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r Jcan Miller, Arrested With Man
_-," Shot at Pa_salc; Relatcs
' Amazing Simy.
vk __________
Sorry Now, Sho Says. and Wanta
to Return to the I tonic
of Parerits.
ilon to th..
,1 Thursday!
: Bhot while
oi i lu odore !'. Tal
told whal bi ema to be
? r life. Although shu
twenty-two, sho
lollce that she was
all I *\
thal i;;. to stand outsldo, Keep watcn
and glvo .m alarm lt danger was near
. he robbed houses. Now, evory
glrl llkes io travel and to wear
clothes; so I agreed. Wo worked ln
tho sublirbB of Boston. iiiukin- BOmo
good hauls, generally ln the early
Dineil nt Deal U?toI?.
"We',1 lake lodging In the most
fashionable part of tho town we wero
worklng. My presonce wlth hlm thn n
off all Busplclon, We wore flne clothi ?
nnd dlried al the best hotels; so thi n
wasn't anythlng about our appearaTi ?
to suggest the burglar. l was a little
nervous nt lirst watchlng whlle my
?pal' worked. but i soon got used to
the buslness. We made n haul ln
Charlestown that produce,l $600. From
Charlestown we wont to Cambrldgo,
and from Cambrldgo lo Provldence.
??It was in Provldeno whero I tirst
earned my monoy. There were two
houses n.-xt io each other In the rash
lonablo section that we tancled. They
were in darkness and looked good.
Hanloy tried tho doors, and -.ot Into
one, bui some one ln thi othor house
Baw hlm nnd r.h nftcr hlm. My pal'
shot twicc. but didn't rrlghton tho mnn
_ng hlm. Ho rushed past me, and
?chlck. n ' roir Provldem e we moved ,
to N. -,.. "fork, but ili. big town wns (
., uttle specdy, so we wenl to fhllti- ,
delphla. In the llrsl Job we turned ,
thore Hanley gol away wlth nandtul I .
of gold watches and chains, jewelr; .
nnd trlnaots. Ho gave them all to L
mc, and they filled tho two big pocki ]
of my fur coat. i generally carried |
..?-,._ [or we upposi d I wpuld not ,
be auspected. From Philadelphla wo
went t,, Germantown, Pa., t*.nd from
ther.- to Camden.
"In Camden wo worked four houses \
ln one night We hnd to get out ot
that place. though, because another
fellow In the buslness crowded us. lt
doesn't pay to have two sets of burg?
lars In ohe terrltory, so we uult, ln
twenty days wo turned nlneteon jobs.
After all that you'd thlnk we'd havo
a bunch of monoy, but we had llved
hlgh, nnd thero wasn't much left ln
the treasury.
Wanted .to Try llrr Ilniitl.
"Wo thovignt ""ifo'd turn a iri.-k In
Jersey Clty 'an'd We went there. but
thlngs dldn'l look very good.
ley was sore and made up 1
he'd come back to Passalc.
Hunting Accidents in Pennsylvania HaveCausec
as Many Deaths as Were Brought About
on Gridiron.
,. .?. .-:..,- ? ? 11.?Fata]
:n Ponnsj Ivania,
nol ended, already
? itball
Deal :.-.
(50 H
(70 11
P ), S1750; Model 2. [*ouring ( ar (30
]>.). $2501).
,), S1200; Mi
.). .,1250; .Mi
00 Uioail Street,
Llcensed under Scltlen Patent.
- Phone .Monroe 1212
lUchtnoiul, Va.
Associated Charities Appeals for Help
Tlie .--OelfltCtl Chnrltlen of lllclimnnd Im no loniier nn e.prrlnienl,, lt
tu nri in-ii.iiioii. Ity prrictlcnl nerViee H Iijin rnnied im plnee ln the Ute
of tlll* clty. II t IH eirorlH ilnlrll. li nn been mnde HV-i-lve | |?rvrcnHIOH-l
hemlnu linx lieen illH.-UNiff-rtj aitiitstxllnp: mon and mtnictt imve lieen
helpeil to help Ihent-elVc-t fnnililcii nlionl lo hrcnk m> '"'ve been kcpi i<>
\ll IhN nnrk I* cxtten-tvc. bul lt Im* nol ecml Imlf nn much lu money,
Inbor. nelf-nncrlflce nnd itermmnl Mervlcc nn tbe klnd nml generoui people
ni- ltlchmond upenl before the A--_eln.cd Chnrltle- ??? Cormeil.
Thc inidirMl-ii.oinmltiec frnm (he Cltlrenft' Itellef ...Ni.elnHnit IteRM
.our ttMl-tntie. for (hc ?...rk of lhe. t^o.-liiled CllrtrltlC- tlU-Ing lhe eoiil
in- yertr. Thi- work uectla $1_.000.
\\||| .1011 nol lii'lp. iiiul help no" .
\ ery Iruly yolirN,
III.MtV 1,131. VAI-EiVI'IiV_ (( linlrinnn),
Spei'lnl .i mli (? ???
