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?iiiii mmmaaamaamBmaaaaaataaam __g_M
Clearance Sale of
The like has never been shown in this city before. We
had a..very large shipment of l.ilT-. Cliignons, CJusters, but
owing-to "the expressmei.js ^trike in Xew Vork. they were
delayed. and just been delivered to us.
We. propose to sell you these at your own price.
Ladies should come early. sb as to get the pick of best shades
and styles.
Clunters, i-egiilar $5.00 value, nat?
ural halr, not iniltation; sale prlce.
M.50. There are 500 In the lot.
Chlinions, regular $S.OO value, nat?
ural halr, not Imltatlon, S-.oo dur?
ing sale.
? ii;_.?....! -. all ovcrhead, 40 large
pufts, rtgular $5.00 value; durhig
sale, $2.98.
CiiiHtrrN?Beautiful large Clustcrs
of -Puffs, regular $;;..n}. $2.50 and
$2.00; during il.is sa).. ns,-. Oome
and r-e" these, tho iu:\i. I'fAlR
Isin.l. at never - heard - of - beforo
? iiii.ji.w.???All .shades, all BtyleB
regular $4.00; ilininir thjs sale.
liray Clu-tera, (8.00 value, bcanti- ?
ful natural all halr, $r..OO.
Gray Clua.crN, $5.00 value, all
halr; during this Bale, *;t.us.
Cold Cr.uins, 26c kind; during
.alr, ioo.
Cold Creain-,
Halr Ncln, all over. r.e.
Halr .VetK, 25c klnd, tbe.
swjtchesi swrrciii.5:
Sirltehe-, $1,60 and $1.75 natural
hair, llnest quality, 08c.
'? .Swlii'hes. $2.60 and $n.on ones, all
natural halr, not th. iniltation kind,
s'j.ihi during thla Bale.
S-lt-h.M, $5.00 klml, beautiful all
halr, natural shades; during this
sale, s*a.f)S.
siviteii.-, $15.00 34-Inch Swltches,
ali long natural halr; during sale,
tlruy Svrltclie-H, nll long halr.
beautiful natural Bhades, regular
$30,00, $25.00 Itlndj during this sale,
.?jl.-i.tm and 930.00.
Grrij Switchcx, $8.00 ones, $5.00.
(Iriiy HwltcheR, $0.00 ones, .->:{.r>tl.
Hwltchctt, all natural hair. regu?
lar $8.00 value; during thls sale
-wltch.M, $10.00 ones; during thla
kind: during | salti, 18.00.
?i. ?'"''? _ I TranaforniRltonN, all around he id
Masaage (rrnum, ,.c large jars, i mal.r vvave, $5.00 value; d i
Jo'* _ I sale, 98.08.
MaHsase Crenma, 50c large Jars, | Trnn-formatlons, $1.00 klnd; dur
^oc# l ing this sqle, .H2.no.
Every lady visiting our establishment during THIS
SALE and making a purchase will be given a box of Oakley s
Corylapsis of Japan FREE OF ALL CHARGE. This article
is well known and needs no praise. Ladies will be given ad?
221 East Broad Street,
S. E. BISHOP, The Shirt
No. 30 North Seventh Street.
??-.?? m-i i?. mmmm^mm. ? - p .
?ii-n-i?f>i n -in.-ii- nin?-iwrt M-i
.... .n ... . -, .. ... i ne .nn t ii nini'.
A liiiai Cablnet conference on tho
?i :. tmi nt* Ivn ' eld al th.
M btta U_us< lato u.-?!?? r-i v ? ..-.
tended by tho i tw:.. id .. . . ..?
t.ta.Ii - l?lox, Ul klnsoh tnd :. igel,
and Aii.-Mi..-, -Oenertil Wlck en Imin, it
1 b inld u havo been Mr, U nos _ ln*
Huence whlch tlnallj lurncd the tldq
ln fav .r of .1 idge .an i lovantcr an
agalnst Jtt-go William C, ..nok, also
of the Blghth Clrcult.
