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Prep Schools Battle To-Day?Bowling?Football?Racing?Baseball Gossip
Norfolk and Riclnnond High
Schools Battle For Tidewater
Championship To-Day.
John Marsnall lli.crti School, ?vinnrr ;
of tho iocal prep Bchool championship, j
wlIJ nieel the N'orfolfc High School al
Broad Streel Parh thla afternoon, the
?.:..?? nesinnin*; al I o'Clock The
, attli wlll be for thi prep school I
champlnnshtp ol TMewalor. Altong
wltli the JibrfolK achobl will come
a amali army <>f rooters, ;is many of
tho puplla have signlned thcit* inte'n- I
Vnncey Iteturns to X nlver*?Hj*.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
tfai*ri8dnburg. Va., November 16.?
7Cemp.'i* l'an. > ... completed hls la-i
bors as coach for the Hhmpden-Sidney
College footlmii team. ftnd 1 Cl t hjs
mornlng for th<* Untversftj of vir
fini.i. to resume his studies. Ile hns
heen visitinK his mother here on South
Main Street. Coach l'ancej has piayed
)ul the four-year llmlt .ii the unlver
jslty and i~ no longer ellgible for the
Virginia eleven.
rn x.-sslon f'nllpil.
Da . No< mber IL ?
inders Issui I b eall to
nlght for 'in extra sesslon of the Louis?
iana Leglslature to rouvene Novemberl
??% for the purpose. am ng ot'ner mat?
ters, ot selecting :i succeasor to the
late Unlted Statea Senator McEnery.
Constitutlonal Blood Poison is the
most insidious of all diseases. It
begins in an insigniScant manner,
?usuall}- the appearance of a tiny sore
being the only outward evidence pf its
presence. But down iu the blood the
treacherous infection is at work, aud I
in a short time its chain of symptoms :
begin to crop out. The month and |
throat ulcerate, skin eruptions break j
DUt, sores and ulcers appear on the?
"body, the glands iu the groin swell, |
?ind sometimes the hair comes out. J
Mineral medicines cannot cure Con-1
?stitutional Blood Poison; they only!
?mut the disease up in the system to !
smoulder and await an opportunity ofj
breaking out^afrcsh. The only pos
Bible way-.to ,-eu-re**the disease is to |
REMOVE the germs from the blood.
S. S. S. goes into the blood, and while
removing the infection makes the
blood pure, fresh aud healthy. This |
causes a general
upbuilding of the
entire system,
aud when S. S. S.
has made a cure
there is no return
of the hideous
syuip toms .
S. S. S. is made
entirely of vege?
table matter, containing not the least
particle of mineral in any form. It is
a perfectly safe medicine and a certain
cure for blood poison. We have a
Home treatment book vrhich we will
be glad to send free to all who write
md request it, also auy medical
advice without charge.
Can Cancer Be Cured?
We want every man and woman in tln
United Starea to know what we are doing
We ore curing Cancera, Tumora an<
Chronlc Sorea without the use of the knif
or by X-ray, and are indorsed by th
Benate nnd Legislature of Virginia, PHV
Wa Guarantee Our Cures.
tCellam Hospital
1617 West Maln Strest,
1ICHMOND - - - - VUiGINli
New Method Gas Range
Pettit & Co.'s?
Miller Manufacturing Co., Inc.
South Kirhmond, Va.,
Sash, Doors and Blinds
Contractors arid builders should
ha'., our prices and estimates when
figuririf* on any kind of building con
The Better Judge
The readier you will buy Suits arid
Oveicoats we sell at $12.50, $15,
$18 and $20.
808 East Main
But He Wants to Know How Much Support He
May Count On?Is Anxious to lnvest if
There Is Enough Local Interest.
Even if the spirits which dwcll ln
the. reglon from which the Aurora Bo
realls is sald to spring nnd the Frost
K'ng pass us by, Richmond wlll be
given an opportunlty to indulge in ice
skatiiiK. lf the plans now proposed are
tarrled Into effect. There is a man in
town who has money and ambition nnil
who ls lirmly 'mpressed with the
Idea tliat lce skating would be popular
in the capltal of tho Old Domlnion. lt
is the deslre of this party to secure a
sultable bulldlng and ln thls bulldiiiK
to msiall a plant for making artiilclal
lt wlll not be an lce factory, nor
wlll the machinery be as elaborate an
i.s needed to mako lue for domestlc
consumptlon. .lust a veneer of the
Cruzen water ls needed to make ice
Bkatlng possible. Old Inhabltants say
thal there was a time when lndoor ice
skating was popular locally. On tlio
sile now occuplftd by a Broad Street
department store there was probably
the largi st skating rink in thc country
at the time. Ot course. lce skating
wus not always offered the patrons.
