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New York
Stock Market
New York. Docembor 28.?Oporatlons
|n the BtOCk market to-day born thr
famlllnr holiday n*pert. Buslness was
yestrlcted even more than usual to tho
l.etter known ISSUCS, aud ln thoso
fluctuatlona gcnerallj were so harrow
i to rob thoni nt any slgnlflcance
room wm bearlshly Incllnod, bui
i . fallure of presstire to brtng out
t-M.-k; during the early session caused
the shorl Intcresl to halt. Several ef.
-.vn. made to deprcsa Unlted
Ktati I, bul that stock hold llrm
Igh Valley held barely
? . .: ,:? thc the..advam ed In
pome quaxters thal yestorday'a Increase
!n tln dividend from G to 10 per Cent,
n'nntfalty not ontt' showed n lack ol
.:..-? ? ?: on iho part of tho new
Interest) In control of that property,
ip prove harmful lo
IIn ad g< :>? rally In
nands for Increased frelght
Thnt the Independent iron and steel
i ? ? ?< msikiiiR further cuts in
jtrtces, Advlces from thc various cell
-. ? ol actlvlty m thla industry wore
p.nornlly dlscouraglng, and one of tha
recognized trade authorities announced
greater dullne.ss than usual char
t terlzes present conditions. It was
^ i-ofnclfilly stated thal the l.'nited
States Steel Corporation COntcmplatCS
Fhuttlng down mon- blaat furnaces In
t e near future, and tlils move. lt is
Vclleved, wlll lie of brlef duration.
Fdrther galns in cash were rnade by
3 al !ln3nehil Instltutlons and thc
casler money conditions were attestcd
In botli call and tlmo accommodatlons. ;
The bond market was barely steady
nnd less actlve, 'reflectlng tho marKet
for stbckp, Total sales, par value, $?.',
: 000, Unlted Stntes bonds wcrc im
nged. Total Balea stocks for the
i.,... w . re :'i 3,200 shares.
New York, I lecember JJ.?Money on
cail steady. 3 l-4@2; rullng rate, o 1.1:
closlng bld. .",i-t; offered, 33-8. Tlm,
loans casler. rates nominal; slxty and
tilnety days. 1 per cent.; slx month.-:, 1.
TJrlmt mercantlle paper. Z to 5 1-2 por
?? i Sterling exchange, Bteady, with
; buslni .-.- ln bankers' MHs at
r I : . ?? for slxty da) bills, and I
:;? J' 8545 for demand. Commerclal
1 s. $4.81 3-40 1.82. Bar i llver, .". 1 3-8, )
ntcr<-si paylng bcnidB are
:h Interesl mus: bo addnd.
1 cortlflcatea of iudebtcd
December li,?No chuniji
The ]
Ittlo |<
trade '
wlth '
scali I
jtton futur?
ernber ....
Thomas Branch & Co
lEitablUhed ISJSi
New York Stock Excnange
New York Cotton Exchange
??rivate Wires to
Principal Markets
Official Range and Sale of Stocks in New York.
By THOMAS BRjVjNCH Ai CO.. Bankora and ilroKera.
Open. High. Low. Closln**. Opon. ftlnh l.ow. Clodlng.
*? 6AI.E3 " ' Bld. Aaked.
SOO Great Northern Ore ctfa 66,4 -.r.'" ? i ?"*' f,v
Illlnui* (Vtitrnl . K!l 183
mm llit. .Mi'lropnlllliu . I9T' pi'-j, iv, llt*** ''?''?
3,100 tin. .Mclrniirilltiin. pfd.. :.|?i j-i*. ,?;?<, ? ??! t-l'j
Int. Mer, Marlne. com. i'j
i'w' Internatlonal Paper .... 12%
100 Int. I'nper, pfd. ."ii
200 Kan. Cft.v Sotlth., com., 81V4
Kanaaa Clty South., pfd ...
