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Hy wnv of prclimlmirv orgnulr.iitlon,
J>i.**-_ ri. i Clti.ii mnn P.j ton, of Ht. Clalr.
i.ini.-'i four a-si.'-t.-int!-. ona (or
r.i- ii ill ?'? . ? nntoi Inl dli trlct, ln the
iW thi i.skl Olli i nnd Bland, C, N.
!?? ? "f v. yt.ir--. ,11.. is the chnlrmoni
for M e hlngl ? -.. Sm) tli nnd Brli toi, the
chalrman i. Alexander Stuart, cf Ab
Jngdon. for I,ce, Scott, Wlsfl shd Dlck
tn.'on, k. Tate i-.'vlnc, ot Blg Stone Onp,
p.nd for Itl'lsSell, Ta.-ewll .di.i BU li
tninn, ,i. p. Boyer, ,,f Tatfewclt.
NObody feels tliat Ihe task ls to b,
?mi easy on . it i- rei ognlsed that tho
strugglo must be tremendous, Enor
liious Inltlal Oddfl are Wlth tbe Repub
Hcans, Bui tbo Democrats or pulaskl
i-.oi Wythe feel that tho flghting chanco
oi Man h i Un be mada to becoma the
Irresistlblc force ol N'pvember.
T'orj. to t hiircli, Itollls Reception nnd
\ttend*. llaiKiccl.
Ca.ro, March 27.?Colonel Theodore
jRoosevqlt and his famlly to-day at?
tended the mornlng Easter servlces at
i...- English church. which wa crowd
t-i wlth .vorshlpers. Later, they ga ? ? ?
n small private luncheon in Shephcard's
"Ucstaurant, nnd ofterwttrd Colonel
Jtoosevolt :'-?? elved, informally, ti tlopu*
tution ,,f Copts and leadlng Egyptlan
Journallsts, Colon I Koospvelt dls*
> issed religious Intolcrancc and other
iion-polltlc-al subjects wlth hls guests,
v hlla tbe.-- w.rc served with cofteo and
ro-nlght Colonol Roosevelt attended
w banquet glven in hls honor bv tlio
Slrdar". Slr Reglnald Wtngatc.
Durlng .. conversatlon between an
t catcd Egyptlan nnd iho correspond?
ent ol thc Assoclated Press to-day, tbe
Kgyptlan declarod that Colonel Roose?
velt Icarned more about the Asslut
L\tnerlcan mlsslon ln two days than
ELord Cromcr had learned in twenty
flve ycars.
This is lyplcal of the. impresslons*
thi Eioptlans hare formed of Colonel
_i toosevell'.- wonderful powor of ab
BorSlng thc details ol all subjects.
ThC director Ot Shephcard's 11<?tol ill
lends t,, place a brass tablei to .mark
the ^pot where Culoncl Roosevelt' stood
in ihe garden ol t,,.- hotel yesterday
nnd shook hand- wlth 700 Am'Crl'" ? ns.
Colonel Roosevelt has invited Prlnce
nnd Prlnce .- Eltel Frcderick, of tior
many, to take tea wlth hlm Tuesday.
in view ,-r tho fact thal Rcvcral ot
ilo* newspapers of the Voung l-.gvnt
party attai ked G< lonol Roosevelt on
account of hla ;.hes at Khartoum,
ln whlcli he emphaslzed thc beneflts
of British rule lu the Soudan. Colonel
.Roosevelt exprosscd tho wish io have
& heart-to-heart talk wlth the natlve
edltors, Thls was arranged for thls
afternoon, and was a plcturosnuo af
falr. Some of the Egyptlans were ln
' ? ume. One dlgnlfled Arab
; ? k, ::. .? and turban, proved es
tn-nieiy volttble in hls native tongue,
Dr. Nlmr. cdltor of thc Mokattan,
rcied as trantlator and spokesman.
Colonel Roosevelt. after Ustonlng at
tentlvely to the remarks <>f the na?
tlves, addressed thc cdltor on tlie pow
??: and the responsibtllty of the press.
find the nocesslty for uslnir It to good
onds. The Interview closed with mu?
tual compllments. tho cdltors tiDpe&r
Ing greatly pleaaed wlth Colonel
g.oo..cvelt'a hearlng.
New Orleans. La.. March 07.?The |
allowlng appOlntments wore an
ounced to-day bv Wllllam K MIcklc.
djutant-genera] and chlef of staff of
? L'niti ?- C infederatc Veterans:
Brigadicr-gener Is and ssslBtn.n'( ad- j
?'.-. Jultan W. whitim.'
nd PrI o WH lams. Jr., of Moblle, Ala.
Colonels and aldes .i.- camp?C C
*'? Itlen, r. ibi ? ? Mlddb I n. D. P, l^<^- '
ir. Ed T Toomer Wil llam u John- .
"... Conally, ]
-.t Nri
? .moral,
rn,l Dr. .1. S. McDonough, of Knox
?t ilie. Tenn., colonel nnd asslstant sur
[Special to The Tlmen-Dispntch. I
Charlottesvllle-, Va.. March 27.?-In
thc interest of educatlon, Presidont K*U
Vtlri A. Alderman, of the Unlverslty of
[Virginia, win leave Wednosjdav nlght
to make addresses beforo educational
bodles at Indlanapolls, Ind., and Llttlo
Tto.k, Ark. He wlll be absent for ten
days. nnd will attend tlie Southfvn
3'ducational Conferonce, which is to be
hold nt. the latter oit.v Aprll ti-S.
