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TUB TI5tt.fl rtnrNiiKii LM4
l.ci ilir tnorning hours appeal td
you for .hopplnfr. Vnu have the
chnnrr of select Ing frotri thn stock
tvltilc it is stralghl and tlie clerks nre
fresh aiul better able to SOfVe you.
l.'ICILMONI), VA? \VI0I)Ni:,-|).\V. DECEMBEI? 21, 11)10.
Democratic Assembly
men of Essex County
Bi-Partisan Direct Primary
League Notifies All Lcgisla
tors-Elect That They Must
Ratify Choice of Primaries.
Results May Have Widc
spread Influence.
Ncwark. N. J.. December :'".
Democrata of tiie stat nf N. .-.- Joi
ero at it, too'.b and iiaM, over the chi
-if tmited States Senator.
i -r. Wobdrow Wllson, Oovt n<
has Bummoned all thc oleven ?>
cratic Aascmbl: mi n "f Essc i "?'.
Candidato Bmlth'a stronghold, :-i n
ii'm ln i ? 'i ?? ? -. I ........I r iw aml t
over il.. ll on. Yhli nol.'oti
lowed the <??? nl d daratlon of n ni
ber of th.. Khkox men In Smith'-) la"
ln the meant'mc the Bl-partlsati
roct Primary Ccague of N'ew Jor
has served formal notlea ->n all le:
lators-elcct that they musl ratlf**
ehold of thc primarles Iii favor
troverted I.;. ?? 'i UI- i
... , ?; ,{| : of th( r.isc.
and a wll. lieitl of d ? -:i U opened I
to th?' Democratlc i -*."-?.
?.I in.nl. of 1. n^ ne.
Tho league takfca tlio ground that P
the prlmarli were tho maridetn of tlu* |
people, whicli 11 ?? !? gislator ni - bound ' i
llihcd law
i.-.->.;. ? ti-r-ui.---.--Iv ?-. , M'.:;
idvanca of tholr electlon, i-j voto for]
tbe. Benatorlal candldate recelvlng tholi
b'lghest popular * ??'*? .<' thc primarles-Ji
either in iheir leRislaiivc dlstrlct or J J
In tho State as a whol'e; thoy are also j
permitted to refraln from so plcdging : ,
themselves and to voto for whobi they j
may please.
iMMUeil lt?ll?iri| hy (lllllCHt.
The contest In N'ew Jcrsey promlses]
to go beyond the inrr'- poraonallty of
the candldntes for the United Statesjl
Senate. It now tnvolvca 111? - questlon']
of chooslng United States Senators by;
popular choli'e by the method now in j i
vogue, ln many States. J i
lt arlses at a tlmo when public at- <
tention throughout the country ls een- ]
tred upon the questlon of popular elec?
tlon of Unli'.l States Senators, ln tho
conatltutional amoridraent now pend?
ing ln Congress. The outconie ln New
?tersey may have Influence upon tho
progress of thls leglslatlon ln Congress,
It ls tbouglit. especially if tho Lcglsla?
ture should go contrary to tlm choice
expressed ln tlio primary voto.
Or. Woodrou Wllson's great proml
nence In DomocrntU* polltles wlll un-jj
doubtedly attract attentlon to tho af- ' ,
fair. As ho already hiia laken sharji \
isstie against Candldate Smith, Inalstlng
upon tbe Leglslatiiro earrying uu th**'
"mandato" of tlu: primarles. ii is tu bc
expected that refusal uf tlu- Lbglslature
to do so wlll moyo him to call natlonal ;
attentlon to tii'- situation and stinju- -.
lato tho propagaiida for electlon ofr
Senators by popular vote. j
Talk <>f CuinpromlHc Candldate*. j o
Tho llght between Martine and i i
Smith Is already dcvcioping talk ot | .'
compromiso. candidatcs. ln caso of a ?
t'eadlock, Frank S. Katzenbach, ,lr., ol | "
Trenton, is sald to bo Dr. Wllson's '
choice. Georgo W. Young, a New York | "
banker, wlth a residence at Deal Beach, ?
ls sald to bo Smith's choice. t
However, as Dr. Wilson's fight ls li
strictly in a question of principle, the l
fulfllment of' the prlmary's mandato,!1.1
tho polltlcians do noi understand how I f
ho can switch to the advocacy of any
man not supported by the primarles, i
Klng Georcc Cnlla Prlme Mlnister from
Kdiuliurgli fur (/'onfercnee.
London, December 2l>.?The Klng to- _
nlght summoned tho prlme mlnister to j n
London from Edinburgh. The ..
naturo of tho conference whicli Hia ,
Majesty is to have wlth Mr. AsiuU.Hi
Is, of course, not known, but it is I
likely that the general politlcal aspoct I t
wlll be gone lnto f horoughly. I i
King George lias tako*.: ii niarked in- I f|
terest in the general etuctions which ,.
have just ended, and lt ls certaln that I ,
ho has no wish to seo another dlssolii- V
tion of Pa'rllamont for a long tlme. Ab
tho new Pnrliainont now aiundr, tlie t'
Xilberal governinent, in eoalltlon witli !
the Natlonaltsts. regular and In.lopen- I
dent, and the Labor members, hold 39K
seats as against 272 held bv (ho Union
Ists, a njajorlty of (26. Tho lr/inlsier
ial majority, however. wlll any many
cases be much Biuallor. thnn this lig
ure, as the important. nntlunallsts aro
hostlle to Reilmund, and thereforo to
i-omo of the measures proposed in the
Kovernment's program.
ffhe Trlpp Cbrlmlened Wlth ( hnm|iu?n-.
aM She I'ni..'-. to Water.
