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Burk Clothes
cost no more, actually less, than tlie inferior sort soltl clsc
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Show Men on Trial in Fedcral
Court on Serious
Greensboro. N. C. December 8.?ln
the United States Court, at 3 o'clock
Ihls afternoon. District Attorney Hol
ton called the cases atfainst Charloa
Quasler and Joseph Naplor, the two
proprietors of travellng shows. who
are under lndlctment, charged wlth en
gaglng ln the white slave trafflc, by
induclng young girls from their homes
under promisc of lucrativo and genteel
In defaull of bond the men have been
ln jall two months. Apparently tht-y
wi>r?- not exclti-d. and took their seats
besldc their attorneys. \V. I*. Hynum,
cf Greensboro, and McP.ae and Stewart.
<jf Charlotte.
Standlng just in the rear was a long
lin^ of government -wltnesses. twelve
of them being young women. who are
nlleged to have bce-n entlced from their
homes, and have been In custody of
thc government as prosecutlng wlt?
nesses for over a week.
Uttle tlme was required to secure a
Jury In the two bllls of lndlctment,
the defendants are charged wlth con
Spiracy to bring certaln young girls
jtocK on band.
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Mail Orders Prompt
ly Fllled.?Anything pic
tured here forwarded im?
mediately, postage prc
paid, on receipt of the
price, and delivery guar?
from the clty of Danvllle into North
Carolina, wlth lmmoral purpose.
Other counts charge that two
girls were enticed from Baltlmore into
North Carolina. The conspiracy counts
are drawn under the old statute, 5.40,
and tho other counts are under the re?
cent act of Congress, known aa the
white slave trafflc act.
The flrst wltness examlncd was
_n eighteen-year-old girl from Baltl?
more, who told of her being induced to
leave her mother, under promise from
one of the defendants of $25 a week
to take part In a show at fairs.
She was a dressmaker. Sho arrlved
flrst at Wlnston. during tho recent
fair. Sho was rcscued at Charlotte.
An advertisement ln a Italtlmorc
newspaper. Inserted by Quaster, Octo?
ber 1, calling for good looklng girls to
take well pald .ngagements to travel,
experlence unnecessary, was presented
Mr. Hamm.r-ly, of Baltimore, told
of having gone ln search of the girl. in
response to her urgent letter to her
mother ln Baltimore, golng lirst to
Klng. ln Stokes county. The show had
left, and he found the girl In Charlotte,
and took her home.
Before court adjourned for tlie day,
twelve young girls from Danvllle, Va..
; were sworn, lt belns understood that
I these wlll be wltnesses to show how
the defendantB had tried to entire them
: from thelr homes during thc Danvllle
j fair. but had fnlled. Court adjourned
I untll Frldav at this polnt.
Judge Boyd ordered that thc Jury be
kept together. saying there was so
much talk and excitement over this
unusual case. he thought thc jurors
had better be kept where they would
not hear the matter dlscussed by out
Boy Se.fvihg Fivc-Ycar Term foi
Maiislaughtcr Relcascd by
R., F. & P. Case Comes Up Janu?
ary 24?Farmers' Institutes
Near sRichmond.
Oovernor Mann yesterday granted a
condltlonal pardon to Ben Staplcs,
colored, who ls servlng a term of flve
years ln the penitentiary for tnan
slaughter. Staplcs was convlcted ln
Albemarle county.
The petition asking for clemency in
this case was largely slgned by clt
Izons. and was indorscd by the prosc
outlng attorney, as well as the Mayor
and Chlef of Police of Charlottesvllle,
whero Staples llved. The papers say
that the boy was but eighteen years
old at -tho tlme of the kllling ln De?
cember, 1O0S, that hls assallant was
oldcr and larger than he, that he had
prevlously borne a good reputatlon,
and that the petitloners believe the
ends of Justlce wlll be met by a con?
dltlonal pardon, conslderlng that part
of the term has been served. His
prison record has boen good.
R., F. & P. Passenger Rate Caae Comes
1 p on January 24.
The State Corporation Commission
yesterday set January 24 as the date
for the hearing on the petition of the
Richmond, Frederlcksburg and Poto?
mac RallroaM Company for permisslon
to Increase its maxlmum Intrastate
passenger rate from 2 td/3 cents per
Thls petition. which was recently
niod, set forth much the same claims
whlch were adduced ln the hearing on
a simllar rcquest on the part of tho
Washlngton-Southern Railway Com?
pany, another branch of the Rlch
mond-Washlngton system. These are
to the effect that thc purely intra?
state buslness of the company ls done
at a loss to the stockholders, and that
to glve a reasonable return on the in
vestment, the road should be allowed
to charge 3 cents per mile.
