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^.ms&'~ m?
Residence of W. H. Burns, on
Minng Property, Completely
Caused, lt ls thought, by a defectlve
flue, the residence of W. II. Burns,
commlssary manager of the Old Do
aniinlon Developmerti, Comnany, at ij.iy
ton Coal Mlnes, "VvaS"" totally destroyed
JJiy fire yesterday noon. The house
was partlally Insured, but there was
?Jio insurance on the personai property,
:__one ot whlch was savod. All tho fur?
niture was destroyed, together with
jquite a sum of money and a valuable
(Watch belonging to Mr. Burns. The
SIoss is estimatcd at several thousand
Had the flames broken out on any
cthcr day than Sunday lt ls probable
thai the house, or at least a portlon
of the contents, might have been saved,
as the Gayton settlement consists of
about 5do people'; who would have been
_t work nearby.
Vs it was, nearly all of them were
bi r at church or ln the clty for the
y, and the flre gained such heaclway
tore it was dlscovered that practi
ly nothlng could be done. Flrst
sre was a huge column of blaok
emoke. whlch was quickly followed by
a burst of flames through the roof and
out of the wlndows.
The few who remalned at the settle
?nirnt for the day ran to the Ure, but
lt ivas 100 late. The whole interior
?f the house was on firc, and in a few
minutes the roof went in wlth a crash.
There was no chance to save anythlng.
The house was a large frame structure,
_nd ono> started the flames galned
_reat headway.
Tlie Burns resldence was not far
from the company's commlssary, nnd
those who saw the smoke and tlanies
all they could do to save that
?building and others close hy.
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Richmond Transfer Co.,
I _pLA____*_jim?_^/
Lincsmen Arrested on Charge c
Stealing Quantity of
Copper Wire.
Suspected of belng the perpetratoi
of wholesale thefts by whlch the Soutl
ern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Con
pany has been robbed of a great quai
tity of copper wire, It. h. Tomlln and I
lt .letor, whlte, both employes of tl
company, were arrested yesterday t
Detectlve-Sergeants Wren and Wll
shlre and were looked up in tho Secon
Tomlln has been eonneeted wlth tl
company. lt is said, for eighteen year
When confrontod wlth somo direct ev
dence which the detectlves had pn
ured agalnst the prlsoners, Tomlln
alleged to have broken down and t
havo confessed. The detectlves rccoi
ered a great quantity of the wir
though there may be much more sti
Wire steallng has been-golng on fc
weeks, perhaps for months, and tl
company has suffered heavy loss froi
tho dep'redutlons. Tlie wire stolen
what Is known as "dead" wire?that I
wire unused. Both the men arreste
are lincsmen and therefore aoqualnte
Wtth the method ot" cuttlng wir
Strands were cut both from poles an
from underground.
Adjutant-Generai Sale Says I
Would Come to Front at
State Convention.
Adjutant-Oeneral XV. XV. Sale, whei
asked yesterday regardlng hls attltudi
toward the proposed Dcmoerutc Slati
Convention for tlie purpose of enuncl
atlng a party platform, was not dis?
posed to take any side in the matter,
stutitig as his reason that ho had giver
the matter i,uL little serious considera
tion at this linie.
"It ls a question of serious Import,'1
sald he, "and one whlch to decide must
have much deliberatlon, l have heard
and read vlews given out by several
ol' our leading Democrats favorlng
the convention, In whose judgnient I
have great eoutidence, but, personally,
I would rather give the matter more
thought before expresslhg myself.
"ln caso a convention is deolded
upon, the quostlon of prohlbition
would bo a paramount one to be de
cidcii, and a plank ln tho party plat?
form elther for or agalnst thls lssue
would, l think. be Improper at thls
time. The Demooratla party would
nepessarlly liuve to conduct a cain
palsn elther favorlng or opposlng pro?
hlbition, and iu tho community where
prohlbition ls i trong, if tha Deraoeratlq
canaiaate be against u, the result
mlght prove dlsai trous, whlle whero
prohlbitioni was not favored. and the
party^ candldate favored it, (he result
would |)G the suiiif."
Coitgre*NDinu liiiiiiuui ii,.r<.
