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Win Three Straights From
Plumbers and Retain Per
centage of 1.000.
The Engravers took th" Plumbers
Mnto camp last night at tho Nowport
txiJjiv0wl,nfir Alleys wllen 'hc Rlchmond
lBll j^wllng Assoclatlon hold Its regular
ilday night meetlng. The engravers
. J wlnnlng all three game? last night
? J' jlll retain a percentago of 1.000, hav
Jg won slx games and lost none, and
___lad tho league.
giThe games wero not close. and the
. _ Jrlnnlng team hod pins to spare. How
-}ver, tho winners dld tlio best bowl
ing wltnessed thus far, gettlng a total
A>f 2.57S pins ln the three games. Roy
nt ?f the Plumbers, wns lilgh total score
with 579; Quinn, of the Engravers.
mlwas hlgh Indlvldual score. with 206,
C->-R"d Blair was socond, with 201.
On Monday night tho Jewelors and
. tho Amerlcan Locomotlve Company'p
I flve will meet. Following is the score
' of last night's games:
i 12 3 Total
lEoy ..-,.187 177 215 57!)
i Dulaney . 103 152 116 371
Cook .?... 162 122 145 42!)
| Booker (Capt.)... 117 152 151 45;i
Bllnd . 145 14:i 197 isr.
744 746 S27 2,317
i 12 3 Tota]
j Cosby . 164 1S1 163 50S
I Blalr . 201 100 18S 549
Furdle . 1.16 1S2 137 153
. CHilnn (Capt,)_ 191 13S 206 535
'Bllnd . 19S 193 137 52S
S90 S54 S51 2,675
Stnnillnu of Ten inn.
Teams. Won. Lost. P. C.
Engravers . 6 0 1.000
?Meat Fackers . 4 2 .667
'.Tcwelern . 4 2 .667
Locomotlvo Works... 3 3 .500
Times-Dispatch . I 5 .167
?Plumbers . 0 6 .000
IS-pecla] to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Gordonsville, Va., November 25,?
The Castle Hiil Hunt Club held its
regular seml-weekly "meet" yesterday
afternoon, and the rlders enjoyed n
run. taken at a trementlous pace, n
pece that was remarkable even for
thls club, that ls never daunted by a
fast galt. a stlff fence or a wlde watei
Jump. a heavy raln necessltated a
Phort course, with only two oheeks.
w. Weller Osborno was not out with
??-he field. owlng to a sllght attnek of
the grlp.
The Deep rtun Hunt Ciuh's weekly drag
will bc held this afternoon, bcglnnlng at
3:30 o'clock. The enst will be made at II.
C. Beattle's place. and those Intendlng to
follow the hounds are roquosted to make
note of the ohangn. A large flold Is expect
ed. and with good weather condltions the
eport should ho qood. A roceptlon will be
held at tlio Country Club after the drag.
Flve Humlrwl Gralns of O.vanlde of Polas
sliini Glven to "GypBy Queen."
Now York, November K.?lt took 500 grains
nf eyanlde of potasslum. a deadly polson,
to ktll the uypsy Queen. a trlc'.t olephant.
thls afternoon In executlon of the death
sentenqe passed on her for the murder of
her keeper, Uobort Schlel. on Octohor 20
.css than one graln ls ordlnarily
o man. and first convulslve symptomi
?no almost b?fore the vlrtim can aet
th. _las?. from which ho swaliowed.
i-..Quoen sw?/ed baokward and for.
irfl. flapping her big ears for ten min
es hf-fo.-e she. showed the leait unoasiness,
d It was forty-four mlnutes before she
wag pronouneed dead.
The polson was glven her ln three pailfuls
of bran-mash ln which had been sprinkled
KO capsules, each of flve grains of eyanlde,
Sho had been starved for twenty-four hours,
and ate greedlly.
The Queen wasiCiJiyhu -Revfpi ye?irs old. born
ln Afrlca, and one of the largest olephants
in captlvl'.y. She weighed 7.050 pounds. and
stood elght feet seven incheB hlgh. Of re
eent years her temper had not lmprovod.
and last Oetober she pleked up an unaccus
tomed kooper, who had hcr-n warned not to
fn near her. slammed him against the wall
?^ hor cell, and then trod him Into pulp.
Cbnncr Ir. _"hedulc?Southern Rnllwny.
Effeotlve Suntfay. Xrwembcr 27. 1910,
traln 74, for/''West' Point and inter?
medlate statlon?, will leave Richmond
at 6:00 A. M. dally, except Sunday, in
jsteaa of 4:30 A. M.
For other changes effectlve Novem
_ber 27, consult Tlcket Agent.
The Car That Has No Valves
00 Brond Street.
The Worth Auto Sales Co.( 439-501
W Main St. Phone Madison 7060
For 30 Years the House of Quality.