Reports thal Pres] i. nl t.i.i would
ht swayed hy factlertal consldcraUoiis
in hla ovrn party In maklnjr tl.c Su
ur. me Ooiirt appointment- n-^r(. qul >k.
Iy cji'ie.i to-nlght -hon _11? - alaij} ;.. .
cami . . Mr Tnfi ha. been 'ex
cepdlni : ? ? .1- ii-.li - 11.. . n norts,
Slld i' ? . ..liil tO'ttlgtlt tl.lt. Mvlm
during ? pasl week ln was on the
. rgc "i g-lving out sUtotu nt- In ivtu
latlon oi lome ol t <? mort radical ro
por) ? ? i ' . . appi an d tli prlni,
Inilir.l |).f() sriiiilios to Con.creti.Cft,
? on Ideratlln ..f the tmtl?
Bubjecl -t Suprcm Court appointment.
tha President lnvlted llfty Senntq.s
(.> the Wln-. irbtise. This -? aa because
: . repoi led i andldati . represi nted
twenly.five States, .\n ,,r tlu Senators
th? i .'..?. ptl.( Senator LaF ol
??:. ..ii- ln; one 01 l ln Insur
. -.- .' ?? pi csenci .1, . ???? . ii. .'iini-:
nilns, of Iowa; Senatpi Boral , of Idalio, j
nnrl other leaders of the Insurgi iil ?
ivlni : ? party, al thc v\ ilte tfou
, ? . ? . ; deal of commonI at tha
The Presidont, .-._-.-.
. ? ..- .-ii.i nol .ir.. ii clth< r ps 11. pf
racl ' i In - - in nn ia\ estigatlo i di
thal ha desired hl? Xafy .me
? ? . .;... lo bo. li was said tii..t j
- i ?? . r deel Ui - on tho rtii u
Inatcd iron
', 1
.11 II
nnd .
'"' i
n-.t ?nrro'.v in n
ti on of thi li
the v i ?'? natlon
IS* i he *Tt?9 ele ;te<l to t
s tc. T T1-: .ppnin1uio it to
? if th. Stati f ti
siana. a.s wei
_!i! .:ii whlc
nterestcd. li
Inod on tho bench mr; G
-?nt In 1880 "f a;i ontirel)
3or :i new State Conatttu I i n
at thal tlni
thc ,ge
thi new r.
l'lttil agO r.
li ty-flvo I!
father, vvho was born in Ton
was a roembei ol - I om louls?
lana (or much of the tlme ;?? tween i ^2n'
and 184S. ln aih Interval "f such ser
v.i-t ho served aa Governor ot Louis-1
l.ina from .s:: i to 1888. Hls paternal
grandfath ?!? came from the north of
Ireland. and _ft->r livin?; ln Xennosso.o
moved to Lt ulslana In 17*93! li . mother
wns Bldney Lee Rluggold, _ daughter
of Tcnrh UinRgolil, "wlio waj for many I
years mar.hnl of the D'strlcl nf Co
lumbia. !?-. tho lino 6f her ancestors'
Holiday Exhibit of
mg t
At Berry9s
/'p''"'' Nowhere can a half hour be spent to more
Py profltable advantage than in our Trunk and Bag
Department, which for the convgnience of Christmas shop
pers we have converted into a
Practical Gift Room
Here are displayed every modern luxury and con
venience known fo the trunk and bag maker's art-~a host of useful objects of utility. We call spe?
cial attention to our great collection of
Traveling Bags
53 ?-p
suitable for modest or higher-priced Christmas presents. It isn't al all a bad idea for you
down Main Street, now, and take a peep into our windows. There's a <-Wtar.rf.il mll
Leather Goods there, special offerings, in force only on
-pecial occasions?such as Christmas. So you *
?V.ll Ar, ,?r_ll Irs ,A-_f. ., ..,,_ ,...* J_ntTTCM
v_..:j,._ Z_3.;,!_;
will do well to watch our windows OFTEN,
as we change the displays frequently.