? ConKrasjnian-TBlflOt R. ]?'.. Holland,
"* "??' Second Dlstrict, ts in the clty
havlng oQtne her- to arguq o case ne.
rore me . \lrjjlnld Supreme Court ot
olicc, After Shoe Thieves, Saw
Many Pairs Aviating lnto
Nearby Vards.
Mrs. \\.cinbach Try ing to Eftacc
Evidence When Officers
Raided Her Home.
After sho hnd attempted to efl'ace nll
possible ovldonce against her, and tho
oMicvrs Iv.id seen numberless shoes
aviating ln all dlrectlons from her
back wlndows, Mrs, Sophle Welnbach;
of S35 North Seventeenth Street, was
arrested yesterday mornlng by Dc
tectlvo Sergeant Wlley and Pollceman
Jennlngs on sueplclon of havlng stolen
a quantity of goods from frelght cars
of tho Chesupenke nnif Ohio Rallway
and from the Seaboard Alr Line Rall?
way Companies. , Charlos Welnbach,
the woman's husband. eacnped, after a
nlce niece of alleged trlckery, but lt ls
llkely that now his wife is under
urrost he, too, will soon he caught.
Several do'/.en pnlrs of shoes, moro
than a crato of beer of the best brand.
some ciiamel ware, a satkful of crack
ors, a suit of clothes and a "sllver la
dle were found by the ofllcers nnd
eemfiscated, the whole cartload being
taikeh to the Flrst Pollco Statlon ln
tlie patrol wngon.
Trnppcd Through Illnnch.
Tlio key to thc solutlon of the rob
berlea whlch hnve been perpetrated
recently was found by Pollceman Jett
nlnga ln the arrest of Ben BI inch, col?
ored, on a warrant charging hlm witli
havlng broken into and robbed the
housg of john Ch'eatham, 1413 Brown
street. After locklng the negro up,
tho ofllcer learned that he was con
nected wlth thc car robberies and tliat
much of tho stolen property was hid?
den In a house on Seventeenth Street.
and that there was a probablllty that
others were implleated in the car
breaklng. He summoned Sergeant
Wlley to hls nssistancc, and the two
went out together.
Tliey dropped ln to see Charles
Welnbach, who runs a general store
nt s;!5 North Seventeenth Street, and
Inquired of hlm If lie knew Ben
Blanch Hc denied all acqualiitance
wlth tlio negro, as did Mrs. Welnbach.
Then a smnll child came lnto the room,
and. quick us llghtnlng, tho ofllcers
turned to hlm wlth the same ques?
"Yes, I know Ben," he replied before
iiis parents could stop hlm, and then,
ln common parlance, Welnbach "came
?across." He admltted, thc ofllcers say,
that he did know Ren. and then, mys
terlously, pointed m nother store a
block away, nnd sald that was where
he roomed, ancl that if tlie detectlves
looked they would find a lot of stolen
property hidden thore.
The alleged trick worked success
fully. The offlcers departed for thc
other place. They were gone only
a few minutes when they found that
they wero following a bllnd trail, und
thoy hnrkod back.
Shoes Plylnjr F.veryirhrre.
They notlced shoes llying fropi the
XV -inlxich's huck wlndows lil all direC
tlons, most of them falling- into ad
.ir,_ning yards, ,_cd heard a n_*gro ex
cluim at the wonder af Heaven send.
ing hlm down enough footwear to
stock hlm and- his fnmlly and frlends
for a llfetlme. Thev rushed into the
house, but' Welnbach had departed,
when they did not know, leaving his
wlfe to face thc two men. She denied
everythlng, but she had on. tliey say,
a pair of shoes whlcli looked llke sdma
whlch had heen stolen. nnd thev took
her lnto custody, and senrched the
house. Upstalrs big boxes of shoes
and all tho othor articles mentloned
were found.
Stlll asstri-tin*, hor Innocence. the wo?
man was taken to tho station, where
later sho admittod to the o?.cers t.iat
slic knew the negro, that he hnd spent
n couple of nishts at her house and
hnd broughl shoes there
Blanch als,-, admltted ' that he had
spent Wednesday nlght at the Weln?
bach home. and th|t late that night
Welnbach came to hlm and asked hlm
to help him carry up a lot of shoes,
whlch he did. Ho denied, however,
that he hnd stolen the shoes.
