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talnty ns to the nmoUnl nf money hr
would flnnlly glve tbe unlversity wns
liiirting It and oh.-klng the tr__tee*i'
"If ihe trUgtees knew Mr, riockofollet
?eionid slvc f.,000,000, thy, ne*cl year,
they would have plani made for ne ??
hulldlngs needrii, for example. in fti< i.
nll thelr planning would havn t" de
p.-mi nn how much monev wos al thelr
..i- posal, lf they dldh'l kn.tt i hi .
thelr planning must suffer.
"On the nlher hnnd. If tliry wenl tn
ti man In Chicago. saving, 'Olvi US $11
'100,000,' hls reply WOttld be, M< Mr,
T'ockefoller golng to glve you anythlng
>.Is year?'"
Tbotigti" Time Mnd i.iiiii-,
Tho reply wotil i l . "Wi don't know,
nnd that would end the negottatl in
becauso thc man would sa; Hi dl :.,
?n aut tn Inlei fi \ ? wlth M- '?'?? ??
ler'a plans when tho latter litid given
so largely. Mr,, Rockefeller th*oup*hi
the time had c.mc when he s
tell the unlversity how much li
expeei, the terma on which lo expect
it. nnd let tho trustees malt< thcli
plan. accordlngly.'
The 180,000.1. Intrttsti d to the im
conditions] usi or thi general boa.
was ', 111m i. Mr. Gates said, and about
16,000,000 accrued Income had been
Ki\en to schools condltlonally sn tlmi
the people had cpntrlbuted *?',000,00.
lo meet theso gifts. maklng'at this a
total equal to the boards prlnclpal.
Ghastly Discovery Furnishcc
Mystery for Montreal
Montreal. Qn
finding of the
pa. keVi lu a !J
ivarchouso her
( to-da:
hour f
a mystery which up to a lati
nlght thc pollce had been unnblo to
Holve. The body. clothed only ln a
cheap suit of cotton underwear and o
pair of wbblen socks, evldently had
been placed ln the barrel not lonur
after death and before rigor mortls
?et ln. There were no outward marks
of vlblenoe, and untll the body thawa
out. whlch wlll take forty-elfiit
hours. the coroner's physlclan wlll be
unablc to determine the cause of
Thc barrel was
m.nt to ".lanitor.
-Montreal." That <
eNir-tencc several :
marked for shlp
Bishop'S College.
'llego went out of
Bttra ago. Accord?
ing to the police, the barrel waa orig?
inally shipped from Jarvis, Ont., where
ire snld lo show the name
er to have been McSorley.
_Tted to J. B. Houzlleld, St.
arket. Toronto. according
to the i
After an Intervlew wlth Bouzllebl '
?t Toronto to-day. C'hiofltogers, of the!
provincTal staff.- said:
"Bouzfleld has satisfled mc that hc J
had nothlng to do with the shlpment '
of the barrel. Some one. unknown at i
present. has been u -ing hlfl name."
Unalblo to make dellvery, the rall?
road to-day opened tbe barrel to dla
pose ol thi poultry It mj-i supposed to
contalfl in order to cover frelght'
OrlKlunllv f'ontnlncd Turkeys.
Jarvis, Ont., Decembor 21.?John Mc?
Sorley said to-night that when the
barreJ wus consisrned fo Toronto lt
contalned turkeys. He denied thnt ho
bad anythlng to do wlth lts reship
nient from Toronto to Montreal.
Ilrraks M'orldV Iluttrr Iteeord.
Syracuse, N. V., December 21.--Pon- I
tiac Clothllde de Kol, second, a llol- I
ptein-Frlesinn cow. ownod by Stevens
Tirothf-rs, of Llverpool. has broken tho
world's seven-day butter record. pro
iiucing 37.2S pounds. Slnce 100S, the
J'ecord has boen 35.53. held by Graco
"Fayne. second. of Homestoad.
?don't forsret to lay in a atock of
CASCARETS with your Xmas
purchases.< It ls tho world's best
candy medicine fur little folks and
bit- folks during- Xmas week.
