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White Waists for Spring
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of Foulards and Pongee
Silks is Endless
Perhaps that is why so many women are buying them; perhaps, too, that is the reason it finds
favor in Paris, though whatever Jhe reason may be, thc fact rcmains unchanged that these Silks
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' Gilbert Hulcher, Struck With
Brick, in Critical
Gllhort Hulcher, Hon of ex-Police
man Louls Hulcher, of 735 Brook Ave?
nue, tvho wns murderouslj assn
nn Brook Avenue and Le"ljrh Sl
Snndav nlght, wlll probably dle
hls wound, Ilo ile.-' nine in ilm Clty
Hospltal, where it waa sald inst niKht
that hls chance for rocovery is tk
tremely doubtful.j liis skull waa frac
tured by the tdrritlc impnct nf the
half brick htirletrat hlm, arid hla brain
owed from the wound.
Yoinitf Hulcher wns accdmpanled by
Beveral boys. and was on iii.-- way home
when the attack occurred. Sovoral of
hltf tionnpitnioiis became Involved i;i
eh* parlor
5, wlth .1
but aftpr
lax into a.
Hl.l.i, l\ CITY AtniTORir.M
The w-r<-etling match whl< !-. w.-ij t0 ha.-f*
betn htld at (h< Flrst 1 .......
*3,$3^?&*4 SHOES
Boys* Shoes, $2.00 & $2.50
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? AK"rio.Y -w. U I).)iiBl?? namesDd nricsli
lUcniirdc.ritlir l.ottiuii lu proitn Iiu- w.-.u.-i ij-miui
k!i!h prlcM hmii/if,-ri(.-r ?li._i?. 'I',iL?i \,.Nul,m.
tutr. II W. l?I>uuzl*s thoi-s im- >,. | ti.r -..ile in
JGill VlL-ilutJ, wrir (or Mail iliil.i C.;l.il.,K.
W. L, DOt'li.'.AB, liiutltun. MiM.
iiiniaim;tta &uwciujj?_i. &Mt urmA tiitssh
Episcopal Congregations Hold
Meetings on Easter Monday
in Accordance With Custom.
Vestrymen were elected at many of
tho Epi.oopn! churches of Rlchmond
yesterday, lu most cases the same offi?
cials succeedlng themselves. Changes
in the maln were only in cases of
death or removal from the city.
Among those holdlng thelr annual
meetings yesterday, the followlng elec- |
tlons were reported:
??t. I'aul'M, Kev. it. W. Forsyth, rec- I
tor. Vestry?B. Ran. Wollford, Dr.
George Ross, Wllliam C. Bentley. |
Charles Davenport, Judge R. Cartor
Scott, Judne Beverly T. Crump. B. R.
Muntord, John B. SToung, Frederlck W.
Scott, W. Frank PoVvors and E. Ran?
dolph Willlams.
Iloly Trlulty, Rev. .1. .1. Gravatt, rec
tor, Vestry?Thomas Atklnson, Jos.
M. Hnll, T. il. Baskervill, E. A. Baugh
man, C. A. Crawford. .1. Sidney Daven?
port, Jr., Jonn S. Glenn, John W Gor?
don, Edw. C. Mayo, John B. Minor,
W. Brydon Tcnuant, A. 1'. Wlltner.
Emmanuel, Rcv. E. E. Osgood, rectbr.
Vestry?H. C. Beattle, J. S. Bryan, T.
P. Bryan, R- N. Cross. Win. Ellis Jones.
John B< Lmld. 11. T. Maloney, AtlgUBtUS
.Mordecal, Frank W. Nelson C. C. 1'lnck
nev, E. D. Redd. T. C. Redd.
Meilde M.orlnl. Vestry ? D. C. Zyl
5tra, W. W. Friend. George Paul,, E. E.
Early, W. L. Prentiss. W. F. Rex, E. J.
Holy Coinfoi-lerj Hoctor. Rev. John
Hallowell Dickinson. Vestry?E. S.
)..-.-?-. \V. Meade Addison, James E.
