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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, March 28, 1910, Image 4

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;?hf ?mtrtxW?1& Bi^palrh
'V?nr- I ?!? -? ..I1M IIOll Bt??l
E ; ? rssss
I, \ m \:;, ( me Slx Thrsa One
I , ? ??,,; fAlD. T, ir. Mos. Moi. Mo
,, Bund-iy .l?i.M $"t-C0 }l.iO .5j
I i without Supday... -t M :-ei i.oo .US
Bundny edltlon only. 100 1 10 .(0 .8
v . :. i ,'. Ineidsy).... UO0 .50 .84 ...
' By Tlme?-DI?pat_h Csrrler D.ltvei.y B?r?
?vlco ln Itlchmond (and suburbl)', Manclio
t. : ? r-'burg-_
" Onii Wf "lt
'Ilally irlth Sunday. II cents
fcmiy without Sunday.i" "n,a
?ur.day only. iccnlt
r-., ... * January ". '''"'"? nt niclimonil,
* , ,5 matter under act ot
vic- the Di mocratlc Lcglsla
l to the electorate
TlK ,,. ur,. v.-ill not down Ih Maryland
poilt.es. Thc llcpubllcnns may try as
th- y wlll t? maintain In test elections
11.f black man'' right to vote; but u"
session of tho Leglslature,
locratlc majority brlngs for
_..,.,; - . .-:,,- ,,-?? ,-_;.-n nnd n-nciv
lts efforts to take tho ballot from thc
disfranchlsemcnt amendment to thq
... ot the State, nnd twlce
, : tlefeftted. "Wlth the ncgrtt
...... ..<.. ? the amendment, as
.. ,- nrse and wlth the forelgn
_L matter oi cvui- . ?
, , ?? Rniiii ior< ? upportlng the
elemi nt . ? > ??' ii">ui ?"
Republlcans, tho Domocrata have met
?wii'h defeat in every attempt to
fceep Maryland under whlto domlnatlon.
g, n ,. of these attempts have not
?cen above reproach. Thc Democrats
.havo not always boen nctuated by a
Blnccre deslre to take the, negro out of
politics. but, on the contrary. have
tricd to use tho disfranchlsemcnt
intendment ns a tool to keep thelr
?party ln power. They know tholr ati
?.;.,,' struggle is a hard one. Tlicy
Icnow that a heavy whlte Republicnr
vote, sustained by the voto of the no*
?roc.-, wlll endanger not so much thc
Democratlc party as t
oratlc machlne, nnd th
?r, insuro the perpoti
tate Demo
* sougltt
ot theli
?The Leglslature has now taken n new
tncl-c, however, and propo.es to do, b_
Btatute law. what lt cannot do by con
htltutlonal enactment. At a caucus or
.... ocratlc inajorit:
ter a
xens i
lf- to be denled the ballol
Naturally thls bas raised a stori
nnd naturally enough the Republlcai
rc doclarlng it a dellberate attem
to openly vlolato tlie flfteenth aihcw
...ent of the Federal Constitution. TIl
amendment says that the rlght to vo
sliall "not bo denled . . . on
of race, color or previous cond '?
iiervltude," The proposed law
ilo negro --hall vote. The two r.re im
concilab'.o. Maryland. to all inti
purposes, prOpost I
atitutional amendi
Tbo Democrats
fcndlng the propO
fl I.
? ??
AAUTIIl.lt \.ooi? l'( ll' ittiio
i u cold da ?" ?? i]i" |,;'1' '"'?' '
,, i, the Cht.i tieo Trlbupe doea
r.ii" ih,- i;, publlcan ottllora on
liUjccl ot; t'h'.i'. i-.M-i .-ilncc ."?_"
Cannon turned down iho freo wood
pulp mcnstire, blnsl hi- tlmbersl iho
'!'! Ilitnie ha8 1... ii i>* 11.- lilng Iho I'nyne
Aldi Icli tariff Inlqull \* with d fitrlotm
!, , . and i . i' lati H ?? rle? of opln?
,,.;. || i-,,. round thai : 91 rtopubllcati
. i (1 lift.-. -;-.-.en lad' I" ndi in edltois lu
Ndtv England aro ngnlnsl lhe "doWn
v. ,rd tarlft"' i:i\v, and forty-two JlC
publican and rndopendont cdltors aro
lm- it. Tho Sprlhgfleld Ropubllean,
whlch is sometlilng of n census-laker
on iis own account, ''betterlng ihe ln
ii - loris" of ihe i .hlcago paper, llnds
ihat lhe situatlon la reaily wofSC,
inor? ein-imi aglng, as we look ni it.
than the wild Western mischlef-maker
has mnde tt to Bppear. Re'publlcan
Xew England, so far as represented by
Republlcan caltbrfl, "belng moro
strongly against tho Payho-Aldrlch
ltiiilT even than th" Wdst, whero In
surgency haa bccn supposed to be
largely conllncd." Over S2 per cent.
Is tho proportlon or tho Republlcan
edltorlal opposltion to tho mlsshnpen
thing ln Now Englnnd, aa against
per cent, In the West, whlch provt
The recent overturn in th1-' Capo Cod
Di. trl t ha ? acl the Yankeen thlnking,
and we 'an vory woll understand oui
Massachusetts mentor, whlch never
goes wrong except-whon lt says that
Now England "wants frcer trado, par?
ticularly with Canada, that It may be
made Jess dependent on tho cOmpara
tlvely remote rcglons of tli" South aud
Wost for supplies of raw material for
its great manufaettiring interests aml
Cor a market for lts finished produt is."