Straus, Gunst a_ Co.,
Distil.lers and Blender3 ot
Flne Whlskles.
Drink Old Henry
Its Lon_ Kecord Proves Its Merit.
The Four Cyllnder REO
A high powered car, rich and hand?
K>me, for $1250.00.
Thia car, at this price, is so remarkabla
achlevement that the thinking mao,
w_nt it explained. Write
Reo Motor Sales Co.,
' ?- South Boatoq. Va.
"It Speaks for Itself,"
.i-nd Captured the Firat Frlze-?Publio
Eavana Flllor- -Porto Rtcan Wrapper.
Call for lt by namo at your dealer.
WorH's Ch-xapion
TUiHI|fli-Cc?l C?i"
en Avenue and Broad Str_??.
ew Line of Browns, Just
ceived. Suits or Overcoats, $
We bought these direct from the milis. They
are the same splendid goods you see priced
all over town at $25. We can make them
to your order for $18.50. Plenty of greys,
blues and blacks at the same price.
Tailored in Distinctive Styles
We have the largest line in this city?400
varieties?at from $ I 5 up to $40.
The Tailors
714 E. Main St.
Expect to Have Yellow Jackets in Their Web
After To-Day's Contest?Championship of
Eastern Intercollegiate Football Asso
ciation in the Balance?To
Day Will Tell.
Richmond College Statistics
I'lnjcr. I'nnltlou. "Welght. IlelRht. Aare.
JonCR, rlRht end. 155 5 ti. 7 In. 2.1
fillllnm, icrt end. IOO 5 ft. 11 In. 23
Taylor; ?|iinrtpr back. 145 r? ft. n ln. 18
Jobntion, Irft tockle. 105 -". ft. 10 Iu. 21
Ileekrr, rlnlit Riinrd. 103 <! ft. 1 In. 20
GeorRc. oentre. 15-t S ft. 10 ln. 20
I.Rdtrr (Captain), left hnlf. 100 S ft. 11 ln. 23
l.ankfnrd, full linek. 155 5 tt. I) In. 17
Anenrrow, rlRht Imlf. 1-10 ."> ft. S ln. IS
IlnviH, rlRlit tnckle. 105 5 tt. ll ln. 20
Duvitl, left Btiaril. 105 .-; tt. u ln. 22
.Vvcrnse -nclRht, 1O0 pounds; nvernRe helRht, 3 feet 10 Inehes; avernge
age, 20 yearn,
Substltutes?Meredltli, Crlst. Kershaw, Lntz, hnekw; Guy, end; Carter,
Durlinui, Denlou, Colo, llnemrn.
Randolph - Macon Statistics
Plnjcr. l'<.-.ltinn, WelRht. IlelRht. Arc
SlmpNon, rlRlit end. 140 ' ."? ft. 10 ln. 20
Coplcy, left tuekle. 155 5 fj, 10 In. 20
Chapmnu, left Riinrd. 1S0 .1 ft. 11 in. 2-1
Woodhouaei centre . 100 5 ft. 0 In. 21
Jordnn, rlght euiird. 155 rs ft. 10 ln. 22
Turner. rlisut lackle. 1115 ? ft. 1 ln. .jn
B. II. Iliino, rlght ru?l. 145 .% ft. 11 tn. 10
It. I-'. Ilniir, <|iinrlrr lm.lv. 135 r. ff. 10 In. 17
Whlte, lert luilt. 135 5 ft. 0 Iu. 20
HopklnN, full b'acfc. 100 5 it. II ln. in
Koivc (Captain), risht hnlf. 102 5 ft. 11 ln. 10
Averaee vrelglit, 150^ i'.ls; nvrrnRe nKe, 20j averaRe helRht, 5 feet
10 Inchca.
SnliMtittir*?Wrny, FIslicr, backN| Wnodliouar, Dyerle, llnemen.
Record of Teams
Gnine? niarkcd ? ineann cvhllil
tJon Kiinie.
I,-M- n. c.
1001? 0 .\i?
11(02?\o record, but collcRe won.
1008? 0 .
1004?16., "
* 11)05?35 ...
1005?is ....!!!.
11100? 0_ ...
1007?14 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'."""" 1 n
? inos?iu . .l"
loos? 2 .I!I *'!.i"
*iooo?o...!!!!!!!!!. o
11100?20 . .' 1
?loio?o ....!!.!!"" b
Total. 112 Total.. 113
. 5
. O
Richmond College and Randolph
Jaoon wlll get together thls afternoon
tt 3 o'clock at Broad Streot Park for
he purposo of detorminlng whether
he Yellow Jackets can clalm the silvei
oving cup as football champtons ol
he Eastern Intorcolleglate Football
Vssoclatlon. Tho Ashland team has
net and vanqulshed everv other team
n the associatlon. It is now up to
iichmond to stop the trlumphant
narch, If possible.
