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.'? imniiticciiif'ti Thitik Objcctors'
t iiiiipl.'iini I las Xn Valicl
i it*, Asked tu Buy \ an Lcw
] lomc? .Vtorc Trouble- Witli
Pcc Svstcm.
a tiiitnb< " of im tnbcrs ol tili I Inanci i
Commttti c last nlght, nnd whlch j
tn mcel Wlth tb ?' t"*cnoral ap
.- 11,... br dy, Ihi rc i,: no merll I
whatevor ln tho complalnt llled I
tbrouBh n clrettlnr letter b>* Clrarlct J
1'. W'nlthers and other dlssatlslletl bld
pro*i -
f.'lliiil to
ng thc p
io I ? Commlttee nn .luines Rlver Im-;
provement to rejeel anj or nll blds,
nnd II was tvlthln i's rlglil In reebm
mendlng Cor adoptlon anj proposal lt .
.*- l W tl'
The Finance Committee held n."
tendi ? p bl-li '?? i?ion list nlght, when ?
- ? cre heard In supporl ol n
number of prbposillons now pending '
?jjo a. tlon v n i ik. n. .in.i tho com- j
m.lttce wlll mei t within the nexl Iow
days, iri i-xocutive session, ;.i cohslder i
ihc matters presented, and make sun.
recommendatlqjis, The more Important
of the proppsltiohs pendlns are tho |
new clty whnrf: the purchase of tlu.
Van Lew property for public school
purpose.-, and the Increase of pay ol
street clcancrs.
Tlie >c** Whnrf.
The wharf matter provoked n pro
longcd debate. In the course nf. whicli
Clty Engineer Bolllng entered ern
phatic protest agalnst tho plnn the
rlty has reeently adopted of asklng
for plans, speclflcatlons and blds, not
securins any competltlon in prlce on
lhe dcslgn selected.
Tlie wharf matter haa been hanglnft
fire for more than n year. Last year
the Finance Commlttee includcd ln Iho
? idget $2ri.(iiiii for a woodi n plle wharf,
although the estlmates ..;' tho engl
ncers were thai the work roulti coa\
rror.i $?.'.-,,. to $2S,000. -Mr. Bolllnt*
prepared plans for n thn** ?? wharf and
mlkhead, calculalod to inst from iif
-t was $2!,;:'
lation, it wi
oinineii.il- I tha! : ;.- i !om
nii-. Rlver 'mprov sm-jn. br
i call for plans, speclflca
nmil tee
Xo Mrrlt In Coinplnliit*-',
to bc connrmed. Mr. ?.:.???
?ii i hal thero w as i>"o icrti
cst or Mr. Walt:.. i - and ot
- Fi ' '..n- rractl in -oin
Inclnnali, >.v*blcli ha I al i
of the tr latmertt' ll had
City Engineer Bolllng cxpl
the clty proposed not only a ??*. Yi-i, I ,
but ii bulkhead, whlch would cnr line ,
the channel by conttnuous .?lieetiug ,
and so make It unneccssary to ron- (
tinue expensivo drcdglny. Thi VV.il-. .
t'aors deslKn prop'oses a fepatato plle' <
cnstructlnn, wlthout such co.itinuousj f
? - t:;ig. 11
ln rsponse to Mr, VValthers's com-? j
Pl.iint Mr. Bolling suid tliat he had re-' ?
celvod the t-tv^te*.Informatlon furnlshed'
mlier bldd(*rs,,.?w-ltlf' the blue prlnts ' {
showlng locatlon and measurements. of. j
the clty property on which it was pro-i ?
poscd to bulld, thc depth of water,U
helglit nf tldes and tresheta, tho roek
ledgc formatlona and foundatlons. Mr.
Bolllng sald that under the condltlons!
..f tho competltlon lie did ti": feel au
thorized to make any suggestions to
any Llddor as to the kind ol wharf ho '
was to bulld, and that there were scv- '
ernl features ot lhe Walthors dcslgn I'
whlch rendcred ii unsultablo for per- -
uianent construction. As for bls ub-I '
Jcction about Band ivashlng out ln 11
tima of frcsliet, Mr, Bolllng pald that '
u was expected t?? put coi ? n ti shect- I '
ing over the tilb-d earth. and that tho '
plan of ospenwork construction would '
'carl to deposits ln front of thc wharf '
md requlre constant dredgihg.
