
egltimate purposes and at prlces to be
Ixed bv the Interstate Commerce Com
Ttlsslori. and forblds any Issue of
?tocks or bonds except on application
o the commlsslon.
Step Far In Advance.
"The hill is a logical development
,1 the theory adopted by Congress thac
?allways ln all thelr dealings shall be
jubject to governmental control and
not left to the theory of competition
-nerely. ' It is the most advanced step
.ver ta..e-1-ifrUie matter of tho enntroh
ind regulatlon of the common carrier
'crporatlons of the country."
Tho mlnorlty report will be pre
lared under the dlrectlon of Mr.
\damson, of Georgla, the ranklng
Democrat on the. committee. Mr.
Ydamson opposes governmental con
rol or purchases of competlng lines,
?ontrol of lssuance of stocks and
ionds and the creatlon of the com
nerce court. All of the mlnority,
lowever. do not share his vlews.
Many of the amendments to the bill
vere drawn in entirety from the blll
ntroduced early in the sesslon by
Chalrman Mann, who can see no
jecesslty for a commerce court, and
vhose vlews dlffer materlally from the
idminlstration vlews on rallroad leg
slatlon. .
..lay Offi r Aincmlments,
Thero wlll be several committee
ime'ndments, offered on the lloor of the
Iouse, when the bill is taken up in the
vent the commlttoe should agreo upon
everal provlslons which- lt dld not
ct upon deflnltely.
Among these provlslons ls one to
;lvo the commerce court jurlsdictlon
.ver the determlnation of what roads
.re competltlve within the meaning
>f the sections of the blll relatlng to
nergers. There ls a- difference of
?pinlon ainong the members of the
ommlttee as to whether this determi
atlon should be lodged wlth the com
nerco court or with the. Interstate
.ommerce Commlsslon.
'nlon Men Take Prellniluary Sleii.i?
Xo Cltnngc In Stilke Sltuntlou.
iPhlladelphia, Pa., March 24.?Interest
n the labor sjtuatlon here waa centrcd
o-day ln the 'convention held by meni
iers of tho labor unions, to form a
iew polltlcal party. Ahout 500 delo
?ates attended the meetlng, from
/hlch newspaper men and every ono
,'lthout union carda and other cre
entlals were barred.
It was announced that a commlttoe
f eleven, headed by john'J. Murphy,
resltlent of the Central Labor Union,
ad been chosen to attend to tho de
ills of organlzlng the now party. Thls
ommlttee will select soven -othor
icmbers ln oach ward in the cltv
o constitute a city committee. No
no whose loyalty to the causo of
nionlsm can be doubted, wlll be se
jcted on any committee. A contrl
utlon of ono day's pay to flnance the
ew organlzation wlli be asked from
very member of the new party, Non
nlonlsts will be permltted to onroll
fter the prellmlnary organlzation has
een effeoted.
Thero was no' ohange in the stroet
ir sltuatlon. Both the company and
ie strlking car men oontlnueNto hold
) thelr "stand pat" pollcy.
Another death. was added to tho list
f trolley car vlotlnis to-nlght; when
imuej Stoad, ?g.d eighty-four years,
as struck by a car at Twenty-fourth
nd South College Avenue.
nboratnry AVorker "Wns Stlrrlug New
Klud of Ex|>lo?lve.
Cleveland, Ohlo, March 21.?Patrlck
owd, a sampler in the laboratory of
local chemical works. was blown to
leces last nlght whlle stlrring an
iknown' compound, which Is believod
- have beon a now exploslve, ?
Dowd was still alivo, whon help
lached hlm, and hc explained beforo
j died that tlio mlxture had been
ven hlm by a frlend. Ho dld not
ve long enough to glve the frlend's
itne, but the pollco aro searching for
lO'unknown chemlst. ?__,..,
Itud Hyina Wrlter Attend* Iiuncheon
ln Honor of Blrthday.
