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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 12, 1910, Image 1

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'i im; DI$PATCI1 r> lUNDKB !.'.' is
thi; WKViliKli TO-DAY?Fair.
Brought From Kentucky
to Answer Indictment
for Felony.
Man Who Is Alleged to Have
Stood Examination for Dr.
Speer Is Former Student of
William and Mary Col?
lege?To Hear Case
in January.
. . Judg
V od Di a 11 U ? of Ollve ilii:
Ky., who is ehargi i un ih Indictmen
wlth having comnlltti i lo g ry to pro
ln t
ln :
ln.llcl.il Wilh Dr. spi-rr.
He gi
up Il<>
Thr; Qfil
? 1 hti
n tl
denll ' ?? ' the naturt ol
and accompamlod hlm to
Th<' Ollve Hlll authorltlea i
rently unwtlllng to take a li
niattor, and II was B ?.
Rlchmond deti l'v< golriE to I i kro
t. haif the Governor ..f Kenti ky bI|
<ho requlsttion papera wlth Dr. Greea
o < iu ::.- hlm unguarded Or i irei
, ? |. the difflculty, and offered
com, ? r :hmond without requlsttlo
?r .'. i n ? um ofheer. who apparen.t
th0 |R ? part of tho buslness w
finlshed, had In the meariwhll.
Hut tliere ?vaa ii" turl
flpitc of the laxity of the ly.ntm-1
bfflclalsi and thc detcc.tlve ir, I enl
took the next traln tor Rlchmon I. i
Greear waa with hla lawyer, and hi
nothing to say, either afflriqatlrely
.1 fi
Worked Patlcnlly ou ? n?c.
Patlently and earnestly thc ca
against the two dentists haa be.
Worked up by members of the s.a
Board of Dental ISxamlnors and by t
local authoritles, apd./when 11 eom
thal sufflcient avldeneo luul be
galnea to -varraht action, tWtwo m
were secrctly Indlcted on Uocemb
E Pr i',r. <-ar la a former student
Wllllani an?l Mary College.
nn the face nf lt. tho evldeni i o l
ga'hcd B'ecrna complete, though,
course, whon tho case uomos to trl
thero wlll come up numerous tech)
calities which may defeat tho oftoi
or the dental exarnlners und tho a
Thc lirst information la sald to ha
been gained by Dr. II. W. Campbell,
fiuffolk, president of lho. dental hoa
who was informed of an alleged cq
versatton on a traln ln which i
Greear spolca of tho manner ln whl
flpecr ha.l secured hls license to pr:
tiee. Thnt was somo timo ago. Th
came othor evldehco. Dr. ,1. 1'. Stiff,
Frederlcksburg, who tooli an actlve ha
ln worklng tho case, sald yesterdi
over the long distance. taiephone, tl
Dr. .1. A. Hosliina and Dr. G, \> . Bo
tonli thc examination ln June, Ik
with tr. Greear, and that thoy kn
him to bn Greeav and not Speor. I
Stiff said tliat ' Dr. Groear llllc<l c
blanks Baylhg he had never attenc
collepe, but had studlod rtcntisi
under his father, aim .111111 hr> Ut
Bpeer's nunibor when called.
Secure AfllduvlU.
Afftdavits to this. effect have bc
Obtalned from Drs, llQsklns and Bot
nnd thoy wlU be used as wltness
1H-. Stiff was at the cMimina.lion, 11
Dr! Campbell has also stated tl
fcpeer was not at tho examination.
lt ls also learned that both .Hpi
and Greear* wore ln Rlphmond togetl
at tho ilino.of tho oxainlnatton; 0
Greear Ih alleged t? hayo recolvecl ?
for hls services, llis cxntivinat
papers are said to havo beon unusua
Thls ls tho lirst time auch a cn.se 1
eomo up in the Virslnla couria. Ho
gtates havo 11 spooltlc law bearing
rlpios, and somo reiiiuro ?'
?flatOH for examination to bo identil
ifeeforo the boards by photQSrap
l.'tirliMis Stnrni Itnglng nml ilrave fetttn
\ re I liilerliiUK'il.
