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Favorites and Outsiders Equally
in Evidence in the
T Finishes.
Norfolk, Va? Novomber 4,~~In spite
of bad weather, wlth a gale blowlng,
tio therinometer falling and now and;
then * spM of raln, a falr crowd was
ln attendance at the Jamestown Jockey
meetlng to-day. Though the traeh
was hoavy, the racing was good, and
the contests wero a Kind to stlr the
blood. The favorites and outsiders
were equally ln evldence ln the fin?
ishes, and as a result the patrons were
well satlaflecl.
In the second race Cuttyhunk. heavi.
ly piayed favorite, won ln a cloae lln
leh. Summarles:
Flrst rnce?three-year-olds and up,
?elllng, one mlle?Arondack, 108 (Alex),
7 to 6, out, flrst; Dracoola, 100 fUla
mondo), 15 to 1, 6 to 1, 3 to 1, second;
Tom Melton, 05 (Whlspen), 16 to 1, 6
to. 1, 2 to 1. thlrd. Time, 1M62-5.
Rokeby, Radlum, Star Hazel Thorpe,
Bllvorlne and Von Lear also ran.
Second race?two-year-olds and uPi
?lx furlongs?Cuttyhunk, 99 MoCahey),
a to 20, out, flrst; Troy Welght, 104
fAlex), .2 to 1, out, second; Idle
Mlchaol, 90 (Ural), 3 to 1, even, out,
thlrd, Time, 1:17. Only three started.
Thlrd race?two-year-olds, selllng,
flve furlongs?Falr Mlss, 106 (L,ang), 1
to 1. even, 1 to 2, flrst; Klng Pln, iv9
(McCahey). 2 1-2 to 1, 6 to fi, 1 to 2,
second; Bendaga, 111 fGross), 5 to 1,
t to l, even, thlrd. Tlnie, 1:03. Allle
Blltzon, Spes No3tra, Bodkln, Trustee
and Falr Atlanta also ran.
Fourth race?for all ages, flve and a
half furlongs?Onager, 99 (McCahey),
even, out, tlrst: J. H. Houghton. 109
(Davls), 7 to 5, out, second; Ch'lton
Queen, 106 (Alex), 6 to 1, 4 to 5, out,
thlrd. Time, 1:09. Blaborate also ran,
Flfth race?for three-year-olds and
up, selllng, flve and a half furlongs?
Flying Squlrrel, 113 (Dryer), 3 to 1,
out, flrst; Woolcasta, 106 (Lang), 3 lo
1, even, out, second; Mudai Slster, 96
(Gordon), 8 to V, 3 to 1, 7 to 5. thlrd.
Time, 1:10 4-5. ITorlcon, Joe Gaitens,
Dan de Noyles, Moblllty and John A.
Munro also ran.
Slxth race?three-year-olds and up,
selllng. one mlle and twenty yards?
Tbe Monk, 95 (Wplspen), 3 to 1, 3 to
fi, l to 4, flrst; Henry Munro, 100 (Bell),
6 to 1, 2 to 1, oven, second; Tempter,
98 (McCalley), 3 to I, even, 1 to a,
thlrd. Time, 1:47 4-5. Bang Algronel.
.Golconda, Enlist and Beamclere also
Kntrle* for To-D*y.
Following are entries ror to-mor?
row's Jamestown races:
Flrst race?all ages, selllng, flve and
a half furlongs?Moncrlef, 100; *Baby
Wlllle, 'Rokeby, 106; Hallack. Wool?
casta, 108; How About You, lll; Royal
Shaf ts From Sportland
Bar Uarbor, the fashionable Malnc reaort, i
decided aome time ago that automoblles
were a nulsance. The t,6g1slature pastcd an
automoblle exciuslon act. Then the auto
moblltita took the matter to tho Supreme!
Court to flnd out if the law waa conatuu.
tlonal. The Supreme Court says lt ls, at ?
there wlll be no autoaobiies to dlaturb thf
slumbers of the rich..
