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C. & O. and N. & W. Earneel
More in September, but Ex?
penses Were Heavier.
Figures lssued yoatorday by Comp
troller L. F. Sulllvan show that the net
earnlngs of the Cheaapcake and Ohlo
Railway for the month of Soptember
aro M8.H47.8S, ahort as compared wlth
the aame month of 1909. Cross earn?
lngs for September 1010, totaied $2,
Oroaa earnlnga for the month ahow
an Increase over the correspond^ig
period of the precedlng year, howevor,
the decrease In net earnlngs belng due
to larger expendltures for general pur?
poses. Gross earnlngs for September i
Increased $228,056.U? over. tho aame I
month of 1909, whlle expenses In?
creased $227,G0I.C6. Net earnlngs for
bcptember, 1910, were $1,084,642.54 tor
the same month of 1909, $1,133,090.52. '
,.,Ne.t earnln?? ot the Norfolk and i
western Railway Company decreasod
2 per cent.. or $21,089 during Septem?
ber, 1910, ns compared with tho same
month of 1909. Total earnlngs for tho
month were $3,220,664.11, an Increase
of $187,319.78, or 6 per cent. over Sep?
tember, 1909.
As compared wlth 6 per cent In?
crease In genr>rn! revenuea, expendl?
tures 'ncreaaed 12 per cent., or $211,
108.78. Total expenses for September,
1910, were $1,928,630.16, aa compared
wlth $1,717,221.37, the aame month ln
1909. Earnlngs for September ahow
a ateady and conslstcnt increase from
nll sources. that ls, from passenger,!
mall, express and freight. The largest i
increase of expensea waa for malnte
nance of way and atructurea, the
flgures showing an Increase of 26 per '
cent. over i .e correspondlng period of '
Will Retire Monday Night, Re
taining Third District
Carrylng out hla promise. made at,
the time of hla electlon as Republican '
chalrman for the Thlrd Congresslonal. J
nistrlct, C. Rldgeway Moore wlll ten- '
. Jl'i re8lBnatlon as clty chalrman
of Rlchmond at the meeting of the
Republican Clty Commlttee to be held
next Monday nlght.
Mr. Moore statea that at no time
haa he lntended to hold both posltlons
but haa deferred the tender of his
resignation untll after the contest
over the dlstrict chairmanship had
^."u"',"1?!! .by, the state Commlttee.
whlch declded ln favor of Mr. Moore
over the cluims of John G. Luce, who
argued that he was the hold-over
The election of Mr. Moore as city
chairman waa accomplished' at a
stormy meetlnsr of the Republlcans of
the city. There was strong opposi?
tion to the dropplne of Melvln Fleir?n
helmer as chalrman. but Mr. Moore
waa chosen by a large majorlty. Two
i??? la.t0.r he w?8 eIect?<i to the dls?
trict chalrmanshlo over John fi I nro
and at the time sald he would reslgn'
the other posltlon. resign
Several names have already hnen
auggeated as Mr. Moore's successnr c
%***"?? knrvn. ,f the commlttee w"u ?
rTe^f|thf?8eIectlon or whether lt w 6
.nearf/'roVe W_[^' * ?*?*- <
T^IDNEY TROUBLES are toohttleun
*\ derstood. Many a backache, many
an obstinate rheumatic pain, is only a hint
that the kidneys are out of order and need re?
pair. The kidneys are the blood-filters?the
sewers of the body. Sound kidneys mean
good blood; weak kidneys mean bad poisoned
blood?backache, dizzy spells, swellings of the
limbs or joints, too frequent, scanty or pain
ful urination, brickdust sediment, gravel, lame
back, weak back, tired back. If you have
any of these troubles, don't dally. Give the
weakened kidneys quick help--use Doan's
Kidney Pills for quick relief anda last ing cure
Richmond Propf
W. W. Godsden, Sr., 711 y, E. Marahall Street Rlchmond, Va., eaya: "I
was badly afflicted wlth kldney ond bladder complaint. My back ached con.
