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Donatca to Church and Saratoga
$32,000 Paid for Her IIus
band's Death.
Authorized ft Because of Other
Heirs?Thinks New York Cen?
tral Criminallv Carcless.
Saratoga, N, Y., Docember 11.?.urs,
Katrlna Trask, wldow of Spencer
Trask, thc banker, who waa Killed ln
a wrcck 011 tho Now York Central
Rallroad at Croton December 31, 100U
and for whoso death tho rallroad naa
made a scttlcment with tho cstato tot
$60,000, has announced her intentlon
of dedlcatlng her share of the acttlu
ment, *|.'!2,000, to the work ln which
Mr. Trank waa deeply Intereated. Ta
uso thls money personally, abe de?
clares, would be Inconceivable. Sho
therefore glven "|2 1,500 to the vlllagu
of Saratoga Sprlngs to bc hold in trust
and uttlized for tho bettertuont of tn?
vlllage, for which Mr. Trask wa.". a
zealous worker, und "JT.oOO to the Kev
Dr. Joseph Carey, to be used for the
completion of Bethcsda parish house
which was Mr. Traak's gift to thn
parJsh. Mrs. Traak, lu a letter to
Vlllage Presldent James D. McNulty,
mado publlc to-day, said:
"Tho subject upon which I approacn
you ts so terrible to mc that I Hnd 't
almost Imposslble to write. Uut ua
want you and your assoclates to dia
tlnctly understand my fecllng ln the
matter. I must myself stato it. Aftei
the death of my husband, Bpcncet
Trask, lt waa many days beforo 1 waa
able to talk wlth iny counsel and au.
vlscrs. 'When I huw them they urged
upon me my duty to take action
against the New York Central RaUiroad
for tho unspeakablo crimlnai careless
nt*BS which led to the fatal tragedy ol
December 31, 13u5.
"Such action 1 positively refused to
consider. I made only one request.
namely, that I might never again hear
ti:.- name of the New Vork Central
ltallroad spoken ln my presenco. My
advlsers, however, polnted out to m?
that thls was Impoaslble. They sald
that I owed a duty to tho communlty,
a grave responsibility to the publlc
Thls urKtirnent was further urged hy
several other able advlsers, who plead
cd that I must sacritlco my feellngs at
wnatever cost of paln for tho protec?
tlon of others in time to come, More
over, my rounsel told me that I haj
no cholce in the matter; that, a;
1 xecutrlx. I was obllged under the law
to Joln In brlnglng suit.
"Therefore, greatly against my pur?
pose. i consonted to allow my co
ecutors to proceed as they felt lt to
e their d ity, -ntreatlng them, 11 p
I ? . to avold Lltlgatlon. Th.- otflcora
of tho rallroad to avold
made a Settlement wlth ::
' 1 From tbe amount pald ?
of the rallroad ln this settle?
ment, the proportion reqiilred by law
waa given to my husband's next ,,t
kln, and I ara informed tliat tho ro
malnlng sum of $32,000 belongs to me
* Of course, I personaliy would not
touch thls money. I hopo lt Is needlesa
for mo to say that it would not p?
concelvable for me to use it, no mat?
ter what my Btress might bc. It inar;
be dedicated. And f am sure that tha
most ntting dedication ls to glve lt
to the town to whleh Sponeor Trask
devoted many years of zealoua ser
vlco, und for which, In the end, ne
sacriflced hls life. 1 therefore hav?
dJrected my lawyers to hand to the
Rev. Dr. Car.-y J7.500 to complete my
husband's gift. the Bethesda Church
parish house. for X bellove that such
a houso wlll contrlbute largely to tha
common good of tho vlllage. And 1
have dlrectcd them to place the re
malnlng J21.500 wlth my bankers ln
trust, to bo used for tho vlllage of
Saratoga Sprlngs.
"I beg, sir, that you wlll consuit
wlth the trustees of tho vlllage ana
wlth tho reservation commission, of
which Spencer Trask was chalrman,
and learn their judgment as to its ex
pendlture, roserving for yourself tne
power of flnal decision, subject to my
"May 1 tako thla opportunlty, Mr.