Rlchmond College and Hampden-Sldney ?
are matcoed for to-day. What a flght that
wlll-bc! Both tearnaare in'prlme condltlon,
and tho boya from near Farmville are proud
of thelr gridiron record this season. On the;
other hand, Rlchmond has piayed ln aoma j
tough lock, and alto Rlchmond has piayed ;
some mlghty poor games, Coach Long has j
atrlven hard to g?t hla men in form, and |
he bellevea that he haa aucce.edtd. At any
Game at Washington To-Day
Will Draw Large Crowd.
Varsity Hopes High.
A greatipart of the student -fcddy or
tho Universlty of Virginia *s In Wash?
lngton to-day to cheer on the footbajl
gladlators to vlctory over the Carlisle
Jndlans when the iwo tean^ meet ln,
the capital city this afternoon. Whilo
no one is sangulne as to the result
ofthe game,. hopes are runnlng hlgh, |
and the master strokes' whlch have
been put in durlng the past few days
hy the coaehes }ea'ds to the opinion
that Vlrglnla has moro than a fightlng
Though the Indians are reputed to
be strong. the Orange and Blue has
taken their measure before the stu?
dent body is wllllng to back the eTe-ven
to a man to w|n. The game ls sure
?to.attraot a large crowd. There ls no
other game ln Washlngton for- one
reason, and Vlrglnla has always re?
ceived warm support on the other slde
of the Potomac. The-result wlll be
awalted wlth lnterest.
Healthful tdmeWmw
.L?.,A Accepino
1 S425.00 Lakesidc Piano, beau?
tiful upright mahogariy case, in
perfect condition; sale ftOQA
price only. ?. $m\iO\j
If you want to save about one
half on a satisfactory Piano, and
to secure easy terms, then see or
write us at once. As usual, we
stand behind each and every one
of these Pianos.
Walter D. Moses & Co.,
103 E. Broad Street.
Oldest Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
Onyx, 113; Dress Parado II., Takahlra,
114; Mon Aml, 100; Cooney K.. 112.
Second race?for two-year-old mald
ens, seven furlongs?Allce Vlrglnla,
Little Dlxlc, Supervisor, Ivyton, Gold
Bug, Bounder, Vlrglnla Cup, Marsh
Light, Patrick 8., May Wood, 107; Seml
Qunver, 110.
Thlrd race?Llnns Cafe hurdle han?
dlcap, for'three-year-olds and upwards,
about two mlles on the turf?Gun Cot?
ton, Francis Joseph, 133; Yo-ung Blit
zen, 136; Prince, 110; Bergoo, 168; Dr.
Heard, 139; Essex. 151.
Fourth race?Exchange handlcap,
$1,000, for two-year-olds and up, milo
and a furlong?Keybourn, 102; Cllff
Edgo, 111; Guy-Flsher. 135; Blackford,
109; Hlgh Prlvate, 117; Superstltlon,
Flfth race?for hunters, to be rldden
by gentlemen ln costume, about two
mlles?School Boy, Monsoon, Planet,
Flro Alarm. Dundee, Comet, 160.
Slxth race?for two-year-olds, sell?
lng. flve and a.half furlongs?*Kes
wlck, 94; Duke of the Dlstrlct, 102;
Spes Nostra, Satlation, 117; Forester,
Sherlff Bradley, 11Q; Marsh Light, 09.
- Seventh race?for three-year-olds and
upwards. selllng, one mlle and a quar?
ter??Bang, My Gal, 98; Harvey F., 104;
DlxJe Knlght, 109; ?Beauclero, 96;
Arondack, 105; Gay Decelver, 111; Wll
ton Lackayc.
?Flve pound apprentlce allowance
rate, tho final score wlil tell of a hard
fousht game.
Willlam and Mary and Randolph-Macon
g?t together for a championship game. It
looks aa lf tha Ashland croivd has lt on
Ihe Wllllamsburg aggregatlon, and from
prcvloua records ahould wln.
Jacob Bchaofer's ftfteen-year-old son has
beon matehed to play Ora Mornlngstar. the
champion bllliardlst of the world. a serles
of gamea In Daly'a parlorn, New Tork. Th?
youngster*s name is also Jacob, and hls ad
vent lnto the gamo Is watched wlth lnter?
est. The contest wlll b<! 300 polnts at 1.2.
All aboard for the ball park. -And brlng
your enthuslasm along. for I am advtsed
by both sldes that there wlll be aome tall
dolngs. Carolina ls golng to fool everybody,
and Blacksburg ls golng to try to keep
from belng fooled. So there you are. A
wcok ago I should have picked V. r. I.