At tho college last night a mass
neeting was held. The student body
vas addressed by many promlnent
ocal members of the Alumni Assocla
lon. Words of good cheor were spo
ren and muoh advlco dlstrlbuted
I'he mootlng took place in the chapel
-oach Long was the last man to put
n a word. He stated that ln his opin
on the team had dlsgraced ltsolf last
iaturday, when William and Mary
valked away wlth the game, and that
he only way ln whlch reparation
'ould bc mado to tho tnon at college
or the loyalty wlth whlch tlie team
las been supported was to win the
;ame to-day. There were nianv cheors
ifter tho coach finlshed. his talk. Then
:here were many oathe of allegiance
aken, and flnally each and everv man
>n the toam promlsed to use his best
?ndeavors to atop the tlger-coated
:rowd from Ashland. rt was really
in enthuslastlc gatherlng.
Anhluml Optlnilntlc.
Over the telegraph wlres comes a
>tory from Ashland that the team ls
n the very best of shape and ready
for the combat. No predlctlons are
nade, but there ls an air of nssurance
Ibout the men walklng the eampus
vhlch augurs 111 for the Splders. Tak
ng Into ccnsiaeratlon tho fact that
ilstory has usually revealed that tho !
;eam winnlng tho exhlbltton game wxa .
loomed to defeat ln the champlonship >
;ontest. the Ashlanders are provlded
.vlth a huuch that the fact that Hich- '
nond won the game at the beglnnlng I!
>?. tho seanon ineans a vlctorv for the' i
I'ellow and Blaott to-day r
The .champlonship games began ln '
901. Slnce thnt time Rl,hmoml Col- :
ege has won flve games and lUndolph. i"
Hacpn; three, one resultlnj Lh a tie
core. The games, have alwiA-s b^n1.
hard fought and have attracted large
crowds. The rlvalry ls intense, and nel
ther school ls willing to yleld the palm
ln athletlcs.
For some tlme lt was thought that
the Ashland boys would be denied the
prlvilege of attending the game, but
Presldent Blackwell has rescinded the
originnl action taken by the faculty,
and after receivlng an apology from
the students and a promise that the
splrlt of insubordlnatlon would not be
shown again, has declded to allow the
men to como to Rlchmond.
Beoause of this fact the resolutlon
adopted by Rlchmond College In a
splrlt of magnanlmous sportsmanshlp,
declarlng that the local school would
not indulgo ln organlzcd rootlng un?
less Randolph-Macon was on hand to
answer, is unnecessary, and the boys
can now yell to their hearts* contont.
Thore Is Uttle need to add that the op
portunity will bo taken advantago of.
Ilnvls Out Agnln.
Davls. of Rlchmond College, who has
not been on the field slnce the first of
the season because of an early Injury,
will be back at tackle ln'the game to
day, Ho la anxlous to get just one
more chance at tho Yellow Jackcts.
and will bo glven an opportunlty. He
ls a good man and was ono of the stara
of last year's team.
A largo crowd ls expected at the
park. It will be a good game and will
close the football season so far as
Rlchmond is concerned. No predlc
tlons are ln ordor. The best team will
wln, and each eleven is willing to
wager that it is the "IT" of the Kast
ern Assoclatlon.
Injured ln Football Gume.
tSrjeciiil loTho Times-Dispatch.]
Iltirrlsonburg, Va., November 25.?
In a small boys' football game ln a
vac&nt lot on Thanksgiving Day, Clin
ton Hicks, thlrteen years old, had his
collarbbhe broken in a tiorce scrim
inage. It is the only accident this fall.
Mr. I. I. Moody, One of the State'i
Early Settlers, Gives Val
uable Fact*.
The greatest Interest ls now manl
f?Bted regardlng Florlda, and thou
sands of people are seeklng Informa- !
Uon pertalning to thls wonderful |
Stute. Mr. I. I. Moody, one or. Florlda's
early settlers, haa reeently putillshed
"Plaln Talks on Florlda," whloh are
Instructlvo, and glve lmportant infor
nriatlon about Florida and Florlda lands
?facts you should know when you ln
vest. Mr. Moody tells ahout artesian
water, clay subsotl. potato lands, culory
lands, etc., etc. These talks are sold
for $1.00, but they will be sent free for
th*> asking, when writng to
Uunuell, Florlda, j
Army and Navy Elevens Read}
for Great Battle
Philadelphia, pa? November 25.