A Mere Skclclon.
Me had told Mr. VValthers thai tho I*
pll ? ? equlrcd ??? relnforccd conc tc '
.-. ead wharf, and thc ad\ i n.i. en ? r
o tatcd, and tho Citj Engineer had i '
f tioni ln bui i a compi tltlon 'Tho"
IVall:.- .. plan Mr Bolling phowed i ]
fr.-:'i blue prlnts caUed for si parati '
I-:'.-*- twi nt: -onc feet apart, belng, ni '
cordlng to Mr. Bolllng, tho '?nierest!1
fliiinj.- ti.. intentlon nf the clty in mak?
lng :i permanent constructlon, Mr.
Bolllng sald ha was wllllng to leavo
thut. point in any conipetcnl engineer.
Anothor objoction was tliat iho Wal
thera plan calied for a cantllfiver pro
Jcction which waa sufllcicntlv Htrong
lo bear any rcaaonable wi fghi that';
'?? l bc rm. on it from abovo, bui I
whlch mlght bo snapped ofi by tlio
roclting of a v*( -ael tletl lo thc ivlmrl |
fluring a storm by n blow trom below.
Mr. Bradley sald lt was ovldonl that
Mr. Waltheri liad no right to make nny
klck: tbat he had no grievitnce ivhat
ever. nnd that the enmmitt ? r- h.-n) hnd
a rigin tn recummond any dealgj- lt I
had chosen from lljoso submltted and
to bulld it. provlded n .?n got tho
fund.s. Messrs, Grundj and nichard
Bdtt agreed thai thc dtsgruntled bldders
bud presented no evldence whatevor of
Th&t iss
Always recuetuber tbe full name Look
<or thls "signaturo on every boi 26o, ^/
Four days before Christmas?it's the "test time" to prove the worth of this store's ser?
vice. Instead of mussed-over stocks, depleted assortments and the general "you'll have to take
what's left" condition prevailing in many establishments, you will find here Full Stocks?spic and
span in every respect. We offer you exactly the same dependable quality merschandise always
found here?goods in demand after Christmas as well as before.
We have served thousands of Gift buyers during the past four weeks. They have demon
strated the wisdom of selecting goods for men at the store where thorough satisfaclion goes with every
We have proved that, quality for quality, we sell at prices certainly not higher, and often
lower, than people expect to pay. Is it any wonder December 1910 will go on our records as the
banner month for the biggest business experienced in our many years of "MerchandizingtoMen ?
Open 'til seven o'clock evenings.
infair trealnieul and nothing to sus
r fii i - eir ? Inu.-gi ?
Should Hnve ConipelHIve Blds.
Iilghi: desirable tbat we come
utto unoerstaridlng." Baid Mr. Boll
ng. "Eitlier the Bhglncer's offlce
iropi ? Dnsuiltation with o.vpert*, and
hen gei blds on thoso plans?thero is
101 a competjilot) on any do.sign here
-or, if you dori'l we.ni us tn do tlie
vork- and bn rnatlefs such as this
vharl and the prbr-oticd new bridge 1
lo ::??: liesfjatt) to say that there are
(xperts who can got up better designs
?you should selbct :> half-dozen and
iffcr prizes in a competiUon for de
iigii8 only. and then un tho deslgn so
ccted ask for blds. We are worklng
n tho dark now. There is no eompe
Itlon in lld.-; and pricct ?"
Mr. Dtennolds agreed that nelthor of
he "kickcrs" had any ground for com
dalnt sind asked the City Englneet::
Wil] thls $33,300 wharf glve us what
vo want?"
\\ III Jlakc Good.
??i thlnk "it will." said Mr. Bolling.
T.ui thc specifications .should be more
implo uud show ,tus( what they proposo
o do. That is prbvided for i;i tlio ros
ilutlon, and if they are carried out you
vlll eertalnlyget .? good wharf. Whllo
boleve in compctltlve biddlng, 1 doubt
vhether, >\iili 111? - nppliances and ex
icrleoci tlils company lias had in thls
dnss of work. you could havo gotten
inj one to underbld them. The rcso
ui ion requires a llvc-yoar bond for
me-half of thc cost of tho work, guar
thtceing tho malntenance of tlie wharf
n oyery way for that period."