You buv here front a big, generous stock, and un
I der a guarantee that protects you absolute1\\
. H. Berry & Co.,
Main and Eleventh Streets
Carter, -.\ ho . atiif tmin 10n
610 anrl settled 0" th csti
unan, ln [.anc'aster \';... a
Rcberl Carter, who bocai
Wlll _tm aud m ,??-. i !oi] i
>1 tho \ Irgjpla Uousi ot B\
>d OoverfToV if I ??? pr'ovlm
.-;.r.-in of li|s inil on ?? In t
is often called "Idns Cartc
(iinrriiiiPH :il OiIiIn Over Hci|iil.
I.i-I. <lll.-tl_IIK.
arli ton \V. \ a? Di emb. r 11.
tl n papers asklrnr for tin i
William peai .-. irrest.
.-,,...,.. ? |
tion follows, it la statod."'tl
"1 -'I" Governoi Hai. ? i Ohl
mor W.sl S'lrglnl i requlsltiona
?? o meu wanted ln th
..n charges ot lllcgally .=ell!t
urson ls all. g. -I to havo arresti
scnov In Ohlo and brought him
Vlrgrinla tvlthout extradltion pi
llo i.s charged wlth lcldnappln
ii;ii II ..red ICNEE \VI\S SI IT.
it SI. I.ooIm Glri ...'?- M..-IOO Afli
.lurors Seo Sour.
t. Loula. Mo., December 11.?Mli
ies Konievne, nr Hasl S t. I.oul
wi'il her knoe iu tho Kast b't. Loti
,,l ! Ml.-s [<
ind v "ii a suit for datnagcs
: GwardvalB.
?ii.? sued Gwardvala for
hls dog ljit lier In thn
knee, She took tho wltness Btahd und
'Itold of lier wound, nml then her at?
torney, I'ranlt C. Smith, said: VNow.
! Mlss Konlevne, you will have to show
: the jury where the dog blt vou."
Tlio ivitneas bluahed and hesltated.
[Tho lni> .'? ? rs drew near to protect thc
j young woman from tho stnres uf all
j excep! ti.. jurors, and. wlth a doft
movement, Mlss Kontovno exhlbitcd
: thc i car.
(i inttnued From Flrst Page.)
will authorlze tho dellvery' o~n rural i -
outes of parccls weighing as high asl.'
eleven poundo. Thls scheme can bc puti
into operation with little, lf any, c.\-j
pense to the government
For Postal Notes.
A rccotninondation is made that con- 11
grcssional authority bc given tho do-J l
partment for thc lasuaneo of postal
notcs lu amounts r.ot exceedins $10, at
o lower feo than ls charged for money
Mr. llltchcock believes that many
abuses of tho franklng system could
St.e pravent. d, wlth marked economy, by
supplylng special ofllclal cnvelopes anil
stanips for tho free mail of thc goYi
ernrhenf. In thc present ctrctimstanccs
it Is Imposslble to determlne tho cost
to the government of thc franklng ?
prlvllege, but if it were hedgod uboutI_
hy such a plan as Mr. llltchcock sug- ,
?-? I it would be possible to deter
! ml.leflnltely the cost of c_a.rrylng freo j
mail for all executive departments and
for Congress.
it Is Indlcated in tho report that tho
crusade by tho Post-Offlce Department
against the fraudulent use of the mails |
has beon puslged wlth great vigor. i
During the last few months tho prin
' i Ipal officers of thlrty-four eorporntions
and flrms liavo been placed undor ar
| rest for swindllng thc public bv thls
I method.
"It is estlmated," tho report says,
I''tliat the elghty important cascn re?
cently brought to a head repreyeiit
swindllng operatlons that have fllched
from the American people In less than
a dei ado fully Sl 00,000,000."
Take lt Out of Politics.