-nke rcmltlntiecu lo C. ?'. Chnpln, trcnmrcr, r. O, n<?.- it'Ws <>r t? If. f?
\ nlentliie, I'hiilriiinn of fliinne. coniinII(cc, I'. tl. Ili>\ ^17.
good friak al several houses nnd
nally sized ono up ns a good ono. 1
1,1 become nulte bold, nml wanted to
, the hro.iklnK myself, but Hanley
,pi me l'd better not. My skirts
Ight gel caught if I was chased, ho
tid, nnd l'd ho pulled In.
"lio i,,l,i me he'd glve no- n chancu
11 the noxt j.ii>. and th.it in the mean
me he'd get mea suitable pair ..f tro'u
rs. But I guesa 'Jim' won't buy tno
any more. I carrled the pobr
to thc doctor's and wont wlth
??, .,, ihe hospital, bui I guess thnt's
,, last I'll have to do wlth thls.
?[?;,. ;?;,,?:. dlamonds, watches nnd
eiets I flrl wore when arrested
th hundreds of dollars. Hanley,
ho is also known to thc pollce as
dd ? Howard and Thomas Wandles.
thal his mother, Mrs. Gustave
erner llves "al 28D Cumberland Ave
\ ' Brooklj n. Hc had not si en her
'., ., ., irs he Sttld, but he asked that
, ,,.' notlfled if he dled. It is bo
,'.. ,- by physiclans at the hospital
:? Hanley wlll not recover.
F. Mulligan Has Made a Con
fession Which Has Been
X, v, York, December 11,?The mur
rer ..f John C. Warner, the clvll en,
neer who al the tlme of the expross
on's strikc was stabbed near -hlrty
icond Streel and Seventh Avenue, as,
.... . i *,, i kl ikl suit tor a huntlng
.... hc was ot, his way to Long
,'_?,i had no h a than 'evo'n nccom
.hlB ,. i been reveatdd by u
n of ? inm.-s i". Mulligan, which;
etectlvea say, has been cor
? -
On Frlday night charles tiansen, of
,, ,-,:i Fulton Streot, Brooklyn, was
, ? : , mornlng Andrew
artln of No. 153 East Ono Hundred
i,l Seventh Street, wns taken Into
istody and yesterday afternoon i-.d
nr.l Hlrschfeld, of No, 165 Basi One
. ed and Twelfth Stroet. waa op
. . icd and hold for examin
Mother IMenrts Wlth Hlm,
; and ...nrtin. wlth iuulllgan
.. n before "Vi slstant i dstnet
Rubln yesterday mornlng.
mothei of Mulligan threw
. about hor Bon'a neck and
h : with hlm to tell all he know
f the murder. The sight of i.io d's
rai tod mother had p strong effeel on
!,,. newly arrested men. Martln cor
Dborated almost everything that Aiul -
gan had sald In hla confesslon. Ha'n
.,, iieiiied that hc had been wlth tho
len who kllled Warner, but said ho
now Mulligan and he mct him tho day
efiire thc murder.
II ? Martln and Hansi n were taken
...... r Hollonsteln, held with
omihlttc ' to tho Tombs,
had be. ii pai di I ln th cus-i
;. tivo Onminick !:.-illy.
whos, ip n I . hc .," been
he car barns of tho express company
, h, re he identified Bevi ral men who hc
ald were olther ln th, crowd of mer
rho kllled Warner or were wimoss;
I the murder. Thc same night h.
,-enl to Brooklvn and identified Han
en'a plcture al pollce iieadqnartors.
Mulligan has liamed the man wh.
, | ;,,iiv -..,,, ied Warner, but hls name
at not bc m glven out, as tho polloi
re stlll - arching Tor liim.
Mulligan admlts that ho was ono o
case ls It
-.1 I hat a hunter was
grame, as often is th
:_. .- mntlns Krounrts .
! Malne and the Northwest.
i me poctillar accident was the deatl
ol .1 hunter b. lieart disease when
rabhlt, whlch ? I ought he had Bho
dead, jumped Just as hc was about i
r . vlctlm was .\lber
i forty-two, school dlrecto
man of Dlckaoh Clty, i i.
nol lncluded ln tho tabula
li. ln hnntlng.
.. dozen persons were r.
u- news di'spatclics a? hav
ishdtt wounds, hut lt Is no
th'ei they died or not. 0
.-.- moro other persons se
, .i a triajorlt} loi l a lo.
ivero Khoi and about r.On '?- ars. ln .
dentally, elghty-seven arrests wor
made for violation uf thc -ame lawi
the flrst, if not tlie flrst man, who lald
hands on Wnrner. Warner, ho says,
drow back hls arm ariti pushed hls ns
snllnnt to one .Me. rn dolng so ho
sllppcd and fell. Whlle atruggllng wlth
thc crowd on top of him he was stabb.d
In tho back.
Mhlltgan has given tho name of tho
m.ni who took tu tlu strlke headnuar.
tera the shotgun Warnor was carrylng.