President, to convey to you, an 1
through you to your trustees. what 1
havo been too lll personally to acknowl
odge before?my deep appreclation ot
tho puhlle honors that were glven to
lho memory of my husband and my
profound gratitudo for tlie roveront
. syrapathy sent to 'me, both pubiiclji
and prlyately.
"Also. I would oxpresa mv earnest
doslrc to be permltted to untto in scr
vico wdth you and thoso faithful ones
who aro worklng for our town to
bring to pass thereln a throc-fold bct
torment?a practical progress, an ln
tcllectual growth, and
on '
In t
moral development."
JVeiv Cnnen of Cholern.
Rome, December I*-.?Six new cases
of cholera and one death were officlal
ly reported durlng tho past twenty
four hours. ?*
Found thc Answer Was "Coffee."
.Many pale, sickly persons wonder for
years why they have to suffer so, aiul
evcntually discover that the drug?caf
/cinc?in coffee is thc main cause of the
I was always very fond of coffee, and
drunk it every day. 1 never had much
flesh, and often wondercd why I was al?
ways so pale, thin and weak.
"About five years ago my health com
pletely broke down, and I was conlined to
my bed. .My stomach-was in such con?
dition that I could hardly take stifficient
nourishrrient to sustain Itfe.
" During this time I was drinking coffee*
didn't think I could do without it.
"After awhile I came to the conclusion
that coffee was linrting tne, and decided
to give it up and try Postum. I didn't
like the taste of it at first, but when it
was made right?boiled until dark and
rich?-I soon became very fond of it.
" In one week I began to feel better. I
could eat. niore^and slncp better. My
sick headaches were lessi frequent, and
Wlthjn five months I looked and felt like
a new being, headaehe spells entirely gone.
"My health continued to improve, and
to-day I am well and strong, weigh 14S
pounds. I attribute my present health to
thc hfe-givmg qualities of Postum."
Read' The Road to Wellville," in pkgs
I li'ere's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A now
one appears from time to tlme. They
are genuine, true and full of human
above ali, a Jgg
It sp
the 1
of th
Ing r
und 1
to a
I: e v e
by in
amt d
in Wc
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213 East Broad
ine Workers Are Making Bitter Fight Against
President of Their Union?Reviews Work
He Has Done During Year.
lttsburg, Pa., December n.?
?oughout tho coal flelds of Pennsyl
la, Ohlo and West Vlrginia there
i canvassing, rallying and paradlng
mlners to-day to close one of the
>t strenuous campaigns for the clec
i of distrlct and natlonal officials
the United Mine Workers ol
erlca in the hlstory of that organ
lon. The election wlll be h-..*.
lughout thla country and Canada
Tuesday and tho ofllclal returns an
nced at the natlonal conventlon ln
be fnlted Mino Workers now num
nearly "oO.OOO, embracing every
onulity. oven Indian, Japanese anu
lese enjoying the right to vote in
election. The re-electlon ot
mas L. Lewis, of Brldgeport, O., as
ildent, is opposed by a largo tac
, whoso eandidate for the otiice is
l P. White, of lowa, a former vlce
ildent of tho national organization.
he Pittsburg distrlct, the flght be
es acute, becauso Francls -. i'ee
presldent of the Plttsburg dls
:, has alllcd hlmself wlth tho \, ..ite
lortors and conducted a very stren
i campaign against Dewla. 'tlio
is faction, in turn, has fought .ur
lan's defeat as presldent of the
l district, having named A. A. Glb
: as Lewls's eandidate for tho placo.
a pre-olcctlon statement given
to-nlght, Presldent Dewls sums up
national situation, from hls view
t, aa follows:
he United Mlne Workers' organiza.
has lost none of its prestige
ugh tho strenuous tlmes wo havo
thls year. Outslde of the lrw.n
;e, 300,000 men sivsponded work on
flrst of Aprll and were idle for
ral weeks. One hundred and fluy
sand were on strlke for several
:hs. Durlng all tlio tlme thut onr
woro on strlko there were no vlo
ns of tho laws of the land, a re
table fact, consldcrlng tno cos
illtan make-up of our membershlp.