Soveral mombers of tbo cominlttce
tsked quostlons whlch showed tliat
.hoy woro eonsidering the poaslbllity
ii returning to iho timber wharf plan
? i- nf tbi-t.u in;: out nll designs aml
loldlng a new conipe>itIon, flrtsl f"i
lesign i ih| then Inviting bids on tho
? Inn- adopted Thc rrisjorlty, howevor,
ii emed : ?> i blnk that 11|(- prico wi
:>. iow :? iho city could secure oti
plece of constructlon, and thi
much tlmo would bo Ibal by u.<>in;_- ovi
. - ?? who o matter again. !< was u
Itivcr Improvomont Committoo presc
that the i-'i'iaii'-o Commltteo win re
oinmend lhe award to tlu- ftayniond
Concrote I'il- L'ompuilj'' aud thal :
additional approprlatlon ta covcr ti
cscena . osi will bo mado.
Would I'urcbiiNe Vnu LCM ll-nii".-.
School and a lafgi dole:fjatlbn, ap?
peared in i - ? - - -; j j i' of tho propos'll Ion for
liurehai ;-,-.-. tln \*an Uw property, ro
? MiU- ,.-.'! by Dr Parker as a tuber
Bcllo> uo School i- antlquutod, and bad?
ly louated, nn a nol".'.- tlioroughfare,
.-nd wlthoul playgrbunds; -hat tho clty
could aequlru the entire blocl* ooeup'Ou'
by llo- Van Low homestbad (br fSo.OOO;
ith-Jl ono-half of tho blbclt,la Iqvel end
would afford an ideal sito for s new
schoul building, wlth proper gri .
surroundlng, and that tlie lower hnll
could he rriadi Into an annex to 1 ay
lor'. Ulll i'ai:. bi Ing nln ad; t< r c 0.
nnd Improved. I was represented that
both Bcllo* ui ai d Sprlngfli ?! Schools
ivere great lj overi rov di tl
iVivMi im- mbei - bf Iho itreoi i i ni
ing force spoko in support of the ordi
nanco Increas-lng tin- pay ><i Iho men
from $- io J..25 per day.
Only Uctx Ouc-Iltilf.
? Clty Collector Robertson, formerly
employed by ihe city of Manchester,
and who under tho Ojinoxation act con?
tlnued in oflice untll December 1, when
hls term expired, presented his case to
the commlttee." Th'' ordinance pro?
vlded that an oflice must be muln
tulned in South Richmond for tlio oolr
Ipction or both current and d< linqucnt
taxes. i ty Collector Cunnlngham and
ln lino i :.; T., . Collector Walford, ne
said. had oifered to make him a deputy
fnr collectlon ih .-outh Richmond, and
glve him half the commisslons earned.
.Mr. Robertson did hot see why, if he
did all ih,- work, he should not recelve
a larger proportlon of the fees. Up
t?> December l ho was paid at the rate
of Jl.i. a ycar 1., licu of fecs.
Mr. Grundy made the point that
under the charter tlu- office waa under
the Clty Collector, and hOwovcr much
the coniniittco mlghl likc- to intei-fere,
ii could not dlctato to City Collector
Cunnlpgham how much he should pay
his deputiea. The whole matter was
I'nrrcnxt: \ ir?lnin?Pnir, contlnued
cold \Vedue?duyj Thur.sdiij fnlr, nol
qulte so eold: mudemtc ucut lo uorth
"eht wlnda.
?N ort Ii L'arullnn?Pnir, conlluucU ruiij
WedjicMlny; Thursdny falr. nol <|tilh
so eold; iiimli-i'iilr ireHl ivluds.
CO\I)iTIO\s 1"ESTJ_UU.. V.
S \. Al. temperature .
\Viiid. directlon .\v__t
Wind, veloclty . v
Weather .Clear
!.' noon :, mporature . ln
? i'. M. temporaturo . :;i;
Ma .iiii.ini temperature up t,, ;,
,,1'- M.
??iminiiiiii temperature up to ",
I'. M.
Mean temp, ratun?'.'.'.?.'.'.:: '.'.'. '.'.'. ".
