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That Have Every Point of Merit
Fur vn!uc3i if they aro honcst, arij nol variable. One m
undcrstaud Furs thoroughly nnd bc familiar with tlie var
skins, Mosi people when they buy furs inisi to the hont
ol the store from which they purchasc, 'There is completc
Isfnction in buying from :< store ili.u is rclinble.
Nonc i'ui wortny Furs are ever sold hero, and we are alw
ready to give our customcrs any information they desire ab
Blue vVolf Sets, $27.nn m $10.no. '
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Black l"\ Sets, $10.nn to $85.00.
Mink Sets, $75.0(1 to $175.00.
ap Mink Sets, $12.nn 1,. $57.50.
Skunk Set?j $45.00 to $60.00.
Point'ed Pox Sets, $47.50.
Austrnlian Opowum Sets, $32.50 to $00.00.
Black Raccoon Sets, $32,501'
Black WoH Sca'rfs, $12.00 to $27.50.
Blue Woll Scarfs, $12.00 to .$15.00.
fap Mink Scnrfs, $.'.'>.s to $32.50. .
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W.irk Woli Mllffs, $15.00 lo $25.00.
Blue WoH Muffs, $15.00 to $25.on.
[ap Mmk Muffs, $7.'>s io $25.nn.
Black Opossum Muffs, $3.98 to $10.98,
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Children's I urs, ln l anib, t\ngorn, Couey, Opo*$i ?? K .r
auf] Squirrcl, from 98c to $7.50.
\ \??
Two Days to Complcte Wo
man'fi Christian Associa
tion Fund.
gn fund
plans for
; l.ant
-,'.-:.< :i It
? ??, reach
bnnlfl II v. in ii"' bo usod fc
pui poso>< bul i" >">' onlargi
lho v. i.ii-.
The Roof That Lasts
Is made of the Besl
"Peari-v C. Roofe Tin
See that you:- rool -.5 r/.__-f
Gordon Metal Co.,
14t_ an.'. IX-vrV. <;??? Rle__?*-.*.. V*.
Christmas Gifts
- gv l 25C I 51,000.
Schwarzschild Bros.
We Know All About
" ? W. Il
Smith &. Webster
WhyCoUars Crock
Eclipse Laundry,
Thorvc Madison 4-1S
The Money Questlon
5 Hiy'isi^n *s
^-heldan School.
Ple&sure Cruises
to Forei.cn Lands
M 1...= ;.. ...
Hundreds Watefa Oanag Men
Erect Great >"'.**.
While prnei ? ; ' ' ' : ln
Richmond wn i .hnvini l?y ?> iwterJ
day, K"iiit; i" football :..-. ? ? to
?ee the Pronchmon swecp the c (vebs
oui ot the slty, tho steel oxports en
gaged on Iho now Kodoral tmiidlng
kopl ii work, making rapld progre*s
ln framlng the groal skeloton of tha
I , ?? ? ? ? " ??? lt w Hfl ;i little avta
if om n, tor hundreds
itood ln ??? ? ? ? i ftaped aa tho
::.:n fearl< d aloft "ii narrotv
b'-anm, 01 them elvea dox
terbusly on dcrrlcka. Al
bulldlng la taklng shnpe. Tho
;? - ? ? ? t over th,^ centre
? '??-.. ? post-ofllce floor
? place, a nd nr<>un<l It in
.??? r r. tho frame of
? ; i ? golng up. M will rlao
? - -? ? ? ? M? ?'? iho old poat-ofllco, nnd
than double Its tloor Bpnco,
y\:\nr, amplo room r<>r tho rovenuo,
customs and othor Federal offlcoa, and
foi the Unlted Stnteo oourts and their
nmplo records, librarles nnd clerka'
Contractor Miller la making ^xcellent
progresa on the tvork, being ahend ot
i\\p sehedule no far, and making II
probabl* that ,! ? ? ntlre buildlng wlll
1 ln .'idAnncc of thr> contract
v i record ln It
selt ? government work The .r.to
he agreed on for tho oero
? Ini - i ornt r stono, whlch
- ? ? :r flone wltli approprlate Masonle
Man (;<>!? \lnc<> Dltyn for St^nltnH
()?nit nt Wlil?k??>.
ln the Pollc* Court yeatordaj morn
Jnekat n colnred. chnrgi d
ivltli ?? :?.',. ti ,!ti.irt ,>r whUkej fr?