?eaks voiumes for tho progress ot
mlners' union.
re have about S.000 mino workers
on strlke ln Colorado, Ohlo and
Scotla. Strlklng njlners wlll ho
jssful ln all nf theso dlstricts. The
o in tho Ir/vln field ls !n charge
io ofilcers or tho Plttsburg dlstrlet.
o mon havo been on strlke many
hs, puttlng np a splendid flg-ht for
rlghts, I would like to seo the
o sottled, the rlghts of the strik
nlners aj-otccted, and tho sutYoring
prlvatlon that now exists brougiu
n end. U'o are sondine- "fliU.OOU
? woek to tho l'rwln distrlct to ro
the strlkers and tnetr rarhilieH.
the early part of thls year the
workers ot the country were toin
io that they wero entltled to an
ico ln \Vages. That statement lias
mado true.
ralnst the oppositlon of the mlne
r-s and tho oppositlon of district
rs ,\vho a"ro now oppasing my ro
on, i was eompolled, practlcaliy
?li.m led and a'lnffo, to establish
lefond the demand for an advanco
is tiue. numbers of our nrgunt-j
zatlons stood loyally by me ln tlie
flght, and lt ls to them 1 look for a
vlndlcatlon of my work as their execu?
tive offlcer durlng thls year.
"The mlne workers of this country
are now recelvlng the highest rate ot
wages and the best condltions of em?
ployment ln the hlstory df tlie mining
industry of tbls country. I havo every
confidence in the judgment oT the rank
und fllc of our me-yibershlp, and I be?
lieve that my work wlll recelve their
hearty lndorsement and that l wlll nr
re-elected fully by as large majority
as last year."
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
filgnature of '
Modern Ideas
lf ?u are building a new house or re,
pairfne an old one, .mfc Into communica
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Uie latest ideas in sanhary plumbine
flxtures. *
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.
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132 S. Elghth St., - Rlchmond, Va,
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Eczema Cured
Dean 'Slr"li?In Jai."ary last I wrote you
?esardlnsr Milain. You sald you would cure
ne oi- refund lho money. Well, you can
ceop lt all. My faco ls ontlrely well. After
18 years ot eczema am eurod. Wllli best
vlslies, Yours respectfully,
Iluntlneton, W. Va., July ie, jniO.
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actory. Grado and workmanshlp guar
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[Special toThe Times-Dispatch.)
Capo Charles, Va., December 11.?
The Accomao County Teachers' Asso?
ciatlon held its fourteenth annual In?
stitute ut Parksley Thursday and Frl?
day, wlth the largest number of teach?
ers in attendance ever known ln tlie
history of the association?125 delc
eates. Thla was perhaps the grcatest
cducational rally ever held on thc
Eastern Shore of Virginia. The wea?
ther was perfec-t. The hall was crowd
ed during each sesslon, und Interest ln
every way was manifested at all tlmes
by the teachers and many of the town
people of Parksley and elsewhere.
Every phase of school work was dis
cussed. The associatlon was very
fortunate in having present State Sup?
erintendent .1. D. i-ssleston and Super
vlsor of Itural Schools T. B. Sottle. Mr.
Eggleston dlscussed the value of nor?
mal tralned teachers. Many llne ex?
hlblts were brought from the various
schools, showing the work being done
throughout tho county. Certlticates of
merlts were awarded to a large num?
ber of pupils. Thc following offlcers
were elected for thc orisulng year: K.
.r. Clark, of Accomac, president; Mrs
G. \V. stockley. of Tomperancovllle,
vice-president; Mlss Blanch Joynes, or
Onancock, secretary and treasurer.'
Contractsto InstallPenny-in-Slot Drinking Foun
tains, Only to Di_cover That They
Are Illecral.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Wlnchester, Va., December 11.?That
Ihe clty of Wlnchester has Vlolated 8
Stato law wns brought to the attentlon
of tho Common Councll a few nlglit?
ago, when City .Sollcitor lt. Gray Wll?
llams held that n. contract entered Into
between thc clty and n I'lttslmrg con?
cern, whicli manufacturos a sanitary
ilrlnking fountain, wns lllegal. Th*
Councll spent an hour eiidcavoring to
llnd ii loophole through whlch to es
capc, and the matter was llnally re?
ferred to thc sollcitor, who Btated thal
he would get u. ruling from Attorney
General Wllllams. The Pittsburg con?
cern was given .permisslon to Instatl
public dilnklng fountulns, operated by
:i p "iny-lii-thc-slot device, and latci
it was dlseovered that the laws of thc
State prohlblt the operatlon of slot
machines, tt is reported that the Pitts?
burg company wlll seek to hold thc
clty to lt. dgreement.