CASCARETS will keep tho tots
well and happy?don't overlook
tne grownups. They are all bound
to overeat and stuff?so be ready
with a Cascaret at bed time. "8S
Buy r 10c box CASCARETS-week'a
treatment-and have lt handy to ns*
?very nlcbt. Xma. week.
Place Your Order To-day for
Christmas Cakes.
516 East Marshall Street,
501 West Broad Street.
Sutherland & Cherry
Bpeclal?Odds and enda ln Furniture.
|ron BeUs, Mattlngs. Stoves, etc. Chcar!
*c close them jut,
A. B. C. Capito! Wrapped Loaf
*"rhe best bread you ever tasted."
Wrapped ln "vaxecl puper?not touch- I
?d by human hands untll it i_ s.rv.d '
? n your table. j
Be. ut Your (irm-erV
<*''-?"'n HHE.U) \M> UAKI.Vd CO
0. 8. 10. 1_ B. Lelsll Street.
119 East Broad.
After till why not a House
Coat for lilrti ?
A Berry House Coat nnd a
pair of Berry Shppcrs, and Ifi
HE won't stay in eVbnfncjs,
then tie hiin ! Ho deserves it.
Smoking Coats, $3 to $20.
Slippers. $1.25 up.
:i( Hnnilkerehlufs
ik tlmbrelias,
HIIli Nockwear,
snu Mufflera,
faeear Bobea,
Mlliiaiy nriuhcs,
Sllk Hoaiory,
All ln Xmas boxes with
t'mas cards.
ovett Deprecates Existence of
So Many Conflicting State
and Federal Statutes.
New Vork, Dooember 21.?Roborl S.
.ovett, succcssor to Edward II. Har- j
Iman as presldent of tho Southern j
'aclflc aml the T*ntted Paclflc Rall- j
oads, told tho Railroad Securlties i
lommlsalon to-day that ho was |
eartily ln favor of Federal super-1
islon of rates, both intrastnte und ]
lterstate, but that personally ho i
uestloned the wladom of or tho ncces- j
ity for Federal laws to govcrn the j
jsuo of rallroad securlties. As a
allroad executive, ho dld not oppose |
ovornment regulation of stock iseues, j
ut he dld Inslst that lf regulation ls ]
> come thc authorlties charged to I
uact It be veated with full power to [
nforce it. Tho present status of tlio
tilroads, prlcked on all Bldei by u
tlckel of conflicting State laws, wus \
ad, he sald, but a further confllct or j
tate laws and the b'ederal laws, was
posslbllity from which he hoped tj*>
ie dvlivcred.
Itatos and capltulization, thelr rola
ion to each other, and tho relation
f the publlc to both of them, wero the
lst of Judge Lovett's testimony. He
Id not seo that rates had anythlng
o do wlth dlvldends ln actual prao
Ice, or that the government should
ave any concern for what sort of
ailroad securlties the publlc botlght.
n twcnty-flvo years' oxperlcnco ho
iad not met wlth an Instance ln which
atet- had bcen changed tn affect in
eret. puyments or dlvldends.
He doubted Jf there were a dozen
raltlc men In the country who knew
lie capitall*>atlon of the companies
hcy represented. Tlierefore there was
io need for regulation of seauritle:; as
ontrol of rntes.
lf lt Is proposed to make a physlcal
uluatlon of the rallroads as a basls
or llmltlng rates. he could only say
ny scheme of appralslng property by
n attempt to estltnato the cost of lt3
eproductlon wns exceedlngly mls
hievous and utterly Impracttcal.