Mnny Wmit to SkHto.
For a large pai I of the year. plain,
every-day roller skating was the only
attraction. But when tho elements
wero perverse, and the lakes and other
bodles of water in the vlclnlty of Rlch?
mond failed to freeze, leo skating was
offered Indoors.
Naturally the Investor is much ln
terested as to the number of days dur?
ing the wlnter months when the water
freezes. lt wlll mean a conslderable
outlay to make the Institutlon popular
and to have it constructed ln the most
When Richmond College Meets William and Mary
at Ball Park, Dopesters Will Be Able to Fig?
ure Eastern Collegi ate Championship.
A gamo of football of moro than
passing interest wlll be piayed at !
Broad Street Park on Saturday, when
Kichmond College meets thc team from
Williaui and Mary, the same beginning
at 3 o'clock. While nelther of these
teams can win the eastern intercol
leitiate championship, yet both will be
anxlous for victory. The questlon of
college supremacy In athletlcs will bc
lncentive enough to make both teams
put forth thelr best efforts.
On Saturdav, November 26. Richmond
College wlll me.-t Randolph-Macon in
the game whlcli will declde tlie cham?
pionship. Randolph-Macon has defeat?
ed every team In the association ex?
cept Rlchmond College, and the Ash?
land lads won over the locals in an
ante-season game. The championship
Splendid Exhibits Made?Gover?
nor Mann Delivers
iu io Tln
a!. Va.',
November 16-Tli,
a lai
I exhibit of thc Kront Royal I
took placo last nlght nnd to-da;
;e crowd In attendance.
exhibitlon was under full sway. am
00 dlffdrent hreeds of birds from Vlr
Maryland, West Vlrglnla. I'ennsylva
'eiineascs and Alabama were
lhe .
for the llrst prize
rh.u Whitman, of Allentown, Pa.. wai
udgo, and at the conclusion of hli
he dellvered an address to the poul'trj
rs on the care of chickens. Hls honor
nor Mann, of Vlrelnla, was a gues
? ol the association, and he dellverec
is, speakliiK of the aggrrvslv.-nes:
iunger generatiou of Vlrglnians
and thelr worth to the Common
ln.lors Wright nnd Percy anc
-C'icneriil C. C. Vaughan, Jr., o
National Guards, were Interestei
. at tho show.
Cahbridgn, Mass.. Novemher 16.?A teat
composed qf last year's college football plaj
t-re, now attendlng lh, Harvard law sclioo
dernonstrated on Soldiers' VI, M io-day tht
thej < ?-? nirt "come back" wlth a week c
1.' practlce, foi l,'. ;i score ol 3 to
thej defeated the Carlisle Indians.
n was ;. one-man contest, howovsr, f<
v B Phtlbln, lhe fleol v.v, halfback, ra
the teaon 'rom fulUj&ck position, where fc
look direct passes elther t"; a dash aroun
ihe end or his own account or to hur!
forward pass, ln th- i.r.si perlod, when I
had driven Carlisle ha, v to thc ftfteen-yai
llne, ',, dro].l a pretty neld goal [or tl
onlj ?? ?"? oi i ii.- game. Hamllton Kish, tl
formoi ii:.:'.i,i,i captain, led the law ?eho
leam. and was n? strong on the defense i
I'hllbln in lhe offense,
The' Indians piayed entirely on the rl
lenslw, except' for a brief spurl. ln t:
J fourth tioiiod.
up-to-date fashion. lndoor lce skat?
ing is excoodingly popular In most of
the largo cities of the United Statos.
Not a metropolltan city but has Its
lndoor skating rlnk. Even though
natural skating i.s offered, there are
many advantages lying wlth the skat?
ing rlnk, wlth a roof over lt, and a
ntce, eozy flre, at whlch frozen toes
can bo toasted.
