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Hats for Boys, 59c
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Free Lessons Given in Crocheting
(Art Department)
For the next two weeks Mrs. Rice, an expert in all
branches of the art of knitting and crocheting, will give
a course of free lessons,in this work.
Whether you know how to crochet or not, it will be
of great advantage to you to attend this class, as Mrs.
Rice will demonstrate the work in such a manner that it
will be not only an cducation to thc beginner, but a won?
derful help to even the most expert. We make no charge
for these lessons whatevcr.
Classes begun November 15th, and will continue until
November 28th.
Class hours, 9 to 5 P. M.
Vote as-to City Officers Is Close,
but Change Is Probably
With only the countles of Patricli
| and Rappahannock to be heard from
I lt ls very evldent that the amendnicnl
to the Constitution pcrmlttln*? county
! treasurers and commissloners of tlu
revenue to succeed thomselves Indefl
.nitely, has been corried. The majority
'ln favor of thls-chanco ls now 1,391.
It ls barely possible thnt tho re
. mainingr countles may affect the re?
turns received to the extent that the
amendments regrardlng- clty offlcers lt
also successful. The very large ma?
jority returned by Franklin county
and received yesterday for these
i'.mendmentF. together wlth a sub
EtBJitlal galn from Rockbrklge, has
reduced the majority against thc
amendments as to cities to 506. An?
other such vote ns Franklln's, comlng
from the adjoinlns county of Patrlck,
would wlpe thls out. However, il i;
probable that this amendment ha;
heen defeated.
Tno Were Ajralnst.
Amella and Klng and Queen coun
tie---. repnrtlng yesterday, voted agatns
the amendments, whlle Northamptoi
was very close.
Thls most illopicsl result is ex
plained by the personal work of th>
county treasurers and commissloners
who. In seeking the votes of thel
frlends for the amendment permlttim
them to be re-elected, apparently, dli
little for tlielr clty brethren. Hnd i
heen possible, tho Leglslature wouh
have put these two amendments lnti
cne, but could not do so. for the rea
son that clty and county government
are taken care of ln separate sectlon:
of tho Constitutlon.
The vote as lt stands now. witli
only two counties mlsslng, is as fol?
For amendments extending session?
of Legislnture, 12.266: against, 49,513.
For one readjng of bllls, 20,159;
np-ainst, 37,30-L. ,.? '. ?'?'
For successlon of county treasurers
and commissloners, 30,572; against,
For successlon of city treasurers
and commissloners, 27,125; against,
. 27,631.
Mr. J. E. Huggins
\ Field Manager of the Sheldon School,
ls in the city and during the next few
days will meet jbankers, insurance
and other business men desiring to
fbe informed regarding the Sheldon
icourses on the "Science of Business
.Building" and the "Science of Ser?
viee." Mr. Huggins will fill as many
/'engagements as limlted time will
' permit. Phone or write.
Va. Division Sheldon School,
Walter L. Church ,fc Co., Geni, Afirtn.,
j Monroe 252S. 1219 Mutual Bldg.
Christmas Gifts Now
In a short while the rush of Christmas
shopping will begin. Advantageous selec?
tion can be had now.
WHY Collars Crack
JDocsn't matter after they are cracked
The thing to do is to send 'em where thej
v.un't bc cracked. Have them done here
Eclipse Laundry,
Phone Madison 418.
We Take Great Pride in
Our Repair Department
We do a lot of it, and it's all well done
Your watch will go back to you like
new one.
Smith &Webster
?Time Specialists, - - 012 East Mair
Pleasure Cruises
to Foreign Land:
M r<lii,?i-riui. uu, Orient,
south imerlca, aa>?t imim
I'niiniiiii i hiii'I.
Richmond Transfer Co.,
?00 1.:. MAIN STItlit-JT.
Decisions Expected To-Day of
Cases Heard at Term in
Two wrlts of error wore refused
yesterday ln the Supreme Court of
Appeals. One of these was ln the case
of the Washington, Alcxandrla and
Mount Vernon Rallway Company
atralnst Alfred S. Mason, from the Cor?
poratlon Court of Alexandrla. Mr.
Mason. lt appears, was a passenger on
a car of the company, and claims that,
whilo alighting In Alexandria the car
started forward, throwlng hlm to the
ground. Ile had been prevlously ill,
suffering froni nervous trouble and
locomotorataxla, and hls condltlon was
ho claimed, much aggravated by the
accident, besides which hls left leg
and back were wronched, uis declara?
tion sets forth thnt he would never
agaln be able to perform the regular
dutles of hls ocoupation. Ile was given
513,500, whlch verdlct now stands.