Ft ? <? Plt hl, was senteuced iu nin?tj
Samuel aerlcy, arreated tor stvatlu
n ??'",. vtiluod at $n>. from lames
??? ? I i ua v alued M s:< fi ?
S vt.\ v rt?:\ \?m\ ?,i\ r.s
i|s nuMvM,'i\i\ii rttWKii
"Some Day"
Jacobs St Levy
WORK !? G8
F. D. Ware, of Ashland, First
to Lodge Complaint With
the Police.
Plckpockets who hnve herotofore
mostly conflnod thomaelves to falrs
and such llko o 'caalona, aro trottlnu
along with the march of progreaa nnd
:wv now keeping abroast of tho pub
ilc by pl.vtng their trado at avlatlon
meets Tho (Irat implalnl ln thls clty
waa brought Deteetlve Captain
McMahon ? ? I . iy afternoon when
r. D, Ware, who la In buslness in thla
ind who llvea In Aahland, report
? ockotbook
'? nt flftofcn 11
notos, some chanjrc a Rlchmond, Fred
rlcka -. inri Potomao monthly com
mutera' ttckot I i Ashland nnd other
raluable papora Ho wns robbod, ho
thonght, nt tho entranco to tho Fair
ii is known thal a numbor >>f fainoua
'dlps" aro following their trado nt va
rloua avlatlim meots, anrl that at each
place they aro lutgnicntod hy locnl
imatouro who kcap sharply on tho
Tho iiyiiu: machlne haa opened up n
now nnd very lucratlve field for the
light-ftngerod oporator, He tlnds that
tho man wltli hla eyea ghied to tho
?ky la enalor to rellovo of his wallet
ovon than tho countryman, whoso
ivholo nttmuton soenis ilxcd on a sldo
sliov 01 n priao horso ln fact, for
t'"- o.xp n ??Up." tho taak of snoak
Ing oui the fat roll o( the man whoso
attontlon la fully occupled with wntch
|ng the 'iMno.Mivivs of an avlator
Wheellng nnd ctroltng lumdreds of feet
ln ? alr with the whlrr and btms
"' ' ropeller ln hls car, ls llko tak?
lng enndy iroiu a ohlld, compared with
i";,;'' ' off a Job In tho ordinary crowd
avlatlon meet most men nr,<
istlcnted, and aa the man-blrda
sr"lv* :,':' on? record or another, tho
spectator looka on ln rapt attentlon
wiuio tho "artts. does a land-offlce
rells Richmond College Students
That Men Must J_abor
With God.
ipprcoi?ti\ e audience
Carver ai th..' annual
rvtoe a: Richmond
ailon l<y Dr, Chartes
ho Scrlptur* readlng
.'?-. ot Orova jVvenuo
Government Has Aftidavits That
Local Fcdcral Employcs
Wcrc Assesscd.
Constcrnation at Fcdcral Build
ing?Important OfTicials May
Losc Their Jobs.
Aflldavlts that there ha? been pernl?
clous uctlvity among Foderal employes
ln Richmond ln Ropubllcan party poll
tlcs, and that employes under clvll
Borvice havo been asscased a propor
tlon of thelr aalarles for contrlbutlona
to tho party campalgn funds, havo been
nied wlth tho Unlted States Clvll Ser
vlco Commlsslon ln Washlngton, fol?
lowing nn oxtendod Inqulry made in
Richmond by L. H. FIsher, a special
agent of tho commlsslon, who spent
throo daya hore examlnlng wltnesses
ln the post-ofllco, customs and Internal
revenuo departments. Many of these
wltnesses woro exnniine.l nt Mr.
Flsher's rooms nt the Richmond Hotel.
ln order thnt the Inqulry mlght be
conduetad with perfect secrecy, and
I thnt pressuro mlght not be brought to
| suppress facts untll n full statement
was ln tho hnnds of the government.
