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(Coritlntiotl from I'Mrst Page.)
kept hls braln In a whtrl whlle that
llamlng gasoli ne caught hls eyo,
"Send that taxicab tb tha gatea and
tell them I say not to sr-n any moro
tlckets," ho thundorod, Aa the taxicab
dlaapfceared ho called for Barrler,
Whlle he waa waltlng for the P'ronch
mah he ? nl omebody also arotind tho
race track in .1 motor car to annotince
thnt Barrler would iiy bver lho clty.
Barrler lieard II Solzlng hls gogglea
ivhlch wero ani horod lo Ji 1.- walst. bo
'"" Into ih. neld ond took hla teat
oehlnd thoae propenora ovon before
hls Uelpera ivore about, tfe no Ionger
felt ihat gnawing in hls boHOm
Out beyond the park 11,,. other mul
lltudo had oautrht ,[?. WOrd thnt an
avlator in a frall niti,. rnaehlrio ivfta
golnpr to mchmond. Thal Jam of
People on ,1,,. rallroad bridge?which
should bo kopi 1,,,. nnd cloar and
open by law- h sard lt. The poor bovs.
whlte an.i black, in the treea grabbed
)ii the wlng. And tliat army
car people at tho Hermltage
of motor cai
gate entrani
lifted their
ln wonder.
and well kept hands
?e wns h murmiir not
Unllke thal v.l'.ii-h came from boys
ick, afop the treea; as
Ihrong turned Its
vlolet eye . nward
Sunltght 011 IIU PlancN,
When Barrler moved along tuwar.i
the nnrthweat for his altltude anil
turned back over his Btartlng polnt a
miniite and a half later tliere wns a
mlghty cheer. a man who had hur
rled to a telephonn booth to notlfy
*nrne.body in tho clty got back to the
fteld hardly a moment ahead or Bar?
rler, who travelod nlne miles in loss
than nlne mlnutes. Ofleh ho was lost
to ylew. From 11,0 field It was llKr.
flnding nnd Ioslng a salllng sloop, falnt
Aviation Meet Grows Bigger, Four Machines
Flying Together and One Goes Over Town.
Story of the Second Day.
Aa a crownlng accompllsliment to a
morning ot feata, and Hfter four aero- I
planea?three-Blorlotsand one biplane j
?had been in the air together, Rene j
Barrler, fricnd of a klng and pet pupd !
uf Louis Bleriot. dlrected IiIh mono- i
plane for a fllght over Richmond, the
third made by the trlo <?( Frenchmen I
Rli ..:n<-.nd now bears the dlsttnction
of ha.'.iiig been flown over by al
hi (er-than-alr machine more tlmea ;
than iny other ? .??? In the world ex-1
cepi -"?"???,, York. But Richmond, ??.?a \
umall ? ? . alr Gro nd n
by th< :?:: large crowd whlch, ln
RUJomobi.es, biocked buth hlg!, .
.?1 tlie grounus and ebngested .
railroad blidge, is not aivarc of the
honor, or .>f ;: ?- dlsttnction.
lIcmllton'N Machine on Flre,
Th- p.uroz.age, desplte the fact that
Confederate soldlers ln uniform and
school children are adinitted free of
Charge, is poor. The crowd yester?
day ran up somewhere between 5,000
and 6.000 people, but It made up for j
Its lack of numbers by Its very ev|
dent enthuiiasm.
Hamllton md not fjy. Just as he had
got his biplane out of the hangar,
preparatory to making a night, it
caught llrp, and for several minutes I
was in danger of being de.stroyed. Tho
blaze was caused by the back flring of
Ihe englne, a spark from which
Ignited gasolene spilled on tlie lower
plane. The flames spread rapldly,
rcachlng everyivhero that gasolene
had been spilled, and t' e spectators
ran for thelr llves. When it looked
at one tlme that,there might be an
exploslon Hamllton lilmself ran. The
flames were flnally beaten out by
ilnmllton and his corps of mechani
clans. and tne air machi.. j was found
to be only sllkhtly damaged. It will
be repaired, and wlll bo ready for a
fllght to-day.
After the reckless little Frenchman.
Slmon. and his compatrlots, Barrler
Rnd Garros, In Bleriot monoplanes. and j
John J. Frlsbie in his own mttke of ,
biplane, had been up together, the j
grandstand crowd sent over to the ;
hangar an urgent request that tne j
aviators he presented.