Thai is what Winllcld Scott Hnncock
monnt when ho lald down tho proposl?
tlon, for whlch hc was much ahused,
thnt "iho tarlff Is a local i.stte." New
England ls as good as tho best of us
when Ita raw materials are not touched
or whon lt can get its raw materials
tree. ...ln a dlffcront way, that Is what
"Old Molasses," Senator McKnory, of
.Loulsiana, nnd "Old Plneapples," Son?
ator Tallaferro, of Florlda, and "Uld
Bassafras," Konator Tillmun, of Kouth
Carolina, and "Old Loblolly rino,"
Senate:- Slmmons, of North Carolina,
meant when they stood up so man fully
Co:- a retentlon "?.' ihe tarlft or for the
Increaso of the tarlft dutie3 on sugar
and plneapples and tea nnd lumber
during tho debate upon thc crlrtilnal
payne-Aldrlch blll. Th" "great man?
ufacturlng Interests" uf New England
want fri Egyptian cotton and free
everythlng clso th.it cntcrs into th<
thing- whlch ;t. manutactures. and.lt
death aad destructlon to all othci
graft'.s whatsoever.
AVe are not so greatly impresaed b>
tlio symposla of the Chicago paper
because we know it of old aa one oi
lhe thlckeit and thinnest of taiiff-fe.
, I now pap, . or, tther, tho leasl do
^ pon... I ? organs In "on'
a years. Frothlng at the mouth almos
-llnvariably ln the .'ofC years,' lt Is th
:.l most loyal or party organs at electloi
I. times, wlth a violent antlpathy to th
rights of tho ii.oplo. Straw ballot
never declded a Presldentlal electloi
,, and Republlcan edltors wero novc
'known to teli tho truth ln electio
ears. The Chicago paper aud th
j. Sprlngfleld Republican are followln
I tho exapiplo nf Ransy Sniflles in th
Sci *. . nd aro just showin
\ lltll ..ll'll OF SEXTIMENT.
Fredcrl ksburg Masons hav
led ; ? Bentimi at. They have heed
? * c. patrlotle socl
and i ''??? . wlll bull'
? ? -.'. ??.". a different sit
will ? the old Mi i
)11H 111 II.!
*h gn al Vlrglnli
n I here tl 11
lal |ons wlth
ol the old State. II
i a art now torgoii. n
The monument ol K
princo of "hiin ?
irn_d i'. it! i ln ' .' ;?'. ov
mbllng . iu-? The
f Clmilolli I'uiirit.s wl
inei Randolph, wa* I
Bbh ' miy th" Hi-noio
; Bav ? the ? ouho wl
thed hl lai' aml o.n.V
ici.ii luc h?_ prcs-i.<&
fitmoiiM Imlllellohls. SaVO ("or tlie work
Of Ihe Assoclatlon for the Presorvatlon
,,f virglntn Anllqultles, wc have rolled
ou alieiis to prcscrve our blrl lirighl.
it ls sentlment, to be (-urc, thnt
promptfl us to pi-c.'crvo theso thlngs,
lon ..oiitlin-ht I-- iho better part of IITo;
and sonllmenl that lfeeps nllvc tho
memorlcs of thc pttBt ls tlie Im-plraUoli
,-f the future.
HtlW YVOUI.D this BO?
After tho minlstora get through wllh
th, ir si.i.ii ongagementa to preach
about thls, that nnd the other quos
tlon of publlo health nud clvio obllgn
lions, nnd after all tho Bttndays which
havo beeri nilcd wlth engngements <>r
one sort aml another hnve been "11 s
< luirged, how would it do if ocCa
slonally thero should he. a word or
two about the Uo.oprl and n llttle tlmo
bc devoted to thc plain old-fashloncit
worshlp of tlie I_,,rd God Altnlghty?
What n greut thlng lt would bo for
Richmond if thoria oOtlld bo horo Sun?
day after Sunday the sort of preach?
ing* Mosos D. Hogc und .Tolm A.
Broadus did!
Really! we bcllcvo that men and wo?
men would come hundreds of mlles to
lioar it. That was thc wiry lt hap
pened about nincteen hundred years
tigo: "AU the peoplo came into
Hlm; nnd Ho sat down and taught
them." "And great multltudcs follow?
ed Hlm." 1P couldn't get away from
? :, and among other things He
. sald: ' n- thal cntoreth not by tho
; ,i,,,,r im,, the fold ot thc sheep, b il
cllmbcth up somo other way, tho same
is a tlilef and a robber." Thero was
little or no machinory iu Hls day.
Ho was never known to set a.iart daya
nnd tlmes for doing thls, that or tho
other thlng. Ills command to Hls.
dlsclplos was to proach thc Gospcl.
nivmirvG om RBtTSNUES.
Tlio old questlon of tax scparntlon Is
again belng ngltatcd in somo of the
Stato papers. Thoy know that noth?
ing cnn bo dono for two years, and
they know that llttlo will bc dono even
then; but tney aro chaslng the raln
bow of separatlon, hoplng to find at
Its ond that Utopta whero all. taxes
aro equal and all assessments just.
