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New Tork, Novemher fi.?-Thr fncil
l.y wlth Whlch the Novemher require
ments woro met ln the tnoney ninr
k<t rellevpd the speculntlon ln securl
? last week of apprehenslon on tha
peoro and encouraged a resiimptlon <>
i ii- operatlons for thc advance whlcl
h.id been encouriiKril ihe week bofore
?|!:.' week passed, also, wlthout thi
llurry in the llnancial market some1
times lncldent to thc* eve of an eloc'
;, in.
The good promlso sa
rerned ln the steel und
i |ps was advanced as 11
tlve for the fresh advi
prices. Tho ensln^r <>f t
tlon abroad Beomcii t,?
? '..nt bearing un thc
? . iped In tiie stock mar
? ihe risk averted "f
of the gold supply l>y
f: inn London. #)>ut thei c
on tho foreign oxchangi
the Paris and London n
were resorted to by Nt
i were throuirh thi' motl
- linance bllls sold in
;: arket It was bellcvci
- iurces thus sccun ? ; wi
the large operatlons- in t
l;ei. whlch have been
through Octobor.
Uiinklng operatlon
pgreed as to tho clCarnc
look. The leomparatlvc
New Orleans. La.. November 6.?Thls ?
week the cotton market wlll probably
, pen In a dull way. Few traders wlll
to Increase thelr conimltmenta
on Monday ln view of the fact that
Tuesday is a hollday in both Amer
j, an markets. whlle Wednesday wlll
sea the most Important report on gln?
nlng lssued thus far this season by
ihe Census Bureau. After the censua
tigures are known lt ls Hkely that the
trade will settle down to some serious
Jigurlng over the probable i-lze of thu
crop, using the g'nners' returns as a
basls- i
The census report wlll compare wllh
7 017,849 bales glnned up to thls tlmo
last year. and 8,101,537 glnned to the
_amc time two yeurs ago.
Flgures tn all reports are enrried
down to "November I. At the close of
- market Saturday the general ex
pectatlon appeared to be for a roport
of about 7.300,000 bales. A report over
that amount wlll cause a decline. and
a report under wlll cause an advance.
The trade ls more or less confused
by the fact that while It ls univer
ully conceded that thls crop ls con
New York. November 6.?It was a
quiet week ln the prlmary cotton
goods market, the reasons ascrlbed be?
ing the approach of electlon and thc
desire ot buyer3 to dlgest somo ol
thelr recent purchases before procecd
Ing further at thc new level of values
Thero was some sllght falling oi'
in the quotatlons for eonverted cloths
but staple domestlcs held fairly stead>
The tradlng ln printed goods has In
___reased materlally for spring dellver;
The Johblng trade reports a contlnu
ance of a very satlsfactory advanc
business. but a very llght spot trad.
A carpet auction. at whlch ?H.uOO.OU
worth of merchandise was offered, wo
-nell attended all through the wec
and prices were generally good. cot
Bidering the atato of the market
other quarters. The cotton yarna a
fairly steady, but mills have .not bec
wllllng to sell on the basls of trai
in dealers' clrcles. The export trai
haf: been llght. but some old orders a
.tlll to be~ fllled.
Fall River sold SO.000 pieces of prl
cloths. of whlch 4 5,000 were for f
ture dellvery. The mills are runnlt
as full now as they were before t
general curtailment began early
the year. Flnanclal pressure ls st
a factor ln Umlting operatlons ln mai
Strong Resolutions Adopted .
Anti-Saloonists in North?
ern Neck.
[Special to Thc Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Lancasier, Va., November t;.?At t
meetlngs of the Anti-Saloon Lcag
recently held in the Northern Neck
Virginia, resolutions were adopl
pledglng the members to vote oi
for such candldates for the Gene
Assembly of Virginla as wlll ploc
themselves beforehand to vote foi
blll submitting to thc people of
State the subject of statewide pro
bitlon. Resolutions were also adop
Indorslng the Mlller-Curtia interst
iiquoi- shlpment bill now before C
gress, and calllng on the Virginia S
ators and Representatives to'voto
it. .Resolutions were also adopted
favor of making a jail senten.ee
peratlve on conviction of violut'on
the llquor laws, and making the f
session of United States llcense at
lute and conclusivc proof that the j
Fons holdlng such llcenses ln dry
ritory are sullty of the Illegal :
of liquor. These are the most rad
snd far-reac-hlng resolutions ,(
adopted , by the organization in
part of Virginla.
Plve chlldren, thlrty-two graridc
dren and nlneteen great grahdchlld
with a few invlted guests, met Bev
day-,.a_Q at ihe home of Henry I
man, "near Regina, to celebrate
eightleth blrthday of Mrs. Allce Tal
Plttman, the aged motliT or. Mr. I
man. Approprlate serviceB were
by the Rov. W. L i.are, Mrs, 1
man's pastor, and some old-tlme st
?nd hymns.weie sung, after whlt
rlch and bountil'ul ulnner was sei
Nearly 100 persons were present,
joung and old.greatly enjoyed the
The bad weather of the past w
broke up the Northumberland coi
fair that began last WedneBday,
said tha* an effort wlll be madi
1 a.va the fair held one r two <
next week. The l_anca_ter County
-p.ill begin next Wodnesdiiy, und
jn-ospects are gpod lor a larger
t'i,dance, better races and a better
bibltton *'t agrlcultural projucta
live Btock than for maiiy.yeiirs.
f.n is in tho clrcu'l wlth, Math
Middlesex and Wesimureland.