Some of tho propertv was afterwards
Identlfled by ofllcers of thc Chesapeake
anfl Oiila. Bnilwny.
Sergoants Wlley and Jennlngs then
visited the scene where the frotght
cars had been placed, nnd found some
silverware hldd.-j ln a culvert. Thls
U also belleved 4.0 have beon stolen"
from the cars.
Mrs. Welnbach was admltted to bail
ln the sum of $500. Sho employed
gllbert ic. p. .look to represent her ln
Police Court thls mornlng.
Recently Enlisted soldier AVnnte.l Here
on Serlonn Clinrge.
Hl cyole Pollceman Cordon Smith,
who was dlspatohed to Fort Slocum,
N. T? to br!nff back A. T. Bolton,
reached here last nlght wlth his prls?
oner. Bolton is wanted hero on a
Charge or betrayal, tho alleged victim
oetng now serlou'sly ill In the Clty
Bolton enllsted in the United States
Army about two months ago. lf he
escapes punishment, he must return to
serve out hls three yenrs of onllst
Boy Injured by Fall from Horse
Shows Sudden Im?
John W. Burruss, Jr., who was dan
gerotisly hurt ln a fall from lils horse
Whlle rldlng 10 hounds wlth tho Deep
Run Hunt Club ut Ointur Park on
Saturday afternoon, was reported to bo
sllghtly lmproved at Memorial Hospl?
tal last night, and thoro is said now
to be some chance, through remote, for
his recovery.
The boy?lie is only fourteen years
old?i-ecovered consclousness early yes?
terday mornlng, und was ablo to reoog
mze nnd converse witli tlioso around
lils bedslde, His mother is in con?
stant attendance, nnd his father spent
most of tho day at tho hospital.
An operatlon has not yet been per?
formed, as tlio injury seonis to bo nt
tlio baso of tho skull, but lt may be
performed as a last resort, llo wus
qulet and chtcerfuA ye. torciay, hnd
told hls mother thun he would mako a
luird flght for his life. Strong will
power may bo n faetor ln lils recov?
ery, and iends much hopo to his phy?
Jack! was thrown from his horso
when the saddlo .glrth broke. He was
1 tryiijg io catch tlio runaway mount
I "i .iiilii) Aiken Branch whon the uc
jcideht happened. Ills head struck a
rock ns he fell, but he uroso and wus
apparently not Injured. Later, after
beinc taken homo ln Mr. Branch's uu
tomoDlle, he was selzofl wlth eonvul
sions, and his condltlon became so
alarmlng that ho was taken to tho
1 Memorial, Hut tho convulslons have
HOW ccused.
J Many frlends liave been to Itiqulre
1 after tho patient, ns ho was a genoral
favorlte among tho menibora of the
i_iuu ol__v
Capt. W. B. Whitlock, Veteran
Police Officcr, Stricken
at Headquarters.
Rallics Before Being Sont Home
and Jokes With His
W. B. Whltlock, whose offlclal duties
lave recently been eonneeted witli po
Ico hondquarters, oni'e captaln of tho
First Dlstrict, was strlcken wlth pa
?ulysls at headquarters yesterday tnorn
ng at 10 o'clock. Clerk William Tolcr
.vas standing near him at thi- tlmo and
rnught the gallant offlcer as hc fell.
.aptain George Pollock. Captaln Mc
duhon and Detectlve-Sergeants Wren,
A'iltshlre nnd Wlley wore present lu
he offlce, and nll rushed to aid thc
itrlcken man. They placed hlm ln a
?hair, covering hlm over, nnd then sum
noned Dr. Charles P. urock. Ile re
nalned ln a seml-consclous condltlon,
allylng at times and converslng Joc
ilarly wlth the offlcers present, until
he physlclan arrlved. He admlnls
ered strychnlne to strcngthen the
vcakened heart action.
Sent lloim- ln Toxl.