I Coi*do' ii, 11? < mbci 11. im Alaska
. leanUhlp i lompan: ' leanu i Ulj mpla,
wlth 100 poi . .iii>'ind. I ? aallorc ?"
,-?<?.. i ilatid, l*i Inix Wllllam boiniu. A
I i .11 ion toi m i raging, no word haa
' bci ii n i nlt. -I fi .iu tho ? lrcl*^n qpera
lor .ni Un ni mpla slnce " A, ?1 . ni?.i
grat e i> ai are entorlalned i?.r tno
i afi-i- ".f 'h.. ??? ..n lho wrceked vi sol
Ull tin on ii Iticf.
Henttle, Decombei 11, The U.lyinptfl
| wai wreckcd fort! mllos from ' drdova,
i A ln sit i, . ,-i i to-duj. an ogro ini'.i -
' matlon v o n ??? iyed in Ueattle coh
. ? ? ing the w rock, IHcHidlnij a brlel
ni. ittgi rom i lie i ompan ' agenl al
V ildi , .. inv ' hai 'li' '? .:?-??! ! 'in "ii
?? :.. r. ,\ in. s age senl durlng i ue
fo on. ald: "All hands oh dei k.
Thls li taken to Indlcate ? ?m the pa
dcngi n und crew wero preparing to
Thc Olympla sailed trom Scattle "ii
Xovember 26 wlth tu.-nr.-i\ pas
,i,i.i . : erol hundn 'I tons ol
i frclght.
The 6lj mp .i had cnlle(| al Cordova
! hefon II . u ? ibrc At onlj b few <>i
the . ? ?? bound for ports
, -.,!'. fla i II i probable tliat not
;i.r command.of Cap
t li i 'I . I '; flii -. 1 he Shlp waa
Th.. Bllgl i land reel ' ere ' ne
... . Ilghted '1 .".
Alaslt i lin ! ? - ? i wrc'i i.. .i ?? ith
in ., radlua ... :,ii? 11 ? polni
Tlme fur lltiMlnrsi ( iinrrrn, lo 'Ink
I'uhllc Into Their fbnllilence.
i. .? December il.
u<-.i in publlc
,i publlc Into
? ( dcnl
? wlth their
? ..? true
indltloris The
.: i.. .11. thal
anni I n
Ing the nei ? ?
oubllc aa <?>
>f the coun I rj
l.rou.o. - the
ng nubllc i- ii
-1 .?
itrnllj \" Scrloiw Frlcllon lletweei
Whlto nml Black Itace.
K -. y . . ?'.n- n ?Booker T
? ? ? ? ? - . ;?.?? nbytei l ?'
here t.- I that thc 1 !,rt iveei
?. Ite race and thc Unck race ls al
ii face, an i that at t he
the Southern negro hns the gympath:
i.r.Thls thc Stntcmciit of lIoMnn'* Mayoi
n. | Aftor n Vlsit <<> Tnfl.
Washington. December 11.?.Mayo
?lobn .1. Fltzgcrald. of Boston. i.aid iu
: infiii-mal Vlsit to th>- Willte liouse. A
__cjhe wns loaving !"? was asked abou
f,n!the polltical situation ln Massachu
sitts. an.i espeelally wlth refcrence t
? j"the United States senatorship.
'"'?' "It's al! settled." he declared; "I.odcr
ed j can't come back?'
lii| Mr, Fitzgerald said that the Dorno
ohl'crats hud no Jjope of clectlng one o
_,rjthel'r number to tbe Senate, but woul
cjinsist upon a Republican agreeable t
01 them.
,i'| Bui Moutelnlr Hlnr.e Wlll Occur Durlu
"?" I thc Dn>.
*ts Montclalr. X. J.. Decembor ll.?Al
u* dermari Thomas P. McGlynn, of thi
town, ls being besloged wlth request
vi-li" arranga foc the In'olneration of th
ofltown poorhouse hero at night, instea
..., ! of durlng the day. Tho poorhouse i
to he abandoned noxt week, and th
n" loeal authoritles plan to destroy th
,r; I anclent buildings and ils contcnts b
ch ] fire as tho caslest and most san 1 tar
ie-I means of disnosal.
en | H was expected that the flre woul
,f be klndled ai night and afford a spci
j taole Por ihe coun try slde, but the ai
"" ! thorities are feurful tliat such a prr
iy> I coedlllg would draw a rough clomei
ial Into tho town. and for thls reason. an
Its I bocauso of tlio exoltement thnt migl
,,, ensue, they are plannlng lo have tl:
B\J flre beforo darkhess falls.
