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Baptist Congregatlon Elccts Him
as its Pastor to Succeed
.Mr. Dorsct.
Massachusetts Minister Unani
iiious Choice After Mem?
bers Hear Him Preach.
At a meeting of tbe congregntion
yesterday afternoon, Rev. .lohn J.
Wickcr, of Northlleld, Mass., was unan
Imously oalled to fill the vacancy ln
the Lelgh Street Baptist Church caus?
ed by thc resignation ot Rev. W. S.
Dorsot. The congregatlon acted upon
tbc reconimcndatlon of a committec
Whlcli has had tlio matter of calllng
h new pastor under conslderatlon for
trveral months.
Mr. Wickor Is well known ln thls
i ity. and especially tn the Lelgh Straet
Church. He has been engaged ln
evangcllstlo work for a number of
years, and on the resignation of Mr.
Dorset iilled the pulplt temporarlly.
AVhile here he created a most favor
nble lmpression. and lt was expected
that he would be the man recom
mended by tho commlttee. He is a
graduate of Rlchmond College.
Formerly lu liuitliuore.
For five years he was pastor -of a
large churcl. in Baltlmore. Uo tbon
accepted a call In Xcw Jersey, where
he workod Suceessf-lly for live years.
After that ho took up evangcllstlo
work, ln which he has been engaged
for several voars. lt ls expected tliat
he wlll accept thc call, and wlll take
up hls work as soon as he can movo
hls family to this clty.
The commlttee makinc the. recom
mendation was composed of tlio fol?
lowlng: XV. J. Parrish. chairman: C.
O. Alley. secretary; John Bagby, Ro
land H. Chlldren. F. M. Colllns, F. S.
Holdscraft, J. T. Allen. Berklcy Goore
and Dr. R. D. Oarcln.
Mr. Dorset reslgned last August to
accept a pastorate ln South Carollna.
??Gonts" Are lultlnted Into Secret., of
Frnternlty, nnil Ilnnquct Follows.
Several "goats" wore Inltiated Satur?
day nlght Into the mysterlcs of the Phl
Chl Fraternltv of the Medical College
of Virginla, and, after the mysttc rltes
had been porformed ln the usual dark
and secret manner and the "goals" haa
been made properly aware of the new
dignitv whlch had been placed upon
them, the members of the fraternity
present and the Inltlates had un cn
Jovable banquet ln Murphy's Hotel.
Dr. B. M. Rosebro, of the taculty,
nctcd as toastmaster. and the follow?
lng toasts were given: "The Chapter,
Stewart MacBryde: "Wine," VS. M.
Wl'nn*. "Football." G. G. Hankln?; i('Our
?Wlves?Present and prospective. C.
Campbell: "The Goats of 1010-11. M.
G. Carter; "Thelr Future," Sam Down
""The goats that have been Inltiated
thls year are H. O. Carter Kllmar
nock* R R. Stuart, Tazewell; Sam
Downing, Lancaster; Tonea G. Harfly,
l_tneaster-. W. R. Hursey, Soclety Hill,
S f" ? G B. Denit, Salem; W. B. Dud
ley. Martlnsvllle; F. B. Hution. Jr.,
Abingdon. , ?
Among the other members of the
fraternity who were present were
Dr B M. Rosebro. fc>r. M. J. Alex
nndor. Stewart McBryde. H. A. Tabb
I, F. Cosbv, H. E. Davls, XV. XV. Har
grave, G. G. Hanklns, R. G. Cannaday
W M. 'vVlnn, Ii. N. Koontz, C. Campbell
C M. Clark, R. S. Parker, A. M. Sneed
A. W. Lewls. G. E. Nance, A. F. Bagby
Deputy Sheriff Sydnor Capture*
Klemmie Hood Under Stack
,K.. pf Bags.
Klemmie Hood, a young whlte man
wanted in Chesterfleld county on ;
serious felony charge. was yesterda:
arrested by Deputy Sherlff Sydnor
?who I'ound him snugly hidtlen unde
a pile of bags in one of tho barns o
tho Rennie Dairy Company.
When he escaped from Chesterflel
county, Hood came to Henrlco an
obtained employment on the dalr
farm. Mr. Sydnor had located hli
there, but when he arrlved yestet
day mornlng there was no Hood t
be seen. After looking over the prerr
lse very carefully, but all tn
whlle lceeplng hls eye on a certal
other employe, who seemed unnecei
Farlly husv, the offlcer sald sometbin
about laboring on the Sabbath, ar
also mado a few remarks about tl
penalty i'or "aldlng and abettlng fug
tlvea from justiee.
The other man did not know an;
thlng about Hood, but would willini
ly asslst in linding him. He provi
to bc- an amateur Sherlock Holmc
ln a very few minutes he began
rummage into a large pile of bag
r,nri after the last ono was remov,
there was Hood curled up in a litt
Tdt due- out ln the barn floor.
ln the jail oillco Hood protested h
lnnocence very strongly. He wlll
held for Chesterfleld offlcers, w
probablv wlll come for him to-day.