Prcxcnteil ?o Grnndstand.
With Hamllton, and accompanied by j
Mr. Molsant, tho Frenchmen climo;d
Into an automobile and went acrops !
to the judges' stand, where, one by |
one, they were presented. They he.'.rd
the bravos ,and uncierstood. But they
are not speechmakers. They knoiv
hoiv'to fly, but they do not talk. As
each was presented he merely smlled,
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complete wlthout chlldren; she
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Mgr. for Vlrginia,
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?f - t.rhn^vid Striuhyick 'Pivy
.'>'?' ?/?Sll'i'i'fcji.-u'i.^ YVd .'' ''':'"'v
iii.m: ii i uitnit.
and Indlstlnct, far out at sea. Rut
when the Krenchman turned, or vecred
nr wheeled over Chestnut Hill, a
stroak of sunllsfht fell athwart his
planes nnd brought them clearly out
of tlie smnlti. and mlst. As he camo back
over the very spot from whlch he had
flown Barrler dlpped gracefully as a
signal that his (llght was over.
Garros elapped Slmon on the shoul
der. "Those Heavenly Twlns," he said
ln French. "are ehanged now lo those
heavenly trlplets."
And all of whlch?wlth those other
fllghtH and glideH and turns and dips?
brlngs to ono's mlnd the fact that thls
is indeed a great avlation meet, second
only to that which but recontly con
cluded at Belmont Park, Richmond
Itkewlse ranks next to New York in
the number of cross-clty flights. no
other clty. at home or abroad, cqnallng
It wlth heavlcr-tlian-alr machines. The
meet wlll contlnue to-day nnd to
morrow. lt Is an cducatlonnl show.
and It deservcs fnr better patronage
than It has recelved.
doffed hls cap or hat, and bowed
pleaaantly. Tne boylah Slmon also
smilcd. He never losea lt. It is the
first seen of httn when he lands. the
last when he fllcs away.
Garros ls cosmopolitan, and can
converae in almost any lansuage. He
ls always willinsf to anawer questlons,
to oxpluln, and to Interpret for hls
fellow-countrymen when they do not
underatand. liarrier la generally sllent.
He tiever speaks except when dlrectly
? tloned, and then, if tne questlon
i- in Engllah, hc turn.i to his friend
Gai to Interprel for him,
Hamllton and Fri able, both Amer
;-.:?., are always pl?aaant and wlll
Ing. Each always T:as time to stop
and explain his machine.
'I'hrec Over tlie Clty.
Slmon. Garros and Barrler. all. have
down over Rlchmond. and, perhaps, lt
la well to mention that they dld not
fly for i?ri?.es, as ha3 generally been
the caae before with other avlators.
lt had been promlseu that they would
execute darlng feats. With none of
them had lt been promlaed that he
would fly over the city. Yet all have
done It. Garros flew first, on Wednea
day mornlng, when he appeared un
expectedly over and beyond the Clty
Hall. Then Slmon told Alfred Moisant
that he wanted also to fly over the
clty. Mr. Moisant agreed, and Uttle
Slmon. ln hls .clean, whlte sweatcr,
smllcd and flew away. He mistook the
Jefferson Hotel for the Clty Hall, and
returned. And yesterday It was Bar
rler's turn.
A few mlnutes before he ascended. at
1:3,1 o'clock, lt was announced by mega
phone from an automoblle, that he
would do what the others had done.
He was ready before the nnnounclng
was finlshed, and sat quletly in hls
Uttle perch in the Blerlot, untll the
crowd was ready for him.
Uarrlcr a Stn'r.
Then some one yelled from the grand
stand that all wa3 ready, and Rene
Barrler dropped hls hand, and was
off. People here do not know Barrler,
and yet in Europe he is known by relgn
InR kln^s. He Is a friend of King Al
tonzo, of Spaln. who once senj him
a royal invitation to vlsit him ln the
palaco ln Madrid. Barrler ansv.ered
the invitation, wheh was rcnlly a com
mand. and had a most delightful tlme
with the boy ruler of Spaln. He was
the pet pupil of Blerlot, the master
bullder, and of Alfred LeBlanc, the
greatest prizo winner of France.