Frank W. Maxey was also refused a
wrlt of error ln hls sult in Cumberland
county against D. Witt Godsey, Willie
Qulgley. John T. Godsey and Waverly
Putney. Maxcj* sued for $5,000 dam?
ages, alleglng the loss of the servlces
of hls daughter, who was sald to have
been mistreated by the defendants.
The Circuit Court ruled that the decla?
ration was not sufllclent in law, und
this vlew is sustalned by the court
of last resort.
Deelnlona To-Day.
Several decisions will bc handed
down to-day, of cases heard during the
.September term ln Staunton. It ls not
expected that there wlll be an oplnlon
as to any case heard durlng the pres?
ent term in Richmond. Naturally, the
cases will be those arising in the Val?
ley of Virginia.
The following proceedlngs were
had yesterday:
Adams against Cumby, No. 1, on the
argument docket; argued by A. S.
llester and F. S. Kirkpatrick for tho
Plalntlft In error, and by XV. M. Mur
rell for the defendant ln error, and
Washlngton, Alexandrla and Mount
Vernon Railway Company against
Vaughan; partly argued by John S.
Barbour for Uhe plaintlff in error, and
by L. XX. Machen for tho defendant In
error, and continued to to-day.
Next cases to be called: Pond's ad
mlnistratrix against the Norfolk and
Western Rallway Company, Wright
against Collins, Worley against Adams
and others. Langford against the Vlr?
glnla Air Line Railway Company,
Southern Rallway Company against
Fostor's '? adminlstrator, Holdswortli
against C. XV. Crowder & Brother, and
Norfolk and Western Rallway Com?
pany against Stone.
Arrexted for Almslns Son or
Itnllrund AVntchmnn.
James Jackson. colored, was arrest?
ed last nlght on a charge of being
dlsordferly nnd curslng M. N. Gee. son
of Potoctlvo G. B. Gee. of the Seaboard
Air Llno Railway Company.
Accordlng to tho statement mado
by the rallroad detectlve, he shot ln
lhe air to frlght.en Jackson. The negro
?latuis. howover. that he knocked un
the plstol to prevent himself from
heiiiR shot. A small boy who rocontly
ran away froni home froni a town lii
the North. stated thnt ho was sctu-ed to
death by the bullets whlch whlstled
ahout hls head. Accordlng to lils
story, he was shot at several tlmes.
Styles That Are Always Right
Jacobs & Levy,
705 B, llroari.
Proves. ae good as lts name to the
man' wlth a building to covnr. h'.m
5. giuiranteed, and you flnd the trade
make on every roll.
lltU aud Dliok SU.. -{-??Ii-iioihI. Ai
Company Proposes Experinleht
on West Main
Referred to Subcommittee for
Tabnlation and
In a long: and tedlous session,
closlng; shortly before 12 o'clock last
nlght, tho Commlttee on Streets went
through wlth fl vast amount of un
lmportant but necessary work.
Through Its gcnernl attorney, A. B.
Guigon, tho Virginla Railwny and
Power Company presented a petltlon
asklng that tho oompany be allowod
to oxporlment on Main Street, between
VIne and Rowland Streels, where tho
clty has dlrected the pavlng between
the tracks, wlth a different type of
constructlon. The new rall, lt ls
clalmed by the company, will prove
better for the clty and Itself, and lf
permitted to make the test oh thc
four blocks, the. street rar company
obllgates Itself at the explratlon of
one or two years, lf the constructlon
is not satisfactory to both partles, to
remove the road bed and restore the
tracks and pavlng ln accordanee with
the methods now provalling. and will,
lf necessary, repnve the streot from
curb to curb nlong tbe four blocks.
The company proposes to substltute
on the four blocks a "T" rall wlth a
retalnlng place in place of ihe glrder
rall now ln use. clalmlng that it wlll
bo less lnjurlous to the pavlng. At
tho reriuest of the petltioners, the
paper was referred to the Ward Com?
mlttee and the Clty Fnirtneer to re?
port at the next meeting. or to a
special meeting if necessary.
Wnnt Cnr Fnre I'nld.
Bllls of 135 each rendered to the
Engineerlng Department for seven
months' street car fare for Englneers
Allan Sevllle and E. K. Keesran wero
presented to the committee, havlng
been returned hy the Clty Audltor.
who said that there was no fund from
whlch they might legally bc pald, the
Cltv Attorney having so ruled. Thc
commlttee declded to deduct tho
amounts from the sewer account and
hereafter to charge the necessary car
fare to such work as the englneers
happen to be engaged on at the times
of the expendlture. Xo vehiclos are
nrovlded for these assistants.