Mr. llltchcock stronglv urges that
iost.il qervlce bo Laken oul
order of the Presidont
classlfylng, on the recommendatiori of
the department. all asslstant postmast
. ra wap nn Important step ln tho right
dlrection. As u stlll more Important
reform, presidential pi.stinas.tcrs nt all
rades from tho flrst class to tlu- third
should bo placed ln the classlfled ser?
vice, This action, whleh Is earnestlj
iiiii.'inli-d, would unquestlonably
itlii better standard of
ilt ln
a general extenslon 0f t_ir. (.jVil ,._.
?'? ? rules ro fourth-class postmaators
ls recommended, although some disad
Vantages jiaye developed ln tho appli?
cation of the clvll sefvide rulos to
j postmasters of tliat class.
in conoluslon, Postmaster-General
1 llltchcock oxpresacs the h/>po that
( ongross wlll see Its way dear to gruni
au .iimmtl l.-iivo of HhH.-iieeof thirtv
daya to post-offlce clerks, clty lettei
: carrlers and to railway postal , i, , i...
I who an- requlrod to work slx days; ,,r
; moro :i weok throughout tlie your.
oieei.M: Vlrginia?Fnlr, spmeivUal
colder ii.iii.Ii.>; Tue?,lajr laerMNlas
uloudlne.M bj* ulghtj iiKiu Iu moderate
I northue.1 to mirih wlnd*,
; North < uroilnu?l-ulr Mgndayt Tun-n
<lu> lurrrUNluu elou.llin.-Mi,- wiiderat.
i .H.MI.HrM.,1,, ,??thU.ht ?I.,Jh. '"U,P
rrivitn ion-, VKSTKHUAY.
i alr. Tliermomi '? i ;,. mldnlght, 31,
VttrSUiViQNH i\ niroiri'WT ?irn:s.
r. H T ' \v, ,iihm".
His Indorsement of Martine for Senatorship
Has Ma-e Him the Butt of the Entire
State Machine.
[Special to- Th" limes-Uh
Treritbn, N. J., Di ? .
withtrtandlhg thc Indoi
E. Martin'. by Oovernor-el.
row JVllsoil, lt is by ii" iii'-ui
lhat Mr. Martine wlll be
ment nf M.irtii???'. candidacy, has made
iho latter U5P irnn o'l opposltion <>i
thr- Democjratlc machine everywhero
and eve.y posslble eftorl wlll no>w be
ion forth tb beat him. !? la true that
ahout twenty-flve of tho members and
jjembors-elect of the Leglslature havo
promlsed to vote for Martine be
ln- Ia the candldate who won indorse
ment of 18,000 Democrats at the ..t-iJ
tember prlmary, but ho must have
fort; -oni voti to i leot, and he wlll
I Bcratching to get them, even
wiih the assistance of pr. Wllson.
lt la pointed out by the antl-Martlne
(action ot the pany that the dlroot
irovlslon Is contrary lo the
m .uid that it wan oinliracca
iy a comparatively few Democrats, so
'ar as iho ,.n. for Mr. Martine is con
u ilso held that ln vlew of the
mportanci al thi rinc o? sending the
Ible men to Congress,
other than ilartinc shoiuo
.e thc party'8 cholce,
It is likely that when lt comea to a
ihow down, the effort of thc machine
ivill hc not so much for the electlon
>f Smlth as for the defeat of Mar?
lne. lf Martine can bo defeated, -onie
lomproini.o candldate wlll be selcctetl.
Oii" way of dolng this wlll he to
lajidloclt the sesslon, then after re
leatod frultless hallots let somo of the
dartlne men rw>ltch from him to some
iompromlse, In thls way tho Macme
non wlll he able to say that thoy have
cept thelr campalgn pledges?or rather
cept falth wlth the prlmary resnlt?