On the night of March 31, Dr, Al?
derman wlll speak before Butler Col
Jesre at Indlanapolls, In the Irvlngton
Athenaetini. ile speaks hefore tho
Bouth Indiana State Teachers- Assocla?
tlon nt tbe san!,* place on April 1, nnd
will dellvor tho prlnclpal address at
the Southern Educational i*onfercn.
*t Llttle Rock al it.; important twi
dnys' acssHn: .
Jnini! -ii Has Trnlnem, Not (o instruct
Hlm, nm to Take Orders.
New Vork. March -7.?*A letter from
Jack Johnson, the heavywelght cham?
plon, to a frlend in thls city, give.- his
Ideas of tralning. "1 am not hlrlng
ttriv one to tell me how to traln."
Johnson wroie. "or course 1 wlll have
a large staff uf so-called trainers, but
they will do what I inatmct them to
rio. ln tlie actual prepnration for tho
Jeffrles bout, I wlll follow my own
system. My trainins is all bascd nn
how I feel and perform. lf I could hit
as hard, bc as fast nnd feel as well. I
?would not care whether I weighed a.
ton or 1..0 pounds. But com mon sense
tells me that 19S or L'OO pounds is
onough. to be at my best. 1 do not
expect to welRh an ounce more than
"J f'S when 1 meet Mr. .leffries. lt is
not that I don't need tralning, but 1
don't need trainers."
Wlll Vote for I'OMtmastcr.
Fl.hklll I.andin-r. X. V.. March 27.?
'Although tho posltlon is one ot I'.d
eral appolntnit nt, the cltizens of Flsh
kill Lan'ding are t'oiuR- t,-> %-ote for their
next postmastcr. Representatlve tfish
an.l tho Republiean leaders found ii
tob hard to agreo on a man for the
place, and to avold comnllcations and ;
f.. posslble split among yoter*. declded
to rr-fer tne matter to the voters at
Jiii electlon to be hold on April ... There
?wi re orlginally four candldates for
the. oftke, but two havo withdrawn.
lcavlng two In thc race.
Elaborate Nnval Progrnm.
Pt. Petersburg. March 27.?The news?
papers announce that tho government
is about to Introducc ln the Duniu a
naval program provldlng for an ex
penditure of $375,000,000 during the
rc-.- decade, Thc flrst instalment of
tho program wlll culi for .37.500.000.
Mtf) \\ ?*. .\i|?Plli:CI \TION
Washington, March 27..As an ex
prei slon of iho appi oi lation of the
government of Panama for the ei".i
offlces of the United state. iu obtaln
i-.:- :-!_ apreenini: between Costa Rlon
and Panama ror the settlement of the
boundary dlspute between those coun
trles, Dr. Beii/.aro Porras, of Panama,
to-day tendercd a luncheon to Secre?
tary Knox and other officials of tho
Btate Department.
.\nnrrlilnt Arrented,
Ch.erbourg, March 27.- llarle] Dupln,
l-rho Is alleged to be n dangsrous ,in
rrchlst, was arrested here to-day, when
*mbarklng ou tho steamshlp aeorgo
[Watthlngton for New Vork.
Ot_.y On? "BROKO QU?f__NE,- that ia
J.^axativ? B??2i_!2 Q?-*1^6
Cures a Cold in Ona tlay. Grip in 2 Daya
on every
? i.-.-_ .
. ci,All
Ajrnti for tho U&A
;e.fougera a co, n.y
Keene Looking Toward Scttlc
m'ent Witli Credltors of
Roberts, Wall and Criss.
Wall Strect Would Bc Glad to
Hear Last nf Hocking
in abrupt con
Hall & Crlss
days ngo, nt
if Infltttutlng
ISpcclal to Thc Tlmes-Dispatch, i
New Vorlt, .Mnn-h _!7.?Wall Street
has heard _ report thai negotlations
had been opened in behalf of Jamea H.
ICcene looklng to a HCttlemcnt of thu
claims of the credltors of Hoberts, Hall
,V CrlSH, one of thc Arms which wciu
down to falluro in tlio collapae of the
Columbus and Hocking Coal and - Irmi
pool, of whlch Mr. Keene was the
manager. lf thls bo true, Mr. Keene
would brobably liave to settle with
tlu credltors of j. M. Fiskc & Com?
pany and Lathrop, Haskins & Compunv
.ii.-o. The three firms falled, witn
losses aggregatlng ? 1,000,000.
That soine such arrangement is un
.;? : dlscusslon is borne out by Intlma
lions that tho bankj-uptcy proceedings
before I'nlled Statos Commlssioner
Aiexander may como tu
Credltors ot Roberts,
hold a meeting a few
?_ i li b thore wus talk _.
lawsuita against Mr. Keene. looking to
settloment of their claims. Neither'
Air. Kecn nor his legal advlsers are
t'alklng about tho matter.
Sick aud Tlred.
Keeno is sick and tlred ot" the whole
matter. The governors of the stock
liangc would be only too glad lf
some arrangement could be reachod
whereby tho Hocking scandal could be
eiiaeed from tlie public mlnd, whlle the
credltors wouhi welconv any propo
eitlon looking to a satisfaction or
thelr claims,
Porley Morao, president of tho Stand?
ard Ainiit Company, certitled public
? accountants, turned ovor to Lawyer
"Wolf to-day hls flrm'S transcrlpts of
aml deductlon from tlie transactlons
of tlie 160 brokers who dealt In Hock?
ing stock during tlie exlstcnce of the
pool. lt covers hundrcds of pages.
Every transactlon, together wlth the
prollts of many cf thc brokers, ls care
rully noted.