The American Termlnal Warehouse
Company asked that it he allowed to
close the alley whlch now runs Into
the pronorty which extends from
Seventeenth to Elghteenth Streets, on
Broad Street, and back, covering two
blocks to Clay, and also to lower th?
acwer nt Seventeenth and Broad
Streets so as to draln the cellars of
new bulldlngs of tho company. Both
niatters were referred to the Clty
Condltlon of Government Rond.
A letter from Cantain C. F. Humph
revs to Mavor D. C. Rlchardson In re?
gard to Improvements on the Govern?
ment Road was referred to the City
Engineer for estimates. Commlssloners
appolnted to assess me damages to
Fairmount property owners reported
tho damages $7,620.30, with $120 for
the services of each of tho three com
City Engineer Boillng recommended
the expendlture of $2,150 for the con?
structlon of a twenty-foot hlghway on
Thlrtv-flfth Street at N Street, ln ac?
cordanee with the contract made wlth
the owners of the Cowardin property.
The annllcitlon of the Amerlcan Na?
tional Bank for S4S2 ref und on sower
connectlons was referred to the City
Engineer for report.
Aldermnn Orimes complalned that
his property at Twenty-nlnth and
Franklin Streets was beinK rulned on
account or the fact thal tho street had
been erraded and curbed but no side
w.alk lald. He said that the house waa
about tn fall down. and was backed up
In his statements by Mr. Bolling. It Is
ostimated that the repalrs will amount
to S731.50. Mr. Boillng wlll report the
matter to the noxt meeting of the com?
Court Acquits Chauffeur Rich
ardson of Charge of Care
H. E. Rlchardson, the young man
whose automoblle knocked down and
injured Charles Hutzler, chalrman ot
tho City School Board, at Tenth ann
Broad Streets on the morning of Octo?
ber 7, was ncqultted in Pollce Court
yesterday mornlng pf crlmlnal respon.
slblllty for the acciclont.
There was a wldo divergence. of
opinion among the wltnesses, but the
greater part of the ovnTence seemed
to favor Mr. Rlchardson, wltnesses for
the defense statlng tliat lt was rainin?
hard at the time, and thnt as Mr.
Hutzler got off a street car, ho ratsed
an umbrella to protect -hlmself from
tlie raln and tliat ho seemed to walk
into the car.
Mr. Hutzler, on the stand, stated that
it was riiinlng only slightly at the
time, and that he iooked carefully up
and down the streets when allghtlng
from the car, and that he did not raise
an umbrella. Ile was in Memorlal Hos?
pital for two weeks, belng treated lor:
iiis Injurles.
Pollce OfHcors Thurman and Sam- i
ueis tosttfled that Mr. Rlchardson was |
regarded as ;i careful drlver, aml that ,
he had never been warned agalnst *
oareloss or reckless drlving. Then
Justiee Crutchiield rendered his de?
iii.ii-.- to Ri> Moved Around Corner in Snuib
Thc rollowliiR permliH to build an.l repalr
were lssued ln th.n,-.- of Bulldlng In?
spector Back yciterday:
Wllllnm li. West, to erect ? two-atory
hrlck (enemenl, two dwellings, on the north
side of F.-iiei-i.i Btreoi between Bt, Jarnoi
nud st. .luhn Street*, lo cost J'.'.non.
?JiVoodwurd & 8ons, to ropalr frama dwoll-,
inc, m Decatwr Btroet, movliju liouse from
413 Hull Streel tp above nddreu to coat
W, .). Qrlggs, to repalr frame dwolllng,
91*. North Twenty-?ev( ?tli Street, . hulldlns
nn uddltlon ln Ihe roar, to cobi iiw.
Geprge w. Bnundars, to repalr lliree hrlek
dweiiinga, IW.117-U0 Knst Canal street, re?
cently (iHiniiKivl by ih,,. t? ,;oai ji.ixin.
Andrew Krouae, 11. repalr brlck store. 12
W..H1 Broad Bireet, exo?vatlnn nnd frnmins
cuatwm; for elevator, 10 cost JIK,.
Wcll-Known Citizcn and Con?
federate Veteran Tasscs
End Comes Suddeniy While on
Social Visit to
Nows was received here last nlght j
of the suddon death ln New Tork yes?
terday afternoon of Willlam U Wrhlto.
one of tho best known of tho older
citizens of Rlchmond.
Mr. Whito went to New Tork lnst
week to be presont at the flfty-thlrd
annlversary of the wedding of hls sls?
ter, Mrs. Josephlne Welslger, wlfe of
Colonei PowhaTan Welslger. Vester
day afternoon he went to tho ofllces ot
the Long Beach Estates compnny, at
225 Flfth Avenue, to see an old frlend.
He had been there but a few moment*
when ho was taken 111. He dled be?
fore a physlcian could he called. Heart
dlsease ls glven as the cause of death.