Now?well, I don't know.
Rlght funny thlng last nlght. Before the
local sporta got a good look at the North
Carolina crowd qdds'were 10 to 7 on Blacks?
burg. After the look odds changed to 5 to
\, wlth little of the blg ond money ln
slght. _*
Another funny thlng was to aeo the way
the wlse boys gathered around thc play?
ers Just to hear what .they would say.
Nothlng llke trylng to get a Une on how
you're golng to spend your money. And
after you get your line, even then it ls
pretty hard to feel real sure.
Pretty sure thlng that the new' bowllng
league will be formed. Tho captains of lhe
elght teams have been selected. and a meet?
lng has been called for Newport Alleys to.
nlght. Should the league meet with proper
support-and there Is no good reason why
lt should not?gamea wlll be piayed four
nlghts in the w*eek. Aa I h*ve said be?
fore, bowling ls a great aport apd shou d
enlist the support of all those physlcally
able to roll the balls down the alleys.
Up to tha presern. tlmo nona of thOBO
huntsmen have come Into thla offlce wlth
a report. If something doesn't turn up
pretty soon many people wlll beltevo that
the ghooters can't hit anythlng. I?om set
tlnB ? llttlo jkeptlcal myself.
Owners ot the Petersburg club hold a
meeting l?*t nieht and clocted officers, No
site for a ball l?rH was determlncd upon
President Willlam? and Owner Bradley, of
the local team, who were expected, did not
arrlv?, Bradley waa out huntln*, and didn't
even know there waa golng to be a meetlng, |
He told m? ?o himself.
Also, Owner Bradloy ts authorlty for the
Information that no manngcr has beon ae
lected for Rlchmond as yet. 'I havo my eyo
on tho rlght man, but haven't beon able
lo connect," was the Information from tbe
? [Speclal to The Tlmeg-Dlspa.tch.1
"?Hampd^on-Bldney, Va., November 4.?
Venablo's fleld durlng the past few
evonlngs has, been the scene of the
hardest work yet gono through wlth
by the squad of plgskln chasers of the
Gcrnet and Gray, and Coach Yancey'e
aggregatlon wlll be ln the best of con?
dltlon Saturday, when they meet Rlch
mond College ln the second game of the
championship serles.
Thls team defeated Hampden-Sldney
last year ln a loosely piayed game by
a score of 6 to 0.
The Garnet and Gray team ls ex
tremely fortunate in escaping with so
few injurles from lts contest wlth Wil?
llam and Mary on la?t Saturday, every
man havlng reported Monday ln good
The scrlmmages slnce Tuesday have
been hard, und the deftclencles found
by the coach ln their last game are be?
lng righted. For a short period in the
Willlam and Mary game Hampden-Sld?
ney piayed loose ball, and lt was dur?
lng thls time that Schenk, half back
on the opposlng eleven, made a run for
the o'nly touchdown, but after thls the
team settled down and piayed wlnnlng
Lewis, full back, was ln hls position
yesterday, after two days of absence
from practlce, caused by a mlnor injury
received ln thc scrlmmage, and ho ls Jn
good form.
' Smith, who did not take the trlp to
Wllllamsburg, ls agaln back and dolng
good work, and the position of left end
is between he and Saunders. Payne, at
rlght ond, is playiqg hard ball.
In yesterday evenlng's practlce, Op
penhelmer, who has been playlng a'
star game at full back on the scrub,
was swltched over to left half on the ,
regulars, and shows up well. Coach
Yanccy has found n remarkable mai ln I
Oppenhelmer, as lt was wlth the casel
of Honaker, Vlrglnia's famous quarter j
back, who manlfested hls ablllty ln ]
the last game wlth the Indians by a;
nlnety-yard run- Oppenhelmer has tho
characterlcts of a good player, and wlll
prove a hard proposltlon for the surest
tacklers. Jones also is dolng good
work ln full back. He has been play?
lng full back in thc schimmages. fllling
up the vacanc ycaused by the absence
of Lewis for two days, and several
times has made runs of from forty to
slxty yards.
