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main tnpir- nt cohvorsatlon, btlt there
is nn eviiience- of it, bcyond the facl
thnt the city la tvlthoul telegraph >"n
nnrilnn wlth the outfido wnrld.
'?""?.nn ln t'oiilrnl.
Boston, Mass., November 21. ?Jtillan
C. Edgerly, n Boston newspaper man,
to-day recelvcd ri porsonnl telegram
under to-day's date, from I'aui ttudson,
generai manafer ol the Mexlcan
iirr.iid. n newspnper publlshed ai Me*
I'" ut>. in'whicli it la declared thal
Rovernmenl forcea havo the upprr hand
in tho revoli whlch If ln progreaa, The
telegram Is daled November 21, nnd
"Border reporls greatly exaggerated,
From offlelal advlces, am natlsfted grov
ernment forcea amplj able to control
i-iluatlon in Northern States."
Widow of Financier Makes Pub
lic Her Plans ior Ideal
Nc.\ i"ork. November 21.? Th.? pre'
limlnarj plans of the Russell ^age
ilthful and be&utl
rsons of moderate
iles irom
town fot
se as an
necded to
on '..-? nol
out her !<
made plal
but Is to
a fair ret
purpi -??
? ? k ni it,. is
? a ? hartty;
: ; yield
;stment. .Its
ons ln mod
n their own
svhlle ob
rld al could
surroundlngs and
ia't wlll make the
residence place.
t of paylng for a
Imated, will be $2:>
priniipal and in
homcj at a mlnlmu:
taintng buildings ol
tlon than the averag
erect, and amld
under resti
Iltth Itj an Ideal 1
Tlie mininium cosl
home there. it is estl
a month, irv ! tUlrj
The oflicers of the foundatlon who
ai-.-. assoclated wlth Mrs. Sage in tho
enterprlse nre Robert W. Deforest,
rresldent: Cleveland H. Dodge, treas
president; Celeveland H. Dodge, treas
tirer, and John M. Glcnn, general dlrec
The statements outlinlng their plans
were l.sjucd from Mr. Doforost's offlce
this afternoon. From the point of re
spectabillty the communlty Is to be a
real arlatocracy; tinancial standlng, a
eecondary considerntion.
Tho rallroad statlon will he sttuated
ln ihe public square, formlng tho en
trance to the communlty. Thls square
wlll be surrounded wlth ornnmental
buildings, contalnlng the buslness of
flces, storea nnd shops. a village
green of two nnd one-h.-Uf a<roS wlll
odd lo tho plcturesqucness o( the en
trance gato nnd square. Brldgoa wlll
cpnnect wlth the railway statlon and
entrance to apartments, so tl
muters may enter
and leave trains from
tholr apartmonts wlthout exposure
tn slormy weather,
Tho present plans oontemplato the
openlng of the modol town early next
(Contlnued From First Page.)
clal relatlons wftT??Tn7i^i%.T7he'
la8t0nIght:Cablegram fr?m R1? ,aneiro
the,-4alf5ra, of t)l, navy f(JI. thJ g
provenient of thelr posltlon "
I'rom thls message lt is assumed 'by
the bankers that the trouble at Rio
Janeiro is of a non-polltical character
DemocrniH Wlll Ilave 227 MeinberM 1..
... ., "Ne.it Congreas,
"ashlngton, Novomber ",__TnQ
Kemocratlo representatlon in the next
House wlll bo 22
.agalnst 103 Rc
Unbearable Conditions Which
Forced This Unhappy Clinton
Lady to Remain at Home.
Clinton, Tonn.-Mrs. Daisy Wcaver, of
this place, says: "I was in very bad
health, and suffcrcd great pain with wo
manly troubles. Sometimes I waa bo net
vous I thought I could not livc. 1 had
been in this condition about six years, antl
had given up hopes of ever being any bet
ter, when I decided I would try Cardui
the woman's tonic. Now, 1 feej like a new
woman. 1 can do all my housework, and
although it is a mile walk, 1 can go to
church. It has been a great pleasurc lo
mc his summer to be out in the sunshine
and fresh air again. 1 fcel very grateful
for this medicine,"
Cardui has a Bticcessful record of more
than half a ccntury in the treatment of
womanly weakness and disease, \>> medi.
cine without merii could remain in such
constant u.-e, and show such a continual
increasc in sales as Cardui has done, Ii
rclitvc.^ pain, like
womanly rjni&ery, 1
manly strength.