16,300 Lehlrrh Valley . IS0M
H?i tjoulsvllloand Nnshvlll-' U8?
Manhattan .
Mo.. Kan. bnd Texas. ..." ... 31
MO., Kan. and Tex., pfd. ... ' iV.'i'
100 Mlasourl Paclflc . lf,', 45u V, 16$
300 Natlonal 'jead . 68 ,?>; h'VJ
100 N, v. Central, s IV?%... nm; mjw j,..-., mdik
i"i N. V.. Ont. and Wo?torn w\ :?*' 1,1. 10
i"' Norfolk nnil Western.., W", pm ???-, uyi*'
I.00S Northern Paclflc . u<;?. m?i*
Paclfli Mall .
i.i'" Pennsylvanla . 12S*A {?'&*:
Pcoplo's Oas . " *
100 Preased st--.-l Car. 30 '30 '?;,, :tti ' >i
Presaed Steel Car, pfd.
Fly, Stoel Sprlng, com.
01,200 Readlng . l.-.'n-, iV,o:. ,'....
200 Republlc Iron and Steel 30>,4 soU an
ftepubltc I. ond S., pfd."
100 FlOcl* Island . 2914 '.'?'.,.
ttOCk Island. pfd. " '*
SIoFB-Sheltleld .
6,300 Southern paclflc . lisu ii.:,i- jji:
900 Southern Railway . 20% 2*1*1
100 Southern Railway, pfd. lin, _tl .-,
B Standard c?l 1 .017 r.17
lOOTennesa.oppcr . 34"* 34U '1
Texas Paclflo . *
31,000 Unlon Paclflc . 170*;, {j^t j,....
( nlted States Rubber.
11.100 Unlted States Steel. ?'\ 'j_u
M0 Unlted States Steel, pfd 116*4 *j8ft h*
300 yn.-Car. Chemlcal . i;iu, e,v% nn
Vn.-Car. Clioniicol, pfd.* J
300 Wabash, pfd . 34% j'-fa ^
j>i western t nion . 731*, y^l ~?
_Total sales for day,;*{??o0 share:
Mlis-Chalmers lst 3s Coldl. 7?H i
American Tel. and Tol. conv. 4*. IM
Amerlcan Tobacco ia. 8014
American Tobacco 6s.103U j
Atchlson conv. Is. 105'' i
Uchlson conv. 5s. lOSTi
Ulantle Coast Line lst 4s (bldl. 01
t'rooklyn Trnnslt conv. 4s. s''*' '
Vniral ol Ocorgla 5s. 106H
'hesapeake nnd Ohlo 4Hs. 101'i |
'hesapeake and ohlo conv. tifcs. nt'4
'hlcago. I!. nnd Qutncy .tolnt 4s. !'?'?:
rhlcago. B. and Qulncy gen, 4s. '17'i I
r*otton. qulet; mldd'.lng. ."..15: cross recelpi-s I
W balee; sales. 1.4m bales; stock, 266,.".',? :
iles; to the Contlnent, 120 bales; export
ii Ise, 5,069 bales.
!???:,: to-day al .iii ports?Net recelpts.
:'"?; bales: export to Greal Brltaln. .'.oo
iles; t.. France, 12.723 bales; to thc- Conti
^nt, 0,120 bales; to Mexlco, "15 bales; stock, |
ports?Net I
CCipts ".?',*? bales; exprirt l,. liroat
Brltaln, 1,939,950 bales; to France, 47.SI.: j
bales; to ihe Contlnont, -..470.:'.'t*i bales; to
lapan. ;,1.>75 bales; to Mexlco, 1,215 bales. |
New Orleans, Deeember 22.?Ppot cotton
steady and unchanged; mlddling, 1415-lSe. I
Salei on tlio spol 1,230 bales and 900 t.. ar- i
rive. Futures qulet and steady, unchanged I
lo 1 polnt lower compared wlth yesterday's
ijoie. Aii--. ihe call the trading months
ihowed a rango of only a .oupli- of points, |
Irst beliijr a polnt abovo and then a point I
yesterday's close. At thc end of tho
:,-? !ni:' hrnir of business priceB were at aj
? :inc of 1 polnt, The market was dull. [
i throughout thi mornlng session. j
r-grami from Encland were,
flrsl of ihe weekly statlt- |
ol wcr>- encnuraglng. a.*>
:hey Indlcatcd that mllls were taklng large
Lton. These were supportlng
market Around thc mlddle
.-. the mornlng ih*- trading months were 4
points undcr yostcrday's last quotations. At
noon pricea were J fi .1 points under yester?
