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Mammy, the Cook, says:---"Bromm's Bread is sure
good. It's got me beat, and I is some bread maker."
Tk Cook Cannot Make Good Bread all the Time-Bromm Can and Does
Ask for Bromm's Bread?Insist
Bromm's Bread appeals to discriminating taste?the bread
baker at home. It has the good points of the "home-made" with
a few distinctly its own?and it's much easier to say BROMM'S
than it is to stand, over a hot stove.
An "Old Fashioned" Bread
We have not just installed some new-fangled, nickel-plated
mechanical experiment, warrented to turn out amazing quanti
ties of a low quality product at cut prices. What we do profess
is to majke BROMM'S Bread?clean, wholesome and home-like?
in the good "old-fashioned" way.
W% 9 ? W% ? Tk I
Bromms ts a Brain Bread
No need to eat an unsatisfying bread three times a day when
you can get home-made Bromm's Bread, so good that you'll want
it all the time?a Bread that is good all the time. Try us a month.
Ask your grocer for BBX>MM'S BREAD. .
Monroe 1685
?^Pi A Daily Delight?Bromm's Bread *w
Monroe 87S
Raleigh Social News
LSpeclul to The Times-DIspatch.]
Ralcigh. N. C, March ue.?Invlta?
tlons are lssued by tho Misses Mon
cure for a receptlon to bo glven on
"WcdneFday afternoon, March 30, iu
honor ot Mlss Irene Suaycr, of Harrls
burg. Va.. who is hero the guest of
tlr* Mls.es Moncure.
Mlss Kiizabeth Briggs has issued in?
vltatlon- to a. tea to be glven Satur?
day of next week by her ln honor of
?Mrs. Willis G. Briggs, who was Miss
Bandcrlln, of Washlngton, D. c. and
?who Is now the charming brlde of
Postmaster W. G. Briggs, of Raleigh,
The "Culmlnatlon of Drama in
Kbakespeare" was the iht-mo of an
especialiy enllghtenlng p.iper by Mrs.
F. L. Stcvens, Thursday atternoon be
?fore the Woman's C'lub, ot Xtalelgrh.
There was also a dellghtful Interpre
tatlon of "Merry M'ives of Wlndsor"
'? by tho elocutlon class ot Muredlt!) Col?
lege. Thc- meeting was under the
ausplces of the literary departmont of
. the club, Ml__ F.liza Pool being chair
Iman; Mrs. M. B. Sherwood, Miss S.
}E. Young. Mlss Mattie Balloy and Mlss
?Caro Gray are assoelatcd with her in
/.the work of the department.
Mrg. J. S. Wynne waa hostese Sat
King of Etfernal Preparations, will do all that: is claimcd for it. Druggists say
so. It is absolutely certain that if our claims wcr. not well foundcd tlie popu
larity of GOWAN'S would not im:r_4sc in the'astounding proportion tliat it
does. From everywherc comes most
eaco-iwg-ng letters; sales are multi
plying, and while your money will be
refunded cheerfully if our Preparation
fajJs to.do -what wc claim for it, it is a
eingular thingtthat instead of wanting'
their money back patrons want more
of thc great Entemal Preparation. Ask for it and buy TO-DAY. Have it* in
thc home. Vou do not know what will happen to-night. Take no substltute;
your druggist keeps it, and there is nothing made "just as good.1' Dcniand
Couan's?-use Gowan's, and you will get results.-?Three Sl?s; $1.00, 50c, 35c
H_y_ i_cotpm.nd_d Gowan'a Prep-.ni
cS? for ^?r5 T!*r*-?*** Con?_?t?d Lungt.
Still neckt, Spralni, awi any Sorenew or
Inlla-nmatory conditlon, aod have nevc
t>een ditappoimrfj ln n?ult?,
? A. TORRENCE 8. CO., Drugglata.
Plttsburg, Pa.
urday afternoon for a delightful tea
ln honor of Mrs. John Harden and
Mlss Aunspaugh. Tho apartmentB of
the Wynne home w'ero prettlly decor?
ated ln yellow jonquils. Thore was
a service oC dalnty refreshmcn.s, the
punph belng served by Mlss Julia
Mrs. XV. XX. Crawford was hostess
this week for tlio Tuesday Afternoon
Club, the meetlng belng ono of tho
most enjoyable ot thc season.
Mr.. M. T. Jordan ls in Goidsboro
for a few days with her mother. Mrs.
A. L. Sasser.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cox spent sev.
eraj days ln Richmond this week with
General anrt Mrs. W. R, Cox.