The Wedding Gift Stoi
$15.00 up.
Necklaces, c
!sTo better values in Cut Glass, Sih
ware and other articlcs. Specially
ligncd for rich gifts.
Smith & Webster,
612 East Main.
to and from all stations.
Richmond Transfer Compai
809 Ei Main Street.
'I'lirockmorton Tclls of Bcncnts
of Proposed Law to __._
Hcnrico County.'
Would Givc People More Knowl?
edge of How Their Money
Is Spent.
Much plcnsed with the action of a
slgner of tho petltlon ln opposition to
hls blll, ln wlhtdrawlng hls name and
approving tho measure, C. XV. Throck?
morton now believe. his plnn will be
ratifled by tho v ers of Henrlco coun?
ty at the polls to-morrow. Ho thinks
that others wlll take slmllar action
when the .acts are known to them, and
that thoy wlll go to thc polls and vota
for the blll.
Mr. Throckmorton attrlbutea the op
ppsltlon and the anltnus of the petl?
tlon to the Influence of the Board of
Supervlsors, whose power over road
bulldlng wlll bc taken away if the
law ls app'oved by thc voters, and
given Instead to a road board. Hb
"The petltlon gotten up by the super?
vlsors ls so mlsleading that I am sure
many persons slgned it under a mlsap
prehenslon. ln ordo. that the voters
may undcrstand tho blll, l wlll on
deavor to answer these objectlons so
far as I recall them.
Selectlon of OiflccrA.
"Flrst: They say that tho new road
law wlll take the selectlon bf tha
road commlssloners away from 'tho
people and vest lt ln an appolntlng
hoard. During the sess'^n of the Leu
Islature of 190S, I got a blll through
the House leavlng the electlon of tho
road commlssloners to tho poople.
These same supervlsors were as stren
I tious ln their opposition to that blll
ns they are to this. So we may well
I be a little skeptlcal of thelr slncerlty
ln urging this objectlon. Besides, they
do not allow the people to have any
voice ln the appolntment of thelr road
foreman. The members of thls ap?
polntlng board, under thc pandlnp- blll,
w'th one excoption. aro answerable
to the people, and the people can see
that they appoint the proper men or
know the reason why. I have no ob?
jectlon whutever to the electlon of thls
board by tho people if they want it.
"Second: The supervlsors complaln
that the road commlsslonors would
not have to account to any one for
thelr expendltures. Thls ls a gross
nilstake. One of the objects of the
blll ls to have the road money prop?
erly nccounted for. The road boanl
would havo to report all bllls to thc
chalrman of the floard of Supervlsors
who would bo requlred to audlt them
Under the present law, the supervlsors
make thc bllls, report to themselves
order the money pald to themselve.i
colleot lt and pay lt out without hav
fng to report to any one.
Would Hnve Appenl.
"Thlrd: They say that the road _oan
would act as vlewcrs and appralsen
In opening new roads, and that the c.lt
Izcns would havo no redress. That I:
n mlstake. Under the present law, th1
supervlsors appoint vlewcrs and ap
pralsers, who report to them, and an:
person dlssatlsfled w'th the report ha
an appeal to the court. The new lav
simply requlres the road board to ac
without compensatlon ln order to sav
the county the expense of tho vlewen
any any person feeling hlmself ag
grleVed can appeal to the court Ju_
us under the present law.
"Fourth: It ls urged that there 1
no llmlt to the number of men wh
might be employed by tho road Tboari
I do .not think lt consistent to urg
that as a defect when thore la n
llmlt to the number tho supervlsoi
niay now cmploy. Those mon wlll t
solected because of thelr knowledg
j of road work, an. w..? not emplo
i any more than wlll be necessary.
y would be wrong to llmlt thom ln th
_ P?oplc Oe. Faets.
"Fifth:'They allege that the ro;
board would levy taxes. Thls ls r
error. The blll expressly provlde
that the supervlsors shall make tl
lovy for road purposes In such r
amount as tho road board thinks wl
be necessary?not less than 10 cen
nor more than 25 cents on tho $10
ln thls way the peoplo wlll know ho
much of tholr taxes go to the roa.
At present thc supervlsors do not 1
tlie people know. They Include lt
tho general county levy. I am 1
"' formed that one-half of tho coun
lo levy goes to roads, or 20 cents i
tho $100. Are the people gettii
value received for one-half of'tlu
taxes fom tho county levy? The boa
is spendlng $36,000 a year. Whe
does it go? AVould lt not be bett
to have a road board which would ta
the peoplo Into Its confidence?
"Slxth: Objectlon ls mado to t
term "practlcal road . hullder' as a
plled to tho road superlntendent. Th
say he should tte nn 'expert' or 'scicn
lb-' road man. How many of the et
ployes on the road now aro 'expo
or 'scientlflc'? 'Practlcal' includes bo
I know the peoplo of tho county a
wllllng to trust Crawford Redd, w
would be a member of the appointl
board, ln the selectlon of a proper m
for Buperintendent.
