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New York
New Vork, November 10,?Thc vio?
lence and rapldlty ot tlie fall ln pricei
ln the two days slncc thc olcntlbn stig
gest a dlsposltlon on Ihe pan of stoch
ninrkel lnterests t.> rcapprnlso thc re
-iiltB, nlthotigh these results wero ln
llno wlth the oxpectatlons held whlle
prices were advancing prevlows to thu
electlon ln tho cxtenl of the polltlcal
.vcrturn. however, the outcomc evl
dently has oxceeded the oxpectntlon
of tho flnanclal comniunltj*, The re?
sults io be counted on, thorofore, are
less rcstrlcted than Were looked for
and open up a perspeetlve that ls dls
Qulotlng by reason of the dlffictilty "f
estlmating lt. Unceftalnty andchang
Ing condltlons offer prospects of un
?_( itlciueiit that are dlstaateful ln nnan
clal markets. I'or tho mi.hl part. how?
ever. the after-electlon action ot the
market l_ accepted simply as a dcinon
btratlon of tlie lutility and unwlsdom
or tlie market operatlons whlch prc
ci ded the event. The condltlon was
_umm_rl_ed in the expres.e. dctermi
nation ol professlonal traders ln stocks
"td bc-U tho market, whatever Ihe re
tult of the elections." Thu copges
ilon or proflt-takihg sales f.mnd noth?
lng of tho expected demand to absorb
lt. The professlonals offered prlcea
down bolril.v wlion the vulnerahle posl?
tlon was dlscovered. Thelr requlre
inent.s when they attempted to cover,
were responsible for the vlgorous rally.
vhlch brought the market to a strong
closlng. anri wlth a large part of thu
doclines wlped out.
Various unfaVorable factors, Ignored
whlle prices were on the upgrado,
came In for more serious con-tdora-.
tlon with tne decline in force. The
amount ol tlie decrease In orders on
hand of the United .Siates Steel Corpo?
ratlon during October has been fore
?ee_ wlth great deiinlteness. almost
? rom teh time of the prevlous month's
report. The publicatlon was accom
_ianled by an explanation of a change
_n the basls of computation whlch lni
jproved the comparison with thc former
?low record showing. Thc fact thnt, on
[its face, the report showed the low
(record tonnage of unfllled orders on
liand was sel.ed upon. nevertheless. ln
ithe depressed mood oi tho speculatlon,
jis evldence that the present prlce of
,tho stock was far out of line *$ith
'former loan perlods of business ln tho
Industry. The enormous transuctlons in
United States Steel on the down
grado overwhelmed the whole markot.
Tho spread of the express drivers"
strike in New York had a very dls
ciuieting inlluence on sentlment.
The call loan market grew easter,
affected ln part, no doubt, by tho
litjuldatlon ln progress ln the stock
market. The time loan division all re?
ported an easinr tone. Bonds were Ir
regular. Total sales. par value, $11,
?-'72.000. United Statos bonds were un?
changed on call. Total sales-of stacks
_or thc day were 1.17.,_00 shares.
New York. November 10.?Money or
call steady, 3.1-Sfi-l per cent. Ruling
?-ate, 4; closlng bid, 3 1-2; offered al
.". :t-4. Tlmo loans easler; slxty days
r.t?_ 5 3-4 per cent., and nlnoty days
Ti@Gl-S; six "months, 4 3-4@0. Prlnu
mercantlle paper, 5 1-2 to 6 per cent
V^terllng exchange heavy, with actua!
business in bankers' bllls. at $4.8150?
?JI.S165 for slxty-day bllls, and at
$4.8565 for demand. Commerelal bllls
?4.S1?7 $4.81 1-4. Bar silver, 55 7-8. Mex?
lcan dollars, 48.
By RIchard XV. Maury.
Stock and Bond Broker, 101. E. Maln St.
Rlchmond. Va.. November 10, 1910.
Virglnla 3b, Old. C. and R., 1032.... f,i
Centurles, .-3, C. and R., 1091. SSVs ???
A. C. L. R. R. Con. Tr. 4 p. c.... S5
C. and O. R. and A. Gen'l M. 4i<is.. 101
Ucorgla Pac. let 6s, C. 192.. 118
Oeorgla, Sou. and Fla.. 1913. 105 ...
?icorgia and Ala. Con. 5b, 1945.... 104
Nor. and West. Ry. 4s, 1996. 99
Rlch. and Dan. Gold 6s, C, 1915.. 105 ...
Hesboard Air Line 4s, 1960. 85 ...
Seaboard AdJ. 5 p. c. bonds, 1949.. 72>_ ...
Kouthern Railway lst 6s, 1994.10S
Western N. C. lst 6s, C. 1914.SOS ...
Va. Ry. and Power Co. pfd_100 71
Atlantlc Coast Line com.100 116
Chesapeake and Ohlo.100 S',1. ...
Norfolk and Western com....100 .IS
.outhcrn Railway pfd.100 63
.outhern Railway com.100 __Vi ...
Bank of Commerce and T_rust..l00 11J ...
Plrst National.100 300
Merchants National.100 650 ,,.
National Bank of Virginla.110 1S1
National State and Clty Bank..10 172
planters National.'CO 060
Savings Bank of.iychniond.2f. 6.1?? ...
Unlon Bank of tftchmovjl.50 220 ...
Virginia Trus_C''Cc?_p_yn.11-0 11S
Amerlcan Tob. pfd. 6 p. c.100 95 ...
American Locomotive pfd.103
Va.-Car. Chem. pfd. S p. c.100 123
V_,-Car, Chem. Co. com.100 60
Quotatlons for intcrest-paylng bonds ari
at a prlce. to whlch lntere?i must be added
Income bonds and certlHcates of indeuted
n-ss are. flat.