During tlio last few days there has
been a serles of conferencos at the
oitlco of Henry li. Hotchklss, recelver
foi Lathrop, Haskins & Company,
looking to a plan for tlic reorganlza
tion of tho HOcking Coal and Iron
Powerl'ul "Wall Strect Interests nre
suul to bo lnterested In thc confer
ences. Morgan interests aro reported
to have made a bld for the property
at $15 a share somo tlmo ago, but
that offer was refused by those In
control ot' tlie property.
AtlmltM Conference*.
Henry 1). Hotchklss, recelver for La?
throp, Haskins & Co., whoso partner.
Wllliam A. Barbdr, is recelver for thc
Columbus and Hocking Coal and Jron
Company, in discusslng tho matter to
day, t-aid it wa.s truo *here bad been
conferencos looklng to u reorganlza
tionof tlio Hocking Company. "Wheth?
er J. P. Morgan & Co.. or thc .Stand?
ard Oll Company is renrcsented in
theso conferences, 1 ;lo not know. fc
tho gentlomen partlclpating have not
dtvulged tho names of thelr nrinclnals.
nor havo they dlsclosed tho interests
for whom they appeared. Hocklne
seems to have some Inberent valuo, nnd
undor proper rcorganlzatlon could
probably be madc a valuablo property.
Hiiim' - Thlof - liiiiii-.-r - Jall - llrcnker
lCludcM All l'iiiMii-1-.
Znnesvllle, O., March -7.?Thc second
wgek of the man-hunt ovora half dozen
?i/.lo counties for Robert Green, ox
banker, Jall-breakor and horse-thlef,
Opened to-day with tlio shorlff's posse
as much at .--eti as ever in regard to
their quarry's whoreabouts.
After having traced Green through
Coshocton county, tlio pursuors havo
turned north again, belleving the fugi
tivo iias dOllbled ou his tracks nnd Is
now beading for Cleveland.
Throughout ihe whole chase, al
11 lugli alded by automobllcs, horsesj
bloodhounds and tlie whole rcsouru
..l tb. state's legal machinery, ihe offl
? l Of tlio law hnvo been eomplotoly
baflled by Greert, who has stolen and
rlddi n to exhnustlon three horses in
his (llght.
ho sfesjTto'p RISON ERS
Sbopglrl Glvo* I.lnner to Inmntca of
t * _ i. :!_.-.:? Jall.
Chicago. III, March 21.?Julla Glca
Fon, a shopgiri, earnlng ?i. n week,
served an Eastor dlnner to sixty prls?
oners at tlio Harrison Strect Pollco
station, paying for ihe food out of hor
savings. Mlss Gleason regularly sets
usido B0 cehts a week for such work,
and she has become known among
ivomen prlsonors in Chicago us the
"Angel ol thc station House."
Por two woeks Miss Gleason, helped
by Mlss Helen Anderson, another work?
lng girl, Imd worked after ollice liours
prcpariiig thp detalls uf tho dlnner,
A dozen pollcemen wero placed at her
i i-1m..-;ii whon tho dlnner wns ready.
Aftor the dlnner Mlss Gleason madc'a
speech to tho prlsoners, admonlshing
them to avold evll ways,
Bellevcs lllnck wlll Win.
Bakersfleld, Cal., March 27.-- Tex
Ricknrd, ono of tho promotora of tho
.leffrles-Johnson tight, tbinks tho black
v. iii win lf ho takes caro. of hltpself
i."in now on.
Rtckard uaid lhe advance roaorva
tiur. of aeats already had reachod
(100.000, Tho promotor ls in favor'of
two icftrees.
Due <tt ('upon To-I*)ay,
NprfOlk, Va., March _7.?Accordlng
iu a wlrelesa tnesaga reoelved here
to-day, tho Atlantic Roet, now bound
up ihe coast for llamiilon Itonds, will
arrlve orf the capes to-morrow aftor?
noon, but wlll probably Ilo outslde for
a whlle.
Insurgent Spirit Disttirbs Jlar-j
niony and Quict of D.
A. R. Ranks.
Miss Gcrald's Discliarge May
Lead to Scrious Split
in Orcfanization.
ISpcclal to Tbe Tlmes-1 -ispatoh. 1
Now York. March 27.?The Daughter..
of tho Amorlcan Revolutlon aro llnlng
up for tho bltterest fight of their llves.
Tho Insurgent splrlt has entercd into
the sacred precllicta ot' the nntlonnl
headfiltarters ot the soclety?Memorlnl
Hall, at Washington?and Madam, tho
recording serretnry-general, Mary R.
Wllcox, is leadlng a bltter llght upon
Madam, the presidenl-genoral, .Tulla T.
Scott, and Madam, the reglstrar-geri'eral,
A. G. Draper,
M,u-y R. WIIcox does not niince mat?
ters. In an open letter to the heads of
tln- varlous chapters throughout tho
country, sho declares tbat Mrs. Urnper
ls proparlng to selze tho organ izn tion,
imd the presldcnt-gener.ll hns clerks and
Oflicers not pleasing her (Mrs. Drnpor)
summarily discharged or forced to re
The Insurgents havo taken tholr
stand upon tho dlsmlssal by Mrs. Scott
of Mlss Agnes Gerald, a clerk ln the
employ of tho National Socloty, who
wns appolnted In Apill, 1909. Mrs.
Scott. In her letter of dlsmlssal, alleged
"continuod nnd perststont acts ot insub
ordlnntlon ns nn eni|iloye."