W.lth tho womon of tho reception
coiiunltteo costumed to rcpresetu some
well known books. and wlth special
features of entertalnment that proved
most enjoyable for every one, the par
lors of Peace Institute were thrown
open to tho frlends of tho Instltutlon
Thursday evenlng for a book rceop
tlon, that proved highly enjoyable.
TJiere were 100 or more callera dur?
ing tho ovenlng, and each guest
brought a douation for the llbrary.
of thls school.
Tho Fortnlghtly Revlew Club met
thla wcok wlth Dr. Dolia Dixon Car?
roll, the special toplc belnjr "Two ln
terpretatlons ot tho Negro." Thero
was an interestlng paper by Mrs. J.
R. Young, ln whlch she treated de
llghtfully "The Old Plantatlon Negro'"
as depicted in the Joel Chandler Har?
ris wrltlrigs. Then there was a paper
by Mrs. Kennedy, on "Tho Manor
House Negro," aa portrayed in the
writlngs of Thomas Nelson Page, Dr.
Dlxon-Carroll accordcd delightful hos?
Mr. and Mrs. Henry MlHcr had as
guests soveral days tho past *nec-k, Mr.
and Mrs. Walker Taylor, of Los
Angales, Cal.
Wednesclay afternoon Mrs. R. T.
Gray was hostess for the Olla Podrldft
Book Club, tho rncclng belng most
onjoy.ablo. Thero was a review of
current literature by Mrs. J. N. Hold
ing, a reuding from Ruth McKncrj
Stewart, by Mlss E1U.& Pool; a paper
on Helen Llunt Jackson, by Mrn. II.
IC. LltcHford, and tho reading of a
Hl.etch front Howard Wlicoden, tlm
latter being read by Mrs. J. J.
Ml-s EUzaboth Moore, of .Vln.ton
Salem, president of tho North Caro
llrra Womun'H Cjirlatian Temperance
union, spent the woek ln Ralelgh, tho
eueet of Mrs. tr. N. .Valtors, and de?
llvered several tomperaj.ce talks and
addresses at varlous meetings. Thurs
day aftcroooo thero was aa Informal
receptlon by Mra. WoHers ln. her
_ Mlss Kate Cheshlre, of Tarboro, ls
ln tho clty,\a guest in tho homo of
UiJ'hop jamcA Blount Cheshlre.
Mrs. R. D. W. Connor has aH her
guest Mlss Mamle Dwire, o? Winston
Mra. M- 0. Sherrlll has ns her guest
thls week Mra. A. ? A. fcihuford, of
Hlckory. Mrs. Shuford Ime a daughter
Irt i_i. Mary s School horo.
Qulte a large und faahlonablo audl?
ence aKsambled tn Raney Hall Thurs
day eveiilng for a recltal by Mlss
Dumals, of tho faculty ot Peace In
btltute. The program was both dim
cult and. delightful. having a raro com
P'P'HIon of muslcal charm for the un
initlaU-U and' Iriterostlugr technlaue
for the eultured n.uslclan,
Pinehurst Social News.
MSpeelal lo Tho Tlm.--Dliipateli.]
Pln.litiryt, N. <:., Maivh _..?Ho.Iallv
tlie wi't-1. has been u l.usy unt*, i.v.n
Ings pf _rij.iyii.out roumllng nut utr
lect UayH spent in tlio open, wlth ln
terost contrcfl ln tht, annuul Tlu Whlntlo
fail, ti fancy dress party. Ki.lendldly
carrled out, oven to the minutoiit dotall.
the affair proved one of tho inont
| brllHant ot the tontf iiorles. tlio muslo
n il a U^tW-^^Ufla, t*9-9r?-.?piS-0.-ja_ *.
by offectlve floral decoratlons and 41ie
club emblem.
Prizes were awarded for tho elght
best costumes in varlous classes.- by
a committee, includlng Mrs. Frank
Fresbrey, of New York; Mrs. J. F.
Smlth. of Wilmington; Mrs. L. E.
BeaU, of Uniontown; Mrs, J. P. Gard?
ner. of Chicago, and Mrs. F. N. Scwall.
of Kansas City, to Miss Frances Ham?
mond, of Boston, as a Gothio Queen;
Mrs. Leonurd Tufts, of Boston, as a
Suffragette; Mrs. F. A. Klng, of North
boro, Mass., as a Swlss Peasant;. M?ss
Harrlet Horton, of Wllllarasport, as a
Dutch Malden; A. W. Nevens, of
Mlnneapoll s, as an Arab Chlef; Spencer
Waters, of New York, as a Dutch
Boy; Xj. D. Plerco, of Uoeheeter, Vt., as
the Klng of Clubs, and Hl S. Stearns,
Jr.. of New York, as a Chef. Sneclal
prizes wero awarded to Miss Ruby
Sewall, of Kansas Clty, as An Old
Fashloned Glrl, .and Miss Prlscilla
Beall, ot Uniontown as a Gypsy, and
Jionorable inention to I.eonard Tufts,
or Boston, au a Natlvo Type: F. A.