The Northern Neck Har Ah.ocIc
?_jij h_i_ p| ne?t annual ine.tln
,cnll money nmrkot ls rogartieu ??'? r?"
ly flctiflOUB, ffom the deslro of load
rrs to hold thelr funds subject to rc
Uiill ln thc belief that hlgh rates wlll
prcvnil later, tho rlslng ?iuotallons
for ti:ne loana nre corrobofatlvo of
IMI.; vi'cw Discmintilig of eonniicrcl.il
pap.r u very sliigglsh. The fact that
the Mlchlgnn Central ?*a_ driven to
; tho Issue of inn' year notes, owlng to
tln- iiiiihllltv to place n bond Issue to
aecurc noeded funds, was accepted us
iin additlonal syniptom to tho fall In
' liiitish cotiauls to tho lowest price
slnce iMV, the flatlonlng out of thc
September actlvlty ln iho bond market
land tho growing excess of loans ovei
deposlts bf the Now York banks, Thesi
varlous phehomena Joln ln tho lndica
I lion of a condition of straln on capl?
Itrports Ihat orders for stool rails
were comlng ln from the rallrouds, nm
that copper was belng hought for fu?
ture dellvery and on a rlstng scale 6:
prices wero instrumehtal ln holdlnr
thc prices of securltles tirm agalns
questlonablo factors ln the tnoney sit
natlon. lt was assertod, also. that thi
Btock market wns antlclpatlng thi
passing of tho uns'.'ttllng influence ii
thc polltlcal campalgn. Tho perloi
i.t" electlons ls supposed to tlx som
Intended resumptlon of demand fo
materlal by thc rallroads and cor.re
sponding revlval ls looked for ln othe
dopartmonts of industry.
sldorably larger than that of last yea
glnning has thus far laggod behln
tlie glnning of last year, probably b?
cause of the lateness of the crop.
Nolther does the trade know wht
to make of reports from C-eorgia t
the e.-ects that some glns whlch usita
ly run full ..me durlng Novomber, at
now runnlng only two days a week.
Thc weather thls week wlll not Ii
tcpest the market unless it is raln
Then it wlll be a bulllsh faetor bi
cause rain wlll lnterfero wlth th
plcklng of the crop, and wlll lnjui
lts grade. The one blg feature thi
will bo beforo the trade all tho tln
wlll bo the coming estlmate of tl
total crop by tho government. Th
estlmate wlll bo 'ssued on Frlday, d
cember 9. Untll lt Is out of tho wa
the average trader wlll think ot lltt
Bulls clalm that a cohslderable sho
lnterest has been bullt up ln Nover
ber, and the spot market wlll bo watc
ed for conflrmatlon of thls clal:
Usually November ... a vory dull mon
j in spot cotton. Should a good sp
j demand develop tho future marki
I would immedlatcly he nftectcd.
? Irvington on Novomber 29, the a
I rangemonts belng ln charge of Coi
monwealth's Attorney Frank G. Ne
blll and Walter E. Hathaway, both
I Lancaster.
Levi Norton and Mlss Lillian Mye
j Uving near Wlcomlco Church, w<
marrled ln Baltimore last AVednesd;
Otis T. Wllley and Mlss Edlth G
i George, both of Irvington, were mi
. I rled ln that place several days a
: I ln the prcsence of a few friends a
. j took the Rappahannock steamer
. 1 Baltimore for a short brldal tour.
- j Father Perrlgh, of Frederlcksbu
. has recently pald a pastoral vlslt
- thls sectlon and held servlces In
e Roman Catholic Churches at Kllm
'. I nock and other places.
0 j Tho Rev. Lewis Carter Harrlson.
s j some years past, rector of tho E]
k copal churches In Northumberl
county. held hls final servlces at Wl
mlco Church and Heathsvlllo to-t
He wlll leavo ln a few days for
n | new lleld of work. In Buffalo, N.
The Rev. II. S. Osburn, of Loud
county, has been called to the cha
vacated by Mr. Harrlson.
Thc* Rev. II. G. Lane, for many y<
rector of the Episcopal Churches
Rlchmond county, left last week
>K '. South Boston, where ho has been c
,c | ed to the rectorshlp of a large
flourlshlng church. As yet no
cessor to Mr. Lane has been sel
For some time past diphtherla
been prevntling ln and around R
vlllc and Falrport, in Northumber
county. The Board of Health of
county has takon strenuous meas
to prevent the spread of the dlsi
a* All the infectetl famllies havo
? | .-uarantined. tho publlc schools at I
, | port has been closed. and all pi
J meetlngs ln the Infected territory
i been forbldden. The diseaso seen
be under control, as no new cases
' been roported slnce the Board of Ht
lV | took matters ln hand to check
spread of the d'scase.