Ho ls only twenty-slx years old. His
aeronautlcal career began at the avia
lt(M.\M) GAItnOS.
i tion school at Pau, France, where he
i soon ostabllshed a reputatlon for great
isklll and darlng. Bleriot said of him
that Barrler ivas the flncst product of
the Pau school, whlch was almost
tantamouhl to saying of all France.
He afterwards becamo a pro'cssor of
avlation In the school, and his first
pupll was none other than the world
famous Deon Morane. Another pupll
was Rene Slmon. son of a multt-mtl
llonalre, now his lnseparable com
His Frlend* Interccde.
Mr. Molsant had declded that there
would bo no moro cross-clty
flights. But Barrler besought him fpr
permishion to attompt the feat, and
had Simon and Garros to intercede for
him. Mr. Molsant had to consent, and
Barrler was happy. His Bleriot was
trundled Into place. and Barrler took
jhls aeat. When it was annotmccd tnat
j he ivould fly over the clty he was
i ready. and a mechanic started his pro
peller. He ascended rapidly. clrcled
around the grounds for altttude, and
then headcd into tho east. The buzz
of his powcrful motor gradually died
laway, and the monoplane became but
a dim speck tn the gray sky.
| He passed over the ground3 of the
iHermltage Golf Club, and then turned
I southwards. until he was over the city,
over whlch he flew as far as Eighth
and Broad Streets, where wonderlng
| thousands picked lilm out of the clouds.
jlle came down close enough for
! the ivhlr of his motor to be heard.
Over Kighth and Broad he circled.
passlng over Chestnut Hill and Barton
I Heights, :i)eeding at llfty mlles an
Ihour. | Tho Bleriot must run swlftly
j to be sustalned. It cannot go much
less than llfty mlles an hour and re
: main in the air. Before he reached
I Broad Street, golng'north, he got over
i beyond Main and almost to 'he rlver.
j 59G B. C.. and a new building was not
Out of tlie northeast he returned.
People ln two counties could see him
!?? from Chesterfic-ld and Henrico, and
from the city. They marveled. for It
was the thlrd flight of the kind, and
most had douhted. People cheercd him,
but he was too far for the sound to
reach him, and, even if he had been
low enough, the fearful noise of his
motor would have drowned all other
Nlne Mlnuteji on Trlp.
He ascended at 1:33, and dipped on
his return?a sign tnat he had ttnished
the flight?at 1:41 4-5. having been ln
the alr nearly nine minutes, and run
ning all the time at flfty mlles an
hour. Arrived over the Fair Grounds,
he circled once more and then floated
lightly down.
The crowds cheered him ivlldly. But
Barrier walked back to the hangar.
where he tnet Simon and Garros. The
three talked together, for each had
accomplishcd what the other had done.
lt was a wonderful flight, and thou?
sands who had not gone to the Fair
Grounds saw It. as Mr. Moisant, who
ls nothing If not llberal, had wanted
them to do,
The first fllght of the day was
made at 11:31, #vhon Slmon aacended,
A few mlnutes later Slmon, Garros,
Barrler and Frlsb'e were all in tho
alr at the snme tlme.
Itlch I'eople "Bentlng" It.
Tho attendanco was much better
.han on the first day. and should be
three tlmes as large to-day. But, aa
on Wedncsday, many people who could
eaaily have afCorded to pay th.i prlce
01 admission remalne- on the out
alde. Their uutomobiles were parked
so deeply on the road way that other
vehiclea could not pass.
"It dlsgust- me." sald Mr. Moisant.
"If they were poor people unablc to
pay I would gladly let them In. but
when we're dolng all thls, glvlng prac
tically a free show, lfs a aorry spec- j
tacle to see ao many wealthy people '
pnrklng on the outslde. We have ,
glveti out thousanda of free passes. ;
and I thlnk we have been generousj
enough." |
Mr. Moisant also complained bltterly
of the lack of proper pollce protectlon.
Sherlff L. II- Kemp had all the county J
constablcs he could spnre on the
grounds, but there were only slx clty
pollce offlcers present. A communi
ratlon was recelved from Major Wer
ner, aaylng that he could nnt spare
more men, b>ut it seemed to Mr. Moisant,
who dld not fail to express hls feel
Ings, that more could have been sent
out, especially as every clty offlolal had J
been honored with free passes.
\o pollce Protectlon.