I'p tn the People.
"I havo but one object ln view?
beneflt the county. lf tli people i
satisfied wlth the present road m:
agement. 1 have nothlng to say. 1
not thlnk we aro g-etting as good roi
as we should have for the mot
spent. and I secured the passage
thls law to better conditions. lt
for the peoplo to declde.
_. "I falllio uiulerstand why the Boi
of Supervlsoi's should be so anxli
to retaln control of thls $38,000 a ye
when they get so little for expend;
It. Aro thoy aiiclt business men
not to bo critici.od? They left ab,
$10,000 ln the troasurer's hands foi
year. Had he died, hls miccesaor wo
hnve received 3 per cent., or $1,
ln commisslons, a dead loss to
county. Was that buslncss-like?
"lf thero are defects in the law
Ecan be easily amended by the u
Leglslature, whlch meets less tl
nlne months ufter the new law ".
go Into effect. lf adopted. But let
not lose thls opportunlty to maln
start toward n better cra of r<
bulldlruc ln uenrlco county,"
Ran Out on Coast Line Bridgej
* and Feet Dangled Below
Hcroic Work Required to Tie
His Legs and Lift Him
Safclv Out.
Wlth hardly time to spare before
thc arrlval of the Norfolk and West?
ern "Cannon Ball," a traln due at the
Byrd Streot Statlon nt 11:15 o'clock, a
horse belonging to the Blchmond
Transfer Company was removed from
tho Atlantlc Coast Line trestle ln the
rear of the statlon, where ho had be?
come flrmly lodged ln between tho
tles, and agaln placed on hts feet.
John Houchcns and Arthur Hughes,
colored, had been sent to South Rlch?
mond to get some baggage lo ba
brought to the statlon, and at the
Rlchmond end of the Nlnth Stroet
brldgo,( the horse Jumped, the brldlo
was broken, and thoroughly frlght
ened he bolted. The drlver attempted
to hang on, but the horse soon broke
away from tho harness, and went on,
leavlng wngon and mon far behlnd.
Trnln ..linnxl Due.
The horse scomed bent on gettlng
onto the trestle, as tho snfest point
from whlch to view the plece of paper,
or whatever olse lt was. whlch had
given him hls Ilrst scare. But the
traln wns nearly due, nnd the point on
tho trestle, to say the least, somewhat
After break Ing away from tha
wagon, tho animal cainn up Nlnth
Street to Canal, turned in Seventh
Street, and then veered Into the bag
gage-room ynrd. Thence ho ran be?
tween the telograph oflico and yards,
and went into the maln yard, whence
egress onto the trestle was easy.
The runaway proceeded only a few
Isteps on the trestle when he went
down, all four legs sllpplng through '
. between the tles and hls body resting
j on top of thom. He strugglod, and
| looked anxlously bolow. Thero was
no escape. At length Houchens and
I Hughes came up. Knowlng that the
I traln from Petersburg would be due
I wlthln a few mlnutes, they lost no
| time ln procurlng ald.
Tled I.egn Together.
Other men ran to thelr assistance,
. nnd a method of gettlng the horse out
i was finally solved. First hls forelogs
| were tled together and then hls hlnd
I legs, so that he could not kick nnd
! struggle and menare his rescuers.
After tho horso's legs had thus
i been securely bound, a band of strong
I men got about him. and he was Hfted
i so that his legs were clear of tho tles.
i Then he was partly rolled and partly
j dragged untll he had been placed safe
| ly on the embankment. There hls legs
| were freed. He arose, shook hlmself,
| looked around and then calmly follow?
ed. the drlver down to the street. A
fow mlnutes later the traln rolled ln.
Nolther horse nor wagon was dam?
aged, and the two negroes escaped
Tbninan Ilrown Alleged to Ile One of
(inng Tlmt Broke Into Galenkl Store.
Thomas Brown, a whlte boy, was ar?
rested yesterday on a warrant charg
- i Ing him wlth havlng broken Into the
s S Galeski Optlcal Company, 223 East
e 1 Broad Street, last Frlday nlght, and
- j steallng therefrom eight pairs of opera
v glasses. Ile waB arrested at home by
Pollcemen Tomllnson and Duffy. after
much of tlie evldence agalnst, liim had
boen worked up by A. M, Tomllnson,
former captaln of the Pollco Detcctivo
W. II. I.oving. also whlte, was ar
_ , rested Saturday nlght by Pollcemen
lt ] Andrews and Werner, as belng Impll
I cated in the same burglary. He Is
charged wlth havlng a pair of stolen
B ! opera glasses ln hls possesslbn, said
o , to have been given or sold to him by
1. ; Brown. , ,
?e Brown has flgured extenslvely ln
? j police annals. The boys are alleged
| to have entered tho store by means
"8 I of a duplilcato key. Nelther the safe
16 nor cash drawers wero troubled. the
:o j thleves apparently contcntlng them
y | selves wlth only those things thoy
It found close to hand.