Of courso, thoro ls a great deal to
be sald in behalf of thls plan. If we
should turn over a part tjf all taaca
1- property to the State, and say
that tlu* remainder bolongr, to the
countles or clties. wc would havo re?
moved man:.?? titles In thc way of
justice. Tho questlon of equalization
-.,. i,, Hea, Tho State could
| tax, at a fali md sure valuatlon. all
propertv ,,f publlc* service corporation:
! and could . dlect all licenso taxes.
. lunties. on tho other hand,
! could levy taxes accordlng *o thelt
I needs, lf they require,) a lari
tho local authorities
i tnNe?. H' their wants wero small,
' they could rcdu.-e taxes to a noxnlna
1r.--.te Tbe wholo questlon would con?
cern them and them only. The Stati
I would havo nothing to do wlth II
Then, too, such separatlon woult
I greatly rcduce tlie machinory for col
ting taxes. "We could practlcall:
do away wlth the land and propcrt:
i assessors of the state und could coi
I lect the Ptate taxes through the Cor
. ;.tlon Commlsslon and the court;
I grantlng Hcenses.
There Is only one objcctlon to tln
wholo thlng. lt will not work In Vir?
ginia. lf we separated our sources o
revenue, wo would soon flnd tha
nelther tlo* State nor the local govern
n| i o lld be supported.
Tlie returns from taxes on corpoia
tions and Hcenses would not meet thi
interest cn the publlc debt, to sa;
i .- ;,:: .^ t] - otl er expenses of rov
. . - would be no corre
... ITon of 1 he State's ex
i aratlng its income. Th
mlght, of course, pay thel
Inal < xpenses, as the Staun
:.. uggests in an article o
. subj< ' i ?- th< State wo nUI I
ments of government, the asylums, th
schools nnd every other instltutio
but lt cannot come In VIr
r' . . - e have a rlcht-r, grcate
ion wealth "We cannot separat
we have enough for all i,, ur
' of the people In "Wa.ii
tngton wish It dlstinctly understoo
it they are to have all the righl
I prl Ueges of genuine rulers. The
been Increasing thcsc rlghts an
ir' privilcges for many ycars and ha\
? ;- idually brought It about that thc
Is lacklng in no convenience t
mfort, They ralse their aalarie
r-! and they allow thcmsclves speel
>- : ixuries with a prodlgal lian
id They erect a marble office bull
ie ing and fit lt up llko :i palace. Tht
bulld a swimming pool and equip
1 - ! gvmnusium. They make their dinini
? - room t ti the Capltol a branch of tl
Government service and let thc Go
ornment pay the waiters, Then,
.]..? tholr ease complete, the Sena
i n, .< c immitteo. In thc leglslati
approprlatlon bill, planned to spei
j 160 ihe year tor n professlon
re masseur and asslstants to rub iJo\
of I tho Scnators.
a! .None- double.1, on -general pri
to ciples, the wisdom of washlng Sen
ani tons. All Ot tliem need bathlng
. ? ,,. aoos tlie average cltiz
pot j Nor ? an il bo said that a go
ibbing -.lo wn would not be bor
. iui tor them. Whlle there are
ire'scnt no tlst-flghta pclieduloU
0) the llOllSfi calendar, 'and whllo
Irfg Senato has not had a I'eld-duy
is Uoine years, Congresainen fronuen
cr- get "hel up." nnd not Infvequently i
old I a irlflo soro, In olthor eaae, ;t '"
cicis.-ur nilf-ht como iu handy.
>ng| B'ocauae th<* Senatora needed a hl
HOUI' llQWeveV thero was no r.-u
ni,s. tho ciovi I'rimoht should pay
one. Tlu- cxpcniliturc, tu be sure, *
il* u _mull vnc?a irine, ln fact, .ompu,
witli some ontla . made by tho Oov
orntnenl for no bottor purpose?-but
tho prlnciplo was lhe .ame, whether
tho riovoi-nmfi.i wnste tho money In
pen.don_ or In buildlng Kenntorlal
paladOO, Thore is no limrc exctise for
the ono than lhe other,
Thc extravaganeo of Co_gre__ ln
givlng Itself everythlng lt wants BOloly
b"cause It has the public troastire, 1ms
absolutely ?6 Justlflcatlon ln prlnciplo
or In honorable precedent. On lhe con?
trary, lhe men who havo charge oC tlie
public funds should be especialiy care?
ful of thoso fund... Jf publlo service
ls to ho econouilcal nnd jUflt, public
servants should he tho flrst to prnc
tlco cconoiny and jltstloe,
Thls wna onco the rule ot the Gov?
ernment, before tho Republlcans camo
into power. Nothing was wnsted. Noth?
ing was frlttercd away ltt luxurles.
Adams Uved for years in a half
furnlsltod Whlte Houso; Jotfdrsoil used
hls own carrlago nnd took his own
sorvant.. from Mohtlcello. Congress?
men Avero paid a paltry per dietn. nnd
Avero expected to concludo thelr sosslona
as haatlly as posslble. Whon a mem?
ber drew hls mileage for an extra ses?
slon, without actuaily maklng tho trlp,
lio was held np to tho rcproach of tho
country. Tho greatne. _ of tho fail from
thls rule can bo measttred ln tho cver
groAving leglslative appropriation blll.