Brldg'eport, Conn., March 2*1.?-Fanny
rosby, tho hllnd hynui wrltor and
letess, colebratod her nlnetleth
rthday to-day. Oheerful and on
ylng good health, sho attended a
ncheon ,' glven for her at noon ? at
p homo of Mrs, Orvlllo Reqtor, and
toy dedlcated a Klng's Daughtors'
om ln the.Reotor Home for. tho Slck,
Thls ovenlng she wlll nmlce a brief
idress at a meetlng at tlie Plrst
ethqdlst Churoh, arrangetj ln honor
the anulversary.
Condition of Distin
guished Virginian So
Greatly Improved
That Physicians
Are Very
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dispatch.l
Houxevclt II n? Iilfllciilty in Avoldlug
<>rent Drnionitri.tlmix.
Cairo, Egypt, March _I.?Colonel
Boosevelt's vlsit cxcltos so much In
tere.-t here, not only among the many
Americans who ha.ve arrived at Calro
purposely to see the ex-Presldent and
take part ln the greetings, but among
tlie populace generally, tliat he ls tak?
ing measures to avold demonstrations.
Oreat crowds gathered about the crt
trance of Shepheard's Hotel. where the
Boosevelts are quartered, and twice
to-day colonel and Mrs. Roosevelt were
compelled to leave the buildlng by the
garden entrance ln order to keep away
from the enthuslastlc people.
A half-hour was spent thls after?
noon in conversation wlth the Khedlve
it Abdin Palace, the Khedlve showlng
the keenest Interest in Colonel Roose
rclt's huntlng tour. There wa.s an ex?
change of vlews between them on Ir
rigation and agrlculture.
In the meantlme the Khedlvah re
:elved Mrs. Roosevelt and Miss Ethel
wlth muny marks of dlstlnction. Cof?
fee was served In gold cups crttsted
wlth diamonds. She was particularly
'tuxious concernlng the position of
women In America.
The Khedlve returned the ex-Prest
Jejit's vls't. at th? Apierlcan agency,
where h'J i'sm^ln.-d 5C e-_r_-Iderabl*v
Llme. The exchange of vlslts hns
cjlven the greatest plcasure on tlie
part of both. In the evening the
Roosevelt partv went. by automoblle
_o the Mena House, whlch ls close to
_ho pyramids to spend tho night nna
seo the Sphinx by moonllght.
The fact that artlcles have appear
;d recently ln somo of the newspaper
irgans of tho "Young Egypt" party
lttacking Colonel Roosevelt on ac
:ount of hls speeches at Khartoum, ln
.vhlch he emphaslzed the bencflts of
he Brltish in the Soudan. led to tho
iredletlon that thero might be un
ileasant demonstrations. but Mr.
Roosevelt has decllned the offer of
lolice protectlon, and the Premler and
.ther officials are convinced that thero
s nothing to fear.
Weat Folut Students Mny Xovr Tn
dulKC Iu Llghtcr ForniM,
Washington, D. C, March 21.?Sec
?etary Dickinson has won hls long
Ight to secure the amelloratlon of the
aw regardlng hazlng at West Polnt.
ind no longer will every cadet guilty
>? some trlfling horsf play at tho ex
>ense of some newcomer be subjectett
;o the unvnrying rule of expulsion.
rhe secretary to-day signed an order
?overlng tbe whole general subject of
lazing and provlding ln brlef for lts
Cadcts guilty of the harsher forms
>f hazlng wlll bo summarily dlsmlssc.l
is in the past aud wlll not bc subject
:o relnstatemont wlthln two years:
iuspension and reduetlc>n In class are
irovided for tho cadet who hazes an
ither wlth no Intent to Injure or hu
nlliate, whlle for the mlldest forms of
tazlngr, such as compeltlng a candl
late to assume a constralned or ridlc
ilous positlon,. the punlshment, whlch
nust be less than dlsmlssal, ls loft to
ho dlscretlon of the superlntendent.
ilicrllTs Meu Ordered to Shoot If
? Fugltlve RcMiMtst Arrest. !