Recording Seci'otary-Gcncrnl Wlloox
hns taken the stnnd that Mlss Gerald
was dlstnlssed hccniis _ Mrs. Drnpor had
troublo wlth the glrl's mother at the
tlmo of the last election.
llnll Iw Opened.
The ball wns opened on February 2 .,
when tlie piosldent-genernl informcd
Miss Gerald that she had beon dls
inlssed, and at thc same time dlreotcd
her not to report to headquarters again.
Mlss Gerald placed the matter in the
hands of her attortuy. U C. WUllamson.
who ln a letter Informcd Mrs. Scott
that as the young woman could only
be dismisfed by the bonrd whlch had
appolnted her, ho had advlsed the
young woman to contlnue her dutles.
To thls communlcation Mrs. Scott
mado no reply. but on Mnrch 21 she
sent a noto to Mary R. Wllcox, in
whoso department Mlss Gerald was
empioyed, Informing the recording
s .cretary-goneral that Mlss Gerald was
no longer an employo of the socloty.
Mrs. Wilcox at once took up the llght.
for tho clerk ln the followlng plain
?Madam Prcsident-General.?I have
to acknowledge receipt of your note of
this morning offlcially notlfylng inc
tliat Misa Gerald 'no longer belongs to
tho clerlcal force of tho soclety and ls
no longer on lts pay roll."
"Holdlng that another's character.
as -well as her bread and living, is
above whatever ofllclal courtesy may
be duo between you and me, I have
I to respectfully lnform you that I do
not recognize your authority to dls
[nilss Mlss Gerald, sho hnvlng been ap?
polnted by the national board of man?
agement, nnd, therefore, Wlll contlnue
hor servlccs In my department, whero
thoy aro noodod, untll she shall havo
been dlsmlssod by the said national
board of management of the Contlnen
tal Congress.
"Beforo closing thls noto. permit me,
ln the name of common humanlty, to
appeal to your mothei hood and ask
you to reconsider and recall your ac?
tion, whlch wlll ho duly nppreeiated,
not only by the clerk In nucstlon, but
by very many members of the organ
ization. Vory respectfully.
'Ttoo. Soo.-Gon., N. S. D. A. Tl."
Itcturns to tlu- Cltarge.
No reply was made to thls letter, and
on March 19 Mrs. Wllcox returned to
the charge with nn open letter to the
hoad-? of the varlous chapters through?
out the country, from whlch extracts
"My near Madam,?Referrlng to the
recent. action against Agncs Gerald, an
employo of the National Soclety, Daugh?
ters of the Amorlcan Revolutlon, per?
mit me to call your attention to tho
vlolatlon (1) of the letter and spirit of
the Declaration of Indcpendence; (2)
of tho Constltutlon of the Unlted States
(Article VI.. Section 2) und by-laws
(Artlcles HI. and XVI.) of thc National
Soclety, Daughters of tho American
Revolutlon, and (4) of the dlvlno law
(appearlng In chapter vil. of Zecharlah,
vorso 10: 'And opprcss not tlio wldow
nor thn fatherlesa, the stranger nor
the poor; and let none of you imaglne
evll against hls brother in your hearts')
and to the followlng fact3:
"1. That as the appolntlng power is al?
ways the dismisslng power, and as Miss
Gerald wa.s appolnted ln April, 1009. to
thc permanent pay roll by the national
board of management, on recommenda?
tlon of Mrs. Donald McLean, formor
presldent-gencral, the opinlon Is held;
that only to tho national board of man?
agement of iho congress belongs the:
right to dlsmlss. Therefore thc act of
tho presldent-goneral, Mrs. Matthow T,
Scott, ln attemptlng to dlsmlss Mlss
Gerald was lllegnl. and It allowed to
stand would cstablish h most dangerous
"2. That the alleged Insubordlnation
was not to the president-'gencral, but
tp Mrs. Amos G. Draper, a clerk on the
pay roll of the soclety; thnt thls uct
is tho culminatlon of troublo between
Mrs. Draper and Mrs. Gerald, mother
of the clork, whlch nroso at the tlme
of tho election of the former as rogls
"II. That a relentless persecutlon has
heou waged against this young glrl
ever slnce Iho closo of the congress of
inoii by thrco mombors of the Dlstrlct
Daughters of the Amcrlcnn Revolutlon.
lt Is clear In tbo minds of tho Daugh?
ters in Washlngton that the ll legal
action of the presidoiit-general was
promptod by Mrs. Draper, nnd If al?
lowed to stand wlll only be tho begin
ning, to bo followed by other acts
whlch wlll practically dlsmlss every
one not ngreeahlo to tho latter Indi?
vidual. To Intlmldate thc clerks or
provoko them to so-called Insubordi?
nation, followed by dlsmlssal; to annoy
tho offlcers untll they are forced to ro
slgu. seems to bo lier well-plunned
scheme, Along these llnos sho ls pro?
parlng to get control of tho organiza
"1 havo tho honor to remaln,
I'll.l-S Cl?__.__. IX ll TO J-? DAYS.
i'A'/.O OINTMENT Is gunrantotd to
eiira any case of Itching, Blind, lileed
lng or I'rot.rudlng Piles In fl to 14 days
or money refunded. 50c.
The Name Stands
For the Highest
Degree of Perfection
in design, materials, finish, tone,
quality and adaptability to the
needs of the amateur or the ar?
tist, LEADS any other self -play
ing piano device by whatever
name it may be known.
Call and see the Inner-Player.
pretty pliT
(Contlnued From Flrst page.)
ho holds ofllce, to prcside and dlspatch
the buslnesg of thc House."