Joseph Murphy, walklng delegate for
tht ChfeuffeurH' Unlon, whlch struck lu
sympathy wlth the expreHsmen, la hel
as a materlal wltnes?. lt is said that
for some llmo after the murtlei he had
Warner's gun ln hls custody,
Tugboat Pilgrimage to Warsaw
Had Expected to Bring Him
tc Front.
Apparently Representativo William
A. Jones. of thc Flrst Dlstrlct, has de.
tcrmlned not to maKi a contest for th.
seat of elther Senator Martin or Sena?
tor Swanson in the comlng September
prlmary, This is the tmpresslon in
Norfolk. where an elemenl lias beon
recently perslstont in cndeavorlng to
secure opposltion to thc incumbent-,
Mr. Jones has dJscouraged thc pro
posed tugboat trlp from Norfolk to
Wnrsnw, whlch was to have been tor
thc purpose of brlnging iiim out as a
senatorlal candldate. ln conseqitonce
oi' this action. th. trlp has been called
olT, and Mr. Jones ha.- been notltled
Thc only other two men serlously
mentloned tu oppose the Sonatora are
Congrcssman Carter Glass and ex
Co'ngrpssman Harry St. George Tueker,
and if Is stated tli
is wlll now
Nm-folk in
? ? their
between the thre< ,'. . . .
having taken place in W
dUling tlie I'ast Week. l.Ut
ini -
YVuntN Meluy.
Mr. Jones has allenated il
tions of the Norfolk agltator
vocatlng a postponement of I
paign untll later on. Postponement <-.
not what the Norfolk Insurgents want,
and they have told Mr. .ones so.
. cveial of their leaders havo recent?
ly expressed a preferenco for Jont-i
and Tueker instead of tor Tueker and
Glass, and they became impatlcnt nl
the delay. Accordlngly thoy recently
wrote Mr. Jones that the cause was
loBtng ground because no candldate
was being boomed in opposltion to thc
Mr. Jones saya in hi- reply that he
favors a Bhort campaign nnd that ha
thinks thore would be umplc time for
announcemonts after thi beginning of
the year. He alsd said lu had written
to another party ln reference to tlie
proposed excurslon from Norfolk to
Warsaw. The latter message was not
recelved, and lt ls state,] that tho
leaders. coneluding thc Congressman
was not so enthuslastlc as they had
hoped. mailed him a reply Saturday
night taklng sharp issue with hls posi?
tion and Intlmating a shift ot support
to Congrcssman Glass. This position,
it is presumed, wlll he satlsfactory to
the Flrst Dlstrlct man.
Vcniioiii.?"Thc Country Boy.''
ili.ii.il?"Hu-nlt-d nt itctl (into."
? .ii I.I 11?Vuudcvllle.
III- Comedy IIIt.
The blg comedy hli of the present
Now Vork season is "Thc Country
Boy," by fSdgar Solwyn, which Ilenry
11. Harris will present at the Academy
I to-nlght and to-morrow matinee and
j night. The company, whlch will pre
| sent the plece here, Is a very strong
I une and contalns many well known
favorltes. All the costumes uml tie.
scencry are new. and the play is on.
Whicli iias never lieen presented In tlll.
clty i.efore.
Thc story- of "Tlie Country* Boy" is
I of a youth who goes tu New York to
wln famo and fortune. His lack of
success .it homo he attrlbutes to thi
llmttatlons of a small town. in New
Vork he is soon caught up In the maol
strom ui' a busy world and loses slght
ul' ihe -timulus for hhs ambltlon, by
attaching himself to a chorus girl. Iio
Wastes his tlme and money on her.
and at lasi come (o thc end of ti If
rope when he loses hls position. Dis?
appointed aiul dofeated, despalr over
lakes him When ubout to mako away
with himself, he Is caught ln the licn
grip of a man wlth a healthy and
optlmlatlc vl.-w or life, who labor.
hard and i ucceeds in rostorlng the boy
iu i,i.- original self-rospect aiul entliu
slasm. The youth roturns Ld hi.-- honii
town iu flght anew lhe great struggh
of life. ii,. Biu.ds, and wlns thc
girl who haa never lel her lovo for him
abate In the least
"ttcMiliuii nt it.-.i fjnte."
? Meredlth Kicholson and Georgi Mitl
dleton iiave _ocred anothor romarkabli
1 Ul ? ? 111 "l-usalitul al l.e.l Go,to," 11!
whlch onco again Hu- publlu t i.-ii-. i ln
loealily of "The \[<>u:,- uf a TIlOll latli
Candles." rted Ga|o ls a small pine.
iu ar i ilennrm i louso un i.ak,. Annn -
'I.i!.-. blll It ls an nrtgtuul story nol i
aociuel as Harry Dondvou, ihe hero ..I
thc iu-" play. I.- Hu- onl> charnetei
who reappeurs Tlie braye, wltlj
lrisimiaii HttfpH from second tlddie tr
lirst readlly onouglh aud plaj'fl hls owr
granie as choerlly as he did hls. frlends
Tli,. liorolnes tthcro aro two ut thoml
are charmlii- girls, hut the myaterj
of their lives makes Winnlng them ai
oxcttlng task. Through adventuro ar
i.-r adventurp tho romi.e proceedH li
an unusual though happy cllmax
NlcholHOU'a ehaiaeu-r:.. always llliluai
and loveable havo' beon drawn tu bet
ier udvailtage than lu thls play, wlilel
will b0 seen ai Uio Bljou Thoatro al
this week.