The practlee which has grown up as
a result of the discrepancy between
intrastate and interstate rates, wherc
by passengers buy thelr tickets to
and from Alexandrla, Instead of to and
from Washlngton, is known the coun?
try over.
In the case of the Washlngton
Southern. the Corporation Commlsslon
denled the petition, but entered an or?
der permltting thc road to charge a
rate of 2 1-2 cents, whlch ls unlform
with the charge of thc other trunk
llnes of the State. The Wnshington
-outhern was not, however, satisticd
wlth thls declslon, and took an appeal
to the Supreme Court, where the case
sitate to Buy?
Shares in the Argus Gold-Mining Corporation, While the Stock is Selling at
30c Per Share?Par Value $ 1
Nature has provided the Gold, and all that is now necded is the proper machinery to develop it. And for this reason the
directors have decided to sell
50,000 Shares of the Treasury Stock
at the specially low price mentioned above. When this has Been placed, not another share will be procurable at any such price.
The new machinery will develop over 90 per cent. of the Gold containcd in the rich deposits of our mines.
From present indications this allotmcnt will not last long, so our advice is to get in on the ground floor and take as many
shares as you possibly can.
By Way of
You get You pay
100 Shares .$ 30.00
; 200 Shares . 60.00
500 Shares ...... 150.00
1,000 Shares ;.:.300.00
Par value
$ 100.00
You can either pay cash or 25 per cent.
cash and the balance in three equal
monthly payments of 25 per cent each.
$59.94 Per Ton
Was recently assayed from "Run of
Mine" orc taken from one shaft in our
mine; this is far^above the average of
any other mine in this country. With
the installation of the nfew machinery
of the latest improved type, the figure
will naturally be increased?so it is to
your advantage to buy stock now while
the price is low.
Call at our office or advise us when and where our representative can see you and explain the wonderful possibilities
offered in this truly rich mine.
Remember: After this 50,000 shares are sold that positiyely not another share will bc offered at the low price of 30c; par
value $1.00.
Out-of-town people can buy this Stock by mail. Send check with your order and the Stock Certificates will be mailed you
promptly. For further particulars and detailed information, address Manager
Argus Gold Mining Corp.,
Temporary Office:
702 Mutual Building,
Richmond, Va.
Manager Argus Gold Mining Corporation.
702 Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va.:
Dear Sir,?Please send me your prospectus and
other information regarding your proposition.
Yours truly,
Name .-.....-..
is awalting a hearing at the January;
Two Farm*.-' JleetlnRfi In Chesterfleid
County Yesterday.
The farmers' instltute forces of the
Department of Agriculturc operated
close to ltlchmond yesterday. In the
morning a meeting was held at Cen
tralla, and in the afternoon at Ches?
ter, both ln Chesterfleid county, on the
Atlantlc Coast Llne.
The conchtu.-g serles of Institutes
for the year was begun out of Dan?
vllle Monday morning. The trlp for
three days was over the branch of the
Southern between Da-vllle and Stuart,
in Patrlck county, two institutes a
day being held. Then a hurried trip
was made to Richmond, in order to
nll ye3terday's dates.
J. J. Owcn. the director of institutes.
took the force to Centralia yesterday
morning and came back to the city
for a few hours. He said that splendid
crowds hud attended tl - meetlngs at
practically all tho points on the South?
ern, and that the greatest interest had
been manifested.
Points on the Coast Line will be vis
ited until Saturday afternoon. On
Mondav morning a new start wlll be
made on the Southern out of Norfolk
and runnlng to Danville. The serles
111 end on December 20.
Rallroad lu Wlse Couuty "Wlll Spend
Addltlonal Hal.-MIUlou.
_n amendment was issucd yesterday
by thc Stat<* Corporation Commission
to thc charter of the Interstate Rail
roal Company, Increaslng its capital
.ock from $1,000,-00 to $1,500,000. Thls
is taken to mean that the company wlll
bulld additional llnes or clse add nia
lerially to its equlpment.
The rallroad is in Wisc county, con
structed for the purpose of getting to
?nd from coal operations. The main
Une :s from Norton up to Stonega,
15.95'miles long, whllo there are two
small branches. ono from Mud Llck
Junctibn to Roda. 3.3 miles, and thc
other from Arro Junction to Arro, 1.11
Prl-oner Must Go to Wa_-_n_ton, Bur
rlug Posslble Ilnbeas C'orpus.
After considcrlng the protest of Jos
cph Gardnor, allus M. Cohen, wanted
m Olympla, Wash., for securlng prop?
erty under false pratenscs, Governor
Mann yesterday declded to grant the
requisltlon asked for by tho Exocutlve
of the Stato of Washington. Under
Sherif. Strlnger left yesterday after?
noon for Norfolk.
