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Gifts of Queen
[Special to The Tlmcs-Dispateh.l
Cape Charlea, Va,, Marcn -li.?The
exact age of Hungars Eplscopal
Church," altuatfd ou llungars Cravk,
JSb'rtjiamptoVi county, Virginia, is ln
doubt, but a.cofdlng to records H was
one of the Ilrst churchea built on th
Eastern Shore of Virginia, ;.n,l ls mor
than _:.0 years old.
llungars Creek llcs between Church
**?.*k. lta Northern boundary, ana
llungarb Neck, on the South, Tho
...lurch' ls in a grove of plnea, at thc
head of thls creek. Approachlng from
the youth, the county road piisse_ over
a llttlo brldge, whlcj. crosses one fork.
and from whlcli. tho little vlllage of
Bridgetovn ("nt.which courts were
hela iu early ycars") takes lts namo.
About 1750 "Hichard AUep ,co'hveye 1
to John iiaggoiiutii und hls famlly .all
his Interest in. and to u pew whleh
e (the said Allen) had bullt In Uuit*
ars Church." ln 1.76? Thomas Preo*
ou. in hls wlll, speuka of "tlie new
hurch on lliingara Creek," for whleh
lie, had deeded to .the church wardens
an acre ?f ground. and, ln return,
hey had deeded to him a pew marked
sfc," p?" la 1751, and ln the deed
IH-XGAItS lOIMNCIir.VI, tiiiaicii.
(signed in ' 1".V_) lt is stated that Ulu
church was a brlcU cliurch. The land
ho conveyed was not that on whloh
the church atandt., hut on the oppo
Blle slde at thc county road, and was,
it is helleved, intended for a burlal
plag*. In 16D6 lhe l'.ev.'Samuel Pai
rn'et* was rector. ln 171- the'ltev. I'at
I riclf, Falconier was mlnister. ilo dled
I in 1718, "and aftor having Kivsti much
? t,u tho poor, he left hls prnperlj* u> Ma
brother Ju.no... ln London, and de.slrod
| thai liis body should l>e burled li_fuc?
tho pulplt in ol.l lluii.SH.-'' Clm.. h."
Thls was done; the tN-xiun't. tv,- for
such lnterinents heintr 1100 pound-j of
ili-nu-lful Intcrlur Furul_Uli>i?..
Prior to tlje Revolutlon, tho Interlor
fu'rnishlngs of Hungara Church wor
very handsome?all of them brougti
from Kngland, and most, W. not all, i>
them gtfjs from Queen Atine. Ala:
only fragments of them now remair
for ln tho antagonlsm to evnrythln
English,; whleh .foll'oweil ihe .Revolt
tlon, the uliuruh?stlll thu "Church (
Kngland," ,und without "pl?i*iqps of ht
own? feill uppn ovll tlmus, and wt
"illhiKed Und iiesocr.i'.cd. wltlinonoab
to protect her.- Jdo.s! of tho elergy lv
ing 'rcugllsh, returned to th.ir p\i
uountry, ' Tlu* deserted churches, Htl
lieloved by tho faithful, could not I
[?projbrye'd from vaiHlallani, undor tl
I namo of patrlotlsm, Tho lar/je pt
organ was takon from the church ai
1 destroyed, Traditlon eaya tho flahe
men ln the nclehborhood used the
fnetal as "slnkcrs" for their nets.
The beautlful lianglng- "were out to
pieces, doors and wlndows suftered. to
fail from thelr hingos, ajid nothing.
left ln' the church whlch ".vas covcted
by any chance Intruder. The silver
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Clioius ln 15 states. I.oterences, He
I.achlon Pkg. Corporatlon, .V"ashlnj.?
ia _-!."_'? Alfl;_11 Svrun Co., Montgomery;
'?MUilcaso I'urtland Cemetit Co, ana o.b
- ? c.a, }.,?-.:.
and the altar llnen?given by Queen 1;
Annc?were,- however, carefully kopt, ?'
and aro stil. ln use. That ls, tho sll- (.
ver is/uscd, and tho altar cloth ls kept j
as a prlceless rellc, for occaslonal .1
use. J
It ls not known at what tlme old
Hungars was put In decent repair, j
and tho servlcos resumed, nor under j
which rector thls was aceomplished; 1
but long before 1840 lt was opened (
fortnightly for mornlng service, alter
natlng wlth Christ Ciuirch, Eastvillo.
Many of the famiiies ln and ncar Easi*
vllle attended both churches regular
ly. Tho members of llungars Churcn,
living ln the upper part ot the parish,
also frequently attondea the other
church, for the parish was a harmoni?
ous! unlt.
Xo Clinnne in Ex.ertor,
Tho exterlor of the church remalns
unchanged, but the Interior nevor re
galned its colonlal splondor, and the
chancel furnlturo and drapcrles are
very slmple and inoxpenslve. Thero
was only ono alsle; the pows wore
large and nearly square. wlth benches
on threo sides. Chlldren sat on tho
front benches, faclng thelr parents.
The pulplt was at the sldo of the
church, ncar a door. ,:
Before 1850 the old church was pro
nouncod unsafe, craclts havlng/ ap?
peared in ono of the gables, and the
walls belng sllshtly out of plumb.
An attempt was made, by means of
iron rods. to/draw the walls back imo
i posltlon, but provlng unsuccessful. the
; craoked gable was pulled down, as
, was also a portlon of each slde wall,
i redue.ing the length by .about one
l third. lt is, however, more than largo
enough for its prosont congregation
Tbe Interior wns alterecT ln varlous
partlculars! two ftisles took the place
of one. thus roduclng tho sUo of the
pews. whlle lncreaslng thelr number,
Tjje pulplt was removed to tha chan?
Tho followlng ls a llst of vestrymen
for llungars Church s}nce "181?: Peter
* JBowdoln, John Ei's*. Na.U*ul?l .wai.i
ind, John Addison, John Goffigon,
ohn Upshur, John Windoe, Llttlelon
Fpshur, George Parlter,' "Wllltu.m Sat
hell, Thomas Satchcll, S. Pltts, Jacob
lottlrjjham, Isaac Smlth, John T. El
lott, J. it. Hn.rman.-On, James Upshlr,
_bcl P. Upshur, W. Danton, Charlos
Vjcst, AV. G. Smith, John Leathorbury,
ievern 13. Parker, John Ker. T. N
tobins, N. J. 'W.ndee. Major Pltts, G.
r. AVUkinH Slmpkins, Flsher. Evans
lell, Adams, Nleholson. Tho Rev. "W.
_. Pendleton is tho present rector.
Christ Eplscopal Church, at East
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3054. .
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l^WT^ freo upon reauest.
Clover Seed,
Mlllct Seed.
Seed 1'ntn .cfc_,
Graia Se**.
Seed Grain,
Coiie Seed,
?Jtc? Etc.
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1817 Enat.Caf^ Streeti
Blcbmoad, Vs.
vtllc, Va., was bullt i*j 1S26, and th_
old silver service for holy comjnunlon,
taken 'from Iiungars Ch'urch, has been
used ln thls church evor slnce. Tha
pieces havo an Inscrlptlon showlng
that they wero tho glft of John "-V
Custls, Esq.. of "Wlllllamsburg, to tha
Lower.Church of Iiungars Parlsh, 1741.
The plato.ls marked;
"Ex dono, Frances Nleholson, Esqr."
No evening services, as far as can
be learned, have., oyor been held; ln
i-rungarjs Church, and no artlflclal.llght
has c./-'r been used lnside tho church.

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