or, aa a mattor of fact, only one us
omblyman, Walsh, or Morcer, tyrt._a.i
-.- pledged himself previous to hls own
?l.'ii.iu. thai he would vote for Mar
Dr. Wllson will have somo llvely
Imea of il during the sossion, because
if his open onslaught on Senator Smith
nd his friends, Tho latter doulitlo.s
vill do all in thelr power to dci'out
ho leg-slatlve plans of the Governor
.nd to bflng his adminlstratlon into
llsfavor. /no thing that wlll demand
Ajents, for rh? U.A
Don't Take Chances
.'ith your advertising appropriation. Se
ure the services of an agency who haa
lade a success for others. Advice and
lans frco"
Freeman Advertising Agency
Mutual BuLkllnC,
JRkluuoud. ...-.. yiDUnla.
attentlon during the winter
apportlonmcnt of legislatu
cordance wlth ?
of the countles wlll losc h
t.tii..11 tnd ??-... will Ka!n
_thcr Hudson or Atlantlc county wi .
set the other one.
Tlie totiil niomiu-r. .ilp of the house
vill remain unchanged, slxty, tno
h.i.iige being only ln the county rcpro
Hudson and Atlantic countles ara
tbout nlp and tuck in the matter, and
vlth the Senato Republlcan, favorlng
.tlantlc, and thc House Democratic.
avorlng Hudson. the contest for the
nembcr will be an lnter< t:hL- .... i:'
Itlantic wlna out It wlll maki
nd I-:..-.-.-; countles equal wlth ???? . ??
ssomblymon each, whereas lf Hudson
ounty wlns out. It wlll give it a repre-i
entatlon of thlrteen' assembly men
gainst Bsse_ county twelve. Instead
f twelve and olevein as al present
One county, I'.is.aic, v, iil change
utbmatlcally from second to flrst
lass, and bo on a par with Hudson
nd Esses countlts, unh ihere be
.gislatlve Interfer. ? M ? of the
'assaic county people ar. i .?:????: t.>
hanglng at thi- tlme and Governor
"ort may be petltiohed not to flle tho
ensua returns Wlth the Secretary ot
tate unti. the leglslature has ralsed
rst class county population mark to
lO.noo Instead of 200,000, ,-u at present.
Edward Vaughun Blrclnvater, forty
lree years old, was taken ln last
Ight at the headquarters of the Asso
lated Charities, wlicro he told tho at_
mdants thut he could not recall whon
o last hafl a bath or slopl in a bed.
early J15 ln cash was found ln hls'
iothoH. Small sums, ranging from n
?W pennies to flfteon or twenty conts,
ero wrapped eeparately and uis
-buted in tlie lining and pocots.
Tho man admltted that he was a
Quse-torhouse beggar and had accu
nilated the nioney in tlils mannor.
!o would hot say when he Was lu_t
t work.
'I'rlnls Are T'owt noiied.
Montgomory, Ala., December 11.?Bc
auso of tlie cotitiiiuaticc of lhe lioltl
rials a( Waynesboro, Ga.. fur another
veek, |;ie second annual trlals of
he Southern Field Trials Club, at
.etoliatchie, have been postponed until
?ecember 19. Wlth tho excoptlon of
he Anierican I'.eld _ .tturlty and pos
Ibly the Unlted States Fleld Trial
lub, thp puises iift'crcd hy tho South
rn Club are about tho richesi In thc
otiutry. ln Iho derby aud all age
takos, moro than |750 will be dlstrl
uted ln prlzes.
fiDL-in?Died, at his residence. I IU
Ucsi i.t- ij-iU Stroot, Sunday morning
at 6tl6, TKMI'l,).; A, MIDI/MR.
Funeral netleo wlll bo iu tho Eead
or Dccouiber 1_. 1910,
1K).-.\.S?Died, al hls fatliei's resi?
dence, near Atloo Slation, Hanover
THOMAS, aged twenly-two vears.
Funeral wiu take placo this
(Aloii.layi A.T1.KNOON ul. _::;(>
oolocln from i-:ih>ii I'hui.h. Int.r
niciil iu ihe family imrylug ^roinids.