Several nlglus ago a valuable 1
j helonging to 3. F. Headloy, Iivlng
I Cowarts, In Rlohmond county, ct
j peared. Susplcion pointed to a n
ho , named Wllliam Major, who was
uo rested and trled before a local ju
of '? of the peace, who sent hlm to ja
ed ' await the action of the grand Ju
ily ! Few persons now Iivlng havo
ral '? seen such weather as provalled oi
gc Northern Neck durlng the latter
a of the weok Just closed, A vl
he ' snow storm began hero Thut
ht- night and rajged tlll late Saturda;
toJ i ternoon. Snow coverlng the gr
ato and wroon leaves covering the
in- j nt the same time, is a sight r
3ii- seen ln theso parts.
for Oscar Chilton, thc flfteen-yea
in ! son of Willlam Chilton, clerk oi
m- ' Circuit Court of Lancaster, who
of \ operated on in Baltimore two y
os- ago for appendicltis, has roturni
so- : his homo hero in excellent conditt
,er- Mrs. Carney, or Norfolk count
?:?!?- visiting her father and mother,
lale ' tuln and Mrs. Samuel P. Gresham,
Ical I this place.
ver The High School at thls place
:h!s larger attendance than ever b
and thls Heefns to bo true of al
hil- ' other hlgh schola of tho count
ren, i Thus far but little lnterest has
mmI | manlfested in thc election to ho
itt- , Tuesday, \and a very light voto
tho '? pected. Tho re-eh ction of W
ley- A. Jonos to Conrcress, for tho ele
?itt- | term, by tho usually majority le
leld i erally conceded.
?itt- "
I, a ' KNcnpcx Ucntll Three Wayra.
,Vl..(t i MemPhis, Tenn., Novembor fi
????? Young of GblC.go,'re8capBd dea
?U1C1 ' tlre. froe-tne and drownlng
9,%": twelve hours to-day. Trumps bi
i o hla woddon les. leaving h
eek j helploHs Ip the ?old that he w
most fro/.on; Ihori, ln bopplng ali
Bearch of OHslatanee lie fell I
liver. ll.* was rescued.
t is
laya |
i-ulr i j"
the j
The Union Bank
of Richmc
$1.00 MAKES A START. 3
Betting Ts Two and Three tc
One on Rcptiblicaii-Ftision.
Cariclidate. ,
Thousands of Democrats Wil
Cast Their Votes Against '
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. |
Bristol, Tenn., November ?.?On th
ovo of the electlon It Is generally con
ceded that Ben W, Ilooper, Republican
Fuslon candldiitr for Governor o
Tenncssee, wlll be elected In Tuesday'
contest. The betting from one on
of. the State to tlie other ls two un
three. to one on Hooper, whlle it I
j conflned very largely to wagers o
i what hls majorlty wlll be.
1 The assasslnatlon of thc late Senato
' { Edward Wurd Carnutck is what threat
' I ons to throw Tennessee into the Rc
publlcan column Tuesday by the de
feat of Senator "Bob" Taylor, Demc
cratlc candidate for Governor.
TIktc aro many estimates as to whe
Hooper's majorlty wlll be. Man
belleve tliat it will exceed that (
tho antl-Psttterson Judlelary electe
ln August by 47.000 majorlty, throug
a coalltlon of Independent or Carmac
Democrats and the Republlcans. Th
Ir the flrst bpportunity of the Cai
mack peoplo to return to the Ri
publlcans the favor of hclplng to d<
feat Patterson, the Governor who pa:
doncd Duncan B. Cooper, the convlct*
murdorer of the late ex-Scnator Ca:
mack, who was hls (Patterson's) wor,
polltlcal enemy.
The spllt orlglnally camo about ovi
the llquor questlon. "Bob" Taylo
; for many years the ldol of the poi
plo, had been defeated for the Sena
I two or three times. and the peop
I felt that ho ought to havo a se
there. When Carmack's term oxpln
' they elected Taylor to succeed hli
; The llquor questlon was sprung. Go
? ernor Patterson was a candldate f
; tho Democratlc nominatlon for r
j electlon, and announced hlmself ln f
. vor of the pollcy of local optlon as a
I plled to the llquor questlon. The Sta
j waa already dry except as to the fo
largest cltles. The dry people ln t
, rural districts in both partles we
| clamorlng for statutory prohlbition.
rather, "Slate-wide." Carmack beca:
thelr champion. and they ran him f
the gubernatorlal nominatlon agalr
Patterson. Patterson, who then contro
ed the electlon machinery and who foi
ed upon the Carmack people a prlma
plan that they declared bogus, w
nomlnated. Carmack conceded 1
nominatlon, and whlle bltter agali
him and strong for prohlbition, ma
a llght to elect a Leglslature to wl
out the saloon. He penned the n
famous paragraph to the effect t)
re j he knew of no malady for whlch I
iy. j publlcan rule was the cure.
ay j Patterson was elected und so v
.r. Carmack's legislatlve candldates. 1
g-o ! Leglslature, notorlously antl-Patt
nd j son, put through everythlng on C
mack's program, rushing many b
through over Patterson's vlgorous v
messages. When he votoed the prc
bltlon blll and called prohlbition
i-ious and an empty ilream, they s
the blll through over him so quic
that hardly any one roall_ed what
huppened before lt was a law wlth
is- I t'10 Rxecutlvo's approval.
,m_ j Thls was just before Carmack
_.0_ i shot down on the streets of Nashv
ay | Duncan B. Coopor. Patterson's c
n7g j polltlcal advlser. sent him a noto
v- I if his name appeared in hts paper,
. .j"-,-J Nashvllle Tennessean, agaln that
j would klll him on slght. Coor
i name appeared ln a humorous p
I graph, and Cooper shot down Carn
! whlle in the act of converslng '
I a soclety woman.