ctantly, and was so lame that I could hardly attend to my work at times. I could
nelther stoop nor lii't without having paina through my kldneya, and lf I made
a sudden movement or a inisstep it was sure to cause a sharp atltch. The kldney
secretlons were unnatural and contained sediment. My feet and limbs swelled
to alraos twicc their natural size, and lt seemed as lf needles were being stuck
into them. At one time I was conflned to my bed for three months, and it was
while ln thls miserable condition that Doan's Kidney Pilla were brought to my
attentlon. A 6upply was procured. and 'n a short time after I began their use I
felt much better. 1 contlned taking tliis remedy, and waa soon able to go back
to work, being in better health than I had known for years"
Mrs. Sallie E. Cole, 309 North Twenty-first Street, Richmond, Va? says: "I can
speak a good word for Doan's Kidney Pills, for they are without doubt a first-elass kidney
remedy. For a long time I was subject to pains through my loins, often so severe as to
handicap me in domg my housework. I also had trouble from the kidney secretions.
My husband, who had been cured of kidney complaint by Doan's Kidney Pills, insisted
that I try them, and I finally did so, getting a box at Owens & Mirior Drug Co. This
remedy completely cured me, and I am now free from kidney complaint."?(Statement
given July 23, 1007.) . ? > v
Wfitm Mrs. Cole was interviewed on June 2, 1909, she said: "The testimonjal I gave
in favor of Doan s Kidney Pills two years ago holds good to-day. The cure has been a
permanent one.", ! ? ?
V/OU hear a great deal about uric acid
trouble. This is only a form of kidney
sickness. When weak, the kidneys pass off
only a part of the uric poison. The rest re
irains in the body to irritate the nerves and
disturb the organs. Uric acid causes heart
trouble, sick headache, bad digeslicn, rheUi
matism, neuralgia, gout, dropsy and grovei.
Doan's Kidney Pills relieve uric acid troubles
by restoring perfect action of the kidneys,
Sediment disappears, passages become free
and regular, kidneys well. As you will see
by reference to the opposite lower panel, we
prove it by home testimony, and home testi?
mony proves the merits of Doan's Kidney
Pills everywhere.
"Every Plcture Tells a Story
Home Testimony
8,000 Miles of Good Words for
Doan's Kidney Pills
AT the home offices ofFoster-Milburn Co., in Buf?
falo, upwards of 50,000 home testimonials are
stored in a fireproof vault. 4,000 different cities and
_..._? towns in the United States are represented. Where
ever there is a good daily or weekly paper to tell the story, home testimo?
nials are published. Set in type, these testimonials average three to five
inches. Thjs type, placed in a continuoiis row, would reach to the top of
the highest mountain in the world and nearly a mile down the other side.
The lines of type placed end to end, would reach a distance of over 8,000
miles, equaling the diameter of the earth. 8,000 miles of good words for
Doan's Kidney Pills, told by 50,000 tongues! That tells
a .wonderful'story. And this does not include the good
words told in other tongues, in other countries all over the
civilized world. _ ?'' _.
Sold by all dealers.-50c a box. Put up and guaranteed under the Pure Food Law by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
He Will Figure Prominently in
Saturday!s Contest With
V. P. I.
CSpeclaJ to The Tlmea-Dianatch.J
Chapel ftlll, N, C. November 3.?Thu
Georgetown game laat Saturday, al?
though lt did result In defeat for the
Unlverslty of North Carolina, had one
bright alde for the aupportera of tho
White and Blue In that it nurked tha
return 6f A. L. Porter, laat year'a
brilliant ??ne nmaahlng full back, to
hls playlng form. Daat aeason Porter
wna the best all-round offonalvo anrt
defonalvo man ln the Carolfha squad,
but untll Saturday he had failed to
sho-.v the strong qualltles whlch causect
some sporting wrlters to glve him the
all-South Atlantlc selectlon. On tho
Hli] top fleld Saturday he w.aa the atar
of both teams. l-fe failed to galn only
once when called upon, and he waa
reaponalblo for three out ot every flve
tackles made by Carollna men.
Six Thousand Expected to!
March Through Streets j
on November 20. ?
Conslderable Importance attaches td
the announcement that the annual con- I
ventlon of the Federatlon or Men's.
Blble Classes wlll be held ln the Clty I
Audltorlum on the afternoon of Sun
lay, November 20.
La8t year the meeting of the feder
jtlon was the most notable of Ita kln?.