?\"Vth the arrlval of the football squad
from both West Polnt and Annapoll
here to-day all ls in roadlness for th
struggle between the Army and th
Navy to-morrow on the gridiron a
Franklln Field. The oadets and mid
shipmen who wlll root for thelr team
and the offlclals from Washington wil
not reach thls clty ttll to-morrow. bu
the hotel lobbles were lilled to-nigh
wlth distlngulshod offlcers of bot
branches of the servlce and prominen
people from all parts of the country.
President Taft will be unable to at
tond, and Secretary Dicklnson canno
be present because of the death of hl
son. Vloe-President and Mrs. Sher
man are expected.
Both teams had thelr ftnal practlc
thls afternoon on Franklln Fleld be
hlnd closed gatos. First the Navy play
crs were given a run around the trac
and then put through a stlff drlll 1
the various formations whlch the
have been practicing. The Army squa
?was taken on the tield and practice
Hieutcnant-Commander Berrlen, wh
has charge of the Navy squad, said to
'Douglas is the only man on th
squad who ls not in excellent conditlot
and I hope that he will be able to ge
In the game."
Hleutenant Nelly, head coach an
offlcer ln charge of the West Poln
players, expressed himself as well sat
Islled with the condltlon of the mem
bers of his squad.
Indieations are that Ideal footba
weather wlll prevail to-morrow. Clea
and cool weather Is promlsed, and on
of the largest crowds that ever wit
nessed a football game here ls expecte
to be present.
New York. November 25.?For
wager of $5,000 two German acrobat
wlll attempt to clrcle the world o
stllts, They ohtained a promlse o
police protectlon from Commlsslone
Cropsev this afternoon on the first le
of thelr Journey throujgh the crowde
streets from Clty Hall lo tne Jerse
Citv Ferry. and from there thoy wi)
make thelr way to Philadelphia. Th
hour of the start has not yet been de
ckled. *r.
The young men are Albert Maxde.
and Hans Hoeledarrtp, untll recentl;
employoii as stewards on a transatlan
tic llnor. and the purse they hope t
wln was ralsed by the steamship Stew
ards Vorpln, of Hamburg.
MOU.K THAN 33,001
Norfolk, Va., November 25.?An a rc
Kult of yesterdny'd football game be
trvecii the North Cnrullnn A. & M. an<
V. P. I,, the- treusury of each of thesi
teaniN Ls ti.-hcr by more than $3,000
The tolnl recelptn of tbe Rame were
ln round numbers, $7,000. Of thli
nniount Ihe Lnfnyette Field Ansoclu
tlon recelved 10 per cent. for the nxi
or tlie park. The reninlnlng $6,301
??'ii? c(|iinlly illvlded amonic the tm
Except the ROine between VlrKlnlr
and Carolina ln 1005, yestcrday's re
celpts were nbnut the largest ever rc
cordeil nt a same ln Norfolk, aud thh
lins cnuaed the dlrectors of the Lafay
?tn: Fleld AnMoelntlon to conslder tht
liropoMltlon to brlng blB game? her?
Mcry year.
Appreciate Action
of Rival College
Followlnpr the NiiortNmniillke ue
tlou of the lllchmond College Ntti
-dent* ln regard to orfrniilzcri root
Iiir nl tbe Rjiiue to-day nguliiat
IlaiidoliilirMacon, tlie students of the
lattcr colleKC nt n meeting held tblH
liinruiiiR hurore Ihe bnn of the fac?
ulty wns -withdrnwn, adopted the>
followhiR rcNolii(|,)iiN:
To the Athletlo Asuoc-latlon of Rich?
mond College from the Athletlc
\HNoelntlon of Randolph-Macon
Whcreaa the ntchmond CoIIe-ee
Athletlc Associatlon have, by reao
lutloiiH muRnnnlmoitsly adopted,
Hhown evidenee of Nympathy whlch
upprcclnteti the pnnltlon Into whlch
the Nfudeut body of Rundolph-Macon
College has been reccutly nlacedi
Whereas the nympathy In those
renointlona extendx t<. the polnt that
Itlchnionil College volunturlly nRrecM
to i-efrnln from organlied rootlnK
agnlllHt Itiiudnlph-Mucon College ln
tho mune thnt 1k lo be played Sat
urdnyi hc it
IteNfllved, That wc, the Athletlc
AHHoelatlon of Uiiuilolitli-Miicoii Col?
lege, In uppreelntlon of i |,IH action
on the "iirt oT the Athletlc \sso<i.i
tion of Hichniniiii Colletre, <io hereby
exteiul (o that aNnoclntloii for thelr
MPortiiuanllKe nnil eoiirtcou* action
our uiiuiiliiiouN vote nf thnnkx,
J. I,. I'l.Vt II.
N. M. PT-SHEllt.
W. ?, PI3ATH0SS,
ShaftsFrom Sportland
With the conclusion of th0 football
gftma between Randolph-Maoon nnd
Richmond College at Broad street
l.irk to-day the flnal curtuln will he
B"V_t_ Vt i0n th" 'ootbaii season
of 1010. Rlcliiiiond College ls mlghiv
anxlOUB to wln thls Kaine. The sea
son has not been ono to which the
Bplders can polnt with prlrlr> Tho
team has mot sonie awful defeats nnd
Conch Long has put all of hls eggs ln
one nasket, banklng on the outcome
of the oontest to-day to wln back
lost laurels.