Mr. Whlte was born in Norfolk scv
enty-three years ago, afterwards mov?
ing to Petersburg. Hc came to Rlch?
mond just beforc the war nnd hnd
made hls home here ever slnce. Hu
served through the war as n niemhcr
of the Rlchmond Howitzcrs and is cred
lted with the dlstinetlon of havlng fired
the flrst gun at tho battle of Blg Bethel
Spoaklng of his war record, frlends
sald last nlght that no man served
rnore gallahtly.
Served ln Clty Councll.
Mr. Whlte was u memln r of the CIt}
Councll of Richmond. servlng two
terms, the last of whlch was terml
nated about two years ag<>. He was
one of tho founders of the flrm ot
Chrlstlan & AVhlte, the successor ot
* hlch ls thc present flrm r>f R, L. Chrls?
tlan & Co.
The nows of ' his death came as a
great surprlse to relatlves and friends
ln Rlchmond. Major llenry Atklnson,
a lifclong frlend, had received a letter
from him the day before. whlch was
written in the most cheerful splrit.
Members of the lmmediato family do
not recall having heard .Mr. Whlte com?
plaln of his health at any recent time.
The body wlll be taken to Norfolk
for interment. Mr. Whlte ls survlved
by hls wlfe, one daughter, who Ih Mrs.
Catesby Jones, 931 West Grace Street;
and two sons, Mason md Hamllton
Whlte, both of Rlchmond.
Sult of AA'ood \miliiNt ( hrinpenkr nnd
Ohio ItnlMvn.v In on Trlal.
Judgment was rendered by Judgo
Ingram In the Law and ICqulty Court
yesterday morning for S26.S8 in the
sult of Mrs. A'irginia D. Meanley
against Wllliam P. Atkins. The sul'
wns brought for $35. By consent the
jury was walved and the case placed
in the hands of the ludge. Each
slde pald lts own costs.
The case of C. B. Wood against the
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway wns
on trlal yesterday afternoon. Mr.
AVood, trading as the Consolidated
Grain Compnny, sues for damages to
the amount of $500. He alleges that
the delay of the railway ln switch
ing a carload of bulk corn to the
Mayo Mllllng Compnny was such as
to allow the grain to spoil. so that
the mllllng company refused to han?
dle lt. Alleged negllgence on the part
of the Chesapeake and Ohio ls the
basis of his complaint. The Jiiry is
expected to brlng lts verdlct thls
Trial of the case of Mrs. Ida C.
Woodey against the Virginia Rallway
and Power Company wlll begln thls
mornlng. In her declaration. Mrs.
AA'oodey alleges that owlng to tho
negllgence of employes of the street
enr company she was thrown from a
Laurel Street car October S. 1!)0S. and
besldes belng cut and bruised, was in
ternally injured. She asks for damages
to the amount of $5,000.
Sent to r,i*and Jury.
Charles Trire. allas Headspeth, colored,
charged with assaultlng Thomas Williams
wlth a hatrhet, was sent on to tho grand
jury from tho Pollce Court yesterday morn?
Health Department Hears Re?
ports of Work of Dr.
Tlie State Health Department is see
lng that the new law requirlng the In?
spection or hotels Is belng enforced,
and lts chlef inspector, Dr. R. K. Flan?
nagan, is constanfiy on the road, ln
spectlng hotels and publlc bulldings ln
varlous parts of tlyi State.
The new law went lnto effect on Sep?
teniher l, :lnd notice to that effect was
nent hotei proprlotors by the Health
Department in August. 'they were
glven a hrler time in which to adjust
thomselves to the roqulrenicnrs of tho
law, wlth which thev had already been
made I'aminar, and nre now expected
to llvo np to the letter ot ihe law.
Dr. Flannagan, who has thls work in
charge, as chlef of tlie bureau- of In
spoctlons, is much pleased at tho pros
peei. and belloves that the now pro.
visions uf law wlll ho put Into offeel
wlth llttlo fplctlon. ln a statement
to-day h.- sald ti'V.it he had round hotel
men generallv anxlous to conform to
tne law. and belleved that thero would
bo little dlltlculty in havlng the neces?
sary changes mado ln hotols.
"t'here. can be no doubt," sald Ul\
Mannngnn, "that the hotel law ls an
atlmlrable ono, nnd that It wlll glve
much protectlon lo travelors. It ls t
valuable adjunct to the health code of
the state, ,ui,| its enforcemont wlll he
a real .st, p towards lietter .hoalth."
MrN. Coddln Improvlng.