The man who Is bohind the move?
ment Is very anxlous that his name be
not dlsclosed. Hls plans have been hy
no means perfected, and whlle ho ha.s
every reason to belleve that he wlll
meet wltl) success. still, in tlie event of
fallure, he feols that lt would be best
for his name not to appear.
Bnjoyablc Sport.
Sknting. as a sport, wlll recommend
Itself to all those who have ever en?
joyed sktmming over the Ice. lt ls ln
vlgoratlng and lends a dexterlty to
llmb whlch few other sports can glve.
In addltion it will develop muscles.
But, most of all, lt is pleasurable ln
the extreme. lt Is not golng too far
to say that there are hundreds ot peo?
ple in Rlchmond and vlclnlty who wlll
Welcome wlth open arms an indoor lce
skating rlnk. lt would prove popular
from Its Inceptlon. However. as the
man who Is Interested does not hap?
pen to be a philanthroplst, he will In?
vestigate a little before investing.
Hockey, a sport engaging the atten?
tion ' of thousands during tho winter
months. will form one of the chlef at?
tractlons should the rink be built. As
a matter of fact. the posslbllities for
amusement and ontertainment on ice
when one is profictent in the art of
skating are innumerable.
has not been declded ln five years, and
the local wari'iors are ftrmly of opin?
ion that the team wlll be in such
shape as to make a declslon Impossi?
ble this year. ln order lo wln tne
| championshlp the team quallfylflg must
defeat every other team in the organi
I zatlou
Coach Long ls endeavorlng to get
1 hls men ln such shape that they will
be able to make up for the prevlous
poor showing. The garne with North
Carolina A. and M.. lt ls polnted out,
can hardly be taken into account. for
tho reason that the college had slx
of her regulars out of the game
throush injury. While no clalms aro
made that Rlchmond had a chance to
wln, t-ven under the most favorable
conditions. it is held that thc team
would certainly have made a much
better showing wlth the regulars ln
the line-up.
Game Wlll Claiwlfy Tenmn.
When the whlstle ls blown for the
coniiuetirement of hostllltios on Sat?
urday, those In attendance wlll seo a
great game. William and Mary is anx?
lous to win. So is Rlchmond College.
On the result of tho gamo will largely
I depend thc opinion of thc local fol?
lowers of tho gamo as to Riclimonus
ablllty to stop the chamDionshlp as
plrations ol Randolph-Macon. There
is little need to dwell on'the intense
rivalry exlstlng between tho Ashland
bunch' and tho men who represent
Rlchmond College on tho gridiron.
Time and again the two teams have
met. and while more sclentlflc exhlbl
tlons of tho gamo may have been re?
ported, certain lt is that nowhero ln
this country can more hotly contesteri
events be recorded.
Followers of the Red and Blue are
i confldent that victory wlll be perched
: on the banner of thc local colleglans
From Ashland the same report ls heard
Wlth the Yellow Jackets the favorltes
lt Is becauso of the battle whlch 1:
to follow that so much interest at
taches to the game here Saturday. li
| WUHam nnd Mary should defeat Rlch
,! mond. then It will look as if Randolpn
.Macon has bv far the better chance
, But if the victory ls the other waj
! about, and is at all decisivo. the par!
? I wlll be tested to its capaclty on th.
[Saturday followlng. and tho class an.
,, volumo "of rootlng on hand wlll Dt
I comparable to the great nolse Whlcl
: | wlll precode lt on Thanksgiving Day
i when Virginla and Carollna claah.
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A high powered car, rich and hanr;
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Thp* "car, at this price, is so remarkahl
an achievement that thc thinking rna
Will want it explained. Write
Rco Motor Sulea Co..
South Llu.too. Va.
ISSWMIIII lllbb) -???
Crimson Squad Will Engage in
Practice To-Day on Yale
New Haven, Conn., November 16.
The arrival of the Harvard football
eleven at Farmlngton to-nlght nnd tht.
announcement by Captain Daly, of tlie.
?Vale team, that V'aughn. last season s
lett ond, would be able to get into tno
game Saturday, wei'p tho features of
the football situation here to-day.
There are thlrty-seven players in
the Harvard squad. The team wlll
come lnto New Haven to-morrow, and
have a secret practlce of two hours
on Yale field.