Bc aurc that C'a
Your druegtst
idache, backache,
and builds up wq
ill benefit you,
it. Try ??!,_ to-day.
>.'?? SAd?iVnr,y Ucpt.,
Chattanooga Mediciu%.t "', Cha'tt^iooga,
Tcnii , for -^;'i\:i!'liTilrH:.:i>j<i\ ,l',r! '? l-page
^ook, "Ih^iiic Tncatmeni [qi Women,"
tent in [jIuih wrapper uii requestJ
VVf ->' lV\\V4/&f'?fei.4t
"Wr all bmv to fashion"
Gloves out a eonspicions
figure in men's dress at this
Here are the eorrect klnd for
he stpeet, reception, the drivo,
dt on tho ice wagon.
Dress gloves, business gloves,
.vorking gloves from 30 cents
o $2.3CX
Handkerchiefs, hose, neck
wear pajamas, shirts, uuder
Everythlng for men's and
joys* wear?and Berry coats
or girls.
-gmPESElllllUfll HIM III IHII *f .? |
?? ' !
Ubllcans and one Soclallst, aocordinsr ;
ii the roster of the House publlshed \
lorc. These ligures glve the Demo
rats n majofity of slxty-three and a
lurallty of slxty-four.
According to thls publication. Kan
as is tho only State of sizc whlch
..s a solid Republican delegntlon. A
umber, however, contaln only tho
lemocrat, among these thus inciutled
elntr lowa, Minncsota, Cnllfornla and
All the Southern States have solid
"leuatlons except Maryland, Vlrglnla.
rentucky and Tennessee. Maryland
nd Vlrginia each has one Republi
ftn, while Tennessee and Kentucky
has two members of that pa'rty.
olorado ls the only Northern Stato
epresented entlrely by Democrats, but
? II :ia, posscssinir a much larger
epresontatlon, prosses close upon her
eela, with twelve Democrats out of
hlrteen members.
Illlnols has elevcn Democrats In her
rshlp out of twenty-flve; Massa
h etts, four out 0f fourteen: Michl
r-1 ii- two out of twelve; New Jersey,
even out of ten: Now Yortf. twentv
hree oul of thlrtyrseven; Ohlo, slx
.-n ..in nf twenty-elght and Pennsyl
anla. nine out of thirty-two. Mls
???? ' ? dolegatlon conslsts ..f thlrteen
?<:?= and three Republlcans.
Tl N'ebraska delegatlon is ovenly
three and three. as is Mulne's.
wo and two; Oklahoma has two Re
lUbllcans and three Democrats; Wash
r.cton is rcpresented by three Rcpub
icans. All the States havlng one rep
esentatlvo only are R'-puMIcati.
3robable That She Will Be
Sent Back as Undesirable
Queenstown. November 24.?A young
.i.iiian supposed to bo Kthel Clata De
ievc boarded the steamer Majestlc
i"hen tho vessol touched hero on her
l.iy to Now York to-day. When ques
ioned she emphatlcally denled thls
lontlflcatlon. Those ln close touch
it.'i Miss Leneve say that she ls stlll
i England, remainlng in sacluslon tn
vold the annoyance resuiting from tho
npleasant notoriety which she galned
s a frlend of Dr. Crlppen, who yester
!ty ivas hanged for the inurder of his
Mny Rnr Her Out.
New York, November 24.?Immlgra
on ofllclals here are interested in the
ibled onnouncement, that Ethel Olara
eneve, the young; woman who iled to
anada with 1 >r. H. II. Crlppen, is on
er way to thls country. Commlssion
r Wllllams declines to say anything
?hich mlght be regarded as prejudg
ig the case.
"The case will he Investlgated as the
icts warrant," he said. "If she ls
ot consldered a deslrable allen the
oman can easlly be Kept out of tha
ountry, despite the fact that the Eng
sh courts ai'iuitted her of being an
coompllco of Dr. Crlppen. If scntenco
( deportatlon ls passed upon her !'
robably wlll bo on the ground that
he crossed the Atlantlc wlth Dr. Crlp.
nn. to whom she was not married.