A taxlcab was called. aml, acconfpa
ilcd by the offlcers, Captaln Whltlock
vas taken to hls home, 613 North
'wenty-fourth Streel. llls right side
ms found to bo paralyzod, but he rc
;alned consciousness and was able tn
ceognlKO members of hls family. Last
eports stated that he was still con
ctous and restlng quletly.
This ls the thlrd time recently that
!aptaln Whltlock's life has been in
anger. He was strlcken wlth lntornal
oniorrhago in tho Flrst Police Statlon,
nd was thought to be dead untll a
hyslclan arrlved and found hlm still
reathlng. Another time he fell whlle
tlomptlng to board a Btreet car, and
uffered concusslon of the brain. Hts
tfe was despalrcd of for some time.
ut his remarkable constltutlon pulled
Im through, and he resumed active
titles as a desk sergeant in the Flrst
'reclnct. A short time later, at his
wn request, he was relieved of more
rduoiiB work and was transferred to
oadquarters, where he had remaincd
I.nng on the Force.
Captaln Whltlock was elected to the
ollce force December 12, 1S06, and is
he oldest man ln point of servlce on
he force. He wlll be seventy years old
n the same day that he wlll have
erved hls forty-fourth year as a mem
er of the Rlchmond Police Depart
nent. He served through tho Clvll
Var as a member of the Virginla Llfo
luard, commanded by John Stuart
itmpU? MInded ?Kro Arrested On
Complalnt of Citizens.
Uncertaln ns to everythlng except
Us name. and the fact that he came
icre from Washington, James Harris,
olored, was brought into the county
all yesterday afternoon by Spoclnl
'oliceman Tlller. who made the arrest
m complalnt of severnl citizens of
Jlnter Park. Harrls had spent tho
light in the open, and continued to
hiver as ho hugged the radiator in
ho jall ofllce.
Harris carrled under hls nrm three
lUndlos of laundry, marked wlth hls
lame, and In hls overcoat pockets.
vere two huge sweet potatoes. When
iiiestloned, ho gave no words of ex
ilanatlon except that ho was very
ond of sweet potatoes, but did not
at them raw. He snld that he starteil
rom AVashington on tho train, but
;ot off ln this city.
In a small purse was a transfer
hock good for a trunk at the Wa3h
ngton statlon. There was also the
over of a reglstered letter from
Iharlotte Courthouse, but Harrls hnd
?nly 37 cents in cash. The county
?fticers think that he Is slmple-mlnded,
nd will send him along to Charlotte
ounty, whlch ls evldently hls destl
lation. If no one proves tlio prop
rty, he wlll i,e allowed to carry with
im his laundry and sweet potatoes.
tfay Erect Annex Apart from
Hospital for Treatment of
Special Cases.
Annual Donation Day for Memorlal
ospltal wlll he held on next Friday,
hen the wards will be t'hrown open
>r the lnspection of tlio publlc and
KmmlCTee appolnted to receive the
Isltors. Ten wlll be sorved.
Tho object of openlng the wards for
ie Ipspeotlon of tho public ls to show
ic poople what tho hospltal, wlth all
s facilities, could do for charlty pa
ents IC it were properly endowed
Ith funds, or hud a suftlciont incomo.
s it ls, two wards are closed because
thc lack of money to carry on the
ork. Still, inimerous charlty patlents
;o taken in, the annual report for last
;ar, from March to March, showing
int 324 charity cases were admitted
id treated. The number of days given
i absolutely freo treatment were 6,127.
f course, the majorlty of tho cases
ime from Rlchmond, but thore are
any who ure brought in from tho
irroundlng countles. ?
The ainount of charlty enses treated
ipends upon nnd is llmlted by tho
come, whlch ls always too small for
o needs. So tho hospltal authorlties
?e grateful for tho smallost gift, for
e smallost amount of money which
iy one can glve. All of the money
id gifts thus dona/ed go for tho
alntenance of Cre.e cases, none of tt
ilng for the expenses of tho hospital
fiu salarles. 'Every day cases aro
rned nwny becauso thero are no
nds to care for them, but yesterday,
lien a hllml little negro glrl applled
r adiultianco sh. was tukon ln bo
ttse there wns nowhere else for hor
Kp. Tho highest numbor of cases
er admitted ln any one day is forty
The hospital ls nonsec\irlan. It
kes in and treats all cases lrrespec
,'je Of race, creed or color. Thero aro
separate wards for tho Iree casos,
! labels ou thelr l>_>?S. They nre
reed side by side wlth patlents who
>', nnd only tho superlntendent and
e bookkeePVr know tho dlfferenco.