Now York. December l
bo baseball woek ln New
In tho noxt four days the
of thc tnreo loagues? I
majdr?wlll meet here In
vontlon, olect ofilcers, <llf
iiionts to rulos und map oi
for the season of 1011.
Two of tho leiiKu."
and tho Kastern?wlll olo,
In the Amorli'un, "Bnn"
has nlneteen years t"
twonly-ycnr term ut $'-'?'
Thus far thero has bcoi
of any oppositlon to
presidont of the Natloi
friends of Edward O. b" i
ronto, who managed l
team last yenr, wlll put
agaln-st "Pat" Powers, of
Harrow ls sald to have
of llvo clubs?Toronto. M
fnlo, ?altlmoro und Newi
Is dnderstood that Koch
Clty and Provldence
I'owors. Thc result wlll 1
morrow mtor tho annunl
th.- Eastern League. Lo
reported thnt Powers h
nol to run again, but It ls
strong pressure hns boen
bear on hlm to nllow hls
presented again. In an:
friends wish to name hl
will opposo Harrow.
The .Natlonal Lcbkuo v
Tuesday and tho America
-ThlB wlll
rk, Wltn
nl- owners
of lll,'lll
niiul I'OII
ia uniend
helr plans
,nson stlll
-vn oi a
n ? yenr.
?lll,. Inlll
i" Lynch,
ie Kastern
io plodge.'.
trcal, Buf
- while It
, :, .leisey
| iiipporl
known to
neeting of
ear It was
wn that
tight to
o to be
int, hia
isor and
n..et oll
$2,500,000 IN TRUST
New York, December 11 Bj tha will
of Richard T. Wllson. the banker, who
die.l at hls homo, No. 511 Fifth Avenue,
November 26, hls entlre estate ls left
to hls chlldren. Mrs. Mcllssii Clemen
tlne Wllson, hls wlfe, who dled slnco
tho wlll was drawn, wns to have re?
ceived tho lncoinc for llfe from a trust
fund of $250,000. It is stated that "no
othor provlslon Is mado for her be
ontise she has already I.n iimply pro?
vlded for."
Flve trust funds of $5.icr are
set nslde for tho benollt if the flve
children, Marshall Orme Wllson. Rich?
ard T. Wllson, Mrs. Mary R, Goelet,
Mrs. Lelia Belle Herbert and Mrs.
Grace Vanderbllt, the wlfe of Cor
nellus Vanderbllt. At their deaths the
funds aro to be dlstribute, 1 among
their chlldren. The resldue, which con
slsts of roal estate, l= dlstrlbuted
among tho children already mentioned.
James M. Edwards, of Morristown, N.
?I . nnd tho two sons. are named as
Tho will contalns a reriuesl thal
Interest of the'.testator in the banking
house bo determined as soon aftor hls
death as possible.
Chicago, 111., December
from hor i,ed by two ma
one of whom held a di
throat, Mrs. Henry Lorc
Itavenswood Park, waa
reveallng the hklin-,- pli
money. s
at hei
if Wesl
red into
of hei
. -ondition
the result of her experience, and tlio
pollce of Sheffield Avenue Statlon nre
looking for the robbers,
Mrs. Lorenz had lald flown to tako
an afternoon nap, her child playlng
near hor Suddenly thore waa a creah
at tho wlndow. Mrs. Lorenz awaken?
ed, but seelng no ono, roturned to
sloop. Then two men stole Into tbe
house. niol selzod her, ono iKissin^ the
edge of ,i dagger across her throat and
threatening her with instnnt death if
sho did nol reveal h.-r savings. Tho
othor held a rovolvor t.. her head.
Frightened almost Into hysterlcs,
Mrs. i.... ? - led the robbera to the re
ceptacl. ivhere sho had placed her
I'hristm.i- money. This they took, to
Kotlier with tho ohlld's toy bank, nnd
Frank, .\!
lo-il.iv rescu
Canada f',,11
where nn ?
mon Thursd
fresh cave-li
age, their el
little success
gives tlie n
two, Includii
cuo party.
To-nlght i
rescue party,
several hour
word. As tl
miles, it is
may havo 1
party of flft
night in ;,
stated thut
found lylng
from th,- tun
(lend are lta
The Canatl
oil relief tra
Itetarded by Fresh Cnvlng
..I Mlne
Iberta. Decembor il.?All
ue parties worked at the
lleriea mino at Bellovue,
xploston killed two score
ay Tiight, hut owlng to a
n, which blocked the pass
fforts were rewarded wlth
The latest easualty llsl
iber of dead as forty
llvo members of a ros
ighty mon. including n
hnd hoen In the mino for
i without sendlng out any
ie mino passagos run for
fearod that tlie rescuera
,.ii entombed. A rescue
?en was brought out last
weak condition. They
twenty-one dead
in one placo two
nel entrance. Most
liana and Siavs.
lan Paclflc Railway rush
1ns. 100 mon nnd a party
, the scene of tho explo
y night.
of the
If you aro intcrestcd in a car, let us
send you the opinions of some people you
know, -ri you can see what the other fel?
low says about
South Boston, Va.