Normal temperature . 10
Dcflclo.ncy ln ti mperaturc . 15 lo
uenciency m temperature sinco
M 11 l'c il ! .
??'"'. exceaa in temporaturo
""' ?fanuary i . _:?;
\- ?'" ? ln ralnfall : Inco March 1. . 2.
?v'' ;'''' ' i ??.'?" In i.imf.iii sinco
IIIMHIIONS r.\ I.M'M.i.ii'l \M' Cli'IES.
CAt,8 P. .u. muBtcm Standard Time.)
1 *'<<'?? Thor. it. t. Weather
Augusta . ::?; i ( <?!,...,
AHhovlllo ... - ?",.'??'
"lanta . a _- ciear
i Clou.dy
I 1-llOW
: Clear
! Cloudy
i clear
Knoxvllle . "i
Uulsvllle . ?l
Mol II- . i_
NftW Yorl- ....'" -a
Norfolk . aB
Oklahoma . ?<.
l IttBhurg . li
Hall Iffh . 82
Snvannah . |_
Tnmpn . -1
'i'M,i: 'iiiii.K,
Deci rnber 21, 1010.
Ilnally rofcrrctl to a Bubcoirpnltti.I
l ..,. conslstlhg of Messrs. Bradley,
Fuller nnd Gritndy, to cbnfer witli tho
Cltj Collector, tho bellnqucht Collector
nml t lie Clty Attoi ncy.
Euilrelj sniisiud With Clinngc ??f
C'ontrul of SI. Louis Unsc
b.ill Tcniii.
St. Louis, Mo., Decbhiber 20.?Presi
dciil li. 13 Johnson, of the American
League, to-night npproved the trans?
fer of the St. Louis American Club
majorlty stock by itoberi I.. lledges to
15, M lb" mrnii, Mark Kwinpr, Ben Ad
klns nnd others. This announcement
was mule by Mr. Adkins, one of tho
new owncis.
I'resldenl Johnson held several con
ferences wlth lledges nnd tho new
owrit-r.s lo-iJny. .md b.-fore lenving for
Chlcago to-nlght, it is said, cxpressed
hlmself as entirely saiislled witli the
a new member of thc purchaslng
syndlcate ivas announced to-nlght ln
Hu- person of Selwyn C. Kdgar. Jr.. an
Insurance broker, lledges will con
liiun- ns prcsident of the club untll :i
mcotlng to ln- hold, in .lanunry at whlch
a now sej ol offlcers will be eifioted and
a manugcr chosen.
The rcslgnntions ..f Adkins nnd J.
'". Ghlo, of the old board of dlrectors.
were announced. This was done ln
order that tho new majorlty stock
owners may hnve cbntrb] ot the board.
though Adkins and Ghlo retaln their
Tln- now ownera dedded to scttle
tlio clnlms of jacU O'Coiinbr against
tha old dlicclory. 11 was stated that
the former manager would bo rctalnod,
wlth tho team lu some capnclty next
year, O'Connor's clnlms nre said to
amount io nearly $5,000.
l'nnnle Ho.v In SuHpcctcd of TlieH, nnd
McC'tirgo ls fhnrgrcd Wlth Belng UrunK
i oi tho complniul of .1. A. McCa'rgQ,
of Hoiuii Hlchmond, l'annio Boy, col
orod was arrested lnst nlght by Po
llccman Grlllln on suspicion of havlng
stolen a sult of clothes nnd ?12 ln
cash from him. Hut. Crifllu brought
both into the statlon, and McCargo
was also locked up, tho charge against
hlm bolng that ho wan drunk.
An hour lator OfllcerS Napler and
ililllln recovcrod tlio elnilies from the
ivoman'a house. and ended up by lir
rostlng a whllo man nniiierl Cicorgc
Sligot'ton, charged wlth making hls
homo wlth I'aiinie Boy.
I .i-iui Noel llelleved by Pollco to Ue
Laat ef Hnllwny Thlcycs.
a ivnrninl uns served yeatcrday
niorniiig on l.con Noel, arrested sev
' ra| dnys ago aa a susplclous eliur
aeter, cliarglns hlm wlth breaklng Into
tho homo of i:. n. Wooifi.dk nnd stoal
Ing thorefrom an overcoat. Ho is b
lovetl in be the lnst of tho gaiig whieh
all I'.eii iu have been oxlbnsivb in
' oporatlons fnr the pasl few wooltH,
now under arrest anrl who nr1
held nro K. A. Wolsiger, nllas
' nsbcrry, caughl bv Detectivo Ser
scunl Balloy: ]?: !?'. Nnsh, John llowell,
llarrj Northlngton und tJoal,
VnchlH Folluiv Fntnl Joy lllde.