III'tfSTIA.V nied. lieccinber 10, |!H(i.
at hls hoiiic ne.-ir'Crliiuina, Va., MR,
WAI. h'. OtyRlSTlAN, ln hls i-ightleth
yoar. '?? ?
l.'un.ra]' i'rotn lcsidoiice MONDAY
al noon luicriii..-ni a| HuicU.
rN'ld.Af'ii i-hii.-i-.ii into i-c.-t ai hor
lato resUleneo. ,-in Loiilalanu Street,
of Hio lutc Jlr. AugUst tiiindlacli.
She is siirviv.'il |,y |W.:. sons, August
aud I'mi, and tw,, ilauuhtcr.-., Ainiiii
..lil nnd Mrs. Llsrele Hadowskv. of
plttsbttrg, Pa.
Tho funeral wlll lako placo from
Helliliiliuiii l.ulli.raii Ohiircli, Sl.vl.il
and CUiy Streets,' MONDAY, ;i p, u.
[Speolal to The TImeiMDitspAtch.J
Norfolk, \,i? Decombor ll.?Drlvoi
Oeorgo Uttle, of n Hose wagon, to
nlght, lu nspoiKiiii); ii, mu .larin ol
llfe down town, iu brder to ntLVb a wo.
man amf !wu chlldroil, who woro crOBB
Iuk tho streot at Main and Oranby
Stroots, dollbomtoly swerved hls ma?
chlne .into tho ciyblng, wrocking lt,
killing ono of tho horses, ami im and
hls mates narrowly mlssod instant
When lho apparal us whlrled around
tho corner, Drlvor Llttlo was horrilled
i" seo llie woman and two chlldren
almost undor tho feel ot tho llylng
horsei. um ho dldn'l lose hls nerve, }
and pulled lho two anlmnls lo tho curb,
strlklng a telegraph irolo and upsot
tlng tho wagon tii n struck the cui i>- |
iu "i.l th. horses struck tho
i intlj kllled. Little and hl three
mates <m tiy wagon wore hurlCd io
iiu- pavement, Tho wagon was badiy
'??? recki tl. All tho inch wero bruii oi I
.ir ralls. Tho v onrni and two chll?
dren word saved, Tho Ilro wti ..f no
i ..ii . qucnco,
Ur. Wm. Sl.plor (hrl.il Inn.
[Special toTbp Times-Dispatch.]
i rbanna, Va', Decombor'11.?Dr, Wm.
Bteptoe Christlan dled at hls homo
Malvcrn inn, near Drbantia, yestorday
.!?? was i?u i, I,, Mlddlesex ootintj i ?? -
'' 'nber 2C, 1830, and had noarh rea< li
..I hls elghtlotll l.lrih.hiv. ||.. urad
Jiatcd ai ih.. JefTerson Medlcal Collego
['I I8.5J He . :?;.:,;.| lho oatisc ol
tho .-.nn:.i in.i and organlaed th.. .\r..i
?mieiit of
n ot tlu
ninp; ti. WV
He had beefl run
Im about fortv years
itom. hor was to hav.
ii t iivo j ? .?
Irod from th
lahed lt. he wa? elvei
' !aptaln Alurphy wa*.
A1. cstmoreland county
leven yeara old. Hi :
Southern army. Hl? i
ted daughter, two Blfl ,'
brothers survive him j
ular and leaves a wide j
clrcle of friends
Itolicrt MadUon Hall,
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspat. i, i
I'i .inklln. Va . December ll?Kobert
Madlson Hall. nged twenty-elgiit '
years, son of Mr. and Mra l:. ll. Hall
ol Hinnpm, Westmoreland county, dled!
here at the reBlden.r [.. i,. Hatfleld.
;'i 9:15 o'clock Saturday night His i
romains ware taken on Hundaj after?
noon to hls home in tlinnom, where
the funeral wlll be held Tuesday af?
ternoon. Tho Franklln Lodgei No 51 '
Knlghts of Pythlas; ih.- Men'R Leaguo
and the Baptist Voun*,' Peoplo's Union.