'he method whlch would be fnllowed
?ould be the sanie as that followed ln
ther pases. She would be detalned by
lie boarding lnspectors and ordered to
:ilis island. Thero would be a hearlng
efora a special board of Inqulry.
he would have the rlght to appeal
rom tholr deolslon to the authorities,
t Washlngton."
W. H. Fleld Dend.
Montgomery, Ala., November 2
l. l-'leid, former treasurer o
touston and TcNas Central Ra
ho retire.d from servlce
go on account of ill heal
loved to Now York Clty,
isi night of paralysls, i
iKht years. He was a i.
The Weather
Ciirecnili VlrKlnlii?Generully luir
?'rlduy; Siitiirdn.v, falri nioderote vic.it
\orih Onrollnn?Gcncrally fnir ivi.
Inj nnd Siiliirilitj ; iimmIitiii,. vrcst
Fair, Thermometoi ai inldnlgnt, 63,
(At s l\ M. Eastern Standard Time')
Place. Ther, n. i. Weather,
Nllil"::' . l>0 12 V clouoy
i\ ashlngton ? ? ? ? IS ><i (Jloudy
?havh.lle . 00 ? ? i li ?r
lalelgh . 5ti .... i ;,.,r
\sho\ llle . r,o i i uiear
Norfolk . i> oo i ., ?,.?
ial tera.M . . . :7\ . ""'; ., - ?,.???
\ilguntn . 116 . i i |,. ,,
tVllmlngton .... BO : ?. ?
lupiter . OG 7b Qlear
;ha i lestou . 80 i ?? r ,. 0 ,,;...
lacksonvllle .... IH Claar
Sun ihi..s..,. 1;(|] M..ii..i.i
bun seta. 4:53 Evcnlnu
AT HlilT
Dccp Run Hounds Lcad Merry
Chase for Large Field of
Tha Deen Run Club held Its uaual
Tlmnksjdvlnc hiint yesterday morn?
lng;, meetlng al the konnels at 10:30
o'clock. Weather rondltlonst were
mosl favorable and a large flold turn?
ed .on.
The clghl couplea of hounds wero
liral in the lower end of Grantlanp
nnil the run waa up the rlver to the
G/rantland houae, through tho pnd
docka nround th>' Btables, where tho
fenceg gavo an opportunlty for some
pretty feats of horsemanshlp, to tho
Rlver Road tor a check,
Th" hounds were next east in Illggln
botham'a, oppoalte Mr. Grant's gate,
and the run was by Westhampton,
back tip the Rlver Road, through ,1ns.
C. Smlth'a and iho Pattorson property,
to the Country Club.
The drag was latd on the club
grounds along the Three-Chop Road
nnd by the tennls courta. The hunt
hero presented n most fasclnatlng
sight. the hounds well packed and
glvlng excellont tongue and the rlders
following cloaely nnd taklng tho
Thls feature of the hunt was par
tlcularly enjoyed by a largo crowd
assembfed at the club to wltness the
Misaea Warfli
Mndaev v. ?
Thosa rlding n
ton. on Orandei
II.. on Overlan
whlp, on Hlgh!
whip. on Ca
renshaw and EIslo
nly women rldlng.
llunlsnian Thorn
ii. Voung. M. F.
James W. Gravea,
; E. D. Harrls.
Miss Wartleld Cren
shaw, on Tho Quaker; Miss Elsie I.ind
sey, on Lady Nlcotine; J, C. MUler, on
Westcheater; E, B, Sydnor, on Robln
Hotfd: Wilburn Sydnor. on Prlncess
Loutse; F. S Campbell. on Powhatan;
J. A. Branch. nti Francea; J. R. J. An
derson, on Palodin; Archor Anderson,
011 Chorus Glrl.
Tho meet next Saturday has been
changed to Woodlawn III. C. Beat
tios place). at 3:30 o'clock.
Skyacrnper Suli-lde, Pollce Call llrewr-r'*
Trrrllile Ilrntli.
Philadelphla. November 21.?Falllngr
from the twelfth atory of tho Land
and Trust Company skyscrape.r at
Broad and Chestnut Streets, Henry C
Brewer. thlrty years old, met death.
He was seen hanglng from a wlndow
alll i>y a scrub-woman, and just as she
sorcamed from frlci.t. Brewer iet go
nnd fell to a one-story shed In tlro
rear of the hlgh building. He llvod
a short tlme.