Mr. FIshenj loft for Washlngton Wed?
nesday night, nied a number of sworn
affldayits wlth the commlsslon yos
tenlay, nnd wlll lnter submit n wrltten
report rovering condltlons ln the Fed
era) sorvico ln Richmond
tVcut to Slemp'* Fund,
The actlon of the government is ho
lievod to hnve been preclpltated by a
meeting of the colSrod i i iployes of the
I-edernl buildlng. h/?id prevlous to the
congressionnl electlon. The colored
nien, notwlthstandlnc the fact that
they are clvll service employes, had
been told to "com, across" for tho
campalgn fund of State Chalrman
Slemp, ln the Nlnth Dlstrlct, and their
"nll wns loud enough to reach the ears
of the c.vil service Commlsslon [n
Zr rl?*l2n- T?e affidavlta of r num?
ber of these colored men that they
were praqUcally assessed arbltrarlly ln
proportlon to their pay for the Re
puhllonn party campnlgn fund. Is now
ln the hnnds of the government.
Notwlthstandlng dln ? acts of Pon
Kress intendod to prol Iblt It. it ls a
matter of common knowledge that clvll
been actlve ln Repui.lican party poll
tlcs. In fact^well-known Republlcans
M,i?.r,ponly,ch;,rB,,'! tnat ,h(,r^>? j"
?? offlc inM11'' ,co"?re?sl?na' dlstrlct an
offlce-holdera' trust." Certalnly some
of those who hold pbsIUons under
civtl servlce have taken part ln the
ractlonal flghts to controi the nomlna
::.'n of a Republicnn for Congress I
n i ractlonal ftght whlch ls stlll golng
controi the party ln tlie selectlon
fftttea to the next Natlonal i
Ventlon and the appolntment of the
Olstrlc c.nnmittee. The law on the
siiDject ls partlcularly piain. Em?
ployes under clvll servlce are forblddon
to take actlve part In pnrty conven
tlops or to attempt to domlnate the
.UTniis ?r their party, and thls law. on
tho admission 0f leadtng Republlcans,
has been Ignored ln Richmond ln a
manncr almost ivholesale.
Trvlna: ?o Controi nr=:nnl*ntlon.
In vlew of the rldlculously small vote
pollcd by Hcpublican Camlidnte for
?:'.-?.'?..<.. \ awtor rooontly?less than
one-thlrd of the known Republlcan
strength In the clty?there seems an
absurdlty In charglng "pernlclous ac?
tlvlty" on the part of .any Republlcans
ln thls sectlon. High government offl
ol.ala explnln that the alleged pernl?
clous actlvlty was in connectlon wlth
tho controi of the dlstrlct commlttee.
the selectlon of a chalrman nnd the
nomlnatlon of a Republlcan for Con?
gress. lt is admitted by nll that there
was no actlvlty, pernlclous or other
wlse, dlsplayed ln any attempt on the
part of Republlcans to eleet Mr. Vaw
t e r.
pen secret that whatever
nssessmei was pald tn by the Federal
ofnce-holders ln thi* dlstrlct was spent,
nol In si pport of Mr. Vawter. but In
n*" ,,f '"' indldacy of Congressman
\ Basi. Slemp In t?:e Xlnth. Mr.
Slemi la SI ite chalrman of the Repub
llcan party and V.as th? handllng of
" ls, and It has been n
known fact tor vears thnt he hss been I
as.sesslng for party purposes practlcally
all Republlcan office-holders, whether
under clvll servlce or not. And lt is"
also s kn ?w ?? fact that money was
poured ou: like water In the recent
Nlnth Dlstrlct contest between Mr.
Slemp :\r.\ Henry C ?tnart and that
practlcsllj hothtng was spent In tho
Republlcan rampatgn rero.
Factfonal Iwne simrp.
VThllc Postmaster Edgar Allan, Jr..
'"? tor ? C stoms B B. ArnoldTar.d
'. I "'"??"? ???".' Collector M. K. Lowry
' subject 10 the rfitrala'tlons :of. .civtl
in G. I.
Mce wns
ien.ee of
j a fact
loyes in
: sttev.v*.
< actlve.)
Look Around You
3 ivr oer.t. iMmiVuiui intofx^st.!
SI M sturts .>n Acvxvuai with
1 tie SftVinsti Bank ol Richmond j
m: r.dst >uin s?wt, ;
tJ?-1-1? -?
clty with affldavlta sworn to before
notarles publlc, maklng serloua
chnrges ln vlolatlon of acta of Con?
gress nnd rtilea of the clvll servlce,
there waa no llttlc constornatlon. The
day wob a hollday, but nearly every
man wns at hls ofllce trylng to flgure
out Just how ho stands, and'what tho
upshot will bo. That more than one
linportant department head, holdlng a
luci-tlve posltlon, will shortly be call?
ed to Washlngton to make some expla
natlons ls generally conccded, though
all olllclals aro unwllllng to dlacuss the
situation for publlcatlon. Ono ofll
clnl sald that ao far as he know hls
name had not been connected with the
charges so far, nnd he proposed to
"slt tlght In the boat," nnd koep hls
niotlth shut untll the storin blows over.