13 Southern Itnllwny EnttilnK*.
Estlmated earnlngs of the Southern
Railway for the fourth week in Octo
id 1 hor show an Increase of $137,16 i, as
in ' compared wlth thc correspondlng week
Occupants Escape Serious Injurj
by Presence of Mind on
Part of Drivers.
Serious Injury to tho occupants o
tlio two machlnes was narrowly avert
ed yesterday aftornoon, when an au
tomobllo drlven by Thomas Leary
numbered 127. and a car nuinbere.
1307, driven by Dr. M. O. Burke, coi
. Uded on Patterson Avonue, near th
th'J Soldlers" Home. Ench machine wa
'h0 j damaged, and a passenger in Dr
ng ' ISurke's car was thrown agalnst th
wlnd shleld as the car came to i
siudden halt and was much scnatche.
about tho face by tho hlts of brokoi
glass. Another occupant of tho sam
iro l car received a gash over tho oyo. Non
ln.! ln the othor machine was Injured
do The accldont occurred near a poin
lds whero tho roads cross. A high fenc
loy at thls Juncture prevontod the drlver
ot | flrpm seeing each other untll the;
j? . were vory "closo toglither. und too lat
i to avoid tho colllslon. Tho result wa
, j that Dr. Burke's cnr had Its runnln
. ! board almost smashed off, besides bc
J,1S j Ing badly scratehod up on Iho sid
, struok. Us wlnd shleld wns als,, bad
mff ]y broken. Both lamps on Mr. l.enry'
as I car wore janimed In and tho radUto
"... ! waK also damaged. Only presence c
mind on tho part of ono or both drlv
ers prevented a moro serious a<-oidon
Tell Us if You Can
Get a $25 Sui
tliat can beat ours at $20. We'll n|
preclate it.
Jacobs & Levy,
Lf You Scc a Red One at 7
o'Clock Tuesday Night It
Looks Like Dix.
Special Arrangements Made to
Notify Everybody How
Election Goes.
Key to Signals
Election Night
Red?Probiiblj- rieiiiocrntlc.
Hlue?Prohnbly riepubllcnn.
New York on tlie hour.
Nlnth Dlstrlct on tho hnlf hour.
Heturn*. froni New Vork?C61
jred rockctH wlll be ex?
ploded hlgh ln llic nlr over the
Amerlcnn Nutlonnl Bank llnlldln*. at
7, 8, 0, 10, 11 n"d 13 o'clock. II ed
menn. prohnhly Democrntlcj blue,
probably Repiihllcnu; whlte, doubt?
ful. Double red* menu Dis, Denio
ern?, ln eleotod: double blue* menn
Stlmson, Repuhllcnn, lini won.
Nlnth Vlrgliiln Dlntrlct?Heturn.
from the Nlnth wlll be fln.hed nt
the Minu* plnce nt St30, 9*30, 10*30,
11:30 P. .1, nnd 12*30 A. M. Ked,
Stunrt probnbly wlnn! blue, Slemp
Probnbly wlnut wlilte, doubtful.
Doublcn menn llmt remilt I* oorlnln.
IV. B.?Cut thla out nnd prenervc
It for reference Tue.ilny nlirht.
From expresslons of opinion heard
yesterday lt is evldent thut the new
plan ad<y>ted by Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch
for givlng thc publlr electlons returns
to-morrow nlght ls far inoro satisfac?
tory than thc old plan of standing In
the cold nlght alr. Manager Tanner,
of tho Southern Bell Telephone and
Telegraph Company, wlll put speclal
operators at headquarters to facllltate
the serviee, whlle oxports will ho on
duty ln The Tlmes-Dlspatch Bulldlng
to give quick answers to overy call
for information about the vote ln any
State. Extra trunk llnos wlll be pro?
vlded so that thero wlll bo no delay
and few "Busy" rcpllos from central
Just as fast as bulletlns como tn to j
thls newspaper ovor four loased tele- '
graph wlres. they wlll bo sent to thc
desk of a man who wlll digest thom
and put thom beforo the persons de- I
talled to answer nll calls.
The Rookot Slgn.ln.
Then on the hour, hojrinning at 7
o'clock, colored rockets wlll he fired
from top of the Amorlcan National
Bank Bulldlng to show how thlngs
are golng In New York. A red rocket
means that lt looks Democratlc; a
blue rocket means that lt looks Repub?
lican, while a white rocket at that
; hour means that thc result is douht
ful or that it Is too early to flgure on
! the result. Tho ohances, however, are
i that the New York result wlll be
known early, and lf it Is certain at 8
i o'clock or any other hour that DI** is
i elected two red rockets wlll be fired,
| or two blue ones if Stlmson has won.
| News from tho Southwest?the Nlnth
j Dlstrlct?wlll be shot up Into thc sky
on the half hour?beginning at 8:30.