T.yler, Jr., G. J. Freedley, R. C. Salns
bury, B. T. Smlth, A. D. Wrenn, W. T.
Smlth, i' G, Rurton. R. S. Morris, F.
Ellls jones, T. A. Stanford.
Kpipiitniv. Barton Heights.. Vestry,
Thomas C Rufllni Howard Whitlock,
Thomas Armstrong, H. T. Ingalls. E,
D Redd- R, Jeter Jones. Walter K.
Dunn, E. D Smart, George W. Brlght.
0. M. Mooors, Charles A. Nesbltt, Gar
St. .Inrk'H? S. T. Beverldge, F. D.
Beverldge, R. C Carter, Hezekiah Har?
ris, Emmett Harris, Wllliam T. Tyror,
3eorge W. Latlmer, W. A. Snlder, Pow
hatan Nash, A. Stanley Kratz, J. L.
Epps, J s. Pattorson.
. Christ?John S. Gregory, Thomas
Polndexter, C. H. Burton. J. R. Day,
.: .*?. Gregory, J. L. Gregory, George
W W.i. 111. C, I. Roblnson. J. W.
. : ?:-.- J L. Willlams, II. B. Taylor,
st. Jiimrs, Rev. W. Meado Clark. ree
tor. Vestry?E. B. Addison, Boswell
Alsop, Ja.*. r. Gordon, Jas. Caskle, W.
S, Gray, O, 11. I'unsLen. Murrav Mc
G.ulre, s. W. Travera. Preston Cocke,
W. Mlnor Woodward, S. G. Wallace, Dr.
Jno. N. Upshur.
St. Indre.Ta, Rev Thos, Semmes, rec
tor. Vestry?A. C. Ri-dlord, F, E, Scott.
C. E, Shepherd, C. J. Nowell, C. W.
Anderson. W. R, Smlth. B. V. Palmer,
E. 0. Traylor, C, M. Henley, J H, pick
erson, Jr.. A. M. Mav.
St. -nilre-tv'K, Rcv. Thos. Renmies. rec
tor Vestry?Captain Jno. F. Mavor. F.
J. Cralgie, J. D. Welsh, M, T. Mussen,
c. ii. Mlnor, Wm. S. Blankenshlp, R. e.
Duvall, R. A. Llncoln. Jas. E. Estes
Samuol Frlschkorn,
.loiiiim.-nlnl, Kev. .Tns. w. Morris,
rbctor. Vestry?W. R. Yarborough,
Rlchard ll. Meade, John M. Tuvlor,
Lewls C Willlams, Ben B. Valentine.
Walter Chrlstlan. Geo, AV. Warren,
Powhatan Breeden, Chas. H. Watklns,
John L. Willlams.
Lea Camp Appreulatta Work of Riclimond
LenUlatirF-To> Confederate Soldiers.
1 aptaln .lonn A. Curtls. a .nichmond
' of the HoiiBe of liulpgaies, re.
? ?? - ??' rday nu officini oopy of the foi
,; reiolutlon unanlmotiHly adopted by.
t: K. Lee I'limp, Confederate Vetorani:
"neiolved Thai thu thnnkn at R. B. L?e
Camp, No. 1, Conf.doruie V. lerium. l?*
'-..rntri \0 n?n. John A.. Curtle, a m_ui
Houia of lieleualfK and n member
. i camp, for hln patrlotlc eervlcoa In
Ip.irortuctii, anrl m-ourliiB the -ia__ut,-<_ of an
i. i by the General Aia.mbi.. or Virginia
ii uI.iiik u obllgatory on the part of he
... department* of the state covernm
m r ?-.? Iho nreferenoe 'in the employment
lulllllill Se
rate noldl
ll Deud.
_r ih
Broilieri Company, dled Bunday In Rie vn*.
Klnla Hospital in tlio flfty-fourth year of hls
age. fialhnino waa -.vell ltnow'n aml ilked
... ti... entlro tobttCfO u.uly.