Now Orleans, La., peoembei' 20.?As
" Bl i|tu-in-e io ii f.-iiul Joy rlde early
tn day, Ivan Cox, ehuuffeur", and Fred
i;.I eill' were nriestod lo-dliy on wa'r
rants charglng thom with the murder
of TobhIq Smlth, who lost her llt'e
wlipn the nutoiiHibilo dashed Into tbe
canal, Tho Smlth girl wns a clerk in
ii drug store.
Voui drujglii will refunu money if PAZO OINT
MKN1 tnl i.ii me iinv i,i-i- nl IfliliiR, lllind,
UlccdiiiK or ProlruUli** I'iliiu lu 6 to U dnys, 50c,
New York Factory Burns?Panic
in Nearby Tenements
New Vork. December 20.?Two early
morning llrcs in. tho upper part' of New
York Clty resulted to-day in the death
of oi.o man. a watchman; thc serious
injury of a llreman, and property dani
age estlmafcd at $350,000.
The flrst liro was in a six-story brlck
factory building :it 494-498 Kast One
Hundred and Thirty-foiirth Street, the
Bronx. Tho- building, occupled by
Ncncs & fo., brass nmnufacturers, had
just been rcbuilt after u llro which
eight months ago swept its Interlor
bare, leavlng llttlo but the heavy wdlls.
To-day's flre was llterally a repetltion
of the structure's proviouo experlence,
and when the llames were put undor
control aftor threo hours of hard worJt
hy ihe battalion of firemon, thp naked
walls stood baro again, just as thoy
had stood one morning elght months
The watchman of thc building.
whose name could not be ascertalned
by the policc, is belleved lo have
per'shed in tho flames. As oon as tlie
heat of iho smolderlng dobris will
allow, Iho flromcn wlll bdgin digging
for his body.
Fireiiihn Fnlla Forty Fcct,
Ono flrcinan, William Korr.est, of
Englno Company, Xii. ii. wtia badly
injured. Hc fell forty feet from tho
roof of tlie burning building to the
voof of an ndjoinirig tenemcnl. Hls
left arm was broken and ho was taken
to Uticoln Hospital, suffering from
conctission ot tho. braln.
The factory was located 'n the heart
of a populous tcnemont dlstrict, and
tho dlscovery of tlio blaze was fol?
lowed by sebnes of panic in tlio sur
rounding buildiugs. Pollco rescrvea
liurriod through narrow hallways,
arouHlng tenants in the belief that the
entire block wus doomed.
Tho pollcenica had great dlfllculty
in getthig somo of the famllies awake,
but once awakened the wild 'scrainble
of mon, women and children for the
stalrwaya threatened to result In se?
rious injury lo tho woaker ones.
Finally most of tlie frlghtened peo?
plo wero assembled shivorlng in tho
sripwy streets, aud a careful examlna?
tlon of uli showed that no ono had
been soriously hurt. Threo ularui**
woro necessary before the llreinen pre
vtnlcd the llunie:: from spreading. The
burned bulldlng ls a complete wreck,
tho loss being adt nt $100,000.
Fenrod Gasolene llxpioiilnii,
The second flro, ono of New Vork's
i'uio "fdur-alarm" fires, was in a fivo
story factory bulldlng at AA'e&t 125th
Street and Morningside '?Ay.enue, Tho
chlof danger ln tho blazo was lhat It
mlght coiuinurilcnte to an adjaennt dye
Ing' aml clbanlng oslhb'lishmon'ti .it low
bulldlng, whora gevoral hundred gai
gitsoleno were stored. Flght
hose were kupt consutntly
llnes of
tho little Btrubturo until
playlng ovor
tho llnmea woro uiulor control nud tho
danger of explosion averted,
Tlie burned bulldlng was swept. from
liiisoiiionl' lo roof, dospilo the efforts. of
iim tii-enm aud itpparatiis called out hy
four iilaiui-:
llamcs lcfi litili
bill tllO WnllH mnl H !">'? I'l'I'U plll'li
| ii,nm BtnntHng.