? ry
Member of Mob Fatally Injured
Colurnbi'is, Ga., Decembor 11.?Iryli
Kent, aged twenty-two years, a eottc
mill operatlve, alleged to have been
member of tho mob whleh last nlg1
stormed tlio aiuseogoo coimty jall
es*! get Henry Taylor, a negro.-prisonc
'"'i charged with nssiuiltlng a young whi
Kltjwoinaii .ni.) night last weok, died t
| day from a wound received in the a
"cl tack, More than a hundred sliots we
"''' tlred. Sovc.ti arrosts were mado to-da
nd jallor !Jholls was serlously Injtire
500 but wlll recover.
lly J S.-rl.-N of ShoukN,
florence, December 11.?The obso
vatory hero reports that from
o'clock thls mornlng until 11 o'cloi
this afternoon, a serles of stroi
oarthMU/nkcHviliratlonH woro recordi
on ,lljo.-"liist.j'iii/ieptH. Apuurontly tl
car'thuuakc wa's'at.a' great distance.
House Is Breaking All"
Records in Making
Taft Wants Time to Put His
Legislative Program Under
Way?Attitudc as to Tariff
Tinkcring at This Sos?
sion Not Yet
th< repcal
produi ts,
in - tcrlals,
ocrutlc i 111r-,',111 i.ii.i are regarded ?<
Indlcallng the Inlentlori of Individuals
next aesslon, when ilu Democrata wlll
bc ln thc tnajorll Uo
ln the ?-'? n.i'. thc only t.uitf actlvlty
lhat thc
ie rlver?
Ilflicr >!?
H: oi ?.- - - ? ? ihrougi
?. ai the In'siIgation of ih<- ad
itlon, tp op< ii thc fleld for t hi
it. Icgt.latlve program, proin
. ? ? | || records. At -thi
to tie an Irrfpresaloi
thal thc 80881 on wll
Mui li i
tho pass
to provlt
upon tlu
measure ahould -?. over until next ses
slon, the Bltuation Woiild seem t.
Indlc le, some Interesting debate
would result. Ueapportlonment legls
latlon, ;,.- a rule, ofters polltlcal advab
lagci to the party In power. inn nc-.v
aeaslon the House wlll. be Democratl
and tlu- Senate Republlcan, and man
membera thlnk ii would be InjpoSslbl
io pass .i I > w under auch condition
unless ii cont,alncd a large clement o
fairness tn both parties.
Trouble Vlioad for 1'citrj,
Washlngton, i>. C., December 11.
Representatlve Macon, of Arkansa;
threatena trouble for Captain rtobef
I-: Peary, tho Arctlc explorer, whe
tho questlon of lionorlng iiim cotne
up on the Hoot ot' the Hoitse. Mi
Macon la a meinber of tho Naval Af
falra Commlttee, which h;is bofore I
n bill tn make Peary a rear-admlra
in the navy. Mr. Macon contends tha
there is no more proof that Peitr
dUcovered the nnlo than Dr. Cook ha
to prove his as-c-rtions. and that if th
committee reports the measure, he wi
; flght it tn the last ditch.
l)r. II. qiieinliourK s <>11 n|,-.,- . After Sni
int Ills I'ailcnl Would l.lvc.
Chlcago, December II,?Or. .1. iif
quembourg, a promlnent Chlcago stti
geon. dropped dead ln St. Joseph
Hospital just after he had performe
Buccessfully a dolicate operatlon;
"I'm not fceling well." said thc -111
geon when Iio entered the operatln
room, "hut tlii. work must bc dor
iininediately if thls man is to llve."
For three hours the surgeon workc
at the operatlng table.