day. in the afternoon session very Iittle
buslnesa was d..r.e. At 2 o'clock prlccs were
d polnt under yesterday's close. The markel
closed stcady at ?? net decllne of 2*"f3 points.
'.'Iiwing blds: December H.9S; January, 15.02;
March, 15.30; May, 15.51: .luly. 15.62.
I'llles* iitherwUe stuted thrsc quotatinn-i
ire ? holcsale prices. Order> lllled from
btnn-s iu small lots nre charged uxtru,
FLOUR? Heaw reeelpis and market very
lull. WHEAT? Recelpts contlnue llght and
narket qulet. I'OItN-Continues qulet. j
DATS?Steady. RYE -Vcry dull. HAY
IV Ith llghter r, i elpts our market Is llrtn I
or me best grades, Low grades very dull I
iml stocks .-i.-eumulatlng.
ATPLE8?Actove; moderate recelpts.
POTATOES? '.eeclpts modernte; market
ESGCIS Receipta increaslng; market not
BUTTER- Tablo butter eontlnues ln good
lemsnd, Lower grades contlnue plentiful ,
im.i ,n fair demand.
POULTRY?Rccelpti llberal: market lo
lay about steady at prices quoted for both
50 busl . corn, 13,214 bushels; oats. V',3!2
lushels; ry. 3.000 '? ushels; flour, 5,5'.'7 bar
els; hay, 121 tons; mlllfeed, 323 tons.
Per pound.
e and lat...
1! and ihtn.
11 Sj
12 <5r
;eya, tair tOBOOci'....'..
tucks. falr to good. 15 (3 16
hlckens, large. lt ?f 15
hickens, small,,. 15 ? 1fi
hlckens, mixed Klzrs. 14 # 16
lona . 13 it- 14
eesc . 13 ij 15
Drawn poultry from ltf2c. a pound more
h.in undrawn. Undrawn preferred.
iinli:c family paeked. 2*>
holci dalrj paeked. 25
Iholce ???.or.- paeked. 22 ?> '
:.,|. ng . 17 ?? 1
r.iles.. nearby, freth lald. 31
rates, othci nectlons. 31
tabblts, small. 10 4i
ftnbblts, damaged. 8 4f
"qulrrelo . 6 ?
skins. lb. IB
S lo shlp green hldes without!
.. 20.00
.. 16.50
. 11.50 'tgi 15.00
.. 1S.50
.. 17.50
. II.0U (o 15.011
.. 15.00
. 13.50
.. S.Oii
l.KMi r
.V('l I
I Chlcago, n. I. and Pae. rty. rrs. ls
| Denver and nio Cirando rrf. ;"a.
Erle conv. 4s. lerlea "A".
Erle conv. ls. series "U".
Interborough Metro. i':s.
Inter. Mcrc. Marlno 4t-s" ibld). 6314
Kansns Clty Southern lst ?,* itdtli. 73H
t.oulsvllle nnd Xash. Un. ls (bldl. 91'i
Mlssourl Paclflc 4s rofTeredl. 77",
Missourl Pnclflc oo'nv. .".s. M'".