Tlio lii'iim occupyIiik tho f.ii'lory woro
tlio Etnnlro Halitidry Company, (?'owlnr
, "c- iiopkiii.'i PItilnblhg Company, Bayor
I I'lano ''oinpiiny ond Now Vork ilug
? 'ompnn.v.
1 Thc polli o snld ih.'ii tho iobm io thn
l building nnd tllG four Mrms probnldy
would rencli "1250,0011,
IItn. "Imi.v ('ii.vIc Alkrn Ih Denil.
Now ilfliiiiis, l.n.. ln.nitlOF "ii
Jlm, Mary Caylc Alken, aged olghty
t\\?. daughter of former Oovornor
.Tdhn Cltiyle, of Alnbuma. and wldow
of Colonel lliiKh K. Alken, of the
' Abib.-inm dlvlsion of iim Confederate
anny, dled m her homo here to-dtvy.
Mrfl, Alken Is survlved |?" n son. Dr,
Oaylo Alken, ur New Orleans, (ind o
dAtlghtor, .Mra. M. (.'. Roljertsnn, oT Co
lumbln, S. i'.
??< ni-iilliin .sprcliil" to Hr Operntcd.
Columbia, S. C? Docomber UO.-r-An
notinceihcnl was mado her,. to-tlaj hv
PruBltlnm Finley, of tn,- Southern Rull
wnj*, thnt. boglnnlng .Tuntlary 2. loit, n
new through panaenger irain to lie
known as the "'.'arollna. Special," wlll
bo operated between Clinrloston, s. c.,
jind clncinn.-ill, ('),. vla t.'olumbla. S. C,
Ashovllle. Knoxvllle, Harriman nnd
J /<-.S illLTtOll.
lt. Minilio IlobrrlK.
It. Nimmo KobortB, a former rcsl
ddil of this ,-ltv, dled a few dftVfl Ugd
.ii the homo of hi. daughter, Mrs. A,
T. Wesl. In Ullle Rock, Al k. lle was
;i son of the Inte 'I'. II. and Ann G,
ltoborts. of Clehinoiid. lie IcnVBS threi
daughters-?Mm N. Ardan, of ICeokee,
Vtt." Mrs. David H Currle, of Texas,
and Mr?, A. 'I'. West. or Arkansas
rfhtl two .ister.% ?WlBsea Sye and Jerinte
Roberts. of thls city.
tieorne W, IIORrrt.
ISpecial to The Tlmes-I dspa (ch. |
Cartersvllle, Va., December 20.?
Georgo W*. HoKorl. ono of (he oldest
citlzens of thls county, dled at his
home. "Morven," near CarterBVllle,
3, stcrday af.ternoon, shortly liefore
,;i- o'clock. Mr. BOgcrl was born al
Stonlrigtoii, \,. I.-. January 21, 182.1.
Whon a y'OUng man he eame South
and lived for a tlmo ln Loillslana and
Tcnnessee, moving to Virginia and
sottling in Curriborland county, wherc
he had 3*nce reslded about forty years
a go,
Shortly before coming- tn this county
he wns marrled to Miss Bernle
Mlchael.1, who. Wlth one son, <Jeor^o
A. PoKort. and threo daughtors, Mrs.
B. T. Whltlock. and Misses Ullle and
Bernle Bogert, all living near Carr
tersvllle. surylve him. )!?? also le;ives
a s'ster, Mrs. llob'nson, who made her
home wlth hlin.
Mr. Bogert u.is a member of the
Ep'scopal Church, and wes for a num?
ber of yeara a vestryman* 11,- wlll bc
buried from his homo to-morrow, ln
tlie family cemetery near hls home.
Mra. A. H. ItaiVklnn.
ISpecial to The Tlmea-DlBpntch."J
Ralelgh, N. C., Decembei 20.- -Mrs. A
B Uawkins, wlfo of i>r. a. ii. Ilawkln .
or th!:; clty, died carl; yesterday morn?
ing. aged eighty years. .she had ben
In fceble health for qulte ;i \> hile Sln
was ,i Mlsa Balley, <>f Tallahasaeo, r
11. r husband survlvi b her, .
r'fi-al w.v, from i h" ' .: ? . , '
Uood Slnpheid tO-daj".