Whlle the Governor could not see hls
way clear to refuse the requisltlon, ln
astnuoh as tho papers wero regularly
mado out, lt was stated that tho prls?
oner mlght make appllcatlon l'or hab
cas corpus from the Norfolk courts.
The contentlon on tho part of liard
ner was that tho proceedings woro an
attempt to collcct a dobt lnstoad of a
matter of crimlnal prosecutlon.
Publtsliers Rcuulred to Take Buck 1)1*
placed -chuolliooks.
Notteo to rotail book deulers in Vlr?
glnla was issucd yesterday us follows
by Secretary U. C, Stearnos. of tho
State Board of 1-Ciueatlon:
"Tho recent high school contracts
wlth tho State Board of l_ducatlon re
quiro tho publishers of textbooks to
tako nll the shelf stock ln merchantubl.
condltlon whleh ls dlsplaced by tha
books cmbraccd ln thelr contracts off
tho hands of tho dealers. of the State
and to credit tho dealers wlth tho net
cost of such books.
"At a meeting of the Stato Board ol
of Educatlon, held on October 1, lt wus
dotormtned that tho books to bo thus
rcdeemed were those on tho shelvcs of
retull dealers at tiio tlmo-tho contracts
were slgned on September 9, and ap
pllcd only to books which should be
offered to the publlshers on or before
January 10. 1911.
"Tnis action does not apply to the
exchange of books ln the hands of pu
plls, which wlll contlnue up to Septem?
ber 15, 1911.
"Thls notlce is glven in pursuanco
of the order of the board,"
Instruction* Issued IleKttrdlnjjr Inspec?
tion and Cnrc of Property.
Expliclt Instructions as to the care
ot military property, the annual inven
tory inspection, the charges for short
ages and the rules as to requlsltions
were Issued yesterday ln the shape of
an order by Adjutant-General W. W.
Sale. The order follows:
Commonwealth of Vlrginia,
Adjutant-General's Office,
Rlchmond, December 3, 1910.
General Orders, No. 39.
I.?The terms of paragraph, VII., O.
0. Xo. 24, this offlce, June 17. 1910, aro
amended to read as follows:
An annual lnventoried Inspection
wlll be made of tho property of all
organlv-atlons before tne lst day of
December of each year, and also for
thc purpose of ascertalnlng
(a) Llst of deflciencles, wlth cxpla
natlon as to how they oecurrcd.
(b) Llst of unserviceable and ob
solete articles which should be re?
turned and charged off tlio organlza
tlon's property accounts.
(c) Abllity of the quartermaster
For Infsnts and Children.
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Everything for the
Xmas Holidays
Raisins, Nuts, Candies and Fruits
1 lb. Santa Claus Seeded Raisins 8c
1 lb. Cleaned Currants.10c
New Citron, per pound.16c .
Large Juicy Lemons, dozen.20c
New Virginia Buckwheat, lb....4c
Granulated Sugar, lb.5c
Stag Brand Gelatlne.5c
Wine for Jelly, quart.20c
Quaker's or Mother's, Oats, pkg-9c
California Asparagus, can.20c
Fresh Eggs, per dozen.28c
4-String Broom .25c
81.00 bottles Duffy Malt Whiskey.85c
Swift Pride Soap. 7 for.25c
Large Juicy Lemons, dozen.20c
Large Ncv Irish Potatoes, per
peck, 20c; or, per bushel- 75c
Cream Cheese, per pound.20c
Try our 40c Green or Mixed Tea
lor cold tea. It's regular 60c
Extra Large Fat Mackerel, 6 for.. .25c
Old Virginia Herring Roe, in 2-lb.
cans, 2 for.25c
Smoked California llams, per lb.. .14c
Elgin Butter, per pound.32c
Early J?ne Pcas, .1 cans for.25c
Hamilton Roasted Coffee, 1-lb.
3 cans Tomatoes for soup.lpc
Best City Meal, 20c peck; or, per
CWpped Beef, per can... ,8fi
1820.22 E. Main. 506 E. Marshall.
Two Stor???Phoues at Each.
:ergeant and efflclency of hls work. }
(d) Precautlons taken by command
ng offlcers to care for and preserve'
lubllc mllitary property.
(e) Facilitles of organlzations for
aking care of property.
(f) Whether the terms of G. O. No.
14, c. s.. this offlee, havo boen fully
Jomplled wlth, where clrcumstances
(g) Any other matters pertaining to
ho questlon of preserving ai ' caring
or public military property.