Klng, of Northboro, as a Minstrel;
Gardner Hammond. of Boston, as a
Farmer; Mrs. J. R. . Shoaff, of New
lork, as Japanese; Miss Lady Fuller,
?.f. ?Ne_2. >'orlt. us a Fronch Maid, and
Mlss Clalre Ronwick, ot New York, as
a Yarna Vama Glrl.
Other affalrs Included a throo-act'
p ay. "Beeky's Troublos in tho Doll
bhon," glven by the chlldren at the
Holjy Inn, under the dlrectlon of Mlss
Margaret Johnson, of Sprlngfleld. O.,
and a progresslvo brldgo party at tbo
Tho second of the oquestrlan
Rvmkh _naa whh enjoyed hy the ontlre*
vlllage, tho progra.ni replote with
povolty. The hlt of tho aflernoon was
Tho Master Curo for
_hY_!?.?_ ?P?*l**U*?<**" ??*??<? tawira itooiWaiM
___.__ST.<?'4 f11**1101**** fw-intp-tmUd auA ?*
f?W{}<>Mim*tton, A ?.->... nj>?_i!jr?iia ??_..
wii29L*JSr?fi* ,J??'VWMt.Vlmq*VTU.<xim
hj? "Ui?*^i l'?womi *?i*uri_vtt_Ji mi _-___?_*.
the brand-new "overall and bonnet"
race, in which the contestants rode.
to a given point, dismountod, donncd
overalls and sunbonnets, mounted and
returned to tho startlng point, dls
mounted. put overalls and bonnets on
thelr horses and recrossetjl the rlng.
A, XV. Nevons, of Minneapolls, was the
first to accompllsh tho somewhat dlffl
?cult feat; J. D. Voorhees, of Camden,
second. Tho relay raco was glven Jn
new form, four men riding to three
unsaddlod horses, unsaddling, saddlln _*
romountlng and threo riding to two
mioro horses, the ilrst two to saddle
tbein (Mr. Nevena and Mr. VoorheesTi
raclng to the taps, and finishing- in the
owlor given. Anothor no_velty was the
clgaretto race, riddon ln couples, the
young women merely belng called
upon to llght the clgarettes the young
men carrlod, won by 1-1. II. Klrk
patrlck, of Phlladelphla, and Miss
Ruby Sewall. of Kausas Clty; Miss
Carolyn Fuller. ot Now York, won the
potato raco for womon, and Mr.
Nevons, the men's event. In the lanco
and rlng contest, Mr. Voorhees, Mr.
Klrkpatrlck and Mrs. Leonard Tufts.
of Boston. tlod twlce, Mr. Voorheea
winning tho thlrd. tost.
Other contestants v.ero Mrs. A. C.
Grlffith. of Tenafly; Miss ConncRy, of'
New York; Mlss llavrlut Belden, of
?Lltchneld: Miss Graydon, ot Clncinnatl,
and li, XV. Hornblower, ot South
Orange, and CharlesFerlck. of.?Bal?
tlmore. and Master Grlffith. of Tenafly.
Many moonllght rldes and suppors
havo been enjoyed and a blg crowd
turned out for the weekly basfeball
game, which tho Carollna team won tn
t i..e oloventh Innlng. , ,;, ? ; -v
Mra. XV. Ben Palmer and Miss Mon?
tague, of Rlohmond, are aponding sev?
eral weeka here,
Appomattox Social News..
[Kpeoial to The Tlmes-Dlspateh.]
Apporflattox, Va? Mareh 26.*?Jerry
Burke, of thla place, left .thls week
to dcoept a posltlon wlth the NortolK
and Western Railroad ' Company. at
Petorsburg. Mr. Burke waa a student
ot tho Agrlcultural High School here.
Mlis Katlo Woolrldee. who has been
ln Richmond for tji'o past slx months,
has roturned home.
Rogors Shop School cloaed thls.week
With fltting exerclses,
Mrs. J. R. Atwood aud two daugh?
ters, Mlsses kynolie. and Jacquolyne,
Himnt sovoral days wlth frlends and
rolatlvos In I.yiiol.burg' thJs week,
Mlsa Nltu* Jdnea and Master Kendall,
Hunetui* aro i-ecovorlnir alowly l*rQt?
an attack of searlet fever. ? ?