"It's over: lie'll live," announced tl
surgeon when the wound had hec
closed. "But I am fecllng badly.
must lic down."
On his way to a rest room the su
geon gaapod, threw un his liands. ar
i fell dead to the floor. Heart diseai
was given ;is the cause.
Spcnk to IVeK-ocs.
Ij Savannah, Ga., December 11. Whi
i; women were tlie principal speakers i
t a innss-iueetlng of negroes here ti
0 : day, at which a negro anti-tubcrciil.
j sis soclety was formod. Mlss IleU
I B. Pondloton, looal secretary of tl
1 Assoclated Charities, wns one of ti
I speakers
Train Strikes Cow;
Cow Strikes Negro;
Negro Strikes Dog
Moblle. Aln., December tt.?VV-cn
11 l.iiiilsvllli' nnd ..umIivIII. pnanen
ger traln out or Moblle Mtruek n
cow neur Klrklnml Int. Sntui-lit>
afti-rnoon, (lic re-iihH were iih ui>
iinikiI nml iinexDectcd iih they ? erc
fiitnl. Tlie cow wna hurleil to onr
Nlile, MtrlklnK a negru WHtchlng thc
traln go by. 'I'lie ui-Kro wni? kiio.k
ed luto n puilclli- ?>f water, und, kill?
ed. lu fnlltn'g' he striii-K 11 dog \yhtcli
wan nliio playlng tbe part uf nu ln
110c.nl liy-lnmU'r nml tho lil'r of tlu
l-lllllll- WUS sIIII II, -<| OUt, tllll,
bu of raunes
Service Class ified. <
i Under His Managcment Dcficit
Has Been Reduced From $17,
500,000 to $5,848,566, and
Penny Postage May Bc
Thing of Near
in hls
tin- method ..f h
ln ao
ts adtl
"In levylni
llglous periodicals,
or no profll from
the circulation "f ti
ilon. which alds
ial a n m< dj Bhould 1
..-.1 by charglng vnoi
lic higher rate," the r<
it la belleved that
1,1 :..? made between a<
?1- and what is ternn
inditlons an li
on readlng ma
ed. Such an ii
?. ond-elas. publ
icatlonnl and r<
hat dertvi 1111
Ivertlslny. lt
- 1) pe of public
affactlvelv in tl
| educational and moral advancemeni
tlii ip e; thal t 11 ? - government ci
?: . - 1 fo encourage. Kor the
publ'cat ons, anl also for any oth
legtUmate readlng matter in perlodtc
j turm, the department favor:, a co
: tlntiatioii of tho present low postaj
| rate of I cont a pound, and r.eci rnm.eni
!tiiat the proposed Increase ln rate I
applled only to magazlnc advortfslt
"in vlew of the vanish'ng postal de
I clt, it ls belleved tliat' lf tlie magazin
could 6e required to pay whal it 00s
the government to carry their advc
tlsing pages, tlio departmont's revenu
Would soon srow large enough to wa
rant 1 cont postage on flrst-class ma
"Xewspapefs are not Ineludod ln t
i plan for ii h'gher rate on advertisli
j matter, because, bolng Chiefly of lot
dlstrilmtion, thoy do not employ t
I maiis to any such cxtent ns the ivide
eirculating magazlnes."
I.onh on Ituriil Oellvor}-.
Wlllle tlie loss Tesiilting from t
low postage rate on sccoml-class nn
I is the greatest In lho postal servli
i the loss on rural dellvery service
very conslderablo. The appropriatio
annually granted to inalntain the r.ui
delivery system. howover, as point
olil In lho report. are cxpendod In t
[ntorest of a vast populatlon. Mr. llltc
coek urgea tho wisdom of further c
tention of thls system, even at a cc
siderabla loss to the government.
polnts out also the buslness wlsdi
of the eonsolldatlon durlng tho 1;
year of the slar route and uiral <
Jtvery system. tho consolidatlon ha
ing tieen the means of effectlng a lar
savlng and of Incroaslng tlio efflulcn
of the service.