Tho people aro already maklng thelr
comparlsons nnd nro wonderlng Avhoro
the ex.lravaga_.ccs of Congress wIU
end? Altogother, apart from the wasto
fui policy of having mon work
In tho cxccutlvo dopartmonts at halt
tlmo for double pay, whon Avill Con?
gress call a halt on lts own expenses?
lf Senators and Congressmen think
thoy are worth 57.-UO tho year. why
: hould not thelr sttece. sors think
themselves worth ?iB,6007 If they
bulld a morblc offlce bulldUlg ln 1D0...
why not bulld <-ach Sonator a resldence
ln 1915? IC thoy Avcre to havo a mas
settr why should not thc Senators
havo 92 cooks and as many valots?
I'ortunaf ly for tho treasury, somo
cool-hcaded Senator, with a rcgard for
the publlo purse or an eye for the pub?
lic approval. provalled on tlie Senate
Avith his loglc when the appropriation
for tho massour camo to vote. Thc
Senators are to hav no ma.-*.-aglng
next year and the Government Is to
be thc savor thereby; but who knows
whether the Senate ls reaily not plan
nlng to put tho money aside now and
penslon themselves tor tho future.
Whether the Byrd liquor law pro?
hibits Avomen from drlnklng In eafes
or not, the Fredorlcksburg Daily Star
ls "thoroughly convinced that thelr
own sense of proprlety should prohlblt
thom from doing so. lt has never
been. thank Heaven: elther generally
customary or even fashionable In Vlr?
glnla for ladies to drink In publli
places. iiay it never become so."
Amen and amen: but why should they
drink at all?
Thc Farmvllle Herald has "been
wonderlng Avhat moved the Governor
of Vlrglnla to send a telegram to the
Governor of Florlda, calllng ai tom ion
io tho fact that Senator l.anl"! waa
slck and wlthln the iluiits of hls
?| State. Tho Florlda Executive certaln
- ly was not Ignorant of tho fact, nnd
. to reniind hlm ot it could only have
been construcd as a reflcctlon on hh
J AVant of courtesy. To tel) a frlem.
I to ho careful of tlie wants of guests
in hia own home would be resentet
as offenslve Intrusion." Just so; but
.- ^ Danlel is 'ln ho sense the
?j j..,,,.., ,,f the Governor of Florlda. H<
| happena to be ln that State as a pri,
-j vate cltizen and dld not pro there ii
. 'hls ofllclal character. We are readj
. ! ,o hit G ernor Mann whenover lu
. rvea lt. but WC think that it wai
.:,,,:: proper thing for hlm tc
"isend a dlspatch to Governor Gllohrls
" j, tormlns hlm of the conditlon ol
'' Senator Dan el and asklng hlm to glv
. ... - :?*..?? ?;.>?: .*.9 would bo agre<
lade thi
a!.:**. Tht re u _? certan
among the Governors wl
a graccful act on the part of th
Governo'r of Virginia.
e '.:th the Formvlllo i-Icral
that It would he "vcry funny" fo
anybody in Richmond to go to Wasli
Ington "ln ? arcli of fun." For som
.. ihlr.gton has been about th
most serlous place in the country.
?i . ... ?;; kstone ' onrl'-r "will neve
b<- satisfled untll the Stato dlspose
of its stock ar-.d the Rlchmond, Fred
? and Potomac Is placed upo
foot lng as every road ln th
rhe thing to do ls for th
stato to dlspose of its holdlngs in th
stock of the road and bo no longc
a partner in a public service corpora
The Clinch Valley News calls atter
tion to the fact that "not more tha
slx weeks remaln ln Avhich to rogistc
ln order lo voto in the November clet
d. U0"" _
l- "lf a man ean't get work in town
-.-.-' iaya the Clinch Valley Nov.-s, "ho ca
a got out ln the country and flnd worl
... Thls beautlful Avoather is a call i
* every Idle man to get out and go :
lt." Thn same is good advice fo
i nichmond as Aveli as for Tasscwell.
to _J
te Thc Dally Revlow, of Cllfton Forg
reldenlos that li has crltlclzeO Governt
id Mann for hls veto of the two pi
a] days> hill, ai .1 for hls course iu tl
.-taic-wide matter, "lt is unfalr," sa;
'"' lhe Iti'VleW, "to judgo H public Offlcl
I hy one or tAVO of hla publlo acts. A1
"" i only stated Avhat othora wero sayli
??"{uboni his attitudo relating to stat
asi 'vide prohibitlon aud thc seml-month
sn. I pay day bill."