Building Inspector Beck Will
Formally Condemn It
Jn the appeal of Major !_. T. Prico,
of tho First Reg-irhent, made to the
Board of Safety yestorday protestlng
agalnsi the rullng of Bullding In?
spector Beck that no more wrestling
matches were to be held In the Sev?
enth Hireet Armory, the inspector
sprung a surprlse by saylng tliat tho
structure was unsafc. ile stated tliat
ho was unwllllng to assume the re
sponslbllity of havlng crowds congre
gate in a htiflding which mighl col
lapse at th?* cost of many llves and
much monny to the clty. This state?
ment was mml') to the board after
Major Price hnd agreed to place sta
tlonary chairs ln tlie drlll room ac
cordlng to the provlslons of the Build?
ing Code. As only the question of
complylng with thr ,-odc as to the
disppsltlon of tlie spectators was he?
fore the board, no action wns taken
mi Mr. Beck's assertlon that ihe build?
ing was untlt to he used.
lie was, however, Instructed to re?
port the fact in wrltlng. Hls letter
will be In the hands of the ."\Iayor
thls mornlng.
Mayor Rlchardson stated tiiat on re
*c-ipt of the commnniiation he would
'iiusf* the armory to hc- closed, pend
dr- the declsion of a board of engin
;.-rs, who would he appointed to pass
m tlie condltlon of the structure.
ifeanwhlle, of course1, all diilis and
ithletic contests will he disconttnued
\ meetlng of the ('.rounds and Flulld
ngs Committee has been called for
o-morrow night, at which a request
vlll he mado for tne use of the City
Viiditorluni fnr tlu- next ?vrestllrig
tontest, which ls scheduled for Mon
lay, It ls expected that the use of
hat bullding wlll be granted.
ln speaklng of tlie matter last nlght,
nspector Beck said that the armory
lad been in had condltlon for some
Ime. and showed letters to Major
lunsdori Cary. then ln command, for
ilildlng the use of the drlll room on
he second door for battallon drllls,
nni allowlng only company drllls on
lie iiiaiii tllior. The bullding was
veakened by the construction of tho
iew houso next door last fall, and Mr.
te.ik says that since that tlmo other
msafe places have been found. espo
ilally in the foundatlon. The struc
ure, he sald, was bullt many year*
ago, and ls dangerous in spots from
tlie roof to thc foundatlon.
Richmond Can Annex Manchester
Without Increasing Her Debt
BY II. It. POIiLtAItD, .IFt?
Chalrman Flnn nor Committee, Itlchniond flty Council.
The MitgneHttonn ndvanced by some or the npcnkcrx ln MnnchcHicr Mlio
nre onponltii? cnnnolldntloii thut Itlclimmid Ih nut (Innnoliillv nble to com
l>ly with her imrwiiieiil in positively foollsh. Unless some cntastrophe
should overtake n?, Bichmond In now lu cnndltlnn, tliruugh her Slnklng
Fund, to piirclinse nll thc bonds tlmt nhe mny winh (o Issue, without (lie
nlii or nsslstnnce uf auy brokers or bankers, Here nro the l'notn that
prove id
lletirecn July 1, thln yenr, nntl Febninry 1, 1011, Ihe Slnklng
Fund wlll be ln thc markot forltlehmond clty honds to the
extent of.9308.600 (10
From February t, 1011, to August l, inn, to the extent of. l-irias.T oo
From August t, 1011* to, February t, 11)12, to tbe cxtont of. .'....'. iso!?x7 oo
Totnl t<? luvent hefore February 1, 1012.S5S0 "00 00
The Slnklnir Fiiiul wlll Iiiii.-iim- for the next ton renr.s nt the rule of
not irnn il,,.,. 930O,pqp per nniiiun. Thln In u very bonservntlvo estlnmte
Ilelw.en now und Juuunry 1, 1020, only $B8,000 0f oi|t?tan?ng bonds mnture'
und they wlll he iiald ut miitui-Hy,
\,.w my Ideu about how to llnnuee thr Mmiehester proposltlon l? to
Uhiie bonds ?? hulld thc brldges nnd put the KIUI mwln? ovt,r <u?r
ngrredi tel the Slnklng Fund buy thc honds, und nll oun he doue without
u slngle oue of our bonds golng on the market. (ir course, l thlnk thut
Iho looul brokers Nlimild luivr ii ohiiiioo ln bbl |,lr (liein ?11('i i. .,
hid iiu* Slnklng Fund thoy oun got them. There hns never hoon'ii tlm*'