Thls makes an Interestlng sltuatlon
on the Domocratlc slrlo of tho House.
"A rommittee on committees" would
make fl good campaign slngan in the
West, but, if the Democrats wln. the
Speaker would be tintlilng moro than a
prosldlng otllccr. That the majority of
the mlnorlty would not have. The name
old questlon of the bull that la gored
bobs up. U. E. C. B.
li).: 17,400 Required for tlie Ennter Hol
lilny.i?>I?nt Prtccn Lower,
Chlcago. March 27,?Forty million
two hundred and seventeen thousand
and four hundred eggs. Thls Is the
number of eggs required b.v C'nlcago
in obscrvlng the Easter hollday.
The supply was twlcc as large as tt
w as 11 week ago ,and nearly 5,000,000
cgss in excess of tho arrlvals for the
.arno week ln 1909, but prlces held
nt 1-2 cent a dor.en lower than laot
week and 1 cent hlgher than a year
Changes ln meat prices were con
linrd to a drop ot" 1-^ cent a pound in
chlckens and a reduction of Z cents
ii pound ln tlie wholesale prlce of llve
turkeys. These reducttons were at
trlbuted to the fact that poultry
values have been h.-bl at such a lofty
level tliat the demand >has fallen off
lo Insignlfieant proportlons, compell
ing commlsslon men to mako conces
sions In order to dlspose ot their
Washington. D. C, March 27.?Ex
JOrted farm products of the United
States are steadily rlslng ln value.
-vlille in many cases tho exports of
nanufacturos show a decllm. in tlio
tame comparatlve period. Forelgn
sountrlea were willing to pay hlgher
lrlce.s in every Instance for farm pro
lucts durlng February thls year than
boy were lp February a vear ago. The
JXpOrt prico table Issued by the Bu
?eau of Statlstics of tho Department of
?ommorce and Labor shows a. long llne
?>t lncreaaes, ranging from 30 per cent.
Taken In comparlson wlth thoso flg
.ires whleh aro quoted ln explanatlon
)f the higl)er cost of living. this new
?st table makes lt apparent that ex
lorted food stuffs have advanced
jroad as well as at home.
Sliooti. Hls Itimuhter.
Lexlngton, Tenn.. March 27.?A. T.
Iriflith, a rallroad section foreman.
-hot and probably fatally wounded
ils fourteen-year-old daughter, Grace.
o-nlght. Tlie father was shooting at
tis son Herman, wlth whom he hnd
ust had a ilght. followlng the pon'i
ntcrference to protect hls mother from
ibUSO by the father, who had been
Irlnklng, Grlffith wns arrested.
Kllled hy Fatlicr-ln-I.air.
Nashvllle, Tenn., March 27.?Near
rho Hermltage. twelvo mlles south
? f here. W. B. Garrett, a horso trader.
vas shot and killed by his fathor-in
aw, James M. Uleaves, a farmer. Tlie
ragedy grew out of domestio troubles
iloaves claims Garrett lmd thrcatoncd
ils llfo.
Washington, D. C, March 27.?Thnt
he Interstate character of Interstate
ihlpments Of liqtior shall cease upon
irrival wlthin the boundary of thc
stnte to which conslgnment has been
nnde. ls ihe essentinl featuro of bllls
nt roduced in tho Senate by Sonator
""urtls, and In the House by Represon
ntlvo Miller, of Kansas.
Forreafct: Vlrglnlti?l-'alr and warm
*r Mondny; Tucstlny, falr, modcrntc
11111th vrlnd*.
North Carollna?Generally fnlr Mou
Iny uutl Tue?diij-| Ilfsh., vurlablc vflmU,
Clear. Thermomcter at mldnlght, 50.
(At 8 P. M. Eastern Standard Tlme.)
Place. 'llier. H. T. Wenther.
'hartotte . 70 80 Clear
lalelgh . 70 SO Clear
lacksonvillc . . . ti_ .so Clear
i'ampn . 70 82 Clear
Cey WOSt . 72 7S Cloar
.hnrleston . lil 72 Clear
Savannah . 60 7 2 Clear
iVllmington .... tH 7i Cloudy
iVashlngtou .... DS Ci Clear
.shoviiic . 70 , xo Cloar
lupitor . 71 7S p. cloudy
dobllo . 7S St Cloudy "
Vtlanti, . 7,'i Sl Clear
Jalveston . ns .71 ciear
\'ew Orloan.. ,.. 7S S2 Clear
?."orfoik . ..0 (1)5 Clear
latteraa . 02 72 Clear
3uffaio . r>? oi cieav .
detroit . Sl 7 0 P. cloudy
*'luclnnati . 7S Sl Clear
_>Klahoma . 7S Sl Clear
.temphls . S0 St P. cloudv
v'lokwhurg . S0 Sl Clear
'Ittsbm'g . 7. 7rt Clear
saiisas . 7S S2 Clear
t'ollowstone .... :ts 41 itain
March 28. 1910.
-un rlsos..,, f,:o:i illdll TIDE.
.un sets. ti:2S Mornlng,,,, <?:2r?
tfoon liscs,, u;2u ..veiiing,... C;19
Itul lun't l.oluq; lo lle Mnde Inlo nu
Ainrrlcnn Arineuonvlllr,
Groat Neck, L. T., Mnrch 27.?Dr.
Hatterwhlt., ? relatlve of W. Gduld
l.roknw, denled 11, puhllshcd report
that Nlrvana, the Rrokaw estato nt
Great Neck, Is to bo changed Into nn
Inn. pattern od aftor tho famous Cufe
D'Arrnenonvllle, Parls, "Nlrvnnn, ls for
rent, however," .uii. nr. Hftttet-whlte.