There Is still another factor which
will count much ln tho game Rlch?
mond Collego has tho hlghost regard
for the Ashland school, stlll the men
at the local lnstitutlon feel that they
Bhould bo Buperlor in athletlcs even
lf they are not. The elemcnt of clean,
Jiealthy rlvalry has supplanted the
old-time feud which existed between
tho two schools, but the deslre to wln
has not been lessened. Randolph
Mocon once took tho cup for the
champ lonshlp away from Richmond.
und now Richmond will endeavor to
keep tho Ashlandera from winning.
From Ashland Coach Warren sends
out good reports, and says that hls
team will glve a good account of It
selX. The fact that Rlchmond Col
ege won the oxhlbltlon game earller
In the season ls not regarded as In?
dlcatlve of any superlorlty on the
part of tho Splders. To the contrary,
lt has been repeatedly the case lu
provlous years that the tcam winning
tlie oxhlbltlon game lost out ln tho
champlonshlp contest. It has workctl
by opposltes.
r, Dr; ,R.' 5' Blackwell, presldent ol I
Rundolph-Macon College, has made
hlmself the popular Idol of the hour.
Hls declslon to allow tho sturlents lo
attend tho game to-day, after tho
questlon had boen put up to him by
tho faculty, was a mastcr strokc of
dlplomacy, and he may count on the
support of overy student In college.
Such an act ls vory nearly Uke heap
Ing coals of llre. and is tho most tell
lng way to brtng the follows to a
rocognttlon of their mlstakes. Inci
dentally, no more effectlve method of
precluding any possible rccurrence of
tho evll could have been hlt upon.
The resultfof the wholo matter will
be to make \the interest In tho game
mnro intense than ever, if possible
But don't forget the magnlflcent and
really ningnanlmous manner in which
Rlchmond College met the issue. lt
ls worthy of much favorable comment,
that action of tlie locul lnstitutlon
in adopting a resolution to inhiblt or
ganized rootlng should the Ashland
student body not have been on hand
to answer.
W'hen the Army and Navy meet to
day lt will bo as much a socicty event
as it will a football. game. at leasl I
thal is the way most of those wht I
will be on hand. regard it. But to
tho two teams lt will be light all tho i
way. Can't chance at thls late date.
and tho Army still Iooks good.
Wonder what College Toplcs is go?
lng to say about the game Thanksgiv?
ing. which Virfinia tled up ln a neal
packag-e and carrled home. Then a
llttlc more wonderment as to what
they are saylng at Chapel Hlll. Back
to the turkey for all of the men nnd
get ready for Christmas. As 1 have
remarked before, next year Is another
Towles. who V'ayed at guard for
Virginia, is nn ? _> Rlchmond boy. He
taught at McGUlre's before *roing lo
Chnrlottesvtlle. I am constralned to
add that ho Is the longest guard In
my recollection, but all the sarne he
played a great game.
Marvard has elearly put lt all over
Overwhelms Chester High
School, Winning by Score
of 75 to o.
[Soeclal toTlie Times-Dlsparch.l
Fork l'nlon. Va., November 25.?
Fork Cnion Acadeniv closed its foot?
ball season here -to-day hy adminlster
Ing an overwhelming defeat to the
' Chester Hlgh -School team, the fina.
1 score being "r. to 0, when darknesi
' I ended the sla\ighter. The vlsltors wer?
: I completely outclassed. Near the closs
of the game the Fork Union boys
rlworked off sucecssfully the famous In
' dlan trlck. The ball was put undei
Quarjterback Bailey's sweater. and ho
ran for a touchdown wlthout serious
The brlght and redeeming feature ol
tho vlsltors' llne-up was Stlles. an olrt
V. P. I. all.Southern star nf 1905, who
played a spectaoylar game.
For the locals, tho playlng of ths
entire team was g-ilt edge." The worli
of Balley, Danlel, Klte, Justis and Cap
tain Waugh standlng out prominently
The Fork l'nlon team lvhs lost bul
one game thls season. Coaches Doug
las and ClrllUn are well pleased with
tho record of tho eleven.
Faculty Withdraws Its Ban,and Randolph-Macon
Boys Will Root for Team Against Rich?
mond College To-Day.