Hlndley, who piayed hls position as
left half last Saturday so well, is suf
ferlng with a sprained wrlst, Reson.
who piayed ln the flrst game, ls one ot
the nervlest players ever seen on a
iocal gridiron, but hs ls a little light.
At rlght half, Captain Teager" ls the
undlsputed mon for the position. Blan
ton, quarter back, although he had two
teeth knocked out ln Saturday's game,
ls worklng hard, and runnlnfl the team
like a veteran In the line, Jett, at cen?
tre; Green or Walker and Benedlct, at
guards; Campbell and Allen, at tackles,
wlll be ln thelr respectlve posltlons
Saturday, wlth elx strong hubstltutes
ready at any time to go in. Hampden
Sldney's line has proved one of lts
strong polnts so far thls season.?'
Coach Yancey. with the same splrit
that made him a star at Vlrglnla, la
worklng wlth the team, and plays as
hard ball as ony man on lt
Darkness ends every evenlng's prac?
tlce, and that will be the case every
evenlng untll after the game wlth
Randolph-Mucon ln Rlchmond on No?
vember 12. '
Samuel Coker Held Not Reaponaibl,?
tor Accident to Wllbur Wbltlow.
Samuel Coker, colored, the chauffeur
employed by Councllman Morgan R.
Mllls, was dlsmlssed ln Pollce Court
yesterday mornlng on the charge of
runnlng lnto Wllbur Whitlow last
Tuesday afternoon. W. N. Whitlow.
of 407 Denny Street. father of the boy.
acqultted the negro of all crlmlnal re
sponslblllty. It was shown that the
boy ran lnto the automoblle whlle
belng chased by a playmate. He was
rendered unconscjous, and ls stlll suf
ferlpg from the effects of hls In?
Coker was also dlsmlssed on- the
charge of operatlng the macfilne wlth?
out a chauffeur's license. It seems
that Coker's license had been pro
cured for hlm by E. C. Pelouze, who.
afterwards changlng his mlnd about
the negro's competency, had lt.re
voked. Revocatlon of the license was
not legal. however, and was consld?
ered by Justice Crutchfleid ta be still
in effect. Mr. Mllls had had the man
examlned by two judges, who reported
to hlm that Coker was comnetent._
Stylish outside,
comfortable imide
?MARIS IfflflLSPt-1***
Anew Crossett model
made on the new
"Whirlwind" last
Note the high toe*?
The extra high heel
The short vamp?
And the seven buttons.
Buttons, by the way,
are "the thing" now.
If this is not exactly
what you want some
other Crossett model is.
Pick it out.
$4 to $6 eTerrwbere.
Lewis A. Crossett, Inc, Maker,
North AMaatoa. M-m.
Sole Agents for Wchmond.
^_7Q6 E. BroadS__^
Central Y. M. C. A. to Be Re
cruited to Full Capacity
of New Building.
The fall membership campalgn of
the Central Young Men's Chrlstlan As?
soclatlon was launched last nlght wlth
a supper at the assoclatlon bulldlng at
whlch nearly 200 men were present
It is the purpose of the movement to
secure 250 addltlonal active members
and 250 addltlonal sustalnlng members,
whlch lt ls belleved wlll be the maxl?
mum capaclty of the new bulldlng of
the assoclatlon.
James VV. Gordon,"; presldent of the
assoclatlon, preslded and made a brlef
address, belng followed by General
Secretary AIcKee. Under the plan
adopted there wlll be four dlvisions
canvasslng, each under the leadership
of a general, wlth ten membership
teams in each division.
Loaders in the campalgn wlll be
as follows:
Reds?Ernest Watson Farley, gen?
eral; Captalns, George W. Bebout,
Donald Boyer, Frank AV. Duke. XV. E.
Harrlngton,' John S. Haw, Roland R.
Lasslter, S. XV. Meek. Lewls Pllcher.
Dr. XV. H. Street. D. McC. Thornton.
Blues?C; B. Rlchardson. general;
Captaln, T. B. Gray. L E. Harvfe, C.
W. Isbell. p. C. Qmohundro, H. Crlm
Peck, J. Hoge Kicks. B. A. Ruffin, W.
K. L. Smith. Jr.. XV. P. Speae. C. E.
Wortham. Jr.
