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"Dr. Miles' Nervine
Raised Me From
the Grave^-Mr.. T*yior
This is a strong statement to
make, but it is cxactly what Mr3.
Thomas Taylor, of Blum, Texas,
said in cxprcssing her opinion of
this remedy.
"Dr. Miles* Restorativc Nervine
raiaed me from the jrrave and I have
much eonfidince Jn it. I can never
say enough for your grand medicines.
If anyone had offered me Jrco.oo for
the seeond bottle of Nervine that I
uscdl would have said 'no indeed.'"
Blum, Tax.
Ncrvous exhaustion is a com?
mon occurcncc of modern life.
The v/car and tcar on the nervous
system is grcater now than at any
time since the world began. For
slceplcssness, poorappetitc and that
"run down" fceling, nothing is so
good as i i
Dr. Milea' Nervine
,Your nerves are your life and
lack of vital energy malcesexistence
a misery. Dr. Miles' Nervine will
tone up your ncrvous system.
Askunydrugnlst. If tho flrst bottle-falio
to beneflt, your money ls returned.
MILE3 MfiOICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
? [Special to The TImes-Dlspatch.]
F.alelgh, N. C. December 1.?A een
sa-tlon waa gtlrred ln the Federal court
here to-day, when Judge II. O. Connor
dlrected thn clerk of tho court to %vrlte
Kd. 8. Abcll. a well-known attorney ot
Johnfton county. cviltnK on lilm to
appear nnd show why he ls not IrTcon
tornrrt. of court through having pro
cured yesterday the contlnuanee of a
case liv exlllblting to tlie court a tele?
gram .whlch he .said he had recelved
rrom IlIs daughter ln Smlthfleld, to tlie
<-rc>ct fiiat Mrs. Abell was very III. arxl
That ho must come home at once. An
investigsttlon on tho part of the gov?
ernment offlclals has developed the fact
that no such telegram was recelved
here for Mr. AbelL. and that there was
no bu'-Ii telejrrarrj filed for him ln the |
telegraph OfnCC at PmlthSeld. 1
Court offlcers s'ty there were tlilnga j
ahout the telegram shotvn yesterday !
that aroueed suspiclons. hence the in- ;
vesUgatton and resultlng alBdavlt from I
the telegraph office that ii had trans- I
liiitted no such mcfsiiec
Judge Connor fctated from the bench j
that lawyers practlclng in the Federal j
rourt must Jlve up io the etandarda of i
charaoter reoulred i>y tho ."tate court \
that Ucensea them before they come tn !
practlee lu tho Federal r-ourt. Me said j
a lawyer of a nearby town camo here
?arlter in the week and became so ln
toxicated as to bo unatvio to appear In ?
court. and llnally wont home, leavlng |
hl-i cllents wlthout rourusel for impend
tng trial. The Judge made lt clear
that hls court wlll not stand for such
conduet as thls and a-s ln the caso hc j
was discitsMng.
$5.00 No. 3939
Clear Cut ter
Solid Gold
Roman Flnlsh
$12.00 Solid Gold H.ndlo Roso Flnlsh No 3934
Ganulne Full Cut Di-moa- Ruby ?nd Sappnh. Four Bladas
$7.00 No. 3633
Solid Gold
English Flnlsh
Cenulne Turquoi-8
WV'want _on to
see tbe new ed.ltion
of our HiuBtrated
eatalog. toeoaueo
thore ta more to
show nnd to say. We
aoml lt treo to any
address. ,
Jeweler and Optician
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Until You Want Them.
"The Diamond Merchant"
Mail Order.
Promptly FiHed
Any thin_ pictnred
here forward?- ta?
modlately, poatege
prepaid, on reoelpt
of the prlee, and de?
llvery cm % mteed.
Seventh and Main Sts.
nriMHE es
Dnc of Leading Intercsts of
Methodist Conference?Day's
[Spocittl to ThcTlmcB-Dlop.itch.]