"Mr, llrokaw Is going abroad thls
summor, and ho wishes to have tho
plnee occupled ln hl., nhsruce. Ho
wlll proliably not return untll fail.
He sald hs know nothing ot an olfcr
i.-f fOOO.OC'O for tho eslnte.
llve Mon Flglu Wllh Knlvp.i for \ f
feellonn of Young Olrli
_Iinne_po]|., Mlnn.. Marcli 27.?*An
ton Strommo, rtged twenly-Olght; .!?
soph Kalpasi-n, nged twenty-soven, and
iMichaol Woltzlek, aged t went y-nliif
nre In tho citv hospital suffering from
wininds whlch liiny result fatally Io
Btrommc and Kalpasch as iho result
of a llght wlth knlvos betwcen livo
ni-n ln n dark kitchen of Mrs. Roso
Gleskl's homo Frlday nlglit.
Thc mon wero rivnls for tlio nffec
tions of Ajcrnos Gloskl, aged sixteen.
When senrcned at tho hospital jiraye
hooi<^ and knlvos woro found on 'the
To llfild Tlirlr Piriii Millonnl Cnuni-ll
nl MunkoKer ln .Minr,
Muskogeo, Okla.. Maroh 27.?Indian
iliioftains of every trlbe ln North
Amorlca will gather around tho council
tires ln Mnskogoo for ten days ending
July 1 ln the flrst nntlonnl Indian con?
vention ever held,
Wllliam If. Codv (Buffalo Blll), I'aw
noe Blll and a number of othe,- scouts
of history. wlll nttond. nnd invltatlons
will bo oxtonded lo Vrosldont Taft nnd
fornier President Roosevelt. An effort
wlll ho madc lo flnd Crazy Snakd and
havo hlm present.
Senators Owens. of Oklahoma, nnd
Curtls, of Kansas, nnd Congressman
Charles Carter. of Oklahoma, wlll bc
on tho receptlon rommlttoo.
President of Well_, Fnrgo A fo, DIrs
In -\'e_v York.
New Vork, March 27.?Dudley Evans.
president of Wells, Furgo & Co. slnce
1902, dled in a hospital here to-niffhl.
followlng an operation last Monday
for trall stones. He was seventy-two
3 cars old.
Mr. Evans was born In Morgantown.
W. Va., and gruduated from Washlng?
ton and Jefferson Collego in 1869. On
tlie outbrenk of the Clvil War hc
fought wlth the annles of tho Con
federftcy as n llcutcnunt-colonel of t'.io.
Twentleth Virginia Cavalry, and from
ist;_ to 1SGr? waa a member of the
Virginia t_eglfllature.
At the close nf the war Mr. Evans
Wont West and cntered business ln
Chicago. Thero hc marrled Mlss N.
Zelic, and rose rapldly ln tho .-orvlco
of Wells. F&rgo _t Co. liis homo was
at Englcwood, N. J.
ConservatlvM Questlon ihr Wlsdom of
piKfrnnchlsliiK ilir Negro.
Baltimore, Md., March 27.?Democrats
?tliut is. tho "Regulars"?Indorse tbe
hold move of tho Maryland Leglslature
In nulllfvlng the ftfteenth amendment
of tbe Federal Constltutlon bv refuslng;
tl .
crro thf
tion tal
? oppoTienti
Ight to vi
n, and an
wlsdom of
irful of tbo
? denounci
course of
lu VI Ull
Senators Wiikinson. Zlhlman, Ma
thla.*. and Spelcher, Republlcans, pre
rict that the cnactment of thls law
wlll prove a boomerang and Insuro the
defeat of tho Democrats at tho ne>a
olectlon. Mr. Wiikinson goes so far
as to say that the olectlon of a Re?
publlcan Governor is now a certnlntv.
They contond that the negro Is the
onlv asset left the Democrats. and
with hlm ellmlnated thousands of mem?
bers of that party, who favor Republi?
can prlnclples, wlll vote as they have
been voting at national elections. They
baso thls assertlon on tho fact tliat
Maryland has been gravltatlng toward
the Republlcan party slnce 1 .06.
Independent Democrats headlng tho
Reform League do not bellove the
courts wlll sustaln the contention that
Maryland Is not obllgod to recognize
the ftfteenth amendment because lt
was not adopted Indlvlduatly by thls
I.enve* thr Mcthodlsts.
New Haven. Conn., Mnrch '.'_.?Rev.
F. T. Brown, pastor of the First Metlio
dlst Church, announced to hls congre
gation to-night that he was golntr to
leave the Metliodlst Church and enter
the Eplscopal mlnlstry.
Rev. Mr. Brown has taken nn active
part in tho clvlc life of New Haven.
Ilo Is a strong advocafe of the unitl
cniion of ehurchos, nnd stated to-nlght
that he belleved that the I'rotestant
chur.hcs should bo tho llrst lo unite.
is the trade
mark which is
found on every
bottle of the
Scott's Emulsion
the standard Cod Liver Oil
preparation of the world.
Nothing equals it to build up
the weak and wasted bodies
of young and old. aii dtumuu
Bend 10c.. mm? of pi?p?r ?n4 thla ad. for onr
be-utltu! HhiInm Bank and Otitld'i Rkeloh.
Uook. EaohbankcoatalniaGoodLuckPenny.
SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St.,
Our Varied
is at your diaposal, while
our Artts c Doveloping
and Prlnting will reward
your cffo.ts and make
Kodakcry a delight, Mail
orders rec ivc careful at
The S. Galeski Optical Co.,
Manufacturing Optlclana
Export Adjustcrs of Spectacles,
Eyeglasses, Ar iflclal Eyes, &c.
Main and
Broad and I
Third j
Sample of B. B. B. Free to All
iih dlrsctloi
Kffeet of f.1,,0.1 Polion, Erupllens, Itlslngt, Old
noll*. cured by B. II. II. <
ti n. li. qnlrkly cures nll >-n.-, i, ?r rtnd. ? pura botanlo
Impitre ?r t'olsonetl Blood, wtnli llnek, | for thirty y>
Itiui-diiivn r.-i-iiiiK, Nervous, jjpecks flying
before tlie eyes, 1'nlr, HftllotV Skln.
If yoii llftVe aehes nnd ;>n Inn In Uniies,
Diiek or.Jolnti, Mucus patchct In mouth,
Horo Thn,,ii. PIMHas, Coppcr-Colorcd flpd'ts,
tltCcrs on ntiy part of thr* body. lialr <>r
Eyobrotvi faiiinif out. Itching, wstory blls
ters or open humors, Klslnga or plmpli .*
nf Eciemn, noiin, Hwclllnga, r:m ini_r Hon*,
tnke it. D. B. It kllls tbe polson, mako
tho blood pUro nnd rich, compl.t.ly chang
lng tbe cntirc body into n clean, healthy
eoiidllion, Iieallng every nor.* or plrftple and
ttopplng nll ncheii, palns and Itching. our
ln_; tlie .corst cnno of Blood I'olson, KheiK
ir:ntlsm or Eczema.
is plematit nnd enfc to tskc; composed of
Thla coupon, cut fr'om the Hlclimond
rtnt-i-DUpatcll, ls Kood for one smnpl.
of B. B. ii-, mslled free In plain paeii
ikc, Slmply 1111 In your nam? nnd nd
;..?_?? on dott.d llnes below and mail to
BLOOD BALM <"".. Atlanta 0?.
Ptnte namo of trouble. I.? you know.
Ml*? Stubbs Dlcs Snddcniy.
Rcno, Ncv.. March 27.?News of the
SUdden death Saturdav nltrht at lierke
Iv, Cal., of Bulah Stubbs. formerly
wife of .lohn Sundorland, Demperatlo
natlonal commltteoman for Nevaua,waa
re-f.lvcd to-nlght by frlends. MJss
Stubbs was tho daughter of J. c.
StUbbS, trafflc iiinnniror of tlie Harrl?
man rallroad llnes. She ua.-. born in
San Francisco In 1881. After her mar
rlago at Chicago ln 1002. she llved in
I.eno until .sho obtiiincd a divorce. 011
March 16, wlth the restoratlon of her
maldcn name, _______
XrrnnBlntr f?r SlMtcr'i. Iiincrnl When
Ile li? Strlcken.
the arrangements for the funeral of
1-Ih sister, Mim., K.ite McDonald, who
dled Saturday nii_in. Joseph A. Mc
ucnald was strlcken wlth 0
hemorrhago yerterday mornlng. from
which he dled at 8:16 o'clock, havlng
survived hls sister by only t'-n hours.
It ls thought that tho hemmorrhage
was tho result of gTief and an over
stralncd nervous system for -Mr. Mc?
Donald, who had been a drauifhlsiunn
for tho Locomotive Works for some
years, had apparontly been ln good
health up to Saturday night, He was
fortv-three years of nge.
Mlss McDonald wns forty-seven
yeftrs old, and had boon ln dellcate
health for many yoars. The double
funeral wlll be held from St. Pet.-r'..
Church thls mornlng at 10 o'clock.
Followlng are tho pall-bearers: For
Miss McDonald?a. J. Meyers, John
Ctimmlnxs, J. J. Treson, Tlo-:: ??
Mullonoy, James Dlsney and Jamea
B. Phlllips. For Mr. McDonald Ro?
bert I* Prlddy, Davld Conneii, Jai
Kaln, John Sullvan, i:. P. Donnlvant
and W. 1>. Jordan.
t.i-i-.e.-ai W. II. Knbert*.
Norfolk. Va.. March l"7.?General W.
H. Itoberts, of Gatesvlllc. N. C. who
bore the dlstinctlon of belmt the
youngest brlgadler-goneral ln the Con?
federate ariny. dled here to-dnv us tho
result of a fractured hlp, sustalhcd ln
a fall at his home recently. General
Itoberts, who was Blxty-nlne years obl.
conimanded a brisade In the Southern
army when he was twenty-thrco years
old. Tho body will be sent to hls
homo in North Carolina for interment.
Mrs. \ h.-iniM O. Eubotik.
Mrs. Vlruinla Clay Eubank. wlfo of
James H. Eubank, "f 1710 Park Ave?
nue. .dled on yesterday afternoon at .
o'clock, after an lllness of several
months. Besldes her husband, Mrs
Eubank leaves eight children?Erncst.
Harrv, Rolnnd and Norvell Eubank.
Mrs. J. B. Slnclalr. of Hampton: Mrs
U. I* Hold. of Kichmond, and Mlsses
Lucy and Myrtle Eubank.
The funeral servlces wlll take place
at Grove Avenue Baptlst Church lo
rnorrow mornlng at 11 o'clock. and in?
terment will bc at Kivervicw Cemetery.
The pall.boarers wlll be;
Honorary?Henry R. Pollard, A. C.