Tlie vlclnlty of Stokesvllle, In tho
Liluc Rldgo Mountalns, ls being terror
lzed by an unusually large number of
wlldcats, whlch have hecomo very fe
roclous during the past week. Thc
cats have been making great ralds upon
flocks of turkevs and hen roosts, and
they havo commltted otlirr depreda
tlons. A few nlghts ago a lumberman
became tlred of carrylng a thrce-gailon
Jug of niountaln cider. and lild It un?
der a bush. expecting to get it. the fol?
lowing morning. Upon returnlng to
the spot ahout daybreak he found tlie
jug there and the corncob .toppcr near
by, whlle the contents wero mlsslng.
Kootprlnts of wlldcats ln the Imme
dlate vlclnlty led him to belleve that
the venturesomo feiines liad consumed
the Juice nf tho appies. Tho appe_r
anco of the snow Indlcated that there
had boen u strugt?lo for possesslon ot
the jug.
The fiist town electlon to bo held in
th'e newly Irico.porated town of Boyco,
Clarko county, has been called for De?
cember -''. when offlcers wlll he elected
for a regular term. Nomlnatlons havo
lieen made, as follows: Por Mayor, \V.
M. Gaunt, anrl for Councllmen, Georgo
B. Harrlson, M. .1. Dunlap, M. 0. .Slmp
aon and J. T. Sprlnt. A petition for
incorporatlon was recently granted by
the Clrcult Court of Clarkr county.
Thleves entered thc station nt Berke?
ley. on thn Cumberland Valley Rall?
road, soveral nlghts ago nnd stole sev?
erai hundred tickets, but ns they wero
not -tamped tho loss to tho rallroad
company was small. Dotectlves have
lieen unable to plck up a cluc.
A message from KIrlcwood, Mo., an
nonnces the death ot Mrn. Pendleton
Page, daughter of .lohn T. Crow, of
Berryvllie, f'larkc county, which oc
curred severai days ago, after an 111
ne_s of tnberculosis. ageil forly-two
years. She leaves her husband, six
children, her father a nd severai bro?
thers and slsters.
For the aecond tlme withln a year
Mrs. Mlldred G. Dame. wlfe of Randolph
".mi", of Baltlmore, .i grandson "f the
lato Rev Gcorg.- Dame, of Danvllle,
Va., has brought s'Ult agalnst her hus?
band for divorce, aJleglng cruelty. She
states that last suromer he threw her
bodlly frnm a room in thelr house.
Tho Hames were married iu Baltimoro
Decemher 31, l.n_, hy the groom's
father, Rev' William Dame, D. D.
The will of the lato Dr. Henry Mar
tyn Whlte, pastor of Ope<iuon Memo?
rlal Presbyterlan Church, of Kerns
town, thls county. a natlve of Rlch
inoiiil. who died last week, has been
admltted to record. He names his
widow, Mrs. Blanehe Whlte. as oxoru
trlx, and leaves all of his estate to her.
Notwithstanding tho scvero weather,
large numbers of scliool teachers at?
tended an Institute ln thls clty yester?
day, and addresses were made by Pro?
fcssor N\ D. Cool, Profcssor John H.
Hutcheson and others who attended tho
recent educatlonal conferences ln Rich?
A message from Denver, Col., states;
that llolmcs Conrad, Jr., son of Major,
Molmes Conrad, of the Wlnchester and '
Washlngton har, has been dangerously j '
111 of pneumonla ln that clty. where he
has been practlclng law for severai I
years, but that ho has passed thc crlsi- I '
of the disease and ls rocovering.
C. K. Clark, a star route mail carrier
of Frederlck county, made a record
during tlie past week which has at
tracted eonslderablc attentlon by cov?
ering lils terrltory of forty-one mlles
on schodule tlme, notwithstandingniany
of tho roads were almost bloeked on
account of the heavy anowfuii.
According to information received
News of South Richmond
South Rlchmond Bureau,
Thc Times-Dispatch.
IlO1! Htill Street.
Unusually large congrcgations at?
tended services in all South Rlchmond
churches yesterday. Several vislting
clergymen and prominent speakers
iil led several nulpits.