when tho olty wlnhed to borrow money lh?t |,or hct tlnnnolnl frlend. John
V. Ilruiieh, wns not ulnd to let hpi* hnve li. . '""",
VntiitCdrisoliclati'on S p cake r
Makes Violenl Attack oti
H. C. Bcattie.
?ir.-t Ward Citizcns Chccr for
Union of
in the most excltlng of all the
neetlngs attendliig tlte flght ln Man
licster, George P, Eggleston, addrosa
ng a gatherlng of antl-consolldatlon
sts ln the courthouse last lllght, be
ame personal tn a degree ihat nmy
>-t bring the cohtesl to n polnt more
.Mlmis than fl flght of ballot.. Keyed
p to such n pit'h- that hc evldently
ork'ot himseu. he declared that ho
nd been told ln hls o *. hnll hy a
lllzen, that only the ni- grndc of
tanchester cltlzens we're dghtlng nn
exatton, nnd thai all tne good people
?ould enst thelr votes i l' the unlon.
At (Irst Mr. Eggleseon refused to
iscloso the name of hls lnformant,
aylng tbat hls absence would make it
njust, bul boing ursred to name the
ian he said that he was n. C. Beattle,
ne of the most prominent cltliiens of
lanchester- Bellovlng that he was
ils.nformed, a delegatlon conslstlng
f T. IL Nlchols, Fred nnd Svivan Patoh
nd Jamea F. Bradley went to Mr.
eattle's home.
Itrnltle Uenlr_ . Inteinent.
Mr. Beattle denled that he hnd ever
,.,,-,. ;,,...? .i-i, h Btntemeht, and snld'i
iat as far as he knew ho hnd never
iet Mr. Eggleston. La*-'- nlpht neither
r Beattle nor members of the Con
illdatlon ciub htol declded what ac
on, if any, they would take about
r. Eggleston'a utterances.
The meeting I" the courthouse Ust
Ight wns marked by stormy proceed
igs. lmpassloned ^>l violent otit
11.-ts. caustli and satlrlcal remarks,
iout_ and threatenlng crles tor po
-.. pr.otectlon, and tho presence of tho
nny consoltdatlonlsts precipltated
igry and often futlle raps for order
t B. M. Robertson. the ptesiding offl
Clinrlcs Psge Spenks.
Charles L Pace said tlmt thc two
-,-en peas on the consolidation sign
ere rather the Images ot the two
ollards, senlor and Junlor, than hitn
? L ond D. L. Ful) lam.
"I love my city. I want to save her
om the destructlon that threatens.
Ichmond didn't want her whon she
as practically bankrupt. Now she
offerlng to pay for what she
,urned yeara ago as a free glft. Ful
i;i ha bei n n parl of Rlchmond for
irtv s'ears and to-.in\ she ls waiting
[l| ror protectlon from floods."
Money that should have gone to
enrlco, he declared. hnd frotie to the
sautitying of Monument Avenue and
Ichmond thoroughfares,
"Rlchmond last year ran $513,000
?hind her actual receipts. and she
?e won the trust fund dedlcated to
enrlco county. She has broken her
lth with Henrlco!"
ln reference to Clty Attorney Goofl
yn nnd Rlchard B. Davls. he o.
"Are you going to Petersburg to re
rt tho sworn statements of two city
He asserted that Mr. Davis's Ftftte
ent that in any contract which wns
cal the law provldes for lts en
rcement was unworthy of any law
-Dld he (Davls. teli you yon could
?t any more than __deo.Uate' liro pro
ction? lle slrhply told you the or
nancc wa? all rlght. and you swnl
wed lt llke n sttcker 'swallowing
"And he went Into the Klorles of
nsolidatton, and I say lt was an In
11 to the citizons of Manchester. and
is outside the tunctlons of a lawyer.