A* red rocket wlll indlcate that Stuart
ls leadlng, as the oount ls being made;
a blue rocket indlcates that Slemp ls
| leadlng; whlte means doubtful. The
, signals wlll bo flred exactly on the
| hour for New York, and exactly on
j tho half hour for the Nlnth Dlstrlct.
Cllp and preeerve the key prlnted at
I the head of thls artlcle, so that you
wlll know preclsely what the rockets
| mean. Thoro wlll be no change or
varlatlon from thc prlnted schcdule.
fi. X. Condylei- Charped "Wlth Fel?nl
ou-.lv AHnnultlng Hlm.
G-. N. Condyles was arrested yester?
day mornlng on a warrant charglng
hlm with felonlously assaultlng Gay
Alfrlnnd. The assault occurred lato
.Saturday nlght. Condyles was ad?
mltted to ball by Judgo Wltt* Alfriend
] was badly cut.
Thoir names are spelled on the pollco
record as Harabamber Karayrammes
and Alexander Otteses, a,nd thev wero
! arrested on a charge of curslng and
' abusing James Hampton. "Whether thn
Pollce Court crler wlll be ablo to call
them thls mornlng remalns to be sccn.
But ho has had experience
Show Comes Early in Evening
This Year, So That Every- ?
body Can See It.
Wlth thc present year havlng alread;
brought several very Interestlng celes
tial riisplays, astronomers announo
that still another number on tho 191'
program renintns to be carrled out. Oi
tho nlght of Novembor 1G thoro wlll b
a total eclipr.o of thc moon, which wll
l.o vlslble ln every part of the Unltci
Making lts appearance early ln th
year, after nearly a century's absenct
Kalley's comet occupled the centre o
thc aerlal stage untll well on ln th
summer, dtsappearing flnally for ano
thor long jaunt through space. Fol
lowing closo upon its passing came th
announcement that a man up ln Massa
ohusetts had discovered another come
that put it all ov?jr Halley's for glon
and that in two months tho worl
m'ght cxpect to seo a celestlal vlslto
that was really worth whlle. lt neve
matertall.ed, however. Then ln Augtif
came thc shootlng stars, whlch as
tronomers call tho Perselds, and }tu
about thls tlnie old i.una one nigt'
suddeniy .hlftod her position, movin
froni Uie purt of tho sky whero sh
had bee.n ttccustomed to rlse to a ne*
rlaco way over on the other slde
All during- tho flreworks tho comet
and the stars havo had nothlng on ol
?Mt. Moon. Thls lb tho second toti
ecllpse that ho will .treat the- world t
trils year, the Mrst havlng beon on Ma
-;! In thls socond ecllpse the moo
wlll ontor about fi P. M., Rlchmon
time. Tho total ecllpse ls bcheduled t
begln at 7 l' M.. and ond about an hot
ln tor, ntni anothor hour 'belng re
qulred for It to doavo tho shadov
Comlng ,early |n tho nlght, tho eellps
wlll afford a splendld ehanco to t
Dolls Open in Virginia To-Mor
row at 6:43 A. M., and
Close at S :o6 P. M.
\mcndments to Constitutiun
May Bring Out Large N.um
bcr of Rlectors.
All polling places In Virginla will
? pen nt 6:43 to-morrow mornlng for
ho goneral electlon. Thls wlll .be the
uomenl of sunrlso In the latltude. of
tlcbmond, nnd is the officlal tlmo for
.11 parts of tho State. for thc time
hanges at Bristol and at Mlddlesboro
>n tho Western borders.
Tho sunsct hour ls at G:06, at whlch
Imc the polls wlll close. All thal wlll
hon remaln wlll be to count thc votes
vhlch have boen east during tho
lours of sunshlne, nnd to make the
ln accordance wlth thc laws of the
State. every saloon must closo at 6
i'clock thls evenlng, and must remaln
?losed untll 0 o'clock Wednesday morn
At every votlng precinct ln the Stato
o-morrow a member ot tho House of
teprcsentatlves of the National Con
iress wlll be voted for. ln addltion,
?ach voter. as hls name ls called when
10 entors tho polling place, wlll be
landed a ballot submltttng for .hls de
?islon the proposed amendments to the
JonHtitutlon of Virginla, upon whlch
he Is expected to render hls verd'et.
Thls ticket will go Into a ballot box
separate from that ln whlch the con
gresslonal ballots are placed.
Special I.nuen.
In Henrlco. county a new road law
ls to be voted on, and a. thlrd ballot
box will bc necessary. Warren county
votes on a $50,000 road bond lssue. and
King William and Hanover countles
wlll elect a member of the House of
Delegate. to succeed tho late Thomas
H. Edwards.
Arrangements have been made
throughout tho State by Tho Tlmes
Dlspatch to have the results nf tho
electlon transmltted to thls office by
telephone or telegraph, at tho carllest
possible moment after the votes aro
counted. Slgnals wlll be dashed from
a skyscraper every half-hour, giving
Information to the people of the city
nnd vlclnlty on the result In New York
and In the Nlnth Dlstrict, whlle a tele?
phone servlce wlll be malntalned for
more speclflc news as to these contests
and as to the results in other places.