Ellzabeth City, K. C December 1.?
rhe Methodist Orplmnnge, whlch was
jstabllshed ten years ago in Ralelgh.
t an Interest of tho North Carolina
r.'onforcnco, than whlch no Interest
las a stronger bold upon the entire
body. Twelve years ago, the lirst
lollar was cemtflbutcd toward thls on
"rprlse. That lirst dollar was con
tributed by Rev. W. W. ltoac, a mem
ber of thls conference. lt was given
to tho late Rev. J. W. Jcnklns, and two
^enrn later Mr. Jcnklns founded tho
.rphanage, became. Us ??Vl??P0?Jn
'endent, and contlnued to dlrect jne
ivorl: the remalndcr of hts life. During
tho ten years' history or the orpmin
'gc, only one child thero hao died. that
Jeatli having reaulted from an opera
llcv. .1. N. Cole is the present super
Intcndent of the orphanago, and ho is
asslsted ln tho work by one tnatian,
four asslstant matrons, three teachers
and one farmer. The orphanage 13
located in the subufbs ln Ralelgh, and
at tho present tlme 142 children aro
being cared for and tralned there.
There Is system ln all of the work.
and the children nre carefully tralned,
Intellectuuily and In lndustrlal work
as well. Tho bo/s are being tralned
lo perfofm dlfferent parts or the WCTK
on tlie furm, and the farm is reducing
tho llving expenses ot tho orphanago.
Tlie girls uro .being tralned to hecomc
capabto liousekeepers.
The value of the orphanage Is estl
mated at $110,000 at present. and lt
has art endowment fund of $530,000. A
stearn laundry ls now under course ot
constructlon. and when the laundry is
comploted, the work of erectlng a
buildlng eupectally for the boys wlll
be commenccd. The superintendent
has been cornpelled to refuse admlt
tance Into tho orphanago of 150 chil?
dren thls year on account of the lack
of room.
Bishop Hendrix called tho conference
to order at 3:30 o'clock thls morning.
He delivered the second In hla serles
of devotlonal addresses on the sub?
ject of "Sunkan Ideals," usln? the
charaeter of Lot as the basls .tt lils
remarks He deslgnated L/>t aa an
oxample of a backslldden layman, a
man who mlght havo b'epn a man of
the e<iual strength of charaeter wlth
Abraharn, because he had the same
opportunltleH. liad hc only made use
of them. He showed that l^ot had fail?
ed to put first things first In hls life,
and the decline or hls charaeter had
followed. and he became an example
or tbe uselcssness of salt that has
lost its tfavor.
"Tho greatest need of the church to
day," said Hishop Hendrix, "ls a
genulne rovjval ln the membershlp of
the church, and a revlval ln tlie niom
bership of tlie church ln the greates!
revlyai that could be descrlbed. and
a revlval in tho erectlon of family
He made an earnest plea ln bobalf
of the famlly altar and Its lntluence
upon the llfc of indlvlduals, and ln
the entire home.
After the minutes of the sesslon of
yesterday had been read and approred.
Bishop Hendrix called Questlon 1:
"Who are admltted on trial," and
seven applicantsf were admltted. An
swering Question 6: "Who are re?
celved by transfer from other confer?
ence," Bishop Hendrix announced that
.1. A. Swaln. from the South Georgla
Confareneo: J. D. Fhlpps, from the
South Carolina Conference, and M. D.
Hlx, from the Western North Caro?
lina Conference, had been recelved
by transfer into thls comerence. B.
A. Cravcn, a local preacher ln the
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Your Groceries
_rc.li llams, per lb.14c
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Nerv Vlrftlnia Buckwheat, Ib....4c
Granulated Sugar, lb.fic
St?4 Brand Gulatinc.Sc
Wine for .lelly, quart.20c
Quaker's or Mother's Oats, pkg... .0c
California Asparacuo, can.20c
1 lb. Secded Rai.ins, new.8c
Fresh Eges, per dozen.27c
4-String Krooni .25c
$1.00 bottles Duffy Malt Whiskey.85c
Swlft Pride Soap. 7 (or.25c
Large Juicy Lcmona, dozen.20c
Large New Iriah Potatoes. per
peck, 20c; or, per btishel.... 75c
Crcani Cheesc, per pound.20c
Try our 40c Green or Mixed Tea
for cold tea. It's regular 60c
Extra Large Fat Mackerel, 6 for.. .25c
Old Vrrginia Herrinif Roe, in 2-lb.
caris, 2 for.25c
Smoked California Hams, per lb... 14c
Elgin Butter, per pound.32c
Early J?<ne 1'eas, .1 cans for.25c
Hamilton Roasted Coffec, 1-lb.
packages .16c
3 cans Tomatoes fv soup.10c
Best City Meal, 20c peck-; or, per
Chipped Beef, per can.8c
1820.22 E. Main. 506 E. MarshalU
Two Stores?Phones at Each.