'Pollard represents these lawyers.
? went outside of hls functlon as a
vyer and interfered with the rola
.ii between cllent and ciient."
Teorge p. Eccleston took lhe stand,
d In a thundorlng volce and flcry
nner ex'horted hls hearers.
?You (consolldatlohlsts) went to
tershttrp: to hlre Mr. Davls to come
ro and cuss Terrall. Can any good
ng como out of Nazareth. You are
Hns- to the clty oC Rlchmond noth
: and getting nothing."
t was here thc speaker made the
nck upon Mr. Reattie.
Pho Antl-Annexatlon Leaprue will
-et in Anderson Hall to-night at
0. All tre Ipvlted.
I'ollie nnld Alleged Resort.
ine Washincton, colored, who wai flned
the police f'oiirt yosterday morning on
Q barge of runnlng an ob.jectlonabl_ re
U. waa arrested last night on llie sam_
rge in her liouse at 313 West .Marshall
pel. glx other poople wero tnlcon out anrl
ested b.v lhe offlcers who mado tlie raid.
Rrlef Cotincll Sesslon.
h- Common .'nunrtl wns In session for a
? mlnutes lnst nlpht for the purpose of
lng on a resolution approprintlng $10,00(1
piirohnse of addltlonal grounds for tlie
Rlnln State Falr. As lt could not bo
sed on t!.? night offered the resolution
i placed on the table. nnd wlll be acted
n nt tha next regular meeting ot tho
ln LTsttal Ward Scramblc Outly
ing S c'c t i o n s
Subcommittcc Named tu Report
Whether Any Progress Has
Been Made.
When Counrlltnnn C. K. Richnrds
Dresentod to ihe Committeo on strooi?
[ast night. tho apportlonment of the
1100,000 fund for streot Improvement
.: agreed upon i>v n recenl caucus held
>>? certaln membors of tho commlt
oo. thore was but ono dlsseriting volce,
rhe protest came from Councilman
lohn it. Bllley, of Monroe Ward, whose
lonstltuency was alloted the smallest
m.nt ..f any ol' the seven wards. Mr
Hiiey stated tlmt lio was not nt (lu*
'ple baklng," aiul oonseouentiv Monroe
.Vnrd got left. ii.. reglstered thi* blg
est kind of a klck, and i.itterlv lio-.
valled tho fact tliat he had not boen|
n hand to take up for lil.-) people,
ilioin lu* pathetlcally descrlbed an
lecdlng more than any others.
As a last resort, he moved that $500
ach bo transferred from Henry and
effcrson Wards aud placed to the
I--1!! of Monroe, There wero manv
hut when It came to a vote
t h,. only momber of tlm coin
? :?? vote uye. Tho others. whlle
some of thom wero not jtisi
? ed, saw ihat it wa;-, the wlse
? ? ??? let well enough iilone. The
epori was then adopted.
The M ind \p|ii,ri|o,l?M.iit.
Followlng is tho apportlonment as
lents, $>...i
>ehts, $7.0
lents, |6,0
Ward?General lmprovements
curblhg ond gutterlng, $5,500
Ward ?General lmprovements
curblng aud gutterlng, $4,900.
-.?ii Ward?Genernl Improve
$9,500; curblng nnd gutterlng,
lia.il Wh nl- General Improve
$6,000; curblng aiul gutterlng,
Ward?("lonoral Improvc
? >. curblng nnd gutterlng,
Ward ?General improve
10; ? urblng and gutterlng,
W rd?General improve
"t. curblti* and gutterlng.
riilni; ln Falrmonnt.
? of al.
lorltiK l
mt. the
nlth &
ddei s.
ii-ndi-il thi- app
>lng ani
..f Falr
n Falr
new street
wlll be ap
?ity, one to i,
.- tges to propert]
lount by reason o
ork. Threo of i!
olntod?om- from tl.
[?lecled from the cltizens ot I-alr
lount, and ihe third to be selected
-. thoso two. Thov wlll assess all
amages, aml thelr declslon wlll be
cmsldered linal. Eneroachments on
ie south side of Hanover Stroet, be
.veon strawiierry and Klm Streets,
er? ordered reniovcd.