. [Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Ashland, Va? November 25.?Joy.
wild, unrestralned and ovorwhelming
relgns in tho Yellow Jaekct camp to
day, Tho president of the college, Dr.
R. E. Blackwell, announced after a
faculty meeting this morning, that tho
students would bo allowed to go to
Richmond on Saturday to seo the game
agalnst Richmond College. The decl
slon camo after the presontation of a
letter to the faculty from the students,
In whlch they aslted for a reconsldera
tlon of the case and tho prlvllege 'of
golng to the game. Tho faculty decid
ed to turn tho ontlre matter over to
Dr, Blackwell for his doclslon. Tho
president went carefully over the trou?
ble from the beginning. taklng into
conslderatlon the statement of the stu?
dents that thelr action. was intendod
as nol ther dlsrespect nor Insubordlna
tlon, aud thelr apology for the appear
anco mado by their hasty and ill
juclged action, and said that hc thought
the lesson of thoughtCulneas had boen
sufliclently lmpressed. Thoreforo, he
gave permlsslon for the student body
to aceompany the team.
Wlld hllarlty burst out all over tho
campiis upon tho receptlon of tho neww,
Cheers went up as fast as tho nevvh
spread. Certaln it ls that tho Yellow
ilaoHpt apiiit wlll be at a high tlde
,, wJJeA' thfi olpven soeagn the. aeid. to.
f'eiinsylvanla ln tho clalm for the
lootball champlonshlr* The Red made
a, good record thla year, but the Crlm
pon aggregation should bo rated nbovo
the Pennsylvanlans. Tho gaino Thanks?
giving with Cornoll dld not add to
the lUBtro of tho Kcystone Htato Uni?
John B. Molsnnt, the mnn who pull
od down the $10,000 capltal prlze of
fored by Thomas Fortuno Uyan, of
Oak Rldgo, Va., for a fllght around
the Statue of Liberty, and tho only
man who has llown In an aeroplane
from i.ondon to Parls with _ pus
senger, will arrlve from Havana to
day and will iiy in Rlchmond thls af.
ternoon. Some days ago lt was not
thought that the great Molsnnt would
arrlve ln time for tho present meet,
but he ls here, or will bo thls inorn
Ing. It has been a great meet. Kevry
proiiil.se niado hs been fiillllled, even
to the arrlval of the king bee of tho
hlve of skymen. From here the avla?
tors will go to Mernphis, whero tho
town ls being decorated for their ap
pearance. it will be fete week In
the Tennesseo city, and many special
prlzes will bc hung out for these in
trepld rivals of the winged famlly of
There bo those among us who,
whllo revellng ln the fact that If the
altltudc record was to be broken lt
was broken by an Amerlcan, are stlll
of the oplnlon that the achlevemoht
of the dead Johnstone mlght have
held a Uttle whlle longer. .lohnstone
may not havo been the greatest avla?
tor in tho world. and he waa not, but
for ambitlon nnd nerve he will always
he renieiiibered ln Rlchmond as well as
ln tho other plnoes which knew him.
lle wns first and all a showman. Loney
Haskell, who has glven plcasure to
many Rlchmond aiidiences visltlng
the thcatres, In a xignod story wrlt?
ten for a Northorn paper, stated that
he felt that he was responsible for
lohnstone's advent into the avlatlon
game. I.oney dlned with Johnstone
the night the youngster left for Den
ver and the fatal lllght. Ralph ls
reported to have sald that he had no
qualrilB or fears, and whon told of the
dangers due to the mountalnous coun?
try. laughed it off. Thus most of us
play hide-and-seek with the grlm
reaper, Uttle realizlng that he always
gets a peep at our holc eard and can
beat us to It even If he plays hls
hand open on tlie board.
Put thls In your 11st of scrapbook
gems: Aiishlps will be carrylng Uncle
Sam's mail before flve years have
clapsed. In another flve years pas
senjrers will be carrled via the alr
rotite, and hefore that tlme, the frall
craft will he toys for the people who
can pay the prlce. And I am nehher
a prophct nor the son of a propnet.
The South ls furnlshlng the racing
aport for the wlnter. With meets un?
der way at Jacksonvllle and Juarez,
and with a thlrty-day meet begun yes?
terday at Pcnsacola. to say nothlng of
the meet at Tampa. which will begin
soon, lt Iooks as lf the far South
will be much In the liniellght for the
next few weeks at any rate.
Y. M. C. A. Athletics
The Tlgers won a last lnning vlctory'
over the Cuba In the Indoor baseball,
league game last evenlng bv the score
of S to 7.
Score hy InnlnRs: r jr
Tigel _ ..0 12 10 4?S 12
Cubs .0 13 2 1 0?7 8
Batterles: Lewla and Chcrnault; L.aw
rence and Forrest.