Brewer .was a rredlt ndjuster em
ployed ln the building. The pollce say
he committed sulctde. Hls accd mothor
says Jier son had been dospnndent be?
cause the woman ho marrled last Aprll
and who deserted him shortly after
ward. Is alleged to already have had a
husband ln a Pennsylvania clty.
Wlnil Proveiitn Fllghta.
He. Ala, November 24.?Wind
lona to-day pmve.l ino great aj
ap for .1. .\. [.. McCurdy and Au-|
Post tha two avlatora partlc
* ln tlio avlatlon meel hclng
h^ro thls week. McCurdy made
hort fllghts. but was unable to
above flfty feet, and after Post
one attempt the day's program
:alled off.
Ilcnvy LoBN by Tlro.
Troy. Ala., November 21.?The Atlan
I'c Compress Company's warehouse and
rompress were rompletely destroyed by
lro this mornlng. and the building."
md machlnery are n complete loss. Be
woen 2,500 and 3,000 bales of cotton
vere also destroyed. Several r/lroad
?ars loaded with eotton were burned
rhe total loss Is estlmatod at $300,0,10,
lartly covered by insurance. The orl
;ln of the flre ls unknown.
ederlcksburg, Va., November 24.?
Apache Indlan Instltute, Wash
-jii, D. C? was severely defeated
thla evening by the Frederlcks
College football team; score, 5
The Washlngton team was out
ed ln every part of the contest.
only touchdown was made ln tho
quarter by Williams. on a slxty
run through the entire team
:e in the last quarter the Apache
i advanced the ball dangerously
the Krederlcksburg goal. but eacli
its terrlflc onalaughts were
ried. The game waa marred
ighout by frequent fumbles. Among
! who feat,ured for Frederlcksburg
Mill, Weaver and Williams; fot
hlngton, Glebel, Snider and Dis
Surllng, N. C., No.vember 26.?Walter
Cates, of this clty. and Miss Mlnnle
uhut were marrled at the country
::.?? of the hride's father yesterday
Sits snugly to the neck, the
tops meet in front and there
is ample space for the cravat.
15c., 21or 25c. Cluett.Peabody 4 Co., Maken
ARIIOW CUFFS 25 ccnts a p?lr
"The House
That Jack
Christmas Money In It
See Sunday Times-Dispatch
Your buaJiMsH py jucjiciom advcrtlslng
>m p.'.in* are < oinplHo
Freeman Advertbilng Agency
Mlltual Muilijing
JLltliUMid. Vi?Kiui_, '-4
Sets New Altitude Record
Ilr. Drexel, In a Illerlot mnnoplnnr, nnnreil tn n helght of n,f)70 trei nt Polnt
Ureer.e Wpdnemlny.
Republican Knockers at Work in Effort to Split
Ranks of Their Victorious Ene.my?Their
, Success JMot in Sight.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Wushlngton, November 24.?Kepub
lcan knock^rs are at work in many
>arts of the country trying to get up
t row among the Democrats that will
nake trouble fur the next two year:.
Chey tljruro tliat if tney can dlvlde the
Democrats over the speakershlp mat
;er and make a divislon It will bo
rood plcklng for the G. O. P. ln the
lUjtional election two years hence.
No sooner had the election returns
ndicated the tremendous Democratlo
andsllde than Ftepublican papers with
"ureatis ln Washi. ?totl began a ays
ematlc tlght against the Democrats.
fl.oy have discussed with much earnest
less the posslbllity of Congressman
fay, of Virginia, leading a tlsht
.gainst Mr. Clark unless tho latter
ihall make an open declaratlon of
irlnciples regardlng tlie "rules" sys
em ln the Itouse. and are turning and
wlsting tho matter ln any way that
vill tend to make trouble for the
Jcmocrats. .Such a situation was to
ie expected with the Democrats in
ontrol of the Slxty-second Congress,
.ur. fortunately for the latter, lt Iooks
ik- the Hcpublicana are to fail in
heir mission of maklng divislon and
trlfe. As a matter of fact, every
n?mber of tho present or next Con
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Burcau,
The TImes-Dlspatch,
1103 Hull Street.
In observance of Thanksglving, all
it--' otllces of South Richmond were
losed yesterday. A number of shops
nd stores did not open for buslness,
nd in all instances employes were
Iven half hollday. Services were held
estorday morning in the various
hurches and were attonded by large
angregations. ? .