Had there been any accident the po- |
llce and county constables present
would have been powerless to stem the
tlde of people which would have swept
over the field. An tnjured avlator
would bkve had no chance. In exclte
ment crowds forget, and the greatest
danser resulta to an avlator who has
been serlously h>irt, and if he be kllled
outrlRht lt would be Imposslble to |
remove the body until the crowds had [
been drlven back. Major Werner will |
be asked to send out more men to-day j
and to-morrow.
Durlng an intermisslon between
fllghts and whlle he was worklng on
the machlne. Hamllton's blplanc caught
flre. antl was ln danger of being de?
stroyed before the flames were extln
guished. It was imposslble then for
Hamllton to attempt to fly.
Slmon, the PoPular Idi-l.
Slmon's Blerlot was trundled out
shortly after 11 o'clock. and at 11:31
he was rising. He flew ln wlde clr
cles around the field, over buildings
and trees, but every ready to point
fleldwards in case of accident. Ile
kept malnly ln front of the grand
stand, and was In full vlew of ad
mlrlng crowds the whole tlme. At
11:37 Barrler took to tho air. He
guided hjs monoplane far away to the
north, whlle Slmon crutsed around the
grounds In hish lanes. At 11:47 Garros
was up, and then the crowds saw the
three Bleriots In the alr at the same
time. The graceful machlnes clrcled
around and above each other, dlpped
and glided. and Slmon found happiness
ln undertaking the sharp turns, which
have made him famous. It was a won
derful and a beautlfu] sight. Near at
hand the Bleriots looked llko giant
hawks. Far away, In the upper alti
tudes, they seemed llke hornets or
angry wasps. Whlle the three were
up together a buzzard sailed Into vlew
from the south, and at tlmes It was
hard to tell which was blrd or man.
Had Motor Trouble.
Frlsble went ud at 11:42, and then
there were four machlnes in the air.
somethins which has never before
been seen in thls country. outslde of
New York. Mr. Moisant doesn't make
promises which he thinks he cannot
fuliill. He tells hla men not to lle.
Fly tirst and talk afterwards ln hls
law, and it is obeyed. Just before
the last tllght he issued orders that
no more tlckets should be sold, and
one man who came tn too late got his
monej back,
Friable's Itochcster hipl-ine eJtpori
onced motor trouble, nnd he wns able
to maltc only a short night down tha
HImon allghted al i L:4S; Barrler at
I-'. ..i,.l Garros nt 12:03, Slinun was ii|>
fotirteen minutes. and Garros slxteen
iniiiiiteH. the longeal IIIkIiI uf tbe day.
Slmon, who ls alwajs anxlOUS to be
up and dolliK. utarted lu ti Ih mono?
plane again al 17:13. He made one of
the prettlesi iiights of tho day. Under
orders, he llow north of tho exhlbltlon
huildlng, over Glnter Park, where
cverybody who looked and could roo
ognl*e the dlfterence between a mono?
plane of tha Blerlol type nnd a hawlc
'ould see him. He circled the fleld
three tlmei, and dlpped ln saluta
tlon as the erow.l cheercd him. He
made turns so siiarp that he revolved
ln almost one positlon, lli.'i sharti
turns are characterlstlc of the man's
darodevlltry, and thoy are more rlsky
H.in they seem. Ho camo. down at
12:10 i-'j.'.iiid as he reached the han
gor some one came over with a re
uuest that the aviators?menblrds,
thoy said?bo presented to the crowd
in the grandstand. Acdompanled by
?Mr. Molsant, Slmon. Barrler, Garros
and I l.iinllton, went over ln an auto
moblle to tbe Judges' stand, where, In
turn, each was presented. Mverybndy
Cheered. The French tflo took lt all
oui'ily. tor they have becoma accus
tomed to applauBe, Hamllton bowed
and lutighetl. Then they trooped back.
They are never seen otitslde of the
hangar or some where ncar lt ln the
Swlnging iu tiroup.
Barrler went up again at 13:44,
comlng down at l-'.fiT,, remaining In
the air cxactly oloven minutes, Though
it. was only the second tlme he had
ever operated tho machine, he per
formed the usual dldoes, swinging
luzlly around the fleld, far over the
heads craned up to watch him. All
tho Bleriots ily far from the fleld,
carelesa of the buildings and other
obstacles which would interrupt
should they be forced suddenly to
cotne down. But tliey seem to llv
wlthout trouble, und ure ulways ready
for uae,
Frlsble, to keep the game golng,
went up just aa Barrler was descend
ing, and sallcd away over the tree3
to the south, further than any biplane
has been In that dlrectlon in Rich?
mond. Turnlng bchind the grandstand,
he awung back towards the lield, and
allghted at lL'ifi&T, having been up
three minutes. Hlp motor was mlsslng
lire, and ho thought it better not lo
take any foolhardy rl"k.