Bath, Me.. Dooomber 20.~-t'lhrlBtoned
wlth chainpagno by Mrs. John S,
llydo, wife of tho nresident of lhe Bath
lron Works, tho liuildnis, the torpedo
boat dnstroyor Trlpp was launchod thls
(ftornoon. Tho Trlpp must average
Xt least 20.f> kunts an hour for four
hours, on hor oltlclnl trials,Whlch wlll
b<> held ln February or Marcli oh tlie
Rockland course. She ls 2'J'I feet lon?;.
Her machinery conalsls of a throo
lihaft turblne instullatlon in ono com
>urtmont, capablo of devoloplng 10,000
lhafl. liiii'KCipownr. Sho Is ot lhe oil
imrnltig (rliiBH, and tanks aro bullt lnto
lhe- hiill witli a capaclty of C0,U00 Kfl,l
>!rijiir-t,eiirrnl \\ noil Hees .Nn Frospeci
nf Conflict.
Washlngton, D, ?'.. Decombor 20.
Mo lor-Ooni -u Li otiari! a. a ood, trhlpf
of Htiiff or ih- Unlted Slates Army, In
?n address ta-nlghl at b banquet of
tho Burnslde Post, <;. A. it.. charae
torised the no-calied war soarcc as
"sllly," doclsrlng thal h- nelther snw
any pruspcct ot war nor had he nny
fear of stlch n eontlngency, hui Bltiir
ply had advocated careful reorgaulsir}
tion of the country.'s "undeveloped
miiit.irv re?ourc08."
"All ihls sllly tnlk,'' naii) Gcneral
Wood, "may be answered by rme word
of threo letters; whlch i shall not of
fi-nil voti to repeat. Tho army -Isn't
afraid of war, nor ls lt tllled by the
-. alor of Ignbrance;
"Our milltary resoufces wlll continue
to b<- Invaluabld if Iho other fellow
glven US time, but we don't thlnk he
??Thr: work of tln army nt pregem i- |
to do 1,1- besl H can In doveloplng
the i-oniiii",'.s mlliturv 11 : oi: i ??? ? nnd to
bc of dsststahce In organlzliig the
mllitia. and it Was ln vlew of e.\tetid
Iritf thnt work thal we bavt! asHed for
*".'??? to 700 addltlonal officer.".
"All of ii- are Intercsled ln mnny
ways ln devcloplng thc latent milltary
rcsource'n whlch wc have ln tlmes ?>{
ueace. We expeel wars In the future
lnst rs -.?.'? have hnd them ln the past.
We know thal by arultratlon many
small difftcuitics wlll be settled, but
-.?.-.? belleve thal thi.unlry's resourcea
should bo reddy lo defend Iit Inter
? i. when lieccssary, for as long ns
natlons belleve that they are right
they wlll fight."
rlinllnr In Mnn.v ItcspcclK to Xen 1 nrk
l)Nn?ter?\o One Killed.
BufT.-ilo. N. V.. Dcci . ' -An <\
ploslon slmllar ln man; n ipecti lo the
one thal occurred In N'cw Vork on Mbn
nhattered thc wlndows of several
nd stariled pa* i n;^r.i on board J '
trains ln the New Vork Cenirnl tita
Ilon aml occupants ol bulldlngs fbt
olo ka arour.d, shortly before 12 o'clock !,
Lo-nlght. j
The cxploslon occurred il a pulnti
' -i'. the plpes wl :? li mpply gas tb '
cars iir.iii--h in two dircctlons and |
where a valVe is located. The causej
/.. ,,.,1 bech ??-"? rtalnod. A flamo '
shot up into thc alr forl feel, Ignltlngj'
tln- irain phed. Thc Wolverlno Bx- ,
pr. ss, i ? tb ?und, frorn Chlcago to Ncm :
Vork. wa.s on a trm-k ncm- by, nrid [ ]
ih'"-.' was Intcnp" excttemehl among
i tengers. Several of Ih'om xvefe
9 _ tly ,-iu bv flyinpr glass, bul no one
? rioiisly htirt.
Iprrnlor.H ?f Sit-I'ollnl "Hnilcor l.niiie'
Held for Vrlloo ,,r Grnnd .lurj.
. I
. I
-ni'Ti ri.-i ?? in nichmoild, and St. PailJ.