Mrs. C. 33. lloltzolaw, who has,been
aflaltljj?-li.ei;,.dfti?lit_ft .?^?tWs.-fcU.Q.
has returned to her home in Warren?
ton, Va.
The Appomatto*. Chapter, unlted
Daughters of the Confederacy, wlll be
stow crosses of hiinor to the Con?
federate veterans ou Aprll 0, wlth ap
propriate exercises.
Ashland Social News.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dispatch.]
Ashland, Va., Msrch _B.?Mlss Mar
Jorie Chlsolm left Wednesday for her
home ln Blrmlngharn, Ala., after' a
dellghtful vlslt tc. her 'slster, Mrs.
Bornard Guest.
Misses Mary Oarth, of Charlottes?
vllie, and Annle Laurle Haynes, of
Itlchmond, aro Easter guests of Mlss
Annle Macon Potts.
Fred K. Pross^r,. of V. P. I., ls
spendlng thc holldays withjiis sister,
Mrs. B. Morgan Shepherd. .
Mlss Greyson Hoofnagle, of Ran
clolph-MacQ_i Woman's College, Lynch?
burg. and her friend, Mlsa Thomp?
son. are at the Honry Clay Inn, with
Mr- wd Mrs. James Hoofnaple. for.the
WMr_i. Ivy Foreman Lewls ls vlsltlng
her slster, Mra. Wllliam Dunn, ln Gor?
donsville. . . _ _, ...
John W,- Brownley and C. Keith
Carlln, of Randolph-Macon College,
are spending the holldays ln Norfolk.
Mlss Elllo Wingfield, of Sweet Brlar
Institute, is the guost of Mrs. Bur
rott fiydnor. , , ,
Mlss Ullttn Dally left thls week for
Charleston. S. C. to vlslt friends.
Mlss Ruth D. Whltte, of Martins?
ville. ls the guest of Mlss Martha
Mrs. Davld Watts. of Portsmouth, is
the guest of hor mother. Mrs. E. Q.
JTord. '
Mtfe. Hugh Denoon and Jlttle son,
CharJes, were guests ot relatives herp'
during the past week.
Miss Mamyo Peake, of Washlngton,
js vlsltlng Mlss Edythe Whlte.
W(U|am Donny Sheeff ia spendlng
Easter witli WiUlnm Oast, ln Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martln Jones
have returned from a dellghtful
Scnithern trlp.
T. Burtot) Sneacl and ltolicrt. Winston
vislted frlends hero last Sunday.
' Monjtvale Social News.
Montvalo, Va? UatoK 89,?Professor
j, J. p&vls, ot Petersburg, Stattj ex
4_in_iia^<Vi;-it._v..l--_<.? y>_H9^?H^
Montvale High School on Monday.
. On Tuesday evening the Callibpean
Soclety gave another of Its cnjoyablo
cntertalnments. The program was un
usually full, Including recltatlons,
declamatlon3 and dlscusslons, upon
popular subjects, such as Arctle ex
posttions, llalley's comet and tho new
woman, lnterspersed wlth lnstrumental
muslo from the Montvale Mlnstrels.
Mrs. Ballard, of Bedford, waa a re-'
cent vlsitor at the home of Mrs. Bcttla
Mlss Ellze Otey has returned from
an extended vlslt to relatives ln
Charleston, W. Va.
Mlss Mabel Otey, who has been
teaxhlng at Bunker Hlll, ta at home
spendlng her school vacation.
Mlss Mary Ferrell and Howard Fer?
rell, ot Roanoke, aro at tho bedslde
of thelr father, Mllton Ferrell, who Is
seriously ill.
Mrs. R. D. Ford, who has beon vislt?
ing ln Roanoke, spent Tuesday night
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Prlco, on
her way to I.owry, whero she wlll
be the guest of Mr. and Ford, of that
plaoe, after whlch she will return to
her home at Montvale,
Tho Woman's Club, of .Montvale, will
meet on Frlday afternoon to appolnt
delegates to the State Federation at
Mrs: Cora Hoffman rtead, from*
Stuart Hall, Staunton, Ih expected to
arrivo on Thursday to sponcl the
Easter holldays nt EdRe 11111.
M|_s Nannlo rtleo. who hns been at
Iho hospital at Welsh, W. Va., under
treatment lor soveral wool?a, is ex
pected home to-dny.
If Coffee
Causes your heart to beat rap
,idly on slight cxertlon, bottcr atop,
ond use
"There* s d Reason"
Read "Tho Road to Wellvillt,",
in packages,

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