Mrs ii. r, Ooddtn, daughter of Jus
ti'-c John J. Crutchfleld, who has boen
il! (or somo thnt* ln tho Memorial
Hospital. was reported last nlght to
he much lmproved. She ls expected
Now Is the Time
lu early years is the' time to saytt.
Learn now, before extravautint habits are
formed, Start with, $1.00 aml carn 3 erp
cent. compound interest.
The Savings Bank of Richmond
1117 Laat Main Street.
Charles E. Stuart
Fatal Strokc of
Was Former Pastor of Vcnable
Street Church, and Anti
Saloon Worker.
Succumblng to what was apparently
nn attack of heart disease or apo?
plcxy, Rev. Charles Edwln StUHrt, for
? mor pastor of Vonablo Street Baptist
Church, and for the last fifteen months
tleld secretary of tho western division
of tho Virginia Anti-Saloon League,
dled suddenly on an lnterurban car
from Ashland nt 12:J5 o'clock yester?
day afternoon. He dlod Just as the
car wns enterlng tho Laurel Street
Statlon of the Richmond and Chesa?
peake Bay Railway.
Mr. Stuart was on hls way to Rlch?
mond from hls home In Ashland, pre
paratory to his departure for Lynch?
burg, where hls headquarters were slt?
uated, and where he Intended to re?
move hls family. He was accom
panied by Mrs. Stuart nnd thelr small
Within a few mlnutes after the car
hnd reached Richmond, Rev. R. II.
I'itt. D. I)., editor of tho Rellglous
Herald. and other Baptist mlnlsters
were notifled and hurrled to thc scene.
Mrs. Stuart and her child were sent
back to thelr home in Ashland.
Coroner Taylor vlowod the body. and
pronounced denth to have been due
(o natural eauses, prob-bly apoplcxy.
The body was turned over to an liti
dcrtaker, and was nfterwards sent to
Vnltiuhle Mlnlntry.
Mr. Stuart spent hls early llfe at
PulaskI, whero hls father, Rev. R. H
Stuart, was also a Baptist minlster
He secured money wlth which to galn
an education partly whlje worklnu
in a furnace at PulaskI, Soon nfter
hls graduatlon from Rlchmond College
he beoamo nn,?tor of the A.iJiland
church, later accepting a call to
Wythevillo. where the church was par
tlally under the care of the State Mis?
sion Roard. Hls work ut Wytlievllle
wa.s highly suece?ful. and he re
malnod there about two years, goiiiK
to Lee county, In thc extreme South
west. There he made a reputatlon, ?s
tnbllshlng a number of mission polnts.
greatly bulldlng up the Baptist cause
ln the courtty and ostabllshlng a
s. hool at Penning Oap.
Mr. Stuart attended a moetlng of
thr. Raptlst Oonera! Assoclatlon in
nichmond whlle at work In Lee. nnd
electrlflcd that body by an appeal for
help t? prosecute the work in the
mountalns. At the concluslon of hls
address the audlence pressed to the
altar. pourlng out money to be used
for the cause whlch Mr. Stuart repre?
sented. Very seldom, lt Is said. has
such an effect been produced at meet
ings of that body.
Paator nt \ ennble <<trret.
I.eavlng Uo. Mr. Stuart accepte-' a
call to Venahle Street Church in Rlch?
mond. where for three years he was
pastor. Hls work was eminentlv suc
cessful. To hls hard work is at
trlbuted the lllness whlch has caused
hls death. and whlch necessltated hls
retirement from the active mlnlstry
early last year. ?He then became lden
tlfled with the Anti-.SHoon League
of Virginia. havinc charge of the dls?
trict In whlch Rlchmond Is sltuated.
and making hls headquarters at Ash?
land. Recently a new dlstrict was
formed, whlch would have placed Mr.
Stuart In the Western part of the
Funrrnl Arrnngempnti.
The funeral will take place at the
Ashland Baptist Church tbls after?
noon at ?, o'clock. and will be con?
ducted bv Rev. R. H. Pltt. |). D.. of
Richmond. Interrnent wlll be made Ip
"Woodland Cemetery. Ashland.
The pnllbearer* will be: Walter Syd?
nor. L M. Fox, R. L. Chenerv, B' .1.
Pleasants, .1. F. Taylor. S. r. Wood
fln. .1. P. Gordon and Schooler Fox.
MurrhiRe I.lcensrs.
MarrlnKO llcenses were Issurd yesterday
in the riork's offlee of the RustlnRs Court
lo William .7. Ponton and Ellzabeth A. Me
onl; Thomas B. Cross, of Norfolk. and
Eiben V. Mcforcklo: Paul S>. Clements, of
Klng WUHam county, nnd Allce V. Owens,
.Tnmes Rernard Butler and Edna May Dav.