Tho ttrb brothers, .i. Ballej Knott
md Honjnrnln Knott, left Immedia'teily
'or thelr hOllic iri South Carolina. wldettr
thelr mother is r'nld to serlo'ioly
II. Mrs P"loren?:c Knott and Arm
itrong retnained here. tho former wlth
icr brother. who had arrived from
Flint, Mich.. to asslst her.
Bonul of >lnu Who Dled nt the ABc or
Ivlrksvillc, Mo., December 20,?Wll
inn Uownrd Sheeks, whose prou'dcsl
)oast was that he had never told 0 11 c
?r nuarrcled wlth his wite, aml who
tad colcbrateil more weddlng anni
?crsarlcs, probably. than any man ln
lorth Mlssourl. riled yesterday at hls r
lome near Klrksville, at thc age ol n
?lghty-nihe. He .ind hls wife were
ilannlng to celobrato thelr soventlcth
ve'dding annlversary December 21. 11i
vlfo, aged nlnety. is prostratcd;
"One reason we liave lived so long
s thal wi- havo never riunrrelod," said
Sheeks n few dnys api. "We don't "e
loVe We ever said a cross word to each
ithur diirlng our long married life. So
ar as 1 knuw. I have never told a lio
h my life."
?cnritor Aldrlcli SufTcr* l-'roni Strnlncd
Tendoii ln lllisln llnnd.
Now I'ork, December 2n.~a slighl
neratlpn to relleve a stralned tendon
n Unlted States .Senator Nelson W.
ildrlch's right hand wlll be performed
n New Vork to-morrow, accordlng to
statement made to-rilgbt by Win
hrop Aldrich. the Senator's son. Ile
.ddcel thnt the family did not regard
lie operatlon as serlous. and ho dld
iot know who would perform it. The
njury was.caused by a slight straln.
ie e.vplalned, but he dld not think
t was in any way duo to the Senator's
>ein{r struck by a street car here last
Inly One Ilruve MhoukIi to Go Up ln
Hlgh Wind.
Tupelo, Miss., December 2ft.?John B.
lolsant wns thc only alrman brave
nough to chanco a fllght this after
oon because of freezlng temperature
nd. hlgh wlnds. At intervals snow
cll In llurries.
Molsant mado two fliglils, tho flrst
ime hsceriding to nn estiinited alti
ude of -1,000 feet. During tho necond
Ight, whlch was across ihe city, an
special purse of $1,000 was subscrlbed
o b.v the. spectutors.
Moisani and his fellow a'viatbrs left
o-night for New Orleans.
onilctcd Offleinlu of American Xnval \
Storen' Co. I'nder Reutenee. o
Ne\\- Orleans, December 20.?The j tl
rnlted Staten Clrcuit Court of Appeals h
ero to-day donled a vehearlng to the
onvlctod officlals of tho American
favul Stores Conipmiy, tho no-called
Turpentlne Trust," who nro under
entence for viniatlon of tlie Sherman
ntt-trust law.
A wrlt of cortiorari probably will he
nked ho ns to have the fano revlowed
'/ tho nnlted Statos .Suproino Cour.t.
.\|ii-eled to tVrrlvc lu Xew Vork on
Thurmlii.i Idveulntr.
New Yorlc December 20.?Dr. Frodo
iek A. Coolt, tho tra,velor, of Bl'ook
?n. N. V., wlll return here on tho
.oamshlp Ceorgo Washlngton, whieh
i due to arrive on TliiirHilay evenlng.'
r, Cook luirJ not been in tho olty slnce t'e
is disnupeiiranoR shortly nfter Iho pi
'.ibmtsslon ot hls polar records to tlie n;
nlversity of Copeahagon, ovor a year tl
go. 1D
Revenue Cutter Davy
Anchors Alongside
Delay in Departure Serves to
Add to Mystery of Its Mission.
Honduran Minister Protcsts
Against Allowing Steamer
to Leave Ncw
.">??%?. Orleans, December 20.?Tlu rov.
eriue i ilter Davy thla afternoon agaln
anchored alongsldo the steamer Hornet,
and speclal custbma Inspectors wero
pla jd on nhdro oppoBlte 111 * - Horriot'a
i'nehornge, with instructions lo report
promptl: any aetiyltlcB observed in con
riec'.lon ^-.?i i t her propara'tionB for sall;
A speclal agent of tiie ttonduran
government was nlso Iteeplng watch
n ? ? illegcd reyo'titioriary cralt.
ItrportH Are Denleil.
Agaln thls morning 'lenernl Bonllia,
',?, : 11 ? ? f l'r< sld-nt ,jf Hondina'?, and (Jen
oral i.f.- Clirlstrrraa ilenled knowledge
>f ihe purpose of the Uovhet'a move
iticnts and brand'edfaii false the reports
that they were to use the eratt in a
?avolutlonary expcdltlon against Iloti
Tho delay in the departure of thc
'lurii't bus served t,, add to the roys
? rs ,f its rrilsslori. Customs ofilclais
lenled thal she had Im "ti detalned on
nstructlons from Wnshiiigt_sn.
At mldnlght the Hornet et.'.l lles ln
he Ml.slsslppl Rlver. H is not known
? 11, n ? !:?? Wll) sall.