The announcement thnl Vatiglin
would be able to take part ln Satur?
day's game was a welcome surprlse
to the Yale supportors. Ile was taken
ill after the Harvard game last year,
and lt was belleved that he would
never be able to play agaln. His ex
pertness wibh the forward pass wlll
materlally strengtlipn the team. In
the afternoon'-- sorlmmPAfe the varsity
scored slx tlmes against the serubs and
Distribution of football tickets to
the unde.rgraduatea was made to-day.
There wero plenty of dlsappolntments',
owlng to the paring down ot appllca
tlons. Numerous offers for tickets at
attractlve flgures. from 325 a palr up
wards, are comlng rrom outside to
Yale men.
ni-ar OITcr* for Tlcket!*. j
Boston, Mass.. Xovember lf..?The de?
mand ror tickets for tlie Harvard and I
Yale football gamo ar New Haven on
Saturday so far outruns the supply
that what few specul&tor* hnve succeed- I
ed In pratherlng- in a few are hoiriing |
thom at prices rnnirins; from $20 to;
$50 a palr. Slx seats were advertlsed I
to-dav for $300. and local brokers are i
in cohstant recelpt of orders from all.
pa.rts of the country offering almost]
any prlce for tickets.
Shaf ts From Spoitland
Turn out thls afternoon and sre that same
between thc John Marshall Hlgh School and
the Norfolk Hlgh School. It doBen't com
mence untll 4 o'clock. an.l most nny kind of
a boss wlll let you off at that time of day
without inventlng any .Ilslant relat!ve3 who
have dropped oir convenlently. lt la the
bounden duty of all lovers of the sport to
show thelr appreoiutU.n of the very hlgh
class of football put up by the local Hlgh
School by golng ou' Hnd deposlting tho prlce
of admission. But gushali-hcmlock, lfs go?
lng to bo a game without quarter. Prep
School Championahip of Tidewater Virginla
goes to the wlnner. ,ir.d that'a somo title.
Now that we are In the shank of the foot?
ball soaaon local Interest ls centred ln two
bames?the one on Thanksgiving Day and
the one to follow 0n the Saturday after
Thankaglving. North Carollna and Virginla
get together on the hollday. and Rlchmond
College plays Randolph-Macon two days
afterwards. Aa to the first game. the S. lt.
O. sign Wlll be out early. Recent dovelop?
ments have made many of us come to the
concluslon that Carollna and Virginla are
more .evenly matched than waa belleved
earlier' in thc season. In fact. it might be
atated that the Carollna-Vlrglnla game la
the local rrinceton-Yale affalr. lf it were
up to me to do the pointing out I ahould say
that Carolina la the Vale ot the coming
game. It might be wrll to dwell further on
the subject, but you know what Yale did.
Prlnceton was the favorlte. and rlghtly
so, If one Is to roly on previous records.
Then Yale wlaedup a blt. tlghtened up ita
collcctlv* weakkencd attltude. doctored up
Kllpatrlck. threw out a scarce about
Vaughan being run In at the other end.
and?but aa Kipling aaya. that's another
story. In tho proBent Instance it looks Ilke
Virginia can't lose. But Carollna trains fnr
but one game. and that game happens on
Thanksgiving Day. ITnder these condltlons
a wonderful team ran be built up. In the
first place. even though every other game
on thc schedule may be played to wln, the
taetics pursued are thn tactlcs whlch wouid
stop the team it is deslred to boat ln the
cruclal same of the season. The aame tac?
tlcs. whlch mlght be all rlght to accom
pllsh the maln purpose ln mlnd, mlght prove
dlsastrous agalnst other team*.
If Brldea Ib wise. and thero are few who
doubt hls football wlsdom, thla 1b Juat what
e ha? he<-n doing all season. If his team
..?Ins on Thankaglving Day the other de?
feat b wlll be forgotten and he will be ac
rlalmed by the North Carollnlans, at least,
as the greatest football coach of thc age.
He has hnd ample opportunlty to aludy
Virglnla'B style of play. Thero never was
a style nf play Invented In a football gnme
which could not be stopped. as witness the
old tackle-back formation ! of Pennsy,
whlch for some time was so formldable.
Now If Brldes haa been doing what 1 be?
lleve he has. then watch Virginla get stop?
ped on those sweeplng end runs.