Is; John M. Baker and Eilie Frelmann;
Ernest !,. Newell and Mlnnlc McNclty;
.Tullen Gunn. of Henrlco county. and T.
louise r-larke; Grover C. Walton and
Blanclie r. Booth: Garland E. Huband and
Nelllo M. Perce; Wllhur Walter Creel and
Mahe! M, W. Bashnre, both of Washington,
D. C.
Committees of Woman's Chris
tian Association Begin
Active Work.
Plans for a canvass to ralse $10,000
for the "Woman's Chrlstlan Assoclatlon
were made at two meetings held at
the association bulldlng yesterday af?
ternoon. At 1 o'clock the men's com?
mlttee held a brlef conference, after
which lunch was served by Mlss Pur?
tlll, of the domestlc science depart
mont. At I o'clock the women work?
ers met and received flnal Instructlons
in regard lo tho conduct of the slx
days' canvass, to end the nlght beforo
Lotters have been addressed to sev?
eral thousand of the most prominent
men and women ln Rlchmond, oxplnln
ing that the campalgn is not for a
bulldlng, but to secure $10,000 to sup?
plement the Ineome-prbducing rtepart
ments of the association and to enter
upon new work.
Committees ln charge are as follows.
Men's Commltteo-?T, P. Bryan. A,
XV. Bennett, Joseph Bliley, T. A. Ca'rey,
D. O. Davls, Cl. [,, I'nlrbank. A. M.
Gover, ,1. P. Jouos, Howard Jonkins,
T. A, Miller, Carlton McCarthy, C. B.
Rlchardson, Curtis Scott, N. D Sllls,
S, S. Thomas, Charles <',. Taylor,' S. W.
Travers, Lungboiune Wllllams.
Women's Commlttee?Mrs, "William
Hodgos Mann. Mrs, Carlton Jackson,
Mrs. ChWes Ferrell, Mrs VV. H Whlte
Mrs. C. O. Ferrell, Mrs. Mel.ville Branch
Mrs. Frank Duko, Mrs. Rosh'ler Miller,
Mrs. 0. 11. Elllngtoii, mi?8 SacUe Mo_
Rae, Mrs. R. l-. Ruiinic. Miss Forsyth,
Mrs. L. O. .Miller, Mrs, W, M Strother,
Miss Carollne Holloday, Mlss Constance
MacCorkle, Mrs. S. H. Unwes Mrs. W.
A. Crenshaw, Mrs. Olaude Denne Mrs.
J. C. Metcalf, Mrs. \V. ft Newell Mrs,
.1. Q. Pollard, Mrs. c. n. Urner, Mrs. C.
E. Wlngo, Mrs. T. a. Smyth, Mrs. 'I.
B. Roy.IIlss Hope Morgan, Mrs. (Jlhsoil
Worsham, Mrs, Edwln Palmer, Mrs
p. W. C.ardner, MlsH Myrtle Hav.elgrove,
Mrs. M.-E. Strother, Mrs. c. R, kuvk,
Mrs. Frank Bppes, .Mrs. ,|. [,. Ejnnes,
Mrs. O. J. Sands, Mrs. h. o, Nolson,
Mrs. Millard Cox, Mrs. Charles Page
Mlss Katherine Ricks, Mrs, J, t,, shol
ton. ...
A Special Sale of
Boys9 and Children's
Overcoats and Reefers
The Gans-Rady Company Offers To-Day
LOT i?Broken lots of Children's Reefers fht% t*g*
and Topcoats, worth up to $6.50, at. ibu*oU
Lot 2?Children s Long Overcoats, .sizes 3 A/j pmm*
to 8 years, worth up to $12.50, at. A0? iO
Lot 3?Boys' School Overcoats, with com
bination collars, sizes 10 to 17 years, worth up Ar* *7^
to $8.50, -it. <po./o
Lot 4?Boys' and Youths' Overcoats and Ap 11?
Raincoats, worth up to $13.50, at.\. <pU* /O
Gans-Rady Company
Program Is Approved?Details
of Reception Now Being
In a tolegratn sent last nlght by
Iludnlph Korster, asslstant secretary
to President Taft, and in temporary
eharge of tlie executlve rilllees In
Washington, it ls learned that fhe pro?
gram for the Presldent's vlslt to Rlch?
mond as prepared by the citizens' re?
ceptlon committee has heen approved,
and ls satisfactory to Mr. Taft. Thla
message tVas received by .Major J. C,
Ilemphlll, acting chajrmnn ln thc ab?
sence from the clty of Lleutenant
Governor Kllyson.