Tlie Culpeper Exponont Is somowh
" I hoarlened by ihe overturn ln Mass
llt eliusMts and tho degradat ion
on Spoakcr Cannon; bul fctn*.-- that "t
?"? i iii.iii-. \\'. .!. Bryan and Chutup Cla
tor w:ii so forclbly InterJecl themaelv
ti inlo the Bituotlon as tn seriously i
,,??; t'-rfi'-f" with the good prospects
luiocratic party, if they do 1
i ln i-iitiri-iv dcatroylng tho
| Now," ays ti., Exppnenti "'f tlu
as". gohtlomon could only be Induced
'""enter into a stricl ngreoment, whoi
?'"?' i hy they \\ ould Uoop tholr uuhii
vas closed'Ught for a poriod oi _i_ or n
rcd 1 iiioiuh j wo AVOUld be Cur more {jreu
ciH-nurilgrd. , . . Wllllitm J, I'nnn
aud Cliunip Clnrkl Throw III JtlO
Balley, 'I'om Tnggitft, ,Teff. Dnvls nntl
aoverrior trnskolll Whal .1 load for
ih'- Democrats t.> ..nclotlnko lo cnrryl"
"i'iiper.i Ihat nre ou m-d nnd COU
iroih-d by i.iw-ni.idiur. . tn.-.-n- xt\\\
puhiiiii wiih npnnronl upprtSVnl ...
sorts of Btorloa ond pioture 1 ooi\< ???- ??
Ing thefto lawleaa nnd bmttki ,-.m.-\>.
ipi-i,-.-* (lghta), und tiu llio n-.iu.i. n(
young bovs wlth tho ldca tlMt >'?? ?
human brutei." etc. eU\ . . . ' luil
no newspaper Is nt clic.ibue ln U.?!
homes of dOCOnt DftOplO," ct,-., ci-- V?.?.
vorlly; so spnkci thc d.*ih ,. .-nn-..-.
Dladdor on s.tturda*.. ln IHfl MH ?'????'
number containing tltoso hlnhh lunral
. xpresslons tlo* nrtlelos 1 !.i 1 ftemeht
between Kotchcl and 1 angford for .1
twent.N-round bout in San I'Vanclsoo
were ptibllshed. nnd "tho inlnil-i of
young boys" tlllct Wlttl nntl, iDlitlon.'l
of "one of Iho prettlosl sphips soon
hero (in Xew York) thla \ritr." whon
Abe Att .11. tho feaihorwelghl cham?
plon, ahtl Owen Moran, t in* Kngllsli
i)o\(-r, luiv up for n ten-round (Utht on
April 1. ln tho lnnguago or tho Bldddor.
"the decenl pooplo or tho codntry, to
aay nothlnk of tlfo Chrlstlan poonlo
of thc country. should lot tlio news?
papers understand tlmt they aro tlrod j
of tho parade of thcsc liuifinn hrutea
ln tholr columns." Yct. again; vca.
They havo gono to consorinr floral
trlbutcs In Berlln. which Indlcatea that
thc Kalser la catchlng n certoln com?
plalnt from his nelithbor, tlie Car.
i,e members of the Natlonal
Soclety really want to teach
ng peoplo of Amerlca how to
rrectly they should start. them
1 Jlttio Virginia sun-cured tobaeco.
They took 2,500 pounds of eggs off
cold storago In Xew York tho other
day. Nobody could remcniber when
thcv wero put thore. The grand lury
mav havo to Indlct some dead men.
Tho best thlng about tho flowers!
worn by tho niohmond glrls yester?
day ls that they coat only half un
much ul tho e 1 "hl in Iialtlmorc.
Whatover .lack Cudahy may do In
the future, ho has Inunoi lallzed hlm?
self as the founder of a llne school of
Thc Liberian Commlsslon hns Dled :i
report, statlng that this government
should ald Llberla ln Its troubles. This
WOUltl be B l.no chance for Qr
Brltain to establish a Monroe doctrinc
of lts own.
If Congress has
Ing what form of
Alaaka, lt mlghi
hundred plans do
of Columbla.
ny trouble decld
ivcrnment to glvo
ono of tho half
:d for the Uls-trl<:t
Wonder if Dr. Wile
a crimc for that
dic of a cold when 1 ?
six yeara of ag ? !
"A Seari h Llght of tho Twentleth
Century" la the subject of a leeture
In T-tultimore next week. whoreat the
Washington Herald will remark that
the speaker inade an llluminatlnc ad
It is very gratlfying that our candl?
date for the Democratlc nomlnatlon for
Vlce-Presldent, thc iion. Thomas r.
Waring, of the Charleston Kvcninc
Post. has been received with so manj
kind words of approval by tho news?
papers of hla natlve State. Wo oucht
to be able to count unon thc sunnorl
of tho Norfolk Landmark, tlmo aboul
belng' falr play. Mr. Waring would
make a far better run than Colonc
.lohn AV. Kern. and ho would presldt
over tho Senate with as much dlgnltj
and fur more brlghtness than What'a*
HIa-Namc, who ls thero now.
If the Montgomery Advertlser doesn'i
like them. i'. needn't read them. al?
though there are uuies when lt woul,
seem to need instruction upon a prooc
ir.any sul ?? and partlcularly upoi
the ethl ' he professlon.
Davld 1"
made - hal
r. of Vermont. lv* beei
n of tho Houso Commlt
toe on Forelgn Affalrs, and the Spring
Held Republiean regards this as "tln
nttalnmcnl of a high dlatlnction by s
member who has not yet served tei
year.. Tho dlatlnction, however, ap
1 peara lo be not eiuite what lt seems. a
r the Itopublican rcmarks that "thi
- Houso does not sharo wlth the Senat
the power to conllrm the appointmpnt
of dlplomatic oflicora or to ratify trea
ties; stlll, 'Forelgn Affalrs' has alwav
ranked as ono of tlio chief committee
of the lower chamber." How woul,
it do for thc two houses to agree npoi
the reference of all matters relatini
to appolntmonts In such "furrin parts
as Texas and South Carollna to Foa
ter's committee'.'