Advice Is a mlghty cheap article, but
even the wlsesl of us could proflta by tnk.
lne advantage of some of the erumbl
?pread around. I have .iust received a let tei
from Pr. T-esMe Byron Wlgps. an a-lumnus o
Norlh Carollna. He is of tho opinlon thal
Carollna has the material. but .lacks flght
ing splrit." Thls comes protty nearly blt
, tlng the nall on the head. If you hav.
Iseon Carollna tn action you wlll ha\n no
tlced that at the beginnlng of thc game tm
Tar Ilecls carrled the ball down the fleld lr
sreal Jumps. Then the galnlng stopped
The explanatlon Is easy.
Carolina has a great Indlvldual ball team
Rom? of the men can carry' the ball ona
or twice and make galns against any team
Bnt If the defenalvc team wakes up-an<
the defenslvo team usually does wake up u
an evenly or nearly evenly matched game
the only questlon ls to stop an Indlvldual
No one man can play agalnst eleven, l
matters not how good ho Is. In a nutsheii
that Is what Carollna has been doing all in
season. If Brldes gets hls men to reallz
that tho queBtlon of who ls golng to sta
i In the gamo Is subservlent to winnlng. n
wlll have thc greuteat team ln the Houir.
He started out wlth the best prospects. i
ln time to stop teachlng football at t.hape
Hill and to start telllns the mon that .
game won l? of vaatly more Irnportanc
than thal any Indlvldual should shlne. Am
thls la the llnal word tn thc advice Hne.
nichmond College, student body, footba
team, and even tho buildings. declore tha
nandolph-.Macon shall not wln tho Easter
Intr-rcolieRlate football championshlp. A
j nichmond Collego, ot al? ls the only ?tum"
I am asked to declde u bet. A bets B the
he Portsmouth team In thc Virginla btat
.eaguo would wln tho pennant In the u
ace. Portsmouth did not wln the pennan
md l.efoi.. teh season was over tho Poru
no.itn franchlse was aurronderod and ?
'nm trnnaferr-d to Petersburg. Whon tr
eum was transferred the percentage an
-).<? members of thn old Portsmouth ten
r'miilned the samo. Undor these condltl'H
t flectde that A loaes hle bet. Ho couidn
wln unh-ss fortsmoiith won tho ponnan
and :,c would have won had Petersburg wo
li* pennant. Ilo would not have lost ha
he league started fresh rrom the tlmo thi
'?-Uriburg soourert the Iranohlso. Hut tho:
m ba ii,, questlon but thut ho lost tl
'tt under the condltlons as they exlsted.
Boston .liinmy Walsh put Satnmy KsllO
"nn London, If you pleast, out of '?? rul
Effort Will Be Made to Have
Distinguished Guest at R?gi
ment-Artillery Contest.
The football toam from the Artlllery
School at Fortresa Monroe wlll meet the
Flrst Vlrglnla Roglment team next Wednes.
day, the dny on whlch President Taft Wlll i
be ln towh. An effort wlll be mado by
Mnjor Lawrence Prlce to havn the Presi?
dent at the game. It cannot be deflnttely
stated al thls time that he wlll be there,
nor ls It hoped that he will sit the game
ihrough. but lt |? carnestly hoped that lie
may see flt lo drive through the grounds
during the progress of the game.
The Interest whlch the President monl
fests ln Hjo school at the Vlrglnla fort lr
well known. and lt is belleved that he wlll
not pass by an opportunlty to see the foot?
ball team of hls pet instltutlon ln action
Major J. C. Hemphlll. of The Tlmes-Dls?
patch. who, ln the absence of Lloutenant
Governor J. Taylor Bilyson, wlll be in
charge of the nrraugemcnls for tho enter?
tainment of the President, ls unable tn say
at Ihls time what dlsposltlon wlll bo made
of the time the PreBldent wlll spend In
Rlchmond. Of course. hls tlmc wlll be lim?
lted. and ns there wlll bo any number of
demands made upon the dlstlngulshed guost
n0 promises can be. made. The President wlll
largely dlctate how hls tlmc Is to be spent.
A vlslt of the President of the Unlied
States to the ball fleld wlll undoubtedly at?
tract a large crowd. but even though It be
found Imposslble to have hlm come up those
attendlng wlll see a great game of football.