:ver held In the South. The si "'
parade of 4,000 men afforded a greaf '
Jemonstratlon of the power of tho !
work ln which they are engaged ano
irought many new recrults to thelf
Thls year thc parade and meeting ls
ixpected to bo even more notable. The
jfflcers of the federatlon have reason;
to belleve that from 6,000 to 6,000 men
vlll partlclpate. i
In preparatlon for the great mass-'
neetlng, the executive commltteo ot
ihe Federatlon of Men's Blble Classes
jf Rlchmond and Its vlclrlty wlll meet
n the lecture room of Grace Ep aco
ia.1 Church, on Fousoe Street, on next
rhuraday evenlng at 8 o'clock. There
ire slxty-flve classea alreajy members
>f the organization, each ot which has
leen requested to send three represen
atlves to the meeting. It ls under
itood that every Blble claas ln the clty ?
>n both sldes of the rlver Is Invlted >
.0 do ltkewlse, whether a member of|
:he fedoration or not. j
Aero Fllnrhle Pontponed.
Norfolk. Va, November 3.?Owlng to
?aln the final day flights of the avlation
neet here were postponed untll to-.
norrow. when J. C. (Bud) Mars and
.he McCurdy brothers wlll try for a :
?ecord altitude over the Jamestown
Sxpositlon Grounds and Hampton;
TSnecia] to Th" Tlm???-risr,p.tch.l
Gordonsville. Va., November 8.?A
?ery qulet weddlnjj ceremony was per.
brmed at the home of the brlde's fa
her, E. F. Davenport, here thls artsr- j
loon at 3 o'clock. when hls daughter. 1
Jls* Annle Vivian. became the brlde '
>f Frank J. Holladay. Rev. T. VV. Og- 1
len, pastor of the Gordonsville i.etho- i
list Church, performed the ceremony. ?
)nly the Immedlate relatlves of the 1
:ontractlng partles were ln attendance. 1
"I Suffered Years
With My Back."
Backache resulting from weak
kidneys, a bad cold or other cause,
usually rendcrs the sufferer unfit
for work and often results in per?
manent disability.
'I suffered for years with my
back, or kidney trouble, and have
tried a number of remedies from
different physicians. More than a
year ago, one of our local druggists
induced me to try
Dr. Miles* Anti-Pain Pills
and after using them some three
months I found a decided improve?
ment in my kidneys, and I am glad
to say that I hope soon to be fully
restored to health." J. P. Allen,
Ex-Judge City Court, Glasgow, Ky.
As long as pain is present in any
part of the body rest is impossible
and the system becoming weakened
ls exposed to any form of disease to
which the sufferer may be inclined.
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
by steadying the irritated nerve
centers, make refreshing sleep pos?
sible, thereby enabling the body to
recover lost strength. As a remedy
for pain of any description Dr.
Miles' Anti-Pain Pills are unsur
Sold by all drugglata under a guir-'
antee aasurlng tha return of the prloa
of the flrst box If no beneflt results.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
After the ceremony the yoiinjr couple
were driven to Somerset, where they
boardod a Southern Rallway traln to
vlslt relatlves ln Fauquler county. arter
whlch they wlll return to OordonsvIUe
to rcslde.
Athletlc'. Second Basenian Wed.i ?"?Mss
Donoe, of Philadelphla.
Philadelphla, Pa., November 3.?Eddle Col?
lins. second baaeman on the Philadelphla
American League team, whlch recently de.
feated the Chlcago Xatlonal League cluo |
ror the championship of thc world, waa'
marrled to-nlght to Mlsa Mabel Harrlet [
Doane. Arthur M. Lee, Jr., of New Tork,
who wai a chum of Collins whlle the lat
:er wbs a student In Columbla College, act
?d as beat man.
The mald of honor was Mlss Edna Ma
:hows. of Lansdowne. Mlsa Hllda Mlller, of
3tcphena Clty, Va., and Mlss Anlta Bagge,
>f Boston, were brldesmalds.
Coofuslng Typ? Error.