Ilondurnn Mlnlxtrr <ouiplnlr_i.
Washington, 1> C. i>eeember 20.?
t\io Honduran mlnister to-day pro
to tli" stale Department a.galnst i
? ?: m'lng ih- ilcpariure of the steamer
i.ir operatlon..
The State Department ofilclais feel
hc.1 all of thc UHual prccautions have
leen adopted to prevent tho embarka
lon on the Hornet of n hostile oxpcdl
ion dircctcd against the government
f President Davtlla, of Honduras. ,\.-t
ng through the Department of .lustic?
nd tho Treasury Department. th
Itate Department has had a close scr
elllancc malntained over tlie Hornet.
lt is rcalized that tlie Hornet might
ieel another vessel at sea and ombark
nen and arms. Or they might he taken
board at som- little frequeiiteU Cen
ral Amerlcan port. as was dono In
he case of thc Vonus. which was pur
hased hy the Madrjz lacUon !?; Nlca
af*ua to operatc against'Kstradn.
To prevcnt a repetltion of tliat af
ntr orders have been Bent to the conl
lander of the ("nttcct States shlp Ta
ntiia. now at 1'nerto Corlez; lo en
eavor jto prevenl tho landlne on the
londuran roast of any expeditton that
ppeors to have orlglnated ln the Unlted
tat< 8.
Meanwhlle, there have been some in
ernal troubles ln Honduras to dlf
e-? Presiden I Davllln, according to a
olegraphic report to the State Depait
letil from Unlted States Mlnister Blc
reacy dated yesterday at Teguclgalpa.
'he mlnister says that last Frlday Col
nel Albnrado, of the Honduran army,
'cl an uprlsing against tho government
t a place called Allana. on tho Salva
ore.au "rontler. Tho goyerntnont troops
ispersed tho band, several of whom
rossed the fronttor into Salvador, ln
ldudlng Ihe leader, Colonel Albarado,
he President of Salvador, on the re
uest of l'resldent Davllla, has ordered
alvadorean troops to guard tho fron
ier. Mr. McCrary concludes that U
j not yet absolutely clear whether tlie
ttempted uprlsing was to he ultlmate
f directed against Honduras or Salva
Iembcrs of Crew lieneh Shore After
Uesperate StrilRfile.
Halifnx, N. S., December 20.?Tho
riow-storm gnle whlch swept this
oast last night caused tlio wreck of
he bip Norwegian barJt Petra, bound
rom llio Janelro for Hallfax. ln the
hlck weather. the captaln lost his
earings, and the hark struck on tho
angerons loilge at West I'ennani.
Iireo miles from Sambro, on tho west
oast of Nova Scotia. All the crew
eached shore safely, ulthough some
f them spent a hard night in the ice
overcd rigglng of the st.-anded ves
In splte of the high seas runnlng
Iireo of the crew. fearlng tlie bark
?ould go to pleces, jumped Inio ihe
urf. They got ashore allve after a
esperate struggle. Captaln llansen
nd the other twelve men of the crew
tayed bv tho shlp, but had to lash
iicnisolvfs to the rigglng to cscapo
ne impact of the goas,
Several tinies flshermen attempted !
?> reacli the wreck in boats, but wero I
riven back. To-day when thc sea
ad moderated l.plirlam Murrlott and |
ls son, Hlram, leaders of the llttlo i
olony of tlsher folk, succeeded In i
?aching the stricken bark. Ono by I
ne the men In the rigglng dropped to
ie (Ishlng boat and found safetv. The
ark Is a tota] wreclt,-?
greenieut Made by liurlev Growem of
Severaj "stnteti.
l.exlngtan, Ky., December :?0.?Bur
?y tobacco growers of Kentucky.
"ost Virginia, Ohio. Indiana and Mla
iitrl, who havo boon lu conference
orn for two days, adopted lo-day all
jroonient to pool their 1911 crops.
onventlons wlll bo called in each
:' tho States for Deoonibor 30 to olect
jlegates to a general meetlng horu
i January r,, whon" ofllcors will he
losen and a dollnlto organl.aliau of
ictod. Moro than 100,000 growers,
"oiluclng In exe.ess of ::00,0()0,00(l
jutuls nf tobacco unnunlly, aro af
loted by thu now organization, its
'oinoters nsserl, inasmucli as Ihe
?rooiuent adoptod to-day provldef:
mt no tobacco Bhall ? bo raised ln
Mexican Troops Leave
for Scene of Insur
recto Activity.
Forccs in Command of General
Rivera and Colonel Lis In
tended to Reinforcc Colonel
Guzman at Pcdcrnalcs,
When Crushing Blow
Will Be Delivcrcd.
Mexico City, December 2i>.?The
Tenth Battalion of Infantry, a battery
of :l.\ ilght !irtlllery, mountaln guns,
and one rapld tlro gun. left here Co
llay in two special tralns for thc "'ono
of insurrccto activity in Chlhuahua,
Another traln, carrying two rogun^iits
af infantry, ls aald to have left. Oauda
lajara last night for the sama destina
Thn force from thls clty ls ln com?
mand of Coneral Sauehoj; ltlvora and
.'olxnoi Itaftfol Us, and Is said to bo
Intended to relnforcn Colonol Guzman
ji Pcdcrnalcs.