?.f uii of whleh bo was a member, ac
companlcd the body to the Southern
Mr. Hall was one of tho.most promi?
nent young men In tbls town, in '
which ho had llved for slx years. At
the tlmo of hls death he held the
offlce of socrotary and treasurer of
the dry goods Iirm of Hatfleld, Hoaly & I
Hall. He Is survived by his father and I
mother, three sisters and three broth
MIsh Eiisnbetb Pnrkrr. 1
ISpecial to Thc Tlmes-Dlspatch. I
suffolk, va.. Decembor 11.?Mlss .
Eaizaboth Parker. nin.cteen yoars old,
dled to-day. Last year she was class
prophet at tno graduatlng exerclses
<>f the Suffolk Hlgh .School. and since ?
rt-ving. 0op_.r_m.nt
12th and Main Sts.
Capital,.$ 300,000.00
Surplus atid Profits, $1,275,000.00
$1. Will Start. an Account
A Bank Book is an Ideal
Xmas Gift for Children.
Call and Get a Santa CJaus Stick Pin
A Great
Sale of
Ne.ve. before havo wo been
ready with so great a collection
of Stringecl Instrument-?in
fact, of Small Musical Instrii
metits of all kincls. On these
wc havo made special holiday
priro.s that enable you to save
l_rums, from 50c to $25.
Ilarps, 10c to $75.
Rattle Bones, 5c to 75c a pair.
Flute.s, .$5 to $25.
Fifes, 10c to $2.50.
Whistles, 5c to $1.
Fla&eolets, 25c to $3.
Vocophones, 5c to $1.
Ilunvanitones, 10c to 25c.
Ocarinas, 15c to $1.50.
Violins, $1.50 to $75.
Cuitars, $2.50 to $25.
Mandolin.s, $3.50 to $25.
Bugles, $3.50 and $5.
Music Boxes, 50c to $100.
Tambourines, 50c to $3.50.
Banjo-, $2 to $25.
Cymbals, 50c to $6.
Accordeons, $2.50 to $10.
Clarinets, $15 to $75.
& Co.,
103 East Broad Street,
Oldest Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
! Sp
itc?. s,,i,,,,,?? Helaabccb.
ural Hall. [{]? ,x,. v.a_ elghty-nlne
...rs, ond for more than half a ceji
iry hc liad b^on actlvel) engaged
i mlnlatorlal work. u_ attended the
I ? - Ion of hls annual con.t ?? ni ?
i tli is clty !-i- in.ntli. aiul v.tiil*
.?r<- ivas t il..-ii iil with imeuni'inia.
hich caused hls death.
llon. I'. XV. . l.rrcll.
[Special to The Titue--iMaimtcl-l
Monterey, Va., December 11?llon.
M Sterrett, a i_roiuini.-nt and Iiigh
esteeiDCd oltlxen of m^hiand _oun
and .i former member of tho vir
ni.i House uf Dclofe-ito:-. dlcd tlilH
? irnliiL; .ii 3 o .-!.,< I:.
Mm. i:.-;_Iii:i lllnr.
[Special toThe Wmes-Dlapatch.]
Wlnston-Salem, K. C, December 11.?
iw. Ro'glna Ilin-. widow of L. T. Hlne.
u- oC tin county"a l.adltifi; cltlzena.
ed at (ihl Town last nlgrht, aged
ghty-one years.
ft. .i. . niitii.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-Dispatch.]
South Boston, Va.. lJ..octiib_r 11.?It.
Smlth, aged alghty-three, of thin
aco, died at mldnight from thn re
Its of IjljUrlea sustalncd from a fall
unit one year ago, II" is survlved
- hls widow, one daughter, Mra. iial
? Howard, of L.vnclil)urpr, ujid one
ii. Ft. li. Sihlthi of thla place; two
.ters, Mrs. Sallle Sydnor, of -lt. Alry,
C. and Mrs. Mollfc Dortch, of
Ottsburg. Thc funeral wlll be held
om the Methodist Church, of whlch
. was a member, to-morrow aftor

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