Norfolk and Western lst con. 4s. <(8?i
Norfolk nnd Western conv. ls. 100?,
Pennsylvanla conv. HUs (ir>'..", 1. fi.'.i,
St. L,ou|* and Pnn Fra"n. K*n 5s. SK};
No. 1. per bus. 2.40
P ?? -.1 inroi dry orrl?r..
Tubwashcd, free nf burrs
I'nwashed, fr??p of burrs
cMrlno, umvashed.
Burry, j'O sc. per lb. >es.
Hams, small.
Hams. iaree.
Sldes, smokod.
LARD Country, primo,
TAI.LOW?Per lb.
WALNUTR?Per bus_
Weati 1 n. caskcd, bus..
i'i.VKiXs- r'.-r Id,.
CABBAGE?Per ton.
i-:.;.; CRATES.
sw York. December L't?Flour?Qiilet and '
dy. Rye Flour and Barley?Flrm. Buck
at Flour?Du 1. BuckWheat?Qulet. P.ye
1107 Enst Mnlu Street.
?. L. RODEN. Manager.
"I am a partisan, and by that I mean to say,
when I am connected with or interested in an
institution or enterprise I work for its up
In these words one of the best men in Rich?
mond recently expressed himself. He is at
the head of a strong institution, and he at
tributes its prosperity largely to the co-opera
tive spirit of his associates and stockholders.
ln our opinion he spoke a parable, and we
mention the matter because 1910 has been a
good year for this Company?made so by the
co-operative spirit of associates, stockholders
and friends generally!
It is our ambition to make the year 1911 the
most prosperous in this Company's history,
and to-morrow we will tell one way in whieh
YOU can assist in its accomplishment.
Cash Capital,
Seaboard Alr Llne Adj. .*??. 7<Pi
Southern Paeiric conv. ?-. **??
ooutnern Rail*yay 3g (bld). ltwu
frouthem Fialhvnv gen la 7*i;
};. s. refiinding -2s, re'-rtit'-jred!.".".'.""!! 100*4
i. 8. rufunding 2s, coupon. ioo*
n. s, .!?, reglstered. io"'
U. S. 3s, coupon. IOi.
.' f ,'"? -egistorcd. llji.,
i . o. ls, roupon. , 11SU
Unlon Paclflc conv. 4s..............'.'. lo'l "
unlted State* stcei 2nd ??.i**n
Vlrglnia-Car. chem. 5s tbid..100
Wahash let and cxt. 4*. 63*i
Bantoa, No. I. Uytc; mlld, dull: Cordova,
13"i@15"'c. Butter?Easy: proeess to epe
clal, 20?2oUc. Cheese?Steady and unuhan.*
cd. Eggs?Fltm; State. Pennsylvanla and
nearby heimery, whlte, fnncy, 50c.i do.,
gathered, whito. 10048c.; gathercd, brown.
38*? 40c. Potatoes?Steady; Malno, per bag,
$1.50*!rl.62; southern, 75c.9tl.25. Cabbage*?
Steady anri unchanged. Frelght* and Pea?
nuts? rit?hanged.
Cottonseed oll pasy under local professlonal
selling and In ayrnpathy wlth lower hog
products. Tradlng wns ipilet and or a pre
hollday character. Future* closed 3fr u
points r.el lower. December, 7.30*77.15: jan
uary. 7.:6'ii 7.27; February. 7.27 li 7.3.1; March,
7.nii.i 7?v,; Aprll. 7.3(07.38; prlme crude, 6.33(j
6.40; prjmc summer yellow, 7.8507.50; prlme
wlntor yellow. 7.75'?.*.00: prlme summer
whlte. 7.30*5*7.65.
C Icago. III.. December 22.?Becauie of less
molsture ihan expected In lhe drousht dls
? I ? Southwesl; wheat pri.e> tlghtened up
to-day. The ,?!?.?> wns ;it a n.\ ?a|n ,, ?jfl
?ic. Corn flnlshed wlth an advancc of ?*. Vi
'-?' ic. over laul nlght. and ?ats up
',? . lo '. * >i?-. Provlslons decllned 7*4? 15c.
compared wlth yesterday** prices.