StiindluK of thr Teams.
W'on. Lost. P.C.
P"jVtfi? . <"? 1 .S3.1
Athletlcs . I 2 .667
Tlgers ...-.'( 2 .667
Superbas. 3 ?, 500
Cubs . 1 f, .167
niants. l 5 .ig;
The Indoor baseball game between
the teams from tho Lclgh fetreot Bap?
tist and L'nlon Statlon churches waa
won by the latter 20 to n. Both teams
dld some hard hlttlng, and the baso
runnlng was a featurc. The- score:
l.elgli Street IlnptlM.
. AB. R. H. O.
..ottrerl, c..,5 ?> 3 o
Black, p.....'.'. 5 i
Moore. ls.5
>lmpson, rs..;. 5
'ampbell, lb. I
rJoode. 2h. 4
L'ooko, 3b. 4
Burnett. rf.!!!.... 4
:'obb. cf. 4
ilardesty, lf. 4
Totals ._-44 17 IS 21
l'nlon Statlon Metbodlst.
AB. R. H. 0.
Bates, c. 6 3 1 3
lones. p. and lb.. B 4 4 2
Utwrence, lb and p. 6 3 3 3
l.nowles, ss.....8 3 3 2
Sheldon, 2h.'.'... a 2 3 ?>
Utmb. 3b. 6 2 3 2
Hosby, lf. 6 2 2 -|
Poythress, rf. 6 1 3 2
Totals.48 20 25 21
Score bv lnnings: R.
Union Statlon..16343 3?20
Lelgrb Streot.402330 5?17
Summary: base on balls?hy Jones.
I: Uawrence, 4; Black, 2. Struck out?
hy Black. 2: hy Jones, l; hy Uawrence,
9.' Umplres, Chernault and Uawrence.
To-nlght there was lield ln tha
chapel ono of the most enthuslastle
rallies ever held at Randolph-Macon.
The entire student body was out to?
gether wlth numbcrs and numbers ol
old .students. All the yells and songa
wero gone over time and again undet'
the dlrectlon ot Chlef Rooters Nolley
and Wlllls, ex-players and actlve play
crs, other alumnl. and Coach Warren
made speeches, and overythlng showed
a strong flghtlng- splrlt for to-mor
row'a game.
The team had a long slgnal practlee
thls afternoon, followed by e. run.
Everybody reports ln good shapo. T+fo
squad wUl go to nichmond at 0 o'clock
to-morrow morning, with the consent
of tho faculty commlttee on athletlcs
this time, and rest untll thn game, Th*
squad as announced by tho coar-h ls as
foiiows. Rowo (captain), Hopklns,
White. Wray, Simpson, B. B. Bana
Tttrner, Copley. Chapmau, Jordan,
J. V\ YVoodhouse, R. F, llano, Flaher,
J. H. Woodhouse, Vaughan, Moorman,
Groen, Dyerlo.
The students wlll go down ln a body
to tako back the loam. No general
oplnlon on tho game can he obtalned
here, excoptthat lt wll) be hard ronght.
Rach team seems determined to put
evory ounco of stiviigth Inlo tiio con
tost, tho Yellow Jackels lo win a cup,
the Splclers to keop them frotn lt, and
to redoem tholr reoqrd fcr the aeaaon.
are bought by men who know
automoblles; by englneers
wlth vast mechanlcal knowl- ,
edge; by men of wealth who ;
can afford the highest priced
cars. These men prefer the
Chalmers; combining quali?
ty and service at a reason
able price.
Among the prominent men who
own and drivc Chalmers cars are:
L. H. PERLMAN, President
Welch .Motor Car Company; JO
SEPH fiOYER, President Bur
roughs Adding Machine Company;
JOSEPH TRACY, famous auto?
mobile enginecr and raccr; PER
CY ROCKEFEI.LER, the finan
editor; Dr. LEE DeFOREST, of
Wireless Telegraphy famc; JOHN
B. HERRESHOFF. famous yacht
builder: '" "'' ~,
"Cars of Character"
Academy?"He Kell ln I.ovo Wlth Hln
Wlfe," nintlnec nnd uli;hl.
IIIJou?"Throusth n-ntli Vnlley," nint?
Inee nnd nlglit.
The Surprliir of the Soaaon.
"He Fell In Love wlth His Wlfe" la
hardly an attractlve tltlo for a play,
and the paper posted about on th?
walls and in the windows of the town
la of tho oheapest descrlptlon. conle
quently only a small audloncc gathcreil
at the Academy of Mtislc laat night
and those who went hardly expected
much. But before the nrst act wo?
concludcd, lt became apparent that ?
play utterly out of the ordlnary wa?
being offerVd, and that the company
was of a high order of merlf.