So far as Is known. the nfHdavlts
securod nre all from employes In the
post-ofllco, ciistoms and the Internnl
rovenue ofMces, though there aro many
other clvll servlce employes ln the
government omployment here.
ESach I'Miiiiiii iH'.-iiihiis iiiiMiir.
Whlle not dlscusslng tho charges
dlreotly for publlcatlon, the dopnrt
ment hcads nffectcd, Postmaster Allan,
Collector of Cuatoms Arnold nnd Col
lector of Internnl Revenue Lowry, pro
poso to fight the charges and attrlbute
the wholo Investlgatlon to an effort on
tho pnrt of dlaappolnted and dlsgruntled
Repuhlicnns to dlscredlt tho present
party organization In the clty and dls
trict. It ls generally known that there
haa been frletlon In the pnrty orgnn
Izatlon ever slnce Mclven Flegen
helmer wns oustcd as clty chalrman
and John G. I.uce. as dlstr'ct chalr?
man. both posltlons golng to Former
Census Suporvisor Moore. Morgan
Treat, who recently lost out as T.'nlted
states marahal, though hlghly In
dorscd. former Clty Chalrman Flegen
helmer and former D'strlct Chalrman
I.uce, are known to. he leaders of a
party fnrtlon wnglng unceaslng wnr
nn the "ofMceholders' trust." Th* out
factlon charges the rldlcilloualy small
vote poliod hy Mr. \^iwter In the dis?
trlct to the Allnn-Moore-Lowry-Arnold
offlrelioldlng factlon. whose organiza?
tion does not hear ovldence of having
dellvered the goods on election day.
In reply lt ls polnted out that Mr.
Flegonhelmer ls presldent of the Re
publlcan Club of Ri<-hmond, with a
memborshlp three tlmes ns large as the
total vote east for Mr. Vawter ln thls
There ls an alr of suppressed unreat
Rbout the Federal building. nnd there
nre dnrk predlctions that If somethlne
la not done, somebody'a offlclal head
will come off under neremptory Wash?
lngton orders "I hope we will nll
be here when it's over," wns the gloomy
remark of one of those nffectcd.
Ftuhl fUc'r llamr,
'cht over a crap game. Halile
Hlll was last night badly cut by Moaea
Carter. He staggered in to the First
Pollce Statlon. where the ambulance
' D '? ihbarger found
n Krent cash In hls ?hould,er and an?
other ln Hlll v <rrle,j to
SenfTold Fnll? with Workman.
Wllllam Stevens. colored, of 613
North Thlrteenth r-tr?>et, fell from a
scaffold on which he was worklng
reatarday and wounded hlmaelf se
k-erely. The aml Jl in ?? < ??- aummoned,
Stev?na was treated, and tent to hls
home. He had been w^-klng on the
? cnffold. which ahowed signs of hreak
Ing down. Whlle he was trylng to
nall lt up the platform fell and |n
lured him. He was not serlously hurt.
In a
was hl
Hll With Bed Mnt.
Mted by Dr.
to her home.
was i
Mr. Drake'a Pony Stolen.
?5 H. Prake. 1206 Floyd Ave
-eported at pollce V.eado.uarters
I ??? afternoon, the losa of a small
my. valued at $55.
owner thlnka that the pony was
fr m tha backyard, where it
mnlng loose.
'enabO-O Wln?.
i The Times-Dispatch.)
N. C. November 2i.?The
iligh School defeated
Hlgh School at football
Leave Home at Taft. and
GirTs Father Is Now on
Their Trail.