Trnfflc upon the cars from early
lorning to late at night was almost
nprecodented. Hundreds. of persons
'Ishing to witness the great Brldiron
attle were compelled to foot lt to
aehmond. Hustings Court, Part -.
losed its doors for the day.
Tivo I'retty Marrlafie*.
Two pretty marrlages were cele
rated Wednesday night ln South
:tchmond. At 8:30 o'clock Mlss Mar
aret Yeates and John F. Albrlgh,
erc married at the home of the bride,
.ev. J. T. Haley performing the cere
lAty'n o'clock Mlss Emma Glll waa
larrled to William E. Baughan at 206
ast Klghth Street, Rov. J. T. Halej
(Bclatlng. All the young people aro
ell known in the Southslde.
Other Wcddlngs.
A pretty home wedding was cele
rated Wednesday in the home of the
rld?'i parents, at MM?iL"wv
atan county, when Mlas Bllaabeth V
haup, daughter of A. A. Pha-uP. supei
itondont of roads in Cho?terneW
H.ntv, became the wlfe of Bernard A.
haup, a promlnont merchant of Houxn
ii-hmond. _.,_ ?,?
The attondants were Mlss Phemin
wens and Charles Phaup. The om
latlng clorgyman was tho Rev. ???_??
VUnfreo, of Mldlothlan, Chcaterfleld
Mr.Yand Mrs. Phaup left for an ex
?mled lour North, and upon then 10
irn wlll resido ln the Southslde.
Wednesday evening at 0 o'clock at
io homo of Rev. S, S. Roblnson, pas
ir of ISttrloK Baptist Church, Choster
eld county, Allle V. Maddera and
llva neulah D- Hawkln* were mai
ed, Rov, Mr. Robettaon porformed
ie oeremony, ...
I'mici-nl of J. v. Ashiiy
The body of .lames T. Ashby, flfty
Ix years old, who dt?)d' Wednesday
t his home iu Oak Grovo, waa tftW"
. Swlfl CreoB nn a special car of tho
.?tersburg'-liiTe?1 vostcrday afternoon
he Intorment was ln tho comelery or
Tilrkoys Come to Town.
lt was, ln truth, "as poor as Joos
iirltny, thut had to loan againat a
r-nco to gobl.le," and "had but one
eather ln Its tall," yet tho ownor waa
pparently unconselotis of the torriDio
iuih. and ventu'rad no rnpllos to tlie
oircnt. ot snronsm and blttor reinarits
licorod front every Vftntago poiiu
rom th? llpn or a awann of snmii
oys and street loafors. "Say. ?4,1
nn, Ut's ano If he can stand up .
What do you call that," and other
lldi eplgrama wore lot loose, but not
o tho. illnmav nf tho composod farmot
eo!n?c thelr worda fell Hat. tho granf,
? miied, nnd "Job" ivonded his way ,t?
xpcute. his pri/.e fowl, ., .
"Timt's old .1 ini Snoud, from o?l '"
?iicKtni'tie.iii, und you guys loavo hiin
lone," reiurUnl an udmtrer.
C'liurlly Open-Ilundnl.
Did you havo turkey yesterday? tt
grcss belonglnjr to the Democratic
llne up, who has been ia Washlngton
slnce the election, sees nothlng but a
solid front for hls party. ?
Free From Ooiniuutlnn.
Every slgn, these members say,
polnts to a Democratic natlonal con?
ventlon in 1912 that will be abaolutely
free from tho domlnatlon of any ono
man. The Democratic party, they
thlnk, ls golng to be organlzed for the
presldentlal lampalgn accordlng to
real Democratic methods. There Is
not the sllghtest chance that any one
Indlvldual will galn sufficlcnt strcngth
before tho conventlon to glve him the
power of dlctatinB to the party. Tho
next conventlon, they say, will bo
radlcally dlfferent from the one of
two years ago and held at Denver. At
that tlme, it ls well known, Wllllam J.
Bryan was the rontrnllinfr splrlt. Be?
fore the next conventlon other faces
will appear.