If the elections ln the Nlnth nnd
Fifth Virginla Districts are very closo,
which seems llkely to be the caso. lt
may be a very late hour before the
posltlve result ls known. In case of
a neck and neck finish, when the vote
ln outlylng preclnets would be neces?
sary to determlne tho result, the ac?
tual election mlght not be known untll
some time on Wednesday.
Genernl Vote l.lght.
A llght vote may be expected ln all
the districts of tho Stato save the
Nlnth and Flfth. bocause of tho lack
6f real opposition to the Democratlc
nomlnees elsewhere. It would not bt
-urprlslng lf tho vote ln the Nlntl
should reach a total larger than th(
comblned vote of any other three
[districts ln Virginla, except the Flfth
Howcvor, the Interest whlch ha;
| been aroused ever the amendments ti
the Constltutlon wlll make the totn
of ballots east elsewhere than ln thi
Nlnth and Flfth larger than it woul<
havo been under other clroumstances
The result on tho amendments ma:
or may not be known early. Then
ls no precodent to go on ln thls re
spect, such as thero ls ln a fight bo
tween partles. when tho polltlcal pro
dllectlons of most of the voters ar
already known and can be flgured or
However, any general trend over wlde
ly scattered areas ln the votlng o:
the nmendments ls llkely to Indicat
the tinal result.
Members of Scotllflh Rlte Wlll J_ul
Annual 1 "nll Rennton,
Masons of the Scottish Rlte from a
parts of the State will begin to assem
ble here to-morrow to attend the fa
reunlon of the Anclent and Accepte
Scottlsh Rlte of Froomasonry, Valle
of Rlchmond. Orlont of Virginia. Th
sesslons wlll begin Wednesday at
P. M._ and contlnue through Saturda;
Tho reunlon Is In charge of the fo"
lowlng offlcers: Clifford II. Rudd. vor
. erable master. Llbertas Lodge of Pei
fection, No. 5; Davld C. Kenncdy, wis
master, Pellcan Chapter, Roso Crol:
, No. 2; Robert S. Crump, commander, S
, Omar Council, Knlghts Kadosh, Xo. 1
(i. Jeter Jones, master of Kadosh, Da'
cho Conslstory, No. 1, and Charles t
Nesbltt, secretary of the co-ordlnai
bodies. Degrees from tho fourth t
tho thlrty-second wlll be confeiTftfl.
Giuseppe, Seeing Pictures of Wellman's Tren
and Moisant5s Kitten, Takes to Aviation
and Is Some Exnert on Wincrs ?
Chovaller Rocchiciolll is perturhed.
If it Isn't ono thlng it's another, he
oplnes: if lt isn't a noto falling duc or
tho rent, It's a spell of weather that
spolls the fruit or a leak ln the gas
oi* something llko that, and now
saints in heaven?and now. It ls
Gluseppo who is responsible for tho
Chevallor's frame of mlnd?Otuseppe,
the onco faithful feline who was con
tent to chaso the tnlce ln hls mas
ter's shop and foast^upon fragments
from tho plc counter. Ah, hut Glu
r! seppe was a noble cut in those days.
r! There was no foollshness about hlm
then. I
The troublc started?or such ls the
.tipposltlon?tho dny Gluseppe's flam
lng oyes fell upon a newspaper w(th
plctures of Walter Wellman, hlH fa?
mous balloon and his stlll moro fa?
mous mascot.' A dny or two later
Molsant's eat grow led at Gluseppo
from an lllustrated front page. Slnce
A Dollar a Week
Placed in our bank soon amounts to quite
a sum and draws 3 pcr cout. compound
intercst. Try it.
The Savings Bank of Richmond
1117 East Maln Street.
The kind that don't require darning.
All styles for men, women and
Gans-Rady Company
Council Urged to Elcct Assessor
of Damages at Salary of
$500 a Year.
The Common Council wlll hold lts
regular monthly sesslon to-night at 8
o'clock, with a large volume of busi?
ness in prospect. Efforts wlll be made
to secure brief meetlngs of several Im
portant committecs of tho Council Jutu
prevlous to the general meetlng, ln
order to forward 'mportant papers.
Among theso wlll be the contract for
printing the new ojty code, for whlch
the Committee on printing and Claims
wlll open blds, and the payment of the
award made by the arbltrators In the
Kalrmount gradlng. Tho C'ty agreed
to tho arbitration, and ls therefore
bound to pay tho flndlngs in the Indi?
vldual cases, but the approprlation
must go through tho usual courso of
belng recommended by thc CommltteeH
on Streets and Flnance.
An effort w'll be made to secure a
suapenslon of the rules ln.the Council
to secure the adoption of the ordlnance
creatlng the position of Assessor ot
Damage*; at a salary of $500 a year.