Services were conducted yesterday
ln the Cowardln Avenue Christlan
Jhurch and Sunday 3oh'6ol was hold in
the mornlng. The Hov. ].'. VV. Long
the pastor, preached at both services'
taking as hls subject in tbo morning'
'The Pharlsee and the Publloan," ond
it^ night, "God's Call to Adam."
The congregatlon of Stockton Stroet
Japtist Church held its Sunday wor?
ship ln the Udd-Feiiows' Hall, corner
2Ighth and Uull Streets. The Rev .1
C Haloy, the pastor, conducted both
Thc Rey .1. VV. McAllis'tor, secretarv
>t the Antl-Saloon' Leaguo, proaohed
'esterday inornlng m n o'clock in
he Central Methodlst Church. Tho
.ulpit at night was filled by tho Rov
\. Asbury Christlan, presiding elder
f the RIohmond district.
The Rov. D G. Lancaster preached
t both morning and evening servlcoa
esterday at tho Oak Grove Churoh
lis mornlng subject was "The R0
nar," um_ at night. '?Carelossness."
Vilbur Bast and Mlsa Mattle Hennle
endered "Vot Too Late," a duet, ai tho
venlng hour.
At Balnbrldge Street Baptist Church
ISI night Dr. T. B. itny gavo n. vory
iterosting account of hia recent tri'ii
i Argentlna and Brassli:
Rev, \V. C, Hurch took for hi? s?h
set at Asbury Methodlst Rplsoopal
hurch yesterday mornlng, "The Work
f a Live Church," and last night, "Our
iviour, whloh Inaugurated a scrloa
i the offlces of Chrlst,
nulnbrldifo iionoi* Holi.
Tho honor roll for thc month of
ovemher of tho Balnbrldge Streot
?hool follows:
1 B-l grude?Glonna Lovlng, Revn
eredlth. Murle! Sanders, Orle Vaden
oil Appersoil, Carlton Bass, Ceorir."
liinin, Robert MalJory,
?I A-3 grade?-Kannlo" Rlst.
?1 A-l gnule?Grahani Campbell, 12 d.
ard Bck, O-rey Jowett, I'hliin Johos I
alter W'llllaiiison, l.uii I'aiuida c0ri
Iam, ifelcn Jtayu.., Helen lloobor
:iuio Johimon, Vlrjjlnla .louos, Ma- '
rlon I.ahl, _l__ic King, Ksslo Levy.
I.stelte Nance, Hloise. I .nchbeck. Grace
Randlett, Cora Tuck, Margaret _ouncr
Ic ..?"2,-?r,ade~G'lbnrt Carter, Austlli
Smith. Elsio Butler, Marlon Fowlkes
1 Gladys Frostlc, Estolle Pordue, Flor?
ence Redford, Althea Tignor, Leona
| J insley, I'hclniu Vaughan,
3 A-l grado?Lowel Gills, t.athleen
Prentlss, Rosobud Fllnn, Louiso For
I riss, Loufse Dowdy; Kugeno MeCarthv
? :: JP'lKi'aile?Kiiiily Noble, Mary lli'i
i ___f ?ra-f' ..; Haw.ka- Ellza Pltagerald,
Mlldred I'ulliam. Walter Hines, Wllli.s
Cary. Mlteho'l Meyor, Marlon Harris,
1 Allison High, Richard Bowen.
. B-. grado?Luru Plnchbock; Ber
nice Ailiiin.s. Mkrlbn Abrams, Ellen
Foster, Thelina Henry, Vornoll Hayne
Agnes Jones, Margaret Blankonshlp!
Rosa Mallory, Annle Pettigrew.
. B-i grade?Sophlu De Corr, Helen
Erankllri', Mattie Boll Lestol-, Martho
Pulllam, (lolen Nowell, Wllton MoCann
*\\*ilti)ii Hatcher, Gladys Fowlkes Isa
bel Moseley.
. A-a grade-7-Horbort Batley, Arliiur
Ford, Kerbort Ward. Mlnnle Aters, Ed
na Baugli, Susle Crooks, Letia Harmon
Vlolot Hess, Thelma Luwry. l.u.-il.