, II-?Thls inspoctlon is to bc a
horough inventory of all public mlli
ary property ln the hands of each
Thc inspectlng offlcers are requlred
p personally count and report upon
hc condltlon of each class of articles
11T,, ?_a .?8Bj?n of tho organl-ation.
III.?The report of the inspectlng
ifflcer must be submitted ln dupllcate
ictore tho close of each cnlcndar year
IV.?Pursuant to a resolutlon adopt
:d hy the Mliltary Board of Vlrginia
H a meeting held November 25, miO,
ind effectlve from dato of January 1.
1.11, charges Will be made and de
lucted from tho funds allotted from
the mllitary fund of Vlrginia to or
;anIzatlons for expenses, to covei- all
shortages of public mliltary property
for which they aro rcsponsible and
cannot account for ln such manner as
to enable the stato to obtaln relief
for tlie value of such charges
agalnst it by tho Unitod States gov?
ernment. All organlzations being re?
qulred to retaln on their property ac?
counts such shortages, until settlement
is made wlth thls offlee.
V.?Thc officer or offlcers to conduet
the property Inspoctlon herein ordered
will be designated ln orders by this
ofllco at such tlme as will enable them
to complete and report results of
their lnspcctions withln thc tlme pre
VI.?Tho terms of paragraph 12, G.
O. No. 24. this offlee, June 17, 1010,
are amended to read:
No requlsitions will be honored un?
less made Immediately after the an?
nual Unlted States Inspectlon. and th
annual State; nnd annual Inventory
inspectlon. herein ordered, and the
officer making requisltlon wlll be
careful to apply for only such articles
as are reported deficient by the In?
spectlng officer, as these articlos only
wlll bc replaccd, and ln no lnstance
except where the shortages aro ro
ported to bc not duo to ncgllgenco or
gross carelessness.
Tlie requlsitions for deflclencles
found at the annual State and annual
invcntorled inspections will bo com
liined and sent in before thc close of
thn calonda.- year.
Bv order of William Hodges Mann.
Governor and Commander-lro-Chlef.
Delegates to Conveutlon.
Commlsslons were issucd yesterday
to thc. following'named persons to rop
resent Vlrglnla'at tho convention of the
Amerlcan Soclety for Judlcial Settle?
ment of International Dlsputes, to bo
held in Washington, D. C, on Decem?
ber 15-17:
John Stewart Bryan, George L. Chris?
tian, A. B. Dlckinson, Artlutr L Adatn
son und Fred R. Scott, all of Richmond;
Charles Hall Davis, Petersburg; W. S.
Copeland, Newport News: S. lloth Tyler,
Norfolk; James R. Caton, Alexandrla,
and Robert A. Hutchlson, Roanoke.
Looks Into !,-?-.
Actlng undor orders from Adjutant
Genural W. XV. Sale, Colonel C. A.
Dempsey, Unitod States Army, retired.
went yesterday to Emporia to examine
Into tho amount of the loss suffered to
mllitary property In tho flre of Mon?
day night.
[Special to Tho Timcs-Dlsputcli.l
Danvllle. Va., - Decemher 8.?Mlss
Graco Al frlend, Parhum and Richard
LVirter were married hero thls ovenlntr
at tlie residence of tho bride's pa?
rents on Main Streot. Dr. W. J. Young.
of tho Methodist Church, offlciatlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Carter left on tho earlv
morning traln for a honoymoon trlp
to Palm Beach and othor winter re
sotts throughout tho South.
Busy Buy at Gretna Green.
ISpeclal to Tho Tlmes-Plsputch.j
Brlstol, Va., Docombor 8.?To-day
Rev. A. H. Burroughs married three
young couples of elopers. They wero
James X. Blncetlcld und Miss Mary ?;.
I.usk, of Crumpler. W. Va.; Roy E>.
Glllenwaters and Miss Beulah Klan'ary,
of Alley, Scott county. Va., and Wiley
Franks aud Mlas Ltllle Carlco. of
Georgel, Wlse county, Va.
ll in doubt, give the wife on
A Sellers Kitchen
The best cabinet made, $22.50
to $37.50, on easy payments.
Jones Brothers & Co.,
1418-1420 East Main Street.
TheiCf^i ICar
raK1 Always
Subject lo Chnnge Without >TotIce.
Ouc or Two l?u?scnjjers, Buy or
First mile or fraction
tliereof .50 centa
(Each additional paasenger,
'JO cents).
Each quarter mllo there?
after .10 cents
Each six minutes of wait?
ing .10 centa
Pleasure Ridlng.sfcl.OO per hour
Special Knte* for WeddlUKa, The
ntrvM und Sovlul 1'uiu-tloiis
ou aiiiillentlou.
Monroe 7S0 llny Phone.
Monroo 7S? Mght Phone.
703 East Broad Street.
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