Miss I
OQ TV.ft:
msin h
-ss inten
;- bad left
rson, he
FRIDAY Bargains
Mcn's Extra Trousers worth $4.00 at...'.$2.75
Boys' Straight Trousers Suits worth up to $10.00 at_$3.95
Boys' Straight/Trousers Suits worth up to $7.50 at_$2.95
Boys' 50c Underwear at. 02c
Boys 25c Underwear at.., r;.;. --c
Boys' Sweatcrs worth $1,50 at.$1.29
Children's Long Ovcrcoats worth $5.00 at.;;.$2.50
Childrcn's Rccfcfs worth $4.00 at.$2.4S
Men's Derby Hats worth $2.50 at.$I#45
Men's Soft Hats worth $3.50 at.$ Ig5
Mcn's Negligce Shirts worth '$1.50 at.$I._5
Men's Tan Walking Glovcs worth $1.50 at.$1.15
Men's Odd Vcsts, broken from suits, worth S2.50 $300
and $3-50. at.\.$I 00
Mcn's Stylish Cheviot Suits, latest shades of gray, worth
5,8-??' at.$12.50
Men's Fancy Cassimere and Blue Scrge Suits worth
$20'00' at.'.$14.50
Swaylng backwards and forwarcs, a
:hrong of pleasure seekers crowded
ho. ravements ot Broad Streot through
he shopplng sectlon from early ycs
erday mornlng to late last night.
3ashes of collego colora and here and
here a college ycil, with the fleetlng
vords of some parody, aung by some
oyful company. made the street aa gaV
i sc-ne as wltnesaed here in many a
lay. There were thousanda of vlsltors
n Richmond. Early ln the mornlng
ixcurslon tralns from all directlons
eft their crowds ln the atreets, and
'or a tlme the ilbbon countera of the
itores were the bualeat place?. As the
raina from the south, over the South
rn. Atlantic Coast-Llne and .Seaboard,
ame ln it appeared that the white and
>!ue of the Carolina team was the fa
orlte color. l_iter the Charlottesvilte
:rowd took the atreets, whlle. aa the
lay wore on. many thousands of Rlch
nonders put on the orange and blue,
eady to encourage the Virginia boys
>n to vlctory or to consolc with them
n defeat,
IlrllllitDt Color Sceme.
Store 'wlndows everywhere had their
h.ir- ,'f college <olor*. and untll late
n the nlghl are rllllantly Ughted.
he wlndows of th<> Horlsts, with their
i.mks of white and yellow chrysanthc
-ums. attractlng much attention.
While from the colors-worn and the
ollege yellvlt would have seemed that
he chlef Interest of the day was ln
he football game. and whlle every
nch of spare in Broad Street Park was
aken, yet there were other attractlons
if almost equal Interest. The aero
dane exhlhit at the State Fair,'
irounds had been moved forward to 11 I
>'clock by Manager Moisant. who had!
lo deslre to confllct w.Ith ::,e ar.nuaf!
portlng event of Richmond, the Vlr
;lnia-Carollna ball game. And lt
eemed that all Rlchmond and many|
<t the vlsltors were within the grounds i
rhen the alrshlps began their spectac- j
ilar clrcles around the clouds.
Broad Street Hnldn Crowd.
Then there were church services ln '?
he mornlng. when many people of j
lany creeds, In response to the Presi
ent'a suggestion. gathered ln their j
ouses of worship to render thanks for j
* . . prosperlty. and ln the evenlng i
were theatres. Ir. which. under j
rilliant lights. every seat was taken j
.ith a cheerlng and enthusiasttc i
rowd. which enjoyed to the fullestj
pecl-1 performances put on by the J
lanagernent. Hotel lobbles were \
hronged day and night. and ihere were j
jany ?oclal entcrtalnments durlng the!
venlng. But notwlthstanding all at-!
ractions. Broad Street never for one |
loment lost its crowd. It was the j
igh card of the day. While the game J
?as in r-rogress at Broad Street P_rk, ,
?1th 12.000 people cheerlng: every play, >
here was tpparently an undiminished ?
hror.g on the great shopplng thor-j
ughfare. wearing as many college]
olors as were displayed at the game!
nd cheerlng with the sarr.e enthusiasm |
nd joy.
Alrahlp Maku Darlng Trlp.
When the crowd was at its height.!
horUy before the game waa cilled. i
nd when every or.e was greesingl
very one else on the street. a mow
!_ne. keen and fast as a awailow on
,-ir.g. came whirrir.g down just over
he cer.tre roles of Broad Street. Avi
ator Barrler was taking a little flicr
on his own nccount. He wanted to *??>
the crowd, and he saw lt. Also lt gaw
him and cheered him vlgorously.