Elyrla. Ohio, March 24?Doputy
iher'iff Peck, of Lorain county,v nccom
.anieii bv . flve armed men, .to-day be
rnn the fourth day o'f tho search for
tobert Greon, the former bankor of
Vaynotown. Ind., who Monday assault
d "a deputy and escaped from the
ounty Jall, whoro he was belng held
n a chargo of horsesteallng. The
ursult is now centred about Danville,
:nox county, sixty mtlos south of here.
'he offlcers are In an automoblle and
ave followed Green through Lorain,
[edlna, Wayno and Holmes countles.
Green wns seon last ovoning at Glon
tont, near Danville.
It ls known that tho fugltlvo ls
rmed and tho men havo heen glvon
rders to shoot upon sight lf ho ro
sts, .
t Thnt Tlme Durand Mny Make Pub?
lic Number of liituiiiltiui ..s.
Boston, Mass., March 2-1.?In look
tg over tho census tleld to-day, Dr.
. Dana Durand, tho national supor
itendent, : sald that by Juno I ho
opod .to bo able to report tho number
;? lnhabitants ' ln tho Unlted Statos,
?obably betweon SS,000,000 and 01,
Thc great army of er.umerators. cmi
stlng of 75,000 mon nnd women, wlll
iOvo on Aprll 16, and wlll cover tho
tles ln flfteen days and the rural
lotlons ln thirty days. R will tako
mr months to cover the mahutac
irlng1-. interests, and throo years to
ibulate and study, the vast under
c aud C'oiupmiloim Mnk? ThinKM Llve
ly at Whlto Hou_e.
Washington, March 2-.?-'C_arh_y"
aft Is nt homo for tho' Ea,stor holl
lys, and' things are - Uvolter ? around
io -Whlto Houso. With half-a dozen
f hls boon oompaiil.ns,;lio waa but. on
io rear lawn to-day playlng ball wlth
11 tho enthuslasm of * a: pi-ospootlve
iptaln'of tho nlna at Yalo, Mra. Taft
vt on the irear portlco for* ti long
m? nud watched tho boys at' j?lay,
,..';. i -., ?, i.. _
Caucus Adjoums With
No Action on His
Seeks to Commit Democrats to
Selection of House "Commit?
tee of Committees," Taking
Power Out of Speaker's
Hands?In the Main
Caucus Harmonious.
Washington. D. C? March 24? Witli
scarcely the&scmblance ot a struggle,
tho Democratlc members of tho House
to-nlght elected thc four mlnorlty
members of the enlarged Rules Com?
mittee as follows:
Champ Clnrk, of MH-motirl, 12.1 votes.
Oscur Underwood, of Alaliamo, 10!:
Mticolii Dlxon, of indi/inn, 0f? \otcn.
john .?. Fitzgerald, of Xew York, OH
Thero wns a Jong list of candldates
who received scatterlng votes, Repre?
sentatlve Slayden, of Texas, receiving
03, the hlghest number given to an un
successful candldate. The total vote
of the caucus was 140, which required
71 votes to elect.
The expected flght on Representatlve
Fitzgerald because of hls attitude on
tho rules questlon at thc beginnlng ot
the present Congress, when he. with
twenty-three other Democrats, left the
leadershlp of Champ Clark and voted
with the Republlcans, matorlallzed
early ln the meetlng, but failed to ac
compllsh any deflnite result.
Stras Ileails In.-tlon.
Representatlve .Slms. of Tennessee,
hoaded the faction which opposed tho
selection of Fitzgerald. and Introduced
a. resolutlon proposlng to Instruct the
Democratlc members to support a res?
olutlon to provlde for the election by
Ihe House of a conimi _tee to select all
of the standlng committees. which
power of selection is now vested ln
the Speaker. Tlie maximum strength
shown by the followera of Slms was
thlrty-nlne. which they polled agalnst
i motlon to adjourn, The Slms resolu
Aon dld not come to a vote by reason
of the adoption of a motlon to adjourn
before he had an opportunlty to get
lt up for consideratlon. The Slms res?