Samuel Untennyer, counsel for the
Cansas Clty Southern Railway, and for
he recolvers of ihe Seaboard Alr Llne
tallway. recommended that no rall
oad be permittecl to acqulre control
f another except by lense or otltrtght
mrchase; thls for protection of th.?
nlnorlty Btockholders. Where three
ourths of i:-,- share-holders favored a
ah and one-Quarter opposed it, hc
ecommendod i.iat the court ordor a
ale. Such, he said, was tha English
iractlce, anrl oxperlonco showed tha-t
t worked well.
l"'orecast| \ iiuloln?I'nlr Tlinriituy,
.lld n slovrly i ? -: i .-: tciapern t li re, In
rcualiie cloudlneuK, followed by rain
i- Kiiou bit, TiiiiiMlni ulglit <ir I'rl
n> : wnriuer I'rliluj ; mudernte, vnrlu
lt" ?vludx, becoutins nuutheast,
\orth (urotliiii?1 uli Thursday wlth
i- .;.. teiiiiu-iHlni-,-1 Frlday rain nml
larmerj mmlcratr, vnrlable t%IihIm.
A, M. temporaturo . 22
t'ind, dlrectlon .'.'. 1 sl
?'? athci ....'....'..'.".''.'.'.'.'.','.','.'.'. X'li xr
1 \\ 1 1 1111
taleli-h ,
I'MH'i 1 Aiii.i:
iarmni" lld,,
"vanlus l>'t">
10 'i.
They A|'C Anxiotti Thal Ar
raugctncnl Be .\!n<le With
i iermatiy,
Yi'Hiient iTaft Assnrcs Senator:
of I lis Personal tntctest
in .Matter.
Washington, December 21.?The (irr- j
man potnsli qttoa tlon agaln occuplocl
much of tin- t4me of Pfcsttlenl Taft to- !
day. Southern Sonatora ahd Repre
senta-tivca are notably nrgent thal tiie j
President and St.itc Dcpattmcnt shall
make some arrangement wlth Germany
whlch contrui ? the polash supply ol
tho world, i.y whlch tho Increased cost
nt this fertilizer lngredleni may be
;. aaened, Tho use of potasii In the
commerclal fertlllasera of tho South ls
linperatlve, it Is clalmed; and the south
ls aifcctod to an unusual dogree.
Sonatora Flotetier, of Florida; Over- i
rnan. of North Carolina; Torrlll, ol
Georgla; Percy. of Mississippi, aiiii
Repreaohtatlve Levi r, ol South Caro- j
llnn, were -at the White House out
llrilng to the Presldent tho ilarm ln j
the South over any actlon by Germany i
tliat wlll practically double thc cost of."
fcrttlizers to that section, i
The Presldont was reassurtng to hifc |
callers, and said li.- lioped to bring'
ibout a favorablc sotutlon wlthln a '
short tlme. Ho dld noi go inio detalls
H8 to how this will be .iiuie, but indl
catod thal Secretary Knox la doing]
:;...id work and may succeed,
Preslileiit Wrints Lcglslntlou.
Speakor Cannon. who was at the
Whlto Houso to-riny. ls heartily ln
sympathy with Presldenl Taft's de
ilrea for leglslatlon at thla short ses
don of Congress. and wlll personally
end overy aid to tln- Chlef Executlve.
Notwlthstandlng preclictions that
.'ongress wlll do practically nothlng
his winter but paaa approprlation
illls, Presldent Taft is hopeful that
onstipation permanently by propef
icrsonal co-opcration with thc benc
ioial effects of Syrup of Flgs and
"lixir of Senna, when required. The
orming of regular habits is most im
lortant nnd while cndeavorlng to
orm them the assistanco of Syrup of
7igs and Elixir of Senna is most val
lable, as it Ia the on!y laxative whieh
:cts wlthout disturblng thc natural
unctions nnd wlthout debilitating and
t is the one laxative whieh leaves the
nternal organs ln a naturally healthy
:onditjon, thcreby really aiding one in
hat way. To get its beneficial offecta,
)uy the genuine manufactured by the
California Flg Syrup Co. only, and for
iale by all leading druggists. Syrup
if Fir;s ar.d Elixir of Senna is onever
:lassed by the v/ell-informed' with
uedlcines whlch make extravagant
ind unfounded claims to cure habitual
:oHstipation without personal co-op
" You darlins.