Urmli of n l li j lil.
nio Ma; tho l tei n-montha-i
daughter of Mra Mauda Morrl on,
Noirth Wadesboro, dled Saturday morn
inr, at T o"< 1". i. of pi Thc
remalna were carrled to thc- old fnmlly
graveiyard ui Lllcavlllc townahlp for
interment Sunday morning.
M. \. Luck.
?SpcoJai laThe'TImeB-DiBpatcli I
Roanoke, Va., Dccembcr 20. - M. A
Duck dled he;-,- to-day ,,f pni umonlu
aged Bcve'nty-three. II,? w_a a nntlvn
o_ Bedford county, and had llvC<I hero
many year.--. lle leavea -i famlly.
A*. Illliiiu I?. Hllc.
ISpecial lo The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Ilarrisonburs;, Va.. Decembor 'J0.?
willlam P. Hllc-. forty-threi -,111- old,
died yesterday in Baltimoro, Md.. frohi
IllJurlCB received a week ago in atl
accident, !!<? was injured while rhov
In;. n snfe two yearp ago, and had
nover recovered. He leavea hls wlfe
and several children. Ho was a nu
tlvo of Uarrisonburg.
Itnn 'I'. ( iiriiilcliiicl.
ISpecial to The Tlmes-1 'iBpatcll. I
LexlnKton. A'a., Decembor 20.?Rnn
T. Carmichael, aged thlrty-elght yeara,
grandsbn of the late John Randolph
Tucker, dled from typhold fever Sun?
day at Huntlngton, W. Va,, and the
remalns were brought to LCxlngton to?
day for burial to-morrow. lle spent
hla youth iu koxinf,-ton. nnd was edu?
cated at Washingtbri and l.ec. grad
uatlng from Ihe law school in 1893;
lie was nctlvc lu dolloge athletics. Ho
.spent several years practicing law in
Charleston, V,'. Va., and for the, past
fow years has been coririectcd with
thc Keyitonr I'roduct Company, of
I.inporium. Pa Hls wlfe. who waa
Miss Net M. Itubbard, of '"hnrleston." W.
A'a., and his mother, two brothers and
one slster survlvo him.
PETT1TT?Dled. ln Durham. N. C.-De
cember 20, i?io. at C:::o a. m.. mrs.
MARV P. PETTITT. widow of John
N. Peltilt, in her sovctily-thiril year.
She is survlved by three daughters,
Mrs. K. C. McSparran, Mrs. R. ,M.
Taliferro. Durham, N. C, nnd Mrs.
Willlam P. Mcrccr.
Interment in Hollywood Tlns
"WBDNESDAY on arrival of 12:
Southern iraln.
RHODES?Died, at her home. 29
East. Lelgh Streot, I_I.I.A 'J'. RUODhls.
in her ihiriy-nini h year. She leaves
her husband. Henry I,. Rhodes, and
llnen clilldren - Ma<l.e.llne jj.. *?V'm. II.
and .lohn Rahlly Rhodos?to mourn
thelr loss; also. two slsters, Mrs. Dan
Kollerher and Miss Kate Itahily.
llour by hour, we saw you fade,
And slowly slnl" uwuy;
Yet. In our hcarts we often prayed
Tliat you misht lonscr stay.
Sho Is gone. but not forgotten;
Never shall her inemory fade;
And the sunbeams love to llngror
AVhere our dearest Ella's laid.
Funeral notlce later.
Petersburg, Va.; Norfolk and Ncw
York papers please copy.
HARHIS?Diod, at Eewisburg, AV. Va.,
Tuesday, December UO, 1910. MA.IOR
JOHN W. HARRIS. father of Mrs
Wm. H. Parrlsh, of Richmond. Va
Funeral from bU resldence at
December 22, a.t 11 o'clock.
MARTIN--Dled, at hls home. S 17 China
Street, at 12:05 A. *M.. December :
191-0, JOHN Y. MARTIN.
Funeral notlco later.