olutlon follows:
"Resolvod by the Democr&tlq mem
her:* of th.-Houso of Representatlves
of the Sixty-flrst Congress, ln caucus
issembied, That we hereby Instruct the
Democratlc members of the Rules Com
nittee selected by this caucus to sup
oort any resolutlon or blll seeklng to
ake from the Speaker of the House of
[.epresentatives tho power to appoint
ho standlng committees of the House,
md that they uso all honorable efforts
.o bring about such a change in the
?ules of the House as to havo a com.
nlttee on committees, to bc elected by
he House, whose duty it shall be to
tppolnt all the standing committees
May Caucus Agnlu,
After the caucus adjourned Mr. Sims
innounced that he would proceed at
mce to clrculate a call for another
.aucus to conslder tho subject of hla
?esolution. Only twonty-tlve signa
ures, under the rules, are required to
)ompel the holdlng of another caucus,
is the Slms supporters pollpd thtrty
ilne votes, another caucus ls ln pros
Mr. Slms was not ln the best of hii
nor over the manner ln which his res
lution was treated to-nlght.
"They wlll flnd that they are not
hrough in thls matter," he sald. "I
hall tako steps to have anothor cau
tis called to commlt tho party and
he Democratlc members of tho new
lulos Committee to thls proposltlon."
Tho mlnorlty leadors, Champ Clark
nd Mr. Underwood, apparently were
atlstlcd wlth the result of the caucus.
'.'Everythlng was harmonious," sald
Ir. Clark, "and tho contest to-nlght
,'as only a good-natured one."
Mr. Underwood expressed hlmself In
lmllar fashion. All of ?the Democratlc
omlnees, Includlng Mr. Fitzgerald,
/oro warmly congratulated. ? The lat?
or was present at the caucus, but took
o part ln the speoch maklng.
Mr. Slms's objection to tho manner
i whleh hls resolution ivas treated was
ased on a parllamentary advantago
?hichwas taken of hlm by the intor
jctlo'n of a motlon to adoura Mr,
Ims, when he oallod up his resolution,
poke at length urglng lts adoption.
t was supported by Messrs. Jones, of
'Irglnla; Bartlett, of Georgla; Burle
on, of Texas, and others.
CUulriuHU Sustalu.*. Point.
Representatlve Ralnoy, of Illlnols,
nado a point of order agalnst the rcs
luilou, declarlng that it. -vvas ln order
n vlow of the fact that tho Domo
ratlc members of tho Rules Commlt
eo had not yet been ohosen by the
aucus. Chalrman Clay ton sustained
lio ipolnt of order and Mr). Slms
loved to appoal from tho declslon oi
lie chair.
Followlng a statement by tho chair
tiat tlie resolutlon could be oallod up
fter tho electlon of the members of
tio commlttoe, Mr. Slms wlthdraw hls
ppeal, Just as sooft. as the vote on
lemhors foi. the Rules Committeo was
nnouncod, Represontative Johnson, of
:entucky, leaped to his feot m*ad
aneo of Mr. Slms, and moved to ad?
ourn. Tho motlon was carrlod by a
oto of Sl to 69, leavlng Mr. Slms wlth
ls resolutlon undlsposed of.
All of the speechea wero dlrected
peclfloally to the Slms resolutlon and
t no tlme was thore & word uttered
i dlsparagement of Mr. Fitzgerald for
placo on the Rules Commlttoe. ^
Bp3lde8 Ropreseni,atlvo Slaydbn, who
Bcolvod 69 votes, other members of
ie mlnorlty who received votos were;
[aminond, of Mlnn.sota, 18; Hughes,,
f.New Jersey, 8; Sulzor, of New York,
; Garrott, of Tennessee, 3; Ralnoy, of
.llnols, ;.j and a largo numbor who
sco(ved ono .and two' votes each, 'fho
otlng waa by wrltten ballot, each
lanibor votlng for four. No nonilna
lona were mado antl all i membora
we ellglblo for selection.
Dcstruction Is Pouring Fortli
from Great Crater of
Mount Etna.
Many Villages Will Bc Destroyed
if Violent Eruption Does
Not Cease.