The leading futures lo-day ranged as fol
Open. High. I.ow. Close.
Dec. ai?J M", rili, niH
Dc<. 3IH .11"i 31H 31s'
Mav . 34 3IH 31 34'?
.luly . ol', 311. 31 31
MESS PORK?Per bbl.
Jan.19.80 19.92 to.'n ioo:,
Mav .IS.60 18.00 18.55 1S.7J
LARD?Per l<Xi lbs.
Jan.10.SO 10.85 10.73 10.80
M.iv .10.37 10.10 10.30 10.32
SHORT RIBS?Per 100 lbs.
Jan.10.6H 10.70 10.57 10.62
Mav . P.!>o 0.07 0.00 O.OO
Receipts?Wheat, 28,800 bushels: corn. 552.7M
bushels; oat?, "v;.rm, bushels. Shtpme.nts?
Wheat, 26,100 bushels; corn. 550,130 hushels;
oats, 1 1,10(1 buahel*.
rash crain closed: Wheat?No. 2 red. 33'i
.? *? 11...-.; .\o. -. red; il',?03'....; No. 2 hard,
SV"0'V.; No. 3 hard, B*.Vi@8*c.; No. 1 noriii
ern, 81.C5fil.fr;; No. 2 northern, Il.02i9-1.CHH;
N'o. 3 northern. $101.03; No 2 sprlng. Ooc.'i*
81.03: No. 3 sprlng. Kr.\ 51.02; ve|y*t rhaff,
90c.@$1.00: durum. 53e>92c. Corn?No; 2. 46H
'n i',\r.; No. 2 new, 16% 0'63{a j N... 2 whlte.
H'r'il.'.V.; No. 2 yellow. 4S_0^7c.; No. 2
yellow, new. 16*4 ' <?'?"'?<?? ; N'o. 3. I5',i@46c: No.
3 new. 13V Uc.; No. 3 yellow, 46Uli47c.; No.
3 yellow, new, i:\ g I4<?c.; No. 4. f3(fjMSV4c.;
No. I new, I1G ii.'...: N'o. 4 whlte, 1504516c.';
Nn. 4 whlte. new, ll'."!i 12'ie.: No. 4 vellow,
:?'.? 1514c; No. i yellow, new. 41?i**" 42146.
Oats?No. 2. .'H'i'.i 31 Vw N'o. 2 white, __ -H
33'ic.: No. 3 whlte, 32032*?c; No. I. **V(ii
:?:?.?.; No. 1 while. ."'l'sW32c.; standard, 32'>.'<n
Tlaltimore. Md.. December 22? Wheat ?
Flrm; spot, contract, 96c; ?outhern on grade
'?r, .< 05.*ir. Corn?Flrm; new. 50'4c Oats?
Sti idy; No. 2 white. S-.'33",.'r. Rye?Flrm;
No. 2 western. domestlr. S6St"SSc.
Richmond. Va., Deccmher 22, 1010.
W'HKA'I'?Car lots.
No. 2 re*l, Weslern..'. 'R $1.02
No. 2 red. Virginia. X> "r .00
No. 3 red. 07 li 0?
Steamer . 03 # 36
Virginla ihag lots). 80 <fp P6
CORN?Car lot..
No. 2 while. -ji 62Vi
iftaaitctar. jftaarataL ffilnuwtiah
Every Man, Woman and Child in
Greater Richmond
and the South
1107 East Main Street
Write for our booklet, "Banking by Mail."