Thls means thal not only l? thc ad
dre.?s at the Clty Auditorium 'n the af?
ternoon approved. but that the Pre.fi
dent win also lake the drive to the
battloflelds ln the vlclnlty of Rlch?
mond whlch was planned for hlm, and
that he wlll lunch at the Jefferson.
( MliiplllllK I.IM.
Detalls of the plans for the enter
tanirnen* of tne President on hls vlslt
her* N
ent at t
at 1 P. :
he puhlif.
ef * ,..-.
and tne
so at one
rnents ar
mu-t be
, 21 are fast belng per
I'he list of Ku<*sts to bc pres
he luncheon at the Jefferson
u - being rompilod and wln
hed In a few days. A numher
Invlted have not yet replied,
committee urges that they do
?*. as before the final arrnnsre
e completed the exact numher
" :>own. The 11st wlll close
wlthln the ne.\t few days. It 1
pectert thai tiiere wll! be present irom
200 to ?.'."," guests.
Aecompanvlni; the invitatlons to the
liinc.ienn v.-'.li he ,ariis of admlsslon to
the Audltorluni.
Clllrrns* llrerptlnn Committee.
Receptlon Committee?J. Taylor El?
lyson, chairman; Oovernor Willlam
Hodges Mann, Colonei Archer Ander?
son. Henry W. Anderson. George Bryan.
James N. Boyd, F. W. Hoatwright, Jonn
.Stewart Brvan. C. B. Cooke. ||. I.an
don Cabell, .1. A- C. Chandler, W. A.
Clarke, Jr., B. A. Catlln. Sam Cohen.
James D. Crump, W. T. Dabney. .Major '
James II. Dooley, I. D. Egglcston. Jr..
John S. Ellett. r. C. Ebel. John G. Far
land. Barton If. Grundy, John .S. Har?
wood, Major .1. C. Ilemphlll. Judge
John II. Ingram. Egberi G. Lelgh, Jr?
I* I* Lewis. Hon. A. .1. Montague, XV. It.
Meredlth, Colonei W. Gordon McCabe.
L. 7.. Morris. Mllton Marcuse. John il.
Miller, Jr. Frank Norvell. Dr. James
Nelson. Legh R. Pace. Colonei John B.
Puro-ll. It. I.. Peters. Miijor Allen Potts.
Judge R. lt. Prentis. n. C. Stearnes,
Jmlce It. Carter S<*ott. Ollver J. Sands,
Fred W. Scott. Colonei Joseph E. Wil?
lard. Ilenrv W, Wood. S. B. Wood tln.
XV. H. White, Admlral Harrie Web
,*ner, K.*ibert Whlttel. John Skelton
Speclal Committee on Program?
Major j. c. Ilemphlll. chairman; A. J.
Montague. W. lt. Meredlth; S. B. Wood
Mn. h. C. Stearne*.
Speclal Committee on Flnance?
Henry XV, Wood. chairman; W. T.
Dabney. John S. Harwood, Samuel
Cohen, Barton 11. Grundy.
Uelu ;ir-.:i| ot Srrnnd Baptlst Church,
There wlll he a rchearsil under the direc?
tlon ot Walter. (.'. Mercer In the Second
Baptlst Church Friday nlsrht at S o'clock
to jiraetice for the sliiKlni? at the annual
mass.meftlnff* of the Federatlon of Men's
Jllhle Classes t0 be held In the Auditorium
Sunday afternoon.
Already more than ICO men hnvo enroiied
for the federatlon cholr, and lt Ib expected
that there wlll be a cholr of at loast 200
volces. Every church ln the clty has hren
asked to send men to the rehearsal Frlday
nlsht, as the commltur wants to make tho
fliiBlnc a notnhle fcatur.>.
Qnnllflcafloiio ln Chancery.
In thc Chancery CoAirt yesterday mornlns
Joha A. Howrrs qualllled as executor of tho
estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Bowem. Thn eilati*
Is valued nt J10.2CS.
Mlss Sallle (}. Huffmnn quallfied as ?d
mlnlstratrlx of Mattle Ollnn. The estate l<
$3.50 &U.00 SHOES
The bono fIts of free hldes, whloh apply
Btrlnelnally to sole leather, antl tho re?
duced tariff on sole leather; now ena?
Mos me toglve the wearer more value
foi* his moneye better and longer wear
' < $3.50 and $4?Q0 shoes than I could
ttrevious to. the tariff rovision.