Mr, Hltehcock reylews the work ;
ready aceonipllshed looklng to the i
tahllshnient of postal sartngs han'
A trial of tho now system will he ma.
beginning January 1, 1011. at oin, po
ofllce tn each Stato and Terrltory of t
Union. The amount approprlated
Congress for thls trlal was $10n,o
All ollices selected for the trlal ;
of tho second class, wagoveamexs bel
partlcularly beneflted, It Is oxpeel
tuai thn ncu pustal savings system w
bi> extended lo many other oftlcqs l
foie tho ond of tho curront flscal? yea
A renowal' of tlio prevlous i
dtttloil for n llmltod pareel p
on rural roll tea is inade. :
,,??!( exnri ssi 8 tho hopo tha
(Continucd ou Second I'ugu 1
llolieri llnniiiiii Clnliim Ile V\H. Nniiici
tl) II.r lo i.onil ( liiinli,
i fpei i.il to The Tlmea-Dlspatch.]
? mouth, N. li . Dc> embi r 11.
i ? rliarlea Uanhon, ol Ko ' v- Ind
Bor, haa announced thal he 18 the buc
.. .... i., the liettd ol thi Chrlatlan
Science Church, and hda engaged fto
beri M. Urant, an nl toi ney of llartfqrd
i -.nn . i . iirlng . nit agalnst tho dlrec
ton of the mother church to auppor
claln i.. ? i rlday, Mr Hni noi
ii ecaaor, rii
o announci to the worl
thal I am thc rlghtful auc
n.l llvlna retirei i ntatlve "
am the splrltiidl head i nd i< ai her i
dlvlne science "i Ihi -. l< i.t niln
heallng, having i<: aserl thro
in ihe Maa u hu - '' M" '?'
i College, al B.J Columbti
Avenue, Bobton, ln 1887, and I
crtlflcato to that efTecI algned b} Mn
Bddy, l shall I.. Kh"l to answer a
Inqul'rlcs in tbe Interest nf mankln
ol ilf-. I am
"Ha I Wlndsor Hlll*. Conn."
Mr. Iinnnon says ho has papet
algned by both Mrs. Augustu
of >..-;? v- rk. nnd thi lati M
whicli will support Iih i-li'.im !
.-,.--. . ,-, '
will of tlie latr- Mrs. _ddy ls mnde pul
II,.. m,. [junnon I presltl nl of tl
Dlvln. Scli ? ' itlon ai d -
Hartford Cont
Womnn .linols llttMbitod Who llnd I'e
necutcd ller.
\i ,-. ,i ?:.' ela "? De ? n ?? r 11.?Tl
| , | ? i-.| llfo Of _!
anfl m r . taith r Bowman, wel'.-knov
Inflictlng a dangi
wman's neck. T
.-? al i .- Mrs. Bo'
,f Court _li V?lde OnnvlctlOn ?f Hmi
n i K.uttlc b) - orceil Con_ei??lo>??,
? - <P.iti. v Wnsh December 11.? -
P C ?url set asldc the ct
.. . . Klnc County Super
_ ,-r.ui-t nf l'r-i.-i- B, Miller, who waa tr
for??burg! ' ' N';" ''" 'l1"1 wl"
*" sensatlonnl aHegatlons of police 1"
"? tallty started an ;i^it.ni..n ngalusl t
. artment. , '
Mliler who conducted hls own ?
refused !?> glve hls I rue nai
l' .,i,.,i tha i li>' had ii crimlnal r.
,,1:. ,., nvlctlon was obtalned,
1 alh -??!. bv the use of .Ceaalo
I- made by hfmsell and an allegi I ;
.i ,,];,., ,,,' ,.;.-, ape torturo. The courl si
talns the allegations of Miller tl
,. hall offlcers, police, detocUye.v and pr
L ecutlng attorneya by ibuse and thre
I I had lnvaded hls rights. riu- co
''' ' "Nelther tbe Jallers, thc police, i
detcctlves are clothed ln this coun
.Ith Inuuisltorial Dowbrs; Whllo so
le of the lawa of e-'ln have been graf
on thla country. tlie rlungeon and hu
.* : ing fagota have not."
s" Rurlngfleld Mnn l.ccp.s Vow Mnde I
fore Clvll Wnr.