Methodlst Protestant Church; J. W.
Frank. a travellng preachcr ln the
Methodlst Protestant Church, and J. J.
I/ewls, a travellng preacher in the
Methodlat Eplscopal Church, were re?
ceived into the conference.
Slx travellng preachers were elected
deacone, and ten travellng preachers
wore elected clders. Elght members ot
the class of the flrst year were ao
vanced to the class of the second year.
| The report of the Ralelgh Christlan
I Advocate and of the Methodlst Or
i phanajse were read and referred to
! the proper commlttees. .1. lt. Stowart
' uddresHed the conference In the ln
| terost of the superannuate endowment
fund, and J. 1- Cunninggtm, aecre
tary of the corrospondence scliool,
reprccnted that school and the board
j of educatlon. also to th- church.
Thls afternoon tbe tavmen's MIs
sionary Movement of the conference
i held an entbuslafltic meetlng.
Dr. D. B. ZolllcofTer. loader of the
movement in the conference. presided,
I and Dr. M. Bolton was secretary. A
, commlttee of two membern from each
' of the nlne dlstricts ln the confer
I ence was appolnted a commlttee to
I nomlnate a conforence leader to suc
ceed Ur. ZolllcofTer. who has served
ten vears ln thls capacity, and de?
cllne- re-elect,lon. The nominatlng
commlttee wlll report at a later meet?
lng. . c ,
The annlversary of the Sunday
' grhool board was held thls evening.
The speaker was Frank Brown, of
i New York. who is superintendent of
j what ls sald to be the largest Metho?
dlst Sunday school ln the world.
Vnlnalite Fnrm Snle.
{Special toTheTimes-Dlspatch.]
Roanoke, Va., December. 1.?J. M.
Gambill, of Roanoke, to-day sold hls
Putaaki county farm, conslstlng of 1.
100 acres. to W. F. Flannagan. of
Chrl-tlatiHburg, the prlce being JS3.000. i
*/alley Turnpikc Company De
sircs to Collect From
Local Travcl.
Pctition Is Before Corporatlon i
Expensc Account.
Clalming that It is unable to eollect
olls from local travel near certaln
mportant towns ln the Valley of
flrglnlu. becauso the people ride or
Irlvo out to the toli Rates and then
-cturn wlthout passlng through, the
v'alley Turnplke Company has filed u
jetltlon before the Stato Corporatlon
Commlsslon asklng to be pcrmltted
o erect additional gatcs for tho col
ectlon of tolls.
Thls action ls taken under the pro
i'lsioriii of an amendmont to the gen
sral law regardlng turnplkcs, passed
lt the last session of tho Leglslature,
ivhlch gives tho Corporatlon Commls
lion power to authorl-e tho erectlon
if additional' toli gates on tho Val
'ey Turnplke under tho clrcumstances
lescrlbed In thls lustuuce. A special
icctlon of the act refers to this road,
because of the fact that the <,'ommon
wealth owns an interest ln it.
DIfTcrln_ Oplnlonn.
The Htlgation wlll naturally be of
tlie greatest interest to the people
of the town whence tolls are de
slred. It aJso to some extent rcopens
the general toli gate questlon, which
was argued at auch length ln the last
The Commlttee on Roads and Inter?
nal Navlgatlon of tho House of Dele?
gates took a flrm stand agalrist toli
gates anywhere. In the malntenance
of this posltlon lt reported unfavorably
several bill- designed to permlt new
gatee, notably a bill favored by the
Augusta county delegatlon, regardlng
the roads ln that county. when the
act came up on lta paBsage, Speaker
Byrd got on the floor and apoko for
lta approval. maklng tho argument
that It was a local measure, and that
ho stood for local option. The bill
was passed in splte of conslderable
Other local bllls provldlng lor the
establlHhnient of toli gates wore also
enacted durlng the seision. over the '
votes and protest of the Roads Com?