Barrler was scheduled to mako the
last fllght of the day. He had galned
.Mr. Moisant's consent to fly over tlie
clty, us his brother Frenchnicn had
done, and while he waited ln his
siender seat, it was announced to the
Got L'p 2,600 Feet.
He arose at 1:33, flew lo the north
west end of the grounds. then swung
round llghtly and polnted to the i-.i.-t,
where tops of high buildings gulded
his course. He rose to an estlmated
altltude of 2.500 feet. When over the
Hermita'ge Golf Club grounds he trlm
med his wlngs to the south, and bore j
down the clty. wlth the rlver gleaminc
below him on his rlght. Ile couldn't
tell one bulldlng from another at that |
dlzzy helght, and when hc had gone
far enough, he turned ivhlle over
Kighth and Broad Streets. where
thousands looked up and saw him.
Then he headed northward, and passed
over Ghostnut Hill and Barton
Heights. reappearing over the Fair
Grounds from the northeast.
In eight minutes he had signalled
that he had ilnlshed, and then, after
a clrcle of the grounds, came down,
the Bleriot hopplng along over the
bumps In the fleld Uke a huge grass
hopper. It had been Intended that
this should be the flnishins (llght of
the day, hut Frlsble had tuned up
his motor and wanted to make another
trial. He arose at 1:42. circled around
several times. and allghted after re
malnlng ln the alr three minutes.
Hlg ProBram To-Dnj.
To-day. If it is in proper repalr.
Garros wlll appear in his dangerous
Demoiselle, the smallest aeroplane
ever constructed. Sometlmes lt is
wiliing to fly. more oftcn lt exhlblts
a desire to cotne to the ground before
tlie avia-tor is ready. Garros has flown
it m'ore successfully than any other
man. But fiylng lt ls a rlsk unusual
even to an avlator.
All the ?other men wlll also be sent
up from time to tlme. The flights wlll
be contlnuous, one man going up as
another comes down.
The avlation meet. given as a show.
Is the first ever held in the ivorld, and
Richmond was the first city to have
it Perhaps this fact wlll be better
rcalized when the aviators have gone.
SII.VER .11 nil.EK OF
Charlotte, N. C, November 24.?Be
glnning with a salute of cannon and
peallng hells prellminary to the cele
bratlon of pontlfical high mass in the
cathedral thls morning, and endlng
wlth an elaborate banquet ln the af?
ternoon. distinguished prelates from
many sections of the country particl
pated to-day in the silver jubllee of
Rt. Rev. Leo Hald, abbot of Belmont
Cathedral Abbey and vlcar apostolle
of North Carolina. Rt. Rev. J. p,
Regis Canevin, Blshop of Pittsburg,
preached the -Jubllee sermon. Abbots
of six Benedlctlnc monasterles were
present, and many promlnent laymeh.
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General Grant Has Become Con
vert to Doctrine of Uni
versal Service.
New York, November 24.?Major
General Fredorlck Dent Grant, com
mander of the Department of the East,
announces hlmself as a convert to the
doctrine of universal milltary servlce.
He would havo every activo male clt
lzen of the country get a milltary
trainlng which would quallfy him for
active servlce in tlme of war.
"I do not expect to see such a
scheme put Into offect for many gen
erations," he expla'ned at hls head
qunrter- on Governor's Islnnd, but
that lt will cventually como about I
have no doubt. Aa a step ln the right
directlpn, 1 hope that we may In a
few years see our standlng army In
creased to a strength of 250,000. The
present authorlzed strength ls 100,000,
but we have actually ln the servlce
only S6.000 men. At present our army
is only a nucleus. although for Its size
lt ls probably the most efllcient mill?
tary force ln the world.
"With an army of 250,000 men we
could ln n few years have ainong the
people engaged in peaceful occupations
1,000,000 men tralnerl to milltary ser?
vlce. I belleve that a scheme of con
Bcrlptlon would be advantageous. I
would dlvlde the country Into milltary
dlstricts and requlre each distrlct to
provldo the enlarged army each year
with a quota of recruits based upon
"Milltary servlce has a beneflcial
effect on the morale of the country.