"Whltes?Charles G. Taylor, general;
Captalns, Dr. Alex G. Brown, Jr., Hun?
ter XV. Camp, R. W. Carrington, John
C. Goode, B. C. Lewls, Jr.. E. XV. Mar?
shall, Dr, R. A. Nlchols, Percy B. Stone,
J. H. Toone, George B. Whlte.
Grays?Georgo W. Bahlke, general;
Captalns, S. S. Conner, C. C. Corkran,
Charles G. Harrls. John G.' Kolbe, G.
XV. Lancaster, J. Herbert'Mercer, J. N.
Purcell. C. V. Robinson. George H
Stelgler. H. S. Wrlght.
Xevr Hcaduuurtera Opened.
[Special to The TlmesrDlspatch.]
? Lynchburg. Va.. November 4.T-The i
Virginla Antl-Saloon League ls to es- '
tablish district headquarters 'here
shortly for Central Virginla,-and Rev.
Charles E. Stuart wlll be ln charge as
dlstrict superlntendent. This new divi?
sion ls evidently planned to open the
campalgn shortly for State-wlde pro?
hlbition, which will be considered . by
the General Assembly to be. elected
next fall.
Forgivcn on Saying He- Stok
to Build Wireless
Employcr Who Had Youngster
Arrested Now Offers to Pay
for Education.
New York, November - 4,?Wlll'am
Allen, seventeon years old, of 188 Bal
tlo Streot, Brooklyn, lt developed yes?
terday, probably wlll go to college in?
stead of to Jall. ln conseituence of
hls havlng committed a theft hls ambi
tlon to becomo verred ln the sclences,
especially <n wlreless telegraphy and
other branches of electricity, became
known to hls emplo,irer and to Cniel
Maglstrate Kempner, of Brooklyn.
Although the youngster was held ln
$500 ball last evening to aWalt the
action of the grand jury, he was sent
to tha Children's Soclety for the nlg/lt,
and an effort wlll be made to have ins
sentence suspended and to have hlm
sent to college.
Allen waa arrested ln the afternoon
by Detectlve Clark on the complaint
of Thomas Lamb, & drugglst, of 84
Court Street. The cnarge was tfcsat on
October 29 the boy took J55 from a
drawer in an open safo ln the drug
store. Allen has worked for Lamb for
more than a year. He was taken be?
fore Maglstrate Kempner and stralght
way pleaded gullty.
The story \pf the youngster's devo
tlon to sclence was then told. Allen
had been readlng about wlreless tele?
graphy and' studylng electricity as
much as he could from a few booka
and such small pieces of apparatus as
he could buy. He ls BmaU for hla
age, but has the head of a student.
He does not havo the appearance of
a thlef, and his employer spoke hlgh
ly of hls Industry and hls obedlonce.
For many months Allen had wanted
a wlreless apparatus. He lnqulred as
to the cost, but learned lt was beyond
hls means. He read about how to
construct the apparatus cheaply, and
flgured that about $60 would be suffl
cient to buy the necessary nnterlals.
He did not have the money, however,
and when he was taken into- court, he
"I have been tempted many tlmes
to take money. I saw lt ln the office
where it was handy. I trled to save
money so I could put up a wlreless
apparatus on our roof at home. I could
not get enough together. I saw the
money ln the drawer In the safe tho
other day and so I took lt. I spent
$20 of it for batterles, and took them
to the roof.
"I ejepected' to spend more money
within a day or two for wire and
other materlals that I needed. I wanti
ed to learn wlreless telegraphy and
see lf I could plck messages out of
the sky llke Jack Blnns did.
"Thls ls not the flrst time I have
been tempted. I took a little blt of
money twlce before. It did not amount
to much, and I spent lt for pieces of
apparatus. I never spent any of thf
money I stole except to help me ln my
Lamb was much lmpre6sed by the
boy's story. He sald to the magls?
"I hope lt wlll not be necessary to
send this boy to jall. I am wlllinn
to wlthdraw the charge against hlm.
and I wlll do everything ln my power
to have the sentence suspended. If I
can get hlm free I shall gladly glve
money to have him sent to college.
I have always found hlm obedlent, and
I think a chap so eager to learn
Shoujd Un encouraged."