-, my
\l tlu
?, you're juat thc sweet- l
Maybe that's the way you
vill fare? IF you go to Gole's f
c i,
109 East Broad Street.
Can Caacer Be Cured?
It Can.
' ... Hotpiul ii
?? ,. htving cureii
.tbout u.i
-'- p? ????> <A )|?
rei I rM uuuxt
urlnjj thc i'?.nr fif.
1617 W. MalfJ '.<m,o, lUt Imr.ud, Va,
Ph/?|t1?ni i ttmUki >!?',. I
The gray, thednrk ond the 1
fancy, comprisc the three prin- ,
clpa] colors for wititer over-?
111 cut and lei ?gth, fashion has '
been broad mfndedthiswfriter
and liberal in clotli.
For the cheerful - p rinter
here's the knce length.
For the, dignifled a m b 1 e r
here's the long easy walking
For a man who has to bite a i
hole in Winter's blast here's
the double-breastcd nnkle
k-ngth storm-teaser.
Every other coat to suitevery ,
other man and odd ones for the 1
odd man.
$13 to $50.
Fur lined broad-cloth coats,
$43 to $190.
Chauffeurs* fur coats, $20 and.
important general leglslatlon wlll be
rmacted. Working toward that end he
s oonferrlttg rlght. along wlth leaders
vnd heads of committees. No deilnlte
program has been arranged as to the
Jrder ln which the Pro-ddont's propo
?ltlons shall ho brough* up, but it is
praotieally certaln that durlng the
lollday recoss something in "tlie naturc
jf an understanding will bo reached.
ind that this wlll be put lnto effect
miucdlately upon tlie rcasscmbllng of
Foremost, however, is thc rnaklng
lermanent the tarlff commisslon, so
hat it wlll go forward with Its work
>t tliorough investigation of tarlff
chodulos. Leglslation to rogulate the
sauanee of Injunctlons by tho United
itatos courts and uuthorizatlon for the
ortlfloatlon of tiie Panama Canal are
lIho regarded as of importance, to
rether wlth legislation for tlxlnjs the
oll of tha canal.
Falth ln the Jtt.*i>*jbllc?n*i.
Thc President belleves that Hwpub
icano in Congress, recognizlng the
dtuation that wlll exist when ithe
)emocrata control tho House, wlll bend
very energy after Christmas toward
ho maklng of lawa desired by tlie
ieoplc of tho country.
Tho President does not propose to
vork as hard during u>is Christmas
lolidays as he has been working, but
e wlll get down to the hardest sort
<t effort after the holldays to accom
Ush something in the way of valuable
If ho only partially repcats hls suc
icsses of the last session he will break
ill records for a short session of Con
;ress, whlch has rarely boen knokn to
o anythlng beyond pass appropfiation
Invlted to Teune---iee.
Tlio Tennessee delegatlon In Con
rress extended President Taft an ln
itation to vislt Nashvllle when he goes
0 Atlanta ln March. The President
as not acterl upon the invitation, but
Ntoii, of Knoxvllle, execu
ry ol the Southern Con
Kducation. Inv'tcd tho
i attend tho annual confer
t'o be hold In Jacksonvllle April
1 and 21. Mr. Claxton was pre
1 by Itepresentative Austin.
nce, to
Lnborcr I? Found lu na
Phlladelphla, December 21.?Baked
lmost beyond rocognitton, the bodv of
Villlain ]''olks, ag/erl twonty-e'ight
ears, was discovered to-day in an
von in tho 'i'ansoy brlckyard, Krank
ort, where he wa.s employed. Ho had
een missin-r slnce Jlondmy, lt Is sup
OBed that ho crawled lnto the oven to
leep aml when tho llre was ignltcd
vas roasted to death.
iarry G. Carter Expects to Start
About March i, and Make
Voyage in 2 1-2 Days.
New Vorli, December 31.?Durlng tlio iiaxt
?' 1 ?? ? Harry Graham Carter, an avtator
irrlved aboard the Anchor llnor Call
'londay, plans to fly from Now Vork
? l-!u;i:iui wlth an all-metal acroplane.
a !T.Mv-i:iioi.Hod youns man wlth a.