Some conluaton haa resulted from the
;ranspo?ltlon of one line of type ln the Po
lce Court record publlahed In The Tlmea
Dlapatch on Wednesday. The name of
?lenry W. Rountree. Jr., who waa charged
vith exceedlng the apeed llmlt ln hla auto
noblle, got mlxed wlth the report of an
>ther caae, although the hnadiir.es and the
:orrect Rountree notice ahowed clearly that
he young man had nothlng to do wlth
omebody else's troubles.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Roanoke. Va., November 8.?Thurston Bell
iunTmtin. of thls clty. and Mlss Anna Pame
la Vaughan, daughter of Llvlngston H.
'aughan. were marrled thls evenlng In the j
"Ifth Avenue Chrlstlan Church by Rev. R..
2. Elmore, the pastor. The wedding was I
Uenderl by many out-of-town guests. and |
ras one of the chlef social events of thc*
Police Benevolent Association
Growing Richer and More
Useful Every Year.
President's Report Shows How
Order Has Helpcd?-New
From a fltart wlth abrolutcly no
financial backln*. thc twelfth nnnual
report of Presldent L,. Z, Morris, read
before the Pollce Benevolent Asuocla
tlon yesterday, showed that bcslcloe
taking care of retlred members there
waa lnvested to the credlt of tho In?
stitutlon $61,500. In presentlng thls.
the moat credltable report since the
foundation of thc assoclatlon, Alr.
Morrla 8ald that he attrlbuted Its great
succeaa to the fact thnt lt had al?
ways beon conducted along tho most
bualneaallke and unaelflsh llnes.
"There has been," he sald, "no ox
penso and.no graft. We havo worked
togethor for a common end, and suc?
cess haa crowrtted our efforts. We
want no lovlng cups and no Junketlng
trlps. When we want to go any
whoro the expenses must come from
some source other than the treasury
of the Pollce Benevolent Assoclatlon."
Frealdent's Keport.
Followlng is the annual report:
The years follow each other so rap?
idly that we .can hardly reallze that
we are agaln assembled tn annual
meeting to hear the report of your
offlcers and to take counsel concern ?
Ing- the affalrs of our assoclatlon.
No matter how often the story may
be told lt is nune the less lnterestlng
to conslder that a body of men have
comblned for the purpose of helplng
each other make the decllnlng years
of thelr comrades comfortablo. and
to guard agalnst the saddest of al) i
thlnga in life, that of belng without
means to sustain the last years of
thelr earthly snjourn when they nre
no longer able to holp themselves.
More than that, thls aa>oclnilon
during tho twelve years of Its exlst
ence haa demonstrated beyond a doubt
that It waa organlzed for the highest
motlves and has been conducted along
safe and sure llnes. Encouraged by;
no expectatlon of material reward anJ I
without asatstance from elther State or
clty government, the assoclat'on has,
nevertheless, grown from nothlncr untll J
lt now has lnvested funds amountmgj
to $61,500. Our entlre exnense during,
the pnxt vear waa S13. of whloh M0 I
was pald for the bond of treasurer and ?'
$3 for rent of hox ln eafe denoslt vault. ]
None Hetter Than Thl.?.
The De??rtrnpr.t of Comm?r?? and I
Labor at WaBhlngton has comD'led re- 1
ports of slmllar organlzatlons through-'
out thls country, and after carefui;
perusal of same, I can truly say that
none has done any better and only a
few aa well as ourselves. In the ma?
jorlty of Instancea the dues from mem?
bers of the force are supplemented by
certain taxes and flnes set anart bv the
State and clty for the malntenance 01
the penslon fund. Not so wlth us
Our funds are not augmented by rov. 1
ernment appropr<at?ons of any kind. I
yet we have shown that honesty and
determlnatlon can be made to bring i
success when others have failed.
Our annual barh?-cue is thn mo?t '
convlnclng proof that the citizens are 1
eager to shstw thelr apnroval of our I
methods. The lost was better attend?
ed than any prevlous one. The cordlal
commlngling of the offlcers and citi?
zens on these occaslons ls an evldence
that our people are ln sympatby wlth
you and feel that thelr lives and prop-1
erty are safe ln your keeplng. i
As a citizen I do not hesltate to '
say that. our pollce forco, Is conn
of men who can be trusted ln
emerfrancy nnd I may add that
fund whlch hns beon bullt up for
beneflt has dono much for tho t
of tliis responsiblo cnlllng,
Tho grlm reaper has Indeed
i busy ln our ranks. Nev&r beforc
I such a long list of deaths been
ported. Four of our pensloners
\ purted thls llfe durlng the year,
1 .T. H. Harris. May 7. 1910: J. T.