Reynolds, Enniw Stumpf, Nellie Wii
klnson, Mary William. .lulia Prldtlv
Ullian Sadlor,
3 A-l grado?Margaret Wrlght, Car
rie Varhler, Bornlce Taylor, Mary
Kowzie, .Tiilliin Lumpkln, LOUlse llaley.
li-ene Cannon, BUly Franklln, Ctarii
Tueker, Annle Rowland,
1 B grado?-Severn Croolc, Henry uu
band, Edlth Baber, Annle Dunford, An?
nle Smith, Hdna Stttrk, Mary Wllkln
1 A-l grado- Allen Cheatham, Dorls
iiush. Flofoncd Bropks, Mabol Foster
Pattle Philllps, May VVoodall, Mary
Voutig. Lucy l.hiil, l.sthor Xowell.
1 A-_ grado?Morton Meyer, Clydr
Martin, Louis Raiitey, lOiiiiuett Sapps
Howard Woodson, l.inwou.l Williams
iiht Logan', i.iiiian Matthews, Estallc
Reynolds, Sadlo Powers, Lonn Woods
Loulse Wllklnson.
L A-2 grado?Charlto pltuian, Boat
rice Bovee,
_ uuernf ni Oaptalu (ii-hiii's.
Tho funeral of Captain AH.x. 0
Gfiincs, wlio dlcd Frlday night ut li
o'clock ut liL home, iliii East .N'lnth
Street, wus cuiuiiict-ii from the Deoa
tur Strool McthodiHt Clmrch'-osterday
.iftcrnoon at ,'l oVIo. k. Thc luteniiont
wns lu ilaiiry Coiuoterv.
1 .
n ia
of |
here jesterday, Wtlllam 0 Conrad, the
muittmllllondlrc mlne owner of Great
fcalls, Mont, wlll bo a prominent ean
dldato for the United Htatca Senate
from Montaha. Mr. Conrad. who Is a
natlve of this section, mfllhtalna a
summer homo al Whlta Post, whero ho
spends much of hls tltnei When he
ran ugalnst Senator Clark some yeara
ago ho received a largo Democratic
D. II. I'.irr. who Iiuil ono of his legs
crushed by a rallroad car at San.lv
Hook recently, made .1 dramattc at-1
teniiii io commit suicide by shootlng'
hlmself, Tho bullet, however, wenl
Into l.ls wooden leg. At pollce li->;,.l- ;
? liiartors lie mulo threo trlal? at ehok- '
Ing hlmself, and hu.i to bo placed In j
Inons. Ile was jailed for drunkennoss I
und carrylng a revolver,
Edward Henry, of thls sei tion, who j
started to walk to Cumberland Beveral j
days ago, became tIr.-.| and lald down j
to sleep .it i linio kiin near Martlna
burg, wlth the result that ho was ron
dered unconsclous by llie coal gases
and when he awoke hls left leg up l.
Ihe knee had beon burned off, llr- wai
taken to a hospital to have it ampu
A charter has been obtalned by the
Back Creek Valley Orehard Company.
which wlll utlllzo 1,300 acres of land]
In Berkeley county, near tho Kreilerlek !
county llne, for an npple and peach or- !
..hard. It wlll eventually he used as I
an apple orehard entirely and will l>>- j
tho largest ln tlils section. The eoni
pany, wliich Is headod by Washlngton]
men, h.is a. capital of $75,000.
George W. Yontz, who was found
dead ln hed at Shepherdstown several
days ago, vyas a member of the. famous
Stohewall Brlgade Band durlng thc
Civil War. lle belongcd to an old fam
JofforsOn county.
"What will wo do wlth John Ash?"
Is the quesilon which is puz/.llng some
of the local autlioritlbs. Ash was ar?
rested for larceny recently, and whlle
in jall here, ln; aml Delbert Strother.
a convlcted horse thlef, ntteinpted to
get but hy settlng llrc to tho prison.
Both were Indtcted for arson. but phy?
siclans certified they were mentally
unbalanced. Strotlier was sent to the
Marlon Asylum as an insano crimlnai.
and thore being n6' room there for Asli
at the tlme, lie was sent to the Staun?
ton Asylum. Tho authoritles there
prbnounced hlm sane and have notitle.l
the authoritles hero to come and tako
hlm away, and havii also sent a bill
for rallroad fare for tho guard and Ash
and meals, As yet tho local authoritles
have not dlsposeil of the case.