The Rev. XX. A. Hafer hns reslgne
the pastorate oC the Trinltatis Evan
geltcal Lutheran Church of Jersey Citj
becauso he is bald-headed. Ho sayi
accordlng to a report In the Balttmor
Sun, tliat he cannot wear hls hat i
thc pulpit and cannot preach bare
headed without catchlng cold, and h
preached his farewell ..ernion yester
day. Why couldn't ho wear a sltti
cap without glving offence to anybod
or showing irreverence to hls aacre
ofllce'.' Strungo that tlils brilliat
thought hns not occurred 10 his vestr.
The Maryland Leglslature has dock
od that no mechanlcal uppllances ca
bo used In tlie voting booths of th
Stnte. Thls ls tho best endorsomer
yet glven the dfflclehcy of the volin
.1 ust to show that thu Virginia Ai
symbly has no mortgage on provlncla
Ism, tlm Maryland Kcnatc- has apt
Virginia ln refuslng to aid the oysti
Tho Tennis Cablnet had a reuiiU
Thursday, tu get in practice, iloubtlc.-'
for the days when lie will bo back
Wheat stands at .'I.IO, so the ai
inliili Iratjou decldes to add SO 1"
cont, to iho duty on Canadian wheat,
ny a. aitece.aful
i.liiR ' campaign
.rlglnatcd tlirougji
iiuiti, of thla live
liichniomt Advertis?
ing Agency, Inc.
Mutu.il UulldiiiK.
Daily Queries and Amwers
Ad.lrc.___ all communlcntlons for thls column to Query Edltor,
Tlmon-DUpatch. Nomathcmatlcal problema avIH he solvcd, no coins
01 RtflttiP- vulucd and no dealers' names Avill bc glven.
hii.i i lii.ti'it \o\v ln llloiini,
. . .- c.ue tno tho nainca of tho
, ? |t(MV(ll ' whleli are now In hloom
? .oi nichmond. a ntimbor of InacM
nr* very much Ihtorosted in the
it'ii.t. atld wish to know Avhal ilow
l , the\ mav look for.
!?,..(,_-.or C. II. Winston, of l.hh
iiond Collego, who iievoii"! hla hours
? I i-i'i-realliin from the ardiioilM labor
-r physloa t? tha study of hotnny,
end- in .1 Illl AAlth thh: ex pla mi I nry
?nt :
-Tho rollowlng llsl Incltides nii tho |
wild iloweii that have ln-on found ln
blooni bv th" wrlter In tho Btiburhs of
Rlchmond from Jammry i to Mnrch 23,
1010, The lorm 'llowei-" l-i USOd ln
tho most Ilberal m nso, and Includes
noi only flowors proper, hui trees nnd
.lirnhs ' atnl What nre usualiy doslg
nnted ns 'Aveods'? everythlng, In fact,
ihat bears n blossom. The truo botan
Ist aml llouer lover rarolv dlscrlml
nntei botAveon flowers and Aveeds, or
apoakfl sllghtlngly of the latter, but
Seefl something tO BtUdy and lo ad
mlro in iM-iv opening bloi som. .
"Tho li--t Ia pre,,ente.I ln Iho hope
thnt It may he .' startlng pblnl and
n help lo .om" ot those lnterested in
oi tl >? mo t dellghtful nnd insplr
Ine of ali recrcational pursults?the
,.. U .. -.-. i'.il llowet-s. lt might
I), prei ??? ved tor reference. i I
ntimberod thom for convi nlence, and
Imve added a Becond name to most of
i. Skunk cabbnge, or Bymploca'rpUB,
2. Itcpath a, or llverwort,
Chlckwecd, or Btellarln medla.
i. [_ainlum, or dead nottlc.
i"..., ? ? i i..i. or whltlOAV gi ?
0, Shopherd's purse, or capsella.
1. Purplo Avihl vioict. or vlola pal
8. Fleld pansy, or Johnny Jump
0, Dog tooth vlolot, or adder's
10. s'needwell, or verbnlca ngrestl .
ii. (.hnhirln. or pennyAvort.
1?. Wild glnger, or aaarum vlrglnl
13. Blood root. or sangulnnrla.
11. iiaiiih-iion, or taraxacura.
i.n prlnce Char.los de Fauclgny
..:... Charli :.. - I ; ? ?? ? ?
lattci in, thi Du d ;'
murdered by Louvi thi Pa
ln February, 1820, led t b
foro he explred the two tlaugl
borne to hlm i t hla unlon wlth
BroAvh, daughtci of an Engllsh ch
man, to hls uncle, Louis XVIII., nnd to
his fathor, afterwarda Charles X. The
King sottled handsome fortunea
thu girls, creatlng Charlotte. Countess
... i bi oudun, ii. her own rlghl
obtain tho sanctlon tlieroto from hls
uncle, lvotiis XVII.. and from his I ith
cr, yet the i--;r:- wore br.u-.ht up at
court as relatives of tho reigning
Louiso, Countess Vlerzon, marrled
Baron Athann-ius de Charette, father
of Genoral Barpn ')? Charet
played so galiant .. role in lhe War
of 1870. The i-enoral'a so::, Ant .*.
who, Instead of contentlnc hlm eli
Avith the lUuatrtous and hlstorli
or De Charette, and wlth the title
of baron, su honorably borne by hls
;|father, grandfathei and great-grand,
. I father, haa fooltsl ?? and wlthoul any
- of marquli, mai rled last No ?? i
lINow Vork. Misa Susan Honnlng. daugh
i ter of .lames W. Ucnni!.*., o: I
? I vllle, Ky.