Every man who has served under the
dlaclpllne of an army such as ours
exerts an upllfting and educatlonai in
fluence ln hls communlty."
ThnnksulvInK Dny Accldents.
Spartanburg, S. C November 24.?
Two Thanksgiving Day huntlng accl
dents are reported to-nlght ln thla
county. Vlrgll Hlgglns, a fourteen
year-old boy, was kllled by hls cora
panlon, Wiley Grlff.th, near Plculet
Station, when Grift'lth's prun was ac
cldentally dischargeil. Wlllle Meadows,
a negro, was shot through the body
and palnfullly hurt near thls city this
New York, November 24.?Mayor
Gaynor_ls very proud of his rcputa?
tlon as a stlckler for pollteness on the
part of the city employes in their
relations with the publlc. Comment
Ing on the fact that more than sevon
bushels of complalnts were received
by hls olllce in two months, all bear
Ing on the conduct of tenement house
Inspectors, he glves the following ad
vlco to the employes of the tenement
house department.
"The splrlt of conslderation and po?
llteness to our fellow-cltlzens is the
splrlt that thls nclmlnlstration has
been trylng to promulgate from the
start, You can be strlct in your work,
lllllng all tho requlrements of the law,
and yet bo very pollte at the samo
tlme. There ls no necesslty for rough
ness. We are pald by tho cltlzens of
thls clty, and we owe it to them to
bo consicterate and pollte."
Hi'liui'tK on C'ottnn.
Memphts, Tenn., November 24.?The
Commerclal-Appeal to-morrow will
publtsh the following:
Hopnrts from corrcspondents of the
Commerclal-Appeal throughout the eot
ton-growiiiir States of the South Indl
oate that there was grown thla season
approxlmately 11,338,000 balea of cot
ton, taklng. rio account of Untera from
the set-d.
"Owlng to the favoraiblo weather
Uttle or no raln having fallon durlng
tho atitumn. ptcklne has made rapld
progress and in many seotl'ons it is es
tlmated that lt wlU" bo completed by
December 1. '
"The Carmors aro selilng Creely at
prevatllng prices. Tho returns by
States follow:
"North Carollna, 690,000; South Car?
ollna, 1.180.000: Qoorgia, l,740,OUO; Ala
liamil, 1.180.000; Mlssisslppt, 1,150,000;
Tennossoo, 275,000; Mlssourl, 52,000; Ar
kausas, 750,000; Loulslana, 220,000; 01c
lahoma. 900.000; Texas, 3,106,000.
To II??iii IViimlrnw WlUou.
Norfolk, Va? November 2 1.?For the
purposc of bomnlng Woodrow Wllsnn
for the Democratic prealilontial noin
Inatlon ln 1912, a club wlU bo organ-i
lzod In Norfolk Saturduy night. From
thls movement, lt la exijected that oth_r
citles will joln in, so that Vlrginia will
present a solld front for the Governor
elect of New Jersey ln 1912.
\\ lUnn?Crockett.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Hampton, Va.. November 24.?Orovar
Lec Wllson, a merchant of thls clty.
and Miss Mahel Lavanla Crockett. of
the county, were marrled last night in
the home of the Rev. B. Pendleton
.lones, D. D. Mr. and Mrs. Wllson
wlU spend their honeymoon ln Wash
i__ .... _... _-._1
For Infaiits and Chil&ren.
Tne Kind You Have Always Bought
Slgnature of ?&&&&?%&
And Upward. is the conditJon of
our large and constantly increas
ing business?the result of meri
torious Optical servlce and build?
ing of Everything
Prescription Work Our
nes GALESKh,iuico
Kodak Headquarlers
"The House
Christmas Money In It
See Sunday Times-Dispatch
Mr. M. V. Lassiter
Formerly with Duggins,
is now with
Julian W, Tyler, Inc.
Men's and Bovs' Cutfittors.
D1STANCE is no obiection. Send us
your prescriptions. We will fill them
with purest drugs and seiul the medicine
to vou by mail, ANYWHERE.
The ^sttoE- Store
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Contractois and liuilders should
have our prices and cstimares when
figuring on any kiud of building coa

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