*iew Vork, November 10.?The cotton mar?
ket recovered rnosi of yesterday's loss dur?
ln; lo-day's tradlng, for whlle scattorlnfj
iuiuidatlon contlnu.d, the offerlngs wer<
not so heavy and were readlly absorbed b>
a demand from foroign and UomeBllc tradt
lnterests aud the roverlng of sliorts. Thi
openlng was"'steady at an advance of 4@1
polnts, uml in.ldc of the flrst hnlf hour ae
live monihs sold li-iiK polnis net hlghei
on covering and i.uil supbyit, lnspired bj
the firm showing of the c-abies and privati
advice from Llverpool, ? auributlng thi
Btrength ihere to tbe llrmiiess of Southerr
ma..,.',- and the actlvlty of European trade
u'f.rings increased on thc bulge, nearly al
nr thc large wire and commlsslon house:
havlng selling orders, pretuihably for low
account. und prices eased off 7 or S point
trom ti..- best in consequence, There was ;
good demand (mra trade lnterests and (or
talk of
teady and close
lllsn. I.n-.v Close
. ll l
14,68 lt.r.O H.c
14. CO ll.M 14'
Thomas Branch & Cg
(Ettabll.he! 1338J
New York Stock Exchangi
New York Cotton Exchangi
Private Wires to
Principal Market
Official Range and Sale of Stocks in New York
By THOMAS UUANCII .- CO., Bankur. and Brokers.
Open. Hlgh. Bo"'. Clo-lng. Open. Hlgh. Bovr.
BALES Bld. Asked. BALES.
1 inn Anier. Aprl. Chem., com. 43**_ 43V_ 4-% -I3*. W4 800 Oreat Northern Ore ctfs _>?% K<% f?**i
Allls-Chaimors. *SV_ i" W illinois Cohtral . 1.14 y_ i*V4V_ 'M
600 Allls-Chalniors, pfd. 30 aa sn M 31 6,.oo Int. Metropolltan . _IV_ 21 V_ '"^*
__000 Amalgatntttefl Cimper ... 0***% C8% WH M ?'?^?> 12,'ipO Int. Metropolltan, pfd., 60% _.y_ -3%
1,000 American run ....". 9% 9% -V_ DU -"- 100 jni. Mer. Marlne, com... 6% 61*- !>*'*
I- , \ mi-i-li an Can pfd. 74Vii 7.' 7. ??_ 75 .6 um internntlonul Paper .... 13 13 '3
..w Amer. On* nnd foundry. 63% bi*. filV. ??-'?: ?'?-% .00 Int. Pnper, pftl. 55V. ?>V_ -^
Amer Car und Koun., pfd. 113 116 2,ff*o Knn. Clty South., com.. 32% 33 30%
?w Amer. Cotton Oil, x 2._*;_ 02% __?)_ -l**4 OWi '" ? f-W Kansas Clty South., pfd __V_ ? fi_V_ ?."?
Amer. __lns_._ OhV com. HVa 12-Vii (inn i.oul.ville anrl Nushviiic H4V_ 11% 14_-V_ }_*?
600 Amer.' __ln__ed',Oil. ?_d... 3o% 30V_ 30% 30V_ 3- Manhattan. *,4"Vii
mnp AmerlcnH l.oo.imotlve ... 39V_ 39V_ .IS 38 3S._ g,__0 Mo., Kan. nnd Toxas.... 33% 33% 31V_ ?>*?
Amer. Bocomotlve, pfd. ... ... K'.._j lOtH. inn Mo., Kan. and Tex., pfd. .4V*. K4Vj ''*'?< '"
American Mail pf.. ... ... 32 __ t.ono Missouri Pnc-tfc . 49% oo I8V_ ?_
48,900 American Smelting . 79Vi ***J% 75% T**Ji '** 1,0011 National Bond . M<% 6_.i 07 '?*%
1,900 Amorlcan Beet Sugar.... :r7V_ _7V_ 36% ?IV_ 37y_ 18,400 New York Central. 114% 111% 113 ii'vu
1,100 Amaricitn Sug-.r . 1-7.. 117V_ 116% U'J1'** '??''- 1,100 N. Y? Ont. anrl Western 43 43 1- *>'-%
6,800 Amer. Tel, nnd Tel. Co... 141% lll.. 140V, 111% 1-U',_ 1,700 Norfolk and Wosturn... Itt tts 1'7 '?>>
160 American Tobacco. com. 4.V, 430 431 '33 43G 16,200 Northern Pacltlc .110% _l7Vt Jlt ?"j,*
400 American Tobacco, pfd.. !?."*>_ {_?_ 00 m 00 1,200 paclllc Mail . ai 31 30 ???
_,100 Anaconda Copper . 42 12 ?;!*% I0V_ 41 12,560 Pennsylvanla . 12_% 129% li'l. *29._
22,S00 Atchlson.1-2% IM 101% KC% 103 1,300 People's Gas .10?% 100% 105% 10G
200 Atlantic Coa. t I.lne. 117 117 U5V. H&V. U< rsnn Pressed Steel Cir. 33% 33% 33 32%
A. C. B. of Connectleut.. __.i 235 _35 233 235 Pressed Steel fJar, pfd. . w%
2,9.0-Baitlmore .and Ohio.107% ]tr7% jo.; 107 10.V4 201 n.v. Steel SprlnK, com... 33',-i 33V. 33V. 34
6,400 Brooklyn Rapld Translt. 77 77V. 76*4 7-V. .V. 184,200 rtoadlnR . 16094 IM'.. HH% 160V*
1,760. Canadlan Paciflc. 196% 19i% _9n% 197V. 19** 2,70. Hcinigltc Iron and Steel 34% 34V4 ;;:i'v ,w <
2,700 Con tral I.catli.ir . _3>i ? _3.? 32-1* .-N ?li''? 1, Wl Itopubllc I. and S., pfd.. (T7 .7 !W 06V4
13,000 Chesapeako ond Ohio.... K_v? Xi-ii go'v MV- .?*-' 2o.2f?') Uock island . _2 :_Vh 2-1t? 31%
l.OOi Chlcagb Great .V'rstern. 2_V'_ _*_._ 21% 22',_ -:1- r.,:O0 Uock island. pfd. ('_??. t*3 62V_ Kj_
100 Chl. tireat West., pfd.... 46 45 4s, 46 l*. 3,000 Sloss-Sheffield . 49',. ?>" ,,>,:l4 "'*'%
37,300 Chl., Mll. nnd St. Paul... 1__'4 1_3% 120V, U'3 123*. 33,100 Southern Paclfic .llti-% I17?i 11*>% IJLl'U
A'? I'hli-nRo nnd Northwest. 147., 147:<ii 146V-<_ 116 147V4 3,.".fN) Southern Rallway . 27% 27% 2fiV_ -7
100 t.'Iev., t'ln., Chl, and St. 1.. 0*1 04 64 b3l. 04VS 3,300 Southern Rallway, ptd. 63% 64 ?2"_ 63