Sprlngfleld. Mass., December li
Samuel Worceater Swlft, of IS I'nn
r.?n Street, thla clty. made a vow m
than forty-nine years ago not to tot
,- a raaor to hts face, nnd has k< pt
.-. pledgc through tho half-century l
" lowlng tho strange aot. Swlft .waa
, | the Sotith at lhe outbroak ol the i
""War and whon hostUltlea began
es' vowed ho would not again touch
ts raaor or be shavod untll the war e
r. ed Tho four yeara passed and pe
_=' came but in that Unio Swlft had
l*. clded not to part wlth his long tl.
. m~ beard. Ho celebrated hls elgh
nftii l.irth.lnv Ih s week, nnd
h. I whlaker,s woro one of lhe chlef oau
of congratulatlon,
,. ?s,'l'"^.:1^"{e^r:;,,r'o.,se_._::',,
i'i! Carllsle, Pa? Decembor 11.- -Suhoi
tendent Fred man of the Carllsle Ind
?? School publlshed an offer of $50
s ward to any one turnlahtng Infori
3 tion leading'to the convlotlon of ih
il! selling or furnlshing lntoxteatlng
d ! .|ilors to liidhms.
Tho Indlan school authorities h
determined to Collow up cusea wh
Indlan boys are supplicd wlth Int.
?i llow, I'-rmer In Killed "nd
llaillj Wounded.
HartsvUlo, S.' C, December li. -E
Bbsoman, aged slxty-flve years, a ta
or. was ahot'to death, and hla .on, I
Boseinan a. ed iwenty-tw'o rears, l
lv ?-?iin'.l..i by C^y piacljniari, a
t-ontv-tw , yeara. Blackman esco
The shootlng was the rasult ol a qt
rel over the ownership of a plstol,
; .viatara Couelude Thelr -Mlghta
?d jVew Orlenus.
Now Orleans. La.. Decemboc i
Severai short flights by J. A. l>.
Curdy .m.i Jlmmle Ward al tho i
Park tleld thls tiftornoon conolt
lhe aviation meet iield tiora
Thc avlatoi'H wlll leave to-mor
for Atlanta, whero they will pur
palo lu a meot lo '"? I'"!'' under
uusplccs of un Atluiuu newapapeu
\ j -
?President Taft Makes Final Decision and To-Day
Will Send Nomination to Senate
, I for Conflrmation.
'?New Chief Justice Is a Southern Man and a Demo
crat?Other Plaees on Supreme Bench Will^Go
to Judge Willis Van Devanter, Republican,
of Wyoming, and Joseph Lamar, Demo
crat, of Georgia?Slate for Appoint
ments to New Court Ready
for Submission to Senate.
W?M,lngt..n, ?>- ? ?? Dceemlier . l.-A ? .n.,. .l.-stlcc Bd-vnrU ?o?i;.n.? White,
?( ,,,, ,,?..,. s. snpreme Courl, ls to .,.- c.evntcd ... thc chlef Juattce-MP
.? ,.,?, trll.unnt. .'real..? '.'"?? ?'? -"?' ?.--<???-'" *? ?? s?nt" ?"
.ri>? ?,. u Ih cspcotcd .im. ?.-v .Inte Justlce., ... ?.. v.c.nele.
un llie bcnoli, Mill nl-o lie uiinieil tii-niiirnin.
., ?ns rep?t. In-nlgbt, ikau'eh neither eonflrmatlnn nor ile.a,
?.,?.-.? .be "1,1,0 I.-. .?rV,i..c.t T?f, ?.,. ...nn- na aHaael-U
i,,.n.dge U1I1I- V?n Devanter, ?f Cl.eye.iue, Wyo? um ? Leder.1 Judge
.,,??. ElB|(|i, united Mi.trs flrc.lt, .....I J-mepb ?<?'Kcr I.""-".'. o.'.sla, .?
ne..... ...-I former Ju.tlee ol .l- '-"->-"? Supreme (ourt.