Ilcnrloo Itullwny inn-.
A liill of $|i) for demurrage. sent to
ie Clty Engineer by thc- rtlchmontl
id Henrlco Rallway, was brought to
ie attentlon of the committee. Mr.
olllnp; was nol certaln that it could
erally be paid out of tlio deposlt as
irt of the constructlon expenses.
It was rulcd thal lt was a part of
le expense Incldent to buildlntt tho
>ad and was ordered paid. The ore
mtation of ;iiis blll brought uu again
io old iinentitui of what tlu* company
as doing towards gettlng lts llno into
orklng order. Mr. FergusBon wanted
report made at once, so tliat the
>mmlttee mlght know .iust what the
atus of aflalrs was. As ;i substltuto.
r. Bllley asked that a committee of
tree be appointed to lnvestigate and
?port pri Kt'css, lf any. Thls was
irried, and Messrs. Bllley, Richards
ul Fergusson were named.
Alderman Nelsen asked tliai the Clty
nglneer be authorlzed to mako a map
tho property along GUlle's '.'reek in
ili-r to ascertain how much of it be
nged to the clty,
Some Street Improvement*.
'"ounollman Lynch offered a rosolu
on ihat blds be asked for curblng
id gutterlng tho east and wos* '*i?s
Jessamlne Street, between Venable
id Carrlngton Streets, the blds to be
iturned by April 16.
Mr. Pnllook wanted the Mechanlcs
llo Turnplke paved between Venable
root Hnd the corporation llno. nro
ded the consent of tlie proporty
vners could bo obtained.
ln hls turn. Mr. Richards wanted
as for paving wlth grunlte spalls
?? city's part of Oakwood Avenue.
om P Street to the cemetery Kato:
r paving, granolithlc curb and gut
rs, ..n both sides of -N" and O Streets,
itween Chlmborasso Boulevard and
lirty-third Streets, and that tlie Clty
iglneer mako an estimate of tho cost
extendlng Broad Street from Thirty
v.-nth Streot io the Government Hoad
the rallroad crosslng. Many other
in.ir .stroet lmprovements were oft'er
l>y other members of thi- conimit
Xew Street (ur Barus.
Attorney A. H, Gillgon, representini?
e VlrglnU Railway and Powor Com
iny, appeared before the conimlttee.
Klng that tho ooinpany be allowed
run a spur track from tho Broad
reet llne to tlie corncr of Harrison
ul Clay Streots, whero a new sub
atlon will soon he erected. Ile stated
at tho present stibstation on West
?oarl stroet would bo moved to tliat
int. and lts capaclty inereasert to
?o uplts. ihe extonsion wus allowed.
r. Gulnron also hronprht up tho uuos
m'-pf maklng over to the olty cortaln
operty in tho \\ o-t Kna for streots and
close certaln stroot-; for tlie use of
o company after the ereetlon of tlio
w barns. lt was declded that. tho
uter ho taken up nt a mo.etini? Frl
y night, wlion property-ownors in
o vlclnlty wlll bo heard if there
e any complaints lo bo made.
.'Iimond Transfcr Company to Kstabllsh
New Motor Service.
'ho Rlohmond Transfer Company yeater
V declded to establish a laxloab aervlro
llou of carrlni-.es, and several niaclilti-.a
ro boon ordered nnd wlll be horo by lh?
ddlo of Aprll or tho tlrst of May. Tlie
eblno used wlll bo the Alco car, mann
tured by Iho American I.ocomotlvo Com
ny, two of whloh aro now ln tho clty ser
e. The now sorvico wlll bo iip-to-dato
av.ry partlcular, and, it ia belleved, wlll
a dooldori benefit to the transfor trafflc.
ho rato or chargo for tho taxis has not
b*en detormlnod. but lt wlll b? govorn
by local usagi, and condltlons. Othor
?? wlll ho ndded as fast as thoy can ba
Iverod from tlio factory.