Fnr 30 Yeara the House of Quality
Straus, Gunst 8c Co.,
DIstll.lors and Blnnders ot
Flue Whtxklea.
Brink Old Henry
its I.ons Itccord Proves Its Ment,
Thc buyer who knows thc differcne
in automobilcs will own a
fMm*Jones Motor
Car Co.
Allen Ave. and Broad Stroet.
"lt Speak.s for itsoif."
?nd Captured the First Prlze?Publlo
Havana FUler- -Porto Rloan Wrappar.
Call for It by name at your dealoi.
The Worlh Auto Sales Co., 439-501
W Main St. Phone Madison 7060
Figures Show Greater Per Cent. of Increase
From 1900 to 1910 Than Took Place in *
Previous Decade.
Washlngton, D. C, Deccniber 11.?In
connectlon wlth the announcemont ot
tho population of thc Unlted States,
mado yesterday, the Director of tho
Census mado tho following annottneo
r hellevo that tho population of Con
tlnental Unlted States, 91,972,2G6, Ih
somewhat greater tlian waa expected
hy most people, espeelnlly stntlstlclans.
Thc figures show a greater por cent. of
Increase from 1030 to 1910 than took
place from 1890 to 1900, namoly, 21 por
cent., as compared wlth '20.1 per cont.
Krom 1850 to 1900 each succcedlng cen?
sus except that' of 1870 showed a fall?
lng off ln the rato per cent. of In?
crease. Thls was to bc expected, bo
cause, In new countrles generally, tho
rate of growth I? higher than In old
count rles.
The fact that the per cent. of In?
crease has boen higher during the past
decade than during the decado beforo
is probably due to Rreator net addl?
llon.. to the population through lninil
i_ iat ion. The natural Increase of tho
population has beon probably somowhat
less from ID00 to 19in than It was
from 1890 to 1900.
Hrlntlvr Growtll of I.IITerenl Stnte?.
There hns been a very widc dlsparity
in the rate of ferbwth of dlfferent States
durlnir the past decade?a more mnrked
dlsparity than has appeared at any
other census for a lonp time. The
range ls from a decrense. of 3-10 of 1
per cent. in Iowa to an Increase of 120
per cent. in Washlngton. Tlie country
Is plainlv rharke'd off In broad groups'
nf states. according to tlie dlfferences
in the rate of increase.
The States showlnK the largest rates
of increase. falllng below 10 per cen
are flve in the great central sectlon
of the country, uamely, Iowa, Mlssourl,
Kentucky and Tennessee; the three
northora New England states and
Maryland and fielaware.
The States showlhg tho next lilKhcr
rates <ir Increase, between 10 and 20
per cent., Ile adjacent to thoso show
luir tlu- lowest late, and lncltide. ln the
Mlddle West, Ohlo, Mlchlgan, wiscon
,ln, llllnois, Mlnnesota. Nebraska and
Kans.'-s. and. on the other hand, a great
helt of Southern States, namely, Vlr
gtnla, North Carolina. Sonth Carolina,
Cleorgla, Alabama and MIsslssIppl.
Si ites which show nn Increase from
_'0 to 3 ' per cent., and whlch there?
fore excecd the averacrc rate of In?
crease fur the Unlted States, are, for
ih.- most part. the Kreat manufacturln*.'
States of the Northeastern sectlon of
Ih.- country, includlng .Massachusetts,
Rhode I-land, Connectlcut, New York,
Ponnsylvanla and West Vlrglnla. Tho
only other States Increaslng between
20 and 30 per cent. arr Arkahsas and
The States which show an increas*
exceeding 30 per rent. are, with the
exceptlon of New Jersey nnd Florida.
all located ln the West and make up
a solid belt comprlslns, fully one-thlrd
..f ihe area of th" t'nitcd States. South
Dakuta, Colorado m.i rtah had ratea
ol ii;. rease between 30 and 50 per cent.,
while North Dakota, Wyomlng, Oregon,
California, New .Mexico and
Arlzoua Increased between 50 and 100
per .??nt.. and Oklahoma. Idaho and
WashinKton more than 100 per cent.
The rate of Increase during the ten
years, 19(10 to 1910, was sreater than
durlnK the prcvlous decade in twenty
slx of the forty-riinc States. flfteen of
these boltiK west of the MIsslssIppl
Thc increase durlnK the last decade
was less than durlnK the previous one
In twenty-three States, slxteen of
which are east of the MIsslssIppl Ulver.
The grcatest change in the rate of
growth is found ln the three Paclflc
Coast States and Novada and New Mex?
ico. all of whlch grew far faster dur
iiiK the past ten years than during
the precedlng.
i.riuul nivlHlutm of the Country.