The conventlon of 1912, accordlnp:
to present bellef, will bo made up of
delegates, many of them pledped, lt
Is true, but not all pledged to any one
man. The Ohlo dclogatlon, of roiirse,
will go for Ifarmon; Massachusetts
will be lnstructcd for Foss; New Jer
sey will east its vote for Woodrow
Wllson; Connectlcut will, In all proh
is estlmated that more than 2,000 of
tho birds were killed', dressed and
enjoycd in South nichmond. Those few
whoae pockotbooks denied them the
luxury were content with chlcken and
plenty of cranberrles. The liearta of
the poor were made glad, and from
the chlnks ln many a poverty-atricken
household jrleamed the llght of some
one's charlty. antl the thln_wallB prazed
uoon rare scenes of fafriilles ulad
dened for the #nonce. This charitnble
enterprlse was' done fiuletly and the
names of tho unsolfish persons will
probably never be lieralded. The car
ryln.tr out of such a project was men
tloned a few days ago and yesterday
testlfied to its success.
The Ladies' Ald Soclety of Woodland
Heighta Baptist Church held Its an?
nual oyster supper last night. a large
crowd was oresent.
The Patented Tin Foi)
Cans in which Good
Luck Baking Powder ia
packed prevent deterioration,
Good Luck" could not be sold
regularly in solid carload lots if it
did not fully retain its
High Leavening Power.
At your grocer's.
The Southern
Thls ls the rootlng which is guar
anteed to last tonyeara with a gen
ulno Htiroty bond which glves tha
buyer abaolute protactlon. Sample
on reQuost.
(idltno.V M13TAI, 00.,
lUcbmnnd. Va.
abillty, bo for Judgc Baldwln; In
dlntui Will llne up for Murshn.ll, ahd.
Now York will, Witholit iiuestloii, east
her voto clthor for tlaytior or Dix.
Thls makes un oxcollent (leld from
whlrh to aelect a Domocratto stnndard
bearo'- lu 11)12, and lt ls hardly pob
nlblc, It Is bollbvcd, for tho party to
niako a mlHtako with such an uliiiiidancu
of prcsldotitlal tlmbor on hand. Bo
sldca 'thls It will absolutoly obvlate tho
posslblllty ot any ono nuin dlctatlng
what shall bo dono In convontlon.
filgns also polnt to a solld Democ
raey. Thero aro golng to he no fac
tlons ln the party, desplto the eftorts of
tho a. o. l'. to muko frloiioii, startlng
lt with a tlght ln tho Ilouse, where tho
riilea questlon Ih tho Ishuc. Thls situa?
tion, ln vlow of tho present dlsrupted
condltlon of the Ropubllcan party
makes It almost certaln that the DotTUr*
crnts will movo Into the White IIouso
when I'resltlent Taft hls finlshed hls
term of ollico.
With Foss, Hntmon, Wllson, Baldwln.
Dix, Oaynor. and all the other well
known DeiuocrutH In tho llne-up, thero
ls every renaon to prcdlct a splcndui
vlctory for tho Democrats,
Wlint Cnn ?;. O. P. OITert
What has the Hopubllran party to
offor, unleSs new materlal can be de
valopod durlng th? next two yonrs?
Presldent Taft has atated many tlmes
recently that he has had ennugh or
the Whlte IIouso, and it Is thercforn
morally certaln tliat unless condltlona
force him, he will not npaln allow
hlmsolf to bocome a candldato for tne
prosldency. A seat on tlio bench of the
United States Supreme Court will bo
wlthln easy reach durlng the next fow
years, und that, lt ls sald, ls what ho
renlly wun's more than auythlng else.
Colonel Roosevelt Is a puzzle to tho
country, and whether or not hn will
agalh' become a candldate will dcpencl
largcly upon his courao durlng the
next elghteen months. Then w'ho la
there? Knox and Hltchcock aro tho
only men ln the Cablnct belleved to
be of presldentlal proportlons; tne
Sonate has been strippert bare, now
offerlni? nothjng In the way of avall
able materlal, unless lt be Henator
Itoot. nml elsewhero avnllable candl
datcs aro dlfflcult to flnd. Of courao
the"t>. O. P. will not stay down, but
Just now lt Is In the dust.
P. H. McG.
Killed Instantly When Their
Home Is Invaded by
Trenton. N. J., November 24.?The
Rev. Andrew I_ Armstrong. tho clghty
year-old pastor of tho Prcsbytorlan
Church at Dutch Neck, ten miles eaat
of here, and hls wlfe \vere murdored
last night at their homo by burglars
The couplo were shot. lt ls belleved
they dled Instantly.