600 Colorado Fuc land Iron. 33V4 _3V4 32i. 32% 33% 11 Standard OU . 622 622 620 6ir>
995 Colorado and Southern.. .'*. f>9 6. us _..<, 3,100 Tennessee Copper . 36'i *')Vi :<4V_ 35V.
Col. and South., lst pfd. oi 77 201 Texns Paclfic . 2?V_ 26V4 2i'*i 2?
.,300 Consolldate. Gas . 136 136 134 136 136% 147,100 Union Paciflc . 173% 174% 172 173%
860 Cruelblc Steel, com. 12% 12% 12V_ !_?*_ 12% 1w Unlted States Rubber... 35 3u 34V. 34Vi
443 Cruclble Steel, pfd. 78V. VS'.i 77V<_ Ti% V- 400,?00 Unlted States Steel. 78Vi 7S;hi 7b 77%
1,100 Ueliiware nnd Hudson... 167 167% 106 166 1H7 2,2m Unlted Stetes Steel, pfd 116% U7Vi HW. U<
l.l'io Distlllers* See. Cor. 33% ;t3% 31% 3_Vi 3_% 6.300 Va.-Car Chemlcal . 60% 61 60 60%
3,!>o,i ei-Iq . ?__ .a*.-, ?;gi/i -jg -.?,., Va.-Car. Chemlcal, pfd. . 12"-V_
W0 Krie, 1st ptd. Hi 48% 47% 47% 48 1.400 Wabash . 17V4 17Vi ''?% H
Fed. Mln und Sin., pfd. 1,, hu 3,000 Wabash pfd. 36 36Vi -"4% ?>*
1.100 Oeneral Electrlc . 153% 154 151V. 152 l__t_ 1,500 Western Unlon . 71V4 71% 7.-% .u'i
7,u? Great Northern pfd.___._ 125.4 1-4 12b 125% Totnl sales for day, 1,157,600 shares. _
Allls-l.'hnlniers lsi 5b. 77'-.
Amerlcan Tei, and Tei. conv. 4s. lOtf.
Amerlcan Tobaeco 4s. SO1/;:
Amerlcan Tobaeco 6s. 106-\
Atcbison conv. ls. 107
Atchlson conv. is (bid). 1071/.
Atlantlc Coast I.lne 1st 4s (bid). 95 "
Brooklyn Translt conv. _?. 5314
Central of Georgla 5s (bid). IWij
Chosapoakc nnd Ohlo 4.J. 101*.
Chesapeake and Ohlo conr. ?V-3. 94_<_
Chlcago. B. and Quincy jolnt ts. 93*_
Chlcago. 11. and Quincy gen, -ts. 97VI
Chl., M1I. and 8t. P. deb. 4s (bid). 92?
February. J4.65
March.14.71 11.71 14.83 14.74
Aprll .
May .14,79
June .
July .14.77
August .14.55
.September .14.00 .
September openlng, bid price.
Spot cotton closed qulot, 6 polnts advanco;
middling uplands, 14.80; middling guir, 15.05;
sales, S00 bules.
Cotton, qulet; middling, 14.S0; gross re?
celpts, 10.466 bales; sales, SOO bales; stock,
114.290 bales; export Coastwlso, 1,813 balos.
Toial to-day al all ports?Net recelpts,
F.UT4 bales; export to Great Brltaln, 4,455
bales; to France, 7,182 bnlos: to the Contl?
nent, 14,364 bales; stock. 74S.009 bales.
"Consolldated at all ports?Net recelpts,
29(1.162 bales; export to Great Brltaln, 80,275
bales; to France, 15,7?l bales; to the Contt.
nenl, _7.76S bales; to Japan, 1,153 bales.
Totnl since September 1 at all ports?Net
recelpts _,1-8,0B1 bales; oxport to Great
Brltaln, 1.107.454 bale;; to France, 285,045
bales; to the Contlnent, 837,039 baleB; to
Japan, 1S.3SS balos; to Mexlco, 500 bales.
New Orleans. L_, November 10.?Cotton?
Spot cotton flrm nnd unchanged. Middling,
14'..c. Sales nn ihe spot 1.936 bales ?nd 4;35(
to arrlvo. Futures openo. steady at nn ad?
vance of 41J3 polnts on a somewhat hlgher
Llverpool market than was due. Prlvau
cables messnges were very bulllsh. statlns
that Engllsh traders were Impressed wlth
the nrmness of Southern markets and wltt
tbo activity of trade In Europe. The weath?
er map wns favorable, Indicatlng warm and
dry weather --verywhero ln tlla cotton coun
try. but lt did not stlmulate selling. Thi
market waa qulet, but steady throughou
the mornlng session. Cables from Manches?
ter stated that a very large business was do
Ing in that market both ln cloths and yarns
The forecast predlcled unsettled weathei
ln the Enstern half 6f the cotton belt, whic.
was considered to bo an unfavorable feature
In the afternoon session the markot wai
qulet, hut very steady. Futures closed steadi
nt a net advance of,J4<3>16 polnts. November
14.47; December. 14.50; January, 14.69; March
14.S0; May, 14.92; July, 16.01.
(Furnished bv Levy Commlsslon Co.. Com
mission Merchants. Rlohmond, Va.)
Richmond. Va., November 10, 1910.
Turkeys. large and fat. 17
Turkeys, small and thln. 1_ (f "
Chlckens, cholce. small, lb.... ? @ iB
Chlckens, cholce, medium, lb.. 14
Chlckens, largo, lb. 13
Hens. por lb. " ? "
Roostors. each. *? ?* ?