Murria-i.* I.lconne*.
lx-rnnrrlBito llcenaos wero Issued yestKr
.- in tho lliistliigs t'ourt. Tlio canilklatos
matrlmonlal hoiwrs were Charles 11,
ii's, Jr., aml Bertle A, Huekner; XV, Allen
iVBll, of Orango county, and Annlo I?
lltea; FratiU El. Ames and t'nrrle 0,
'Iffht, ur Ilaitlfiird county. Md., who woto
iiletl by "I'araon" Mlko .Macon; .losepll
Burley and Alnia I.oouu Walter, ot
Uhlngton, D, C: Sheridan P. Dowdy and
th j), winii, and J. _bynch Hubbard and
"Ktiiia U, Neivman.
We carry an assortment of Linen, Mo
hair and Worsted Auto Coats ; also Gloves
and Caps. We also have the latest styles in
Chauffeurs' Suits in khaki, corduroy and
cheviots. All ready for immediate de?
Gans-Rady Company
Superintendent J. D. EgglestOR
Tells How Contcstants May
Be Enrolled.
&uperlntendent .1. D. Eggle-ton, .Ir.,
of the .State Board of Edui-at Ion, who
I" taking much Interest ln tlio prlzo
for corn-grou Iiik. haa Issued a clrcular
givlng tho rules govcrnlng the corn
Every boy must be a rogulur nt
lendant al school^ lio must be rocpm
neiiried by the teacher and approved
the superlntendont, ,*iini he must
lave an acre on whlch to work. Thn
ichool work ls not to be lnterforcd
.vith, and one who neglects hls studtea
Imll be dropped. The leacher ls to
jlvo at least thirty mlnutes' Instruc
Ion each week to tlie competltor. The
laine nnd addresa of the boy and of
Us parent. or guardlan, must be kept
n each school and a dupllcatc i opy
nust be sent to the divlsion superln
endent, to Pr. s. a. Knapp, of the
lureau ?t Plnnt lndustry, Washlngton,
>. C, to the Department of Public fn
itructlon In Rlchmond, and t., t. o
landy, Burkevllle, Va.
Each boy wlll he requlred tr. ,|o hls
>wn work, except the flrst plowlng of
he land and the puttlnp in of the
Irish anrl sweet potatoes. If lio bo too
small to ilo thi:*.
[esse Brown Suffers Fractured
Skull When Struck by
Jesse Brown, of Newport News, sec
?nd baseman on the Rlchmond College
nseball nine, was desperately Injured
n .1 game with the Unlon Theologlcal
iemlriary team. on tlie semlnary
roun.i.-*, yestorday afternoon, and tho
hances are that he wlll not recover.
Irown was standing on the foul llno,
ear Ur.-;: base, when he was struck
ver the temple by a foul bail. He
layed through the next Inning, but
tter fell unconsclous on tne fleld, and
,a. removed last night to tho Vlr
inla Hospital. An operation was per
ormed at -:_o o'clock thi.-, morning,
nd it wa.s suid the patlent wlthstood
as well as could hnve been expected.
he skull is severely fractured. Brown
i a law atudent.
Ir.l Wnrd Sleetlng tn Bnthunlastlc for
i i.n .i.ilitn i i.-.ii.
G. B. Tyson, formerly justlce of the
&ace, wus tho llrst speaker laat night
t tlie meeting of llie Klrsi Ward coii
?lldationlsts at Slxth and Hull
Ilo -snid in part: "Consolidation Is no
.?w idea wlth me. Por years I havo
lallzed that Manchester is too close to
Ichmond to be successful wlth a sep
"nte clty government."
Contrastlng the two cltie_<, he avcred
iat the majority of _.Iani*l_e_3ter citi
?n.s went to Richmond for a llvell
ln spoaking of Mr. Pulliam's remarks
?out Crutchfleld, he asserted that the
ieaker was appeal int,- to tlie crimlnal
cment in the audlence.
"I iiellevo it ls for lhe best interest
Iworklngmen to ratlfy tlio ordl
ince. I bbelleve we'll do lt."