Thc Census Bureau dlvldes the coun?
try Into the following nine Krand geo
Krnphic.l dlvlslons: Flrst. New Kng?
land; second. Mlddle Atlantlc States,
New York, New Jersey and Pennsyl?
vanla: thlrd, Kast North rentral States,
Ohlo, Indiana, rilluois, Mlchlgan and
Wis finsin; fourth. West North Cen?
tral States, Mlnnesota, Iowa, Mlssourl,
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
and Kansas, fifth, .South Atlantlc
States, from Delaware and .Maryland
to Florida, includlng West Vlrginia;
siNth, Kast South Central States, Ken?
tucky. Tennessee, Alabama and MIs
sissippi: seventh, AVest South Central
States, Loulslana, Arkunsa., Oklahoma
and Texas: elghth, Mountain States,
and nlnth, Paclilc States.
The States lncludcd ln the flrst four
dlylslons named niny be referred to as
the Northern Sectlon: those in the
South Atlantlc, Kast South Central and
West South Central as the Southern sec?
tlon, and those ln the Mountain and
Paelflc as the Western Sectlon.
Thc population of these nine geo
graphic dlvlslons ln 1910 ls aa follows:
New England, G,552,681; Mlddle Atlan?
tlc, 19,315,892; Kast North Central, 18,
250,021; West North Central, 11,637,921;
South Atlantlc, 12,194,895; Kast South
Central, 8,409,901; West South Central,
8,784,534; Mountain. 2.C--,517; Paclilc,
4,102.304. The nopulation of tho North?
ern Sectlon is 55,757.115; Southern Sec?
tlon, ?9,889,333; Western Sectlon, 6,S25.
The per conts. of increase from 1900
to 1910 in the geographio dlvlslon.. are
as follows: New Kngland, 17.2 per cent.;
Mlddle Atlantlc, 25.0; Kast North Cen?
tral, 11.2; West North Central, 12.5;
South Atlantlc, 16.8; East South Cen?
tral, 11.1; West South Central, 34.5;
Mountain, 57.::; Paclflc, 73.5. The In?
crease was 17.7 per cent. ln the North?
ern Sectlon, 10.S per cent. ln tho South?
ern sectlon, and 66.S por cent. in thc
Western Sectlon.
Tho por conts of Increase from 1890
to 1900 were for the main geograpliie
dlvlslons as follows: New Kngland, 19
per cent.; Mlddle Atlantlc, 21.0; Kast
North Central, 18.6; West North Cen?
tral, 15.8; South Atlantlc, 17.9; Kast
South Central, 17.1; West South Cen?
tral, 37.8; Mountain, ns.0, and Paclflc,
28.0. During that decade tho popula?
tion of the Northern sectlon Increased
yi.4 per cent.; Southern sectlon, 22.1
|fer cent., and Western sectlon, 32.0
per cent.
The fact that tlie rate of increase for
tha country as a whole was greater
from 1900 to 1910 than during during
tho precedlng decade was due entlrely
to tho added rate of growth ln the
Mlddle Atlantlc, .Mountain and Paelflc
dlvlslons. In nll slx of tho other dlvl?
slons the Increase during tho last de?
cade was less than during the previ?
ous one.
[tela-tY- Gro-th of I rbnn and Ilural
As at every previous census, the
prosetit census wlll dlsclose a very
great dlfference ln the rate of the
growth of oltles as compared wlth
small towns and rural dlstrlets. Th
standard adopted by the Census Bur?
eau ln dlstlngtllshlng urban from rural
population, Is on the basls of places ol
2,500 inlinliltalits. hut at the preseul
time lt Is posslble to dl-tinguish only
tl,e relative growth ln places of 25,00(1
Or moro Inhabllants ns compured wlth
all othor terrltory, As there has beon
doubtless a docldedly more rapld
growth ln placen between 2,500 and
25,000 lnhabitants than ln small plaees
and rural dlstricts, thc ligurcs avuil
uble now do not tell the wholo story.
The populatlon of citles of "J5.000
lnhabitants ls 28,508,007, or 31.0 per
cent. of the total population. tn I90ij
the populatlon of citles of 2,000 lnhabi?
tants or moro was 25.9 per cent. of tlio
total, and tu lS'JO, 22.2 per cent. batei
stntlstlcs wlll probably show that moro
thnn 45 por cent. of thc country is ur
ban, that is, lu placca Of 2,500 lnhabi?
tants or more.
In tho Nortli, the proportion of tho
lolal populatlon tliat llved ln citles of
25,000 lnhabitants, was 10.6 per cent. ln
1910, .'i-i.2 per cent. In l'JO'J, and 28,(1
per cent. ln 18'JO. ln thc South the
cbrrcspondlng per cents are 12.S per
cent. ln 1310, 10.1 per cent. ln 1300 and
9.6 per cent ln 1890. In the west tho
proportion living ln citles of 25,000 In
habltants or moro Is 31.0 per cent. ln
1910 ns coniparod wlth 25.2 In 1900,
and 22.0 per cent In 1890.