The ccnirt felt obliged to hold tho
boy, but arranged that he should be
sent to the Children's Soclety. so the
youngster would not have to go to
Charles II. Henkel Comntltsi Sulclde j,t
Shootlng Hlmaelf Throusrh Heart.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Harrlsonburg, Va,, November 4.?
Charles T. Henkel, aged forty-elght
years, a former hotel man, shot him?
self through the heart at hls home, ln
New Market. Shenandoah county, to
day. Hls wife, who was Mlss Nettie
Rice, heard a shot, and rushed upstalrs
lnto the room ln time to take a sealed
letter from hls hand before he dled.
The contents of the letter are not
known. He had been sick a week and
very despondent. He leaves two sis?
ters?Mlss Letla Henkel and Mrs.
George Williams, of Broadway?and a
brother, Stuart, in Washlngton.
- aj i
Advertising Committee.
vr-he Councll Committee on Adver?
tising the Resources of the Clty. has
been called to moet to-day at noon
ln" the office of Mayor Richardson to
approve a number of bllls lncurred
ln the entertainment of recent con?
Bnnk Men to Hear Edltor.
Rlchmond Chapter. ' Amerioan Instl?
tute of Banking. will hold lts regular
monthly meetlng next Thursday at 8:30
J". M. ' The bank men of the clty are
looking forward to thls meetlng witn
a great deal of pleasure. as Major .1.
C. Hemphill, edltor of The Tlmes-Dls?
patch, wlll speak.
Conventlon, After Eleetlng Ofllcers, Ad
journ* xo Meet Next May tn
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Lynchburg. Va., November 4.?The
conventlon of the Woman's Auxlllary
of the Southern DIocose of the Epis?
copal j Church, flnlshed its work this
afternoon, and adjourned to meet next
May at Christ Church, Norfolk, at the
time of the meetlng of tho Dlocesan
The following ofllcers wero elected
for the ensutng term: President, Mrs.
Lula Taylor Letcher, of Norfolk; Pres?
ident Perlodlcal Club, Mrs. W. A. An?
derson, of Lexlngton: Superlntendent
Junior Work, Mrs. J. J. Lloyd; As?
slstant Superlntendent Junior Work,
Mlss Llla Tucker, oC Lynchburg;
Treasurer, Mrs. Cyrus Fltck, of Nor?
At'tho mornlng sesslon holy com
munlon was celebrated by Blshop
Tucker, who was nsslsted by Rev.
Joseph B. Dunn.
? ?From the flrst work of tho sesslon
was a conferenco on auxlllary work,
durlng whlch all of tho auxlllarles repre
aented gave verbal reports of mothods
of work used \>y them In furthoring
tho nilasion work.
Dr. Harry Taylor, a medlcal mlsslon
ary In Chlna, tola of tho work ln thc
bospltals there.
Blshop Klnsolvlng, of Rraxll. snoko
at lenglh on social condltlons ln Bra
all. and * Mlss" Clara Neoly, of Japan.
gavo a gruphlc descrlptlon of the work
nmong tho wovnon of that country,
Tho membera gavo u rlslng voto of
thanks for the OKcellont ' entertain?
ment 'affor'ded 'them whllo ln the city,
Thls afternoon'. 'froin I tn r. o clonk,
n. conferenco on junior work was htM,
and to-morrow mornlng, beginning ut
10 o'clock, a, 3osslon glven up entirely
to thla branch. of "tho auxlllary work
?wlll he held. . . , , . ? ?
? To-nlght BlMhop Klnsolvlng, of Brtt
all, was tho prlnclpal upeakor nt a
lneotlng held- on bohuir Of mlsslon
Tn liiHuctsI I'olloo Fortie,
The 'annual autumn luBpoctton of tlu
.pbllno force wlll tako plaae next Wed
notntay afternoon. After the Inapou
tlon of the statlon houses, tho twi
dlotrlct -forces wlll navaile to tho Clts
Hall. whero thoy wlll be Inaiieotod hj
.tha Board of Pnlluo Commlaslonora.