Charlotte, Countess of Vssoudun,
marrled Prlnce de Fauclgny-Luclnt-e,
and through thts unlon became the
mother of Prlnce Charles d" Fauclgny,
m lm has lust dled. The house of i.m
clnge-Fauclgnj i-: on, ol ti ?? ? ? ?
of thc nobility of Savoy, and Its famlly
tree sIioavs many in.itriuioi.tai alliances
wlth th" now reigning dynasty of
Italy, The orlginal name was Fuci
nlaci, which haa been Galllclzed Into
Fauclgny, and the name or Luclnge,
and also that of Collgny, came to tho
family through marrlage. The prlr ??.
ly tltle Is in reallty a Sardlnlan one,
aud it Avas only in 182S thai Klne
('harles X.. for the sake of his grand
daughter, mother ?.f the' orinre who
has iust dled, consented to grant a
patent, authorlsslng tho membars of tht
hotise of Fauclgny-l-uclngo el Collgny
to use their forelgn honors ln France,
The late. prlnce, owlng to tho dcatli
three yonrs ago of his eldcst son. ir
Guadaloupe, ls suceeedod ln liis tltlet
and estates by his second son. Fer
dinand, Avho waa formorly marricd ti
the 'daughter of the Parlsian banker
Baphael Cahen d'Anvers, and slnce hei
death has heeome the liusband of ;?
daughter of the Odessa-Parlslan corn
broker and speculator, Mlchael Epbrus
si, a granddaughter, therefore, of tln
late Jlaroii Alphonse Rothschild ol
Paris. Neither of his marriagos hav<
been particularly happy, mainly owiiu
lo financlal squabblos, tho prlnce tak?
ing tlio hlgii and lofty ground tha
it ls perfoctly preposterous to droan
that he Avould ever have consented t<
contract a mesallianco b.v wedding tln
daughter of a tuoro plebelail banker. oi
oornbroker, if ho had not recolved bc
forehand ossurances from them tlia
they would pay hls bllls.
Princo Guy, ;i younger brother o
Princo Ferdinand, is marrled to Mcr
codes Terry, daughter nnd heiress o
tho late Antonio Terry, of New York
Guy do Fauclgny-1-iiclnge, who ls mtifl
more popular than his elder brother
and liis American AVifo, are freuuon
vlsltors to tho United States; Avore li
Noav York, indeetl. tlio other day vvhei
they received tlio news of tlie fata
Ulness of tlte old prlnce, avIiIcI
caused them to liasten back to Parls
Much of Prlncess Guy's proporty ls li
Noav York, whero Franols Egertoi
Webb nnd Henry T_. Spruguo aro th
tiustees of tho trust croated for tli
benefit of his daughter by tho lul
Antonio Terry, whoso second wll'e wa
tho Avell-known prlma donna, Slby
Old Empe*?r Wllllnm's Hotli,
Every American who has vUllo
Berlln ls ucQiialnted wlth th" Uoto
de ilome et illl Noi'd, on the Avonu
Unler den Undon, whlch mr con
sldorably ovor loo years has boen
landmark ot tho Prussian metropolii
and throughout tho wholo ol that tlm
has been ln tho possession oi Ih
Muhline famlly. lt '? "oiv about t
bo torn down. in order lo n'ul.i; \va
for a noAV aud up-lo-dato olllco hulKl
lng. ils dlsappoaranoo serve.-. to rc
cuii tlio fact thut ln tlm olui-n timo
Un- late Kiuperor Wllliam wns avoii
to hnvo Muhlilig HCnd OVOr tAA'lCO
wi ' k frbni the hotel lo tho nalaco
hl- AVoodi-n hul hl iih wlth jt SlIPPl.V '
hot water for hls USO, Theiv w.-i<
no baths lu the palace ln those dav;
l.mpross Augiit-tii. shockod Ul llilfl pul
lle display "f i-leanlineiss Inslstod 0
having w beautlful marble bath ai
ranged in tho palaoo fur her htli
hand's henelit. Bul tho Ill'Hl "u." ''''i
poror AVilllam useii it, iiii sltpnou o
the Avut iiiiu'l'li- and caiue. down wll
such a crash that ho vuwed novi
ugain tn USO nny Wu ull iinw-fiuiulr
eontrlvnnce, and pl N ll.I lo lhe en
Of lili daya, lung after baths had lie?
installi'd ln OVOry milu- ol' upa rl men
of lhe old nalucc. ln [lttVlPK Ihn winiili
Imth-tub broughl over tivlop a .VUU
, from tlio llutol ?ie Itoiue ,- du .\or.l
S\ li |h dllllciilt for pooplu wlm il\
?y iu UlOSO duys of IHOdoni cuiivcnlciu-'
IG, Tr.illlng urbiitiis, or .Muyllou'i .
' io, Anomone, or wlndilowor.