WlU Dc NcceMnr.v.
Those who opposed toli gates sald
they were a relle of dal-k ages, and
had no place ln a rnodern State. On
the other liand. one of the advocates
of tlie Augusta measure .said that
pcnplo all over the State v.'ould llnd
lt necossary to have such a provtslor
to raise money to keep up the roads
which are being built.
In thf; petltion, which was presented
by Speaker R; ]_. Byrd, counsel for the
valley Turnplke Company, lt ls se?
forth that the coneern haa found locu)
condltions such tliat lt is unable to
college tolls to any consldcrablo ex?
tent from local travel on certaln sec
tlons of road. The portlons referred to
are Just south of the towns of Stras
burg, Edlnburg and Woodstock, and
Just north of the towns of Xew Market
and Harrisonburp
Local travel, contlnues the petltion,
cuts into the turnplke at polnts be?
tween existing- toli gates, thus escap- |
ing- the payment of tolls. The people i
of these towns ride or drlvc as far
as the nearest toli ' gate and then i
re-turu, wlthout passlrig through the I
gate. Thls Is sald to cause consld- I
erable wear and tear on the road, and
the company ls wlthout compcnsutlon
therefor. . i
Locate Later. !
It ls lmpractlcable, lt is declared, to
name the exact locatlon where gatc3 !
should be put. because the company I
re.nnot. aequlre tlio land for the locu- I
tion of gates ln advance of the por- I
mlssion of the commlsslon. It thlnks !
thereforo, that tlie statement as to !
tho towns and the direction ls suffl
ciently definlte to havo the commla- :
slon act and order the gates, and that I
later the exact locatlon could be re- i
ported and made a sort of supple- ?
mentary order. The preaumptlon is :
that they would be put close to the i
Therefore. the company prays that
it be permitted to erect a toli gate
withln half a mlle of each of the
towns named. The petltion is slgned
b>- 11. F. Byrd, presldent of tho con?
The commlsslon has docketed the
proceedlng and contlnued it generally.
No date has been set for a hearing.
When the time comes all sortB of ob
Jectlons are expected.
Accounts to Prcccde C'ouimls-Ion.--?Hol
lnnd Spent 9419.75.
Commissions havo not yet been is?
sued by the Secretary of the Cornmon?
wcalth to the Congressmen-elect, but I
they wlll go out withln a few days
They cannot be issued, however, untll
each successful man has filed his ex
pense account. Representatlvea Turn
bull, Saunders and Sleum have not as
yet been heard from, but they have
until December 8 to put themselves
ln llne for ofticial commlsslon. The
other seven men elected ' have filed
their accounts.
Several statoments from defoated
candidates are also missing. '
Tho statement of Consressma-i-Elect
E. E. Holland, of the Second Distrlct,
was received yesterday. It ahows that
he expended $419.75, divided as fol?
lows: Rent of theatre in Portsmouth
and expenses of meetlng, $190; prlnt?
lng bllls and other legltlmato oxpenses
ln Norfolk clty, $149.50; travellng ox
perises. $0.50; hotel expenses, $7.50:
pald A. H. Baker for poatlng notlces.
Slo.25: contrlbutod to Stato Democratic
Commlttee, $25; to local hoadquartors,
$25. _
Capitol People.
Attorney-General Samuel W. Wil?
liams was at Rooky Mount, Franklln
county, yesterday, addressing a moot
Ing of Confederato veteran?.
Adjutunt-Genoral W. W. .Salo, who
has boen contlned to hls room all tho
week wlth a severe cold, is irnprovlng.
State Audltor Morton Marye ls In
better health, nnd ls up and about hls
home. He has not yet venturod out
of doors.
Tho annual report of Stato Dalry
and Food Commissioner W, D. Saun?
ders hus been complletl and la ready
for tho printer. For tho most part
it oonsists of llsts of analyses made
durlng the year. ,
Becomes Collector at Newport News, Suc
ceedlnsr Cupt. J. E. B. Stuart.