Tbe flrst Regiment has a strong aggrega
tlon of football warrlors, and the same Is
true of the school on the coast. Both teams
wlll try to wln. antl that goes wlthout aay
But if President Te.ft ahould flnd ll possible
to come out It wlll Indeed bo a gala event.
nlng Tuesday nlght ln' New Tork. Keller
put up a mlghty good artlcle of boxlng,
but there was little surprise at the result.
Walsh was the favorlte, and he panned out
all pay dlrt.
Ifero's an announcement whlch should
draw out the old guard. The Medlcal Col
Times-Dispatch Gives Trophy to Be Fought for
by Teams in Richmond Bowling Association.
Close Games From Now On.
Bowl With Blackstone
Thc Tlmefl-Dlapateb bortllnK team
liaH nrff|ilnl a ??IiiillenKr from thr
Hlnrk.stiitir tenm for' a ootttetrt on
'J'liankngivtng |)n,r In Hichmond.
Cnptnln Whitman liu.t nent hta re?
ply to Cnptnln W. L. tllrsch, of
Announcement was made last nlght
before the Jewelers and the Plumbers
KOt together In the second serles of
games arranged In the championship
serles of the Richmond Bowllng Asso?
ciatlon, at the Newport Alleys, that
The Tlmes-Dlspatch had agreed to glve
a sllver lovlng cup to thc team wln?
nlng the championship. The announce?
ment was received wlth cheers by the
root ers on hand. It was Indeed a large
crowd which came out to see the co
test, and lt was a crowd that was not
at all backward ln dlsplaylng lts pref
The lovlng cup whlch thls paper nss
decided to glve ln order to create in?
terest ln the sport will be dlsplayed
shortly, and information will be forth
comlrig as to where it may be seen.
Games Hard Fought.
Whlle the Jewelers won all three of
the games piayed last nlght from the
Plurnbers. It must not'be gathered that
the teams are not evenly matched.
Just a glance at the scores of the three
games wlll prove to the contrary.
Both teams suffered from stage trlght,
and It Just happened that the Jewelers
recovered flrst. Aa a matter of fact,
most any tenm would be frlghtenerl at.
the noise and hubbub whlch prevalled
at the openlng of the contest. Repre?
sentatlves of each of the other teams
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lts L<ong Record Proves Its Ment.
The Car That Has No Valves
nii'isRiAi. MOTon car co,, inc,
?;J .00 llroad Street.
lege of Virginla and the Unlverslty College
of Medicine wlll get together on next Tues?
day for nnolher test of strength at football.
It wlll bo remembored that theso two leami
played lo a standstill a few days ago, th*
scoro resultlng 6 lo 6. Both toams have
been practicing regularly latoly, and the
comlng meet wlll bc the flnals ot flnal*.
Tho new school was generally regarded a?
the stronger of tho two, hut?but what's tho
use, the score tells lt all.
Presldent Wllllams, of th" Virginla
League, was yesterday named as a member
ot the national board of arbltration at the
meeting of the National Baseball Assocla?
tlon ln Chlcago. Hc wlll reprcsenl the
class 0 teams. !
LateBt reports are that Ad Wolgaat and
Battllng NolBon wlll meet on Christmas
Day to declde whlch is the better man at
13.1 pounds. If Wolgasl has got hls arm
mendeil and If Nelson has beon taking usual
care of hlmself tho bout wlll provo lnter?
estlng. But at tbls wrltlng It's dollnrs to
doughnuts that the flght doesn't take place
at all.
Just have a little patience and announce.
ment wlll be made of thc entrants In the
pool tournament. Five men have already
slgnltled Iheir Intentlon of llghtlng It out,
and the only hllch Is In gettlng the slxth
man. If you are really Interested and have
a frlend who la capable of handllng n cue,
suggest hls name. lt menns a whole lot to
you fellows who Ilke the game.
Harvard contlnues the favorlte as agsinst
Yale In the game scheduled for Saturday.
Of course, I am making no predictions, but
watch the headache-cure markot cornored
on the n.ornlng after thc nlght bofore. If
there Is an ounce of play In thc Yale team
lt wlll be spongc-llko on the day of the
game, and wlll sop up everythlng red on ths
Kick reglstered from the England Aero
Club regardlng the claim of Molaant for
the JlO.OGo prlze offered for a successrul
fllght around the Statue of Llberty and
return to the startlng place at Belmont
Park. Kick ls that Orahamo-Whlte should
have the prlre, not because he made the
trlp. but becauBe he wasn't given a second
trlal. Oh. plffle. And England ls "vawstly
superior, dontcherknow"?maybe.