Cooper's trlal, together wlth
, of his son, Robin Cooper, who
and I ___-?i?,__ ...... ,.,__ ._ ... ..m,.__
assoclated wlth him in tho kllllng,
tho bitterest ln the hlstory of
State and ront Democracy from
I tre to circumference.
nas j cooper was convicted?that is,
iecl- i 0i,iL.r When the Supreme Court
and ! gidered his appeal from the twe
that year .sentence, lt afterwards cha
.ires i thut Patterson attempted to coen
ase. j 'luo a declslon favorable to tlie
leeii PrlBoner. The judges were to be
. elected ln August, and there wa
, ' opposition to the old court. How
Dlle when they convicted Cooper, soon
lave thlng got so hot that the judges ,
s to ' out ln a statement saylng that
lavo would accept no nomlnation from
______ . Patterson people, and making g
., < charges agalnst the Governor ln
i nectlon wlth tho Cooper case. Pa
I son nomlnated a ticket, which
orse i stamped the regular Democratlc tl
near . and whlch was indeed regular fr.
sap- party standpolnt, and put lt ln
'gro ,,el(l- He stumpod the State fc
?? ar : The Republlcans did not put o
... , I ticket. but Joined wlth tho arvti-Pa
,, LO son Democrats, and swept tlie
il to, _??,. _____ -'free und untrammeled
'y. | clary" by 47,000 majorlty. In hls
ever, vass Patterson made a now fa
tho remark ln appeaUng for Repul
nart votes for hls ticket: "I'd rather
. , for a straight Republican thi
, crooked Democrat."
sciay j In tllo moantlme Patterson's
af- I nilttee declared him the nomino
nind Governor for a third term, withou
rees posltion. Flushed with the vl
re_v galned in August, the Carmack E
' | erats seemed destllned to contro
', . I sltuatlon. They made thelr noi
?-?iu ___on ?__*. Hooper. the Republican :
the ___._,, anel another coalltlon, bent o
was destructlon of Patterson, was fo
eeks PntteMoii WithdrawB.
d to I Seelng Inevltable defeat, Patl
,.., ' withdrew, threw up hls nomln
' ,? ' nnd qult the llght, as did also hls
_\ noniinees. He told the Carmack 1
_ap- cr.__H to nomlnate a Democrat, a
near : would aupport him. They wero
' his remark: "I'd rather vote
ias a : strulglit Republican than a er
ifore, Democrat" aa a campalgn sloga
, _>.' Hooper.
; i "Gentlcinen'n Agrecment."
When Patterson withdrew. 1
been _.,,, Carmack Democrats wilth th
held publlcan us thelr nominee. The
s ox- genMenien's agreement camo Into
lllain It was clalmed that they were lr
i-en'th fa'th bound to repay tho Repul
%]' for what they did ln the defeat
b n" ' Patterson judlelary by helplng tt
I Ilooper, and that thoro exlst
! agreement between them and tl
I publlcans. Then thoy sald tha
'?? "Patteraon," but "Patt.rsonlsm'
-Geo. j the lssue.
;h li" Senator Taylor, who saved tho
I'ithln'io Domoevacy fifteen years agi
t llrc | called upon hy tho Patterson
m so; and the harmony Independents t
.x al- j tho sltuatlon. Ho hud announoa
ng ln he would stunip tho State for th
i tho tersori judlelary some weeks pn
_land was In bad wlth the Ca
:...' .'..'? | iiemoeruls. Uo accepted tho m
tlon only four week. ago. an
since been making a whlrlwlnr
M?> Rlect Ilooper.
Thero is an organh'.ed Democi
1 Tennessee Bupportlng Hooper
nn tlvelv as hla own leaders. Beyei
papers ln tho State?-slx of thom
cratlc?are supportlng him, und
the Democratlc Supreme Judge
most of tho State oftluers. It ts
generally belleved that hla elo'c
assured, nnd thnt Tcnncsgcc wlll swlng
Unto'tho RepubMcun ooluinn. rho car
tiuink DemocrutH say thls ls tho only
way they cnn avengo tlio blood of thoir
luader. Thouminds of llfolong Dptuo
ci'.ts aro supportlnr: hlm as uctlvely as
lf hc woro thc Dcniocriitlc nomlnee,
BeclnrCM Ills IlniiKli.cr Slmll Never Wed
[Speclal toTho TlmoK-Dlspateh.l
New York, Novembor fi.?Mlss Kath
jcrlne Elkins wlll never become the
bride of thc Duke of' Abruzzl, itecord
ItiK to Mlss Lenlciue D'Arten, n Parls
I'.m artlst, who arrived hero to-day ?on
the French linci* La Savoy,. , Mlaa
D' Arten, who ls n portmlt palntor, re?
cently mado a portrait of tho nSlklltS
faniilv, which Incliuled Senator Elkins,
Alrs. Elkins and Mlss Elkins.
! "Do vou think that ln the future it
ils possible you may be called upon
to paint Mlss Elkins and tho duke
t ln ono portrait?" Mlss D'Arten waa
Itisked. , ,
"I have.longed to do so. she re?
plied. "but l am not hopefttl for it. for
Senator Elkins told me at one tlnie
Itluit hc would never consent lo hls
daughter's marrylng n torelgner, and
, that lncluded the duke. Senator El
klns was verv emphatlo. when he sald
thls and Undoubtedly mount what he
sald." _______
[Speclal to Thc Tlnie'.- Dlspatch.]
Cllfton Forge, Va., November 6.?J.