Creath, John 1*. Jacobs,. Isaac DiKKs.
J. XV. Kold and R. S. Ryland
Active?J. B. Tarrant. W. G. Tarrant.
II. S. Wrltfht. D. D. Ma.Grci.or, Jas.
U. Tarrant, C. R. Mltchell. K. B. Mlnor
and Dr. F. W. Upshur.
Hlclinrd O. VnKer.
After an lllness of 0110 week, r.lch
ard O. Yagor dled yesterday nt hls
resldence. 414 South Belvidero Stroet.
Ho was the son of tho lato Georffe
W. and Fanny Abbott Yager.
Announcement of the funeral ar?
rangements wlll be made lator.
Mr... Mary Hopkliis.
Mrs. Mary Hopklns died yesterday at
tho resldence of her nlece, Mrs. 10. T.
Williams. I Cowardin Avenue, Man?
Announcement of thc funeral wlll bc
mado later.
Mrs. Annle Floyd Ailtimi..
I' dal to Tlie Times-Dispatch.1
Lynchburg;. Va., March 27.?Mrs. An?
nlo Floyd Adams. wldow of Colonel II. '
W. .Adams, and daughter of Dr. N. XV.
Floyd, of thls clty, who waa born
near the clty, dled early thls morn?
lng at her home noar Clnrlon, where
sho had boen oontlnod to her bed for
two weeks. She had been an Invalid
for three ycars. She wus a momber of
St. Peter's Eplscopal Church thero for
many yenrs. She was In her sevohty
nlnth year.
AVShen a pirl Mrs. Adams attended
school from the- executlve manslon in
Rlclunond. Governor Floyd beiner her
nncle, and sho wltncssed thc lavinff
ot the foundatlon fov- the ".Vn.shinf.roii
Monument In Capltol Square. Mrs.
Adams is survived by two brothers and
a sister?Colonel N. B. Floyd. of Rich?
mond, and Captain N. J. Floyd, of Bal?
tlmore. and Mrs. .T. C. Featherston. of
Lynchburg, *shc has flve survivini.
children?Mrs. Annle XV, Floyd. of
Clarion: T, T. Adams, of Richmond: II.
XV. Adams, of Clarion: ... B. Adams, of
Blp Stone Gap, and X. F. Adams. of
Tlio PInins, Fauquier county.
Dr. JeltcrxoH Klniie>y
[Spe.lal to Tho TImos-UIsoiitch.]
Roanoko, Va? March 27.?Dr. Jeffcr
son Klniiy, a woll-lino wm eye, car and
tbroal Hiieoiiill.t. <li>*d hero to-nlght of
Ilriglifs di.-ea.-i-. after an lllnes- Of
several months. Re was forty-on?
years of age, and Ieaves n wldow and
two sons. He was o natlve of Rlch?
mond. Ho imd practlced hero for
twenty vears.
tday, March 21, at
19 r.irk Avenue,
CtiAV l.l'BANK,
II. Eubank.
her :?' Bldeni - .
SCTis. vinaiNi.
wlfo of Mr, .liiii
t'u:icr..l servl
nue Baptlsl
ment at Rivei .
Frlday. Mnrch
Uence or her
Ouy Wrenh, .
HUGMi forme'rJ
tortv-two yi 01
Fureral Till.
HOPKINS?nio.i. .- mday evening, at
tho home of Mra. i_. T. Willlams. her
nicce. l Cowardin Avenue, Manclic
t'-r. Mlta MAl'.V HOPKINS.
l-'uncral notice laitr.
,'hurcli Tri;.-|i.\v
11 o'clock. Inter
? f thls clty; age 1
?Monday) AFTBR
?k from l!l)i
HIS (il I Mt il'.NIMr
. ? ? ::.:-? ?-... ? ? In Mt Cal
vary Cemetery. Friends Invited.
Baltltncre papers pleaso copy. 4tf
VAOKIt?I'led. after a brlef lllno.-s,-at
hl? resldence 41 t South Belvidcro
Stroet, Sunday evening, March 27.
lnin. nt r.:i:, o'clock, RICHARD O.
YAGER son of tho lato Gcorgo \V.
and Fanny Abbott Yagor.
Funeral notice in evening pnper.
? -
One Private Paper
Justifies an expenditure of ?3 a year
for Its safety. A safc deposit box Ih
our safety deposit vaults is as near
absolute safety as can be assured
Planters National Bank
Capital, Surplus & Profits, $1,500,000.
Write for booklet "Banking by Mail."
Effcctivc for Ec_. ma. ltih. Rincworm, Poison
Oak, hifcct Stlngs, etc, all .skin Erup
tions and Scalp Ailments,
Vou nr.eJ not ko to the Sulphur Springs;
this gives yon a perfect Sulphur Uatli and
Invlgoiatlng Tonic Drink.
A MAG1C WONDER for Ilomorrhoids.
Piles. Sores, Swclling, Inflained or Clml'ed
Parts, etc. A useful household remedy.
Splendid for tlie compiexlon; keeps the skin
soft and removes Plmplca, Blcmislics, Black
lieadu, etc.
1 _^E_J_,t_ l O (so Tablets), 50c.
A Uric Acid Correotivc, for purifying the
Blood, toning tlie Stomach, prevention of
Indigcstlon, Dyspepsia and most Kidney, Liver
nd Stomach Ailments.
Manufactured by
I.illtlmore, Md.
Por sale by Druggists. If dealer can't sup
ply you, sent by mail or express, prepaid.
Wrlte tor ilooklct oa Sulphur.

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