Geese. fat, large. each. 6o @ 70
Geese, small, oach. 4o @ =0
Ducks, large, young. lb...._. .15
Ducks, small. young, lb. 13 <SP "
(Head and Feet Olf-Undrawn.)
Turkeys. large nnd fat. lb..... 20
Turkrvs. small and thln. lb.. 7 & 1?
I, per lb. 3 ?
Ih...... H ?
Ducks, large and fal, Ih.- \\ 1_[
,k .,?, per lb......;....? ? ?
._. ge and fal. lo...
Ducks', small and ihln, lb.
Gocsc. fat. lb.??"? 10 ? ?
Hogs. small sizes. lb -. " ? ? .
Hogs, large and medium, lb.. 10 <3> ?,
Hogs, sows and stags. " _,
Hogs, boars. ., w m
Sparerlbs and liver.. '
Country sausage, lb.
Whole deer, per lb. ?
Saddlcs, per lb. ? w Zl
Rubblts, No. 1, each. --
Rabblts, No. 2, each.-;???? ? ? la
In crates. nearby. rresh, do_... M
ln crates. other sectlons. doz.. -*>
GulnVa. doz.?. "
Family, cholce. fresh. lb. 2S
Merchants', falr. lb.?;?? -<H.
Veals, cholce to fancy, lb..
\-eals. poor to falr, lb.
Calves, runners. lb.
Sheep, lb.
Lambs, spring, lb.? ?. "
Cattle. falr to prlme. lb. 3 ? 5
IIo.b lb. '*" '
Hams well smoked, large, lb. 1!> @ 21
Sldes. well smoked. lb-------- " '* ?
Shoulders. well smoked. lb..., li US . ?
Dry flint. lb. 'J
Dry salt. per lb. ?
Green. salt, per lb. 3
Green, pet- lli,. * __,
Green. damaged. per lb. 5 _> fi
Tallow . '
Beeswax . "*
Bright. No. 1. tubwashed. lb.. 26
RilBht No. 2. unwashed, lb... 24 ? "3
Ch.. unwnslif.. free nr burrs.. 21
Ch? unwashed, ll.hUl' burry. IS
Ch.,' unwashed. niedlum burry 26
9 st
_> 7
@ 4
per obl. t-75 0 2.
Irlsh. No. 1, bbl. 1.50 @ 1.
. RecelPt* heavier and marke
.Ipts ?f chlckens and fowl aboii
the demand. Dressed roultry
for same as ye! llght. Dressoi
itood demand under llght recelpts
iciinis ln goi.il demand. Egg*
;? verj llght r
? t. roll but to
ii i-ni
The Union Bank
of Richmond
Chlcago, rt. I. and Pac. Hy. rfg. 4s. M*H ,
Dolnware and Hudson conv. 4s (bid).... 98 |
Denver and Rlo Grandc rcf. .r.s.-. 01%
Erle conv. 4s, serles "A" (bid). 75%
Erle conv. 4s, serles "11" (bld). 69_
Inlerborough * Motro. I'.s. 79%
Inter. Mere. Marlne 4!_s. 61%
Kansas Clty South.rn lst 3s. 73%
Loulsvllle nnd Naih. Un. (s. 98V.
Missouri Paciflc 4s (bld). 77%
Missouri Paciflc conv. (is. 03%
Norfolk and Western lst con. 4.. *JS'._
Norfolk and Western conv. ls. 90%
Pennsylvanla conv. atis (1915). 95%
wanted. Vcals?Rocelpts sllghtly more in?
creased; market actlve. Country Bacon?
Very scare and in blg demand. llidcs?Mar?
ket flrm and wanted. Miscollanoous?Drled
fruit, onlons and potatoes fulrly actlvo under
moderate receipts.-Apples?Receipts docreas
ing, and together with a very heavy __
mand the markei ls in extra goud shape.
I'nlrhM othenvUe stated these iiuotutions
ar? ivliulr-.nl.- prlce-,. Order. UUed from
-tore. ln hin.ll mis ure charged Hlm.
FLOUR?Market continues very dull wlth
hoavy receipts. WHEAT?Market continues
iiulct at the decllne. CORN?Very ijuiel.
OATS?Dull. RYE?Steady, HAV?Wlth
nominal receipts our market for the best
grades Is steady at unchanged prices, whilo
the low grades contlnue very dull and
negleetod. <
APPLES?Receipts moderate; markot ln
good shape.
POTATOEti?Light receipts; market about
EG-dS?Flrm and aciive; light receipts.
BUTTER?Continues actlve at unchanged
POULTRY?Turkeys In falr demand at
quotations. Chlcken. plcntlful. dull and ln
excess of demand. All other stock about
184 bushels; corn, .12, tts bushels; oats, 30.4S-.
bushels; rye, 2,__t bushels; flour, 4.2S. bar?
rels! hay, 643 tons; mlllfeed. 56. tons.
STOCK IN ELEVATOR?Oats. __,_<? bush?
Per pound.
Turkeys, large and fat. 1.
Turkeys. small and thln. lo <_? 17
Chickens, large. 13
Chickens, medlum. 14
Chickens, small. H
Hens . 11
Ducks, large, young. 14 *3 15
Ducks, old. 1- _> 13
Rooster., ploee, live. 35 _ 4ti
Gulenas, plece, live. 30
Choice famlly paekod. 25
Cholco dalrv packed. 25
Choice store packed. 22 @ 23
Packlng . -0V_
Crates, nearby, fresh lald. L'S
Crate., other sectlons. 28.