C Carpenter, banker, rallroad con?
tractor and thc leadlng buslness man
in thls city, is crltlcally lll ln hls home
hero, and all hope for hls recovery
practlcally has been abandoncd. A
year or more ago Mr. Carpenter suffer?
ed a stroko of paralys's, nlnce whlch
time ho has been on tlu* decllne, In
hls early matihood. Mr. Carpenter was
engaged In buslness in Richmond, He
ranks as one of the leadlng rall?
road contractors ln tho Sonth, ancl hc
ls widely known in tho buslness world.
Durlng hls long lllness Mr. Carpenter
lias vlslted many of the leadlng health
resorts in tho United Statos and Eu?
rope. Hla lllness and expected death
has cast a gloom over thls clty. The
members of hls family Iivlng at a dls?
tanco aro now wlth hlm,
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Appomattox, Va., November 6.?At
the home of the brlde, a very protty
woddlng was soleninlzod last even?
lng at 5 o'clock, when Miss Rosa Paris
became the wlfe of Willlam Crews, of
Mlddleburg, N. C. Miss Mary L. Paris,
the brlde's slster, was the only nt
tendant. Rev. R. C. Hubbard offl
e.lated. Tho couple left at once for
the groom's home. whero a receptlon Is
i- I to be tendered them.
1- Washlngton. Novembor 6.?Back
*' from an Inspection tour that extendcd
13 over 10,633 mlles. Secretary of the
ls Navy Meyer reached Washlngton to
st day, conforred wlth President Taft
3e and left ln the afternoon for Massa
poichusetts. whero he wlll vote Tuesday.
>w i Meantlme. he announeed that there
at were too many navy yards on tho!
e- Atlantlc and Gulf coasts and that he
expected to make soino change3 in
aa tho work of the Mare Island navy
he yard. Ho declined to discuss the Pa
r- ? ctfic Island yards untll after hc had
tr- j consultod experts ln the serviee.
Us j Secretary Meyer was cnthusiastic
?to j over tho Guantanamo naval statlon.
hi- ! The shore there. he sald. ls low enough
vl- | so that bullcllpgs can be erected with*
iot i out cxpenslve preparatlon, and thoro
tly i ls one place at which large iloating
lad docks can bc located wlth only about
JUtjten feet of necessary dredglng. Ha
; found ln somo of the navy yards that
vas | tho bulldings had beon orccted at
Ile. greater expense than was necessary.
ilef At Guantanamo, however. the expense
hat will be minimlzed. and a slngle bulld
the ing 0f concrete and corrugated Iron
he wm be effective.
or's I Mr. Meyer favors havlng only one
?ra-1 navy yard on the Gulf coat of thc
ack 'Unlted States. that to be supplemen
.'Ith ' tary to tho Guantanamo naval bas?
unci supplementary to the Panama for
?ha< titlcatior.s. Thero ls no intentlon tc
was establish a base bn the isthmus, no:
was is there any Intentlon, as reported
the of placing the construction and pa:
:en- l eorps in tlie line of the navy.
i The secretary strongly opposes send
the ing the battleshlp lloet to the Pacil'n
-?h- coast untll after the Panama Cana
nty- -?
of Swanson Hai* Bcea
anie ' Exerted In Behalf of Dciuo.
they j crutlc Nonduce.
?*l.e ' [Speclal to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
rave Danville. Va.. November 6.?-Th
?t?n." Democrats of this dlstrlct aro a unl
' i.I for Judge Saunders for Congres:
iitet Tne Par*y leaders and workers ar
hl ii everywhere zealous, and there ls n
the break ln the party anywhere. Sena
'' "? tor Swanson has done and is still dc
JL a ing noble work for the party cand'
?lUl date. He has divlded his time an
lu'dl- speaking slnce the campaign opene
can- between his own and the Nlnth Di.'
nous . trlct, however making a majority <
???*?"? speeches In thls dlstrlct, where he ha
n? t haa good crowds, and hls personal li
| fluence wlth the workers and votei
com-; has been of the greatest assistance.
i for Tbe Republlcans have resorted to
*? ?P- stlll hunt, and, wlth tho ald of pos
emo "iasters, deputy collectors and a hoi
the of othor Federal ofllce holders. an
ilnee an apparently plentlftll supply <
loml- money, are making matters warm f<
?* tl18 tho Democrats.
med i lt Is understood that the Republ
3rson I cans wero never, in the history of tl
itlon, district, so well fortifled for a cai:
other palgn.
omo- | The contest wlll be closo, aa the
***., *'?' ' Is a largo tloatlng vote In this di
a0br '. .? flct, and the Democrats are stru
>oked gllng against great odds, but they a
a for j detorinlned to achlevo vlctory Tuc
' day, if work and organlzation ci
. . | accemplish lt.