[.Spoclal to The Tlmes-Dlapatoh.l
Newport News, Va.. December 1.?Frad
Read succeeded Cautatn J. US. B. Stuart aa
collootor of cuatoma ot thls port to-day. The
new collector was k?pt busy noarly all day
rocolvlng congratulatlons, among hltt oallora
titiln. represfintatlves of the shlpplng Intor.
cuts.. Tho post-offlce foroo, of which Mr.
rtoad waa chlef for elght yeara, called ,Iu _
liody, brlnglng handaomo flowor* as a tl>ken
of lt* regarda.
OrguuJiutlou fof I'ruuiotlon of CoiuiulstdoB
rorin ln Norfolk,
[-peoiai to Tha Tlme?-D|npatch.]
Norfolk. Va., Dfloember 1.?H. H. 'frlee,
last night olectod tomporary prealdent ot
the aaaoclatkm formed for tho promotlou of
a. commlsalon form of goveriiment, thla
afternoon nai:i?d tho following commlttee
on pormanont prganl-atlon: 13. A. Blllaoly,
of tho Norfolk Bnr Asauclatlou, chalrman;
Culrtwuli I-lurdy, of tho Norfolk Cloiuing;
Houso Aaaoclatlon; J. K. Watormaii, United
Commerolal Truvolar-' Aaaoclatlon; ?,-!,.
auy, Maater .lumber*' Asaoelatlon; C-plntn
Ocorgo B?w, Virginia Pltot Aaaoclatlon; _.
,,T, OlarH, Puliaers' -i-chungo; J, B, $reekat,
Started on sohcdule time, and waa a success from the jump. It waa no surprfse to us that the
crowd waa large and buying free and customers pleased, for the reason that no suoh low prices
have been placed on reliable goods in the memoiy of the oldest inhabltant. We are free to oon
f esa that it marks a change of heart?thls giving of low prioea ln the bnsy month of December?
when other storea have thought only of proflt.
The reorganization of this business immediately after the flrst of the year makes it neces.
sary to sacriflce the large, well assorted and thoroughly reliable stook to make the needed
changes made necessary by the sale of this buslness.
The first day's selling has uncovered few weak spots, for the reason that our stocks were
large, bnt even these have been strengthened.
We give below a partial list of some of the bargaln tables whioh have found favor in the
eyes of our customers. Come see for yourself the tremendous values and money-saving prioes
on this splendid merchandise,
Table 1
Q- On This Table We
?o*5 Have About 100 Suits
Mostly neat effects, in sises
for small men and large boys.
Values from $10.00 to $16.00
This Table Has 156
For men and young men.
Many are Oheviots; quite a
few are Fine Worsteds and
some Black. All sizes at this
price. Values to $12.50.
Tabiea At This Price
.y5we will give you a splendid ??
assortment of fabrics. Coats
of latest models in saok and
double breasted. Regular
price at least $15.00 to $16.50.
Table 4
This Is anOf f ering of Suits
Not one of which is worth less
than $15.00, and some have
been priced up to $17.50. The
cloth in these Suits is smooth
faced cassimeres and fine faced
worsteds. Models in variety
for men and young men.
Table 5 In This Lot of SuitS
.65we will show you the latest
models and style effects in great
variety of materials. Ordina
rily these are sold for $16.50
to $20.00.
Table 6 Hand-Made Suits
,85Built just like the highest
priced custom garments. The
materials could not be bettered.
The real values are from $22.50
to $25.00, and full range of
Tabie 8 just u^ Weather for
And more to come. Wewantto
and oiose severai lots, including
Q< s\ s f-arsome Baincoate at these prices,
** 9 11 i\ Sand they are worth from $15.00
A-vr*vr?sto $20.00.
Table 10
Here Are Some Boys*
Knee Pants Suits
That should be priced $3,50 to
$6.50, but being straight Pants
Suits we will sell them at about
one-third value. Sizes 8 to 16
Tabie ii Boys' Suits of All Wool
$4.85 *
And Worsteds. Latest out
kniokerbooker pants, splendid*
trimmed and made; worth up
. Woodall
7 East Broad Street
;etall Grocera' Associatlon; Charlea Hoof
airle Wholeaalo Qrocera' Aaaociatlon; C.