The populatlon Uvlng ln citles of
25,000 or moro lnhabitants haa Increas?
ed much more rapldly thnn that in the
rest of the country. The population
of such citles In 1910 waa 2S,50S,007 as
comparcd wlth 21,078,183 for the same
perlods ln 1900; tho Increase being 7,
429,813, or 35.2 per cent.
The populatlon ln the rest of thc
country, Including smaller citles nnd
rural dlstricts, ln 1910 was 63,4641259,
as compared wlth 54.916,336 ln 1900;
the lncreaso helng 8,647,873, or only
about a mllllon moro than thc Increase
of the citles alono. Tho per cent ol
lncreaso was 16.6 per cent. or loss than
liulf the rate shown by cltica of 28,000
Stated another way,' I5.C por cent
of the lncreaso of tho populatlon of
tho Unltod StatOB from 1900 to 1910
occurred In citles having 2,000 lnhabi?
tants or more.
Whlle there has been probably o
somewhat greater difference between
the rate of growth of urban popula?
tlon and of rural populatlon durlng
the last docade than during that pre
ceding, the dlfferenco waa nol aa greal
ns uurlnp the docade pt lS<-o to 1890, or
aa it waa In most of the earller dc
, idea Th.. concluslori cannot. there?
fore, be safely drawn tli.u there la,
in nny broad senso, an increaslng ten
dency by tho populatlon to have tho
country and go to the clty.
Countles Decreaalng In l*i.|itilatli)n.
iut,. decrease In the rural populatlon
in many countles throughout the coun?
try. but thla has not beon due entire?
ly to movement to tho cltiea. On the
contrary. ln some sections i* Is doubt
? due i
tuml reglont
. itlon lias
1 throughou
? ohio,
i. Wil
irl. Kentuck]
in b solid b
nowor agrl
llne ln rural
In tne
i. Ml -
ho 9.-.0
i from
countles decrease,i in popui.i
1300 to 1910. Wore ii poaalbl
rate at thls tlme the rural
urban populatlon. a large m
the countles In these Stal
show a declinc in rural populatlon,
Tho decrease In rural populatlon
tiie Mlddle StatcB is by no m. oji
to lack of prosperlty. n>. thi iprl
tural statlstlca of thi Census Buri
show an extraordlnary ln< r< asi In
value of farm lands and fa
throughout thls aectlon, nnd wlll
doubtless Indlcate a great increase in
the Income of the farmers when the
statistics aro complled.
Taklng the counl ry aa a whole, thero
are 2,32.". eounties. of which 79S, or 27.:',
per cent. decreased In populatlon dur?
ing the last deoade.
from tho
ijorlty of
S3 WOUld
so in tho
Ambassador Declares Trouble in
Mexico Has Never Reached
Significant Point.
Washlngton, D. C? December 11.?
Declarlng that exaggeratcd accounts
of the revolutionary movement In Mex?
ico had magnillcd Its Importance ln
the mlnds of many Americans, benoi
de la Barra, Mexican ambassador to tha
United States, in discussing the situa?
tion to-day, sald that the trouble. had
at no tlme appronched u point of Big
nlftcance. Normal condltions, hu said,
rolgn to-day throughout the republlc
except ln a pnrt of the State of Chl?
huahua. where thc government forces
are pursuing a band of 100 rcvolutlon
tlla 'statement, be added, was based
upon ottlcial advlces from hls goyern
inont. which had kept hlm elosely ad?
vised of the progress of eyents; there?
fore. ho could authorit'itively stnte
that tho llves and lnterests of natives
and foroigners allke, ware perfectly
The ambassador sald that a numbet
of revolutionary SUCCOSSOS bad been
reported and later denled, "which un
true statenients," he stated, "havo nol
only rellected upon the reputatlon ot
Mexico us a poaoo-lovlng country?a
reputatlon which bas gained a stablr
foundatlon in the last thlrty years?-but
thev also have had their effect upon
Americans wlth lnterests ln Moxico.
und havo glven rlso to unrest and a
spirit of suspiclon as to the sccurlty
of such interests." llo. said tho gov?
ernment of General Dlaz was abso?
lutely secure, ond that forelgn inter?
ests were in no danger.
Contlnuing, the ambas.sador sald:
"The BOditlonarlos nre being dealt witl
in a lawful imd orderly manner. Tlu
cases of all who aro taken into cus?
tody because of tholr pa.rtlcipa.tlon Ir
the' rcbcllion aro ln the hands of th.
courts of Mexico.
"The revolt hus dbmonstrated these
three things: Tho strength of the gov?
ernment and tho spirit of justlce thal
guldes tlio people, tlie. loyalty of th(
ormy and the support by the poopli
generallv of a course of peaco am
order, showing their satisfaction witl
present condltions."
The ambassador declared enipliati
eallv thnt not a soldler had proved dis
loyal to tho colors of Oeneral Dlns.
l.'edenil Troops nnd Itebel* Are Ma.
?loeiivi-lng f?r I'onltlon.
Chlhuahua, Mexico, via Kl Paso. Tex.