Snow began Calllng late yesterday
afternoon, and haa contlnued prnctl
allv aii day, covering tho ground to
a depth of several Inches and adding
that much more to the heavy snow of
last week, which wns from fourtecn to
Blxteen Inehoa deep all over this sec?
tion of the. Ssenandoalij Valley.
Edward VV. Lupton, member of
an old Frederli h county family, died
of a eomplieation nf diseases thls wook
:.t his home near Martinsburg, VV; Va.,
where hc had beon engaged ln farmlng
md trucking a number of years. Mo
ivas slxty-elght years old and ls sur
.lved by hls wldow. two sons, two bro
hers and two sisters.
John A. Nicodemus, who has about
5,000 fruli trees ?? hla orehard nearil
.VInchestor, was ono of tho men wliojj
Ild not soll hls crop of apples to
.'orthorn and Western buyers oarly In |
he fall, its dld practlcaliy all other J
ocal growers. As a result he Is now
ecelvlng $1 a barrel for No. 1 York j
mperlals and J:'.T."> for No. 2s. tio I
..ld some of tho Black Twlg variety
he other day for $5 a barrel, He i
tates that In hla opinion the growers
lako a greal mistake by selling the'r |
ruit to speculators early in the season. I
.Mrs. Kdith f?. Ivlino, wlfo of Willlam
Kllno, who died sovoral days ago,
lecumbed to the same disease, apo
exy, from which her father and
other dlod.
The terrlhly mangled remains of an
nldentlflod white man, about sixty
vo yeairs old, were found by a Balti
loro and Ohlo Rallroad englneman
ear Martinsburg yesterday morning
/lien found tho head and right arni
ly on ono side of the track, and tho | j
?unk on the other, and both legs wero
ilssing lt Is supposed the body was
irrled along for many miles and dis
idgcd near Martinsburg.
Rev, Charles R. Stribling. member of
well-known Vlrginia family, who uo
ipted a call to tho Tabb Street I'res
,'terlan Church, at Petorsburg, last
immer, after having decllned two
ills bas iust begun his work there.
o was delayed on account) of being
ek wltl! typhoid fever for several
onihs at Martinsburg, whero he went
i a short visit, after leavlng Wayiies
>ro. Just as hc was about lo leave
r Petersburg his wife was laken sick
11li the fever, and thon u son became
of tho ii inie disoase. All are now
Covering, however, and Rev, Mr.
rlbll.ng, accoinpanled by several of
s chlldren, went to Petersburg sey
al daysago, Ho held hls flrst servlce
ero as pastor to-day.
Relatlves hero received Intclligehce
the death of Morris Tavenner, whleh
ou'rred n.ntlj at hls home near
sasanl Groen, Mo., from heart dls
ae, agod seventy-seven years. He
,s -i natlvo of Jefferson county aiul
il a large famlly connectlon in the j
rthern part ot the State. Several
3wn chlldren, a sister and threo bro- I
m*s llvo lu .Mlssouri.
Reports of Year's llusliiea*.
ISpoeial toTho Tlmes-Dispatcli |
Inancock, Va., Decembor il?At tlie '
itiai meetlng oi' the stockholders of |
Produce Exchange, hold at Onley ;
day, tlio reports of the general i
nager und othor officers wore re- j
'he transactlons for iom were:
nnl potatoes handled, 1,030,669 Ibs.;
;ot potatoes 834,767 Ibs.; packages
ouions, cabbage and berrles, 164,861,
Iporeaso of 601,331 packages over
li. The buslness amounted to $2 -
000. ' |
hc moeting then adjourned untll I
uary 6, mu, n * contest having
ion over tho vote of stockholders. I
ie oontondlng ihat oach member
uld havo ono inte only. and others |
t thc number of shares should gov- I
wiii Be Double Tracked.
ynclihurg, Va,-,, Decombor ll.?The
sapoake apd Ohlo P.allway between
hanan and Springwood, a distance
Ive miles, is to ba stralghtonod and :
blo tracks will take tho place of
old track. Some doublq tracklng
already heon dono, on thla road
veen Lynchburg und Cllfton Forge,
h* ?
<H M?_
^ s
CD i-.

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