According to officlal information.
hc government forccs aro preparlng to
tellvor a crushing blow to the revo
utlonlsts. The situation I3 sald to be
is follows:
On one slde of tho valley of Jlal
ia.?<j (Bad Passi ls the force of Gen
:ral Navarro, numbcrlng 1,000 men.
Joloncl liussinan ls on the other slde.
wlth n force of "10 troops. He re
?elved orders lo walt for relnforce
Troops aro being hurricd. to iho
ront to raiso tho force of Colonel
Juzman to liOOO mon, and then thc
ittack wlll bo mado front two sltles.
tn high officlal clrcles It is belleved
hat. the rebels are now trapped bc
Franclsco I'Madero, tho head of tiie
nsurrectlonary movement, ls again re
lortcd to be In Mexican terrltory, ac
lordtng '?? a story which appeared ln
:".l tleraldo Mexictuia thls afternoon.
:;- *? orl - based upon a letter re
?1 1 ???in fhthu.-ih.ua by responsitil?
ln thfs '-i-.-. Madero-lt satd
,'iumanil of Abralmm
Holteln Attack Ti-uop? Traln.
Ch'huahua. Mexico, December 20.?
?orty'-two wounded government sol
llcrs wore brought in to-day, thus con
irming reports that thc troops' traln
h bft hero Saturday was shot to
iu the mountaln trap, known as
>. ;t few miles east of Peder
an'd about 120 mlles west of
tere. Tho officlal report states that
lie Federdis lost twenty-onn kllled
tnd ten mlsslng. and forty-two wound
?d. Tho latter inoiudos Colonel Guz
n.'tn, who was in command of tlio ox
ledltion. The lnsurrectos loss is not
cnown here.
The traln left here Saturday, travel
ng in twu sections, carrying three.
ield picces an a conl car, and 500 sol
tlera. Panicho Vllla, the bnndlt who.
vhllo operating lndependently. stlll
egards the government as lils enemy.
ired on the second section as it was
>asslng through Andanla Canon, but
lld no dnmage.
Thc mountains of Malpaso, however.
warnictl wlth rovoltttlonlsts. They
talted tlie Hrst and second sections.
'olonel Gu7.man dlsombarked hls
rodps, and for flve hours defended
iliusolf from lno desperato charge. Ile
vas lu a trap, however. His enemy
vas on tlie helghts, shelterod by
ouldors and other protection north to
ho mountains and poured ln a deadly
10. II- was unablo to use his big
11ns eftoctivoly, owing to the naturo
f the ground. i.otwlthstandlng his
recarious condition and tlie numbcrs
f the lnsurrectos lie hold hls ground
oi- flve hours. Jie was shot through
lie leg, while the third officer in com
tand was raked across the stomacli.
Vorn out with the one-sided battle,
'olonel Guzman loaded hls dead and
ounded together wlth the remainder
f hls force on to tho troop train and
an back to Bttstillos. -?
Ilcre tlie uninjured dlsemborkod and
uiied thelr dead. A frelght traln sent
ut from here, said to load cattlo nt
lustlllps, wns countermanded, and thc
?ounded transferred to lt. This traln
rrived early to-day and the Injured
?ere taken to tho hospital 151 Corros
I'oiunu Hldnnppcr ln Convlcted lu
Less Thnn Slx Hour-K
New Vork. December 20.?Justice
ealt the Black Hand a qulck body
low in Brook.lyn to-day wlth tlm con.
iclion In Io'jh than slx hours of a
omari kldnappcr. She is Marla liap
a. a frall. weazened Itallan woman
f nol more than thirty years. A iurv
1 tho Klngs County Court. after bnty
'n minutes' dollberatlon, found her
ullty of abettlng the kidnapping of
ttle Michael Rlsso and Gutseppo Lon
o. Tho penally lr, not less than flve
ears. nor more than fifty years, ln
ute's prison. Sentence will be passed
ext Tuesday.
Tlie woman sat stolldly through the
roceedings, and flatly denled any cotii
llclt.y ln the caso. lt was in her
pa.rtmeuts, however, that the Longu
oy waa found.
,.ludgo Fawoette expresaed gratiflca- I
on ovor the verdict and pronounced
tho "povnroBt blow to tho Black '
and'' slnco he hnd boon on the bench. I
Stanlscla.se 1'attnnan. Iiullctoil wlth '
ie woman, wlll bc placed on trlal to- [
orruw. I'JlghT other prisoners. all ur
)Stod ln connoctlon wlth tho case, aro
ion to bo tritid.
HnyiM- 'llvfN *>5,IMH) Ball,
Nuw York, Drtcombov 20.?Frunlc "B,
ayno, hoad of tho; cotton tirtu of
ayno & Brown. of iV?vy prlonns, who
as roltnlic-tfi(.l;tJii>i mophl|ig.b,v tho Fed
?al grand 'Jury. here], lu. eonnuotlon
Ith tho itlleg'eil cotton 'pool consplr
?y, appoarerl to-day Miofore 1'nlted
tulos r.'nmniissionrr Hhlelds nnd fur
Ishod ?r>,ooo"?ball for hls anueuranco
ir trlal.