,s also reported to-nlght, Iil
.ithout conftrmutlon, tliat tho new
,i t.v the Prealdent to-morrbw and will conslst
?? Courl of Commerec will be nainen "> '"
" "' :\1.,rn,r"!Kn.1.o. ol New Vork, it presenl chalrman of tho Interstate Com
erce CommlMlon ? o? tho M1(_(ll0
rtobert VV. An hhald, at presenl United
' :"'1 "f Penhsylv.nl**, of th. Courl bf Customs Appeals.
WllIlanvH.?unt.ofMontana...'..J rfwot th. ^.^
is- \rthur C Denl un, of Michigan, at presenl luuge
lh T ;'? ,o
""; l s,lalc' !,,,i-,. ..?- ih. Nii.i.'Ui'.te Clrcult Coiirt ot
"" ,Iuii ... \V. Mack, of Chicago, now '"' A1
. __,._ ._ iviinols Distrlct. Mr. Mack la i. Democrat.
'" terstato Cornmerce Commlsslon ln place. '"?
To 1111 th< anclca on lho cockrell of Missourl, who retlres on
,.,| Chalrman Knapp md ...--.:? ii ;'?.. prcsl(jontwni name B.'H. Meyer,
*t\ iu < iiii-i- some surp
? had been
ApPoln.'.?>??. ^ ^^^ (e iho n<jw chlpf Justice un.
?? at
arlei li. Uug " ?"
, .... ... ...? ll i.r,....n. known tbat
I t_( ,.,. ,nBde Soinc of tf?
that Justl. ? Hughe
Courl i .i le migni >.? m '"?
. iin-lies's cxnorlenco
.,!.,;. ai thi tlme to tho
?i tho bai had not .n sutBeian to '?' ?' ?'.',.'.',',.s''',.;_[,'1|;..,| tl il Mr. tlughes's rep
ilgh'esl (udlctal posltlon ln tlio ,'.","'i:'/^ { "jj m ,,,_ _.0?duct o'r twd tegUjla.
?-at'?n "?" ';::;!...[JrJuTwlth the Presldeh. thal everything bolnt.a
''" 1! : ;; ., ; ,: ;; ,,.. ....?.*.. ror m- f..,??-r.;.n-ernor. At the same
"?; T : ?; th argnn.en. that Justlce Hughes was the youngest man
|lty ,,?. promotlon would come later, when
w'.'.nM lui'vc hu.i the advontage of tho maturli
? ial years oh the '" "^'? ;) _ ^ ^ |n ,_,,.,.?,,,. Hughes most of ihe qual-<
yburig, vigorous, possesslng
Mr. Hughes was looked iiP?n
Z^L'l^XnViW* Justlce. Voung. v,
,,- ablllty and w Ith progressivo
ild di, much to bring about th.
,n ln ludlclal proceod
tho man wno couiu .... ?. . _ ^ thc crv_ng n,.(.^ ?t
lnBS ln 1** "country ^ miue?S representations on the sdbject in his
? the Prcsldunl .ild hav.- his way. hls
i somethlng
i ing hls admlnlstratloi
Hon ivould bc ictable In hlstory foi having u.ipii
eost!\ and less tcdto.u i.
m" toward maklng court lltlgatlon ><
IST l'rcMldcul lias ????*.. tloMt Citrcful.
'" I ., ,, , m i,.,. h, n mosl cariful ln maklng .us seloctlons ol judges.
[fa '"?' ! ""'.'"' .. _, ,,v ,,,? objectlon of lnexperlence ofJustiea
"?': .;';"' .!" !,i ncciaU^ his lnexperlence on the beneh. Always coupled wlth the
??."""; PM,. Hughes asa chlef Justlce n . the hlghesl praise f9r.the former
,:::':"" "'?"!" ll"8n',ar^ il\wh*T? ???&c* ? "^ '"-' "" th'? Br0Unil
""? ,The '"iv" : ? :. not only from the .Presldent's advlsers ln Washlngton.
I of Inexperlem-i >."'" ? iu,i?,.. ,., tho varlous courts. Justlco
('bui trom lh. bar and trom among the Jud0e?ortjH ^ ^^ ^^ ^
i;;,;:'';:,i::;;:",ri1ha"..;^,'''i"uv,;;*';,.*, .n..,-,.?,.nu .....*.... i,f...,-....