' ^.a" i Willlam A. I-lltle Dead.
ni-iv I Washlngton, D. C, November 6.
gbc-a' ! Willlam A. Little, about llf teen yes
llcans ? ago a menibor for two terms of^ t
if \he Virginia State Senate from the Fre
elect erlcksburg dlstrlct, and a lawyer
id an promlnence, died at the Washingt
?' nt Asylum lloBpltll here yesterday, ag
' "!,, flfty-four. Ile was arrested on t
streets several claya-ogv a"d taken
Slato 't'1(% aloohoilo ward of thc hospltal I
, was treatment.
loople I ' After coming to Washlngton so
' BtiVa years ago he practlced for a time, l
1 t'*at durlng tho pnst fow years had dc
vIouP"', Httio tn his profeaalon,_
1 has
*0y '" | U07 Eajit Maln Street.
idu-ily Members:
lll of
.lon U . -0. 1* RODliN. ManaH-i
Men and Women Wecp When
Father Lynch Announces He
Will Quit St. Andrew's.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch,]
Honnokc, Va., November 6.?Tho res
gnutlon ot Rev. J. W. Lynch ns pas
or ot St. Andrew'B Catholic Parlsh, of
hls clty, at this mornlng's maas, camo
Ike a thunder boit to tho parlshlon
>rs. F'athcr Lynch came to Roanoke
learly thlrty yeara ago and hold hla
he flrst miss ln a passenger car, wlth
icven eomtiiunlcahts, Tho parlsh now
ias a membership of about 1,500. A
?hurch bulldlng costing $l_R,000 was
M-ected a few years ago. Thls, with
ihe school, orphunago, farm and ceme?
tery property, represent nn accttmula
tlon of $500,000 for thc church.
llls resignation la due to recent dlf
terenccs of opinlon and mlnor troubles
wlth members of the congregatlon, und
for these reasons ho annousced that he
would reslgn. Old men and women
wepilTt'ien the resignation was an
nouncei' Strong efiorts will be mado
to hive Father Lynch wlthdraw hla
AUMONY 18 $105,000
That Sumil Mu*t He I'nld Ycnrly by
Johu .In.-uli Anliir.
[Special to The. Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
New York. November 6.?The all
mony that Colonel John Jacob Astor
ls to pav to Ava Wllllng Astor, who
secured a llnal decree of divorce ln
March, 1910. now appeara to be $105.
000 a year. To secure payment a flrst
llen ls given to Mrs. Astor on ono of
tlie most valuable plots of real estate
ln thc clty. Recent eontracts and
leascs slgned by one of the lnrgr
realty companies wlth Colonel Astoi
fl. that sum as the annual rental of
the block of property at the north
east corner of Broadway and Forty
second Street. Thla rental, subject tc
renewals extenslons and revaluatlons
as all Astor leases are mado, ls to hr
pald to the a'vorced wlfe. It ls sale
that thls ls a llnal flnanclal settlemen
followlng an agreement made befori
the secret divorce was granted b;
Justiee Mills ln the Dutchess count:
Supreme Court at PoughkeepBlc. Al
the papers in the case were put unde
seal. A referec was appolnted by thi
j Supreme Court ln New York, and al
1 the h'^arlngs wero behlnd locked doors
Is completed. and bellevea the present
farilltle3 are inadequate for them.
Whlle decltnlng to Indicate what navy
yards wero to bc abollshed, he admit?
ted that on tho Paclflc coast he fa?
vored establlshlng two dry docks.
These. ln all probablllty. wlll be slt?
uated wlthln easy dlstance of San
Secretary Meyer's trlp, 0,885 mlles of
whlch was by rall and 948 by sea, may
result ln various executlve changes
ond recommendatlons to Congress.
Through drawlng room sleeplng car
leaves Rlchmond 10:45 A. M. dally.
Nlght traln leaves at 11:45 P. M. dally.
Consult ticket agents.
Kichmond, Va.
The most magniiicent hotel in
the South. European plan. Rooms
single and en suite, with and
without baths. Spacious sample
Ra*1"* $1.50 per day and upward.
Opens September 10. Forty-slxth
I session. Lower school for llttlo boys.
I Princlpal at 7 North Belvldere. Oflico
I hours: 0 A. M. to 3 P. M. and S P, M. to
10 P.M. "Phone Madison 5174
t k.
Stlanlic Citp laesorts
Always open. Always ready. Always busy.
V. L. YOUNG. GenM Manatcer
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
?:iw A. 1 D_lly?-_ai uaina 10 uiu Poiui,
i:W 1". X Nawjiori iSowi _n<i N-rfolk.
7:40 A.?Dally. Locai 10 lMj?vtHirl Nuwa.
b:00 l'.~Dally. Local 10 Old Polat.
2:00 1'. 1 Dally?i.oui.v.ilu nud CJnclunat
11:00 P. ?? Pullraani.
6:_. P.?Daily. "31. _.out--Ch'.?--?> Spoolal.'
8-ao A.?Daily?Charlotusvlllo. Week day
5-25 p,?W-wk uaya. Local lo Gorrtonavllle
10:00 A.?Dally. L'burg, Lex., _. Forga.
6:15 1'.?Weak daya. To Lynchburg.
Local from Easi-8:25 A. M... 7:1,0 P. M.
Turoush trom E_st?U:3S A. M., ?:iu P. _
lK)cal from We-t-^'S:*!) A. M., 8:?0 A. U
':20 P. M.
T_roush-7:00 A. M.. 2:45 p. M. ?
Jamoa Hlver Llno-*8:35 _\_}_- 8:16 P- fl
Richmoud and Petersburg ElecLric ftailwa
Cara loave Manchester, Seventh and Pen
Streota, for Petersburg:
?? 7 8, ?-. 10. 11, ?1U A. M., 1, 2, '3, 4.
??5:45, '6, 7, 8, ?9, lo P. M.