Author of
Half a Chance
Under the Rose. erc.mmm
True lovef and brave idventurer, his escaoea
are thrillingly exciting; myrtery surrounds -him
with a Veil or fascination
More baffling 'than RafHea, more searching
than Sherlock Holmes, more compelling, than
The Leavenworth Case, The Sotsal Bucaneer is
Monarch of Modern Mysteri^s
Iniusitated bvKint Tht, BOBBSMERRILL CO.. PubtUken AiMllStom|
Snow Storm In East Cripplesj
Wires and Upsets Train
WSnter ls lettlng Us presenco be
keenly felt by a cold wave whloh is
sweeplng over the country, accom
panled by snow, sleot and raln. Whlle
tho wlnd attalned a veloclty of twenty
nve mlles an hour early yesterday
mornlng, the mercury touched the
lowest point of the wlnter and there
were flurrles of snow. People were
awakened from thelr sleep by the
gale whloh rattled the wlndow sash,
banged the shutters and at times seem?
ed to threaten to blow the roof off
the house.
Tralns came Into Rlchmond yester?
day mornlng covered wlth snow. Malls
were detayed and for soveral hours
telegraphlc communlcatlon was Inter
rupted. Rlchmond awoko to dlscover
that real wlnter had set ln, also to
learn that the clty was cut off from
some sectlons of the outside world.
Rlchmond was fortunate, however,
ln comparlson with other cltles. Wash?
ington experienced a near repetltlon of
tho inauguratlon bllzzard of eighteen
months ago, and for several hours was
entlrely cut off from outside commu
.nlcatlon by damaged wlres. Snow fell
ln the capltal ln the early mornlng.
It was but a sprlnkle, however. .and
the maln damage was done by the
wind, which blew oven more ftercely
there than Iri Rlchmond. Baltlmore
was also vlslted by the flfst big storm
of the wlnter, and serious damage was
done the hangars of the avlators who
are there to partlclpato ln the Hale
thorpe meet. In fact, the storm seems
??to have been general over the
country, belng most severe along the
Atlantlc coast.
Afternoon malls from North and East
were delayed for an hour 3*esterday.
All malls were late during the day.
Tralns arriving from Washington last
nlght over the Rlchmond, Frederlcks?
burg and Potomac Rallroad were from
thlrty to forty mlnutes behlnd Schedule
time. The Seaboard train was an hour
late. All wlres north of Washington
were down last nlght.
Colored People Hold ltlg Meeting to
Ald True Reformers.
Meeting last night in thelr hall. many
True Reformers of thls and other cltles
pledged thelr continued support of tho
organization. thus giving evldence of
thelr faith that the adversitles whlch
have beset It wlll be rlghted. The at?
tendance taxed the capaclty of tho
hall. and was estlmated at 700.
The meeting was opened wlth a
scrlptural readlng by Rev. W?. F. Gra?
ham and prayer by Rev. A. S. Thomas.
Addresses were delivered by A. xv.
Holmes, grand worthy master: J. R.
Wllson. W. P. Burrell, R. T. HU1 and
Rev. R, T. Johnson. J. XV. Hunter,
who has charge of the work of the
organization ln Pennsylvanla, appealed
to the members to stand solld. and
pledged the continued loyalty of the
section he represented. Other speak?
ers spoke encouraglngly, and urged
those present to make material sacrl
flces that the order mlght be pre
sqrved. In reply, many deposltors of
the True Reformers'. Bank, wlth mem?
bers, rose to thelr feet and stated thelr
wllllngness to stlck by the Institutlon
ln Its present trouble. %
Tn hls address, A. W. Holmes ex
niainfid the sltuatlon, and hls remarks
were received wlth satlsfactlon by hls
audltors. He. too. urged the suPPort
of the members, declarlng that a
rlght splrit of co-operation would gave
the sltuatlon._
backTor celebration
Rev. Wm. L. Unll Returua From Chnp
uiau Meettugs lu Chlcago.
Rev. Wllllnm L. Bal. pastor of Ta?
bernaole Baptist Church, returned yes?
terday ?iroma vlslt of three weeks^to
Chlcago, where he was one of flfty
evnngelists asslstlng ln a campalKn
conducted there by lley. J. Wllbui
Chapman, D. D.. slmllar to that con
ductVd hero by Dr. Chapman an* Mr
Alexander last year Tho clty was
dlvldod Into various districts. Mi.Ball
belng the speaker asslgned to one o?
these. subdlvlslons. .