?? isd Brltlih accent,*-?ayo hc uaod to
rloan idgliloun yoars ago. He has
ttor for tluoo yours, and mado a
??.I iruin Lelcoitcr to i,incoln and return
The young rnan Ib stopping at tho Iloffman
oum, Hla aoroplana l? alill ou tho AtlQhor
no plar. Ho ls InuklnK for aonie sultable
'???<?? in ereul a ahod ln whlch to ussemb'o
!.- ' 1 aft, aml try it out. Ho has olroady
Ith 11 in England.
ti.i.iiiiiir lu Tiibing.
nr.ropluno wlth whloh ho hopos 10
lllgln aoromi tha Ailantlo Ocean
'? nUem 'iii. planoH aro llfty-four feel
\l. thu framework I.s inuriu of iteel,
?vlnm ;?11- coverod wlth a special
?i.'i! whlch Iio. Calls parchniont, Tho
???> '.ilt ln lioliow tubing, und ls ootl-,
? ?-I ln ?uoh f.mlilon tliat aoinn parm
llllail ?lili gui'ollnc. ln thlu way tlio
laloi hopi-n that h"? may carry tho fifty
'11.1 necosiary wlthout addlni*
III uml head reHlstance. Ho wlll
1 '.oi 'iii food ln n oompartmeiit
v*r, tn mul?* thu lllght
li-. . ?.; Imati-n tht) ill*.
. . i"n iiiilflM. lils craft
ii ni'-horau-power Aator
two mjrew Alumlnuui
rlng n.ppui'4tUB of tho
il lu fronl. II haa a.
nlnety mllea an hour,
te; of oUty-tlvo 10 aov
llioul Muroli.
my purpouc to fly lo
r. "That'a what I am i
1 onvlnrad I citn do it. 1
t havo u good ihot at r
e what happntiis to mo j
"hls flylng gmuo innann
ance. and r flsuro 1
itlto lt pno wllv '*?* uu*
lOut tho lht of March.
IHI'. lilto.MO Oulniiie, thc wotlil wid<*
irl i.lip i.'iii.ily, icinovci cause, Call Ior
im, l.nok Im blgnature K.\Y. GROVE- 2*
Hla ainlilllon lo Hucceed Senator Krin ln helnfc ojipoMed bltterly b> fjoveruor
i:i.-.-i \. ii-.
'1! ro from !*,indy Hook. nnd I hppe to
trlk.i tho Brltlsh coiut nbout Queenitown.
'11 go a satralght an tho compuia wlll let
ie steor. If I don't -ict there ln tw0 and
halt dnyB I won't get thero at all. I can
o wlthout sleep for that length of tlme.
"My motorj nre tbe best In tho world,
nd I know thej wlll run that long. I've
rled them out. Boforc 1 try to fly over
ho ocean l wlll fly 100 mlles from out at
ea from tho deek of the ship California. to
>'cw York. The Anchor llne peoplo have
greed to let me try thls on February IS."
i uchtMimn nud Writer of Deep-Sen
New york. December 21.?Paul Eve
'tevenson, author and yachtsman. is
lead at his aparttnents ln the Hotel
Jelmont hero of pnoumonla, after an
llness of only fl few hours. He was
'orty-one years old.
Mr. Stcvetison had planned to spend
he wlnter In Massachusctts, and had
:omc to New Yor to attend the an
lual meeting of the New York Yacht
".'lub, of whlch he wus a mornber.
Born ln Now york Clty, Mr. Steven
ion was a graduute o? Columbla 1'i.i- I
?erslty, anfl had devoted inost of his ;
Ime since graduatlon to yachtlng and j
ho writlng of sea tales. Ho waa one
if the participants in thc ocean yacht I
aco for tho' German Emperor'a cup |
n 1305, maklng the perilous voyago
'rom Sandy Hook to thc Ltzard on
ioard the yawl Allsa.