Capital ...-.-. $219,750.00
Surplus.--...?.,._.?.,.?_ 600,000.00
Assets over.-~.~.. 2,000,000.00
J. B. BEASLEY, President. GEO. W. CALL, Cashier.
B. Alsop, R. T. Arrington, Chas. Davenport,
J. B. Beasley, Samuel W. Tompkins, T. W. Pemberton.
High-Class Service
tf~ DROGRESSIVE business men recognize
jU* the importance of patronizing a bank such
as this--a bank whieh is willing and able to meet
every reasonable demand of its depositors. Com
plete facilities, convenient location. Large and
small accounts invited.
Z?!o Compound Interest Paid in Savings Department
Commerce and Trusts
No. 3 whlte. ?? 51'4
No. 2 mixed. rt? 51*4
No. 2 mixed. (?, 50*4
Virginia (bag ;nts). 50 Q 52
Corn on thc cob. 51 'h 53
OATS?Car lots.
No. 2 mixed. .*!>>
No. 2 mixed. 35
No. 2 whlte.%. 5S
No. 3 white. 4J 3714
| Wlnter seed (bag lots). 55 rjl 65
1 RYE?Car lots.
i No. 2. ($ k
No. 3. (m S5
j Virginia (bag iolsi. 51 @ RS
(Sales at Union Stock YardB.)
Richmond, Va., December 2:, 1910.
Report of the llve stock market for ihe
week endlng Deeember 19:
Recelpts?Cattle, 333 head: calves, 03 head;
sheep. 74 head; hogs, 6,428 head.
13est steers, 6*41960.; one oxtra lot highers
medlum to good. 5@5Hc.; common to falr,
404%c; best heifers, 6Vie.; medlum to good.
6@6'ViC.; common to falr, 3H 0 W{c.; cows,
medlum to good, 3*&04*4c..', common to falr,
2*,&03!4c.: oxen, 3f?4Uc.; bulls, 3','.?4'/4c.;
calves, .7(?'So.; extra, hlgher. Cows and
calves, ?23-it H0.ro per head. Sheep, 30Ec;
lambs, 5',i'o6Uc.; best hogs, 8.35; medlum to
good. SrSSUc.; sows and stage. 7?Sc.
Chlcago, III., Deeember 22.?Cattle?Re?
celpts 8,000 head. "Market alow and weak.
Beeves; $4.63S7.30; Texas steers, S<.-"5<5'3.30;
"WcBtern steers. Sl.10-tt6.O0: stockers and
fecders, $3.45Co 3-SO; rows and heifers, J3.5O0
6.25; calves. $7.230 0.50. Hogs?Recelpts 28,
000 head. Market weak to oc. lower than
tho openlng. Llght, $7.55(?)7.'I0: mixed, $7.6H
(h7.W>; heavy, $7.5r.fi 7.03: rough. J7.35i8i7.70:
gi.nd to choice heavy, J770iff'7.''3; plfs. il.lOtg)
7.90; bulk of sales. t7.75fi7 7.90. Sheep?Re
ceipts, 20.000 head. Market 10'-i'20e. lower.
Nalive, ">2.60(a 4.30; western. $304:20; year
l'.ngs, $4,7506.50: lambs, natlve, (i6.50ilJ6.70;
western, $5(96.65.
New York, Deeember 22.?Beeves?Recelpts
1.2S1 head. No trading; market steady.
Salves?Recelpts 161 head; 110 sales; market
steadv. Sheep aud Lambs? Recelpls 2.61S
head. Sheep. 32.5018 4.00; lamhs, S5.5O06.4O,
Hogs?Recelpts 1,801 head; nothlng dolng.
Market nomlnally steady.
Richmond. \'a., Docembor 22, 1910.
Brlghts?Unchanged: qulet, but flrm wlth
llght recelpts. Dark Firod?Now.?Recelpts
heavy and market weak al prices quoted.
Sun-cured?Recelpts eontlnue heavy; market
about steady at unchanged prices.