And now our frlend D* Losisps Is golng
to wed an American glrl. Truly wo fly hlgh
these days.
"Wrlght," says the Kalser. and, of course.
Orvlllo Wrlght obeys. He Ls now on the
hlgh seas ridlng to the land of the man
who is "hoched" tliese many times n day
In order to teach the members of hls lm?
perlal highnesses' mllltary family the art
ot flylng. Inrldcntally no brand of flyers
not bearlng the Wrlght iraderr.ark wlll o*
What's golng to follow mlght be charged
as a pr.-s* agent notlce were lt not for the
fact that the show has left town, but it's
true thal two sports watchlng the charlot
race during the performance of "Bon Hur"
made a bet as to whlch tearti would wln.
Of course. we nf the Inltiated clan know
who won, and know Just exactly how the
winnlng came about. Now a little whlsper:
Leo \Vls? was the man who made tho bet,
and he lost. Laugh aslde. up stage very
far. Whlch means that there's a lot of
dlfferen'e between a rope and a horse.
were on hand. and they made it warm
for the contestants.
To-day will be an off day. The teams
wlll rest up ln order to be in trim for
the contest to-morrow nlght. It ie sur
prlslng the amount of lnterest shown.
It wlll be an absolute lmposslblllty to
accommodate all of the candidates
who are deslrous of partlclpatlng.
Lockers have been Installed for
the varlous teams, and the men aro
more than grateful to the managemont
for the care and time whlch has been
expended In looking after thelr com?
Lookn I.lke Rlrnl I.rncue.
Should a rlval league be formed, and
there Is a great posslblllty of thls hap
penlng. lt looks as lf the fight would
bo even warmer than lt Is now. Un
questlonably Bome good men are lay?
lng around loose waitlng for an op?
portunlty to become connected wltli a
representative team. As a matter ol
fact. lt Is a much mooted questlon
whether the best bowlers liave not
been left out ln the cold. Thls occurred
not because of a deslre to Ignore these
bowlers, but because they were slow
ln slgnlfylng thelr Intentlon of gettlng
ln the game this wlnter.
Truth to tell?and thls Is botraylnR
no secret?the organlzers of the asBO
clatlon were most anxlous to get out
the amatcurs. They could count ori
the regulars, but It was the youngsters
who were causlng the worry. There?
fore, you wlll flnd on the several teami:
men who have not been known jirom
Inently ln bowllng clrcles.
Good Bowlers Left Out.
However, these newcomers, as lt
were. have the rlght splrit, and they
are wllllng to meet thn moro expe?
rlenced handlers of the balls. In fact
the new ones are flnmly of the oplnlor
that they can vanqulsh the more ex?
perlenced players. They argue. and
wlth reason, that the old-ttmers fee'
that they have the best of it, and
that thelr confldence wlll be thelr un
Whether or not this ls true wlll re
Qiiire a rlval organlzation to tell. Ii
the other league ls formed watch oui
for squalls. Havlng galned precedenci
by prompt action, the llrst formed or
ganlzatlon wlll endeavor tb retaln thli
precedenoe on the alleys and Is readj
to meet all comers.
Cnnllenge Received.
A challenge was received yesterdaj
by Captain Whitman. of The Times
Dlspatch team, from W. L. Birsch, o:
Blackstone. It ls the deslre of tht
Blackstone team to come to Rlchmont
and try concluslons with the news
paper aggregatlon on Thanksgiving
Day. Captain Whitman has acceptet
the challenge,' and wlll have hls met
ready for the battle. It should provi
an Interestlng game, as advlces an
to the effect that the Blackstone crowi
ls up to snuff. l-iook for the result am
then plok the winner.
On Frlday nlght the Locomotiv,
Works team wlll meet the Engravern
after whlch the real flghting wlll be
gln. Following ls the score of th,
games last nlght, together wlth th
standing of the clubs:
Standing- of Teams.
Spiliing (Capt.)... 163
Sutherlln . 180
WUllams . 130
Bllley . 143
Martin . 162
Booker (Capt.)_ 128
Rov. 164
Cook . 116
Savage . 146
Delaney . 147
~70l 745 745 2.13
Time of game, one hour and fort:
minutes. Umplres, Deveraux and Blali
Scorckeepers, Bailey and Cdttrell.