? ir'crbnrt, Travolars* Proteotiv^ A8SOCla.
ion- Barton Myers, Buslness Men's Asaocla
;',: Jol,n H. Drownlay. Retall Morchants
MoclaHon: Henry O. Barbec. Norfolk Cr?d
Men% Associatlon; W. H. Land. Real Ea
i'to and Stock Exchango; E. B. Johnson,
rnderwrlters' Associatlon: C. Whlttle Sums.
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tne
glgnature of
Wotldings. Receptions, Shopping.
Thealres, Slght-Seeing.
Ask MR. BOWMAN, Monroe 780.
Shoe Shi
726 East Main Street
THeBEST ?faTIHI'tffl-'ffllJ^T'^^
Real Estate 0-,-ners* Protectlve Aasoolatlon; f
W. E. Daushtrey, Central __bor Union; 1
Lioutonant C. P. Shaw, ot the Good Roads, i
Aa8ociation- , -, i
He alao named the following notnlnatlngj
commlttee: Richard L. Forrest, J. Herbert 1
Cofcr. W. W. Robertaon, J. B. Jones and
J. E. Hoath. . ! i
Whila it ha? not been decided at what
time the meetlng of tha commlttee on per- J
manent organization wlll bo hold, Mr. Trico l
has asked Chalrman Blllsoly to call it for i
either next Monday or Tuesday, and lt ls
belleved tliat thla wlll be done.
. ? i -? ' '
Successful Blds Made by Newport Newa
Shlpbulldlng Company.
[Spoclal to The Times-Dieptttch.l
Nowport N_ws. Va? Docaniber l.-Close
upon tha nawa that thal ocal "hlDyard waa
the only bldder for tho graat batteshlp on
which tho Navy Dop-rtment opanod bjde
to-day at noon. conio tho announcement
that tha yard has beon awarded tha con?
tract for tho constructlon ot a frelght awi
passanger llnor for tho New Tork and Porto
Rloa Steamahlp Company ftt a coat or
WOO.0O0. ..??n_ _,
Tlio Newport Nows company recontly re
colved tho contract for a torpodoboat de
stroyer for tha Navy Department to coat
Norinan Le-vU S*ntence_ for Kllllnff
? Clilcr ot I'ollce ot SprluK Hope.
' [Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatoh.l
Nashvllle. N. C, December 1.?Nor
man Lewts, colored, who shot and
kllled Chlef ot" Pollce Stalllngs, of
Hpvlng Uope. September 18, was to-day
! found gullty of murder In th. flrst
dugree, and was sontoneed by .ludge
I U. B. Peebles to be electroouted Janu
1 ary 0. By order of tho judge u ver
I dlct nf not gullty was returned against
hls wlfe, who was ln the house at the
tlme of thu shootlng. Nelthev de?
fendant went on the stand, and before
being senteneed Lawis said hia wlfe
i dld tho .hootlng. The verdlct meets
I wlth the approval ot the people.
I lti?-ietiN? lu Po-t-OIItcc He?-l|>t?.
[Special to ThaTlmsa-Dlspatch.r
liounoko, Vu? December 1,?The re
i-elpts ln tho Roanoke post-ottlco for
the month of Novomber would Indl- !
U'tilo that buslnos- ls somowhut moro
lulsk thls yiiar than lt waa last. The
.cce-lpU _-v Novomber, 1.1.0. w.re llf1*'
S4.42. whlle the recelpts tor Novern
>er, 1903. were $8,560.43. showing an
uoresso of $2,124 over laat year.
?? i i <
r.xhlblts Prom Many State*.
[Special to The Tlmea-Dlspatch.]
Brlstol. Tentt.. December 1.?Exulb
ls wlll be shlpped here Trom the fol
owlns Statea when the flfth annual
ioultry show of the Brlstol Poultry
iHSodatlon opens on the 14th Inst.:
rlrffinla, Tennessee. Kentvtcky. North
Jarolina,, South Carolina, Georgla and
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That'? Wfcy YouVa TrreoV-Out of
Sort*?H?urc No AfjeoHe.^
w2l wstyoanght
ia a few ?Uy?.
tioo, -w- - -
kwaatt, biVstiNi, t*i Sick Headtxatt.
Genulue must bsar slguaiuxe.

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