Ing _
r\0 You Realize
?*-*^ that my shoes
have been the stan?
dard for over thirty
years, that I make
and sell more $3.50
and $4.00shoes than
any other manufadturer in the U. S., and that Dollar for Dollar, I
Guarantee My Shoes to hold their shape, look and fit better, and wear
longer than any other $3.50 or $4,00 shoes you can buy?
Qyality counts. It has made my shoes The Leaders of the World.
For Fall and Winter Wear, my immense stock includes the latesl and
besl styles in every size and width, especially in Young Men's Lasts, and my
ftores also carry at all times the moft complete assortment of the rnore subslantial
ftyles, such as have made W, L. Douglas shoes a household word everywhere.
You will be pleased when you buy my shoes because of the fit and appear?
anee, and when it comes time for you to purchase another pair, you will be
** President
W. L. Douglas
Shoo Oo.
more than pleased because the lasl ones wore l^^/^vuv^w
so well, and gave you so much corrlfort. f'?SgP "^y
lgave you
ifra.oo axp ^aa.eto
lf vour dealer cannot supply you with the genuine W. L. Douglas shoe?,
wrlte for Mall Order Oatalog. W. L. DOUGLAS, Ilioolitou, Mass.
Program Embraces Practical
Topics?Other Departmenta
Get Ready.
What l.? pronounced the most practi?
cal and eornprehenslve serles of dls
cusslons on hlgh school matters ever
attempted ln thi.<! State will be a
feature of tho sesslons next week of
'be Associatlon of Colleges and Sec
ondary Schools, whlch ls a sectlon of
the state Teachers 'Associatlon, whlcli
latter Is ln turn one of the compo
nont parts of the Vlrglnla Educatlonal
Apparently those who prepared the
program on hlgh school work trled
to get rlght down to the meat of the
Ml natlon. and to trot close to tho prob?
lems whlch hinder and to those whlch
build up this most important branch of
educatlonal effort.
A 11st of the topics to he consldered
Indlcate the truth of thls estlmate
The subjects Include- "What Should
the Hlgh School Commerclal Course
Include-*- "A Suggested Course for the
Agricultural nigh School":"WhatPro?
portion Of Time Should Bo Glven to
Grammar, to Corripojsltion nnd to Llt?
erature in Each Year of the Hlgh
School Course'.'.rhe Average Hlgh
School Graduntc ln Engllsh. as tho
College Teacher Sees Hfm": "A Manual
Arts Course for Boys"; "A Manuai
Arts Course for Gfrls"; "Should Not
Anv F-ur-Vear Hlch School Cour?e.
With Proper Teachlng, Force and
Equlpment, Be Accepted for Entrane*
*.'? College?" "How (*an We Do thc
Amount of Work In l.itln Requlred b
the Stato High School Course of
Study?" "What Are the Deflciencles
of the Average Hlgh School Graduatc
in LAtln?" "The Value of Graphleal
Methods ln Algebra"; "The Character
or Hlgh School Arlthmetle."
The program of the Department of
Normal Trainlng was completed yes?
terday and turned over to the prlnter.
DIvIsIOn Superlntendent Wlllis A. Jen?
klns. of Newport News: Mrs. H. S.
Moftatt, of Mnnassns: Professor Gil
bert. of Cllfton Forge. nnd Mlss Ruth
Dyer. of Gate Clty. are r.mong the
speakers ln ;<n unusually attractlve
Yesterday also witnessed the rom
pletlon of the program of the Vlr?
glnla Mantinl Trainlng Associatlon. bv
President Frank W Duke, 0f Rlch
Judgment Entered ln Clty Clrcult Cotirt
for *10<J.
.Tudgment ln favor of the plaintlff was
entered In the Clty Clrcult Court yesterday
ln the case of the rrcland-Orafton Companv
against TV. It. Phlllips for SICK, with interes'
from July. 19M. The sult. whlch has been
on the docket for a long time. wns brought
for ,*:oo,
Argument was heard yesterday afternoon
In tho case of Chaffln and the Rlverside
Improvement Company against the clty of
Rlchmond. The case probably wlll be de?
cided hy Judge Seott thls mnuilng.
Vellert Propbets to Hold Ceremonlal
Seaslon In December.
Sammls Grotto, Veiled Prophets, an
order recently lnstalled ln Rlchmond.
and made up of those who have reach- .
ed a certaln degree In Masonry, met
at the Rlchmond Tlotel last nlght and
arranged for n formal openlng and
InBtallatlon of thu lodge on Wednes?
day, December 7. whon nbout 100 mem?
bers from Washlngton Clty wlll make
a speclal vlslt to Rlchmond nnd as
slst ln tho oxercises. Thero wero about
fifty members nresont last nlght. Can
t:*tn Frank XV. Cunnlngham ls ln
charge of arrangoments for the cele

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