?func 25. 1010: E. P. Hutoe, Jul;
1910; John linegan, August 16, 101
They had served our olty for t
years, and when compelled to i
from actlve dutles wero taken aa
by us untll thoir eyes closed ln d
Burled Slx Ofllcer*.
Of the ofucers on duty the mort
list ls even longor, lor you
burled slx of your comrades slnce
last meetlng: John Oglilve, XX
Brooks, W. P. Qorman, It. C. Bi
Charles A. Gibson, J. W. Matthow
Sorgeant Gibson was a membe
our board of diroctors at tlie tlrr
hls death. All of those who pc
away were loyal, .tonorable and
respectlng ofTicerB and good cltl
I need scarcoly apologlue for pai
Just a moment' to say a few w
about our late assoclate, Sergean
J. Brooks, Gentle and kind to
fearless and consclentlous ln thc
charge of duty, ready to servo v\
ever asslgned, he was, indeed, on
nature's noblcmen. Wlthout dh
aglng tho servlces of nny one, I
sure lt wlll be conceded, that hls
ample as a worker for thls ass<
tlon stlmulated hls comrades to
ondeavor, and made the way caslei
thoso who should como after hlm.
hls memory be a b.esslng to us ai
seek to'keep lt green by our m<
rlal of hlm.
The report of our treasurer wlll
you our flnanclal transactlons ln
Tho Board of Pollce Commlsalo
are always kind and conslderate.
work In perfect harmony, and
board recognlzes and commends
Few assoclatlons havo more falt
officers than Captain George E.
lock, our secretary, and Sergeant
IX. Matthews, our treasurer. Both
always ready to do thelr duty,
are ever efflclent ln lts discharge.
Our thanks are also due to the cl
man of the entertainment comml
Scrgeant C. A. Sherry for hls ac
efforts ln our behalf.
The board of i..rectors attend
meetlngs promptly and manlfest
utmost lnterest In our bustne-ss.
Now my frlends I have .nothlni
add, but to counsel harmony ln :
ranks, love for your associatlon
for your work In Its behalf. Le
strew flowers ln the paths of t.
upon whom the hanu of tlmo has
lts tmprlnt, for soon we shall bc ct
away. It ls our part to do what
we can for the help of others w
we have opportunlty.
Respectfully submltted.
I* Z. MORRIS, Presldei
Jfevr Jlpmhers Elected.
Four members or the Southside f
tjaptaln wright, Serg-oant L'psc
and Policemen Moore and Jones. '
reported as desirlns* to become n
bers of the associatlon, but were
vond the age llmlt for new mem'
Secretary Pollock, saying that Me
Wright and Moore belng sllghtly c
than the by-laws reoulred. moved
they be admltted. The vote was u
'mous. Sergeant ZImmer later m
that Sergeant Ltpscomb and Ol
Tonoe be admltted . desnite t
sisres, on the ground that thev had '
ralthtul and efflclent officers be'
belng veternns of the Clvll War. T
was some dlscusslon on Sersrennt !
mer's motlon. but after several of
members and directors had spo
they were elected unanimously.
:ontIngency cannot arlse agaln. as
officers on both sldes of thp rlver
now members of the association,
new members must be under the
llmlt nrescri*ed by the departmenl
J. M. Bovd, llfe "member of tho a
olitlon and a member of the boar
dlrectors. spoke on th? history of
associatlon. and predlcted a fn
even brlerhter. "I believe," he !
"that wlthln the next ten years n
bers of thls associatlon who have I
honorably dlscharged from the f
wlll be nensloned an amount eciua
that whlch the actlve officers are
Blot Out the Memory
of breakfast spoiled bypoor
cooking?-bread with poor
Ieavening ? muffins that
didn't stand up as they
This Baking Powder with fta
high Ieavening power is a mighty
aiu to b?tter cooking.
At your grocer's.
The SoDthern Mannfaduring C#.f*
Richmond, Va.
Y. W. C. A. Educational Classes
Register thls week in one of the followlng:
NOVEMBER 1, 1910?
DOMESTIO SCIENCE, Mlaa Florence Purtlll.