Down as far as .Seventh came the
hardy blrdman, saillng over the city
wlth as much confidence as an acro
bat with aTiet under him. At Seventh
he cut a great clrcle over Murphy's
Hotel. dfpped h'3 wlngs to the cheer
lng crowd, and sailed away wlth an
Incredlble speed back t.. his nest In
the centre of the race trnck at the
Kalr Grounds. His altltude was not
so great as that' of Garros. who cir?
cled over the Capltol hcjuare the day
before. wavir.g bis wlngs at the ive?'.
Ident of the Unlted States as he left
the Exfcutlve Mansion. and giring tl ?
secret service agents c.Tc: o:,.;is to
thlnk of the posslblllttes of ha ng
some fiylng man upset all of thelr
precautions for guardlng the gafety
of the President
Barrler's motor was plainly hear'i
by the cheering. flag-wavlng people
in Broad Street, and the b'rdman had
dlvlded the 'honors of the day wlth
Todd. the fleet runner. who ma-;.
only touchdown Of tbe garr.'-. after or.?
of the m ? . ever
seen In Broad street Park.
^"iif at JrnVrann.
The hotel lobbles were almost at
busy places as the streets. When the
Charlottesvllie special bearlng the Vir?
ginia team and practically the 'ent're
student body of the unlverslty reached
the clty shortly after 10 o'clock a
parade was formed. wlth a brass band
at the head. and the team was es
corted in trlumph to the. Jefferson. a
trlumph only to be equaled by tbe re?
ceptlon to be given to the team on Its
rlctorlous return to the unlverslty.
Througn the palm r? m of tho Jef?
ferson the parade contlnued. the band
haltlng on the main itaircase to t;.*
great lobby. while the entire chesring
student body gathered about the tt im
The bandrqaster waved his baton.
the band wlth a crash struck into
"Dixle." and instantly a thousand
throats from lobby and balconles and
palm garden were flllingr the hotel
wlth the rr.elody cf the famous South?
ern alr known and sung by every Vir
C.reut Mght Celebrated.
On Broad Street the celebratlon con
tinued untll a late hour. Although
many went to the I ??:?:?-- ar.d nov
*ng ptcture attracttons, and to enter
tainments prlvate ar.d pubHaf and al
though the excurslon :ra:*wbegan to
Ished. Vlrglnla eolors predomlaatei.
but there were many who st'll wore
their pale blue and whlte of Carollna.
loudly prcclalmlnp to the last that
Vlrglnfc. had scored by acclder.t. and
that Carolina had put up the best
There was but or.e draw^ic:-: :??> tne
night celebration?tr.e r.ew Broad
Street ltghts are not yet ir. place,
tr.ough pron::?;J by ":-.;?' ss. a:'
rr.any merchants. dependl'g on the
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for hls money, better andtongerwear- j c-d r<* 0NY """*
mf7 55*50 and $J-.CQ shoes than l could '. years, that I raabl
_r/ve prevlous to the tarlff revislon. j __q sea mere $3.50
BB?j^=-J*^"??J"?^?*?''^^i?a-'-t-J*J^xi_________r gjy 54.CO shoes than
any other r_a__facrurer ta the U. S., and that Dollar for Dollar, I
Guarantee My Shoes to boJd their shape, look ancl & better, and wear
loager than __y other $3.50 cr_$4.00 shoes you can buy? -"""
QuaHry counts. It Jkas rnade my shoes The Leaders of the World.
For Fall and Winter Wear, my inmense sJodt behjees the Utest a_d
bed stjfcs n every ?* and wdth, cspeciaSy b Young Men's Lasts, and my
sSores also carry at al! t__es the most comp'ete asaortnenl of the more abflanriaj
<;?}-!?, s_:h as have made W. L DougjLu shoes a ho_s*boJd word everyw'here.
You w9 he pleased when you buy .my jhoes becacie of the St and appear
__ce, and when it comes txne (or you to p_rch___ another pair. you v.y be
more than p_=_sed because the laS o_? wore I^J^^Csa *JF*?*?
so wc_? a_d gave you so n_ich o___ar_ ' >? / ~w* c_
TOWlaMu! ?'-"- _" Ci..;'._.;c.* VT. _. DOCGLAS, tir?iwa. M___

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