Noto?b\uctlon sales will be suspended
after to-morrow. Wlll reopen Tuesday, Jan?
uary 3, 1911.
t,?? .? 4.00 <?"?*. 7.00
Short leaf. 6.50 flT S.50
Long leaf. O.oo ? 11.5"
r ??* . 100 lie f,.50
Short 'leaf."-?o ? 8.00
,',,,. n-af. 0.00 r? L'.OO
Wrappers .bRIOIITS.. l?'"? * ^
RMOKERS?Common . 7.00 ? S.50
Medlum .I. 3-00 Wl'"0
jVlne. 15.M '<>? 13.00
??IITTERS?Common . 12.00 ? 12.30
Medlum . "-*10 ?M-M
Flno. 170? ''" -*-'1'
panoy . 18.50 ? 'J0.no
1*11 1 MRS?Common . S.OO ? 10.00
Mediun. .,?? -? 1M0
...... . 12.50 0i 13,60
j..,,,,, '*,,;.'14.00 1T1 1S.00
wnAl"*PERS?Common . 15.00 ? 17.00
?Moaium . 1S'?? si -{Xm
?ood. --"'?I)fl @ 3?-00
Plne . 32.50 (f,: 37,60
Pancy . ir)M ? aof
Lugs, common to eood. 5.00 m im
Lugs good to prlme. 7.00 0 8.60
Shor lesf. s-?" ? lO-BO
iZs wt.*. m <ttttl,W
Good Business Judgment
should prompt you to
choose a strong bank in
whieh to deposit your
money, be it much or little.
The First National Bank
of Richmond, Va.,
with over ten million dol?
lars of assets, invites you to
become one of its depositors.
? ?? ? wr B
Systematizing, Auditing, Accounting
Phone Monroe 431. 1113 E. Main St., Richmond, Va
Wruppers .;.,..,.... U.oO fft> 30.00
Prlmlngi . 1.00 ? 3.00
(Reported by Rodgois, McC'nbo & Co.)
Petersburg, Va.. December :?:'.?Peanuts.
Spanlsh?Market flrm at $l,13ij por bushei.
Virglnlas?KIrm; .iumbo. 3??@4c.! fnncy linnri
picked, 8',s>'.; macliiiie plcked, 3tJ'3!ic.; sholl
ing atock, -,4c.
dry qoops market.
New Vork, Pecembei' 2,.?Tlio cntton goods
iri?rkutH remains quiet und flrm; eurtall
ment ot' produotlon Is bejac talked of froely
bv manufacturers. Yarn* rule steady and
cfuiet. Glnghams aro belng ordcretf more
frecly. Silks for fotmdatlon doths aro In
better call.
Savannah, Oa., Deoembor -"-'.?Turpentlne?
Flrm at 7G'ie.; sales f.7L' casks; recelpts ISS
casks; sblpments U!>T cawks; stock 14.11-0 easks.
Kosin-iqim; aalcs 1,030 uarrcla; rcceluta 1,712
barrels; sblpmenls 1.01:! barrels; stock 7S.275
barrels. Quote: D, $5.75.
.HA ll IN K I \T R rXIG ENC R;
Steamer Brandon, Ilarnoy, Norfolk, mer
I'handikn and passengers, Old Domlnlon Llne.
Steamer Pocahnntns, Graves, Norfolk and
.lanios Rlver lanclliigD, mcrchandlsu and pas?
sengers, Vlrglnla Nuvlgatlon Company.
Steamer Aurora, Barrett, Petersburg anc
.Janios Rlver lajldlng*, meivlinndlse and paa
senuers, l'lillllps Llne,
Tug Standard Oil Company, No. 12. Burk,
Baltlmore. bargo of oil. Standard OII To.
Barge Vlncent, McNally. Ellls, coal, S
II. Ilawes & Co.
Steamer Ucandon, Harpey, Narfajl'k. nier.
cliamil-e and pasiengors.'Old Domlnlon Llne,
Steamer Aurora, lianvtt, ['otersburg and
James Rlver landingu, mtro^iuidise aud paa.
aengers, l'lillllps Llutt,

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