Mr. McOritder tliouglit that consoli
ition was nearer accompllshment now
ian at any tlme previous. He de
ared the "nntis" showed bad tastn
hen tlie.v dld not protest against the
gallty rif the ordinance at Judge
iristian's sitting.
The Richmond Transfer Company
European Steamship Tickets
for All Transatlantic Lines
Rates and sailings on application.
809 East Main Street
Telephone, Madison 3836
What Does Tag Day Mean?
It means that by your charity a visiting nurse is sent to
every quarter of this city to aid the sick and stamp out dU
Obey That Impulse and Buy a Tag
Supreme Court to Dccidc Who Is
Entitled to Reward Offered
by Mrs. Williams.
Tlie .Supreme Court ot Appeals ye_
terday granted n wrlt of orror and
supersedeas ln the case of Buek
against Nance, from the Law antl
Bqulty Cotirt of thln clty.
The case Involvos tho miit of l? jl
Nanco, former Jaller nt tlio Clty Jatt,
ng lnst Jir.n. s*uc Willlams Buek, fr>r
the whole amount of the reward. $1.
000, offered for recovery of valuable
Mr. Nance found through a, "spot
ter," Honny lloy, where tlie money
was hldden by Sam Turner, who found
lt in a Pullman ear on which Mr..
Buofc had i.n a passenger. Turner
was taltoti ln hanrl hy Captain A. M.
Tomlinson, then head of lhe Dctective
Department. and the Jewelry wa* .<_
Mr. Nari
eo of lhe Uw and TBnulty
ni. .1 the whole reward 1 ?
bot police offii-rK contend
should have heeii cqually
Th. ii>-tion of thf* Supreme Court
hrltip*. th. c;i_e to th?).Appollato Court
c-r rovlew,
Plan to Hold Road Contests for
Automobiles Meets With
Enthusiastic Reccption.
Vlrglnia ls to have an automoblle
endurance run early in May, and .**,
second, tvlilrh will extend into North
Carolina, parly m June. The Tinifn
Dlspatch has ofT-rcl two large i
cups as prfz. s for a "Vlrglnia" rttn
and a "North Carolina" run?not e race,
hut a Journey ovor the roads wlthln
what ?? ?? i i
At a meetli
rimes-I ilspat
;h Buildlng, a nuniher of
nthuslasta were present,
ii twenty ile'irle.i to enter
Virgliila" run, whleli wlll
Noi tli Carolina." .Tha
nak- the t!r.-t enduraneo
est a three-day affair. The route
vhl.h will probably be Belected wlll bo
o Washlngton, by way nf Frederlcks
nir-r; then t<> Fairfax, Manassas, Cui
teper, Orango and to Charlottesvllie;
hen to Louisa, Ashland and home to
tlchmond. No schedule can be defl
iltely anndpneed untll "sanctlon" haa
leen secured, i,ut there seems to be
those wh ii were present last
tlR-nt at Tho Tlmes-Dispatch meeting
vere <">ii. M. Alfrlend, Dr. ]?. M'. Bas
ett. C R- Rlchartlson. L_ _>.. Foster,
.. A. Folger, l_ C Willlams, B. A.
tlenner. Nlxon Ball, Dr. W. If. Parker
.r. B. A. Hord. F. V.'. Gordon and El
nore Hotchklss.
I.etters were read from Dr. R. Angus?
.li-holH, I'. V. Norton, .1. H. Murstellf-r'
md others advocatlng the plan and I
iri. ml.. 1 ti k co-operation.
Kxtend City Hr>n_e .Sewer.
Tho Commlttee on Hcllcf of the Poor'
int laat nlnht and nr-ominendod lo tho,
'ouncil that the sum nf $6.0 bo approprl
tetl to .xtcinl the City ITomr. sewer to:
onnect wlth a drain Into Shockoo Creek.
Xew Quarters for It?-h. art-al.
On nr-oount of thc, fact ihat the Central/
'. M. C. A. ivill soon bo ln thr. course of
c-.noval to lt* nr-u- home al Seventh anrl
'runkllti Htarnut tha r..h._rnal3 of tha
i'ednesday Club wlll hereafter bo held lu
lurphy's llotcl.

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