Gives Mtllions for Educatlon
JOHN 1>. HOCKKFl*l,I,l*R.
Slays Members of Family
aiul Srt.s Fire to
1 lousc.
Shcriff Avcrts Lynching by
Rusbitiff Prisoner to
, S.n.ler.-, his
t wehtl -f.vo-year-old d.aighter, Mary,
and hls fdiir-year-old granddaughter,
Irene Oveiion, ln tbe rulns of thelr
home at Ilestcr, near here, gavo start
n*j evldence t i-day 0? nnu of tlio
most atroclous crlliios ever uonimltted
1*1 tuis section. Nathan Montague, .1
young negro, accused to-day by a' cor
otiev's jury of assault, mnder ajt-J ;,r
son. i-i h'""ievcd to liavo klllcl -lr. San
i'. "."-i and 1,1s little grand Jaiib'htc.". nnd
t'.tcn I" have attacked nnd dhally rut
?i U.-s
ct blood
tho throat of Mlss Mar
In^- al- thrdo bodles in .1 pti)
ln tho houso. lo whlch !; ?? :
tl hav.- sci firo.
Tho negro |8? saf<: in-\:v
Stiti nL't'tcntiary at lta'cl*;!
gry mobs are reported 'to 1
in;* tJ 11" k voqgcance. sii-r.ff Wnoel
0'.' foilfid .111 ifato crowd at Ilestel' I; sl
nI.;; 11 i i rpshlng his prisoner to Dur
liam. M"crirr iiardwo-,1. a; burr.am,
110'. wishlng to lake an..- chuncos wlth
tho people who wcrc reported to he
:"oinin,-r hor. ln :? spacial traln art3f
Montague, hustlcd thc ii-.-if" ?o Udlo'Sl:
11 an automobile,
it is charged that th"! nr^rro, whr>
i.j.l been nt a hog-k<!lin"- ln the af
[(?.-'?oon, which MfiH Mary Sanders nlso
ittended, went to lier 'lDmo at nfghl
kllled Sanders and hls little grand
laughter by means not yet detormlned,
ittacked Mlss Sanders, and nfterwards
;ut her throat in a str'uggl-3 !;i tlie
:*srd. Hc is then belleved to nave set
firo to the house nnd burnod tno bodles.
Vhe' charied remalns worefounl early
SlnniK F.vldcnce.
The finding of Mlss Sanders's skirt
:overed wltli blood ln the negro's pos
iession, und n knlfo at the scone of
he tragedy whlch wns Idontlflcd as tlio
tno tiscd by Montague at tho 'iog
iilling, torm tlie chiof evldence "iga'Ptlt
Near the rulns of the Sandcrs house.
1 pnth of blood leadlng lo a nearby
,vell. Indicales that nn attempt was
uado to ? east thc K'rl Into the well.
?trands of'auburn hair wero I'utind
m the well posts, and near lh* houso,
Slvlng evldonce of lhe Stubborn. but
.aln sUugglo for llfe whlch tha glrl
Tho dtsoovery of a partly loaded
listol near the well nt tho Sanders
loine, and the' fact that liclghbors
leclure they hoard plstol shots just
icfore they saw tho flames last nlght,
iro bclicvcd to iudicato that Mr.
janders and hls little granddaughter
vero shot nnd kllled before tho at
;ack on Mlss .Sanders. lliough the
lurnlng of lhe bodlco swopt nway any
:lub (o the p.xact'way ln which they
net death.
The negro denicd his guilt to-night,
mt the blood on hls person und tlio
'act that ho was to have roported at
he Sanders home last. nlght for some
vork are thought to furnlsh strong
ivldence ugalnst hlm.
roroner luvetttltjutes Ueath Of "Well
Kuovtn Blrinlughmu Mcu,
BirmliiKhi.nl, Ala., December 20.-?
mmedlatoly after talclng a drlnk of
vhlakey out of a bottle, whlch ono of
hetn hail orderod shlpped hlm by mall
iuy 11. ColoniUll and Steplicn Slrlek
iiliil well Uupwn votitig men Of Blr
iiinghiiin. dl'oppod dencj thls afternoon.
I'hoir doatliH aro holng Invbattgutod
>y tho coroucr.
XeK'ro Murderer t'uptured.
Uveronp, La.. Deceirlbor !10. -ilarri
on Tuoker, qno of tho nograe.a iiupll
laleil ln tho kllllng of Jao|c Shlrley,
ho Crenshaw county farmer, last Sat
irday, was captured to-day by tlio
herirf of thls county near opp. Ado
uchmont of foitrteon soldlers wns
lonl to llrantlcy to nieet tho shcrlfi'
md hls prisoner. Thc jall is guurded r
?y tlie mllltia.