11:00 P. M. for Chester, 12:00 mldnight f'
peteraburg. " _
Carn, leavo Potersburg. foot of Sycamo
Street^ for Mmi-heater:
615 0:35. "7:15, '7:35, S:35, 0:35, '10:35, 11:
A 'li.. 12:3-, *1:35, 2:33. 8:35. *<:S5, 5:35, 6:
?7-35, 3:35, 9:35, "10:10. 11:40 P. M.
?Carries ba.gft.o <'>""? express.
??Limllcd, oxcepl Sundaya and holldays
All cars from, Peter.burs comiect wlth ca
,_at JUclunani- ,
jrtaancfai. _J?!nH?^
To those wishing to establish
relations with a safe, strong bank
We heartily corfimend our services, confi
dently believing they will prove satisfactory.
Our large Capital and Surplus ($2,000,000)
is your protection: our large and increasing
list of depositors proof of satisfactory serviee.
TOTAL ASSETS, $9,500,000
907 Eait Main Street, Mutual Building
Capital, $200,000.00
Offers its best services in its NEW QUARTERS, 907 EAST MAIN STREET,
in its Bankinsr and Trust Departments, and respectfully soltcits BUSINESS,
PERSONAL AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. Acts as Executor, Guardian,
Receiyer, ReglstTors of Stocks and Bonds.
3% lnterest Paid on Savings Accounti.
0. J. SANDS, President. A. R. HOLLADAY, Vice-President.
r] M. KENT, Jr.. Cashier. R. B. CAMPBELL, Asst. Cashier.
Temporary location durinz construction of new bankin-j hom
Capital _..-.-. $200,000
Surplu* and undivided Profiti - $110,000
W. M Habliiton. Pres.; f. V < >t tirt. /i..??.-.*,.: Im. 3 ,V_i_jr, ll fln
Pres.; Andrew M Govcr. Caihter
With assets of over $1,703,031, every inducement con-tiste.-u withtjoo 1
banking is offered to its customet.. 3 per cent. aliowed in saving. depart?
ment Bank is open till eizht o'clock" Saturday evening
Leavo Rlohmond
1.50 A.31. Bjr-St-SU.
5.-0 A.M. Brr-St.HU.
5.15 A.M. MaloSt.HU.
1.4H A.M. IIjr? SI. Sta.
2.01 noon Bjrd St. Sl?.
14.00P.M. Hjr- St. hU.
I4.1S P.M. Elba Statlon.
"6.16 P.M. *_?lnS_M_.
'8.20 P.M. Bjrd Hl. HU.
ArrlT*) Rlohmond
?7.50 A.M. Bjr.St-Stt
H 1.26 A.M. Elba S la tlon
111.36 A.M. BjrdSuSU
?2.4S P.M. llyr* St.SU
?7.80 P.H.BjrdSt-HU
?9.00 P.M. lljr- St.SU
10.411 P.M. JlelnSt.SU
i2.su glfht Bytj _%__*
nre Brrd 8? St*. 1.80 P.M.for Frederiekab.ri
aate Elba Sta. 7.80 k.?., 6.30 P. _. for Aiblani
ttIto Brrd 8U Sta.8.26 A.M. fram Fre4<r1ekab'<
rrlie Elba Sta. 6.40 A.M.,6410 P.M.from Aihlaad
?Dally. tWeak-aya. {Sundays only.
All traiaa to er from Byid Street Statlo
except tralna leavlng 4.50 a. m. and arrlvla
1.50 night) atop at Elba. Tlma of arrivala aa
l?_rturea aot g.araaued. Read th* algaa.
N. B.?Followlng achedule tlgurea publlane
a information and not guaranteed:
6-10 A. it.?Dally-Local tor Charlotte. Du
lara and Ralelgh. 10:45 A. M.-Dally-Llml
d-For all polnta South. Drawlng Roo
?uftet Sleeplng Car to Memphla vla Ash
?llie and Chattanooga. 3:00 P. M.-Ex. Sun
.ocal for Durham and lntermedlate atation
:00 P. M.?Ex. Sun.?Keysvlllo Local. 11:
'. M.?Dally?Llmlted?For all polnta Sout
Jullman ready 9:30 P. M.
4:30 P. M.?Ex. Sun.-To Weat Pt-. connec
ne for Baltlmoro Mon.. Wod. and Frl. 4:
_ M.-Ex. Sun. and 2:15 P. M.-Mon.. We
md Frl.?Local to Weat rolnt. /
From thc South: 1:50 A. M., $:??? P. li
lally; ?:40 A M., Ex. Sun.; 12:55 Ex. Sul
!00 P. M.. dally. From West Point: 3:30
M? Dally; 11:33 A. M.. Wed. and Frl.; 5
p. M.. Ex. Sun. __
8. E. BURGESS, D. P. A..
'S2Q E. Maln St. 'Phone Madlaon 455
Norfolk and WesternRailwa
Schcdulo In Effect October 2. lilO.
_eave Byrd Street Statlon, Rlchmond, F(
WUKO-K: ?9:00 A. M.. ?3:00 P. M.. *4:10
?6:15 A. M., *9:00 A M.. *3:00 P. M.. ?9
Arrlve Rlchmond from Norfolk: *n:40
M.. '6:35 P. M., '11:20 P. M. From the We
?0:50 A. M.. al:30 P. M.. b2:15 P. M.. 8:05
M., 'SM P. M.
"Dally aDally, ex. Sunday. bSundaj or
Pullman. Parlor and Sleeplng Cars, C
Dining Cara. C. H. BOSLET.