Decembor 11.?Pour hundred rolnforce
nients wlth two Held pieces arrlved to
day o.n n speolal train. To-morrow thej
will bo sent to joln General Navarro
who is withln twonty mllea of th.
Insurrectos. lloth sldos nre nianoou
vring to bl'lng about an engagcmcii
on advantageous grounds.
General Navarro ls sald to havi
made tho drsl Important move, as lu
is now ln lho open country. Tho ln
Btirroctors luul hoped fo catoli hlm li
lliu nioiiululiiK. ivliera duih' knowluilir.
was set by a Chalmers
"30" inthe 1909 Vander?
bilt Cup Race. Matson
won the
Massapequa Trophy
over a course of 126 miles in 12.
minutes, an average speed of 58.5
miles per hour. The nearest car
was beaten by 19 minutes. Mat?
son did not make a stop during tha
race. Such achievement is the re?
sult of
Chalmers Quality
Cordon Motor Company
of thc country was an Invaluablc
The relnforcetnenta whlch arrlved to
day occupied a special traln of seven
< onches. ln the eontingent were twen?
ty artlllerynien. whose horses followed
ln a special freiKht.
Prof. Winslow to Explain Its
Objccts in Lecture on Wednes?
day Night.
Tho people of ltlchmond wlll havo
thc opportunity of seetng and Iiearlng
on next Wednesday night I'rofesaor
Charles-Kdward Emory Wln - .. .,
among the many other aeryl ? - whlcn
hc has rendered to the cause ol pub
its health, haa recentl) Inaugurated .
mo\ e wll Ich i novel In It
whli h wlll be ol unt. ervlce 1
qualntli - -. ? ople ???? ua th< prlm I
ples uii.i. riyiiiK the clence of sanlta
There l'.. ahout tu be established 1 rt
the'Amerlcan Museum of Natural Hls.
tory, n.-sc York, u in isi um o_ publt.
health. Thla li tho ? once .tloi ol I'ro
? harge of t
department. In adtlltlon to thc - I
tiunal featurca of thla exhlblt,
wlll also ? thoroughly
bai ti rlologlcal laboratorv. In
wlll bc kept "culturea" ..f _]] known
workahlp conditlons, means .... whloh
contaglon ln general li con ? ed,
aect carrlers of disease, probl
entll .tion ln public and prlvate bulld
ng . are among thi . ? lilch
wlll be abundanlly Illustrated by .1 l
recognlzed methods whlch havo becomo
farnlllar to the public In the many
lo il and traveling tuhorculosls ex?
hlblts which have come Into exlstciice
Professor Wlnslow 1 an a knowi
edged leader among thi actlve public
health workers of America. having
through all hls researchea whlle con
nected wlth the Massachusetts In?U
tute of Tochnology (whlch position he
occupied fur ten years, having reslgncd
only during thc present year ln ordoi
to accept a professorshlp in tho Col?
lege of the Clty uf Ni-w Sfork), -tone mi
enormous amount of original Invesll
gatlon. the results of which are every
ivhere accepted by sanitary authorities.
Thc Richmond Health >'? P irtment
and the Fcdcrat'on of Mothers' ClUba
have won thc thanks of the people nl
ltlchmond for unlting in brlnglhg Pro?
fcssor Wlnslow here. The subject of
Professor Wlnslow'.. lecture will bo
"The Modern War Agalnst Disease"
There wlll be no charge for admission,
nml the public Is cordlally lnvlted t.,
attend. Tlie lecture wlll he given on
Wednesday night at S:15. in thc audi
torlum of .John Marshall High -School.
Professor Wlnslow wlll be introduced
by Chlef Health Offlccr I.evy. wlio has
known him Intlmately for ? number of
Dr. Ilrptin Ilruoe Drncl.
Tampa, Fla., December 11. ? Dr. Or
pha D. P.ruce. a promlnent woman
physlclah, died here last nlglit. Dr.
Bruce was State organlzcr for tho
Woman's Itelief Corps and past worthy
matron of the Order of thc Eastern
Star1 of Florida. _,
wlth an electric Iron; it will save her
an hour or two every Ironlng day,
because lt ls always at the rlght tem?
perature. No changlhg irons?- no
wuitlng?no Ilre to keep up. If she
doosn't du thc Ironlng herself, sho
needs It for prosslng. It's always
ready for inunediate use ln any room.
The iron Is very useful when trav?
eling, for vou can depend upon it ah
solutely. Vou cannot glve your wlfo,
sister or sweetlieart anything moro
ealculated to please them than ono
of these electric Irons.
If vou wrlte thc Vlrglnla Railway
and Power Company they will ho
pleased to send you free of charge
reasonable suggestlonF for electrloal
gifts whlch are actually tlie fad in
thls year's Christmas present..._
A V A U L IU If To-Morro
Matinec Tuesday.
Henry IT. Harris Presents
The Blggest HU cf tho Season,
The Country Boy
A Play of Clty Life,
Prlces: Matinee, _5e to ?1.00t night.
50c to .1...0.
Tho _ rettiest Play of the Century.
Rosalind at Red Gate
100?Nlghts ln Chicago?100
; NKXT WEEK, ? .

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