Among his sea storles were: "A Deep i
?Vater Voyage," "By Way of Capo
lorn," "The Race tor tno Emperor's i
*up,**' "The Story tho Ship Told" and
'jVhdard Ship ln thc Tropics." Ho was
Uso an automoblle enthuslast and a
''/ili known N'cw York clubman.
John Y. Murtlu.
John Y. Martln dled at hls home. S271
2hina Street, yesterday. He was forl
.wenty-four years connected wlth tho
21ty Water Works. He ls survlved by |
ine daughter, Miss Sadle A. Martln, |
md by four sons, Wlllle It, Cabell,
rohn H. and Harry B. Martin. and by
:\vo slstcrs. Mrs. James L. Hope and
Vliss Ijitcy B. Martin. He was a mem-j
>er of the order of Red Men, Woodmen
>f tiie World, and Odd-Fellows.
The funoral wlll take place from
?lne Stre/t Baptist Church, although ,
hc hour has not yet been determlned.)
IjeUoy Wllson,
Word was recelved hero yesterday
>f tho deuth of EeRoy AVIIson, whlch J
iccurrod suddenly ln Dallas, Tex., on
ruesday. Mr. W"ilson was a brother I
>f Harvey Wllson, of Norfolk, and a '
icphew of Colonel Thomas F, Goode,
UAHOMi'ss ui-i.N <a;i ..tif.i'.t.i,i'i{,
> ilV of tl>e AuMi?ii-HiiiiKiii,liiu Who r? tvii'b o.ltlcllCL'il \\ rfi?bln?(0U DOCleiy
iii Uu iimueUN ureil tertux.
of HufTalo Rpnngs. TIc marrled Mlss
Vcrglo Allen, of Petersburg. Tlio
telegram announclng hls death did not
glvo any Information aa lo plans for
the funeral.
Funeral of flev. W. l>. Hnrrln.
(Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Henderson, N. c. December 21,.?
The funeral services oi itev. \v. I*
Harris, who dled this morning", wlll
be held at tho Methodlst Protestant
Church to-morrow at 3:30 o'clock. Mr.
Ilairls had been a member of the
Methodlst Protestant. Conference for
many years, and was an old realdent
ol this town.
lii.lirri t miipbrll.
ISpecial to The Tlmes-Dlspatch l
Frederlcksburg", Va.', December .1 -
Rr.best Campbell. n. former refildent
of this clty. dl'd yesterday at Fort
Worth. Ark.. aged slxty-flvc years.
Sninuel G. Kiiox.
ISpecial to The Tlmes-Dlspatch ]
Fredoricksbtir;-, Va.. December Sl.?
? -I G. Knox. SOll of the late Tlios.
F Knox. of this clty, and brother of
Clt; T,- . urer R. T Knox ami Mlss
Virginia K. Knox, dled to-day at hle
home at Cedar Rapids, In.. asred sixty?
tive years. He was one of fourteen
children. and was born and raised ln
thls clty. Iio served ln the Confed?
erate army, nnd marrled a daughter
of thc late John .Tas. Young, of thls
clty. went to Cedar Raplds some yeara
ago. became prominent ln business
there. and at the tlmo of hls death
was connocted wlth the clty govc-rn
ment. Hls wldow. threo sons and one
duughtcr survlvo him. All of the chil?
dren are marrled. The burial wlll be
at Cedar Raplds.
MlNa .MarlH Dlnklr.
ISpecial to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Wine hot ter, Va., December 21.?MIrs
Maria Dtnkle dled of paralysls at her
homo hero. She belonged to a prom?
inent famlly of Jefferson county, and
leaves three slatera and ono brother.
MrN. Annie It. Maya,
Lynchburg, Vo., December 21.?Mrs.
Annlo Rucker Mays, aged llfty-six
years, wlfe of John J. Mays, dled thls
morning at 0:30 o'clock, at tho resl?
dence of her slster, Mrs. Allce R. Har?
ris. 1301 Madlson Street.