Barrels aml boxes. 23 (fl) 25
Gulneo. . IS
"Whole decr. per lb. 15 <_) lti
Venlson saddles, lb. 22 @ 25
Wlld turkeys . 20
Rabblts, choice . 22 @ 23
Rabblts. small. 15 & IS
Rabblts. damaged. 10 _. 12
Squlrrels . 8 <S> 10
Dry flint. per lb. 17
Drv salted, lb. 16
Green, salted, lb. 9
Green, ib. 8
Dry fllnt, calf sklns, lb. .17
It is not safe to ship green hides wlthout
No. 1 Timothy. 20.G0
No. 2 Timothy. 19.00
No. 3 Timothy. 16.00
Light Clover, mixed. 16-00
No. 1 Clover, mlxed. 18.00
No. 2 Clever, mixed. 13.00
No. 1 Clover. Nominal
No. 2 Clover. Nominal
STRAW?Com pressed . 8.00
Loose-pressc-d large bales- 9-30
SHUCKS . Nominal
Load your cars so that hay at doors re.
presents contents and thus avoid rcjectlons.
Thls market grade- hay ln accordance
wlth lhe ruloa of tho National Hay Associa?
Wlnter super..... 2-60 _> 2-S0
Wlnter extra. 2.80 t- 3.10
Wlnter clear. 3.30 .. 3.-0
Wlnter straight. <-00 ? **?__
Winter patent. 4-60 ii' *."?
COR.N'MEAL?Clty, sacked. 6-t
Country, bolted. sacked. 60
MILLFBED?Shipsturt, ton,
sacked, wlnter...,. 26.60
Bran. wlnter . 22.60
Shipstuff, sprlns. 2*'00
Bran . TiM
Ch. to t'cy. liandpacked. 2.?0 (jj. 3,o0
Good ln 'prime. 2.25 (<1> 2.50
Common. to fair. 1-60 ? -1.7.1
PEARS?Kelfer, bbl. 1-50 (_) 1.7u
GRAPES? .. _.
Concord, per .".-lb. bski. lt> iv l>
Cataivba, 6-lb. bskt. 15 _> h>
LEMON- . ?*-**? ? 6-_S
ORANGBS?Jamalca . ?;?;?} f ?-?
Florlda . ***75 ?f" ''?C0
BLACK PEAS. 1.65 ? >-?
No 1 prr bus. 2.40 <S| 2.50
No. 2. pe- bua. --00 ? "
1.60 *fB
1.00 <S0
Coloied . '.**?> "" ????
POTATOES?No. I. bbl. 1.50 _. l.i*
No.' 2. per hhi. IM
ONIONB-Per bld. 1*TB ? _"*?*>
CABBAG-J-Per ton.?'13.00 ?P 15.00
l.lv. geese, per Ib. ?" &' fw
Mlxed. per lb. 40
Clovei ler bus. 8,25 <fi' 9-00
I Tlmothv, per bua. 4-00 .' 4.50
Oreharil grass. bus. !??<? ? -M
l Buckwheat, per hns. 73 t* 80
ij German inlllel, per bus. Nominal
? i QEESWA.N -Per Ib. 28
, Sllced. per Ib. I tf *Vi
- Quartei.-d . 3%# 4
Dark. per lb. 3
DRIED I*t:Ai* 111-:--? - 1V-1..1. lb. 10
ivei...i. dark, u>. 7 '& s
Unpeeled, pei ih. 3!__> 4
Plttert (new) dry onler. 10 _. 11
RASPBl.RR.BS.-P_r Ui. 17 ? 18
WH. il.
Tubwnjh-d, fro. <?< burrs,', 24 _> 25
20 .j)
_-_ic_, i^i- ;.
Seabonrd Air Llno Ail.i. os. '3?
Southern Railway .*,.?. K_
Southorn Railway gen. 4s. 76
U. H. rof. 2s, reglstered..... IWi
U. S. ref. 2s, coupon. lWi
U. f*. 3s, rofflstered. ?*HX
U. S. Si, coupon. 101X
U. S. 4s, reglstered. ?? ,
U. S. 4s, coupon.'?.MJVJ
Unlon Paclflc conv. 4s. W'H
United Stntes Steel 2nd 5s. lO-H
Vlrglnla-Car. Chem. 6s (bid). 100_
Wabash lst and e.t. 4s. GS
Wlsconsln Central 4s. 93
Vi. snake. per lb. 26 ? 30
May apple, per lb. 3 0 3.
Trune plnk. 20 Q> 25
Wlld glnger, free of flbre.. 1 (S? 11
Wlld glnger, natural. 5 1j> 1
BACON?Hams, small. 22
Hams, large. 19 tg 21
Sldes, smoked. 17 @ IS
Shoulders, smoked. 17 ? IS
LARD? Country, prlme. 13 . 14
FLAXSEED? Per bus. 1.20 Ift 1.40
TALLOW?Por lb. 6 jj) (
WALNUTS? Per bus. 50
TURKEY COOPS. 1.15 ? 1.23
EGG CRATES. 43 @ 50
BUTTER BUCICETS-Doz. 2.75 _i 3.00
New -fork, November 10.?Flour?Steady
wlth a falr Inqulry. Rye Flour, Rye and
Cornmeal?Steady. Buckwheat and Huck
wheat Flour?Qulet. narloy?Flrm. Wheat?
Flrm; No. 2 red. 96*_c. elevator and 96c. f.
o. b. afloat. Futures closed l*401*.c. net
hlgher. December. 97c; May, J1.03H; July,
11.01. Corn?Flrm; No. 2, 5SV?c. elevator. do
mestic basls, to arrlve. c 1. f. and 5S_c. f.
o. b. afloat. Futures closed unchanged. Do.
cembcr, K'ic; May. 56c. Oats?Steady.
Futures closed unchanged to u2c. net ad?
vance. November, J7U_; December, 37*_c.;
May, 39?ic.; July, 39__c.
Beef and Lard?Steady. Tallow and Pe?
troleum?Steady. Rosin and Turpentlne?
Qulet. Rlce and Molasses?Qulet. Sugar?
Haw, steady. Coffee?Futures closed steady
at a net advanco of 5?1I polnts on covering
nnd bull support. Spot. flrm; Rio, No. 7.
jl"4c; Santos, No. 4, 12c; mild. steady; Cor
| dova, HUSl.Ttic. Butter?Flrm and unchnng
' cd. Clieese und Eggs?Steady and unchang?
ed. Potatoes?Easy; State. In bulk, $1,370
1.62: Southern sweets, per barrel. II(j) 1.50;
Jersey, per barrel. Jsl.2oW2.00. Cahbages
Steady and unchanged. Freights and Poa
nutB?Quiet and unchanged.