Fall Torm, twelvo lesaona aa follows:
3 Lessons ln Salads and Salad Drossings.$100
3 Leasona U Fancy Candles . 1 00
3 Leasona In CakeB and Iclngs.,,, \ 50
8 Lessons ln Christmas Dinner, lneluding cooklng of Turkey Me
nus and Servleo . X 50
Classes Tuosday and Frlday, 10 A.M.
STENOOIlAPHir AND TYPEWIUTING, Tuesday and Thursday eve?
nlngs, fall term, $5.00; Mondny and Frlday, 5:15-7:15 P. M? $7 50. Re?
vlew and practice Wednesday evenlngs, 25c. per lesson
E.NGl.ISH CLASSES (for forelgn women) on demand. Rhetoric, fall
term, Tuesday evenlngs, $1.00: Elocutlon and Shakespeare, Mrs. W M.
Strothei, teachor, Friday evenlngs at 8 o'clock. MemberBhln nrlvilnsA
day? Wp,,mBM$?00>IDBUY (Si* *oMons>-Mon^ "V^- ??? ?1.B0*MoS?
MILLINERY, fall term, ten lessons.
? to
t us
recelvlng, and that there wlll be nc
fear of thelr famliies sufferlng."
Satterfleld Sllent.
Clty Sergeant Satterfleld was called
upon, but hts long secluslon seemed to
have shaken hls nerve. Belng a now
member of the assoclatlon he felt that
he could. not talk, besides there was
nothlng (to say. "Nothlng to aay,"
echoed President Morrls, "to ail these
frlends who provlde you wlth a llv?
Thls appeal waa a little too much.
and Mr. Satterfleld aroso and told the
men that they were the greatest In
the world, and that thelr assoclatlon
was the bost "In concluslon." he was
run of humblo gratltude. "There ls
no room for crltlclsm. Satterftelfl has
nothlng to aay. Tou sure have boen
good to Satterfleld." he sald.
Tho meeting waa cloaed wlth a
brlef specqh by S. H. . Hawea, a llfe
member and a dlrector.
pmcera and Commltteea.
ihe board of dlreetors was elected
as followa:
,., ,.Flrst Dlstrict?Sergeant G. H. Mat
K ? thews, Sergeant C. A. Sherry, C. M
th? J?hnaon. A. B. Duke. R. B. Jordan.
no n ' r. 'Second Dlstrict?E. C. Tate, C. C
"ved n*rec.en' W,' D' Schlelf. J- J- Smith, C
nvea b. samuels.
hJli ,. Hoadquarters-^Major Louls Werner
h?nn - t ap^a ,n. ?eor&e E. Pollock, Sergeant J
nern l, Wlltshlre.
h?r'" vTLife .members?L. Z. Morrls, James
5im I N' .Bo,J;'d.' s- H- Hawea. W. S. Forbes.
?mJ 0 Audlting Committec?Sergeant F. C.
1th, ?,a,,ley' ?. A- To,er. Sergeant S. W.
ken. Holdcraft.
?r=n'.^The board of dlrectora wlll re-elecl
ori j e Present offlcers aa follows: Presl
and ?.entirL'*?v}?orrla: Treasurer Sergeant
VlH c ?? H Matthews; Secretary, Captaln
age George. E. Pollock. '
sso- CCT DOWN Tiw-*, YEARS
^i^f [Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
,?? Roanoko, Va., November 3.-Cabinct
ie.m- makera were busy to-day at Stony Rldgo
oeen making a coffin for Henry Proffett, who
orco dled yesterday, aged thirty-nve years.
?I to when Proltett was a boy he out down a
now largo walnut tree on hls father's farm, and
~S it wai from boards sawed out of the logi
I of thli tree that the casket ls belng made.
Proffet: had Jealously guarded the big slabs,
and lt was hls wish that they be used to
make hla coffin.
Wlll Vole on Bond lssue.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Roanoke, Va., November 3.?At the elec?
tions- ln Mtngo c*iinty, w. Va., next Tues?
day, tho people of Lee dlstrict wlll vote
on a bond lssue of 5S0.0OO for good roads.
Expert Shot In Town.
John W. Hesilan. expert rlfleman. is vlslt.
ing hls frlend, S. Dorsey Sydnor. Mr. Hcs
Bian was ono of tlie flve men selocted by
the United States government to shoot In
tba Olympic games, held ln England. The
Amerlcan team came out winner. Many of ?