ie patient Is never made to feel thnt
is an object of charlty, and he fares
well as thoso who pav tho usuul
The authorlties aro greatly inter
lod ln thc lilea nf openlng up a con
nnpx, remoto from the general
fur ihe treiitment of all cort
illseases, for whlcli thore Is
lip'splial ln Rlchmond. This
lung been rocogiiliiud by phy
piid Memorlal Hospltal" hopes
raise enough money to bull4 ?_??%
at'iUtt jiiirU, iai.i_._n__.
.'d hi,
Died Before He Could Be Re?
moved from All Saints'
Rector LJnawarc of Tragic
Scene?Served Under Mosby
in Civil War.
Corbin W. Mercer, of 501 West Graco
Street, n widely connected and widely
'""?vn buslness mnn, dlod in All
Saints' Church, fios West Franklin
itreet, yesterday mornlng durlng ser
/Ices, and Just before the Rov. J. Y,
Jownman, rector, began hls sermon.'
dr. Downman was ln the chanccl ut
he time, and was not a ware of tho
leath aceno being enacted among iiis
?ongregation until Informed aftor
. ards. The servlces proceeded, and
he body was carrled nuletly out of
Mr. Mercer was attendlng serviee
vith hls wlfe and son. Nelson. Tho
nd came quletly while he was seated
n hls pow. Hls head dropped forward,
. sigh eseaped him, and the body slld
lown gently in the seat.
Called for Ambulnnce.
Dr. I. J. Hawes, of Como Sprlngs, and
)r. E. G. Hopkins, of Twelfth aml
May Streets, were ln church at thc
Ime, and Immedlately voluntcercd
helr servlces when they aaw What
vmh happenlng. An ambulance was
ummoned from Bennett's undertukln:,
ooniH, whon tho two physicians pro
ounccd that Mr. Mercer was dead, und
he oody was taken to the undertaking
Mr. Mercer had been in ill health
or somo time, but hls condition had
ot been regarded as Immedlately se
lous. Ho was born In Williamsburg,
wprll 2, 1815, the son of Dr. j. C.
nd Mary C. Mercer. He was a grcat
randson of the famous Revolutlonary
i'ar commandor, General Hugh Mer
er, to whoso memory the national
overnment erected a monument ln
'rederlcksburg a few years ago.
Oue of .Mosby's Men.
He served through the Clvll War
?Ith the famous command of Colonei
ohn S. Mosby, and was a member of
:. 10. Lee Camp of Confederate Vet
rans. During the war he was onco
aptured. and was imprlsoned for a
Ime at Fort Delawarc. He was deeply
tterested in all thlngs pertainlng to
he Confederacy and its history, and
ttended regularly all the reunlons.
He marrled Fannle Nelson, of York
mvn, by whom, and by one son. Nel
on. he ls survlved. He la survlved
lso by three brothers?John L., of
Wllllamsburg; Hobert Page, of thls
Ity, and George "W., of Washlngton,
>: C, and by three sisters, Mrs. St.
Icorge Tucker, of Colorado; Mrs. Ran
olph Blalne, of Loulsvllle, Ky., and
Irs. Charles McGary, of nichmond.
Thc remains will leave over tho
'liesapeake nnd ?jhl*> rood nt 9 o'clock
o-morrow mornlng for Yorktown for
nterment in Grace Episcopal Church
'emetery. The pall-bonrors wlll ne
tuart Chrlst'an, Thomas Friend, Ben
amin P. Alsop, John P.. Cary, John B.
'ary and Kenneth Graves.
.ociil Odd-Pello\T_ Golng ln Full Be
gnllu hy Speelnl Cnrs.
Rlchmond Odd-Fellows of Mcnder
on, Patrlck Henry, Belvldere and
ither lodges will to-nlght bo the
;uests of the Monroe, Appomattox and
?etersburg lodges of Petersburg.