Catanla, Slclly, March 24.?Mount
Etna, whose cruptlons In tho past havo
wrought great destructlon, is agaln In
a violent stato of actlvlty. A pro
nounced movement wlthln the crater
began last evening, steadily increasing
ip voluine, and to-night the gravest
fears are entertained as to tho results
lf tho eruption contlnues In lts pres?
ent violent form.
From Catanla, thc Associated Press
correspondont motored In the dlrcction
of tho mountaln. Passlng the vlllage
of Mascalucla, twelve miles in a dlrect
lino from the crater, a thick curtaln
of smoko was encountered which en
tlrely concealed Elan. At Nicolsl, ten
mlles from the crater, tho entire pop?
ulatlon had gathered in tho squaro to
watch-the volcano whlch appeared as
a black phantom above. Now _-nd
thon. lt was lllumlnatcd wlth ilashes
of llght, uppoaring almost red. Higher
pu, tho raln ot cinders became thlcker
and extended Hko a veil across the
mountaln. A deep roaring was heard,
and detonations Hko the sound of ar
tlllery followlng one another ln quick
successlon, whllo tho eartjv shook un?
der foot.
Llke ltr.I-H.it Rlver.
Ono of tho guldes crled, "An earth
quake." and could hardly bo Indtice.l
to contlnue. Tho hot cinders covored
tho ground like a thick carpet, rend
ering walking dlfflcult. A peasant was
encountered, comlng down. He sald,
"Tho flre Is rushlng down. burnlng
everythlng. The lava ls llke a red-hot
Proceeding a llttlo further along,
four colossai columns of black smoke
could be observed. Occaslonahy they
were cut by Ilashes of flre. presenting
an awe-inspiring) spoctacle. Then. tbe
wind opened the clouds for a hioment
and a. wide atrlp of nre could bo seen
ln th'e dlstance, adviincing \vltli mons".
trous contortlons. It foll llke a tor
rent from Mount Caprlolo, spreadlng
out Jn tho valley below. The lava flow
had already reached the vlneyards
above San Leo and Rinazzo, soven
mlles from. the crater, and had buriert
a largo number of peasants' houses,
It came ln soveral streams and united
in ono groat mass about twenty feet
in helght and 1,500 feet wldo.
Its veloclty was estlmated at three
to four feot a mlnute, varylng accord?
lng to the conditlon of the ground.
rhis mighty wall of lava was to-day
iot moro than flve mlles from Bol
.asso and Nlcolosl.
Feoiile Terror-Strlekeu. ?
Tho ineteorologlcal station on tho
nountaln slde has been destroyed and
he vlllage of Borrello is in serlous
langer. Tho poople, terror-strlckon,
tro flying from tlioir homes. The
_arthshocks havo reached about flfty
n number, but thero ls a contlnuous
.Ibratlon and trembllng for many
nilos around. Everywhore tho vil
agers are carrylng images and im
Uoring mercy. Twelvo new craters
iavo boen opened up.
Desolntlnn and Ruin.
Catania. .March 2_.?-Help for the
leoplo ot tho devastated reglon ls
.elng organized here. A dotachmont
.f soldlers and a largo number of on
;lneers and doctors have gone for
i*ard. The profect of Catanla, return
ng from tho sceno thls evening, sald:
"I have wltnessed a spectaele of
esolation and rnln which only thoso
.ho saw the eruption of Vesuvlus ln
906 can imaglno. Tho present erup
ion can be compared to no othor."
The authorltles have Issued orders
hat no one shall bo permitted to go
leyond Belpasso, and soldlers havo
.een statloned at varlous polnts to seo
hat those orders aro obeyed. The
lllage of Borollo ls surroundod by the
iva,-and the inhabltants havo iled to
Professor Blccok, director of Mt.
Itna Obsorvatory, sald to-nlght:
"Tho eruption Is very gravo, and I
hlnk It wlll become much moro se
lous. Tho lava has covored fivo mlles
n sixteen hours, and lf my calcula
lons aro rlght, the eruption ot the
olcano wlll not bo short."