Ie- presldent. .'.,,? ,i,,..i>..^ from nromotlon and ollmlnatlng '11 sugges
. K""T\Z>? .".'slV.;. . . **..urt. Preslden, Tan, i- Is sald. turned naturally
co. lons ='""' ?in dolng a.i dlsregar.i all political eonsldferatlons, Ju?
hls .1 wnnrnrn. Court b\ Grover Cleveland, and ls slxty-n>c years oi ar?'..
ol-i ^ ... .. Washlngton could i.all to-night, thls is tho lirst tlme that a
v^j <,?,;? "ji.Ml.o'". a polltical fnith oppos.te to 'fha, of the admlnistration has
'b ey01jUstic6UWhlteewas strongly urged u. the Presldent tor-promotlon. ln
?cl- n ,-.',? I s is tho President was leavlng the summer capltal at Bevorly.
ico uctoDor iasi, ? ? scriously cohslderlng tho appolntmenl of Jnstlqa
- lv.Sirs%blef just}?. The fa" was sen, out in d.spatehes at the time. Wheu
\H" h? was again ir. Washlngton, however. the Hughes sentlment seemed to grow
sm ftronS^ialii and all "thor candldates practlcaliy were ellmlnated from eonsld
?""-Presldent Taf1 ha. tho highest regard tor Justice VVhlte. both as a man
llml V JU1.U,. The backlng tha. Justlce Whlto received ls sald to have boen
most Impresslve
Hns l-nrtlclpnted i" I'mnoiis la.tes.
;:;: ' ,,'..5abS! tho mos, eleany marked Uleas ot fedorallsm ot any of tho buprem.o
ose i Courl .iusti
tUes llo was wlth Ihe government ln all of tho so-ealted insular
cases, Involvlng the I'hiii
iplnos aiul other insiilar possossions. Ko rondoved a
..-..v opinion aga I tho governmenfs contentlons ln the Northern Bocut
ero UleTcase?S also was wlth the minority of the court ... votlng to sustaln
xl- the constitutlonallty of the Income tax la>v.
luatlco Whlto has been on tho Supromo coun tor slxteen yoars. and ia
now tho ol'ios, justlce ln commlflslon vyhose ige is loss than seventy Justlco
Whlto graduated from Gaorgetown Universlty, ln addition to practiclng law
: i? ,'ouisiami, ho was u sugar plantor. lle served ln the Louislana Uglslatura
Sonfas a Senator, served for a number o? years pn ihe btal i Supreme i ourt bench.
: and subsequcntly was elected io the United States Sonato. ile was servlng hia
D.i (irst lorm in that bodv when Prcsldeni Cleveland appolnted him to the Suprema
>.tto; 0Urj?dge van Devanter, who i- pretty generally conceded to-nlghl to ba ona
,'"11 of Presidont Taffs soloctlons ns an assoctat, justice of.the Sitprenia.Courj,
;",1 partlclpatod ln lho now tomtt&a S^ndard Oll decision rendered ln the EUarhth
,,,.. Clrcult. Mr, Tau dobatod for some tlme as-to the proprletj of taklng a judge
clrcult and elavatlng hlm to the Supreme bench.
li |s l 11
iiKiiin upon the ovldenco In the Standard "H ci
thbmsolvos, Mr. Tafi telt thal if now oyldonci
mlghl also reyerso hlmself. Judgo Van Devan
and .iu.-t. Thoso were tho riuaUtles the Presidi
urts ..ft.
i, served
eais m <n
i_ un ih.. Wyomlng Suprume Courl for n numoer oi >eais anu oi -?
Mo-1 nu asslstant uttorney-genoral.
I'.mij Uccliled One Musl n<- D*?u?oi*rnt.
Judgo i.aiuar, of Oeorgta, tho Democrai who Is sald to h.ay. el l i.
has norsonalty been Known t" lho Presldent fur ntunber "! Mr i.ift.
early deblded thai on. ut the now a.socUte (uatlcea sl.Id b Domo ?:.
| Judgo Uaniar served two anu u half years on tho Supreme Court ol Ueor^la, aud,

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