Cottonseed oll was eaBlor under bear ham.
merlng and lack of outside demand. Closlng
prices nf futures were 2JT6 polnts net lower.
November, 7.3:ff7.33; December, 7.30^7.3-.';
January. T...". ff>7.36; February. 7,a?iif7.l2;
March, ~.V.<a~. 18; prlme crude, 6.27; primr
aummer yellow, 7.3207.40; prlme wlnter yul
Inw. 7.S-JWS.25; prlme summer whlte, 7.40ip
Chiengn. in., November 10.?Purchases
made to nntlcipate the close of lake naviga?
tion formed one of tho chlef occaslon*
changlng sentlment to tho buying side to
day In tha wheat market. Thero was a not
advance of l*_Ti l^jc. wlth a strong tono at
the finish. I.atest flgures for corn were un?
changed to 'je. hlghor compared wlth lnsl
nlght. Oats also wound up the same ns
twenty-four hours' prevlous to ".?Vic galn,
The outcome ln hog products was to leave
prices unaltered or at a loss not cxceedlng
Tne leadlng futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. l.w. Close,
nec. SSU, 901 K7*(i 90ti
Mny . 94*4 9B*Ji 9IH 96!i
Julv . 92?i 9414 92V4 94 U
Dec. 16 46?i 46 4S-;
Mav . 4Sli K_ 47. W.
July . __. 49*>_ 4S'_ 49Vi
Dec. 311. 3l?i 8l_ 31?i
Mav . 34'i MXi, 34 Z?H
. Julv . 34>,s S4*)i 34 34')
I MESS PORK?Per bbl. '
.Tan.17.63 17.65 17.52 17.55
| May .16.45 16.55 16.40 16.40
; L.ARD?Per loo lbs.
Nov.11.47 11.52 11.42 11.47
Jan .10.I-. 10.45 10.37 10.40
May . 9.90 9.95 9.S2 9.S5
SHORT RIRS? Per 100 lbs.
; .lnn. . 9.35 0.37 9.25 9.30
j Mny . 9.12 9.15 9.00 9.05
Recelpts?Wheat, 30,000 hushelB; corn, 162.
r.C. bushels: oats. 194.400 bushels. ShlpmentF
I--Wheat, 24,900 bushels; corn, 183.900 bushels;
oats, 4C9.200 bushels.
Cash graln closed: Wheat?No. 2 red, SOJj
! UratUc: No. 3 red ,88@00o.; No. 2 hard. 90V
nt'.f2\c: No 3 hard. SS@91c.; No. 1 northern.
S1.02I./ I.O.; No. 2 northern, $l<fj>l>.02; No. .
northern. 9Sc.@$1.01: N'o. 2 Bprlns. M?0Sc;
| No. 3 snrlng. 92<fr9Sc.; velvet chaft, 90@9Sc.
I durum Sfi^TOOc.
j Corn?No " whlto. 50@5OV*c.; No. 3 whlte,
4'H . it MV. ? No. 3 vnllow, I9--.C.; No. 3 yellow.
new I8c,; No I ISV.. 19*y4-.; No. 4, new, 44:1?
15c ? No l whlte K'n MMic.; No. 4 whlte. new
44@48c.;' No, l yellow,, I9iif 4?**4c.; No. I yel,
: whlte, 33t_
1107 Ennt Malu Street.
E. U RODBN, Mana.or.
In event of your eleath, who
will be the guardian of your
children? .
? ?
e vsrgi
Capital One Million
Acts as Guardian, Trustee and Ex?
_JTwmrtW._ ,;:::'^faj^.jfe/.,.-:.?;^;,-i__.i_?__!*??L_?_____._?
Life Insurance Company of Virginia
Incorporated as a StockCompany in 1871
Oldest - Largest - Strongest
Southern Life Insurance Company
Progressive - Conservative
Issues the Most Liberal Forms of Llfe and Endowment Policies from
$1,000.00 to $25,000.00
With Premiums Payable Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly
All Policies are Clear and Definite, and as Liberal as
Safety Will Permit, and Their Values Are Absolutely
Insurance in force September 30,1910 - - OVER $71,000,000.00
Assets September 30,1910 - ? ? OVER 6,000,000.00
Capital and Surplus September 30, 1910 - - OVER 1,100,000.00
JOHN G. WALKER, President
33'ic; No. _ whlte. 32*__32V_<*-: No. ? whlte.
31',_ _*___.; atuidard, _2*_'5)__c.
Rlohmond, Va., November 10. 1310.
WIIBAT-Car lots.
N*o. 2 re\ Western. _>J fiil
No. _ red, Vlrglnla. .( <;, __
No. 3 red. 93 ? 93
Stenmer . 8S <8> 91
Vlrglnla Pbn>: lotsl.,,v SO @ .2
CORN?Car lots.
No. 2 whlte. 9 lt
No. 3 whlte. (_> B7V.
No. 2 mlxed. .1 _7*_
No. 3 mlxed. ? 67
Vlrglnla (bag lota). K (5- 5*
Corn on thc cob (new). 49 M .1
Vlrglnla (bag lots), new. _< 'j! 56
OATS?Car lota.
No. 2 mlxed. . tl
No. 2 mlxed. ? .._??
No. 3 whlta. O M
No. 3 whlte. 9 37
Wlnter seed Hmk lots). K . ?
RVE?Car lots.
No. 2. 49 17
Ne. 1. O lt
Vlrglnla (bog lots). Sl ?_? St
(Sales at Unlon Stock Yards.)
Rlchmond, Va.. November 10. 1-10
Report of tho live stock market for the
week ending November 7:
Receipts?Cattle. 364 head; calvos, 1S4 head;
sheep, 526 head; hogs, 2,016 head.