It has beon recommended by the Street
and Ordlnance, Charter and Reform
Commlttees, and under the rules should
go to tho Flnance Commltteo. It Ih
argued that much Important work ls
be'ng held back for lack of such an
ottlnor to asscss damages, the clty be?
lng unwllling to pret lnto another Such
eontroversy as that ln Fa.. mount.
where gradln-r was done ln advance of
flxing tho damages to abuttlng prop?
Tnkm lim Little Tlnie.
It ls held that after the accumulated
work has been done the posit'on wll!
roqulre but a few days' time in each
month, .slnce only a few bloek-- aro or
dered *?ratled at each meetlng of the
Stroet Committee. For that reason the
salary has been flxed at a rate that
ls not Intended to cover the whole ot
a man's time, lt belng represented that
a knowledge of roal ostate valu.a l"
easentlal, and there are a number ot
appllcants for the position at tho sal?
ary stated.
Recently there has been srowlng a
movement to amend tho ordlnance by
"incroasln-r tho pay to a commensuratc
flgure to require all of a competent
man's time. and making the lncumbo,nt
chlef clerk ln the ofllce of the .City
? Engineer. roporting directly to thc
Clty Engineer, and havlng a:, only a
part of hls dutles the worl". of assess
Ing probable damages to property lr
advance of the exoavatior,. it had beer
originally proposed to make the Clty
Engineer the assessor of damages, b\v
lt was found that he .lld not havo tlu
time for the work dr the knowledgt
of real estato valuos whlch was helr
to be.essentl.il.
Before the meetlng of the Councl
there wlll be at '. ;30 o'clock a joln
sesslon of the Co'mnon Councll an<
Board of Aldermen to act on tno res
Ignatlon of John Bagby as a schoo
trustee for the Flrst Dlstrlct. A nuiy
her of names havo been rhentlo_i__ ""
the position, both from the
End of the clty anrj from Waf
Ward. . Wed
Tuesday nlght at j- o'clock fft
Investigation comml'ttee w-lll p.
to work, examlnlntr the _*??* p- ?**??
glneers in the office.* ??*??> ?*? _?_'_'
their position. The fe| ?! "S.
nlghtly untll all evlfc.
Senntor Llncol
State Senator A. T. 1
i<-*i, came to Rlchmon
.. M.auon VA.
Mrs. Lincoln, who has fn K_11W_V
y hospltal for several weeT / I
? from an operatlon. She\NOHFOL_.
. to travel wlthln a day \ :. 1&10.
,'" I Senator did not forget to Virnond, FOR
a good Democrat beforo \M- M:l? '*?
Southwest. \_
Ttnld Crap Jolnt. \
Twenty-one crap shootorpiilo A.
caught early yesterday mornt*l?V*._t:
1- rald on the house at 310 "Xorth Th/fr
V. Street. The rald was led by Sergean
o Hhoemaker. All the gamesters wer
o captured. Most of them pald thel
fincs and were froed yesterday.
then he has boen a changod eat. I
more do ple crumbs and mlco appe
to him. Tired ls he of the dull e
lstence of. hls mastor's eat. Llko Wo!
man's Trent and tho Molsant kltt
he, too, has bocomo obsessod wlth f
line aeronautics.
Whlle seated just to tho left of t
root beer urn ln tho front of t
store, enjoying a blg cigar, the Chev
lier was startled by a crash ln t
rear of the place?back near tho pea
merlngue ple. Sprlnging to hls fe
upsetttng tho glnger snaps ln the pr
cess, he proceeded to Investigate a
to learn that Gluseppo had gone
skylng. From up near tho pepporml
lozenge jar on the top shelf Glusep
had ossayed hls Inttlal fllght, whi
ondod ln tho demolltion of a sln
caso and tho utter dlssolutlon of
bunch of bananas. , It waa horo tl
Glusoppe did the real fancy flylng
hls career. _ Launched Into tho alr
the too of hls muster's boot, he v'.
planed through the opun door.'gpjlll
tho marshmallows whlle ln fllght a
landlng only after ho had done flgi
elghts and things thoso othor catbli
novor oven droamed of.
Hls Imprturbablllty ls not all tl
tho Chovaller has lost sinco Glusof
has gono ln for blrdlng. Show cas
fr.lt and things havo also suffor
lt aU startod tho day. Giuseppe re
tho papers, Bays the Chevaller, "Het
en only knows whero lt wlll end,"
. _d_...
Work, Play, Right Thinking and
Optimism Count Most,
Says Actress.
Work aa tho lnfalllblo panacca for
all llls Ih thc prescrlptlon of Mlss Cecil
Spooner, actress and author, who ls
in Richmond for a week's engagement
at the BIJou. "Play a little, work a
great deal, take as much pleasure In
one aa you do In tho other, thlnk
rlghtiy, thlnk truly, thlnk chcerfully,
let optimism bc your guldlng Influ?
ence?that's my scheme of llfe," she
says; "that's my crecd."