Tho flrst act ls set aa tie lnterloi
of a farm house. owhed by jam^s riol
croft (Onrleton Macy), a wldower. who
has employed lncompetent or slatternly
women to keep house for him. The
condltlon of thf room ahows absoluto
neglect, and he himself comeu on un
shaven. tlr*J an?l surly, but It ls a|
on.-e apparent that he ls very much ol
a man, and has reached the l'.mlt of
his eudurance. Te firea both ot tha
women. and wlth them the pathetla
little daughter of the one who has
been employed as his houaekeeper, a
valn, slllv, lgnorant dunce. who hm
left all the work for the chlld. At
thls moment, out of the storm, como.?
an unfortunate, but blameless y-uns
woman, who is on her way to the ponr
house. Struck by her reftnement and
her hclplessness. he comes to a suddt-n
resolutlon, and proposes th'at they he
come married, solely as buslness pari
She hesltates. then aecepta, and the
partnershlp begins.
Thls act ls not pleaaing. Tt la
sombre, almost sordld, in Us dreary
har^hness, In splte of the very excellent
comedy work of severai of the char
acters. But wlth the second act overy
thlng ls changed. The curtaln goes up
on the dooryard of the farm, and an
unusually good settlng lt ls, wlth Its
blts of stone wall. Its full-lcaved tree*,
the old-fashloned well-beam. the turn
stlle. and the hig swinglng gate.
It ls apparent that the partners are
bpcrlnnlng to thlnk less of the businens
end of thelr arrangement. and the
play brightens. The clean. genulne
comedy begins to domlnate, and one
has an opportunlty to reallze the ablllty
of the east, and. in partlcular. the real
power of Carleton Macy. who. as Jatnes
Holcroft, ls so thoroughly a man, so
hig and strong and forceful. that the
houso Is glad wlth him?glad to see
him shaven and clean and happy. Then,
too, Arda La C'rolx. an old-time char
acter-man and stage manager. who
plays .lonathan. the hlred man. gets
his chance to put across as clcan-cut
comedv work as one often sees, and
Harry' J. Lane (once Toby In "Pollv
of the Circua"), as Milo Peasley, who.
In the flrst act, when he was selling
Somebody's "Gems of Knowledge," got
off a marvelous "splel" concornlng the
merits of his work. played wlth Evan
gellne Hawklns (Bernlce Clolden). one
of the prettlest little scenes ever wrlt
ten, ln whlch Mlss Golden also more
than held ner 0wn.
The thlrd act shows the same room
in the house, but changes ln a hundred
tfays. Kverythlng Is fresh and clean;
tliere ls a rag-carpet on the stairs,
home-made curtatns at the windows, a
"lambrequln" on tho mantelplece.
Kverywhere evldences of palnstaklng
care. The comedy contlnues, crescendo;
poor old .lonathan ls caught by Mrs.
Malaprop; and Peasley comes on wlth
his fnce so swollen by the stings of
bees that he ls almost unrecognlzable,
and evokes roar after roar of laugh
ter by his efforts to speak. Mrs. Hol
croft's villaln comes on. there is a mo?
ment of tonscness In whlch Mr. Macy
again shines out with truo dramatle
restraint and power, and all ends
Tho whole things sounds homely, and
It is?there isn't a lord or lady in the
whole plcce?but. It ls roplete wlth
fun?clean, wholesome fun; there are
many clever and amuslng llnes, and
the company. almost wlthout excep
tlon. ls beyond criticlsm. They all de
nerve mention?Alexander Von Mltzel,
R. M. Klmball. Franklyn Hall and
Vlrginia Russcll. but it would not be
fair not to slngle out Mildred Morrls,
whose performance of the part of the
forlorn, bedraggled. little Jane made
one's heart ache. The work of Mabel
Brownell ln the somowhat lachrymose
rolo of Mrs. Hclcroft seemod to meet
wlth tho approval of tho house?I did
not liko It.
Altogether, the play ls well worth
seeing. W. X>. a.
Change in Schedule
R., F. & P. R. R.
Commenclng Sunday. November 27th,
S. A. L. through traln leaves from
Main Street Statlon 5:12 A. M. dally,
Instead of 5:45 a. M*.i for Washlngton
and beyond.
Ashland accommodatlon leaves 5:80
A. M. week days, Instead of 6 A. M., ar?
rlve Elha 6:30 A. M.
Trafflc Manager.
Matlnee and Night
Tho Qualnt Comedy,
He Fell in Love
Witji His Wife
From tho N.ovol of E. P. Roe.
fiala Thanlcsslylng offerlng of Superlor
VHUde.vllIo and tho World's Clroatest Photo
plays. ,
Adraisalon, Wo, JChlldren at matineea. Sa.

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