Invitatlons liave been received and
ccepted by the local lodges, and all
ireparatlona have been made for the
isit. Tliey will go by tho electrlc
ars, leaving to-night at V o'olock.
"ull regalla will be worn. Tlio Odd
!*ellows of the Cockadc Clty hnve
rranged an elaborate program for
lie entertainment of the vlsitors, and
big time is expected.
The invitation committee ls com
osed of the following; Manly B. Ra
ioh. Leslle II. Drew, Cornellus S.
Veils, C. Gulhrle. Richard Carlton,
'harles Polillg. Archie Creckmore, T.
Vlley Davls, Hoss Southard, I. Harris,
tarry JI. Relnhart and Tom Haynes.
'rlal Wlll Be Held for Shootlng from
Street Cnr.
The first sergeant and four privates
f Company F, Flrst lnfantry, wlll be
rled by general cotirt-martlal this
lorning nt 1 Oo'clock, ln the Seventh
treot Armory, for tlio offense of dls
harglng rlfles from a Broad street
:ir on Labor Day. Tho slioptlng took
lace while the company was roturn
lg from tho slmm battle at the State
alr grounds on Labor Day. The ser
eant is held responslblo for the ne
ions of tlie pri.it.es, unless ho can
iiow that thoy disobeyed his expliclt
rders. The i'our privates have already
een flned in Police Court. and lt ls
nderstood they wlll plead guiltv
?ithout tlie taking of evldence. Tho
eneral oplnlon ls that tho punlsh
icnt wlll be very light.
Shot Wild Turkey in Capitol Square
rowd Gathered While Boy With
Rifle Sent Bullet Through
White Breast.
When a blg whlte turkey gobblcr
ded away from a Main Streot lunch
om yesterday, the proprietor shot hls
inds Into the air and thought of the
npty Thanksgiving. Mcanwhllo the
rkey's motor was throbblng, the pro
illers whirled, and the Sunday avla
jn show was under way nnd on.
Followed by a crowd of boys, tha
ibblor reached tho Capitol Square hy
serles of qulck turns aml glidos and
ndod safoly ln tho top of a tall troe
ar tho fountnin. A few rocks brought
m from his perch, but ho picked un
her placo to anchor, tlils time hlgher
an before. Whilo this effort to bring
m down wns belng mado sevoral hun
od poople had gathered. Tho crowd
legated a little colored boy to cllmb
ter tho turkey, and ho wns doing
si host to swlng up just as Oovernor
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id of reccipt.
i per cont. compound interest.
,00 starts an account wlth
lie Savings Bank of Richmond!
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,i a., , .nn-i?_____.._____
Velour Finish Hats
Specially Priced at $1.95
Ten dozen go on sale this morning. Six dif?
ferent shades.
Look like $5 Hats. Choice $1.95.
Gans-Rady Company
Motor Car People Suggest Route
Which Will Link
Comes Back With Gordon and
Foster, Who Put Signs
Along Road.
Wlth twenty mlles of good road
iranchlng out from both cities, auto
nob'llsts and other good roads en
huslasts aro plannlng to llnk Rlch
nond and Newport News wlth an up
o-dute hlghway, over whlcli tho dls
anco of elghty-slx mlles can easlly
j'o made In four hours in a motor car.
I"he plan received Its Immediate lm
ictus from a trlp made to Newport
?fews by ... F. Gordon and _U M. Fos
er, of thls clty, who returned yester
lay, aftor mapping out and placlng
Igns along what they considered the
nost feaslblo route.
Accompanylng them to thls clty was
j. Tl. Manville, of Newport News, who
a golng into the scliemo heart nnd
loul. Though beforo nny acttril work
oward obtalnlng money for tho pro
losed road can be done, an organlza
lon must be perfected, Mr. Manvlue
ast nlght unfolded hls Idea of it,
rhlch had already been approved by
fessrs, Gordon and Foster and Prcal
lent W. a. Post. of thc Newport News
lutomoblle Association, who was also
n tho clty last iilght.
I'Ick Shortcut Hoad.