17. Denlarlii, Or tootliwtut.
IS. Pnfe eorydnlls.
I n. Wlld lilm wb.-rry. or frugrarla.
20. Clni|iiefoll, or potentllln.
21. Spring beautv, or claytonla.
?jt:'.. Baxlfrage,
23. Mouho car cross,
21, itiueis, or Quaker ladles.
'_'.",. Itiiniiliiniii.-. dr early ,-iowfool.
20. I'eriwlnklc, ur vlnca.
Tln, followlng treea nnd shruba mny
bo Inoludodi
27. Aldor, or alnus (wlth cntktns).
28, Iron wooil, ir hop liornhca nt
(wlth cntklna).
2ft. ftod inupic, or acer rubrum,
HO. wiid piuni. or priiini.'i Aiuerlcnna.
31, Pench ,o- nmygdalus poralca.
;;l>. Spi, i- bush, or llndern b.nsoln.
"All Of I !.-.-'? nre Stlll ln blOOHI (wlth
ihe exceptlon, perhaps, or the flrst
named) und maf bo found by diiiisr-nt
Boarch. MoBt of thom nre wldely dla
trlbutcd, but some, like arbtitus and
hopatlcl), occur ln onlv n few I'.'vnr.-.1
localltles, u thla favorablc weather
eontlnues, tha Hut wlll rapldly grow
ln longth. aud before the end or tho
* car should Im luda many hundrcdi."
Tlie li> rtl l.ttw.
ln caso of n grocery storo attached
to B bar room, wlll the Byrd law nllow
llquora tb be i old and delivered to
men ln the gro
j a gea.
We do not think
thls, though, of c
Wlll :.1 I- dl Cid
n pnek
p,'l lllit.
Uritilluc tlllr.
? !?-?-, e tell
who Is to be m irrlcd.
2; What should maid of honor - ?
if brlde hns travellng suit. and What
uind of flower. when marriage i 10
1. The nrOomstnon, groom and iho
best mnn BflOUld be In froek coats, bigll
nnd convontlonal full morning
2, The maid of honor can elth.r ???.. .-.*
a streol town ,,r n slmplo llght dress,
The style of flower.. ls purelv u matl t
or cholce,
a subalti f
atance, II li said, ot Klns Edward, then
helr apparent, who ls oulck to notlco
any Infraction oi etlqucttc. Thr- su
perfluous footman had to leave the
Lord Mayor'a carriage ihen and thero
and t-i return to the Manslon Houso
in ;, cab The lesson thus luuglit t,,
ilo- I'hb-r Maglstrato of thc motropolls
was takon to heart. nor has tht offenai
.-ver b.i repeated.
(Copyrlght, 1910. by the Brentwood
i' impany,)
Voice of the People
t'ntiimiinlentlon? must not eon
tniri more tUnn 300 ivortla.
When tlilw llmlt ln exeecded let
terH wlll be returned.
Xo anoiiyitioiiM communlcntlonn
iilll be accepted.
A nttunpcd envelope, -rvltlt thc
wrtter'a iid<lre?i., must ncroiupany
cvcry eonimunlcntlon,
ItlcliiiKiixl'M ??Conservittlou Problem."
Kditor of The Tlmoa-Dlspatch:
Sir,_.Mny a loyal Rlchmbnder?ln
tonsely proud of hor clty'.. every for?
ward movement. and equally mortlilod
by any step hackwiyd?thunk you for
your cdltoi'lal on the School Nurso
l-'or several months?through tlio
puhilc-spiritcii genoroaily of the Vialt?
lng Nurses' Association?our clty has
hnd a practlcal clomonslratlon both -.*
tlm pressing need ol adetjuatc mecHea*.
suporvlslon ln om- schools, and b: tlu
bost und easloul ipelhqd of its uccom
plhihnicnt. So otrlklng wns thls ob
j,-ct icsson thut wc scomod assured not
only of 1 io pormanenco, hut also ot
tho miililpll-.il v (lf I mny so term lt)
Of ihlB mo: I ottOOtlvo liculth nfflcor?
iho school nurse. Instead?when all
of Ihe nvulhiblo funds of tho nssocin
tlon liavo boen exhausted?-tho Council
iihHoluiely falls 10 mako tiny uppro*
prliillon, und t.reulor RlQhmond's only
uohool nm. In allowed to rettre-k
St-rloii.-i as \:: tho loss to the ilig'Jt
Schooi puplla and patrons, lt ls moro
Borlous to the cause of civlc progress^,
Thls iiilf.'-c -piil IntO the lllfih School
I,,-cause ll wu.'i thc most conspicuous
fleld for ilciiionsti'uUoii, but even moro
iifeo.-surv in thcr lower schools?repra?
,..eiiis onl- flral atop iu accord wlth
mndern methods,- tw Uio physical ile.
vciopiiieiit or our chlldroh,
U'o In-i.r onich tulk of coiiscl'vutioii
i(, dn-, qoiiBorvatlon of land and
wulcr. ol' iiiliK'i'al.-i und foresls. What
Of lib-hmond'M greal conscrvullcl. qnoK
,!,,,, in,. ,-,.n.v,*rvullou of Ihe vllitllt.v
iui(l ,-iib iciiev af hor future oltlzBtiahlpT
(Coiilinuoii ou ""'l-Ntli I'uu'c.)

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