Couple Stlll Oui of Bed. ,
The pastor and hls wlfe had not re
tlred when the burglars entcred their
home, at about 11 o'clock last night
The fact that they had not retlred
probably accounts for their havlng been
The cuatom of country people to re
tlro early probably led the hurglam
to expect that everyhody ln the housa
would be sleeping. The burglars, lt
is belleved, being detected, Immcdlately
shot the mlnlster and his wlfe.
Tho shootlng wns heard by Mrs.
?lohn Sears, an aged woman who had
been for years houaekeeper ln the
Armstrong famlly. She was upstalrs
when tho shootlng occurrcd.
Illdea Under lird.
So afrald was she that she mlght be
shnt herself that sho hld under a beii
untll the arrlval of her son, who also
llved ln the house, but who had been
spendlng the evening away.
Mcanwhile the burglars ransacked
the house and carrled away jewelry,
money and other artlcles.
Prosecutor Crossley and County Do
teptlve Klrkham left here for tho acano
of the murder this mornlng. It Is not
belleved that the murderors left a clua
Evldencc of Strujrslr,
Mr. Armstrong and hla wlfe were
both shot ln the breast. They wero
found ln pools of blood on tho first
floor of the house.
The pastor'a body was lying in hia
study. That of his wlfe was In a
doorway noarby. It was plaln there
had been a struggle. ?
The houso was not only ransackod,
but the gold watch worn about the
neck of the pastor was snatched from
Its chain. Hls pockets were Vlfled.
The Armstrongs llved ln an old
homestead. Mr. Armstrong was known
to be a man of consldorable means. A
big farm adjoinlng the houso was
leaseci to tenants. The pastor had only
hls pastoral work to attenxl to.
Early yesterday mornlng Joseph
Sears went hunting In the noighbor
hood of New Brunswick. He left his
mother and the pastor and hla ? wlfe
at home. Mrs. Sears heard her son's
step As sho lay under the bed, almost
In a stato of collapse. When he
walked into the house sho came run
ulng downstairs.
Sears and his mother went to tho
homes of nelghbors for help. A crowd
soon collocted in tho house.
Tt was seen that tho burglars had
turned out all tho llghts after they
had com'mltted the murder and finlshed
robblng th'o houso.
Mrs. Sears, in doscrlblng the tragrlo
happenlngs of the night. sald she heard
the shootlng and soreamtng and other
nolses, and at first belleved that the
house was falllng in. She thought the
safest place was under the bed.
Dr. Armstrong was a natlvo of New
York State. He had been pastor of
the Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church
for moro than forty years.
Mrs. Armstrong was a daughter of
the late EUwood Huo, of Dutch Neck.
Sho was about forty-flve years old.
iioim- Wreokcd, Wlfe Kllled nnd Ilim
liaud Hiully Injureil.
Falrniont, W. Va,, Novembor 21.?
When Clydo Fast attompted to llglit
tho llre ln tho kltchen riingo at hls
residence to-day accuniulated natural
gas oxplodod with such forco as to
wreck tho building. nnd blow thr'oe
members of the famlly Into tho street.
Fast and hls wifo woro caught ln tlie
wreckage. iiiul.-Mrs.v. li'ast was kllled
und her husband serloualy injured.
The other members'of tho. famlly?.
chlldren rnnglug from two to thlrteen
yours?oscanod with sllght brulsos.
Itceords Wnde by u t'ohliler, Vnta at
ni-4 iiuriiil Servlcea,
Washlngton, November 21.?Plotrn
FIcoo. a shoomakor and 'amatour imi
sii'lan, and very fond of a plianograph.
which wiis his Urst purcliaso with his
savlng.s, sang ut hls own funeral. Flc
co dietl at tho honio of compatrlots
with whom he boarded. Unuble to
afford a- funeral with song, iiH he
oould havo obtalned ln hls natlvo vll
Ihko ln tho Abruz'/.l, ho rociuosted that
lils phonograph ho iitlllzed ln tho ser?
Flcco ownad several records, with
"The Ansols' Sorenade" and Oounod's
"Ave Mnrla," aung by hlmaclf, and.
ls Your
Piano Dead?
There are hundreds of dead
pianos in Richmond?dead as
far as YOU are concerned.