Rockefeller Announces Donation
of $10,000,000 to Chicago
His Total GontriUbtions to
."?xiiool Amount pYpp/pximatel)
tq ?35,..'-)oo.
Chicago. 111.. December 23.?John D.
Itockefeller han completed ihe task he
set for hlmself In the founding of tho
?Universlty of Chicago. To-day publlc.
nnnpuncoment was made of a ".slngle
aud llnal gift" of flO.000,000, whlch ln
cludes all tlie contributlons that Mr.
Rockefeller had planned to mako to
tho unlyeralty. The sum, which is to
bn paid ln ten annual Instalmonts, be
rrlnning January 1, will mako a total
of approxlmatciy $35,000,000 that Mr.
Rockefeller has donated to tho univer?
Mr. Rockofellor says he now belleves
Iho school should be supportod and
enlarged by the gifts of many rather
than those of ni slngle donor. Thls he
bell.VOH wlll be better ac.'otnpllshed lf
the publlc understands the llmlt of
hls contcmplated assistance. Tlie
founding of new depnrtments lie leaves
I., the trustees, as he says funds nuiy
he furnished bj other friends of Ihe
!*P lo tho preseni tlmo llio sum of
nearly <7,oon,000 has been donated to
the universlty, In addition to l.oeke
feller's gifts.
With the announccmonl of Mr. Rock
efoller'a llnal donation canio Ihe reslg?
natlon of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.. nnd
1'ied T. Cates. Mr. Rockufeller's per?
sonal representatives, from tho uni?
verslty board of trustoes.
ln inclosing these reaignatlons Mr.
Rockefeller oxplalned that ho waa only
carrylng out a convictlon that the in?
stltutlon should be "controlled, con
ducted and supported by the people,''
wlth whom np to thls date he had boen
slmply co-opcratlng. Mr. Riokefollor's
idea, lt ls und.rstood, ls that ho is
turning over the institutlon und its
endowment to Chicago nnd the West,
and in so dolng withdraws from any
further representation ln its control.
The ofllclal announcement of the hon
efactlon w.is made at the iiuarterly
convocatlon of tho unlverlsty thls af?
ternoon. President Martin A. Ryer
Soh, of Ihe board of trustees, read n
letter from Mr. Rockefeller in Now
Vork. whlch hore date of December 13
and wns nddressed" to tho presldont
and trustees of the Universlty of Chl?
I'crlMh In Surf "VVhlle TrylUR Out Nov
New York, December 20.?Two mem?
bers of the, volunteer life saving crew
U l.ockaway Beach, Long Island.
Hruce Bond and David Janilson, aro
nlssing' and aro boliavod to havo per
ished to-dny whon the new boat they
ivere trylng out, wlth threo other
?ticinbers of tho crew, upset. ln tho
William Cassldy was taken from the
ivator exhausted, whilo Fred Vollmer
md Willlam Phllllps mado their way
Despile the heavy sea whlch was
?unnlng the flvo young mon inslsted
ipon settlng out to try tho new boan,
iu elghteen-foot, slx-oar craft. Thev
ivere soma 200 yards off tho beach
Ahen a heavy squall struck them. and
:he boat turued turtle. Tho water
vvas icy cold, and lt Is supposed tho
nlaslng mon were selzed wlth cramps
ind went down almost j_t once.
lleinille.N 1 ?e (jnn* lu Itlot ni West
Newton, ""n.
West "Vinvinn, fa., Decenibtii- 20,?
I'hrce miners were ahot ln a rlbt iM
'sfcbrh mine. nonr here, early to-daj'.
Thoro was (. atriko ou ut tho mluo.
Ueputy HherlffB woro guardlng tho
iroperty whon thn rlot occurred.
.losnph Rofack ia at tlie McKe.sport
Hospltal wlth serlous wounds ln hls
left slde and a bullet holo ln hls left
iriii. Tho other- wounded wero taken
Lo llie-ir homes after tho battle,
Not Satisfied With Way
New Rule Is Ad
Conferenccs Held to Dcterminc
Exact Form ol Amcndmenta
That Are to be Offered to
Measure Whieh Was Pro
cured After Hard Fight
Last Session.
Washlngton, December 20.?Further
revlslon of thc rules of thc liouso of
Kcpresentatlvcs is contemplated by thn
Inxurgent members of that 'body, Ctfh
fcrences were. held to-day and, wlll b?
contlnued. to dcterminc the cxac.t form
ot tho amcndiucnts that aro to bo of?
fered nt tho earllest possible moment.
Tho Insurgents aro not at all satis?
fied wlth thc manner In whlch the now
rule, glving thn Houso power to dis
'char.ge a commltteo from tho con?
sideratlon of a blll, was admlnlaf.orod
when its flrst trial occurred yesterday.
This rule was procured nfter a hard
light last session, to provlde thc means
whereby a blll could be brought betore
thc House when a commltteo reluncil
to report lt, or dolayed too lons ln act
ing upon it.