Standing of the tUulm.
Won. Lost " '
Jewelers . 3
Meat Packers . 2
Tlmes-Dlspatch ... 1
Plumbors . 0
Amer. Loeo. Wks.. 0
Engravers. ?
No. 5.
Driven by Bill Bolger, wins
This was thc last car to lose
its perfect score in the 1910
Glldden Tour. For five ter
rific days the $1500 Chalmers
had no penalty, while $2500
to $3500 cars suffered. And
in the final examination in
Chicago, after a grind of 2851
miles, the Chalera "30" was
not found at fault in any of
its vital parts.
The Chalmers "30" came
through the severest test
to whlch stock cars were
ever submltted with an
unequaled record.
Gordon Motor Co.,
"Cars of Character"
Richmond, Va.
] Local Chapter Begin. PrepamHon for
j Diuigliiers of Cnnfederacy Convention.
Already plans have been set on foot for
I tho entertainment of the national convention
! of the United Daughters of the Confedcrary,
I whlch wlll be held ln Rlchmond next year.
At a meeting of the local chapter yesterday
I mornlng Mrs. Norman Randolph ofticlally
i notifled Ihe soclety of the acceptanco by
the national body of the Invltation to meei
I'nene In 1311, and suggested that work at
once be started ln preparatlon for the big
i gathering. Thn chapter at the meeting ye?
I (erday also declded to send books and mag
I ailnes to the ('atawba sanitarlum; also to
I send a letter of thanks to Clnclnnatl chap
I ter for klndness shown a Confederate vete?
ran, who rec?ntly dled ln that clty.
____ ifleetings.
OfTlcei ot the Secretary,
Rlchmond, Va.. Novomber 1, 1910
the annuAl meeting of the stoek?
holders of the Washington South
erne Rallwav Company wlll be
held at Its office, ln the clty of
Rlchmond, Va., on MONDAY. the 2lnt
day of November, 1310, at 12 o'cloclc
Tho stock transfer books wlll be
closed at 2 o'clock P. M, Frlday, No?
vember 11. 1910. and reopened at 10
o'clock A. >L Tuesday, Ntevember 21.
Rlchmond. Frederlcksburg and
Potomac Rallroad Company,
Offlce of the Secretary.
Rlchmond, Va.. November 1, 1310.
the annual meeting of the stoekhold?
ers of the Rlchmond, Frederlcksburg
and Potomao Rallroad Company will
be held at Its offlce. ln the clty of
Richmond. Va.. on MONDAY, the 21st
day of November, 1910, at 11 o'clock
A. M.
The stook transfer books wll) ba
closed at 3 o'clock P. M. Frlday, No?
vember 11, 1910. and reopened at T0
o'clock A. M. Tuesday, Nfcvcmber 22.
Rlchmond. Frederlcksburg and
Potomao and Rlchmond and
Petersburg Rallroad Connec?
tlon Company.
Offlce ot the Secretary,
Richmond. Va., November 5, 1910.
the annual meeting of the stoekhold?
ers of the Rlchmond, Frederlcksburg
and Potomac and Richmond and Pe?
tersburg Rallroad Connectlon Com?
pany will be held at Its offlce. ln the.
city of Rlchmond, Va., on MONDAY,
1910, at 10:30 o'clock A. M.
The stock transfer books wlll he
closed at 3 o'clock P. M. Saturday,
November 12, 1310, and reoperTed at
10 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, Novem?
ber 22, 1910.
De W. D. DUKE,
??A^ of Lewls Ginter Eodge, U. D.,
A/\ A F and A. M., will be held in
Assem'biy 'Hall. Ginter Park THIS
(Thursday! EVENING, November 1..
7:30 o'clock. . .??'?_.
Members of slster >?dges and tran?
slent brethren are cordlally invlted U>
a By order of the Worshlpful Master.
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw
Will Deliver a Lecture at
The Jefferson Auditorium
[ Under the auspices of the
Equal Suffrage League of
Thursday, November 17th,
at 8:15 o'Clock
BIJOU?All Week
Corrypanlon Play to "St. Elmo."
*At the Mercy of Tiberius"
Augusta Evans Wllson's Maslerplece,
N E X T W EEK?Through Death
Bi? Mlnstiel Jollfflcation.

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