There It stands, a costly plece
of furniture. Trade it in for
YOU can play whenever you
I chose, and whatever you care
to hear. It's alive to the touch
of any membef of the famlly.
Demonstrations every day.
Madlson 2734.
213 K. Ilrond,
these, the only two in the repertolre
i onstdered denlrabio fur so soleum an
oeca.-i.ui aB a funeral servlce, were
used. The plionograpit und seventy
twu leei.Id.-i v. IU |?- sent to Iii* aged
inotlu-r in Italy.
"dm. I.lllll I'hllllpM.
[Spi ciai m'liie I'lmoa-Dlspatch.]
Union Eevcl, Va., November 2 1.?Mra
Lulu A. t'lilllips, wlfe Ol .1. ('. I'lillllps.
of Baskervlilf, Va., died yesterday,
Bhe hau beTSh inntu an lnvalld for i
long time. Besldes her auaband, sti?
ls i-urvlved by the following children'
Oi/rdou 11., Inna li. and Sarah D
Tumuua llun.
[Special toThe Tlmi s-Dlspatch.J
Washlngton, N. <'., November .1. ?
Thoniaa Uult, of Coiumblu. N. C. tlled
at tlie Washlngton ji igpltal thls morn?
ing at 0 o'cluck. ll.j w.is brought lj
tho huspltal about two week.-: uij.i ?uf"
ferlng with an acuttj attack ot appen.
(licltis. Bcfoie i.. .. i- .ip.-ia'.-d ..a lii'i
surgeotis at the Uospltal had no hope*
for his recovery. m. was about tweti
ty-llve years ol age
MimiHi Campliell.
. [Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Brlsioi, va.. .\,.. moer !< -Th- body
of Samuel Campbell. .. ? ? Urls.
toi lumberman, who dropped dead al
Dubim last evening :? . ? n/prli
. speotlng lumbe ' .?.-... brought to
Brlstoi to-day. Ui
old. llo Is aurvlv..,! 1,.. h'.s wlfe, four
brothers and two alst>i . li, bad been
ldentliied with lumtjer Interest here ioi
twenty.flve years.
ItUn l.oul.t Kiilglmm.
Mlss Fulghnm w
nd was a ?
had been in poor
.11 r*. I'rauk ?
[Special toThe
Lynchburg, Va.
; Kr.inJc <;oIdman i
Kd-h Bayllss, forr
eltlzen of Memphh
a rcshlept of St.
; to-day af ier tlire<
i fallure. She w;n
) two week* wlth
I malns wlll be taken to
i phis for burlal. Mrs
I vlved by the following children?John 1
1 BavllHs. of HraiEll; Brnnson Kayllss, ot
i St. Loula, and Mrs. J. I.. Kent, ol
J. T. Fogleninn,
[Special to'l'ho TImes-Dlspatch. 1
Bur'ing. N. (.'.. November 2-1.?J. T
Fogleman died at hla home on Wehu
Avenue thls morning, death reaultlng
from the effects of a stroke of para
lysls, whlch he recolved last Friday.
toM ?ii
Bayllss ls sur
DONLY?Died, at his late residence,
707V- Oraliam Street, Thursday, nt
9:35 "A. M., J. WILDIK DONI.V, sec?
ond son of George W, and E. Ade
lalde Donly, In the forty-fourth year
of his age. He leavcs. bt.sides his
parents, a widow and slx children.
three slsters and one brother to
mourn their Iosk.
Funeral notice later.
DOHERTY?Died, at her residence,'.'IH 3
West Main Street, after a ahort 111 ?
ness. JOSIK G. DOHURTY. young
est daughter of the late John B,
Funeral notice later.
No flowcrs.
The Army of
U Growing ScaalUr Etotj^ Day.
rapoDjtble?tb?y notg
only givo relief?^
thoy permaaestly
cute Cooitipa
tioa. Mil
liont uae
them (or
aen, Indigcition, Skk Hetdtchc, Sailow Skm.
Qenulne ? tau?t bear slsnature.
That a bank ls equipped to servo you
cfficiently ls the record of its own
buslness career. The statement
showlnft capltal invested, the surplua
carried and the profits earned. Thls
bank points to Its record of nearly
fr.-ty-five years as a guarantec of
stifety and prosperity.
Capltal, Surplus.& Profits, $1,500,00(1.
Wrlte for booklct, ''Banklnfi by Mall."

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