Mrs. Mays, who was a daughter of
the late Ambrose Rucker. a Lynchburg
merchant, was for four years matron
of the Dcaf, Blind and Dumb Jns'tltute
at Staunton. Reslgnlng thls positlon.
she went to tho Agnea Sco.'t Institute,
at Decatur, Ga., where she held h slmi?
lar positlon for two years. l-'alllng
health two years ago compelled her to
reslgn, and she returned here. Mrs.
Mays ls aurvlved by "ne slster, Mrs.
Alice R. Harris, of thls clty.
Thc funeral services wlll take place
to-morrow afternoon at rs o'clock from
thc rcsidence of. Mrs. Harris, and tho
Piano Sale
fahlePiano Fa
213 East Broad
Interment wlll be at Sprlng Hlll C?m?
HAZLEGROVE?Dled. at the residenci
of hls son-in-law. Mr. Wllllam i"cni
mell, 1108 Capitol Miiert, Wednes?
day at 10:15 A. M? MR. PLEASAN'I
Funeral from hls old home, Cuni
berland county, \'a.
KEENAN?Died. at hor resldenco. il!
North Twenty-slxth Street. Decem?
ber 21. 1910, at 9:15 K M.. MISS
o'clock. St. Patrlck's Church.
Watcrtown, N. Y, papers pleaei
MARTIN?-I>ie<l. at lils home. *,27 Chlnj
Street, Wedneaday, December 21
Funeral from Flne Street Baptist
Church FRIDAY. December 21, at J
I'. M. Interment In Hollywood.
Frlends of the farnllv invited to at?
PATTERSON?Dled, at her home neat
Free Unlon. Va., MRS. MAKY R
PATTERSON, aged flfty years elghl
months. Sho not only leaves her
husband, who spared nclther tlme
nor money to have hls wlfe well
again, but also ten devoted chlldren,
who were wlth her the last few days
on earth. Her mother. who Is sev
enty-elght years old, also survlvea
The rnoonllght stars are beamlng
upon o. silent grave.
Whero sleeps wlth dn-aming the
one w <? could not savi
Heaven ret--.li.clh now tho treasure.
earth tho lonely casket keep:'.
And the sunbeams love to lingei
where our dear mother :-;
The flowers we lay ynon your grave
may wlther and decay.
But freah and green her memory
wlthln our henrts shall .-,-tay.
RHODBS?Died, December 20, 1910. at
her home ln her thlrty-nlnth year.
EEIjA T. RHODES. She leaves her
husband. Henry L. Rhodes. und three
chlldren?Madelinc IX, Wm. H. and
Jno. Rahtly Rhodes; also two ni.->
tera?Mrs. Dan Kellerher and Mlss
Kate V. Rahily.
Funeral from St. Patrlck's Churcli
at 10 o'clock THURSDAY. December
22. 1910.
I.YIjK?-In memorv of my dear mother.
MRS. M. 1'. LYLK. who died tho 22d
of December, 1909.
"Etcrnal form shall stlll dlvldo
Eternal soul from all beslde.
And 1 shull know lier when we
To the Public
Owing to rush of business. our store.t
will be open flll 9 P. M.: Saturday. 11
P. M.
IS20 East Main.
506 East Marshall. u
Holiday Slippers
Porter's Specialty Shoe Store,
?iin-'JlT North Fifth Street,
Hnck of Thulhimer'B.
W. Fred. Richardson,
Maln nnd lOelvldere Streeta.
'Phones, Madison 343, day; Monroa
143, nlght.
Successful Advertlsers
depends on tJie advice and service of train*
ed experta. Our afjency fumiahes these,
Correapondence solidted. Free plans.
Fteeman Advertising Agency
Mutual Bulldlng, /
Richmond. - VlnUnta.
The Strength of
This Bank
Lies in Its Capltal?Its assets, Ita
honorable hlstory and abllity, char?
acter and standing of the men who
conduct Its affalrs, All these forces
are ready to serve you, whether your
account be large or small.
Capltal, Surplus & Proflts, $1,500,000.
Wrlto for booklet, "Banklnft by Mall.-*

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