PATTERSON?Died, at ho> homo noat
Freo Unlon, A'a., M11"!. MARY R;
PATTERSON, aged llfty years oiglit
months. Sho not only leaves her
husband, who spured nelther tlmo
nor money lo have his wlfe well
agtltn, but also ten devoted children.
who wero wlt li her tho last fow days
on earth. lier mother, who Is nfiv
?enty-ei_ht years old, nlso Btirvlvea
The moonllght star.s nre heamhiK
upo.11 a allont grave,
Where sloops wlthout dronmlnir thc
one wo could not so-vo.
Hoavon rotainoth now tho - tronsure.
earth Ihn lonely enskot keeps,
And tho Himbeains love to llnger
whero our dear mother sloops.
The llowers we lay upon your ivrnvo
muy wlther aud decay,
Hut fresh and gl'onil her inenioiy
within our lienrtM tdiall stiiy.
.'. ;.*:AT,HER AJCD't-lllfipRlilN.
Piano Sale
213 East Broad
I'roccedlngs As-hIiimI Governnieal om
clnls Dlamlascd.
N"w Orleans, Ln., Dacombcr 20.?
Ju<i*"-c i r. tor, In tho United States
< "In uii Court, to-day dismissed tho
cqntempl procecdings agalnsl Francla
VV. nir.i. or N..? york, spci lul asslsl
? ?in United Btate attorney, und Frank
? ? .ii granu *urj wnici ls Investlgating
niieged frauds in sugar Importatlons
Followlng the action of tlio courl ln
iho contcmpl pr.Ilna i, the i^rand
resumcd lu Investigation of su?
gar importatlons, and subpoenas were
I f"V half a dOSen othor wlt
nci to appi. ::.,-.?.. in.-iudlng
employes of tlu flnerles, sugar
orokers aml go ernmenl employes.
*-. l,..*:i-.*-nl.k llobbed of Clofblag nnd
Mllllll Auioiiiit lu I ii'h.
xii?'?'<? enth ? : . red by' a
thief i ? ....... ??,] ;, ,?!?,v.. two
VVOLGAS1 WSWKKS *li?lt**\.
Wlll I'iul-t I mlrr I irlnln t -intlll Intj**
Wltliln Mtir?* I):*--.
tn llll'.l
if Eng
t. pham
iftcr Iho date of th
he llghi lo bc ..r
welghi !. 133
. tl ..f riic puri
than $12,600, rcgardl
Theso are my - oi
will ? hango them
Soon after Moran
Nelson, Wolgasl sul
the Britlsii IlBhter i
changctl ti:*- dati l
a "Ji2,r?uti gunrantcc.
. : tho result.
. .md nothlng
ifcatcd Battllng
ii. would nieet
Ma ? . hut later
Fcbniary, with
Jlnrrlx Knoeks. nnt Hurt.
Sapulpa, Okla., December 20,?Carl
Moi - i oi ;- ipulpa, Okla., heralded as
; ,. "Whll Man's Hope.'- lumclu-d mit.
Marv'n Hart, nf Loulsville, Ky., fcVmer
clalmnnt nf tho hcavywclght cham
plonshlp of the world, in lhe thlrd
round here to-nlght.
Wlirnloli Is Clio.ten.
Annapolis, Md.. December 20.?The
Navy Athletic ASSOClatipn nt the an?
nual moetiiig to-nlght, made Frank
VV'hedton; late of Yalo. Held coach of
both tin* football and baseball teams
of tlie Naval Academy for next year.
For Infants and ChildreiL
Tha Kind You Kavs Always Bought
Bears the
Signature o
Owing ln rush nf business, our stores
will in- open rm 9 !'. M.; Saturday, U
l?. M.
S. UH-.MAN'S *"ON.
IS^ij East Main.
506 East Marshall.
Don't Take Chances
with your advertising- appropriation. Sev
cure the services of an agency who hai
made a success for others. Advice and
plans free.
Freeman Advertising Agency
Mutual BuUdind,
Richmond. - VinHnlai
Every dollar deposlted with the
Planters National Bank ls safe
guarded by approved and modern
Every patron of this bank is ac?
corded courteous treatment and tha.
moat liberal- terms conslstcnt **v-itb,
sound banking.
Capital, Surplus & Profito, $1,500,000.
Wrlte for booklet, "Banking by Mail,"
**f*?a*?B?aMire^ ?

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