Best steers, 5',_i-6c.; some extra flne hlch
er; medlum to good. 3!.f.5vic.; common to
fair, 3_.<&4>_c.; best helfers. aiic.; medium to
good, 4-*.t.5c; common to falr, 3"__-44e.;
best cows, 4H_P4*j_c.: medlum to good. 3%,Q
4c; common to falr. 2?;&3*_c; bulls. 3H.1
4c; calves. 3J*8c.; extra. SVic Cows and
calves, $.5S60.O0 per head. Sheep. 3*_:4*y_c.,
lambs. beat, S'i{.6\c; medlum to good, 3l? 1*
6c; common to falr. SH^5c; best hogs. 9c-;
medlum to good. -1/__'S%c.: sows, stags and
thln hogs, 7_-S*_c.
Chicago. November 10.?Cattle?Receipts
7.000 head. Market slow and weak. Beeves,
J4.50.fi 7.6o; Texas steers. ?3.3Sff5.-5; Western
steers. $4.1066.75; stockers and feeders, J4.4)
-fi _.r.0: cows and helfers. 52.__fI6.IO; calves.
$76.50? 10.26. Hogs-Reeelpts 18.000 head. Mar?
ket weak. I.lRhl.; nilxe.l. J7._B?
8.-7V.; heavy. J7.50-TS.2S; rough, J7.50f.7.T0;
good to choice heavy, $7.70.S.-V*.; plgs. 37.25.*
7.00: bulk of sales, -7.90.1 8.15. Shcep-Rc
r.-lpts 27.00 head. Market steady.* Natlve.
t-'.SO-n 4.S0; western. J2.60W4.20; yearllngs,
J4._0l_iS.40; lambs, natlve, J4.75.t6.G0; western,
J4.75-_6.50. _
New vork, November 10.?Beeves?Kecelpti
1 581 hoad. Feellng nomlnally steady. Calves
?Recelpti SSS head. Market steady. /Veals.
$S_>11.00 per 100 pounds; grassers, $4..._>-._.;
western calves. $4(36.50. Sheer. and Lambs
Receipts 2.S59 head. Sheep. TJ.4.50; lambs.
$6*5:7.15. Hogs -Receipts 1.468 head. Feellng
nomlnally lower.
Rlchmond, Vr.^No vember 10, 1910.
Rr!ght--Unchan____; qulot but nrm. wlth
light receipts. Dark Fired-New.-Recclpta
un tc, thls time havo been very U-h*-: market
flrm at nrtecs quoted. Sun-Cured-For want
of season receipts are very light. Market
colntlnues actlve at quotations.
J 1.50 <f* J fi-CO
Short leaf.
,.. ica.:::::::::::."...-"-.???? * i-??
SMOKERS-Common . J-? f f*?
Medlum . tM ? U'M
Fine .. 12*?? '" U0*
CUTTKRS?Common .}?__ ? }2/i[
Medium . UC0 ? *4?i',
..." .16.00 C. 13.01
Fancy ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ls-?? O :0-?*
FILLERS-Common . **JJ| ? |'*JJ
Medlum . nw> w ~'??
.?nr., .1IM ? W-S*
Flne ..".!'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. **-M <i7 1*J0(1
W-UiPPERMommon .Jf*J_J <_? 1I'J_.
Medium . 1S-M ^ -,-00
25.00 ? 30.00
33.30 (3 37.50
40.00 (f. 45.00
Prlmlng-*. com. lo prlme. L? g 4.00
Lugs, common to good. ?-W ? 7.o0
Lugs, good to primc. ??*<? @
Short l.-iif.,?*M ? l.'S2
50 4. 12
(Reported hy Rodgers. McCabe _- Co.)
Petersburg. Va., November 10.?Peanula?
'Spanish. -Market flrm at $1.10 per bushel
tor new Spanish. No. 1 shelled, Spanish. ...
?7%c. per pound; No. 3 sholled, Spanish,
4%@5c. ,
Vlrglnins,-Market qulet at 1!._'3-.d. foi
fancy handplckod; 2*_.f3c. for machine plck?
ed; 2_>2V_c. for sholllng stock.
New Tork, Novemher 10.-Tho cotton goods
market.. were qulet and flrm durlng the day.
Rnw silk is higher and about one-half the
Japanese crop has beon dlsposert of. Men's
wear orders fnr spring are acutiniulatlnu
slowly. Thc yarn mark.ts aro flrm. bul
Wllmington. N. C, Novomber 10.?Splrlts
Turpentlne?Steady at 7EV_c.; recelpta 4 casks.
Rosin?Steady ai $5.10; receipts 39 barrols.
Tar?Flrm ut $2.(10; recolpta 74 barrels. Crude
Turpentlne?Flrm at $4.50<_pO.CO; receipts. 1'.
Savannah, Oa., November 10.?Splrlts Tur?
pentlne?T^irm at 7iii_r.; sales -103 casks; ro
celpts 163 casks; snle.-i s.Sss casks; stocU 10,
"fil caalts. Rosin?Flrm: sale." 2.1S1 horrula;
receipts 1,791 barrel..; shlpments 4,S(. barrols;
.stock 67,979 barrels
New Orleans, November 10.?Rosin?Re?
ceipts 1S9 barrels. Tui pentlnp?Receipts. 37
barrels. Exports foi* i.ondon. 1*1 barrels of
M.VR1NE INT.'l.Mtil.-.C'^.
Sjeamor Berkeley, Shelly, Norfolk, mer
chnndl.e and pai|ion_eri, Old Domlnlon Llne.
Bteumer Pocahontas, t'.raves, Norfolk and
James Rlver Iandlngs, m.-ri*handlse and pas?
sengers, Vlrglnla Navlgatloii Company.
Schooner Joseph T. lirenan, Allsworth, Ir?
vington, Va., canned goods, E. A. saunders
Sons' Company. ^
Steamer Rerkeley, Shelly, Norfolk, mer
.hahdjie und pa.e.nsers, Old Domlnlon Lln..
TreiiKury Stulement.
Washlngtun, D. C, Novcmb-i* 10.?Tho con
dlliou of lli- T-Csuiy At iho bcBlnnliif ol
J To those wishing to establish
relations with a safe, strong bank
We heartily commend our services, confl?
dently believing they will prove satisfactory.