Many tourlsts, among whom Amorl
ans ara consplcuous, are pouring Into
!atanla to vlow the spectaele. Late
eports from Nlcolosl to-nlght say that
ho lava current ls moving at tho rato
f about 100 foot an hour, and that lt
as passed over Mount San Leo. Tho
arthshocks contlnue.
lount Hope Vlllnge> Completcly Dc
vnMtnted?People Housed In Tcuts.
Charleston, W. Va., Maroh 21.?Wlth
ractlcally every home ln the pros
orous ' mountaln villago of Mount
lopb wlped frojn the earth, by a flro
'hlch swept that place to-day, nt least
,000' porsons rondored homeless are
)-nlght sleeplng on the commons.
Conditlons whloh followed the con
agratlon that dovastatod tha p!o-*>
trosque llttlo town, to-nlght aro
itich worso than early reports to-day
Upon the arrlval at Mount Hopo at
ie speclal train to-night,. boarlng tho
atlonal Guard, tents were dlstrlbuted,
nd an effort ls belng mado to houso
s many as posslble of the homeless.
[any of the families lost all of thelr
ousehold effects, and thera ls great
nll. Vletlm
of i.iiHtM Flred by Clty
Batesbttrg, S, C? Mai-'o'lt .ii.?Cllnton
hodon, a morchaiit ot this place, waa
iot and Instantly, kllloit on the lirln
pnl street horo to-nlght by W, tl.
lenn, clty electrlclati. Glenn tlred
ireo hulloits Unto Rh6doa'_. body.
hero had beon, bad f.iuling hetwoen
io two mon for some tlme. Glenn,
ho olalihs solf-d&fense, surronderotl,
;id waa locked up,
It May Be Barringer's;
ItMay Be An-;
Hearing Begins To-Day a?
Biacksburg, with Long List
of Charges Against Insti
tute's Head?Both Sides
in Readiness for riard
niackuhurg, Vn, March 21.?On tlta
eve pt perhaps the only Instance la
Ihe hlstory o* hlgher educational In
?tltutlons ln Amcrlcn when a com?
mittee of (he nlutntil imn prosecutctZ
.?harges agalnst thc prealdeut ot ix
urcat college, one fact stands out
?learly nnd pronilncntly in thc mind*
tt thc opposing forces nnd must nut
ie disregarded lu thc interest of pre
icrvlng n balance. Jt. I. that uot Dr.
llHrrluKct'i. character, but his charau.
tcrlstlcs nn the hend of a school; uut
ils honesty, but hls tactj not hls ln
Icgrlty, but hls executlve abillty, wlll
ie on trtnl before (he Board at Vlst
:ora of the Virginia Poljtcclinlc IuntL
:u(e (o-niorrovr.
If questlons of untriithfulness aro
?alsctl, (hey wlll be atlrlbntcd to uioral
ncapaclty, not to moral perver_.lt y.
ro thc investigator It quickly becomes
ipparent that bcyond and below thc
luestiona ns to the kind of. jnkes tlie
iresldent tells, or how many dinhca
lie average student breaks In nu
ivcrnge year in gentle recreatlon lu
he ine.i. hall, or how much offlelnl
totlcc the professors received hefore
hclr nc<*k . met tlie gulllotlue, strettli
inplumbed depth*.
Somebody'a Head Mua. Fall.
He who asks questlons will within
3n minutes flnd the flood of past years
f facts and fancles. polltlcs and per
onalltles engulflng hlm. He wlll
rown wlthin twenty minutes unless
o gets back to tho surface and staya
here. For not only the president, but.
o a large extent, the board Itself is on>
rlal. And, speaklng of decapitatlons,
io matter what the verdict may be In
o-morrow's- trial, somebody.'a head will
.all into the basket It iriay hot bo
lils-w-eck or thla session: lt may bo
.he head or it may bet another. -
Everybody to-nlght ls ready for tho
fray. On the one side ia tho welfare,
?ommlttee of the Alumni Association.
leaded by Lawrenco Priddy, with
?ipeaker Byrd as its counsel, paylng Its
wn expenses and spendlng llberally tho
Irao of lts members, under a convlc
lon that all ls not well wlth almai
aater and that the presldent Is respon
Dr. Barringer, wlth Danlel Harman
3 hls attorney, Is flghting for his pro- -
esslonal exlstenco, declarlng some
f tho charges trlvlat, tiatiy denying
thers jind explainlng such mistakes as
o admits have occurred.