Mlss Spooner and her company came
to town yesterday, and to-nlght at tho
BIJou wlll present for the Ilrst tlm.
ln Rlchmond a new play of whlch- she
ls co-author, entltled "Thc Fortunoa ot
Betty." Aceompanylng thc star on
tho prosent tour ts her husband,
Charles B. Bluney, the retlred?not re
formed?klng of melodrama. Thls la
tho second vlslt of Mr. and MrK. Blaney
to Rlchmond t_ls fall. Thoy wero hert
for thc lnltlaf prescntaflon of "Tho
Advcntures of Polly," whlch was slmul
tuneous wlth thc openlnrf uf the sea?
son at the BIJou.
Miss Spooner constltutes an excep
tlon to the general rule, ln that she i?
one doctor who takes her own medi?
cine. To reallze Just what a tlrelesj
little worker she is. one must romem
ber that during tho past summer she
wrote one play and collaborated ln
wrltlng-another; got both productlon..
ln shape for the road, besides .irectlng
rehearsals of several others of her
husband'B companies, and that now,
whilo sho ls starrlng ln her present
play, ho has all In r.adlnees for an?
other. whlch she ls golng to present
for the flrst time ln Rlchmond on
Thursday nlght. "Strenuous," she re?
plled last nlght to a question of her
caller, "yes, It ls; but I love lt. I am
never so happy as when 1 am work?
lng hard."
"The Sword of the Klng," the play
whlch Is to bc presented by Mlss
Spooner on Thursday nlght, ls the ob?
ject of that young woman's enthusl?
asm. It was presented tirst wlth Hen
rlctta Crossman ln the stellar role. and
ran for slx months at Wallack's Thea?
tre, ln New York.
Hut Walton I* ln.orin.eit Tlmt Stable
lloy Didn't Hteul It.
Some time ago George Walton, of
Henrlco county. mlssed a very valuablo
settcr dog, and hunt as hc mlght, ho
' could flnd no trace of it. Then ho
' otTered $n reward for Its return. Soon
! after there was a telephone messago
from one of his frlends. who explained
! lhat he had bought the animal for $2.
I Mr. Walton lost no time in clalmlng
I hls property, and lncldcntally gave up
| thc flve spot. He learned, too. tha*-??
I thc salo was mado hy one Wlllle, S*
j ton, colored, employed at S***- '
stanicB. wiiiie was p'? "/streets
One of the negm's <y
i him out at onco----' -
i did not SteaJW *^''l I'olnt Railway ud
strayed tn.i,*n*' Company.
! ,|irVf.n _# ?Sew". Va- Novomber 2. U>10.
,,?'hereby given that there. haa beec
I HeU JJT wllh the Maryland Trual Com
Truatee, Baltlmore, for the purpoao ol
' ^naalng general mortgago bonda of thla
| mpany. under the terma of aald morl
5?ge, dated February 28, 1901, the proceeda
reailzed from the aaie of certain accurltica
heretofore lodged wlth the truatee aa part
rollateral for aald general mortgage bonda.
By W. J. PAYNE. P.-eaident.
Referring to the abovc notlce. thla com?
pany wlll receive offera of the general mort?
gage bonda uf the Newport Newa and Old
Point Railway and Electric ijompany, for
purchaae. with the proceeda referred to, un?
der the terrna of aald mortgage. All offers
muat be at flat prlce and ln hand of the un
deralgned not later than 13 o'clock M. on
the 16TH DAY OF NOVEMBER. 1910. and
the right 1b reserved to reject any or all of?
fera or any part thereof. Bonda accepted
wlll be pald for not later than November
II 1310.
Baltlmore, Md.
i, .._ .. of the- '_-._.
John S. Harwood. C\
jiow a member of the" ? ?
gutos from Rlchmond, an_c.'e*
best known men ln that body.*.- '
"tt ls just humuii nature." he sald,
"If a man has n task which he must
complete within two months. hc wlll
arrange hls work so as to just get it
dene ln time. If he has three months
to do it ln, hc will finish Pt at. exactly
tho samo moment?tho last. inc dit
ference simply moans that hc will play
for a month longer. -' . .
"In tho old days," Colonel Harwood
continued. "wo never did anythlng tbe
first month, because we knew we had
three months of thc session. feo it
would bc agaln. It cost tho btatc per?
haps $100,000 for nothlng.
"Besides, whether or not my follow
citizens regard my services as of any
valuo to them, I am ono of the business
men who will not bc able to scrvo,
wlth a nlnety-day session. faixty ilayt
ls as long as 1 can sparo away from
my business."
You may have been pieces of j'ewelry-*
valuable in themselves?but have been
neglecte. for years. You will be sur
prised how beautifully they can. bc madc
over, at small cost.
Most houses have ono weak spot?
tho roof. And tho roof ls weak be?
causo it can bo no stronger or bettor
thnn tho material of whlch lt la made.
Pearl I. C. Roofing
keeps tho reputatlon of the bulldlng \
up to tho quality mark by making the
roof a little bottor. l.ook for tho trade

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