Our large Capital and Surplus ($2,000,000)
is your protection: our large and increasing
list of depositors proof of satisfactory service.
TOTAL ASSETS, $9,500,000
Temporary location durin-j coastruction _f nc# binkin? ho*.**.
Surplus and undivided Prof its . $110,000
W. M. HablUoa. .-*_..:]. vV. Rothj._. vlca-Pfes.: Jro. C .VV..-.. :l Im
Pres.; Andrew M. G'over, Cashier
With assets of over Sl.700.0D). every indu__ment coniisteat wit't?_-l
banking is offered to its customer.. 3 per cent. aliowed in savings deparc
ment. Bank is open till eight o'clock Saturday cveninjs.
business to-day wai an follows:
Trust lunds.
Gold coln.J90J.1 !*.,'_
Sllver dollara. iff.'M.M
Sllver dollar* of 1190. 3,511.000
Sllver certlflcates outatandtn.. lM,!44,O0fl
General Fund.
ytunriard allver dollars In general
fund .? MM.WJ
Current liabilltles. 11S.!*13,6_.
Worklns balance ln TreaiUry otTices _9.897.4__
ln banks to cre.ll of Treasurer of
the United States. S4.MMU
Subsldlary allver coln..:-.'.. 16.568,11"
Mlnor coln. 813.S4S.
Total balance ln general fund. 94,S.'iS,-?;
C.nn.ry'. lliiinper Crop*.
Washington. November 10.?Bumprr
crops, led by corn wlth the greatest
liarvest ever gathered, were produccd
l.y the farmers of tlie United States
during thls year. ln a general re?
vlew of crop condltlons, lssued to-day,
the Bureau of Statlstlcs of tlie Depart-.
tnent of Agrlculture, says:
"Tlio harvests of 1910 have been
practlcally completed. wlth results ex
ceedlng the expectatlons during the
growing period. Prtllmlnary estlmates
havo been made of the productlon of
most of the important crops, from
which It a.ppears that the aggregate
productlon of crops ln 1910 ls ap
proxlmately 7.6 per cent. greater than
the crops of 11)09, and about 9.1 per
cent, greater than the average an?
nual productlon of the precedlng flve
years. Prices for Important crops
averaged on November 1 about 5.4 per
cont. lower than a year a-go.
"The productlon of other crops ln
11)10. .-.pr.-s.ed in percentage of the
average productlon. ln recent years
(not compared wlth full crop), ls es?
tlmate aa follows:
"Peachcs. 113.1; hops, 106.9; broom
corn, 105.4; cranborries, 105.4: sweet
potatoes. 104.9; sorghum, 104.6; aspar'a
gus, 102.5; peanuts, 102.6: cabbages,
100.2; Lflma beans, 100; Kaflr com,
99.1; pears, 98.9; beans (dry), 98.8;
cantaloupes, 97.3; watermelons, 97:
onions, 96.5; hemp, 95.5; tomatoes, 93.7:
clover seed, 93.6; strawberries, 91.5;
grapes, 88.2; apples, 85.8: mlllet seed.
S5.7: raspberrlca, 78; blackberrles, 76.6.
"The condltlon of othor crops, com?
pared wlth average condltlons at or
near the time of gatherlng, was as fol?
"Sugar cane, 104.1; rice, 102.3; sugar
heels, 100.7; lemons, 99.3; cotton, 98.9;
oranges, 05.5."
Henter'_ Stntement.
N'ew Orleans. La., November 10.?
Secretary llester. of the New Orleans
Ootton Kxchange, to-day lssued a
statement of welghts of 2,786,751 bales
of cotton handled at outports and
across tho Misslsslppl, Ohlo and Poto?
mac Rtvers overland to American mnn
ufaciui-ora outside of the cotton belt
during tlie months of September to
October, lncluslve, showing an average
por bale of 520.64 pounds, agalnst
513.17 pounds for thn samo period last
year. The del all ed averatros aro:
Texas ports, 633.94. agalnst 520.08
laat year.
Louisiana ports, 522.53, agalnst
Alabama ports, 533.03, against 513,59,
Georgla ports, 511.31, agalnst 514.IS.
South Carollna-' ports, 195, against
North Carollna ports, 497, agalnst
Virginia ports, 190, against 500.
Tennossee, etc,, 511,39, agalnst 514.17.
These avorages nre hased on omclal
returns of the secreturies and superin?
tendents of the oxchanges and experts
llt ports in tho States named.
. lirk ('ounty DciuoernlH Favor Hlni as
I'li-Hldcnlliil Cautllilute,
[Speeltil to Tlie Tlmes-Dlspat-h 1
YorlUown, Va.., November 10,?Korty
odd entliusiastlf Domocrata of York
American National Bank
With ample Capital and
Surplus and modern facil?
ities, invites accounts of
Individuals, Firms and
3 ?/o Interest Paid in Savings
National Bank of Virginia
Capital, - $1,200,000
Surplus. - $ 600,000
Accounts solicited
Ninth and Main Streets
county assembled ln the courthouse
here yesterday and organlzed the
Woodrow Wllson Club of York county
and elected thc followlng named as
ofllcers: XV. S. McKean, formerly of
New Jersey, presldent; George I>.
Smith, vlce-presldent: Sydney SmUh.
secretary;" Con way H. Shelld, treas?
urer. An organization and propagan
da commlttee was a4so named.'.whlcli
conslsts of the above named ofllcera
aml Frederlck Sehmldt, formerly of
New Jersey; U H. Hogg, 13. W. May?
nard, Davld Powers, Thomas Phllllps,
W, F. White.
The prlmary object of the club in
to arouse a sentlment throughout tho
county and then tho State by the for?
mation of other llko clubs In behalt'
of the nomlnation ln 1912 of Woodrow
Wllson as tho Democratlc candldate for
Special Dining Room for
Automobile T.-rti-s.
Kichmond, Va.
The most magnificent hotel in
the South. European plan. Rooms
single and en suite, with and
without baths. Spacious sample
Ra.? $1.50 per day and up.ward.

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