More Charges Flled.
To the already long list of speciti
itlons were added to-day several
.hers. Notlce was served on tho
?esident, and they became intense in
io indletment. One of .those is that
r. Barringer has permitted an In
ructor, who lately has beon trled
id convicted of a vlolatlon of tlio
yrd law, ln glving llquor to students,
i retaln his posltlon in the college.
nother is that ue has allowed scurrl
uis and scandalous artlcles to' ba
?lnted ln tho college paper, "Tho Vlr?
inia Tcch," whoso effect ls "to bring
ie administration of law as adhiin
tered by the ofllclals of the town oC
lacksburg Into dlsrepute."
A sentence ln one of the artlcles ro
rrcd to, all of wjiich are supposed
i bo consored by college authorltles
sforo belng publlshed, talks of how
he majesty of the law may be made
travesty and a shame when ttdminis
red by thoso who havo no personal
?Ide or decency."
Addltional accusatlons are promlscd.
ne refers to tnterforenco liyDr,, Bar
nger in the method of constructlon
' a cold storage plant. at a cost of
,_!00. wlth the result that it is prac
-.aily valucless. It ls further sald
at the oflicial ln chargo of tho mess
ilV put ln a clalnv of-51,02-1 in one.
sslon of elght- months and twonty*
iys for breakago, and made the stii
ints pay lt out of thelr cohtlngent
nds. Thls Is estlmated to mean that,
iout 100 dishes a day wero broken,
hlch ls belleved to be an impossible
Ing, unless the boys played football
. overy nieal/ln maklng a forward
iss for food.
Both Sides Sllent,
Nelther slde has any statement-to.:
ake to-nlght. Presldent Barringer
mply says that he wlll say all that
3 1ms to toll ln the collego chapel to
orrow. Mr. Prtddy declarod that tho
umni should novor have been forcod ?
to the flght, but lt' ls ln lt to the
ilsh.^and that he had rather say noth
g untll the board acts.
Mayor Frith, tho town'3 chlef exoc
Ive ofllcer, ls aldlng Mr. Byrd in tho
osecutlon. But fow of tlio towns
ople are takln? sldes, most of thom
Ing non-cdnimtttal.
Strlngs of aftidavlts are ln the hands :
the attorneys. and wlll be presentect ?'?
evldenco. There are cltizens, it ls
derstood, who are willing to go on
e stand and tell what thoy know or
Ilevo. Undor theso clrcu'mstancoa,'
th probablo cross-oxamlnatlons and i
jal arguments, thero is no telllnsr ?
w much tlmo the investigatlon willffi
nsumo. Membors of the board want
get through to-morrow nlght lf
sMble. ,
Summlng up the sltuation, one ls
nfronted bv the fact that the board
vlsitors, composed of the samo meni
rs wlth, to a large extent, similar
arges beforo tt, declded for tbe
osident a few months ago. On tho
ier hand, there are numeroug ad
tonai allegatlons, and lt ls largelv
on tha strength of a long series o(
eged faulty judgments and demon
?attons of fundamental unrttviess
it the prosecutors hope to convinca .*'
3 powers that bo of the peoessity fo.r '
change in . tho ntanagomnnt ot Vtr
ila's groat technlcal school,'
I.IIIU Ciotes to Cnllfornls.
Vlhuciuorquo, N. M.. March 21.?Jer_>
Llllls, tho Kansas Clty ban!*;cr. who .
3 slashed with a knife by "Jack*'
dahy a fow weeks ago In Kansas
y, \yhen the latter dlscovorert 14111*
the Cudahy home, wont througfr
huquerquo vo-day on h|a w?y to
Hfornta. ???>*'??-"

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