A special " service . will be held at
Tabernaole. Church to-morrow morn?
lng, marktng the tlfth annlversary? of
Mr. Bnll's pastorate. Mr. Ball wlll
glve ? an account of the evangellstlc
campalgn in Chlcago. ?*,,? nf
On Monday nlght the celebration nf
the annlversary wlll be continued wlth
un elaborato organ recltal under the
uuspices ot tlie Tabernaole Baptist
cholr, Bassett W. Hounh. '???ani?t ?J
tha Second Baptist Church, wlll rendei
several , organ selectlons, nnd -iheie
wlll be a ciuartet composed o? Mis.
Maudo Porter Gunn, Mlss McDonald.
Dr. Maurlce Koblanzer and Howard
D, .Bryant. , ...
On Tuesday evenlng tho church wlll
hold a publlc reception under the aus
ploes of the Woman's-Ald Socioty, to
whlch all tlie members of tho con?
gregatlon havo been Invlted.
Jildge ivinnlly Setllea Mainite?Mluls
ters Conslder Control of Guurlty
DUtrllnitlou lu Danville.
[Speolal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Danville. Va? Novomber -I.?An un
usual caso wus trled out at Soiioolflqld
vooenUy before Justiee FUts. Two mlll
operatlvos clalmed a slxteen-yoar-old,
worklng in tho cotton' mills, as thelr.
son, the parties mvolvod bolng C T.
Stuart and John Brown. The, relatlves
of both partles contended. that the boy
lnvolvod was thelr brother, and lt was
llnally nooessavy to send for:an Ani
Herst judge to sottlo tho dlspute, he
testlfylng tliat tho youth was ,&tuurtV
son. the Stuart family havlng. moved
hero rocenly from Amherst.
Toin Corbett, olnlmlng to b? brother
of James Corbett, the groat 'puglllst,
was marrled hero.to-day, hla brlde bo*
ing Mlss .Tnnlo Dove, of thls clty, at
the vcnlden.ee ot Rev, xv. H. Davls, paa
tor of the Calvary Methodist Church.
on North Maln Streot.
Henry Eanes, a young whlte man.
was held for the action of the grand
jury here to-day on the charge of
non-support. Several wltnesses stated
that Mrs. Eanes on a number of occa
slons had been forced to apply to the
clty for ald, and fihat recently she had
been notifled to vacate the house she and
her children occupled. Eanes was bail
ed Jn the sum of $50 for hls appear?
ance before the Corporatlon Court.
The mlnlsters ot the clty met thla
afternoon at the Y. M. C. A. ln consulta
tlon wlth the Mayor. Steps were taken
looking toward the better .control of
charlty distribution ln the clty. A
committee appolnted. composed of Rev.
W. R. Lacld, Dr. J. E. Hlcv- and Rev.
G. C. Duncan, who wlll, wlth the as?
sistance of the physical director of the
Y. M. C. A? formulate a plant whlch
wlll be presented at a meetlng in the
near future. _'_
The man who Insures lils llfe is
wlse for hls family.
The man who Insures hls health
ls wlse both for his famlly and
Vou may Insure health by guard
Ing It. It ls worth guardlng.
At the flrst attack of diiease,
whlch generally approaches
through the LIVER and niani
fests Itself in Innumerable ways
And ?av? your h<^ f "v
Fail to attend the Great
Clearance Sale.
and upwards. Easy terms.
Fifth and Grace Streets.
Send for list.
A. B. C. Capitol Wrapped Loaf
"The best bread you ever tasted."
Wrapped ln waxed paper?not touch
ed by human hands untll lt is served
on your table, . . A>-C.-v'
5c. at Your Groctc's.
11, 8. 10, 13 E. Le'sh Street.
Tbe Emporia Hydro-Electric
Power Corporation
can reduce your power cost to the
mlnlmum. Manufacturers., write for
W. F. DEAL. Seo'y-Treas..
Emporla, Va.
Miller Manufacturing Co., Inc.
South Richmond, Va.,
Sash, Doors and Blinds
Contractors ancl builders should
have our prices and estimates when
figuring on any kind of building con?
Kitchen Cabineti will leasen kitchen
abor. Try one. Sold by
Rothert &Co.p
Fourth and Broad.
?^nie best f"??

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