In the !lr;u placo. the route chosen
y common consent of those who have
raveled the dlstance ln motor cars,
ras to Wllllamsburg bv way of Hnl
ey's Fofnt, then to Toano, and to the
Vilitamsburg Hoad by Seven .'ines to
hls clty, thore belng few hllls thls
ray in comparison with tho road along
he Chesapeake and Ohlo
"We llnd." sald Mr. Manville. last
ilght, "twenty mlles of good road run
irig Into Itlchmond. and there are as
tany directly out from my clty. Thla
i'ould leave only forty-slx riilles of
ctual construction. I feel sure that
fith tho proper kind of organization
lie business men of the two cltles
ould, wlth tho co-oporution of county
upervlsors, urrang? to got n. good
oad through in a remarkobly sliort
. hlle. I thlnk Newport News and
djacent cltles woul-1 agree to tako
harge of such a road through the
ounties of Warwlck, York and James
'Ity if Rlchmond wlll look after tho
est. Approxlmateiy thls wlll cover a
lstancc of forty-eight mlles from
'c-wport News. Primarily, of couthc,
'e must co-operate wlth the county
upervisors and see to It that none of
he countles through whlch the road
i to pass goes ln debt or Inoreases
ts road levy. Wo hopo to have our
rganizatlon completed In the early
art of January, and lf all*goes well
houkl bo actually constructlng the
oad by Aprll 1."
Xo Xov Surveys.
I'nlnss the plans of the organization
re materlally different from those
"htcli wlll be proposed by Mr. Man
ille and his assoclates, the new road
'111 bo a well kept and accurately
raded dlrt road except ln such places
s thero aro already macadafn or shell
aads. Tho practlcabiilty of properly
lalntained dlrt roads has been demon
trated, and the cost has been shown
i bo hundreds of dollars per mile
here the stone and gravel roads run
p Into thousands. Thoro wlll bo no
ew surveys or assessment of damages,
a the route lies along roads that have
oen publlc for many years. The
reatest dlfflculty In constructlon wlll
a along the Chlckahomlny Rlver,
here the land ls low and subject to
In noarly t.11 the countles short por
ons of roads are belng macadamlzod
?om year to year, and lt ls reasonable
< expect that ln the' course of a few
oars a hlghway so generally traveled
^ this one wlll be, wlll be solld from
rd to end.
To Confer Thlrd llnnk.
Syraeuso Lodge, No. 6, Knlghts of
ythlas, wlll confer the thlrd rank
i nlne appllco.nts at Its meeting
i-night. A large attendance of mem
irs of thls and slster lodges ls do
red. This lodge ls now in a flour
h condition and doing much work.
Mann passed through the Square to
Joln tlio Bible students' parade, one
dlvlslon of which had assembled at
Ninth and Main. Because of tho dan?
ger and noise, two pollceman put a stop
to tlie rock throwlng, Stlll tho crowd
was growing larger. The gobbler
showed no deslre to move.
A clerk from tho lunch room at?
tracted somo attentlon ns ho raced up
Nlnth Stroet, and stlll moro when ho
roturned a few moments lnter wlth a
boy who carrled a Wlnchoster rltle pvjB'i*
hls shoulder. Thoro was a hurrled con?
ference wlth the pollcemon, and lt was
decided to brlng that gobbler down at
the cost of hla llfo, and thus dlsporso
the throng. Tho boy with the rlfle,
Andiow Pennlrigtbn, got around into
Hank Street nnd pointed the rlflo at
tho streuk of white hlgh above his
"Bang" wont the rlfle, and the tur?
key, badly wounded, hobblod down to a
lower llmb. "Bang" again, and this
tlmo tlio gobbler wns shot through the
breast. Wlth a fluttor and a scat
teratlon of whito feathors, lt came
llopplng down uito nn Injured avlator,
whilo fifty peopio pounced upon him.
The lunch room boy got hls Thanks?
giving- meat, Andiow Ponnington got
B oents, the prlce of the sholls, whicli
was all he asked, and tlio policemen
got busy driving tno crowds away.
And If you happon around that lunch
room to-day you may pay un oxtra
price for a slleo of wlld turkey, whilo
the walter will' toll you that tt was
.hot In the swam_a?of Ouplto. fc)uuare.