XV. -? BEVILL. D. P. A., Rlchmond. a\
G. P. A, Roanoke. Va.
Schedule of electric tralns to and fr
Ashlnnd. stopplng at lntermedlate statl
upon alcnal: Lv. Itlchmond (Broad- 1
Laurel Sts.): C:06b. *7:10. S:10b, 9:10b, "1(
11:10 A. M.; 1:10, 2:10. 3:10, l:.10h, 6:10, ?
7:10, S:10b. 10:10, 11:45 P. M. Lv. ABhla
?6-55 VOOb. 8, 6b, 10, "11 A. M., '12 M.,
2 3 4. 5b. 8. 7. S. 9b, 11 P. M.
I 'Dally exccpi Sunday. "Sunday only.
bCarrles baggage.
j Southbound tralns scheduled to leave R
mond dally: 9:10 A. M.?Local to Norl
I Ralelgh, Charlotte, Wllmlngton, 1:20 P.
1 Kl>*epers and coachea, Atlant*. Blrmlngh
Havannuh, Jacksonvllle and Florida pol
1 10:50 P. M.?Sleepers and coaches. Savani
Ja'cksonvlllo. Atlanta, Blrmlngham
MemphlH. N.rthbound tralns scheduled
arrlve Rlchmond dally: 5:33 A. M.. 5:0
M., 5:40 P. M.
Lv. Rlchmond (foot of Aah Bt.) dally..7 P
Leave Newport News.6:00 t
Arrlve Norfolk.6:00 '
Connecta wlth maln Hne ateamera lea
Norfolk tor New York .dally ejvpopt Sui
1700 P. M. Connectlon also made by !
W. Ry. 3 P. M. and C. _ O. Ry. at 4 X
Nlght Line stoamera atop at Claramor.
. land or receive passengera on slgnal.
? by dayllght for Norfolk, Old Jolnt, I
port News and all James Rlver Innd
v! Steamer leavea Monday, Wednusduy
I Frlday at 7:00 A. M. Frelght received
j I all Jumea Rlver landlngs. Ticket ottlce
' I 0, Maln Stroet^_
0 Then "See Mr. llowman." Wlnter
? Spring Saillnga now ready. Ho repre
5 all llnes and furnlshca THAVBL WITH
I TROUBLE 10 nll parts of tho world. V
I .1.11 nr 'phono Madison 6154.
1 S. H. BOWMAN, Southern Tourl-t A
., . 708 E. Maln Street, Rlohmond,
The Virginia Trust Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Cash Capital, $1,000,000.00
On inactive accounts pays
\b?lo on daily balance.
I National Bank o! Virginia
! Capital, - $1,200,000
Surplus, - S 600,000
Accounts solicited
Ninth and Main Streets
Newport -few* and Old I'olnt Rallway mnd
Electrlc Company.
Newport News. Va., November 2, 1010.
Notice ts hereby glven that there haa been
deposlted wlth the Maryland Truat Com?
pany. Trustee, Baltimore, tor the purpose ot
purchaalng general mortgage bonds of thti
company. under the terms of sald mort?
gage. dated February 28, 1901. the proceeds
reattzed from the aale of certaln securltles
herotofore lodged wlth the trustee as part
collateral for sald general mortgage bonds.
By W. J. PAYNE. President.
Referring to the above notice. thls com?
pany wlll receive offers of the general mort?
gage bonda of the Newport News and Old
Polnt Rallway and Electrlc *Jompany, for
purchase, wlth the proceeds referred to. un?
der the terms of sald mortgage. All offers
must be at flat prlce and In hand of the un.
derslgned not later than 12 o'clock M. on
"he 1STH DAY OF NOVEMBER. 1910. and
the rlght ls reserved to reject nny or all of?
fers or any part thereof. Bonds accepted
wlll be pald for not later than November
51 1910.
Baltimore, Md.
ly. I
Have pntronlxed onr ple__
"r. cr-l.e. ln the ?*M, and
tliey nre beeomlnB moro
popular every yeur.
De.lrnhlc nc-ommodB
<lo_n may bo re-erved now
for our -erle. ?', cruI."_"
leaving N-W York ln JA.N
MAROH to tlie WEST IN?
AMERICA and other placea
of lntere-t ln the Old nnd
New* VTorldaj.
A Une addreamed to us,
.t-tl-jr your de-lre. vvlll
hrtus to tou our Iiooklet
?md complete Information
nbout .Iichc trl***t?.
"~ i 41-45 Broadway, New York
Anc-aimn THE WORLD.
york Nov. 1. 1911'. ??*"
? .Franclsco Feb. 1.. 191
"? S8B0 covers everythlng:.
?^_ Baltimore Steam PacketCo.
Edulppad wlth wlreless telegraphy.
Leavo Rlch'inoiul Dally liialudlng Sunday.vU
N & W. Ry. 3:00 P. M., Norfolk 6:30 P. M.
C & O R>'. <:!? P- M., Old Point 7:30 P. M.
O. D. S. B- Co. 7:00 P. M. (one duy ln Nor
f?Va.'*Nav. Co. ?:30 A. M. (Monday, Wednos
day and Frlday).
TloketB at ull offlces. For slaterooms ap
j ply to IX, M. BOYKIN, Agent, 830 East Maln
and atreet.
ienti | ?"
rlte? The Valentme Museum
v?V Open dally from 10 A. M. ,oi P. M
1 Admlaaion -bo. Fro. .n Bai.uif_-/_.

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