Mr. Hesstan'B medals aro now ln exhlbitlon
ln the show wlndow of a down-town sport- |
Ing goods store.
The Weather
ForecamU Virginla?Falr FrldaT} |
Saturday falr aud tvurmcr; dlinlnlsh- I
Iuk northwest wluda. j
North Carolina?Fair Frlday and I
Saturduy; wurmer Suturdayj moderate J
north wlnda. j
8 A. M. temperatw.ve . 42
Humldity . 33
Wind, dlrectlon .Nort.i
Wlnd. veloctty. lt'
Weather. .Raln
12 noon temperature. 45
3 P. M. 'temperature . 50
Maxlmum temperature up to 5
P. M....-'.; 52
MBnlmum temperature up to 5
P. M. '40
Mean temperature. -16
Normal temperature . 53
Deflclency ln temperature . 7
Deflclency in temperature since
March 1. 1
Accum. deflclency ln temperature
since January 1 . 4G
Excess ln ralnfall since March 1 4.25
Acoum. excess ln ralnfall stneo
January 1 .?. i3.89
(At StP. M. Eastern Standard Tlmo.)
Place. Ther. H: T. Weather.
Savannah . 04 64 Clear
Tampa . 60 76 Clear
Key West. 72 7S P. cloudy
Jacksonvllle .... 56 68 Clear
Augnsta. 50 58 Clear
Ralelgh . 44 52 Cloudy
Charlotte ...... 42 52 Clear
Aahevllle . 34 43 P. cloudy |
Wythevllle .34 38 Clear
Wllmlngton .... 46 54 Cloudy
Norfolk . 46 46 Clear
Washington .... 40 -46 Clear
Jupiter . 70 78 Cloudy
Charleston . 52 64 Clear
New Orleans.... 60 62 Clear
Atlanta . 42 50 Clear
Moblle . 50 61 Clear
Galveston . 64 72 P. cloudy
i Plttsburg . 36 14 Clear
Chlcago .40 ?;. 43 Cloudy
Boston . 48 53 Clear
New York. 42 4S Clear
Buffalo . 36 3S Clear
ILoulsvllle . 38 3S Cloudy
Memphla . 40 50 Clear
Novomber 4, 1910.
High Time:
Morning .r,-v. ?'?*?
Evening. 6:04
<&oo late for ^^'^j^n^
Lost. jn shopping district on
Broad or Main Stroots, one plain
gold llnk ouff button, Reward lf
roturned to 1700 Grove Avenue.
east. about 3 o'olock Thursday, a
mlsses1 ralncoat. Owner's namo in
slde. Return to 828 1-3 XV. Grace,
and receive reward,
tlon of Virginla lnvltes ull Germana
and CJermun-AmertcanB to a meeting
to take placo TO-NIGHT at o o'clock
at Coucordlii Hall, 403 East Broud
Street, to rocelva report ot com?
mlttee concerning' tho stoubtu un?
Is ? probably as high as it will bo
this season. I have enough al?
ready bought to take care of my
trade, so don't be uneasy about
an advance; but order now what
ever you need. I have very, nice
Oak and Pine, also very thick Slab
very cheap. Handle all kinds of
Coal, too.
Long, The Wood Man
Office: 1506 West Broad.
We carry Watches, all sizes, at all
prices, for all people. No matter what
you want in a Watch we have it. You
will never go wrong if you will wear out
?Watches, for thev are guaranteed to keep
accurate time. 'Try one.
J. S. James,
"The Dlamond Merehant,"
Fail to attend the Great
Clearance Sale.
and upwards. ? Easy terms.
Fifth and Grace Streets.,
Send for list. '? ll
V. X. Tannar. . John F. Tannaa
Tanner Paint
& Oil Co.
1419 East Maln Stroet.
ffhoow Madiaoa i99 aad 179f
"Lucca Olive Oil"
Mad.-; 4SS0. 500 West Malu St
W. Fred. Richardson,
FUJSIOftAlj uilifclcTOU A.VD
liiiin uud Uclvhlcrc Streets,
'Fhones, Madlson 843, dayj Mooro*
342. nlaTht.

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