President's Party Will Arrive
Here Tuesday Night hy
Special Train.
Dahncy and Fuller Going to
White House for Final
Whlle thero has been more or le?8
confusion In President Taft's program
plans for his Rlchmond trlp as Fent
out by tho nowspaper correspondents
nccompanying hlm from Panama to
Hampton Boads, tho Hichmond commlt?
teo on entertainment Is following the
schedule mapped out by Asslstant Sec?
retary Forster at the Whlte House.
The battleshlp Tennessee, on whlch tho
Prosldont Is travellng, ought to ronch
Hampton Roadfi on Tuesday after?
noon. A speclal traln has already
been chartercd by Secretary Forster
for the trlp from Old Polnt to Wash?
ington. The speclal wlll arrlve here
Tuesday night. President Taft will
sleep at tho Jefferson Hotel and re?
turn to Washlngton Wednesday after?
noon ln _ln prlvate car Olympla, at?
tached to the speclal.
fioliiK to Whlte Iloime To-Dny.
In order to prevent any tvnfuslon
ln the program. ? however, Buflness
Manager Willlam T. Dabnoy, of tho
Chamber of Commerce, and Assistant
Postmaster I. XV. Fuller will go to
Washlngton tliis morning to confer
with Mr. Forster. who has been ln
dally communlcatlon by wlreless wlth
--? sretary Nortoh. who la wlth the
President on the Tennessee. Mr. Dab?
ney and Mr. Fuller will find out ex?
actly the wlshes of tho party. and wlll
immedlately communicate wlth thc
locnl committee. But there la no rea?
son to believe that nny changes wlll
be made.
The President wlli be the guest of
Governor Mann at breakfast. He wlll
meet a number of leadlng' cltlzons at
luncheon at the Jefferson Hot-., nnd he
wlll drive to the- battleflcld3 and prob?
ably to other places during the day
His address to the Virginia Educatlonal
Conference wlll he dellvered ln tlie Cltv
Auditorium Wednesday afternoon at 1
o'clock. From the Auditorium he will
be driven tu his traln. whlch wlll . ut
hlm ln Washington bfftween 8 and 9
o clock.
Luncheon by Cltlzena.
Although tho President ls comlng
hero as tho guest of tho Educatlonal
Conference. tho luncheon ln his honor
will be glven by the citizens who wlll
attend. and whose names were prlnted
In The Times-Dlspatch yesterday.
Tho cadot eorps from the Vlrglnla
Polytcchnic Institute, which ls comlng
to Richmond to act as a special escort
to the president. wlll bo entertalned at
the Blues' Armory. it was announeed
yesterday that the Rlchmond College
German Club v_Hl glve a dance at th<
JefT.rson Hotel auditorium on Wed?
nesday nlght as a compliment to the
vlslting cadets. It promise.. to bo
qulte a brilliant event.
Junior Onkrroofl M. rtln_
An Important called meetlng of the
Junior Oakwood Memorial Association
wlll be held this afternoon at the
home 0f Dr. Massie 2721 East Broad
Street. to perfect plans for the Con?
federato Tea, which the Associatlon
wi.l hold at Liberty Hall on tho even?
lng of November 29.
Lends to your gift an added attractivc
Broad and Second Streets.
Proves as good as Its name to the
man wlth a building to cover. it's
guaranteed, and you flnd the trade
make on every roll.
-Ith nnd Doek sts., Hichmond, A'n.
. J_ E. Huggins
Held Manager of the Sheldon School.
is in the city and durlng the next few
days will meet hankers, insurance
a__-_other buslness men destring to
be Informed regarding the Sheldon
courses on the "Sclence of Buslness
Building" and the "Sclence of Ser?
viee." Mr. Huggins will flll as many
sngagements as limlted time will
permlt. Phone or wrlte.
Va. Division Sheldon School,
Walter L. Churcli & t'?., i;v n|, Ai_t _,
Monroe 2S2S._1219 Mutual Bldg.
For the Sake of
.ontrast send your laundry to us this
veck. Ring us up (Madison 418) and our
vagon will call.
Eclipse Laundry,
Phone Madlson 418."

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