Speaker Cannon ruled yesterday thal
thc postal reorganlzatlon blll should
be read ln full, when the motion was
made to bring lt before the House
Less thnn one-fourth of vhe blll could
he read yesterday; and a{ tho same
rate, it wlll take at least three days to
finish the readlng. As this buslness ls
recognized only overy flrst and third
Monday of the montn. all motions of a
llko character wlll be dclayerl almost
two months, before tho motion finally
la put to tfSc House, na to whether the
postal blll shall bo consldered.
The Insurgents declaro that this ls a
restralnt of business, whlch can be
casily remodlerl bv a J=matl cliange ln
the rule. Th.'v propose to offer an
otrier amcndttierit that win roo,iiir.? on'y
ihe readlng ??' tho title of. tln- hiii.
when t'le motion 1- mado tp dt.
ehargi tb.nimlttce, nnd to bring
lt bcroro ihe House.
Anupp I'rotnptly CouHrmcd.
Washlngton. December 20.?Martin
A. 1,'napi. ivas ,-onfirmcd to-day to b*
a clrcuit judge fnr tho second Judlcla'
distrlct; automatloally h- ceased to bi
cha'rmnn of (he Interstate Uoiume'rci
Commission, and now ls ready to a
cend tho bench of thc Court of Com
raorcc as chlef .lustlcc of that trlbunal
once lt ls brganlz'od, Thc name of thc
four other member.i of tho proposoc
coirrl now aro ln tho hands of a sub
cemmittee of thc Commltteo of .Ttid:
c'ory, and wlll bo reported out shortlv,
Ir order lo illl the vacanclcs on tht
Interstate Commerce Comm'ssion, tn?
Senate Committee on Interstate Coni.
merco hnd n special meeting to-ila>
and decided to reporl favorably on tlie
namoa of C. c. McChord, of KentucUy.
and XI. II. Jloyer, of Wiscofisin, to lu
members of the commission. Tnetr
nambs wlll be reported to the Sonat*
to-morrow, nnd It i-i expected tin^jt wl;
be p'romptly cbnflPmotl.
Presidbnt Taft uv-. rcsnonslblo loi
tlie dlspatch 'n th.- caso of Judga
Knapp. It hnd b'een reported to blm
that Mr. Knapp might be leglshued
out of a positlon lf Mr. McChord wai
conflrmed ln ndvanco oi thc court ap
pblntmentsi So far as thn session ot
tho commltteo was concerned. no op?
positlon devoloped against tho con
flrruatlon of Judge Knapp. and the
committee was a,t a io$s to iinderntanl
tho origin of tho reported oppositlon.
Tho omnlbua clalnis blll, carrylng
more ilirm S'J.ODO.iiiiO. was passed by tho
fe'onato to-day. The hill wns passed by
;; ViKC Of t.". 10 11.
The House devoted practically tho
entlre day to consideratlon of the
exeoutlve, lqglslatlvo nnd .ludlclal ap?
proprlation blll, whlch carries $;>5,325,
210. Representntlyo Alacon, of Geor?
gla. successf tilly opposed all efforts
to force increnses ln the moasuro, and
It was stlll under consideratlon when
tho House adjourned. Both the Senata
ind the Houso will meot at noon to
morrow. When they adjourn it will
ie for tho holldny recess, and they wlll
not rqconvena untll January 5.
Itallrond Win* Sult nrought by State
to Jjlssolvc Mcrgcr.
Columbla, S. C., December 20.?After
i trial lastlne; mon? than three weeks,
i jury in the county court to-day ro
tiirhed a verdlct in favor of the South
nrn Rallway in tho sult in whlch the
State of South Carolina sought to dla
solve the morger of the Southem. and
-ci pral State roads. the Ashovllle and
Spartanburg Railroad, the South Caro?
lina and Goorgia, the South Carolina
ind Georgla oxtenaion, and the Caro
,lna Mldlaud.
ln hls charge, Judge Shipp hold that
:omperTMon, as used in the constltu
lonai prohlbition of a tnerger of com
iietlng or parallel Ihies, applles io lines
.hat compete sVbstantliUly and legally.
Competltlon on bushiess. liaudled by
:onnectlona wlth other line*, at iunc
tlon points or ou short stretchea o<
parallel llnes, the court' held. c.ou.11 n.">:
3e consldered wlthln the prohibltlva
Tho State ls expected to taka an ap?
tnaoti Meany DrclnrrM Ile la- Orttcinal
Hnril I uck Tblef.
Trcntori, N. J. Deeejuber 20.?.lasori
dcanv. who cuines from Chlcago. says
IH |s"tlic orlginill luir.l luck tblef. lie
'accil to-ilny a prlson sciitenco al! be
?uiiso he put hls hand lu a rat trup.
A'hlla lootlug tha home of Mrs. Jullan,
.'oorh?es, Meuny dropped a dUiiioml
?Inir. whieh rolled under a stovc.
Whlle groplng for tho dlumoud lr>
ho dark. he put hls hand into a rat
inp. There wru a sudden snap. und
he burglar sercamed ln pain. Three
M. his nngarv were broken .-? ? greal
vas hia. sutferlriK that he truals no at.
eiruit ti> escajju.

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